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  1. glenniesan

    Oside 7-20-16

    Love the North County success stories. Good going.
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    Islander 1.5d 7/19-21

    I rode on the Dolphin last Sunday and had fun, see my write up in the Inshore reports section. The boat found plenty of fish right off the point. Could be worth considering for you and your youngster.
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    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    Ultimately same result. Since I hooked one and brought him in, but eventually came off at the boat I say I lost it. Those that I brought in only a raked bait, short bit, missed a hook set entirely, broke off... I farmed. In my use of the words anyway.
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    Any recent feedback for Long Run?

    Here's my follow-up on our six pack charter 7/17. To start things on a positive note, I will say that skipper Blake was accommodating and mostly pleasant. That's it for the start. The Long Run is not a fishing boat. This has been mentioned in many reviews that can be found on the web. I am...
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    7/17 Dolphin half day with medical emergency ending

    Last minute decision to stick around town and I rode on the Dolphin for the afternoon bite. Quite a few folks maybe 50 aboard. After getting lots of bait we quickly pulled up to a spot right off the point. Found fish pretty much immediately, crew did a great job bringing them up the whole...
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    Congratulations! That's sick!
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    Value of the trip description

    I have been hesitating to get on 1.5+ trips because I'm confused about the trip info regarding passports. I assume that just because the trip description doesn't explicitly say "Passport required" that doesn't mean the they won't be required if/when there is "last minute" a decision to head to...
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    Pig Bluefin ToadsToadsonly style

    Great story! Congrats on your light tackle tuna!!
  9. glenniesan

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    That's crazy awesome! Huge BFT so close! And you got it on video from the strike?! :appl:
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Reading through the 12 pages in this thread is as educational as it is entertaining! Thank you for taking the time to share your varied experiences. As a newbie with no offshore experience, what I gather is: there are many tools for anglers to choose from and so why not consider equipping...
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    First "big boy" rig

    I appreciate the input. That's a great deal and I see it's still valid as of today! Definitely something to consider.
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    Some people really suck!!

    Frustrating as all hell. You're right... some people DO!
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    First "big boy" rig

    I think I've narrowed down the choices for me to invest in my first 2 speed. I might go with HX Raptor, 80# LB solid/80# mono topshot on a Grafighter 770HX. A bit much for my first 2spd? I don't know but I want to feel confident with even the possibility that I may get hooked up with one of...
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    Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    I have literally been staring at the big 3 trying to come up with a way to decide which 1.5 day to go on. This helps! Thanks Markus.
  15. glenniesan

    Truck bed rod holder

    This is cool. I'm trying to come up with a system for the roof rack on my FJ. Why did you choose to angle them like that vs. more horizontal?
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    Not often we get to see first hand perspective in this situation.
  17. glenniesan

    Rpt.-Sat.- 1.5 day trip on the Relentless.

    Enjoyed reading your excellent write up as usual! Thank you.
  18. glenniesan

    Indian 7-1 3 B's + a few yellows

    Your son's expression says it all. Way to go!
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    Any recent feedback for Long Run?

    A friend has booked the Long Run for an all-day trip in a couple of weeks. I've searched all over and found very mixed reviews. I think the most recent posts here are 2+ years old. Do any of you know/have any experience with this operation? Thanks.
  20. glenniesan

    First bluefin cow

    Congratulations on your two best!
  21. glenniesan

    Popping combo for BFT - HELP!

    John, thanks for taking the time to write it up (again) and for having mercy on my noob ways. :picknose:
  22. glenniesan

    Popping combo for BFT - HELP!

    How do the Okuma Azores reels measure up? I saw a Z-80S (rated 350 20# mono) yesterday that caught my eye. Also lots of recommendations on tackle but what makes a popping rod a popping rod anyway?
  23. glenniesan

    Share Your Favorite Halibut Recipes Please!

    My basic go too grilling/broiling white flakey fish: Light coat of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) Lightly dust with Kosher salt & black pepper (go easy but still be able to see it) Option: when near done sprinkle both sides of your fish with some soy sauce and finish on the grill Serve with...
  24. glenniesan

    Which Fryer?

    I have a Cuisinart CDF 100 that is a ~1QT model. While it's convenient in that you get less oil in the kitchen, it's too small to cook meals IMO. Personally I would like to get a larger model as I think this one is more for quickly frying up a few wings or cheese sticks. I think it would take...
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    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    A good outing! Those Spotties and Sargo look beefy.
  26. glenniesan

    Got one!

    That is something else right there! :cheers:
  27. glenniesan

    Got one!

    That's just cool!
  28. glenniesan

    San Diego 3/4 6/14 Big Bluefin

    On a 3/4... very awesome. Thanks! Interesting comment on the handing of to the deckies. I didn't know that was a thing.
  29. glenniesan

    3/4 on the Point Loma

    I don't have docs to fish South yet. I am interested because, I understand this is a trip that will stay in US waters as it's described as a "local water exploratory". I just confirmed with Javier at PL: no passport/Mex docs are needed for these particular trips. So... do you guys have any...
  30. glenniesan

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    Yet another helpful thread. Thank you guys for posting/sharing the info.
  31. glenniesan

    Any suggestion boat storage and launch in SD

    This is a timely thread for me too. Thanks for the helpful info... dammit! :beerbang:
  32. glenniesan

    Bass in San Mateo Kelp

    Conference calls on the water, tech is great!
  33. glenniesan

    Catalina Report 6/4 - WSB and Mixed Bag

    :eek: No doubt that would be a pucker-up moment for me!
  34. glenniesan

    Catalina Fri-Sun

    Nice job getting them and unaided, in unfamiliar water to boot! Being a newbie myself, good on you two for giving other inexperienced guys some time/experience on the boat.
  35. glenniesan

    Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    I just experienced this a couple weeks ago in MB. Hooked up with a nice vina but broke him off. Same spot next day managed to land a nice vina with what I say was my "yesterday" hook in his choppers. Neat to see this isn't all that uncommon as I had originally thought.
  36. glenniesan

    Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Those are some fat tunas! Congratulations esp on your PB!
  37. glenniesan

    2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    Nice production and awesome fishing!
  38. glenniesan

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots by Navionics

    Very cool tool. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!
  39. glenniesan

    Any recommendations for rods/line

    Thank you for your advice guys! I know you're all busy so I do appreciate your time.
  40. glenniesan

    Judge Judy show today

    Interesting to see the video, thanks for sharing.
  41. glenniesan

    First Bue Fin Ever

    Congratulations on your first BFT!
  42. glenniesan

    Huge Calicos and More 6-3-16

    Nice mix of fish! Good last-minute call.
  43. glenniesan

    Any recommendations for rods/line

    Scouring these forums I'm piecing together info, bit by bit, on how to maximize my reel "collection" to appropriate rods & line. I'll lay them out in this post, in hopes I get a little more advice to help get me started venturing a little further out. I have next to no offshore/islands...
  44. glenniesan

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    Interesting, makes a lot of sense to me.
  45. glenniesan

    Wide open Catalina - 18 YT caught, 5 released, 4 lost

    Nice job getting on the fish! Family trips always something extra special.
  46. glenniesan

    Headed to ensenada for memorial day weekend

    Thank you for taking the time to write up the process. Interesting to see what is involved (a lot) in planning a MX trip.
  47. glenniesan

    2.5 day on the Eclipse

    Cool report Tony! I have never been offshore/never been on a tuna outing, so I'm curious about the newer anglers' effect on the trip. Sounds like a lot of fish were lost, was that because they were cutting each other off etc or what? Just trying to soak it all in!
  48. glenniesan

    Late video report from the 425

    Thanks for sharing your vids. Inspiring!
  49. glenniesan

    Harbor Boat Rentals are legit!

    Seems very interesting/tempting to me as I'm shopping but not ready to commit. Thanks for sharing, definitely going to look into HBR.
  50. glenniesan

    Oceanside Harbor tips??

    Hey Scott... I had some pretty decent luck walking the rocks and docks particularly near the fishing pier as long as there was good tidal movement, warmer months. Fun spotties, smallish sandies, and an occasional butt on 2-3" swim baits. Good luck!
  51. glenniesan

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    Been away from BD for 5yrs and this was the first post I read. Great resurrected post! Thank you.
  52. glenniesan

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    I may be a late to the party but I gotta say this is an epic restoration! You've got some serious talent there dude. Beautiful boat! I probably missed it but I'm curious - what have you named her?
  53. glenniesan

    Hoopin' Cat + Nice Yellow - 11/2

    Thanks for the great report/read. Congrats on a fine haul!
  54. glenniesan

    Kayaks banned at LaJolla?

    One incident:Exploding_Smiley: ruins it for everyone... never see that happening these days.:frehya2: I'm curious though, I thought the whole point of having a designated boat launch area on the beach was to keep swimmers out of harms way. Can't you legally shore launch from more or less any...
  55. glenniesan

    Oceanside Rpt. 10/25 w-pics

    Looks like a good day to me. Nice mixed bag! Thanks for the local report.
  56. glenniesan

    Bassin/Buggin in O'side harbor

    Nice job on the spotties. Better luck next time on the bugs. Thanks for the report!
  57. glenniesan

    YT city

    I thought that was totally hilarious... maybe the heinies though:frehya2:
  58. glenniesan


    Yeah but I can't claim the luck personally. My bro is havin all the luck it seems. Good for you Snappa :finger:
  59. glenniesan


    My buddy & I checked it out for my second hoopn trip last night, this time with enough mackers for bait. Drifted around the spots from 8-11 for one legal and I think two shorts. Water was 62 most of the time, 20-30'. Other than a couple pulls of kelp not much happening that we saw. Chilly...
  60. glenniesan

    200% effort

    Congrats on a sweet new ride! You're stoked on the father/son tandem to get the first fish on the deck!:urno1:
  61. glenniesan

    oceanside police (should i fight it) it was the blonde

    Looks like you were cited for 3 maybe even four violations? I guess you're considering contesting "PFD readily accesible" one? PLEASE SHARE what legal code section did Party Heat cite you for (PFD-wise)?? I think whether you plead guilty or not will depend on the penalty. If this an...
  62. glenniesan

    Bug report: Oside

    First time hoopin for myself. Stopped by OEX Oside for a few items - thanks for the help as always Nate! My fishn partner and I hit the ramp round 8ish and paddled around till about midnight for 1 legal and six shorts. Dropping in 20 - 40'. Half-ish moon, nice warm, soft breeze, night to be out...
  63. glenniesan

    Alaska Kayak fishing

    That's grassroots yakkin! Nice one Jim.:beerbang:
  64. glenniesan

    6/28 thru 7/06---->week long fish assault

    A fishin week?..bitchin! :beerbang: Hope you get em good!
  65. glenniesan


    So how were your runs?:_diarrhea_:
  66. glenniesan

    1st catalina trip planning

    I probably won't buy my first boat until next year but I'm already "planning" my first run over. I just want to say your advice, stories, experiences are all very interesting and indeed entertaining. Thanks to all of you who are willing to share. Please keep the replies coming! :beerbang:
  67. glenniesan

    6/5 and 6/6 Halibut

    Congrats on your record day dude. :cheers: Thanks for the report.
  68. glenniesan

    300 casts later

    :Pillow_Fi Nice job on the butt and release to boot. (This is a compliment):D
  69. glenniesan

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    and spout off BS like jinx-jr here.
  70. glenniesan

    Memorial Day Catalina Parking Lot / Cuda hunting

    Yes numerals will certainly be the demise of us all.:frehya2:
  71. glenniesan

    Stolen Boat! HELP!!!

    That's way messed up! I hate seeing this kind of stuff happening. Best of luck on the recovery dude. Keepin an eye out in Oside area. I've seen it brought up a couple times in this thread... what are the CF & trailer plate numbers?
  72. glenniesan

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Name: Glenn Age: 32 Boat: None yet/yak Days Available: any wknds/ wkdays with 12 hrs notice References: new to the boards Experience: mostly inshore yak, cattle boats, some PBing Smoke/Drink: yes/yes but it's up to the skip on the boat of course Contact info: PM is best (or daijobu1 AT...
  73. glenniesan

    foggy bones

    Thanks for the report Scott. Killer pics.:)
  74. glenniesan

    5/19 SD Bay / Mixed bag and PB yak flattie

    Nice job on your PB... that's a sweet flattie for sure! Still trying for my first one (at all) of the Summer.:imdumb:
  75. glenniesan

    Catalina Sunday 5/18 Big Calicos

    Thanks for the great report Mike. Sounds like a tasty way to prepare fish - domo!
  76. glenniesan

    Dana Harbor 5/18

    Thanks for the report - sounds promising! Working on getting the yak up to Dana soon.
  77. glenniesan

    5-18 Oceanside 1/2 day

    Just curious which of the Helgrens fleet you went out on? I plan on taking a couple trips this summer & just want to be aware. Please PM if youd rather keep it DL.
  78. glenniesan

    Watch Weather, Y'All

    Dang that blows.:Pelvic_Thrust:
  79. glenniesan

    5/17 LJ

    :doh:Short: No bait found!! S-L-O-W picked a couple sand dabs, and a vermillion(?) close into the end of the pier. Just as we were ending the day, drifting the beach to the N of the pier, the bass rod loaded up in the rod holder. Ended up with my first Leopard which was also my first...
  80. glenniesan

    Intro and a couple questions

    Andrea, I agree the smaller local shops are by far the best way to go no matter what your skill level. I highly recommend JP's Bait & Tackle off the 78 & Emerald in Vista/Oside area next time you guys are down that way. It's one of my favorite local shops - lot's of current local info there...
  81. glenniesan

    Overdue FV Pelican

    FV = Fishing Vessel (possibly more specific/applicable to the commercial fleet)
  82. glenniesan

    Overdue FV Pelican

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right forum mod's may want to move... Last night I picked up CG San Diego on 22a talking to FV Purple Jet out of Oside harbor. They were in the middle of a conversation about a missing 32' FV Pelican fishing 6 NM out of (Oside?). Listend to the traffic for a...