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  1. Taiko

    1801 Parker w/Yamaha f115

    Hey fellow Parker owners! I have. 1801 with a Yamaha F115. This past Friday I made a run to Catalina. After running WOT for about 25 mins, I turned the motor off to get some gear ready and I had a hard time starting the motor back up. The motor wouldn’t start unless I used the free accelerator...
  2. Taiko

    WTB Wtb T TOP 1801 Parker

    hey guys I’m looking for a t-top for my 1801 Parker. Please let me know if you have one laying around for sale. Thanks!
  3. Taiko

    Will this make sense??

    Hey guys, Im having trouble pairing my rods to the correct reel. i am currently running a Phenix PSW 808MH with a Torium 16 (left hand). I also have another rod which is a Daiwa preteus PRTB80MF WITHOUT a reel. I am thinking about a Avet sx (left hand) for the Daiwa rod but before i purchase...
  4. Taiko

    Parker 1801 livewell drain

    Hey Guys! I own a 2002 Parker 1801 with a 40gal live well. The drain for the livewell is below the waterline when the boat is in water. I know with gravity the water should still drain but i wanted to see if this is the proper location for the drain. The bilge drain is above the waterline as im...
  5. Taiko

    New Avet JX Raptor and Shimano Torium with Phenix outfit

    Hey Guys, new to the forum and would love some input from you pros out there. I just recently ordered two new outfits and need some input. Rods can be changed but reels probably gotta stay since im a lefty with limited choices. I am somewhat new to the saltwater scene but have some experience...