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  1. wildbunch

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    glass 610 :Zombie_Ro
  2. wildbunch

    Popped my cherry at the island tonight

    Dark side of the moon! BINGO WTG Bro :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  3. wildbunch

    Lobstering in Catalina

    indian rock is in closed area. west of arrow point is legal area :Zombie_Ro
  4. wildbunch

    Nor cal albies

    Colt sniper on slide, Zucchini Zuker on troll, & Foodsaver when you get home. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  5. wildbunch

    SoCal deck hand work

    Get in local carpenters union for great pay and just buy boat tickets. When you retire you will feel smart when you get your pension check and 401k. The future wife will be glad you did. Sportboats do not have medical or retirement benefits. My first job after high school was deckhand on...
  6. wildbunch

    Not SD Long Range not even close!

    Now that is a Wicked Tuna :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  7. wildbunch

    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    The Enviros wet dream...…. a GIANT MLPA ! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  8. wildbunch

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    ONE GREAT BIG MLPA! FUCKING IDIOTS! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  9. wildbunch

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    Back in the day...…...Jigmasters on Sabre rods. Maybe a Squidder if you had lots of $$. It was so simple and affordable. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  10. wildbunch

    Dark green braid..?

    Green is great for private boat fishing for WSB. Absolutely the worst shit on the planet for Partyboat tuna fishing. You can not see it in the morning,afternoon or after dark. I fish with white braid because I hate creating bad tangles and sawing off other peoples tuna. FISH SMART! :skullbone...
  11. wildbunch

    CV-19 Government Relief checks. :smoking33::skullbone:Zombie_Ro
  12. wildbunch

    FG vs RP

    Long topshot with RP knot. NO failures or reties. SIMPLE. :skullbone:Zombie_Ro
  13. wildbunch


    Now that we are all stuck at home, who is going to feed the Seals? :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  14. wildbunch

    What do you use your Fathom 40nld2 for?

    60lb mono topshot for big bait, big fish, flatfalls, or when the whole boat goes BENDO. These reels are awesome!
  15. wildbunch

    Long beach limits 3/14

    Right place at RIGHTtime!!! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  16. wildbunch

    Self-imposed exile

    BIG rain = big crawl. They love zero visibility water. WTG BRO! :Zombie_Ro
  17. wildbunch

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    I will gladly be willing to purchase a seal tag and multi day permit. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  18. wildbunch

    WTB Still looking for San Diego based seller of calstar610

    Calstar 610 is my AR-15. Ultimate jigstick & BFT killer. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  19. wildbunch

    Is this BD Today?

    I miss Saluki's reports. :boobies: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  20. wildbunch

    40lb test tackle suggestions

    Calstar 610 7ft 25-60lb KILLER jig stick with a fathom 25nLD2 and 40lb topshot over 65lb braid.The fish has no chance. It is my AR-15 setup! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  21. wildbunch

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    I think SEAL JERKY is the solution! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  22. wildbunch

    Hooping with old friends!

    Working smart not hard. WTG :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  23. wildbunch

    I guess I'm a Penn guy

    Fathom ld2 are fish winches. Just turn the handle and up comes dinner. Unbelievable freespool so they cast a mile with super smooth drag. Best reels for the money. I got 5 of them after I tried one. You will be very happy with them but the BFT will not be.Invite them to dinner. :skullbone...
  24. wildbunch

    What do you think snapped my line?

    A Liberal :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  25. wildbunch

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    It would make a great hat :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  26. wildbunch

    Hooping before and/or after rainstorms?

    Thursday night looks good. New moon , big tide & BIG morning rain. My blueprint for BIG bugs in LBH. Location is key! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  27. wildbunch

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    San Nicolas Island is fished by commercial lobster fisherman. There are no spots with quantity of legal lobster when commercial traps fish them 24/7. Hooping is best in places that are closed to traps. Simple as that. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  28. wildbunch

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    :smoking33: :cheers: :smoking33:
  29. wildbunch

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    FULL MOON :Death_To_Above:
  30. wildbunch

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    SKIPJACK bloody & oily :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  31. wildbunch

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Big rain = Big bugs.....simple :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  32. wildbunch

    Solo mission tonight

    You need better crewmembers. What is going to happen when the weather gets cold , rainy ,& shitty. The big bugs will be crawling and you will need a serious bug killer that always shows up. I will send you a PM if I am available when it is time for Monster Patrol. Keep up the good work...
  33. wildbunch

    Lobster report 10/5 Newport

    LIGHT YOUR FUCKING BUOYS :D:D :rofl: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  34. wildbunch

    These was the shit when it came to deep sea fishing when I was a kid

    GW We called it Garbage Wagon :D Man o man the bonito fishing was awesome on the barge Alaska for us kids with freshwater gear. It was real sketchy getting back on the pier when the afternoon wind was blowing. GOOD TIMES :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  35. wildbunch

    Chief vs Condor for a 1.5 Day

    Condor :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  36. wildbunch

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Use your telephone next time. You will save a drive and wont need an angry rant on BD. WIN - WIN IMO Common sense :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  37. wildbunch

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    You guys are Badass. WTG Bro.Working for dinner! FUCK THE SHARK POLICE!!!! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  38. wildbunch

    Rod for Penn Fathom 25n

    Calstar 610 for my Fathon25ld2. It works like an AR-15. :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  39. wildbunch

    Condor or excalibur

    Condor :cool:
  40. wildbunch

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Good eating size :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  41. wildbunch

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    OTTO is driving :D
  42. wildbunch

    Inshore mako

    357 is your 911 call. Do not leave home without it :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  43. wildbunch

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    I will bring a case of Modelos to help us moderate :cheers: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  44. wildbunch

    Any Open Spots Departing 9/13/2019

    Bring your lifejacket if you go on the pacifica. :skullbone
  45. wildbunch

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    STRIKE TWO WTF? must be trumps fault!
  46. wildbunch

    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    Capt Dave kills them. The haters should STFU,,,,,,IMO :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  47. wildbunch

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 7/12

    BUMP,,,,,I am on this one. Awesome trip with a great group of cool people. 25 guys on 95ft boat = A great time AGAIN! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  48. wildbunch

    Albacore season

    First Albacore was already caught on April 1st :D :rofl:
  49. wildbunch

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    1.5day trips fish the zone till dark. I ride this boat and he never heads in early. You are wrong and we kill a lot of fish. :skullbone:Zombie_Ro
  50. wildbunch

    Oceanside Ninety Five

    I am going Friday night. BIG bite is coming. Capt Rick will find them. GO!!!!! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  51. wildbunch

    Best floro to mono knot?

    Mono to hook with a palomar. Simple :D
  52. wildbunch

    Lead Master "Sniper"

    Real Colt Snipers cost less than $10 and work awesome. Change the hook to one you prefer & you have a cheap fish killer. Try a bridle rig even better. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  53. wildbunch

    BFT at San Clemente Island / 2019

    They haven't snuck across the border yet :D :rofl:
  54. wildbunch

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    It is going to be another awesome trip, Locked & Loaded, Ready to Rock & Roll. It is almost time to go CHILLIN & KILLIN :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  55. wildbunch

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Maybe try a bigger hook. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  56. wildbunch

    Oceanside 95 1.5 Day Departs 6/14

    These charters are awesome. We start with a great tailgate party at the landing and then get on a huge 95ft boat with only 25 COOL people on a Friday night. We get FISHKILLER Capt Rick, AC in staterooms & meals included. A very enjoyable experience on the water.Much better than Combat open party...
  57. wildbunch

    Catching Crawfish to Eat

    Got the one in my avatar at Long Beach. :D :rofl: :Zombie_Ro
  58. wildbunch

    Moon phases bft

    Full moon bite for the last two months. I will be catching them on the next one. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  59. wildbunch

    Difference Squall vs. Fathom?

    Buy a Fathom 25ld2. Fill with 65lb braid & topshot of 40lb mono. Problem solved and you will be a BLUEFIN KILLER. Simple! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  60. wildbunch


    Albacore food
  61. wildbunch

    1.5 day BFT gear question

    Fathom 40ld2 & a 30 - 80 rated rod. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  62. wildbunch

    Jigs, Flat falls, top water or ?????

    Do not forget your COLT SNIPER !! :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  63. wildbunch

    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    It is called fishing.The fish do not care when you want to catch them. Plenty of sanddabs out there for you next time but not today. Keep fishin :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  64. wildbunch

    Best Braid??

  65. wildbunch

    fathom 30, rod and braid setup

    Mine is set up with #65 Jbraid & 75yd topshot of 40lb Big Game mono. A Calstar 610 rod makes the iron fly. Rig is also good for flyline sardine for BFT. Killed an 80lb easily. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  66. wildbunch

    Thunderbird vs Freedom

    Tbird owns the Clemente YT bite. The numbers do not lie. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  67. wildbunch

    Bluefin tuna light line on the oceanside 95

    O95...…..Awesome :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  68. wildbunch

    Grande vs Liberty

    Liberty.....Taro...simple :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  69. wildbunch

    Smallest diameter braid?

    Pro-Spec or Maxcuatro :Zombie_Ro
  70. wildbunch

    Cal blueprint question Fathom 40NLD2

    I would save the $95. The freespool is outstanding already & the drag is excellent, The fish will not care :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  71. wildbunch

    which fathom ld2 could i use?

    I got 300yds of 65lb J braid under my topshot on the 30ld2. If you want more braid, try Berkley Pro-Spec or Maxcuatro because they are 25% thinner diameter but stay with 65lb. That reel is like a fish winch. Lots of drag and just turn the handle and you own them. Awesome reels with incredible...
  72. wildbunch

    which fathom ld2 could i use?

    30ld2 would be my choice but the 25ld2 is also great . I own a 40,30,25 & a 15ld2. My favorite for throwing iron is the 30. It casts a jig a fuckin mile. The 25 is my flyline reel and I use long mono topshots on all of them cause backlash with braid is a bitch. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  73. wildbunch

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

    Ultralight trout fishing :D:D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  74. wildbunch

    Right or left and why

    Right - because the left have lost their minds :D:D:D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  75. wildbunch

    Fathom reels

    I fish 30lb on the 25ld2 and 40lb on my 30ld2 at the islands for yellowtail. When I go offshore for BFT, I bump it up to 40lb on the 25ld2, 50lb on the 30ld2 & have 60lb on the 40ld2. Fathom reels are awesome...Best reels for the $$. Sell the Senators. New school rocks :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  76. wildbunch

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    WHITE Dorsal fin too large to be a Mako :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  77. wildbunch

    WTB Looking for TIG welder

    Go with the 220v, 110 is not what I would use for 1/8 or 3/16. I use 480v at my shop for those sizes because aluminum has rapid heat transfer and you got to get it hot quickly. :)
  78. wildbunch

    Fathom 40 2 Speed Line Recommendations - San Diego Tuna

    80 braid with 50yds of 60lb mono for stretch at color , with ringed circle hook. I skip the floro so I have one less knot. I would use floro if I did not have a topshot. Fathoms are like tuna winches - lots of drag & turn the handle. KILLER Reels. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  79. wildbunch

    Daveys locker t-bird

    I saw it at Newport Landing last weekend. Nicer,newwer & bigger. Starts running on feb 28 :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  80. wildbunch

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    JRI jigs & Intruder :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  81. wildbunch

    Oregon Killing Sea Lions

    The Eskimos got to have some good recipes for these. Smoked, BBQ or Slow cooked or maybe Cute jerky. They probably taste like my yellowtail that they ate. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  82. wildbunch

    SOLD Or trade for calstar 610

    Calstar 610 is my badass jig stick. Kills them quickly. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  83. wildbunch

    What trips are you doing in 2019?

    Charter Group trips :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  84. wildbunch

    Fathom 15/20 level wind

    Good choise. I just bought a fathom 25 levelwind on ebay. I got it for rockfishing since the new regs will let us fish down to 450ft. I own 4 Fathom LD2s & will say that Fathoms are Awesome. Your son will enjoy the levelwind.:cool:
  85. wildbunch

    12-22-18 Hooping LA Harbor

    Full moon....not good. Better weeks are coming, New moon is best. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  86. wildbunch

    What is your fishing obsession?

    I HATE FISHING - too boring. I LOVE CATCHING -Very exciting. I live for the thrill of the BIG KILL!! :cheers: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  87. wildbunch


  88. wildbunch

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    Soft science is the bomb. I have Fred Flinstone feet - wide & square. I only had work boots & sandals for years and had leg & knee pain when fishing.Now I feel like I am walkin on air & PAINFREE. I own 2 pair & will gladly buy more. They have changed my fishing experience for the better. Work...
  89. wildbunch

    Lobster hoop netting during the day.

    Heavy runoff conditions with water visibility zero.
  90. wildbunch

    Over night Trip on the Eldorado

    St Nick is Santa Claus. San Nicolas is an island. :D:D LOL I fished on the Amigo sunday at west end of San Miguel island. Quality Reds & lot of lings. I caught 11 different species. Great boat & crew :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  91. wildbunch

    Long beach harbor hooping

    Clean water & full moon are bad news in the harbor. Try dirty water & new moon for better results. After big rain is good. Keep after it. My avatar bug was caught right after it rained 3 inches that morning :cool: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  92. wildbunch

    Penn Fathom 25 or 30 two speed?

    I have both reels. I would recommend the 25 for your uses. I used mine last Saturday to lay a smackdown on a 80lb BFT on 40lb test line. Awesome reel with incredible freespool. :cool: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  93. wildbunch

    For Sale Penn Reels for Sale! New in Box

    What is the price for a Fathom 25 level wind. Thanks. :-)
  94. wildbunch

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    Ceviche is the bomb. Add diced mango to it and you have NUCLEAR BOMB. :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  95. wildbunch

    O95 or Toronado

    O95...Capt Rick kills it.Big boat with AC staterooms. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  96. wildbunch

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    I put them in my hoopnets cuz it makes them taste like lobster. :D :rofl: :Zombie_Ro
  97. wildbunch

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    Gary Nordbye had the Outer Limits built so he could beat the WILD WAVE to clemente. Back in the day, the WILD WAVE kicked everyones ass. We would leave the island last & be the first one back. Fuel was cheap so we got more fishing time everytime. :skullbone :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  98. wildbunch

    Refinish worn Coltsniper jig?

    I would spend $10 on a brand new pretty one. :D LOL :Zombie_Ro
  99. wildbunch

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    43 Fathom spot in 600+ ft of water.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  100. wildbunch

    Lobster Hooping: Is this normal?

    Real simple. DO NOT HOOP WHERE COMERCIAL LOBSTER POTS ARE. All the legals get caught in their gear that is there 24 / 7. Hoop areas closed to comercials. For example frontside of Catalina.:cheers:
  101. wildbunch

    Do skippie work for lobster bait?

    #1 :urno1:
  102. wildbunch

    Ocean odyssey 9/30-10/3 Weather issues

    You guys will have an excellent adventure. The fish are biting and a little rain wont bother you or them. Father & son time on the water is priceless. :urno1:
  103. wildbunch

    Fth15ld2 & 25nld2 and Spectra

    My Fathom 15ld2 has 300yds of 40lb Berkley Pro-spec. It has a thinner diameter than most braid & costs less than maxcuatro, :cheers:
  104. wildbunch

    What the heck do people do with Skipjack?

    The last meal for my lobsters :D
  105. wildbunch

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    I am on Fridays trip. Always a great trip with Capt Rick on that big comfortable boat. Thanks for the report :cheers: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  106. wildbunch

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    We all will be very early for a change. They are coming early to visit friends in Dana Point but will be in Oside at 5 . My buddy Mike left on the O95 trip tonight so I will get a firsthand report Wednesday morning. Waiting to go fishing is killing me. This looks to be an awesome trip with...
  107. wildbunch

    One open spot Oceanside 95 1.5 day Charter 9/7

    :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro I can't wait..
  108. wildbunch

    Green Braid

    Save the Green for private boat seabass kelpcutters. Tangles not a big issue. On a partyboat, please get that fucking shit away from me!!! I fish white on partyboats as a courtesy to others & myself. I use green for private boats only. Never want to be THAT GUY!!! JMFO :D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  109. wildbunch

    1 mako 1 yellow tail at 209

    Watchout for the BD SHARK POLICE!!!! :D:D:D
  110. wildbunch

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Lobsters love skipjack. I like lobsters. SIMPLEY BEST BUG BAIT.:D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  111. wildbunch

    Things just got a lot worse for our Washington BD'ers

    Welcome back GRUMPY! Now I don't have to put your pic on a milk carton.:rofl::rofl: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  112. wildbunch

    Oceanside boats? Which landing?

    O95 and Capt Rick , you cant go wrong unless you expect it to be the Exel. It works for me cause I am not rich or a softie. I have had many great trips on that boat & am booked on two more upcoming 1.5 day trips. The O95 rocks..:rockin: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  113. wildbunch

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    The Wahoo dreamers must be bummed. It is all about the thermocline!:D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  114. wildbunch

    Local Wahoo??

    There are a lot of Makos offshore. Wahoo? BS without pics :D:D :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  115. wildbunch

    Triton Sportfishing, Limited Load 3/4 Day

    That boat has bunks :) :cheers:
  116. wildbunch

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    I chartered the Charisma for 15yrs and love the boat, but you are right about the new owner being an old grumpy ass. Have a great trip :) :cheers:
  117. wildbunch

    Anyone know what the Excalibur was? Vessel name before it. Taft brothers bought a new boat.

    I hope you are skinny cause Poseidon has 2ft between the galley and the rail,The Charisma has 4ft+. In a hot bite , its a big problem when you are 250lbs, just saying :D :cheers:
  118. wildbunch

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    I have watched MANY MAKOS bite outboard propellers and leave teeth marks on wood swim steps and attack the boat. IMO fishing makos from an inflatable is Foolish. You are dealing with the devil and the outcome could be a life threatening disaster instead of the good time with the Bros. GOOD LUCK...
  119. wildbunch

    Casting a Penn Fathom 40 NLD

    Fathom 40ld2 casts a sardine great, but I have 45 years of practice. You will like the 25 size better for where you are going . :cheers:
  120. wildbunch

    Lucky craft cardiff

    On a Sativa Lucky Craft #420.WTG BRO....Fishin condition! :Zombie_Ro
  121. wildbunch

    Dolphin Half Day Today...

    50 scoops of bait also makes a difference :cheers:
  122. wildbunch

    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    Watchout for the video POLICE ! :rofl:Capt Dave rocks. Thank you for the latest info. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro :Zombie_Ro
  123. wildbunch

    Badass Bass

    Watchout for the BD BASS POLICE!!!!! :rofl::rofl: :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  124. wildbunch

    Oceanside harbor And lack of fish

    Buy a sportfishing boat ticket. It can turn fishing into catching.They will take you to the fish. I hate fishing = very boring. I love catching = very exciting. Pay the money and enjoy your catching trip. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro Good luck
  125. wildbunch

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    Harry Kojima........" OH GOOD EATING SIZE " I used to love to watch Lets go Fishing
  126. wildbunch

    What are your top 3 boats for 1.5 day?

    San Diego boats charge $380+ for summer 1.5 day. Oceanside 95 charges $250 and Capt Rick kills them. Great boat for those of us that are not made of money. I don't need a luxury longrange boat, just 95 feet of boat with a great skipper. :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  127. wildbunch

    Cat this Sat. West end or east end?

    West End is a better ride home also. :cheers:
  128. wildbunch


  129. wildbunch


    Live or fresh dead. NO RUBBER..........:hali_olutta:
  130. wildbunch

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    BIG GAME :Zombie_Ro :Zombie_Ro
  131. wildbunch

    Rod for 40NLD2

    Penn Carnage II CARBWII80200C70 $160 :) :cheers:
  132. wildbunch

    How to plan or a San Diego offshore trip, no Mexican waters

    Buy the Mexican permits and go to were the fish are. SOUTH! The fish do not care were you want to catch them. :D :cheers:
  133. wildbunch

    Fathom 25n ld2sd 60lb J braid capacity

    Mine is filled with 320yds of 65lb power pro. If you use a smaller diameter braid like maxcuatro or Berkley pro spec , it will hold a lot more...25% more. :cheers:
  134. wildbunch

    Red Jigs???

    Cherry Bank in mid 1980s. Cowcod love them. Now it is a crime to do this. :Zombie_Ro :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  135. wildbunch

    CHIEF out of 22nd st

    In the 1980s , we used to call them " PARTY BOATS ". Reefer madness is over! The Capt is there for your safety and to find your fish, not to be a weed cop. I do not smoke pot but realize that its not a problem for most of the population. :D:D:D :smoking33::smoking33: :cheers...
  136. wildbunch

    WSB tips?

    Go buy Mark Wisch's book " In the Gray ". You will find the answer to your questions. Short cut for the learning curve. :Zombie_Ro :Zombie_Ro :Zombie_Ro
  137. wildbunch

    Ten Great Things Bass Fishing Has Done For America

    Lazy Bass Fisherman!!! Hey GRUMPY it is Red Bass season. Not for Gilligoogan cause what happens in Vegas results in a free return trip with room & food. :D :cheers: :Zombie_Ro :skullbone :Zombie_Ro
  138. wildbunch

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    My TYRNOS 30 completes it :D :cheers:
  139. wildbunch

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    I bought another one. Code still works. I got a Fathom 15LD2 for $156 shipped. Unfnbelieveable price and completes my set. 40,30,25 and now 15. Once again thank you BDrs for the hookup on this deal. :Zombie_Ro :skullbone
  140. wildbunch

    Snacks on overnight trips

    A bag of Buds from Humboldt County. OH wait, that was the 1980s. Nevermind:smoking33: :Zombie_Ro
  141. wildbunch

    I am Back......

    Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends. We are so glad you can attend,,,,,,,,,:rockin::rockin::git::Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro
  142. wildbunch

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    I purchased a fathom25nld2 a week ago for $164. I just received it today, brand new in the box. I can't wait to use it. Happy Camper.......We got Chucky back for the silver & black. :Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro :cheers:
  143. wildbunch

    Buggin on the Gail Force

    Hey Bro, I had a great time chatting with you guys on the boat. Your Pops is a cool fishy dude. Markys burger was the best I have ever had on any boat. I can't wait to eat my bugs. Keep on catching!!! :cheers:
  144. wildbunch

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Thank you for the info. This is too good to pass up so I just purchased a FTH25NLD2 for $164 delivered. Awesome deal :cheers:
  145. wildbunch


    I think you have made the lobster poachers that operate on the frontside of catalina angry. Have you recovered any of their gear? About 15 years ago they got angry at dive boats and during the middle of the night at 22nd st landing,. attempted to set on fire both the "Charisma" & the "Encore"...
  146. wildbunch

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Maybe we should make Clownifornia a sanctuary state for yellowtail and all those baby yellowfin tuna. LOLLOL:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  147. wildbunch

    Do you want more oil rigs off coast?

  148. wildbunch

    12/27 Oceanside Jetty

    Twin brothers.....:rofl::rofl:
  149. wildbunch

    Long Beach lobster trip Sat 12/9

    Go after a good rain. it is a different world! :cheers:
  150. wildbunch

    12-8-17 Pacific Islander

    I was on yesterdays trip. Outstanding crew service &effort. We fished 65lb specta with 40lb mono double dropper loop with 4/0 aki twist hooks. Live sardines & mackeral or rockfish strips worked best. 12 legal lingcod on the boat with 3 of them mine. Jigs were not working good. Fish the bow...
  151. wildbunch

    12/1 SCI Report

    BLIND Cowcod police...LMAO :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  152. wildbunch

    Pacific Dawn VS. Pacific Islander

    30 people on a 73ft boat is not too crowded. I am on the PI Friday night. I like big boats offshore like the Oceanside 95. :D
  153. wildbunch

    What happened to Malihini?

    I saw it at the dock in oside at Helgrens about a month ago. Landing said they were working on it and it was going to ventura drydocks soon. That boat is narrow.
  154. wildbunch

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    I hope you feel better soon & I will be ready to go for a ride with Booger. I am going to Oxnard on Friday, fishin on the Pacific Islander for ling-gators at Rosa or Miguel. Get recovered so we can go killin & chillin. :cheers: :rockin:
  155. wildbunch

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    The Internet POLICE SUCK ! Quit bitching and go fishing but not on the boat I am on! :D:D:D Nice catch of BFT Bro. :cheers:
  156. wildbunch

    Relentless 3/4 11/24/17 - Good Fishing, Heart Failure!!

    I knew you would like that boat. Glad you had a fun time. WTG on the EMT stuff. :cheers:
  157. wildbunch

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    Booger is the KING !! :urno1:
  158. wildbunch

    Point Loma or Relentless

    Relentless is a nice boat. The PL is small & cramped. I like comfort. :cool:
  159. wildbunch

    O95 11/16

    You paid $225 for a 1.5 day instead of $325 in san diego. Saved $100 on boat ticket price and no tip. CHEAP,CHEAP & CHEAP :imdumb:
  160. wildbunch

    11/14 O95 BITINGGG

    Nice catch!! Capt Rick kills them ! O 95 is my favorite boat with an excellent crew and it's big & comfortable even if the weather turns shitty. Always a great time. WTG Bro :cheers:
  161. wildbunch

    Going lobstering for first time next week, have a few questions

    Wet gunny sack in icechest with blue ice to keep cool. 24hrs later they will still be moving. Good luck. :hali_olutta:
  162. wildbunch

    Go to for lings

    Old school......Diamond jig with rockfish 1/2 filet with skin & tail left on. :hali_olutta:
  163. wildbunch

    Lobster Hoop Net Lights?

    I use Sylvania Dot-it light sticks on amazon. They don't cost much and work well. I quit using glowsticks years ago. :hali_olutta:
  164. wildbunch

    Lost hoops at Catalina.

    How many lobster did you catch ? :cool:
  165. wildbunch

    Sat night

    SMB , Cat or LB harbor were the commercials can not fish. Full moon is bad . this week and next will be better so just keep trying. Current flow helps. :cool:
  166. wildbunch

    Oside-95 11/5 report Bluefin

    Great report. I was also aboard the boat and you are right Capt Rick is a fishy guy. I was the fat guy with a blond ponytail. Congrats on your toad jackpot BFT. I always have a great trip on that boat. :cheers:
  167. wildbunch

    Hooping Long Beach harbor tips?

    Structure and current. Oily bait fished on big tidal movements. :cheers:
  168. wildbunch

    Solo Swordfish

    AWESOME catch !!!!! What kind of bait ? :urno1:
  169. wildbunch

    LA Nina coming up

    Albacore ALWAYS show up on April 1st...:D:D:D
  170. wildbunch

    Where have the Rock Crabs gone?

    Try Santa Monica bay...:D
  171. wildbunch

    3/4 day yft?

    Liberty....Go with Taro and enjoy a bunk. Booger on the SD kills it too but driving from the OC, I need a bunk.........:D
  172. wildbunch

    1.5 day trip 10/12

    Condor $350 w no reservations....O95 $225 weekend will run plus no days off work. We killed them last weekend with Capt Rick...140 yft on the 23rd :D:D:D
  173. wildbunch

    Tyrnos 30 vs. TLD 30

    I have both but prefer the tyrnos for trolling. I use 80lb on it and with the metal spool and frame have no worries about breaking anything. I only fish 50lb on the TLD30 so that I will not break the graphite. Both reels are great and castable. :cool:
  174. wildbunch

    OC:You can fish for only 1 fish on 1 boat in 1 particular month

    AUGUST - TUNA - OCEANSIDE 95............:cheers:
  175. wildbunch

    Hoop net rope management

    300ft - TFDFM too fucking deep for me. I like 120 ft with a pulley. No rope tangles & I do not have Cow Cod tangleing my nets.
  176. wildbunch

    Newport Pipe/Santa Ana Pipe

    Pipe will have lobster bouys along it . Straight out in front of santa ana river jettys. :cheers:
  177. wildbunch

    Colt sniper questions

    The Megabaits needed bending to make them swim better. Colt Snipers swim great so I do not fish megas anymore. :cheers:
  178. wildbunch

    Bluewater Baller

    Bloodydecks salute....Classic!!!!! WTG :appl:
  179. wildbunch

    Colt sniper questions

    They swim great just the way they are. 100g green. YFT love them on the sink or fast grind. The first jig that I tie on. :urno1: :cheers:
  180. wildbunch

    1.5 day trip 10/12

    you need a new calendar :D
  181. wildbunch

    1.5 day trip 10/12

    Friday the 13th 1.5 day O95 I will be there...:skullbone
  182. wildbunch

    Condor or Producer?

    Big Bird :D:D:D
  183. wildbunch

    Mono topshot? Strait braid to leader?

    I only use floro on my kelpcutters. 50yd mono topshot on the rest :cool:
  184. wildbunch

    October? Wahoo?

    Put the Bong down.....:D:D:D :smoking33:
  185. wildbunch

    Rod Clamps? Yes or No.

    Clamp is only required if rod doesn't have reelseat. I only use on #80. :cheers:
  186. wildbunch

    SSt going south

    BFT are going to go on an epic bite....It is almost time....:skullbone :Zombie_Ro :skullbone
  187. wildbunch

    Sea Adventure 80 Capt.

    Have a great trip. The SA80 is an awesome boat and very comfortable. Lots of rail space on sides of galley wich is huge and AC in bunk and staterooms + huge bait capacity and RSW for your fish. Top notch :):):)
  188. wildbunch

    Sea Adventure 80 Capt.

    I fished with him 2 weeks ago on a 1.5 day. I knew the stories and reputation from BD & my buddy who fished with him a few years ago , so I was expecting ATTITUDE. I was pleasantly surprised. He was friendly and I had several coversations with him and told me that he lives in Idahoe when not...
  189. wildbunch

    Mission bay tail/dodo hunt 8/1

    Lots of BITING fish in Mexican waters.:D Now you and Casey need to teach the bassmaster Crawdad how to hold a fish :rofl::rofl::rofl: Nice fish Scott !
  190. wildbunch

    Funny Boat Names

    Liquor Box :D The best unused name..........REEFER MADNESS ! :smoking33: :Zombie_Ro
  191. wildbunch

    Warm water...will we see another Socal run of Wahoo this year?

    NO WAHOO THIS YEAR. It happened one year in the last 100 yrs! The GODZILLA EL NINO IS OVER!!! OK dream onnnnn :smoking33: :drunk :hali_olutta:
  192. wildbunch

    3/4 San Diego

    Blue & chrome #5 yoyo - old school blue water paddy killer :jig:
  193. wildbunch


    Buy a fathom. You will be amazed. Sell the old VW and buy a new Ferrari. You won't regret it.....MAJOR UPGRADE :):):)
  194. wildbunch

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    MAKO killing trip :D:D:D
  195. wildbunch

    Which Boat ???

    First String....Biggest 93ft.....Most comfortable and catches fish :):):)
  196. wildbunch

    Release the small tunas guys

    1st Metallica album.........KILL THEM ALL!...:rockin::git::rockin:
  197. wildbunch

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    Fake Tuna = Big Bonito EL NINO is over !!! :D:D:D
  198. wildbunch

    Is leopard shark good to eat?

    Too cute to kill..Just like a seal....nevermind.......:D:D:D
  199. wildbunch

    ??Alternate American Flag??

    Raider Nation :D:D:D
  200. wildbunch

    Why is 65# braid the go to?

    Ideal for my kelpcutters with 50lb floro
  201. wildbunch

    Top shot or no top shot

    60lb mono topshot
  202. wildbunch

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    My patience is stronger for now but I am upgrading my arsenal for that upcoming showdown with the monster BFT later this summer. :Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro
  203. wildbunch

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    Brand new in a sealed box. I cant wait to use them! I wish the spectra was cheaper...
  204. wildbunch

    Where to buy Fathoms?

    Manventure got my fathom 30ld2 yesterday for $196. Last month I bought a fathom 40ld2 for $210. Cannot beat the price if they are in stock :)
  205. wildbunch

    News Channels "Chumming?" White Sharks...?

    When these "cute" babys grow up , we will have a real BIG problem. Film at 11.....:eek::eek::eek: :Zombie_Ro
  206. wildbunch

    Boat choice for 1.5 day

    Big Bird :rockin:
  207. wildbunch

    Tweeker Free Zone

    Try South Shore ramp next to sea world. Lots of parking and well lit also not crowded like Dana, We like it :)
  208. wildbunch

    2 day LB?

    I was on Fridays trip. Awesome yt bite at clemente. Good crew and very comfortable boat with excellent bunkroom AC. Me & the Bro's cant wait to go with these guys again real soon.....:):)8-)
  209. wildbunch

    The Fury, SCI, Saturday Wind

    I was on the First String fishing next to you. The ride home was rough. :eek: I was happy to be on a 93ft boat with only 12 passengers. :)
  210. wildbunch

    Your Top 5 GOTO Trolling Lures for SoCal

    6'' Magic Zucchini is a killer!!! Everything eats it....Believe in magic.....:urno1:
  211. wildbunch

    yellowtail size????

    Three days and not 1 photo of yt. People must not like to take pics with babies. :D:D:D
  212. wildbunch

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    The island never moves. Only the boat does.....:D
  213. wildbunch

    Dana Point Tuesday 2.28.17

    A:rockin:hhh mental therapy. The worst day fishin always beats best day workin. WTG Bro :cool:
  214. wildbunch

    Oside saturday

    Nice fuckin bass :D I bet it is nice boating with a new outboard = no stress. WTG Bro
  215. wildbunch

    Confessions of a Marine Slumlord

    WOW Joe, that is fucked up.....Gilligoogan might be your next tenant...:eek:
  216. wildbunch

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    Chucky, if you do the 1.5 day, call me cuz I want to go :hali_olutta: Sea yaa
  217. wildbunch


    How many of you have been on a boat where a passenger was detained for weed? Just wondering.....:smoking33:
  218. wildbunch

    Fucking finally

    Congrats on the new motor. If I quit saying FUCK, I will loose half of my vocabulary :D:D:D Now go kill fuckin fish and make some fuckin bloodydecks :rockin:
  219. wildbunch

    Toronado fishing Tanner Tuesday

    100+lb tanker BFT on a fuckin bass reel..You da MAN my bro MOFO!!!!!
  220. wildbunch

    stupid lobster question

    They will be great. I used to always freeze them alive. Frozen Bugzilla is a spectacular conversation piece and great for scaring women...:D,,,,,LOLLOL
  221. wildbunch

    Friday 10/28 solo trip

    What a cute seal......:D
  222. wildbunch

    Condor or Oceanside 85?

    Condor 360$ O95 225$ Simple math. I like both but I also like 135$.....:D:D
  223. wildbunch

    WFO October Tuna

    I thought you were chasing a gilligoogan...I am going 1.5 day Friday on O 95....Last call for BFT.You should join KOMBAT CREW for this one...........last call :rockin::rockin::rockin:
  224. wildbunch

    Another 26 Grumpy?

  225. wildbunch

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    I knew u wood like the bobber :D
  226. wildbunch

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    They look so cute when they float. :D
  227. wildbunch

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    Lobsters love bonito. I like them to eat good before I eat them.:D:D:D
  228. wildbunch

    Dana Point 5.13

    I took the family out on the Dana Pride today. Nice weather with lots of dolphin on the bait schools. It looks fishy.........:rockin:
  229. wildbunch

    Dana Mako

    A smart freegaffer would use a flying gaff. It won't break and is much safer......:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  230. wildbunch

    Hooks Landing and the New Hustler?Commander sportfishing?

    yep....NH2 back in the day
  231. wildbunch

    Dana Mako

    You have awakend the BD SHARK POLICE..........:D:D:D
  232. wildbunch

    1.5 returning 4/20...

    420 is the solution to the problem......:D:D:D
  233. wildbunch

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    My favorite fishin pole is the gaff. :D I enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work......:cool::cool:
  234. wildbunch

    What happened to LB lobster? 2-19-16 report

    I fish 40-120 ft and the seals follow me all night but they never touch my bait cages. Go to home depot and buy 3x6in mending plates for 1.99ea. Ziptie 2 of them to the topside of your baitcages and you will not have any problems with seals...........:D
  235. wildbunch

    San Mateo Point report 1/31/16

    Nice FISH REPORT...........:D :rockin:......I could not resist.......:cool:
  236. wildbunch

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Turners sells Ambush hoop nets for 25$ . Best price of the year.......:cool:
  237. wildbunch

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Go after we get 2 inches of rain when the water looks like chocolate and you will be amazed how WFO catching can be. When we have clean water like now , you will be fishin more than catchin........
  238. wildbunch

    Update on DFW Regs Pertaining to Free Gaffing

    The Czech Bait Rule....hehehe.......
  239. wildbunch

    What would you have done?

    Why don't you tell us some horror stories about your lil buddy GILLIGOOGAN.........Too much angry drama in this thread....Take a chill pill and tell us about your LIL BUDDY....btw, the OSPREY is baddddasssss
  240. wildbunch

    What would you have done?

    You forgot to mention that now he has a much nicer boat than you have.....A 26ft OSPREY......BE NICE TO PEOPLE WITH BETTER BOATS ..................HEHEHEHEHE,
  241. wildbunch

    Free gaffing

    No witnesses = No crime .....Now we have the BD FREEGAFF POLICE......YEP, THE FISHIN MUST BE GETTIN SLOOOOOW
  242. wildbunch

    oceanside 95 1.5 day tues night

    The O95 and capt Rick are AWESOME.............The landing is managed by FUCKING MORONS......
  243. wildbunch

    looking for a who

    I told you it was a marlin....... Great day on the water with the Bro"s and as always great pics by Teriyaki.....
  244. wildbunch

    Skipjack Question

    #1 bait for my lobsters. They love the blood and oil, I prefer BLUEFIN for sashimi and AHI for seared blackend tuna.
  245. wildbunch

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    Groupon fish.........
  246. wildbunch

    Living the Dream 7.30.15

    RELEASING ENDANGERED SPECIES LIKE DORADO IS FUCKIN GAY. Fishin with Chucky is smart cuz now we don't get fuckin EL NINO halibut reports. Capt joe says NFIO ,bring your boat to Dana. The little boat that could is still kicking your ass FYI. releasing dorado is fuckin stupid JMO:D:D:D...
  247. wildbunch


    I fished on it last weekend. Exelent operation from top to bottom. Big boat with lots of deck space. My Bluefin was in AAA+ condition when I got home.......
  248. wildbunch

    Tuna Breakdown Dana Point 7/22/15

    RDRRM8E fishin on the 26GRUMPY....Its about fuckin time. I have been recommending you for a boat Ho. It is a very nice boat, but Capt Joe does like bankers hours.........hehehe
  249. wildbunch

    oside report 7/23/thurs

    "The little boat that could" kills it again. Way to go Capt Crawdadguy. Combat Crew will be onboard very soon for more BLOODYFUCKINDECKS.............
  250. wildbunch

    My BFT said they didn't feel good...

    So you shuffled on your trophy bass guide to fish solo just like I said you would a week ago. No more 10lb bas for you. Played the weather card again. UNFUCKENBELIEVABLE.........HEHEHE
  251. wildbunch

    Combat Crew at it again.

    Teriyaki's pictures at my work today got one word responses ..."'WOW".......
  252. wildbunch

    Combat Crew at it again.

    COMBAT CREW always brings its A Game to the party. Awesome pig yellowfin Bro. You earned it.
  253. wildbunch

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    A good size south swell from a Baja hurricane will make it go ballistic....I guarantee it...have seen this happen many times.........your fish dreams will come true........
  254. wildbunch

    Dana Pride finds the fish!!!! 7.1.15

    You should charter the "SUMMER SCHOOL" . CAPT CRAWDADGUY will put you on the Bluefin but you have to clean your own fish. It is "THE LITTLE BOAT THAT COULD"............OR................You could rehire GILLIGOOGAN to help carry all that nice tackle..............hehehe
  255. wildbunch

    9 mile bank 6/25/2015

    Fire #5 blue & chrome is a tuna killer..........
  256. wildbunch

    O 95 6/12

    I fished the O95 on the 13th. Great big boat with a good crew and capt . I am always happy to be onboard....33 max anglers = never feels crowded.......
  257. wildbunch

    My next Charter

    Angry little man needs anger and angler mamagement. I would have left on time.......
  258. wildbunch

    What's with these boats not filling?

    300$ to watch fish boil but not bite. Most want to catch not watch. YFT will be here soon and they go WFO. Be patient like the rest of us that are not rich. Tuna armegedon is coming soon!!!!!!
  259. wildbunch


    How did you remove the houses from the photo???? HEHEHEHE
  260. wildbunch


    Nice El Nino halibut. Did you catch it on a curado with a nuclear chicken? I bet your sissy crew cleaned it. Nice fish Capt SOLO JOE..........
  261. wildbunch

    Hurricane effects

    When the south swell pushes in......the yellows go on the bite. This week is an example....Clemente and the 150 going off....
  262. wildbunch

    Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    Nice "Mexican" Yellowfin. Way to go bro........
  263. wildbunch

    Best bet for getting my first WSB

    You will be back with a smile. Smart move.....
  264. wildbunch

    Per Jason's Advice...

    Wildbunch says for the tenth time........GRUMPY CALL RDRRM8E !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you will hear from Ted Nugent :git::Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro
  265. wildbunch

    What boat for Friday night 5/8

    Oceanside 95........bigger boat with less people than the Freedom
  266. wildbunch

    I'm still excited!!!

    AWESOME FISH......You went south so you must be smarter than our skipper....hehehehe
  267. wildbunch

    Are the squid nests anywhere near the beach?

    None on the beach , but maybe a little at catalina........very little
  268. wildbunch

    Sea Lions- To Kill or Not To Kill

    Mother nature is working on this problem right now. It does not matter how many that the WACKO'S save, nature will kill many more, Thank you EL NINO my friend. BBQ seal ?????
  269. wildbunch

    San clemente . Go Now

    The O95 kicks ass with Capt Rick. I will be on it Friday night.. I fished with Deluna and helgren for years. This boat is back and it gets bit and there is cool fresh air in the rooms. Give this boat a will like it..........
  270. wildbunch

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    63.5 degrees at the barn sat. it won't be long.......
  271. wildbunch

    So which is it??? Cast your vote now!!!

    WWWWWTTTTFFFF Grumpy???? You are in need of a very bloodydeck. I can help you. Elephant kelpcutters are locked & loaded. It is time to rock & roll........
  272. wildbunch

    Can we fight back???

    Lock and load.......They are so cute...
  273. wildbunch

    San Diego 3/4 day - April 3rd

    Good report with bloody pics...Way to go Bro....Capt Booger kills it again........
  274. wildbunch

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    In my dream it is a 357 with hollow points............
  275. wildbunch

    fishing SCI mon tues

    I was on the O95 today 3-21 . THE fleet was on the west end.....the 9 at noon, Fly line sardine worked best.
  276. wildbunch

    The last weekend of lobster season

    WFO at Cat. The bugs are as hungry as the fuckin seals. 5 legals in one net and it had 4 more legals when we were stackin to go home early....
  277. wildbunch

    Ahhh, the lowly Bonito

    My lobsters love them for their last meal.........
  278. wildbunch

    Past experiences on Thunderbird / Oside 95 / ultra?

    O 95 has AC in the bunkrooms. I will be on it Friday, killin with Capt Rick.....
  279. wildbunch

    Hooping catalina

    Macs & dines are great. Save the squid for fish bait. The front side is closed to commercial traps so there is more bugs for us.......
  280. wildbunch


    You know how I think.......
  281. wildbunch

    Hooping catalina

    Hoop at the island. LB has been slow. Got 2 limits in 2hrs at Cat last weekend.........
  282. wildbunch

    Early Tuna Season Rumor

    ALBACORE traditionally always show up on April 1st........:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  283. wildbunch

    The San Diego 2/21/15

    Yoyo iron & heavy metal....Fuckin awesome.....WTG Bro :rockin::rockin:
  284. wildbunch


    IRON with a rockfish filet strip with the skin & tail on the hook. Lings love it.....Cowcod used to........
  285. wildbunch

    Better weekend than most

    Awesome video......WTG Bro :Zombie_Ro
  286. wildbunch

    Better weekend than most

    Awesome video......WTG Bro
  287. wildbunch

    Oceanside.... That's four trips in a row.

  288. wildbunch

    Oceanside.... That's four trips in a row.

    Time to go killin and chillin with Crawdadguy and Wildbunch. Next week at OSIDE. Are you in??????:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro :Death_To_Above: :rockin::rockin: :jig:
  289. wildbunch

    NOAA looking for input on how to best deter sea lions

    BBQ or smoker. The Eskimos probably have some good recipes...
  290. wildbunch

    Lets all go to BOX Cyn!!!

    Yellowtail police...STFU....Join peta....JMO
  291. wildbunch

    Big spots of tuna crab off San Clemente Pier 1.9.15

    I keep tellin him to call you. I think u could replace the GILLIGOOGAN.....My number is 520 .... call me
  292. wildbunch

    Dialed up the A-Team 1.7.15

    Crawdadguy and I must be on the BBBBBB team......:rofl::rofl::rofl: Sunday was awesome....THANK YOU.......
  293. wildbunch

    Boxed Out 12.29.14

    GAME ON....I am in attack mode now.:nutkick:
  294. wildbunch

    Boxed Out 12.29.14

    Butts before yellows? WTF.......Full moon = time to go elephant hunting........Call me if u want a crew for a BIG FISH ONLY trip this weekend. Locked & loaded - ready to rock & roll out of control,,,,,,,
  295. wildbunch

    Rpt-Sun-12-07-14 Heartbreak chasing Tails in Box Canyon.

    Yes it was me. I called the GRUMPY after boat ing a 25lb yellow on a dropper loop -50lb line-5/0 hook- big sardine. The hot ticket was 6x scrambled egg..The one with the colors all mixed together. When we got bit it was a fuckin indian attack. Fish were on bottom - 220ft at 2pm. Oceanside 95...
  296. wildbunch

    All Coast Website???

    I enjoyed the battles - Jim Day vs Flomar - HD vs Addiction Doctor....That was funny shit to read when the fishin was slow :D:D:D
  297. wildbunch

    Dana Point 11.25.14

    Cormorants ? I call BS without pics,,,,,,,,,Nice Butts Bro..........
  298. wildbunch

    2 BFT Chewing....."2.5 Day Report 6.15.2017"

    Hey Chucky... I am going over to Grumpys house after work on Monday. I will put in a good word for you...We are all on the same page politically....SEA YAAA
  299. wildbunch

    11-15-14 LBC Lobster

    Flat tides = no crawl....Next weekend will have better conditions. Pray for rain. Lots of rain = lots of bugs......
  300. wildbunch

    Short Round Report

    Next time take Capt CRAWDADGUY........He will put you on the fish......He has been kickin ass all year.......:D:D:D
  301. wildbunch

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    The marlin I caught on a 6oz sliding sinker rig at 150ft with a mackerel clicker fishin.........Too deep for dodo birds....Yes I was fishin yoyo also
  302. wildbunch

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    Next time try yo yo iron instead of bird food.....Yellows like it and birds do not unless they are real hungry and stupid......:D:D:D
  303. wildbunch

    Which boat has the best tipping process?

    The GRUMPY has FREE fish cleaning....:D:D:D
  304. wildbunch

    Should You Still Tip if They Gaff in the Back?

    Tip 100% for extremely great accuracy.........:D:D:D
  305. wildbunch


    Keep releasing the big bugs so that I can eat them later.....Thank you
  306. wildbunch

    Box Canyon yellow 10/5

    That marlin kicked my ass. Thanks Capt Crawdad
  307. wildbunch

    How much longer can this go on?

    Big numbers thru Halloween .......Lots of yellowtail after that
  308. wildbunch

    Dana Point 9.24.14 Roll with the Changes

    It was a down day. The fish will pop up soon as this is far from over. The mass of dodos is just below the border and movin north , maybe to dana point......maybe not. I will be invading mexico soon cause I cannot wait for them to come here............Capt Joe trades Gilligoogan for...
  309. wildbunch


    BIGGG FNN DODO....Way to go Mikey....Capt Jim is killin it this year. The bait tank is awesome......
  310. wildbunch


    Broomtail Zuccini zuker......everything eats when its bright or dark...#1...... Cedar plug #2.....X-Rap #3
  311. wildbunch

    We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    :rockin::-)AWESOME SCORE!!!!!! What type of jigs were you guys trolling? Bluefin killers want to know........
  312. wildbunch

    Seal Deterrence

    The seal solution
  313. wildbunch

    Seal Deterrence

    i put them on the bottomside so that i can load bait on the top side. i flip them over when i ziptie them to the rings so that the side that the dog is trying to open is securely closed on the bottom of the hoop and now the top has a nice suprise for the dog. Now the only damage is from crabs...
  314. wildbunch

    Seal Deterrence

    :D:D:D The solution is to ziptie mending plates to to your baitcages. The dogs follow me all night but never mess with my cages so i do not have a seal problem.......they have a wildbunch problem.......
  315. wildbunch


    Winning fish was 36.5 WSB caught by team 17 . My friend Jim Jameson is on that team. WAY TO GO JIM.....more info at
  316. wildbunch

    night fishing pelagics

    Mako fishing is good at night
  317. wildbunch

    Shooting sport caught fish

    357 makes a nice gaff size hole......TKO......Game over.....
  318. wildbunch

    fishing straight mono

    Mono is great for most fishin but it will not work for kelpcutting. If you want to get a seabass and fish near heavy kelp then having one setup with spectra + floro will be required. I fish mono on most of my gear but use 65lb spectra + 50lb floro on my kelpcutters.
  319. wildbunch

    Rain Coming=Bugs Crawling?

    Lots of rain = Lots of bugs. I will be out sat night killin them in the storm while the pussys stay dry at home.
  320. wildbunch

    land of giants

  321. wildbunch

    Lobster Whisperer Goes WFO IN Oside 1-27-14

    WOW...same size we catch in LB....Nice catch
  322. wildbunch

    First Time Spectra User !

    It cuts kelp like a sharp knife. I like 65lb izor green with 4ft of 50lb floro when fishin for tanker WSB.
  323. wildbunch

    Box Canyon 12.14.13

    Very nice catch with winter weather. The Earl recommends Wildbunch Filet Service for perfect filets with no bones or skin......:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  324. wildbunch

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    The commercial guys have had problems with divers for many years.......
  325. wildbunch

    What are Day Shapes....

    My day shape is always locked & loaded.........:D
  326. wildbunch

    What are Day Shapes....

    A day shape is a closed fist with the middle finger fully extended. Usually required when Googans are in the vicinity............:finger:....:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  327. wildbunch

    Bug limits question

    Read the permit....You cannot be within 5 miles of the coast.....:)
  328. wildbunch

    Bug limits question

    For 2day limits you must have a multi day permit and leave before noon and return after noon = 12+ hrs each day and you cannot be on the coast - offshore islands or cortes bank is ok. You then can only catch 7 per person before midnight. At 12.01 am you can start on 7 more.........You would be...
  329. wildbunch

    Goats are grazin..........SCI late report

    #10 Ocean whitefish......Why is there a filet size minimum when there is no size minimum on keeping these fish????
  330. wildbunch

    Braided Fishing Line and losing fish???

    #5..Wait till after 420 to start fishin.......:D
  331. wildbunch

    newport pier mackeral

    The market......I saw very few macs at newport all summer.....
  332. wildbunch

    Hit Rock Bottom Dana Point 10.3.13

    2013-Year of the CRAWDADGUY....:urno1:.....Last night i was hoopin in 25knts off wind. Way too much work.............FYI - Unconfirmed Dope has a lot of seeds......:D
  333. wildbunch

    Promar light sticks

    Try sylvania dot-it light sticks -5 pack. They are cheap and work great.
  334. wildbunch

    Czech Mate Trip - Terrible

    Hire Capt Dave........Crawdadguy. He will put you on BIG fish and let you sleep while he drives your boat. :D The Earl and I have his boat chartered next weekend for MAKOS. Chillin and Killin with the Bros makes life great...............
  335. wildbunch

    sportboat name changes

    ENCORE is SEA ADVENTURE 80......The CHARISMA is the dive boat GREAT ESCAPE. I chartered both of them many times.....
  336. wildbunch

    dead seal

    What a cute little seal. :D:D:D
  337. wildbunch

    All I wanted was a 10# yellow and I got this...

    Big fish on a big stick = BADASS BACKACHE. Hardcore score Bro. Way to go.........:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  338. wildbunch

    another big mako 6/11/13

    Good eating size.....Way to go bro.................FUCK THE MAKO POLICE!!!!!!:D
  339. wildbunch


    About fuckin time!!!!! Very nice tanker. Way to go solo Joe.....The price of fame is still a fortune....CONGRATS......:D
  340. wildbunch

    Super moon and seabass

    Night bite
  341. wildbunch

    T-Shark Surprise 5-31-13

    Good eating size. Congrats on a great catch and many fine BBQs........:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  342. wildbunch


    I will only kill breeder tanker seabass and breeder barndoor halibut. That is OK since they are not sharks or calicos or delicious big breeder lobster. Every fish is a BREEDER...........:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  343. wildbunch

    Oceanside Mako

    Lots of great BBQ. Way to go bro.....:hali_olutta:
  344. wildbunch

    Salt Creek to Sano Sunday 5.26.13

    The clown looks like the guy we named "PUNK ROCK" after............:D
  345. wildbunch

    Anyone fishing sharks Oside

    Eating BBQ MAKO is at the top of my food chain.......:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  346. wildbunch

    IT'S ON BABY!!

    Rats and lobster bait. YAHOO :D
  347. wildbunch

    Mission Belle 5/12 with Capt Steve at the helm

    Her fish looks bigger. Congrats to both of you for a job well done. Great reporting and marry your catch of the day.......:hali_olutta:
  348. wildbunch

    Sea Adventure 80 vs. Top Gun 80

    A+ vs A+ You can't loose. SA80 is the bomb.........:hali_olutta:
  349. wildbunch

    Big Bait Big Fish

    Good eating size. Fireup the BBQ and get some cold brews cuz life is good. Way to go Bro.........:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  350. wildbunch

    Poll: Which one is San Pedro Bait Co. Squid?

    You must be bored out of your fuckin mind. A squid condition report ?????? Please tell us wich ones the bat rays prefer, so i can fish the other kind.......:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  351. wildbunch

    First Seabass Trip of the Year

    Bloody Tanker = AWESOME............Way to go....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:.
  352. wildbunch

    Sorry mr mako!

    Very well done. Lots of good BBQ. Enjoy :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  353. wildbunch

    Oceanside makos

    Never had a great:D
  354. wildbunch

    Oceanside makos

    I meant makos. Do not gaff t sharks in the tail unless you like a broken nose. Gill gaff the t's. 357 calms makos and makes them safe...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  355. wildbunch

    Oceanside makos

    Gaff the tail because it will get their propeller out off the water and the TEETH will still be in the water. . Safety first, shark second, and third is watch out for the SHARK POLICE. ...............:hali_olutta:
  356. wildbunch

    Point Loma Halibut 4/26/2013

    Stinger hook = Great dinner.......... Way to go Bro......:hali_olutta:
  357. wildbunch

    72nd street jetty

    Beach side- 1/2 way out - live smelt close to the rocks on the sand or sometimes a 4in Fishtrap......Try 10lb with a splitsot and a #4 hook. I have been skunked there many times but have also walked away with legals. The biggest that i have seen was a 22lb er that i gaffed for my fishin buddy...
  358. wildbunch

    Channel Island Salmon Report?

    1.5hrs to get from santa barbara to moss landing???? I do not think so. IF you look at a map , you will see what i mean...Just sayin....:hali_olutta:
  359. wildbunch

    yellowtail and the new moon today

    As for Joe, he could fish bass on the Dark Side of the Moon!!!:rofl: Joe has a very good big bass guide to help him catch those FRESHWATER BASS that he likes to post about on the SALTWATER REPORTS. Having a great skipper is very important...........:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  360. wildbunch

    Love being a dickhead

    Title should be " love being a dickhead " :D
  361. wildbunch

    Dana Point Condition Report 4.11.13

    As soon as they get here. The cold water freeway has just rounded pt conception into the SB channel so things may be starting to set up. The first few weeks of May could be our shot if the water stays cold. If the water warms up , it will be time to kill TANKERS aka very large...
  362. wildbunch

    South Coast Condition Report Wed. 4.3.13

    Not that one. How about the Facebook camel toe ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  363. wildbunch

    South Coast Condition Report Wed. 4.3.13

    Very nice Facebook conditions report. :D
  364. wildbunch

    San Diego Bay & Point Loma

    Awesome story and it was a pleasure to chat with you when we were hooping in long beach a few weeks back. Keep up the good work.......:hali_olutta:.
  365. wildbunch

    A lil late 3 clover luck on the San Diego

    Ginger or Mary Anne............MA.....:D
  366. wildbunch

    Santa Monica Bay frustrations

    Call Dave Hanson. He can solve your problem. Then you can go catching instead of fishing...........:hali_olutta:
  367. wildbunch

    1 yellowtail for Madrugador

    Nice fish and a Bloodydecks salute. WTG Bro.....:hali_olutta:
  368. wildbunch

    Hooping in the Long Beach harbor.

    This is my Best year ever. I do not see a problem. Ajust and deal with it and quit cryin about me catchin all of "your" lobster. The big ones taste great.........:D
  369. wildbunch

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Awesome catch Bro. You need to get your gaffer fixxed...:)
  370. wildbunch

    More Long Beach LIMITS

    You are correct bro. This is what they look like. I have benn killin it this year.
  371. wildbunch

    More Long Beach LIMITS

    Capt joe - I know you. Whats up bro. Nice load of bugs...:hali_olutta:
  372. wildbunch

    SD Bay Hooping w/Seals

    These are ziptied to the bottom of the cages, so that you can load bait from the top and zip tie the top to the ring of the hoop so the points are up. The lobsters don't seem to mind.
  373. wildbunch

    Massive Boners, Reds and Lings Pac Voyager, Colnett, 2/16

    Metallica shirt for fishin iron.....classic. WTG
  374. wildbunch

    Which Bass Taste the BEST?

    Back in the days.......Black seabass......:D
  375. wildbunch

    SD Bay Hooping w/Seals

    Home depot has 3 by 6 spiked mending plates for 1$ each. Ziptie to top of cage and you have no more problem with seals. One bite and they will get the point..........:hali_olutta:
  376. wildbunch

    Dana Halibut 2.13.13

    Did you take gilligoogan ? In 3 months you can make him walk the plank and fish with the hardcore killer bros..........:D
  377. wildbunch

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    I would have chosen to release it....:rofl::rofl:...Let Gilligoogan learn how to catch a fish instead of drinkin like one....:drunk:drunk:drunk.......:D
  378. wildbunch

    Whats better????

    I have all 3 types of conical nets. The Ambush is best but i got an 11.5 in my danielson sat night. Big bugs get in with no problem....IMO......:hali_olutta:........and they taste great! Keep on releasing them so i can eat them later....:D:D:D
  379. wildbunch

    Dana Halibut 2.6.13 The Window Opened

    You let GILLIGOOGAN gaff it??? WOW !! You are not supposed to let drunk children play with sharp objects. What kind of babysitter are you.......:drunk:D:rofl::rofl::rofl:......Nice flattie..............MOTHERBUGGER
  380. wildbunch

    Lobster hooping after a storm?

    Bad fishin conditions = Great bug conditions. When you drop a big one in your bait tank and cannot see it = GAME ON. Good luck...........:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  381. wildbunch

    Grey Butt Hare 1.16.13

  382. wildbunch

    The best part about catching lobster!!!

    Lobster for dinner with pussy for desert. Life is good..........:hali_olutta: my house...:)........MOFO
  383. wildbunch

    Gail Force weekend wrap up

    Thank you Capt Ryan for moving your boat so that i could get to my bouys on sat night. It is always a pleasure to share the water with a courteous professional like you. :hali_olutta:
  384. wildbunch

    Cold and rainy weather

    If you want to go "catching'' go hoopin. I will be out killing it since all the pussies will be at home. Bugs taste better than bass.............:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  385. wildbunch


    .com appears to be a tool. Marciano is cool, but Ralph on the Odessy catches a toad SOLO.....That is BADASS..........MOFO
  386. wildbunch

    Tip of the week

    It is only cheating if you get caught.:) Great advice as always. We need to catch them before it is a felony to have a fishing pole...:hali_olutta: ..........MOFO
  387. wildbunch

    Goliath on the crawl of the season

    GOOD EATING SIZE!!!!!! Way to go bro..................MOFO
  388. wildbunch

    Giant Lobster

    So do you release barndoor halibut and tanker WSB? I didn't think so.....:D
  389. wildbunch

    Giant Lobster

    Throw them back so i can eat them later.:rofl::rofl::rofl:.......MOFO
  390. wildbunch

    You got a purdy butt-hole 10.6.12

    .....Shuffle the Bros to go fish solo......WTF
  391. wildbunch

    Its Time Tip of the week

    Exactly....They come out to eat not run away from freshwater:rofl::rofl:
  392. wildbunch

    wait too long to get lobster.

    They were maybe refering to areas with comercial traps that fish 24/7. I NEVER EVER fish areas with their gear. JMO..........:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  393. wildbunch

    Its Time Tip of the week

    The water gets dirty with zero visibility and they feel safe and will crawl in masses. Just ask the one in my avatar- he liked the rain........:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  394. wildbunch

    Lobster Bait

    It will work. Bonito,macs,albie scraps, and sardines all work great. Dark moon + dirty water after rains is best time to score. Good luck.......:hali_olutta:
  395. wildbunch

    lobster opening week

    GOOGIN CITY... Rain and cold will keep the women at home so the men can score bugs. Dark moon + chocolate water = game on..............MOFO
  396. wildbunch

    What Would You Do?

    Fuck him up on the spot without saying a word. Justice served...............MOFO
  397. wildbunch

    1010 9-23 Almost boat limit. Total 13 YF and 6 Dodos for 3 guys

    Awesome catch. Way to go long and score. It pays off to fish hardcore........:hali_olutta:
  398. wildbunch

    Lobster Bait

    Filets or chunks in bait cages. It is bloody and greasey. If you use the whole fish be sure to wrap it up in wire mesh or the seals and eels will destroy your nets. ..............:hali_olutta:
  399. wildbunch

    EaT Mor Doh Doh....Dana 9.22.12

    My lobster gear is locked and bait cages loaded. Ready to rock and roll out of control. No catch & release bullshit. I am saving that for november when i start my new fishing project, CATCHING LARGE GREEN BASS with Crawdadguy every weekend. I won't mind releasing them when i have big roaches in...
  400. wildbunch

    EaT Mor Doh Doh....Dana 9.22.12

    Captain "SOLO JOE" who has a freezer full. Why did you not let it go???????:D:D Are you becoming a hermit or do you have a large breasted female deckhand that you are hiding from us. WTF Bro:rofl::rofl::rofl:.......MOFO
  401. wildbunch

    Lobster Bait

  402. wildbunch

    Bug season coming soon.

    Opener = sea full of GOOGINS..........
  403. wildbunch

    Great White Shark Attacking a Seal off EastEnd Catalina

    That would fix the patty pirate problem.......:D........MOFO
  404. wildbunch

    lobster question ??

    Big bugs taste great. Keep releasing them so i can eat them later........:D..............MOFO
  405. wildbunch

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Way to go Captain SOLO JOE. The price of fame is a fortune. Thank you for releasing those endangered dodo's.........:D:D:D..........MOFO
  406. wildbunch

    Lobster puller

    Make your own. Aluminum pipe with a snatch block pulley. The pulley is made by FOLBE and costs only 50$. Mine works great for when i set the gear in 100+ ft. No more backaches...................:hali_olutta:...............MOFO
  407. wildbunch

    Saturday Surprise Trip Report

    The kid is a fish killer just like his dad. Way to go Bob. Catching fish with your kid is priceless.............:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  408. wildbunch

    First Timer out of San Diego! Help Please.

    Great boat name......1010 trench area..........:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  409. wildbunch

    Onside to the 209/267 and in

    Good effort Chucky. You will get them soon. Thanks for the report. It beat the hell out of cookin in 105 degrees i bet..............:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  410. wildbunch


    He is on the Sea Adventure 80
  411. wildbunch

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    :hali_olutta: WOW! You took the stripe off of your striper. Way to go bro.......:hali_olutta:...........MOFO.
  412. wildbunch

    Limits YFT on Sea Adventure 80

    I was at the prelaunch party in the dry dock. What an awesome brand new boat it was. My charter group took many trips on her until she went to san diego. Roger was a class act. I miss that boat and the people that ran her. It looks like Scott has fish killing machine now..............:hali_olutta:
  413. wildbunch

    Monterey Tuna 9/2/12

    Awesome photo - Hardcore to the max. The kind of people that i like to fish with!!!!.......:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  414. wildbunch

    A thef at seaforth sports fishing in san diego

    We only steal your fishing spots. The tweakers steal everything else. Try blaming them next time. Bloodyfuckindecks...............:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  415. wildbunch

    Warning: Don't do this on the next 8.29.12

    I hope you had a crewmember to help on the fuel bill. If you keep going solo the General will have to kick your ass when she does the math on what that dorado dinner cost. I won't tell.......YET :rofl:......MOFO
  416. wildbunch

    Dana Point Closure 8.25.12

    BINGO.....Nice filet job too. Way to go Bro..................:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  417. wildbunch

    CONDOR 260+fish trainwreck 9/21 way down

    Way to go Ron. Nice YFT on the marauder. I like trolling those jigs.............:hali_olutta:...........MOFO
  418. wildbunch

    Dana to the 312 for a Halibut 8.21.12

    You sound like a bluewater junky jonesin for some dorado drugs.:D Keep up the search Bro and you will be in tuna therapy reel soon..........:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  419. wildbunch

    sunrise to sunset!

    Way to go on the local fish. Great day except for running out of beer. It is hard to be in "fishin condition" without it. Keep up the good work..............:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:,,,,,,MOFO
  420. wildbunch

    Cod Father Sighting 8.16.12

    You are the King of the BUTT HOLE. :rofl::rofl::rofl:I am glad to see that you have a crewmember but does'nt that one come with a Farallon for you to drive while he does all of the work LOLLOLLOL FYI...I am unretired on saturdays until lobster season opens. After that its all night...
  421. wildbunch


    BFM.....BIGGG FUCKIN MAKO.....WOW....What an awesome fish and the reason that i won't jump in on a paddy......................:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  422. wildbunch

    sea adventure 80

    Very comfortable boat and capt is a fish killer. I think you will be relaxed and covered in blood. A great pick IMO. Good luck.............:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  423. wildbunch

    The Defense Department

    You'r wife is HOT.:D I am happy that she will come out and take the time to talk to a smelly fisherman like me. You are a lucky Bro and kyle is gettin bigger every time i see him. Way to go on the Flatties........:hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  424. wildbunch

    Makos on a SAILBOAT!!!!

    Good eating size. Awesome on the BBQ and BLOODYFUCKINDECKS on a sailboat. Life is good, way to go bro...........:hali_olutta:...........MOFO
  425. wildbunch

    Fresh out da' butt hole 8.6.12

    Where is your crew? Hoffy shuffle = Halibut shuffle. Who do you talk to while cleaning the fish? The fish?..........:rofl::rofl:.....Way to GO Bro.......:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  426. wildbunch

    Albies ARE off Oregon

    Magic zucchini - the best albacore jig ever made + everything else eats that jig too. Way to go bro.................:hali_olutta:.............MOFO
  427. wildbunch

    4 for 5....1 legal 7.30.12

    Did you reeeealy clean the fish? I call BS without pics...:rofl:.....If you decide to kill some fish on a saturday, i will be glad to process them for you. It sucks to not fish midweek anymore but the big check will get me over it. NICE FLATTIE BRO.............:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  428. wildbunch

    Manufactured Bites 8.1.12

    Blue light special :rofl::rofl::rofl: and DJ Lance Rock is your friend :rofl::rofl::rofl: You are killing me Bro........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  429. wildbunch

    Fished South of Dana Pt 7/26/12

    Nothing boring about catching a great dinner. Way to go bro......:hali_olutta:
  430. wildbunch

    Dana Point Condition Reort 7.25.12

    Who cleaned the fish ? A couple more weeks until the monster returns to the game of killin & chillin. The forschner is sharpened and will soon be looking for victims to slice. You know who cleans the fish Bro..........MOFO does........:Zombie_Ro:Zombie_Ro
  431. wildbunch

    Shark fishing Question

    Try the 270 spot. It is only 12 miles off of PV. If that don't work then try the A bank. I hate to run over fish to go find fish. Good luck and be safe..........:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  432. wildbunch

    Halibut Rock 7.15.12

    The Googans have nice boats except for the arima......:rofl::rofl::rofl:..........MOFO
  433. wildbunch

    And g-d said ..... let there be squid ....

    Awesome tanker bro. Use the kelpcutter and get all of them next time. Thanks for the report and enjoy the BBQ pigfish..........:hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  434. wildbunch

    Halibut Rock 7.15.12

    The Earl is your friend.....:)
  435. wildbunch

    Dana, Barn, Box Canyon 7.13.12

    '' Brandon who" I bet you were hoping it was someone important like Saluki. It sounds like a good day on the water with Crawdadguy and his greenhorn. Did you stop at the fuel dock??? LOL ...........MOFO
  436. wildbunch

    Spotter plane at 60 miles!

    I agree 100% , This is reality and some people do not want to hear the truth. It is just the facts and no fiction. If they want BFT , They are waiting at ........................180 miles. GO GET THEM!!!!!! :D FYI my best BFT was 80lbs..........:hali_olutta:
  437. wildbunch

    th Coast Condition Report 7.9.12

    Hey Capt Joe maybe your gas got siphoned by a hobbit. It is time to change your research mission over to analyzing the seal parts in the belly of MAKOS. Just my logic observation.......:D:D:D...........MOFO
  438. wildbunch

    th Coast Condition Report 7.9.12

    TIME FOR IRON MAIDEN, dogs hate Iron like hell! :2gunsfiring_v1: Give em THE TROOPER full blast!!! The Trooper full blast and serve the dogs some sardines with shiraka hot sauce. IRON MAIDEN kicks ass old school style.......:rockin:...........MOFO
  439. wildbunch

    Free fishing day with my pops.

    Fishin with your dad is very special time well spent. Congrats on hooking him up. Way cool bro............:hali_olutta:
  440. wildbunch

    Spotter plane at 60 miles!

    I don't need Albacore. The San Diego fleet needs them to stay in business. They bite in large numbers wich bring lots of passengers they need. I like BFT ,but they are biting 180+ miles south = 3day trip. When you get reports of biting BFT at the 60m bank please post it........But it did not...
  441. wildbunch

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    At least he is not a lying punk or second place crybaby.....:rofl::rofl::rofl:.........MOFO
  442. wildbunch

    Spotter plane at 60 miles!

    Jumping bluefin does not mean biting bluefin. BFT love to jump but not bite. I have seen this many times. Hope i did not rain on your parade but it is just my observation. Now if it was Albacore , that would be good news , but it is past the 4th of july and no one has seen them. I predict that...
  443. wildbunch

    Reel in gear or not when fishing seabass w bucktail?

    In the holder, in gear, on the elephant gun kelp cutter with lots of drag and the clicker on..........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  444. wildbunch

    Team effort for Halibut on board the Caballito.

    The correct way to kill a BIG halibut. Gaff it before it knows you are there or else shit will happen. Way to go bro!!! Very nice catch............:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  445. wildbunch


    Good eating size. Way to go bro. BBQ Mako is the bomb...........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  446. wildbunch

    RTA- White Sexy B*tches LOVE it from the backside

    Much better than a charter IMO..............:hali_olutta:...MOFO
  447. wildbunch

    Poll Question: Ever catch a tagged Calico or Sandbass ?

    Catch and releasearch ????? Are you kidding me Grumpy??? :D:D:D.........MOFO
  448. wildbunch

    Good article in WON today,..

    Way cool bro.......:hali_olutta:
  449. wildbunch

    Meet the Supreme Regulators

    What kind of research has no fish to clean?? Looks like it will be only chicken or burgers on the BBQ this week for you amigo. Just my '' lOGIC OBSERVATION "..:D........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  450. wildbunch

    OMG!!!! LIMITS OF BASS ???

    Keep up the good fishing reports. Your information will help others. Way to go Bro..............:hali_olutta:...........MOFO
  451. wildbunch

    They Ate It All.....

    Great research but now the Googans will follow your " vessel of Logic observations " :D ..................MOFO
  452. wildbunch

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    So what are you trying to say? Do you mean that 20 yr old bass experts with big sponsors that tell us the sky is falling while they weigh in huge stringers at tournaments are full of SHIT ??? I would have to agree based on your fishery data. I think they want a personal trophy fishery for...
  453. wildbunch

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    Trap rig with big bait and reel in gear. All mouth hooked and few small ones. Good luck.......:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  454. wildbunch

    My first post

    Nice calico. It sounds like a great night of catching. Be careful not to wake up the BSB POLICE.........:rofl::rofl::rofl:........MOFO
  455. wildbunch

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    Perfect eating size is the one on the end of my line. I only kill one per year for myself. Any more than that and you will have to deal with the SHARK POLICE so be careful.......:rofl::rofl::rofl:.......MOFO
  456. wildbunch

    Just Wondering??

    Judge the size from the photos. If they do not post photos, then they must be small. Buyer beware............:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  457. wildbunch

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    Exellent BBQ T last night. I wish i could have accepted the invite on the " SCHOOLS OUT " . I did'nt know Crawdadguy was a comedian. Always better to have a private Hansen than a jackass biggest t.............:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:...............MOFO
  458. wildbunch

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    BLOODYFUCKINDECKS!!!!!! Way to go bros. Thank you for the care package.....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  459. wildbunch

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    :D Maybe we should ban calico bass tournaments :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  460. wildbunch

    29' 3" of Halibut 6.12 Dana Point

    Fuckin Googans. Flatties for dinner yummy. I know who cleaned the fish -not you!!:rofl::rofl: Way to go Bro. Did you fish near Punk Rock??:rofl::rofl::rofl:.............:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  461. wildbunch

    Dana catching 6/8/12

    Nice day of catchin. Way to go bro. Looks like some good eats.......:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  462. wildbunch

    Celebrities and Sea Turtles

    Who cleaned the fish???:D:D........:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  463. wildbunch

    California State Record Sculpin?

    That is a beautiful sculpincod. One of my favorite dinner guests. Way to go bro. Keep up the good work...:cow::cow::cow:..........:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  464. wildbunch

    Hey Bill.....You're Bit....

    Thank you capt Joe for the two day Psyco therapy session on the "SANITARIUM" or is it the '' GRUMPY"?? The freeswimming tanker is the closest a WSB has ever got to me and lived to tell about it, That fucker cheated death!!!! I still love to gaff freeswimming Makos if they want to fuck with me. I...
  465. wildbunch

    transporting baitfish

    Sardines will die quickly. Smelt will stay alive longer. Good luck
  466. wildbunch

    Not Be a Dump Truck

    I miss the 80s. Lots of Humbolt " secret weapon ", fishin condition was a good time. It is a different world now. Zero tolerance on the water but you can buy all you want at the pot shop down the street. WTF??? I can be an alcoholic now since i am subject to drug testing. I miss the...
  467. wildbunch

    WON White Seabass Championship Report

    Excellent KILL. Way to go. YT's taste great on the bbq. Keep up the good work.....:D
  468. wildbunch

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    One BSB caught in 40ft of water on a circle hook in the mouth is released without being touched and swam away happy. I don't see a problem........Have a nice day...:D:D:D
  469. wildbunch

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    WOW that is quite a rant over ONE BSB released. Maybe you should kill 20 swordfish to get over it. Another preacher:finger:..........MOFO
  470. wildbunch

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    Nice "calico" :rofl::rofl:Who cleaned the fish????:rofl::rofl:Way to go bro. I am locked & loaded. Time for us to kill TANKERS.......:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  471. wildbunch

    Time to go Scouting!!

    Save the 400$ and go visit Tommy and load up your freezer. WFO and you won"t need a mex license or visa. Smart exploritory trip IMO.........:hali_olutta:......Don"t buy hope & hype. It costs too much and does"nt taste very good. BTW i saw bluefin yesterday..................on Wicked...
  472. wildbunch

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    Nice goat - 28in OK - 22lbs No way. I hope you don't buy meat from that market.................:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  473. wildbunch

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    Hope & hype !!!! Sounds like 976 tuna..:rofl::rofl::rofl:..........MOFO
  474. wildbunch

    Dana to Newport Conditions 5.10.12

    Awesome day of fishin. You forgot to mention the new DFG air force. Where did they get the money for a brand new copter? Always a pleasure to fish with a HARDCORE MOFO like you. Most people can't handle 12 hrs of fucked up weather. Good times on the GRUMPY.................:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  475. wildbunch

    Tons of bait, birds, and dolphin Newport

    Thank you for the information. I am going out of dana on thursday to fish bird schools and baitballs. .................:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  476. wildbunch


    In reality - #3 ...... Buyer beware...........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  477. wildbunch

    What swallowed my dine!

    Less filling !!!:rofl::rofl:Way to go on the release .......:hali_olutta:...MOFO
  478. wildbunch

    This weekend fishing

    Wicked Tuna........:D
  479. wildbunch

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    Later and worst. Pray for peanuts at the pens.......................:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  480. wildbunch


    STUPIDIDTY is the thought process that would conclude that the fishery is being destroyed by one person with a fishing pole. Amazing!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Absolutely fuckin ridiculous.........:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  481. wildbunch


    Way to go bro. Thanks for the report. FUCK THE BASS POLICE....:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  482. wildbunch

    Greasy and Confused

    Thanks for the ride. Always a good time chillin on the GRUMPY. I enjoyed watching that BSB kick your ass.:rofl::rofl:..We will kill them next time but who is going to filet them ?? :rofl::rofl:....:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  483. wildbunch

    Bounce Balling Rod/Blank?

  484. wildbunch

    halibut and 5 spotties today

    Flattie off a surfboard, fuckin awesome catch. Way to go bro.........:hali_olutta:.............MOFO
  485. wildbunch

    What would you do?

    What if the radio does'nt have 80 mile range. What if one of the crew is Pamela Anderson. WHAT IF,WHAT IF WHAT IF..............LOLLOLLOL...:hali_olutta:
  486. wildbunch

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3

    If you draw a course from newport to ensenada it should be well inside the shipping lanes on my charts. Sailboats don't show up very well on radar. Homeland security radar should have the answer. Very tragic.....RIP fellow mariners
  487. wildbunch

    Lobster baits

    The people who criticize legal catches need to start a new website - BLOODLESS DECKS.COM. Those of us that like to eat fish don't criticize C&R reports but you can't eat C&R. A lot of us wish the BASS POLICE would STFU. If you cant say anything good , don't post. We are tired of all your...
  488. wildbunch

    Bluefin spotted on Searcher at 200mi Friday

    BS without pics....................MOFO
  489. wildbunch

    LBC NOT the break wall

    Way to go bro. Nice fish tacos, Keep up the good work...........:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  490. wildbunch

    04.22.12 - Aloha Spirit - Full Speed Rockfishing

    Cool skipper to take you to Painted cave. That place is friggen AWESOME!! Great report.......:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  491. wildbunch

    Pacific Queen

    Check out the california sportfishing reports board. The post is '' Where is capt Bill Cavanaugh''. Pretty interesting problem for that boat......................MOFO
  492. wildbunch

    4/22/12 Long beach halibut fishing,

    Nice fish - Good eating size!! Way to go....:hali_olutta:.................MOFO
  493. wildbunch

    Just Fishing

    Good job, nice tacos!!! Maybe the BASS POLICE only patrol US waters..:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.............MOFO
  494. wildbunch

    Bluefin spotted on Searcher at 200mi Friday

    I see schools of bluefin on tv every week. I will get exited when someone actualy catches more than one. OK everybody - back to rockfish...:rofl::rofl::rofl:......:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  495. wildbunch

    Just some park Loking,..

    Catching is always fun. Way to go bro :cool:
  496. wildbunch

    Dana Point Cod 4.20.12

    Does'nt the deckhand ever clean the fish?? :rofl:Nice quality reds on a killer boat on a summer day. Way to go bro!!........:hali_olutta: Nice to be out fishin on a national HOLIDAY. :D ..............MOFO
  497. wildbunch

    Fave fish to catch?

    Pink -eye tuna :D on 4/20 :hali_olutta: I could not resist...........MOFO
  498. wildbunch

    Fave fish to catch?

    Exelent REPORT:rofl:
  499. wildbunch

    HOLY HALIBUT! NEW PB 4/17 Pics Included

    Nice flattie = awesome dinner. Congrats on the PB, the reward for fishin hard and putting in the time. Keep up the good work. Great post and nice tie......:hali_olutta:............MOFO
  500. wildbunch


    Old school - Diamond jig with a filet of rockfish with skin and tail on....:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  501. wildbunch

    Fished SD Bay 4/15 with the GF

    That is how to catch a good wife. Way to go Bro......:hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  502. wildbunch

    top 10 favorite largemouth bass lures

    10lb+ bass = crawdads. Simple math..........:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  503. wildbunch

    100# Class Broomtail Grouper in King Harbor

    No comments from the BASS POLICE ???? WOW......Nice fish!! I sure wish they would turn the warm water back on. I have had some awesome days fishin in that place - midwinter WFO bonito.........:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  504. wildbunch

    Two Day Trip

    Blue /chrome #5 on 40lb.......:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  505. wildbunch

    Crabbing was awesome but ive got a question

    Put them in an icechest and cover with a wet gunney sack till you get home, then put blue ice in to keep them cool. Do not use regular ice - it will kill them. They stay alive a long time this way. Sometimes i put live large lobster in the deep freezer to scare people with, then take the tail...
  506. wildbunch

    Bank Perch

    That is what happens to all the boys on BD when they fish with you!!! YOU GO GIRL.............:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta::rofl::rofl::rofl:.....MOFO
  507. wildbunch

    Bank Perch

    Can i add COWCOD to your list ?:cow::cow: Awesome eats back in the day before dr loves submarine ride said the sky is fallin and bococio are an endangered speices.......:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  508. wildbunch


    Bring your EPIRB dude. I am hardcore but no ytail is worth taking a beating in a gail. JMO...................................MOFO
  509. wildbunch

    is there a way to kill the sound on Tyrnos?

  510. wildbunch

    Star or LD for WSB?

    Extreme boat pressure maybe. By the way, my fish took 4th place in 2010 after 15 hours in a zoo at west cove - one bite, one fish. They do not like crowds............:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  511. wildbunch

    Star or LD for WSB?

    Kelpcutter with 65lb spectra, 50lb floro, and a 7/0 aki twist hook. The reel drag is not as important as is the ability to cut kelp. The fight will end after a couple of good runs. Being in the right place at the right time is key. When they are biting they are stupider than...
  512. wildbunch

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    X4.......I have found pieces of seal - meat with arteries showing in a 180lb mako that i was cutting up for BBQ. I always check what they have been eating , lots of giant squid and macks. I only kill one per year but will always help friends clean their catch.............:hali_olutta:......MOFO
  513. wildbunch

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    What kind of inshore fish report is this????? UNFUCKENBELIEVEABLE!!!!................MOFO
  514. wildbunch

    Tunahead to build retirement boat..follow the tuna

    I hope one of those "grass" huts is a greenhouse. You will need a big supply of "SECRET WEAPON" to follow the tuna all season...:rofl::rofl:...............MOFO
  515. wildbunch

    Mt new 686+

    The boat gun is for safety. I hear they have a calming effect on big angry MAKOS.....LOL......:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  516. wildbunch

    Dont Know

    10 lb lobster taste exellent. Please keep releasing them so i can eat them later......:hali_olutta:...........MOFO
  517. wildbunch

    Found: Someone's Junk 4.3.12

    When you reeled it up,i thought it must be Saluki's. Upon further review, it was too small to be his. I now believe the small shrivelled nutsack belongs to.......Biggest T..:rofl::rofl::rofl: Good times hangin out on the GRUMPY with you as always Bro. We will killem next time................MOFO
  518. wildbunch

    Salmon tips

    100% Accurate - great post. In years past the boat NEW BLUEFIN in oxnard did salmon trolling trips. If the fish are scattered trolling is by far better. When they are consentrated on the bait schools, mooching with live is the way to go. Good luck and go get them......................MOFO
  519. wildbunch

    3/30/12 Rock Fish W/Captin Dave Hansen

    6 grouper - 3 anglers = Limits Capt Dave kwows how to count and identify fish without your help. Open your eyes and go fishin but let someone else count and identify your fish.........:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  520. wildbunch

    400lb Mudshark caught in Costa Mesa

    Top shelf medical???? Crazy fucker - keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts......:hali_olutta:................MOFO
  521. wildbunch

    3/30/12 Rock Fish W/Captin Dave Hansen

    LOLFat reds??? Did i miss a photo?.....Capt Dave is awesome - your money was well spent. Nice catch bro...:hali_olutta:.........................MOFO
  522. wildbunch

    Killer whales killing sea lion pups at alarming rate

    Maybe the orcas know something that we don't - seals may taste good. BBQ with an apple in their mouth, seal jerky, smoked furbag. I bet the Eskimos have some tasty recipes......:rofl::rofl:...........MOFO
  523. wildbunch

    Spider Wire

    I have used 50lb spiderwire for a kelpcutter and deep water for the past 3yrs with no problems. Good product IMO. Great for fishin 350'.................MOFO
  524. wildbunch

    Nochinges63 sighting

    SSSHHHHHH..... The BASS POLICE are looking for him !!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:....................MOFO
  525. wildbunch

    Hooping for crabs

    I think if you hoop during daylight hours, DFG will not be a problem. Drop them at night and expect many visitors. I have been getting alot of big crab lately while buggin - 6 to 7 1/4 inch. Send me a PM and i will give you the location if you are interested. I enjoy your reports, keep up the...
  526. wildbunch

    dfg problems suck but....

    Unless you are a homeless guy at the bus station in Fullerton.............MOFO
  527. wildbunch


    Must have thought he was an MLPA observer. Not very smart considering firearm sales have gone thru the roof. BIG BALLS = SMALL BRAIN................MOFO
  528. wildbunch

    Dana Point/San O sucked today

    54 degree water is the problem. Fish for rockfish until we get 60 degree water. That may not be for a while this spring. Bring patience and extra beer till then ....:hali_olutta:...................MOFO
  529. wildbunch

    Working Man's Cod 3.23

    Way to go bro. I am glad that spot is outside the mlpa so we can still fish it. Do you ever clean Robs fish or is that the captains job.:rofl::rofl:..................MOFO
  530. wildbunch

    What are the best casting lures for Dolphin

    Casting lures for MAHI is a bad idea. I fish iron offshore for tuna , but if we find mahi , the jig stick goes in the rack. When they jump while shaking their head, the lure combined with the load on the rod becomes a missle with hooks attached flying tward your head if it comes unhooked. I grab...
  531. wildbunch

    Where is nochinges63

    The BASS POLICE miss your reports too...:rofl::rofl::rofl:..Keep on killin,grillin & chillin BRO..:hali_olutta:...........................MOFO
  532. wildbunch

    Fishing boat sank 4 dead?

  533. wildbunch

    Lobster depth

    120'- use a pulley. 200' is a lot of rope layin on deck to clusterfuck. Let us know how it goes..........................MOFO
  534. wildbunch

    rock fishng

    OOPS -I guess i went with comon sense instead of readin the regs,my bad. Thank you for the info. All these new regs are givin me a headache.:hali_olutta:.................MOFO
  535. wildbunch

    rock fishng

    I think you would be alright if your lines in the water had shark rigs on them - Bait-o-Matic, Rapala, or Macs with wire. Take off your rockfish rigs and put them in your tackle box. Your legal IMO.....:hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  536. wildbunch

    Need a Hi-Res Picture of Capt. Dave Hansen

    That is what he looks like to people who dont know how to fish, like me......:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  537. wildbunch

    Has anyone been to San Nicolas Island

    DUTCH HARBOR is a good anchorage with lots of fish and some lobster in the shallows. The east end has a sandspit that is shallow all the way to the bouy-good halibut spot. BEGG ROCK is awesome but now is MLPA zone. 3 mile reef is good rockfishin. The most important thing is a good weather window...
  538. wildbunch

    Wats your favorite cali island!

    BEGG ROCK - SAN NICOLAS The ultimate intense deep dive, if the weather will let you play. MLPA has taken this spot away from us forever !!!:finger:................MOFO
  539. wildbunch

    Pacific Star Rockfish

    SAN NICOLAS ISLAND is 70 miles from LB - 7 hours in good conditions. Get a lower center bunk in case it is snotty. Bring all your gear and don't forget your BONINE pills. Good luck and good fishin.....................MOFO
  540. wildbunch

    $1.00 beers

    Fishin Condition.....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:...Think like a fish while you drink like a fish...Sounds like a fun trip with an afordable bar tab...:cheers:..MOFO
  541. wildbunch

    Released unharmed?

    KILL THEM ALL, while you still can. EAT THEM ALL, while you still can. DO NOT WASTE THEM. Soon we will all be outlaws because of lunatics that want to save the fish and criminalize our lifestyle.............MOFO
  542. wildbunch

    Mexican fishing lic. makes history!!!

    43 FATHOM SPOT.....:cow::cow::cow:....Lots of COWS!!!:skullbone:skullbone:skullbone :rofl::rofl::rofl:......MOFO
  543. wildbunch

    Oside Harbor Foursome

    Buy more nets = catch more bugs. Congrats on the 4 score, just a taste of what is ahead. Keep up the good work.:hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  544. wildbunch

    Desperately Seeking Yellowtail & WSB

    DREAMER out of peirpoint landing. Nobody catches more WSB than MR Watson.
  545. wildbunch

    Ed's Jig's go to Punta Colonett

    Nice COWCOD. I miss catching them at cherry bank. Congrats on getting a big fish on iron. The best eating of all the cods in my opinion. Way to go bro..........:hali_olutta:....MOFO
  546. wildbunch

    Seal Beach pier 1-2-12

    Nice Jacksmelt! = Happy kids, way to go!
  547. wildbunch

    Laguna: Apathy and Angst 12.30.11

    Nice last day at the mlpa. FUCK LAGUNA, FUCK MLPA, FUCK TREEHUGGERS,AND FUCK DFG ALSO! I can hardly wait to cross paths with the civilian "POLLYANNA" observers so i can teach them all the foul language that i know!!! :finger::finger::finger::finger:........MOFO
  548. wildbunch


    WTG Raul ! Barndoor for xmas. Life is good:hali_olutta:.......MOFO
  549. wildbunch

    If you get seasick don't bother.

    Looks like CHERRY BANK when the authoritys used to allow us to fish it. :finger:..........MOFO
  550. wildbunch

    Ready to go bugging and wtf......someone stole my engine cover

    Looking for 1989 Bayliner Capri Engine Cover 2.3 Ford inboard. Had mine stolen the other night.
  551. wildbunch

    ERENDIDA 12/2/11

    The problem is politically correct internet fishin from a chair. :finger: Congrats on a nice catch of good eatin fish. Way to go bro....:hali_olutta:........MOFO
  552. wildbunch

    Dana Cod 11.29.11

    Lake Pescado Rojo! Quality fish close to home-life is good. Way to go bro....:hali_olutta:.............MOFO
  553. wildbunch

    Chefs vs Beers - 12/4

    Monsters:rofl::rofl:RAIDER bitches last week!:waglleybooty:..............MOFO
  554. wildbunch

    Main beach squid Friday night 11-25-11

    Laguna :hali_olutta:..........MOFO
  555. wildbunch

    Irvine report for 11-27. Limit and one by 10:30am

    Do you always wear Raider swag when fishin at the Vine. Dress to impress, it is good to be associated with a FIRST PLACE TEAM....:rofl::rofl::rofl: I couldnt resist.............MOFO
  556. wildbunch

    South Coast closures to go into effect Jan. 1

    EXACTLY. Kool aid with LSD and then you will like MLPAs.........Drink it!!! The Packard people will make you some more if you start to wake up......:cheers:..................MOFO
  557. wildbunch


    That is a good eating size BUGZILLA. Congrats on your trophy catch.................:hali_olutta:.........MOFO
  558. wildbunch

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    Charger fans love catalytic converters in da butt. 1st place RAIDERS ROCK.....:urno1:............MOFO
  559. wildbunch

    South Coast closures to go into effect Jan. 1

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I want some of your GOOD DRUGS. Sober up, wake up,& STFU !!!!!!........MOFO
  560. wildbunch

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    WTG Raul, that is a good score. I am glad to see that you are out catchin while everyone is sittin home bitchin about your catch. Keep the reports coming and FUCK THE BASS POLICE!!!!!:finger:.............MOFO
  561. wildbunch

    West End Lobsters

    WTF Two divers with 36 bugs. You are a POACHER. I wish the warden was aboard when you returned to the boat so he could confiscate your catch and boat!!!!!:finger::finger::finger::finger:...............MOFO
  562. wildbunch

    Krillin' and Chillin' 11.2.11

    Kriller pics....................MOFO
  563. wildbunch


    WTG Raul ! Good to see your out catchin fish. Ignore the bass children and keep on killing and chillin - your crew is lucky to have a fishy skipper....:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:.............MOFO
  564. wildbunch

    Aluminum rack for hoop net storage/rigging

    Good idea, the fabrication looks sweet. It might be better to move the pulley a little farther from the boat to make your hoop clear the side and not hit the gelcoat every time. Keep up the cool metalwork...:hali_olutta:.....MOFO
  565. wildbunch

    catalina yellows!!! 10/30/11

    [QokUOTE=26grumpy;2467424]Tues ? OK
  566. wildbunch

    catalina yellows!!! 10/30/11

    OPTIONS skipper is the '' KING OF CATALINA ". How dare you fish his island without written permission from his mother. :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: FUCK THAT PUNK.............IT'S MY OCEAN...:rofl:......MOFO
  567. wildbunch

    Knifed me a Butt!

    FUCKIN AWESOME!!! I got one at SBI with my knife back in the 80s. I was screamin under water - what an adrenalin rush. The captain thought we had an emergency till he saw the fish. It was the most intense KILL that i have ever made. You will remember this awesome catch for the rest of your life...
  568. wildbunch

    Dana Point: Red Flag Advisory

    Lemon pepper filets last night , ceviche today. Life is good on the '' GRUMPY '', unless your name is napolean...:nutkick::nutkick: :hali_olutta: ...........MOFO
  569. wildbunch

    Game over? 1 1/2 Rats

    . YA KNOW....after over 50 years deep sea fishing, it's not about the size, the biggest, the most, all's about GOOD TIMES and the people you meet on these trips. At least for me it is. EXACTLY why i fish - GOOD TIMES with the...
  570. wildbunch

    Long Beach Rockin' - 10/16 Report

    Correct ID. A very ''good eatin size'' one. Way to go bro...........................MF :hali_olutta:
  571. wildbunch

    Privately Funded Research Project

    CAPIN YO, CAPIN YO ! Do you ever clean your own fish ? :rofl: That is some good variety on that spot. Way to go bro..................MOFO
  572. wildbunch

    A Six Day Walk in the Sea

    The walk in the sea to the deeper surf fishin spot on sat was good comedy. :rofl: The deep water was more friendly on tues - 6oz sinker to get 300' to catch fuckin lizardfish. With all those big ''fish'' swimming around the boat, i think next trip i will bring my flyrod and ''CAMO KRILL''...
  573. wildbunch

    MDR and SMB breawalls for a goose egg

    They don't seem to crawl much on the full moon. Try those same spots on a dark new moon and you will score. Lots of bugs in SMB but they like it dark. Keep on hoopin and good luck.............
  574. wildbunch

    Epic Halibut Bite !!!

    AWESOME -catch of the day!!! That is some killer filets for dinner. Way to go bro................MOFO
  575. wildbunch

    Who shot whale? $12,500 reward

    I blame PETA....................MOFO
  576. wildbunch

    I thought this was a fishing board? Mod can you setup a bug board?

    Pull up your pants - your superiority complex is showing....AGAIN!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::finger::finger:...MOFO
  577. wildbunch

    Hooping Success

    Nice bug! Critters crawlin and not a boat in sight , sounds like a perfect scenario. Way to go bro.......................................MOFO
  578. wildbunch

    Big Bug!

    Nice bug. Good karma for hookin dad up with the catch of the day. Way to go bro...........................................MOFO
  579. wildbunch

    LA Times + Sand Bass Decline Report = Their .02 Cents

    Maybe sandbass don't like LA NINA. When i was a kid back in the 70s, i never saw any sardines, just chovies. Sardines came with EL NINO in the early 80s as the albacore disappeared for the next 10 years. I think that the ocean runs in cycles - warm & cold. THE SKY IS NOT FALLING!!! The...
  580. wildbunch

    DP 10/1 - Black Seabass Video

    Cool video. It is an awesome sight to see a big badass bass happily swim away after it is done kicking your ass. Way to go bro...............MOFO
  581. wildbunch

    San Clemente Island 9.29.11

    Does Rob always filet all of your fish while you drive his boat ??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Sounds like you had a good day of catching lings and things. Way to go bro..............MOFO
  582. wildbunch

    Captain Dave has a question

    The great OZ has spoken:rofl::rofl::rofl: MOFO
  583. wildbunch

    T vs Black

    I wanted to use my power bait and nymphs, but you kept giving me 1lb macs. I thought we could catch shit brown trout in shit brown water. I must have been delusional. Great day of fishin with ya Bro, classic comedy all day = FUNNNN. FUCK THE HATERS.........MOFO
  584. wildbunch

    Captain Dave has a question

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I always put my thumb on the spool when in gear. I must be the exception. The trick is to wait till the fish stops its run before applying thumb pressure. This worked very well for me yesterday as i slugged it out with a large black sea bass. There is more than one way...
  585. wildbunch

    Captain Dave has a question

    Delusional pride = 100lb T shark on 8lb test. Stunt fishing for fame and glory while chasing it down with the boat. I prefer to have FUN killin it on 40lb and more FUN grillin it on my weber bbq. IT IS ALL ABOUT FUNNNNNNN ! .............MOFO
  586. wildbunch

    Bluefin Vs. Yellowfin

  587. wildbunch

    First Time Hoopin' Gear List?

    Be smart and safe - take an experieced hooper with you. It is a different world at night and things can go bad in a hurry. One of my best buddies got killed last season while hoopin. Be careful and good luck.......MOFO
  588. wildbunch

    oside conditions sunday

    NFIO - Tough to catch fish in toilet water. I hope conditions change soon. I will give you a report wednesday........MOFO
  589. wildbunch

    Captain Dave has a question

    Joe,,,Its all about having an "educated" thumb - one that is smarter than your drag. Knowing when to use it and when not to. My thumb wants to create a bloody deck. Lets go kill something big.....MOFO
  590. wildbunch

    Team Basstic - La Jolla Swimbait Yellowtail!

    You must not like hamachi sashimi. Congrats on the swimbait yellowtail. They are much better fighters than calicos. Better eating too! ......MOFO
  591. wildbunch

    Autumn at the Long Island 9.17.11

    '' Good eating size'' Lingcods. Way to go bro, lets go get some mo.....MOFO
  592. wildbunch

    Red White and Poo

    Fun day of catchin on the Grumpy . I had 5 ft of 50lb floro with 7/0 circle hook pinned to a 1lb mac. Reel in freespool with clicker on, never put any tension on the line. Reeled in two ft of floro. WTF!!! T's got teeth but one bite and it was gone. Never saw our visiter but was impressed by...
  593. wildbunch

    Overnighter on the Holiday

    Tuna Master is 100% correct. '' I never bought into that floro crap " Old school mono ,lite line,small hook,hot bait, and a loooong cast. I always use floro on kelp cutters. Never use it for tuna fishin-no need for it. I have NEVER been out fished by anyone with floro and until that happens, i...
  594. wildbunch

    A very comfortable liar

    WOW!!! What a fuckin day, PSYCHO weather. Thank you for the mission assignment. Plan A = TANKER KILL No plan B. Guns of choice... elephant kelpcutters. Bullets of choice... macs. At no time did we ever take the crosshair off of the intended target. Grumpy and Crawdadguy are hardcore...
  595. wildbunch

    Follow up: Raw Video of Recent WSB

    You need to hang out with friends that know how to use a gaff....filet knife...scrub brushes....Cold SPATEN...ect Great video Bro........MOFO
  596. wildbunch

    Which One is the Real Barn-eee ?

    NICE...Good eating size !!!! The GRUMPY is on a roll !! Lets go get a bigger one or three. See yaa monday.............MOFO
  597. wildbunch

    Are Curado 300E's any good ?

    Catch..Phtograph...Filet...Awesome Day. Way to go Bro........MOFO
  598. wildbunch

    Brought a knife to a gun fight

    Tims new launch vehicle....runs on scotch and water.......MOFO
  599. wildbunch

    Bright and Morning Star

    The fish are at 140 miles. One boat is fast. One boat is slow. Do the math...speed = distance. One boat will be in the ZONE longer and get home sooner. That is the one i would choose. Both boats catch alot of fish but 140 m is a long way and with bad weather,BIGGER IS BETTER. good luck......MOFO..
  600. wildbunch

    400-500# Mako at the 279

    OOOHHH NOOOO!!!!!SAY IT AINT SO...JOE. I hate them straight hooks. It must have been a good air show. I am glad u like my MAKERAL MASHER. Next time amigo #4 will be there to help you "KILL IT & GRILL IT"..........MOFO
  601. wildbunch

    old school straight mono for tuna?

    Go old school - hottest bait you can find and a long cast. Save the floro for seabass kelp cutters.If the fish act spooky, try a smaller hook & lighter line. A tuna swimming at full speed doesnt have time to see the line. It is all about how well your bait is swimming. HOT BAIT = BITE. I find...
  602. wildbunch

    Open Water Sandbass

    :2gunsfiring_v1: MAKO'S...My filet knife is ready. Trigger finger is itchin to take care of business. Always a good time catching with Grumpy and Crawdadguy. ...''KILL IT,GRILL IT" :finger: MOFO...
  603. wildbunch

    Open Water Sandbass

    Where is the report for yesterday with crawdadguy???????MOFO
  604. wildbunch

    Wharf Rats

    Did u have a quiet drive home ????.........MOFO
  605. wildbunch

    South Coast Condition Report 7.14.11

    You would like his sister -" VERONICA"...HOOKUP......MOFO
  606. wildbunch

    South Coast Condition Report 7.14.11

    The EARL is a sea creature - old,crusty,and sleepin barnacle!!! Nice blackfreebass, keep up the good work.......MOFO
  607. wildbunch

    Shake That Thing Off

    About fuckin time you kill one. I like the BLOODY DECKS pic. Now go kill some WSB. MO FO
  608. wildbunch

    Beef Jerky Help

    Try Montreal steak seasoning sprinkled on the meat. Put it in a ziplock bag, pour in KIKKOMAN TERIYAKI and leave 24hrs in fridge. 6hrs in the dehydrater and EVERYONE will want to be your freind.
  609. wildbunch

    South Coast Condition Report 6.9.11

    Hey Joe put your lil buddy Smegal back in his skunk cage. If you need a crewmember for CROAKER KILLLLLIN, I have mondays open....NEVER LATE, NO CHECKS, NO CHEAP BOOZE, NO FRUSTRATION. = NO SMEGAL!Call me MOFO
  610. wildbunch

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

  611. wildbunch

    2 Divers rescued from Santa Monica Pier

    21' striper.I was expecting a lobster report call this morning from my buddy. I am still in shock from the call i got. I will NEVER hoop that spot ever again- too fuckin dangerous. BE CAREFUL AT NIGHT,BE SAFE. Both of them were 100% sober. RIP
  612. wildbunch

    2 Divers rescued from Santa Monica Pier

    I don't know for sure what caused this. I have hooped many times with these guys. They were very experienced - we took 4th place in the WON white sea bass tournament. My best guess is a rope in the prop but i won't know for sure until i talk to Jim. I will post more info when I get it. BE SAFE...
  613. wildbunch

    2 Divers rescued from Santa Monica Pier

    The boat in the accident was ''DANCES WITH FISH '' with two of my best freinds aboard. I talked to them on the cell phone at 5pm as they were getting ready to set their hoopnets. They were not divers. I recieved a call this morning informing me about it. Jim is in hospital for hypothermia, Lewis...
  614. wildbunch


    I dealt with John today...he is a straight up guy who was easy to deal with...his stuff is all it claims to it