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  1. Sidekick10

    For Sale Boat fender Taylor made

    Taylor made boat fender 30” $40 San Diego
  2. Sidekick10

    SOLD Boat Ladder

    Free 4’ ladder San diego
  3. Sidekick10

    SOLD 🛥🛥

  4. Sidekick10

    SOLD Makaira 30ii SEa Fishing Reel 2 Speed

    Okuma Makaira 30ii SEa 2 speed fishing reel Gunmetal Color Spooled with 100lb J-braid 700 yards $450 located in San Diego.
  5. Sidekick10

    SOLD Seeker Trolling Rod For Sale In San Diego

    Seeker classic series BSC 6460XH-6’ AR 40(60)100 lb Aftco Roller guides $200 San Diego
  6. Sidekick10

    Salmon at Duxburry

    Went out to dux on 6/23 launched from Berkeley at 7am. Got to the spot at about 9 and started trolling, slow morning. Brother hooked up around 11 but it spit the hook. Kept trolling and went into deeper water about 170 feet around noon trolled and got the 1st hit reeled him in and 1 in the box...