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  1. Deamon

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    When do you get the hookset? Fish pull the live bait off the clip, run w the bait, then set the hook? Or does the hook set occur with a tightened down rigger clip? What rigger clip are you using?
  2. Deamon

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Def catching more cows these challenge is the larger they are, the more weight required to send them back down. And then, reeling that sum bitch weight back up...!!!
  3. Deamon

    Redemption 12-20-20

    Ping owns and runs the Alicia. He’s a good dude. Always upbeat.
  4. Deamon


    Breaking news...
  5. Deamon

    Mission Bay, 9/2

    Doubt that’s smelt or grunion. There can be schools of macks or yellowfin croaker, that’ll move through the bay. Yellowfin’ll hit the crappie jig or ghost shrimp. Other variety can be mullet (but you should see some jumpers). Less of a chance, small barries. I’d have a trout rod w 4# and a...
  6. Deamon

    SOLD Calcutta 700S first $120 can have it

    Received in very good condition, thank you! Jim
  7. Deamon

    SOLD Calcutta 700S first $120 can have it

    HeyMr. Dre. , please offer an update (receipt of $/approx ship eta) at your convenience, thank you. Jim
  8. Deamon

    Ho Hum another Covid-19 Day.

    Been hating my rods without reels seats so went to Squidco and loaded up on rod making stuff. Already burned through three rods, lol. My buddy in Texas says they’ve shut down the boat launches due to the virus...oh hell no if they try that here...
  9. Deamon

    Found Life Vest- LJ

    LOL...thought this post would’ve hit the person who lost it. I know I hate flushing a hundred bucks down the drain...
  10. Deamon

    Found Life Vest- LJ

    2-22? Very good condition. Figured it blew off a boat as this is a nice, near new vest. Describe it a bit and I’ll be happy to return.
  11. Deamon

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    He's just asking for a friend!
  12. Deamon

    Lobster...u tell me..

    I have two gauges and measure w both...they go home, if tight tight. This was my question posed on the DFW forum...
  13. Deamon

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    Sat and Sun 4pm to dusk wfo, if this helps.
  14. Deamon

    Orcas on the 9 Not the money shot but here's an orca blowup on a dolphin just past the pod I'm video taping...power and force.
  15. Deamon

    Orcas on the 9

    Just after grey light on the 9 saturday morning, I came across carnage exacted by orcas on a porpoise pod. Right in front of me, I see a porpoise get catapulted 8' into the air with the orca flying out of the water as well. When the porpoise were gone, the orca clan followed me for a good while...
  16. Deamon

    Get Involved :

    Don’t really understand the dick response. I’ve been a member since 2015.
  17. Deamon

    Get Involved :

    Your link is about drift gill nets. I’m sick of all the inshore stuff off Imperial Beach. Ban that b.s. Those guys dump tangled up dead wsb during the Spring reduced catch period, as they try to net butts. F that.
  18. Deamon

    FREE Eclipse promar GONE

    I'll take it, if still available! Jim
  19. Deamon

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    I'm thinking trash cans will be set up soon...? There was also a tailed out lobster carapice at the top of the ramp...idiot will pay for that habit some day... Lots of floating trash in the bay prior to the storm...damn shame. Happy Holidays! $500 Squidco gift cert in my stocking!!!
  20. Deamon

    DP 10.04.18 Lot’s O Bugs

    Straight from DFW’s mouth...the gauge can drop over the carapace...just cannot have any wiggle room.
  21. Deamon

    SD Bay Lobster

    Worked it and eventually got our limits. I took an initial look at Zuniga and the inside jetty. That entire area was an f-n zoo. So many dudes bombing traps on top of each other, lol. I dropped the boat in at Pepper Park and came in around 10:15pm, just as the Nat City PD were about to lock the...
  22. Deamon

    Mystery fish making bait..

    Boneless corn speckled brown trout... lol.
  23. Deamon

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    San Diego out of Seaforth back in the day...122 passengers. Catching Macks and bones. $75 jackpot. Big money back then, lol. $9 half day. I’ll never forget that shit. Won a lot of jackpots off those tourists.
  24. Deamon

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Sum bitch lucky for you Brian!!! Jim
  25. Deamon

    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Received my 12’s and 16’s as described and in new condition. Thank you again Jose! Jim
  26. Deamon

    Kodiak PF-14 Bait Tank

    Thanks for asking. I would say easy 1/2 sccop yeah, with the right flow. Gotta start w decent bait too.
  27. Deamon

    Kodiak PF-14 Bait Tank responses, lol. $75 obo. Damn good bait tank here.
  28. Deamon

    Kodiak PF-14 Bait Tank

    Used 14 gal bait tank in good condition, made by Kodiak. Has the nice soft flow on the inside. Retails new at $260ish. $90 obo. San Diego.
  29. Deamon

    1977 Yamaha XT 500

    Thumper...should be nuff said, lol. Pics and info on Craigslist. It'll be hard to find a cleaner, original bike. Runs beautifully. $4k obo.
  30. Deamon

    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    Nothing better than getting towed the dark...while floating on a piece of plastic. This was a (3) fish 2016 limit of WSB totaling 160#'s (61, 53 & 46#). I would love to give this reel a try under the extreme conditions of saltwater kayak fishing! Jim
  31. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Appreciate that. ZTE phone. Wifey going to a dealer tomorrow to figure this out.
  32. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    When I found it, there was a charge...couldn't open squat and it had a fingerprint symbol...don't know the phone and none of my chargers fit it...
  33. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Also posted on Craigslist. How long do I have to wait until I can spend...err, keep the goodies (jk)? Bump!
  34. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    All good. Hope someone steps up. Phone's dead but name on two cards should zero in on owner.
  35. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Just hoping others would do the same...still looking for owner.
  36. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Cool man, pm me and describe, no prob.
  37. Deamon

    Found at Dana Landing Mission Bay

    Sorry wasn't sure where to place this...launched too damn early and found a phone along w some other goodies. Right at the launch ramp. Let me know if it's yours. Jim
  38. Deamon

    La Jolla 8/20 My boys first time out

    "Step away from kayak"...Sal-man, you just don't know what damage a yak can do Holmes... Besides, when Bert's boy goes off to college, he may have to "step back in"... Great job Bert and umm... how much for the Hobie hat? Hobie don't do aluminum...peace brotha Bert. Jim
  39. Deamon

    Okuma Rod and Reel Giveaway!

    3 Spring WSB totaling 160# on the kayak! 46, 53 & 61#
  40. Deamon


  41. Deamon

    Wanted: Trinidad 20 Gold or Silver

    Good to great condition...fair price. Thanks. Jim
  42. Deamon

    Glow Powder Paints $4 Per Ounce

    Hey Matt, Received my paints and freebies as ordered, thank you! Looking forward to messing around with this...and saving some money! I have a couple of questions please: I will be using the white base coat first...after this base coat is on, re-heat this so the powdered paint holds? Is there...
  43. Deamon

    Glow Powder Paints $4 Per Ounce

    Just placed an order. Please confirm! Thanks. Jim
  44. Deamon


    1. Juvenile corrections officer 2. Largemouth bass fishing 3. 10.5 lbs 4. Her father
  45. Deamon

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    In DANG IT. Jim
  46. Deamon

    Mustad Photo Contest-Win a Prize Pack

    Loner WSB kayak night trip. 34, 36 and 42#
  47. Deamon

    Ocean LED Giving Away 2 A4 Xtreme Underwater LED Lights!

    14' White Sea Bass Killing Machine! #Ocean LED
  48. Deamon

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  49. Deamon

    Butts at the secret spot

    I have a similar photo but more exaggerated. We caught these a few years back. Guess which butt is the largest of this group? Upper left is a 31# fish. Smallest is a 15.
  50. Deamon

    Senko's in San Diego

    Thanks brothas. Yep, I'm looking to drop it into slots as far back as I can, "old school style"! The GoPro doesn't show how close I really am to the fish so I need a bit of slack at the bite. 25# leader, no weight. Bass seem to hold on to Senkos. I think it's just different enough than what...
  51. Deamon

    Senko's in San Diego Tubed a favorite spot using Senko's. Had a ball on quite a few.
  52. Deamon

    Tackle Consignment

    We need a shop like you in San Diego!!! Good luck to you and branch out down here soon...
  53. Deamon

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    Really skinny though, huh? Be honest with your bad self. Now if I catch a boneless brown trout, speckled with corn in Mission Bay, I cook it twice as long, just to be sure...
  54. Deamon

    Lobster Report

    How was the current? Did your traps get hung up on floating kelp? Did you lose any traps?
  55. Deamon

    SEA SNAKE?????

    That right there girlie is a boneless, corn speckled brown trout...fresh as they come.
  56. Deamon

    Its Time Tip of the week

    Dave, can you show a pic of your bait tube? Appreciate it. Jim
  57. Deamon

    Conical Hoop Nets

    I'm in need a set of conicals. Squidco volcano's or Promar style. Let me know what you've got. I'm in San Diego. Thanks! Jim
  58. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

    Yes, the rod is an H...line rated at 20-50#
  59. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

    Sale fell through. Rod's available. Jim
  60. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

    buyer's backed out. Rod is available.
  61. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

    Clean and sweet...promise.
  62. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

    bump...revised price. $130.00
  63. Deamon

    Seeker 8' #6480 Jig Stick

  64. Deamon

    Lobster Traps

    Promar or Squidco's Volcano only. San Diego area preferred, but...
  65. Deamon

    Stone brew response

    Stone've missed it on this one. Get the details, clarify your position and do the right thing. For now, I'm done with your suds...
  66. Deamon

    22Lbs sheepshead

    That goat's got a purdy mouth...
  67. Deamon

    what the hell is this

    That right there is a corn speckled boneless brown trout...fresh!
  68. Deamon

    Dive Gear- Integrated BC (Bouyancy Compensator)

    Sea Quest Black Diamond BC. Men's Small. Used twice and in EXCELLENT condition. $120.00 or best offer.
  69. Deamon

    Conical Hoop Nets (5)

    I'm looking to buy (5) conical hoop nets...Eclipse, Promar, etc...Rigged or not okay. Let me know if you've got it with your best price. Thanks! Deamon
  70. Deamon

    The Season is upon us...

    I heard a few years back someone having access inside a water intake room at San Onofre Nuclear PP that had an easy, steady pick of bugs until one of his fellow employees ratted him out and he was popped by the man. So...they're in this area for sure...
  71. Deamon

    Wahoo in LA Harbor

    like the salmon that showed up in Cabo a few years back...bogus.:finger:
  72. Deamon

    Is this your feeesh?

    sombody's #6 chrome live bait hook in the corner... Wow...what could have been an epic late afternoon turned out to fizzle when the weed moved in. (3) beans with quite a few free swimmers...
  73. Deamon

    This made me sick to my stomach

    So, let me get this right...are you saying you like Dan Hernandez' sauce?
  74. Deamon

    Eastern Pacific Spotted Drum

    okay I know it's a Spotfin Croaker but it sure deserves a better name. Great fight and challenge to catch in our local surf...
  75. Deamon

    corando beach surf fishing

    Is that somewhere between Murrieta and Cucamonga? Watch out for the boneless, corn speckeled brown trout...they just don't taste good...
  76. Deamon

    What fish is this ?

    corn speckled boneless brown trout?
  77. Deamon

    A little socal half day

    Is that a sculpin in your jeans or are you just happy to see me?
  78. Deamon

    Cat 5/19.....WTF kind of fish is this

    Why that there is a boneless brown trout with corn speckels...normally caught in sd or tj river...
  79. Deamon

    Which Kayak

    Oh okay, that helps. More options...Hobie Outback. Wait longer to save the extra money. Trust the posts. You ever try throwing while paddling? When it's windy, some are ALWAYS having to paddle...
  80. Deamon

    Which Kayak

    Out of choosing one of those three, um...i would go with the Hobie Outback.
  81. Deamon

    this is why u go on a Jimmy Lew private charter on the Mirage

    Sweet!!! The reel matches the outfit! Oh yeah, nice lings too...
  82. Deamon

    Local Rockfishing for Limits of Big Bocaccio on the Spectra 4/25/10

    Salmon Grouper meat does move around until cooked...just saying...
  83. Deamon

    Bayrunner question

    Wow...that's good sheet kerncat. I remember the good old days. We kicked some real ass in our Bayrunner but it ended up with so many damn pin holes on the bottom...and it was always trailered, hosed down, blah, blah, blah. Electrolysis is a serious issue. It freaking kept me up at night thinking...
  84. Deamon

    What is this fish?

    corn speckled boneless brown trout...i think...
  85. Deamon

    Flying Tuna...? I think not.

    Whoa...On the bottom picture...check out the lower right corner. Could that be a marlin jumping around in the cockpit? Dude, don't get slashed, that thing looks hot...
  86. Deamon

    Wanted: Hobie Pro Angler

    Found a Hobie, thanks!