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  1. Baja22

    Political BS 20 visa

    Just added the 20visx to the quiver. Got a 198 on the 12 and just getting ready for those big girls
  2. Baja22

    SOLD Makaira SEa ( Price Drop )

    Selling my Makaira SEa reel 9.5/10 or better and looking to sell local SD area firm on prices Mak 10 $380 65lb hollow spectra
  3. Baja22

    Wahoo troller

    Has anyone tried trolling for wahoo with the Mak 16ii ?
  4. Baja22

    WTB Invictus Rail rod

    Looking for a new or like new UC 76 invictus . Let me know what you got
  5. Baja22

    SKB 7200 custom

    Anyone one here made or had someone make a custom rod holder platform that lifts the box so the tray door drops all the way down ? Looking for ideas . Thanks
  6. Baja22

    SOLD LB SS 2x4 Sold

    2x4 blank no scratches or dings $350 Firm looking to sell local SD or can meet up before your trip
  7. Baja22

    SOLD Mint SS 6470

    Mint 6470 up for grabs . Absolutely no boat rash no rusted guides and not a single scratch on the seat . $450 firm looking to sell local SD or can meet up before a trip
  8. Baja22

    TRADE SS 6470

    SS 6470 30-50 seen 2 boat rides Looking for UC blanks or like new SKB 7200 . Looking local SD
  9. Baja22

    Epoxy glue

    Anyone using the flex coat rod builders epoxy glue ?
  10. Baja22


    Was anyone out on the Mustang today pulling on them BF ?
  11. Baja22

    Cold shrink

    Just looking to see if anywhere local in San Diego carries the Forecast cold shrink .
  12. Baja22

    SOLD Tiburon SS 7540

    Smart Shift 7540 9.5/10 cosmetic 10/10 mech . $300 looking for local sale in San Diego
  13. Baja22

    SOLD Tiburon SS 7524

    I have a SS 7524 for sale 9.5/10 condition .. 10/10 mech condition $300 looking to sell local San Diego
  14. Baja22

    Fathom 40LD2

    These little reels are beasts .. By far my go to reels over my talica 12 and 16 . 140lb YFT at the Lupe last December no problem
  15. Baja22

    WTB-SKB 7200

    Looking to buy mint to new SKB7200 Box
  16. Baja22

    Guadalupe YT

    Quick question for the guys that have fished the dropper loop for them YT . What reel do you recommend ? I usually use the Baja but I know the yellows are bigger and a little more pissed off at the island ... thanks
  17. Baja22

    10-15-17 YFT below

    Did a 3/4 day trip on my regular boat the Malihini . We loaded up with some good dines and headed south where the capt had seen a nice foamer school of YF that were on chovies. I was up top with capt and deckies when we got down around the 371 . I had spotted a couple YF jumping about 100...