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  1. agarcia

    United Composites US800Mag

    Short version: UC US800Mag, alps aluminum trigger seat, Fuji alconites, hypalon split grip, custom plug. Longer Version: The past couple years I’ve been spending the majority of my fishing time chasing green bass on the delta with big swimbaits. Last year I landed some good ones but the two...
  2. agarcia

    Permission To Enter The Dojo

    Been lurking the rod building section for a looooooong while now......time, money and space have aligned and I'm finally able to contribute. Thought I'd share my first couple builds. I grew up watching my old man wrap his own sticks. He had an homemade solid oak jig and a rod building book he...
  3. agarcia

    Bachelor Party Weekend---Destination Unknown

    I need the kind of help only the socal crew of BD can provide. My friend just turned 25 and is about to get married to the first and only chick he's ever railed....she's not hot, she's not knocked up, she's got a degree but doesn't work, her family is not wealthy.....I just can't figure it out...