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  1. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Meat Run

    I just returned home on Saturday evening from my annual venison run to Fredericksburg, Texas. Having access to private property gives me and four of my old Navy comrades a great opportunity to fill our tags during the first week of December. I didn't get a trophy buck this year but I managed to...
  2. Bad To The Bone

    North Carolina Black Bear

    I've been wanting to hunt black bear for a while but the opportunity never presented so I decided this was the year to get it done. My wife and I flew back to North Carolina for a week long vacation in the Smokey Mountains and I snuck in a bear hunt on opening day. Well, I can now check off...
  3. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    I've used this shotgun as a loaner/backup on duck hunts but I no longer need it. Has a matte finish barrel and receiver with removeable choke. Chambered for 2 3/4" & 3" shells. Not interested in shipping. Yours for $175.00 plus DROS fees at FFL.
  4. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale RCBS 2-Die Set 270 Weatherby Magnum & Brass

    I sold the rifle but I still have the RCBS full length dies and about 40+ pieces of Weatherby (Norma) brass taking up space in my reloading locker. $35.00
  5. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Alfa 209 Primer Starter/Blank Pistol

    Looking for an Alfa 209 starter pistol for ongoing dog training. Prefer the Alfa pistol that uses 209 primers but would consider .22 cal also.
  6. Bad To The Bone

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    I just returned from my annual pig hunt in Texas with my old Navy buddies and it was a real hoot as usual. I decided to hunt "old school" this year so I bought a Henry .45-70 and made the commitment to go after the first few pigs with my old eyes and the open buckhorn sights. It's been about...
  7. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Left-Hand Bell & Carlson Remington 700 Stock

    SOLD I have a left-hand Bell & Carlson Alaskan Wilderness (model 2463-22) stock for a Remington 700 long action. I purchased this from Stocky's a number of years ago for a rifle build for my son, but I went in a different direction and never used the stock. It's Black w/Gray web, full length...
  8. Bad To The Bone

    Picked up my Aoudad Mount

    I just returned from a fantastic week of Texas whitetail hunting with three of my old Navy buddies with whom I served over forty-five years ago. After completing our military careers of 20+ years we continue to get together several times a year to hunt and fish and have a great ole time. As far...
  9. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale RCBS .270 Weatherby Magnum Dies and Brass

    I sold the rifle so I no longer need the RCBS full length reloading die set and thirty-eight once fired Weatherby (Norma Brass) cartridges. $50.00 obo
  10. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Marlin Jigs (29 total)

    SOLD I'm selling these twenty-nine marlin jigs as a single lot; no singles. Fifteen are fully rigged with hooks and fluorocarbon leaders. Zukers, Collector, Sevenstrand, Black Bart, Ca Lures, and others. $200.00 Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  11. Bad To The Bone

    TRADE Looking to Trade for 1lb of Accurate MagPro

    I'm looking for a sealed 1lb container of MagPro powder and I can offer up in trade a 1lb sealed container of one of the following: Alliant RL-19, Hodgdon H110, H-1000, or H4831.
  12. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    I just got home from Texas after joining two of my old Navy buddies for an Aoudad hunt. They arrived in the area five days before me to hunt whitetail and were successful bagging a couple of ten and eleven pointers along with a few does. Since my freezer is still full of venison and wild boar...
  13. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark ,270Wby Mag

    SOLD This vintage 87/88 Weatherby Mark V Fibermark in .270 Wby caliber with original Weatherby Supreme 3-9x44mm scope has been a safe queen most of it's life. The quality fiberglass stock with white diamond logo was made by McMillan for Weatherby back in the day before Weatherby transitioned to...
  14. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Road Trip

    I just returned from a whitetail hunt in the Del Rio area of Texas with TC Outfitters. I joined up with three old Navy buddies who came in from Montana, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We served together on a diesel submarine from 1972 to 1978 and three of us made the Navy a career serving up to...
  15. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby 7mm Mag Ammo & Brass for sale or trade for??

    I've got two boxes of vintage Weatherby 7 mm Mag ammo and thirty-seven pieces of once fired brass. Make me a cash offer or perhaps you've got something you'd like to offer in trade. Shoot me a PM. Gerry
  16. Bad To The Bone

    WTB or Trade for H1000

    I'm looking to buy a sealed 1 lb. can of H1000 or I can offer in trade, a sealed 1lb. can of H110, Varget, BL-C(2), H4350, RL-19, H4831, or H4831sc.
  17. Bad To The Bone

    WTB or Trade for RL-22

    I'm looking to buy 1 lb. (unopened can) of RL-22 or can offer in trade an unopened 1 lb. can of H110, Varget, BL-C(2), H4350, RL-19 or H4831 .
  18. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby 7mm Mag Brass & Vintage Ammo

    I don't own a 7mm Weatherby Magnum and I have two boxes of vintage (circa 1970's) 7mm Weatherby Mag ammo and 37 pieces of brass that I de-primed (NOT re-sized), and cleaned. Shoot the ammo, or pull it for your own recipe. $70.00 for everything.
  19. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Opener - Easy Limits

    My buddy Jeff drew #12 for the Wister opener so we headed on down to give them a wake-up call. It was easy limits by 8:00am for the three of us and we could have finished sooner if we didn't hold fire hoping for some of the bigger models. We finished with 12 cinnamon, 8 green-winged and 1...
  20. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    I've been out of wild pork for about a month, so I decided to book a hunt for my son and I with Bitterwater Outfitters. We hunted Tejon last year, but I just couldn't get him in a position to connect. We drove up to Paso Robles yesterday morning and checked into a hotel and then got a bite to...
  21. Bad To The Bone

    WTT Federal GM215M Primers

    Looking to trade 600 Federal GM215M primers for a sealed 1lb container of H4350 or H4831sc. FTF transfer in San Diego area.
  22. Bad To The Bone

    Natural Gear Camo Waterproof Hunting Pants

    SOLD I'm selling a size Large pair of Natural Gear 4x4 Concealment System Waterproof Hunting Pants from Mack's Prairie Wings. I bought the wrong size last season and I didn't want to bother shipping them back. I now have the correct size and they work great especially if you need to pull them...
  23. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    It's been over thirty years since I did any real duck hunting, and today was a good day to get back into it. My buddy took me with him to Wister this morning and we both got limits. I didn't have any problem knocking them out of the sky but it's going to be a steep learning curve to become...
  24. Bad To The Bone

    For Trade - Federal GM215M Primers

    I've got 500 Federal GM215M primers I'd like to trade for an equal number of Winchester 209, CCI 209M, or Fed 209A primers. Not interested in shipping or selling.
  25. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M or CCI 400 primers

    Looking to trade up to 500 Federal GM215M primers for equal quantity of Federal GM210M primers. (CCI 400 primers are gone)
  26. Bad To The Bone

    9mm RCBS carbide 3-die set

    Looking to buy a RCBS carbide 3-die set for 9mm. Tired of waiting for the retailers..........
  27. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M primers

    Looking to trade 100-500 Federal GM215M magnum rifle primers for equal number of Federal GM210M large rifle primers.
  28. Bad To The Bone

    Stainless Ladder

    SOLD Top quality custom made stainless steel ladder for swimstep mounting or someplace else you might need it. I had it on my Riv's swimstep and it worked great. Measures 41"H x 16"W (inside dimension). $40.00
  29. Bad To The Bone

    Back fromTejon

    My son and I just got back from a two day hunting trip at Tejon. What a fantastic place. We left home at o'dark thirty yesterday morning and drove up in our RV with the jeep in tow. We arrived around 7:30 am and took us a while to get set up in the campground because the ground was very soft...
  30. Bad To The Bone

    My Axis Mount Arrived Today

    I got my axis mount back from Texas today. I shot this buck back in June in Utopia with Shane Hern as my guide. We had a great hunt together. I had a spot already picked out on the wall that needed filling so up he went today. Hmmm, there's a few more empty spaces. Maybe my son or I will get...
  31. Bad To The Bone

    .308 Win 125 Gr Core-Lokt PSP

    I've got two boxes (40 rds) of Remington Managed-Recoil .308 125 gr Core-Lokt PSP taking up valuable space in my ammo locker. I used this stuff to introduce my young son to his .308 Savage and it allowed him to concentrate on his shooting and not the recoil. $30.00 for both boxes. No shipping.
  32. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M

    Looking to trade 500 Federal GM215M primers for 500 CCI 350 primers. Not interested in selling or shipping.
  33. Bad To The Bone

    CCI 400 Primers

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE I've got a brick (1,000) of CCI 400 primers that I'd like to trade for a brick of Federal 210M or 210 primers. No shipping... In person only.
  34. Bad To The Bone

    Faber 85 Steel Scuba Tank

    SOLD Price reduced to $150.00 I don't anticipate diving again, so I'm getting rid of my tank. It's a Faber steel 85 with K-valve. Includes dust cover, carry handle, and boot. Just performend hydro, visual inspection and air fill on 12/2/12. Asking $175.00 obo
  35. Bad To The Bone

    Predator call recommendation

    Well I finally got around to working up a nice 50gn Barnes Varminator round for the custom .22-250 that I finished building about six months ago. The load I developed shoots .68" groups at 100 yards and I've dialed in my drops out to 450 yards which is probably the max I will go with that...
  36. Bad To The Bone

    SNAPIT Drink / Bino Holders

    Various Snapit drink and/or Bino holders. Will fit 1" dia. rails. Convertible Double Drink Holder - $20.00 Double Drink or Binocular Holder - $20.00 Single Drink Holder - $15.00
  37. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco cable TV/phone cord combo

    Marinco 50' combined phone & TV cable cordset. This cordset can be used for your boat or RV.
  38. Bad To The Bone

    Shore Power Adapters

    I was saving all my old shore power adapters for my RV but it turns out I won't have any use for them. They're all priced at more than 50% off retail. Here's what I got: 125/250V 50A Male plug, 2- 125V 30A Female connectors $100.00 125/250V 50A Male plug, 125V 30A Female...
  39. Bad To The Bone

    Braid fighting belt

    SOLD Braid "Brute Buster" fighting belt. $35.00
  40. Bad To The Bone

    Spreader bar

    Another treasure from the attic...Rigged spreader bar. $20.00 Pick-up only, no shipping.
  41. Bad To The Bone

    Aftco FGH-6 6" Flying gaff hook

    SOLD This stainless 6" Aftco flying gaff hook has never been used. $50.00
  42. Bad To The Bone

    Shimano Tiagra 50W w/calstar trolling rod

    SOLD Shimano Tiagra 50 with a custom wrapped Calstar trolling rod. Pick-up only, not interested in shipping. $450.00
  43. Bad To The Bone

    Wilderness Tsunami 140 kayak w/rudder

    Looking to trade my Wilderness Tsunami 140 kayak w/rudder for an equal value ($750.00) fly rod and reel outfit.
  44. Bad To The Bone

    Wilderness Tsunami 140w/rudder

    My Wilderness Tsunami 140 has been collecting dust for too long and it's time to go. I'll get more use out of a fly rod and reel. Asking $750.00 or trade for equivalent value fly fishing gear.
  45. Bad To The Bone

    Saltwater rod & reel for fly rod & reel

    I'm looking for a good quality 5 weight fly rod and reel, (G-Loomis, Orvis, Sage, etc.) I have good quality saltwater rigs for comparable value trade. (Shimano, Calstar)
  46. Bad To The Bone

    On my way to Texas

    I haven't hunted any big game since I took my bull elk in October and my bird shooting at Palomar Hunt Club has ended too. I was counting on my Tejon spring access to tide me over until my Wyoming antelope hunt in October but we all know what happend at Tejon. I've got the hunting withdrawal...
  47. Bad To The Bone

    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Got my elk mount back yesterday from Natures Design Taxidermy in Wyoming. Put it on the wall in the den last night so here's a few photos.
  48. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Bummer! Looks like Tejon Ranch is terminating their Spring access this year. I was really looking forward to hunting varmints and exploring the ranch on my own schedule. Hopefully they'll get this restriction lifted for those of you who hunt there during the fall hunting season. I guess I'll...
  49. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access

    I'm heading up to Tejon Ranch on Tuesday, January 24th to attend the 10:00am Spring Access orientation briefing and pick up my membership packet. If any San Diego area members want to ride up with me to attend the same orientation give me a shout.
  50. Bad To The Bone

    Federal .22-250 ammo

    I'm dialed in for my own hand load so I no longer need these two boxes of Federal .22-250 cal 43gn Speer TNT Green ammo. $30.00 for both
  51. Bad To The Bone

    4 Magic Mountain Tickets

    I bought four Magic Mountain tickets this summer for the kids and grandkids but we just never made it up there. They're still good thru 12/31/11. $20.00each or all four for $75.00. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349.
  52. Bad To The Bone

    Gold Tip XT Hunter Arrow 5575

    I found this arrow while I was hunting in Will Valley at Palomar. If you can use it, call me to arrange pick up. Gerry (619) 921-9349
  53. Bad To The Bone

    A Wake-Up Call For Hunters??

    I read this article in the Opinion section of the UT this morning. It left me so pissed off I could spit blood. The author doesn't have the interests of hunters in mind. He's just a shill for those who would have hunting banned altogether. Yeh, he was a former Fish and Game Commissioner...
  54. Bad To The Bone

    Rifle scope

    Looking for a variable power Leupold VX-II or better or perhaps a Zeiss Conquest to mount on my sons 700 BDL. Just thought I'd check here before I go retail.
  55. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a .410 or 28 gauge

    Need fulfilled..I bought the Weatherby I need another toy. Anyone here want to part with their nice SxS, O/U or semi-auto shotgun in .410 bore or 28 gauge?
  56. Bad To The Bone

    5.11 Tactical Vest

    GONE! New, never worn 5.11 tactical vest designed for concealed carry but has so much versatility that it can be used for anything from shooting sports to fishing, hiking, or dog training. Vest has a Back-Up Belt System, hidden BBS™ pockets on each side of vest, 18 pockets, key hook...
  57. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    I had an exciting guided hunt in the wilderness region of Wyoming in an area called the Thorofare located about ten miles outside the Southeast corner of Yellowstone. Five other hunters and I packed-in with horses and mules on a trek that took us eight hours to arrive at our base camp. The area...
  58. Bad To The Bone

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    I have a box (100ct) of Berger VLD HPBT match grade hunting bullets. Local pick up $30.00 or $35.00 shipped. These are great bullets especially when reaching out beyond 400yds.
  59. Bad To The Bone

    Speer TNT Green Bullets

    Anyone have any experience with the Speer TNT Green 43gn or 50gn bullets in .22-250cal or other high velocity applications? I've loaded Barnes for years but I'd like a bit heavier round than their 36gn VG's in .224 dia. Their 50gn VG requires a 1-10 twist to stabilize and mine is 1-12 so that...
  60. Bad To The Bone

    Just finished my .22-250 build

    I started building this rifle in February and I just completed it today when my scope arrived. Howa M1500 barreled action bedded and free floated, .22-250 cal, 24" 1-12 twist .825 dia barrel with target crown Timney Trigger set to 1.75 lbs break Bell & Carlson Medalist A2 Varmint/Tactical...
  61. Bad To The Bone

    .22-250 Load Recommendations

    I'll be finishing up my .22-250 build tomorrow and will do a barrel break in this weekend. I'm looking for any recommendations you may have for a couple of good varmint loads. I will only load non-lead and I'd like to work up a couple of loads to handle ground squirrels up to coyotes. I'm...
  62. Bad To The Bone

    Left Hand Rifle in .270 or .30-06 cal

    I'm looking around for a lefty bolt action in .270 or .30-06 for my son. Might consider other calibers but none smaller than .270 cal.
  63. Bad To The Bone

    Tehon Spring Access Membership

    I'm looking for a little insight from those of you who have or have had a Tehon Ranch Spring Access Membership. I would add the pig option to the membership so it seems like a very good deal being able to camp, fish and hunt varmint and pig whenever I want from February - August. I'm just about...
  64. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M Primers

    I've got 500 Federal GM215M primers that I can let go. If you handload, you know these can be tough to come by. I can use a set of RCBS full size dies in .22-250 and .45ACP or maybe something else you no longer need or have in surplus. Sorry, but I am not interested in shipping transfers. Can...
  65. Bad To The Bone

    Speer .44 cal bullets

    Looking to buy or trade for some Speer 240gn GDSP or GDHP .44 cal bullets. I've got some Federal GM215M primers or maybe something else you're looking for in the way of fishing tackle. Also have a box of .300wby 190gn Berger VLD hand loads (load specs provided if interested) some once fired...
  66. Bad To The Bone

    Fall Turkey

    I left my house at 5:00am this morning and drove a bit over an hour to an oak grove where I had seen some turkey sign last year while deer hunting. At 6:30 am I spotted a flock and I put a stalk on them. Fifteen minutes later I bagged this tom. Right place at the right time. Yup! sometimes it's...
  67. Bad To The Bone

    ORIGO 5100 Heat Pal

    I bought this several years ago for a late season Wyoming pack-in hunt but didn't bring it. I have only tested the unit and it is sold as new. Paid about $200.00 but will sell for $90.00. I probably still have some stove alcohol stashed in a corner in my garage. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  68. Bad To The Bone

    Handheld Marine VHF Radio

    SOLD New West Marine VHF 55 handheld marine radio. $50.00 you pick-up. Call (619) 921-9349 or send PM.
  69. Bad To The Bone

    MEC 600 Jr 20 Gauge Reloader

    Looking to buy or trade for a MEC 600 Jr 20 gauge reloading press. Got about 500 Federal GM 215M primers I can part with and all sorts of Marlin Jigs, Iron, wind on leaders, etc. etc. Let me know what fishing or hunting gear you're looking for... Send a PM or call Gerry at (619) 921-9349.
  70. Bad To The Bone

    or Trade CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers

    Just purchased a brick of CCI #400 small rifle primers that I was going to use in my muzzleloader but I changed my ignition system and no longer need them. Will sell for $20.00 or trade for some Winchester 209 primers. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  71. Bad To The Bone

    Flying Gaff w/two gaff hooks

    SOLD to Fishbones This flying gaff is for the monsters! Seven foot aluminum pole and two stainless gaff hooks with 9" gap. If you stick-it with this it's not going anywhere. If it does... haul ass! $75.00 No shipping. Pick up in Escondido or Mission Bay. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  72. Bad To The Bone

    .32 H&R Magnum Brass

    I'm looking to buy or trade for some new or once fired .32 H&R magnum brass. Just need a couple dozen or so. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  73. Bad To The Bone

    Bottom Paint

    SOLD to lynndeva I have one gallon of black Petit Trinidad SR bottom paint. $100.00 I'm not going to ship it. Pick up in Escondido, Mission Bay, or in between. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  74. Bad To The Bone

    Pair of Gaffs

    SOLD to Fishbones Get a pair of gaffs. One 4' and one 2'. $30.00 for both. Call Gerry. (619) 921-9349
  75. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Gaff

    SOLD Four foot "RELIABLE" gaff for sale $10.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  76. Bad To The Bone

    Flying Gaff

    Sold To Marlyn Mako-Products Flying Gaff for sale $60.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  77. Bad To The Bone

    Accurate Flying Gaff

    SOLD to Fishbones Bought this gaff from Doug and David Nilsen back in the early 1990's when Accurate's first foray into fishing products was manufacturing gaffs. Well used, but plenty of stickings to go... $40.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  78. Bad To The Bone

    AHI Squid Jigs

    SOLD One AHI 20" weighted squid jig and one 7" unweighted squid jig. $15.00 for both. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  79. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco Television Cable

    Marinco 50' marine grade television cable. Sells new for $88.00. Yours for $20.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  80. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco Phone & Television Cable

    Marinco 50' Combination Phone & Television Cable. Sells new for $175.00+ You can have it for $35.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  81. Bad To The Bone

    Chum Churn Chummer

    SOLD Ok sharkers, the threshers are starting to move in and you can be the envy of those other guys with the dip buckets. Just a couple of quick up and down shakes on the Chum Churn and the inner blade dispenses a nice chum slick from the slotted ports in the tube. Troll your bait-o-matics and...
  82. Bad To The Bone

    Attwood Gas Sping 40#

    New Attwood Model SL34-40-5 Gas Spring 20" extended 12" compressed along with mounting Hardware. $10.00
  83. Bad To The Bone

    SnapIt Drink Holders

    Several SnapIt drink holders. Single $15.00, Double $25.00, Quad/Binocular Holder $35.00. The quad was primarily designed to fit the double rail at the binacle and helm of many center wheel sailboats so if you have any rag sailor friends let em know. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  84. Bad To The Bone

    ORIGO 5100 Heat Pal

    I bought this several years ago for a late season Wyoming pack-in hunt but didn't bring it. I have only tested the unit and it is sold as new. Paid about $200.00 but will sell for $90.00. I probably still have some stove alcohol stashed in a corner in my garage. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  85. Bad To The Bone

    Dehumidifier Air Circulator

    West Marine dehumidifier and air circulator. Works well to keep the air moving within your boat if you've got it buttoned up for a while. $20.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  86. Bad To The Bone

    Racor 900 Series Fuel Filter Elements

    Racor 900 Series Aquabloc Replacement Elements. Four (4) 30 micron and four (4) 10 micron. The entire lot for $40.00 I do not wish to sell individuals. If you use them, you need them. This is a good deal. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  87. Bad To The Bone

    Sherwood Replacement Impellers

    Two (2) Sherwood 9000K Impeller Kits Used on Onan and other generators. $15.00 ea. One Sherwood 17000K Impeller Kit. Used on Cummins and other engines. $40.00(Sold) If you've been doing your maintenance you what you need. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  88. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco 30A Shore Power Cord

    25' Marinco 30A /125V Shore Power Cord. $25.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  89. Bad To The Bone

    U.S. Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguishers

    SOLD to ConSeaMate One Ansul Sentry® Tri-Class (ABC) Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. with mounting bracket and one Firemaster Tri-Class (ABC) Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. with mounting bracket. Both as new and never mounted. $30.00 each. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  90. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net 10"

    SOLD Found another Precision bait net that I won in a raffle last year. Handle 24" net 10" dia. $25.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  91. Bad To The Bone

    New Jabsco macerator Pump

    SOLD This is a new Jabsco 12V Macerator Pump in the box. $90.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  92. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net

    Sold to "Dos Locos" One Precision bait net with 18" handle and 8" hoop net. $15.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  93. Bad To The Bone

    AFTCO & Carolina Gaffs

    BOTH SOLD One AFTCO 6' gold anodized aluminum gaff with 3" hook $35.00 and one Carolina 6' aluminum gaff with 4" hook. $15.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  94. Bad To The Bone

    Outboard motor bracket

    SOLD pending payment "OMC SysteMatched" outboard lift mount. $40.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  95. Bad To The Bone

    Type 1 Offshore Adult Lifejackets

    Sold I have two Stearns Coast Guard approved Type I Offshore Adult life jackets. Will fit chest size 30"-52". Never been wet and sold new for $65.00 each. Will sell for $25.00 each. Call (619) 921-9349
  96. Bad To The Bone

    Various Shore Power Adapters

    I have the following shore power connectors for sale: 15A Male Plug, 30A Female Connector $30.00 Sold to "Bank Robber" 30A Male Plug, 15A Female Connector $35.00 20A Male Plug, 30A Female Connector $45.00 50A 125/250 Male Plug, 30A Female Connector...
  97. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Rod Rigger

    SOLD RELIABLE rod rigger aluminum rod holder for sale. Asking $40.00
  98. Bad To The Bone

    Bait Prep/Fillet Tables

    SOLD Two Magma bait prep/fillet tables for sale. Largest is 41"x12" with custom stainless T-bar mount designed to fit in your rod holder. The bar attachment hardware allows you to tilt the table aft to allow blood and fillet remnants to drain off your transom. The smaller 20"x 12 3/4" table...
  99. Bad To The Bone

    8 hp Yamaha Outboard

    SOLD 8 hp Yamaha outboard and two gas tanks. One flush mounts on back of a dinghy the other is a standard metal tank. This outboard has only been used on a dinghy during Catalina trips and has perhaps 100 hours on it. It has always been fresh water flushed before being stowed. Asking $450.00...
  100. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    SOLDThis is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $150.00 No shipping, cash only. Send a PM or call (619) 921-9349
  101. Bad To The Bone

    Downrigger for reloading supplies

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $175.00 takes all or will consider trades & cash for some .300 Weatherby...
  102. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $175.00 takes all. Or will consider trades & cash for some .300...
  103. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Accumark .300 Wby

    I'm in the market for a .300 Wby Mag Accumark with or without an Accubrake. Send a PM if you have one for sale or know someone who does. Prefer to deal in person with seller and will travel 150 miles to do so. Sale must be conducted using FFL dealer.
  104. Bad To The Bone

    My First Goat

    I shot this buck this morning at 7:10am on opening day in Craig, Colorado. Easy shot at 126 yards and he dropped like a rock when I hit him with my 270WSM shooting a 130 gr. Barnes TSX. He was a heavy boy and because he's my first he's going on the wall. I'll pick up my processed meat in the...
  105. Bad To The Bone

    Jeep Winch Mount Plate

    SOLD! Jeep Winch Mount Plate for 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler, NEW, Never Used. $100.00 Send PM or call (619) 921-9349
  106. Bad To The Bone

    Fuel Filters and Water Pump Impeller

    Racor fuel filters for RACOR 900MA series fuel/water separator. Six (6) 2040PM 30 micron and four (4) 2040 TM 10 micron. $50.00 for all. Will not sell individuals. Two FleetGuard FF5285 fuel filters. (For Cummins 330/370B Series) $10.00 for both. Sherwood 170000K impeller for Sherwood...
  107. Bad To The Bone

    Shimano TT50W

    SOLD! I can't even remember the last time I mounted this reel let alone used it! Nice Shimano Triton Trolling Reel. $125.00 OBO. Cash only, you pick up. Send me a PM or call (619) 921-9349
  108. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. This unit has been sitting in my garage attic for the past 13 years and...
  109. Bad To The Bone

    Tiagra 50W LRS with Calstar 6455XXH

    SOLD! Sold my boat so I'm paring down to one of everything. This is a Tiagra 50WLRS on a custom wrapped Calstar 6455XXH 5'9" 50-120# class rod with Aftco detachable butt and Aftco roller guides. Asking $650.00 or might consider a trade for or towards a 1911 style .45cal pistol. (Handled by...
  110. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

    I've been lurking for some time now and I didn't really have anything to contribute, so I didn't. I took up hunting in California just this year. I grew up in the Northeast and hunted deer and pheasant right behind my house. Boy have things changed! I'm finding that nowadays it's "pay for...
  111. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

  112. Bad To The Bone

    9/1 Long Day-No Fish

    Left Mission Bay at 5:30 am with over a hundred macks in the tank and expectations for a great day. We headed for the 138 where we worked the zone for a while then headed west to the 43. Hell,.. I'll cut to the chase! I covered over 138 miles of ocean today, stopped on 34 paddies, and...
  113. Bad To The Bone

    3/25/06 Lower Nine

    Worked the Lower Nine from 7:00 am till 10:30 am for 11 Boccacio (3.5lb - 7.2 lbs.) and 4 misc. rockfish. I had lots of company with my fellow anglers from the Mission Bay Marlin Club. (We contributed to the parking lot atmosphere!) There were plenty of good size fish to go around but after 3...