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  1. katchfish

    Two sets n get!

    They look like giant ticks!
  2. katchfish

    Lost and...

    B.O.L.O. My yellow Kokatat PFD went missing at LJ today. Any finders?
  3. katchfish

    Island Fishing Tackle, Gardenia

    Calstar 800 MH blank, with wrapping components.
  4. katchfish

    Island Fishing Tackle, Gardenia

    I went Unicorn hunting here today. Great selection and old school service!
  5. katchfish

    Afternoon 1/2 day Reel Fun, Dana Point

    I have great memories from the Reel Fun. Capt Jack, first class!
  6. katchfish

    Lemon on fish

    So good!
  7. katchfish

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    I miss the Indian too, what the heck?
  8. katchfish

    Dana Point boat launch status email
  9. katchfish

    LJ Last Saturday

    Hey, I know that place8-) Plunker bite fo sho!
  10. katchfish

    Underwater Video From End of 2019

    Stinger time👍
  11. katchfish

    Anthony’s shoe repair fixed my kill bags!

    Nice! He sounds very Reliable:D
  12. katchfish

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    No burlap sacks, so they had to hang 'em high.:smash:
  13. katchfish

    How not to pull your boat out

    At the river a few weeks ago. It made such a horrible sound:( But, at least he doesn't need to buy a new strap!:D
  14. katchfish

    Where to Fish in riverside

    Another vote for Rancho Jurupa Park I used to take my kids there when they were young. Bobbers and mealworms Fun memories!
  15. katchfish

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    Wahoo jellies....
  16. katchfish

    Rpt.-Sun. 01-27-19 Relentless 1.5 day to Colonet.

    Trooper! Great report as always. Funny the way it is when you think about it.... Never too sore to throw the salami or the 6X Jr Give a good chiropractor a visit. Motrin, stay active!
  17. katchfish

    What is your fishing obsession?

    Time on the water. Bendos are a bonus:D
  18. katchfish

    Gonzaga fishing charter

    I was down there three weeks ago, the hurricanes didn't do that much damage.:D
  19. katchfish

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    In the words of Carly Simon... these are the good old days! Get busy living or get busy dying...
  20. katchfish

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    These might be faster.....:D
  21. katchfish

    LJ connection

    Roped 'em!:cheers:
  22. katchfish

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    Killer! Great memories:cheers:
  23. katchfish

    Gail Force Catalina Island 6/20/18

    Nice yellow for Gilbert Gottfried!:D
  24. katchfish

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Easy Pot! Signed, the Kettle:D
  25. katchfish

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    The surf or the swell? Their faces or their souls?:D Well done Sueño¡
  26. katchfish

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    It's a lunker fo sho! Well done!:)
  27. katchfish

    1.25 shrink tube??

    Marshall’s Industrial Hardware 8423 Production Ave, San Diego, CA 92121
  28. katchfish

    La Jolla-March 30th

    More at the store! You got out and had a fun adventure.:urno1:
  29. katchfish

    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Nice jurel OP! I snagged this one ~3 weeks ago at my favorite lake.:D Actually, ~38 pounds:jig:
  30. katchfish


    Fish more. Catch more. Good luck!
  31. katchfish


    Good times, and shooting!
  32. katchfish

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Well done! Gotta love days like that.:appl:
  33. katchfish


    Sorry about that. First he was drunk. Second he was driving too fast. Third he crashed into your rig. Fourth his car was stolen.:confused: "But I think once you quit hearing "sir" and "ma'am," the rest is soon to foller."
  34. katchfish

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Good catching! Those Izor hats are good luck:D
  35. katchfish

    What fish is it?

    Shawshank goby!
  36. katchfish

    5/31 LJ report

    Well done! Lots of great recipes here;
  37. katchfish

    Salt creek 5-5

    Is something wrong? It must be raining:confused::D
  38. katchfish

    Squidco review

    Old school, service with a smile!
  39. katchfish


    I'll play. Pats 31 Falcones 23 Thanks!
  40. katchfish


    Fuck, now that I've seen that Talica I don't need the Fleshlight anymore.:D
  41. katchfish


    I've been looking long and hard for one of those Lexa boxes. Would you be interested in a trade? Instructions included (some might be stuck together, sorry)
  42. katchfish

    An observation about the San Quintin vs Long Range dispute

    The sporties better figure it out or they'll all be bunched up off IB fighting over the last three 13 1/2" turd rollers!
  43. katchfish

    Right Fish on the Wrong Gear - Sunday 6/12 Tuna Report

    Legit! Props on finding your own fish.:smoking33:
  44. katchfish

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Remington, I guess you did't hear. They kicked him out of Dana Point.............. For using too much olive oil! :D
  45. katchfish

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Be careful what you wish for......
  46. katchfish

    Fished LaJolla Today for Only One Bite

    Nice croaker! Don't bring a knife to a jurel gunfight! These fish have red crab shoulders!!:D
  47. katchfish

    Hogan's Tackle

    I like this shop. Always friendly, helpful and well stocked.They do bird dog you a little, but I can't fault them for that in this day and age. Stand up response from the management.
  48. katchfish

    Have you seen this? Divers beware too funny!

    Words of wisdoms!
  49. katchfish

    Yft dana

    Well done!:D Well done!:D
  50. katchfish

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    + 1 for EBros! Good service with a smile:)
  51. katchfish

    Dodo Solo

    Congrats on the catch and finding your own action! A whole lotta shaken going on.:D
  52. katchfish

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

    Well done! Maple = Boner!
  53. katchfish

    Pene de plástico !

    Pene de plástico !
  54. katchfish

    Went back to the Jumping Yellowfin at the Lower 9...

    Way to write your own script! Nice bag-o-tails!!:cheers:
  55. katchfish

    chubasco 2 yellow

    Nice Jurel!! Man, you sure bring a lot of rods!!:D
  56. katchfish

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    Well done! Those youngin's will never forget that day!!
  57. katchfish

    Gonzaga Bay

    Good times, more BAJA AMIGOS!!
  58. katchfish

    Gonzaga Bay

    Good to see you Jim!
  59. katchfish

    Mackerel Milkshake

    Will it BLEND?
  60. katchfish

    4/26 The 60 Pound Club

    Nice one old-timer! I'll bet there was some (cigar) smoke on the water. :smoking33: Ken
  61. katchfish

  62. katchfish

    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Everyone in the pool on that! Ken
  63. katchfish

    Center Console Rib for Sale

    WTF Jimm, did you get tired of running over kayakers in that?:rofl: Pass me a beer Pat!:hali_olutta: Seriously though, good luck with the $ale.
  64. katchfish

    I WTB a kayak Local. My budget is $250 and below

    Touche touche Are you digging for Gonzaga bay sand ghost shrimp.:2gunsfiring_v1: Ken
  65. katchfish

    I WTB a kayak Local. My budget is $250 and below

    HA! "Whatever happened to this fine looking young man?" :rofl: Ken
  66. katchfish

    12 ' Valco with 9.9 HP Suzuki 2 stroke

    12 ' Valco with 9.9 HP Suzuki two stroke Highlander trailer. 1000.00 OBO Ken
  67. katchfish


    Great trip Meja! Can't wait for the pink van and the ride to Mordida town!! Now get back to work you pinche apático slacker!! Ken
  68. katchfish

    Hobie test peddle em

    Snickers, stoogies and peddles..............OH MY!!!!!!!!:supergay::smoking33::gayfight: Ken
  69. katchfish

    Not a bad way to start 2007!

    Soak it up boys!!! It's like drowning in............well you know!! Awesome catching!! Skillzz indeed.:appl: Ken
  70. katchfish

    Quadruple Limits of bug in 50 minutes 1/6

    MMMMMMmmmm gotta love the thumpin! Nice haul ! Ken
  71. katchfish

    they're back...

    I bet you took a double take on that hook up!!:eyepoppin Cool story Ryan. Ken
  72. katchfish

    Star drags vs. lever drags

    AZ...............WORD!!! Ken
  73. katchfish


    Adi, looks like someone got their feelings hurt!:nopity: I don't remember being a biiatch when you passed me up!:_shopping Rock on TEAM LAMB!!! Ken
  74. katchfish


    Tina, come and get some Lamb! Ken
  75. katchfish

    9/19 Went fishing for YT...

    Straycat, I also caught this lil' WSB and pup YT in my favorite spot by the pier!:) Tyler, Brad who?:rofl: I wish I had a real boat.:nopity: Ken
  76. katchfish

    9/19 Went fishing for YT...

    Baby killer!:rofl: I picked this one up on Sunday, while fishing for leopard sharks!Death_To_ Ken TEAM AVET
  77. katchfish

    Oside YT poobah tourney 8/26

    That's some funny shit! Ken
  78. katchfish

    The problem with owning all Avets

    Sticking tails at LJ.............low key!:) Ken
  79. katchfish

    The problem with owning all Avets

    HO HO HO ART!!! I didn't need one either!! Christmas in July!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Ken
  80. katchfish

    Pyramid Lahontan's Part II

    AWESOME!! Ken
  81. katchfish

    1/17 La Jolla: Hielo-tail

    Andy, nice yellar! Brad, don't be using my lucky squid jig ya ho! Ken
  82. katchfish

    $$$$ Madscientist, Iceman and Arne - How many YT will the catch $$$$

    Lost a favorite rig, went on to katch a PIG and two just because.:appl: They don't call him "GOLDEN BOY" for nothing Kick ass Arne, Ken
  83. katchfish

    12/3-12/4 No YT in La Jolla

    Thanks for the picture Kurt (Cowbell) This was my second YT of the weekend, and I didn't have to cheat like Brad to get it!:Pillow_Fi Perfect weekend killing the seriolas with the plastic whores! Ken
  84. katchfish

    Where do the yakers want to post?

    Damn Andy, no wonder you were so slow this morning! How long have been carring that load around?:smoking33 Ken:food-smil
  85. katchfish

    Yak ghetto

    Nice troll Brad, how did you do on Saturday? Perhaps you could make it a threesome for spotties on the bay! Stan, can you believe Brad called Stone Ales "chick beer" These fucking guys from New York City.........they probably really eat PACE salsa!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Ken
  86. katchfish

    La Jolla YT 9/17

    Adi, more yellowlamb today!! Fucking wind came up early...........but so did the Yt's:ele: :ele: Ken
  87. katchfish

    La Jolla 09/10/05 AMs

    Adi, looks like you snagged one of Jasmin's trout on your anchor line!!:rofl: Ken
  88. katchfish

    LJ 09/10

    Nice yellowtail! Gotta love the lamb!:drool: You look funnier without the hat!!:rofl: Don't be a putz wear it all the time.....fuck 'em:FU: Pass me now pass you later......hopefully!!:Pillow_Fi Ken
  89. katchfish

    La Jolla and PL 13th and 14th

    This fish killer dude Randy managed to slay one of those jacks!! His story..........step up Randy, you don't have to give all the facts, like you mofo's ever do!! Ken
  90. katchfish

    La Jolla Monday 8/15 AM report

    Dano oh Dano!! You can lead a killa to the promised land........but ..................will he go there? Will he go there??????????????????? Ken
  91. katchfish

    Friday, 8.12.05 La Jolla Report

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WAKE 'EM DANO Ken
  92. katchfish

    Kayak PFD Question

    Annieo, I have an Extrasport I picked up at REI outlet. Great PFDs at great prices.*&cat=22000077,22000076&cm_re=4pack*2*kayak&vcat=OUTLET_HP_PP Ken
  93. katchfish

    6/27 LJ Biscuit and 12# of gravy

    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE WHAT THE FUCK!!! Oh!! The dreaded life of the catchless and the CURRENT LEADER!! What a world, what a world!! Andy, loving you always.......... Ken
  94. katchfish

    point loma 6-19 sun

    WTF!! Forgot the beer, ya shoulda turned back! Worked LJ from the inside out for NADA. Nice day on the water. Ken
  95. katchfish

    AVET YT on the kayak

    I caught this 20 pounder in the bull kelp at LJ. The reel worked great. I had the drag hammered down, as the fish was wrapped in the monster kelp. I won finally. The only thing I didn't like was the posiition of the clicker button. I kept accidently engaging the button while pulling in the fish...
  96. katchfish

    Should Kayaks be banned?

    Art, I’m glad to see you telling the truth and saving all these po’ folks a lot of heart ache! Kayak fishing sucks!! Unless you are really good, or lucky, you just spend most of your time getting a prune ass for nothing. Ken
  97. katchfish

    New to the site! Lots to talk about!

    Click your heels twice and get the fuck outa here because these no fish catching MOFOs are MUY LOCO!!!
  98. katchfish

    La Jolla 05/28/05 PMs

    Adi, nice weeblelamb!! Good to see ya out there killin' em. Ken
  99. katchfish

    Butt report for Sat 5-28

    Nice platters! Looks like you found the honey hole! Ken
  100. katchfish

    5/18 LJ/PM Mo' yak 'tail

    Andy, who the fuck do you think you are offering up my lovely and lucky Prowler “Hana” to a bunch drunk no-fly’in gaff assholes, and asshole-etts. I raised earthworms in coffee cans on the balcony of my apartment for one and one half years to get enough dinero to buy that killin’...
  101. katchfish

    LJ 5/15 yak YT

    Brad, nice forkie! Ya gotta love stickin' one so early in the week. Makes the rest of the week a cake walk. I got lucky and stuck this 19 lb'er at 6:15 AM, slammed the blue & white and fought twice like a ol' Cadillac with a stuck throttle. Awesome to watch the dolphin rail the bait on...
  102. katchfish

    UnReel day of butt fishing 5-14

    Unreel, sweet dreams are made of this!! Way to stick 'em!! Ken
  103. katchfish

    La Jolla 05/12/2005

    Ya gotta love a morning quickie that turns out like that. :drool: WTG Ken
  104. katchfish


    Thanks guys! Lamb, weebles wobble and I am mostly lucky. :) See ya at the lamb killing grounds, and good luck! Ken
  105. katchfish


    I'd call it a 45 degree retreave. Throw it out, let it sink, and reel it in like a MOFO or Art, whichever is faster............then hang on! :) Ken
  106. katchfish


    Picked up this 26 lb YT at 6:30 PM on the blue and white. Nice day on the water, Ken
  107. katchfish

    La Jolla 05/07/05 AMs

    LAMBtastic job Adi and crew.'s whats for dinner!!
  108. katchfish

    WSB on the corner

    Nice silver side! Ken
  109. katchfish

    Need to settle a bet What pulls harder...

    Those other two assholes are correct! Bonies got back and then some. Ken
  110. katchfish

    La Jolla Calicos 05/03/05

    Kelvin, nice YT picture in WON! Like Lamb, I dream in yellow and white!! Ken
  111. katchfish

    LJ and PB Tails

    SAGE,winning the lottery would not have been sweeter! :drool: Go stick em'!! Ken
  112. katchfish

    4/27 A twilight tale/tail

    Brad, nice kayak shot! And a happy picture of the Swedish NELZ! Remember click your heels together three times and repeat........... cada perro tiene su día Ken
  113. katchfish

    LJ YT carnage yak style!

    Trying to keep up with the Iceman in the WCW tourney! I launched after work and headed west. Made bait and was a getting ready troll when I heard some guy on a CC hoot with joy. He was muy bendo and soon gaffed a nice YT. Not long after I started trolling I caught this 17 lb 6oz...
  114. katchfish

    Mots 368 LB T Shark Video

    I loved the video! I love that feeling even more!! Way to go guys. Ken
  115. katchfish

    4/24 LJ, on my way to DatD

    ICED THE FISH! You go Andy! Ken
  116. katchfish

    SD Bay 4/23 HALIBUT

    Nice butt! Musta been a kick on the 6LB. :) Ken
  117. katchfish


    Sano ride! :)
  118. katchfish

    Finally caught my nemesis

    Nice catch! Enjoyed the story. Ken
  119. katchfish

    Bloodydeck Kayak YT

    Thanks guys and gals, this solid gave me wood!. fishn fReEk16, first biggin on the saltist. I like it, very smooth drag with nice cranking power. Stan, sometimes I have to make yourself go and I am almost always happy I did. I did have the kayak rigged at “DEVCON 4” battle stations...
  120. katchfish

    Bloodydeck Kayak YT

    Launched in sublime conditions at LJ friday PM. Surf was kickin' ass, made it out ok but took a couple of good ones in the kisser. Caught some primo greenbacks and headed east. I got zzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnngedddd and fought a strong head shaker, which became tangled in the...
  121. katchfish

    Yakkin SD bay 4/13

    Fuck, there goes the neighborhood :) See ya out there. Ken
  122. katchfish

    Here Is #69...A Local...Mr_PeaCH

    Poor white trash Peachfoolio does't have a reel fishing machine. However, I love my beautiful red prowler- her name is HANA! :drool: See ya out there. Ken
  123. katchfish


    Agua HO--- Twenty six feet long eh!! That bitch has MOTHERSHIP written all over her! Although you probably will chose another name. Damn, gas prices just keep going up and up. Ken
  124. katchfish

    While you were flogging molly!!

    Thanks guys! Iceman, you are the THUNDER. One more picture of a happy mofo--- Ken [/IMG]
  125. katchfish

    While you were flogging molly!!

    Got lucky and caught this WSB off LJ. Bloody Deck and all. Off the hotel, ate a 9" greenback. One happy mofo! Ken
  126. katchfish

    Dana to Oceanside tails 10/11`

    Mike sounds like a train wreck, he was probably late picking up beer and ice? WhenI run out of live bait, I have had good luck with fish traps and krocks on the surface. Birds and bait boils greatly increased my odds of a hook up. Enjoyed reading your antics. talk less fish more. ken
  127. katchfish

    Lj 9/10

    katch fish eat fish but, we don't drink that biiotch juice! nice LC though! talk less fish more. ken