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  1. timmyt134

    WTB Looking for Calstar 700MH

    Looking to buy, prefer factory wrap. Cash in hand, thank you!
  2. timmyt134

    For Sale Parker Bait Tank,

    Off of a Parker. Approx 30gallons, great shape, with nice sitting area and cushion. Off white color/sea foam gel coat. Comes with thruhull fitting with one raw water outlet, one bait tank outlet, and two new rule 800 tournament pumps. Also have the stainless deck screws. I cannot for the life of...
  3. timmyt134

    TRADE Yeti 35q

    I have a brand new Yeti 35 quart charcoal color, looking to trade for the same cooler(35q) but white in color. Looking for near new condition. Thanks!
  4. timmyt134

    NSS12 Ram Mount?

    I have a 2007 2320 and picked up a NSS12. With the limited dash space, I was hoping to use a RAM mount on the side of the dash. This way I can swing the unit into position and out of the way when needed. Any ideas on which RAM mount to use? Any experiences with RAM and the NSS12?
  5. timmyt134

    Battery replacement 2320

    What batteries are you guys running/recommending for your 2320’s ? It’s time to replace for me, I’ll be adding a battery isolator as well. Thanks for any input.
  6. timmyt134

    Best option for boat hauling?

    I need a boat hauled from MS to CA San Diego (23' boat). Have been shopping around shipping websites but am weary of the uship bids being that most are from people who will be driving the trailer themselves . The trailer is in good shape but would feel more comfortable hauled on a flat bed/low...
  7. timmyt134

    Rod to pair with new reel?

    Just picked up Saltist LD40h and looking for a preferred rod. I will mostly be flylining from local yellowtail to 1.5 range trips offshore. Any thoughts? Budget up to 225$