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    ? VP prop hub repair ?

    The hub on the forward prop on my VP DP has crept out forward some to the point where this prop rubs on the rear prop. Can I simply press the hub back into place with a 20 ton press and have much chance it will stay there and not spin? It is an aluminum D4 prop that is good shape otherwise. I...
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    For Sale Raymarine 2kw Radome RD218

    SOLD! Raymarine Radome in excellent working and cosmetic condition. All cables provided. I am only selling because the Raymarine display had some screen reliability issues, there were no issues with the radome itself. I am throwing in the C70 display for free in case someone wants to attempt...
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    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Found a net Friday night at Cat. Identify it and we can make arrangements for its return.
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    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    Bluefin have been up between Catalina and Clemente for a while now and there are marlin and dorado and tuna near Catalina. The water looks inviting all the way up to the Osborn and beyond. Santa Monica basin buoy has been at 73/74 degrees. We got a nice dodo out of Oceanside in 71.4 water a...
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    Making macs in SD r Missin Bay?

    Anyone know where to make macs now launching out of either San Diego or Mission Bay? Thanks in advance.
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    Anacapa Marlin

    Hooked two on macs in the morning about a mile ESE of the arch. Nothing on jigs. Ton of bait out there - acres of it shoaling. Some tern activity that looked like tuna in the afternoon but no bighters for us.
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    Amigo in Ventura is getting tuna

    I see the Amigo out of Ventura Sportfishing has gotten tuna everyday for the last 6 days. Anyone know how far south they are going for these fish? I'm guessing well down the backside of Catalina but hoping closer...
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    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    Fished down to the tuna pens east of the Hidden for several patties with yellows along the way. The tuna fishing sounded pretty slow for everyone except those fishing down in the Lower 500 range. Late in the day making our way back up the line we found birds working in the south end of the...
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    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    The water is warming up off northern Baja. This damn La Nina is finally dead and gone. Looks like some offshore yellowtail and tunas could show up any time. Some bluefin were reportedly seen at 200 miles a couple of weeks ago. Things could start happening soon. I'm gonna predict some tuna are...
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    A new pilothouse for my skippy

    Well, had to do it. My old aluminum frame windows were coming loose and I was tired of the wind and spray or having to mess with the esinglass curtains. Inspired by some of the other projects seen here. The boat is the 25' Sport Cruiser model. The new house is glass/epoxy over...
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    425 YFT 8/20

    Got 1 YFT trolling the porps and terns on a swim bait right on the 425 and 3 more on the troll (orange jet, cedar, swim bait) and one bait fish halfway between the 425 and South Island. Also a couple of skippies for lobster bait. Ran down to the Hidden for nothing. Weather a bit bumpy. Nice...
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    Fishfinder decision?

    Hope you guys can help. My older Simrad CE32 sounder has lost its 200 khz reading. I called Simrad and they think it is my unit and not the ducer. They say that it is rare to lose one frequency and not the other in the ducer. Not worth the cost to fix the sounder as I have never been happy...
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    Avila/Morro Albies

    The Pacific Horizon out of Avila decked a couple of albies first thing this AM at 50 miles on their exploratory. Probably the Donut or Arguello Canyon area - someone had heard a private boat radio report of fish from this area a copule of days ago. Going to be blowing like a mofo starting thurs...