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  1. hunter5x5

    Let's talk shrimp pots

    Dungeness gear works all the way , heavy and shrimp fast with the six tunnels. Rarely do i bring more than two pots with me, i hate pulling the last two and rail dumping them
  2. hunter5x5

    I know that redundancy is good but......

    34.9 ball busting horsepower there, i bet she flies. And if it don't and your on crack who cares. Im just wondering what the electric troll motor Is for ?
  3. hunter5x5

    Want to buy: Kill bags for sale

    What size ? I have a 30x60 brand new somewhere
  4. hunter5x5

    WTB shimano tekota w/o line counter

    I've got a 500 barely used but light scratches on side plate that's just sitting around
  5. hunter5x5

    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    I have a 15 in the renton area
  6. hunter5x5

    WTB Kill Bags -

    I got a brand new 30x60 just sitting around
  7. hunter5x5

    White starboard

    I should have some, I'd have to check the pile. but i don't typically go south of renton very often
  8. hunter5x5

    Allright, which one of you was it?

    Many many people have camped on that spot, there's channel buoys for a reason
  9. hunter5x5

    Gelcoat Restoration Question

    Anyone ever tried ceramic coating ?
  10. hunter5x5

    Free boat crap

    Love the shit and use it on everything, but i didn't like the squeeze nozzle, i prefer the aerosol can.
  11. hunter5x5

    Free boat crap

    Everything's gone, thanks guys.
  12. hunter5x5

    Free boat crap

    Clamps, rod holder, water separator, and corrosion x are spoken for.
  13. hunter5x5

    Free boat crap

    Cleaning out garage, everything is free, I'll be in Tacoma and Renton this weekend. If nobody wants it it'll go into landfill.
  14. hunter5x5

    Reels and Misc Items For Sale (Avet, Fin Nor, seeker)

    I'll take both avets if they change mind
  15. hunter5x5

    Xd100 oil

    Leaders rpm $124.94 for three gallons comes out to $41.65. No shipping cost and it gets delivered to your door step fast. Oh ya and no tax
  16. hunter5x5

    I Need a Small Piece of Teak Trim

    I've got a piece of 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 30 you can have. Im in Renton all the time.
  17. hunter5x5

    Xd100 oil

    I'll take em
  18. hunter5x5

    RIP Tunahore

    Sorry to hear, thoughts and prayers to his family.
  19. hunter5x5

    IMC easy lift bracket

    Damn that looks sweet glws
  20. hunter5x5

    SOLD food saver vac sealer with bags

    I'll take it off your hands
  21. hunter5x5

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    Call the camp sites daily or check on line. canceled reservations are common, i got in last second last year.
  22. hunter5x5

    Smoked salmon processor

    I personally do my own, but seabolts in oak harbor is worth the drive if you ever get up this way. And you could try some they have there first.
  23. hunter5x5

    Bait Tank

    Love the entertainment, thank you:beerbang: glws.
  24. hunter5x5

    SoCal Newbie Seeks Advice

    Apparently you don't read any of the post. there's no tuna in Washington, I'd stay south and fish for marlin.
  25. hunter5x5

    Just another shit show

    Awesome job guys, we headed south Saturday also 09/48. One troll fish and one bait stop. We ended at 35 for the three of us with fish still boiling. Could have packed a few more on but we were exhausted and ready to get going.
  26. hunter5x5

    CR Bar crossing Mon 9/2

    That looks like a boat ride !
  27. hunter5x5

    1106 or 2106 ???

    2106 all the way, put your stop low enough to keep ball in the water and a spare lid, if counter goes out the new ones are free, been running them since they first came out and have never lost a ball.
  28. hunter5x5

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    Well shit, throw me a cold one also, I'm texting right now.
  29. hunter5x5

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    We've bred stupidity into our society, process of elimination used to take care of them, but now we protect them.
  30. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Coolers and bags
  31. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Yes it's an osprey, converted from I/O
  32. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Two scoops and we had a fair amount left that we fed to them
  33. hunter5x5

    WP Salmon 8/24

    Extra protein, it's fine !
  34. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 8-24

    Three guys, three hours and 48 fish. Stopped short of the 30/50 and started throwing troll gear, wasn't even down long enough to get everything ready and fish on, totally unexpected and fumbled on the conversion with only one more fish, back on troll and thirty seconds later hooked up again...
  35. hunter5x5

    Mayhem WFO Tuna

    We were right next to you and plugged cleaning up and watching the mayhem of boats coming from every direction, pretty comical.
  36. hunter5x5

    Tuna Saturday out of WP

    I'm in ! OCFD ch68.
  37. hunter5x5

    Kill bag, reliable 30x60

    One more available
  38. hunter5x5

    Kill bag, reliable 30x60

    Going a different route and have to many. I come down south fairly often. Had ice in them, no fish, like new $200
  39. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Here you go !
  40. hunter5x5

    Cornet Bay Parking

    It's been pretty full every weekend, crabbing is open.
  41. hunter5x5

    Boat insurance

    Anchor marine, Best rates and coverage for me !
  42. hunter5x5

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    Definitely scoop, mine didn't flow shit without it and im running a surflo
  43. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    52 felt like warp speed. Had 4 people and shrimp gear on yesterday with about one foot chop. It was bouncing between 2.1 and 2.2 at 36, cruising at 43 i was still getting 1.8
  44. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Numbers looked pretty good
  45. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Heading out today for a test run
  46. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Took a little advice from all the input, ordered the 20° and here she is.
  47. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Anyone have experience with the Pacific edge 43 gal ? Defiance is 6 weeks out
  48. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Lol, i was up late researching and trying to figure out wich route to go. does defiance still make tanks, couldn't find much info. I have a 32 kodiak that went on swim step that i might have to get rid of.
  49. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Couple more pictures
  50. hunter5x5

    Outta da Way!

    I know a farm that sells hay bails cheap
  51. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    It's a high speed pickup, so im thinking the forward position in line with the pickup is probably gonna be the cleanest water ?
  52. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    The photo with it next to the sea cock is forward towards bow, it would be 3 1/2 feet forward of transom, photo of location near bilge pump is 14 inches forward of transom and down stream of intake. And ya giant hole is the reason im getting as much input as i can, thank you
  53. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Still rigging all my stuff up, unfortunately I'm out of town for two weeks so it'll be towards the end of month before i get it on the water. Kitsap marina did a sea trial before delivery and they said it handled beautifully 35 mph cruise at 4k rpm and topped out at 53 mph.
  54. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    So with the bracket on the rear the props are 4 feet behind the stern. The first photo is 14 inches forward of stern and the second is 3 1/2 feet, I'm thinking the two feet difference forward is not gonna make a difference, but I've never had thru hull before ?
  55. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Exactly what im afraid of
  56. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    The rear location is 2.5 feet from intake wich i don't feel is enough. I shoulda done a 20 degree and put it on starboard side but i already purchased o degree
  57. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    What do you guys think about placement of the transducer before i drill a big ass hole, couple pictures of were i can put it, I'd prefer the one towards the stern more but don't know if the intake will cause turbulance there, otherwise i could put it forward next to the intake ?
  58. hunter5x5

    Twin G2 300HP ETECs - 460hrs

    I saw it being rigged with the dual 350's, beautiful boat!
  59. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Nice build, looks amazing
  60. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Kitsap marine is putting motors on, B&J fiberglass in Bellingham did glass work and i did the tear down and the rest of the rigging
  61. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Yes and he just picked up a couple other boat manufacturers
  62. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    Pdr in Bellingham built it
  63. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    I dock is available with the joystick but i didn't add it
  64. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    It's getting close, they hung motors And its almost completely rigged, i went and looked it over this morning
  65. hunter5x5

    26 osprey repower

    So i got tired of a single I/O and decided to repower, she's coming along and figured some of you guys would find the pictures interesting
  66. hunter5x5

    Inflatable stand up paddle board

    Brand new in the box with a $1100 price tag on it, includes paddle $400
  67. hunter5x5

    BD’er potty training

    And all this time i thought those were fish boxes hmmm. I'll have to see what the girlfriend says when i tell her to go squat on the deck instead of using the flushing fish box up front.
  68. hunter5x5

    Osprey Northwind 22

    I've got a motor and outdrive combo for sale that will drop right in, converting my 26 to outboards right now.
  69. hunter5x5

    WPS fish hold

    Pm sent, I'm all over the state, we'll hook up.
  70. hunter5x5

    WPS fish hold

    I'll take it
  71. hunter5x5

    Misc boat stuff and Volvo penta parts

    Tm150m transducer is spoken for
  72. hunter5x5

    Misc boat stuff and Volvo penta parts

    Fuel flow sensor and bilge blower are gone. I also have a trailer tounge Jack. How's $20 sound ?
  73. hunter5x5

    Misc boat stuff and Volvo penta parts

    Time to clear some stuff out of garage. I'm repowering boat to dual outboards so I've got everything i took off to get rid of. To much stuff to post all the part numbers but if your interested pm me and I'll get you more info, pretty much just make me an offer on anything. Im in oak harbor...
  74. hunter5x5

    23 ft Duckworth Sinks Near Desception Pass 5/2/19 One Fatality

    The reporting party was a boat that went out first, when they got thru the shit and noticed the boat following them was no longer there they called in and said they didn't know if they got swamped or turned around, fd crews found nothing and there was a pile of boats waiting it out so everyone...
  75. hunter5x5

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    Interstate went to shit, what good is a free replacement if your stranded! won't last in any of our equipment, deka or crown batteries are good
  76. hunter5x5

    Rv Trailer cover

    Should be a tag on it with part number, I'd be interested also but need to see if it's big enough
  77. hunter5x5

    Free brake line kit, flush rod holders

    I could use the brake line kit, mines due ! Could pick up and maybe i got something you could use in the spare parts pile !
  78. hunter5x5

    ...and it’s over.

    I've been eating prawns every single day for two months trying to get ready for may lol. However my boat may not be done by then sooo....
  79. hunter5x5

    First Timer: Eastern Bank Halibut

    There will be tons of boats if the weather is decent squeeze in and hope the long liners missed a few
  80. hunter5x5

    Tie downs optional?

    I like the strap idea. I think I'll be incorporating a second safety chain going back to the cross member. Seems how most trailers stop short of the transom the straps are pretty useless other than checking a box for "safe towing "
  81. hunter5x5

    What a Prick

    Shoot it, poor f#@cker was suffering and i just can't handle the thought.
  82. hunter5x5

    Florida Day Charter

    If you find anything out id be interested also, headed down feb 23 - march 3, I'll be in bahamas also for a few days
  83. hunter5x5

    Free - Rigid Impact Driver and Drill

    I'll gladdy take it off your hands, just got two new ridgid batteries for other tools, maybe i got something you can use in exchange
  84. hunter5x5

    Wtb lowrance power cable and xducer

    Hope it works for you, sorry i was in a rush, I'm headed to oregon, thanks for the swap. Can't wait to get there and have one
  85. hunter5x5

    Wohoo salmon lovers!

    Where can i get a tag:Death_To_Above:
  86. hunter5x5

    Boat Pictures

    Haha hard not to post at least one
  87. hunter5x5

    Boat Pictures

    Love the boats guys, here's my baby.
  88. hunter5x5

    For Sale: VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    Interested ! How old ? Pictures ?
  89. hunter5x5

    EGR Delete

    Don't wait for warranty to expire, by then the damage has already started, deleted everything on my dodge before 10k and no regrets
  90. hunter5x5

    Took home some $

    Congrats on #2 I had #6
  91. hunter5x5

    Volvo penta parts new and used

    Just replaced my motor and have some good used and new parts I didn't use. BD members get a better deal of course !
  92. hunter5x5

    I'll do the $275, I'll be driving by you in about 30 minutes.

    I'll do the $275, I'll be driving by you in about 30 minutes.
  93. hunter5x5

    $250 ?

    $250 ?
  94. hunter5x5

    Funny Video-Guy Can't Hold His Tuna

    Many believe the washihomofellatiotum species is the result of to many cali species migrating north in search of better lands and polluting the gene pool.
  95. hunter5x5

    Theft on Float 12

    I think I'll put my new tires on wheels Good deal but I need 315 70 17
  96. hunter5x5

    Theft on Float 12

    Think I'll get some new tires Saturday. Thanks for the reminder
  97. hunter5x5

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    They make it sound like they are out there gill netting for the good of the environment wtf !
  98. hunter5x5

    Yamaha F8 cam plate

    Same here on a 9.9 the rod going into the lower unit has a o-ring to seal it. It was dry and started binding. Replaced lubed and good to go.
  99. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 8/18

    Nicely done, thanks for a positive'ish report.
  100. hunter5x5

    want longer oil life/synthetics?

    Your always gonna get a heated debate over oil brands. It's like asking what outboard motor is better to a group of people. There's plenty of info and test on line. I owned an auto part store and used my real world experiences from my customers and my own dealings to make my decision on what I...
  101. hunter5x5

    want longer oil life/synthetics?

    Amsoil you have to change oil filter half way thru the interval. And obviously you should know how you use your vehicle and when to shorten intervals.
  102. hunter5x5

    want longer oil life/synthetics?

    Manufactures cannot require you to use there brand oil or void warranty if you don't. As long as the oil you use meets or exceeds there recommended oil specifications. I used amsoil beginning with my first oil change.
  103. hunter5x5

    want longer oil life/synthetics?

    I would talk to an amsoil dealer, there automotive oil can go 25k between changes, not sure about marine.
  104. hunter5x5

    WTH Goats never cease to amaze me

    Must have tree'd an Alice and going in to finish the job !
  105. hunter5x5

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    True or not what I heard was they were pulling derilect gear from area 7 and that was one of over a 100 pots they pulled mostly recreational. That pot had over 50 legal crab in it, that's why they took the photo.
  106. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    Ignition/ fuel pump relay
  107. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    The ones we hooked into where I called you in took three passes over them before they'd hit something, switching gear and changing speed to find what they wanted. Definitely tight lipped. Sounds like you came in right behind us.
  108. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna 7/29 11 pigs

    Got out Saturday for tuna on my first trip as captain and it was a trip to remember for sure. Beautiful weather, almost losing a rod, engine issues on the way in, and 11 pigs averaging 25-30# We had our first fish at the 30/10 on a purple xrap and quickly had two more on bait. Unfortunately...
  109. hunter5x5

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    Yes it is, late night, I-5 sucked balls on the way down! there was plenty of time to do bird watching on the freeway.
  110. hunter5x5

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    Not sure which Dan your looking for. But yes my name's Dan and hopefully we'll wack em and stack em !
  111. hunter5x5

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    I'll be headed that way tonight, tuna tomorrow !
  112. hunter5x5

    PSA Ocean Anglers JULY 22nd meeting

    Agreed, extremely informational. Thank you Dave !
  113. hunter5x5

    It's come down to this...

    Shit, now I'm gonna have to rerig the boat and buy all new gear to go after the trophy sized sandabs in washington !
  114. hunter5x5

    Pic of cute furbag sunning at Long Beach!

    Must be lead poisoning :2gunsfiring_v1:
  115. hunter5x5

    Things not to do while fishing

    There's exceptions to every rule !!! I can't seem to find one that doesn't piss me off. How about always pitch in for gas and help with cleanup or don't expect a invite again. I can't believe how many times that ones broken.
  116. hunter5x5

    Kingslayer lures

    Unless he's paying to ship them somewhere also I agree over retail is bogus. I think craigslist might be more suited for this add. I'm always a sucker for new gear so how about you guys tell us where we can get them at normal retail ?
  117. hunter5x5

    Things not to do while fishing

    Don't bring women fishing !
  118. hunter5x5

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    And until something is done about it we'll all just sit around and bitch instead of getting to fish. They have damn near wiped out all fish runs on the Skagit. I heard of actual video sent to the news stations of them dumping carcasses into the river after stripping the roe. Nobody has seen it...
  119. hunter5x5

    Found crab pot. Anyone know this person?

    I don't understand why phone # isn't required, if you find someone's gear a simple phone call and its returned !
  120. hunter5x5

    Looking for Easy steer brackets

    The panther steering bar that goes behind the motor is a much cleaner and cheaper install
  121. hunter5x5

    Newbie in Westport

    I say the same about the area I'm used to. But it's different when your in unfamiliar areas. You learn how the water and waves move around and which routes to take in certain situations.
  122. hunter5x5

    Macs on a t9.9

    I held mine on top to drill the holes also but mounted underneath. Don't think it really matters though there's plenty of clearance to go both ways. Haven't had any corrosion issues, put Teflon washers under hardware
  123. hunter5x5

    Macs on a t9.9

    I went under the plate, just pull it out a little so you don't drill directly thru the zinc, I'll look for some pictures
  124. hunter5x5

    Just a Reminder

    They haven't sent out boat registration notices in years.
  125. hunter5x5

    Westport tuna trip around July 3rd.

    Definitely the way to go, got a few trips under my belt before I spent a penny on gear. Now I'm gonna take the training wheels off this year. Well, at least one of them !
  126. hunter5x5

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

    I feel bad for him, here ya go. 46.5507° N, 119.4890° W Don't worry the three eyed fish are normal there
  127. hunter5x5

    10-year fishing moratorium in San Juans

    They should make tags available, more revenue for them and something to do when the fish ain't biting !
  128. hunter5x5

    You were warned! WDFW pushes 2 fish limit

    Maybe if they didn't let the Indians long line before most of the openers we coulda caught more fish in the straight and the sound. I was out a couple days before the first opener and it was ridiculous how many commercials were out there.
  129. hunter5x5

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    Oak harbor marina is a shallow launch and an sob to get a bigger boat back on the trailer unless you like hearing your exhaust under water, besides you have to drive past coronet to get there, and someone hooked up to a boat and took off with it a couple months ago at the marina. Washington park...
  130. hunter5x5

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Guess I better post here before I get yelled at. Live in oak harbor wa and have been fishing the San Juans for thirty years, west coast of Vancouver island for ten. Last couple years I got into tuna and caught the bug. I enjoy talking fishing and hope to learn a bit from everyone and help others...
  131. hunter5x5

    Crabbing spots in Marine area 6 near Deception Pass?

    Look for a line of native commercial pots and set right in them.
  132. hunter5x5

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    Might as well wipe your ass with it because they change the shit on a daily basis and unless you get the email updates your screwed !
  133. hunter5x5

    Is this how you like it?

    Awesome that everyone hear is so helpful, once you get thru the bullshit. I'm headed out this summer also for the first time in my own boat. Been out a couple times on other boats and spent all winter gearing up and getting boat ready. Got an excited and dedicated crew that's ready to go...
  134. hunter5x5

    Who is going Sunday?

    Manifolds, risers and bloody knuckles sounds way more inviting.
  135. hunter5x5

    recommendations for a refurbed 5.7

    I would not recommend jasper for a marine engine. They do have a good warranty, but who wants to do it twice ?