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  1. Mr G

    Need help , boat transportation question.

    I lost my home and trailer to the Woolsey fire. I lived in the mobile home park where half the homes were completely destroyed and have no idea when we can move back. I need to move a 27' Uniflite from longbeach to channel Islands, so that my family can do a partial live aboard. The boat...
  2. Mr G

    marine mechanic recommendation.

    Looking for a mechanic in ventura/ oxnard that can do a pressure test on VP 290 duo prop and seals.. any recommendations,, seems like all the good mechanics are super busy.. Thanks..
  3. Mr G

    What make a Yellow Tail a "Home Gaurd"

    Just wondering what make a Yellow Tail a "Home Guard" .. besides the size. Do tails all migrate, and then when they get to a certain size they make an area home..? Are there two types of Yellowtails one that migrate in large schools and one that just " home gaurds" and stay..
  4. Mr G

    store bought or make your own ice.

    How much ice do u guys take for an overnight or weekend trip. 24' boat 2-3 guys.... And what about freezing blocks of ice in the freezer... Also are you using saltwater to make slush. I personally prefer 2, 120qt igaloos over killbag. They fit under my chairs and I can use them to sit...
  5. Mr G

    What size braided line should I ...

    I have three daiwa sealine x40sha, x40ha, x30sha. Also 2 jig master 500s. What size braided line should I use. The jig masters I'll probably use for rock fishing and the diawa's will be used for local wsb, yt and tuna. Thanks