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  1. katchfish

    Lost and...

    B.O.L.O. My yellow Kokatat PFD went missing at LJ today. Any finders?
  2. katchfish

    Island Fishing Tackle, Gardenia

    I went Unicorn hunting here today. Great selection and old school service!
  3. katchfish

    12 ' Valco with 9.9 HP Suzuki 2 stroke

    12 ' Valco with 9.9 HP Suzuki two stroke Highlander trailer. 1000.00 OBO Ken
  4. katchfish

    AVET YT on the kayak

    I caught this 20 pounder in the bull kelp at LJ. The reel worked great. I had the drag hammered down, as the fish was wrapped in the monster kelp. I won finally. The only thing I didn't like was the posiition of the clicker button. I kept accidently engaging the button while pulling in the fish...
  5. katchfish


    Picked up this 26 lb YT at 6:30 PM on the blue and white. Nice day on the water, Ken
  6. katchfish

    LJ YT carnage yak style!

    Trying to keep up with the Iceman in the WCW tourney! I launched after work and headed west. Made bait and was a getting ready troll when I heard some guy on a CC hoot with joy. He was muy bendo and soon gaffed a nice YT. Not long after I started trolling I caught this 17 lb 6oz...
  7. katchfish

    Bloodydeck Kayak YT

    Launched in sublime conditions at LJ friday PM. Surf was kickin' ass, made it out ok but took a couple of good ones in the kisser. Caught some primo greenbacks and headed east. I got zzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnngedddd and fought a strong head shaker, which became tangled in the...
  8. katchfish

    While you were flogging molly!!

    Got lucky and caught this WSB off LJ. Bloody Deck and all. Off the hotel, ate a 9" greenback. One happy mofo! Ken