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  1. Edgar Salinas

    For Sale Tiburon Lexa 400 Clamp

    I have a Daiwa Lexa 400 Tiburon Clamp for sale in good condition. Price is $45 Located in Costa Mesa
  2. Edgar Salinas

    For Sale Lexa 400 Tiburon Clamp TCU-LEXA

    I have a Daiwa Lexa 400 Tiburon Clamp for sale in good condition. Price is $45 Located in Costa Mesa
  3. Edgar Salinas

    Shimano Speedmaster 20

    Wondering if anyone has any reviews on the new Speedmaster 20. Thinking about picking one up for the big bluefin as an 80LB reel? Any feedback is appreciated thanks
  4. Edgar Salinas

    Rod for Fathom 15LD2

    Picked up a Fathom 15LD2 on amazon a few months ago for a good deal and now looking for a rod to pair it with I have it spooled with 50LB MC and would be fishing 25-30LB leaders. I would mostly be using it for bait but also need something that can cast a jig if I need too. What do you guys...
  5. Edgar Salinas

    Makaira 20II Sea Braid Options

    Just purchased a mak 20 and I’m wondering about what type of braid to get it spooled with? (Solid or hollow, 100Lb or 130Lb and also what the best brand of braid is for this application) I will be chasing bluefin with this reel. Thanks for the input and tight lines!
  6. Edgar Salinas

    WTB Delete

    The title says it. If you have one PM with pics and price thank you!
  7. Edgar Salinas

    SOLD or Trade Avet MXJ RaptorOr trade

    Used Blem Avet MXJ Raptor filled with either 50 or 65LB braid and a 40lb topshot. Asking $350 OBO it’s a blem due to a spot next the 2 speed button. Interested in trading for a Trinidad 16A
  8. Edgar Salinas

    WTB 40-50 8ft Rod

    Looking to buy a new or used rod to pair a Fathom 25LD2 I recently purchased from another member. Mainly going to be used for live bait but occasionally used to throw colt snipers and flat falls. Let me know what you guys have pm with details. Local to O.C. only thank you
  9. Edgar Salinas


    Found one
  10. Edgar Salinas

    For Sale Penn Fathom 15LD/ Calstar BWCDH-270-8H-C combo

    Fathom 15LD has some light boat rash shown in pics loaded with new 50lb J-Braid No Clamp (Lost it) Calstar Deckhand 15-40 used has some boat rash but in good condition $300 OBO also open to TRADES
  11. Edgar Salinas

    For Sale Fathom 30LD2

    Used Penn Fathom 30LD2 filled with 65lb power pro a little over the half way point went on a few boat rides has some light boat rash as shown in pics. $185 OBO
  12. Edgar Salinas

    Cabo in May

    Will be in Cabo San Lucas next month and looking for a panga to charter.. It'll only be for me and possibly my wife. Looking to spend under 300 for the day. Thanks
  13. Edgar Salinas

    WTB Phenix Black Diamond

    Found one... Thanks
  14. Edgar Salinas

    Matching a rod to an MXJ Raptor

    Wondering what you guys think a good rod would be for my MXJ raptor. Mostly for flylining but also for throwing irons. Thanks guys
  15. Edgar Salinas

    Rod for Lexa 400

    Just received a Daiwa Lexa 400 as a gift and I'm wondering what a good rod is to match it up with. I will be using it to throw irons and possibly using it for live bait. Any info is appreciated thanks guys.