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  1. jayyyy

    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    My truck came with ceramic pads, they are quiet and don't make a lot of brake dust. The negatives are they don't transfer heat well and fade on steep down hill grades. I've been using Wagner or bendix semi metallic pads for 10 years and have been very happy, only downside is lots of brake dust...
  2. jayyyy

    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    Surprised this hasn't sold yet, that boat has really good bones and looks like it wont take much to make it fishable.
  3. jayyyy

    2006 Sea Pro WA220.

    Its in the fish report board, maybe its not for sale just talkin up his boat. I have the same boat with a 225 Honda, Id say the op's boat with a 225 4-stroke suki will be in the $22 - 26k range.
  4. jayyyy

    Captain Rodney

    Jeff Debuys worked with Rodney on the Q-105, (they took turns running trips) prior to going to the Red Rooster.
  5. jayyyy

    New year bluefin

    Really great to be able to catch that grade of tuna so close to home in January, congrats.
  6. jayyyy


    We need to rename this board from "Long Range Fishing Reports" to "Political Bullshit Reports" I fish and visit here to get away from the bullshit.
  7. jayyyy

    Possible Thief???

    Print up some face shots of this guy and post around the marina, he is probably a local someone knows of him.
  8. jayyyy

    Is this okay for my simrad radar?

    A lot of people intentionally mount their radar domes with a downward pitch to compensate for bow rise while underway.
  9. jayyyy

    For Sale Stainless tower

    I have one of those on my boat, mines aluminum I didn't know Atlantic made a stainless version GLWS.
  10. jayyyy

    For Sale 30’ Center Console

    Nice " mooney" boat, well done on the re-fit.
  11. jayyyy

    Huntington Harbor Report 11.18 & 11.20

    Fastest thing in nature is the mantis shrimp spears when deployed.
  12. jayyyy

    Searcher 10-31 - 11-8

    Sounds like a fun trip, 15 people on a 95 footer makes it even better.
  13. jayyyy


    Yeah the ones at galley level by the bathrooms don't have AC, they do have windows that open to the outside though.
  14. jayyyy

    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    Thanks for the report, sounds like you had a great time.
  15. jayyyy

    Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Great report, Whitefish on a fly lined dine is awesome.
  16. jayyyy

    Still Some Salmon out the Gate

    Very nice, making memories with your son.
  17. jayyyy

    8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Great report, you gave us the good the bad and the ugly.
  18. jayyyy

    Freedom out of 22nd St Landing 10-16

    Damn! and nice Yellowtail, wish I was there.
  19. jayyyy

    Tribute 2 Day (Seeker Sponsored) 10/16/20-10/18/20

    Very detailed and balanced report, I've had trips like yours and the end of a long season.
  20. jayyyy

    Covid in Cabo

    If any in your group is older or at risk I might be inclined to skip, otherwise I would carry on and enjoy while using common sense.
  21. jayyyy

    BFT return to Monterrey

    Sounds like the dinner table is set, good water temp and color.....fingers crossed.
  22. jayyyy

    BFT return to Monterrey

    Hmm, wonder why Bayside didn't mention this on their reports. It would be great to get a fall tuna bite.
  23. jayyyy

    Outrider 1.5 10/10 - 10/12

    Great report, I like fishing J hooks too.
  24. jayyyy

    SoA 9/16-9/24

    Great report, sounds like a really fun trip having a super light load and catching targeted fish everyday.
  25. jayyyy

    Showgun 1.5-9/22

    Hopefully it's a case of the crew being given something they didn't bargin for. Fentanyl is dangerous stuff, Prince and Tom petty learned that the hard way.
  26. jayyyy

    Marlin hunt redirected by foaming BFT - 9/16/20

    Damn shark, everyone should have a friend with a 55' Hatteras.
  27. jayyyy

    Fort Bragg Saturday..

    Thanks for the report, looks like you made the best of the challenging conditions. On my Honda I seem to get 3 to 5 years out of my O2 sensor, it doesn't stop the engine from running but make it run really rich at idle and low speed.
  28. jayyyy

    Tunas with attitude _ SCI 9/6/20

    Dam you guys unleashed some hell out there, well done.
  29. jayyyy

    No Tuna but made a new friend/SC report

    Thanks for the intel, i was gonna try for tuna tomorrow I'll probably do halibut / rockfish. I've had those little birds land on my boats and others while offshore, they usually fly away after a good rest. Seems like they get exhausted by flying around without having a good resting place.
  30. jayyyy

    Pacifica 1.5 Day 8/21/2020

    Thanks for the report, we all know some people are going to tag small fish and some not wear a mask. Whatcha gonna do.
  31. jayyyy

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    That didn't end well.
  32. jayyyy

    Spirit of Adventure 3 Day Report

    Sounds like you guys made a good trip when it's been tough fishing lately. 13 on the Spirit would be awesome, that boat fishes big for an 88 footer and the entire operation tends to fly below the radar.
  33. jayyyy

    For Sale Taco marine outrigger mounts

    Thats a good price, I just bought two at $366 ea and thought that was a good deal.
  34. jayyyy

    West end++ cat bft 8.13

    I hope I didn't have a stroke.
  35. jayyyy

    WTB ***WANTED: Set of (4) tower mounting base pads!***

    Atlantic towers has those, I use them on my radar arch.
  36. jayyyy

    Santa Cruz Monday BF skunk

    Thanks for the intel, I fished two weeks ago and had the same experience as you. Didn't see any jumpers but lots of bait, whales and Porpoise. Couple hours before sundown we saw a couple guys in a small Whaler pulling on what was probably a tuna for 1 1/2 hours, we came in around 10pm don't know...
  37. jayyyy

    Tips for crew on overnight boats when no tuna?

    If the crew works hard I will tip no matter what I catch. In the OP's case If the crew gave him a lot of attitude about a small tip they don't deserve a large one. Aside from the base pay a crew members pay will fluctuate slightly from trip to trip, better operations average more annually in...
  38. jayyyy

    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Sad those scumbags exist among the fraternity of generally really good people who fish long range.
  39. jayyyy

    For Sale 78 Skipjack Part

    Can't wait to see the build thread, always thought a center console skippy with outboards would be badass.
  40. jayyyy

    Santa Cruz Bluefin

    I fished these last weekend, just a handful of fish caught by 50+ boats but most were over a hundred pounds. We fished from 10-15 miles offshore from carmel bay to Davenport, lots of bait, whales and porpoise never saw any jumpers or sign of fish.
  41. jayyyy

    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    Nice show piece but I'd rather fish those.
  42. jayyyy

    Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Great birthday right there.
  43. jayyyy

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    You need your own fishing TV show, you put those stiff fishing show hosts to shame.
  44. jayyyy

    5 Day on the AA

    Love to see big fish eating iron, thanks for posting.
  45. jayyyy

    Got me one !

    Group photo looks like you were on a ten day, congrats.
  46. jayyyy

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Hopefully they open up some MLPA's like they did with some of the deeper bottom fish zones. It makes it worth the wait when you can catch fish like it was 1980.
  47. jayyyy

    06/22/29 SF Bay Report

    Sounds like a great day on the bay and you caught some great eats, congrats.
  48. jayyyy

    Searcher 1.5 day, Limits!

    Great job, 140 miles is a long way to go on a 1.5 day looks like it paid off.
  49. jayyyy

    Filming a documentary fishing in mexico tomorrow...

    Navico and other manufacturers geofence some of their GPS Plotters to protect their dealers in foreign countries, ie: it would be cheaper to buy online in the US and have shipped.
  50. jayyyy

    Launch ramp in sausilito

    Does anyone know if there is a trailer boat launch ramp in Sausilito that is open to the public, thanks in advance.
  51. jayyyy

    For Sale 1999 Pursuit 2800 offshore - Twin Diesel!! - reduced price

    Someone that knows what a quality boat is will buy this.
  52. jayyyy

    SOLD 24’ Albemarle

    Great riding 24' boat right there.
  53. jayyyy

    Skin Cancer; Need Fishing Hat

    I have most of the stuff mentioned, Tilley hat, long sleeve sun shirt with hoodie and a couple Slouch hats with neck covers. The Tilley hats are better quality but I prefer the slouch hats with a built in neck cover.
  54. jayyyy

    Huge fish caught and released at Coronado Islands

    Great video, good job on the release. Thanks for posting
  55. jayyyy

    Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Thats how its done right there.....catching fish and writing about it.
  56. jayyyy

    BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

    Hell yeah, great job.
  57. jayyyy

    Screeching Masks

    I feel dumber for reading this thread.
  58. jayyyy

    52.5x52.5x80/800 Big ones bit today

    Congrats those are Beasts, catch of a lifetime. Can't wait for the ramps to open in NorCal.
  59. jayyyy

    Mexico Offshore report with Yellowfin Tuna and catching dodo on flatfalls LIVE

    Not crazy about most of your videos but that was a great one, thanks for posting.
  60. jayyyy

    Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    It's great boats have a plan to start running trips. But no matter what precautions are taken if someone gets onboard with covid 19 it's gonna spread like wildfire.
  61. jayyyy

    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    Their easing the restrictions to see how things go, hopefully us sportys get the green light in the next few weeks.
  62. jayyyy

    Any Nor Cal Salmon Opener Reports????

    If your launching which ramps are open, Santa Cruz, Halfmoon, Moss landing and Monterey have been closed to sport boats.
  63. jayyyy

    5-3 9 mile report

    Pulling on jumbo Bonito sounds pretty fun right now, congrats.
  64. jayyyy

    red rooster boat work

    Could be cost or maybe they specialize in something the Rooster wants done.
  65. jayyyy

    just stay home

    Isolating is a way of flattening the curve and buying time till a vaccine is developed. Humans unlike wild animals have vaccines to eradicate contagious diseases.
  66. jayyyy

    Cleat install without through bolt

    You could use stainless togglers or cut an access hole and cover with a pie plate.
  67. jayyyy

    Snapped Antenna Help

    If you think your gonna keep hitting your antenna those cheap plastic mounts that snap might be the ticket. About 15 years ago I left my commercial grade Vhf antenna up and hit an overhead cable, snapped the Shakespeare stainless mount instead of the antenna. One way or another if the antenna...
  68. jayyyy

    Broken Screw

    If it's below the surface I would grind the broken screw flat with a small dremel grinding bit. Once the break is flat use a center punch to center for drilling. If you drill out with a left handed drill bit sometimes the screw will back out, otherwise follow up with the correct size easy out...
  69. jayyyy

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I'm in the medical device sales and service business. I've had direct contact with four patients with confirmed Covid -19 in the last two weeks. This pathogen is different from any airborne transmitted virus we have seen in a long time. The first time I walked into an ICU with a confirmed...
  70. jayyyy

    Bluefin on the Pacific Queen - Quick Report

    Great on the water report, congrats on your catch.
  71. jayyyy

    Boat Independence New Engines

    I'm sure ownership did there homework, it's a business decision. Ten years down the road they want to have saved money through reliability and cost of operation.
  72. jayyyy

    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    Its one of the things great about sportfishing, speculation, anticipation the thrill of the hunt. If I didn't keep a positive attitude I would have gave fishing up a long time ago.
  73. jayyyy

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    Scumbag thieves, I had the motor stolen off my last boat. They tore up the boat pretty good to get what they wanted. I hope you get lucky and a cop pulls these a-holes over with your motor in the truck bed.
  74. jayyyy

    Lift pole albacore video

    I didn't know Albacore went that WO on jig pole, thought skippies and yellowfin only went off like that. Really cool video, l used to have a vhs tape of 50 to 100 lb yellowfin getting 3 polled like that.
  75. jayyyy

    12/20 Santa Cruz skiff rockfish/crab report

    Great report, good luck in DC. I worked for NOAA twenty years ago on the fisheries side, I enjoyed it.
  76. jayyyy

    San Pablo Bay 12/21/19

    Nice, I tried for Sturgeon in the south bay last Sunday for nothing not even sharks or junk fish.
  77. jayyyy

    75-foot Wave 20 miles off Norcal Coast

    Pucker time looking up and seeing that thing comming at you.
  78. jayyyy

    Honda Dr H diagnostic software

    Looking to get computer diagnostics for my Honda 225. From what I understand the Honda OEM software (Dr H) requires a dealer account to register and use this software. There is a company named Heal Tech that makes a watered down version of Dr H as well as some sellers on ebay that offer similar...
  79. jayyyy

    Cal Dawn combo 12/11/19

    I did a crab combo on the Cal Dawn last year, those guys know their stuff. We got full limits of crab and cod and were back at the dock by 3, great operation.
  80. jayyyy

    American Angler 12/1 10 Day report

    Haven't fished the Angler since Sam left but one of my favorite operations, sounds like you had an excellent trip. Were you guys able to make bait at Guadalupe, it can be tough to find bait there.
  81. jayyyy

    Intrepid December 10th, 10 day cancelled

    It sucks your trip got cancelled, I had a 5 day cancelled 12 years ago with 2 weeks notice and was still not able to book another trip. That left a bad taste in my mouth and never tried to book on that boat again. You're in good hands on the excel, go have fun and report back on the trip.
  82. jayyyy

    Liberty Full Day Trip 11/22/19

    Liberty puts up really impressive fish counts even with all the newbies onboard. I don't do day boats anymore but if i did it would be the liberty.
  83. jayyyy

    Crab Poachers caught in Santa Cruz

    That guys gonna poach the wrong persons pot and find his boat underwater at his slip.
  84. jayyyy

    9/21 Sci finally got a couple kite fish

    That's one of the best fishing videos from this year, congrats on a great catch.
  85. jayyyy

    Old Glory Hole

    Stuff breaks on boats but the owners that stay in business for a long time learn to pony up and get ahead of potential issues.
  86. jayyyy

    Red Rooster

    I think of the Rooster as a 105 ft Royal Polaris, with a little nicer interior. She's fast but is a little more tender than the excel and independence in the trough. Andy has fishing in his DNA and the crew is great, you'll probably have a great time if you go.
  87. jayyyy

    San Diego Full Day 11/17/19 Classic Plunker Bite

    Awesome catching november tuna 20 miles from SD, thanks for the report.
  88. jayyyy

    SCI east end tuna

    Good quality tuna there, congrats.
  89. jayyyy

    Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    It's great when you can call in other boats and they know how to play well with others, well done.
  90. jayyyy

    Thanks to "Descanso" 11-18 western 9 mile bank

    Nice....good dope is always appreciated.
  91. jayyyy

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Sucks the boat went down, no one died and with what you learned you can modify the Cabo to lessen the chance of this happening again. Insurance will probably total the boat so a new boat might be the way to go. I witnessed the exact same thing happening to a Cabo 216 off Carmen Island off...
  92. jayyyy

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    Very cool.....they don't swim in front of whitey though, it's like there just messing with him.
  93. jayyyy

    Dana Point Tuna Hunt 10/3 All High Spots/Mack Bank

    That's a real dick move throwing garbage into the Ocean.
  94. jayyyy

    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    lots of great operations mentioned but for a shorter long range trip I would go on the Vagabond. Great people, good food and Mike fishes really hard, and that pays off.
  95. jayyyy

    New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    Sounds like fun....don't think I could do the 50 anglers part though.
  96. jayyyy

    Costello 6-day Long Range Trip on Polaris Supreme

    I had a similar experience on a charter on another boat. Charter master wanted to fish only for yellowtail on an eight day trip back when the islands were open. We were initially headed to alijos which had really good 50-125 lb tuna fishing the day before we would have been there. Charter master...
  97. jayyyy

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Thanks for the great fishing the Vagabond.
  98. jayyyy

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    It's a dick move to cast a jig at someones boat but no one got hurt and now you know not to get too close to other boats. You got to go fishing and learned a valuable lesson, sounds like a good day.
  99. jayyyy


  100. jayyyy

    Epic solo half day 7/8

    Killing it right must have at least three arms cranking on fish and taking great pictures.
  101. jayyyy

    04' Sea Pro 220 WA / Honda 225

    04' Sea Pro 220 WA / Honda 225
  102. jayyyy

    For Sale Johnson 200hp outboard

    That will make a great project for the right person, really easy to rebuild and still lots of parts available. The last of the hard to kill carbed two smokers right there.
  103. jayyyy

    For Sale Radar arch + enclosure

    Thats nice, if it fit my boat I would buy it.
  104. jayyyy

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    I remember when the Q was was the first boat built with all the necessities for long range fishing. The bait capacity, range and design was a real long range game changer, too bad how it all ended.
  105. jayyyy

    Pour foam

    Tap plastics has it.
  106. jayyyy

    SOLD Yamaha OX 66 Saltwater Series 250 hp Outboard

    Nice set up there to demonstrate the engine, if it were 25" i'd be interested.
  107. jayyyy

    For Sale Blackman Billfisher radar arch

    Do you know the width (where it mounts) and the height. Is it stainless or aluminum, what are you looking to get for it. You can PM me if you want.
  108. jayyyy

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    Sounds like preparation ran into opportunity....Congrats on the trip of a lifetime.
  109. jayyyy

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    1977 October 10 day on the Holiday with Steve Giffin at the helm $425 including the fuel surcharge, I was 12 years old this trip was a real eye opener. Initially we ran down below Cedros for a slow pick on 20-30lb yellows. On the first stop I remember Giffin denying me a bait in a very gruff way...
  110. jayyyy


    That is just wrong....dude in the speedo needs to put some clothes on.
  111. jayyyy

    1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    Local cow...doesn't get better than that, congrats.
  112. jayyyy

    Tuna rods built by Yo’s tackle

    Back in 1986 when short rods were all the rage I had Yo's build me a 655XXH. It's one of my sticks I've rarely used but don't want to let go, he did beautiful work.
  113. jayyyy

    Thoughts on the Searcher

    It's been more than 25 years since I rode the Searcher, I've heard it called the Lercher it don't remember her being tippy. I had a great time ate some good food and caught a bunch of Wahoo, we had over 200 hoo's on an 8 day and had our pictures with our fish put on the brochure. There's a few...
  114. jayyyy

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Your day didn't sound that bad to me, I have had all that happen before on my boat and it sucks (wash down saved some baits for me also). Running over mono and getting it into the prop shaft blowing the seals and letting salt water inside seizing the LU on the way in or blowing a powerhead with...
  115. jayyyy

    Can someone please post actual trip results etc?

    Your relatively new here, prior to around 2010 there was a greater percentage of fishing reports on the "San Diego Long Range fishing Report Forum", the name of this board, Like I said times have changed.
  116. jayyyy

    Can someone please post actual trip results etc?

    Times have changed, this board isn't mainly about long range fishing reports like it used to be, probably a lot of reasons for that.
  117. jayyyy

    Vagabond Got Um

    Holly crap, epic 4 day.
  118. jayyyy

    Emergency small craft missing

    The 43 can be done in an 18 ft skiff by someone with a lot of experience, even then its risky. Unless your son is very experienced fishing offshore in that boat it would be well advised to get that experience on the inner banks first.
  119. jayyyy

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Yeah, this clown has a lot of people over at THT pissed off at him for BS behavior against nature.
  120. jayyyy

    Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    Sounds like a really fun trip, beautiful Bonita there....would make a nice mount.
  121. jayyyy

    Rpt.-1.5 day Prowler fishing 07-11-18

    Days like this make the good catching trips seem even sweeter, thanks for the great report you'll get'em next time.
  122. jayyyy

    To foam or not to foam

    When my tank goes I will probably coat it with Coal Tar Epoxy and if possible install without the use of foam. One thing for sure I will make sure the tank compartment will drain, a tank sitting in salt water is the quickest way to destroy it.
  123. jayyyy

    Monterey lings

    Looks like fun, nice Lings!
  124. jayyyy

    Condor Overnight Aug 26th advice needed

    That's prime time to go but it's way too early to have any idea what you'll be fishing for. Could be 12-20 lb yellowtail or 100lb tuna, either way you should have a great time.
  125. jayyyy

    Excellent promotion

    I really enjoyed fishing with Sam going back to the P.Q. days, I hope he is still part of the operation.
  126. jayyyy

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    I don't like snitches but we as sport fishermen need to practice conservation and obey the laws, there isn't a limitless supply of gamefish.
  127. jayyyy

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I'm glad it worked out for you, but yeah nothing is going to happen to the perps the prisons are full and they don't build new ones anymore.
  128. jayyyy


    California dawn, they will put you on fish.
  129. jayyyy

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    50 on May weekday....well good for the Pursuit, they must have a great operation to have that kind of loyalty.
  130. jayyyy

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Back in the day Buzz on the Prowler, Dan Sansome on the New Lo-Ann and Eddie on the Queen were my go to boats. Buzz was a great captain, the last one of the bunch to retire.....very well deserved and earned. Not seeing the Prowler at Fisherman's will be weird, it's been there since I started...
  131. jayyyy

    Favorite knife for fish

    I like the Dexters also, very good blade and handles and won't break the bank.
  132. jayyyy

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Looks like it was caused by a poorly adjusted trailer, I would fix the trailer first. That's not a difficult fix but glassing overhead your first time fiberglassing will be a challenge. As mentioned you'll need to grind or sand through the gelcoat a few inches on either side of the keel then...
  133. jayyyy

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    If your really into corrosion inhibitors this is a great comparison / experiment someone did with readily available corrosion inhibitors.
  134. jayyyy

    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    Wd 40 is good stuff, for years ive heard people parroting rumors that it only does this or that. Using it for thr last 20 plus years ive found it works as advertised, their specialist line of products also perform great.
  135. jayyyy

    Catch a 300# cow or your money Back........

    Even if it was true..... it would take all the magic out of the experience, like paying for sex.
  136. jayyyy

    SOLD Stainless Enclosure off Cabo 216

    That's a nice piece of hardware, it would cost at least 3k to have that built.
  137. jayyyy

    Is it ok to post this here?

    Damn X2, mess of big fish there.
  138. jayyyy

    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    As a teenager I started fishing with Eddie on the queen in the early eighties. Eddie was the best at offshore fishing for tuna and in the ruff stuff the Queen rode better than any other day boat, and she was fast. The delicious Albacore dinners on the way back to the landing at a very...
  139. jayyyy

    New trailer for saltwater advice

    I've had an Ez Loader galvi trailer under my boat for 14 years, no issues or any rust on the frame. As long as you go with a reputable trailer manufacturer you'll be fine, galvi or alum.
  140. jayyyy

    For Sale 2004 Sea Pro 22' Walkaround Cuddy Cabin

    I'm biased, but that's a great boat. GLWS
  141. jayyyy

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Not refunding the deposit under these circumstances is telling the customer they are not valued. Unless there is more to the story the OP should get a full refund, business wise it's also the smart thing to do.
  142. jayyyy

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    This one seems simple, anytime you change anything a customer is paying for need to offer a full refund as an option. Whether its a fishing trip an automobile or a bath remodel. Kudos to the Rooster and Intrepid for handling this situation properly. Back in the day Dan Sansome cancelled a...
  143. jayyyy

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    The 5 year penalty was a warning to other charter and private boaters who fish. If you break the laws and get caught you're gonna pay the price. You can disagree all you want with these and other laws, it doesn't make them optional.
  144. jayyyy

    Parting Out 1984 Skipjack Sports Cruiser

    Thats a great hull, hate to see it get parted out.
  145. jayyyy

    Help A Guy Out!

    The boat Success does 1-5 day small group charters out of Point Loma Sportfishing, La Paz, Mag Bay and PV. Cary has a great operation and puts you on fish, give him a call and let him know what your looking to do.
  146. jayyyy

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    Can't carry a spare for everything, even kicker motors can crap out. You got to go fishing, learn something and have a little adventure.
  147. jayyyy

    60 mike bank 11/22

    Nice report, quick reaction getting your phone before it sank out. At the very least you should be able to salvage any saved files / data.
  148. jayyyy

    37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Awesome I've never heard of an overnight trip better than that .... I thought I had the all time greatest overnight on wide open Big Eye tuna up to 150 lbs, you crushed that. That was over 20 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday, just like you'll remember this trip, congrats.
  149. jayyyy

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    A Awesome company you work for, good luck and post a report when you return.
  150. jayyyy

    Over rated tow weight?

    As already mentioned, weigh it then you can make an informed drcision.
  151. jayyyy

    Bluefin Going Off!

    Love that late season action to end the season, great Job.
  152. jayyyy

    Caught a shark, need help on identifying species.

    I don't know....... but it looks pissed off.
  153. jayyyy

    Captain jumps in water to save bluefin tuna

    That's dedication there when the captain takes a swim to help land a fish.
  154. jayyyy

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Pilothouse style boats feel like they pound more because the helm is so far forward. Verses some center consoles that feel like a softer ride because you're almost sitting on the transom. It's all a trade off and personal preference.
  155. jayyyy

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Two types of people do this....those that don't know better and those that don't care. With those that don't know you might get through, those that don't care it's futile to try and get them to extend common courtesy.
  156. jayyyy

    Rpt.-10-03-17 Tanner Brute Tails+Bluefin.

    Your report was just as good as the fishing, thanks and congrats.
  157. jayyyy

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    Dirt bag's bad enough they broke in and stole stuff, but taking the boat out and damaging it would really piss me off. Hopefully they get caught for this and more and get long prison sentences. I will keep an eye out for the stolen gear.
  158. jayyyy

    Fished the Thunderbird

    It's about 56 NM from newport harbor to Santa Barbara Island, definitely doable on an overnight. Congrats on the yellows, excellent grade of fish there.
  159. jayyyy

    Jimmy’s Charter to Cortez

    Nice quality yellowtail there, thanks for for the report.
  160. jayyyy

    Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    Politically incorrect but a very good read, nothing worse than a bunch of "that guys" that know each other. I'm surprised one of "them" didn't try and claim some of your fish as theirs.
  161. jayyyy

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    No matter what vehicle you have, towing safety has a lot to do with the person in the driver's seat.
  162. jayyyy

    32 ft grady white center console for sale $25,000

    Very misleading....maybe with the engines tilted up it's 32ft from the bottom of the skeg to the front of the trailer tongue.
  163. jayyyy

    Fiberglass filler question

    I would use Marine-Tex epoxy putty, they make a small kit that comes in white or black. Mix the entire kit together, fill the holes and paint or gelcoat over to suit. Marine Tex epoxy putty is very good stuff and will give a permanent fix. The only downside to Marine Tex is it consists of a gel...
  164. jayyyy

    Going one for 3 never felt better

    Great job getting one, well done on the report too.
  165. jayyyy

    Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    I think if there's any complaints it would be that the captain let the charter master make important decisions. I've been there before, I don't like it when charter masters have that much clout.
  166. jayyyy

    Deal fell through because seller would not allow a sea trial

    Unless the boat is far from a body of water a sea trial only takes 45 minutes to an hour. Whenever I sell or buy a boat, unless its brand new there's gonna be a seatrial. Although when I sold my last boat I offered a sea trial for a $50 deposit toward the purchase but the buyer declined and...
  167. jayyyy


    Yep, BOAT... "Break out another thousand" or in this case break out a hundred thousand, or more.
  168. jayyyy

    Is a 1979 Farallon worth rebuilding?

    If the stringers are rotted then more than likely so is the deck and transom. It's a lot of hard ass dirty work to replace all those and unless you have a shop your gonna trash your house and piss of the neighbors. I would look for a project with good bones that maybe needs rigging, cosmetics or...
  169. jayyyy

    Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Great report....way to stay upbeat and persevere after getting sawed off twice.
  170. jayyyy

    9S -302, do-do!!!

    Congrats on the catch....FYI if you have an outboard engine they are easy to pull start even with a dead battery. I've pull started 60,115 and 140 hp outboards with dead batteries. Many outboards come with the pullstart rope in a pouch attached to the inside of the cowling. It does help to try...
  171. jayyyy

    Salt crystallizes at temps above 160? Fact or myth?

    When water heats up it is possible to supersaturate it with salts, NaCl, KCl etc. Even when the supersaturated solution cools the salt stays in solution (it doesn't settle out) but if you add more salt at this point crystals will form. I think most of the salt residue you see inside engines is...
  172. jayyyy

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    I haven't seen that many quality yellows caught at Clemente in a long time, looks like you all had a blast. I used to fish with Carey on the Vagabond, great skipper and person I hope he is on the mend.
  173. jayyyy

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    On my lunch break at work this is just the report i needed. Ive only fished the kite on long range boats they make it look easy. It would probaly turn into a shit storm if i tried it on my boat.
  174. jayyyy

    San Diego Offshore Fishing Report 7-13-2017

    Truly great catch. For me the perfect report/write up, just enough info and pictures with sounder screen shots to convey the experience.
  175. jayyyy

    Dana Point: 209 down to 9 mile!!

    Nice job, any pictures of the needle nose looking fish. Could have been a "Needle nose", a tropical/subtropical fish.
  176. jayyyy

    Big Local YFT - Late Report 6/17

    Nice report, well done.
  177. jayyyy

    Potential new LR boat, needs visionary benefactor

    Might work as a mother ship used to fish out of skiffs, not worth trying to convert to a LR or Yacht fisher.
  178. jayyyy

    Is this normal? 6 hours tied to the bait dock to make it a 2.5 day trip.

    Depends on the length of the trip and how the fishing was. But in general I don't like comming in early just to tie up to the receivers, unless it's warranted. When this has happened for no good reason and I feel like the Captain/owner took the easy way out, I won't return.
  179. jayyyy

    Guts no Glory

    It's not all about the catching.
  180. jayyyy

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    You won't forget that experience. Next time you'll have your ducks in a row, been there done that.
  181. jayyyy

    Cow wrangling at 182

    Team shake and bake......Ricky and Cal gettin it done, congrats.
  182. jayyyy

    6/4/17 quick report

    I bet that was fun on 20lb and a spinner, congrats.
  183. jayyyy

    9 mile 5/26/17

    A Yellowtail like that will make your day, congrats.
  184. jayyyy

    Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

    Great catch, excellent report as well.
  185. jayyyy

    Newport 8/17

    Probably has no respect for nature or the environment, the same type of person you see throwing trash overboard.
  186. jayyyy

    Stowaway, Granday 2 day Aug 12-13

    After a crappy day at work that made me laugh, great thread.
  187. jayyyy

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    No way he is from NorCal way to uptight and self absorbed. If fishing from dark to dark and pulling on fish till your arms fall off isn't enough exercise do some calisthenics or jumping jacks at night so no one has to see it, I mean come on. If you choose too you can eat very Healthy on the...
  188. jayyyy

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Legendary catch, would have been nice to have a dry erase board with some info. pictured for historical purposes.
  189. jayyyy

    3.5 day report on Sea Adventure 80

    Whatever drag setting or technique you used to land that fish you did right, congrats
  190. jayyyy

    240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    That's legendary, Davey's locker should cut a deal with you guy's to mount that beast and put it in their lobby.
  191. jayyyy

    Messed around and got a triple digit

    Unforgettable catch there, great job.
  192. jayyyy

    What a difference...

    Great, very informative report with a next day follow up. Congrats on the catching and thanks for the report.
  193. jayyyy

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    Great thread, good job getting bit in a traffic jam. Nice to see BF research being done, were lucky to have scientists studying fish their migrations and reproduction.
  194. jayyyy

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    It's easy to overestimate a nice grade tuna when it's in a smaller boat. That looks at least 150, great job.
  195. jayyyy

    Bluefin 371 5/29

    Very nice....sneaking up on them.
  196. jayyyy

    Furuno 1734 C Navnet vx2 with Radar and PCV 585 fish Finder $900

    I have the same NavNet system on my boat or I would be all over this. I would be interested in the Furuno 585 if you would sell seperate.
  197. jayyyy

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    Epic catch and first posting..........As you drop the mic and walk off stage.
  198. jayyyy

    Building A Custom 28' Aluminum Boat

    These guy's build really nice custom aluminum boats.
  199. jayyyy

    Thoughts/ experience Chaparral 234 ?

    Chaparral is a solid mid-tier boat, they now own Robalo and sell their fishing boats under that brand. I like this boat but I think 18k is a little high, it's more like a 15k boat for me.
  200. jayyyy

    Just another Bug Report.....

    Things scary looking, great job.
  201. jayyyy

    Skipjack advice ?

    Nothing inherently wrong with an I/O, with a closed cooling system the maintenance isn't that bad. The main reason I prefer an outboard for a boat under 25' is the amount of cockpit space taken up by the engine cover box, they are right where I want to be. As boats get over 25' the engine can...
  202. jayyyy

    Looking into a new sonar

    Most of the newer Navico stuff will be "Chirp" which won't work with that transducer. The Furuno 587 is a 600w/1kw, 50/200 khz sounder that would be a good match for that transducer. You might need to buy a 587 pigtail and connect it to the bare wires from your CA50/200-12. Gil Travis at Semper...
  203. jayyyy

    Nav Net 1, Navionics Chart Card

    You can have a Furuno dealer reprogram or ship it to furuno and have the software reprogrammed to accept C-Map NT+ FP card. These cards are currently supported by Jeppesen (C-map), and have all the latest updates.
  204. jayyyy

    Manual bilge pump

    No experience with the Whale, I've been using one of these for ten years with no problems. There good for drying out a locker / baitwell etc. and can move some water in an emergency.
  205. jayyyy

    Evinrune/ficht diagnostic sw

    Very cool, run that any time to see if anything is out of spec. or potential future issues.
  206. jayyyy


    Never tried those, I think they're made for water based house paint. If they are compatible with the strong solvents used to thin marine paint it might be an option.
  207. jayyyy


    That's a good way to do it alternatively you can blast or sand to 36 grit profile then apply aluma-prep (acid wash) then alodine conversion coating followed by a 2-part epoxy barrier coat / primer, then top coat. A little easier for the DIY would be to apply a vinyl butyral zinc chromate all in...
  208. jayyyy

    New trailer questions.

    California Vehicle Code Towing Sections 21655b You must tow in the designated lane, usually the right hand lane, except for passing. When passing you must use the lane directly on the left of the designated lane. 21712 No passengers can ride in a towed trailer, boat, motorcycle etc, except for...
  209. jayyyy

    New trailer questions.

    Going straight on freeway 55mph truck in front of me drops it's load I slam on brakes my trailer jackknifed. Installed brakes on trailer had another emergency stop years later no jacknife. Not sure what you're theorizing about. And FYI California law, Section 26303. Every trailer coach and...
  210. jayyyy

    New trailer questions.

    Nah, been there done that with an 18ft aluminum boat. Slam on the vehicle brake's without trailer brake's and the trailer jackknifes, you heard it here first.
  211. jayyyy

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    I had the same situation in Santa Clara county, essentially the law is not enforced till an A-hole complains.
  212. jayyyy

    New trailer questions.

    Unless your hull is waterlogged you don't need a double axle trailer. It's a good idea to weigh your boat rigged for use so you know what your dealing with. A single axle trailer with brakes is probably what you need, more than likely no need for a 5000# axle either. An aluminum trailer with...
  213. jayyyy

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    Great report and picture's, I haven't been to the Lupe in a few years I need to get back there soon. VMC Nemesis, perfect name for that hook.
  214. jayyyy

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    Win win their, everyone gets a fresh fish dinner.
  215. jayyyy

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    On my last boat I sold a perfectly good Furuno 667 to upgrade. I sold the unit complete with power cord, transducer, manual etc. on E-bay for $100. Those older Furunos still have value if in good condition, you could apply that toward the latest and greatest stuff.
  216. jayyyy

    Advice For First Time Boat Buyer

    If you have been on your friends 23' that many times you know the drill. I don't know your trucks tow rating but you probably want to keep the towed GVWR under 5000#, that includes boat, trailer, fuel etc. etc. With an aluminum dual axle trailer you're probably looking at glass boats 22' and...
  217. jayyyy

    Furuno FF and transducer suggestions please

    I agree with the above, I would look at a flush mount tilted element for a 25 foot or less boat, B164 work great. Unless you need one now I would wait for the Furuno 588. If you want multi function with radar the Simrad and Garmin are very good.
  218. jayyyy

    Home Chart Plotter 12Vdc Supply

    Yeah i've been using 12v power supply for years to enter waypoints / routes, software / firmware updates, down load screen shots, etc. Really come's in handy.
  219. jayyyy

    Anyone Else Own An Airmar TM150M Transducer???

    If it works fine at anchor or drifting than it's an install issue. If it does not work properly at drift/anchor first make sure you have the correct 2D sounder selected in the sounder transducer settings menu list. Make sure you have the correct source (2D) and that structure scan is turned off...
  220. jayyyy

    1.5 Day Trip to the Cortes on Saturday 10/24

    Thanks for the report well done, sounds like a fun trip.
  221. jayyyy

    Friday hate mission

    Sometimes you just have to pay your due, definitely know your alive in those conditions.
  222. jayyyy

    Anyone Else Own An Airmar TM150M Transducer???

    Along with manual gain setting turn off auto depth and set the max depth manually, set it deeper than the chart soundings from the plotter.
  223. jayyyy

    ocean sport 26 legacy sea trial

    Looks like a very well made boat, I like easy walk around bow access so not quite the boat for me. If you post over at you might get some opinions from those that own one. Good luck on your new boat search.
  224. jayyyy

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    I would be surprised if the bearings were "breaking" from hard backing, especially on a light double axle rig. A picture of the broken bearing assembly would be helpful, better chance they are failing from something else. American made bearings like Timken will last longer than the cheapies but...
  225. jayyyy

    Anyone ever install a new Fuel Filler line? Please give me tips.

    I can get good access to my fill hose when I remove a storage / drink holder panel on my boat. If there are any panels or plates I would start by removing those to get better access, if not you could add a pie plate as a last resort.
  226. jayyyy

    On the Cortez at the Cortez

    Nice pictures and well written report, thanks.
  227. jayyyy

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    It's not rocket science, they didn't do anything stupid and caught a nice fish. The kid looks stoked, congrats on the great catch.
  228. jayyyy

    Halloween Hoo @ 277

    Haloween Wahoo in your own back yard.......thats bad ass.
  229. jayyyy

    skipjack 262 gelcoat color?

    They need a 2"x2" sample, I sent them a speaker cut out plug. If your going to compound and polish let them know and they will polish your sample before color matching. If the stock color is a close enough match they might have that color code already. if your spraying they stock Dura coat...
  230. jayyyy


    In the first picture who are the two babes on the left.......I'd get a picture taken with both of them.
  231. jayyyy

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    Where are the micro yellows when you need them....looks like your son is having fun anyway.
  232. jayyyy

    Losers Lounge

    Been there done that many times......still better than not hooking up.
  233. jayyyy

    Salmon Limits past 3 days

    Thanks for the heads up, I need to put a trip together.
  234. jayyyy


    Gil Travis here on BD can awnser this for you.
  235. jayyyy

    1989 50' Bertram

    I think you got some good advice above, might want to post over at for additional info.
  236. jayyyy

    skipjack 262 gelcoat color?

    I had these guys match my gelcoat with thier spectrophtometer from a sample I sent them, it was a perfect match. They also have many factory stock gelcoat colors from newly built boats but if your boat is more than a few years in the sun the color be off a little...
  237. jayyyy

    Registration Q, buying a boat with expired Reg...

    In my area there is a annual $16 Quagga mussel fee / sticker thats part of the regestration fee. If your boat is not used in fresh water you can opt out of this fee and save the additional charges.
  238. jayyyy

    A Couple Firsts... A Day I'll Never Forget - DP Wahoo and Marlin 10/24

    Congrats on an epic morning bite.....great action picture of the Marlin.
  239. jayyyy

    Hurricane Season came early.....

    I've been thinking the same, strong El nino but not much Hurricane activity YET
  240. jayyyy

    Whats up with the Excel?

    Might have to disconnect all power to replace Gen set, tough luck for the passengers that had their trip cancelled.
  241. jayyyy

    10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    Great mentioned bad ass bait tank
  242. jayyyy

    She Put Her Mouth Around my Giant Trembler................

    Hook marks....that lure is not rigged for wahoo.
  243. jayyyy

    JRI 8 Day Vagabond

    Last time I was on a night time big yellow bite was with mike, fun as hell. Thanks for the great report.
  244. jayyyy

    2 Hoo Day 10/16

    Both good size fish, congrats.
  245. jayyyy

    Wanted: Roll and Tip painting guy

    If the gelcoat is in good shape but faded and chalky a good wet sanding followed by compounding and polishing can do wonders. Even if it has some chips and gouges color matched gelcoat patch will make those disappear. I had GCP in Seattle match my gelcoat color from a coupon with their infrared...
  246. jayyyy

    Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    Good grade of tuna and very nice Wahoo, congrat's.
  247. jayyyy

    14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    Looks more like paddy humping
  248. jayyyy

    10/3 oside Blue

    Great job on the C&R and the great actions shots.
  249. jayyyy

    Capacity Placard on boats - SAFETY CONCERN IF EXCEEDED?

    That capacity plate you referenced may or may not have errors, B.W. made a lot of "specialty" boats over the years. I would be more concerned about the capacity plate/specs. On your boat. I have never exceeded a boats capacity but during certain occasions like for boats parades I have Maxed out...
  250. jayyyy

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Great catch.......really great eating fish, I like Mako more than swordfish. What page is the report on, I got here late all I'm seeing is a bunch of BS about conservation and pictures of dead mammals. Could have been a great thread about an outstanding catch.
  251. jayyyy


    Not mine, but hope to find this spot of fish with my NSS.
  252. jayyyy

    Wahoo Report 9-26

    Very nice hoo....ten miles from SD makes it the catch of a lifetime.
  253. jayyyy

    Nice Skunked day, it could have been worse...

    Maybe next time appease the fish gods and let the newbie puke, sounds like a nice day on the water though.
  254. jayyyy

    9/25 425 area WFO w/ Wahoo

    Stuff breaking running into stuff.......and then killing it, congrats.
  255. jayyyy

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Great report and pictures...... the kind of trip that keeps you coming back to long range.
  256. jayyyy

    9/20 on the Seabiscuit out of CISCO's BFT/YFT

    Nice report and pictures, sounds you and pop's made some memories.
  257. jayyyy

    9/20 14 mi, 267, 277 trek

    Some good eat's there, congrats.
  258. jayyyy

    Rodeo time!

    Looks like you were filming a remake of "Jaw's" great job and go niner's.
  259. jayyyy

    Late Report- Eclipse Day and a Half Sept 15

    Nice quality tuna least those that blanked got a chance at nicer fish, can't ask for more than that.
  260. jayyyy

    Engine noise

    RFI-EMI Ferite suppressor core might be a solution. Any electronics supply or amazon will have one that fits the cabling on your head unit. They are less than $10 and are worth a try if re-routing / isolating cable is not working or feasible. Furuno installs them on their transducers and on...
  261. jayyyy

    Marlin 9-12

    Any time you catch a blue from a US port it's a great feat, the Striper is icing on the cake. Congrats and thanks for the report and great pictures.
  262. jayyyy

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    I've been lucky...... I don't like wearing gloves or tape on my hands while fishing and have had a lot of small nicks and cuts over the years. A bacterial or fish toxin infection has always been in the back of my mind, looking at your finger is a good reminder to take precautions. If the wrong...
  263. jayyyy

    9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Dorado on the iron, well done.
  264. jayyyy

    Secret Weapons

    Which language is that
  265. jayyyy

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    Gotta love "luxurious trolling" great job.
  266. jayyyy

    Labor Day Weekend Report

    Thanks for the report......sounds like the captain went the extra mile to try and get you into the right kind.
  267. jayyyy

    SCI Bluefin

    Well Done!
  268. jayyyy

    Simrad evo2 7"

    If you change the maximum depth range from infinite to the maximum depth your interested in it should stop searching for bottom and work correctly. Also there was a firmware update for that unit on July 30th 2015 that fixes several bugs.
  269. jayyyy

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    This post is funny and sad, heavy drinkers start to shit themselves when they become alcoholics.
  270. jayyyy

    Elly/Ellen last week

    Someone already said it, that's bad ass X2
  271. jayyyy

    Sunday oside tuna and rant

    Best thing to do is tie on some heavy sinkers drop down and act hooked up.......when the other boats run up on'ya wave'em over and ask for assistance.
  272. jayyyy

    To foam or not to foam? Starcraft new deck.

    Yep, wherever you trap moisture against the aluminum it will corrode, open cell foam and the wood in the transom are trouble areas for corrosion.
  273. jayyyy

    277 pay off 8/2

    Great job. Nice report..... pictures and all the information I want nothing I don't, thanks.
  274. jayyyy

    Check my transducer placement

    Thats exactly where and in the same orientation I have a P66 for a Furuno 585 and it works great. From the photo its hard to tell if you have a running strake directly forward and inline with of the ducer though. I would Kick the transducer up and at running speed have someone look over the...
  275. jayyyy

    Cabo Cuddycon 216 passenger and load rating

    My '04 Sea Pro 220 WA outboard boat is similar in size to your Cabo 216, this is what it's certified for if that helps. 10 persons or 1600 lbs 2350 lbs persons, motor , gear 250 HP motor
  276. jayyyy

    Dana Point 8/1 & 8/2: Las Vegas Boys Killed it

    Great catch traveling that far tuna fishing in skiffs. Give you guy's a mulligan on the baby thresher, maybe next time release'em
  277. jayyyy

    114 lb opah and 13 albacore out of Eureka on 30 lb test

    Great catch don't get many opah in northern CA. Looks like If I wanna catch tuna this year I have to head up your way, I haven't heard of a single tuna being caught from the dog leg to the 601.
  278. jayyyy

    Half Moon Bay private boat 8/2 - ling limits and awesome mola mola show!

    Nice catch....I was off davenport recently talking to a buddy about all the great white activity recently when one of the VW sized sun fish pop's up within a couple feet of my boat. my buddy sees it first and yells out Great White, that was an eye opening moment. Pretty cool the way they stay...
  279. jayyyy

    Middle grounds North bar

    Great catch, thanks for the good info. I'm heading out there this weekend.
  280. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    With all the histrionics and emoji's I feel like I'm debating a 3 year old, Geeesh.
  281. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    No your missing the point, crimping is good soldering is better. Sometimes its not possible to solder especially when modifying in service systems. In that case I crimp using best practices. I can do both techniques well, don't take it personal if you can't solder.
  282. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    To distill things down it's obvious you have never been trained or learned how to solder. Someone told you soldering boat cable is not good and your perpetuating that myth. Carry on.
  283. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    You gave "magazine" references, here is one from a professional marine electrician that does this for a living. This is exactly how I join two sections of wire, it's proven to have long term (20 years plus) reliability for me.
  284. jayyyy

    So Cal tuna Help

    Seaforth landing has more parking availability close to the landing.......Talk to the crew members let them know your new to this type of fishing, they will give you the best information / advice.
  285. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    If you really want to know why some claim crimping is preferred it's because its faster and easier. I've been doing both (crimping and soldering) professionally for over 25 years. when I started out I drank the cool aid theory that crimping is better, well I can tell you from experience that a...
  286. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    From 4 decades of boat building experience I can assure you that crimping is the preferred method of terminating boat wire and cable. Soldering leads to premature failure. Then your doing it wrong
  287. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    Never solder electrical connections--crimp only. I know from 25 years of experience that you are mis-informed to put it politely. And yes I know about ABYC recomendations.
  288. jayyyy

    skipjack stove??

    How bout some built in storage, never have too much of that.
  289. jayyyy

    putting another bilge pump on the same switch

    However you decide to install the second bilge pump don't use any automotive relay's switches or wiring. Use tinned copper marine cable rated for a 3% voltage drop at your amperage needs for the round trip length (positive and ground), I prefer Ancor marine cable. Use only marine rated switches...
  290. jayyyy

    Tuna Shut Down Good Dorado Bite - 8/1

    Great report and fantastic pictures, those Do Do's are lit up like Christmas tree's.
  291. jayyyy


    Epic catch, congrats.
  292. jayyyy

    Nostrovia Doubles Down

    Any pictures of the Fish and game babe.
  293. jayyyy

    Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    Your bro looks like he really is enjoying that time bring the girl friend.
  294. jayyyy

    Crazy Boat Wreck Destruction Photos

    ATE UP alright, too bad.
  295. jayyyy

    Tuna at 277

    Way to make lemonade, nice catch.
  296. jayyyy

    Having Humility On The Water

    I thought the girl in the purple bikini was going to have serious head trauma, major face plant. Good lesson in why you should know who's hands your putting you're life into, the captain was clueless or reckless or both.
  297. jayyyy

    Skipjack Flybridge phenomenon

    Every planing cabin hull I've ever owned did a stiff breeze a-beam the boat leans into the wind. You would think the hull would lean away from the wind.
  298. jayyyy

    Looking at $8,000 repair or new 175 HP outboard

    Lots of good advice, also Mercury marine sells factory re manufactured power heads and lower units as well as factory warranted used engines.
  299. jayyyy

    Best Marine, windshield wiper fluid ?

    I use distilled water, or tap water in a pinch in my windshield wiper reservoir. I thought about adding the blue stuff you put in automotive wiper reservoir's, but I thought it might damage my eisen glass enclosure.
  300. jayyyy

    Which would you pick?

    I wouldn't necessarily cross a bottom painted boat off my list. I bottom painted my boat to keep in the water 3 or 4 weeks out of the year, the rest of the time it sits on the trailer.
  301. jayyyy

    Can still see old name on Transom. What to do?

    You can wet sand, compound, polish and wax but it will still be slightly visible. How visible depends on how long and strong the sun was on it, the sun darkens the gelcoat. The lettering blocked the sun so it will be closer to the factory new color. If you wet sand or compound thru the gel it...
  302. jayyyy

    Which would you pick?

    I don't like I/O's in small trailerable fishing boats, the engine cover box takes up too much of the prime cockpit area. If the Grady passes survey; transom/deck OK, engine good compression that would be my choice. If you like I/O's Striper's are nice fishing boats, around 04' they integrated...
  303. jayyyy

    Deck and Scuppers Below Water Line....

    That bait tank looks to be around 60 gallons, that's almost as much weight as another engine.
  304. jayyyy

    Painting aluminum help!

    Acid wash / Alodine or anodize or whatever they use to keep Airstream trailers bright and shiny.
  305. jayyyy

    Transom transducer location

    I have also mounted on the port side with right rotation OB. At the same time I had an identical Airmar p66 on the other side to compare with, not a big difference. Avoid mounting behind a strake or thru hull etc. etc. and outside swing radius of prop and away from trailer bunks. If you have a...
  306. jayyyy

    left rods and tackle bag sb boat launch

    I have had that happen it still stings......keep an eye on craigslist and Ebay might show up, pink reels and kencor rods are not real common.
  307. jayyyy

    its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Unless you know the captain or get permission first.......go find your own fish / patty. Its not that one person owns a patty or a certain spot, its not worth it to be a mooch and cause issues / problems. So maybe you know how to anchor up or slide into a patty without interfering or putting...
  308. jayyyy

    21 chris craft...A little help guys

    I like it. It will have wood in the deck and transom/stringers that needs to be checked for rot. Along with that have a shop or surveyor check engine compression and look at paper work for newer fuel tank. The seller is probably telling the truth about the boat but you need to verify before you...
  309. jayyyy

    130 Pound Blue Fin 9-mile Bank New Lo-Ann

    You're stoked....20 years from now you'll remember this trip, that fish.
  310. jayyyy

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    That's website / brochure material their, and that kids bucket list just got shorter.
  311. jayyyy

    Furuno GP1610C SOLD

    Interested sent PM
  312. jayyyy

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2007 Farallon Boat 2800 Walkabout

    I hope you at least get to enjoy the boat while its on the market, that rig is all anyone could ask for in a trailer-able fishing boat.
  313. jayyyy

    Royal Polaris 8 Day June 24 to July 2

    Outstanding early season Wahoo action, thanks for the great report.
  314. jayyyy

    Penn University slayfest aboard the California Dawn

    California Dawn does a great job of filleting your catch no waste there. That picture is the fish caught for the entire boat, no way would the Cal Dawn never knowingly let anyone violate F&G regulations. Really misinformed irresponsible comment to suggest any of that fish is wasted.
  315. jayyyy

    Big BFT, YFT and a Rat

    Great job finding the right kind....and for writing an informative and very readable report, thanks.
  316. jayyyy

    Sunday 6/29/15 9 Mile Bank Report

    Little winter barracuda least you got the skunk off.
  317. jayyyy

    2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    I've had "things" like that happen on other boats, its a tuff pill to swallow but it is what it is. Once I get burned like you indicated I won't go back, even if the trip was free. There are too many really good operations to bother with mediocrity.
  318. jayyyy

    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    That video didn't suck, better luck next time.
  319. jayyyy

    6/21 - 14Mile, 267, 277, Catalina

    Easy to read report because I hate having to read through peoples novels for simple info.. Ha Ha ain't that the truth.... great call on trying the Island.
  320. jayyyy

    New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    Definitely a learning curve with a new boat and new to fishing. Don't worry you'll get there, try to enjoy the process.
  321. jayyyy

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    Forget calling the Coast Guard or Fish and game or any other government agency. Call PETA or Green Peace or some other Eco extremest organization tell'em there netting flipper. They would shut them down one way or another.
  322. jayyyy

    140 miles for nada

    Tuff to report no catching trips, been there done that. Makes a great "catching" trip all the sweeter though.
  323. jayyyy

    Furuno 1724C Radar; GD1720C Color MFD; ETR 6/10 Network Sounder

    I'm interested, what is the model # of the display, it's on the back should be RDP-XXX. Is the Navionics map chip for CA included, thanks.
  324. jayyyy

    130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    "Can't call b.s. on this one." ........Not sure what that means, but nice fish.
  325. jayyyy

    6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    Great information....I wonder if their getting juvenile rock fish off kelp patties or bottom fishing for them.
  326. jayyyy

    Pt. Sur Sunday

    Nice batch of fish there.
  327. jayyyy

    First report....trip of my life

    Who much did it weigh it looks huge, congrats.
  328. jayyyy

    Sauerfish 5/30 BFT Limits

    You have some happy customers there, great job.
  329. jayyyy

    Maiden Fish trip, Today was so SWEEET!!

    Nice catch and Pilot house.
  330. jayyyy

    Any Infor On This One From The Pro's?

    I caught a 90 lb Black Sea Bass on one of those Newllie's back in 1977 at the Uncle Sam Bank. I was 13 at the time and was bouncing it off the bottom during a slow Yellowtail bite. For some dumb ass reason I had one leg over the rail and one on the deck while bouncing that jig. With the drag...
  331. jayyyy

    1995 Seaswirl Striper 2000wa restoration

    Great job that's one of the nicest 18ft fishing boats I've ever seen, really fitted out nice. I removed the monkey fur from my boats cabin and painted also, the only time that stuff looks nice is on the showroom floor. I had the same style swim platform I ditched as well, I got a stowable type...
  332. jayyyy

    Regulator Boats

    Very well made boats...... Very Deep Vee hull great for running fast in a head sea. Not the best hull for anchoring, drifting and slow trolling.
  333. jayyyy

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    Thats the norm for boat storage facilities, you need to be fully insured. A few years back a crew broke into the yard where I stored my boat. They were after outboards they cut the fence open and spent all night stealing outboards, including my 150 hp Johnson and 9.9 kicker. They knew exactly...
  334. jayyyy

    Holliday 182 WALK AROUND CUDDY - 1986

    Cruisers Inc. built some walkarounds they called Holiday's. Really nice looking boat.
  335. jayyyy

    Fished Sat DEC 6 Cortes Bank fishing at its finest on the Tribute

    Great tuna fishing in U.S. waters in December.....EPIC. Congrats on being there, thats the kind of trip you never forget.
  336. jayyyy

    CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    December tuna in U.S. waters.......that kicks ass.
  337. jayyyy

    Tribute Halloween Trip of a lifetime (Yellowfin on a Tootsie Roll)

    Already said but....looks like a super fun trip. Great report, easy read with lots of action pictures.
  338. jayyyy

    32ft La Conner Boat Works

    There is a guy over at that has a La Conner. He is in the boat repair business and knows a lot about these boats and boats in general. If you do a La Conner search over at THT his posts will show up.
  339. jayyyy

    Vagabond Sportfishing experience and opinions please

    I agree with all that"s been typed, a great bang for the buck operation especially with regards to catching the best grade of fish possible. I fish on the more premium long range boats too and they give you more in the non-fishing categories.
  340. jayyyy

    Blue Marlin Release (Certified ID at Marlin Club ILTT)

    Thats bad azzzz, I'm o for 2 on blues. Maybe its just because their bigger compared to a Striper Blues really fight hard, again Congrats.
  341. jayyyy

    another bait pump question

    I was in the same situation when my rule bait pump went out recently. I thought long and hard about getting the Groco centrifugal bait pump, they have a good rep. The rule that was in there lasted 7 years and was a third of the cost of the Groco and was easy to swap out. I ended up going with...
  342. jayyyy

    277 for YFT limits

    Congrats catching tuna in your own back yard, hard to beat that.
  343. jayyyy

    Electronics- Your favorite?

    X2, 25.8 volts
  344. jayyyy

    8/9/14 on the Eldorado

    It sucks you traveled so far to get put on the back burner. I think it was unlucky circumstances that maybe wasn't handeled in the best way.
  345. jayyyy

    302 and surrounding area - 13 August

    I skimmed the post for details in less than a minute. Very worthwhile, thanks for taking time to share.
  346. jayyyy

    Tackle shop in the Bay Area

    I dind't know the rod rack also closed its doors, that sucks. If your in San Jose fishermans wharehouse is excellent.
  347. jayyyy

    Electronics- Your favorite?

    I like Furuno because it just works and its durable. Maybe one negative with Furuno is depending on which model and when you buy their technology can get stale. Software updates aside Furuno tends to make the same model units for years with slight software tweaks. I've owned Raymarine, garmin...
  348. jayyyy


    I had a similar experience with U-Haul twenty some years ago. They didn't tighten to spec two bolts on a class 4 hitch. luckily I was on the residential street where I lived when the bolts finally snapped and the hitch dropped down. I would never have U-haul do any work for me, maybe rent...
  349. jayyyy

    Rewiring 17ft seapro

    I just rewired my Sea Pro, mainly due to the previous owners hack job. I used Ancor tinned copper marine cable through out. I crimped using Ancor rachet swage crimpers and soldered the connections. If crimping and soldering was not possible I just soldered. I've seen the ABYC recommendations on...
  350. jayyyy

    Spirit of Adventure 7-day report

    I get what the OP is relating to.... I had the exact same thing happen on a 7 day on the SOA. Everyone caught fish and had a great time, but a lot of guys including myself anticipated fishing for better grade units at Alijos. Mike knows is stuff and made the correct decision not to go to Alijos...
  351. jayyyy

    Wide open YFT, BFT, from 277 to 181 (8-3)

    The looks on your faces says it all, great job.
  352. jayyyy

    Tuna on the Tunacious

    Gotta love it when the fish show up on the way home, great job. Sweet boat too, I love that open cockpit with the center mounted bait well.
  353. jayyyy

    trip report - spirit of adventure 6/16-21/2014

    Alan, great reporting as usual. It looks like you had a fun and relaxing trip, and Think of how much time you saved by not having to clean those reels left in the bag.
  354. jayyyy

    Monster Yellowtail on the Vagabond!!

    Great thread.....I never get tired of looking at giant yellowtail.
  355. jayyyy

    Greg Mueller of the AA:

    Sad news indeed....condolences and thoughts go out to Greg's loved ones.
  356. jayyyy

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Great report X100..... A real testament to how good / enjoyable LR fishing is even when the catching is down.
  357. jayyyy

    Intrepid Boats

    Top tier highly regarded fishing boats.....I would post at for more feedback.
  358. jayyyy

    Need help fixing my hatch mistake

    Bummer that hatch leaks..... it shouldn't, I would contact the manufacturer and see if they have a solution. You could paint the inside of the compartment with Epoxy resin to keep water from soaking into the foam. I have some similar sized Jim Black hatches on my boat and they don't leak a drop.
  359. jayyyy

    10-6 Sea Adventure 80/Fisherman III/New Lo An report

    Making Lemonade out of Lemons, good stuff.
  360. jayyyy

    Czech Mate Trip - Terrible

    This all could have been avoided if you asked in advance if they had any Furuno crap electronics on board.:rofl:
  361. jayyyy

    Chief cuts trip short.... due to taking on water

    Sounds like the owner and captain made the best of a bad situation. The boat can be fixed, returning to port because something like medical emergency puts a dark cloud over the trip.
  362. jayyyy

    Rpt-Wed. 07-31-13 A one day trip on the Islander and Humble Pie!

    Traffic aside still sounds like an enjoyable trip. When the fish bite good is what keeps us coming back, next time it'll happen.
  363. jayyyy

    Should I buy a re-manufactured powerhead or rebuild existing?

    If you have low compression in one cylinder it may just be a blown head gasket, pull the head and take a look. If its not a head gasket then you probably scuffed a piston, very common on two strokes and would make the motor easily rebuilt.
  364. jayyyy

    Two part expanding foam

    Tap plastics has it.
  365. jayyyy

    Long Fins

    Thats great news, right on schedule.
  366. jayyyy

    FirstString Sportfishing 1 day was awesome! Check out my 61lb Bluefin!

    Very impressive going 2 to 1 (lb test to fish wt.) on a bluefin, great job.
  367. jayyyy

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    That would be a tough decision for me.......congrats on releasing such a huge great fighting and great tasting fish.
  368. jayyyy

    BlueFin off Monterey

    A good indicator would be if the Seiners and spotter planes are out there. Hopefully it's the 75-200lb variety that came through about 8 years ago, that was epic.
  369. jayyyy

    My new sweetheart

    Someone loved that boat, what a cream puff. Congrats.
  370. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    I call BS. 15 excellent grade 20+lb YT in 3 hours. Thats a fish every 12 minutes.
  371. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    I've been on multiple LR trips going back to 1975 where we drove away from 30-50 lb yellowfin and 18-25lb yellows, no one was unhappy. Its all about trip management, stay on the fish long enough for the weak sisters to get their fish. I guess I'm just lucky I've never done a rocks ridge trip...
  372. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    8 day trip limits in a few hours and excellent grade (20lbs +)?????
  373. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    If your into 50-80 lb tuna 8 day trip limits won't happen in a matter of hours.
  374. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    If your getting trip limits on an 8 day in hours then there not good grade IMO.
  375. jayyyy

    skipjack outriggers

    On two boats I've had Lee aluminum outriggers, they have worked great with no problems.
  376. jayyyy

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    If you can get "Limits in hours" on an 8 day trip the captain is not doing his job. The boats I ride we would have driven away from those smaller grade long before boat limits, and went looking for larger grade. It can happen that the boat gets limits on tuna and tails before the end of the trip...
  377. jayyyy

    Tribute overnighter 7/21

    She was the Holiday for many many years then the Dolphin 3 for a short time and now the Tribute. And Yeah like last year the 1.5 day trips did a lot better than the overnighters. At least you guys got some, nothing wrong with that.
  378. jayyyy

    The Real Sea Adventure 80 BFT 7-19-13

    Good to hear Scott has maintained his enthusiasm after all these years. He was my go to skipper to fish Cortez Bank back in the day when he ran the Grande out of San Pedro.
  379. jayyyy

    Russian Hook at the Tuna pens!! Got some!!

    I used to take an 18 footer 40 miles offshore in NorCal, you need to have your shit together to do this on a small boat. Many details that are not as crucial in a larger craft need to be locked in, if the weather kicks up you definetly know your alive. Some captains are unsafe in any sized...
  380. jayyyy

    Motors stolen in Santa Cruz

    I had my 9.9 Johnson kicker jacked from a storage yard in San Jose a few years back. I had two locks on the motor they cut one then unbolted the kicker bracket to defeat the motor clamp lock. They tried to steal my 200 hp Johnson main but someone must have come by, when I showed up their tools...
  381. jayyyy

    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    From potential catastrophy to success.......Great build. With the narrow beam I have no idea why Skipjack didn't set up there hulls for outboards, the dog houses are always where I want to be standing. That hull was designed to handle a flying bridge, if it can handle that much top hamper an...
  382. jayyyy

    Bluefin Tuna Pens (picture heavy)

    Lots of great pictures from a Sport boat passengers perspective........Thanks.
  383. jayyyy

    2601 striper twin engine real data?

    That hull wil hit 40 knots plus with a Yamaha 250hp 4-stroke, that woud be my choice.
  384. jayyyy

    Boat wreck at Newport Harbor.....surprised this doesn't happen more often

    Article didn't say if the perps were aprehended....... if they were caught they are in for some serious criminal/civil penalties.
  385. jayyyy

    Trailer boat deadrise?

    I think the Skipjack 24 open is one of the best all around boats out there. A shallow'er deadrise hull will drift more stable but beat you to death in a head sea. Converesly a deep V with a 22 degree plus deadrise are "tippy" on the drift, but nice in a head sea. It all depends on how you use...
  386. jayyyy

    Bayrunner Baja Transom Corrosion?

    X2. Moisture trapped by wood in the transom causes the Aluminum to corrode through from the inside out, very very common. It can also occur by the trailer bunk boards trapping moisture aginst the hull bottom, flotation foam inside the hull can do the same. The permanet fix is to remove the wood...
  387. jayyyy

    Taking my boat to San Jose Del Cabo

    That is very cool living the dream there, congrats.
  388. jayyyy

    Old glory 1.5 fished sun July 14

    Early season fishing is usually up and down, you'll get'um next time.
  389. jayyyy


    You guys are too cool for shoes, great job.
  390. jayyyy

    BFT 36 NM from PL

    Way to stick it out keep fishing and make it pay.
  391. jayyyy

    Jumbo Blufin

    Bad ass..... wish I was there.
  392. jayyyy

    My life long dream came true today

    Very nice boat, looks like the prior owner took great care of her congrats.
  393. jayyyy

    Thoughts on this boat?

    I like Parker's in general; well made, simple and lots of interior room due to 3 piece hull.
  394. jayyyy

    Fort Bragg Salmon Report 7/8/13

    Thanks for the report, I don't see many from that area. Congrats on the limit.
  395. jayyyy

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    I suspected the engine got messed up by a moron with some tools......Good for you, got yourself a top notch mechanic to get that motor running right.
  396. jayyyy

    My Battery Blew Up

    I just went to service/check the batteries on my boat with a Capacitence tester and it indicated one battery had a shorted cell. Exactly what happened here is the first thing that went through my mind. I've heared of batteries exploding, at least no one got injured.
  397. jayyyy

    The Boat that Jack built, very interesting......

    Looking at older Skipjacks I'm always amazed at how well they hold up, structurally and cosmetically. When you look around on an older Skippy all you see is quality, all this was created as this article states "with no boat building experience". Great read thanks for posting.
  398. jayyyy

    20' skipjack

    Crystaliner in Costa Mesa does a great job on these conversions. They also sell all the needed materials if you are tacking the job yourself.
  399. jayyyy

    Question on Processing

    I think it's illegal to fillet fish onboard in Mexican waters.
  400. jayyyy

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    X2.....most of the fish in the pictures are in the 10 lb range. I'm sure the crew encouraged everyone to release the smaller fish. These folks make their living catching fish why would they slit their own throats to keep some small Yellowtail?
  401. jayyyy


    You guys went a long way for a 2.5 day trip and made it pay off, congrats.
  402. jayyyy

    Yellowtail Limits on the Sauerfish Charter

    Good job on the yellows and your first report....welcome aboard.
  403. jayyyy

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    Looks like she's doing pure research (no agenda)........she looks like she likes to eat fish, you can see it in her eyes. Maybe she's on our side.
  404. jayyyy

    What boat cover would you recommend for a hard top cuddy?

    I went with a custom made Sunbrealla cover for my 20' hard top walk around. The initial cost stings a little $950, but eleven years later its still in great condition.
  405. jayyyy

    IT'S ON BABY!!

    Make sure and post a B.S. report when you get back.:rofl:
  406. jayyyy

    Guadalupe in Sept question?

    All that and a bag of chips, thats prime time at the lupe or points south.
  407. jayyyy

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    I agree, this guy's a complete B.S.'er I don't trust that mechanic as far as I could throw him. My 2 cents get some of your money back and take the boat to a top Yamaha mechanic.
  408. jayyyy

    IMPORTANT...PLEASE READ and learn from my mistakes / stupidity..!!

    OK that sucks and the people that lied to your face their day will come. If I were you I would focus on getting the motor running good and the boat dialed in and don't look back. Find a good honest mechanic/dealer to do the work it may not be as bad as you think, 109 psi compression is not...
  409. jayyyy

    Coronados 1 cuda and 6 yellows 12 to 35 lbs 5/19/13

    Looks like a great time was had by all, congrats.
  410. jayyyy

    238 Wellcraft Costal

    Well respected manufacturer been in business for a long time..... thats a good all around hull rides good in various conditions and has very good lateral stability. Take it for a sea trial to see how you like it get a survey before buying, good luck.
  411. jayyyy

    Epic Local Yellow Fishing!

    Stopping to get limits of Rock fish first...... thats what I call confidence, congrats on kick ass catching.
  412. jayyyy

    my new boat

    Looks like the Yamaha fishing team spent more time tricking out that boat instead of using it, a true barn queen congrats.
  413. jayyyy

    Need a Good Online Trailer Parts Store

    Champion X2
  414. jayyyy

    Fishing hints in and around Newport Harbor

    26 ft Whaler, by "around the harbor" you don't mean in the harbor do you? Anyway skip the harbor and try Catalina or San Clemente Is. The front east end of Catalina usually is the first area to get warmer water temps. in the spring, might be a good place to start.
  415. jayyyy

    Overnite on the Pacific Queen

    X2. Can't someone figure out how to date stamp the original post so I don't get a boner looking at last years fish reports?.
  416. jayyyy

    Aluminum fuel tanks

    Holy crap......this boat was lucky that you got it, very nice.
  417. jayyyy

    Local fun! Cbass-Lings-Calicos!

    Way to go find your own fish, congrats.
  418. jayyyy

    Holy Shitshow

    Welcome to the jungle......relax and breath through your nose.
  419. jayyyy

    Sant Cruz Kings 4-21-13

    Nice fish and location choice, congrats.
  420. jayyyy

    Ultimatefishcharters Santa Cruz limits 4/13

    Very nice, thanks for the report.
  421. jayyyy

    Chevy 5.3 for towing?

    Definitely at the upper tow limit of that truck, especially without a weight distributing hitch. Just going 2 miles and taking it easy you won't have any issues. Launching and retrieving might prove difficult depending on tide ect.......AAA towing would be money well spent.
  422. jayyyy

    What kind of anchor...How much line?

    A lot of good advise given....I would add you don't always need the recommended 6 to 1 scope. Depending on the weather, bottom composition and your anchoring requirements. You may only need 2 to 1 for fishing but 6 to 1 and a boats length of chain to keep you off the rocks/reef during an...
  423. jayyyy

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    I don't mind music playing while fishing but I'm mindful that not everyone likes the same music, movies, food etc. Old fart music would get annoying after a few day's.
  424. jayyyy

    Monterey Salmon Weekend

    Great report, congrats on the catch.
  425. jayyyy

    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Thanks for the report and great least you got some pink meat for dinner.
  426. jayyyy

    Best bank for financing a boat?

    It sounds like your looking to purchase a used boat that is well within your means, not leverage yourself to the hilt on a new boat. Everyone spends money on something "unnecessary" in life for many on this forum its boats. I say you only live once set your parameters and go for it....Bofa...
  427. jayyyy

    Bayliner Trophy or Seaswirl Striper?

    If the boat and motor check out I think you will be happy with the Striper. That vintage Evenrude is very reliable and durable, I've fished on a couple Striper's quite a bit and was very impressed.
  428. jayyyy

    Better electrical connections...

    I was not indicating anyone use under size wiring or rely on a soldered joint as a fuse. I was speaking to the failure of a soldered joint during a short circuit situation where a circuit breaker fails and how some construe this as a negative. Very unlikely a boat is built with under size...
  429. jayyyy

    Revenge aboard the Thunderbird

    I remember fishing the bird back when the Schaffer's owned it, glad to see it back at Davey's. Thanks for the report.
  430. jayyyy

    That Guy

    I thought I had experienced "that guy"...... reading some of these replies it was just that guy in training.
  431. jayyyy

    Better electrical connections...

    X2 on using a heat gun on shrink tubing, it allows much better control of the heat applied and avoids over heat and burning. Any where near a gas tank or accelerant I hate an open flame.
  432. jayyyy

    San Miguel /Santa Rosa Island Report

    You picked a great weather day, quality time with your sons priceless.
  433. jayyyy

    Better electrical connections...

    If there is a short and the circuit breaker doesn't open the circuit.... I want that soldered joint to fail and open the circuit before the electrical cable jacket catches fire. Similar to what fusible link does. Some high current connections on applications like appliances run hot and can't...
  434. jayyyy

    the rock pile, islands, and deep water

    Thanks for the same day report, sounds like you made the best of yellowtail lock jaw.
  435. jayyyy

    Custom Canvas Half Pilot House

    Very nice, it looks like you can take the wings down when your on the fishing grounds?
  436. jayyyy

    converting trailer

    Depending on which Mfg. of actuator you have you can change out the orifice plug for disc operation. The disc brakes require a greater pressure and volume of fluid to function properly as previously mentioned. Back in the day when trailer disc brakes were first being introduced one of our...
  437. jayyyy

    Better electrical connections...

    I solder and then go full mechanical with a ratchet crimper. The key to a good solder connection is proper soldering technique and strain relief to protect the hard spot soldering creates. I've seen the ABYC standards but from my experience the soldered connection is best, the mechanical...
  438. jayyyy

    2-26 jello

    Nice batch of jellotail, congrats.
  439. jayyyy

    Rockpile and SKR 3/27/13

    I like that report....just the facts, great job.
  440. jayyyy

    cabo 216

    Very nice rig.
  441. jayyyy

    Pt. Loma 3-24-13

    Tasty batch of fish in that cooler, congrats.
  442. jayyyy

    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Great detailed report, very helpful thanks.
  443. jayyyy

    San Diego / Seaforth 3.21.13

    As mentioned nice grade of fish there, thanks for reporting.
  444. jayyyy

    Killed the yellows at the Nados 3-17-13

    Epic winter time fishing at the Coronado's, congrats.
  445. jayyyy

    Coronado Islands Sunday

    Were you throwing surface iron with the 6x, or 6x heavy yo yo?
  446. jayyyy

    Wellcraft v20 fisherman sea drive conversion

    Those V20 step lift Wellcrafts are arguably the best riding 20 footer ever made. That 175 hp is gonna bring out the best of that hull. The way your going your gonna have one bad ass boat when your done, congrats.
  447. jayyyy

    New trailer!

    Is the trailer they made you aluminum?
  448. jayyyy

    Rpt-Wed-03-13-13 Coronado Tails!

    Great report....... the way you did it, winter time in a Small boat makes it even better.
  449. jayyyy

    one more skipjack.

    Great job..... the S.J. sport cruiser is a really great "do it all" type of trailerable fish/dive/cruiser, congrats.
  450. jayyyy

    North River Boats Not for Mooring?

    Even marine aluminum is prone to corrosion and electrolysis. Aluminum boats can be left in saltwater but it takes the proper barrier coatings and anti-foulants applied properly, and re-applied on an annual basis. Zincs must be properly installed/maintained and replaced at regular intervals. Your...
  451. jayyyy

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    I like that one. What happened to the Like tab?
  452. jayyyy

    non skid deck gelcoat repair

    X2. I like and use Mas products often and didn't know about that.
  453. jayyyy

    davis /davison/radon/wilson vs farallon

    Of the boats mentioned.... on the used market the Radon and Davis will have the best build quality. If buying new a Radon and possibly the Davidson will be built the best. As far as the best ride thats subjective the best way to find out is to do a sea trial and decide for your self.
  454. jayyyy

    DUMBARTON STURGEON 1-12-13 picture?
  455. jayyyy

    What to do with squid.

    I have eaten Humbolt squid prepared several different ways and would describe it as edible but not delicious. The market squid I would describe as delicious, but I would prefer eating Bonita over Humbolts. I'm still open to trying new cooking methods for Humbolts but they always seem to come...
  456. jayyyy

    Interested in your comments

    C) Having a crew member get your rig around the anchor or out of a tangle is going to be one of the sticking points. maybe a time limit for each hand off and a stipulation the person must be a working crew member.
  457. jayyyy

    Interested in your comments

    IGFA is east coast centered. Why not start a start a west coast centered world record game fish association. It could include both halibut species and other west coast game fish not recognized by IGFA. The governing body could be an organization similar to SAC but for the entire west coast...
  458. jayyyy


    I doubt any L.R. boat would do any fishing in Mexico without proper documentation, they have too many places to catch fish.
  459. jayyyy

    Cat problem

    Some funny stuff there, wrong but still funny. If the SPCA will let you borrow a trap that sounds like the way to go. I had a similar issue with a cat scratching up my bolsters, I just made sure the boat had the cover on when stored and that was that.
  460. jayyyy

    Would you take this boat to Coronados?

    That is good advice buy the boat that suits your needs the first time around. If you want a boat to fish fresh water bass and go offshore, I would get an ocean capable boat and make it work for fresh water duty. That way you won't be soaking wet and miserable while risking your life.
  461. jayyyy

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 1

    Good stuff there, more than just the nuts and bolts topics of rods and reels. Getting a great bait and pinning it with a large circle hook without injuring the bait is a lot harder then it sounds, for me anyway.
  462. jayyyy

    outboard security anti theft

    Everything already mentioned and insurance.
  463. jayyyy

    5 400#'s?

    Holy S*#t.... It seems like the increase in super cows and 400 lb + tuna occurred after the Is. closure and creation of the buffer zones. Could just be a big fish cycle, either way thats bad ass.
  464. jayyyy

    Durability of Long Range Boats

    I was on the R.P. in the eighties and the VCR would not rewind, we averted catastrophe by setting aside movies that had been watched. On a serious note back in the early seventies while on a winter trip to Catalina on the boat Channel Isle out of Arts landing. The boat got knocked on its side...
  465. jayyyy

    Before the Spirit of Adventure was a Long Range Boat...

    Very cool....... There was also that big yellow boat the Executive back in the day started life as a dive boat.
  466. jayyyy

    19.5' 1973 Aquasport w/ Yamaha 115hp from Spring Valley

    Probably stole it for the motor..... Same thing happened to me, they ruined the hull stripping the motors, controls, guages etc. I had to fight State Farm tooth and nail to get made whole. If you catch the fuckers and hurt'em guess who's going to jail?
  467. jayyyy

    Report:Home guard yellows!!

    Thats bad ass, thanks for the report
  468. jayyyy

    Oceanside - Cabo

    was diesel more readily available?
  469. jayyyy

    Jigging Yellowtail - Nice Results Photos

    Maybe the fisherman is a wizard...... I've fished next to wizards on long range boats, you copy what their doing to catch fish but it only works for THEM!!!! The crew members are also usually wizards too, FREAKY.
  470. jayyyy

    How many hrs for a outboard?

    I agree with that 100%
  471. jayyyy

    Custom Cover

    I paid $750.00 for a custom Sunbrealla cover for a 20ft W/A with a hard top 13 years ago, and had several higher estimates. It sounds like a good price, make sure they use the Sunbrealla thread on the seams. The cheaper thread doesn't last.
  472. jayyyy

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    X2. I made my first ten day L.R. trip in 1977 at age twelve. I have been long ranging ever since and haven't noticed any big change in age demographics. I have noticed an increase in the more casual less "fanatic" fisherman thats looking for and can afford a premium fishing experience.
  473. jayyyy

    Anyone know of good bottom rock fish spots outside of newport?

    You can by waterproof fishing charts with all the well known spots mapped out at most fishing/boating stores, just to get started. Of course the well known spots get hammered to death, as previously mentioned finding hard bottom and working it is your best bet.
  474. jayyyy

    New to me Boat 1985 216 Cabo cuddycon

    Love the layout of those boats. Big enough cuddy for extra dry storage, tons of fishing space and wide walk around congrats.
  475. jayyyy

    Morro Albies with live anchovies11/5

    Never would of thought chovies could survive that transport on an aerator. Great job and thanks for sharing.
  476. jayyyy

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    Evolution, now its for enjoyment.
  477. jayyyy

    How are the sleeping cushions on the Excel?

    If you have shoulder issues and your a side sleeper bring a pad or borrow an extra pad from an unused bunk. Anyone with a pre-existing condition needs to take due diligence, it is your trip.
  478. jayyyy

    Spirit of Adventure with 200 wahoo

    :)Sea of Cortez? Thats an awesome score of Wahoo, fun to catch'em and my favorite to eat.
  479. jayyyy

    November Dorado! 11-05-12

    You picked a great weather day, good job on the Do Do's.
  480. jayyyy

    Maximus Salty Dawg trip report

    Nice trip and report. Did you guys fish for other critters or just target cows?
  481. jayyyy

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    There have been plenty of operations through the years that did what the Maximus is doing, Q-105, Breezers and Champ to name a few. Logistics are always a major issue, getting all your stuff on the boat and back home with your fresh catch. I 've done quite a bit of fishing that starts of...
  482. jayyyy

    Tomales Bar

    I saw that report on my local news, the owner/captain needs to be nominated for a Darwin award for not having the kids in life jackets. That was a tragedy waiting to happen.
  483. jayyyy


    Nice report, hopefully all these rat yellows this year find an nearby island to hang at and bulk up.
  484. jayyyy

    New Lo Ann Off shore Clinic---

    New Lo ann has always been a great operation, going back to the Dan Sansome days for me.
  485. jayyyy

    Albies 100 miles West of Oxnard

    Very cool the boss lets you guys fish, thanks for the report.
  486. jayyyy

    Top Gun 80 last trip of the season

    If this economy can get back on track and good fishing continues there should be better days ahead. The San Diego fleet has always bent over back-wards to work with the Mexican Government to collaborate and come to an agreement to sport fish in Mexican waters. I think its in everybody's...
  487. jayyyy

    Central Coast Cod 10-29 w/pics

    Great eats their, outstanding.
  488. jayyyy

    Premade wind on leaders

    The ones I made myself never came out as consistently nice as basils, now I always buy basils wind ons.
  489. jayyyy

    IT'S NOT OVER...Eclipse 1.5

    This report makes me want to go fishing, congrats.
  490. jayyyy


    Vector or Lightning series? If Vector much Heavier hull and deeper V.... needs and can handle more power. H.S. Lightning series are lighter weight modified V hulls.... require and can handle less power. If a Vector hull and you do a lot of offshore fishing go with the Mercury 150's, they...
  491. jayyyy


    Thats an outstanding late season 1.5 dayer.
  492. jayyyy

    Need help pricing out a Skipjack boat to sell

    Skipjack "by" Wellcraft and the OMC drive make it less desirable and decrease the value. There is a 28 ft Skipjack/Wellcraft for sale on CL for $9500.00 on the Central Coast of CA, if that helps.
  493. jayyyy

    RICE BOWL CHARTERS 8 DAY OCT 15-23 2012 S.O.A.

    Sounds like you guys made the best of it. On an October ten day we spent 2.5 days in turtle bay with 60kn winds and torrential rain, that sucked.
  494. jayyyy

    Moss Landing Flatties

    Thats some good eats their, congrats.
  495. jayyyy

    Late Report Sat 10-20

    Great detailed report, thanks.
  496. jayyyy

    prop buffing by hand!!!!!

    Prop buffing by hand......opening wallet and pulling out cash?
  497. jayyyy

    How do you measure chain?

    Thats good advice some windlass require "high test" chain. High test chain is much stronger than standard galvanized chain. It has a smaller diameter per given capacity rating..... the space is larger inside the links, some windlass need the extra space to properly engage the chain.
  498. jayyyy

    WFO Albacore

    Good catch, too much drama in the report though.
  499. jayyyy

    Dolphin 3 10/18 fishing and medivac

    I was on an overnight out of Virg's and a passenger had a heart attack and had to be taken off by the CG....... Immediately some ass hats start saying this guy should not have gone fishing with a bad heart etc. Of course if they got injured it be be a different story.
  500. jayyyy

    My New Hatteras 36!

    Bad asssss, congrats
  501. jayyyy

    Fish Sorting after a trip.

    I notice people like that along with everyone else...... If they want to impune their own integrity and miss out on the team spirit and camaraderie, then so be it.
  502. jayyyy


    Those kinds of trips make the good ones that much better.
  503. jayyyy


    Often times its the last area to hold Albacore in Nor Cal before the fish move on. Few years back we had wide open tuna fishing their on Nov. 1st. in real shitty weather.
  504. jayyyy


    X2 very hard to read. If one of those stops turned into a wide open bite on the right kind you would be "singing a different tune"
  505. jayyyy

    Maybe the Nicest 4x4 Ford Excursion left on earth...!!!

    I have a friend that tows his 29 ft Sea Ray through the Utah mountains to Flaming Gorge several time a year with a V-10 4x4 Excursion, never any issues.
  506. jayyyy

    SCORED A FREE 20 Radon hull!!!!!!

    I would open up the deck and put a bracket and a 200 hp outboard on it.
  507. jayyyy

    PacStar WILD ONE 3.5 day Oct.7-11th

    Looks like you guys fought through the weather to make it happen, congrats.
  508. jayyyy

    old glory day 1.5 day

    hell yeah 50 lb'er would make a 1.5 day trip for me.
  509. jayyyy

    Davidson vs Defiance

    If Davidson quality is as good as Davis, I would prefer a Davidson 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Not saying Defiance boats are bad, its just that Davis boats were really well made.
  510. jayyyy

    New to me 1996 Skipjack 24

    Sweet looking sled their.
  511. jayyyy

    Pacific Dawn Overnight

    Gotta love overnight yellow fin in October.
  512. jayyyy

    20 foot 1986 bayrunner rebuild

    You made that boat better than new, great job.
  513. jayyyy

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    The Ethanol in the newer formulated fuels is a powerful solvent and cleans and "scrubs out" fuel tanks/systems, what you had is very common. I really like the solutions you come up with. Soldered electrical connections we think alike there, great family project and first rate execution.
  514. jayyyy

    New to me 1996 Skipjack 24

    On line I've had good luck with these guy's Boat Motor Parts - iboats
  515. jayyyy

    60 t0 70 yellow fin tuna disappear

    I call B.S. on this post. Whats an unnamed boat? Were you fishing out of LA, San Diego, Ensenada Mex. or other? Why write an inflammatory post so lacking in details.
  516. jayyyy

    425 Yellowfin 80 Bluefin and...and...and...SA80

    The pictures say it all, congrats.
  517. jayyyy

    Awesome Fishing out of Emeryville

    Great job on the white and pink meat. Where can I watch your show in NorCal?
  518. jayyyy

    code boats

    I don't know if its been mentioned, not gonna read this whole post. When a new boat is brought into the long range fleet there is a certain amount of time that has to pass before the boat is code eligible. Probably not a big deal code or not.
  519. jayyyy

    Cortez Bank trip

    I've fished out there quite a bit on 1.5 dayer's and a few times at the end of long range trips. One time on the Vagabond was the roughest water I ever fished on the anchor, and it was wide open 20-40 lb yellows. From fishing with different operations out there it seems that bank takes some...
  520. jayyyy

    EPIC GG Tuna @ gumdrop 9/29 quick report with bonus fish

    Nice catch. Never tried Opah..... heard they taste great, looks like it fillets like a halibut. You definitely got rid of the tuna Skunk great job.
  521. jayyyy

    Is Ranger Boats giving free rides in your state?

    I've seen the same post on other boards..... I call spam.
  522. jayyyy

    WFO: It Rained Tuna - Eclipse 2.5 Day (9/25-9/28)

    Return to port to re-bait, kudos to the Eclipse. Sounds like a great trip.
  523. jayyyy

    Wow... Nothing???

    Been there done that, better luck next time.
  524. jayyyy


    Going back to the late seventies for me, the food has always been good, now even better. I think the late great George on the Red Roosters (originals and three) was the first long range chef to elevate the cuisine to current levels. One added benefit of yesteryears was the boats would commonly...
  525. jayyyy

    A Good Day For Dorado's !

    Some line burners their, good job.
  526. jayyyy

    Comments on the Dominator

    Is that an attempt at sarcasm?
  527. jayyyy

    Prowler 9.16-9-18

    Great report, nice to read one with facts and pictures.
  528. jayyyy

    09-15 Another first for me

    Nice, stick and stay and make it pay.
  529. jayyyy

    New Lo-An Sunday

    Right on, going the distance and making it pay. Sounds like a great fish count for the Lo-An crappy bait and all, congrats.
  530. jayyyy

    KAHUNA Sept 16 Report

    Thanks for the report, sounds like the boat worked hard to find some biters.
  531. jayyyy

    Prowler Day and One Half

    If the boat was supplied with great bait and you caught a bunch of fish..... you would be singing a different tune. Its not the Prowlers fault the bait was crap.
  532. jayyyy

    9-15 43 Mile

    Thanks for the info, sounds like great weather.
  533. jayyyy

    hull foam question

    I would have a pro look at it to determine if the crack is cosmetic or structural, good luck.
  534. jayyyy

    Late Report for Pegasus 2 Day 9-10 - 9-12 PIC HEAVY

    Letting the pictures do the talking, I like it.
  535. jayyyy

    limits for 3 of bodega SLUGS!

    Slugs you got that right, great job!
  536. jayyyy

    Budget Long Range?

    Vagabond or SOA, or do a shorter trip on the A.A., Indy, R.S., Intrepid etc.
  537. jayyyy

    prowler 1.5 day 9/9

    Probably trolling by the paddy to "tear off" some fish without having to use chum, if live bait was in short supply.
  538. jayyyy

    Ranger 85 2.5 day trip

    48lb tuna on a spinner is impressive, congrats.
  539. jayyyy

    2 1/2 Day Big Game 90 Huge Dodo.

    Sounds like the Captain went the extra mile to make things happen.... Trophy Dorado you have their, your gonna eat good for a while with that one.
  540. jayyyy

    9/12/12 Chickens by the 1010

    Thats a fuel efficient sled you have their, now you know what your range is. Congrats on making the trip worth while (tow in and all). After running out of fuel once I bought and installed a Flow scan, makes running out of fuel idiot proof.
  541. jayyyy

    East end to the 277 - DODO

    The interesting this was that one of the fish was the same fish we had gaffed on the first drift. Their not called Do Do's for nothing. looks like it was a fun trip, congrats.
  542. jayyyy

    9/8/12 - Big Swell and a few fish on Ocean Oddyssey

    The good fish counts always seem to get posted right away, really bad fish counts sometimes get posted late or not at all.
  543. jayyyy

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Great post/project really turned out nice. Those new deck hatches are a huge improvement, amazing their available from skipjack for 1986 model.
  544. jayyyy

    Shimano 6 Day on the Royal Polaris

    Sounds like a fun trip, always nice to play with new tackle too.
  545. jayyyy

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Epic, the kind of day trip you will never forget. I had a similar trip on the Prowler with Big Eye tuna in the early eighties, remember it like it happened yesterday.
  546. jayyyy

    Limits YFT on Sea Adventure 80

    Thats what its all about, congrats.
  547. jayyyy

    9/4 = 1.5 day on Grande

    Thanks for the report, sounded fair and balanced.
  548. jayyyy

    skipjack pilothouse...what do you guys think?

    FYI 6 year old post.
  549. jayyyy

    Engine won't turn off by key

    If the kill switch works the Ign. switch is probably the culprit. The Ign. switch sends a signal to the power packs to kill the engine, I think its the yellow w/gray stripe wires from the Ign. switch to the PP's. Check the connection of the yellow wires at the power packs for corrosion or...
  550. jayyyy

    96 Johnson Ocean Runner 150 cutting out.

    Sounds like a fuel supply problem, fuel tank pick-up screen clogged, clogged filters to engine, gunk-ed up carbs, bad fuel pump. If you run directly off a portable 6 gallon tank you can rule in or out your boats tank. Usually if the fuel pump is failing, if you squeeze the in line fuel...
  551. jayyyy

    Trips are good if I get home.

    Sport boat Fishing-fool from San Diego ( from one of the big three) was anchored up fishing Ben's Rock south of San Martin Island. A rouge wave came through and capsized the boat. I think the cook/second ticket was the only survivor. A few that survived the initial capsizing tried to paddle...
  552. jayyyy


    X2. I have a lot of questions on this post that need clarification. That is one difficult to read/understand rant by the OP.
  553. jayyyy

    The Wedge - fishing report

    Big ass neck snappers there.
  554. jayyyy

    Beware of HM / Pt. Loma / Fisherman's Landing!!!

    This post is so full of false premises and misinformation I don't know where to start. I will give you one thing, thats one hell of a rant.
  555. jayyyy

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    Lambert, thanks for sharing that.
  556. jayyyy

    9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    I guess in U.S. waters their called Mahi Mahi, anyway great job/report.
  557. jayyyy

    Offshore Colonet and San Martin Island YFT, BFT, YT, Dorado

    Sounds like a fun trip, nice being able to catch something while on the hook.
  558. jayyyy

    Monterey Tuna 9/2/12

    I'd like to see what that guy does if he catches something big, thats gotta be freaky.
  559. jayyyy

    Check this one off the bucket list

    Kencraft are also huge for a given length, on the left is a Regulator 23 on the right a Kencraft 23. Kencraft are very high quality with a price to match, the Kencraft pictured is a 2002 up for sale @ $38,500 and considered a great deal on the East coast. You did great as a new boat buyer. 2
  560. jayyyy

    Mexican Flag cheapo

    S.S. head cut and buffed for a buck, I'll take a hundred.
  561. jayyyy

    Pig Albacores

    You need to sneak aboard a 5.5 ft trolling rod, they can't work you 24/7. Nice report though.
  562. jayyyy

    Beware, Ranger 85

    Everybody has bad days including crew members. Frank has been in the sport fishing business a long time. It takes some balls but if the crew has issues you need to mention it to the boss.
  563. jayyyy

    Pride Overnight Day 08/31/12 (Chom Chomp)

    I keep reading good reports about the Pride, good job.
  564. jayyyy

    First Offshore trip

    You definitely picked the right weather day, good eats their congrats.
  565. jayyyy

    San Martin

    Great job Eric. Do you run charters or are you recreational only?
  566. jayyyy

    Heres the pics

    Very nice catch, looks like your anxious for Halloween.
  567. jayyyy

    Check this one off the bucket list

    Congratulations on finding/buying a west coast Ken craft for your first boat. Ken craft are legendary on the east coast and hard to find out west.
  568. jayyyy

    2.5 Day Pacific Star

    Nice trip/report. Do you have a picture of "That Guy"?:rofl:
  569. jayyyy

    7 DAY ON THE INDY 8/25/12

    12 Wahoo for a newbie, thats epic. Great Wahoo photo's there as well.
  570. jayyyy


    Sea Adventure kicking down live bait, tuna Gods were on your side, very nice.
  571. jayyyy

    Help me with a 302 long block!

    These guys are not local but do excellent work, I highly recommend them.JASPER Engines & Transmissions Remanufactured engine diesel, marine, import
  572. jayyyy


    The reason things are so out of control in Mexico is the lack of Law enforcement. There are no real Police or military in Mexico, and what they do have can be bought and sold by the bad guy's (including Judges).
  573. jayyyy

    non skid for deck

    There are lots of different opinions and preferences about re doing non skid decks. If your boat has molded in (waffle pattern) gel coat decks I would try to salvage that. If it is shabby looking with some small defects I would patch with Marine-tex and top coat with a Linear Polyester...
  574. jayyyy

    Skipjack fueltank installation

    Lots of good advice given, instead of rubber a lot of builders use neoprene.
  575. jayyyy

    Red Rooster III Nov. 8-21. sucks to be on the standby

    Good to hear boats booked full in advance, I hope things work out for you.
  576. jayyyy

    SHOGUN follow-up, 8/16-19

    3 day trip on Shogun.... good food, crew, fishing. lots of peripheral information with a somewhat obtuse ending. I would wait for the movie.:rofl:
  577. jayyyy

    Rpt-Sun-08-19-12 Bluefin Tuna and Do Dos!

    Great report /catch, gotta love that 3 hour run home.
  578. jayyyy

    Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    Great info there thanks. That fish wanted to live more than you guys wanted to catch it, thats what its all about.
  579. jayyyy

    209 - 181

    Nice report, thanks
  580. jayyyy


    I wondered what happened to the Sea Horse, it went from being the go to boat in OC to off the grid.
  581. jayyyy

    Yellow Tail Monterey Bay

    Sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for the report.
  582. jayyyy

    Saw a tuna breaking water heading to Catalina Island yesterday

    In the mid 80's there was an incredible Albacore bite in the Catalina channel. Not huge numbers of fish but giant world record sized Albacore up in the 70 pound range. I remember seeing the San Diego long range fleet out at the 14 mile bank, it was epic I caught a small one @46lbs. So you may...
  583. jayyyy

    Grande 1 1/2 Thurs. 8-16-12

    Nice catch. Grande is one of the few over night boats that fishes 32 just fine, huge deck on that sled.
  584. jayyyy

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Thanks for the great report. You guys are gonna eat GREAT for a while with that DoDo, congrats.
  585. jayyyy

    what should i do?

    The Captain probably planned on compensating you with an overnight tuna trip for excellent work / results, a 3/4 day rock fish trip for average work and nothing for poor job performance / results. What quality of work did you provide?
  586. jayyyy

    Built in Tackle Box

    This would be great, you can lock the cabin door to keep the dishonest away from your tackle. I'm surprised Sea Swirl doesn't offer this as an option or make the frig optional.
  587. jayyyy

    Mexican outboard

    I didn't know they still made those, very cool. Its a basic 2 cylinder 2- stroke service won't be a problem, warranty work might be if new.
  588. jayyyy

    GM / Chevy parts wholesale ?

    Your already committed but I use these guys, they ship fast.AutoPartsTomorrow ACDelco, Bendix Brakes, Denso, Motorcraft and more
  589. jayyyy

    new to boating

    X2, not to mention having a capable tow vehicle with corresponding increased maintenance issues.
  590. jayyyy

    Bankers Hours Tuna

    Flat out bad ass, afternoon Tunacide.
  591. jayyyy

    K&M San Quintin...Tuna & Toads

    Nice yellowfin, its lit up like a Christmas tree.
  592. jayyyy

    VHF radio service......

    Do you have transmission or receiving issues? if you receive the weather channels your reception is OK. If you think transmitting is an issue first check the 12v connections to the radio (including fuses). When you transmit the radio uses a lot of current. If you think there is an antenna...
  593. jayyyy

    1986 Farallon

    Some good points made above. E-tec's are 2005 on ?, survey excellent advice, that is a heavy hull and does better with diesel, especially for 27k might be over priced in this or any economy.
  594. jayyyy

    Fishing options from 8 day to 10 day

    10 day potentially puts you in cow town (southern banks), 8 day rocks / ridge. Not that rocks / ridge is bad, but if you would prefer big yellowfin 10 day is better.
  595. jayyyy

    Best Day This Year

    Riddle me this Bat Man, are the fish going to bite? I will double check my Crystal ball just to make sure. :rofl:
  596. jayyyy

    267, 209, etc.

    At least you know you were in the ballpark, next time it will be a blood bath, thanks.
  597. jayyyy

    Lucky B - Kelpn' on the Local Banks 8/12-8/17

    Great detailed report, thanks a lot.:rofl:
  598. jayyyy


    I usually enjoy long range charters but had an experience that turned me off to them. We were headed to some quality blue fin above Ajilos and the plan was to fish the rocks if the Blue fin didn't bite, seemed like a great plan. While the captain is telling us this the long time charter...
  599. jayyyy

    Opinions on bayrunner bajas

    Went fishing on a friends 22' bayrunner roughest riding boat I've been on, and there is no close second. He got rid of it after corrosion holes appeared on the transom and on the hull where it rests on the trailer bunk boards.
  600. jayyyy

    flow meters!!!

    Floscan X7, They are accurate and reliable which gives you optimum MPG and piece of mind.
  601. jayyyy

    transom support.

    X2. I used 1/4" 5052 alloy aluminum plate, had a sheet metal shop in San Jose make it to my specs. The price was very reasonable.
  602. jayyyy

    ORW: source for trailer brake lines

    X2. Go with stainless and you won't ever have to replace them again.
  603. jayyyy

    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

    I would rather not carry large amounts of cash, I use credit cards. Most boats charge a small fee for using credit but for me its cheap piece of mind. Depending on the length of your trip writing a bad check might get you an eye opening experience on arrival.
  604. jayyyy


    If its a pick bite at Alijos some anglers who are less skilled or just unlucky may not be catching like yourself. The captain needs to make sure all the passengers catch fish to have a good time. I totally understand where your coming from, (I would rather stay at the rocks for bigger fish) but...
  605. jayyyy

    custom build pilothouse ***

    5 months since start of project and no new updates?
  606. jayyyy

    Stringari 20 rebuild

    It looks like a brand new custom skiff, congrats.
  607. jayyyy

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    Yeah, thats a good one.
  608. jayyyy

    Tanner, Gambled and lost.

    Its about the time of year when the Cortez Bank gets going, usually takes someone to make the run to find out. Good on you for making the effort.
  609. jayyyy

    Charter boats?

    Usually the Kahuna is one of the first charter boats to run for tuna, maybe not enough interest yet.
  610. jayyyy

    23 Albacore and some amazing video

    Bad Ass, National Geographic or similar film maker would love to have that footage.
  611. jayyyy

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    You could try this, or just get a Penn Squall / Blue water Carnage combo.
  612. jayyyy

    tin boat cabin build

    3/4 inch plywood + epoxy, it will literally be bullet proof.
  613. jayyyy


    Looks like a fun trip, very well put together report/pictures. Thanks
  614. jayyyy

    Transom corrosion on 1994 Lund Tyee 1850

    It's not your electrical system causing electrolysis/corrosion. It's caused by the wood transom and the moisture in the wood causes a flow of electrons (electrolysis) and the aluminum looses. It's very common, it also will occur where your the hull rests on bunk boards where carpet holds even...
  615. jayyyy

    F'n Henry's trailers

    X2. Trailers are relatively simple and easy to work on, especially for someone that does it for a living.
  616. jayyyy

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    I wondered that, as if there was an impostor out there.
  617. jayyyy

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    These guy's don't own a SeaVee.
  618. jayyyy

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    When you get your hands on a Bubba blade nothing else compares.
  619. jayyyy


    Your motor has an integral regulator/rectifier, hook a volt meter to your battery if the charging voltage drops at the same time the tach malfunctions (tach gets its signal from the rectifier) then the assembly needs replacing. From the motor miss its also possible the stator is going out. When...
  620. jayyyy

    American Angler 2.5 day Tuna

    The bait situation is always subjective this time of year and there is no chance in hell the San Diego bait boats are traveling more than 600 miles round trip to Monterey bay to catch bait. Fishing destinations are always subjective, if a captain fishes close to port and misses the bite it might...
  621. jayyyy

    New boat, Defiance 220 EX w/ Honda BF250

    You got the new Honda 250 very sweet, I bet you will hit 50 MPH lightly loaded.
  622. jayyyy

    Skipjack 263 Fisherman

    I always liked the layout of the 263 best of the trailerable Skipjack's. I never could understand why Skipjack currently doesn't make them.
  623. jayyyy

    custom build pilothouse ***

    Any updates?
  624. jayyyy

    First String 3 day 7-13-15

    Nice, it sounds like the crew "fished hard" to get you guys on the bite.
  625. jayyyy

    What's going on with the El Capitan?

    It's been a double whammy for the sport fishing fleet the last few years, down economy and less than average fishing. Definitely a survival of the fittest situation, hopefully some that have fallen by the wayside can return when things get better.
  626. jayyyy

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    Depends on the species of fish, Yellowtail seem to do better in the freezer than say Albacore. On average I try to make sure everything is consumed within 3 months.
  627. jayyyy

    FSR (fiberglass stain remover)

    It's a mild acid, an even less acidic (harsh) product is Bar Keeper's Friend. It's a cleanser type product available most everywhere (super markets, hardware stores etc) I use this first if not strong enough I go to FSR.
  628. jayyyy

    Aluminum Hull Owners ~ Advise ~ Live well Scoop

    I used a piece of starboard as a spacer and 316 S.S. machine screws to attach the strainer, eleven years no issues.
  629. jayyyy

    Raymarine C-120 Temp. Gauge

    That much difference I would say some how the temperature units got changed in the head units menu, but 224 F is too far off for that.
  630. jayyyy

    RRIII Tuna And Tails Fishing Report

    good grade of tails and very good BFT catch, great trip
  631. jayyyy

    Thoughts From The Tuna Experts

    Neither angler is "catching" there both fighting fighting fish trying to catch. By the look on the face of the guy with the spinner he is having second thoughts about his tackle selection, still looks like fun though.
  632. jayyyy

    Moving up!!!

    Nice, breaking in the new boat with a great yellowtail bite at San Marcos. That boat was owned and fitted out by the legend J.J... seeing the pictures of the boat I thought it looked set up really bitch en.
  633. jayyyy

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Is the structure scan on the simrad sounder a true scanning (search light sonar) if so how does it compare to the Furuno units you have used in the past thanks in advance.
  634. jayyyy

    A Few Photos From The Good Ol' Days... The Start Of Cabo Yachts

    Great stuff there, I love seeing classic California boat building. In high school I worked in Costa Mesa midway between Skip jack and Ditmar Donaldson I spent many lunch hours checking out their work. California sure could use another boat manufacturer like Cabo....
  635. jayyyy

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Your understandably pissed about loosing $1800, your also old enough to know the value of a credit card for a major purchase/deposit.
  636. jayyyy

    Point Sur 6/11/12

    Nice reds there, good job.
  637. jayyyy


    Work like that is worth waiting 5 months for.
  638. jayyyy

    stator/ rectifier problems

    I had a 150hp Johnson that the rectifier went out on and the mechanic replaced the stator as a precaution. The Stator was 5x more $ than the rectifier, If I did it again I would pass on the stator and if the rectifier burned up in short order then I would replace both. Rectifiers are pretty...
  639. jayyyy

    SEI after market lower unit outdrives

    Lots of posts on THT regarding SEI'S- The Hull Truth
  640. jayyyy

    local custom fab hard tops?

    Tom, do you have a website?
  641. jayyyy

    My boat has transucers everywhere!

    Maybe re-post titled "Need good fiberglass shop" advice.
  642. jayyyy

    Sta. Rosalia 5-27 thru 29th

    Was that the N. end of San Marcos? looks like hella fun.
  643. jayyyy

    Slow day on the New Easy Rider

    Thanks for the report, at least you got on the water and pulled on a fish.
  644. jayyyy

    modify aluminum boat for ocean waves/wind

    Do you mean pull up on shore and get inside and sleep? even that I would not want to do, if thats what you want to do though go for it.
  645. jayyyy

    email re: Q105

    Off topic again, but funny as hell.:rofl:
  646. jayyyy

    Q 105

    I too remember fishing with Don Sansome in the early seventies with 50 or 60 anglers on an overnight albacore trip. It was like a half day cattle boat, passengers side by side all up each side of the boat. Even with everyone fishing the slide on early season jig stops (lots of saw offs) we still...
  647. jayyyy

    email re: Q105

    I hope it works out, if nothing else this post is back on topic.
  648. jayyyy

    1988 Radoncraft 22'

    Your a little confused, same potential buyer posting questions on the same hull in two different forums, BD AND THT. Not sure what #2 has to do with the Radoncraft.1988 Radoncraft 22' - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum
  649. jayyyy

    from the Q.....good news

    Good for you, you'll like the Rooster. To me it seems like it cruises a little faster than most the LR fleet, it gets to Alijos and the Lupe in the early morning verses mid morning. Nice comfortable boat it rocks a little more than the Q but not an issue. Andy and John G are excellent skippers.
  650. jayyyy

    What a weekend!

    Thats funny stuff there, thanks for that.
  651. jayyyy

    Has anyone ever fished one of these? 2007 Twin Vee Catamarans 19

    You will get a lot of opinions if you post your query here.- The Hull Truth
  652. jayyyy

    1988 Radoncraft 22'

    Same person, I put a link of BD on - The Hull Truth to get more opinions for the OP.
  653. jayyyy

    Alijos Rocks

    I have been on spring 8 day trips that the "catching" was considered sub-par by the crew. Everyone on the board still caught more than enough fish and a great time was had by all. Your gonna catch fish it may or may not be at Alijos.
  654. jayyyy

    Q 105

    If the deposits were made with a credit card monies can be refunded through the dispute process. If it goes to bankruptcy proceedings you will be made whole, but that is a process and will take a while. There is also a chance the boat will be purchased repaired and trips at a date in the near...
  655. jayyyy

    Salt or fresh water ice

    Thanks for that Mike, good info there.
  656. jayyyy

    2012 MAKO 204, Verado 200

    What are you going to do with it? lake fishing/water sports and coastal fishing it will do fine. If you plan on Island and offshore you will have to pick weather days. For opinions on the boat itself I would post your questions here.- The Hull Truth
  657. jayyyy

    Q 105

    The Q was the first long range boat to have all the features and amenities that made long range fishing so aw some. Below decks bait tanks, huge fuel capacity/range and extra wide beam with a low center of gravity. Rohr aircraft really knew what they were doing when they built the Q, sad a...
  658. jayyyy

    So, how do you know when it's time to sell your boat?

    X2, It still costs to store and maintain. If your not using it enough it doesn't make financial sense. Sentimental value is another factor that only you can answer.
  659. jayyyy

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    I can't wait to see this beautiful boat covered in tuna blood. Keep the pictures coming this post doesn't have to end!
  660. jayyyy

    Cabo 216 ready for duty!!

    That boat is set up to catch anything, fighting chair for Marlin etc. tower for spotting tailer's foamers etc. and down riggers for Salmon. Very nice.
  661. jayyyy

    Salt or fresh water ice

    Making saltwater ice might require more maintenance due to corrosion issues. When I go tuna fishing on my boat I add salt to the ice (purchased) in the hold to lower the temperature.
  662. jayyyy

    Q105 MIA?

    Exactly. Several posters on here say there is no way something like this could happen, but they think the Q burns gas. Its an opportunity it may or may not happen. I'm no expert I was a crew member on the R.P. back in the day, I do know a little.
  663. jayyyy

    Eureka this weekend

    Thats bad ass, please give a full report when you return.
  664. jayyyy

    Q105 MIA?

    Obviously these are difficult economic times but how do you think Bill Poole, Frank lo preste, Don Sansome got started? No one gave them a boat they went to the bank and got a loan and did very well, as others have done.
  665. jayyyy

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Your very brave to share your personal life like that, your young things change the bust up isn't written in stone yet. The boat is an incredible one of a kind, enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  666. jayyyy

    Aluminum Boat floor

    I would copy what the manufacturer did, it held up this long. Probably screwed or riveted down plywood, as long as you use stainless steel fasteners and marine plywood it will last another 50+ years.
  667. jayyyy

    Frozen Catch

    They sell it, none of it "goes to waste"
  668. jayyyy

    Q105 MIA?

    I would like to see a group of some the hot shot skippers that are around get together and buy it. Maybe get a current owner that might want to upgrade, maybe Mike Lackey would get involved. I think there is room for improvement over the current ownership.
  669. jayyyy

    Q105 MIA?

    I disagree, I've rode on most of the long range fleet including the Q and there are about seven or eight operations that are the cream of the crop and then there are the rest. Not that the rest are not good, just not the best of the best. In general the reviews on this board concur.
  670. jayyyy

    How far off to go to catch cows?

    Not Cow country but if your serious about catching bigger tuna on your boat make some outer banks runs for school tuna. Places like the 60mi bank and Cortez bank will give you an idea of what fishing offshore is like. And you need to have some intermediate (island and inner bank) experience...
  671. jayyyy

    Sea Adventure 80 questions (leaves 9pm 5/18/12)

    Nice report, sounds like fishing was good catching was so so.
  672. jayyyy

    lattitude and longitude?

    If you want your furuno can display in decimal degrees or DMS to correspond to the chart or data your using. Probably adjustable in menu option system display.
  673. jayyyy

    Johnson 200HP Ocean Runner - Rattling

    Hopefully something externally on the engine is loose. I had a Johnson 150hp and the bolts that go from the mid section into the power head loosened. these are the bolts that essentially keep the power head from rotating on the drive it acted similar to what your describing.
  674. jayyyy

    Excess fish

    If you can't see killing a beautiful fish then don't, release it. The Op wanted to know what to do with fish in excess of what can be consumed in a reasonable time. I have my fish professionally processed and vacuum sealed and after a month in a dedicated non frost free freezer the tuna looses a...
  675. jayyyy

    Excess fish

    If you like canned tuna you can trade your tuna for the canned version. The exchange ratio seems like a rip off but its a great product that lasts a long time. When I give friends and family fish, the canned version gets a lot of positive feedback.
  676. jayyyy

    Sea Adventure 80 questions (leaves 9pm 5/18/12)

    I'm pretty sure crew drinking alcohol is a no no, I've never seen it done. As long as you don't get sloppy drunk no one minds if you have a bottle in your stateroom, on longer trips I usually break out a bottle of wine (magnum) at the dinner table.
  677. jayyyy

    lattitude and longitude?

    Actually after you play with the numbers a little its easy to convert back and forth. DMS=60min per degree,60sec per min, with decimal degrees the minutes and seconds are represented as a decimal fraction. So 30 minutes = half a degree is represented as .5 decimal degrees etc. etc. if that helps.
  678. jayyyy


    That doesn't look like a "budget job" not only great work, but top shelf materials.