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  1. pierguy

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Yup, closer to 44 on a nice flat pond to the Coronado's in no time with the duo-props.
  2. pierguy

    1989 IMP 220 Sportsman

    I'll split up the other Marathon pics...haha...
  3. pierguy

    1978 Fiber Form, 21ft

    Hey guys, another Marathon owner here, great to see others!
  4. Bahia de Los Angeles 2006 085

    Bahia de Los Angeles 2006 085



  6. marathon


    boat 1 and 2 pics
  7. pierguy

    Coming in Kauai

    I have a free day or two while attending a wedding over there this coming Nov. around the 7th to the 9th, what's the ocean action like then?
  8. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Still getting a couple of replies via PM, guys, it's been sold!
  9. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    She was SOLD this evening!! They have just hauled her away. After several tire kickers and some low-ballers, she was sold at firm asking price! We held fast to our price. She will get a nice re-power and a new home. The buyer was a referral from this site. No plans on any replacement...
  10. pierguy

    2/18-2/19: WFO Lightning trout, wetting my pants and voyeurism via 'yak (Pic heavy)

    Great write-up to say the least!! You could apply for a job at WON or other sport fishing publications and fish at the same time!!
  11. pierguy

    Single to duo props

    With the recent rains, we had to put off the trip up north, but yea, the 290's would be great but the price of the 270's was pretty cheap like "free". The question is will the bolt pattern be the same (280 to 270) without any mods to them? If someone has a good running 290 for $500 or...
  12. pierguy

    Single to duo props

    I have a single 280 Volvo single prop now and want to swap out for a 270 duo-prop. Are the hole patterns the same? From what I understand they are within a couple of years apart....1982 (280) and 1984 (270). The duo-props are about 287 miles away from me and got a lead on it from a friend...
  13. pierguy

    Don't be fooled by this Craigslist Ad!

    The scam must be paying off for these scumbags, since it seems it's a proven sales ad for them. There's a sucker born every minute. In my selling of cars and its parts, I use a separate e-mail account that describes what I'm selling and some numbers and when the item sells, I get rid of it or...
  14. pierguy

    Loading my boat???

    Like DoubleTroubleII posting (#2), I find that's the best way that's worked for anyone dropping the trailer down, from a newbie to better than average to anyone going solo. It also works with just about any trailer with the carpeted bunks and be it low or high tide and even with rollers. I...
  15. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Thanks, Ben!! You're absolutely right about the older and proven hulls. Yea, those fishing rod holders are made from solid brass and clamped down with stainless steel screws and can tell you they have been on there for almost 10 years and still have not loosen up a bit. There's been many...
  16. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Hey Romme!! Yea, if it turns out that it's not that bad of a problem, our fishing buddies are hanging on our shoes to keep her!! Now if only I could find a diesel like yours or even anything simliar or decent for just a few bills, hmmm....she might stay home. We'll see now, but we...
  17. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Hi, Dan: She cruises at 18 knots and 22-23 knots WOT and that's fishing with a crew of 4-5 and put in about 100-110 gallons of fuel (to lessen the carrying load), fuel burn is between 1.25 - 1.50 mpg. On trips into mexican waters, we'll re-fuel once we're down at the Coral. The tow truck...
  18. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Just wanted to update...and shoot some new pics.... We think now it just may be a frozen starter....duhhh...will test out later this weekend.... Here are a couple of new pics of the big fish hold with the flush mounted deck lid: it's capacity, well, let's just say during the hot tuna...
  19. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Hey Ali: Yea, thanks!! We never got the chance to swing by your place to put the boat's lettering on. We'll catch up with you on the next boat!!
  20. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    Yea, we tried all kinds of ideas....MM oil, breaker bar to dislodge things, etc. The starter is good, just nada at the turn of the key or direct wiring. It's stuck pretty good inside.
  21. pierguy

    1983 25' FARALLON Whaleback pilot house

    We decided to sell her after thoughts of doing a repower a few months ago as the motor is frozen (forgetting to winterize it back then, lesson learned the hard way). Rather than mess around with a repower, we'll put it out there for someone that would like to play with a project boat or if...
  22. pierguy

    Re-Power with Volvo GI-300 w/SX drive

    Oh, anybody know anything about financing or getting a loan from a bank, they still being strict on loans? Prior to all the financial crisis, it was pretty easy to get bank financing. But if you guys happen to own the boat outright (aka free and clear), you might try the bank or better yet...
  23. pierguy

    Constitution and the Todos Santos closure

    Let's see if there's a closure of any US private boaters starting from the 12 mile US-Mexican international water lines and the pending marine USA closures, we'll be.... -- fishing inside the SD bays and harbors -- using the boat to water ski the local lakes -- going bassing in a big boat...
  24. pierguy

    2010 mexican private boating requirements

    No passport needed if you don't touch mexican soil and everyone stays on the boat. But it's not a bad idea to have passports on board or get one of those passport cards, which are easier to carry in your wallet or with your mexican fishing permit.
  25. pierguy

    Earthquake Preparedness........ Are you ready?

    Saluki has the right idea. After going to one of these free quake prepareness seminar up here, I learned a few things to add. -- Set up another separate area with the same items. One "safe" place is your garage, on an average garage ther's usually less material to collapse from above and...
  26. pierguy

    Doggie poo-poo removal into the sewer

    I think this is a great idea (hope the video link works) when we have our crap patrol in the backyard and from our walks. I guess it must be legal to put dog waste into the sewer system which is better than in the landfills. The video shows what the product looks like. It's a large funnel...
  27. pierguy

    Welcome Aboard. Spectra Sportfishing / Long Beach Squid Report

    Wow, congrats on your new venture, wishing you the best of success, looks like a real winner. I had a couple of questions: 1). What's that large metal tube in the middle of the boat? It looks like it has a few functions on it. 2). You mentioned a "keel cooler", on my screen there wasn't...
  28. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    Yea, even tho', it was extended into late Dec., we had to address the failed smog situation after the headlight was replaced that week of the ticket. Without it passing smog, no tags could be issued, even with the 2010 fees paid. It was just about that time that someone approached him about...
  29. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    Sweet! Hope if he does have to pay the hefty $800 fine, we can work out a deal like that. Unless they have some HIGH interest rate attached to it.
  30. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    He did pay for the 2010 registration fees, just not able to get it to pass smog in time and buyer says he's going to get it done somehow anyways. The buyer just had to pay for the use sales tax and says he was going right after we got the cash. It was sold in Nov. 2009 and have not heard a...
  31. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    The car was sold prior to getting the headlight replaced and the expired tags situation (in fact, the car didn't pass smog and the new buyer knows that and reflected in the signed bill of sale, sold "as is", as a parts car). So there's no proof of corrections as it was not done. We don't...
  32. pierguy

    Defending a euipment and expired tag violation ticket

    My son was caught driving his 89' Integra with expired tags (was late by a month at the time and a headlight out (that's what caught the cops attention). The car was a real true daily beater, 288K miles, not modifed at all. The original ticket violation (CA v.c. 4000(a)1 and 24252) was...
  33. pierguy

    Boat scammer on Craigslist

    I sent this Bozo another e-mail (did not use my real e-mail address), he replied with the same one as posted above earlier, so I asked him about using Auto Trader, here's his reply: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is how it works if you have never used...
  34. pierguy

    Boat scammer on Craigslist

    Just for you guys that missed out a great deal...he's back again. LOL --------2004 BASS TRACKER V16 PRO ANGLER LIKE NEW !!-----
  35. pierguy

    Boat scammer on Craigslist

    The price is $2800 (with the trailer and everything in the pictures included). This boat is in great condition,basically new and it will make you proud,always been covered or garaged since new, Hull ID Number: BUJ34121C404, clean and clear title,no mechanical problems,all functional and it...
  36. pierguy

    Boat scammer on Craigslist

    2004 BASS TRACKER V16 PRO ANGLER LIKE NEW !! USED 7X !! The above listing is a scammer, but another fishing forum caught on to this guy. E-mail him and see what he says, it's funny...act like you're really interested. Use a different e-mail address in case this guy goes nuts from...
  37. pierguy

    Passport card

    U.S. Passport Card While in most cases, it seems a CA driver's license is valid enough to get thru US customs, either land or sea (but NOT for air travel). I was going to have my passport renewed when the lady at the post office told me to get the "passport card" for only $20 when renewing...
  38. pierguy

    Trailering Baja, need advice

    Here's some pics of our 2006 BOLA trip, this happened during the daytime, the guy in the red little hay truck sideswiped our boat, luckily, no one got hurt, missed our truck completely. Can't say enough about the proper mexican insurance (as if we didn't have it), the boat would have been...
  39. pierguy

    How many bags

    wow, thanks guys for the wealth of information. DAYUM, that's a lot of bags more than I thought, but she'll be worth it and for us humans too. The weed fabric and edging is a great idea too. I was actually thinking 2'-3' deep, but can see that's going to be way more, way way more. She'll...
  40. pierguy

    How many bags

    of "river peebles" (Lowe's) do I need to fill-in this strip of dirt for our new puppy restroom? I want to put down a mini-dog pooper area in the backyard where puppy goes now and want to get it off the grass. The area in question measures 30' by 3' wide and want to lay down a 2 1/2' layer...
  41. pierguy

    Stuck engine

    Okay, now, we're working on the electrics (gauges, pumps, etc) over the weekend, got it almost done. We wanted to finally start the engine (GM 350 c.i. circa 1984) after being not used in over a year. I know that we should have "winterized" the engine, but didn't, we figured it'd be fired up...
  42. pierguy

    1984 GM 350 c.i. V8

    When we purchased the boat a few years ago, but starting to act sluggish and back-firing at times. The carb was re-built about 18 months ago and was okay. So now we're wanting to do the engine "make-over" (the usual plugs and points, etc), but we can't find the timing specs. Anyone got some...
  43. pierguy


    Not the opener but the 9th and 23rd...
  44. pierguy

    Rustproofing the oil pan

    Okay, having to replace the oil pan, the old one is leaking again (actually the JB weld is not holding any longer). So besides the freshwater rinse as part of the wash down, what can I do to the oil pan to lessen future problems or at least delay it for extra years, if that's possible...
  45. pierguy

    Zach's YFT

    WTG!! I remember letting my son use that same (assuming it is) "panga rod" made by Kencor...I still have that rod after 15 plus years.... It was the time he pulled his 1st yellow at South Island.... Keep up the good work, dad!!
  46. pierguy

    Aero misting system

    Thank Kurt, I think you're referring to the personal misters....we use those already but looking for something whereby we can get a more constant misting effect.
  47. pierguy

    Aero misting system

    This is actually meant to be used in a lake, whereby it gets pretty hot in a small bass boat with no coverage. I was trying to gather some ideas on a portable misting system that can be used with a small water pump, probably operated along with the trolling motor battery and a misting type hose...
  48. pierguy

    Debt issues and offers

    My neighbor has been unemployed (sold store shelvings) or working part-time for the past 8 months. He was in the sales for many years and the company he worked went belly, since he was self-employed for almost 13 years, he's not eligible for unemployment benefits. He's fallen behind on his...
  49. pierguy

    SoCal Freshwater

    Barrett's opener is May 7th, can't wait (but not going till the 25th and 31st).
  50. pierguy

    New Motor on my 20 foot Wilson Boat

    Sorry to hear about getting taken from the seller, but couldn't you let Ebay know what happened and also put in a claim under their "buyer protection" plan? At least get some of your fishing money back, good luck.
  51. pierguy

    Rpt Weds-10-10 Lobster, Do Do's & Skippies

    Forget the fishing!!! I was more into the dinner and breakfast combo's. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... Cory, great report as usual....
  52. pierguy

    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    Let's get about 20-30 private boaters to line up on the US side, but don't cross the border, get a few of the local US newspapers and TV stations, along with some of the mexican newspaper and TV stations to let the mexican government and local officials, that we're not coming down till there's...
  53. pierguy

    BOLA Question

    They don't their own launch ramps, we just used the public ramps nearby Guillermo's, with plenty of free parking. EDIT: VH also had free internet service in the large dining room area, some great BBQ areas with ocean views...
  54. pierguy

    BOLA Question

    I'll vouch for the Villa Bahia...they have their own windmill generators with a garage half filled with electrical batteries....leave the A/C on all they have solar panels. Actually, Villa Bahia is not even a hotel, it's a few small housing, there's 3-4 of them, plus a second...
  55. pierguy

    Boat Found!

    Good deal you got the boat back..... Btw, maybe Katana's found a new gig??
  56. pierguy

    La Paz Hotel around Pichilingue

    How about the Marina De La Paz? Marina de La Paz You can slip it for $19 (or $16 if you stay long) and parking's only $1.00 a day. Btw, when are you going? I was going to post up later, as we're putting together a 10 boat caravan in Sept. (22 to the 29th or 30th), I have 6-7 boats in...
  57. pierguy

    STOP payment problem

    I placed a stop payment with my local bank (to remain nameless, other than it's a major outfit) on 12-20-06, I have a copy of it and paid the fee. The check was presented on 12-26-06, today's 12-27-06, the bank honored and paid thru the stop!! I've been on the phone with various departments...
  58. pierguy

    float tube

    Just don't drift into the open ocean. If you had a round float tube = shark donut.
  59. pierguy

    Here fishy, fishy....

    I'd rather be in a yak than a shark donut (float tube).
  60. pierguy

    There goes the neighborhood...

    Trump puts 'brand' on Baja with condo-hotel | The San Diego Union-Tribune It's going to be "trumped"....
  61. pierguy

    Bisbee Final- Can You Say 2 fo 2

    Dayum....$4,000,000...not too shabby...for a little fishing contest. So anyone know how that breaks down to the bottom line, i.e., how does the money get divided up btw the players? Does Uncle Sam or Tio Sam take 1/2 off the top? Then, does the take-home pay to each angler get dinged for...
  62. pierguy

    hooping baja

    Is there someone (a mexican dfg or policia) that actually checks?? I know guys who'll exchange a few brewskis for a couple of bugs and with no receipts. I suppose they could get a piece of paper and have the bug giver sign it....quadro cockroaches por uno cases of americano or mexicano...
  63. pierguy

    San Jose Del Cabo 9-28 to 10-1, COWS

    Congrats to Quan for making the front cover of WON's 10-13-06 issue. WTG!!
  64. pierguy

    OK the new boat to me

    Nice rig....let me know if you ever need to adopt (and family of 3 and a cat). Hope you can shoot some deck and interior pics later on.
  65. pierguy


    You're right on that....I'm going to bet the farm and the crops that it will be someone that's non-Mexican that really lits up the gasoline for a really big arse bang!!
  66. pierguy

    Need suggestions making my pulley

    Jim Day had a motorized version, ask him...
  67. pierguy

    Bloodydeck flag?

    I wasn't too sure where to post this suggestion, but figured it's more likely to be placed on a boat. I was thinking there are times from being at the launch ramps to being on the water, whereby it'd be nice to ID ourselves or the boats with something that gets the job idea was a...
  68. pierguy

    Wahoo in Abreojos one of the better on-line maps, check out the Baja mileage chart too.
  69. pierguy

    No more bluefin tunas, told you so..... As appeared in today's (9-12-06 AFP) article: BRUSSELS (AFP) - Stocks of bluefin tuna are disappearing from the Mediterranean, the environmental group WWF warned. "There is almost no more bluefin tuna to be...
  70. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    David, hey have a good trip yourself to PV. We'll try to hook up for next year's BOLA and La Paz boating trips. It looks like we might get in that extra day of fishing, if we all make it thru in two days down. YES!! But yea, reports coming in after John went thru, lots of nice bull dodo's...
  71. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Thanks for the advice, this will be our second trip pass the border in the boat this year. I sent you a PM on some other details, hope you can make it. If you and Genaro can make it, that brings our caravan up to 5 boaters.
  72. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Hey, Genaro, hope you can still make it down. Yea, drop the boat off in the slip and since you're there maybe get a deal with the dockmaster at the Marina there. Copy that on the hurricane season, it's peak time now and gets less and less, with the waters getting better and the climate not so...
  73. pierguy

    Driving home from Ensenada II..Gunshot wound

    There was a few things I forgot that my buddy mentioned: 1). The arse holes supposely spoke very good english. 2). Besides the drug guys having weapons, it's pretty hard for a mexican national to own one. 3). The crimes did not involve any reported robberies of money, jewelry or...
  74. pierguy

    Driving home from Ensenada II..Gunshot wound

    Here's an interesting update (8-30-06), some of buddies just coming back from Baja, says the cops there strongly believe that the shooters are BACK in the States!! While there's a chance the suspect vehicles may be stolen and used in the crime, the plates are California ones. A vehicle in...
  75. pierguy

    Trailer axle and slider side plate

    I have to replace the front axle and slider plate on the 22' galvanized trailer, it's an older Garges (aka Baja Trailer now, I guess), but do you guys know if I have to go with Garges/Baja parts for the above, or will most other trailer shops make due with parts that will be just as good. The...
  76. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Okay, we got two boaters in tow, any BD'ers??
  77. pierguy

    What to use for protection?

    According to their site, YES, legal in Cali....
  78. pierguy

    Shooting follow up

    Without naming the source, there might be a news article in the SD Tribute shortly. There is this Mexico elite - college educated group of guys - a cross between DEA and FBI . They don't associate with the local cops or federali's -and go their own way. If anybody could find these guys - it...
  79. pierguy

    Shooting follow up

    Hope they find that truck with the guys and riddle it like Swiss cheese, then ask questions. While I truly feel this is all very tragic (Raquel's death) and Tom's incident, I don't plan to change any plans we have now going to La Paz next month. Just like the 9-11-02 WTC terrorist act, no one...
  80. pierguy

    Can you eat DoDo eggs?

    So do the dodo eggs taste like chicken??
  81. pierguy

    Friday 7/28

    jason, almost picked up a Shammie (jig stop 2), i was on their site for a little bit, before getting the Farallon, see you out there.
  82. pierguy

    Friday 7/28

    Steve, we're headed out this Friday....not sure which boat will go out, either the 22' BAD RAP or the 25' REEL UP.
  83. pierguy


    Nice pics and report, but what day was this? Yesterday, the day before, today??
  84. pierguy

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    Next time, beam up a 1,000,000 candle power spot-light in their direction when you see them targeting at you.
  85. pierguy

    Tuna and fish fillets from PV

    Just going the motions now to plan for next year's family vacation and PV was one in the hat. I was wondering (assuming here and you know the rest of that story), we snag a few big ass model tunas, say over 150#'s. Of that, how much would be filleted and packed of that, since there's the...
  86. pierguy

    She's under construction Part 15..World cup...

    Love the toe hold railing there!!! Great little feature.....keep the pics/progress coming...
  87. pierguy

    Yellowtail 2 miles from the Coral

    Nice report, can't beat the kids having a blast!! Genaro, still thinking of making the Sept. La Paz trip? You plan to leave your boat down south for the winter?
  88. pierguy

    Mex 1 Road conditions

    Just make sure everyone's got the proper Mexican insurance for ALL cars, truck, boat AND trailer, don't even bother with any USA brand name insurance carrier (it's not recognized past the border). I know this is slightly off the subject, but it saved our arse on our trip and able to proceed...
  89. pierguy

    Mex 1 Road conditions

    It isn't always the big trucker....from our June 19th BOLA return....and we're going slow uphill when the trucker crossed over... Previous full story: Btw, the "BAD RAP" is for sale...she's just doing fine, luckily the...
  90. pierguy

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    Okay, about them tuna pens, imagine the scenario if by a "call of true nature", the pens started to "leak"--as in, there's a major hole opening, a big ole' gap, the new front door for the tunas to run out. "True nature" in this case would be the one pesky creature we all learn to hate that...
  91. pierguy

    Indian 2 day July 2-4

    Those pics with the nasty looking whatever it is, made me cough up my cookies. Yea, I agree with someone saying to see if you can send the image to one of the research places to find out what it is. Infection, parasites, cancer, tuna pimples, etc....good to find an expert opinion of what...
  92. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Hi, Todd, yea, we threw in an extra day of travel, just to allot for any possible late break-downs or delays. So it's very possible to fish 5 days!! Sign up, boys, let's get this caravan going.....
  93. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Hey, Genaro, let me know....sorry you missed the BOLA trip with us. We have two non-BD'ers coming down, hoping to get a couple of other boaters to make the trek down.
  94. pierguy

    BOLA 7/7 - 7/16

    Gas/diesel up in El Rosario (about 222 miles from TJ--good half way point), plenty of gas and diesel at BOLA, just get there before 7 p.m. (but always subject to early closing)..usally closed from 2-4 p.m.
  95. pierguy

    Tragedy Strikes One of Our BD Members

    I'm so sorry to hear your loss there. After seeing what you lost in your little princess pictures, just made my eyes runs like a spring leak and throat swell up into a big lump. I have a little girl and can't imagine what your hearts and thoughts are going thru, only that best wishes to you...
  96. pierguy

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Hey Romme and Brad, seriously, you guys should come down with us in Sept. to La on the link below somewhere on my sig. But hey, the caravan's open to all and everyone, Farallon or not.....all the information's on the link. LA PAZ TRIP and Caravaner's search...
  97. pierguy

    My new ride!

    Nice boat, if I say so myself....soon to be another FROG (FaRallon Owner Group). Wish I had Zach's diesel, a definite plus. You made a great buy there and lots of tricked out items on her. Get that stern railing soon.
  98. pierguy

    BOLA and BOO-BOO's and BAD RAP 6-16 / 6/19

    Hey, Ali, did you notice the other truck didn't touch your beautiful graphics work on the boat? Yea, guys, we're lucky that the fender bender was just that. I can still hear that sickening "crash" sound and slight rear movement of the truck after getting nailed. Mark: yea, actually, if...
  99. pierguy

    tourist card stamping

    I thought you were going to BOLA? You're not even going to pass thru GN. We were told (by another known Baja travel group), the tourist card was not needed since we were only going to be gone less than 7 days. I know on our recent trip last weekend, we didn't get a TC, and went right thru US...
  100. pierguy

    BOLA and BOO-BOO's and BAD RAP 6-16 / 6/19

    Yes, as Alan mentioned, both the policia and MHP wanted to see that BOTH truck and trailer/boat were covered with insurance. Once they take over the paperwork, they looked for the serial numbers on the trailer, boat and truck. It's handed back to you after they check it out. But if we didn't...
  101. pierguy

    BOLA and BOO-BOO's and BAD RAP 6-16 / 6/19

    We started off on an early Friday morning, got into BOLA after a good 10 hour drive. All roads were paved except for the last 1 miles to the Villa Bahia (La Gringa). Still one PEMEX open, with a new one to be opened in a few months if not sooner. Diesel was $1.96 gal. and reg. gas (no other...
  102. pierguy

    BOLA 6/9 thru 6/12...

    Thanks for the quick report, hope you get better!! We're leaving tomorrow early morning, time to get out of town!! Dave 818-681-2729
  103. pierguy

    Mentos and Coke geysers I gotta try this in the morning.
  104. pierguy

    LA Bayhem 06

    I understand the gas stations usually close between 2-4 p.m. and open from 7 am-7 pm, if they don't run out of fuel (but then can pump from the 55 gal. drums) or if the electric pumps don't work. Thanks for the prices, still better than up here. Is it better to pay in pesos for the fuel...
  105. pierguy

    Direction to BOLA

    I thought you're leaving on the 16th?? Anyways, if so, we're taking off in the real early morning of the 16th and coming back on the 19th. Welcome to tag behind us.
  106. pierguy

    LA Bayhem 06

    Guys, we're headed down this coming Friday (16th), what was the fuel prices (especially diesel) and gas too?
  107. pierguy

    WFO BFT on Pacific Voyager with Pix

    DAYUM!!! Hope this is the indication that the fishing gods will make up for last year's sheety no fish season. What a statement and so close!!
  108. pierguy

    Sindicatura stickers on Ebay

    Kevin, it was probably the cops who broke in, if they can't get it one way, they'll try another, sorry about the loss. I first saw this sticker mentioned last year on WON. I do know a couple of people who have used the sticker, and have said, a bike cop will get close to the driver's side and...
  109. pierguy

    Sindicatura stickers on Ebay Guys, I just ordered two stickers from this guy and he's legit, but he's running out. I got them for $13.00 shipped, and coming from...
  110. pierguy

    good dive turned bad jun-3-06

    Scary.....but glad you're okay, just lucky the ray didn't munch on the gonads!! Instant no-more baby maker (as I wiggle my legs, perishing the thought, dayum)
  111. pierguy

    42# Yellowtail in Bahia!!!

    Wow, there's another large group going down, unless maybe it's the same boaters (Vagabundos's trip). We'll be driving up (back home-bummer) as you guys come down, watch for a red 95' Dodge 2500 Cummins turbo on the other side towing the "BAD RAP"--22' Marathon.
  112. pierguy

    L.A.Bay 6/3 to6/7 Awesome YT action!!

    Ronnie, thanks for the report. We'll be leaving SD early Friday morning of the 16th of June. Hope the fishing's as good as yours. There's still plenty of rooms down there for next weekend. Looking for any other boaters to tag along to join in the fun.
  113. pierguy

    Baja Ca. North Tuna Pens all over the place

    You're a gentleman and a scholar in my books, OB. Markus, thanks for your set of opinions as well, it's all a learning curve for us non-science types too.
  114. pierguy

    Baja Ca. North Tuna Pens all over the place

    He's got a great TV personality, I think he's originally from Tennessee, go figure, huh? I like his programs, and love the one with the tire recycling and how some of that ends up as sidewalks. "The adventure continues...." Huell Howser
  115. pierguy

    Baja Ca. North Tuna Pens all over the place

    Ideally, let's hope for someone or company to find a way to raise a tuna from conception to being raised in a holding pen. There was a TV special (maybe even Nat'l Geo or Discovery) about a fish farmer/scientist in Japan, who was trying that with the bluefin tunas. If some company can...
  116. pierguy

    Hotel purchase with a $10MM price tag

    A friend is asking me to help him locate a 200 room minimum hotel with a documented 2 year cap rate stats. He's got $10MM in cash sitting in an account after selling off a commercial building. He's not a savvy investor at all, just got lucky with a decreased relative from her property years...
  117. pierguy

    42# Yellowtail in Bahia!!!

    Great pics and report!! Yea, what's with the tons of bait in the water? Bummer on the break-offs. Glad to see you left us some fishes as we're headed down to BOLA on the 16th real soon. Heard there's still plenty of rooms open for that weekend. Hoping the darker moon phase, it will perk...
  118. pierguy

    Bay of L.A. and Camalu 5-27 to 6-4

    Ray, thanks for the report, bummer about no tails at BOLA....sheetz, hope the deal is better by the time we get there (June 16-19) for some yellows. Wish we could do 75 mph (with a boat dragging behind).
  119. pierguy

    Foodsaver and paper towels

    I just got the new Foodsaver V840 model that was linked from Trianglist. In the instructions, it says it's best to pat dry fish or meat with a paper towel, tuck the towel so that it doesn't touch too close to the sealing edge and vacuum seal it all together. It seems the paper towel could act...
  120. pierguy

    Island Girl delivers again.... for a different captain

    Great little fishing pup there...might want to strap a doggie vest on him tho'...great report.
  121. pierguy

    Barret Lake, good time for sure!!!

    Tickets aren't bad, it's just trying to get them, as they usually sell out between 5-8 minutes and only one per person allowed for about 300 tickets a month. Even after adding a $10 per person lake permit fee (get it from Bill or Laurie at the dock), it's still worth it. Cuz's it's a private...
  122. pierguy

    Barret Lake, good time for sure!!!

    Dayum, great report!! Yea, tubers on average, yank more fishes than boaters, like yakkers on the salt. My cousin who usually tubes it, outfishes nearly all the time, as we boat it. We've got reservations for the 10th and 24th, in between the BOLA trip. Hope our timing's right for all...
  123. pierguy

    Muertos/La Paz/Topolobampo Tournament

    Nice report and catch!! Can you say possible month's Avet winner!!?? Btw, any closer shots of the five tourney babes, I have to use my super glasses and it's too dark, hurts my eyes, dayum.
  124. pierguy

    Bola Memorial Wknd

    Shades of the "E-bola" virus, hope it was something more like food poisoning. We're trailering down on June 16th. Got our Costco size Immodium packed and fresh meats with the BBQ in tow.
  125. pierguy

    Tide tables for the Sea of Cortez

    Anyone got a link or two to the up's and down's of the water flow over there?
  126. pierguy

    sea trial

    Alan, should I sign you for the La Paz trip in Sept.? Now's the time to help break her into true Mexican waters... Nice boat, btw, I'm going to have to send you my Shimano 1000 Chartermaster for a tune-up.
  127. pierguy


    Still slow, go with the small baits...heard 4" works pretty good, but the counts are still low, lake's gotten bigger and the bass are still trying to settle in. We're in on the 10th of June and the 24th of June. Good luck and report back...
  128. pierguy

    La Bay Question

    There's also Villa Bahia write to Daisy Dee there, you'll get a prompt reply. No problems with trailering a boat down there, probably safer there than here in the States. Just get your permits and Mexican insurance for the truck and boat and trailer, go thru one of the...
  129. pierguy

    Good deal on Foodsaver V830

    Great deal!!! I just ordered one, but I saw that "instant $30 off savings if you apply for their Amazon credit card" with instant approval, so it was only $32.99 shipped, out the door!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeettt....... Save $30 instantly with the Visa® Card : Your current subtotal...
  130. pierguy


    Hey, Bob: Good to see your report and you guys made it back safely. Sounds like your trailer bearings made it too, sent you a PM. I can't wait to head down next month...June 16th.
  131. pierguy

    Wireless service in BOLA? Here you go, but maybe others will chime in also....
  132. pierguy

    BOLA--June 16 to the 19th

    Bob, sent you a PM, thanks....
  133. pierguy

    Hot new charter group

    Just PM'd to Fred for some babe's pics if any or will we get an eyesore of bearded doods dressed in a mini-skirt? Arghhhhhhhhh....:eyepoppin
  134. pierguy

    Couple of things I learned about Tshark fishing 5/13

    Dayum, so that's why Wayne N. didn't perform at Vegas this weekend, he was out fishing. So much for my free comps in Sincity....
  135. pierguy

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Zach S.? We've chatted a few times on-line if that's him, he's got a nice rig and with a diesel. If it's the same guy, I wanted to re-do the wiring like he did. If he's selling his boat (??), I'd be on it. The stern rails are great, perfect to hang on too when trying to clear the props...
  136. pierguy

    my new boat

    Neat design...are those the ones advertised on WON classifieds? They seem to have several of them in various sizes.
  137. pierguy

    Farallon 25 feedback

    I agree with HMF23, the models you speak of and that we ride on are with the 8'6" beam. The engine cover is low enuf' to act as a nice fishing platform and designed with enuf' corner stern spaces to hang with two tunas or tails being fought at the same time. My personal preference on fishing...
  138. pierguy

    Mr. T

    Fresh T-steaks!!! What # fishing string are you guys using?
  139. pierguy

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Dood, check out the link underneath the sig somewhere, now that's a solidly built hull. It will absolutely take a pounding and smooth the waves. As you know, they were made for the rougher water conditions of Northern CA and used a lot for commercial applications. Back in the 80's, Farallon...
  140. pierguy

    BOLA--June 16 to the 19th

    Quick longggggg weekend trip....anyone wanting to BB down, let's do it!! Make it at South Shores (Sea World) and go from there....PM me for details. We're staying in the downstairs casitas at We're towing the 22' (Marathon) if it's not...
  141. pierguy


    Would be it too rude to hit those numbers and "help scatter" the tuna's so that them basturds purse seiners can have more fun to try to scoop them up?
  142. pierguy

    Border crossing with a boat

    Does it matter which lane to select when coming back to the States? Would going thru the Otay Mesa area be any different not so much any quicker but wider lanes?
  143. pierguy

    Fishing BOLA

    There's another large group too, I think it's the Vagabundos annual caravan event about the same time towards the end of June. We'll be there, but two weeks prior, June 16th for several days. But back to your question, hire some of the local fisherman or "guides" down there, it would be a...
  144. pierguy

    Turbo-lube hubs Interesting read and information, sorry if this might be a re-post somewhere. The previous thread poll about trailer hub/bearings made me think more about what other options there are besides the regular bearings. The prices are...
  145. pierguy

    Trailer Hub Question

    I've seen those Turbo hub wheel bearings contraption only in pics. My question's are: besides, if anyone's tried them with success? BUT: 1). What about dunking them into the cold water after running for 50 miles? Okay, I get excited once we hit the launch ramps and want to get going...
  146. pierguy

    Any Good Deals on Airfare going South? Hold off from getting a ticket from Aero CAL....
  147. pierguy

    Trying to book a family trip to East Cape

    I've been booking thru Jonathan Roldan for a few years, read up on his posts here. Give him an e-mail at [email protected] or check out his website: I've recommended others to him and nothing but high-5's in compliments and service.
  148. pierguy

    Magnetic oil filter Anyone ever try this on your car/truck's oil filter? It seems to make sense, and I guess the cut-out of the oil filters does trap the metal particles.
  149. pierguy

    La Paz==Sept. 23 to Oct. 1

    Planning now to get your shiet together (truck, boat, trailer, plus wifeo or significant other to warn them). The main idea is to fish for a 3 days in La Paz, if we can do that, we're golden. Wish we could do more time, but it was hard enuf' to get 2 of the guy's to take off more than the...
  150. pierguy

  151. pierguy

    "Musubi" GOOD

    Yummmmmm....on the musubi, but you can also use the chicken katsu too.... How about some "loco moco"?? Grilled home-made burger topped with two eggs and gravy-all-over. Try it with tabasco. Ooh-la-la!!! (from the L & L BBQ site)
  152. pierguy

    Red Snapper Fishing

    To the hook end of a jig, ddd some dead bait rigged with the hook from the bottom lip to the top of the nose or from eye thru the eye. I like to also use chunk strips of mackeral, but use two pieces with the flesh facing each other, this keeps the meat less exposed from the nick-pickers.
  153. pierguy

    Still Needs A Name

    "OH REELY"
  154. pierguy

    Scammer's revenge--Mr. Okorie

    YEA, SORRY GUYS, REPOST....HAD A BIT OF EARLY ALKY DRINK....MOD CAN REMOVE THE REPOST...amazing, what a few rum drinks will do....
  155. pierguy

    Scammer's revenge--Mr. Okorie there's a lot of reading, but you can also cruise thru the letters and read the darker prints (reply).... But the site lends to some good come-backs if you want to play along with these low-life scammers....what to do, what to say....
  156. pierguy

    friends of rollo raffle who won?

    Heard it was Cesar Chavez (nephew) of AC and BD....congrats!!! CC purchased him the ticket. WTG!!
  157. pierguy

    New addition to the Hook-up!

    Daniel, nice work, your boat looks real real real familar, lol. Maybe the new buyer of my boat can have you fab another wooden platform like your's. We've had a couple of lookie-loo's and one guy just a few bucks short to close the deal and with last year's dismal fishing season, it didn't...
  158. pierguy

    Kona-Kampachi sushi grade fish Hmmmm....maybe this type of Hawaiian bred fish will increase in its popularity due to some of its taste and healthier eating benefits, and take some of the pressures from our back yard yellowtails. The Hawaiian fish is in between the both...
  159. pierguy

    bahia de los angeles

    Looking to settle into camp mid-June.
  160. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash.....

    as of Feb. 28, 2006:,1,3019293.story?coll=la-headlines-california
  161. pierguy

    Cell phone reception

    Come sometimes in June, we're planning to hit either BOLA or Gecko for about 4-5 days, bringing the boat down. One of the guy's has a job project and needs to check-in for messages, but not till after 3-4 p.m. (some working vacation, but at least he's not in the office). The question is does...
  162. pierguy

    Sentri pass update-2/2006

    Does the program apply to bringing a boat and trailer also, or strictly solo vehicles?
  163. pierguy

    Diesel secret fuel mix!5051&keyword=%28diesel+fuel%29&match_type=content I found this from an automotive site, the jury's still out. Snake oil or good stuff?
  164. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash.....,0,3727466.story?coll=la-home-headlines One earlier local TV station (channel 5-KTTV) had the word "Fatal Crash". Funny how the story changes thru out the day.
  165. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash.....

    Anoher news report, somewhat different on the speed, but more pics on this one.....
  166. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash.....

    Well, they got the driver who ran, but now, both guy's are denying who actually drove the car???
  167. pierguy

    Ferrari ENZO crash..... Happened about 6-ish a.m., as of 9:30 a.m., CHP have been combing the mountains still, looking for the driver who ran from the scene and will be ticketed with a felony hit and run, as the passenger was injured. They were lucky to...
  168. pierguy

    CA buys new motors????

    Here's a few reads on the subject, recreational vessels are excluded, bummer. :bablefish I was looking into this program on thoughts of repowering with a diesel too. see topic under "Marine Vessels"
  169. pierguy

    My new 77' Mini Refurb

    Warren, I didn't know you're here too, nice!! So let's hit up Castaic with it!! We're still trying to learn the spots, lol.
  170. pierguy

    Lobster keeping question

    Yes, do keep the lid slightly OPEN....or put a towel or anything to prevent from full closure. Bugs need the air too. A few years, I've seen guys come back with some good numbers, only to find they suffocated all of them, despite the kelp padding.
  171. pierguy

    I Know where the fish are !!!!

    Okay, I'm in, do you take Paypal? Or alumimum cans?
  172. pierguy

    Two 350 GM/Volvo's and drives

    PM'd me some pics and prices...
  173. pierguy

    French Using Dogs as Shark Bait
  174. pierguy

    Papa J's got a new HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOTE: Fricken' seiners everywhere.. There's the [email protected]#$$%^&* neighborhood with those boyz around.
  175. pierguy

    Rpt. Weds 8-17 Limits of Tails + Do Do's-Lower 500

    Need to convert to a diesel versus a gasser, great fuel burn there. Nice fish report too, see any purse snatchers out there? Bet they make their runs tonight.
  176. pierguy

    BFT, Albies, and a few YT's on 8/10

    Nice report!!! Them dogs are unreal, I mean, in the middle of nowhere, where's the nearest rock home for them? We have the same thing last year, I was hoping they would have drowned from the constant swimming, where's the sharks when you really need them. We've even let the fresh blood...
  177. pierguy

    Car wash--NWS

    Anyone want to start a summer business? Sorry, if this needs to be removed due to the new regs., enjoy while you can...
  178. pierguy

    Limits of Tails and an Albie 8-2

    Whatta report, should made a deal during the call-out to see if anyone would be kind enuf' to give ya' a little bait scoop. I'll bet you could have filled the tank fast.
  179. pierguy

    8/1 Limits albies,tail of plane

    Party boat or charter?? Private boater? Again, where?
  180. pierguy

    Reel/boat/rail leash?

    Looking to either buy or make my own leashes to keep the rod and reel from going overboard, especially when leaving the outfit on a rod holder during the troll times. I was thinking of using the spring loaded device that mountain climbers use and a strong but thin climber's rope that could...
  181. pierguy

    Albies at the 425

    Internet fish, internet fish.... If, absolutely 101% true, best [email protected]##$%& news of the year, close to home and best single day catch, but remains to be proven....
  182. pierguy

    Simrad Autopilot?

    Guys, how do the ap's track? In other words, do they keep the boat as much as possible in a "straight line", having to fight against the wind waves, swells, under-current, wind, etc?
  183. pierguy

    SALTYDAWG Update, Gettin' close

    Pics, pics, pics?? Like a newborn baby, take some pics....glad to hear she's coming along.
  184. pierguy

    $30 a scoop = no tips?

    Here's the way I see things: price increases are inevitable, as to how much, partly due to supply and demand, plus add in the running the business factors. The condition of the bait rarely has anything to do with the guys scooping the bait into your bait container, be it a trash can or...
  185. pierguy


    Our luck would be that we'd hit it directly, in the middle of the vast open ocean and here we are, can't even find that same hot paddy someone found that day or the next. What irony, huh? Too bad, there's no way to jab some reflectors on it.
  186. pierguy

    ICE in San Diego

    Isn't Iceman on this board?
  187. pierguy

    Finally got it running, just in time for tuna!

    Bummer, hope it's all in good working condition soon. Anyways, not much happening out there now or just too far. "BAD RAP" for sale:
  188. pierguy

    Gas price discounts

    Okay, gas is going up again, is there any place that gives a discount for volume buying? Say 100 gals. or more, actually, I need more, boat's got a single 200 gal. capacity. She's got the Stabil and sheet additives since, but need to top off with 150 or more. I don't care if it's at the fuel...
  189. pierguy

    volvo problem

    Water in the tank getting sucked up? Carb needs a rebuilt kit?
  190. pierguy

    Tourney Win @ WON Ensenada!!

    Hey, Kevin, nice report and congrats!!! Looking for the upcoming issues of WON....
  191. pierguy

    SALTYDAWG motor, Cummins steps up

    Merry Xmas somewhat, good news. Yea, check on the new warranty, and how that works (in writing somewhere). Hope it's not like a car battery, menaing it gets pro-rated on any "new problems", maybe not the pistons themselves, but some other part(s).
  192. pierguy

    Finally got it running, just in time for tuna!

    Daniel, that's got to be a nice feature, but we've estimated we get about 2 mpg, that's based on running full tanks and then, refueling before she's retired and using the mileage off the GPS. This assumes running WOT and add some miles (from 8-15 miles) of trolling. What kind of engine are...
  193. pierguy

    Loerto report

    Sorry to hear about your trip. We stayed at the Hacienda Suites (far end of town), but very clean and great service. Fished with Arturos (7-13 to the 15th). But we knew from previous reports, the water was too cold for do-do's. The tails were there, about 40 minutes from the shore line, but you...
  194. pierguy

    SALTYDAWG Motor update

    Saltydawg, what did your insurance company say? Didn't Hot Rod have something blow on his motor and got a new engine out of them? Not sure they'll cover it, but worth a call. Maybe if the warranty does not work out, between the warranty dept. and your insurance co. can work it out. Sorry...
  195. pierguy

    Finally got it running, just in time for tuna!

    My tanks are located in the front middle (40 gal.) and 15 gal. hidden behind the port side panel. For the long hauls, we bring an extra 20-25 gals. in the jugs. I may not post up for a few days, headed to Loreto for some R&R, starting real early Sunday morning.
  196. pierguy


    Yea, I agree with Capt. Josh, even tho' Harry's a real busy guy there, he and Sarkis takes the time to seat or chat with you one on one to discuss your concerns or even share some new ideas. Oh, they even had machinery that makes the nylon parts, sorry, it's not nylon and I forget what the...
  197. pierguy


    Call them directly to set a date and time, you can speak with the main man, Harry (owner) if he's there. Maybe set it up so that you get in earlier (10-11 a.m.), so that by the time, you're done you can also avoid the heavy traffic back. But for me, to come up and down from the SD area, I...
  198. pierguy


    I'm not sure if it's been posted before but you get at least 15-20 guys together, you can do a factory visit of their plant, I went on one last year, it's a very impressive operations. They make just about everything there, even the screws and only a few small stuff from an outside source. It...
  199. pierguy

    SALTYDAWG Motor update

    Wow, a piston!! Well, hope it all works out for you, i.e., warranty work, etc. If not, also check with your boat's insurance coverage, and not get involved with all that legal junk.
  200. pierguy

    Finally got it running, just in time for tuna!

    Lunkerstalker: yea, okay, you got first dibs on the s/s radar arch if the new boat buyer doesn't want it. We'll talk later. But for now, no one solid buyer yet, a couple of lookie-loos, but no takers. Daniel-Neill: yea, that's interesting. Hey, do you guys also have a big ass fish hold...
  201. pierguy

    Place in LA to buy mex lic.?

    Get it for him at Squidco, no fees. 22' for sale:
  202. pierguy

    Finally got it running, just in time for tuna!

    Guys, couldn't help but notice your rigs, it looks very much like our 22' Marathon (on sale here, sorry about the plug)....maybe they're sister companies, or at one time, they copied each other's designs? The give-away pics are your front cushion long seating (removed in pic, but in very...
  203. pierguy

    Bait tank window

    OMG!! You are going to beat us!!! Two weeks, that's great!! We have been battling with the tilt spindle (bent and currently at a machine shop to try to press her back into shape, cheaper than a used one (as it may be going to) or brand new (over $300)). It's just now more little things...
  204. pierguy

    Bait tank window

    Hey, Dave, good to hear from you, I see you got your new boat coming in soon. Yea, that bait tank is fine, just looking for maybe doing some upgrading. Hey, did you know that after seeing your custom bait tank (when your boat was for sale) with the hand wells, it was one of our "would be...
  205. pierguy

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    if Merc or whoever doesn't come thru for you (but I gotta believe someone's going to have stand behind their product or workmanship). Maybe your carrier will step in, if there's issues with getting the job done, but hope it does not get to that point tho'. Good luck.
  206. pierguy

    Bait tank window We may want to replace the bait tank with a window version. Pro's and con's? Anyone got pics, either on their ride or others?
  207. pierguy

    Recommendation for Sea Ray 255 Amberjack

    Slipping out of gear, happened once to me, ended up I had a spun prop hub. Once the engine hit a certain speed, it was just enuf' to spin the rubber center hub.
  208. pierguy

    Honor Marine???????

    Hey, Dave: you got the new boat earlier than thought, huh?? Good news! We're still putting all the improvements and what-nots ourselves since the purchase of the whaleback, she's not seen SD waters yet!! Good luck on all your installs there.
  209. pierguy

    New Bait Barge SI

    Good news on the improvements, does the mom still have that little doggie when she comes up to the ramps? She's fun to talk to just before launching off, sometimes sounding one's own mom...." please better be careful out there, hope you guys get some nice fishes", "it's chilly out there, wear...
  210. pierguy

    New Bait Barge SI

    Yea, not to worry, I will still patronize EB's operation and get good service there too, with the usual tip (if it's earned, some of their helpers weren't friendly or nice at all, just like in a restaurant or any other service providers). That other bait operations is usually there only...
  211. pierguy

    New Bait Barge SI

    It seems like every year, Bernie's there, you can get a free cup of joe, if you're there early enuf'. Nice guy, tries real hard. Not fished this year yet, but did he have put the carpeted (i mean, real carpeting) as the dock guards? But I don't remember ever getting bad bait, and if by...
  212. pierguy

    Cool person test

    Check it out to see how cool you are:
  213. pierguy

    CO islands overnight

    With the lights, someone to act as a watchman, take shifts, never know if someone's falling asleep (hopefully not drunk) at the wheel headed straight for your light(s), you know the feeling of following light among the darken background, your lights looks like homebase. Radar as a good...
  214. pierguy

    Find yourself or any school mates from

    kindergarden, middle school, high school to college, it's amazing how this company kept archives for all the schools in the country: Have fun!!!
  215. pierguy

    Guess Who Ruined Casual Fridays???

    Oh, that's so wrong.....
  216. pierguy

    Sea Star Hydraulic Steering leaking

    I think this is my first posting since joining as a lurker. Hope this helps your cause and this is a great site. Hey, Jason, my roof don't leak no more, hehe.. See below: We have recently been advised of a few isolated incidents where the SeaStar Steering Cylinder (Part number HC5331)...