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    Where to buy plastic sheets in LA

    I bought a sheet from Calsak Plastics in LA a few years ago. Try calling them.
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    Bft on the beach...
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    AB 3030; "F"ed?

    Saw the article posted here on BD. CCA Cal seems to be putting a somewhat positive/hopeful spin on the way this executive order was done? The order’s framework for engaging all important stakeholder groups through the...
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    Lower end 9 mile bank

    That looks like two marlin in the photo.
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    Okuma Metaloid 12 2 speed

    I have 2 of these bought a few years ago and really like them. I got an 80lb BFT on 40#. I got the new cams from Okuma and I think they sent them for free. Definitely an improvement. I thought they switched to these cams on newer production?
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    How To Break Down a Tuna with Chef Davin Waite

    Wow, I never new I was such a hack with a fillet knife. This guy is the sensei, maestro, master craftsman.
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    7/18 West of Mission Bay & La Jolla

    Sometimes they definitely prefer macs over sardine and slow troll vs flyline.
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    Fishing (226 zone)23rd 24th 25th

    Good luck to you! Would be interested to hear how the bait quality is out of Mission Bay currently. Going Saturday so may give you a shout on the water. Bob
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    Big fish special

    I hear they got a monster that taped out a
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    5/28 upper hidden, 425, 371

    JD's site noted a commercial guy saw tuna near the 289 yesterday or the day before.
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    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Here is a graphic I pulled from an online presentation from a transplant surgeon, Dr. Graber, on conducting surgery in the current environment. He started with background on public health measures to contain the pandemic. With no social distancing one infected person, who may or may not know...
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    CIH and Ventura opening with crazy rules

    This rule for Ventura harbor really puts a damper on it for me: Each vehicle/vessel is limited to members of the same household It does actually make sense from the public health perspective though...
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    Super late report...from somewhere up north

    Excellent video! Thanks for putting it up. Looked like a fantastic trip!
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    Wide open Tuna in San Diego...

    There were local US waters bluefin being caught right up until January 31 from what I read. It was out on The Ridge by net boats, with a few also rod and reel caught by crew during the day dropping iron. The commercial season closed on the 31st and maybe they are still there. Reported to be 60...
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    Issues with my Metalloid 12 II two speed

    It looks like the Cavalla has much less drag capacity than the Metalloid it is replacing? Never mind, I was looking at specs in kg for the Cavalla vs pounds for the metalloid...
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    OC BFT

    Very nice fish on 20#!
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    Lobster Opener Video -Full Limits

    Nice video! Liking your float setup. How much weight do you put in the bottom of those tubes?
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    How many miles is the 230 from Mission landing (SD)

    From MB it is actually about 32 nautical miles or about 37 regular miles. Plus you will be doing plenty of motoring around while you are out there. I think it is legal to take an extra can if it is of the approved type. Be careful!
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    Kite Yellowfin 7/3

    Not bad! Were you fishing bait under the kite or a Yummee?
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    Albacore season

    Your two weeks are up - did you get them? haha Seriously though, the water up there looks perfect at 40 miles due west. Anyone been out there looking around? Vanian on WON said a commercial boat ran into a batch of albacore 600 miles SW of San Diego, which is a hopeful sign!
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    Albacore 2019

    Saw lots of them floating up of Carpenteria above Ventura when trying for salmon a couple weeks ago. Some nice clean 60 deg water pushing in offshore of the Northern Channel Is., got me dreaming of albacore.
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    I understand that Sea Shepard has been effective at reducing illegal high seas drift net fishing that was wiping out albacore and other pelagics. I am very thankful for that work by Sea Shepard.
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    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    In the new scheme it looks like setting up the truck/trailer to launch at the farthest docks gets tricky due to space constraints. How long is the construction slated to last? We can probably take their current schedule and at least double or triple it to get a realistic time frame.
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    ? VP prop hub repair ?

    Thanks, I'll give them a call!
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    ? VP prop hub repair ?

    The hub on the forward prop on my VP DP has crept out forward some to the point where this prop rubs on the rear prop. Can I simply press the hub back into place with a 20 ton press and have much chance it will stay there and not spin? It is an aluminum D4 prop that is good shape otherwise. I...
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    Broke down but got a couple

    Grill up that one in her left hand, poke with the other one.
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    Heading out tomorrow 8/29

    Did you post this in the wrong forum? Central Coast
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    Offshore IS Binoculars

    Are your 12x32 Fujinons the "JR" model advertised at that link for $399? Those have ±3° of all-direction motion compensation vs ±5° All-direction motion compensation for the 14x50 Fujinons on that website. That sounds like a big difference in stabilization capability. Thanks for your feedback!
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    For Sale Raymarine 2kw Radome RD218

    SOLD! Raymarine Radome in excellent working and cosmetic condition. All cables provided. I am only selling because the Raymarine display had some screen reliability issues, there were no issues with the radome itself. I am throwing in the C70 display for free in case someone wants to attempt...
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    Jumbo BFT 75 West

    Sounds like a solid setup
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    Jumbo BFT 75 West

    Nice work, congratulations! 75 miles west of where? The 805? Good action with 3 knockdowns. Curious if your flyer has the treble stinger hooks?
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    legal or short?

    Yep, that's what a warden showed me right before writing a ticket a couple years back. He folded the tail under and engaged the back of the carapace first and then lowered the gauge and the eye stalks twitched inwards... He said sorry, his supervisor had told them they were giving out too many...
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    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Wow, he's got a nice boat. From SB he could run that thing offshore for some northern sector tunas... Scania is a Swedish company I think. You see their trucks in Europe.
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    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Found a net Friday night at Cat. Identify it and we can make arrangements for its return.
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    And then this happened.... Bluefin limits

    Congrats, your arms must be sore! I got my first over 100 blue out there Saturday and those suckers pull! Half straightened an Owner #1 Super Mutu circle... couldn't believe it held.
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    8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    Not a bluefin but an excellent catch anyway! I have never eaten but I hear they are great with 3 or 4 different kinds of meat that all taste different. Supposed to be some yft above Cat and all the way to Anacapa area. Some marlin as well above SBI. Heard a guy got a 175# bluefin at the Osborn...
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    8/14 Anacapa and quick look offshore

    Thanks for the reports guys! Water is looking good on up to as far north as the Hidden. North of the Hidden it is very green. Small YFT have been reported on the 125 off west end of Cat and marlin have been reported "above SBI" as well as on the Osborn.
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    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    .... and? I bet you saw some striped marlin. Did you catch any?
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    First local super cow bluefin

    That thing looks wicked tuna big in that pic, nice fish! Looks like it takes some serious core strength just to hold that thing up like that for a photo!
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    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    Certain they were not dolphin? Action can look pretty similar to the big BFT from any distance at all. Some BFT do seem to come up through our channel every year though so ...
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    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    That sounds like the bite I read about on the Oz maybe... Thanks for all the replys guys. I think we are getting close to some decent Channel Is activity. Maybe I'll take a look at the Hidden this weekend if I can get out. May be a bit too breezy to go further south. That report about the...
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    Anyone looked offshore below N Channel Ils?

    Bluefin have been up between Catalina and Clemente for a while now and there are marlin and dorado and tuna near Catalina. The water looks inviting all the way up to the Osborn and beyond. Santa Monica basin buoy has been at 73/74 degrees. We got a nice dodo out of Oceanside in 71.4 water a...
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    Yellow fin in Ventura?

    Must have been a typo...
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    Dorado 12 mi West of LJ

    Nice dodo and great report format! I break open bags of ice in my fishold and add seawater to make a slurry. Fish gets nice and cold to the point that the meat is cold to the point it almost hurts the hands when filleting later. Have to remember to flip the fish after a while that are up top...
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    Making macs in SD r Missin Bay?

    Not good. Didn't seem to be any around the bait barge in SD and got just 2 out where the point loma kelp used to be.
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    Making macs in SD r Missin Bay?

    Thanks very much guys. I thought I read a report not long ago where someone said they struggled to find any in SD bay in their usual spots. Going to give it a shot Friday...
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    Making macs in SD r Missin Bay?

    Anyone know where to make macs now launching out of either San Diego or Mission Bay? Thanks in advance.
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    0 for 50 on the San Diego

    Some days you are the Louisville slugger, some days you are the ball... Still looking forward to my first crack at these suckers in a week and half!
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    where should I fish for YT, Tuna or ?

    You need more than passports for fishing Mex waters. There are a couple of licenses needed and within 12 NM a "visa" also... Don't go without proper paperwork.
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    5/13/16 0-2 on the BFT

    Sounds like a good day on the water despite the frustration of a pulled hook. Try a single hook instead of a treble on that iron? Thanks for the report.
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    3500 BD Deal... continued

    I'm no expert but based on plugging a transducer hole in my hull I'd say you could clamp a smooth surface backer board larger than the defect and covered with packing tape or a release agent of some sort behind the hole and then glass it in with mat and cloth and epoxy resin. You may want to...
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    Took 1 for the team! Offshore 30 miles exploratory trip!

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you went half as far as you needed to though - JDs site is reporting 12-15lb bluefin on the 60 mile bank, US waters. Commercial boats fishing it.
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    10 Year Old Son's Video Edit! 2015 Year in Review of PurrSeaStance

    Great stuff! The kid does nice work! The shot of those rays jumping is pretty crazy btw...
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    Pilothouse Build Window Help

    for fixed windows save a bunch of money and don't go with aluminum frame windows - set 1/4 glass in a 1.5 x 3/8 rabbet with M1 sealant. Much better than trying to gasket them in IMO and custom aluminum framed ones are pretty damn expensive.
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    Pilothouse fabrication

    Here are a couple of shots of a pilothouse I built for my Skipjack Sport Cruiser. It did not have sides before and the original aluminum framed windshield was falling apart. Glass/epoxy over plywood. The top is original, was previously supported in the back by a SS tube on either side, its the...
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    Lobster Report 11-7-15

    Thanks for the report, good job getting a few on a slow night. I wonder what causes such a difference on 2 sucesive nights like that...
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    Hoo Heartbreak

    Arrrrgh! They always say to sharpen the hell out of your hooks when fishing hoo, don't know how much that helps but it sounds good.
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    Nice grade of fish! What day did you fish?? Thanks for the report!
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    How long will this warm water last?

    There have been some yellowfin out of Morro fairly recently as well as out at the 311 so that stuff is in cooler water and may come sliding back down our way. Bluefin fishing has been steady out of Santa Cruz and they got a 50 lb albacore today. I think there is a good chance of bluefin all...
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    Wahoo in the 805

    Wahoo like ledges in about 20 to 40 fathoms. I'd try those depths around capa and along the coast. The 17 fathom reef would be a likely spot too and I heard one was caught there about a month ago when the marlin were being fished there.
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    CI . Slow .

    Looks like the Ciscos boats got some local tuna Friday the 16th...
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    10/8 DP to 14 mile

    We couldn't get bit at all Friday with two of us using 20 lb fluoro.... I wanted to shoot myself.
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    Santa Cruz Marlin

    Thanks for the mack info. I'd think the yellowfin are on them too. Anyone been getting yft on the macks? Btw, I've heard that fish to 70lbs were caught down at the Oz yesterday - hope some of those bigger fish filter up our way...
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    Santa Cruz Marlin

    Nice! We'll be out tomorrow. Where did you get the macks?
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    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    I don't think you did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. Satellite sst sensing uses multi-channel microwave and IR radiometers to measure the temp of the "skin" of the water. There are corrections for surface "roughness" due to waves but things are not based on sea surface height. General sea...
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    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    Check the sst chart against the temps at buoys in the area to get a sense if very superficial surface temp is being shown on the sst. As Jason says the sst sensors reads just the very surface of the water. The buoy measures the temp below the surface about 1 to 2 feet depending on the buoy...
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    10/8 DP to 14 mile

    Just watch out for the bait at San Pedro barge. Tiny, lifeless anchovy. We hit the Oz and could not get a fish all day on them while everyone was hooked up all around. I called the night before and they said 4-6 inch chovy and none of them we got in the morning were even 4 inches.
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    Warning! Don't bring a knife to a gun fight

    Ouch, that hurts. If I catch a wahoo with a lure, rod, reel and rod holder attached to it I'll contact you, lol
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    Nice fish, way to find 'em! Great pics too.
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    14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    I think they call that hull color "Googan Green"...
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    10/6 Same Day Report, Marlin Mission

    We've hooked several marlin this year in and around wild bird activity so recommend you work those spots good for marlin. Almost all our fish this year were hooked slow trolling macks in those birdy areas so you might want to give that a try next time out too. Just putter around with a couple...
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    TUNA in Avila / PSL / Morro Bay

    Been wondering the same thing. Seems likely since bft are at places like the Cortez and Osborn south and off Morro.
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    Channel islands trip = tuna .

    Thanks for the report. Where abouts did you get that yft with the ponies? Do you remember the water temp? Heard a while back that the marlin were on squid near the hidden. We were out yesterday and looked in that cooler water south of Capa down to about the 45 line but didn't find any. Got...
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    Breaking in the new gaff!

    So the fact that he jumped in the water to free gaff it makes it legal. And a quick change into dry clothes for the photo and your golden...
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    TUNA in Avila / PSL / Morro Bay

    They are already getting bluefin out of Santa Cruz and heard there was yft seen up there too.
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    Heading out of CI tomorrow

    Do you have the right prop? May just be over-propped (too much pitch). If it all of sudden got lower however than it does not sound like the prop.
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    TUNA in Avila / PSL / Morro Bay

    They do look like bft and not yft... at least one of them
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    Heading out of CI tomorrow

    There was a post over on Get Bent with some numbers on local yellowfin and skipjack. It was about 47/19 on the terns and dolphin.
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    Anacapa Marlin

    Wayne - nice job on the fish and pics! Looks like a light leader catch.
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    PB Dorado 9/18

    That's an excellent local dorado! Nice work finding it and getting it in the boat solo. Did you find it on the Channel side of Capa or backside? We found a lot more life east of the east end of the island versus offshore of the backside Saturday. Thanks for the report.
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    Anacapa Marlin

    Hooked two on macs in the morning about a mile ESE of the arch. Nothing on jigs. Ton of bait out there - acres of it shoaling. Some tern activity that looked like tuna in the afternoon but no bighters for us.
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    Marlin, Yellowfin, Bluefin, Dorado and Swordfish within10 miles CI Harbor

    Wow! Thanks for all that info! Going Saturday to see what we can find...
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    Anybody going out tomorrow (Channel Islands)?

    Out today but no fish for us. Just 3-4 mi off the east end of Anacapa looked really good with bait, birds and dolphin like crazy. Someone on the radio said they got yft and skippies in there slow trolling both macks and anchovy. Seiners were setting further east halfway to county line and...
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    Yellowfin in the 805

    Thanks for the report. We be fishing Sunday... Hope they stick around!
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    Amigo in Ventura is getting tuna

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    Amigo in Ventura is getting tuna

    I just talked to someone that said he spoke to the skipper and said they were fishing the zone from Cat west end, below SBI and out towards San Nic. Don't know how accurate this info is but it the water that way looks good on the satellite. 805 waters are warming up good again.
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    Amigo in Ventura is getting tuna

    I see the Amigo out of Ventura Sportfishing has gotten tuna everyday for the last 6 days. Anyone know how far south they are going for these fish? I'm guessing well down the backside of Catalina but hoping closer...
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    SB Report/ Channel Islands Tuna Trip

    We got a marlin today on a mack, clean release, saw 6 total either attached to someone's line or tailing. No sign of tuna, we saw someone hooked up to a dodo.
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    SB Report/ Channel Islands Tuna Trip

    Anyone know if the macks still available near Smugglers and the Gap area?
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    Any Reports For Catalina ? Maybe Farnsworth ?? Tuna?

    There had been tuna outside the Farnsworth. Going to be bumpy out that way, check the weather.
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    7-24-15 Nostrivia off DP

    Wow, great report and great day (morning) on the water!
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    Mirage out of Channel Islands YFT

    I've heard of YFT off the West end of Catalina for a week or more, maybe they ran down there or maybe some fish have moved up closer to the local islands? Hope some more details on location surface. The Mirage fish pictured is sure a nice sized one...
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    Anacapa and beyond

    Scott, thanks for taking a look and posting. Yellowbanks tuna would be nice! Hearing a couple reports of larger yft just off west end of Cat around the 125. May have to take a look local this Saturday.
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    looking for info for SAT 18

    just watch out for thunder and lightning... chance of thunderstorms Saturday.
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    Recording footage on board

    Anyone know if you can turn off that collision activation feature on dash cams? Otherwise in a boat it would be activating constantly, don't know what the effect of all the detected collisions would be but maybe it doesn't matter..?
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    What's in a 65 lb Bluefin stomach caught at the 9 on July 3

    Nice fish! The hooks on the Flatfalls seem a little on the small side for an iron jig. I have a 100g model and the pair of hooks looks like about 3/0. I wonder if bigger hooks would mean less lost fish..
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    Recording footage on board

    Good question. GoPro does not record sound well and I understand that the dash cams only save video when there is a collision detected, otherwise they just write over previous video when the memory is full.
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    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    Seiners are really focused on YFT as it's the only game in town at this point with the low bft quota, sardine closure, no skipjack or bigeye around. I hear they are expected to wrap the bulk of the yft that come into local waters. Can't hide from those planes and those nets. Law of unintended...
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    This is happening 6 to 8 miles off Point Loma

    Cool video. At least you hooked a couple which is better than we did last time out... Better luck next time getting them in the boat! We should all be getting more chances as the season progresses although I am worried about the seiners mopping up most of the YFT.
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    North 9 Thursday: mostly show but some go

    Nice work! Was that surface iron you were throwing?
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    6-6 Nice Boat Ride

    I heard Mark Wisch report on 1090 radio this AM saying there were "bft spread all the way up to Anacapa Is". Maybe the fish moved NW from the area off Dana. He also said he was invited on a trip to try for wsb in the am (Cat) and then take the squid offshore to chase bft. I was planning on...
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    Heading to Santa Cruz Island Sunday!

    FYI - Mark Wisch on Hookup 1090 this morning said there are bluefin "all the way up to Anacapa Island". Anyone heard anything?? Might be worth thinking of a little inshore/offshore combo...
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    Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    Anybody try a kite? I'd think a mack on a kite out a ways, with the leader out of the water, could work. You could fish heavy line too. Haul the bait up and down out of the water and watch 'em jump for it, that would be a show...
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    Close but no cigar.

    Sounds like it was very slow today on the tuna, a lot seen but not biting, maybe too much pressure...
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    Oil Spill-Refugio to Tajiguas Closure

    No oil spill like this is a good thing but the natural oil and gas seeps in the Santa Barbara Channel put far more oil into the water than this spill. I have run out the channel in years past seeing oil on the surface for many, many miles. You can see it in the water, the aroma is...
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    Interesting video on pacific bluefin tuna

    Good video. Thanks for that link. Nice to hear the interviewed Japanese regulator seemed to be taking their overfishing of BFT seriously but I noted that he made a remark about US sport fishers having to do their part (Does he know we account for less than 1% of the take?)
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    Word on the street...

    Maybe the blowing of chunks actually chummed the fish to the jigs and the count would have been lower if nobody was getting seasick.... barf
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    Word on the street...

    Latest from the H&M website: Bluefin Onboard! 1-1/2 Day boats fishing U.S. waters got into tuna! While only 9 were landed (one weighing in at 60 lbs) the Producer and the Invicta reported promising signs of fish over a larger area! Check out our schedule and get in on the action!
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    NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    I just submitted my comments. Here they are in case someone else can benefit from them when thinking about making your own: First let me say thank you for your thoughtful review of my comments. I am a California recreational fisherman and I am making my plea to increase the proposed two fish...
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    Tufin Bluena

    Ray - thanks for that info on that triangle area! I have Fishdope but did not think to look close up at that chart. Can't wait to get the chance to get after some of these very nice sized bft.
  111. W

    Tufin Bluena

    Where is the 140? That is a spot I have never heard of and don't see on the charts. Thanks!
  112. W

    Yellowtail Santa Cruz

    Thanks for the excellent report. Where are the mackerel to be found?
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    9 mile bank area this weekend 4/10-411

    Mexican waters are closed to bluefin take so I'd be sticking to the US side of the border if I were you and fishing the 9 out to the 182. Btw, JD's site spoke of rumors of some bft caught up off Dana Pt a few days ago so you should keep a good lookout on the way down.
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    Offshore Overnight

    Since you can't keep bft in Mex waters I'd work the border out to around the 43 and then head south towards the butterfly. People are claiming fish at 40 miles but don't know where. Sounds like most fish have been caught on live bait when seeing breaking fish.
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    Bluefin Limit 2015?

    Joe - thanks for those observations, good to hear from someone that was at the meeting. A May closure would be a lousy outcome for sport fishing for sure. Is there any chance that even the 2 fish limit would be in jeopardy sometime later in the year? Hope the rest of the world complies with...
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    Bluefin Limit 2015?

    I think we are getting the shaft again with this proposal to go to a 2 fish recreational bag limit. Here are some facts on the US recreational take of north pacific bluefin tuna: - The US sport take for the 5 year period of 2007 to 2011 was 0.75% of the total take of this species. - The US...
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    East San Clemente island 10-3-14

    Great catch report! Nice to see some good yft being caught in US waters. That looks to be a "slender sunfish". JDs site had a pic of one yesterday spit up by a marlin . Apparently another warmer water...
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    Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    I think the BFT have been coming from around the Tanner.
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    Exotics made it to Ventura County

    Nice work Alan! Thanks for the post
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    BFT Still Around

    That's a beauty. Was that bft fishing on meter marks or what? Helluva year!
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    Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    Slater - I don't know if existing comments are viewable at this point. I can't find them. This page has a good summary of the petition and process.!documentDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2014-0076-0001 Note: "NMFS is specifically requesting that the public provide comments...
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    Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    I posted this on another thread here on this topic. As Markus said the problem of bluefin overfishing is due to the take in Japan and to a lesser extent Mexico. I suspect that there may be other countries under reporting their catch. Bottom line is US overall catch and sport catch in...
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    Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    Found the data set for landings of north Pacific BFT. This is for totals for the period 1952 to 2011: US sport - 6,013 metric tons Japan all types of take - 974,041 mt Total for all countries all gear - 1,343,121 mt And for just the last 5 years of the data: US sport - 699 mt Total for all...
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    Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    Matt - here is a link to the CBD petition. The chart came from page 10. Here is the link referenced in the above link. Note one of the charts here says...
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    Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    I found this on the Center for Biological Diversity's petition to NMFS. The US catch is tiny compared to that of Japan in particular, as well as Mexico. I don't know if the sport fishing take in the US is included in these "reported" figures but I don't think it can be significant in...
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    Saturday BFT

    Thanks for the report and tip on fishing deep. What was the bait like? Been out to look around up our way in Ventura Co yet?
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    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Freedom saying they got one estimated at 120 to 130 today. I'd like to walk into my favorite sushi bar with one of those slung over my back and say "cut 'er up, tuna for everyone"
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    Solo Quad BFT

    I'm going with yellowfin, cause the fins are... yellow. The anal fin on those fish are yellow, bluefin have a mostly whitish anal fin. See bluefin pic above. Nice catch in any case!!
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    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    Rapala X-Rap 15 magnum silver blue mackerel
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    Bluefin Tuna Cruising in Marina Pacifica Canal

    Wow! What a crazy year. Would be fun to hand feed them...throw them a handful of Purina Tuna Chow.
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    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    Larry - That one blue mac x-rap got all 5. Also ran a sardine x-rap 15 that looks almost the same as the mac except it has spots instead of stripes and it didn't get touched. Cedar, feathers, blue/silver halco didn't produce.
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    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    My bad, not the Coronado Canyon. We were fishing the southern part of that trench to the west of the Coronados along the wall of that dropoff. Numbers were 16/18. Big area of activity there that we were running and gunning on.
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    7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    Fished down to the tuna pens east of the Hidden for several patties with yellows along the way. The tuna fishing sounded pretty slow for everyone except those fishing down in the Lower 500 range. Late in the day making our way back up the line we found birds working in the south end of the...
  134. W

    West End Catalina

    One of the best counts today came from a 6-pack out of Long Beach that got 44 yft and a 3 bft "way up in US waters".... Sounded like they might have been out by Clemente but not sure. Off the west end of Cat would not surprise me at this point.
  135. W

    25-30 west of the PT. looking for Tuna, up and down the ridge.

    Where, what??? SR Flats? Squid? I'm not an old school guy, but am working on it....
  136. W

    Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

    Jeff - thanks for that info from WFOA. Sounds promising for the guys up in the Monterey area or maybe even out of Morro as that water is around 60 throughout those areas and has been pushing in. Hopefully someone will get on them soon...
  137. W

    Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

    Jeff - where are you seeing WFOA reporting albacore 80+ miles west of Monterey? The last fish report update on their website is from April 23 and there are no such reports. The water to the west of San Miguel Is. is looking interesting for albies - clean and just about 60 degrees.... This el...
  138. W

    Top Gun 80 1.5 day

    BFT seen (but not hooked) within 1 day range yesterday also on the Dominator.
  139. W

    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    There is a photo in this link. Not super clear but the hook point is slid into the "gill cavity", but not into the gills, and the point penetrates from the inside of this cavity out. There is a bone that rims the edge of that gill cavity that holds pretty well...
  140. W

    Crab trap angle 2

    Hey, I was wondering if that bait holder your using was designed to be clipped to the top ring of the trap instead of the bottom. Reason I ask is I notice that the cage type shown on the Promar site describes it as being clipped to the top ring to prevent feeding from the bottom of the net and...
  141. W

    Swords on hook and line.

    Thanks Bud! Very interesting info. What are the "Kings" you refer to - slang for swords?
  142. W

    kentucky fried bugs

    Nice score and nice pics! Like the one with the KFC bucket. Ever see the guitarist "Buckethead"? he always wears the KFC bucket on his head and a mask...
  143. W

    Ft Bragg albacore great day!!!

    Nice work guys - love it when someone goes out and finds fish when others aren't looking! Enjoyed the video. Looks like you need a bigger boat with all those fish and fisherman onboard!
  144. W

    25' SkipJack Sport Cruiser '86

    Great price for a great boat! I have a 1990 Skippy SC with a 2000 5.7 VP DP and love the boat. I get 2.0-2.5 nmpg on mine depending on sea conditions, but I removed bottom paint and tuned the bottom. 2.0 nmpg at cruise is not an unreasonable expectation as long as the motor is running right.
  145. W

    Big fish questions

    Swordfish or big mako maybe. I fished a party boat for albacore and they were saying a few days earlier they fish hanging when a pod of killer whales came by and ate a couple of hooked fish and of course spooled them in a hurry. That was off Pt Conception. They had also hooked and lost some...
  146. W

    Bluefin may be glowing!! Yikes!!

    This appears to be real science and basically says that risks are miniscule. On the other hand if the Japanese public believes there are real risks in eating bluefin that's not such a bad thing LOL
  147. W


    We are in the cool phase of the PDO. That means cooler water her in So. CA and warmer water and lots of albacore up of OR and WA. Don't worry, it's only going to last another 20 years or so at most...
  148. W

    Same old, same old tired story...

    Excellent day of fishing! Too bad about the beer... Any pens closer than off Ensenada?
  149. W

    Cortez 1.5 8/2-8/4

    Thanks for the details on tackle, etc. Nice fishing when you catch a 70 pounder and don't win the JP.
  150. W

    Somebody had to do it Friday 7/19/13 on the water

    Nice! Sounds like a fun day. Great to get a private boat bft report, they seem pretty far and few between given the quality of the fish out there. Thanks
  151. W

    Big Opah

    That thing is a horse! To the guy above - Google the term "Bait-o-matic"
  152. W

    More SwordFISHING this weekend - 7/13 - Getting closer.

    To settle this hook question I think we need to consult with the expert that appears in that little video Blackfish posted... Actually, I say go with whatever the experts from the other coast say as they have some real experience catching these rascals down deep.
  153. W

    Big Opah

    Nice! Did you get a weight on that thing? Looks big! What did you have on that bait-o, a mack?
  154. W

    Recommendations for bluefin tackle

    I thought a JX could even fish 50# with it's 15# of drag at strike....?
  155. W

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Great post. I like the soundtrack in your video as well as the shots you got with the pole. Especially like that shot of the bow in action where you can see the reverse strakes knocking the water almost straight back down. Don Radon is a cool dude. Met him once at his shop. He was showing...
  156. W

    Morro Albies with live anchovies11/5

    Wow, a chovie transport... Thanks for your report. Going tomorrow.
  157. W

    Weekend predictions

    We got 5 fish to 38 lbs Sunday out of Morro. Did not find them until 3:30 and just fished them for 2 hours. 03/21. Only 1 other boat fishing that day and they found them. Planning to go again Thursday.
  158. W

    Weekend predictions

    Plan to fish out of PSL on Sunday and maybe Monday too. If Sunday does not produce fish we may head up to Monterey for Monday. Good luck,
  159. W

    Freaking Out! Swell and Moon

    I don't think you will hardly notice that swell due to the long period and BFT often bite well on the full moon. Go get 'em!
  160. W

    Tuna ?

    Someone posted on the local board about hearing this rumor. I also heard a guy got one fish 10 miles above San Miguel Is. when on the way up to Monterey. A guy went looking out of SB today and did not find anything but thats just one boat and there is a lot of water in the Channel. A guy...
  161. W

    kid's albacore trip - 8/24/12

    Very nice! Excellent looking feast. I like all the safety gear, rubber gloves and everything. I find that taking a Bonine before bed the night before is the best preventative for the mal de mar. Seems to work better than taking it same day or when already feeling bad.
  162. W

    Voyager 85lb and 98lb BFT

    Hogs! Can you post a link to the site where you saw this? I can't seem to find it.
  163. W

    rodriguez or potato bank

    JDs site posted that someone went all the way up behind Santa Cruz from down south and saw some marlin up our way...
  164. W

    Bait Rolling

    Anybody using sabikis to catch the bait under the patties and fishing that? That should get you some good lively bait and would provide what is probably their natural forage (or maybe not or it would have been all eaten up already...)
  165. W

    rodriguez or potato bank

    Wonder if we have some Marlin, BFT, YT or dorado coming up around SBI. Guy said he saw dorado and YT on a patty on the way to the west end of Catalina coming from MDR.
  166. W

    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    That's a damn fine looking plate you got there! At least you didn't get skunked....
  167. W

    Monterey Albacore 2/28/12

    Five fish by 8 am that close to home is a great score! Do you ever troll under sail instead of motoring?
  168. W

    20 minute WSB

    Wow! Nice report, way to get it done on a school night.
  169. W

    Tuna off cen cal!

    They are getting them today and much closer inside...
  170. W

    Weekend Weather & 4th of July

    Excellent weather report for the So Cal fisherman! Would be interesting to get some reporting on weather further up the coast and off Morro Bay. There is some warm clean water offshore 90 miles there that might be holding albacore. Hopefully the early season winds and upwelling will back off...
  171. W

    1st Albi of our year report

    Strong work my man! Love the goggles, definitely hardcore when you need to wear goggles. Be safe out there...
  172. W

    Rumor has it Albies out of Eureka today

    Nice! Was he fishing that warm water plume to the SW of Eureka or the other plum to the WNW?
  173. W

    Rumor has it Albies out of Eureka today

    Wow! Keep us posted when you hear more.
  174. W

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    Bluefin landed at 95 miles (I'll call that one day range) by the end of May (as I predicted).....
  175. W

    MOTHERS DAY HOGS Santa Cruz 1st BD post

    Great post! Try running the boat at those thieving sea lions that grab your fish. Follow your line and get the bow of your boat right up in their grill when they come up for air. Have to have your other gear out of the water to do that though. Have saved a couple salmon that way.
  176. W

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    Looks like the spring winds are settling in and will cool temps down... guy above was right - 2009 was not quite an el nino year (but it was real close). The "mean" of the el nino forecasts for later this year are now predicting we will have one. Check out this site from Australia and click...
  177. W

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    That sounds promising! Lets hope there is is some truth to that rumor! This year might be a lot like 2008 which was a La Nina ending and transitioning to the 2009 El Nino. The ENSO forecasts are now calling about a 50/50 chance of neutral versus El Nino by late in the summer. Here is a report...
  178. W

    Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    The water is warming up off northern Baja. This damn La Nina is finally dead and gone. Looks like some offshore yellowtail and tunas could show up any time. Some bluefin were reportedly seen at 200 miles a couple of weeks ago. Things could start happening soon. I'm gonna predict some tuna are...
  179. W

    thru hull transducer

    I went from high speed faring block mounted ducer to a flush mount tilted element ducer and get much cleaner readings at speed. I'm also not dragging around that extra appendage underwater which must help my fuel mileage a little, which is a plus with high fuel costs these days.
  180. W

    Best/Cheapest way to Buy Starboard

    I bought a full sheet from Calsak Plastics in LA. They sell "Starboard" brand and had the best price I could find when shipping was factored in (picked it up from them myself).
  181. W

    25ft Whaler Outage Rebuild

    That thing looks beautiful. The console looks especially sweet. Interesting looking bottom shape on the stern shot with the kinda bell shaped deadrise. How does it run in the rough stuff?
  182. W

    Bamf 25' Excursion sneak peek

    Great looking boat! If you can make in i/o with a low hatch cover that you can walk over like a Skipjack 25 that would make a very fishable setup. Talk about low center of gravity, think how much lower it is with an i/o motor in the bilge versus an outboard. Will that top support a perch with...
  183. W

    Mexican Visa News Released

    Good news on the Innocent Passage clarification! That is the way I read it and this makes things much more reasonable. Still will suck when there is a hot bite inside and you are out without a visa... Any details on if fishing gear needs to be stowed while making passage? Can you have rods...
  184. W

    Mexican Visa News Released

    What exactly does this mean? "Vessels traveling through the territorial waters of Mexico, not engaging in activities, but seeking only “innocent passage” while enroute to international waters, will not be required to have a Visa. " Could this mean if you are transiting to and from...
  185. W

    Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    The ones that people were talking about last month came from the net boats in the Rodriguez area is what I heard. Fish market in Santa Barbara harbor was selling some. My buddy hooked one on my boat a couple years back by San Nic only to have it break off after an hour on 20lb test... on bait...
  186. W

    albacore san miguel

    We may fish that area Friday this week. A few boats talking about going both thursday and friday from SB.
  187. W

    Intel On the One Day Range Tuna?

    Is this tuna pen fishing on the smaller units or...? Thanks
  188. W

    Morro bay???

    Very few fish caught today up there. We are going tomorrow hoping it was just a down day and the fish can be relocated...
  189. W

    Big Game 90 or Holiday

    Type the boat names in the search box at the top of this thread and look for people reports on the boats on Bloody Decks
  190. W


    I just want to add that I have not fished the JB Line One so hopefully that stuff that came off on my guides will not be an issue once it is wet.
  191. W


    I just finished spooling up several reels with braid and mono top shots. Used some "Line One" and had some kind of waxy crap that came off on the guide I was winding through and the knots did not slide down very easily. Also did some reels with Izor line and it tied much better and didn't have...
  192. W

    FL Pac Dawn-Escobar 7/30/11

    What happened Mike? Did eating at Moon Shadows give you some...moon shadows? :Emoticon_Potty_Time
  193. W

    Bluefin on the Holiday! 1 Day trip!

    Great looking fish. Congrats on a 55# fish! Do you know about what area you were fishing?
  194. W

    Thinking about running out for bluefin

    You heard it from the Man right here - mega baits if they are on bait and a sardine if they are not.. Markus has the perspective on these fish that we can all benefit from. Wish I lived in SD instead of way up north here so I could bop out there and give it a whirl. Anyone hear of any more fish...
  195. W

    200 Miles, no fish

    The Condor is on them again today in a new area he describes as "up here". Maybe they did move in that clean patch near the 43. Seems they have moving up the line pretty fast over that last couple of weeks.
  196. W

    Some nice trophy fish showed up at Coronado Islands!

    Congratulations on your cousins remission from cancer. Way to celebrate with some great fishing!
  197. W

    Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    I think one thing that can be said for sure is that a certain amount of global warming is a lot better than another ice age. During the Maunder solar minimum and the little ice age there was big die off in Europe due to loss of ag productivity. A cool period like that now would cause a really...
  198. W

    Driving up to Santa Barbara

    I am in Ventura and could possibly use an alignment and check on my VP DPS outdrive. I guess that would mean new bellows also. Do you have references?
  199. W

    Great Report on the California Current (A Must read)

    You would kind of expect that the waters off Script pier would be warming since the 1950's given the swing in the PDO: This is a natural variation and things should now be cooling off given that we are going into a cool phase of the PDO
  200. W

    The white sea bass are gone!

    Thanks for all your efforts Frank! Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of fun too. Looking forward to catching a few of them when they get big...
  201. W

    What happened to all the Bigeye Tuna???

    Hey Garrett, that is a helluva fish! I remember your post in 2004. We got one during that bite about 45 lbs. What did that fish of yours weigh?? You did good to get that in just over an hour on 25. My buddy took an hour to get his on 20..... but he is a wus....
  202. W

    New Rocket Launchers

    They are looking good. Nice ride!
  203. W

    As requested "The Menu" rework

    Really nice work there! Great project. Interesting to get the performance specs on the D3 motor in that boat, seems like a great match for it. Love all the room in the engine compartment - is that bulkhead forward of the motor in the original place?.
  204. W

    A new pilothouse for my skippy

    Thanks for all the kind words and your interest in the build. I did not photo document the process as much as I wish but here are a few more pics. Started with a cardboard template, the ultimate in hi-tech... Suspended the existing top and had some plumb lines and other tricks to keep...
  205. PICT0540


  206. PICT0546


  207. PICT0557


  208. PICT0534


  209. PICT0522


  210. PICT0538


  211. W

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Thanks for the comments guys. That top was too nice to throw away and it had all my other stuff attached to it already so it made sense. This particular model Skipjack is really suited to this - actually looks like they designed the top with a pilothouse version in mind. Would be interesting to...
  212. W

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    1990 25 SportCruiser model. Enclosed into a pilot house earlier this year. Here is the before Enclosed, no more flapping side curtains and wavy eisenglass:hali_olutta: Upgrades include hydraulic steering with AP, 45 gal bait tank, repowered with volvo 5.7 efi with duoprop a few...
  213. W

    A new pilothouse for my skippy

    Thanks for the props guys! The Sport Cruiser is a great model Skipjack - surprising there weren't more sold, not to common to see them now. Here is some more pics including one that shows the new house sides during construction Carpeted the overhead and sides to help keep sound levels down
  214. IMG 0023

    IMG 0023

  215. IMG 0024

    IMG 0024

  216. PICT0568


  217. PICT0547


  218. W

    Skipjack guys help 24 fly or 24 open???

    You might try calling Farallon and asking them if their pilothouse will fit the flybridge model with bridge removed. They should know I am guessing. Looks to me like it will not though. The open seems to have an extended height house under the windshields vs. the fly with the bridge removed...
  219. W

    A new pilothouse for my skippy

    Well, had to do it. My old aluminum frame windows were coming loose and I was tired of the wind and spray or having to mess with the esinglass curtains. Inspired by some of the other projects seen here. The boat is the 25' Sport Cruiser model. The new house is glass/epoxy over...
  220. PICT0564


  221. PICT0562


  222. PICT0565


  223. PICT0561


  224. PICT0527


  225. PICT0563


  226. PICT0546


  227. PICT0550


  228. PICT0520


  229. W

    Whos going Sat 9/11?

    We will be heading out early Sat AM.... whenever I get tired of not being able to sleep in the SI parking lot.... Good luck to everyone! Hope ya all find some fat ones! Bob, Wild West
  230. W

    Channel Is. / Ventura offshore

    Ran out just short of the Rodriguez today looking. Lots of life but no love on the tunas. The Rodriguez area, Arguello Canyon, the 311 area all produce tuna at times. Watch the weather in this area. It was nice out there today.
  231. W

    07/16/2009 Offshore day w multi species...

    Didn't fool me for a minute...Yeah, what the hell is up with this season? El Nino this winter then cold water and El Muerto this summer...
  232. W

    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    No need to guess - this years El Nino is a lot smaller than both the 83 and the 97-98 events, although it is the biggest since 98. Should be some good fishing in any case. Hers is SST anomaly 1st week of January 1998:
  233. W

    Albacores are here already??

    Good info Bud! I think maybe its not so uncommon for a few of these tunas to be around most of the year. Check out this link a buddy sent me of tagged BFT migrations. Zoom in on So CA - some years they are zipping around all winter. Bluefin Tuna | TOPP
  234. W

    pilot cabin for my 77 slickcraft

    I guess if they are above the waterline the whole back of the boat will rise with the waves enough that the wont slap, now that I think about it...
  235. W

    pilot cabin for my 77 slickcraft

    You powered though that job! Looks nice. Like the steps in the swimstep, although they look like they might be awash and slap in the waves at rest.
  236. W

    Humbolt Squid On The Nine

    Anyone know how to prepare them for freezing as bait strips? Seems like a good thing to stock up on to have on hand as Swordy baits. Bring a couple frozen strips on each offshore trip just in case.... If you don't use them and if they don't refreeze well just ditch them.
  237. W

    Another doofus...

    Hey BigJoe and Tinman - great observations you bring up. You can post comments to that article on that Times website and I encourage you do so. The other side has been working the media so effectively we should too...
  238. W

    pilot cabin for my 77 slickcraft

    Looks great! Is it glass over ply construction? Is that going to be a second steering station on the back of the house? You might consider adding a drip strip across the roof at the back so that spray or rain on the roof doesn't dribble down over the door area. I am building a pilothouse for...
  239. W

    UpdUpdated "Still Growing" El Nino Report 12/10/09

    Hers a link to current sea temp anomalies. There is a lot of water south of us that is + 1 to 2 degrees above average.
  240. W

    6volt vs. 8D's

    I have heard that the benefits of 6 volt batteries for house banks over conventional marine or rv deep cycle batteries are twofold - they are cheaper due to being mass produced for the golf cart market and they are well built to meet the deep cycle demands of golf carts being run down over and...
  241. W

    Updated "Still Growing" El Nino Report 12/10/09

    Here's an El Nino page from Down Under that is updated every two weeks instead of monthly. Click on the word "here" under "details" to get an anomaly map that shows lots of +0.5 to 2.0 degree water south of us :appl: ENSO Wrap-Up
  242. W

    80# Local Louvar-Photo

    Read online that they range all up and down our coast and are very rare, usually taken incidental to swordfishing... Hope I might be so lucky to catch one someday now that I know how good they eat! Looking forward to see what next season brings given the El Nino conditions.
  243. W

    80# Local Louvar-Photo

    Nice! Looks like it might be related to the Opah. Recent catch?
  244. W

    22.5ft Complete restoration...

    Just discovered this thread also. Really excellent work - you'd make a helluva engineer/designer/fabricator in any field... And thanks for taking all the time to put post this up. I am sitting here with a cardboard template on the floor I made a few days ago for pilothouse sides for my skippy...
  245. W

    ----Epic Local Night -----

    I see 5 guys in the pic plus a camera man so if there where 6 that would be 42 for limits... Incredible haul!
  246. W

    Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    That is an incredible fish on 17 lb test!! Incredible local fish on any lb test....Nice work landing that sucker!
  247. W

    425 YFT 8/20

    Got 1 YFT trolling the porps and terns on a swim bait right on the 425 and 3 more on the troll (orange jet, cedar, swim bait) and one bait fish halfway between the 425 and South Island. Also a couple of skippies for lobster bait. Ran down to the Hidden for nothing. Weather a bit bumpy. Nice...
  248. W


    Chris - talk to you out there. We are launching late at around 6:30 am....
  249. W


    I see that knuckle now, it is right by the finger, which makes good sense. CHINGON!
  250. W


    Chingon man, nice mixed catch! I have heard of the 1067 knuckle but thought that was SW part of the 1010 at about 37 over 53. May be going Thursday so was wondering... Thanks for the same day report!
  251. W

    Boner heaven

    I caught a bonito with my girlfriend from Japan and since she would have been shocked if I tossed it back we grilled it up and damn if it it did not look and taste like grilled albacore! Had a few bites sashimi style and it was great too...
  252. W

    santa barbara albies, blue fin

    Nice work guys! Numbers would be great, may go out Fri or Sat. The wind forecast came down nicely for this Sat. Water on the Rod was around 62 a couple of days ago so it sounds like the water moved some or you were not right on top of the Rod. Hope you guys get another shot at them soon.
  253. W

    6/27 Maybe we should have entered the shootout

    Yep, a lot of driving between the boat and the truck. Wish we had better offshore fishing up here in Ventura. Burned 95 gallons on the water and carried an extra 10 gallons in jugs just in case we needed it since we knew we going pretty long.
  254. W

    6/27 Maybe we should have entered the shootout

    Here's a couple pics. Good fishin with you guys....:gayfight:
  255. 09 06 27 the catch

    09 06 27 the catch

  256. 09 06 27 Eric holding yellow

    09 06 27 Eric holding yellow

  257. photos


  258. W

    Who is going south Sat. 6-27

    We plan to head for the Hidden,378, 1010 area Sat early am. Also plan to be in the Hidden area at gray light (unless we get some other info on the bite by tonight). Talk to you guys manana... Bob Wild West
  259. W

    New Lo-An Friday, any advice?

    for hooks I like the standard J bait hooks 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 sizes good. Stay away from the "kerbed" hooks (the ones that don't lay flat if you lay them on table (they don't hold well on tuna for some reason). If you wanted to try the iron for yo yo or the "slide" I would get a blue and chrome with...
  260. W

    ALBACORE at 38 mi.

    Very nice! Thanks for the report and the numbers. I wonder if fishing bait deep, the yo-yo iron or a little chunking would get any of those fish holding deep to bite?
  261. W

    So, what about an EPIRB?

    I just bought a Viking life raft from Karen Hansen at the St Pete boat show in December. She must be quite the salesperson! LOL. Speaking of life rafts that is something else to seriously consider. I have an epirb but finally decided to spring for the raft as well so I am not freezing my ass off...
  262. W

    HOLY SHIT...its a big one!!! MLPA alert

    Saw this on JD's Biggame site. Hope no one minds a copy and paste here: -------------------------Thursday, February 19, 2009-- FYI-----Thanks for your interest in the MLPA Initiative. Last week the March 3-4 stakeholder group meeting venue was changed to the Hilton in Long Beach. Hope this...
  263. W


    Hey John (fishpye) - can you give us some of the stats you are getting with that motor/boat setup such as speed at cruise, wide-open and idle (salmon trolling)? Which DP drive do you have? I don't need to do a repower on my Skippy 25 now but am dreaming of going diesel next time around and was...
  264. W

    Santa Monica Fishing Structures?

    Here's a link for ya.. California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Region
  265. W

    New Years Day Albacore Trip

    Saw on JDs site that he went to the West Fly and only got a bonito...
  266. W

    New Years Day Albacore Trip

    I am up in Ventura and heard secondhand that commercial guys were getting a few big fat albies in their nets off Pt Conception about a month ago. Water has since cooled a lot up there but maybe they slid down SW of Nic?? Good luck. Look forward to hearing what you find!
  267. W

    Oh what a day!

    That is some great hooping! Average of over 4 keepers per net! Nice work!
  268. W


    Yeah, as Frank Sinatra said about the water - "fish fuck in it"
  269. W


    Thanks for your update and the info on the CI area. A guy up here reported a couple little BFT in a gillnet near Anacapa.
  270. W


    Tommy - thanks for all your excellent info, really appreciated! Great stuff. A question for ya - any of signs of these fish heading up into US waters up behind SCI towards SBI this year where us northerners can get at them from Ventura and CI harbors?
  271. W

    Chicken Hunt 6/28

    I will be out there in the Wild West Saturday. Look forward to talking to some BDers on the radio if we can get a word in edgewise amongst the chatter. Hope the fish are up and biting and everyone slays em...
  272. W

    6/21 Third time is a charm

    your not gonna believe this but I heard you on the radio in Ventura after your quad while working on my boat this morning, real scratchy but pretty sure it was you. Congrats on a nice day!
  273. W

    resealing windows

    How about some automotive window seals for either the side windows or a rear slider pickup window? Something like this although the rear slider window WS might be better. Once the window was out you could take it to a good auto parts store or a dealer. eBay Motors: 73 74 75 76-91 GMC Blazer...
  274. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Yeah that tilted element flushmount looks like my best option. I should be able to do the install myself without too much trouble with that one. Saw an actual B260 unit and fairing and the thing would be a monster hanging off the bottom of my boat. Pretty well sold on the Raymarine but may have...
  275. W

    South African Boats!!

    Very impressive performance with a 100hp! With the price of fuel these days this stuff gets very interesting. Makes sense that efficiency starts to come on as the boat starts to plane and also makes sense that it would be sensitive to fore and aft weight distribution with that focused area of...
  276. W

    South African Boats!!

    Looks like you have some great boats and great fishing there in SA! That hydrofoil design makes a lot of sense. It says on one of the websites that the efficiency really comes on at 30 knots. Do you know how the fuel efficiency at 20-25 knots compares with a non-foiled boat?
  277. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Looked at the Raymarine units today and they look real nice. Was wondering tho about the finer points of picking a ducer now that I get into this. The new SS270 has a wide 24 deg beamwidth for both the 50 and 200khz signals vs the narrower 200khz 6 deg on the B260 or 3-5 deg on the B258. Wont...
  278. W


    From what I hear you should not mix AGM and flooded batteries and it is always a good idea to replace both batteries if they are ever paralleled together.
  279. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Surg - with a blue HS fairing block. Thanks
  280. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Thanks for the additional feedback guys. Will get a hold of Marc to have him take a look at things. Would not be surprised if it is just a bad connector. Got myself wanting a new system now though as I have never been happy with my current setup. Can't read anything at speed, temp gauge is...
  281. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Good to hear the feedback on Raymarine. Been shopping around online and their prices are better then Furuno and and the C70 is a good fit size wise for my boat. I don't see the B256 ducer on the Airmar sight - maybe this is a particular part # for Raymarine? I looked for the paper tag near the...
  282. W

    Fishfinder decision?

    Hope you guys can help. My older Simrad CE32 sounder has lost its 200 khz reading. I called Simrad and they think it is my unit and not the ducer. They say that it is rare to lose one frequency and not the other in the ducer. Not worth the cost to fix the sounder as I have never been happy...
  283. W

    Morro Tuna 9/22

    The numbers where we got fish were 35-21 and 121-58 about 54 miles west of the Rock. The warm body of water seemed to be pushing in at about 0.5 knots. There is hope for some decent Morro action yet this fall...Couple of other boats got 2 fish each today in the same area. Very few boats out and...
  284. W

    8/08/07 Dodo Limits

    Nice dodos dude. Did you get a weight on that bull? Productive day of catching...
  285. W

    Morro Bay.....whatdayathink??

    Going to try to make it out to the Rodriguez Sunday morning from SB. Temp and color looks good. Warm water has been pushing in up there and looks connected to where they are getting them out of Morro yesterday and today. Bob
  286. W

    1 day Albacore trip, pics...

    Congrats, very nice feesh and pics! If you went str8t west I would think you were out above the butterfly towards the Tanner.
  287. W

    Downriggers and tuna?

    Fishing out of Morro on a plunker deep live bait bite people where joking on the radio about using downriggers since they are all salmon fishers as well up there. You could slow troll a straight nose-hooked sardine slow if you had good meter marks - seems like it would work but I never tried...
  288. W

    Saturday on the 238 And Northern predictions?

    This seems like the year its going to happen. I remember some great fishing below the Osbourn a few years back. Gotta be at least a few fish up our way by now...I'm in Ventura and up for an exploratory in August. Bob
  289. W

    more of the same 7/8/07

    Congratulations! They sure pull harder than a bass, don't they. You picked a good year to get started with the fish in so close....hope you get some more Bob
  290. W

    Avila/Morro Albies

    Hey Mike - get back to work and quit reading the fishing boards. BTW, feel like blowing off work manana and heading north??? Looks like its going to howl this weekend...hope that water doesn't roll. Sounds like a nice bite going up there with 16 early and a decent grade.
  291. W

    Avila/Morro Albies

    The Pacific Horizon out of Avila decked a couple of albies first thing this AM at 50 miles on their exploratory. Probably the Donut or Arguello Canyon area - someone had heard a private boat radio report of fish from this area a copule of days ago. Going to be blowing like a mofo starting thurs...
  292. W

    Albies in the counts

    Heard one report of albies at about 90 miles. Hope they come closer for the weekend as we are planning on fishing Sat. Maybe some of those close BFT and YFT will escape the siener guantlet and make it into US waters :_shopping. Hope to talking be to some BDs on the water. Bob
  293. W

    7-07 425-371

    Try bonito chunks too. Another trick is to cut a strip of bonito with the skin on, use a slider sinker and cast and work it back with a jerky motion....
  294. W


    Thanks for the great info! We got a few nice BFT yesterday. Have to try your deep drop suggestion next time. Living up north in Ventura do you think this fish will move up to the Osborne and 311 this season?? Water looks clean up this way. It seems likely some may have headed up the...
  295. W

    Fishing monday?

    Heard on one of the other sites there was some albacore caught 35 miles from the point. Look forward to your report. Hope you knock 'em dead.
  296. W

    no love at the dumper sat. 20th

    Nice try. Thanks for the report. BTW, compare your temps to the Terrafin chart for the 20th. Terrafin shows 64 degree on the east side of the Dumper and upto 67 on the west. Something is outa wack on their charts....
  297. W

    Large area of Albacore West of San Diego

    Thanks Captn Chris! Looks like we might have a good year up Channel Islands way this year. Clean water all the way in then a bunch of feed just outside the islands! The 311 SW of Rosa may be worth a look in a few weeks.
  298. W


    Hey Art, yeah we got lucky running into the seabass bite late. Last stop of the day and they stayed out late for us to finnish up on the bite we had going. At least you got into some yellowtail which are certainly a lot of fun to pull on! Good luck, hope you get to go after them again.
  299. W


    Surfdoc, thanks for fixing the photo in my post. We did fish Catalina. I wasn't going to say because Raul didn't mention it and from what I hear other boats tend to shadow them. Allyn Watson has a reputation for producing at Catalina like no one else. Guy Harvy jumped on the Dreamer when he...
  300. W


    OK, I was on that charter with some of my Japanese customers (2 guys from a company I work with over there and 2 neurosurgeons). Here is a pic with part of the catch if I did this right We got 12 seabass to 35lbs and 2 yellows to 30lbs. Actually only lost 3 other yellows but they never...
  301. W

    Tuesday Albacore

    Did you try dropping down 100 plus feet with heavy weights? I have seen late season action in Morro Bay where this was the only way to get bit. Just a thought.
  302. W


    Thanks, appreciate all your efforts. Nice lookin Skippy in your avatar....
  303. W


    Good to hear. Thanks for the report!
  304. W

    sloooow 7/18

    We were out Sat. and got a couple on the cedar plug but nothing on the swim bait. Go figure. Also got nothing on the Rapala and Yozuri which are usually number 1 producers for us. The most stops for us came on a small black/purple/pink jet head.
  305. W

    9/6 425 report

    Repower was with a new Volvo 5.7 EFI, throttlebody 315hp. Both the new and old were duoprops. The new DP is has the larger lower unit which means more wetted surface area and drag. The newest Volvos, at leat the plastic cased ones (XP?) have the sleeker profile like the older units and would...
  306. W

    9/6 425 report

    hey Lowell, we talked when you were buying your boat. I have the same hull, different cabin on my Skip. I was getting 2.2mpg with my old carb engine and I repowered with FI and get about the same. Have you looked at rebuilding the carb? I did that on my old engine and it apparently needed it as...
  307. W

    3/23... First at 390?????

    Coming back from the 295 on Sat 3/20 we saw an albie jumper SE of the 425. Stopped and soaked some bait for a while but no takers.
  308. W

    March Madness 3-18

    We will be out there Sat on the Wild West. Around the 295. Give us a shout. Heeyaaaa. Bob