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  1. rdrrm8e

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I am very proud of the Patriots today. Tens of thousands have stormed the capitol building! People see what is happening. And it's a lie. Godspeed Patriots!
  2. rdrrm8e

    Passing of an industry legend!

    Oh Fuck......I spent many days with Jack on the rail of the RP. God speed Jack.....RIP
  3. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Char Broil wireless meat temperature thermometers

    I'll take 1. Shipped to Anaheim. Mine took a dump in the thanksgiving turkey! Thank You!
  4. rdrrm8e

    Missing Person in Bola

    A picture of her truck:
  5. rdrrm8e

    Deep drop surprise

    Deep drop Surprise .... indeed
  6. rdrrm8e

    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    I missed this. How did things turn out? Donation sent
  7. rdrrm8e

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    T Rex. The entire Electric Warrior Album. Bang a gong Planet Queen Etc. One of the top 3 albums ever made! Marc Bolan....a freak!
  8. rdrrm8e

    For Sale A must see… Mako 236, Turnkey, highly versatile, and one of the nicest boats on the market

    Excuse me...I need to use the bathroom for a few minutes. Wow! Bump
  9. rdrrm8e

    Election Fraud - non-political

    The answer to both questions is "The Swamp"
  10. rdrrm8e

    Rest In Peace my jigs

    Losing jigs like that on a multi day trip is kinda like running out of cocaine....except there ain't no dealers out there. "Hey buddy......can I borrow a Jax...? Yeah....just a small one, I swear" (while scratching your forearm....)
  11. rdrrm8e

    Rest In Peace my jigs

    Trust me.....The REAL nightmare is just about to start.
  12. rdrrm8e

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Love you yutaka. Miss you. Great report and pics
  13. rdrrm8e

    San Diego lockdown

    Now the OC Sheriff is on board:
  14. rdrrm8e

    San Diego lockdown

    I hope all Sheriffs have this attitude
  15. rdrrm8e

    Covid IS serious.

    You may have misread that. It doesn't say RNA and DNA are says the virus is a protein...made up of either RNA or DNA which are made up of nucleotides...which make protein. Chemistry and Biology were a long time ago for me though. I could be wrong.
  16. rdrrm8e

    Covid IS serious.

    Please read this: Here is some very useful COVID information from the John Hopkins Hospital information sheet relative to Coronavirus 19. It is extremely informative and seems to be about the latest release of personal handling of this medical issue and is worth the time to study the...
  17. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Blackhawk Shot shell poch

    Will you ship it to Anaheim?
  18. rdrrm8e

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Steve and Pam Thompson (RIP) from the Tracer. And the best overnight deckhand on the West Coast at the time.....Richard!
  19. rdrrm8e

    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    No shit....I had lost 70 lbs. But have gained back 15 since March
  20. rdrrm8e

    PV Report 11/19-11/23

    Nice Dave. You look well!
  21. rdrrm8e

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry to hear this Lal. My sincerest condolences
  22. rdrrm8e

    Driving from LA to Cabo with gear?

    If you are driving down...How are you getting home? You may have a hard time getting on an airplane. They will want to know how you entered the Country.
  23. rdrrm8e

    WTB Looking for Maritime 23' Patriot Skiff

    Here's one for half price...but it's in FL
  24. rdrrm8e

    WTB Looking for Maritime 23' Patriot Skiff

    Here'$ one in Dana Point:
  25. rdrrm8e

    Another super!

    100 Lbs. is one thing. A 79 x58 fish is somewhere around 332 Lbs. How do 2 guys get that slob into that boat? My back hurts just looking at it.
  26. rdrrm8e

    Another super!

    How do you get it into the boat...?
  27. rdrrm8e

    FG Knot Performance

    I use the RP for the exact same reasons. No failures yet!
  28. rdrrm8e

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    Now we need one in the OC... Nobody's ever grateful or un-opinioned when you do good. It never fails. You did good.
  29. rdrrm8e

    11-16-20 Prayers please for Lal's wife Barbara!

    Joyce and I will be keeping you two in our thoughts and prayers.
  30. rdrrm8e

    Fucking Stan! Honouring Surfdoc at the graveyard

    Fucking Stan...! Hi Shari. Good on you.
  31. rdrrm8e

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    I figured you did. Just trying to save a headache
  32. rdrrm8e

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    You probably know this but you keep saying "90's" and "Tees". You want to use sweeps for your wiring routes.
  33. rdrrm8e

    The famous ole Qualifier105

    OT...."There goes the Darkside of fishing...." Classic...and started a "clique" of great friendships and family. And after Sept. 11, 2001. How is your wifeo....?
  34. rdrrm8e

    Weekend on the CONDOR

    You are one cool character. Life is too short to sweat the details. Good report.
  35. rdrrm8e

    The famous ole Qualifier105

    OT....Is that you....?
  36. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Does someone offer gun consignment for sales?

    Evan's gun smithing and range. Anaheim near the Angel Stadium PM me with what you are selling please.
  37. rdrrm8e

    Need more distance

    I don't get it. If you are casting past the "impact zone" You are probably missing a lot of bites. Bait is stirred up in the impact zone. That's where the fish are feeding. JMFHO..............Your mileage may vary.
  38. rdrrm8e

    Jigs In Fish

    OMG...Thanks for that
  39. rdrrm8e

    First hunt of the season is always sketchy

    The pile.....Molly would alert on this EVERY time!
  40. rdrrm8e

    Thresher at Izors

    What a beautiful story of you and your dogs.
  41. rdrrm8e

    Jigs In Fish

    You are right Brad. I should grab my grandaughter and come see you
  42. rdrrm8e

    Jigs In Fish

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Brad You are one of the fishiest guys I have ever fished with. Fishing with you again is on my bucket list. And my bucket is almost full
  43. rdrrm8e

    Swordfish RAW

    Unbelievable. So awesome.
  44. rdrrm8e

    Leaving Boody Decks

    OH SHIT....I am leaving too then!
  45. rdrrm8e

    Leaving Boody Decks

    I.m in Anaheim. Roscoes? Hero's? Brians BBQ? Juke joint?
  46. rdrrm8e

    Leaving Boody Decks

    Buy me a beer or three and I will tell you some Stan stories. October 23 will be 8 years since he died. And there are at least 2 stories about that. Or 4 stories now that I think of it.
  47. rdrrm8e


    Beat it Eddie. US Festival for sure. Gawd that was a couple of HOT days
  48. rdrrm8e

    Leaving Boody Decks

    I like your style......
  49. rdrrm8e

    Bug Opener - Sat/Sun = A+

    You done good Hoooooooooooooooooooooooops
  50. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Low Profile Reels - Freshwater or Saltwater

    I'll Take the Wahoo Special. And if you have any 280's or 454's let me know. PM with my info
  51. rdrrm8e

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Strackle. You and I will never agree about this. I am done with this thread. I actually made A fishing date with my granddaughter this afternoon after a long medical hyatus. Arguing with you has reminded me why I hang around here. Thank you for that. Just remember one thing. If you vote...
  52. rdrrm8e

    Political BS So...he has it.

    "Response Team"...To what end. You think China was playing fair and honest with the World? Seriously? "Obama's Playbook".....tell us more about that. Buahaha As far as masks. If you were trying to keep mosquitos out of your yard.....would you put up a chain link fence....?? Covid is passed...
  53. rdrrm8e

    Political BS So...he has it.

    You're (No personal attacks it!) Just passing on the MSM talking points. 1) He never let the virus overwhelm our medical system. 2) He placed Navy Medical Ships in LA and NY harbors. 3) He opened convention centers as emergeny ICU's 4) He charged manufacturers (Ford, etc) to make...
  54. rdrrm8e

    BOLA 9/18-9/21

    Bring a can of cheap cat food ( 1 for each day) with you. Punch a bunch of holes in it and hang it over the side on a heavy cord. If you hang it....they will come
  55. rdrrm8e

    BOLA 9/18-9/21

    Make sure to get the Sabikis with 30# line
  56. rdrrm8e

    Perseverance Pays Off

    Never use names in the witness protection program.
  57. rdrrm8e

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    October 23rd will be 8 years since Stanibuns has passed. Here's a walk back to his funeral and gravesite. He was dearly loved by the people in Asuncion. When we put him in the back of my truck we had a procession through the town led by the Mayor and the police. Everybody in town showed up! The...
  58. rdrrm8e

    Shogun - Police

    This is just so hard to believe. Godspeed in Rehab crew. Godspeed in your lives going forward.
  59. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Custom Crestliner Center Console

    OMG....Boat Boner and out of breath at the same time. Super clean. If I wasn't hit by the Rona so hard I would buy it now!
  60. rdrrm8e

    4 Crew overdose on The Shogun

    I have to disagree with you re HIPPA. This officer referred to known persons and discussed their medical treatment to THE WORLD. I think that is a violation. Cops can be made aware of a person's medical TX....but they can't identify the patient and then broadcast this info to everybody. I am not...
  61. rdrrm8e

    4 Crew overdose on The Shogun

    1) That cop on the video just violated the crew's HIPPA rights. 2) For 4 of the crew to be sick tells me right off that it very possibly could have been accidental contact from an unknown source. I am a retired FD Medic. I still carry Narcan with me at all times. 3) I have ridden this boat...
  62. rdrrm8e

    Braid cutting thumb

    This is what I use to lip fish. It stays on even better when wet. I get them at Mcfadden Dale Hdwre.
  63. rdrrm8e

    Flying to with Rod Tube if you have flown recently

    I just love walking around the terminal with an 8' black tube on my shoulder with "BAZOOKA" in 4" letters on both sides of it!
  64. rdrrm8e

    Bahia Asuncion fishing heating up!

    If you sure to stop at the panteon and have a cold one with doc Stan. Fucking Stan. We are coming up on the 8th? (correction..Jeez...8 years?) Anniversary of his passing. Hi Sheri
  65. rdrrm8e

    A guy walks into a bow shop

    And...where the hell are you going to use it?
  66. rdrrm8e

    Decisions, decisions - need some opinions on design

    Top one... with a tag line.... Great white lives matter. o_O
  67. rdrrm8e

    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Sounds like you already are an accomplished Twit
  68. rdrrm8e

    Bahia De Los Angeles Last Minute Trip***

    Border is open. But there is a checkbooth just North of Ensenada that may turn you back. Right now it is only open Friday and Saturday. It should not affect you from Sunday - Friday.
  69. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Slot Wall with Shelves

    I am moving my office and have no room for this. XLNT condition 4' x 8' wooden slot wall with 7 glass shelves and brackets. $100.00 cash. My office is in Anaheim near the 55 and 91 fwy's. No must come and get it. seven one four 883-6670
  70. rdrrm8e

    6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Great write. Lots of good info. One more thing.... before you close the crimp pull the bitter end out and away from everything and melt the tip. Tap it with the lighter so it mushrooms. Let it cool a couple of seconds then pull it tight and crimp normally. If your crimp fails for any reason the...
  71. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Kevin I did refund you on PayPal. Check and let me know
  72. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    All moneys have been refunded...except for Kevin and Shane. I have your cash. Come by my office in Anaheim and we'll square up. If I missed someone let me know. Except for you were the first I refunded.... :p
  73. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    URGENT.... Mark just called me. THIS TRIP IS CANCELED. Mark has not gotten the approval to go and is not sure he will get it before Friday. Several of you guys have called me worried about plans for the Holiday weekend so I am posting here in hopes you see the news. I tell you Mark and the crew...
  74. rdrrm8e

    No holds barred opinion

    Google herd immunity.
  75. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Right now there is nobody on top of you.
  76. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    There is no 1B. You are in your normal bunk. Bow bunk on the bottom, starboard side. Did you send the PayPal under a different name? Dang....If this weather holds this will be an epic trip!
  77. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Kevin A spot just opened up. Are you still interested?
  78. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Zhalvaje is in 21T...His usual spot
  79. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Last spot is gone. I will add your name to the wait list
  80. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Right now....1 spot left for sure.
  81. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Update today from Capt. Mark He expects Seaforth to reopen on the 15th. The trip is a GO as of today. Please pay the remainder of your balance. Make sure your passport is good and I'll see all of you in San Diego! I still have 2 spots open so if you know someone who wants to fish have...
  82. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    4 I believe....make that 3 spots
  83. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Hey Brian...long time no see.... How is that little girl? How are you? Jump on this trip. It's be great to fish with you
  84. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Still a few openings..... This is a great trip and it looks like another BFT kinda year.
  85. rdrrm8e

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    If you wind up getting the Corona virus.....find a chick with Lyme disease
  86. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    OK....I was responding to the other Alex
  87. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    8B is taken. Look at the thread and I show all the taken bunks next to the passenger.
  88. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    Alex Are you OK in the bow? Giant bunks facing bow to stern. 4T IS OPEN
  89. rdrrm8e

    2.5 day trip Memorial Weekend on the Pacific Voyager

    I am putting together another limited load charter (18 spots) on the Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth. 2.5 day trip. Leaves Friday night May 22nd at 6:00PM! and returns Monday the 25th EARLY AM. 2020 Targeting best bite. ( Going South Looking for YT and surface biters and falling back on...
  90. rdrrm8e

    Jumping rooster & sea snake eats fish do know the normal timeline is you die FIRST.....then you go to heaven.
  91. rdrrm8e

    Hooping before and/or after rainstorms?

    Hey the heck are you? How's your family?
  92. rdrrm8e

    Health update and a lot more

    Merry Christmas Robert. I love your passion for life.
  93. rdrrm8e

    Amazing archery skills.

    WTF.....? That's incredible
  94. rdrrm8e

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Alright man.....then we are good. Sorry to make it sound like you were pissed. I didn't mean that. We will hook up soon. But again I apologise for not showing up. And thanks for all the OG support from the peanut gallery....... It's been a tough month
  95. rdrrm8e

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Styxchaser.....give me a chance to fix this
  96. rdrrm8e

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Yes I am......but this was cardio
  97. rdrrm8e

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Sad to say but I fucked up pretty good today. I had told styxchaser I would meet him at the Cerritos swap meet to buy a rod and maybe a reel or two Sunday morning at 0930. But I have had some medical issues in the past 4 weeks and have had 3 surgeries. Just like this morning I find myself awake...
  98. rdrrm8e

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    I wonder if Larmo has a headache.....
  99. rdrrm8e

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    RIP Tia. Say hi to my Molly girl. She's the beautiful wire hair by the pile of pheasants Hang in there Bill.....give it time
  100. rdrrm8e

    Interesting video

    Can you have a loaded mag in your back pocket?
  101. rdrrm8e

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    I was skippin' through my contacts the other day and it stopped on Sleuster. He's still in my heart.....and my phone!
  102. rdrrm8e

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    I have bought some of that equipment. It's not bad when you get past the used part
  103. rdrrm8e

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    2 girls....1 cup fuckin Stan November 2003
  104. rdrrm8e

    Backlash on Strong Casts?

    Let's look at the basics. When you cast, you get the spool spinning and line going out rapidly. As the bait (or lure or weight or whatever) hits it's apex.....the amount of line leaving the reel slows down. Dramatically. But the spool continues to spin rapidly. It spins faster than line is...
  105. rdrrm8e

    Couple on the troll

    You had me at "Couple on the troll".........
  106. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    Shon In brBridgepo. Going home tomorrow. Fishing very sketchy at lower twin. Wwalker Robinson creek. Got a few. One 6# bow LTD cell service. Thanks
  107. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    I'm in the sierras fishing. Thanks
  108. rdrrm8e

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    The landing will have them. Or squidco
  109. rdrrm8e

    Cory update Thursday

    Thanks for the good news Lal
  110. rdrrm8e

    Cory update Thursday

    Cory Are you at Kaiser? My office is 1/4 mile East. If I can bring you anything or drop by and check in...just let me know
  111. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Large Oak Dining Room Table

    This is modern.
  112. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Vintage Sideboard

    Bump to make you laugh
  113. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Vintage Lane Cedar Chest

    Bump for a funny
  114. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Large Oak Dining Room Table

    Bump for a joke
  115. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Large Oak Dining Room Table

    Bump for a bitchin' table
  116. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Vintage Lane Cedar Chest

    Bump for a great Hope Chest for a daughter or Freshman going away.
  117. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Vintage Sideboard

    Bump for a great piece
  118. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Vintage Sideboard

    Beautiful antique sideboard with beveled mirror. 54"W x 20 1/2"D x 62"H. XLNT sahpe with no damage. $650.00 OBO Pick up in Anaheim
  119. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Large Oak Dining Room Table

    This is a beautiful, heavy Oak Table for sale with 8 original chairs. 67"L x44"W x 34"H with 2 20" leaves for a total length of 107" fully extended. 6 high back chairs and 2 arm chairs. Not a scratch or ding on it. Like new. Legs can be unbolted easily to move it. $700.00 OBO Pick up in Anaheim
  120. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Vintage Lane Cedar Chest

    This is a 1941 Lane cedar chest for sale. It is unique in that it has a bottom drawer too. XLNT shape with one small chip in the veneer on top, left rear. $500.00 OBO Pick up in Anaheim
  121. rdrrm8e

    Congradulations to Tim Turis

    I don't know you Tim....but I would love to talk to you some day. Hopefully on the stern
  122. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

  123. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    I may have 1 or spots open. Jump on this quick!
  124. rdrrm8e

    Sluester....... Reminiscing

    I Just don't know What to say yet. I am a little raw with DEATH right now. I lost my Mom a month ago and another friend last week. Mike and I were not close friends but we did hunt a few times on the river in his boat. I won't forget him. I pray for his family
  125. rdrrm8e

    I need a 22 handgun

    I strip down...put on a loin cloth....put a filet knife between my teeth....and crawl into the trap and go mano-a-mano with them. Makes my wife giggle.
  126. rdrrm8e

    CA Ban on High Capacity Magazines Unconstitutional

    I was able to go to the River where my boat sank years ago and dive down and luckily retrieved all of the AR ones. I did buy a few (ish) for my M1A though. Easy Peasy....just as it should be.
  127. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    Love to see you again Brad......I think the last time was on the Shogun at Guadeloupe
  128. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    That didn't take long. Welcome Gunslinger Gary!
  129. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    We have an opening.....! Who wants on....??????
  130. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    Mark email me or call me please
  131. rdrrm8e

    Business opportunity

    if it's a titty laser....i know a guy with a leg up on that industry
  132. rdrrm8e

    WTB warbaits/plastics lot

    why don't you just go here....
  133. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    bump for a great deal on this trip. 2 spots me or post up 71for-eight836670
  134. rdrrm8e

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    You are a cool Daddio....and God forbid....grampa
  135. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    i won't do that right now. it's up to you how you have been treated. my only goal is to eliminate people who think 10.00 is appropriate for 2.5 days of outstanding service
  136. rdrrm8e

    Calico Bass Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    i only fish plastics for calico seeker 809 or 858 calcutta 300 te.....40 lb spectra......25 or 30 lb mono but that's just me
  137. rdrrm8e

    Calico Bass Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    i only fish plastics for calico seeker 809 or 858 calcutta 300 te.....40 lb spectra......25 or 30 lb mono but that's just me
  138. rdrrm8e

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    jeeeeeez grampa..........have you taken your midday meds ;-0
  139. rdrrm8e

    memorial wknd 2.5 day trip pacific voyager

    it seems the trip planning board is now hidden so i post this here
  140. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    Robert PM me your info or email me at [email protected]
  141. rdrrm8e

    2019 Pacific Voyager 2.5 day trip May 24-27

    I am putting together another limited load charter (18 spots) on the Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth. 2.5 day trip. Leaves Friday night May 24th at 6:00PM! and returns Monday the 27th EARLY AM. 2019 Targeting best bite. ( Going South Looking for YT and surface biters and falling back on shallow...
  142. rdrrm8e


    I have a 2.5 day charter with just a few available spots Memorial weekend. We leave Friday night and return early Monday morning. A really good group on a great boat. Let me know if interested.
  143. rdrrm8e

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    those delineators are plastic........right.........
  144. rdrrm8e

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    I would not attempt it without an experienced, salty buddy......say.....such as myself.........along for the ride.
  145. rdrrm8e

    Imperial Beach Sportfishing...

    Months or years.......?
  146. rdrrm8e

    Deep Blue sighting

  147. rdrrm8e

    My lab needs a good surgeon!

    I will call my vet on Monday. If he can help You can stay overnight at my place in Anaheim until the dog can travel
  148. rdrrm8e

    Scopolamine compounding pharmacy?

    Call my guy. Linda vista pharmacy, Yorba Linda Ask for malcolm Tell him Chuck Robinson sent ya 714-528-3610
  149. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Winchester Ranger 120 12ga fs OC $160

    SOLD...... Pending Tony picking up the check tomorrow....:-)
  150. rdrrm8e

    Guess where I'm going in April?

    Afaca again......? What is this the 4th trip with the .375H&H You look good Frank
  151. rdrrm8e

    Gun dog showdown March 9, 2019

    I'd like to enter. I will be in touch. This will be Jake's first competition. Molly and I (Avatar pic) went to the National Championships in 2008.
  152. rdrrm8e

    Marriage is like Halibut Fishing

    The biggest similarity is after 30 years you are happy looking at a big butt
  153. rdrrm8e

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    So glad you were able to get out. I can't do it yet....but I just started walking 2 days ago
  154. rdrrm8e

    $3,000,000.00 BFT....!

    The "Tuna King" pays $3M for a single BFT!!!!. I hope that stuff tastes really good. About $10,000.00 a pound after processing.
  155. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Jason You know I care. I tried but just didn't match. I had my 4th ankle surgery December 20th and I can say I am out of pain for the first time in 4 years. I pray that you have the same epiphany very soon. You are in my thoughts every day. My issues seem so trivial compared to what you and...
  156. rdrrm8e

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    The Port half....?
  157. rdrrm8e

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    And I just thought you didn't like me any more.......
  158. rdrrm8e

    The Female Coeds Agree, Utah Lands the Ultimate Recruit

    Good thing he is a defensive player. He won't have the chance to go "Long"....
  159. rdrrm8e

    The Female Coeds Agree, Utah Lands the Ultimate Recruit

    I wonder what his number will be
  160. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Duck Boat (turn key)

    Mike For sure. I know. Molly passed in January 2018. I have a new pup. Jake. A GSP. He was a moron at first but is shaping up and holding, pointing and retrieving pretty good right now. More work to do...but he looks good. Molly was world's hard to start over...and make...
  161. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Duck Boat (turn key)

    How much for the wire hair.....?
  162. rdrrm8e

    Entry hunting rifle

    30.06 I can text you pics
  163. rdrrm8e

    Entry hunting rifle

    I have a very classic Remington 700 with Leupold glass. Walnut stock. Smooth action. Good trigger. $800. I can send pics if you want. Classic, accurate. Let me know.
  164. rdrrm8e

    What’s your porn name

    Except me...... Jerry Brown
  165. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Withdrawn - Wader4

    "Never worn outside" Kinky
  166. rdrrm8e

    Saluki and Tues upgrading?

    Pissed off girlfriend....?
  167. rdrrm8e

    17 over 200!

  168. rdrrm8e

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin? need at least 3 spare tires to go to Clemente
  169. rdrrm8e

    HCB 65 Estrella Boat Review – That’s Just Sick

    That's a really cool boat Ali......
  170. rdrrm8e

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Obviously he doesn't have a ball sack. Sheeeeeeesh!
  171. rdrrm8e

    RIP Sr. Tuna

    Vaya con Dios Senor Tuna. George did a great thing and I treasure the memories of all the trips and the friendships made and the friendships that have lasted the test of time. Do you know we set up a weekend trip every month for OVER 8 years...! Over 100 trips year round...! RIP Stan RIP...
  172. rdrrm8e

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    I heard Keith passed from a big nasty boil on his ball sack.
  173. rdrrm8e

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    joe leave it alone. i like the way it feels
  174. rdrrm8e

    Splicing a 150/200 yrd braid to an existing spool

    This is what I have done on several reels. It has NEVER failed me.
  175. rdrrm8e

    Breaking things

  176. rdrrm8e

    Breaking things

    Do you melt and mushroom the tag end of your mono/fluoro before crimping...? Even if it cannot come apart. There used to be a story of a well known female fisherman who forgot to crimp and landed a cow because the mushroomed tag end held
  177. rdrrm8e

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    Xactly...! But does anybody remember Steve and Pam Thompson on the Tracer....? The best overnight boat I ever fished. Hands down!
  178. rdrrm8e

    I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    "Trophy's ROCK....!"
  179. rdrrm8e

    Looking for a clean Truline

    Never been fished either
  180. rdrrm8e

    Looking for a clean Truline

    Robert I have a couple of unique Trulines. 1 octy and unk 25 lb rig wrapped by MOON I will take some pics tomorrow.Neither have been fished since rewrap. Absolutely mint!
  181. rdrrm8e

    Hotel Recommendations Near San Quentin Needed

  182. rdrrm8e

    Phenix Rods/HKSlays-Hosted 2 Day on the Pacific Voyager 6/26-28.

    Great write up. Congrats to you guys and Mark, Jeff and the rest of hte crew. How was the food?
  183. rdrrm8e

    Another that will buff out thread

    The only problem with the car top the retrieval
  184. rdrrm8e

    Prayers appreciated

    All good thoughts and wishes to you and your wife. Hug and hold her every chance you get.. Good luck to you both.
  185. rdrrm8e

    FREE Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    I am in Anaheim and have plenty of tackle to donate if someone is going down to SD tomorrow night. 714 eighteight3 6670 Chuck I will donate in Honor of my Brutha Stan (Surfdoc) a navy medic. Fucking Stan
  186. rdrrm8e

    Cattle Boat Burger

    That is Yuuuuuuugggge Make Aboardfood Great Again
  187. rdrrm8e

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    Nope.....I don't remember a damn thing.
  188. rdrrm8e

    Lamborghini vs Farm Truck

    The quick....and the dead.
  189. rdrrm8e

    Satellite buoys on the Polaris Supreme

    Until some seiner comes across it... or a pangero picks it up and sells it for scrap metal Bitchin' idea though.....
  190. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Application just sent in bump
  191. rdrrm8e

    Guatemala Volcano.....Casa Vieja?

    I just chatted with "Kirsten" from Casa Vieja. She said the Volcano was about 30 miles away at this point and the lodge was just fine. No damage as of this time. That's awful close to home. Lots of activity on our little rim. I started inventorying my water, food, batteries and fuel this...
  192. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Thanks Mikey. I have all the paperwork, will fill it out this weekend and send it Monday.
  193. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Mikey Check PM's
  194. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    A+ blood bump. I have called Scripps 20 times and only get a busy signal
  195. rdrrm8e

    JUMBO Bluefin on Tomahawk - 2.5 day Memorial weekend

    We were out there with you all day yesterday chasing the tern schools and playing skip....skip.....skip....NO BOOM! Super snotty weather. We picked a few small YT here and there. Worst catching trip I can remember for a Memorial weekend. Congrats....Nice feesh. You earned those. Cold and...
  196. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 day .....on the Pacific Voyager (UPDATE)

    I just talked to Mark. There is tonnage of BFT offshore but they are not biting. He wants to chase YT down near Colnett and there is tuna there as well. Bring 20#-60#. Bring a Passport. You cannot leave the dock without a passport Bring a smile or we will provide one.
  197. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I am A+....I am still waiting for Scripps to call back
  198. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    me kidney As soon as they contact me I will let you know. I will also reach out to friends. Real friends. We have your back Jason. We are brothers since the old days. Hang in ..... and know you are loved.
  199. rdrrm8e

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    I left a voicemail at Scripps. Their phones must be ringing off the hook. I will try to HELP.
  200. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 day .....on the Pacific Voyager (UPDATE)

    Just got a last minute hard case cancellation. I have 1 spot open. Call me 714 ateate3667zero
  201. rdrrm8e

    Yamaha New Big Motor..... 425hp425hp.....

    Very high compression ratio. I wonder if it will run on CA pump gas?
  202. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 day .....on the Pacific Voyager (UPDATE)

    BUMP for what looks like a perfect trip. 2 full days of offshore fishing CLOSE...! 1 spot available. 1st PM gets it. Call me NOW! Very limited load! Chuck
  203. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 day .....on the Pacific Voyager (UPDATE)

    It looks like I have 1 spot open for this trip. $575.00 includes boat, food and fuel. First PM get's the spot. Here's the details:
  204. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    UPDATE: I have 1 spot open and 1 guy on the wait list who has not replied to several tries. So I am opening it up. First PM to me gets the spot. Also I spoke to Mark. Plan A...depending on the weather to chase Tuna and offshore patties for YT. He says bring 20# - 60#. As always you can...
  205. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    Mark Even if I try to search for him he does not come up
  206. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    I cannot find Fish Aquisition. Any help guys? Get your balances in asap please
  207. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    OK Guys All balances are due now. We are less than 3 weeks out. I will post an update from Mark on what to expect for fishing as soon as I get it. Please get your balances in as I have biters on the wait list....:D
  208. rdrrm8e

    Yeti drops NRA

    NRA President and current Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF) Executive Director Marion Hammer says Yeti coolers demanded the NRA cease using the cooler company’s logo after the Parkland school shooting. On April 21, Breitbart News reported Hammer’s announcement that Yeti coolers cut ties with...
  209. rdrrm8e

    Yeti drops NRA

    Do you have an item number? Or style? Color? PM me please
  210. rdrrm8e

    Yeti drops NRA

    I represent and sell Pelican. Call me if you need anything. I also rep for YETI......I did until today. Don't call me for YETI. I also shredded my CITI Bank card and closed my BofA account. I lameo FB account weeks ago as well. Fuck Them
  211. rdrrm8e

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    I am going to kidnap you some day and drag you to the Pac Voyager
  212. rdrrm8e

    How's the bait lately?

    With less pressure bait is GENERALLY more cured. At this time of year always be ready to snag squid if the opportunity allows
  213. rdrrm8e

    For Sale Support Carl

    Gotta respect a man for doing what it takes to make a living and fill responsibilities. Good Luck Carl....all kidding and bullshit aside.
  214. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Star sold

    That answers some was still booking trips
  215. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    Robert I think I did get it Friday. Your buddy has been added. Welcome aboard
  216. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager

    I have a cancellation 1 spot open!
  217. rdrrm8e

    Royal Polaris Clipperton 2020 is already sold out

    THE most fun thing at Clipperton is going ashore and casting floating poppers out to the reef and watching the V formations of aquarium fish scramble for the bait. When I was there a French scientific team of about 40 guys and 20 girls were studying the island and the Galapagos sharks. Nobody...
  218. rdrrm8e

    Now We Need This For The Long Travel Days

    Good to see you have not lost your sense of humor
  219. rdrrm8e

    What's better than free beer and tackle?

    You just don't have the password....!
  220. rdrrm8e

    What's better than free beer and tackle?

    I will tune a beer from it's bottle....and tackle my wife. hic.
  221. rdrrm8e

    80lb leader too light for PV tuna??

    It's hard to say...but I landed a 120# BSB at Cedros last year on 65# braid and 30# Big Game mono! About 45 mins. You may not be very popular though after the first 2 hours. Seeker Black Steel 809. YMMV
  222. rdrrm8e

    The War is back on

    An a residence permitted to be rented out for a minimum 3 days and maximum 30 days via AIRBNB or Homeaway. The City gives the carpet bagging owner a business license and a permit to operate a Motel in your residential tract...! This COMPLETELY violates the Zoning Laws of the City
  223. rdrrm8e

    The War is back on

    A couple of years ago I posted this thread regarding the City of Anaheim allowing STR's in residential areas. It's a long read but gives the background. We were able to completely BAN all STR's in Anaheim. There will never be another one built. But the 389 I predicted in the old...
  224. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend ........2.5 day on the Pacific Voyager took me a while to figure out where this board was hidden. This is cut and paste from the Baja Board I am putting together another limited load charter (20 spots) on the Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth. 2.5 day trip. Leaves Friday night May 25th at 6:00PM! and returns Monday the...
  225. rdrrm8e

    SOLD Carolina Classic 25 Express Diesel

    Some pics would help.........:-)
  226. rdrrm8e

    LynDeva could you some positives vibes and prayers

    Best of luck to you and Liam Deb. I bet he gets extra attention from all the staff.
  227. rdrrm8e

    Nikon MONARCH 3 Rifle Scope 3-12x 42mm brand new

    I will trade you for a really flaws Remington 870 .20 gauge and 200 rounds ammo
  228. rdrrm8e

    Fred Hall Fistacuffs ....

    How much to tip on a sportboat got out of hand
  229. rdrrm8e

    For Sale gun colection

    The M1 is $1200.....??
  230. rdrrm8e

    GSP puppies

    2 white males left This one is mine. Thanks Brett. He will be loved and he will work. Molly will be on his shoulder.
  231. rdrrm8e

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    They are delicious....but they make ugly turds.
  232. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures opinions

    upcoming orthopedic surgery with a long recovery. Me.
  233. rdrrm8e


    You are a wordsmith.....with a "p"
  234. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures opinions

    If you decide to go..take my spot in August this year. I had a medical condition pop up and I gave 8 mos. notice I could not go after giving a $600.00 deposit. Jose refused to refund me but if you take my place pay me the $600.00 and you are already in with an early deposit and a greta group...
  235. rdrrm8e

    GSP puppies

    Mark Molly just passed. You know me. I am interested I will pm phone no.
  236. rdrrm8e

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Whether to carry or not is a highly personal commitment. It has not a Godammed thing to do with anybody else's opinion. If you decide to calm If you don' careful lucky......hide.
  237. rdrrm8e

    La Salina 2/17 angler needed

    I am in a walking boot or I would have already jumped on this
  238. rdrrm8e

    Cardiologist vs Mechanic

    Good one...!
  239. rdrrm8e

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas Google is your friend.
  240. rdrrm8e

    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Bummer....Just last week I had to cancel an 8 day on the Intrepid in June. Medical reasons. Steve was very polite and interested in my reasons. I asked for a check and got a FULL refund in my mailbox 4 days later. INtrepid is a class act.
  241. rdrrm8e

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas

    You may want to consider the 3-4 day trips out of Puerto Vallarta. About half the price of a 6 day LR trip. Airfare is minimal if you plan it right . All tackle except hooks and topshots is included. And you have an excellent chance of actually hooking a cow tuna! Check out the Apollo.
  242. rdrrm8e

    Big ass San Diego Sand Bass

    They don't get much bigger in that size.
  243. rdrrm8e

    New Reef being built off San Clemente

    I wonder if Edison or the State will decide it will be closed to recreational fishing to expand their fish count? e under construction… NEWS Expanded kelp reef could be under construction in August off San Clemente This is how it looked in 2008 when Southern California Edison dumped quarry...
  244. rdrrm8e

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Mako My Dreams Mako Memories Mako Wishes Mako 1 .........(234) Mako Bait Mako Protactinium
  245. rdrrm8e


    2 different sizes 1 for the front... 1 for the. rear.........
  246. rdrrm8e

    VW Beetle 2001

    PM sent
  247. rdrrm8e

    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    That's GREAT....! Have safe Say Hello to Shari and Juan when you get to Asuncion. If you have time go by Stan's grave and take a pic and have a Tecate with him. Tell everyone I said "Hi"
  248. rdrrm8e

    Thoughts/ experiences on the Eclipse (Tommahawk), Pacific Queen, and Condor?

    I meant to say "Stan and Eric and the CREW"....!
  249. rdrrm8e

    Thoughts/ experiences on the Eclipse (Tommahawk), Pacific Queen, and Condor?

    Stan and Eric have been busting ass on the Tomahawk. I can't wait to get this foot healthy and start running with them. I can't wait.
  250. rdrrm8e

    RIP Molly

    All of her friends in the neighborhood just came by with a beer and a shovel. She is at rest just outside my living room door. Molly is at peace.....I hope I am in a vacuum of life............and a banquet of memories Godspeed MollyGolly.
  251. rdrrm8e

    RIP Molly

    I guess there is never a good time. But with no warning at all...Molly passed last night. She woke me up at 1:30 in distress. Her gums were shocky and she was cold. We went for a walk and she let me now it was time to go home half way through. I took her to bed with me and she went to sleep. The...
  252. rdrrm8e

    2018 California Fishing License Reseller Fees

    I bought mine last year 8 miles offshore. I forgot until we were halfway to the spot! Cell phone buy.
  253. rdrrm8e

    Help finding those Rat Firecracker yellows?

    If you know where the fish are going to be...use the opportunity to make it a game for the boy. Talk to him about spotting the birds or other sea life or boils or breezers. Just point the boat at the area to make it easier for him....guarantee success and future interest. You are a smart guy...
  254. rdrrm8e

    New boat break in Marina Del Rey 12/31

    How many hooks are you using on your ganions?
  255. rdrrm8e

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    Joe....I am disappointed. I shared that clip with you in confidence
  256. rdrrm8e

    Melton End Of Year Sale

    I live only a few miles from Melton's If you need something let me know.
  257. rdrrm8e

    Intrepid Silent Jim's Baja Extravaganza 15 day .... Jan. 12-27

    If Fishy wants to borrow any tackle.......I recommend just giving it to him. It ain't worth the wrath of the Buzz.......
  258. rdrrm8e

    Gifted a 12 ga shotgun...

  259. rdrrm8e

    Just wondering if...

    I will be in Vegas in 2 weeks. PM me if I can help
  260. rdrrm8e

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    At least I EARNED my PERS pension. CA has 12% of the country's population. We have over 40% of the country's welfare...and dumbassbeam is giving illegals more and more of it every day. If we took care of our citizens we would be OK. Political rant over.
  261. rdrrm8e

    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    I have fished with Rick Pollock out of Whakatane on his PURSUIT. I highly recommend it and got this 84# Yellow Tail. It was really tough to get a bait through the 40# rats!
  262. rdrrm8e

    Fishing in Jamaica?

    It doesn't sound completely ridiculous
  263. rdrrm8e


    Why don't you go fishing....?
  264. rdrrm8e

    My kids got new boats for Christmas!

    Did he build the flooring too....?:-) That's pretty neat.
  265. rdrrm8e

    Lost Salmon..........Dooooooooohhhhh...!

    Didn't see this comin'....... Dammed if they did ......and dammed if they didn't. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | PUBLISHED: December 26, 2017 at 2:27 pm | UPDATED: December 26, 2017 at 2:41 pm A desperate decision to truck California’s native baby salmon toward the Pacific Ocean during the state’s...
  266. rdrrm8e

    (Sold) ROLA cargo carrier

    I am in Anaheim. Where could we meet? I have cash. Consider it sold I will call you now
  267. rdrrm8e

    Gotta love it

    I want 9:00......:oops:
  268. rdrrm8e

    Looking to buy Radoncraft 22

    you might look here
  269. rdrrm8e

    Help me name this girl

    "Boots" for the white paws
  270. rdrrm8e

    Please help with Christmas present

    MAK 16 sea has my vote. Although to be honest I have only fondled it...not fished it yet.
  271. rdrrm8e

    barn find id it?

    I don't think I have ever seen one with 2 big holes in the transom
  272. rdrrm8e

    A Christmas Miracle

    So last nite I was driving home from work and with 3 dozen things on my mind and in the usual rush.... I suddenly realized I was on empty. I stopped into a local AMPM in the not so good part of town. I put my ATM card into the reader and it had the usual problems reading it. The machine seemed...
  273. rdrrm8e

    Friday Bassin on the Ducky

    Did anybody get arrested...?:rolleyes:
  274. rdrrm8e

    Happy holidays!

    I wanna be on your Christmas list. I have been a good boy!
  275. rdrrm8e

    Izor’s to Newport 12-16 Limits of Wind!

    You were deep in the SNOT...and didn't even catch a cold...? Pitiful son.......:hali_parkutuli::shake: Nice Li'l skiff
  276. rdrrm8e

    Theives on a party boat

  277. rdrrm8e

    Rumors of my demise part deau

    That may be....and it's a stretch...the prettiest rod you have built so far.
  278. rdrrm8e

    Dave "Tiny" Pierson

    I don't know Dave...but it's Christmas and I would not wish this on anybody or any family at this time of year...or anytime. Godspeed..Merry Christmas. All the best.
  279. rdrrm8e

    Awesome idea for launching boats in baja. that's the 24 HP Honda he is talking about while pointing to the 150 etec. Got it.
  280. rdrrm8e

    Awesome idea for launching boats in baja.

    You have to run the engine dry to power up the hydraulics...????? How long and how many times can you do that?
  281. rdrrm8e

    Vote on the best fishing report of November

    The balloon dood......
  282. rdrrm8e

    !st Trip after the Pacemaker Thur12-7

    I'd love that Lal....................Thanks
  283. rdrrm8e

    Australia trip of a lifetime with Nomad Sportfishing

    Me a somewhat less homo disrespect to the homos....seriously.
  284. rdrrm8e

    !st Trip after the Pacemaker Thur12-7

    Lal I am 16 months into mine. Life changer for sure. Mine has a 15 year battery. I woke up on the floor too many times. It amazes me it took over 6 months to diagnose A-Fib. Good luck with yours. I got off the blood thinner zoo merry-go-round and just use baby aspirin now. Life is much $impler...
  285. rdrrm8e

    Please Support JT & Chad's fight vs Cali Lawmskers

    Am I the only one that can see their tongues most firmly jammed into their cheeks....?
  286. rdrrm8e

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

    If you are still contemplating a name..... "SCRATCH BITE"
  287. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    I am working full time already. My partner just left for a 3 week I am running his accounts and mine. No pity. Just have to do what has to git done. My doc would shit his square Bob pants.
  288. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    Where the hell is the "Don't like" button...? 2 more weeks in a cast and I am going to start camping in your driveway until we do some Hali drifts...or chase some tooners in January....
  289. rdrrm8e

    quick earthquake or tremor....around 4 pm anyone else feel it ?

    I had split pea soup for lunch. Sorry guys.....
  290. rdrrm8e

    Gentlemen...I owe someone an apology

    Somewhere....somebody.....fired up a good bowl of Kali mota. proud of Y'all...........
  291. rdrrm8e

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Photobucket decided to start charging for posting "their" pics on other's websites. They consider your pictures their property. You prolly did not get the word. Try to recover your account if you want them back
  292. rdrrm8e


    Can't argue with that....!
  293. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Sportfishing .v Cedros Outdoor Adventures

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures has my vote. Ask for Balaan and have him take you to "Rocas de Balaan" Tell him Chuck says...."Hey" Really a cool operation and beautiful resort.
  294. rdrrm8e

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts sad. ALL of the pics in this thread and the 13' whaler thread are gone. A lot of work, beauty and history gone right there.
  295. rdrrm8e

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    Jeezolay A man in lavender pants with chest feathers, walking around main St, dragging a cow tooner....... Rare,......... But doable.?........ Suppose so.......
  296. rdrrm8e

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    There used to be a board on here that was.......errrrrr.......kinda low profile....kinda hidden....kinda by invite only. Might make sense for a LR board. Info can be shared to other interested peeps
  297. rdrrm8e

    Buying a peacock taxidermy mount no affiliation
  298. rdrrm8e

    Is this jackpot eligible?

    No.....but imagine it tangling with a long line or drift gillnet....!
  299. rdrrm8e

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    Jim You can also buy them on Amazon 5 pack for $12.27 EDIT: will not let me post the URL....???? Go to leather finger guards 5 pack or BON- 1345
  300. rdrrm8e

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    Jim I don't see them on the website. I buy them at my local store. They call them thumb guards there. If you like I can stop and pick a few up and ship them to you.
  301. rdrrm8e

    Preventing Spectra Cuts

    I buy these at Mcfadden Dale. $3.00 each. They last forever and the wetter they get the better they work
  302. rdrrm8e

    BloodyDecks avitar&s

  303. rdrrm8e

    The San Diego, 3/4 day trip

    Hey dipshit. Let's run down after the first and get into some Spring fishing on the SD. The last time I fished that thing was with you. I am recovering surgery right now....but ready to go soon.
  304. rdrrm8e

    11/25 60 Mile Bank on the Outer Limits

    Glad to see you got another...... Crack at them.......................
  305. rdrrm8e

    Relentless 3/4 11/24/17 - Good Fishing, Heart Failure!!

    Great job Jon. It's such a great feeling to have the knowledge and skills to make a difference in someone's life. Kudos to being prepared to all involved.
  306. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    Age and gravity
  307. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    5 incisions medial, top, toe, lateral, heel screws, plates, bolts. Complete fusion ankle/foot. It's a mess. 3 more weeks in cast and then rehab.....Halelullah!!!!!
  308. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    Torn posterior tibial tendon repair Oct. 2016. It went bad this Summer. At least I got a Mak 16SEA outta the deal. The pics are from the 10/19/2017 repair of the 2016 surgery.
  309. rdrrm8e

    Ankle Repair

    Steve I call your booboo and raise..... Ankle foot fusion 10/19/2017. Wilson cast: Reminds me of something I found on Clipperton 2003 Lateral left foot Medial left foot heel. There's a 5" bolt in there And yes.....I did take the hydro Cheers.....see you in rehab.
  310. rdrrm8e

    2017 Elk

    Even for a Cali guy........this does not sound right. Just sayin'
  311. rdrrm8e

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    You are right Mike. I confused the OP with a new guy replying. I was making a point but it does not apply in this thread. Apologies.
  312. rdrrm8e

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    This is what you get dealing with a stranger who's first post here was selling a boat. Against the rules. Against common sense. Not BD style
  313. rdrrm8e

    Heard there’s a new tuna species...called a class 3 tuna!

    Tuna don't kill people.......
  314. rdrrm8e

    wanted striper 2601 or 2301

    You may want to look around....
  315. rdrrm8e

    That'll buff right out!!

    "Get off my back....!"
  316. rdrrm8e

    Removing cast iron drain pipe through 3' tall by 10' Concrete?

    Have a liner blown in and be done with it forever. That's what I did and 0 problems now
  317. rdrrm8e

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    Congrats Mark. Can't wait to hear the details next Memorial Day on the Pac Voy
  318. rdrrm8e

    Intrepid weights in....

    Congrats Dave Can't wait to hear the details
  319. rdrrm8e

    The San Diego Caught 112 Yellows Today

    Wild guess here......on the San Diego....?????
  320. rdrrm8e

    Boston Whaler Vigilant 27'

    Welcome to BloodyDecks. Did you find us on the free boat ads on the interweb?
  321. rdrrm8e

    2006 32' Regulator FS $129,000 includes Tri-Axle Trailer

    Welcome to Bloody Decks. Did you find us in the Free Boat ads on the interweb?
  322. rdrrm8e

    Gas tax....

    No. They have it rigged so YOU pay for their gas and their cars!
  323. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Voyager 3.5 day Openings

    Love to Steve....... But Doc won't let me right now. Maybe next year
  324. rdrrm8e

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    No more frantic "Brail"..."Brail".."BRAIL" over the loudspeaker. The new term will be ....."GO BUDDA ON THEM"...."BUDDA.....BUDDA"
  325. rdrrm8e

    Be Careful Out There

    Thanks for the report OP. I am so glad all involved will live to tell the story. As an old school boat owner and sailor who learned nav with a pencil, charts, compass divider and parallel rulers I wonder how modern electronics have eroded basic seamanship for most and contribute to these events...
  326. rdrrm8e

    9 ft Jig Stick fit completely inside F-250 Crew Cab?

    /\ This. Be passengers except maybe right rear seat
  327. rdrrm8e

    Surf Doc 5 years passing

    THANKS for all the help shari. The wreath looks great. A great memorial for a great dude and wonderful brotha and member of society. I cant believe 5 years has passed DEP My Darkside brotha. Darkside is there with ya Stan!
  328. rdrrm8e

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Try Look for David K's trips (All numbered). He has pics, maps and waypoints. Some really interesting reading. Just ignore the dirge of HATERS on that site. You will find something unique for sure
  329. rdrrm8e

    Scammer Alert!

    Jason will see this.
  330. rdrrm8e

    Greedy SOBs

    "The privilege"...................... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  331. rdrrm8e

    Sea Ox 230 Cuddy Fishing Boat

    Hey There... Welcome to Bloody Decks. Did you find us in the free boat ads on the Interweb?
  332. rdrrm8e

    One of my latest how to videos

  333. rdrrm8e


    Thanks Mikey..and everyone else for the good wishes. Had a posterior tibial tendon repair last year. My arch totally collapsed. I was Ok until 2 months ago and whammo....the arch completely collapsed in about 10 days. I appreciate the sentiments from all. I'll be on the Intrepid come July...
  334. rdrrm8e


  335. rdrrm8e

    Fish gone stupid @ Cedros

    Who was your Pangero...?
  336. rdrrm8e


    I have a custom factory Seeker rail rod from wahoodad. 6463XXXH 7.5' I think it will be perfect. will be a great motivation tool to get ready for the Intrepid trip next Summer
  337. rdrrm8e


    Hence my title..........:D
  338. rdrrm8e

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    Love to Kurt....I have surgery Thurs. the 19th and won't be able to feesh for a couple of months though. Hmmmmmm maybe I can wear foulies over the cast. Just call.
  339. rdrrm8e


    It's not even my Birthday. I am having surgery on Thursday. I guess my wife is trying to cheer me up. On my desk this morning!! Good thing I bought a knot tool and some spectra at the Longfin Sale this weekend. Now...learn how to tie that damn FG knot.
  340. rdrrm8e

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    Booster Seat....?:-)
  341. rdrrm8e

    BD members reunion charter trip on the Vendetta Oct. 14th Avail spots open

    Carl When a hot chick tells you you need to save your strength for Saturday.....take some Geritol, some vitamins and a nap.
  342. rdrrm8e

    My Boys are growing up too fast!-Lobster pics

    Good Job Daddio....! Great looking family. The one eyeing the rocks with the trout rod is hooked!
  343. rdrrm8e

    Long Beach Lobster Report For 10/12

    It looks like he maybe had a boner at one time. I am impressed if that's true.:eek:
  344. rdrrm8e

    In raise of the Makaira 16SEa

    I love and respect Taka. I am going to Longfin tomorrow for CA day. I'll figger it out. Thanks!
  345. rdrrm8e


    I am late
  346. rdrrm8e

    In raise of the Makaira 16SEa

    Steve I have a MAK 16 enroute now. I was thinking filling it with 100#JB Hollow. Do you have a better sumgestion...?
  347. rdrrm8e

    Crazy Daiwa Deals At Longfin Tackle Tomorrow Only

    Eric I have a MAK 16 enroute. If it doesn't arrive by tomorrow can I come in and pay for a spool of JB hollow and have it spooled later?
  348. rdrrm8e

    Long Beach Lobster Report For 10/12

    I have a urologist that maybe can help the guy on the left. Good job Dan.
  349. rdrrm8e

    2007 Parker 2320 trailer $3,000

    No shit....! Nightmare stuff
  350. rdrrm8e

    Fun times Vendetta 10/7

    Thanks for the report...!
  351. rdrrm8e

    YFT Short of the 425 10/7

    Happy Birfday my Darkside Brutha
  352. rdrrm8e

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    I wouldn't mention any details about your plan....but you must know you told the world you will soon have all brand new gear. Your boat is in a known spot too. The TV showed your stern! Hell....this guy may come back! Get yourself a heck of a security plan. Good Luck. Sorry for your loss.
  353. rdrrm8e

    Longfin Customer Appreciation Day October 14th

    See you there Eric!
  354. rdrrm8e

    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    Dang...I speed read and did not notice that
  355. rdrrm8e

    Voyager October 2nd

    He had a great teacher
  356. rdrrm8e

    Are the New York Football Giants goin 0-3????

    No..I just picked them in mags superbowl game
  357. rdrrm8e

    Are the New York Football Giants goin 0-3????

    I haven't watched a game yet. But my Chiefs are 4-0
  358. rdrrm8e

    Five Star Fish Processing

    So let me get this right, Drew contacted the angler who got the 700# of bluefin, and he refuses to return it to it's rightful angler....? Who in the LR community would pull this crap? Will his name be shared in a code group and not allowed to fish the LR fleet if true...? Or was it shipped to...
  359. rdrrm8e

    Prayers to all in Las Vegas

    I cannot imagine what could go through a human brain to plan this, fulfill that plan and keep reloading. Pure insanity. Godspeed to all involved. Interesting that LEO breeched his room door 10 mins. after the first shot. They found him so quickly because the gunsmoke set off his smoke alarm in...
  360. rdrrm8e

    The proper way to call someone a Bastard.

    A PROPER WAY TO CALL SOMEONE A BASTARD A guy was getting ready to tee off on the first hole when a second golfer approached and asked if he could join him. The first said that he usually played alone, but agreed to the twosome. They were even after the first few holes. The second guy said...
  361. rdrrm8e

    Pay your debts

    Well played sir....!
  362. rdrrm8e

    Early March Madness Bracketology

    I sincerely hope you are right and I am deluded. But remember...Right now we are only looking at 1 sport. Think about it................................................................. :(
  363. rdrrm8e

    Early March Madness Bracketology

    You are deluded if you don't think every major program in the country is not involved. It's how business is done. Maybe no March Madness this year at all. Pitino in the first strike..? Just wait for it.
  364. rdrrm8e

    Relentless SCI closures

    Yeahhhhhhh..but the fuel bill.....Yikes!
  365. rdrrm8e

    New Promar Floating Gaff

    A friend of mine stopped by to borrow a heavy set up for this weekend. He is the local Ahi/Promar rep. He showed me the newest item going to Meltons, Longfin, Anglers Center, etc. TODAY! Carbon Fiber FLOATING Gaffs. Here is the 8'er and a short vid of it floating
  366. rdrrm8e

    Another CCA donation
  367. rdrrm8e

    Tub of old random fishing tackle

    Good on you. Karma your way
  368. rdrrm8e

    Weatherby Mark V 300 Weatherby Mag

    Evan's in Anaheim Address: 1637 N Brian St, Orange, CA 92867 Hours: Open today · Phone: (714) 283-5248
  369. rdrrm8e

    Little shark latches on man's stomach

    Fake News What special kind of dumbass stabs this little shark and thinks of faking this pic? IMO this is the same behavior as the guys in FLA dragging the shark to death behind the boat
  370. rdrrm8e

    2008 Boston Whaler

    Hey...! I said "welcome"....LOL:ele::lux::smash::smash::720icon::shake:
  371. rdrrm8e

    2008 Boston Whaler

    Welcome to Bloodydecks...! Did you find us in the free boat ads on the interweb?
  372. rdrrm8e

    Elk Hunt at Grizzly Island, Sept. 2017

    Great write up. I felt like I was there! Except for the blisters and the sore legs.
  373. rdrrm8e

    Orange County

    I will check it out. Anaheim
  374. rdrrm8e

    9-23 302 area

    I was out on the 095....1.5. The fleet was there with a few private guys. We got on a ripper first thing in the morning and we plugged it by mid morning. Rick called in the CHIEF and OLD Glory and we left 'em biting. Got 2 -3 troll fish all day after that and 1 small bait stop where I lost JP at...
  375. rdrrm8e

    Cabo San Lucas
  376. rdrrm8e

    Wisdom comes with age

    A wealthy old lady decides to go on a photo safari in Africa , taking her faithful, elderly poodle named Cuddles, along for the company. One day the old poodle gets bored and starts to chase after the butterflies, and before long Cuddles discovers that he's lost. � Wandering about, he...
  377. rdrrm8e

    Facts of life

    The following Two Truths and 5 Rules of Life seem to be fairly valid... SIMPLE TRUTH 1: Lovers help each other undress before sex. However, after sex, they always dress on their own. Moral of the story -- In life, no one helps you once you're screwed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SIMPLE TRUTH 2: When a...
  378. rdrrm8e

    RP knot failure

    We call that "the speculum" tool Multi use if you are an amateur gynecologist like David:-)
  379. rdrrm8e

    Cedros 9/11-15

    Do you call the Pangero each morning to coordinate wardrobe...???? Is there an extra charge for that?
  380. rdrrm8e

    Who was our longtime resident BD Roofer??

    Was it Lazquilon...?
  381. rdrrm8e

    I miss Stan...

    Next month it's 3 years Fucking Stan
  382. rdrrm8e

    Ranger 85 Reporting In

    You owe me a keyboard.....>:(
  383. rdrrm8e

    RP knot failure

    Aaaahhhhhhh....The "Speculum" knot:-)
  384. rdrrm8e

    SOLD 17' Avenger Ski Boat for sale - Turn key, Price now $2800

    Somebody buy this boat before I piss off the wifey....
  385. rdrrm8e

    Eldorado from Berth 55

    What happened to TJ...?
  386. rdrrm8e

    Eclipse new owners

    I know they are busting butt to climb outta the ash pile that was left for them. Get 'em Stan and Eric!
  387. rdrrm8e

    2,348nm SW of Westport

    I'm surprised that information isn't classified.
  388. rdrrm8e

    Anyone up for thinning out some Bison?

    If you want to ruin your the comments section on the link
  389. rdrrm8e

    9/2 thru 9/10 Excel/Gallagher Fish Explosion

    Next time....tell us how you really feel. Good job Jamie.
  390. rdrrm8e

    Ash from rust spots

    Have you tried this? Bartender's friend cream
  391. rdrrm8e

    Xrap magnums for Cedros

    Balaan on the Chum Chum Ask him about his kids and wife and house. Tell him " Carlito" says Hey......
  392. rdrrm8e

    Xrap magnums for Cedros

    Last week we had to move several times each morning to get away from the 12" sardines to find macs. Biggest sardines I have ever seen...! As thick as flies. The pangeros would not use them. I think the biggest mac or sardine pattern will kill. I was keyed on bass and did not fish Jurels.
  393. rdrrm8e

    Rest in Peace BDer "Afry" Arnie Fry

    All the love and hugs to his family. Afry will be in my thoughts Getting old sucks.
  394. rdrrm8e

    A good one...Down ! Hunters n Dog guys

    I don't want to think about it. Condolences Amigo. Sincerely.
  395. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    Your name was spelled right... it's all good
  396. rdrrm8e

    Vintage Iron

    Welllllll.....first you have to toss it pretty good.
  397. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    Thanks Jon Your name came up several times.....:eek::cheers:
  398. rdrrm8e

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    Dragging Wagon......:-)
  399. rdrrm8e

    4th Annual Superbowl 2018 Winner Prediction Contest 2/4/2018

    Pittsburgh......fuck that.....Chiefs! Somebody let me know how it works out. I will not be watching until the politics gets off the field.
  400. rdrrm8e

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    I would rename that thing THE CASTING COUCH
  401. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    The 2 lanterns went out today to Leon and Zach. Watch yer mailbox guys Thanks Mike...!
  402. rdrrm8e

    Shimano Calcutta 700TE

    Check your PM's
  403. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    Everything long as it was RED. 1 oz. red heads with 5"-6" clear red flake, calico hunter, Darkside. Red. Red. Red. The AHI deceptions worked too. Remember...Carl and I targeted Calicos exclusively. Offshore the Tunas hit rapalas and almost everything. Dropper loops and flylined and...
  404. rdrrm8e

    WTB Fishing Sand Spike/Rod Holder

    I have what you need. I am right next door in Anaheim. You could come by today. pm sent
  405. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures 8/28 - 9/01/2017

    Started planning a trip to Cedros with what's left of my Darkside brothers and a few like minded friends over a year ago. Hazman stepped up as the Charter Master and took care of ALL the details. Everything went like clockwork. Jose Angel has built and improved the COA Lodge and operation and...
  406. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Sickness!

  407. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Sickness!

    On a swimbait no less.....................
  408. rdrrm8e

    cedros.. coastal islands

    I just spent a week there and discussed this at length with Jose Angel who runs Cedros Outdoor Adventures. Right now there is no access at all for the LR fleet. I was under the impression that a permit could be had and fishing closely monitored. I was wrong. There is nothing right now. Jose...
  409. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Mike Just let me know who to send what and where. I will be back from Cedros Labor day weekend and will ship stuff out that week. Thanks again!
  410. rdrrm8e

    What are you doing Saturday evening?

    Ali Are raffle tix available?
  411. rdrrm8e

    Penn # 49 Super Mariner. NEW- COLLECTORS REEL

    The front lever is freespool but engages the handle. OUCH...! Talk about a knuckle breaker. The rear is regular freespool
  412. rdrrm8e

    What is the best brand of Trailer Bunk Carpet?

    Or the stuff in the big green box behind the carpet store.
  413. rdrrm8e

    7/29 on the Eclipse - Easy Limit of YT and Limits of FUN

  414. rdrrm8e

    What are you doing Saturday evening?

    Can't make it Saturday. Leaving Sunday for Cedros. Sent 3 year membership dues in just now. Thanks for the reminder
  415. rdrrm8e

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    OMG....! Chills down the spine. See you Sunday in San Diego...? Or Monday at Cedros...?
  416. rdrrm8e

    R B JIGS--Collectors??

    Scott Pics? Are you still in Diamond Bar?
  417. rdrrm8e

    Are you a tackle whore? Show us your pic's or give us a story.

    I will post pics later...but here's a story. When I was 6 my parents took all of us camping at Woodchuck....out by Temecula and Vail lake. I was so excited on Saturday morning that I got up and started wandering around the campsite. I found a pond and could see fish in the water. I got so...
  418. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Mike I leave for cedros Sunday for a week. I will ship my donation to the weiner when I return.
  419. rdrrm8e

    Fukushima Radiation

    Here's what Ken Buesseler form Woods Hole says: (This is only a small part of the article) Is radiation a concern along U.S. and Canadian coasts? Although we have found traces of radioactive contamination from Fukushima in samples collected through our citizen-science initiative Our Radioactive...
  420. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Mike Where should we send the Shwag....?
  421. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    OK....2 camp lanterns....! COB is the newest lighting technology. These are cool!
  422. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I was on the original post Mike
  423. rdrrm8e

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I'm in. I will come up with a prize as well. about a COB camping lantern?
  424. rdrrm8e

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    The "Rescuer" makes up the rules....not the "Rescuee".
  425. rdrrm8e

    Catalina - 8/18

    Beats my day by a mile. Thanks for the report
  426. rdrrm8e

    Open Spot - 1.5 day fishing 8/22 on Sauerfish

    I am out. I forgot a Dr. Appointment. I texted you Stan Somebody jump on this. The time is right and the fish are biting!
  427. rdrrm8e

    Open Spot - 1.5 day fishing 8/22 on Sauerfish

    stan tried to call you Lets talk
  428. rdrrm8e

    Respect your motor or the motor won't respect you....

    The offer still stands. There's a Zuke in your future
  429. rdrrm8e

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Ignorant environmentalists hammer us and do not understand WE are the best conservationists of the resource because we love it. Yet you hammer this man who you do not know.....have no idea what he conserves.....and were not there the day this catch happened. Nor do you have any idea how many he...
  430. rdrrm8e

    Drone shot from today's project

    How did you schedule this for a white shark day off..?
  431. rdrrm8e

    fishing manners

    I completely disagree with you.
  432. rdrrm8e

    Ali would be proud

    They're only albacore......
  433. rdrrm8e

    fishing manners

    Call Capt. Ryan right now and tell him what happened. Gail Force Sportfishing (310) 844-3814 [email protected]
  434. rdrrm8e

    Siphoning gas from a below deck gas tank......

    Is the boat sitting level?
  435. rdrrm8e

    They Dropped a Little

    Do yourself a favor. Call this guy. Spend a little cash and shorten your learning curve dramatically. Captain Dave Hansen 949-374-0786 [email protected]
  436. rdrrm8e

    08/10 South to North 9 to 182 and back to N. 9. Personal Best trip for me

    Great Family times! This story will be told over and over the rest of your life. Good job and great report Dad.
  437. rdrrm8e

    Ahi Assault Glow Jigs – Available & Red Hot

    No...Melton's...Longfin et al.
  438. rdrrm8e

    Ahi Assault Glow Jigs – Available & Red Hot

    Smile Craig........:frehya2:
  439. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Terminal Tackle for Calicos etc.

    Bird shit heavy and bird shit surface iron
  440. rdrrm8e

    Cedros Terminal Tackle for Calicos etc.

    Bring some 1.5 oz. and even some 2 oz. heads. I like sitting in the kelp and flippin onto the canopy. The heavier heads will weigh down the canopy and fall through where most don't fish. Big Hammers...clear/red flake, calico hunter, christmas tree....browns and yellows Don't forget to fish the...
  441. rdrrm8e

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    You are such a lucky guy!LOL:frehya2:
  442. rdrrm8e

    My Son's first surf fish/halibut***

    Looks right to me. The white dots are a giveaway to me. Kid looks stoked to be fishing with Dad.
  443. rdrrm8e

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Couldn't give a rat's ass. But I am am a Marketing guy. Marketing the product I would guess a Conor win. A rematch i$ demanded $$$$$$$.
  444. rdrrm8e

    number 26 is an idiot

    This should be easy. How many #26 on the EXCEL recently did NOT have their fish processed. Gotta be only 1.
  445. rdrrm8e

    Fishing after abdominal surgery?

    I had 4 major surgeries in 2016 and did not get out all year. I am still recovering from 2 spinal fractures but went on a 1.5 day trip a couple of weeks ago. Lighter drags, stayed hydrated...brought prescription meds in their original bottles with my name on them (Very important!) Lotsa rest...
  446. rdrrm8e

    25 foot Mako Walkaround SOLD

    And half the price of a Blackman....!:frehya2:
  447. rdrrm8e

    Dodo recipes???

    Get a dedicated nut grinder. Put a handful of macadamia nuts in for a small fillet. Grind until a fine powder. Coat fillets on all sides with EVOO and then coat with crushed macadamias. Quick fry in shallow HOT oil for about 2 mins each side. You won't need anything else.
  448. rdrrm8e

    Panga fishing out of La Mision?

    Just ask the port capt at the launch ramp. He will hook you up with a pangero. Or ask around in La Cantina just north of the ramp
  449. rdrrm8e

    What is this sea creature

    That makes sense. That's why only the first inch and a half looks ruined.
  450. rdrrm8e

    Eurasian Hunt 7/28. Brawley / Calipatria.

    Just wait for the August 29th Thunderstorm
  451. rdrrm8e

    Attention bald guys..........

    You were in Rainbow Company...??? Thank you for your service.
  452. rdrrm8e


    Think about this: In CA the Botts dots are phasing out and will be removed and not replaced. Why? Autonomous cars can't read them. How many lives have been spared when the driver wakes up when hitting the Botts dots???? In CA the standard 4" white lane stripes are phasing out and not replaced...
  453. rdrrm8e

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    That's my goal David.... Slide in... Fit in..... Low profile...... Invisible....... I am kinda in a surreal place today with the WC news.
  454. rdrrm8e

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/8-7/16 - Official Report

    Blame fishybuzz........ Chuckies comin'.........:cheers::720icon::beerbang::eyepoppin:Pelvic_Thrust:
  455. rdrrm8e

    Classy Kelping - 7/26

    Where's your report mikey...???
  456. rdrrm8e

    FLA boyz drag shark to death at high speed

    This was on my morning news. Sick sick shit by these Aholes.
  457. rdrrm8e

    Has your Tranx 500 done this!!? Video

    Something just spasmed....but I think it was lower than my back. Cool Vid
  458. rdrrm8e

    Kelping - 7/23

    We were right there with ya Ali. Full limits of YT and a quiver full of DoDos as well. It was instant on 40# mono for a while The Dodos wanted Macs
  459. rdrrm8e

    homeless tweeker thief gets a dose of reality

    Teenage Humanoid Underground Dwellers.....THUDS...LOL
  460. rdrrm8e

    homeless tweeker thief gets a dose of reality

    Keep your kids and pets safe for a while. You never know how desperate or unhinged tweekerz can be.
  461. rdrrm8e


    Seems pretty clear to me. In a written statement, one of the men said he and his friends started to put away their gear after catching their fish, and were surprised when the captain and deckhand urged them to “keep fishing” and “get bigger fish.” Another man said crew members told him they...
  462. rdrrm8e

    Surface iron applications

    Cast them into "channels" in kelp beds. Cast them close to boilers and structure. Cast into boiling schools and next to paddies offshore. Faster is not always better. Watch the individual jig and notice at what speed it goes ..."jag...jag....swerve" and reel it in at that speed.
  463. rdrrm8e

    Any Toyota salesmen here

    PM 26 Grumpy. His wife runs a Toyota Dealership
  464. rdrrm8e

    Labor Day 2 day Charter needs fishermen

    Damn I will be at Cedros at that time. Too bad.......i am starting to stalk Bendo...... 5 more sleeps......heeeeeheeeeheeeee
  465. rdrrm8e

    Happy Birthday Gil Marlin...

    Gil was always a bright, funny child. One Saturday he was walking into town and an elderly gentleman stopped him and asked if he knew where the Post Office is? Little Gilly replied "Go to the corner, turn left, go 2 blocks and turn right. It's just on your left". The elderly man was so...
  466. rdrrm8e

    Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Awesome Ali Only 5 more sleeps and I'll get my shot.
  467. rdrrm8e

    Couple of LR wooden boxes FS

    Last bump before ebay
  468. rdrrm8e

    Wooden Tackle Box

    last bump before ebay
  469. rdrrm8e

    Couple of LR wooden boxes FS

    I thought someone on this board might want these:
  470. rdrrm8e

    Couple cool pics from last weeks shoot

    Jeezus...where you been?
  471. rdrrm8e

    Bowen Sportsman Wooden Tackle Box

    This is a vintage Bowen Box. I have never seen one quite like it. Check out the 5 drawer tackle box in a tackle box. Xlnt condition except for all the stickers inside the lid. I think they will come right off if you wanted. 19"W x 14"D x 12"H I am in Anaheim but will be at Fisherman's landing...
  472. rdrrm8e

    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    What the hell does a Bertram offer you? You could just adopt a Bayliner.....:(
  473. rdrrm8e

    Wooden Tackle Box

    This box is a Butch Green style box. I have no idea if it is a Green Box....but I have one and this resembles it. 18"W x 12"D x 11 1/2" H closed. $100.00 firm. I am in Anaheim but will be in San Diego Landing 7/22/17. Last 2 pics show slight damage in both back lid corners.
  474. rdrrm8e

    On the Slide...

    Be ready to go to the inside of the turn. Cast as far as you can perpendicular to the boat. Ask the crew when you get on the boat which way the skipper likes to turn.
  475. rdrrm8e

    On the Slide...

    3" Big Hammer 28 Prism Anchovy on a 2oz. FORGED short hook leadhead. It looks rickdiculous..... but it works. 8' minimum rod. Get away from the trollers. I have stopped the boat hundreds of times with this. Or a nose hooked dead Dine. Same deal.
  476. rdrrm8e

    Small Boats at San Clemente Island: What Changed?

    Most of those guys...key word here MOST.. of those guys fish a ton. They have newer boats and electronics. They are young and have water smarts and balls. They network and wait for conditions and best bite scenarios. They take calculated risks. They are adventurous and they are hunters. But...
  477. rdrrm8e

    Fishing boats

    This for 5-5 ...or the El Dorado....tell Capt. TJ that chuck sent you
  478. rdrrm8e

    Sauerfish strikes again 7/8 the cat is now out of the proverbial bag ehhhhhhhhh...? 11 more sleeps
  479. rdrrm8e

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    Try hand pumping the bulb while starting and running to see if you can manually force fuel to it. If so and it runs that way it is probably the fuel pump
  480. rdrrm8e

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    "Turning over" and "cranking" = same thing. You have either a spark or fuel issue. Have you pulled a plug, grounded it and cranked it? (Gloves are for pussies when you do this:-)) You should see the spark.
  481. rdrrm8e

    2 spots available 1.5 day 7/23 on Sauerfish 6 Pack

    I am thinking Scotch and cigars. I will bring the cigars.
  482. rdrrm8e


    It's called Cognitive disonance. Kinda like religion.
  483. rdrrm8e

    Sauerfish uses "Wicked Tuna" tactic, breaks my jinx

    Your passion and excitement are palpable in your story. Only 15 more sleeps until I get on the SF for a 1.5.
  484. rdrrm8e

    WTB Truline rods

    This is a very light duty stick. It's an octy. Never fished since wrapped. I would guess a 12-15# stick. I have no idea what the blank is and I will not rip off the butt to look. $250.00 This is a 4X wrapped by MOON. Never fished since wrapped. $300.00
  485. rdrrm8e

    ??Alternate American Flag??

    Blue lives matter.
  486. rdrrm8e

    Springfield xd40 tactical 5" barrel
  487. rdrrm8e

    Misc. Stuff for sale

    Prices dropped....! Gotta get rid of this stuff
  488. rdrrm8e

    Father/Son Canadian Fishing Adventure to Eagle Lake, Ontario

    Very nice report. Can you share the expense?
  489. rdrrm8e

    Darwin Awards 2016

    I found this on the it must be true! Annual Darwin Awards You've been waiting for them with baited breath, so without further ado, here are the 2016 Darwin Awards: Eighth Place - In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing...
  490. rdrrm8e

    Advice for Erna B Boy Scout trip this Sunday?

    Avoid trying to buy tackle and guess on the daily rig before you get on the boat. There will be plenty of time for the deckie(s) to do it for you or teach the kids how to for THAT day's conditions. There is no way to know the current or drift or wind or bait or.....? the night before. Why don't...
  491. rdrrm8e

    38' luhrs ( who owns this boat?)

    Go here....fill in your info and hit contact seller
  492. rdrrm8e

    Vacation Oahu June 25-July 2......

    Shannon on Live Bait
  493. rdrrm8e

    The most difficult thing to unpackaged in the fishing industry!

    Find a fireman. We can break anything.
  494. rdrrm8e

    Big Local YFT - Late Report 6/17

    Taka Ran into this same problem in February in PV. The fish would not look at our gorgeous caballitos when they could open their pie holes and get a 5 gallon bucket full of micro baits in one breath. Frustrating as hell. Spreader bars maybe....? Make a cloud of bait?
  495. rdrrm8e

    Misc. Stuff for sale

    Yes....USPS on your dime. Whatever flat rate box they will fit in.
  496. rdrrm8e

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    OK Officer....Let's go see the judge!
  497. rdrrm8e

    Skipjack parts

    Maybe this will work?
  498. rdrrm8e

    Searching for a RADON 26' diesel to buy

    a little more than you want...but in budget
  499. rdrrm8e

    Searching for a RADON 26' diesel to buy

    Fixer Upper
  500. rdrrm8e

    Misc. Stuff for sale

    Everything sold as lots. I will not separate. I will ship anywhere on your dime USPS. Priority given to first PM....that way I can track them. Hook assortment....4/0 to 13/0.....$70.00 Assorted lures. Most need to be rerigged. EAL was working last time I used it....but no guarantee....$80.00...
  501. rdrrm8e

    Did the impossible..

    Look for water movement. Boilers...points....drop offs
  502. rdrrm8e

    News Channels "Chumming?" White Sharks...?

    Say it ain't so...... LONG BEACH PRESS TELEGRAM | PUBLISHED: June 14, 2017 at 5:29 pm | UPDATED: June 15, 2017 at 7:07 am Juvenile great white sharks sighted along popular Southern California coasts have become a media sensation this spring. Now officials suspect that some media outlets...
  503. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Voyager June 11-13

  504. rdrrm8e

    Is there a product to decrease fish scale accumuation on a rod.

    Most of the scales are not from your bait. They are fallout when the deckie is throwing chum over/into your shoulder or rod.
  505. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Voyager 3 Day - Departing July 28th.

    What time are you returning on the 31st?
  506. rdrrm8e

    Big injured GW on the beach Sea of Cortez

    Potty you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?
  507. rdrrm8e

    Excel and 5 star

    as far as the overnight and short range....from Seaforth.....I did call 5 star the week before my Memorial Wknd trip and they happily said they would have a crew in at 0630 to handle our fish. Unfortunately we got back at 0330 with only a few fish so we weren't able to use them. You have to...
  508. rdrrm8e

    2006 Chevy Cobalt

    Hey guys I drove this yesterday. It is exactly as described or better. Great transportation car! And RJ is a good guy. I shoulda bought it...but passed. You won't go wrong here
  509. rdrrm8e

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    Luckily it will only be that way for 10 months. Or so I have been told....
  510. rdrrm8e

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    My "Artiste" is buried in finals and heavy school projects....( A written 10 year life plan thesis....WTF?) But she just promised to finish this and is as stoked as she can be to finish it. ( She has been in my home office all this week hiding and working through the night...every night to get...
  511. rdrrm8e

    Room for one more cow fishing tomorrow 6/1

    It's not so much the gettin' down. It's that "Gettin' back up" part.
  512. rdrrm8e

    Call to Action SB 187 - 12 month Fishing License Bill moves forward.

    Jerry Brown to his Aide...."Fillmore.....what is the length of the current fishing season in CA...?" "What is this 12 month license...?" "Would this allow someone in CA to fish all year...?" Fillmore...."Uh....I have no idea..." "Yeah...i guess it would allow fishing all year...?" Jerry...
  513. rdrrm8e

    2006 Chevy Cobalt

    I am in Anaheim...when can I look at it?
  514. rdrrm8e

    Best SoCAL Offshore Sportboat Captains

    Mark Oronoz...Pacific Voyager Brian Simms...Royal Star Bruce Smith...Fortune
  515. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day Memorial Weekend 2017

    This is gonna be the short version. I got hit by a crappy cold a few days before the trip and I am down for the count. I was counting on my "Cub reporter" as I did not take any pics or plan to write a novel. Weather was up the whole trip. 15K winds and short intervals made it "Sporty". Oh we...
  516. rdrrm8e

    PAC VOY UPDATE.....5/26....UPDATE

    Another Update...5 Star Fish Processing will be open for us at 0630. You can drop your gut and gill carcasses off with them and wait in their lounge for them to cut and vac pack your catch. $.85 per pound....40%-50% yield I will be there and enjoy my Monday.
  517. rdrrm8e

    PAC VOY UPDATE.....5/26....UPDATE

    5/26....nor 3/26. can a mod please fix subject line Mark left a message on the phone at 0 Dark 30 this morning. Fishing VERY close to San Diego. Off shore BOAT WILL NOT BE LEAVING UNTIL 8:00 PM......! We will not be travelling to Colnett. There are plenty of 20# - 100# BFT and plenty of...
  518. rdrrm8e


    OK....Mark is fishing so that's why he is not returning the calls I did call the landing. MOST of the fish are schoolie size. They suggest 15# - 40#. I am going to bring 1 60# just in case. It will be in the bow
  519. rdrrm8e

    Gail Force Trip to Catalina Report On 5/21 Lots of Yellows!

    Those fish will grow. Good report Dan. Good to hear from you Ryan And.....well mark's cheese burgers are effing legend!
  520. rdrrm8e


    Just noticed a trip report returning just now. Limits of YT and limits of BFT. No size info but think bringing less rods than more. A bait stick for paddies A jig stick/rock cod rig A surface jig stick A 40# bait stick Maybe.....maybe a backup for 1 of the above 10 rigs is just ridiculous...
  521. rdrrm8e


    I have left a message for Mark...but no reply. No intel yet Some of you guys have told me you are bringing 6-10 rods!!!! Everybody will have 3 spots close to the stern. ALL OTHER RODS MUST GO IN THE BOW!. 3 SPOTS ONLY.
  522. rdrrm8e

    YFT in May

    Wow!!!! Good report. I'll be out next weekend
  523. rdrrm8e

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

  524. rdrrm8e

    AKC registered labs - yellow

    Interested. can you call me?
  525. rdrrm8e


    OK....if I have your attention... Mark is doing very well in recovery and has been on the boat for a couple of weeks. He WILL be driving for our trip!!! We will keep a close eye on conditions and pray for a shot at BFT as plan A. The patties are holding decent YT as well. If necessary we can...
  526. rdrrm8e

    Sober Fishing

    I am in Anaheim. Love to hit the breakwall and high spots with ya.
  527. rdrrm8e

    In Oahu in August -- 1/2 or 3/4 day Fishing - Suggestions ?

    Shannon at live-bait will take care of you. He will let you have enough of your catch to take back to the restaurant for dinner
  528. rdrrm8e

    265/70R/16 Tires for sale only 500 miles.

    I have the same exact tires in 17" on my F150. Load Range C
  529. rdrrm8e

    1999 Blackman outer banks 26 One owner boat

    Welcome to Bloody Decks. Did you find us in the free ads section of the interweb?
  530. rdrrm8e

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    I have been bugging Nicole.....she firmly asked me to stop. I pleaded with her to take pics and at least share afterwards
  531. rdrrm8e

    Garage rod rack free....just pick it up

    I was not so lucky....
  532. rdrrm8e

    79 Marlin cuddy (Dorset) restoration/build

    The red lighting in the cabin....... with the open ports....Kinky! I love it.
  533. rdrrm8e

    Garage rod rack free....just pick it up

    Excuse me.....I can't hear you.".save your your relationship"
  534. rdrrm8e

    Garage rod rack free....just pick it up

    Up for grabs is an 8'..14 rod holder trouble maker garage rod holder. When I had a free Saturday years ago I decided to clean the garage and organize tackle. So I built this and a rack for tackle. I had just sat down with my first beer when the wifeo pulled in to the driveway. I showed her my...
  535. rdrrm8e

    New favorite guy

    That's Snowflake speak. Do what you say you are going to do. 10 years ago you would have been run outta here with that attitude. And guys did what they said they would do. Old School.
  536. rdrrm8e

    Something for the notebook if you fish Westport

    WOW....! You don't see this everyday!
  537. rdrrm8e

    Salt creek 5-5

    50% more dates I say.....
  538. rdrrm8e

    Risky Business

    Zackly..! The thrill for me is the BITE... After that it's mostly work and knowing when to pull and when to hang on.I t's the bite babayyyyyy.
  539. rdrrm8e

    Irvine Lake Squabble

    Jeezolay.....They are having a tantrum over $300,000.00 in RV fees...??? By Jordan Graham in today's OC Register: 2, 2017 at 4:34 pm | UPDATED: May 2, 2017 at 11:20 pm Longtime fisherman Scott Noseworthy is frustrated that his favorite lake, and one of the region’s most popular fishing...
  540. rdrrm8e

    Bay Halibut Bit!

    You are becoming the "Bay Boy"...!
  541. rdrrm8e

    Teaching plastics to grandson

    Good Job Gramps. Now you gotta teach him to turn that New Era around when he's driving or he will learn to turn around and how to use a gaff...LOL
  542. rdrrm8e

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Sheesh guys....Hoooops get's that "Firm handshake" by putting his tongue firmly in his cheek and stirring the pot with one hand.
  543. rdrrm8e

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    TIPS...=...To Insure Prompt Service It is completely up to you to decide what the level of personal service you received is worth. Nobody else.
  544. rdrrm8e

    Pacific Star for more info than you can use
  545. rdrrm8e

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    Ok.......this is my grandaughter the artiste.......Nicole She got the Birdshit. I have succeeded in giving her my Rock and Roll Gene. She is a HUGE Jim Morrison fan and recently went to Paris on an art tour and made time to spend a day at Morrison's grave. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....?
  546. rdrrm8e

    Chrome Plated vs Nickel Plated 1911's...?

    Most guys who appreciate nugs...except for Gen. George Patton not appreciate chrome nugs. Stainless please. A chrome nug is a safe queen or a wall hanger
  547. rdrrm8e

    Not what I wanted to hear!

    My Dr. could not point. He had both hands on my shoulders!
  548. rdrrm8e

    Stretchy Mono Brand Suggestion...???

    Soft Steel is a great option. And from a good guy!
  549. rdrrm8e

    Carrying rods on a United Airlines flight

    You drag those rods on... United will drag them off for you....:-)
  550. rdrrm8e

    Stretchy Mono Brand Suggestion...???

    Hard to beat Berkley Big Game
  551. rdrrm8e

    Has anyone been on the Pacific Star out of Seaforth sport fishing?

    Go to All the trip reports you can handle for about 5 years
  552. rdrrm8e

    BD'S Best Jig Restores

    PM sent.
  553. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Day 2.5 dayer PAC QUEEN

    You got one of my regulars...Drew. Treat him well....good guy
  554. rdrrm8e

    Crowley Lake Update

    Thanks Chris
  555. rdrrm8e

    Reminder - bring boat registration !

    In my case I had several boats at the time. I just grabbed the wrong folder
  556. rdrrm8e

    Soft Science Shoes - With Socks

    I have the Hamptons. You are invited to try them on....but I wear size 15
  557. rdrrm8e

    Just how old are you bastards anyway ??

    My Mother would slap you into the middle of next week for calling me a bastard. My dad would just throw a tarp over your dead body before driving you to the desert and dropping you off to feed the condors
  558. rdrrm8e

    WTB TruLine Rods! Cash $$ in hand

    I have a couple of never fished rewraps. Gorgeous! An octy anchovie rod and a 25 - 30 6' wrapped by Moon. Suinning stuff. I do not have the rod numbers and I will not rip off the grips to see them.I will try to find pics. These are beautiful rods. I want to sell sevenone4 883 sixsix70
  559. rdrrm8e

    "Mother of all bombs" dropped on ISIS

    MOAB OBAMA?....8-)
  560. rdrrm8e

    Global Warming?????

  561. rdrrm8e

    Prowler Just Decked A 106lb bft and recommendations

    I should have added credits to Gary. My bad! And that pic...of all....was very clear. Thanks Gary!
  562. rdrrm8e

    Prowler Just Decked A 106lb bft and recommendations

    Here ya go... Now just loop the rubber band over the sinker
  563. rdrrm8e

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Molly saved my life in 2006. SHe has changed our lives. We have shot competitively all over the country. One amazing dog. I don't really know how much I love her.
  564. rdrrm8e

    Reminder - bring boat registration !

    Don't ask me how I know........ But after they turn you around in San Ysidro call the local AAA's about 10 mins from the border. They will give you duplicates of all the paperwork you need....
  565. rdrrm8e

    4th Place at Battle of the Bays

    4 plaquesLOL
  566. rdrrm8e

    Protecting gear on boats from theft

    So THAT'S it...!8-)
  567. rdrrm8e

    Day At The Docks -- Well, . . .

    That's too bad. "Day at the Docks" used to be synonymous with "Boats at the Docks"
  568. rdrrm8e

    Looking for a realtor.

  569. rdrrm8e

    2015 39 Yellowfin

    Welcome to Bloody Decks. Did you find us searching "Free classified ads"...?
  570. rdrrm8e

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    Never talk politics again on the LR boards.Roger that. I apologize.
  571. rdrrm8e

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    You make it sound like the money will actually go to rebuilding roads and bridges. Haaaah...! Just last week the city of Los Angeles appropriated their Measure M money to build more bike lanes and take out sidewalks. They called it Project 0. They want 0 accidents in 2 years...
  572. rdrrm8e

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    I didn't think Mark was ready to come back yet. Maybe Charlie (Red hair)
  573. rdrrm8e

    Camp Pendelton kelp beds

    Beautiful day...! Thanks for the read
  574. rdrrm8e

    Any reports of trying live squid on the BFT at 302?

    I am thinking they are not feeding on squid right now. Micro bait prolly. Chovies, red crab, sauris. But I am an idiot and have not been offshore yet this year. Next month!
  575. rdrrm8e

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    Jeeeezuzzz.....Is that Stan...??????
  576. rdrrm8e

    Anyone fish a seeker inshore bcsw 858?

    I prefer the 809. I have both and IMHO the 858 is undergunned for pulling big fish out of structure or kelp.
  577. rdrrm8e

    Russian ammo. Have you ever had a problem?

    I got strange clicks on my phone when I talked about it last November.
  578. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    OK everybody...we are getting close. If the current situation improves as it should it looks like this could be another early season Tuna Trip....!!! They are around and biting at times. Please get me the balance of your fare and make sure your passport is current and good to go. As we get...
  579. rdrrm8e

    1862 Springfield long rifle

    It looks like a wall hanger. How about $100.00 and I will pick it up
  580. rdrrm8e

    Boat security.

    Does your marina have rules about alarms?
  581. rdrrm8e

    4/4 - BFT were EVERYWHERE! (just not biting and only 10-12 lbs)

    Sounds like they are keyed in on smaller feed Crab maybe? Small sauris or chovy? You had a better shot than I nailed to a computer and phone all day Thanks for the detailed report after a long day
  582. rdrrm8e

    Coco's corner guy died

    It looks like he is hanging in there by a thread.
  583. rdrrm8e

    Coco's corner guy died

    From a reliable source: We stopped at Cocos last Saturday the 1st around 11:30am and he was in great spirits.
  584. rdrrm8e

    Day at the Docks bar?

    Cheeseburger is $18.00 Booze...?? JIMMY’S COCKTAILS Raspberry Rain – Ketel Orange Vodka, Fresh Raspberries, Lemon Juice, Sugar Rim $13.00 Pursuit of Happiness – St. George Green Chile Vodka, Green Chartreuse, Pomegranate, Lemon, Agave, Fresh Cucumber $13.00 Mojitos – Freshly muddled to order...
  585. rdrrm8e

    Day at the Docks bar?

    Jfats can be very $pendy
  586. rdrrm8e

    Sailboat Capsized Into Redondo Pier

    And Mike....10:19 on a Friday night.......o_O:food-smiley-014::beerbang::eyepoppin:git::Pogo_Stic
  587. rdrrm8e

    Sailboat Capsized Into Redondo Pier

    Maybe you are right Mike. I have owned sail boats before I owned power boats. There is NO excuse for what happened here. If you are going to sea you must have at least some basic nautical knowledge. whoever was Capt. on this boat obviously didn't own a clue. I don't pity these fools. I guess...
  588. rdrrm8e

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    Jim pm me or call me seven 1four 88three 6670 or [email protected] I will be honest and fair
  589. rdrrm8e

    Sailboat Capsized Into Redondo Pier compassion. Fucking dipshits went out in known sketchy weather...aka serious onshore blow... in an underpowered sloop with hard and close lee shore. Fuck them. They got what they deserved.
  590. rdrrm8e

    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    Beg, borrow or steal the small industrial weight zip lock bags. Just a couple and squeeze in some Pro cure or Tommy's stuff.....Uni Butter or uni goop. if you are gonna use plastics. This keeps it off your hands. Bass and other critters dig it. Makes a difference!
  591. rdrrm8e

    R P on fire

    Address: 2838 Garrison Street San Diego CA 92106 Telephone: (619)226-8030 Fax: (619)226-8092
  592. rdrrm8e

    LT crawling back to Spanos for the cash

    There is only 1 LT...and he never wore a lightning bolt on his jersey.
  593. rdrrm8e

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    I spent some time with the Mak 20 and 130# spectra in PV last year. The 30 and 50 may be needed for 'Special bites'...but the 20 will let you fish 95% of t he 'regular' bites with confidence and comfort. Have 2 20's if you must.
  594. rdrrm8e

    R P on fire

    I was expecting to see this. That's the Excel sitting in a SD boatyard when a 110' next to it caught fire in 2014
  595. rdrrm8e

    R P on fire scared me!
  596. rdrrm8e

    Flight options changing in So Cal to Mexico

    I caught this article in today's OC Register. The last paragraph says no more flights to Mexico City or Puerto Vallarta...?!?! As Southwest Airlines dropped flights at John Wayne Airport, it picked up two permanent spots at nearby Long Beach Airport. The gates became available when American...
  597. rdrrm8e

    MPA Update in today's OC Register 3/28/17....long read.

    I was not looking for a consensus response. Simply trying to inform and show the media POV. God save us all.
  598. rdrrm8e

    MPA Update in today's OC Register 3/28/17....long read.

    Did anybody read this??
  599. rdrrm8e

    MPA Update in today's OC Register 3/28/17....long read.

    In today's OC Register Fisherman David Hansen has one pressing question: Will the waters off Laguna Beach ever open up to anglers again? Five years isn’t enough time to figure out if Marine Protected Areas have helped sea life flourish since select waters along California’s coast had...
  600. rdrrm8e

    Thinking about fishing Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning backside Catalina small skiff

    Where are you launching? What end of the Island are you going to fish What kind of boat do you have? More details = more replies
  601. rdrrm8e

    SMB - 48 Red Things!!!!!!!!!

    Most XLNT scribbler.... always enjoy your shit. I can't see the pic of Evan due to all the camo. But Ruby looks good in pink. It is amazing how big they get so fast. I promise to never post the pic I have from the Pac Voy again. You are livin' the life right now. Good job brutha!
  602. rdrrm8e

    For sale Flambeau Bazuka Rod Case

    There are few things more fun than walking through LAX with a fat 8' black tube with "BAZUKA" written all over it on your shoulder. People get the hell outta your way!
  603. rdrrm8e

    Jihadist run over by Ex girlfriend

    WARNING ...this is graphic
  604. rdrrm8e

    Butch Green albacore Tackle Box

    Do you have both of the trays for the left side? That thing is sano!
  605. rdrrm8e

    Truline out of San Pedro Holed at SCI 3/19

    A Coast Guard crew member serves food to 20 passengers rescued by the Coast Guard Cutter Sockeye's crew after the charter fishing vessel Truline began taking on water south of San Clemente Island, Sunday, March 19. Five crew members stayed aboard to assist Sockeye's crew with dewatering the...
  606. rdrrm8e

    I need a Mexican getaway...

    When was the last time you went to Cabo.....? Cheap, clean, safe Doesn't bring Cabo to mind.
  607. rdrrm8e

    Day at the Docks bar?

    Club Marina on scott and Dickens. across the St. and West a bit.....dive bar. MIguels is also good and has good appetizers. It's across the St. and down a couple of blocks at Shelter Island Dr...????????
  608. rdrrm8e

    NCAA Basketball Tournament

  609. rdrrm8e

    Looking to donate gear to somone in need.

    Y'all are OK with me. I am planning on cleaning out the garage and will put together some pkgs. You have inspired me.
  610. rdrrm8e

    Boat name survey

    Pin-A-Ped Greco- Roamin' Wrassler BarBelle
  611. rdrrm8e

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    You don't see the pictures.....?!?!?!?!:eek: You need to close your eyes tighter.
  612. rdrrm8e

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    Good luck with that. It's not a's a fact
  613. rdrrm8e

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    Why do you think they are giving them away? for $100.00...? They don't have 1 password that you think you give them. They have thousands. They turn themselves on and listen to your TV, conversations, etc. The info is sold and you are profiled. Stupid, useless thing marketed to you as necessary
  614. rdrrm8e

    Long Beach Fishing Report 03/08

    Who cares...what year is your new girlfriend...??????
  615. rdrrm8e

    Win a 1.5 day on the Searcher from CCA California!!!

    so...where do i send a check if i cannot make it to del mar? Need i be present to enter?
  616. rdrrm8e

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    Luckily you are industrious enough/intelligent enough to point this out to them. I wonder how late DHL is open...?
  617. rdrrm8e

    Dana Point Tuesday 2.28.17

    OK...I threw my cell phone thru the plate glass window. It obviously has stopped working.... I will text you my new number
  618. rdrrm8e

    DI vs. Soft Water

    You just need a better Ho...I am almost fish ready. PT is making me stronger each day. Give me some notice and I will take a day off. Let's go kill some halibut my friend
  619. rdrrm8e

    Trumps address

    MODS....please let this play out for a while......please
  620. rdrrm8e

    Trumps address

    Outstanding address...!!!!. I smiled and cried the whole time. Stunningly positive....IMHFO. Just wait for the liberal main stream media to tarnish it
  621. rdrrm8e

    BD's new look gives me a headache

    fixed it.....thanks Mr Bouldin
  622. rdrrm8e

    BD's new look gives me a headache

    I don't usually bitch about stuff...but I just can't stand the new look. There are 3 panels of advertising that make up 50% of the screen. Too busy. Too distracting. Too much. Is it just me? Can I get a refund on my dues?
  623. rdrrm8e


    I never use a scale..Like somebody above said...there are just too many variables. I have been setting drags by hand since I was a teenager. wrap a few times around your fist and give it a jerk off the spool. Feel the stretch and the drag. Figure it out by feel. The variables are which...
  624. rdrrm8e

    16 year old photos that I found

    "Marley's ONNNNNNNN...!"
  625. rdrrm8e

    16 year old photos that I found

    Yutaka, mikey, nancy and tim, earl, dimitri, me.............. The Beth. Is that wacko at the stern rail HD.....??? And fucking Staaaaannnnn.......
  626. rdrrm8e

    I love it when criminals go to jail and their toys go to auction....

    Now you need to find a gas station felon... And a tire store owner felon
  627. rdrrm8e

    1964 Ford F100 $3500

    can i look at tomorrow?
  628. rdrrm8e

    1,000 ft of rope

    Still available? I'll take it
  629. rdrrm8e

    Who is off tomorrow and wants to fish?

  630. rdrrm8e

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    Hammer and chisel is an old game of Carl's. Choose to be the hammer in this game
  631. rdrrm8e


    I will always miss this trip. Thanks for the memories.
  632. rdrrm8e

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    You sound like you have experience with this "Circle Jerk..."
  633. rdrrm8e

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

    Try soaking it in fresh water...maybe a towel kept constantly wet for a day. Maybe osmosis can pull the salt out and loosen it.
  634. rdrrm8e

    Big Tuna 2 piece Spinning Rod Question

  635. rdrrm8e

    Baja Nomads is down..?

    It's working for me right now.
  636. rdrrm8e

    Bd calendar

    Great idea....! All of the Pictures could have a Himalayan theme......:p
  637. rdrrm8e

    lease help us..sign this petition for the Cowlitz

    Be more careful what you wish for is not your friend
  638. rdrrm8e


    Chelsea MarieSan Pedro, CA Be the first to review Service Type: Commercial Fishing Vessel Organization type: N/A Registered Owner: Mark D Podoll
  639. rdrrm8e

    Baja Nomads is down..?

  640. rdrrm8e

    Baja Nomads is down..?

    Anybody else unable to log in on Baja Nomad...? Can't do it on any device.
  641. rdrrm8e

    Bare Minimum Electronics...?

    1n 1989.....who boy!!!.....I drove a 55' Hunter double headsail racing sloop from MDR to Honolulu. We had a compass, charts, a parallell ruler, a watch and a pencil. Loran only worked twice a day and was not reliable to much less than a mile. We nailed the Molokai channel first time. I will...
  642. rdrrm8e

    The Train to Nowhere....

    Dance a little side step...
  643. rdrrm8e

    Cannot log in

    It looks like it is only using firefox. OK on chrome and Droid
  644. rdrrm8e

    Cannot log in

    Cannot log in on pc at work. Does not have user name or password boxes Just gobbledygook
  645. rdrrm8e

    NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’

    In the 15th century "Science" said the Earth was flat.
  646. rdrrm8e

    Anybody coming to San Diego that is going thru Lakewood?

    mike I have to be in Downey tomorrow. I could get them as far as anaheim if that helps. I won't be in SD until May...but they will be a little closer and fwy easy for someone else just let me know 714 eighteight3sixsix70
  647. rdrrm8e

    '12 Tacoma Rear-Shaft Scratched Up

    it looks like it may be scored. A lot of torque goes thru that piece. You may want to get it magnafluxed (or whatever they call it these days) to check it's integrity. It could be balanced and refinished at that time too.
  648. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    Check your bunk assignments. I made some changes. 16B and 15T are crew bunks. I have kept 13T and 14B empty for that reason...but if you don't mind bunking with the crew let me know and I will change your bunk if you have a problem with your current bunk
  649. rdrrm8e

    Memorial Weekend 2.5 Day trip on PAC VOYAGER

    Don't forget to get your deposits in quickly
  650. rdrrm8e

    Commander Sinking

    I would not describe what happened as ":Stupid" These guys had a business and assets that "Stupid" probably could not acquire. "Desperation" .....Can cause a man to do things he would normally not consider. Just thinking out loud.......
  651. rdrrm8e

    If I could only own 1 fishing rod it'd be a.....

    Seeker inshore black steel 809. Hands down most versatile rod I have. And I have 4 of them
  652. rdrrm8e

    For All the DIYer's

    What can you do with an ex wife?