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  1. 2strokepoke

    SOLD Baja Special, penn 113hn

    sale pending til saturday
  2. 2strokepoke

    SOLD Baja Special, penn 113hn

    I hate to part with this but I just don't use it much anymore. I still have original box and spare handle. On the reel right now is an Alan Tani handle. It's spoiled with 65# braid and has roughly 75 yd topshot of 40# Ande. I'm asking $175. I can take more pictures if needed. Danny 562.292.3265
  3. 2strokepoke

    Alumisol Soft Plastic plus dye SALE

    2 years later, but do you still have this?
  4. 2strokepoke

    Belmont Shore

    anyone have any suggestions on waders for saltwater, or are they the same?
  5. 2strokepoke

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report and Baja

    i'll be down there in the next week, can you do longer trips with the super panga, or is it limited to just 5hrs?
  6. 2strokepoke

    legal or short?

    YES, this is almost mandatory, unless you have deep pockets to give to the state
  7. 2strokepoke

    Looking for a paddle board

    Im in the city of Orange and just posted 4 boards for sale in the classifieds (misc junk). The wife and i have a SUP rental business and are re-vamping the fleet, so we're selling our older stock. they are great to fish from. Super stable and they are wrapped in EVA foam so you'll have no fear...
  8. 2strokepoke

    POP Stand UP Paddleboards

    I have a total of 4 SUP's that I am trying to sell. You could either take all 4 or buy individually.Board size is 11'6" long and 33" wide. They all come with an adjustable carbon fiber paddle and leash. I am asking $650 each, if you'd like more than one, I'll make you a deal.
  9. 2strokepoke

    Hoop netting Long Beach harbor 11-4-16

    good job, that fog rolls in way too fast. its scary. i always trusted my electronics, just had a hard time trusting everyone else out there.
  10. 2strokepoke

    Best way to sell a boat

    Thanks for the input. This is really the last thing I want to do, so what ever helps keep it as painless as possible will help. I guess it's time to get the skippy all dolled and start snapping pics.
  11. 2strokepoke

    Best way to sell a boat

    which is the best way to sell your boat? is it as easy as selling a car, with the added marine surveys and sea trial? or is it more practical to go to a dealer or use a broker? i just don't like the idea of how much they take in commission. any thoughts or advice? thanks
  12. 2strokepoke

    selling a boat

    which is the best way to sell your boat? is it as easy as selling a car, with the added surveys and sea trial? or is it more practical to go to a dealer or use a broker? i just don't like the idea of how much they take in commission. any thoughts or advice? thanks
  13. 2strokepoke

    Sunday Night Hooping LA

    that same thing happened to me on the other side of the break wall last summer when is was catching crab. fuckin hectic!
  14. 2strokepoke


    it takes a ranger to reel that bad boy in!
  15. 2strokepoke

    Today sucked

    no such thing as a bad day when you're aboard a skippy!
  16. 2strokepoke

    power knobs for fishing reels and knife jigs

    Dude, don't be such a knob.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  17. 2strokepoke

    GONE ** 12v Thin-Lite Flourescent light for your boat ** GONE

    i'll take them, where in orange county are you?
  18. 2strokepoke

    not sure what part this is

    a couple years back i noticed a whining/whistle and then we were dead in the water about 27 miles out of san diego. it ended up being the high pressure pump in my fuel pump assembly. easy fix after vessel assist towed us back in. address it sooner than later.
  19. 2strokepoke

    Boat Salvage place in SoCal

    try minnies yacht surplus in newport beach, kind of price but they have a lot of stuff. sometimes i get lucky with larsons shipyard also in newport beach
  20. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    i appreciate all the input and advice everyone has thrown my way. i'm just pissed and trying to figure this mess out. :cheers:
  21. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    ive had that same thing happen a couple times leaving huntington and yes, they are pretty cool about it. if i were with my friends and we were going fishing, then i'd be more understanding. but i had my kids and wife on the boat, and like i said when the lil ones are aboard, i have a totally...
  22. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    thats what I'm trying to figure out
  23. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    well what makes him right and me not? his badge? honestly, i'm tired of hearing that shit, those pieces of tin are overrated. I'm still allowed to speak my mind no matter whom i am addressing.
  24. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

  25. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    yeah, he said they were enforcing it because of a couple bad accidents earlier that week. i understand he's doing his job, but i know i was not throwing a wake. the citation is for OCCO 2-2-A3 speed/wake
  26. 2strokepoke

    No Wake Ticket.

    a few weeks ago i had the family out for the day on the boat. long story short is that while we were departing and leaving the harbor, in dana point, i was stopped by the sheriff for speeding. i told him he was wrong, because i don't accelerate beyond 5mph until the kids butts are firmly...
  27. 2strokepoke

    Boat Restoration Space ideas

    did you call your parents? thats where i restored my '67 camaro, my dad didn't like his cars on the driveway, but mine turned out sweet!
  28. 2strokepoke

    OC based Marine Surveyor .. insurance purposes..

    ron gant, 949-240-8353. the guy is good and thorough, borderline OCD. it was a long inspection but very detailed, highly recommend this guy.
  29. 2strokepoke

    Plugged the boat 8-08-15 local yellows

    my apologies frank, just assumed with you living in garden grove. GO RAIDERS!
  30. 2strokepoke

    Plugged the boat 8-08-15 local yellows

    he's feeding the cat to fatten it up because he's asian? thats a pretty bold presumption...:rofl: nice haul on the yellows franky
  31. 2strokepoke

    Boat storage

    problem with sunset aquatic is you have to deal with nancy. other than that its not bad, but nancy alone can outweigh all the positives.
  32. 2strokepoke

    outdrive bellows

    Thanks, I was dreading having to drop the boat off for another service
  33. 2strokepoke

    outdrive bellows

    i have a volvo dps-a outdrive, and the other day when i was flushing the engine my son notice water sputtering out of the lower bellows on the drive. it was only when the engine was running. is this normal? i thought both those bellows were supposed to be water tight....any help or insight will...
  34. 2strokepoke

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    dibs on pfd's
  35. 2strokepoke

    Boat stuff up for grabs

    how many pfd's?
  36. 2strokepoke

    Free Chest Freezer...with a catch/stink I will pay you $30 to take it.

    do you still have the frozen dinners? my wife is out of town and the kids are hungry....
  37. 2strokepoke

    Dana Point near shore 7/6

    my son tells me its shark week. you never know
  38. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack 262 Gas burn numbers?

    2.5 if the conditions are right with 8.1l volvo w/duoprop.
  39. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic marina

    i know this is in the wrong forum, but this seems to get the most traffic. this is for anyone who has a boat stored there, slipped or dry storage. now that the bridge has re-opened and everything is somewhat back to normal, meaning we are paying our space rent and getting to access it, has...
  40. 2strokepoke

    GWS at Catalina

    i wonder if they'd eat feral cat?
  41. 2strokepoke

    Escort Boat Wanted for Catalina Classic - Aug 30

    my mother in law will chase and i'll paddle with you
  42. 2strokepoke

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    If you provide me with some more facts I will do a little research and see what I can turn up for you. I hate to see people getting taken advantage of. That is one of the reasons I became an attorney... that, and the free time to fish
  43. 2strokepoke

    >>>PROJECT BOAT<<<

    condition of sale must be a build thread!
  44. 2strokepoke

    Farmhouse table........$750

    this one is 75"x38" but can be made to any size, all solid wood and stained to your liking. $750
  45. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    The "dock master", and we'll leave her title at that has told me on different occasions that the city of Huntington beach is who I should be calling, then on another occasion, she told me to call the county, because it's their responsibility. Then the guy who was turning people around the...
  46. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    Perfect, what's your asking price?
  47. 2strokepoke

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    i don't know where else to post this but i'd like to get everyones opinion and plans on what their plans are. with the end of the month creeping up, who plans on paying and who doesn't plan on sending the check? both myself and my wife have been diligently calling the city trying to get answers...
  48. 2strokepoke

    8 hp Kicker/tiller

    still have the outboard?
  49. 2strokepoke

    What the hell should I do tomorrow?

    id hit the 14 just for shits and giggles, then go from there. good luck
  50. 2strokepoke

    What the hell should I do tomorrow?

    must suck to have a boat thats operational.....
  51. 2strokepoke

    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    this as well Currently, the Edinger bridge leading into the marina remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic due to structural problems with the bridge supports. The County of Orange has completed the design drawings for the repair of the bridge and the contractor will begin work on...
  52. 2strokepoke

    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    here is the latest i received today. NOTICE.Edinger Ave Bridge 03-06-15 Info Sheet .pdf
  53. 2strokepoke

    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    So are we expected to continue to pay for our storage if we cannot access it? I tried dropping my boat off Sunday and was basically told to find somewhere else to store it for the next couple months. Even with that side road access, it will be for vehicles only, not towing. And Nancy in the...
  54. 2strokepoke

    Hobie Power Skiff restomod...pic heavy.

    Dude, awesome job, ultimate fishing platform for its size
  55. 2strokepoke

    3 legals and lost gear

    smart move....lost gear is easier to replace. that fog comes in quick
  56. 2strokepoke

    Anyone fish the Fathom 40 2spd LD yet???

    Sorry chief, totally over your head, jerry brown is the governor up here and a real puto. He's driving our state like a freight train going off a cliff.
  57. 2strokepoke


    thats better than the old "buy fish dope" response. :rofl:
  58. 2strokepoke

    Anyone fish the Fathom 40 2spd LD yet???

    can't trust/believe anything that has jerry brown on it.
  59. 2strokepoke

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Now if I could just get the coyotes to do the same with our neighborhood cat problem. Cheers to the transients! :720icon:
  60. 2strokepoke

    Flat fall jigs

    I was at the longfin today and picked up a few shimano flat falls, their selection/inventory was good. Picked up a colt sniper too, thought I'd give it a try
  61. 2strokepoke

    Seeker pinhead series d8 (factory wrapped)

    sounds like a craiglist ad LOL
  62. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack hull serial number location

    Winner winner. :appl:
  63. 2strokepoke

    Photo: PENN Torques almost ready to go

    cool stuff, thanks for the peek steve
  64. 2strokepoke

    Tuna north-question

    Robert, I know I'm not Steve, but I'm going down the same road as you with the fathom 2speed 25n and the 800h.
  65. 2strokepoke

    Okay last Newbie question for a while, I promise!

    Good way to make friends. I'd fish the bow, typically the school is large enough, and the deckhands chum the waters
  66. 2strokepoke

    Fri 1/23 quick buggies

    Good job! Were you inside or outside the harbor?
  67. 2strokepoke

    Choc Lab huntin dog/puppy Where do ya get one ?

    We got ours from a breeder out of Missouri, Brenda Ponting is the breeder. Our female is 1 1/2 yrs and 85lbs. Not a hunting dog, but easily trained.
  68. 2strokepoke

    Awful gas smell

    try harry's marine, out here in orange
  69. 2strokepoke

    Awful gas smell

    yikes. luckily you found it, it would have cost another 2k for some yahoo to search that out. if you don't mind me asking, where should i not bring my boat too if ever the need arises?
  70. 2strokepoke

    Who Carries these?

    Hey Tim, don't ya just love how helpful we all are? What city do you hail from?
  71. 2strokepoke

    Awful gas smell

    i had a similar problem with my skipjack after a minor service. check your fuel fill hose, that rubber breaks down over the years with all the heat and cold. then with one slight movement of it, it opens a crack causing a leak. my boat is an 02, the lifespan of that hose is roughly 5 years. if...
  72. 2strokepoke

    wtb shimano flat fall jigs

    order at bass pro, you'll get them when they come off backorder
  73. 2strokepoke

    ceiling fan

    ha ha, i don't think it can circulate that much air, its only 52", not a big ass fan
  74. 2strokepoke

    ceiling fan

    SOLD SOLD 2 year old ceiling fan. 3 speed, 52". no chains, comes with remote for light and fan. can be both installed indoors or out for a covered patio. $150
  75. 2strokepoke

    Anyone cast 8-10oz weights. I have lots of scrap

    i found the same kind of thing in my backyard, but it was capacitors instead of weights. neighbors say the previous owner was kooky.
  76. 2strokepoke

    Dialed up the A-Team 1.7.15

    its nice to not see an electronic device in his hands to occupy him. right on!
  77. 2strokepoke

    Who Carries these?

    "amazon has them" LOL
  78. 2strokepoke


    sale ended monday, it was on the very top of the home page
  79. 2strokepoke

    BOTE SUP crabbin in NJ

    Has anyone tried dropping hoops yet?
  80. 2strokepoke

    Has anyone made a list of fishing gear you should have on your boat?

    true, no matter where you leave your boat
  81. 2strokepoke

    Inshore Surf Bite in HB- GREAT ACTION

    Nice, I've caught a couple nice sized corbina in that inlet on mussels and ghost shrimp. That's an awesome place to fish when your all by yourself
  82. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    ha ha, you're right. but give it a few years my friend, toyota is in the works right now with cummins developing a v6 diesel for the 2017 model year tundra. then i will have to step it up
  83. 2strokepoke


    dude, what the f...? all penn stuff is on sale. i'm convincing the wife now. i'll win her over with the free shipping on purchases over $200
  84. 2strokepoke


    leonard, i sent you a pm.
  85. 2strokepoke

    How big is this Sea Bass?

    it looks like a short, probably 13.5"
  86. 2strokepoke

    Need Boat Ho for 12/30 Report to Follow

    Sara, be considerate, he's been planning on this trip for awhile. :rofl:
  87. 2strokepoke

    SLOW pick with BIG reward - LB 12/28

    thumbs up, inside or outside the wall?
  88. 2strokepoke

    Boxers Day Buggin'

    Yeah, my wife thought the dogs were cute till I pulled up an empty mangled cage. M80's are letting them off easy, just my opinion
  89. 2strokepoke

    Boxers Day Buggin'

    good job, we were out last night and we struck out miserably. i never pulled so many empty hoops ever. we ended the night with 2 keeper crab. it was rough for us all night inside the harbor. where were you hooping? there were only 2 other boats that we saw besides the big sporty
  90. 2strokepoke

    Which Marine Channels to Monitor?

    Stupid question, but why do you need to monitor 16? I thought 16 was to make distress calls
  91. 2strokepoke

    tip of the month

    as always, thanks for the pointers. "if you aint learning, your losing"
  92. 2strokepoke

    Underwater lights

    depends on how handy you are. I'm going to make some for my skipjack for underneath the swim step/transom. made them for my paddle boards too, running off 2 9volt batteries. all said and done it will cost $150 for materials. but then again, mine will be for aesthetics only. blue is my color of...
  93. 2strokepoke

    Black sea bass

    Tanker! Nice release as well
  94. 2strokepoke

    LB BUGGIN 12-10-14

    nice, way to go! i wished my schedule allowed me to get out during the week.
  95. 2strokepoke


    good least your having luck out there
  96. 2strokepoke

    11/28 hooping in lb

    We were working the same area as you. I'm still unsure as to what goes and what doesn't. Last year in that same spot I was killing it, this year, goose eggs!
  97. 2strokepoke

    11/28 hooping in lb

    went out last night with my son trying to bring home a few lobster. started out by the sea launch around 35' for nada, but a bunch of small spider crabs. second set we moved towards the wall and pulled in a bunch of crab. all but 1 were full of eggs so we threw them back in, and 1 keeper crab...
  98. 2strokepoke

    1 1/2" fuel fill hose

    i have about 34" of 1 1/2" fuel fill hose, trident A2 with wire
  99. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack 262 Towing truck recommendation? or similar sized boat

    I tow my 262 with a 2013 tundra 4x4. All the diesel meatheads laugh at me at the ramp and then are surprised when I pull it out. 2 wheel drive all day
  100. 2strokepoke

    2 Keeper Butts - DP 11/22

    Bitchin catch. Good to see you don't always need live bait for halibut
  101. 2strokepoke

    Lobster fishing my boat your gear

    6 hoops and you can launch for free from hb.
  102. 2strokepoke

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    the longfin in orange
  103. 2strokepoke

    Penn Sennator 113h

    check out craigslist, you can pick up a whole reel for 30 bucks, win win, get the part you need plus spares. thats what i do, and an added bonus is that you will more than likely get an older u.s. made reel rather than the new stuff coming from over seas
  104. 2strokepoke

    Penn Sennator 113h

    probably less trouble to buy the new side plate
  105. 2strokepoke

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    even still, long beach is notorious for shady shit like that. i "lost" a lot of gear last year. now if i see a dinghy or something similar, motoring around with no light, i'll approach them and make contact. at least that way they know, i know they are there.
  106. 2strokepoke

    Lobster LBC 10-25-14

    bitchin, swing by, i have hoops and gas money!:drunk
  107. 2strokepoke

    10-24 boat record lobster for the Koa Honu

    you brought it to Ralph's? thats f'n awesome. good job
  108. 2strokepoke

    Lobster LBC 10-25-14

    i'm hearing oside is a decent spot to try out from the guys at work. i just don't want to make the commute from north oc
  109. 2strokepoke

    hoopin 10/25

    I've been out twice so far this season, it's slow, only had 2 keepers each time. Even after talking with the guys that work the wall all night, they're not doing much better. Good luck to ya
  110. 2strokepoke

    Found hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    GOOD FOR YOU, more should take notice and do the same. thanks:cheers:
  111. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack 262 fuel tank replacement

    gary, i did mine last summer, upgraded to the new wema style from centriod. i went just under 27", it gives me more of a reserve in case i ever need it.
  112. 2strokepoke

    So easy 6 and 8yr olds are cleaning up:

    good to see kiddos diggin it! hows that bike holding up kevin?
  113. 2strokepoke

    San Diego Bay - Dense Fog - Lost Traps

    smart move, then you need to keep an eye and ear out for the others scrambling
  114. 2strokepoke

    hoopin LB 9/28

    fish and game dye lobster and plant them in "commercial traps", thats them doing their part to regulate poaching. the black light will allow the dye to show up, and its all the time, not just opening weekend
  115. 2strokepoke

    hoopin LB 9/28

    large spider shells work as hard hats for the kids. mine dig it
  116. 2strokepoke

    Lobster lovers 9/27

    OH THAT MUST BE A 20 #er! :frehya2:
  117. 2strokepoke

    jack cole's #

    thats bad ass to have the man himself work on your boat. i just want to pick his brain, i'm always the one who gets suckered in to the labor.
  118. 2strokepoke

    jack cole's #

    Thanks Tom.
  119. 2strokepoke

    jack cole's #

    thanks, thats one of the numbers i found and came up disconnected
  120. 2strokepoke

    jack cole's #

    does anyone have a current number for jack cole in costa mesa? everything i've come across is no longer in service.
  121. 2strokepoke

    live bait at cat island?

    make bait or ask the cattle boats for a scoop. the berth 55 boat out of long beach will also make you a breakfast burrito
  122. 2strokepoke

    Weekend Catalina report 8/2 and 8/3

    good job Mike, you have been consistent this summer
  123. 2strokepoke

    gel coat questions

    Yeah, I just called to get a ballpark quote today, for my skippy. Stripped, prepped, gel coat, color sand, and polish. $10,000. Just a ballpark, research other alternatives
  124. 2strokepoke

    skipjack macerator flow through

    Th The thru hull I've spotted, there's 2, one waste and one raw water for the head. My issue is that my macerator is not pumping, it operates as if its priming, but it will not pump out. I'm thinking there is a block in one of the venting lines.
  125. 2strokepoke

    skipjack macerator flow through

    i am having trouble finding the flow through on my skippy. i have an idea where it is, following the breather hose off my holding tank. but that requires removing the ladder and a couple other things. if thats where it is, then so be it. i was just hoping for a little help. thanks.
  126. 2strokepoke

    LB breakwall 7/4

    i appreciate that dan. i was in "go" mode though. we all did learn a lot that day though, good experience and knowledge to prevent the "next time"
  127. 2strokepoke

    LB breakwall 7/4

    it was hidden in the kelp, didn't see that their was about 15 feet bunched up just below the surface.
  128. 2strokepoke

    LB breakwall 7/4

    Once I dropped anchor, it gave me time to think and work. Vessel assist is great and that's why I keep renewing my membership. To be honest, I didn't think of calling them till after I was motoring away from the wall. There were a couple of guys in a smaller trophy that were yelling/coaching...
  129. 2strokepoke

    LB breakwall 7/4

    went out for the day with the family and decided to try to catch a few crabs. as i was retrieving one of my hoops, the rope got wrapped around the prop and killed the engine. i was about 40 feet and closing from the wall and decided to drop anchor and perform surgery on the drive. after it was...
  130. 2strokepoke

    san clemente island

    Cool, thanks. I checked their site. It looks like a lot is closed for training. May be worth a call on Tuesday. Thanks again.
  131. 2strokepoke

    san clemente island

    i'm planning on heading out to the island in a couple weeks. i've never been there before so i'm hoping to pick a few brains out there, as far as, possible mooring or anchoring, and what to expect, etc. thanks for the help.
  132. 2strokepoke


    thanks for the info
  133. 2strokepoke


    rauls marine canvas in costa mesa. decent dudes over there. how do you like your 740s?
  134. 2strokepoke

    What is the best tackle box / bag in your opinion

    i have a skb and can't complain. it was about a 100 on amazon
  135. 2strokepoke

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    i'm only using this as a warm up, the other "shark" is on its way.....
  136. 2strokepoke

    Catalina Island Saturday Report

    We ended up with only 2 as well, it's been slow and makes for a long night. I'd like to see your reports from the previous week.
  137. 2strokepoke

    Can't Catch Em From The Couch 3-1-2014

    how long is that trip from davies to the wall
  138. 2strokepoke

    Can't Catch Em From The Couch 3-1-2014

    nice catch, good job....i enjoyed watching Harry and the Hendersons with the family
  139. 2strokepoke

    Is anyone fishing tomorrow? Is it even worth the adventure?

    that makes it totally worth it,:rofl: for a few bugs.
  140. 2strokepoke

    land of giants

    then they yell and call you a piece of shit for not seeing them. the "nearest miss" i've had was about 50'. the dumbass had a headlamp, but of course his back was to us. he began yelling and waiving, so we turned around thinking he was in trouble just to get chewed out for cruising at about...
  141. 2strokepoke

    Lobster tank?

    i usually eat what i can, and then stoke out the neighbors.
  142. 2strokepoke

    2-15-14 & 2-16-14 Lobsters

    we were out there too. we scored 5, 2 of which were monsters. good catch!
  143. 2strokepoke

    MORE LB BUGGIN 2-13-14

    shit, i was out there as well last night. didn't come home with anything though. i was going deep like 65-75'
  144. 2strokepoke


    dave, with what my boat will accommodate, and what my wife will allow($$$), will you subsidize for a larger tank if i get some chivies for ya? thanks for the info every week!
  145. 2strokepoke

    Lobster bait

    h mart in irvine
  146. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack 24 Flybridge "Turnkey"

    What year is your new flybridge?
  147. 2strokepoke

    Marine Surveyor needed near Huntington Harbor

    ron grant did mine, he is super thorough, almost annoyingly thorough, and reasonably priced. grant marine surveys 949-240-8353
  148. 2strokepoke

    volvo exhaust risers

    these risers are in very good shape, less than 80 hrs on them. volvo # 3863479, they came off my 8.1l (496), but I'm pretty sure they are compatible with most volvo small block and big block v8's. i don't know what to price these at, so i'm sure you will all make fair offers. right?
  149. 2strokepoke

    WTB Parker, Whaler Outrage, Kencraft, 23-25 CC

    there are some edgewater cc's in newport
  150. 2strokepoke


    i totally appreciate it and thanks, i can replace what was "lost". i'm more bent out of shape about the principal of the matter, not the cost. fuckin irritating!
  151. 2strokepoke


    2 of them, now i just have to be more diligent and baby sit them. didn't know that this is what its come to. lame society we've become.
  152. 2strokepoke


    i went out this morning and literally drove around for 3 hrs looking for my nets. i don't think it was seals.
  153. 2strokepoke


    i'd just like to say thanks to the dooshbag that took my hoops last nite. to me its only money, which luckily I'm fortunate enough to replace. but for the 2 kids on board (8 and 5) who got to stay up late, and chase lobster, had their night cut short. so who ever it was enjoy it, and maybe some...
  154. 2strokepoke

    bugging tips for LB?

    what do you mean? you can't put it on the internet if it isn't true....right?
  155. 2strokepoke

    Sold my skipjack 24 purchased a Parker 2520 Diesel

    does that permit require a one ton?
  156. 2strokepoke

    Funny fish Story....the PB Harbor Halibut that got away

    nice.....did you get a feel of the gill rakes?
  157. 2strokepoke

    1971 Skipjack Flybridge Professional Maintained With 4WD '86 Silverado - $24900

    cabinets in your galley are bitchin, mine are nice but seem on the "ikea" side. Good luck with sale!
  158. 2strokepoke

    Long Beach Lobster Report (scuba) Friday November 8th

    thanks. we were there thursday night and nada for us as well. my kid was stoked though, we pulled in 4 starfish, a sandshark, and a lingcod (less than 10")
  159. 2strokepoke

    SoCal Shipyard help

    stay out of long beach. my buddy used to work/apprentice there, and it didn't look like finesse was one of their strong suits.
  160. 2strokepoke

    My boat, your spots

    atleast i was able to figure out the fuel pump went out.
  161. 2strokepoke

    My boat, your spots

    booked solid this sat and sun. maybe during the week?
  162. 2strokepoke

    My boat, your spots

    i have the boat and you have your spots. i'm open to days or nights, lobster hooping as well. i can accommodate up to 4. let me know and we can work something out.
  163. 2strokepoke

    fuel senders

    i have a centroid sending unit now w/gauge, and i am thinking of replacing it with a wema unit. has anyone wired a wema unit up to a centroid gauge? will it work? pros/cons. thanks.
  164. 2strokepoke

    scuba tank racks (2)

  165. 2strokepoke

    Urgent Message!

    fuck that, the cops getting a hold of them first is the easy way out!
  166. 2strokepoke

    garmin gps

    Garmin handheld gps. GPSmap 60. a few years old but works like new. $150 obo
  167. 2strokepoke

    scuba tank racks (2)

    2 scuba tank racks. each rack holds 3 tanks, for a total of 6. fold down design. $40 each or $75 for both.
  168. 2strokepoke

    Please Watch Out When Fishing The Long Beach/Los Angeles Break Wall

    Likewise, they all need to utilize their diver flags. A lot of the newbies just anchor and jump. Instead of pointing that finger, realize there are 2 parties involved with this.
  169. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack vintage window channel

    Programable logic controls, but they come in huge cabinets, we make them in stainless for washdown reasons. That channel keeps the doors water tight. Try one source or ced electric supply
  170. 2strokepoke

    Skipjack vintage window channel

    call electrical wholesalers that deal with plc parts, or you may get lucky with grainger. we use it all the time to seal our electrical enclosures
  171. 2strokepoke

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    the cabin itself speaks for itself. grady's are to confined, very coffin-like. and if you have anyone else on the boat (wife), they'll be over it quick. i first looked at stripers, and all it took was 2 minutes of the wife inside and the answer was no. so for that reason i'd go with the...
  172. 2strokepoke

    spinfisherV 8500

    Bearing was pretty dry. Penn wants me to reassemble it and mail it to them so they can correct it. I asked if they could just send the bearing because I dont want ti wait 2-3 weeks. She then suggested taking it to an aurhorized dealer, maybe that will be faster.
  173. 2strokepoke

    spinfisherV 8500

    recently i noticed my reel feeling tight or stubborn as I'm reeling in line. ive only had it out a few times, washed and cleaned after each trip. so i thought to open it up and check out where the problem might be occurring. my first thought was the main shaft rubbing as it is doing its thing...
  174. 2strokepoke

    skipjack outriggers

    I'm thinking about buy some outriggers for my skipjack. I've noticed both aluminum and fiberglass. Does the aluminum eventually flex. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  175. 2strokepoke

    Black Watch 26 Owners. Worth the $'s over a Blackman or 262 Skippy?

    There is a black watch in HH dry storage next to my skipjack. I haven't met the owner yet, but it looks nice, a slightly bigger version of what I have. I stand behind the skippy. Tried and true.
  176. 2strokepoke

    9 mile san diego

    we launched from dana landing and were out to 9 mile quick. i had my brother and 2 kids on board, so it was a lil hard to keep track of things. but i want to say around a half-hour, cruising at 32 m/h. good luck
  177. 2strokepoke

    9 mile san diego

    the water and conditions were killer today. visibility was nil till about noon. my fish finder was marking all over, no luck with any bites though. we decided to come back inside and try the paddies when the engine took a dump. vessel assist was there in 45 mins and i was back on my trailer in...
  178. 2strokepoke

    where to go by mission bay?

    Hopefully yt, any opinions on 9 mile?
  179. 2strokepoke

    where to go by mission bay?

    im trailering my boat down there. duh, i should have included that.
  180. 2strokepoke

    where to go by mission bay?

    next weekend i will be in mission bay. i don't know of any spots down that way, haven't fished anywhere in san diego yet, just local and catalina. (i'm from orange county) i'm not asking for anyones #'s, just a good starting point or points. thanks
  181. 2strokepoke

    Scuba tank rack

    Sure, but buying both makes less clutter in garage. Lemme know
  182. 2strokepoke

    Scuba tank rack

    2 scuba tank racks, roll control system. each rack holds 5 tanks for 10 total. can be mounted anywhere and modified to fit any size. have original s.s. hardware. $150 obo
  183. 2strokepoke

    fiberglass bait tank

    still available?
  184. 2strokepoke

    35 maybe 40 gallons.

    do you have pics
  185. 2strokepoke

    The Boat that Jack built, very interesting......

    great story and tradition. i just bought a 262 flybridge.
  186. 2strokepoke

    Finally WSB on the deck!

    awesome fish! one kid also nailed it!!
  187. 2strokepoke

    Rusty hooks use or toss ?

    use them. last year i watched a lady nail a 42lb halibut on a rusty hook. she swears by old line too.
  188. 2strokepoke

    Please Recommend a Newport Beach Mechanic to Work on Boat with Yanmar Diesel Engines

    Try John at Johnston yachts in newport, right next to hipp marine.
  189. 2strokepoke

    Bait tanks

    I talked to randy today, I'm going to tray and swing by his shop this week. Thanks guys.
  190. 2strokepoke

    Bait tanks

    Which tank did you go with? I've seen both blue water and pacific edge, any major differences between the two?
  191. 2strokepoke

    Bait tanks

    I do like the look of the fiberglass tanks, they fit in more like a factory add, then a poly one. This boat is bitchin, and I don't want to screw it up. I like buying the right thing once. Looks like fiberglass it is
  192. 2strokepoke

    Bait tanks

    I've read a few things here on bd about bait tanks. It seems like most people are leaning towards the fiberglass tanks. Are their issues with hdpe tanks. I will be installing a tank in the near future on my recently purchased 262 skipjack fly bridge. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  193. 2strokepoke

    Boat show next weekend?

    does anyone know the address/where-abouts of the boat show next weekend in marina del rey? the marinafest site is jacked up. thanks big buddies!
  194. 2strokepoke

    Free Parking at Daveys Locker

    To fish out of Daveys or newport landing you need to take a 2nd out on your house. As many have said, go out of dana wharf.
  195. 2strokepoke

    Spinfisher V Spooling Question

    the one place i didn't check
  196. 2strokepoke

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    pursuit 7500 113hn baja special spinfisher V 8500 113h model #49
  197. 2strokepoke

    Spinfisher V Spooling Question

    I have been looking for that rod all over, where did you buy it?
  198. 2strokepoke

    Spinfisher V Spooling Question

    i have an 8500, according to the laser etched rings on the spool i'm at the website specs. 25lb mono
  199. 2strokepoke

    Any one used the new spin fisher v reels?

    I wish I could help....I bought an 8500 in October and its been in the box since. Work consumes my life. I guess that beats the alternative.
  200. 2strokepoke

    cleaning a baja special

    what are the pro's and con's of the little tube of grease that penn supplies with their reels? and it goes on everything but the drag washers, correct?
  201. 2strokepoke

    Whats the ebst method for cleaned up corroded and oxidized reels

    white vinegar works well and inexpensive
  202. 2strokepoke


    I was over there on the over crowded liberty, all I got was a poke from a short sculpin. At least you had some luck. Awesome catch!
  203. 2strokepoke

    Catalina fishing

    Has anyone fished the island lately? I will be there Saturday on the liberty out of long beach. Anyone have any suggestions or tips? Thanks in advance.
  204. 2strokepoke

    4 ft of something

    i hear there is a part of the fin that is similar to scallop
  205. 2strokepoke

    55 lb local sea bass 5/27/12

    nice, right off newland too....used to live there, but bought a house in orange. figured the fishing was better out here.(haven't caught shit yet)
  206. 2strokepoke

    Penn Baja Special Reel Service

    mahi tackle in huntington beach, ca. good shop, fair pricing
  207. 2strokepoke

    1st boat need some advice

    x2 with oneton. thats double your money. you can almost go out at no cost.
  208. 2strokepoke

    yoyo iron

    don't you watch any movies, long distance never works.
  209. 2strokepoke


    your stuff will end up on craigs list, i hate those motherfuckers
  210. 2strokepoke

    First Rod Help

    like the "representation" of the bud bottles. i've been debating on building my own rod, where did you get the idea or how did you start out? it looks great, the tuna won't notice the imperfections
  211. 2strokepoke

    penn's new lineup

    excellent reel. i have 1 and am ready to but another. i bought mine for 249.99 in hb. but i hear they are cheaper at the longfin. under 2 bills
  212. 2strokepoke


    thats the wrong attitude to have my friend. what else will you allow them to take from you?
  213. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

    ALL YOU GUYS KICK ASS!! upon further inspection i noticed the left side bearing screw was a lil tight. the threads were a lil boogered up. it looks like it would cross thread in, at a slight and weird angle, enough to put more pressure on that spring causing the spool to bind. i put another one...
  214. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

    i installed all new drag washers, (steel and fiber), bellville washer, fiber washer behind main gear. when i took everything apart, the first time, there was only 2 drag washers in there. and it was still slow to spool. my only other guess is that the spool is warped somehow. i need to take a...
  215. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

    i just finished rebuilding my 49 the other day. the damn thing is exactly the same as before i cleaned and rebuilt it. it won't the spool to reel in unless the drag is cranked down, not all the way but engaged about 1/4 of the way. and it also has no freespool at all. i cleaned everything, using...
  216. 2strokepoke

    PENN Model 49

  217. 2strokepoke

    Beware Squid Trip-Daveys Locker

    That sucks. They really know how to keep your business. I had a similar problem with newport landing. Its an arrogance of newport beach.
  218. 2strokepoke

    penn model 49

    i rebuilding a penn model 49. and am confused on where to grease and where to just use oil. this real has no bearings, so does that mean no oil? can anyone give some insight? thanks!
  219. 2strokepoke

    Where in San Diego to find reel maintenance grease cheap

    find a yamaha dealer, and use their marine grease. its good stuff
  220. 2strokepoke

    side plates for Penn 500

    Go to They will have everything you need.
  221. 2strokepoke

    new to fishing and need reel suggestions

    right on! any problems go to and get the goods shipped to your door.
  222. 2strokepoke

    new to fishing and need reel suggestions

    I just bought 2 reels off craigslist for $50. A 113h and and a model 49. The 49l was clean, all I had to repair/service was the drag. A total of $9. And for the senator, I'm more than likely going to be into that for another $20. And after that, they're as good as new.
  223. 2strokepoke

    reel power handles

    i was hoping for a bigger bite and its the only working reel i have right now. catching calicos beats changing diapers.
  224. 2strokepoke

    reel power handles

    it wasn't a struggle, the reeling action just felt awkward, almost clumsy. last nite, i rotating the handle a 1/4 turn and also move the handle arm a notch. it feels better, but won't really know til i hook into something.
  225. 2strokepoke

    reel power handles

    yesterday i got to use my 113hn for the first time at catalina. caught calico all day and hooked in to a heavy sting ray. i had no complaints about my reel untill that happened. i realized that the handle is too small and awkward to turn. and i don't plan on catching calico only with this reel...
  226. 2strokepoke

    Fish report

    is squid working over there?
  227. 2strokepoke

    Fish report

    so far it sounds good. i hope to be busy, it's been a long dry spell.
  228. 2strokepoke

    Fish report

    Trying to watch the reports, bit they are real sporadic. What is biting over at catalina right now? Some friends and I are headed over there next weekend. Anybody have any idea wha we'll be in for. Thanks
  229. 2strokepoke

    catalina fishing

    going to catalina next weekend out of long beach on a full day boat. anyone have any suggestions of what type of gear to bring? whats hittin? thanks for the help!
  230. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    thanks for the help!
  231. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    have you had any experience or know of anyone powdercoating or anodizing reels.
  232. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    not that i'm on a budget, but i can't see spending more than the initial cost of the reel on a conversion kit. it looks nice, and i can see how it's practical. but if i want more drag and a tougher reel, i break out my baja special. plus i am very partial to the look of the penn reels. thats why...
  233. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    What conversion is that?
  234. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113h

    i just picked up a penn 113h and a model 49. the 49 is in great shape at face value, i will tear it down tomorrow to get a better picture. but my question is with the senator reel. it was corroded throughout, looked alot like green crusty toothpaste all over it. i tore it down and started...
  235. 2strokepoke

    Knot ???

    i like the seagaur knot. its quick and easy to tie on a boat.
  236. 2strokepoke

    Boat Ho List

    Name: danny Boat: need to wait a year for my next raise.....for now i'm a ho! Days Available: Weekends, Weekdays with a little notice References: nothing professional Experience: fished since i was a kid, freshwater mainly, now the ocean Drink/Smoke: don't drink or smoke, one hobby is enough...
  237. 2strokepoke

    BOAT HO'S????

    slammer, how often and where do you plan on going? whats your ideal capacity?
  238. 2strokepoke

    knot tying

    in a couple weeks i will be fishing catalina. this is my first time with a conventional reel. i will be using 40# mono and 40# flouro. which is the best knot to splice the two together? and, in the past i've snelled my hooks, should i do the same or is there a better knot to tie? thanks for the...
  239. 2strokepoke

    California Fishing License Unbelievable

    its just a sign of things to come. my suggestion is to not be sheep, and become politcally active/aggresive. it gets your point across.
  240. 2strokepoke

    Bolsa Chica Jetty

    what about using a treble hook?
  241. 2strokepoke

    Bolsa Chica Jetty

    last saturday i caught a decent sized corbina, about 5 lbs. when i got home and started cleaning it i noticed 2 large sand crabs, and a ton of baby ones. looked like a bunch of rice grains. the question is, are sand crabs a good bait? i caught the corbina using mussels, which are a pain to keep...
  242. 2strokepoke

    Knot Needed

    which is the best knot for tying 40# mono to fluoro leader? i was thinking a bloodknot, mainly because its the only splicing knot i know. but from what i've been reading it doesn't seem to be the best option. any suggestions? thanks in advance!
  243. 2strokepoke

    fishing catalina island

    what do you mean closed?
  244. 2strokepoke

    fishing catalina island

    i have smaller gear which i will probably be taking now, thanks to help of you guys. i have a my jetty pole with 15# line. any suggestions on swim baits?
  245. 2strokepoke

    fishing catalina island

    i'm new to the conventional rod and reel. i have a 113hn on an offshore angler rod w/40# mono. i will be going over to catalina in a few weeks to do a lil camping with the family in two harbors. where is the best place to fish? should i rent a boat? and finally how should i set up my rod? thanks...
  246. 2strokepoke

    Everyone loves 113HN Baja Special, so how do you use yours?

    i just picked mine up on friday. i've heard nothing but great things about this reel, and thats why i bought it. and its my first conventional reel. i bought a offshore angler rod from bass pro shops and lined it with 40# mono to start out with. haven't had the chance to use it yet, but it looks...
  247. 2strokepoke


    hey shinerunner, what type of fishing do you do and how often do you go?
  248. 2strokepoke


    mostly stand up/casting, 3/4 day boat and possibly some trolling
  249. 2strokepoke

    Which Rod to Buy

    i have a 113hn with 40# mono and am looking for a rod. i'm not trying to break the bank if possible. anyone have any suggestions? thanks
  250. 2strokepoke


    does anyone have any experience or thoughts on these rods? all i hear from tackle shops is seeker and cal star rods. i don't know if i want to spend 3 bills on a rod yet. any one have any suggestions or help?
  251. 2strokepoke

    Rod Question

    Has anyone had any experience or have any idea about bass pro shops "offshore angler" rods. i've been looking at a penn mariner stand up and the guy at bps turned me on to the offshore angler extreme. they look totally identical. any help? i will be using a penn baja special w,40# mono, mainly...
  252. 2strokepoke

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    i would like to stay under 250. plus i have the dilema of the new rod as well. which will definately set me back.
  253. 2strokepoke

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    the tld's look weak. they have an odd appearance, and seem like they would twist under a heavy load.
  254. 2strokepoke

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    thanks for all the feedback!! this reel really seems to live up to what they were tellng me. like i said, a lot of this is still new to me. most of the fishing will be 1/2 or 3/4 day boats or on the back side of catalina. as far as what fish i'm going after, whatever takes the bait is fine with me!
  255. 2strokepoke

    Penn 113HN Baja Special

    how do you like that reel?
  256. 2strokepoke

    Penn 133hn Baja Special?

    hey whats up, i'm somewhat new to fishing (saltwater) and have been looking for a good boat rod and reel. i've been talking to a couple of guys at my local tackle shop and they've both steered me in the direction of the penn 113hn baja special and a calstar rod. i can't remember the specific rod...
  257. 2strokepoke

    what to buy?

    hey whats up, i'm somewhat new to fishing (saltwater) and have been looking for a good boat rod and reel. i've been talking to a couple of guys at my local tackle shop and they've both steered me in the direction of the penn 113hn baja special and a calstar rod. i can't remember the specific rod...