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  1. Eatmorfish

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    I love big butts!!! The server is back up, you can post pictures.
  2. Eatmorfish

    Catalina report and PB

    That's a nice YT!!! We hit a couple paddies on the way back on Friday for zero.
  3. Eatmorfish

    June 7 Catalina- Went for yellows but instead..

    I see scales laying there, what did that bad boy weigh?
  4. Eatmorfish

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    Costco has an Interstate 27DC deep cycle Marine/RV 12V battery for $87.99. Should run your trolling motor all day. Use the 1/4" lugs to attach your cables, (not the alligator clips) that way they cannot arc, and you can set the battery near your gas tank.
  5. Eatmorfish

    San Clemente Island Report 06/07

    Launched at Davies around 5:30AM. Stopped at Avalon and bought squid from Carnage; Johnny loaded us up with a big scoop. Went to San Clemente (7:40), it was as flat as a pancake. Went to the east end, Fury and 2 other private boats were there. Drifted around the kelp for awhile, until Jim caught...
  6. Eatmorfish

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Nice!! Looks like Bertha Butt, she be one of the Butt sistas.
  7. Eatmorfish

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Oh man, that sucks! Lucky you waited to buy squid from Carnage. You can use that $70 to buy some beer to help with your pain.
  8. Eatmorfish

    Need Bait: Carnage Boat at Catalina?

    Call (562) 714-8103 for the current bait report from Carnage, the bait boat at Catalina.
  9. Eatmorfish

    Nados 4/27

    Shoulda been here yesterday. Story of fishing.
  10. Eatmorfish

    La Jolla 4/25

    Awesome report, thanks.
  11. Eatmorfish

    4/22 Mission Belle ! Aw Yea ! ! !

    Awesome report, and awesome pictures. Good job!!!
  12. Eatmorfish

    Coronado Island Yellowtail. 4/24

    Never seen a white fish that big. Did you see the Mexican Navy?
  13. Eatmorfish

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    Great write-up. Thanks for the "honest" intell.
  14. Eatmorfish

    Dana Point Bass Bight 4-14-19

    I think those guys in the big boats "wake" us on purpose, just to be annoying.
  15. Eatmorfish

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Awesome eating. I'm going with 60#.
  16. Eatmorfish

    Coronado Islands report 4-19-2019

    Thanks for the report. Looks like you have enough for a few meals.
  17. Eatmorfish

    4/18 - 1/2 day Aggressor Newport Landing

    It was a beautiful day to be out on the water, with 33 anglers on board, most of which were rent rods, but everyone worked well together and there were only a few tangles. Fishing about 120', a total of about 70 fish landed, mostly small white fish. The jackpot was about a 2 pound vermillion...
  18. Eatmorfish

    The Old (RIP) Topless Ducky

    Looks like a fun project. Post more pictures as it progresses. Will you have it ready for this season?
  19. Eatmorfish

    31 March Oside

    That's some dedicated fishing there! And yup, kelp doesn't do well in warm water.
  20. Eatmorfish

    Rough & slow at the Horseshoe 4/3

    I'm ready for some better weather!!!
  21. Eatmorfish

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Reminds me of the bass my buddy caught near Avalon....
  22. Eatmorfish

    San Pedro to the Slide, 277, 209, 267, 14 and the Isthmus

    Thanks for the report. I'm jelly, I wish my pop was able to go fishing with me.
  23. Eatmorfish

    San Clemente Island Saturday with a side of offshore action 8/18/18

    Thanks for the great report, luv and look forward to your articles in PCS. I don't mind sharing a paddy I've come across, as long as the what you call "poacher" practices proper etiquette. There's plenty of fish in the sea, and (imho) can be shared by all.
  24. Eatmorfish

    Nados 6.26.18 - Windy Goats

    Awesome. Put it in the neighbor's yard; the guy you don't like.
  25. Eatmorfish

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    I've heard lots of stories of people being asked or told to leave, never heard a credible story of anyone losing their boat. Maybe they're still in jail?
  26. Eatmorfish

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    Thanks for the report. we need the YT to get closer.
  27. Eatmorfish

    Wide open YT

    Thanks for the report.:jig:
  28. Eatmorfish

    Yellowtail limits at Coronado’s 6/4

    nice report, thanks. I'll be down there next Tuesday.
  29. Eatmorfish

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    I think that was a shoulda, coulda, wacuhooda. That's just too funny!
  30. Eatmorfish

    4/15/18 Dana report

    The divers are killing the ghosts. :-)
  31. Eatmorfish

    4-14 Long Beach

    It should bust wide open anytime now. I gots my fingers crossed.
  32. Eatmorfish

    Tuesday morning 1/2 day

    Daa-aaa-aad. Nice sheep.
  33. Eatmorfish

    4/8/18 horseshoe

    Good report, thanks.
  34. Eatmorfish


  35. Eatmorfish

    Izors 4/10

    Launched from Davies around 7AM, and headed to Izors. Picked up a mylar on the way. Pretty slow throwing a variety of plastics on leadheads, average 90' of water, (1) 2 pound sandy and a 15" calico (released). Moved over to Joe Phillips 47F Spot near where the Victory was fishing. 215' to 175'...
  36. Eatmorfish

    Catalina Bass Report Saturday 4/7

    Thanks for the report. I'm in the market for a Navionics card, thanks for the tip.
  37. Eatmorfish

    The Wall - Fun Bassin’

    Nice report, thanks. Luv the pix.
  38. Eatmorfish

    Catalina, Friday, 4/6

    Put in at Davies Launch around 6:45 AM. Clear and no wind. The ride to the Isthmus was a little bumpy. Fished cut squid on a drooper around Ship Rock with lots of small fish picking at the bait. Caught nothing. Moved east to just past the quarry and caught a 4 pound sheephead and a small...
  39. Eatmorfish

    A good Spring morning at the Horseshoe 4/4

    Thanks for the report, pictures look like you were fishing on a lake.
  40. Eatmorfish

    Rpt.-04-05-18 Quality Sand Bass at Izor's Reef.

    Nice report, thanks. What were you catching them on?
  41. Eatmorfish

    Almost an oldie

    Almost an oldie
  42. Eatmorfish

    4-2-18 Dana Point

    Thanks for the fish report, and thanks for your service to our country. You deserve the G.I. Bill, you earned it. That's how I got my college education many years ago.
  43. Eatmorfish

    Lowrance HDS12 Carbon Map Chip

    I'm looking for some free, educated advice.....I just ordered a Lowrance HDS-12 & HDS-9 Carbon bundle, and was looking at the different map chips that are available. I'm wondering if one is better than the other; if there is one highly recommended, or if there is one to definitely steer clear...
  44. Eatmorfish

    San Pedro Fog and Fish Report 3/31

    Thanks for the report. Nice catch.
  45. Eatmorfish

    It was a Sand Dab sort of day. 03.31.18

    Only time I've ever been harassed on the water was by the DP boat sheriff, and it was outside the mouth of the harbor. Must have been a slow day for him.
  46. Eatmorfish

    Catalina WSB none report

    Nice sheep, good to see them.
  47. Eatmorfish

    A Couple of Nice Ones in La Jolla 3/30

    Must be at least 39#, if Yaki's was 38#. Just sayin'. :-)
  48. Eatmorfish

    Long story short

    Dead frozen squid? Is that an oximoron?
  49. Eatmorfish

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    I thought this was a very good year for hooping. we went a dozen times and limited almost every trip. Gotta use fresh bait.
  50. Eatmorfish

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    That looks like the way to do it.
  51. Eatmorfish

    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Anyway you cut it, that's a nice fish. :-)
  52. Eatmorfish

    La Jolla-March 30th

    $1,000 day, but still gotta be a better day on the water than being at work. imo
  53. Eatmorfish

    The SD 3/28 Quick Report

    Thanks for the good report!
  54. Eatmorfish

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Thanks for your opinion.
  55. Eatmorfish

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Thanks for the advice....I'll consider it.
  56. Eatmorfish

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Name my new 234 Mako I need help picking a name for my new 23' Mako: Mako My Day Lil Hooker ?????