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    Fall/Winter Sup Fishing in Mission 11/9

    What kind of reel is that?
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    Limits of yellowfin and Dorado thank you Hardcore

    Classic good sportsmanship Corey! Great report, thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for info. When I read it I just assumed he was being the typical fisherman and exaggerating

    Thanks for info. When I read it I just assumed he was being the typical fisherman and exaggerating
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    point loma kelp 9/13

    Haha, I’m going Friday with my brothers and would love to know answers to same questions!!
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    Maiden Voyage - 9.4.2020

    How big is your board?
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    Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    2 limits of yellow fish! thats rad!
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    1 and done 8/31

    Nice job get the bull to die! Persistence pays off! Finally YFT and dodos in approx the same areas.
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    SCI yellows Saturday

    Thanks for your report! We were to get some today as well!
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Such a great and exciting day! Who knew its possible to catch a Calico in a BFT boil in less than 100' of water! As usual, super cool to be invited! I learn every time i fish with you! Thank you!
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    Shogun with Wife, Son, and fishing Buddies

    Great report, awesome pics! Thank you!
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    Islands yellows 6/19

    Excellent day buddy, thanks so much! Red fish, blue fish yellow fishes!
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    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    What a day!! One that will never be forgotten!
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    Found at Doheny 5-22-20

    I found a set of kayak wheels this morning at Doheny parking lot. PM me if you think they might be yours Rick
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    1st Paddle Board Fishing Trips

    I had the same thing happen to me last time I was able to SUP fish Doheny. Lost a nice legal sized halibut as it thrashed to freedom right next to my board. I now keep a net with me when I’m fishing for halibut.
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    1st Paddle Board Fishing Trips

    nice video thanks for posting!
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    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    So no TP huh? Great trip and thx for the details!
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    Fishing Etiquette Two

    It's always good to do the right thing. Thank you for your videos and your posts!
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    No BFT 2/20 Newport report

    We got out yesterday from MB. Started off in LJ due to fog bank to south. As fog lifted we headed out to Upper 9. We metered some fish deep(50-200) so trolled around. No BFT seen. Still grest to be on the water looking for BFT, YT or Bonita in Febuary!
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    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Great news! Thanks for updating us!
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    Fun couple days at DP

    Had a better than average couple of days front of Doheny state beach. 2/12 caught 8 bass in under 2 hours on the water. Pics are the 2 biggest. 2/14 finally caught a legal halibut.
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    San Diego Bay Spotted Bay Bass (video)

    Yeah buddy! Starting of 2020 catching fish! Thanks for the video!
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    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    That smile speaks volumes! Thanks for update!
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    Cory And His Wife Update

    Thanks for update! Continued prayers!
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    DP 02.01.20 Before the gale?

    After all the times I’ve been on halibut trips, I’ve only got 1 in the 15” range(thanks Cody!). I’m starting to think I will get one right after I win the lotto(which I don’t play). Hahah!
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    DP 02.01.20 Before the gale?

    Thanks for your report. We fished deeper water off SC pier on Friday. All the macs were caught in approx 100’. We had at least 20 pcs while drifting for halibut. I got a solid bite that fought for approx 5mins pulling drag and all. Came unstuck and bait was nearly decapitated. Beautiful water...
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    Beginner SUP

    That’s a Brufish from Bru surf in my pics above. I did use it and it worked great!
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    Beginner SUP

    Good buddy wants to sell this set up. PM me if interested Rick
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    Beginner SUP

    I started a couple of years ago on the Costco foam board and it is very good for bays/harbors. I find it not stable enough to stand and fish much if I’m off the beach. Hence the question for more info. Foam boards are by far the most durable and inexpensive even new.
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    Beginner SUP

    We need more info. Where are you wanting to launch from and fish for? Any surf/sup experience? If you’re in LA, eDUBz on this forum might be able to hook you up. Not hard to find good used boards under $1k. If you’re willing to come to Newport I’d be willing to meet you and show you the...
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    Hey sorry about your post! I agree with you and that’s a big reason I don’t post a new thread...

    Hey sorry about your post! I agree with you and that’s a big reason I don’t post a new thread much anymore. Bummer too, as many of us live vicariously through your vids in the off season! Thanks Corey! Rick
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    Albacore reminiscence

    Corey In the above thread there’s rumor you went to fish PV....can we look forward to a video coming soon from the trip? Happy New Year Rick
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    SUP trip

    I'm in south OC and almost never go north of Newport Harbor. There's a very cool guy up near you, sbfishkilla, you might want to look up and PM. If you want to make the drive down sometime to Newport i can meet you and show you what I do and what I use. In general for me, fishing without a...
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    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Very nice!! Love it when they’re eating the popper!
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    Limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail off a Kelp Patty

    So glad you made it in safe! Thanks for report and another awesome video!
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    Coronado islands

    Great trip! Thanks for getting me on the fish! You forgot to mention your 2 barely short lings!!
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    Dana Point to the Slide 10/25

    Buddies found tuna yesterday 3 miles off DP. They came up with the dolphin. They threw everything they had for no go.
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    OC BFT

    A buddy got some yft off Sano yesterday
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    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Yeah that’s pretty rad!! Thanks for sharing those classic pics! Have some grandkids that needs some similar pics!
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    Fisherman 111 9/23

    We did our annual church trip on this boat and cannot say enough good things about it! We took 19 with us and only 5 of us had ever caught a tuna before. So that being said, with excellent help and great coaching we were able land 54 skippies and 15 yft. Skippies were bigger than the yft(avg...
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    Good day on 2 of 3 B's

    how deep where you? right outside the old kelp line?
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    Oceanside to Lower SCI Ridge out 45m ( BFT Tonnage)

    We found them halfway between 14 mile bank and 277. First small school was best, but ours were not interested. We tried bait, FF and colt snipers. Next 4-5 schools up and down before we could get to them.
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    T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Mex waters or out behind SCI?
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    Yellowfin Tuna Fishing at It's Best (video)

    God is good! He will give you strength and encouragement over these next couple of days!
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    la jolla 8/8/2019

    So happy I’ve yet to see that! Although I am glad the GW are finally doing their job!
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    Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up Slow Trolling ( Video )

    Great video, and great to meet you! I was the guy fishing with Cody. Fun to watch the video after see it live on Tuesday!
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    la jolla 8/8/2019

    Great morning on the water! Lots of bait up on top, easy to make macks under them. Saw a nice big YT on stringer of kelp that didn't want the flylined mack i was dragging. Saw a lot of big rays swimming around all day. Even came and hung out for approx 1 hr as I was drifting and casting...
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    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    My guess is behind Catalina, My buddy says towards the 43?
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    La Jolla YTs

    Nice. We were out yesterday same time. Found bait later as well. We were on our paddleboards. Got picked up slow 1x about 10. Besides that some bass and barracuda on the flatfall.
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    Rockfish 12/21

    that's awesome! too funny, too as I almost texted you an hour ago to see if you'd been out and how did you do!
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    Sd bay halibut 12/8

    Nicely done Cody! We're going to try tomorrow off SC Pier in deeper water.
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    DP on the Troll

    We got 6 yesterday(11/5). Colt sniper and live bait. Two miles straight out of headlands. The Sum Fun called us in as we were trolling by! We stopped got bit quickly! Thanks guys!
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    Kayaking la Jolla help?

    There is usually plenty of parking along streets close to the launch area early in the morning. Just read the street signs on street cleaning. The Kayak fishing forum here on BD and the bigwatersedge are good places to find buddy's to fish with. I launched Wednesday on my SUP and had great...
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    Stoked About SUP Fishing -- Need a New Board -- Bote HD or Other Board Thoughts?

    we fished LJ yesterday. Great bass fishing, no YT for us. Big calico even ate the macks! Caught them on surface iron, SP minnow, macks, and the small Ahi deception jig, which we nicknamed 'the bait maker' although I have caught all inshore fish on it!
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    Stoked About SUP Fishing -- Need a New Board -- Bote HD or Other Board Thoughts?

    That is a sweet set up! I look forward to fishing with you soon!
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    Stoked About SUP Fishing -- Need a New Board -- Bote HD or Other Board Thoughts?

    The photo is my son in law. We have the same set ups I have this same board. Riviera Fish On. They were on sale last year as the local factory was closing. I’m 6’ approx185 I use the Engel cooler with rod holders. I launch in small surf all the time. I am careful to read the...
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    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Straight out SW of Harbor. Macs can also be found at Red buoy immediately south of harbor. We made 30 pcs in 15 mins Tuesday.
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    Would you toss your bent rod in the ocean?

    25 yrs ago on the Pegasus, Capt Scott asked if we were willing to try for some big BFT that were at the edge of the trip window for an overnighter. We found them! I get bit and sawed off in the fisrt 10mins. Deck hand ties me a double bimini(2-50#lines) and get bit again! I'm fishting this one...
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    302 to north 9

    As usual, very nice job Cody!
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    Limit by 730 and then some

    Man I need my passport! Very nice!
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    Catalina lure advice

    Lucky craft and small metal jigs. I would also increase your line up to #10-20 line. Still very fun on light gear. I have caught smaller YT on both. Barracuda and Bonita can be super fun to catch too. I fish off my SUP all the time around kelp for the 3 B's.
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    San Clemente Island 6/4

    We found similar on 6/3. We were fortunate to find 6 YT that were willing too. Most of our DP bait rolled by time we found the YT so 1/2 bait other half were on surface irons. Our YT turned on right after high tide.
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    Viewing the boils

    We saw dolphins boiling at the mouth of the Mission Bay jetties. Fun to watch as we made bait.
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    The SD 3/28 Quick Report

    That’s a lot of good intel! Thank you!
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    Crazy fish story

    On side note, did you get any YT, and if so, what size?
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    Close, but no stripe!

    great report and pics! Thank you!
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    Fun times Vendetta 10/7

    My church is looking a doing that next summer. How many people can 'comfortably' fit? Approx 1/2 of my peeps have not done offshore fishing. Great job, and cool pics! Thanks!
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    Black Pearl Report For 10/01 - Tuna At Catalina

    Hey Dan, nice video thank you. Did you find the yellowtail by White rock? How deep are you?
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    Another report on 09/23...

    We saw both Islands yesterday 9/25. Started on a beautiful paddy approx at 277. Great marks underneath, tried everything we had(bait, flylined and weighted, various jigs, etc). Headed on to White rock at SCI. Finally got 2 YT. One big one not so big. Calico, Bonita, etc. Seals were a...
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    The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    Good on you Corey! I lost track, but looks like you got the boat limits! Down south or US waters?
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    Circus in la jolla 9/15

    We did a similar route with less results. Upper 9 to LJ. We should have slow trolled the mini macks instead of the X Raps it seems. We also went north to off Del Mar for nada. Good on you!!
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    Ugly Stik Tiger Vs Jigging Elite

    I have both and use both for poppers. I use the 7' with my bigger reel and the jigging rod with smaller reel. I have caught fish on both up to 30#. My plan is to use 7' to throw bigger poppers to BFT and live bait to marlin/sharks.
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    Long day 9 - 1 but no skunk

    Nice save! Nice friends! Well done!
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    Fished the SUP trip 2

    I feel your pain! Two trips last week resulted in 2 rod holders broken and 1 complete spinning rod combo with rod holder gone! Both times big fish! Of course the fish also are gone!
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    Bluefin 9/1

    Just reread the post, duh...still awesome!!
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    La Jolla-Del Mar 8/30

    Left MB at 530 with decent bait. Trolled Rapalas 70-80' deep Water was 70 at 7am Found very fun Bonito boil. Wide open for an hour. I used smaller jigs(mega bait type) Kept on heading north. Found some boats spread out front of Del Mar trolling. 120-160' water Water temp was 71-72 Slow pick...
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    Big Tuna 150#

    Approx what time did they come up?
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    South of Dana Point - 8/14

    We did the inshore thing(4-5miles) north to south. Started at DP, made bait, went north as far as Crystal Cove, turned around came south to approx SC Pier. Found approx 8 patty. None holding desired fish, although many had perfect 4-6" mini macs! I got a ripper bite on 1 southern paddy as...
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    Kauai shore fishing, need some info

    I'm here now and I haven't seen anything caught yet. I see the locals throw the Daiwa SP minnow and dropper loop fresh caught bait. I've throw the Lucky Craft from shore and from the SUP boards for nada. Got hit by man of war yesterday Trying again later today further north from SUP at Anini...
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    Grand daughters first fishing trip 7/20

    So glad you're back! Can't wait to see your bluefin video!
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    Oceanside to the Domes 7-17

    We had a very similar day but started north-267 and went south to 209. More life in close than outside at the high spots. Found calico and cuda that bit stick baits and crankbaits for us off the domes. Great bait(greenbacks) made early and off domes. Never saw a tuna or YT today.
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    La Jolla Calico Fishing - July 8

    That's a hog!! How's it possible we're not friends!? You should also post this in the SUP section! Did you launch with the kayaks or from the beach around the corner? I almost went today but couldn't find a partner. I still need a big YT on my SUP. Congrats!
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    Here's a better shot in daylight
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    Let me start by saying I take no credit as yesterday was first time trying the Kite/yummy combo. Saturday got to go on my old neighbor Daniel Boat. Kid is a fish killer! We had almost the same story as everyone else, except we saw tuna breaking at approx 230pm at the 230 spot(no pun intended)...
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    LJ 6-14

    None catch report, although great sign. Only found Spanish macks in the right size. All greenbacks where Bonita size. Slow trolled from 830-1pm. Saw lots of breezing YT. Which kept things exciting. Saw the YT at all depths we fished, from 40' to 400' deep. Saw 2 mola's. Got bit off 3xs by...
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    SCI on Fury 6/3

    Can't say enough good things about this boat, captain and crew. We left Friday night, got great bait(5-8" sardines) made the trip out to SCI in a little rougher than expected seas. Made some squid. Started fishing the back side covers for YT or WSB. No takers. Headed off a little to fill bags...
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    Thresher at CC

    And a GoPro! Thanks acroman without your footage, most would not have believe my story!
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    Thresher at CC

    I was sitting near my buddy making bait when I got bit. And knew right away it was a thresher as my buddy saw it come up behind me right away. I was very thankful It never got to close as I had no intention of trying to land it on my SUP! Kneeling was very comfortable to fight a fish this size...
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    3 Arch to Seal Rock 5/22

    I had gotten hooked up with a thresher Friday at Crystal Cove on my SUP and fought it for 10-15 mins right outside kelp. Hoped for a repeat with right gear!
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    3 Arch to Seal Rock 5/22

    Had a real nice morning. Launch DP at 6. 1/2 scoop nice sardines. Lasted all morning. Water started at 62. Got up to 65 by 1pm. Started good with easy to make Macks at Red buoy. Headed up to 3 Arch. Only got 1 calico. Next off Creek. Only one small cuda. Headed down to Seal Rock. Picked...
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    Thresher at CC

    5/19 1st confirmed thresher battle on my SUP. Easy to make bait, both on sabiki and small flat fall. Was trying for YT or WSB. Slow trolled. Lots of dolphins fishing in our areas. Paddle around in deeper water. Short battle after 2 times out of the water. Tail was at least 6' long. Had no...
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    Is paddle board fishing better than kayak fishing?

    Ricky Make sure you post pics when you are done building ur fishing SUP Please and thank you!
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    Is paddle board fishing better than kayak fishing?

    Sorry to hijack thread OP Eric I see you paddle out prone. Do you consistently get your reels submerged? And if so, how long do they last even with washing afterwards?
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    Is paddle board fishing better than kayak fishing?

    I do both and hope to continue to do both for the for see able future. I mostly agree with Eric above. =I have put the milk crate with multiple rods on my SUP many times and it works great with the bigger/wider boards. YouTube has multiple videos of this. -Trying to hold your position is very...
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    Fun in NB harbor

    Due to wind and waves fished NB harbor. Catching more than fishing this morning. And met a fellow SUP fisherman James! All cuda and smaller SP minnow. Bigger grade today than last year. 1 was almost 3'! Fun.
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    Went Looking outside again and found them 3-18 ( video )

    Oops great video and thank you very much for posting!!
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    Beautiful on the water 3/9

    As I said above, that's my buddy. I have a bigger 12' SUP atix board. He's much younger and fitter than me. I used to use the bigger 10'6" model Costco board and it was fine for harbor fishing but didn't find it stable enough to be comfortable out in the kelps. So depending on your size and...
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    Beautiful on the water 3/9

    Crystal cove again. Got a nice mix of Calico/sandies/barracuda and bait. Couple of pix of my buddy. Most fish where caught near bottom of kelp. Probably 10 bass and 10 more other fish.
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    San Diego Bay Bonefish two navy boats flip Cole's kayak 3-3 (video)

    Great video! Good deal Cole was not hurt, bummer he lost all his gear. Leashes saves gear!
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    Hogans in DP. Great selection. Better service. A good selection of used gear for sale too. Just my .02$ ogans
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    Crystal Cove 2/15

    Foggy and a little chilly in the morning. Sun came out around 1030. Goal was to make bait and get a halibut. Made bait(smelt, lizard fish and 1 greenback) Didn't succeed in catching a halibutl, but did catch a handful of small-medium calicos on hardbaits. Small waves made for easy launch and...
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    Crystal Cove 2/1

    Beautiful morning on the water. 2 nice calico(1-3#) and 1 lizard fish in deep water. Had 2 halibuts follow all the way up to the board. Most fish were in the the shallow water. 10-20'. Water was pretty clear.
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    Bummer I thought I saw you can do some week days. With my family, I almost never SUP/kayak fish...

    Bummer I thought I saw you can do some week days. With my family, I almost never SUP/kayak fish the weekends as my son usually wants to surf or just paddle the Dana Point harbor. So I do most of my fishing during the week day mornings.
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    I don't kayak there but I do SUP fish there and Crystal cove. I'm actually planning on SUP...

    I don't kayak there but I do SUP fish there and Crystal cove. I'm actually planning on SUP fishing crystal cove tomorrow 2/1 arrive approx 8-830 if you are interested. Rick 949-395-0838
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    Rough weather but still biting.

    There's just gotta something this guy wants for Christmas to get on his 'friends' list! Great report, pics and congrats on another great trip!
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    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    How deep?? Just marks or were you on some rocks?
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    Bluefin Tuna O95 11/22

    That is a great trip, great job on the tuna! One of the best reports/pics I've read this year! Thank you!
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    Ending the season with a bang.

    Great report! Way to end the season. Just curious on the YFT, where they behind SCI or further in?
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    Ending the season with a bang.

    Great report! Way to end the season. Just curious on the YFT, where they behind SCI or further in?
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    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    You could try a paddle board and troll around to find fish. I fished Crystal Cove Thursday before high tide. By trolling a Lucky Craft 110 we found a nice school of cuda. Fun.
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    Skunked at PV 10/13, Any Tips?

    Is the model T a longboard or SUP?
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    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    Saw a report earlier this week of a sport boat out of SD that had limits for a 'fly only' trip!
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    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    I threw the smallest waxwing(2") and the 1 1/2 blue silver cast master and a 2" mega bait type Monday to no avail. Right in middle of the boil! Next time I'm trying the Bonita fly!
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    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    That's why I included that info!
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    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    I should have changed my Personal Info a long time ago. No more brothers boat. Not the skipper. Just a very grateful guest on various friends boats!
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    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    We only had 1 scoop of bait so we started each area with a full net of bait. And then chunked the rest of the time. We didn't have the ability to brail 5-6 nets pet school.
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    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    We left DP at 5am with great scoop of sardines and approx. 30 macks we made right outside harbor. Ran to 289. Found birds and small YFT. Tried everything. Couldn't get them to go. Ran to 81 off of SCI. 20 some boats. Saw only 1 hookup. Fished 2 hours. Ran down to 181. Nothing. Started...
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    First Time Aboard New Lo-An

    Great video and even better report! Congrats on the great finish to your trip!
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    Very lucky. Bluefin, MORE bluefin, and WFO yellowfin tuna twice.

    I just logged that strategy under, 'next time when I'm low on bait'!!!
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    Mustad Demon Circles for Lupe. 3x or 4x?

    I just used 2/0 and had 3 of them break off on me. Only had #20 fluoro so drag was only at 7#! Careful with these hooks!
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    3/4 day YFT action on the San Diego 9/13

    I sent mine in to factory at Ontario and had it back in 5 days better than ever and free!
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    182 on 9/12

    We threw one small basket at the beginning and then 1 or so every couple of mins. We always had 3-4 of our baits in the water too. We threw out chunks of old frozen bait too. Never got bit on chunck though.
  122. R

    182 on 9/12

    For us only bait and smaller poppers. We tried a lot of things, colt snipers, surface irons, smaller metal jigs, and the smaller waxwings. We did not troll anything but bait.
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    182 on 9/12

    We drifted almost 4 miles. Chum works!
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    182 on 9/12

    4 guys on the boat!
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    182 on 9/12

    That was only my second successful trip after 7 skunk trips offshore. Finally able to share with family and friends!
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    182 on 9/12

    We had both going. I used fluoro all morning for live bait. Straight 30 mono for popper
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    182 on 9/12

    Sorry. Wide open yesterday on 182. Great scoop of deans from MB. Found birds and boiling small tuna. Fish stayed with us for over two hours! Got bit 3 times on smaller Halco popper, only landed 1. 20# worked best but got bit up to 40# when it was busiest. All sizes of hooks worked but #2...
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    Looking for a paddle board

    My best suggestion is to go to a harbor and rent one and try it first before buying one. Make sure that type of fishing is a good fit for you. Not sure where you live, but I'm in OC and could meet you sometime at DP harbor and let you borrow my extra and try it out with me. You could PM me. Rick
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    to I snag For Food We did it Friday from DP in 20' CC. Very long day, but worth it with 2-70/80# BFT to show for it. Make sure wind is under 15 in outer water report and waves are under 5'. It was a little rough out there, but very doable.
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    Looking for a paddle board

    Funny eDUBZ, I was going to say almost same thing.. SUP ATX has new for $585 Bru Surf has decent used boards of various price ranges. Both of these places are in San Juan Capistrano. $300 is on the light side, Craigslist is probabaly a best bet.
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    At Last SCI

    oops 'long soak'
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    At Last SCI

    !st fish-flylined mack at 11:00(low soak, 50# fluoro/65 braid, 3/0 circle hook) Approx 1/2 hr fight, we all took turns. Second fish on kite approx. 2pm Daniel man handled it by himself in 10 mins. Seemed like a slow day by the radio We hooked up 3 total around 11, only got the 1 to the boat...
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    At Last SCI

    finally caught 2 BFT today with the fleet. 1 flylined, 1 on kite. Both on macks made right outside DP harbor.
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    Tabletop Reef-Solana beach

    wish you lived down here in OC, I'd love to get you to repair my SUP!
  135. R

    Tabletop Reef-Solana beach

    Although let me know if you need a buddy for a trip offshore!
  136. R

    Tabletop Reef-Solana beach

    Thank you. Not owning a boat I had to get creative and figure out ways of getting fish!! Good news is no fuel/bait costs!
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    Calico Short Strikes?

    I fished from 7-10. Mostly low tide. Just out beyond break straight off the corner of the bluff. Pretty close to MLPA edge. I made bait and trolled it and lucky craft all the way to outside kelp. No forest or beds. Just the random stringer. I have no electronics so not sure depth or anything...
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    Calico Short Strikes?

    When I first started, went through same experience. I switched to Lucky craft 110 in various colors. I was rewarded right away with many days catching more fish than I kept count of. I fish on a SUP and am standing most of the time so was moving more and harder to maintain position like is...
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    PV-Way inshore 8-22

    Funny fished Encintas/Solana this morning on my SUP and caught a big calico right out side waves on way in! I posted a pic/report in Paddleboard section.
  140. R

    Tabletop Reef-Solana beach

    Good morning fishing off of solana beach today. Made bait immediately while fighting first calico. Trolled to outside kelp. Caught a couple of each. Bass Bonita cuda. On way in caught a big calico on the flylined mackerel!! Approx 24". Picture taken from phone, sorry not better.
  141. R

    San Mateo Pt-SC

    Launched off of San Clemente State Beach this morning. Great conditions. Made awesome bait within 15 mins(4-5" mini macs). Unforetunately that's all I caught, except for a cormorant on the way in. Paddled all the way to the outside kelp off the point. Wind picked up early, made for a longer...
  142. R

    Dana point Saturday report

    Where did you see the one spot of fish, down south?
  143. R

    Crytstal Cove 8/8/16

    Typical for inshore. Not dirty, not very clear. I saw bait in the water easy enough. Probably 10' clarity plus/minus
  144. R

    Crytstal Cove 8/8/16

    Fished all over today. Easy to make bait. Not the most productive day. 7 bonito/1Calico plus bait(greenbacks). The Nautilus out of NB showed up around 10am. We hoped the extra bait in the wait would help kick off a good bite. No such luck. Still a great morning on the water.
  145. R

    Whats the best fishing paddle board?

    I've never fished any of the places you mentioned(live in south orange county, ca) but I fish at least 1-2x a week on my regular 12' 'cruiser' style board. I typically use a modified utility belt with home made rod holder for trolling. I fish both harbors and offshore. I have also mounted the...
  146. R

    7/27 DP to 209 to domes

    Just curious where you see that they are back up today? I had exact same trip as you yesterday.
  147. R

    What are we doing wrong?

    So far getting a full sabiki hasn't happened! Also I typically trim off one of the trebles.
  148. R

    What are we doing wrong?

    Try putting a smaller bass type deep diver crank bait at bottom of sabiki and slow troll it. Last Tuesday made bait this way before we even hit the buoy and this was dark to grey light.
  149. R

    Dana point fish report

    Do you know where you saw the tuna, 267, 279?
  150. R

    I'm going to La Jolla Wed 6/29. Let me know if you are interested.

    I'm going to La Jolla Wed 6/29. Let me know if you are interested.
  151. R

    302 - 425 6/13/16

    same story for us 302-425. No love, tried everything. Saw YFT inside 302 1St thing, sank out fast. Set up a chunk line in afternoon for over an hour and couldn't get them to come up either. Very rough ride coming.
  152. R

    La Jolla 6/2

    Sorry for late report... Bait was tough to find, I think I only got 5 mixed types. Slow morning. Finally had Dolphins and birds go crazy inside of us. My buddy(we fished tandem on kayak) got this one away from seals on mint/white surface iron. Finally, it was my 7th time at LJ this season.
  153. R

    La jolla 4/19

    we were out today too. Fished in and out of the crowd, What made you stop where you did to dropper loop? Bottom, metered fish, birds? We got bit 4xs for a couple of screaming seconds each. Nothing stayed stuck. Beautiful morning on the water!
  154. R

    Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

  155. R

    2/24 Lake MV

    Last cast using an old Mepps spinner. From fishing dock.
  156. R

    VIDEO - Bassin

    Edge of old kelp beds or deeper structure? Did you use whole or strips of squid?
  157. R

    12-2 WFO YFT on 312

    How far out is the 312? I don't see it on the maps I can find...
  158. R

    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    We used cannon ball type weight, 100' down which I'm told puts slow trolled dines approx 50'-75' deep. Usually -5mph.
  159. R

    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    Earlier in season yes, for BFT, and was very successful. Yesterday we did not and probably should have tried that too. I tried everything else to get that first school to go.
  160. R

    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    Earlier in season yes, for BFT, and was very successful. Yesterday we did not and probably should have tried that too. I tried everything else to get that first school to go.
  161. R

    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    Left MB at 530 with 1/2 scoop of nice chovies. That's all we were allowed. Ran out to 178 found parking lot. Boats with extra bait got schoolies of YFT. We didn't, so no go there. Ran further out, approx 181 area found porpoise. Got in front, chunked and threw out bait. Got 2 decent YFT...
  162. R


    Try the Lucky Craft 110 in the sardine color For me they out fished the various plastics 2 to 1. Many times I caught doubles too.
  163. R

    COASTAL Homeguard Hunting 11-5-15

    Off the Domes? How deep? Fly-lined or dropper loop?
  164. R

    DP harbor YT

    It did go towards the docks, that's the point I had to sit down and paddle back out some.
  165. R

    DP harbor YT

    I did. Tagged at Catalina Island 2 months before. Almost doubled its size in that time. I get a cool new yellow t shirt for the data.
  166. R

    DP harbor YT

    My tech team came home and helped me load the pictures . Ha! That's my loaner Costco 10'6" soft top I keep for friends to borrow. My normal Paddleboard is a 12' SUP attix cruiser.
  167. R

    DP harbor YT

    First post. Fished DP harbor this morning. We got as many Bonita and cuda as we wanted. Mostly around the bait barge. On way in to Baby Beach, got a small YT(approx 5#) trolling a chovie colored surface minnow Rapala. 1st YT for me on the board. Very fun! Not tech savy, so not sure how to...