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    Found at Doheny 5-22-20

    I found a set of kayak wheels this morning at Doheny parking lot. PM me if you think they might be yours Rick
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    Fun couple days at DP

    Had a better than average couple of days front of Doheny state beach. 2/12 caught 8 bass in under 2 hours on the water. Pics are the 2 biggest. 2/14 finally caught a legal halibut.
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    Fisherman 111 9/23

    We did our annual church trip on this boat and cannot say enough good things about it! We took 19 with us and only 5 of us had ever caught a tuna before. So that being said, with excellent help and great coaching we were able land 54 skippies and 15 yft. Skippies were bigger than the yft(avg...
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    la jolla 8/8/2019

    Great morning on the water! Lots of bait up on top, easy to make macks under them. Saw a nice big YT on stringer of kelp that didn't want the flylined mack i was dragging. Saw a lot of big rays swimming around all day. Even came and hung out for approx 1 hr as I was drifting and casting...
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    La Jolla-Del Mar 8/30

    Left MB at 530 with decent bait. Trolled Rapalas 70-80' deep Water was 70 at 7am Found very fun Bonito boil. Wide open for an hour. I used smaller jigs(mega bait type) Kept on heading north. Found some boats spread out front of Del Mar trolling. 120-160' water Water temp was 71-72 Slow pick...
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    Let me start by saying I take no credit as yesterday was first time trying the Kite/yummy combo. Saturday got to go on my old neighbor Daniel Boat. Kid is a fish killer! We had almost the same story as everyone else, except we saw tuna breaking at approx 230pm at the 230 spot(no pun intended)...
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    LJ 6-14

    None catch report, although great sign. Only found Spanish macks in the right size. All greenbacks where Bonita size. Slow trolled from 830-1pm. Saw lots of breezing YT. Which kept things exciting. Saw the YT at all depths we fished, from 40' to 400' deep. Saw 2 mola's. Got bit off 3xs by...
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    SCI on Fury 6/3

    Can't say enough good things about this boat, captain and crew. We left Friday night, got great bait(5-8" sardines) made the trip out to SCI in a little rougher than expected seas. Made some squid. Started fishing the back side covers for YT or WSB. No takers. Headed off a little to fill bags...
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    3 Arch to Seal Rock 5/22

    Had a real nice morning. Launch DP at 6. 1/2 scoop nice sardines. Lasted all morning. Water started at 62. Got up to 65 by 1pm. Started good with easy to make Macks at Red buoy. Headed up to 3 Arch. Only got 1 calico. Next off Creek. Only one small cuda. Headed down to Seal Rock. Picked...
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    Thresher at CC

    5/19 1st confirmed thresher battle on my SUP. Easy to make bait, both on sabiki and small flat fall. Was trying for YT or WSB. Slow trolled. Lots of dolphins fishing in our areas. Paddle around in deeper water. Short battle after 2 times out of the water. Tail was at least 6' long. Had no...
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    Fun in NB harbor

    Due to wind and waves fished NB harbor. Catching more than fishing this morning. And met a fellow SUP fisherman James! All cuda and smaller SP minnow. Bigger grade today than last year. 1 was almost 3'! Fun.
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    Beautiful on the water 3/9

    Crystal cove again. Got a nice mix of Calico/sandies/barracuda and bait. Couple of pix of my buddy. Most fish where caught near bottom of kelp. Probably 10 bass and 10 more other fish.
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    Crystal Cove 2/15

    Foggy and a little chilly in the morning. Sun came out around 1030. Goal was to make bait and get a halibut. Made bait(smelt, lizard fish and 1 greenback) Didn't succeed in catching a halibutl, but did catch a handful of small-medium calicos on hardbaits. Small waves made for easy launch and...
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    Crystal Cove 2/1

    Beautiful morning on the water. 2 nice calico(1-3#) and 1 lizard fish in deep water. Had 2 halibuts follow all the way up to the board. Most fish were in the the shallow water. 10-20'. Water was pretty clear.
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    We did the miles-DP 9/26

    We left DP at 5am with great scoop of sardines and approx. 30 macks we made right outside harbor. Ran to 289. Found birds and small YFT. Tried everything. Couldn't get them to go. Ran to 81 off of SCI. 20 some boats. Saw only 1 hookup. Fished 2 hours. Ran down to 181. Nothing. Started...
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    At Last SCI

    finally caught 2 BFT today with the fleet. 1 flylined, 1 on kite. Both on macks made right outside DP harbor.
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    Tabletop Reef-Solana beach

    Good morning fishing off of solana beach today. Made bait immediately while fighting first calico. Trolled to outside kelp. Caught a couple of each. Bass Bonita cuda. On way in caught a big calico on the flylined mackerel!! Approx 24". Picture taken from phone, sorry not better.
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    San Mateo Pt-SC

    Launched off of San Clemente State Beach this morning. Great conditions. Made awesome bait within 15 mins(4-5" mini macs). Unforetunately that's all I caught, except for a cormorant on the way in. Paddled all the way to the outside kelp off the point. Wind picked up early, made for a longer...
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    Crytstal Cove 8/8/16

    Fished all over today. Easy to make bait. Not the most productive day. 7 bonito/1Calico plus bait(greenbacks). The Nautilus out of NB showed up around 10am. We hoped the extra bait in the wait would help kick off a good bite. No such luck. Still a great morning on the water.
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    La Jolla 6/2

    Sorry for late report... Bait was tough to find, I think I only got 5 mixed types. Slow morning. Finally had Dolphins and birds go crazy inside of us. My buddy(we fished tandem on kayak) got this one away from seals on mint/white surface iron. Finally, it was my 7th time at LJ this season.
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    2/24 Lake MV

    Last cast using an old Mepps spinner. From fishing dock.
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    178-181. Sunday 11/22

    Left MB at 530 with 1/2 scoop of nice chovies. That's all we were allowed. Ran out to 178 found parking lot. Boats with extra bait got schoolies of YFT. We didn't, so no go there. Ran further out, approx 181 area found porpoise. Got in front, chunked and threw out bait. Got 2 decent YFT...
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    DP harbor YT

    First post. Fished DP harbor this morning. We got as many Bonita and cuda as we wanted. Mostly around the bait barge. On way in to Baby Beach, got a small YT(approx 5#) trolling a chovie colored surface minnow Rapala. 1st YT for me on the board. Very fun! Not tech savy, so not sure how to...