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  1. Hij

    live/frozen bait!?

    You can go to Pacific Ocean Producers on Nimitz Highway and they have frozen bait. I think that Garden Isle Produce sells some good frozen Palu (Chum) too.
  2. Hij

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Wow!?? Where did all the ahi go? Did they just stop biting?
  3. Hij

    Lucky Ahi Kaneohe side

    Congrats on your ahi!! Ahi on the boat before 9am! Thats an awesome day!!
  4. Hij

    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Nice catch!! Kaneohe water is rough!! But catching fish makes it all worth it!! Congrats to you can Captain Ron!
  5. Hij

    Got lucky yesterday in Haleiwa "broke a little cold streak" lol

    Congrats on your nice ahi and braving the winds! Sea wasn't too happy out there!
  6. Hij

    The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

    Good going Pat!! Han Solo and multiple strikes = guy in top shape!! Thought on a whale was chomping on your fish!! That would foreals be an "Oh chit!!"
  7. Hij

    Got Lucky 6-2516

    Congrats Ron and crew on an awesome day fishing!!
  8. Hij


    Nice catch as always Pat! Good luck in the tournament tomorrow!
  9. Hij

    First Tuna for 2016

    Right in Todd! Congrats on a toad!!
  10. Hij

    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Congrats Noa and crew on your Ahi! What a great day to have so much action and top it off with an Ahi just outside the harbor!! Friend going be stoked with all the fish for the party now!
  11. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thank you!
  12. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Todd!!
  13. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Mike!! Just got lucky to find the fish!!
  14. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Travis!! My brother always tells me how great you guys do fishing too! I think you must teach him a lot! Thank you! How's the boat coming along?
  15. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thank you Mike!
  16. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thank you Jimmy!!
  17. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thank you Spencer!! Congrats again on your awesome day too!
  18. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Russ!
  19. Hij

    Got Really Lucky!! Wed. 25th May Biggest one so far for the season

    Congrats on your monster Ahi!! Way to stick it out! Hope you get many more this season!
  20. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Russell! Good luck tomorrow. They still biting good! My friend got one right out of the harbor!! Launched at 7am and had the fish in the boat at 8am! 179lb G&G!!
  21. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Laurance! Hope you can make it out here soon! Shucks on the trip being cancelled!
  22. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Steven! I guess one out of a hundred times those birds produce! Haha!
  23. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Steve! When they do, they bite really good! Good luck when they come your way!
  24. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Justin!! Same to you! Hope many more for all of us!
  25. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Chris! Go getup this week!
  26. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Donald!
  27. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Kalani! How's the Ahi fishing on Maui?
  28. Hij

    Best day yet!

    Thanks Pat! You must be busy working or you'd be out there too! Thanks for being the life line of this site!
  29. Hij

    Best day yet!

    On Sunday, we went out to try our luck for the Ahi that have been biting on the westside. We left Campbell boat harbor at 5:30am and headed out to the 1000 where I heard boats were picking up Ahi. We ran from Kahe to the Pocket to the pinnacle, but nothing!! People told me the bite was very...
  30. Hij

    OFF Shore Wind Farms- Stay informed

    1. I don't understand the need for windmill energy when HECO won't allow more Solar power onto the grid? Solar is non intrusive, doesn't affect the environment, saves people $ and is cost effective, but HECO's willing to accept Wind energy to the grid? These massive eye sores? 2. The areas...
  31. Hij

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Trolling drop off, none of the ahi made temp. Heard the high price for ahi was only $2/lb. I picked mines up. Long line boats trying to beat the storm in so they all coming in early. lots of fish at the block.
  32. Hij

    Oahu Block Stuff.

    Heard the quality of the longline fish my not be so good so the trollers been getting good $ for their fish. Take care of your fish = better $$. On Monday someone got $4.90/lb for their Marlin and another guy got $2.90/lb for their ahi.
  33. Hij

    The B and C teams, a pricy addiction and the Christmas lure tree of memories

    That's so funny! Want a good idea to do with all the lures we have and never use! :D
  34. Hij

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Haha! Your boats looking good. I don't know how you know so much about rebuilding boats but looks like you could do it full time! Yup, pretty soon I will have a boat again. So sad I'm missing out on all this nice weather! Hope you got out and go into some action!
  35. Hij

    Alii Kai 17 Rebuild

    Good job Travis! Looking good! Didn't know you were doing this to your boat? Thought you were catching all that fish my brother tells me about was on your boat.
  36. Hij

    1989 17ft Alii Kai for sale

    Could you let me know how much your asking for your boat. Thanks.
  37. Hij

    Come on gang holoholo....

    Nice catch. Glad see someone catching fish!
  38. Hij

    Ahi out of Kaneohe

    Nice Ahi! Small boats catch big fish too! ☺️
  39. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Sorry boat sold a while ago.
  40. Hij

    ahi fever

    It's on. Heard it was June 14-15! Think that's Father's Day weekend.
  41. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Thanks Heeman5! Been fun but still trying to figure it out.
  42. Hij

    Shimano Saragossa SW 20000

    I have two brand new Shimano Saragossa Reels SW 20000. Selling for $365each. Let me know! Everyone seems to be out of stock. Awesome reels for Jigging, Live bait and bottom fishing!
  43. Hij


    Sorry to hear about your boat Steven! That sucks. Got a phone call about your post and was told to empty out my boat. Then tonight at 11:30pm I get a call from my mom and she told me someone was by my boat! WTF! I tell you what is this island coming to?! We work so hard to maintain our stuff...
  44. Hij

    A Makaira for the Maikara 9-3-13

    Good one Pat and Nerlie! never a dull moment on the Kai"nana!
  45. Hij

    Three for Three

    Nice catch and great crew! Dam you guys party hard the night before and go fishing the next day seems to be a winner recipe for catching Ahi! Gotta be the second or third time you done this! Congrats on another awesome catch!
  46. Hij

    Another Marlin 8/31

    Right on Brent and Roanna! Nice Marlin! Keep up the awesome team work! How did you get the camera so high up there?
  47. Hij

    Monday to Sunday 8-18-13

    Good going Pat and Nerlie! We went out and went the wrong way after reading this. Felt like we went half way to Kauai and found nothing but the Piolt Whales! Congrat on the another great catch!
  48. Hij

    Double Marlin

    Work was a bit slow and I heard the fish were biting so went to see what we could find on Thursday. Found a crew and it was game on! My little cousin was still on Summer break so he got to come fishing with us. Michael is 9 and he's gone fishing on my 14" Livingston before for aku and kona...
  49. Hij

    Bad Dad Tournament

    Good Luck to all that entered! Be safe and hope you catch the big one!
  50. Hij

    Fishing solo, good, bad and Ahi

    Nice catch and that's good you found the fish all three days! That's a lot of work a coordination to be doing everything yourself! Be careful and good luck on your next adventure!
  51. Hij

    8-12-13 Late Post Lots of Pics

    Good going Nick and crew! Nice pictures as usual! Can't wait to see your next episode!
  52. Hij

    welcome back.. Kaneohe luck!!

    Nice first trip back! Glad it was worth the trip! Still have to venture out that way. That's what peeps been telling me, all you have to do is find one rubbish and you can catch a lot. Good going! Hope to read more of your posts!
  53. Hij

    Where are the fish?

    Hey Chuck, didn't see you out there but we ran the 1000 in the morning from Barbers to Kaena then ran to 40 back to barbers and not one knock down! Haha! Had lots of bait and birds but no bites.
  54. Hij

    Where are the fish?

    We went out all day and not even a knock down. Saw lots of boats going all over but nobody stopped. There are signs of fish but nothing biting. I think next weekend is going to be a good one. Be careful out there if you go Kaneohe. Its nothing like Waianae. Had a boat capsize on Friday. Just...
  55. Hij

    Where are the fish?

    Bring your lucky rabbits foot, tea leafs and green frog and go where everyone else isn't. The fish seem to hit or miss all over. It's really, you just gotta be lucky. Good lucky and I'll be out there doing the same.
  56. Hij

    Waianae 8-3-2013

    Good going on a beast! Sometimes going in the opposite direction pays off and you are all by yourself!
  57. Hij

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    Nice one G! Good going too bad about the other two. Hope the fix on the boat is fast and easy! That was a breast!
  58. Hij

    8/3 Waianae

    Thats a big boy and he knew how to mess things up good! Sorry to hear about the lost lure and damaged leaders. At least you got um into the boat! Smoke Marlin is so ono, just a lot of work handling a big fish like that! Congrats on another great day fishing.
  59. Hij


    Thats the way to make the most of your "Day Off" I hope every "Day Off" you get, the results are the same! Nice Ahi!
  60. Hij

    8/4 Waianae

    Nice Marlin! Lots of smoke marlin to come! Congrats on a great catch and nice looking lure!
  61. Hij

    Calm before the storm

    Thanks Pat! Switched to power head after seeing the fish kind of deep yet. Couldn't gaff way down. Was kind of nevous too once I saw the sickles. Trying not to panic. If you had watched the entire video it was funny because there is so much wasted time running back and forth. Gotta watch and...
  62. Hij

    Calm before the storm

    Thanks Chuck! Congrats on your big boy too! I think I fixed the video. Thanks Kalani, yup still tinkering with it, but its great to finally be doing more catching then boat riding. Thanks Brian. Was calling you on Sunday, but forgot you were on escort duty. Thanks Grander007. The storm...
  63. Hij

    7-28-13 Impersonator II

    Good going Pat and Robert on getting another impersonator! Kudos on being in top shape. I got worked this weekend on one fish and had to switch off! You guys are awesome.
  64. Hij

    Calm before the storm

    Weather reports were calling for bad weather but I figured there would an opening before the storm came where the ocean would be nice. Jessica (my wife) and Jason Luke. small crew for me usually got four guys, we headed out at 6am and got to the 1000 around 6:30. We started trolling and didn't...
  65. Hij

    Waianae 28 July - Tuna Report

    Congrats on your fatty! I think I saw you at the public storage in Kapolei after fishing! Nice boat!:rolleyes:
  66. Hij

    Last fish on the small boat

    Good job charging! You gotta make the most of what you had and did great! Now go that bigger boat and catch big fish in comfort. I had the same boat and did great and now I have a big boat and just gotta figure it out and fine tune things. Good luck! Hope to see more fish pictures soon!
  67. Hij

    OMG Ono

    Great you guys are back not the water! Congrats on your huge Ono! What kind of motor do you have? Merc? My manager had a Merc and had just a hard time with his motor. Hope all is running great now and many more fish to come!
  68. Hij

    AHI 7.22.13

    The Gaji Ahi killing crew! Great video and especially on the catches. Saw your other videos on You Tube! What to go guys! What kind of boat is that? Keep up the great fishing!
  69. Hij

    7-22-13 Attitude is everything!!!

    Dam Pat! Way to go to find the fish and get a bite when everyone else using bait. Too bad about the end result. Must have been good size too! Go gettum next time out!
  70. Hij

    Very Lucky!

    Way to keep the streak alive! The new boat is doing awesome! Congrat G!
  71. Hij

    Another ono saves the day!

    Way to go Paris, Show dad where the fish are! I have to get me an auto pilot like Paris! Good Ono run the past two trips. Sorry about the Ahi playing hide and seek right now. We heading out tomorrow. Hope we get some Ono's too.
  72. Hij

    looking for hawaii fishing regulations

    Regulated Fishing Areas on Hawai`i Hi Randy, can check this site out. Hope this helps. If the people get there way might not have any fishing on the Big Island. Slowing limiting the type of fishing and locations. Sad.
  73. Hij

    Can I come?

    Thanks Darren! I think she likes catching better than fishing! Thanks Jimmy. Looks like you guys had a good Sunday too. Congrats on your fish too. This is the second Morris lure to get whacked! Thanks Brian, sorry the fish never hang around long enough for you to get one too. Thanks for the...
  74. Hij

    Can I come?

    “Can I come if there’s room for me?” was what my wife asked me. She has been on the boat a few times and we never caught anything. She thought she was the jinx on the boat. I told her there’s always room for you! Our initial plans were to go out east, but heard there...
  75. Hij

    Lucky Trips

    Nice catches Garrett! While you were out of country, I thought you were missing out on the bite, but I think you came back and killed it! Awesome! Boat is an Ahi slayer for sure!
  76. Hij

    7/11/13 Tuna

    Nice Ahi and lucky to get it on board with all the obstacles. Wasn't sure if that was you next to us first thing in the morning at the harbor. Glad to see you found the fish we went all day with no knock downs but heard guys were still picking them up. We only found the Otaru. Corwin guys been...
  77. Hij

    Fishing Report July 8, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii

    Looks like you had a great month!
  78. Hij

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Tournament

    I heard it like 73 boats now! Good luck and I hope the action is non stop!
  79. Hij

    BoatUS Tow Insurance Experiance. Please Read.

    Got lots of great guys out there that are willing to assist! We get the "Aloha Spirit" too bad that the company couldn't assist when this island is so small and a boat can be towed to any port with in an hour! Thanks for sharing and Thanks to Tombo for Assisting! Great Karma on that boat!
  80. Hij

    Mission Impossible

    Thanks Pat, had to stick to the plan or else get grounded! Still gotta hook a fish in the dark like you. Always wondered how it would be hooking a fish at 5am! Thanks Mike, I think we been super lucky with the fish and friends. We wouldn't be hooking fish like this hadn't it been for friends...
  81. Hij

    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    Right on Russell and Jonah! What a morning with all the chaos! Glad you guys got the third one! Funny how the bite is so early and then nothing! I heard there's a bite in the late afternoon, but no sense stay out all that time when you can go home early, clean up and relax! Hope you keep the...
  82. Hij

    Back to the Important stuff

    Congrats Garrett! Finally back on the water! No doubt on what to run with all your magical lures! Got on on Thursday with your fish head lure! Thanks! Hope to see you out there more!
  83. Hij

    7-8-13 Dark Side of the Moon.

    Awesome day Pat! Gotta change your name to Superman! Those were some big fish and there was no rest between fish! I would have been dead on the deck after the first fish! What a day! What was your personal best day of Ahi? This one must be up there. Congrats!
  84. Hij


    Brian is smiling above and I'm sure there was a high five in there for him too! Nothing like a fish print to remind you of a great friend and a fish in his honor!
  85. Hij

    7/7 Waianae - Marlin

    Nice one Brent! Must have been an awesome fight with the reel screaming! Ahi coming next! Prints going to look awesome on the wall! Congrats to you and Dad!
  86. Hij

    Mission Impossible

    The Mission: Go fish, catch an Ahi and be in by 9am. The Plan: Meet at my house at 3am and head out to the buoy and be in the area before 5:30am. If no joy, start heading in by 8am to be in the harbor by 9am. I wasn't going to fish on Sunday due to a Baby Shower at 11:30 at Koolina. My...
  87. Hij

    7/6 Kane'ohe Ahi!

    Congrats on your first of the season! Water looks super nice for the east side! Great action all day!
  88. Hij

    Paying my dues and why it would be nice to have a (big) two speed reel

    Chee Hoo! Right on Randy! Well deserved! Been looking for your posts for a while since I got the new boat and missed your post! I had Senators too. Its great to have a Marc to hand line the fish. ( The old school two-speed! ) I wish you many more this season! Hope you son gets to go with...
  89. Hij

    King Kong finally got off the boat

    Congrats Steven on the first of many! Hope you used up all those rubber hooks! Now you can get down to some business with those Ahi!
  90. Hij

    Waianae 7/8 - marlin

    Great crew! especially the good food part! Haha! That cool that he girls could handle and knew what to do with such a big fish! The Ahi is going to get it the next time the girls get out!
  91. Hij

    2 Months of Envying

    great story! nice boat and fish! Hope you get the pass again soon so you can get in on the Ahi bite!
  92. Hij

    Super late report: 7/1

    Double the fun! That's awesome get to go out and catch two with your uncle. Nice catch! Hope your boats going to be ready soon.
  93. Hij

    Ahi 1 - Rookie 0. Friday 7-5

    Hi Ron, sorry to hear about your Ahi. I usually run the boat at 3-4 knots all the way till we leader. That way the fish can't do circles and is usually worn out by the time we get it to gaff. I know lots of people go dead in the water and lift the leg. I guess everyone has their own techniques...
  94. Hij

    4th of July Fireworks!

    After getting poked in the eye at least four times last Sunday, we tried again on Independence Day. Heard the fish were biting and thanks to Justin and Jaren, I knew where to start looking. They had caught 4 Ahi in two days up north! Good going guys! Headed out to the 1000 outside Haleiwa at...
  95. Hij

    Bloody Deck....Really 6/29

    Now that's a bloody deck! Looks like the fish exploded! Haha! Sorry about the leg, hope its nothing serious. Good Karma for good deeds! Hope your repair doesn't take too long so you can get back into the water while the fish are here!
  96. Hij


    Congrats Pat on getting it in the boat! You been having some hard luck lately! Glad to see you got your mojo back! Sorry about the Marlin, but sometimes, don't you think the fish know what they are doing tangling all the lines! Go gettum again and keep the streak going!
  97. Hij

    Waianae 7/3 - Lucky ahi

    Nice Fatty! My friend caught one solo the same day early in the morning. That's a really hard thing to do! HE said he had to take a break during the fight and the adrenaline kicked in and then struggled to get the fish into the boat! That's some skills! Congrats on a great day!
  98. Hij

    Finally girlfriend is happy

    Nice catch! Definitely got a great fishing boat with three Ahi this season already! Glad your girlfriend got to fight her first one! That's a lot of work and for the two of you to get two Ahi's in one day! So happy for the both of you!
  99. Hij

    Blessed Wednesday

    Great day on the water! Just when you think your day is over.... Bam! What a great way to end the day! Congrats on your multiple fish day!
  100. Hij

    7/4/13 Ahi

    That's a hard call to lend out your boat. Glad everything went ok and they even landed a prized catch! Boat has great karma and just wait for the next time you take her out again!
  101. Hij

    Super Saturday

    Epic day and catch! Start the day off on the right foot and ended it cherry on top. That middle one looks huge! Go gettum again!
  102. Hij

    Waianae - Tuna Hunt 07/02/2013

    Awesome day guys. I know exactly what you mean about that feeling mid day with no strikes. That feeling is a downer, but way to keep the hopes up and it paid off! Hope nothing major is wrong with the boat Russell. Gonna try my luck at Haleiwa and hope to get some firework action on the boat!
  103. Hij

    Great Day!

    Epic day on the water and you got in early! Congrats on your dream catch!
  104. Hij

    6/29 WestSide Wander

    Great job on a nice fish! That Aku looks like it could have come out of the mouth of the ahi! Haha!
  105. Hij


    Dam! It's hard enough to just get the bite and then losing it next to the boat. I always wondered about the harpoon. I just started using a bang stick but it doesn't always knock the fish out right away some times it pisses of the fish. The gaff seems to be the best way to subdue a fish. Go get...
  106. Hij

    Tuna 1-1/8

    Way to go! I was out there Sunday and talking with Bree and then didn't hear from him the rest of the day. I guess he went way out. Heard he missed one. Glad you guys got one on Monday! Thats a big boy! Sorry about the second ahi, but at least got your lure back.
  107. Hij

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Awesome catch! I always wondered who Jonah fished with. I know him from diving. Lucky he has a great fisherman living next door and can go catch big fish! Congrats guys!
  108. Hij

    6-27-13 Slow Slow Day with Video

    Awesome video and catches nick! Keep the fish coming up, you guys know your stuff! I would definitely have to watch your shows should it ever make it to prime time!
  109. Hij

    eastside ah

    Cool video! Too bad about the second Ahi! Nice fish! Congrats!
  110. Hij

    On a Tuna Roll

    Hey Chris the tails of the fish get all buss up. If you put the nose facing back the fish doesn't get damaged at all. Kekoa, no footage. For some reason the camera shuts off after 10-15 minutes and we missed the best parts. Sucks. Gotta figure this GoPro out still.
  111. Hij

    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Congrats Pat and Nerlie on your quality time together! Nice fish and too bad about the other two. You alway manage to find the fish and fight them stand up. That amazes me. The fish are so strong. Hope you get to go out again during this good bite.
  112. Hij

    First Ahi Ever!

    Awesome story Jeff! I hope your GF gets to go out and catch the next one! That's monster first Ahi! Congrats! BTW what kind of boat do you have? Looks nice like a force?
  113. Hij

    On a Tuna Roll

    Thanks everybody. It's been a while since this post and the streak went dry. Ahi Fever for us was super slow with no strikes both days. Looks like the bite picked up again and I hope to get out there again soon. Just wanted to answer some questons on some responses. JimmyK - I got my Bang stick...
  114. Hij

    Waianae 22 June

    Congrats Chuck and Jeron! Nice fish! Persistence paid off!
  115. Hij

    6/16 WestSide Fun

    Hey Jesse, sounds like an awesome day! Too bad about the pole, but you landed the fish! It's always an great feeling when you take a friend fishing and you hook up! Memories of a lifetime!
  116. Hij

    0 for 2 with YFT

    That's awesome chad to get the hook ups. Too bad about losing them. I do something a little different and keep the boat in gear (4knots) the whole time and then the fish comes up right along side of the boat. Kind of tires them out and they pop out of the water and drag them to the side of the...
  117. Hij

    Sunday June 9 Waianae

    Double Marlin must be craziness! Reels peeling and fish jumping. Good job on landing the second one. Too bad about the first one, would have had lots of smokes marlin!
  118. Hij

    waianae sunday triple banger

    Cool! Nice fish! Glad someone found the fish yesterday. Heard the fish were all spread out across the 1000.
  119. Hij

    6-6-13 Lucky Again

    All right! Nice pictures Nick! That day was a little wet and rough. You got the boat rigged perfect with your cameras. Hope to see you out there again! Fun fishing with friends around. More exciting.
  120. Hij

    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Congrats Pat and John! Way to go! That's crazy how you can stand up fight the Ahi. Lots of fun but must be tiring.
  121. Hij

    doggshhh! but bettah lucky then good!

    That's nuts on a ski. That's a toad too! Congrats!
  122. Hij

    Waianae- 06/04/2013 Close but no cigar!

    Ah man Russell! Sorry to hear that. So frustrating. Hope you get them next time. At least everything else is working getting the fish to bite and getting them to the boat. That's the hard part. Go gettum next time.
  123. Hij

    Tuna, tuna,tuna

    Nice catch! So much fun and excitement!
  124. Hij

    On a Tuna Roll

    After going white wash for a while, we finally broke that streak and now have been on new Tuna Roll! We headed out on Thursday to the same spot we caught our Ahi on Sunday to find a bird pile with Ahi bustin out of the water! We take a pass and take a double knock down, but no screaming reels...
  125. Hij


    Thanks Mike, yes it is. It was so frustrating seeing other catching fish and your catching nothing. Thanks Ryan! Thanks Glenn, nice boat! :eyepoppin Thanks Dave! Thats gonna be soon. The bite was good, but the big surf is coming and might mess things up. I hope not though. Thanks...
  126. Hij


    Hi Trav, how's the fishing been. Chad was telling you been doing good with your boat. Hope to see you out there one day. Go gettum!
  127. Hij


    Thanks Pat for always posting and keeping us informed. Always looking for your posts.
  128. Hij


    Thanks Darren, how's the fishing been? Haven't seen you post in awhile. Hope the fishing been good.
  129. Hij


    Thanks Gary, I know what you mean! Just happy to catch something rather than go for a boat ride. - - - Updated - - - Thanks James!
  130. Hij


    After months of trying to figure out my new boat, we got the decks bloody with a Yellow guy! We entered the Hanapa'a Jackpot and white washed. Lots of fish came up but we didn't get any. Went out again Sunday and finally figured out the right trolling speed for my boat. I was getting white...
  131. Hij

    went looking for tuna

    Good going on the first one! You covered lots of area for that fish. Next trip no need go to far for your next one! Hint! Hint! :)
  132. Hij

    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Right on Nick! Boats been really good to you guys! Any more to come for sure! Gotta get me more scoop faces, been working super good or us. Congrats again!
  133. Hij

    Last few trips- Fish Shakas

    Fishing been slow, but you always do great. Sorry for case of the shakas! Hope you get your Ahi before you leave. Boat is going, but your always welcome to come with us till you leave.
  134. Hij

    The kids first time fishing!

    Start them young and they'll love it for life! They are the lucky charms! Nice Kawakawa!
  135. Hij


    So funny! Cool video and nice catch!
  136. Hij

    trip to oahu

    I would go with the Magic! He's an unreal fisherman! Checkout his Facebook page Magic Sport fishing. Just look at the pictures and then book a reservation! It's going to prime Ahi season when you come! Just my two cents...
  137. Hij

    New beginning's

    Nice one Brian, on the maiden voyage too! Ran out on Saturday and missed the bite. Paris must be anxious to go and get hers now!
  138. Hij

    Hanapa'a Shootout

    Anyone interested in entering the Hanapaa Shootout, the last day to enter is May 15th. This Wednesday! Really looking forward to seeing everyone's catches. I can't catch much fish, but can sure drink some beers!
  139. Hij


    Those people in there are really nice. I buy the ice and sometimes they don't have change and they say just come back later. Very trust worthy and they make some good sandwiches if you forget your lunch, like I did a few times! Things might cost a little more, but they only busy when the fish...
  140. Hij

    Auto Pilot Systems

    Thanks Leon. I was looking at the Simrads. What kind of GPS/plotters do you have? I have a Garmin 545 and a Furuno GP-7000F which is obsolete now. Just checking if the Simrad can interface with either one. Thank you!
  141. Hij

    Hanapa'a Shootout

    Anyone interested in a fun day of fishing a tournament? There's the Hanapa'a Shootout which is a winner takes all tournament. (CASH Prize) There's a lot of other prizes too! Penn 130VSW, Shimano 80W, Go Pro Sivler Camera, Custom Rod worth $875 and some other prizes. June 1st out of Keehi Boat...
  142. Hij

    Auto Pilot Systems

    Thanks Chuck, I do have Hydraulic steering so I may look into this system. Just hard to keep driving all day standing up, arms to short to steer and sit at the same time!
  143. Hij

    Appreciate input on choosing a small boat

    I just went through this whole boat buying process and got lucky with a used 21' Force. I had a 14' livingston and went really far out but had no storage for anything. Of all the boats I looked at, Currentline, Alii Kai, Glass Pro and the Hawaiian Hawk are great local boats. Windward boats...
  144. Hij

    Shipping an engine

    Young Brothers is good, we use them all the time here at Toyota. They leave once a week. There is another company called Pasha and its a covered vessel so your boat won't get all the salt water on it. They are also a little cheaper, only thing is they only ship twice a month. Either one is...
  145. Hij

    "Quatro de Mayo"

    Holy smokes! No kidding you got one on your next trip! Awesome! Wish I had the fish sense you got! Good going!
  146. Hij

    Late report: banks 4-28

    Nice catch! Do you have an auto pilot in your boat? Must be hard fighting fish and steering.
  147. Hij

    Hawaii Kai

    Wow nice catch!
  148. Hij

    Auto Pilot Systems

    Hi guys any recommendations on auto pilot systems? I have D3 Volvo Motor. Also are they easy to install? Thanks!
  149. Hij

    18' Force for Sale

    Awesome! Congrats to the new owner! Knew it wouldn't take long!
  150. Hij

    4-28 shake down.

    I was wondering where you went? Boat looks great and she never missed a beat. Can't wait to see your catches again. Beat your gonna get a yellow guy on your next run. Tight lines!
  151. Hij

    Rookie Report #2

    Nice catch Travis! Chad showed me your catch! Good job. I was out there too and didn't even get a knock down! Hope you get to go out soon! Good luck!
  152. Hij

    Beginners Luck, But Costly Mistake

    Nice Mahi! I've had the same thoughts about going alone and did on my small boat. Just don't feel the same. Glad nothing bad happened just a lost gaff. Hope your crew can go next time.
  153. Hij

    4/19 West Side

    Hey Nick, nice boat! Good going on the release, that must have been hard with a MAHI of that size. Your cup lure is awesome! We caught lots of mahi's with that lure and its crazy action! Hope to see you out there soon!
  154. Hij

    Nice Blue Marlin with no bill - 4-14-13

    Nice video! That's pretty nutz for a marlin that big to have no bill. Must have been scrapping with another marlin. Once there was a marlin caught on the big island that guys three pronged and they wondered what was wrong and found another marlins bill in its head! Crazy stiff.
  155. Hij

    Rookie Report 4/16/13

    Good going! Nice first fish. Plenty more to come!
  156. Hij


    Nice catch Pat. That's a great day in some rough water. I ended up not going Sunday because it was only me and the wifey and it was going to be a wet one.
  157. Hij


    Nice catch. The banks got some much birds but they are all over the place.
  158. Hij

    Awesome weekend!

    Awesome catches. Your lucky to have a great mentor and son who loves to fish! Good luck this weekend.
  159. Hij

    Hawaii Kai 4-04

    Nice Mahi Luke! Awesome family time together with some fishing action.
  160. Hij

    Fishing Report

    Nice catch! Congrats on the new lucky boat!
  161. Hij


    Here's a video of one of the doubles we had. It's a little long but I gotta learn how to edit these clips. 7 minutes long.
  162. Hij

    Do the dew!!!

    Nice looking lure! Man the possibilities of people with talent! I would out one sexy lady and the big boys going bite!
  163. Hij

    Mahi saves the day!

    Nice lures and catch! Always great to have the lucky charm with you! Weathers been ugly lately.
  164. Hij


    So we finally broke the one fish curse! We've been going out and managing to catch one good fish and then we're done. This past Sunday was no epic fishing day with strong winds, rain and bumpy seas. We made it out to the 1000 and was looking for birds. We made a pass by the buoy and got a...
  165. Hij

    Swweeeet trolling lures

    I usually run a 11/0 hook on my lures but noticed your hooks are small and tuck nicely under the skirts so the fish don't see them. It's also not as dangerous the double hook system I use because the non-engaged hook can cause some injuries if a fish is very active it catches you the right way...
  166. Hij

    Swweeeet trolling lures

    Nice lures. Just curious on how those jigging hooks do for you on the lures? Do you get better hook ups? Larger fish? Ahi, Marlin? Thanks
  167. Hij

    HK Penguin Banks 3-16

    Nice size Mahi! Looks like someone else is happy playing with your mahi. Did you see any bird piles out there? Just wonder because there just no signs of the fish right now other than small Aku's.
  168. Hij

    Long day!

    Sun comes up a little earlier nowadays and it felt like we got a late start on Sunday but we were on the water by 6:30am. Ran out to the 1000 where the swells were big and winds were blowing a little stronger than 5-10 mph forecasted. Ran into a bird pile and never get any knock downs. After a...
  169. Hij

    Certainly not catchin'. 3/15&17

    Too bad about the spear fish coming off. Seems like everyone on Sunday had the rubber hook syndrome! Guys at the point had lots of knock downs but never stick too. Hope you can get out there again soon.
  170. Hij


    Nice catch! Wouldn't believe the uku bit a lure trolling! Holy smokes, must have been hungry!
  171. Hij

    Finally Fishing

    Nice catch! Lots of those guys running around out there. Couldn't find the yellow guys all day yesterday too. Glad you back in the water.
  172. Hij

    Thank you Bloody Decks! Success on the Magic!

    Good day fishing! Lots of fun on the water and great company. In laws must have had big smiles when you showed up with the fish. Congrats!
  173. Hij

    Late Report 8MAR13

    Awesome day. Heard about the rubbish out there! Water looked way nicer than Saturday. That's super cool to tow those guys in.
  174. Hij

    Haleiwa 03/09

    That's what's so cool about fishermen is the aloha we all share. I got towed in before and thanked the guys and even tried to give them gas money and they just left! Nice catch too for the rough day. Coming back against the winds you guys must have took a pounding.
  175. Hij

    All Backwards

    Good going nice fish. Saw you putting gas in Wahiawa. Choke boats at the shark buoy but heard had no takers. You braved the weather all day that tough enough. Nice catch.
  176. Hij

    Bad weather

    Thanks guys. Today rained so hard could have used my boat to get to the expo. The left lane on the freeway was boat two feet deep! Hope you charger did t cancel. It was nice first thing in the morning. Went to the expo and just hung out and checked everything out. Awesome expo. Lots of great...
  177. Hij

    Bad weather

    Today wasn't the prettiest days to be on the water. North shore was rough and west side was nuts too. Leaving the harbor, there were 50lb Shibi's jumping all over the place but couldn't get any bites. We trolled the area and got a 30lb Ono. We missed two more strikes that were Ono's. came in...
  178. Hij


    Good going. How was the water out there today? North and west sides were buss!
  179. Hij

    Bro first Ahi!!!

    Good job. Water looks awesome!
  180. Hij

    Back fishing again!

    After not fishing for 4-5 months we were able to finally get out on the water again. I sold my Livingston and got a Force 21. Took me a while to rig the boat and my first trip out, I had engine problems and got towed in. Now we are back in business and our first trip out we got a 12-15 Mahi...
  181. Hij

    Has anyone braved the weather and fished Oahu?

    Looks like Pat and Mother Nature are in cahoots because the weather is going to turn really nice for him to go fish on the 8 just like he hoped! No wonder you catch so much fish! Haha!
  182. Hij


    Good going Pat! Seems like you always find the fish. Especially the Ahi. Great way to start off the New Years.
  183. Hij

    Diawa reels/Shimano Poles

    Nice set of poles and reels Caught lots of fish on this set up; Ahi, Shibi, Aku, Ono, and Mahi Diawa Saltist Reel LD30T two speed with 60lb mono and backed with spectra. Over 600 yards of Line. Price new: Reel $349 Line $50 Shimano Tallus Blue Water Series 6ft poles. Price new $129 Over...
  184. Hij

    Penn 80 vsw

    Could I come see them Sunday? Thanks.
  185. Hij

    Last Ahis of the Year

    Nice catch and cool to have qt and catch lots of fish! What a great way to end the year!
  186. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Thanks Jimmy! Started the New Years of right and just sold it! Now I can concentrate on prepping my new boat!
  187. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Hey James, sits well with the 40hp. Some guys even have a 50hp on the boat. Lots of power to get me anywhere and always good to have the extra power for going in and out of the harbor on those big swell days.
  188. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Thanks guys! Yup, got me a 21' Force! Had it for a week and I'm missing out on the bite right now but thinking of naming my boat Patience because I gotta learn some! Haha! Should be in the water in February sometime. Hope get some fish out there for me to catch by that time.
  189. Hij

    14ft Livingston

    Hi guys selling my boat. Upgraded and got me a bigger one! 40hp e-tec motor Still under warranty Burns low gas Two gallons oil Two 6 gallon gas tanks Forward center console Two shotguns 200ft anchor line Ez loader trailer Garmin 300 fish finder Two bilges and one extra for a bait well Asking...
  190. Hij

    12-24-12 Last Minute shopping...

    Nice catch! Both on the Ahi, but most of all on your wifey who loves to fish!
  191. Hij

    Marlin lure..

    Nice lure! If a marlin doesn't take it I think any Oregon Duck fan would bite that in an instant! Good luck!
  192. Hij

    Tako Poke

    You can try one of two ways. If you having a BBQ then just through it on the grill and cook it till you can poke it through the neck easily. If you don't want the smoked taste, then throw it into a pot with no water on the lowest setting on the stove and slow cook it. Keep flipping it every 15...
  193. Hij

    Tako Poke

    You can try one of two ways. If you having a BBQ then just through it on the grill and cook it till you can poke it through the neck easily. If you don't want the smoked taste, then throw it into a pot with no water on the lowest setting on the stove and slow cook it. Keep flipping it every 15...
  194. Hij

    Where'd the fish go?

    Hey Randy, hope you find the fish soon. I haven't been able to go for a while. The reports have been few and far in between. I be out there next week I hope. There's a fishing tournament next week for feeding the homeless and the Mike Sakamoto Foundation.
  195. Hij

    Lucky Fakas....

    Nice haul! I guess the fish are around!
  196. Hij

    Waianae 8/24/12

    Nice catch Randy! Like this guy told me, if you can catch Ono's then you can catch Ahi! They bite the same lures.
  197. Hij

    Oh no! Dejavu all over again...

    Good going on the Ono. That's a fish we always try to catch on our way in and just can find them. That's a really great eating fish too. About the aku's, we used the King Buster on the small ones and the 5" on the larger ones. Smaller leader is better for the Aku's. They get finiky sometimes...
  198. Hij

    Close but no cigar

    Thanks guys, good day fishing other than that. Should have used my radio to warn the captain or the other boat, but don't know which channel people are on. We'll go gettum again in a few weeks if the fish is still around.
  199. Hij

    People who run over lines/other boating issues

    Someone told me to let out my anchor line as I cross him again and hope he runs into that! Haha! But yes, Fishing is supposed to be fun everyone and anyone can chase the birds, but be courteous. I turn just to let others through if our paths are crossing and we still get into the pile...
  200. Hij

    Almost AHI!

    Nice catch Brian! Was wondering where you went. Saw you fish bag on FB. North been really productive. See you had your lucky charm with you!
  201. Hij

    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    Nice catch Pat especially hansolo! I'd be gassed after the first one! Congrats a great day!
  202. Hij

    Close but no cigar

    Heard about the bite and was excited to get out there today. Heard the same thing as Pat and Randy and headed straight out for the Otaru school and got lucky first thing in the morning with nice one about 15lbs. Then back up chasing the birds and get right along side the bird pile and next...
  203. Hij

    Waianae 8/10/12

    Nice catch Randy! Getting very consistent! That's awesome! Winds supposed to come down soon. I hope!
  204. Hij

    Waianae 8/5/12

    Nice catch Randy! Those are some good eats! I couldn't find anything it there yesterday. Next week should be good to get those monkeys off you back! Good luck!
  205. Hij

    Fishing Maui - ono, mahi

    Awesome day fishing and way to hang in there Alden. Sea sickness sucks and can be the worst feeling ever! I know, I get sick everytime I get into the water whether it's rough or not! Thank you for the great post and hope you back in Maui fishing again soon!
  206. Hij


    Thanks everyone for the compliments. Still pretty stoked and cant wait to go out again. We just finished cutting the fish. Took us three hours! Lots of fish for everyone! Sad to say the back quarter of the fish was burnt. Any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening again? We put...
  207. Hij


    Well, we finally did it! After losing two at the boat on different occasions due to inexperience, the donkey is off our back! We went out two other times after losing the two Ahi and came in with nothing thinking it was just beginners luck. Yesterday was our day, the seas were rough and we have...
  208. Hij

    Summer Fun in Waianae

    What a great summer you having! And there still more summer fishing to do! Congrats on the big fish!
  209. Hij

    7/27/12 Made it to Waianae today

    Awesome guys! No matter where you go, you still hook up! Go gettum again!
  210. Hij

    jetski ahi 7.15.12

    Nice! Congrats on a nice fish. Pretty exciting day seeing the fish jumping and then screaming the reel.
  211. Hij

    1st Report

    Awesome day! Lots of action and blood on the deck! Good luck Sunday!
  212. Hij

    The Ohana trip

    Good going! Always a plus when the family can join in on the fun and catch some ono fish! Congrats on a great day!
  213. Hij

    Deja Vu

    No fish for me yesterday. I tried a new area instead of sticking to what I knew and ended the day with a small Aku. Other boats were hooking up and I missed it, right where I got my bites! The winds got kind of strong by mid morning and the little boat was getting pounded. This weekend looks...
  214. Hij

    First marlin for Krystana C

    Congrats Jimmy! Way to go. That's a lot of fish. Was talking to terry when you called him the day you caught this marlin. He was showing me how to tie knots! Haha!
  215. Hij

    Deja Vu

    Thanks Ernie! Gonna give it a try Thursday! Third times a charm!
  216. Hij

    Sunday Come Back Fish 7/15

    Nice catch Garrett! We will be out tree tomorrow! When your next trip? Heard you was out there for a while the other day.
  217. Hij

    Mahalo all

    Nice one rocket! Congrats on your first one and off a kayak!
  218. Hij

    Deja Vu

    Hey Deo, Were you out there this past Sunday? I think I saw a 17 whaler with two guys and no outriggers heading in past us around 9am in the 500's. I run my poles off two shotguns mounted to deck. My side walls too thin to drill holes and mount pole holders. I seen other small Livingstons...
  219. Hij

    Word got Out

    Nice fish!
  220. Hij

    Deja Vu

    Thanks guys! Getting there. So jealous seeing all the Ahi's coming up. I'm only running two poles, so gotta get everything perfect. The next one is coming into the boat! Gotta get one soon before the school moves out and they will be out of range for the 12 gallons of gas. Not going to lie, we...
  221. Hij

    Deja Vu

    Day two in the chase of an Ahi was another learning experience. We started the day out exactly as Friday 13th. Hooked two akus in the bird pile and then ran into the same school of Ahi and lost it due to a bad swivel knot! Line came back curly tailed! This Ahi didn't fight like a normal one...
  222. Hij

    Summer Ahi-Yesterday was Epic!

    Nice catch! So much action out there right now. Gotta go when you can and make the most out of it! Awesome!
  223. Hij

    Friday 13th

    Thanks guys! Yup, working today but for sure out there again tomorrow! go gettum! Heard there's a tournament out west side, hope the fish biting!
  224. Hij

    Friday 13th

    <SPAN style="LINE-HEIGHT: 115%; FONT-SIZE: 12pt"><FONT face=Calibri>This is my first post of my fishing adventures! I never really posted anything on BD because I never caught anything worth writing about. I normally spear fish, but always had a knack for trolling. I fish in a 14ft Livingston...
  225. Hij

    No tuna's yet!

    Nice catch Brian. Better than no action. We went out Sunday and never even got a hit. The boats outside of us had all the action but we stayed on the 1000 cause it was a liitle bumpy out there.
  226. Hij

    Got lucky yesterday.

    Good going! Nice fish. Glad you had some time to fish!
  227. Hij

    Good Luck To Everyone In Ahi Fever 2012

    Tammy Y having a great day! Congrats guys!
  228. Hij

    Mercury Motors

    Thanks for the info. I think I will look at Suzuki or Yamaha. I have an etch and that's why I gotta change. Main problem with that motor is the high pressure fuel pump/separator. If the fuel runs dry in the motor for any reason, the blatter will rupture and the motor can't be restarted. I've...
  229. Hij

    Mercury Motors

    What your opinion on these motors? I noticed lots of boats come with Mercury Motors, but then I hear horror stories about servicing and diagnostics. I'm looking to buy a new boat , but don't want to be stuck with a motor nobody works on. Thanks for your input!
  230. Hij

    east side 5/14

    Nice catch Garrett! Thanks for helping out my parents too!
  231. Hij

    Hawaii Ocean Expo 2012

    Good Event. Russ does a good job and lots of good deals. Boats, equipment and food. Try also have a weigh in for a shoreline fishing tournament.
  232. Hij

    all smiles

    Great day Mr. Chang! I hear lots of fish out there right now. My motor broke too and I gotta get it fixed. Guess I going miss out on this bite! Go gettum again with your lucky crew!
  233. Hij

    Barbers Point 07-31-11

    Good job on the Otaru. We missed one ono todat and that was it. My friend caught one Ahi outside R Byou today in the blind.