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    Tony Pena 1948-2019

    The memorial service for Tony Pena will be at: St. Mary's Catholic Church February 16, 2019, at 10am. 426 E. 7th Street National City, CA 91950 619-474-1501 Thank you for your sincere condolences. All your comments and pictures and stories have lifted ALL of our hearts. Thank you. Tony was a...
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    Tony Pena 1948-2019

    Ahoy Mates, It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the sudden and unexpected passing of Tony Pena. He was a most amazing, talented, and good friend to so many. Tony enjoyed being behind the camera. It is for that reason, I would like to make this personal request of his fishing...
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    Surf fishing Costa Rica (Quepos)?

    If those clams are important for shore fishing but hard to get I would ask around-maybe some restaurants and seafood markets have plenty of fresh ones for purchase. Or buy some from the guy who told you about them. What ever works.
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    Surf fishing Costa Rica (Quepos)?

    For the time you have available I would rent a panga or small cc with a bait tank and hit the roosters, pargo and snook. Make sure there is shade for the girls but if they don't want to go it's been my experience to give them a pool day off with mom. Not everyone is ready for hot weather...
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    Looking for a Panama Charter

    Info emailed.
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    Looking for a Panama Charter

    Al, send me an email at: [email protected] and I'll provide you with a list of lodges/charter boats. As a writer/photographer I've fished Panama over 50 times.
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    Cuban fishermen on the Malecon

    Assume you mean the old Malecon in Havana. They use a lot of old spinning gear and hand lines so they would appreciate Sabicki-type bait catching rigs (they love eating "bait" such as scads, blue runners, sardines, etc.) as well as spoons and feather jigs. Small spools of line, hooks and sinkers...
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    Bali , Indonesia fishing report

    That type of trip is always adventurous even if not real productive. Did you try popping the mahi?
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    Fishing help San Juan Del Sur, Nica

    Gabriel's newest website is Email: [email protected] Call from the U.S. @ 011-505-8884-8444 (He speaks fluent English, U.S. educated). Good luck. NOTE: Looks like he no longer has a website.
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    Cook Islands Fishing

    Greg, although you may hook some big fish around the reef most of them will average less than 15 lbs. so your wife could surely handle those. She would love the colorful variety as well. You can catch tuna and mahi in Baja so it would be a shame to pass up the tropical inshore species and the...
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    I've been an Aztec fan since they played on campus at Aztec Bowl. Most of the non-Coryell/Gilbert years were a disaster to the point I couldn't get friends to share my four season tickets free to most of the games. Recent years have been fun and I hope 2018 was just a glitch. A bad year and we...
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    Visiting a Foreign Country - Quick Question

    Email me at: [email protected] and I'll send you a pdf of a feature article I wrote "Habla Español" designed for the angler fishing Mexico.
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    New rookie hunter questions

    Females can "rough it" the same as men if they want to. No details provided but I've been hunting, fishing and hiking for years with women without facilities except maybe a shovel. Dangerous animals=armed guard.
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    Bocas Del toro Panama

    Try the Bocas del Toro Sportfishing Club. They have a variety of boats and good local knowledge.
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    Boys trip to WY

    That is a pleasure to see you working with the boys. It is so much more than the shooting.
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    Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    Glad to see bonito getting some respect. I also prefer bonito over yellowtail.
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    What the heck do people do with Skipjack?

    There are more than one species of skipjack. Those being caught off San Diego are oceanic skipjack which I prefer slightly over black skipjack (easily identified having small black spots on the breast plate) which are more common in Mexico and Central America. Some of the best blue and black...
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    Promo Video

    Very nice. Sure pays to have sponsors.
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    Early archery success....two DANDY bucks!

    You put a lot of miles on your boots for those. Congratulations!
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    Private yacht in Central America questions

    Some very good information here. A boat your size is perfect for island-hopping and getting to remote fishing grounds for marlin and tuna. I've fished every month of the year in Panama and every month has produced. The difference is that the fishing can be very productive but the SPECIES change...
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    Panama Advice Needed

    Send me an email and I'll provide info on all the lodges, etc.
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    Panama Advice Needed

    PM sent.
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    Heading to Nicaragua Next Week

    Roosterfish can be found all along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua but can be taken best from a boat and live bait because you have to search for them. There are good spots off San Juan del Sur but a pretty good run in a boat. Blind casting from the surf is a real long shot and you usually get...
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    First Archery Bear

    Good job but I wouldn't want to go bear hunting with just a bow and arrow.
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    Gringo Rock, Panama

    Sounds like Roncador to me.
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    Gringo Rock, Panama

    Jim, Roncador is just north of Punta Naranjo and has been pretty consistent for cubers snapper, wahoo, roosterfish, jacks and some sailfish. The rock is visible at low tide. The next big rock is Quebros a few miles further north and then English Rock between Isla Cebaco and the mainland. Neither...
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    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Night driving. Not for me. One example: Towing my boat to Cabo I got caught driving at night north of La Paz. About 20 miles out the centerline disappeared due to road work (You don't realize how much you rely on a painted line). I couldn't judge exactly where I was on the road and as buses...
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    Gringo Rock, Panama

    Must be a very local name. Do you know of different names? Where is it located? It's likely that some of us Panama regulars have fished it but you need to help locate it.
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    Looking for some fillets...

    Catalina still has good prices. Not so sure about BD bargains anymore.
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    Anyone know what this is???

    FYI there was a dense population of sargo (along with orange mouth corvina) in the Salton Sea that attracted thousands of anglers throughout Southern California in the 60's-70's. You could just tie your boat off to a dead stick-up tree, chum with corn and catch an easy limit of big fat sargo...
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    Place to beach your boat

    The people that party on their boats usually like crowds such as summer and Labor Day. If you like seclusion you may find some isolated spots in Mission Bay or go in the fall.
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    Place to beach your boat

    Check out Glorietta Bay in the City of Coronado. Boaters hang out on the south side of the Golf Course and near the park with a launch ramp. Tidelands Park also. Mission Bay has even more spots that fit your description.
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    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    Spend a little more on air fare and go to Panama. From April to December there are reliable wahoo spots (Canales, LaDrones, Wahoo Alley, Jicaron, Jicarita, Palmas Rock, Twin Peaks, Punta Puerco, Frailes, Isla Iguana, etc. that you can check out. Most of the good skippers know where to go. It's...
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    Los Borrilas / East Cape Sportfishing 7/18 - 7/24/2018

    That's a great family experience. For life.
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    panama recommendation inshore

    Yes, Capt Duran has several options for fishing the region.
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    panama recommendation inshore

    Capt. Gerado Duran 507-6948-2285
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    Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    Those tuna are fun-sized for popping. Nice bonito!
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    Favorite traeger cooked meal

    Pizza sounds tricky. Where do you get the dough? The cheese and toppings should be easy to get.
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    Wolf fish in Norway

    Wolf fish are very mild and tasty. Don't let their looks fool you. Who would eat a lingcod if you thought they would taste the way they look.
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    Favorite traeger cooked meal

    Just bought the big floor model at the Del Mar Fair. Looks great for pool parties. Thanks for the advice.
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    Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

    Sometimes quantity is more fun than quality. Shane runs a great operation.
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    Mary got a good one

    Beautiful fish. Once you find the "halibut zone" you're in for life.
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Check with your insurance agent to know if you are still fully covered if you travel to an area that is under an advisory or worse designation. Some policies may become void if it is determined that the policy holder took too much of a risk.
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    I was on a charter boat (non-Mexican) that ran out of drinking water but had plenty of beer. I don't even drink beer so was pretty disappointed about the lack of planning. Water-it's the best thing you can have. A cool cocktail after fishing is mighty good though.
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    Southern Halibut

    By "down south" if you mean Southern California the best California halibut fishing is from late-April to October with a peak from late May to August based on my fishing logs dating back 50 years. During other times of the year big halibut can be taken between storm fronts with good conditions...
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    8 hours in the rain

    We could use some of your rain here in Southern California. We only had about four inches this year. Hope you get a big halibut soon.
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    Family out fishing

    Welcome to BD! That's some beautiful scenery you're fishing in with the family. Too bad the big one got away.
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    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    Reminds me of the old trophy halibut days south of the border but I'm out of it now and you're still doing it. Congratulations Michael and crew!
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    6/15 Cuddas at the shoe

    Fun fishing. Great for the family.
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    Murder in Bay of LA

    Things change. In the 70's my 23' SeaCraft was about the only boat anchored at Cabo San Lucas as there were no marina slips. I had to get out of the way every Thursday as the mainland ferry would come in. We stayed at the old Mar de Cortez hotel and had lobster dinners for $4.50 as well as my...
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    Fishing with Tony Pena

    Thanks Todd. I have space for a couple more anglers. Interested anglers should email me at: [email protected] for details.
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    Incredible tuna fishing on a mothership at PSFL on May 8 - 12, 2018

    Glad you had a great trip Kil. It's a good year for tuna.
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    Turkey hunting?

    "Armed nature hikes". Good one Nate.
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    Puerto Lobos Sonora 4/25-4-30

    Yellowtail on a popper. That's nice.
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    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    In the mid 60's I liked to fish the Mission Bay jetty (north side) for sculpin, opaleye, surf perch, etc. and would occasionally see 10-15 lb. yellows in groups of three or four slowly cruising along the inner side of the rocks just a few feet into the channel. Very frustrating as I didn't have...
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    Barrett media day report

    Now that's a bluegill! Nice bass also.
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    Las Cruces/Cerralvo 3/31-4/7

    That's what it's all about. Great family trip. Glad the AO worked out for you.
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena June 2018

    I have some openings available for the weeks of June 11 to 15 and June 25 to 29, 2018 with Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge. There are five fishing days but normally add four days for travel and transfers (June 9 to 17 and June 23 to July 1). We usually fish two anglers per boat and you have a...
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    Lake Gatun, Panama Canal, March 8, 2018

    Jay, the lake is high enough now (compared to previous drought conditions) that you can fish the Gamboa part which is closest to Panama City. Ask your guide in advance if he knows where the snook/tarpon are because you'll probably get tired of catching small peacock bass. Keep your camera ready...
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    Fun Fishing at Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Panama, February 26-March 2, 2018

    Jay, I'm getting a small group together for the week of June 25-29 (good moon). Maybe we'll see you on the Hannibal Bank (one of Shane's favorite hangouts).
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    Surf fishing Nicaragua in September

    Good local knowledge. I've fished Nic six times but not from shore. I like big fish so it was boats, live bait, poppers and jigs for roosters, etc. but not nearly as productive as Costa Rica or Panama.
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    Surf fishing Nicaragua in September

    I'd use 40 lb. Spectra with a 5'/60 lb. flouro leader. There are a lot of toothy fish around like sierra mackerel but you will get more strikes without wire.
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    Surf fishing Nicaragua in September

    Take a handful of Krocodile spoons and hooks for live and dead bait. Do what the locals do.
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    Soft cooler for airline travel

    I came back from Panama (including a five hour layover in Houston) and the lobster, wahoo and tuna were still frozen solid using the AO42.
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    Panama Paradise Fishing Lodge Trip Recap - Photo Heavy

    Hard work pays off. Nice variety!
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    Fun Fishing at Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Panama, February 26-March 2, 2018

    You could fish all five days on the 33' World Cat if you want. With only two anglers per boat the 31' Bertrams were easy to make casts from the stern and provided extra comfort with plenty of places for the guys to lay down in the shade with a cool breeze coming through which is appreciated with...
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    Fun Fishing at Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Panama, February 26-March 2, 2018

    Gary, the eel was caught and released at Roncador on the western extreme of the Tuna Coast.
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    Fun Fishing at Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Panama, February 26-March 2, 2018

    Our group consisting of Kevin Green, Harry Hendricks, Larry Builta and Todd K., all from the San Francisco area, had an easy arrival at Tocumen Airport with a VIP greeting and fast track through customs to a comfortable lounge as their luggage was being transferred to a waiting van. After a...
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    Fishing Aboard the “AGUJA” at Cebaco Bay, Panama, March 3-March 6, 2018

    It’s no secret that the owner of Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Capt. Jim Wiese, is a marlin fanatic and his private state-of-the-art 60’ Viking is a testimony to his dedication to the sport. I was invited to fish with Wiese for four days after my group departed but on second thought he had room...
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    Lake Gatun, Panama Canal, March 8, 2018

    Returning from Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge, Kevin Green, Todd K. and I had a layover day in Panama City, so we decided to fish Gatun Lake which serves as a shipping lane for Panama Canal vessels, as well as providing water for the locks. Peacock bass (an invasive species from Venezuela) are...
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Ding,,,ding,,,ding-we have a winner.
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    Thailand Fishing

    There were some big sailfish out of Phuket when I was there but you have to do a multi-day trip to places like the Similan Islands to the north to fish in more productive water. A lot of commercial boats work squid and other species pretty hard even in remote areas.
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    Schooling Redfish MANIA!!

    Very well done.
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    Texas fishing... too easy

    You've got that place dialed in.
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    Catalina Vacation

    I've stayed in several hotels but my favorite is Hamilton Cove with a complimentary gas golf cart which you can explore all the hillsides and town with instead of paying $30 hour for a cart in town. Winter is very different than summer. During late summer especially you can snorkel at Lovers...
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    jigging and popping at Panafishing Lodge in Panama

    Glad you had a good time variety fishing. Looks like you spent some deep jigging time off Punta Puercos about midway on the Tuna Coast.
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    Place to hold fish in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen?

    Most big hotels have restaurants with walk-in freezers. Talk to the manager and they can usually accommodate you. Make sure your ice chest or bag is tagged with your I.D. and marked "Privada".
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    Broomtails from the beach in San Quintin.

    Good to know there is a population of baby broomtails down there.
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    What the hell?

    That was some funny video. Worth the 9:50.
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    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Thank you Jim for making the effort to explain the situation in more detail. You are a gentleman. Best wishes.
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    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Great story. Now, your "friend" stiffed you on the tips, lied, stole money from you and the camp and you're still friends? That doesn't fly where I come from. Character counts.
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    Cubera Bottomfishing Tactics

    I don't understand why you would resort to a 300 lb. handline unless your cubera are extremely large. I've taken cubera up to 70 lbs. in Panama with 65 lb. Spectra and a short 100 lb. leader on poppers. Sure they will dive with that big flat tail giving them a burst but they still don't make it...
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    Cubera Bottomfishing Tactics

    As Ali said and don't spend too much time in their strike zone close to their rocky home. When you are deep enough start reeling in very slowly trying to get the cubera to rise to the bait as high in the water column as you can so that when you set the hook you have time and distance to stop...
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    Crocodile Bay Resort New Years Family Vacation

    Perfect family vacation.
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    Colombia (not Columbia). Sorry, I was a geography major.
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    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    What an amazing variety of seafood at the Tsukiji Market. I could spend a day there. By the way, that pink-colored PILI popper is what I used to catch my first roosterfish and cubera snapper on a popper in Costa Rica in 1989.
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    Are you guys reconsidering your travel plans to Mexico with new advisory?

    I've fished in countries that had State Dept. warnings and I've never had problems if you stay out of situations such as crowds, political gatherings, drug areas, etc. The only question I would have is what would be the insurance consequences of traveling to a place with warnings and you do...
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    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    Above is the classic PILI popper made in Kailua, Kona, Hawaii. Didn't know they were marketed in Japan unless there's a factory there. Too bad about the visitor and photo restrictions at the fish market. Guess I'll have to stick with Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Foods-he can go anywhere.
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    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    Gary, was that a PILI popper? (Pacific Island Lure Innovation)
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    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    Please take some photos for BD of that fish market-it's a fascinating place. Be careful buying Japanese equipment (reels, etc.) as you may not be able to get parts and service in the U.S.
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    UPDATE: I have an opening for one or two anglers on the February 26 to March 2 trip (Feb 24-Mar 4 counting travel days). There will be a total of only five-six guests so there is plenty of space aboard the mothership and sportboats. Give me a "call" at [email protected] for more info...
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    "Trap rigs" Michael we never used trap hooks (outside of experimentation) and the primary set up was a 2 oz. egg sinker (in ideal calm 65' to 85' water) sliding above a swivel tied to about a three foot leader and hook matched to the size of bait (mackerel, squid, brown bait 'queenfish', anchovy...
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    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    Dill relish, sour cream, mayo, squeeze of fresh lemon. Adjust to taste.
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    Rainy Day Project

    Great looking knife.
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    When I had my boat I was a halibut fanatic setting five IGFA records with friends and never used a net on big fish. Keep the fish flat near the surface, don't pull it's head out of the water or let it sink so that it's vertical and hard to gaff. Take your time to get it in position or you're...
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    Grouper caught today on live squid

    Are these big fish or schoolies?
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    Undisciplined play. Personal fouls. Player ejected early (Rosales). Interception near goal line instead of running Penny. Aztec defense couldn't stop the run. Chapman couldn't pass (best receiver Holder injured early). Rashad Penny was the star of the game but Army was not going to give us time...
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    Thailand Fishing

    I don't know your itinerary but the sailboat will likely anchor over clear bottom away from structure which is not the best habitat for tropical fishing. Maybe you can commandeer a shore boat to get to some structure and do some popping for bluefin trevally, barracuda, narrow-barred mackerel...
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    Help Salt Water fishing in the Philippines

    The Philippines are a great archipelago to visit with some precautions to be observed (for example the southern islands have more terrorist issues) but the Filipino people are very friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately formerly productive reef areas near population centers are often ravaged by...
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    I agree John. Should be a good year in Panama. See you there.
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    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    When the South Bay Power Plant was operating there were jack crevalle, turtles, Mexican barracuda, bonefish, corvina, grouper and others that congregated near the warm water discharge during the winter. Of course there are some remaining such as the corvina and bonefish which are pretty commonly...
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    Funny Boat Names

    "Sinbadly"; "Paid Cash"; "Contagious" (doctor); "MoneyHole"
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    Little Girl Commands Pack of Ravenous Pit Bulls

    As a kid I was bitten on two different occasions by small dogs on the ankle and lower leg while riding my bicycle on public sidewalks in residential neighborhoods. They just came out of nowhere from houses and attacked. Painful! I can't imagine a big dog attack. I don't trust dogs although I've...
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    Aging fishermen and equipment choices.

    The major change-agent has been the development of Spectra or Super Braids. Due to their superior strength to diameter ratio compared with mono Spectra has revolutionized rods and reels by allowing anglers to use smaller, lighter reels but with strong drag systems as well as shorter and lighter...
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    I'm checking Vincent. Please send me an email at [email protected] so I can send you info. Thanks.
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    Almud, I am unable to send an email to your address. Please reconfirm your email address . Thanks.
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    Almud, Please send me an email so I can transfer info to you. [email protected] Thanks.
  108. tap

    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    John, I just sent an email to you with info. Thanks.
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    Marlin & Mahi, Muy Bueno!

    Nice shots!
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    Road From Bahia de los Angeles

    A "vado" is the roadway dropping into a small "arroyo" or creek bed or to a large river wash. They are numerous in Baja and can be dangerous with pot holes or water during rains. There are usually signs marking them ahead.
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    Fish Panama with Host Tony Pena in 2018

    I have the best fishing weeks lined up with Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Lodge with their 110' mothership and fleet of two 33' World Cats and five 31' Bertrams to choose from. Fishing two to three anglers per boat there is plenty of casting room. No more than eight anglers are accommodated (usually...
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    Trophy rooster on live skippys!!

    Nice gallos. That drag sounds way better than the music.
  113. tap

    Just a few rants that have been bothering me.

    IGFA does have a record category based on the length of the fish with photos to document to encourage releases. For weight categories all fish must be weighed on land but that doesn't mean all fish will die if scales are nearby and you have a good live well system to release after weighing (...
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    Line & Lures In Hand Carry Luggage Returning to the US

    Lures with hooks definitely no go. Line depends on who's checking but better safe than sorry so check them. Frozen fish in bags OK but without dry ice or ice. Weight limit is usually 50 lbs. but check with your airline. If you want to bring more home you'll need to pay excess baggage fees. If...
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    Panama Fishing Report Nov 2017: Rain, Wind, Rough Seas - And We STILL Caught Fish!

    That kind of weather makes you appreciate the prevailing calm seas that typify Panama. Boy that's a big African pompano (I'd like to see the one that got away!)
  116. tap

    Costa Rica?

    Roosterfish are available all along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, especially if using good live bait. So pick a boat that uses bait on a regular basis and has a live well onboard. During February I would prefer the Quepos to Golfito regions as the famous "Papagayo" winds can prevail in the...
  117. tap

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    I've caught tuna off partyboats from San Diego reeling with the line and fish ten feet above me as the swells would then lift the boat as they passed underneath the hull and then I was looking down on the fish. If you're on a seaworthy boat and don't mind getting wet and miserable for awhile you...
  118. tap

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    Ah memories. I would get sea sick just about every trip on half day boats throwing up as I was fighting big bonito (usually THE go-to fish in the 60's and 70's for near shore trips). I haven't been sick since I was 20 and have been on boats making repairs in rough seas with my head in the bilge...
  119. tap

    Spooky Fishing Highlights @ Casa Vieja Lodge

    World class numbers you have there.
  120. tap

    free loading seal

    That sea lion is just conditioned to being fed by boats returning to the harbor and was impatient looking for food. Not "playful" by any means.
  121. tap

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Jeff Dalton-you are a wise man.
  122. tap

    My Boys are growing up too fast!-Lobster pics

    You're creating some great outdoor life-long memories for your family. You're a good dad !
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    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    OK now what about the grizzly?
  124. tap

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    Reminds me of a crossing to Catalina on the Express and some dolphin came alongside. Two ladies near me said that a restaurant in Florida had those on the menu and they found it disgusting. Of course it was dorado or mahi but they thought it was the mammal. I decided to try to educate them but...
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    Aztecs now 6-0

    Another plus: The game is on green grass and not that disgusting blue turf.
  126. tap

    San Diego State Football

    I've been an Aztec fan since the Aztec Bowl days on campus. As a graduate and supporter for decades going through the down years it is so much fun watching them today. Hope we run the table and see what kind of a bowl we get.
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    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    Tell me more. Part 2...
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    Quick Report CR FADs

    Big numbers.
  129. tap

    First Time down to Loreto

    Loreto isn't known for consistently good roosterfishing. They are hard to get even from a boat. You may find an experienced local guide you can hire who has a secret spot but the chances are slim, especially in October. La Paz, Cabo and the East Cape would be a better choice.
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    Fishing Report Gulf of Chiriqui 9/4-9/6 PSFL

    Panama isn't in top form every week of the year. Those are small numbers you had to work for. Those four black marlin in one day is right up there though.
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    Best Moon Phases and Tides For Gulf of Chiriqui

    It can be difficult to make bait on a full moon cycle and the tides may be too large for certain types of inshore fishing which are the only negatives. Lodges that rely the most on live bait may not like the full moon for that reason alone. Give me a full moon anytime because you don't need live...
  132. tap

    Best Moon Phases and Tides For Gulf of Chiriqui

    If I had to pick a week without using intricate charts it would just be the week before and including the full moon. I've caught a lot of big fish such as cubera snapper while popping the day after the full moon that had empty stomachs. Predatory fish are not all successful feeding on a full moon.
  133. tap

    Best Moon Phases and Tides For Gulf of Chiriqui

    I use that provides all the lunar info as well as best fishing periods.
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    Can Panama be done relatively cheap?

    Your best bet is to fish out of pangas, especially around the Pedasi region from May to October. Send me an email and I'll forward info to you: [email protected]
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    Last year's trophies from Africa

    Beautiful mounts. What's with the strange horn anomaly on the bushbuck? Is that rare?
  136. tap

    Michoacan spearing

    The pargo is a Pacific cubera snapper (notice the tooth structure) commonly called dog snapper in Baja. The term huachinango is a general term for pargo or red snapper that is often applied to several species.
  137. tap

    SM surf fishing #LMV

    Dorado from the beach. Pretty impressive. Some great action shots especially if you're risking a digital camera in the surf line.
  138. tap

    Sharks in our SoCal Bight....Food for thought

    When I was a kid I used to collect my own food and cook it while outdoors such as clams from stinking bay mud, crawdads from cow ponds and rabbits near irrigated fields, all of which were pretty contaminated I would guess. I still managed to play sports, graduate from college and retire at 60...
  139. tap

    San Diego State Football

    I supported the SDSU football program with four season tickets and contributions for 30 years mostly during the bad times. I couldn't even find people to go to the games with me with a free ticket. Now it's fun again and I hope people jump on the band wagon including those lethargic party...
  140. tap

    Azuero Peninsula PANAMA?

    You've made some good observations. Although the Azuero Peninsula is called the Tuna Coast the larger fish are more available in the Gulf of Chiriqui west of Azuero. There are over 15 charter operations in Chiriqui from motherships to lodges on islands as well as mainland. Expect to pay more...
  141. tap

    Bay water related skin issue?

    Not to be an alarmist but guys have died quickly from swordfish poisoning when slime bacteria gets into micro skin cuts. Almost like that toxic shock syndrome that started killing women a few years ago. Better check it out with an M.D. first and go from there with long term care.
  142. tap

    Uderestimating the Cost of Renewables

    If subsidies are required (mass transit, energy, etc.) it's not successful.
  143. tap

    Pedasi Report 07/21 through 07/24

    Sounds like a slow week. Were the tuna hitting poppers? How was the deep jigging for amberjack, grouper and snapper? This is usually a peak fishing time for the Tuna Coast unless you run into bad weather.
  144. tap

    Great Barrier Reef first timer looking for input

    You also may want to experience a small fishing/diving lodge off the beaten track. I've stayed at Bloomfield Lodge near Cape Tribulation which is nice for couples. It is currently for sale I believe but there are others to choose from.
  145. tap

    wanting to go to central america fishing....

    I've fished Solano and Tebada. Tons of sailfish and good inshore popping. Pangas are OK but not the best way to get serious with marlin. Hopefully domestic travel has improved in Colombia. The air strip at Bahia Solano is called "Salsipuedes" by the locals which means "get out if you can"...
  146. tap

    Costa Rica & Panama Still Producing in the Green Season

    Good job! It's always nice fishing in cooler weather.
  147. tap

    Black Bass fishing PNG

    Great action and opportunity!
  148. tap

    Bringing frozen fish from cabo to US as a carry on.

    I had 50 lbs. of frozen, vacuum bagged fish in an AO soft cooler and declared it going from Panama to Houston. I use Global Entry and the inspectors always say declare and we'll still fast-track you through customs. After picking up my cooler from the carousel I by-passed the long re-entry line...
  149. tap

    Catalina SCI Late Report

    I'm impressed with the drive to the Sierras after 5 hours of sleep AFTER a fishing trip.
  150. tap


    One particular Sea Shepherd policy that should concern every sport angler: "Every UNESCO World Heritage site should not allow any commercial AND sport fishing within its boundaries. No take of any kind with strict enforcement." That would shut down some of the best fishing grounds if they ever...
  151. tap


    The Sea Shepherd working over Panama is the "John Paul Delorio". Someone has some deep pockets to keep that fleet running and the captains push the throttles like they aren't paying for it. They are doing a lot of PR damage in Panama because they're picking on the wrong commercial boats. Even...
  152. tap


    I received a report today from a fishing lodge operator in Panama that the Sea Shepherd is operating in the Gulf of Chiriqui and stirring up a lot of problems by cutting long lines from the small artisan boats that are fishing legally. Are there two Sea Shepherds? The one in Panama is painted...
  153. tap

    Costa Rica - Beach Fishing pPlaya Conchal

    Paul, Today the solid brass Krocodile spoons come in many color combinations but the standard silver is still effective. The 3-inch, 1/2 to 1-&-1/2 ounce sizes can cover wind conditions. Poppers can be just about any color but I'd stick with the medium to small sizes for the likely fish you are...
  154. tap

    But it's a dry heat.........

    My electric bill was $75 for April and I just got one for $357. But between the pool (unheated and 84 degrees) and A/C it's very comfortable in Valley Center, CA about 30 miles from the beach.
  155. tap

    Panama Sport-Fishing Lodge Report

    You got two of the best in Capts. Lucho and "Chombo" Antonio. Glad you had a chance at some good fishing. I bet you're appreciating the new non-stop flights opening between San Diego and Tampa with inaugural prices of $99 one way.
  156. tap

    Surf Fishing Panama

    Not too many local guys surf fish for roosters and cubera the way you like. Most fishing is done from pangas beginning around Pedasi (Tuna Coast) and then down to the Gulf of Chiriqui. Also Labor Day is in the middle of the wet season and you will need a 4X4 to move along the coastal beaches...
  157. tap

    Gulf Of Chiriqui, Panama May 2017

    It's tough to put the rod away when those tuna are feeding.
  158. tap

    Costa Rica Report April 2017

    Good family times!
  159. tap

    Belyounech Morocco May 2017

    What are the locals on the shore fishing for?
  160. tap

    Just got back from Cabo. Fresh panga report. 5-12/5-14

    Sammy, send me an email at: [email protected] and I'll pdf some info to you.
  161. tap

    Just got back from Cabo. Fresh panga report. 5-12/5-14

    Over 50 years for me but I fish Panama now where live or dead bait isn't necessary to have a successful trip with a huge variety of gamefish.
  162. tap

    Thermal hog eradication 7 down (video)

    Hey, they are born in litters and they go out in litters.
  163. tap

    Costa Rica or Panama & Why?

    What makes inshore fishing "better" in Panama vs. Costa Rica is that the gamefish hit lures such as poppers, jerk baits. etc. just blind casting around structure and you don't need live bait. Plus anglers get the thrill of hooking their own fish using their favorite style of fishing or trying...
  164. tap

    Just got back from Cabo. Fresh panga report. 5-12/5-14

    Bringing frozen sardines to Baja-sad situation. Never thought I'd hear that.
  165. tap

    Cool video by HUK down at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

    Beautiful video. Really captured the excitement.
  166. tap

    Costa Rica or Panama & Why?

    Panama offers much better popping with a variety of inshore species such as roosterfish and cubera snapper. Big yellowfin tuna are being caught on a daily basis from most of the resorts. Costa Rica has some very good blue marlin action trolling (far offshore the better) but inshore it's mostly a...
  167. tap

    Panama questions

    John, we have released some 300-600 lb. blue marlin trolling the canyons and inshore the popping for amberjack, almaco jack, bigeye trevally and mullet snapper has been very good. At times the snapper will come up in schools and turn the water red they are so thick. I caught a 45 lb. mullet...
  168. tap

    Carrying rods on a United Airlines flight

    I leave my rods/reels/lures in Panama City as it is the main arrival point for anglers before they fish anywhere in the country. It's very convenient for traveling light as I just bring down new lures to try out and maybe some fresh line, etc.
  169. tap

    Carrying rods on a United Airlines flight

    As I said in another post some custom agents (e.g. Panama) will try to tax you on new-looking lures as well so don't ship your lures in their original manufacturers package, especially showing the price. You may then be able to state that they are used lures.
  170. tap

    Panama questions

    One travel note: Take all of your new lures, reels, etc. out of the manufacturers packaging or the customs at Tocumen in Panama City may want you to pay taxes on "new" imported tackle. They tried that with me and I told them my lures were re-used every trip but I wouldn't have been convincing if...
  171. tap

    Panama questions

    Your 50's are fine if you want to fish blue and black marlin which are south of the Perlas beginning with the top edge of the San Jose Canyon then eastward to the "Explosives Dumping Grounds" to Piñas Reef. Fast troll lures to cover more area and use the live bait for bait and switch. June won't...
  172. tap

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    That REALLY hurts to see a big roosterfish speared.
  173. tap


    That's some great fishing!
  174. tap

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Pierre, Your letter is sure better than mine that I sent today via John Maynard at PMRF. I've witnessed a gradual decline in fishing quality in Panama since 1994 and 59 trips. More boats and less fish although it hasn't become Baja yet which is almost strictly a live bait fishery today. There is...
  175. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, Panama - March 27-31, 2017

    Thanks Alex. Hope you're doing well this season.
  176. tap

    Fishing in Gulf of Chiriqui 4/18-4/19

    How was the inshore fishing at Coiba?
  177. tap

    Fishing in Gulf of Chiriqui 4/18-4/19

    You put your time in for those fish. I hope popping takes over the sardine chunking soon.
  178. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, Panama - March 27-31, 2017

    Derby, you should taste the fruit (watermelon, mango, pineapple) in Panama-an everyday treat!
  179. tap

    Cooler Size?

    I've never used a Stow N Go but I would think that there are many good coolers on the market that will get the job done or they're out of business.
  180. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, Panama - March 27-31, 2017

    Chris, I've fished at Cebaco many times in August/September. Lots of wahoo and big black marlin are usually at a peak. The inshore popping and jigging is very good as well. You'll just get more thunderstorms that time of year which usually don't last very long. Tony
  181. tap

    Cooler Size?

    The total bag weight was 42 lbs. (I could have packed more fish). Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club vacuum sealed everything and has a good freezer.
  182. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, Panama - March 27-31, 2017

    “Popping is Fun” This second week showed improvements as the wind died down, the water cleared up and live bait started coming aboard the “Journey Bay” mothership the first night. Anglers Dave Norberg and Jim McKissack (returnees from last May), Greg Hedlund and David Harper arrived in Panama...
  183. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, Panama - March 20-24, 2017

    “Variety is the Game” Friends Kevin Green, brothers Dave and Mike Benbenek, Harry Hendricks and Rob Knoll all arrived in Panama City on March 18, checking into the new Panama Hilton. The next morning we took a comfortable van ride to Puerto Mutis where the fast 31’ “Gato Gordo” World Cat took...
  184. tap

    Cooler Size?

    I just got back from Panama April 2nd. I bought an AO 36 qt. soft canvas cooler and it worked out fine. The sniff dog at Houston liked the smell and the agent took a quick look (I had frozen lobster, prawns, corvina and red snapper). Easy peezy.
  185. tap

    looking for a place around David in panama to find a panga

    It's very dangerous fishing outside the surf-line in that area in a panga because you may get caught inside a set just like a surfer (been there done that!). I'd stick to the estuary and a good panga guide will net some live sardines which is the technique of choice by the locals and most...
  186. tap

    Costa Rica - Beach Fishing pPlaya Conchal

    There are many rocky points between Playas Flamingo and Tamarindo with Conchal in-between. Shore fishing is best with live or dead bait, lures like poppers (if fish are feeding), spoons (Krocodiles, etc.), bucktail jigs with fresh shrimp and so on. Fly fishing would be a real challenge on the...
  187. tap

    Fishing Report (20 February – 2 March 2017)

    You mentioned Punta Matapalo-that used to be a hot spot for popping roosters and cubera, especially at Roca Matapalo. Now it seems you need live bait to be effective.
  188. tap

    Let Them Go To Grow!

    Regarding fisheries management, too many countries pass strict regulations that don't cost anything to vote on to impress the public. The common problem is they don't "put their money where their mouth is" and finance enforcement with boats, agents, etc. and follow through with arrests/convictions.
  189. tap

    Let Them Go To Grow!

    Music is too loud. The sounds of surf and narrative is all you need.
  190. tap


    Wow. Talk about a good season. A lot of places couldn't come close to your action.
  191. tap

    Best Day Boat in Quepos

    Dave, There are over 35 charter boats in Jaco (just north of Quepos). I suggest you contact Fred Stephens ( who can give you details and book a charter for your friend.
  192. tap

    Best Day Boat in Quepos

    Sent you a pm.
  193. tap

    92 Degrees and 5 Grand Slams

    Good photos!
  194. tap

    Looking for shoreline guide in Panama

    Rio Bayano (east of Panama City) Gatun Lake near Rio Chagres Tuna Coast such as Rio Cañas Bahia Hermosa at Isla Coiba and all rivers/creeks at Coiba Estero de Montijo Check the BD forums and Facebook for the local guys that fish these areas because it takes local knowledge to be successful.
  195. tap

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    For leaders I originally used soft mono such as P-Line up to 100 lbs. with just one overhand knot to serve as an "anchor". Eight to twelve wraps with the Spectra all works well. When you get into stiffer fluorocarbon the game changes and you need to really cinch down on the anchor knot so it...
  196. tap

    Cooler Size?

    Ethan, I use Mel Sanchez ([email protected]) who is also very good. I keep all my fishing gear down there with him. Does Tony Rocha use a van or car?
  197. tap

    Cooler Size?

    That's good advice John. Just another reason why I prefer ground transfers in Panama.
  198. tap

    Cooler Size?

    Greg. That's a good point regarding water resistance between vinyl and canvas. The tropics can get pretty wet.
  199. tap

    How to Carry Your Poppers?

    Whatever you do packing wise make sure you don't travel to foreign countries with lures in their original packages. Last May Panama officials looked at my new lures stowed in gallon-sized heavy duty custom plastic with velcro seals and asked if they were new and the value. They wanted me to pay...
  200. tap

    Billfish Market SPIKES to Record High in 2017

    I know it's not intended but the title "Billfish Market" sounds like your selling fish. You have an exciting fishery and hope you continue to have a great season!
  201. tap

    Cooler Size?

    There is a good discussion of coolers on the "Mexico Mainland" site under the "Success" charter boat fishing. Based on the input I will be getting an AO 36 canvas cooler (soft pack style) that will take 46 lbs. of frozen fish (the cooler weighs just four help make the 50 lb. max); has...
  202. tap

    2017 White Water Marine Costa Rican Shootout - The Fisherman

    Six for eight on blue marlin is a serious fishing day!
  203. tap

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    There are many scattered reefs from 12 to 50 miles offshore. Guess which ones are best? The shallower reefs such as "Mackerel Bowl" (12 miles @ 200 degree heading) are good for making bait while the outer reefs hold big grouper, black seabass, white sea bass, gold spotted bass, boquita, halibut...
  204. tap

    Cost Rica and Central America fishing in July

    Email me at: [email protected] and I'll send you some pdf's providing info on all the lodges in Panama. I've fished Panama since 1994 and 58 trips. I'll be hosting several small groups this year as well.
  205. tap

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    The issue with North Baja is that it's very shallow and open to strong winds. You aren't going anywhere real productive in an inflatable (at least in safety terms). Enjoy the small fish and check out that new pier as Vance mentioned. Good luck.
  206. tap

    JAck Crevalle Size

    I once wrote a magazine article "You Don't Know Jack" which some of the comments on this post reminded me of. (It was about the many jack species worldwide, identification, common names and fishing techniques).
  207. tap

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    If you can't get to the offshore reefs where grouper, white sea bass, etc. are the premier fish in the region you will be catching mostly spotted bay bass, some triggerfish and lots of small sharks eating your bass. I've fished Penasco before on my 14' skiff and that was my result. Get on a boat...
  208. tap

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. Small stingray in South San Diego Bay at five years old 2. Big Roosterfish, cubera snapper and giant trevally on a popper 3. Napolean (Maori) wrasse, opakapaka, cubera snapper, snook, bohar, monchong (Catalina Offshore Products) 4. Blue shrimp (Baja) via Tommy at Catalina Offshore Products...
  209. tap

    Saltwater species for a bass guy?

    Casting poppers from a center console in Panama can't be surpassed with over 20 species readily taken such as cubera snapper, roosterfish and bluefin trevally. The seas are usually calm and the tropical scenery just adds to the experience. If you want more info email me at...
  210. tap

    Race to Guatemala 12/17-21

    Sailfish central. How could you not have fun there? Very impressive.
  211. tap

    Pilot 111 Thailand

    I didn't fish those ponds when I was in Thailand. They are shown on TV but no one explains how they work. Obviously they are artificial impoundments with stocked fish. Is it all catch and release and you pay by the hour or do you pay for each fish you take per pound? Are the fish edible (water...
  212. tap

    Marlin Madness- Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica (18-28 December 2016)

    Nice shots! It's going to be a good year.
  213. tap

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    If the animal is not being stressed by avoiding hunters it will have better meat quality as it leisurely feeds, etc. as long as it's a clean shot and they bleed and gut asap and take care of the meat as a primary goal. That would provide some reason for long range shooting but still is not a...
  214. tap

    Any BELIZE experts out there?

    JB, Send me an email and I'll give you some info on fishing Panama with my small groups. Thanks. ([email protected];
  215. tap

    2016 Triple Crown Tournament - Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

    Congratulations on a successful tournament!
  216. tap

    Any BELIZE experts out there?

    I've fished Belize a couple of times but why don't you just join me on one of my hosted trips to Panama with a couple other guys this April? Everything is taken care of-no worries but lots of fish and fun. [email protected];
  217. tap

    The scourge that is long range "hunting"

    I watched The Pig Man last night and everyone was shooting pigs from a blind and close to an automatic corn feeder. They had a lot of fun but not that I would call "hunting". More like short-range shooting vs long range shooting. I DVR the shows like Meateater where they routinely spot and stalk...
  218. tap

    Ciguatera in Amberjack

    The second photo is an almaco jack not an amberjack due to its' high dorsal fin lined up with the ventral fin. We ate both jacks at Midway Atoll (1200 miles northwest of Kona) with no problem but released the black grouper as they were more likely to have ciguatera. As mentioned, amberjack are...
  219. tap

    Hot Fly bite in Guatemala- Sailfish on the FLY.

    That's a photographers dream with all the action you have there.
  220. tap

    Worlds Best Fishing in March

    I've made 58 trips to Panama since 1994 and have fished 18 countries. For a relatively close destination with excellent popping opportunities it is a good choice. If you want cool, overcast days go from May to December. If you want to stay close to the tuna stay on a mothership. We routinely...
  221. tap

    Worlds Best Fishing in March

    Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, for yellowfin tuna on poppers as well as cubera snapper, roosterfish, bluefin trevally, etc. Currently there are openings for this March from a variety of lodges.
  222. tap

    Thanksgiving in Costa Rica and Panama

    You've got some great fishing trips lined up. Just make sure you have a local crew in Panama because there is so much near-surface structure to avoid which they can help with for safety purposes-these rocky areas hold lots of trophy fish for popping though.
  223. tap

    Tis' the Season of Billfish!

    HOT fishing. Great photos.
  224. tap

    Pair of 8 year olds learning the right way!

    Let's see, when I was 8 years old I was catching sting rays with a simple handline. What a great opportunity those twins have.
  225. tap

    MH-60R Seahawk Rough Sea Landing Test

    Amazing stuff and they talk like it's a walk in the park.
  226. tap

    Opening week at the Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica

    Have a great season and keep the reports/photos coming.
  227. tap

    Chunk fishin YFT out on the Hannibal Bank.

    Yeah, chunked sardines was the way to go last April/June on some days. The commercial guys were doing the same thing anchored right on the high spots.
  228. tap

    San Vicente 11-18

    Fun fishing on a perfect day-can't beat that!
  229. tap

    Brazos river crappie

    Fishy looking place and no crowds.
  230. tap

    11/19 Dana Point halibut

    I've used light mono leaders for years focusing on halibut including five IGFA records on my boats landed by guests without a bite-through. Halibut have conical teeth and their spacing does not cut line as you describe. I've demonstrated this many times at fishing seminars. You are likely...
  231. tap

    Panama Bound

    That's a beautiful place and Shane is a great host. He'll put you on the fish.
  232. tap


    What do you mean by "spin your birds"?
  233. tap

    who follows Tred Barrta

    I fished with Tred in Panama and I told him I thought he was arrogant, self-centered, outrageous and funny. He basically agreed and then we had a good time. That's the persona he has developed like it or not. I also questioned him about his extra gas barrels almost sinking his Mako at the dock...
  234. tap

    Incredible fishing tales in Costa Rica

    Very impressive. You chose well.
  235. tap

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    I would avoid "charter roulette" if you can. That's when you join another angler or couple for an offshore trip and either rotate hookups or stay with an assigned rod(s). I learned first hand when I was a single, young 19 yr. old angler in Mazatlan, Mexico and shared a boat with a couple. They...
  236. tap

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    Hawaii Seafood (source): "In Hawaii, ahi refers to two species, the yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna. These are caught from 3 lbs. to well over 200 lbs. The larger fish are preferred due to a higher fat content". Again, there is no reference to only 100 lb. fish or above being called ahi. Must be...
  237. tap

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Mike, I fish Panama more than Costa Rica. That's why I recommended Fred Stephens for up-to-date info. Good luck.
  238. tap

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    "Not ahi" (Arik). Wikipedia: Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) are a species of tuna found in the pelagic tropical and sub-tropical oceans of the world. Yellowfin are often marketed as "ahi" from a Hawaiian name." There is no 100 lb. reference provided to qualify as ahi.
  239. tap

    Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    Sounds like it could have been a blast popping those fish. Fun anyways!
  240. tap

    Alaska Bucks, Bears and Butts Trip

    Good combination sport in Alaska.
  241. tap

    Mexi mix bag

    Interesting, the almaco jacks seem to be more numerous and larger than the amberjacks-same as the situation in Panama.
  242. tap

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Call Fred Stephens @ 800-356-2533 ( He can reserve a boat for you at no charge.
  243. tap

    Montana double Grizzly Attack......pepper spray not so good.

    "Bear spray doesn't always work but it's better than nothing". I wouldn't hike in bear country without a high-powered rifle. I also wouldn't swim near a coastal river mouth at night. Or run offshore in the fog at 30 knots. I've had too many close calls myself to finally get my attention about...
  244. tap

    Progress made in Panama, come fish Panama

    Glad to see some progress being made.
  245. tap

    Peninsula Papagayo, Papagayo, Guanacaste

    Date of trip, name of resort, type of boat/style of fishing desired, other activities you are looking for would help. There is the Flamingo Resort and Marina but there are newer ones to choose from.
  246. tap

    San Vicente video from opening day full edit

    From a purely personal point of view: Less music and more dialogue would be better, especially when the music is drowning out the voices. The sounds of fishing is all you need as far I'm concerned (old school).
  247. tap

    Panama opinions

    Not all of the Tuna Coast is the same. The easterly half is low profile allowing sporadic north winds to prevail from January to April. The westerly side dominated by mountains such as the Cerro Hoya create a calmer lee side making it fishable most of the year if you approach from the west from...
  248. tap

    San Vicente opening Sept 22, 2016

    Looks like fun. Should get real good with decent weather.
  249. tap

    Lake worth

    Lots of water, few boats, good fishing, good buddy-Nice!
  250. tap

    San Vicente opening Sept 22, 2016

    Let's see some reports.
  251. tap

    Santa Theresa Sep 24-Oct 2

    Have fun in Costa Rica. There are several Santa Teresa's in Costa Rica and Panama so next time you may want to clarify the country.
  252. tap

    Video - Snapper biting in the rain...

    Nice easy fishing. Overcast with calm water is ideal.
  253. tap

    Video - Sami & Co. in Ascension Island

    Great video. Fun to watch.
  254. tap

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Super tough but rewarding. Congratulations!
  255. tap

    Guatemala: Late August to early Sept, lots of BLUES.

    Do you have the best action on certain moon phases, big tide range, etc.? I usually prefer the week before the full moon in Central America (Pacific).
  256. tap

    Santa Theresa Sep 24-Oct 2

    Contact Hennie Marais: [email protected] He offers some remote kayak fishing in roosterfish waters.
  257. tap

    Hard Work Pays Off-D16

    Unique video. Thanks. I'm still not running through the mountains though.
  258. tap

    Dream on Sport Fishing Question

    I've fished out of Playa Ocotal Resort but not with Dream On. If you just want dorado and tuna you don't need a big yacht for that. Just something that can get you offshore to blue water and a top to keep the rain off. If you want blue marlin that would be a different story regarding boat and...
  259. tap

    Question about Bear Spray

    I would never rely on just bear spray fishing the open mud flats with a big brown deciding to charge. The spray is usually "effective" up to a range of 30 feet and a bear can cover 30 feet per second. Forget it if the wind is in your face or you don't get a dead-on shot with a sensitive bear...
  260. tap

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    This is an old thread but I'll put my 2 cents in anyway: I'll take a well-cared for bonito over a yellowtail any day.
  261. tap

    I think we need bigger bait...

    While popping in Panama I caught a 120 lb. yellowfin tuna and a big blue marlin swam around the boat for a good five minutes trying to swallow it why we tried hooking it with other baits besides my tuna which we just kept holding over the side of the boat. Those marlin can eat amazing things.
  262. tap

    Loreto to Mag. Bay

    There are many experienced panga guides in Loreto (for generations) so apparently you did not have that info available. Now Loreto may not be as good as it was years ago but it built it's reputation on yellowtail in the winter and schools of big dorado in the summer with baya grouper, cabrilla...
  263. tap

    August Marlin dont disappoint in Tamarindo,Costa Rica

    What's with the tuna? There seems to be some finicky biters from Southern California to Colombia. Are they getting smarter all of a sudden or just too many commercial boats after their tails (rhetorical question)?
  264. tap

    Playa Coronado

    It's not considered to be a big game region (it's only 60 miles from panama City). There are black skipjack, corvina, jack crevalle, some roosters and if you can find the wrecks near the beach there are large snook at times. River mouths are a good place to fish usually. You really need a local...
  265. tap

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    I've fished Bahia Tebada and Solanos, Colombia. It's panga style fishing, fairly comfortable accommodations, domestic travel is unreliable (locals call the air strip at Solanos "salsipuedes" (get out if you can) due to planes that don't show on schedule or at all. The people are very friendly...
  266. tap

    08-06 Good fishing day saved in 27 feet of water!!

    There's a spot about two miles southwest of the Hotel del Coronado that holds yellowtail pretty consistently during the summer. There's a channel all the way to Imperial Beach that they cruise along. Nice fish on the popper. I bet a few years ago you didn't even have one in your tackle box (at...
  267. tap

    East Coast Fishing Off the Beaten Path

    Popping for blues and stripers is very popular in Rhode Island waters. I don't know why the pier crowd would seem clueless. I've caught many large bluefish (8-16 lbs.) in the fall all around R.I. especially Newport. Those big homes with huge lawns hugging the coastline are very impressive. Your...
  268. tap

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    I once asked a seiner captain who had arrived off Zihuatanejo, Mexico "how many off these tuna do you expect to catch"? He said flatly "95%". Up until the commercial fleet arrived we had weeks of great sport fishing with yellowfin between 20-130 lbs. but it dropped off real fast. Those guys with...
  269. tap


    I use 65 Power Pro with 6' of 80-100 lb. leader. With a TranX you're not going to put enough drag on to warrant 80 lb. line but you may need more line capacity that you get with 65. This system has taken yellowfin over 200 lbs.
  270. tap

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    If you're with a Panama lodge or mothership and can't fish the way you want or for the species you want that should never occur with good planning with a good fishing manager. You need your own small group of "like-minded" anglers or put on a boat with "like-minded" anglers. Captains aren't...
  271. tap

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Regarding "size matters". Panama is not just a big tuna destination. Obviously there are more small fish than big fish and you can "target" whatever makes you happy. A lot of guys will catch some tuna over 100 lbs. and then back off and chase smaller fish with poppers and have a blast. Last May...
  272. tap

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Panama. Send me an email: [email protected] and I'll send you a pdf of "Popping Panama" that I wrote for Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine. It has a lot of information regarding lodges, etc.
  273. tap

    Popping for BFT, YT, YFT, etc. on Conventional Gear

    I'll tell ya' Jeff when I'm at Tuna Popping Tournaments I'm probably the only guy using conventional gear. There is a forest of spinning tackle instead. Kil certainly has observed the same as we have been in Panama before. California is a conventional stronghold because it was bred with...
  274. tap

    Blues have arrived in Guatemala! 4 shots in one day Capt Starrs

    "16 miles to the east" wouldn't that location put you in the mountains? East of what?. Hope you have a good marlin season.
  275. tap

    Do billfish use their bills as weapons?

    At times they do. They will stun some baits and pick them up injured or dead. They will also just kick it in high gear and swallow a fresh bait like a normal fish.
  276. tap

    Easy Loader Trailers...?

    I've owned a couple. They can be tricky but are great for pushing off a heavy 23' boat over a shallow sand ramp in Baja directly into the Sea of Cortez surf.
  277. tap

    Only need 2 hours in Guatemala!

    Good camera work. Of course, you have a lot of photo opportunities in Guatemala!
  278. tap

    July Marlin

    Fresh eyes-good for a lively release.
  279. tap

    Lucky is better than good!

    No reason for backlashes if the line is packed on right and you have a good thumb. Practice makes perfect. I'm one of those that prefer conventionals over spinning.
  280. tap

    Return to Paradise

    That last photo is special.
  281. tap

    7/11 Fishing Hannibal Bank

    Are you on a PSFL mothership or running out of Boca Chica?
  282. tap

    Braid cutters / scissors

    99 cent Fiskers at school supply counters. I take a handful with me on trips and just leave them with crews. They work well and if you lose one who cares?
  283. tap

    Gulf of Chiriqui Today

    Looks like a PSFL boat?
  284. tap

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    Probably the largest popper-caught fish ever on the West Coast.
  285. tap

    Fair tip

    I tipped the captain and mate $50 and $30 at Palmilla Resort (years ago which was considered a large tip) and they didn't show up the next day. The manager had to get a second crew and said they went out drinking and word was they got a big tip. He suggested tipping on the last day (this was a...
  286. tap

    capt Chichos Jurasic YFT big 400

    Thanks Shane. I know Bartolo and Macho are running their own boats. I wish they would clarify who's boat they are using. Big fish anyways.
  287. tap

    capt Chichos Jurasic YFT big 400

    Ethan, ChiCho has been with Paradise Lodge for years. The guys need to at least tape-out those giant fish for promotional reasons and record keeping.
  288. tap

    Insulated Fish Bags Over Hard Coolers?

    Again, it doesn't sound very secure for rough airline handling if only a zipper is protecting the contents from spilling/thawing. The hard coolers have clamps and can be secured with duct tape after inspection.
  289. tap

    Insulated Fish Bags Over Hard Coolers?

    How would that work for airline travel with frozen fish? My concern would be if inspectors didn't zip it tight the fish could be ruined.
  290. tap

    Who to Fish with in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    There are no charter boats in Manuel Antonio National Park, however, a few miles north is the town of Quepos that has a marina and full sport fishing facilities. You should be able to find a good mid-size charter with live bait included.
  291. tap

    Happy Fathers Day from Casa Vieja Lodge!

    Very impressive numbers. Sailfish central!
  292. tap

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Kil, The PSFL mothership is a good set-up for offshore fishing. Now John has a larger, better mothership. I'll be doing an article "Motherships of Panama" for PCS Magazine.
  293. tap

    Jaco half-day boats

    When you taste fresh amberjack (which are highly prized in Central America) you'll know the difference. You had a good time. That's the main thing.
  294. tap

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Kil, Good to hear that you're coming to San Diego to fish bluefin! As you know the West Coast in general favors conventional casting whereas the East Coast and most international popping anglers use spinning. I remember catching my first albacore (32 lbs,) in 1968 with a cheap Mitchell 302...
  295. tap

    Dana Point Jetty

    It's great to see all of you enjoying the sport together before all the obligations and distractions in life make it more difficult.
  296. tap

    Costa Rica FAD report

    That's some great blue marlin action with the effort per catch ratio much better than Hawaii (although not as many granders).
  297. tap

    Paradise Fishing Lodge June 1 thru 4, 2016

    All Panama-inshore variety and offshore punishment with the tuna! Looks like the wet season has started.
  298. tap

    Feels like prom night!! Just like in 83, No Tuna Pie

    With multiple hook-ups, keep one tuna at moderate depth as you work hard on getting the other to the boat. You don't want two or more big tuna near the boat (especially smaller boats) at the same time as they can easily wrap the lines as they circle. Keep the deep fish under control by putting...
  299. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club May 10-14, 2016

    Michael, I just ordered ten Hybridas. I think they will be very effective on the bluefin, bigeye and yellowfin tuna off Southern California as well as dorado, yellowtail and many other species. They are what we call "candy" in Panama. Thanks. Tony
  300. tap

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    John is correct. Heavy leaders on poppers is the way to go. Most of the time the leader is out of the water anyways when working a popper and 100 lb. is good for abrasion resistance especially if the lure is swallowed.
  301. tap

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    It's good to see poppers being used more in Southern California.
  302. tap

    Panama Sport Fishing Lodge Mothership; May 16-20, 2016

    I sent these two Panama reports to the Hybrida suppliers in Germany telling them to expect more orders and to stock up on supply.
  303. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club May 10-14, 2016

    Thanks Roland. That's a very detailed blog report you have there. I'm glad you guys had a good time at Cebaco-I've been going there since it opened about ten years ago.
  304. tap

    Panama Sport Fishing Lodge Mothership; May 16-20, 2016

    “Touchy Tuna” Arriving at PSFL on May 15th, I met our anglers for the week including friend Seth Hartwick and his buddies Dan Watson and Paul Clark. Seth had enticed Clark to fish Panama after they met on a giant trevally trip. “Nothing pulls like these yellowfin”, he said as a challenge. We...
  305. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club May 10-14, 2016

    Pierre, Thanks for the info on the Hybrida. I'll order ten more and never leave the dock without them. The boat crews love them because it makes their job easier by getting a variety of fish even when the fishing is slow. Ethan, These are slow-sinking lures so wait a second or two before...
  306. tap

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club May 10-14, 2016

    “Variety is the Spice” My group got a late start upon arrival at Panama’s Tocumen Airport due to a wait of 40 minutes on the tarmac for a gate to open on the last of three flights, however the VIP arrival service expedited all clearances and provided a comfortable waiting lounge. Checking in at...
  307. tap

    Gatun Lake, Panama, May 8, 2016

    It’s always a pleasure to fish Gatun Lake (the Panama Canal watershed) because of its big population of pan-sized peacock bass and tropical environment. Prior to a trip to Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club, I arranged for my group of Dave Norberg, Jim Mckissack and Scott Smith to fish the westerly...
  308. tap

    News from Panama

    I've always been an advocate for releasing bluefin trevally in addition to those mentioned. They are in the same category as roosterfish with beautiful coloration, aggressive on poppers and not real abundant.
  309. tap

    Short notice trip to Panama

    That's a good plan Kil. I'll be down there May 7-22 using some of your lures.
  310. tap

    Does shimano's waxwing actually work?

    Good lure for roosterfish. Check out the April issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine.
  311. tap

    History of Iron/Jigs

    I dug out some old irons for "Evolution of the 'Iron Age' of Jigs" in the April 2016 issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine. I'd like to see more variations.
  312. tap

    Freshwater for Peacock Bass

    I just heard from a local friend in Panama City that the water level in the lake is so low you can't launch boats in most places. It's the worst drought they can remember with lots of exposed trees and shoreline.
  313. tap

    Freshwater for Peacock Bass

    Corvina not white sea bass. I fish Gatun every chance I get. It's a nice break from ocean fishing. I've seen 80 lb. tarpon on the west side of the channel so there are trophy-size fish there. The dredging has muddied a good portion of the lake and the fill has ruined some of the islands allowing...
  314. tap

    Rain Barrel bait hotel, or is there something better.

    I used a variety for years. One of the best was made of chicken wire shaped like a barrel under a large plastic float tube. The wire was easy to flush (algae, sponges and other sea life will quickly clog the holes and sometimes add so much weight to the barrel it wants to sink). You need a lot...
  315. tap

    Where to buy poppers

    Call Anglers Choice 619-223-2324 they keep one of the best popping inventories in San Diego (Point Loma on Rosecrans).
  316. tap

    March has been yet another EPIC month of fishing in Guatemala with many more Blue Marlin in the spre

    One of the top spots in the world-not just Central America.
  317. tap

    Cabo Panga Summer advice.

    The older you get the less comfortable pangas are especially on a choppy day. I'd recommend you get a super panga (center console type) that will have a full, contoured seat to rest your back on. Take plenty of inflatable cushions if you have to lay down. Cool water, hat and sunscreen are of...
  318. tap

    Kirinda Sri Lanka March 2016

    Another great trip-variety, size, color, action!
  319. tap

    My biggest Roosterfish

    You're a big guy so that's definitely a big rooster. Doesn't match the big ones that got away though.
  320. tap

    Offshore Swimming?

    I used to get in the water offshore a lot for fish photos and was amazed at times how strong the current was. Like a river. I wouldn't want kids in the water too far from the boat if you can't restart the engine(s) for some reason. Also, a quick fresh water wash down between dips makes for a...
  321. tap

    Broken Rod Protocol

    Here's the flip side: I use a lot of my own tackle and over the years have had deckhands accidentally drop brand new reels over the side, lost lures, teaser rigs (forgetting to tie off first before deployment) and break several rods in transport from the beach or on the boat. Did I ask them to...
  322. tap

    Split bait tank- yes or no!!???

    Squid will kill your fin baits so it's nice if you can separate them. The dilemma is the size of your boat and the need for a larger tank in order to provide enough space for two separate tanks. You can either go with two smaller tanks (not good), one larger tank of 50 gallons or more (OK but...
  323. tap

    Need advice on fishing north Costa rica,El Jobo

    There are plenty of boats in the Playas Ocotal/Cocos area to the north or Flamingo Marina to the south. In July you may need a 4X4 to move around on those dirt (muddy) roads in the wet season. Most bare-bones pangas won't have a baitwell for live bait so use the bait as you catch it or upgrade...
  324. tap

    Kayak or skiff?

    I started with an old 14' aluminum skiff I bought from Dana Landing when they were changing their rental fleet. I spent my college years fishing San Diego Bay mostly and logging thousands of fish. When I got a job I went to a 23' SeaCraft twin 115' and that became the standard. Never wanted to...
  325. tap

    Local Large Mouth Fishing Really Good

    What kinds of ponds do you fish? Private, HOA's, golf, etc. Most of us can't get access.
  326. tap

    The waters have flattened and the fish have risen in Guatemala!

    That's an amazing fishery you have there.
  327. tap

    pargos on the chew!!!!!

    Looks like a good spot to do some Butterfly jigging or popping when they come up in the water column.
  328. tap

    Punta Pescadero

    It's pretty isolated out there on the point. You could go to a restaurant near the Palmas area but they serve good food at your resort. Fish, snorkel, drink, eat, rent some buggies...
  329. tap


    Another thing to try is go to the commercial panga fleet in the afternoon when they are cleaning their catch. Often times gamefish will come in to feed. World class snook have been taken that way. Just use some scraps for bait. Not glamorous but who cares?
  330. tap


    The Villa Marina on the easterly end of Playa Venado (Venao) is a good place to stay. Pangas will pick you up directly from the beach in front of the lodge (it's usually calm there but further to the west the surf is world class). Surf fishing is good at times. I've seen the hotel staff catch...
  331. tap

    Qualifier 105

    The 105 still has that low profile, streamlined shape with low stern but with a bunch of research hydraulics and bulky gear on top. Seems out of place. Good show with some real cool mechanics finally getting a little TV love.
  332. tap

    Paradise lodge

    Most of the lodges down there lose a lot of "Butterfly" type deep jigs due to anglers (especially inexperienced) fishing rocky bottom combined with big fish. They can always use jigs but they are heavy to travel with in any big quantity. Poppers are usually well-stocked with popular brands but...
  333. tap

    BSB Friday

    You sure found yourself a BSB spot. Keep those numbers there may be a cave down there. Were they easy releases?
  334. tap

    Video - Sami's trip to Chesterfield Islands

    That's a fun video-puts you right in the cockpit like you're fishing with the guys.
  335. tap

    Fishing boats in shit weather

    Wow. I'm worn out. Reminds me of some inlets I had to go through to fish.
  336. tap

    Bad weather hog hunting

    There are so many rules and regulations in California that turn off a lot of people from hunting/fishing. Florida looks much better in some respects such as your hog hunting.
  337. tap

    Sat 2-6-16 Pt Loma Fish Report

    Nice being out on the water with your son.
  338. tap


    That's a lot of time at the cleaning table unless you just pop the breasts out. The price of success.
  339. tap

    Rum Line Breaks Record of 89 Sailfish Releases in single day

    What's the big attraction for those sails to gang up like that every year. No commercial fishing?
  340. tap

    My 2 personal best mahi mahi back to back days

    Nice having a job so close to fish.
  341. tap

    Any reality to "extra strong" hook ratings?

    I've lost too many big fish to bent hooks so, yes, i replace most standard hooks that come with the lure with as many x's that I can find. Single or treble. They do tend to add a little more weight to the lure which you can feel when casting. The higher priced lures from small companies tend to...
  342. tap

    Tuna Coast Fishing Report Late December

    Worst time of the year to fish Pedasi. Much better around Punta Mariato on the westerly Tuna Coast due to mountain shadow.
  343. tap

    Rod building 1939

    Classic voice.
  344. tap

    rooster south of PV

    Way to scratch out some nice fish! That sea is pretty lumpy.
  345. tap

    Drone Threatened

    I had a drone hover over my property in Valley Center for about five minutes as I sat out by the pool. I didn't see it at first. It sounded like the loudest bee swarm ever about 100 feet above me. Those things are LOUD and would easily disrupt a conversation or party. I figured it was real...
  346. tap

    Unforgettable Coral Sea Adventure with Nomad Sportfishing Adventures

    What a great experience you had. I've fished the GBR twice and did not get good weather to really do it justice. Weather IS the key to fishing there. The air travel is another issue as you know. Beautiful photo work!
  347. tap

    Cancun/Nichupte Lagoon Fishing??

    There is a productive fishery about a one hour drive north of Cancun then using fast skiffs to reach distant flats and mangroves. Lots of light tackle action for 20 lb. tarpon, snook, mangrove snapper, etc. Beautiful scenery with flocks of pink flamingos. I did a feature on this place several...
  348. tap

    Great trip to Quepos

    That's a great opportunity getting in some fast fishing action and learning the local techniques at the same time.
  349. tap

    A little advice on marine Radar

    A good radar will show birds working miles away and out of normal sight. Find the birds-find the fish.
  350. tap

    Coiba Island Area Report Jan 10-15

    Sounds like slow fishing by Panama standards but fun overall. Did you do much popping?
  351. tap

    L'archipel des Chesterfield, Nouvelle Calédonie Jan 2016

    What a great trip Sami! Finding the quality and quantity of gamefish in a beautiful environment with best friends in a new adventure. Can't beat that!
  352. tap

    Inirida Colombia Peacock Bass 2016

    That's an amazing number of world class peacocks. Not many places can produce that type of results.
  353. tap

    Video - GT and Dogtooth in New Caledonia

    Wow-that video was better than a hot cup of coffee to get you going in the morning.
  354. tap

    Pargo Frenzy! - Fishing the Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

    Looks like you had a lot of fun with good crews. Can't beat that!
  355. tap

    Alaskan Caribou hunt video

    Great video. Perfect countryside to hunt-open with some cover and not too steep.
  356. tap

    Panama -Best Location

    One of the big factors in fish conservation in Panama is that we need to get the local Panamanian "weekend" anglers involved in catch and release not just the fishing lodges.
  357. tap

    Tuna Coast Fishing Report Late December

    Slower than normal fishing doesn't last long in Panama. When the fish turn on it will be mayhem on the grounds.
  358. tap

    Amazon... I am back... WOW

    A little of the unknown plus some pain and suffering creates the "adventure" part of the trip. Wish you had more photos.
  359. tap

    Pelagic Fishing Lodges

    See my article "Popping Panama" in the January issue of pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine or email me at: [email protected] and I'll send you a pdf. I also host several trips a year fishing Panama.
  360. tap

    Looking to go out in panama

    PM me with your email address and I'll send you a guide to most of the Panama charters and lodges.
  361. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  362. tap

    Southern Belize Dec 4-14 - Epic Adventure!

    PM's: Just press "inbox" on the upper right on this page and then type in the user name you want and message, etc. So simple I can do it.
  363. tap

    Atoll de la Surprise, New Caledonia December 2015

    Now that's my kind of fishing!
  364. tap

    Rogue Waves

    Researchers have found that rogue waves occur more frequently in combination with strong oceanic currents, such as the Bengali in Africa, that run in the opposite direction of the wind/swell. These currents keep forcing swells to come together and making them steeper over a long fetch. Such...
  365. tap

    Rooster Fishing Last Week In Panama and Killer Whales

    Nice rooster. Using live bait off the point south of the lodge?
  366. tap

    Paradise Lodge March 6-17

    Las Olas is located on an open beach so there are no easily accessible boats nearby. Hooked on Panama Fishing Lodge has excellent boats and crews to the west or chartering a boat out of the Port of Pedregal south of David would require a ground transfer. Capt. Shane Jarvis at Sport Fish Panama...
  367. tap

    Best Lures For Tarpon??

    Depends where you are going to fish for them. I've used a variety of poppers (Yo-Zuri GT's and Sashimi, Braid Pop Dancer, coastal waters), "iron" jigs (Salas, Tady in all sizes for surface and deep when fishing the coast), lipped swimming plugs (Crystal minnow-types) for rivers and...
  368. tap

    Belize trip December 13 - 20

    Nice permit. Tarpon can drive you crazy-sometimes they are lazy and want a piece of cut bait or will chase and crash a popper. I was spooled by an estimated 80 lb. tarpon casting a black PILI popper in a wide mangrove channel near St. Christopher. My guide didn't even have time to unleash the...
  369. tap

    Panama -Best Location

    Jake, Sent you a PM re: "Popping Panama".
  370. tap

    Rough Today - Ponta Delgada Azores

    And some guys want to live the boring life of a lighthouse keeper.
  371. tap

    Brawley DMV

    You should be able to renew by mail unless they want you to take an eye exam, etc. If not, the Auto Club of Cal or DMV appointments are the best way to reduce the wait. I sure wouldn't walk in there cold turkey.
  372. tap

    Panama -Best Location

    The January '16 issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine includes my article "Popping Panama" and contains a guide to all the major fishing lodges on the Pacific Coast of Panama.
  373. tap

    Finally drew G6

    You overcame a lot of "roadblocks" for that one. Persistence pays off again. Congratulations.
  374. tap

    Third annual overnight tuna trip with Danny Osuna on Dec 5 - 9

    Great small group fishing-right size boat and lots of fish. Not too much popping for the tuna?
  375. tap


    Good advice from Greg. I stayed with the Kuna Indians on a small island a few years ago. I brought my own tackle but we fished on a long dugout canoe that limited our range. We explored the rivers for tarpon and snook and raised only a few. The fishing around the islands is hit pretty hard and I...
  376. tap

    do it yourself Mexican fishing info

    Baja's East Cape can be productive especially if you rent a dune buggy to find fish. Panama has many good shorelines, such as the Tuna Coast. The Punta Mita area of Mexico mainland is also a good choice.
  377. tap

    World Record Dogtooth Tuna

    That is a big dog.
  378. tap

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    There are two skipjack available mostly during El Niño periods-the oceanic and black skipjacks. I prefer the oceanic which have a high fat content and heavier fusiform shape. The black skipjack is easily identified having several black spots under it's throat area. They are also good eating and...
  379. tap

    Lads end of year Fishing Trip

    Nice video. Do you ever cast poppers for yellowtail (kingies). That school feeding on the surface would have been a prime time for popping.
  380. tap

    Tuna Coast Fishing Report - El Rio Negro

    Looks like it's safe to get into the river now. Those enforcement crews are very friendly once they realize you're clean. Good of you to offer food and drinks-they really appreciate that. You would be amazed to see what they eat.
  381. tap

    Home made Popper from plastic Coke bottle - Tuna Coast Panama

    Sure makes a good spray. Fish can't see the popper very well whether it's homemade or a $100 Japanese model so you may as well save the cash for other things.
  382. tap

    Texas Offshore Fishing

    I have friends that fish the Gulf out of Texas and they do consistently well on big yellowfin tuna and other species. They do a lot of popping as well as the surface iron such as the 7X and land tuna over 100 lbs. I don't know why there is not a better forum connection for Texas because it is a...
  383. tap

    Panama Fishing info needed

    You can also read my report under the "Panama and Central America" forum I posted on June 2, 2013 under "tap": Hooked on Panama; May 2013; "Billfish Secret".
  384. tap

    Costa Rica Tackle

    When fishing big blue and black marlin I use snelled 18/0 and 20/0 Mustad circle hooks bridled to live black skipjack or tuna. I've measured the jaw hinge on these fish exceeding 600 lbs. and a 20/0 fits the gap while smaller hooks don't have enough width between the point and shaft to easily...
  385. tap

    Angerwest TV Panama 2015 episode with Bonus Ca. Delta Stripers.

    Tomo, Check out my article "Popping Panama" in the January issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine (should be out in December). I list all the fishing lodges/destinations in Panama.
  386. tap

    Yellowfin 11/29

    Did you ever get to fish in Spain? Did you post something?
  387. tap

    Angerwest TV Panama 2015 episode with Bonus Ca. Delta Stripers.

    Makes you want to get back to Panama asap.
  388. tap

    Playa Conchal

    When fishing from a boat with live bait or lures your gear is OK. Obviously, from the beach you will normally encounter smaller "bait size" fish under 5 lbs. such as green jacks, bigeye scad, jack crevalle. leatherskins, etc. that will be fun on lighter 8-15 lb. tackle. You can also use the...
  389. tap


    Fun fishing at it's best.
  390. tap

    Who has Prime Ribs on sale?

    Dry age until almost "funky". Yeah, some of the best prime rib I've had smelled like it was a day away from being rank but tasted and had the texture of some kind of soft meat candy with a slap-in-the-face shot of horse radish as an antidote.
  391. tap

    Who has Prime Ribs on sale?

    Albertson's usually has choice prime rib with good marbling but eye ball it first. Places like Harvest Ranch Market, Iowa Meats and Majors always have true "prime" rib available for additional $$$ if you want to be sure of a quality dinner for special guests.
  392. tap

    Marlin at Newport Pier today

    Where were the live bait kayakers? Would have made their day.
  393. tap

    Flying fish can't win....

    Man I've seen that feeding challenge with dorado and frigates competing for flying fish many times but never got it on film like that. Beautiful .
  394. tap

    Playa Conchal

    I would take a mix of surface poppers including the 2-3 oz. Roberts Rangers, some Kastmaster and Krocodile spoons and bucktail jigs fished with fresh shrimp bounced on the bottom near river mouths. Plastic leadheads will get bit but you'll be replacing the tails frequently. Take some Sabikis for...
  395. tap

    This is our Florida

    That's a lot of fun and great tasting fish! In Panama we like to pan-fry those snapper whole (entero) under three pounds and add a little seasoning and hot
  396. tap

    Is there any fishing in Spain this time of year?

    I'd say bluefin are not feasible due to being out of season and I believe the quota has been reached anyways. The rest of the "winter" fishing will depend largely on the weather. Remember. Spain is on about the same latitude as Baltimore/New York.
  397. tap

    Is there any fishing in Spain this time of year?

    You're a little late for bluefin. Their season runs from mid-May to June. Your best bet is to do some deep jigging for amberjack, denton and other medium game.
  398. tap

    Panama Fishing info needed

    I did an article for Marlin Magazine about Hooked on Panama-see if a copy is on the resorts website. It's a very nice place to stay and they have good, fast boats. The tarpon river is the Rio Bayano about 1&1/2 hour drive east of Panama City. There are world record snook there as well. It takes...
  399. tap

    Man points a GoPro the wrong way during his entire vacation

    Could only last until 1:21 looking at his face.
  400. tap

    Fishing in the Secret's/Papagayo area?

    If you want nice sunny days November is a good choice. I've been to that area many times in November with good weather prevailing.
  401. tap

    Fishing in the Secret's/Papagayo area?

    The peak offshore season in that region is May-September when it rains but less wind than December-March. Contact Fred Stephens ( and he'll give you the latest info. Playa Coco resort used to be a good source for fishing boats and experienced crews when Rick Wallace was...
  402. tap

    Reel seat w/ clamp or without, that is the question.

    No clamps for me and I've caught dozens of yellowfin tuna over 100 lbs. by popping/jigging with Shimano CTe700's and Torsa's spooled with 65-80 lb. Spectra. I was told by a Shimano rep that the reel seats on their rods hold well and I can confirm that now.
  403. tap

    Playa Conchal

    The best thing to do is talk to the local fishermen regarding what and where is biting. Conditions change and you have to adapt. A lot depends on your expectations-if you are satisfied with a sierra mackerel or need a big roosterfish, etc. will affect how you communicate with the locals as well...
  404. tap

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    That French "Vivif" was one of the funniest looking lures I've ever seen but it sure caught fish. I remember fishing with the late Joe Zarola (manager of the old Hook, Line and Sinker tackle shop in Point Loma) on the City of Imperial Beach half-day boat and he caught 19 yellows to 29 lbs. that...
  405. tap

    Playa Conchal

    You can get a local panga at Conchal (bring your own tackle) but for a better selection of boats check out Playa Flamingo just a short drive to the north. For best results in this area get a boat with a live bait well and a skipper who can provide it. That may make an OK day into a great day of...
  406. tap

    A First . . . and then Another First!!!

    I'd say you're adapting to Southern California pretty good!
  407. tap

    Almost spooled

    Here's what I do: Use a San Diego knot to tie to the spool with mono being careful to pack tightly for about ten wraps. Join the mono to your main Spectra at this point (or before you begin spooling). The mono stretches and hugs the spool and it won't spin like Spectra. Never had a problem.
  408. tap

    Is it over?

    Yeah Kerncat the early 80's were special-including the 100+lb. bigeye tuna we were getting 5 miles from the Point. I remember those winter marlin as well.
  409. tap

    10/28 2015 Went Catching again

    Congratulations John. Old Verne Parker would be stoked. Like those Innovators. You may have caught one of the last "needlefish" of the year.
  410. tap

    Quepos fish report

    Wait 'til the female blues show up then things will get real interesting! Can't beat those deep fads.
  411. tap

    Pedasi Report Oct 15-22

    Algis "Negro" Garcia and I go back a long ways. Glad to know he's still doing his thing. Did you do much popping/jigging or mostly troll?
  412. tap

    Looking for advice on Costa Rica (Jaco & Dominical)

    Ask around and get a local panga that has a big trash can and a bucket to keep bait alive (chances are they won't have a pump/baitwell but see if you can find one). Take some Sabiki's for catching bait. You will increase your chances for big roosterfish with live bait slow-trolled. Troll...
  413. tap

    Looking for advice on Costa Rica (Jaco & Dominical)

    Where in Costa Rica are you going to fish? Do you need to stay in Jaco or Dominical? Whats your budget? Panga or cruiser? Do you like to pop/jig or troll?...
  414. tap

    Panama advice.

    I've fished Panama since 1994 under many sea conditions. Generally, the pelagics (marlin, tuna,etc.) come and go depending on currents, temp. etc. while resident species (cubera, roosterfish, etc.) remain a reliable fishery year round. Since a few years ago the big schools of yellowfin (a...
  415. tap

    Anybody try the Toro Tamer Popper?

    When casting from a boat into the rocky shorelines of Panama, we sometimes lose a few plastic-body poppers a trip if they land on a hard rock if not on target. They will crack in half like a surf board up against a great white shark. The wood bodies can handle more abuse and if the paint wears...
  416. tap

    Pedasi Report

    Thanks for the report Ethan. I'll want to hear more when you get back.
  417. tap

    Guatemala Fishing Report Oct 15th, 2015- Close! 15 mile bite Sails & Marlin!

    You are the epicenter for sailfish! Have a great season.
  418. tap


    Some of the locals are getting some nice snook, roosterfish and corvina at Canas and scattered tuna offshore.
  419. tap

    Lobster Limits for 2!

    Very different species-Queenfish (sometimes called herring) are a "good looking" baitfish have a large square yellowish tail fin, silvery, thin and soft body and a large mouth. Tomcod (white croaker) are rougher with a bigger sloping head and large scales. Yellow fin croaker are another species.
  420. tap

    Lobster Limits for 2!

    Queenfish (found in bays and piers) are a top brown bait for halibut, etc. Tomcod are not as good with a hard body and big head.
  421. tap

    yellowtail popping in Korea 2015

    Good report Kil Song. Thanks.
  422. tap

    So Cal Exotics

    I hope some organization is keeping count of the number of blue marlin, wahoo and other "exotics" being landed this year so we can get a tally at the end of the season.
  423. tap

    Mexcelente Jigging!

    Cute little rooster. Nice photos.
  424. tap


    The east side of Lovers Cove (just east of Avalon Harbor) is a great place for kids with calm water, you can easily keep an eye on them, there are lots of big calicos, garibaldi, perch and sometimes bonito, barracuda and yellowtail passing by. It's a preserve so you can't get too close with your...
  425. tap

    Poppers ???

    Changing hooks does not affect the action unless there is a great difference in size. That Orca took a 168 lb. yellowfin (in Panama) with a Shimano Saragosa and the Halco is a standard as well.
  426. tap

    Those of you with Facebook, can you please post some positive comments about the 662.2lb Marlin?!

    I would never post a fish or dead mammal photo on Facebook because of all the disconnected crazies. I also prefer to release fish but when a blue dies they don't go to waste. Smoking is excellent but have you tried the long flanks of white meat as they merge with the fat belly? Sort of like a...
  427. tap

    Fishing in Punta Gorda Belize

    "Good" fishing is a point of view. I was after tarpon over 100 lbs. in the mangrove waterways using poppers and casting tackle as well as other quality gamefish. I had no problems with bringing my own tackle. Check with your agent about possible changes in licenses. Good luck.
  428. tap

    Fishing in Punta Gorda Belize

    I've fished Belize a couple of times for tarpon, bonefish, permit, mangrove snapper, barracuda, yellowtail snapper and grouper with poor to fairly good results. The best advice I can give is only fish with a locally experienced guide who has a lot of gas in the tank because you will likely have...
  429. tap

    So what happened to the storm?

    It petered out. The radar showed lots of rain below Ensenada yesterday afternoon heading towards San Diego and nothing happened. Still not much going on today with just light clouds. Weathermen again.
  430. tap


    "Who's on first? No, Who's on second..."
  431. tap

    Poppers ???

    What John said. I prefer conventionals myself like the TranX or heavier Cte700 for big fish places like Panama. For smaller fish under 30 lbs. use anything that you can cast well and have fun with.
  432. tap

    Panama - First time traveling and Fishing

    Glad you had an overall good experience. There is so much more left to do in Panama, especially fishing wise. Since 1994 I've made 56 trips to Panama fishing most every place on the Pacific Coast (some Atlantic as well) and each trip is different due to the variety of habitat, seasons, type of...
  433. tap

    Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    I wish more California guys would try popping. Wait 'til you pop places like Panama where tuna over 100 lbs. along with big roosters, cubera snapper and many other gamefish will attack a popper.
  434. tap


    Rain and lightning? He would never fish if the boat was in Central America.
  435. tap

    Entering roosterland snookmafia

    Nice job on the releases.
  436. tap

    Hog yellowtail caught off Mission Beach jetty!!

    I've seen 10# yellowtail swimming inside the channel before and close to the jetty but never thought anything like this catch would happen. Big congratulations!
  437. tap

    Fishing Papagayo

    Check out the Ocotal Beach Resort. Used to have some good boats and crews.
  438. tap

    El Banco Blue, August 22, 11:48 am

    Now compare that body with the "blue" recently caught off Catalina under "Offshore Fishing Reports".
  439. tap


    Agree with Mslick. You may also want to check out Pangas are fishable but if you prefer a flat deck center console with some shade pay a little extra for the comfort.
  440. tap

    Archery Elk opener Colorado Report - Rocking R Ranch

    Great story-telling style report-puts you right in the hunt with you guys. That "Sea of Antlers" photo is a prize winner.
  441. tap

    Hot Marlin Bite Guatemala-August

    It's good to extend the fishing season. Hope you guys get some big marlin in the future.
  442. tap

    Epic 2 days Fishing Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica

    Not getting your images very well. Sounds like a great fishing experience.
  443. tap

    105 spot report bones and more bones

    I'll take a well-kept bonito over a yellowtail any day
  444. tap

    Catalina Yellowfin on the Popper - 8/29

    Looks like photos from the tropics. Good job switching to the poppers.
  445. tap

    Heading To Newport RI

    We cast poppers tight to the northern shoreline near Newport for tons of 12#-14# bluefish and some stripers. You really need to talk to the locals to find out where the best day-to-day action is especially if you don't have a boat to explore with. Time of year has much to do with the fishing.
  446. tap

    Having money doesn't dictate someone knows how to fish

    I had a friend on my 23' SeaCraft fighting a 115 lb. tuna off San Diego and a huge TajMahal-slick yacht comes along side and the skipper radios "I'll give you $500 for that rod" meaning he wanted his guest to fight a big tuna. My buddy says no thanks. The rich guys couldn't find their own fish.
  447. tap

    Headed to Quepos Costa Rica, Crew needed

    Nice fully-rigged boat you have there Chris. I would definitely hire some locally experienced crews especially to help avoid the numerous rock/reef hazards (but great fish habitat), etc. Robin has a lot of good connections.
  448. tap

    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    Peter, For conventionals I use the Shimano TranX spooled with 65# Power Pro with a 6' leader of 80#-100# mono. For bigger tuna I prefer the standard CTe700 filled the same way. Penn, Daiwa and other companies have developed some good levelwinds as well.
  449. tap

    strike pro tuna hunter poppers

    I've fished both spinning and conventional for years and I'll stick with conventional even with poppers. A large level-wind reel takes care of laying the line down on the spool while freeing up a hand to cup the rod while pumping the lure. I can cast as far if not longer with the conventional...
  450. tap

    Popper Set Up

    If you're fishing on a party boat the longer rods help keep the line away from the props and deep draft hull, otherwise I prefer about a 7' rod.
  451. tap

    Pop pop

    That red/white is a classic color combo for the tropics like Panama.
  452. tap

    One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    Good job taking advantage of the tuna run. Save some sashimi for the party!
  453. tap

    It's Hot Everywhere...

    Heat wave? The high was 79 degrees in Halifax, Nova Scotia on August 16th.
  454. tap

    IO Poppers

    PM sent.
  455. tap

    Pedasi tuna bite

    Panama by panga=basic fun on a budget. I've fished that part of the Tuna Coast starting in 1996 and there are some really cool skippers there (mostly commercial) using almost all pangas (with big fish ice holds built onto the deck) so comfort is not a priority but the fishing can be great.
  456. tap

    Finally big Bluefin

    I'm sure we've all noticed that two things in particular will get the "popcorn" goin' on BD: Estimated weight of fish (or hogs, etc.) and mis-identified fish (blue vs. striped marlin, yellowfin vs. bigeye, etc.). That's just the way it is. Nothing personal-just guys wanting to get things...
  457. tap

    So this guy was fishing tuna next to us yesterday with his spinning gear...

    A lot of my well-travelled, experienced fishing friends use spinning gear and take tuna from 100-200 lbs. These new high tech spinners have 45+ lbs. of drag and strong rods designed for lifting big fish. At popping/jigging tournaments you'll see a forest of spinning rods. I'm still a...
  458. tap

    Chunking Questions

    2/0 to 6/0 circle hooks matching the size of the chunks. Hook goes thru a piece of skin so it will stay on better. No sinker. Free spool so the chunk descends at the same rate as the chum. Some of the largest tuna will hang below the schoolies. If the tuna come to the boat you can be selective...
  459. tap

    IGFA Rules

    Unless you're trying to set an IGFA world record just fish and have fun doing it your way. When I fished for records the rules were mostly common-sense ethics and no big deal except for the paper work and line testing out correctly. Today I hand off a lot of fish so I can take photos and I'll...
  460. tap

    Mastering the art of chunking

    If you put live bait into a chunk bucket add water first, otherwise the bait will go crazy with scales flying everywhere. They will die calmly in water. The chunking suggestions here have been very good-especially the need to be consistent with the timing and don't over chum.
  461. tap

    My sister and I want to go fishing off SD, suggestions

    Check out "Southern CA Private Boaters Fishing Trip Planning" under Fishing Forums for better possibilities.
  462. tap

    Nature lovers to target fisherman?

    The trend in fishing magazines has been: no blood, no gaff marks, no photos "in poor taste" just to minimize negative reactions from the sensitive crowd. Remember when "Western Outdoors Magazine" featured hunting as well as fishing? There is a growing number of people who would like to see the...
  463. tap

    Dying Bait

    Inadequate water pump flow (too much or too little); Too much bait; Not matching bait load to size of tank; No light source for bait tank; Left-over cleaning solvents like bleach on inner-tank surface; Poor quality bait; Not culling the dead bait out as soon as it dies or looks bad (add to the...
  464. tap

    Wanted: Two young studs

    A buoy/ring set up is all you need. The boat power will lift the anchor and all you do is coil the line under minimal pressure.
  465. tap

    Punta Mita - 6/26 to 7/3

    Great family trip! Popping for roosters in calm, scenic water-doesn't get much better than that.
  466. tap

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    Chunking the dead bait is always a good idea but make sure you have someone monitoring the bait tank to quickly pick out dead or dying bait for the bucket. This will prolong the life of the remaining baits.
  467. tap

    Question, Bottom Fishing the 9 Upper or Lower

    Just start 2 1/2miles north of North Island (it will look like a "V" upside down) in about 285' and you'll see lots of peaks and fish clusters to work.
  468. tap

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    Regarding rod packing for new travelers, see my article "Have Rods - Will Travel" at If you visit a place often enough consider storing your gear such as I do in Panama. It makes travel a lot easier and you can then just take down replacement tackle such as lures lost, etc...
  469. tap

    Sambit Island, Indonesia July 2015 ( Dogtooth Tuna )

    Good thing you had calm seas-that boat looks high and tippy. Big bohar (red snapper)!
  470. tap

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    I don't even use TSA locks anymore for checked bags. Thieves at airports can get through zippers and locks in seconds.
  471. tap

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    Never had a problem checking rod tubes (ABS plastic 7'4" screw-on ends).
  472. tap

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    P.S. I didn't have to wait in line at the counter or through security again-they waved me through as they had promised me. They were very courteous and friendly.
  473. tap

    Question about traveling with reels in carry-on

    Check it. Departing Panama on United, security wouldn't allow my TranX so had to go back to the counter and check one of my two carry-on bags.
  474. tap

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    It's starting to remind me of Panama around here with the quality of fish. Don't forget those poppers-you can use heavier gear with those and 100 lb. leaders (as you know). Keep it up Paul.
  475. tap

    Maximus 2 day 7-17 to 7-20

    Good job using the popper. More guys should be throwing those for maximum fun.
  476. tap

    Bintulu Malaysia, July 2015

    Thanks for the honest evaluation Sami.
  477. tap

    YFT & YT mexican waters

    Frigates don't touch the water. They skim bait off the surface or steal from other birds. You may have "assumed" it dove in the water or it was another type of bird.
  478. tap

    Paradise Fishing Lodge June 2015

    Nice video. Pretty much sums up a Panama trip.
  479. tap

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    Good reminder on the leader John. 100 lb. is standard for me.
  480. tap

    Yellow Fin off La Jolla 7-14-15

    Good to see you chunking-especially with the bait you were dealt. More guys should be doing that. Nice filet table in your back yard?
  481. tap

    Tejon Birthday

    Outstanding! What a great experience you gave them. I wish all kids could do that.
  482. tap

    Huge 61-pound roosterfish from East Cape surf

    Steve, I think it's the XSR 14 which is 1.5 oz.
  483. tap

    Huge 61-pound roosterfish from East Cape surf

    Too bad it died. Some pretty big swells coming through. That's a rooster of a lifetime coming from the shore without live bait.
  484. tap

    Saturday skunk, a lesson learned, and fish id

    Try the pic again. I want see if the bait is unusual. Thanks.
  485. tap

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    Nice to see the poppers in local waters. That's the most exciting way (and sometimes the best way) to catch tuna. Have fun this summer!
  486. tap

    Frigate in king harbor

    Frigates ("Tijeretas") or scissor tails are very rare this far north. I've never seen them before in Cal. Gives us a real tropical feel.
  487. tap

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Good job Paul. We'll need to have a sashimi party.
  488. tap

    Cebaco Bay

    Thanks for the quick-ship on the split ring pliers Dan. Those heavy duty pliers are so much easier to open the bigger rings with which means faster and better lure and hook changes. You need to fish Cebaco sometime with or without me.
  489. tap

    62 lb yellowfin

    It also is a good practice to remove all the dead bait from the tank before they start to accumulate and kill more bait (if you have mixed live and dead bait even the stronger bait will die soon if you don't keep the tank "clean"). When I hear "all the bait rolled" it usually means they were...
  490. tap

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Talk about bonding. Good team
  491. tap

    62 lb yellowfin

    Good to see your chum/chunk bucket. More guys should be using that method.
  492. tap

    Cebaco Bay

    Chris, Jim will contact you tomorrow (Wed). He is traveling today. Thanks.
  493. tap

    Weather this weekend 6/27,28

    That's normal sea conditions-in Hawaii.
  494. tap

    Pics from the Spotter Plane

    What a cool view of the action.
  495. tap

    Cebaco Bay

    Chris, If Jim doesn't read this you can contact Dee in the U.S. at: [email protected] or 228-861-0418 check: or [email protected] Cebaco Bay provides moorings, fuel, fresh spring water, boat services, etc. in a very beautiful bay.
  496. tap

    Propiedad de Paradise 6/11-6/19

    Good report and good effort in finding some tuna that wanted to eat. Nice shot of the marlin.
  497. tap

    Propiedad de Paradise Lodge - June 8-10

    Glad to hear you had a great time with Shane (his bird detecting radar comes in handy). Bocas is not the high attraction for Panama.
  498. tap

    6/24/15 Oside / DP, 4-6 Miles Offshore

    Chunking is my favorite go-to method to get a bite going. When they're full (yellowtail, dorado, yellowfin-just about everything) they get lazy but often can't resist a slow-falling chunk of fresh fish-some with hooks attached. Just use lighter line and make sure the hooked chunk falls at the...
  499. tap

    YFT & YT mexican waters

    Thanks Michael. I don't recall ever seeing a Frigate this far north even during the major El Nino of the early 80's when we caught lots of 100 lb.-plus bigeye tuna.
  500. tap

    Quepos Costa Rica

    I think you're wasting money on an expensive boat if you're going to fish a 3/4 day trip. Depending on where the "fish" (marlin, tuna, sails) are and what you are after, the crew will be under pressure to find some quick action and if they don't find fish until the afternoon it will be time to...
  501. tap

    YFT & YT mexican waters

    "Big black diving birds" sounds like frigate birds (tijereta). Did they have sharp pointed wing tips, "scissor"-like tails and a long hooked beak? They would be rare up here.
  502. tap

    Paradise Fishing Lodge June 2015

    Puts you right there. Chad has transformed that piece of hillside into a great view-lodge with all the modern conveniences almost single-handed. Very impressive.
  503. tap

    local wahoo

    OK a little more explanation: If you're using Marauder-type lures in the prop-wash heavy wire is going to be less visible. In fact the swivel may even be out of the water we fish them so close. Also, when using smaller lures wire becomes more necessary since even smaller wahoo may be able to...
  504. tap

    local wahoo

    When we fish wahoo we generally don't use heavy wire leaders unless the fish are running over 80 lbs. and big enough to swallow a big lure and contact the leader. You'll get a lot more hook-ups with mono or fluorocarbon leaders. Sure you may lose some but overall you'll catch more. You've got to...
  505. tap

    Panama/Chiriqui Surf Report

    Leatherjackets have some spines that can do some damage. Nice fish from the shore. Congratulations Greg. Maybe you'll jump a tarpon there one day.
  506. tap

    Koi-Eating Heron Needs a New Home

    I'd just stock the pond with goldfish and sit back and enjoy watching the birds of prey doing their thing.
  507. tap

    Cebaco Bay

    Rolando, Jim is the owner of Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club and a super nice guy. He's got it all together at Cebaco with experienced crews and staff, great boats and extreme popping/jigging/trolling in a remote area. Fishing is outstanding all year (given decent weather) and a few of your...
  508. tap

    Panama: BE CAREFUL!

    Jim, That's an old thread topic and should probably be deleted by now. When I read Chad Marques' message in 2011 I responded agreeing with him. Apparently the Panama Yacht Tours web stated that they do bookings for a number of Panama lodges including Cebaco Bay. That was not true and were told...
  509. tap

    can't beat em, join em

    If that second fish (long and skinny) had a belly it would have been over 40 lbs. Lots of food around-maybe it's spawned out.
  510. tap

    Azerbaijan 2015 - Dagestan Tur

    "Extreme Mountain Hunts" is an understatement!
  511. tap

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Good job Paul. Continuing right from where you left off last year.
  512. tap

    Alone in the wilderness, Dick Proenecke

    No way was I going to spend 58 minutes on another wilderness show but I just finished it. Simple old-style production but somehow captivating. One tough guy and helluva' rough carpenter.
  513. tap

    GT with a large side of Omilu's

    That's some quality popping even though you came up short on the gt's. It sure pays to get away from the crowds.
  514. tap

    Yesterday's Catch @ PSFL

    That is one fat tuna. Did you check the stomach? I would be interested to know what it was feeding on although it could have put on weight with different forage weeks ago.
  515. tap

    Cebaco Bay

    Rolando, Check out my post on page 2 of this forum: "Tuna-Tuna-Tuna Cebaco Bay April 20-24, 2015". Cebaco Bay is a great location and mothership-style lodge. I'll be going back in July/August.
  516. tap

    Update on sea-lion attack

    SeaWorld should stamp a big "S" on them before they release rehabs so we will know if they're part of the problem.
  517. tap

    slang for small fish?????

    Barnacle=short abalone Two cracker fish=anything small and can be served between two crackers (exaggerated to make fun of someone's catch) Bait Net Fish=no need for a regular net or gaff (someone holds the small bait scoop near the angler to make fun of him-better be a friend) Bouncer=no net or...
  518. tap

    Fishing Etiquette

    That was funny. I'm glad they know each other.
  519. tap

    Jaco half-day boats

    Just make sure your panga has a live bait tank (most don't) and the skipper is experienced with gamefishing and can get live bait. Even if you are good at popping and jigging live bait is more effective for roosters and snapper in Costa Rica. If you don't have your own tackle make sure the panga...
  520. tap

    So I was playing around again "Red Crab"

    I would slow troll daisy-chain or dredge-style with weight.
  521. tap

    Red crab question and the fishfinder, adjusting your radar for bird schools?

    It's good to practice adjusting the radar for birds when you can see big concentrations of birds so you can confirm what you are displaying on the unit. Calm seas and good power you should read birds up to at least five miles.
  522. tap

    IO Popper and yellow

    Good job Sam. I've been a popper fanatic since 1989 and have promoted their use in magazines and seminars because it's about the most fun you can have on the water. In many circumstances it's the most effective technique as well even out-fishing live bait. I'll have to try those my next trip to...
  523. tap

    Looking for Investors...

    As John said there are a mixed bag of operations in the Gulf of Chiriqui (which has the highest concentration of charter operations from single boat, motherships with multiple boats and land-based lodges with boat fleets). I've been fishing Panama since 1994 and have seen many changes. For one...
  524. tap

    Looking for Investors...

    By the way you need two boats or an option to at least charter a second boat when the first boat breaks down. And they ALL break down for various reasons even at the most expensive and trusted lodges. You never want to cancel a booking at the last second.
  525. tap

    My Daughters 2nd grade Dolphin research project (video)

    Very nice production and an endearing host.
  526. tap

    Costa Rica Scouting Trip

    Not a bad idea to keep your boat in San Diego this summer-it's going to be a good warm-water year with bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and maybe blue marlin, bigeye, wahoo and dorado.
  527. tap


    "Foaming around the boat"? Popper time!
  528. tap

    poppers and surface iron

    My article "Run 'N Gun for Tuna" in the May issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine contains a lot of information including types and makes of poppers.
  529. tap

    Pro Fishing group at The Zancudo Lodge/Mostly Jigging & popping

    My photos? No-I wasn't on that trip. Looks like someone brought a GoPro on a stick.
  530. tap

    When only trophies are good enough

    Fishing 1,000 foot depths-electric reels?
  531. tap

    PSFL Mothership!!! Awesome!!!

    Looking at July.
  532. tap

    PSFL Mothership!!! Awesome!!!

    Thanks for the report. That's a good way to fish that region.
  533. tap

    Late April - Early May Fishing Report - EL RIO NEGRO PANAMA

    You made some clients happy Alex. Hope the water conditions improve.
  534. tap

    Pro Fishing group at The Zancudo Lodge/Mostly Jigging & popping

    Some great quality fish there-especially that bluefin trevally.
  535. tap

    SoCal angler hooking up Super Cow

    Good job captain on the big fish and your releases of cubera and I would assume roosterfish and other species as well.
  536. tap

    Some Observations...

    Very interesting and you're not even fishing yet.
  537. tap

    Awesome fishing windy conditions

    That's some fun fishing. Surprised you kept the sheepshead (my Cajun charter skipper didn't even want me to take a photo with him next to a sheepshead).
  538. tap

    Don't kill the messenger!

    Good message John to everyone-divers and anglers alike.
  539. tap

    spectra to mono splice help

    Both the RP and Tony Pena knot will get the job done and can be tied under 30 seconds. When I was in Panama a couple of weeks ago I had deckhands tell me that they've been using my knot for years with never a failure. That has been my experience also-whenever you're hung-up or lose a big fish...
  540. tap

    3 kings kingfish

    Kingfish are Southern Yellowtail very closely related to the yellowtail found in the Eastern Pacific (Southern California).
  541. tap

    Guatemala May 3rd Report: 90 sails in 2 days!!!! Firing!!!

    Those are good-sized sails as well as being plentiful.
  542. tap

    Paradise Fishing lodge/Pesca Panama visit by Southampton, England, group

    Very detailed report. Thanks for the info. I recall you and your wife at Pesca Panama May 2013.
  543. tap

    Tuna-Tuna-Tuna; Cebaco Bay, Panama April 20-24, 2015

    I'll set it up whenever you're ready Dave. Either this season or next year.
  544. tap

    Better than last night's fight.

    OK now I want to see an ostrich and a kangaroo fight. My money is on the ostrich.
  545. tap

    Costa Rica tips/info needed!

    Charter a boat out of Quepos. a small fishing/agricultural town just north of Manuel Antonio. Fred Stephens at Adventure Sportfishing (800-356-2533) knows all the boats and captains and can customize a trip for you at no cost.
  546. tap

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    I remember seeing vehicles coming over the pass above Alpine with AZ plates during the summer with the kids rolling down the windows and waving their arms in the relatively cool ocean air celebrating their arrival in San Diego and leaving the oppressive heat. Yeah I'll stay in San Diego.
  547. tap

    Tuna-Tuna-Tuna; Cebaco Bay, Panama April 20-24, 2015

    Hope everyone gets down there this season. That "new" Journey Bay mothership is pretty slick and very comfortable to stay on while fishing on the Bertrams and 27' Caribe Pro's. The tuna were closer to Cebaco than any other lodge with just a short run to Jicaron.
  548. tap

    Tuna-Tuna-Tuna; Cebaco Bay, Panama April 20-24, 2015

    Half Scoop: Our group found enough yellowfin tuna from 15 to 100 lbs. (caught mostly on poppers and spinning gear) to make for a great week of fishing and full ice chests for those who wanted to bring some fresh sashimi home. Also, fished inshore for 14 different species including roosterfish to...
  549. tap

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    There is a government policy problem not a water problem. We have had droughts in the past where they panic but when the rains come it's all forgotten. No dams are built, no pipelines constructed and it takes nine years to get permits for a desal plant in Encinitas. At the same time were...
  550. tap

    2015 Pan Tex Invitational

    Good work you guys. Too bad the tuna didn't eat well when you were there.
  551. tap

    Slightly Quiet??

    Fish come and go; hot and cold...especially marlin.
  552. tap

    Copa airlines question

    Airline fineprint is usually just a legal defense to cover themselves if they can't deliver a service for some reason. A lot of my friends fly COPA to Panama and have had no problems with large rod tubes and other gear.
  553. tap

    Summer Fishing Destination

    Since I'm a popping/jigging guy I'd take Panama over Costa Rica. There are many lodges/charter boats to choose from. Costa Rica has more beachside rental homes and tourist attractions so it depends on what you want to do. The weather in Panama is much cooler in July/August than in January-April...
  554. tap

    Summer Fishing Destination

    Panama or Costa Rica. Many places to suit your style.
  555. tap

    My Costa Rica Honeymoon! Pura Vida

    Nice amberjack. Those Papagayo winds can get worse than what you experienced so you were pretty lucky.
  556. tap

    Nicaragua off shore fishing

    Super Fly Sportfishing; 23' SeaCraft CC; Capt. Gabriel Fernandez; Offshore/Inshore fishing at San Juan del Sur; [email protected]
  557. tap

    IO Popper

    Perfect popper for the huge cubera snapper in Panama. Thru wired hooks?
  558. tap

    Men Are Just Happier People

    Women don't really want men to solve their problems otherwise there wouldn't be anything left to talk about.
  559. tap

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    Not to defend San Diego but the crime rate has fallen dramatically and if it wasn't for the "provocative" news coverage most people wouldn't know there was any crime. I've lived in National City, Chula Vista, San Diego, Spring Valley and now Valley Center and have yet to witness one crime...
  560. tap

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    During my professional career I was involved in commuting in heavy traffic and noise as well but it's a different world when you are semi-retired and can live in the hills where it is stone-quiet. Nothing but birds chirping, maybe coyotes howling. The quail wake me up every morning. I choose...
  561. tap


    Birth of a new cottage industry: Official Mexican filet stations for those without knives. $2 per fish.
  562. tap


    How's the Gulf of Montijo/estuary fishing when the sea is rough? Are you onto the snook and corvina?
  563. tap

    Always Let Her Talk First..........

    The look on her face at the end was priceless.
  564. tap

    Paradise Lodge March 6-17

    That snook was taken near Crocodile Creek in Bahia Hermosa. One of the best lures is a silver Krocodile spoon cast right to the shoreline. Small sardines are found there that the spoon mimicks very well.
  565. tap

    2015 Pan Tex Invitational

    That's a great objective and a fun event as well. Looking forward to a wrap-up report.
  566. tap

    Essential words, phrases in Spanish when fishing Mexico

    Here's an article I wrote "Habla Español" which has hundreds of words and phrases geared for Baja anglers:
  567. tap

    Bahia Solano, Colombia

    Exciting stuff Paul! When I fished Colombia I took a panga from Bahia Solano to Bahia Tebada and remember seeing more sailfish than ever in my life jumping close to shore for more than 10 miles. Incredible habitat down there and I had a hard time keeping the poppers away from some of the most...
  568. tap

    New fish I dont know what it is

    We catch those in Panama under floating debris and logs. They are not real common though and average 5-20 lbs.
  569. tap

    Torsa 20

    I have two Torsa 20's which I rig with 80 lb. Power Pro with leader of 80 mono. I have better reels for casting and use the Torsa's primarily for deep Butterfly jigging and trolling lures or live bait. This is rigged for fishing in Panama where the equipment needs to be extra tough.
  570. tap


    Biggest yellowfin on my boat last season on a popper in Panama (Shimano Orca) weighed 168 lbs. using a Saragosa 8000.
  571. tap

    Hannibal bank Panama

    Good sashimi gaff job. Good going.
  572. tap

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    I didn't see a "The End" after the last chapter...maybe more on the way.
  573. tap

    Turkey population looking low!

    In comparison, I used to get 30-40 quail at my feeder and now it's 2-12 birds with no new hatchlings showing. I think everything is hurting except for the road runners and ravens.
  574. tap

    Where is a good place to snorkel around San Diego?

    If they want to see lots of fish where you can feed them by hand just take them to Lovers Cove just east of Avalon Harbor. You can walk to it or bicycle/golf cart and enter from the far east curving shoreline. They will see big calicos, garibaldi, mackerel, etc.
  575. tap

    Ahhh, the lowly Bonito

    Yep-I've always preferred bonito over many other gamefish including the more popular yellowtail.
  576. tap

    March - EL RIO NEGRO

    Thanks for the good report Alex.
  577. tap

    El Rio Negro Lodge 3-4/11

    Nice to see the yellowfin showing. That's a quality amberjack.
  578. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    You're set Brian. I'll have top Shimano tackle (Stellas, TranX, etc.) and lures. Bring anything special you may want to try if you'd like. I still have openings April 11-19 and June 13-21 and 19-27.
  579. tap

    Bad Mutherfocker

    Full length coming? I can't take 5 minutes.
  580. tap

    Crafty Crab

    Pretty cool thief.
  581. tap

    First time to East Cape, looking for advice

    If you want trophy size roosters fish the fleets that know how to use live bait (ladyfish or "sabalo" and cocinero) to slow troll at Isla Cerralvo and the La Ventana areas. You can arrange for expert rooster captains through the La Paz fleets such as Dave Jones at Fishermans Fleet. If you just...
  582. tap

    Anyone dealing with chick logic?

    Since my house is rural and on a septic system the garbage disposal is used only to sanitize fairly clean plates and utensils. Garbage is placed in bags/trash barrels and hauled by EDCO once a week. No problems.
  583. tap

    Pesca Panama: Feb 21-27

    Glad to hear some run 'n gun tuna are showing up.
  584. tap

    Port Blair, Andaman Sea India Feb 2015

    What a fantastic fishery! When I take anglers to far-off destinations I'm concerned with safety and security first. How would you rate this trip/operation when it comes to working safety equipment (radio, etc.); boat suitability for prevailing sea conditions, distances traveled, comfort level...
  585. tap

    Nonsense!!! ........Guilty of not being guilty

    Same here Greg. We not only walked to school, Boys Club, movies, etc. but on the weekends would spend a whole day hiking and looking for new ponds, fields holding animals, climb mountains and other activities that I guess isn't done much today (Oh, we got to be on our own only after we mowed the...
  586. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    I understand you can get a non-stop flight from L.A., Houston or Miami for less than $450. That makes it a "don't miss" trip to Panama if you've always been wanting to fish your favorite style and get maximum results with big fish. Still have a few openings in April and June...
  587. tap

    Pesca Panama: Feb 21-27

    Good report Gary. Sounds like you managed some quality fish between all the down time.
  588. tap

    Family Fishing Lac La Biche Hardwater

    Some good family fun there and good memories! I would guess you have to dress just right to make it all work out.
  589. tap

    Any snow in the local mountains today??

    I can see a good pack of snow on Palomar Mountain from my home in Valley Center. Most of the mountain is covered by clouds but it has lifted enough at times to see the lower edge of snow. Reportedly not so much at Laguna or Cuyamaca.
  590. tap

    Panama Surf Róbalo

    Just make sure you keep your vehicle above the high tide mark to avoid getting stuck in a mudhole. Good luck.
  591. tap

    Walaje/ Palometas

    Thanks for the description Michael.
  592. tap

    Panama Surf Róbalo

    Mike, I've stayed at Las Olas before. The beach is "big"-very wide with rough water at times with a long tidal stretch of dark sand. Pick the best spots and conditions and you may do well. The owner, Juan, may have a beach buggy that you can use to cover more area and find some birds, etc...
  593. tap

    Fish Skeleton ID?

    Yes Max, escolar have longer snouts. Hard to I.D. bones.
  594. tap

    Fish Skeleton ID?

    Escolar. Big eye sockets. Long narrow body.
  595. tap

    San Quintin Goose and fish

    CRASHBURN, Mike, I'm interested in your seafood poisoning since most of us eat a lot of seafood. Was the octopus just old or was it toxic somehow by eating inedible parts? How did you find out it was the octopus? I really like octopus or "pulpo" and I hope there are not bad parts to them that I...
  596. tap

    FAD Pictures/Steady fishing Zancudo Lodge

    Great photos of the FAD. Interesting choice of structural elements you have there!
  597. tap

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Get back to the keyboard...
  598. tap

    Cliff, thanks for the invite! Let's keep in touch and see what happens. email...

    Cliff, thanks for the invite! Let's keep in touch and see what happens. email: [email protected]
  599. tap

    Cliff, thanks for the invite! Let's keep in touch and see what happens. email...

    Cliff, thanks for the invite! Let's keep in touch and see what happens. email: [email protected]
  600. tap

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Chapter Three coming up?
  601. tap

    Need Panama Help

    Dave, Whichever boat you choose be ready for a long run (60 miles plus) if you want marlin and other pelagics. In March the Gulf of Panama is dominated by cold water and the warm current is far offshore. If you can do a two or three day trip your fishing will be better. You can also stay at the...
  602. tap

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    What a great story. You've captured the mood, Mexico lifestyle, hunting challenges...everything! Can't wait for more. Thanks.
  603. tap

    34 Pound Yellowtail from Kayak!!! Photo and Video

    Good quality video-can enlarge it. Nice yellow!
  604. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    Mike, The latest air fare I received today is $643 on United from San Diego/Houston/Panama City (not much more than flying to Cabo).
  605. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    Dan, Nice cubera on the popper! That's the rule around Cebaco rather than the exception! You were fishing on the 27' Caribe panga as well.
  606. tap

    Quepos, Jaco info

    Michael, That's an excellent summary of the fishing situation in Costa Rica. It's a shame about the overkill on inshore species and much the same can be said about Panama. Overall in Panama I would say the sportfishing lodges are much better about releasing fish than the locals. That's why it's...
  607. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    Mike, Airfare can vary quite a bit due to seasons, etc. From CA it can be $450-$750. COPA has a non-stop flight from LAX with low prices at times. I fly United from San Diego to Houston/Panama City.
  608. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    Hey Phil, Those were great times on the Coiba Explorer. I used to host groups of anglers then with the Sandersons for several years. I did a lot of exploring with them including fishing the jungle rivers on Coiba out of season looking for tarpon and snook (in-between the crocodiles).
  609. tap

    More of Jan. 2015 PSFL fishing Report

    Panama variety! Some good photos there and I'm glad to see some snook still showing.
  610. tap

    February Fishing Report - El Rio Negro Fishing Lodge

    Nice set-up you have there.
  611. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    Alex, they close for a few months for maintenance.
  612. tap

    February Fishing Report - El Rio Negro Fishing Lodge

    Alex, it's good to see you are running as far as Jicarita. Your boat must be in good shape! Curious-do you release fish as I see even the jack crevalle on the gaff.
  613. tap

    RARE Tarpon caught in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area

    Mark I was referring to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica where they are a rare catch. They are common on the Atlantic side as you point out.
  614. tap

    RARE Tarpon caught in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area

    Once in a lifetime catch for that angler but they have been caught in Costa Rica before as well as Panama.
  615. tap

    Fish Panama with Tony Peña

    I have some openings in August at the Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club. Two anglers per boat (31' Bertrams) for maximum comfort at a discounted price. I will take photos while you fish. Stay on the Journey Bay 110' mothership anchored in pristine Cebaco Bay close to Coiba Island and the remote Tuna...
  616. tap

    Video Test

    Now that was weird. Never even heard of Greg before. I must be really old.
  617. tap


    It's going to be a good year.
  618. tap

    What Have I Been Missing!

    You should taste his large grouper, snapper and snook during the warmer months.
  619. tap

    Huge Pacific Tarpon!!!!! with some Marlin thrown in

    I've seen big tarpon at Isla Coiba and Gatun Lake which is part of the Panama Canal system so it wouldn't take much to migrate through in larvae or adult size. I hooked two near Piñas Bay and landed one at 45 lbs. The Rio Bayano east of Panama City is known for huge tarpon over 200 lbs. as well...
  620. tap

    Huge Pacific Tarpon!!!!! with some Marlin thrown in

    A bloody Englishman! Nice shot Lee. Hope to see you in Panama this year.
  621. tap

    Walaje/ Palometas

    John, I like your reports but I sure would appreciate more photos and details. Looks like a snapper and I'm not sure what a manchado is. Thanks.
  622. tap

    1/28 Tales of Tails & Tails at Catalina

    They all taste good with enough butter. Good release. It's hard to do sometimes.
  623. tap

    Tamarindo Cr in late February. What should I expect?

    WIND. Otherwise some roosterfish, sails, small tuna, black skipjack, sierra mackerel.
  624. tap

    Huge Pacific Tarpon!!!!! with some Marlin thrown in

    What a great combo-tarpon AND marlin!
  625. tap

    Walaje/ Palometas

    Every fish is big when you're a kid. Fun times.
  626. tap

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    When I was a kid I went dove hunting near Otay Lake with my brothers and they gave me an old 12 gauge. Singles were zipping around but I couldn't hit a thing. Finally about a dozen came by and I shot at the front one and the last dove dropped. My first lesson in leading a fast-moving target.
  627. tap

    Anyone got numbers for a Dogtooth spot off SoCal?

    That isn't a "dogtooth" snapper (cubera snapper). It has indented tail fin, lack of canines showing, wrong skin pattern....Appears to be more like a pargo Colorado-still rare in Ca.
  628. tap


    Nice shots. I like those short runs to the fish.
  629. tap

    Pismo Clams

    So where is this all taking place?
  630. tap

    Just a hippo chasing a boat

    That hippo isn't "hungry" it's territorial. I have friends in Africa who've had some bad experiences with them.
  631. tap

    cook a steak in 2minutes ..yeah it's possible

    Burned steak in three minutes.
  632. tap

    Quail Hunt with video

    That's a lot more fun than chasing after coveys in a ravine all day and they know how far to stay out of range.
  633. tap

    Back from fishing in Esteros Nayarit

    That's a Coati (sometimes referred to as Coatimundi). They make OK pets if you keep them well fed and entertained.
  634. tap

    Avalon Storm of December 30th, 2014

    Excellent write-up of the unfolding events from a storm that was not predicted to be significant. Every boater should read this one.
  635. tap

    Need legal help???

    Well that sums up the problem.
  636. tap

    GT In Mexico!

    OK Sami. That would be cool to have a gt fishery in the Eastern Pacific! Popping for roosters and hook a 100 lb. gt. During El Niño periods most of the exotics migrate south to north when caught in Southern California so it is very unusual to find a fish that has traveled from the Western...
  637. tap

    GT In Mexico!

    Sami, I would have IGFA check that out. Looks like it could be a big bluefin trevally to me. They have very similar fin structure and placement and when the bluefin gets over 25 lbs. they develop a blunter head similar to the gt. Hope you have better photos to help. Great catch!
  638. tap

    An "oh shit!" experience...

    There are some strong currents along that coastline that probably pushed him to shore more than his swimming ability. Lucky guy.
  639. tap

    My kitty is back again!!!

    Case closed. You live right where the lion should be. They don't want you though so you've got that going for ya.
  640. tap

    My kitty is back again!!!

    So where is your house located? Rural area?
  641. tap

    Ocean Beach 1/3/15

    OK this is San Francisco-at first I thought OB in San Diego until you mentioned the old bath house. Nice fish . I always wondered how the fishing might be off those cliffs. Whatever happened to the striped bass around the Pacifica Pier?
  642. tap

    Inshore trip Far North Queensland

    Where were you fishing from. Looks like the coastline between the Bloomfield River and Cooktown. I've fished from north of Cairns to Cape York and into the Gulf of Carpinteria from Bamaga. We caught mostly trevally, queenfish, barracuda, tuna, etc. but no bottomfish like you guys.
  643. tap


    Bang bang they were waiting for you!
  644. tap

    Tip Of The Month - January

    I kinda agree with the big bait theory although I've caught lots of fish like blue marlin on small feathers and albacore on a bare #6 hook. The reason for big baits is to discourage smaller fish from trying to take them thus giving more exposure time for really big fish to have a good meal...
  645. tap

    Snow tonight in San Clemente?

    We got a dusting of snow this morning at my house in Valley Center (elevation: 1,845'). Mt. Palomar is covered with snow just a few miles east of us and it's heavier at Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains.
  646. tap

    Lake Henshaw???

    Last winter/spring there was a good run of big crappie right on the dock. I'd check with the lake office to get the latest.
  647. tap

    kitty kitty

    Just remember when you are hunting in deer country lions likely know where YOU are. They could cause a lot of problems if they wanted to.
  648. tap

    Farmed Raised Salmon....BAD!

    "Did the chicken have friends?" Classic tree huggers.
  649. tap

    Fiji advice?

    Check out SaltyWater Tackle (New Jersey) and JigNPop. Those guys are gt and dogtooth tuna specialists. They also have several threads in BD. Good luck.
  650. tap

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    Not only a memorable and fun time but very impressive yellows! Good job.
  651. tap

    Cowboy's comments!

    ALL good ones.
  652. tap

    Bocas del Toro Fish Report 12/18/14

    Pretty rustic fishing in Bocas. The wind is usually more of a factor on the Atlantic side than the Pacific, especially from November to May.
  653. tap

    Pesca Panama in February

    You picked a good week for fishing.
  654. tap

    Panama Surf Fishing Report

    Good report and fishing.
  655. tap

    Pesca Panama in February

    When you are anchored at Bahia Hermosa the best snook fishing is usually at Crocodile Creek and the Slide where the water gets muddy. Cast Krocodile spoons, swim plugs and small poppers. Release all the snook (remember you are in National Park waters even though Pesca Panama gets some leeway to...
  656. tap

    Popped the goose cherry last week..

    I didn't know that AAA would provide service so far "off road" and on private property. Did you pay extra?
  657. tap

    This is not me, but it might be you..

    Stalking dangerous animals like brown bear, buffalo, etc. on their ground is what I like to see. I wouldn't do it but I don't mind seeing other guys getting charged. Learning about the terrain, game movements, stalking plan, wind and all that goes into a big game hunt is interesting stuff...
  658. tap

    Pelagic Event/Great Fishing/Fun Time

    Nice job on the photos!
  659. tap

    Finally - Rocking R Ranch Elk and Deer report

    Looks like clear cutting parts of that dense forest really helped in spotting. Nice big animals there.
  660. tap

    This is not me, but it might be you..

    Beautiful piece of video. Vincent does a good job of explaining hunters from non-hunters in a calm rational manner. We need more of him.
  661. tap

    Recommendations for Fishing in Phuket, Thailand

    Lots of big sailfish within half-day range but it's better to go multi-day to the northern island groups that are remote. The Thai crews are fun to fish with and get excited at just about every fish you hook. However, some of the best skippers are from Australia, New Zealand, etc. Get a travel...
  662. tap

    going to santa catalina in feb

    Not much info to go with. Not the best months for wahoo or yellowfin. Try: [email protected];; 011-507-6767-0749: or Most of the boats are basic outboard pangas that carry surfers so make sure you get a guide who knows...
  663. tap

    Raivavae Revisited!

    Thanks for the write-up. Too bad the water was murky.
  664. tap

    Bonito...a kid's best friend

    Glad to hear about an angler taking proper care of bonito and enjoying the results. A very under-rated gamefish. Thanks for taking the kids fishing and Madison has a good football team.
  665. tap

    Fishing reels not allowed as carry on anymore

    Add Panama. No problem on United from San Diego/Houston/Panama but security made me check my reels spooled with Power Pro spectra on the return.
  666. tap

    Spain - Gredos Ibex and a couple Monterias

    Must have been tough to come back to Visalia. Glad you had such a great opportunity in some real green countryside and rich culture.
  667. tap

    Where in Panama to retire

    Those winds can get strong after the full moon (from January to April) which is a period I try to avoid.
  668. tap

    Where in Panama to retire

    Thanks and best wishes.
  669. tap

    Where in Panama to retire

    Alex, is your lodge back in operation?
  670. tap

    Its going to be another good season at The Zancudo Lodge

    Rooster on a Sashimi popper? Bueno. Thanks for the report and have a good season on that superboat.
  671. tap

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka November 2014

    Population correction: The capital Colombo has nearly six million people whereas Sri Lanka has over twenty million-even more impressive that the fishing remains outstanding. Thanks Bill for the figures.
  672. tap

    Any Bonita in Redondo/King Harbor?

    Bonito are way underappreciated here. I prefer them over the more popular yellowtail as sashimi, smoked, deep fried tempura style or sautéed. Bleed quickly and put on ice is the key. Bonito got a bad rep by laying in a gunny sack for hours on the party boats turning to warm inedible mush in the...
  673. tap

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka November 2014

    I'm glad the gt's don't make it to the fish market. With nearly 6 million people in Sri Lanka you'd think the fish resources would be diminished.
  674. tap

    Ray ID

    Common butterfly ray (Genus Gymnura) found worldwide in tropical seas.
  675. tap

    Looking for fishing charter out of Panama City, Panaman in February 2015

    Panama Yacht and Fishing Charters has a variety of day/multi-day boats to choose from in Panama City. Hennie Marais can give you details: [email protected] (He also runs a kayak operation).
  676. tap

    The chase means more than the antlers

    Good job! Persistence and long stalks pay off. Pretty dry country brush this year. Was there a water source nearby?
  677. tap

    Morning pond hopping trip

    That's a good fish for a pond or lake. Curious, what kind of pond? Gravel pit, HOA, golf course, etc. Some are pretty hard to access.
  678. tap

    My daughter does it again in D16

    Father and daughter hunting together-doesn't get any better. Getting a big buck on top of that and three years in a row in tough hunting country is amazing. Congratulations!
  679. tap

    Spectacular Raivavae, French Polynesia October 2014

    Can't beat the tropics for variety!
  680. tap

    Tuna Coast: Three Marlin in Four Hours

    Here is a brief report from Capt. Jim Wiese from Panama. Looks like the marlin bite is improving with hopes for a better season: On October 29, 2014, my crew and I brought my new 60' Viking "Aguja" from Golfito, Costa Rica to Panama City, Panama. When we reached the westerly Tuna Coast we found...
  681. tap

    Popping Yellowtail

    Isla Alfonso, Baja.
  682. tap

    Latest Fish Story

    Funny. Nice read.
  683. tap

    Sarcastic Fringe Head?

    Also noted "1 bullet tuna" aka: Frigate mackerel which have a beautiful iridescent body with wavy markings. They make great bait and appear about every 10 years off San Diego when they can be pretty abundant.
  684. tap

    I went deep on my little boat 10-15

    Flat seas and lots of fish makes for a fun fishing day. You deserve it. You put your time and effort in.
  685. tap

    If you were leaving San Diego

    I have a brother who lives in Lakeside, Oregon on the coast and loves it there-good fishing for salmon, rockfish and albacore but not much duck hunting. Rains a lot though. Another brother lives in Boquete, Panama and enjoys it there with lots of tax discounts to retirees and other benefits...