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  1. Halibut Howie

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    Thanks for the pic of the Coronado Is. Biosphere. Now I know where to keep away from. IMO the Islands are just too busy with angry peeps especially when the YT are running. There is nothing there that you can not catch more of south of there. With the new F150, fuel and reliability are no...
  2. Halibut Howie

    Biosphere Bracelet Question

    How close to the Coronado Islands can you get without a Bio bracelet? I'm thinking about heading south of there looking for bottom dwellers. Haven't been to the rockpile in years.
  3. Halibut Howie

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    It's a start in the right direction. This should open-up some rockfish holes in the LJ area and north of there. Now if they would eliminate the "100 fathom line and seaward" requirement, thus opening up the USA;s 9Mile Bank for rockfishing.
  4. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Thanks for the kind words. After 50 hours of use since the fuel tank repair, the boat STILL has not blown up. Much to your chagrin I'm sure. Fishing for far away rockfish has been great. The only change I've made is removing the trolling motor. It's just not for me. Holding over a rockfish...
  5. Halibut Howie

    South 9Mile Bank 12/6: Breaking Tuna

    While fishing at the extreme end of the 9M bank yesterday (12 miles from SD Bay), about 100 yards away from the boat, birds were working on breaking tuna. By the time we reconfigured our poles for tuna and approached the area they were gone. We trolled around for awhile waiting for them to...
  6. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    You guys feel better. What a bunch of cowardly attack jackals. Do would think I killed someone. It's just a boat with a little hole on TOP of the gas tank. It never leaked. It's repaired. There were no leaks or fumes after filling the tank with gas and sloshing it around on a long ocean...
  7. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    UPDATE: Finally finished my repair on the 100+ gal fuel tank. Since I moor my boat and live 45 minutes away it took much longer than I initially thought. I inspected the tank all around for any other corrosion. There was none other than the water damage at a fuel outlet barb (my bad). I...
  8. Halibut Howie

    Electric S/S Petcocks Reviews

    I fish mostly by myself. After a bunch of problems on my old 1987 boat (moored, no trailer) with the motor and gas tank, I've spent alot of time recently making the boat more easy for operation in a one-man scenario as I repaired these problems. The only reason now to go into my bilge is to...
  9. Halibut Howie

    Whistler Area 11/17

    My list of good eating common bottom fish in order is sculpin, whitefish, shallow water rockfish then reds. I like the long skinny filets from the whitefish for tacos. Watch for the bones in the middle of each whitefish filet. A perfect fit for a taco shell, white sauce and some greens with...
  10. Halibut Howie

    Whistler Area 11/17

    Plan today was to catch some macs and fish for lings. No macs so plan B, go to the Whistler bouy area and scratch for dinner. Fortunately I alway bring a block of squid for such days. Fished out there for about 2 hours with little to show for it. However, had plenty of time to slow troll the...
  11. Halibut Howie

    SOLD MOELLER–22 Gallon Above Deck Fuel Tank $120

    22 gal Moeller fuel tank only used a few times since being new in June 2020. Comes with Yamaha fuel line adapters. $120 in San Diego. I'll post an actual pic when it gets light out. 29.25" Length x 19" Width x 13.58" Height
  12. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    After inspecting the entire fuel tank with a scope, the only corrosion was under the access hatch I installed above the fuel tank sending unit so I could replace it. My bad for not catching this potential problem earlier. A week or so ago I patched the small holes due to corrosion around the...
  13. Halibut Howie

    South 9 Mile Bank 10/27: Big East Wind

    Yesterday, Tuesday, was my daughters day off. She has been bugging me for weeks to take her and my 1st mate out fishing. I've been fishing by myself 2-3 times a week for weeks. Initially the weather, winds, did not look good but by evening died down a bit. Ok girls "it's on". San Diego Bay is...
  14. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Sometimes I wonder why I even post with asshole comments like above!
  15. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    It's been a few months since WCMS discovered a few holes in my fuel tank while replacing my 2004 F150. They would not run the new motor on the old fuel tank so had them plumb in a above deck tank with fuel filter. I added a 2nd fuel tank above deck (30 gal total). After trying out the new...
  16. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    This is Torn's thread so I'm bugging out after this reply. Mike, no, an estimate from Augustin who I bought the F150 from. Plus he said they are so busy now and can not get to it until late Fall. I moor my boat, have no trailer and a small yard. Plus can not do major repairs in a marina slip...
  17. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    The cost of the tank is not prohibitive but the labor to remove and replace is, if you have someone else do the work. WCMS quoted me $12K TOTAL to replace the fuel tank. Can't find any reasonable options. Therefore, I'm really thinking about repairing the holes myself and hope for the best by...
  18. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Thanks for the pics. Keep it up. Love the rewired cutty, Very neat. My new F150 Yamaha does about the same as ratboy's but I'm sure slower out of the hold. I average 3.3 mpg on a days fishing. I'm still dealing with a few holes in the top welded outlet fittings on my fuel tank. If you are...
  19. Halibut Howie

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Well, I'm laid off due to the virus (field installation engineer) so I have a choice (1) hang around the house and do honey-dos or (2) go fishing I picked (2). Once the house remodel is done I plan on going fishing 7 straight days from LJ to the Mexican Border and out 15 miles and post each...
  20. Halibut Howie

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Party Time Last Night with Friends Who Never Ate Lingcod before, Wife made the sweet & sour lingcod on rice. I picked the crab meat out of 3 cooked Dungeness crabs, stuffed (layered) each crab shell with a Green lingcod fillet on bottom, then the crab meat stuffing mix and placed a fillet on...
  21. Halibut Howie

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Thanks for the tip. Tonight, I'm rolling up 4 half filets (Green ling) around a king crab meat stuffing and baking it in my pellet or charcoal smoker. My wife is frying up the rest of the filets in pieces (White ling) before tossing the filets in my home made sweet & sour sauce and served over...
  22. Halibut Howie

    Any Updates on Imperial Beach Area Fishing?

    Due to a hole in my below deck fuel tank Ive been using above deck tanks (30 gal total) until I get it repaired or replaced. Thus Ive been fishing locally recently from LJ to PL and out to the S Nine Mile Bank. It's been awhile since I fish off Imperial Beach and its pipe. Looking to head down...
  23. Halibut Howie

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Wife had to work today so went out for the 3rd time this week. 1st time in SD Bay for just little spotties, then S 9 Mile for 18 (3-4 lb} rockfish for 2 peeps, then today. Just took one pole, My trusty 40 yo Newell S210. 1/4 piece of squid for bait and can tuna for chum. Stopped at the bait...
  24. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    I ended up removing one of the 24 gal above deck fuel tanks due to space issues. After many trips on my boat to balance out the fuel tank, bait tank and 36vdc trolling motor, it now runs better than ever. However, 24 gals and a 6 gal temp tanks is just not enough gas for my planned adventures...
  25. Halibut Howie

    SOLD Deep Drop Reel $75

    It can be used by the physically challenged to fish the canyons above 450' for those big rockfish. Plus it's exciting to find out what's down there. In the old days I would pull sablefish out of the LJ canyon. I did not have a depth finder at the time that went over 250 ft.. I'm guessing it...
  26. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Center Seating Area from 1987 Cabo216

    This Fall I'm going to redesign my 1987 Cabo216 to flush deck by removing the center seating area. I'm throwing it out now to see if there is any interest in it. I have a hole in the below deck fuel tank and want to remove it and replace it with under deck storage. My fuel tanks are now above...
  27. Halibut Howie

    Shelter Island has a beautiful big new launch ramp with not insufficient trailer parking.

    Day after Labor Day. Only a loser liberal would complain about getting something for free! Free parking and launching on a new updated launch ramp. You just got to shake your head. Top pic 0800, bottom pic 1100 the day after. Fish were still there today.
  28. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 9/3: 4 Baits one Fish

    That's what I was thinking. The last 42 inch WSB I caught did the same thing in LJ. I'll bring bigger tackle next time and lock it down before they reach the kelp. Sharks would have cut the line, a dog would have surfaced to tear the large mac apart. It was a slow steady pull. Perhaps a BSB...
  29. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 9/3: 4 Baits one Fish

    Went out solo to continue to learn my trolling motor's functions. Plan for today was to bring only a few frozen macs to make live mac baits and fish for lings in an old spot where I could spot lock over the hole instead of having only seconds due to drift. Made 3 macs at my slip, big ones. Made...
  30. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Been away for awhile while tending to a hole in my fuel tank as well as repositioning my trolling motor. After and hopefully the last TM location, went out to the south 9mile bank on Saturday and caught a limit of rockfish while holding over a few spots with the the spot lock function engaged...
  31. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma kelp 7/30/20

    After multiple times getting my anchor stuck in the kelp and hurting my back, I gave up kelp fishing. Recently I installed a trolling motor with "spot lock". Now just engage the TM and stay over a spot as long as you want with no anchor. It's kinda unfair to rockfish to station over their...
  32. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    My favorite town in all CA or perhaps the USA is Carpentaria. What a great little friendly beach town. Great walking beach and restaurants. Last year I worked at the airport and stayed there for a couple of months and would go out fishing on the Stardust often. We just had a mini 3 day...
  33. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Fishbones, I'm sorry about the dual names. I believe I did it awhile back when this name did not work. I grew up with party phones lines not cell phones. I'm trying to delete that name to avoid further confusion. But to answer your question "How did the wiring cause sinkings ?" The...
  34. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Wow what a great job you are doing on your original Cabo216. Just love how the upholstery looks after all these years. Thanks for the pics on the professional installation of your trolling motor. Do you have a phone number and/or location of your installation site? I'm heading up to Burbank...
  35. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    That's great. Good luck with the new boat.
  36. Halibut Howie

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    I just repowered my 1987 Cabo216 with another F150.The stats I'm getting after only 10 hrs of use is 5500 rpm, 43 mph at over 3 mpg. I shut her down before WOT was reached. Too fast for this scaredy-cat. It was $18k out the door with other improvements (704 controls and more). No payments or...
  37. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Trayscool, For the record IYO why did your Cabo sink? The Cabo216 was a Beta version of a new boat that came out around 1986. The chief architect died just before its introduction. I had a two hour talk with the other co-owner (a trailer manufacturer) at the 1987 Del Mar Boat Show where he...
  38. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Maybe you should have moved your batteries forward and increased your bilge pump capacity. I did not call anyone a moron. I just did not like all the derogatory remarks. But I listened to their comments and discounted most as ignorance of the Cabo's capabilities. But due to many years fishing...
  39. Halibut Howie

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Rustman, thanks for the pic and the advice on replacing the tank. Let's me have an idea what the space is like under the center seating area. IMO a perfect area for sealed flush deck storage area for coolers, fishing poles, tackle, cabling to cutty, etc., under a level deck with no seating area...
  40. Halibut Howie

    Need another Cooler 7/11

    Yes marked for a future detailed survey of the adjacent bottom. How big do Reds get? This is the biggest caught on my boat @ 7 lb 8 oz. We made Rockfish Vera Cruz for dinner while accepting a hand-made quilt from the "Blue Star Moms" organization that supports veterans from the Vietnam War...
  41. Halibut Howie

    Need another Cooler 7/11

    While searching for tuna on the backside of the S 9mile dropped down after catching nada and caught dinner.
  42. Halibut Howie

    Fuel Tank Pinholes 1987 Cabo216

    What have you Cabo guys done when you discover your below deck fuel tank is compromised? Here's my 1987 Cabo problem. I took my 1987 Cabo216 to WSMS to diagnose a loud noise from my 2004 F150 motor (2500 hrs). Like the last time, I have another hole in the mid-section like I had 7-8 years ago...
  43. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    Finally got my boat picked up on wed on a trailer from WCMS. I've been working with Augustin on my options. Well the verdict is in: It's another corrosion hole in the midsection, AGAIN! No wonder it sounded like a car without a muffler. It even blew off the tape I had covering the hole from...
  44. Halibut Howie

    San Diego rockfish.

    Deeper the water, the bigger the rockfish. Less people competition. I fish the depth limits with 6/0 or larger hooks and whole squid with a squid light on top on a 2-hook leader with 2lb weight. Sometimes I use a 30lb surf leader with Snell hooks (Walmart specials). The little guys can not...
  45. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    Agua I believe you are correct in your assumption of the suspected problem. Especially since I already had the corrosion problem repaired. bp diesel stations near me However, after much thought and me deciding to keep my trusty old 1987 boat, I'm going to repower her with a new F200. 1st, I'm...
  46. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    My 1987 Cabo216 came with a 175 zuke and flew at over 40 mph. I repowered with a F150 back in 2004. It was the 1st 150hp 4S motor on the market at the time. Untested. The F225 I thought was too heavy. There were no 175hp 4S motors at the time. The boat's WOT speed decreased to 34 mph with the...
  47. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Potentially For sale 2005 Yamaha F150 4S

    On June 8th I take my 1987 Cabo216 to West Coast Marine Service to repair or replace my 2004 F150 4S. It has approximately 2500 hrs on it. It has a newer (2013) lower unit and replaced middle section due to the corrosion problem. All repairs done by Boating Dynamics (Robby). Robby now works...
  48. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    The TM has a 60" shaft. The motor does not come out of the water even in the 7' swells I've fished in. I thought about a 72" shaft but I thought the 60" shaft would be adequate since the Cabo's bow is only 26" above the water. One of the few things I've guessed right on this install.
  49. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Update: 5/17/2020 My comments on using this trolling motor offshore. 1. Holds the spot over a rockfish hole until you want to leave. No more searching around to find it again in the ever-changing wind and weather. 2. Allows the captain more time to fish instead of steering the boat. 3. MOST...
  50. Halibut Howie

    Tips locating Rockfish

    Yesterday 5/15 staggered out to the 9-Mile Bank off San Diego at 10-13 mph into a 4-7' swell and wind from the ssw. Dente de Pero. My 1st mate caught most of these fish. I worked only the contour lines on my FF map. My FF only has a 200 MHz function working now, the 50 is broken. So could...
  51. Halibut Howie

    Statewide fishing closure for CA could be next

    Another liberal hoax has been forced upon us. Anything to control the people, ruin the economy so Trump will not get re-elected. Shame on you liberals for supporting bankrupting hard working people and businesses all for your supposed political gain. Stay the fuck home if you believe in these...
  52. Halibut Howie

    Tips locating Rockfish

    When fishing for rockfish in an unknown area I look at the depth charts and contours. I look for areas where the contour depth lines are close together meaning a sharper drop-off. From there I look for rockpiles in the area and/or hanging fish. Dropdown and drift the area marking bites along...
  53. Halibut Howie

    A Fisherman's Dilemma: Point Loma May 4th

    Thanks for helping us out. Get to the bait barge and the water is brown and dirty. Tried for macs for about 10 minutes then split for the end of the pipe. The 4-6' swell at 5-6 sec was brutal. Could manage safely about 12 mph. Little wind and beautiful day otherwise. Six miles offshore arrive...
  54. Halibut Howie

    A Fisherman's Dilemma: Point Loma May 4th

    Where and how to fish a red tide in an angry sea. That's my dilemma this morning as I look over the data for today. Finally. I am going fishing by myself as my 1st mate does not in these conditions. As of right now before I go out the door and head down to my moored boat in SD Bay, I've...
  55. Halibut Howie

    SD and Mission Bay Recreational Boating

    I'm sure the cops or some type of ticketing officer will be at the launch ramp checking IDs and fishing licenses. So don't be a dick and try to smuggle a friend on board and fuck it up for the rest of us. It would not surprise me that the lifeguard boats will be out there as well. Not to...
  56. Halibut Howie

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    I agree. Whoever is blocking me from using a federal waterway to go offshore into federal waters to catch fish legally are the ones breaking federal law. Depriving me of free passage in federal waterways. Enough of this breaking the law and cancelling my federal rights all the while...
  57. Halibut Howie

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    I'm just curious as to why LA Bays are open to boating when San Diego Bay is closed to all recreational boating. I thought SD Bay was a federal waterway and by law must be open to all boating traffic. Did the Feds also close the SD Bay? I have not heard an explanation of this yet. I can...
  58. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    bman, On my way in that day, I was contemplating going to the Whister Bouy area for rockfish with the squid I still had. I saw a couple of boats out there but my afternoon nap was calling me harder since I already had dinner. Plus, I have not done very well out there for...
  59. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Cory, Hope your wife is doing well. We're praying for her full recovery. The reds are from a prior fishing trip to the 9Mile using the TM. One of the 1st things I thought about when fishing with my cousin in the Alabama bayous back in November as he slow trolled the narrow inlets looking for...
  60. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Next time I go out deep for rockfish, I plan on stopping and catching a bunch of small sanddabs for bait. I can not see why they would not be excellent bait for large rockfish. I'm trying to find ways to fish the local areas w/o stopping at the bait barge for $40 (with tip) worth of bait i.e...
  61. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Guess this is my last fishing trip in awhile. Glad I went out when I did! Maintenance time on the boat starts NOW.
  62. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    IMO sanddabs are the easiest of all fish and most delicious to prepare. 1. Scale sanddabs with a serrated knife 2. Cut head and stomach off in an angle cut, leaving the fins mostly attached 3. Dust with a dry coating of flour, Dixie Fry, or any other dry batter. 4. Fry in a pan with olive oil...
  63. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    Here's my TM install.
  64. Halibut Howie

    SD Pipe 3/31

    After about a month installing a trolling motor on my Cabo216, yesterday I took it out on another trial run. My 1st trial was a couple of days prior to the 9Mile for deepwater rockfish (ended with 14 for 2). Most on one spot. Yesterday my 1st mate (wife) had other plans so I went out by myself...
  65. Halibut Howie

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    Rivertrip, Thanks for the suggestion on the plug. I've been thinking about that potential problem ever since I mounted the socket there. Even thought the socket/plug is sealed with O-rings to prevent water penetration, I'm going to relocate the plug inside the anchor locker like you suggested...
  66. Halibut Howie

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    We had a family fish fry last night with our two grown kids. We did a taste test on the orange species we caught and the a species with a pink stripe running laterally. Pink stripe won hands down. I saved the reds and the green banded small fish for another night. Gave about 4 lbs of filets to...
  67. Halibut Howie

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    You're right about mexican rockfish. They are my least favorite of all the RF species but my pastor loves all RF. So the 2 we caught plus a few more goes to him. However, IMO they are the best fighting of the RF, all the way to the surface with pull. We looked for the reds all day on the far...
  68. Halibut Howie

    9 Mile Bank Beautiful 3/21

    Finally a break in the weather. Headed out to the 9 MB with 3 lbs of squid. Just installed a trolling motor on the boat with spot lock anchoring. Get there at 0800 and spend the rest of the day looking for them. We would drift until we get a bite then engage spot anchor to keep on that spot...
  69. Halibut Howie

    SOLD Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    I installed a windless on my 1987 Cabo some years back but burned it up trying to pull it out of the kelp. So recently went to an electronic anchoring system with a Riptide Ulterra. Just hit anchor on the remote or foot peddle and the TM unit backs-up and stays over the spot. Great for deepwater...
  70. Halibut Howie

    SOLD Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    You did good fixing up your Cabo216. Same year as mine. I can verify it's fuel efficiency. Someone is going to get a fine turn-key boat to fish for many years to come. I've fished in mine since 2003 with over 2700 hours on it, 2000+ hrs on a 2005 F150. Still running strong. Starts on 1/2 a...
  71. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Phase II I finished Phase I of the process to use a back-east method to fish both the shallow and deep waters of SOCAL. I took the boat out last weekend for a trial run. The weather was shitty and the swells large. Perfect to put it through its paces. The TM guided the boat and held spots as...
  72. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Moved the TM back as far as I could and still keep the shaft from hitting the railing. Took it out for a test run. Perfect! Fishing with my girls tomorrow in the kelp using the elect. anchor. I'll just kick back, have a beer and wait for the fish to bite.
  73. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Shadow X was RIGHT! I took the TM on a test run today. Everything worked perfectly until I placed the TM in Spot Lock while traveling forward a few MPH. Boy is that motor powerful. Shut it off when the pulpit started bending. Did not think that would happen. The motor going backwards just put...
  74. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Just finished a "Live Chat" with Minn Kota at 0500. Michael, says the remote could be bad and is sending me a new one today ASAP. Even though I have not filled out the registration form yet. Is that trusting or what? Hope the TM performs as well as their service. Out of a panic yesterday to...
  75. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Thanks for the advice. The TM bow pulpit is quite sturdy and designed for anchors around the weight of the TM. It's thru-bolted with 3/8"x4" s/s bolts with large fender washers and nylock nuts. I stood on the end of the bow pulpit (230lbs) and it did not flex at all. I'll probably look for a...
  76. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    3 TM and 2 starting makes 5 batteries. Fishing on Friday deepwater. Using spot lock will keep me over my spot with less scope in all kinds of weather thus smaller weights or lures.
  77. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Finally, almost finished! Just need to place the connector on TM and the 36vdc plug by the TM wired to the bow electrical jbox. Sure is not easy working on a boat in the water. Oh well it's done. Thursday I'll bring the TM down to the boat and finish up on the install including cutting the...
  78. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Yesterday was a challenge. Spent most of the day trying to figure out where to mount the motor. Each location had it plusses and minuses. Finally decided to place the TM as far forward on the new bow pulpit. The quik disconnect makes it so I only need to mount bow pulpit before later...
  79. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Put the TM together last nite with the quik release bracket. Temporarily on bow pulpit. I'll decide today if TM will be mounted to dock straight back or at an angle so as not to impact the WA. image hosting websites
  80. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Just got back in town after working on the road for a few weeks. My new toys were waiting for me. woodforest national bank near me The 1st thing I'll do tomorrow is pick up 3 new deep-cycle TM batteries. I'll install them in the cutty with the new 3-port battery charger replacing the...
  81. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    TM and associated parts ordered and arrive early next week. Then the fun begins.
  82. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    Thanks for the advice. I do a lot of deepwater structure fishing to 400' and holding a spot and not trying to find it again with ever changing wind, waves and current would be helpful like they do in Alabama for red snapper offshore on wrecks. Like staying on your favorite lingcod hole on the...
  83. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Motor for Cabo216

    After a recent visit to my cousin's house in Mobile, AL, I decided to try fishing like they do there. Trolling. Not any trolling but trolling using gps and an electronic anchor. No anchors or ropes or pulled back muscle but a trolling motor doing all the work. I can see where this method would...
  84. Halibut Howie

    WTB Looking for Walk Around 21-23 foot

    Fished this boat, 1986 Cabo 216, for the last 17 years. Small 6' cutty to store things. Its a wide WA. I lived in it for 2 weeks on a BOLA trip. 4S Yamaha 150 with 2200 hours. 1000 hrs on previous motor. I'm in the process of installing a 36v/112 thrust trolling motor with I-pilot for electronic...
  85. Halibut Howie

    South 9-Mile Bank 1/18

    First good looking day outside in awhile so me and my wife Donna decided to get some fish for a family fish fry today. All kinds of life about 7 miles out from SD Bay. Birds and dauphin along the way to the south nine mile bank. Winds picked up from the east causing 2-4' wind chop with a 4...
  86. Halibut Howie

    WTB 16' Boston Whaler Dauntless

    First get a BW Dauntless then sell the Cabo.
  87. Halibut Howie

    WTB 16' Boston Whaler Dauntless

    Looking for a 2000+ BW 16' Dauntless with fishing package and trailer. Both in working order. Will consider trading my 1987 Cabo216 w/150 Yamaha 4S plus cash. My boat is moored with no trailer. HH
  88. Halibut Howie

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    I installed a small removable cutout on each side of the above deck bait tank. That way I could access the entire bilge to get at all valves and sticky bilge float switches. Also to check on water in bilge. All water on my boat empties into the bilge encluding the sealed fish hatches. All water...
  89. Halibut Howie

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    Fishbones thanks for the post above. It answered many of the questions I had on the boat's sinking. IMO many of the changes that were made to this boat definitely improved its seamanship. Must have been a big wave(s) to swamp the boat so fast. I initially had a 65 gal above deck bait tank...
  90. Halibut Howie

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    Trayscool, Thanks for your response to an unfortunate accident. Even after many mods to make your Cabo216 less prone to swamping in the transom area, your boat sank any way to swamping in the transom area as I understand your replies. Since I plan on keeping my Cabo216 for many years to come in...
  91. Halibut Howie

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    Fishbones, Where did he have the work done?
  92. Halibut Howie

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    The recent sinking of a Cabo216 has caused a bunch of mariners to ask me about some of the safety modifications I made to my 1987 Cabo216 in order IMO to improve upon its seamanship. Instead or repeating myself over and over, here's what I did and why. Shoot the messenger if you want but this...
  93. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Also, I am interested in your trailer. I've moored my Cabo216 for the past 8 years and miss taking it to Baja. I am fishing in Alabama (burr) for the next month and will not be back until mid December. However, I'll need a place to store it in San Diego. Anyone know where I can store a boat...
  94. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Glad everyone was safe. Comments on my 1987 Cabo216. Back in 1987 I was at the San Diego Boat Show and saw a Cabo216 for the 1st time. I ended up talking to the owner for over an hour about his new boat. I was intrigued by the diversity of the bait system as well as a wide-walk-around cutty...
  95. Halibut Howie

    Tuna 7 Miles Out of SD bay

    Thanks for the lobster tip. Went out today where I went a couple of days ago looking for tuna I saw in mass. About 8 miles out at 210 heading. Got there nothing. Trolled due north up the eastside canyon looking for life. After an hour of nada I got impatient as always and turned the boat...
  96. Halibut Howie

    Tuna 7 Miles Out of SD bay

    While coming back from he south ninemile bank after an almost limit of big reds, I usually spend the last hour or so looking for other potential rockfish holes to fill my quota. This time I decided to look for holes on the east-side dropoff of the 9M bank. I started at a 450' drop-off. To my...
  97. Halibut Howie

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    How I prepare sanddabs. I always clean my rockfish the next morning after residing in ice for the night. It pulls the blood out of the meat for a cleaner translucent smoother meat. Can you imagine being fileted alive. It tenses up the muscles for a rougher meat then letting the fish die...
  98. Halibut Howie

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    For bigger fish I use whole sardines or squid with 6/0-9/0 Owner circle hooks, 2-speed reel, 2lb weight and 30-40# fluoro-carbon leader. The small ones may chew on bait but not get hooked. Who wants to pull a up small fish from those depths with only a 10 fish limit. I also use a squid lite...
  99. Halibut Howie

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    I use 1. Small 1" gold castmaster with single hook 2. Small can of tuna. Make a hole all the way thru in the top of can for a zip tie. Zip onto a rope end. Poke a few holes with ice pick on each side of the can. Toss in water. 3. Throw castmaster until you get a mac. Cut into 1/4' pieces...
  100. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    No, I have two small openings on either side of the bait tank for access to water inlet values in the bilge. You can see one of the cutouts on a couple of pics above. 4 screws release the bait tank for full access.
  101. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    Thanks for the help. Somebody is going to get a seasoned fishing boat. HH
  102. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    I've got a lot of PMs for pics. I found these old pics from prior threads I posted. It's not as pretty as this now but more functional. I removed the enclosed transom and went back to the original open transom so I could get easier access to the waterwell where I bleed my tuna. The small...
  103. Halibut Howie

    For Sale Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    This is just a heads up in a month or so I'm putting up my 1987 Cabo216 for sale. I work on the road at the time being and only come home to San Diego occasionally. Consequently, I have no pictures with me. I only have an old flip phone. Here are just a few details of the 1987 Cabo216. Pics...
  104. Halibut Howie

    SOLD Invader 17 center console

    Where is the bait tank located and its size?
  105. Halibut Howie

    SOLD Invader 17 center console

    Interesting boat I have not seen before. Have a few questions. What year is the boat and trailer? Have you experienced a fuel leak from the factory's fuel tank installation? Where is the bait tank located and its size? Boat's draft? You did a great job outfitting your boat for fishing...
  106. Halibut Howie

    1987 Cabo216: Need to Reseal Hydraulic Steering Helm Made by Morse Controls

    Thanks for the reply. I have looked allover for re-seal kits and came up empty. I want to keep the Morse helm because it is self-venting. I.e. I was out at the 302 when a hydraulic hose came off the ram and squirted fluid all over. Consequently, the wheel no longer turned the motor. WTF! I...
  107. Halibut Howie

    1987 Cabo216: Need to Reseal Hydraulic Steering Helm Made by Morse Controls

    The Morse Controls steering helm on my 1987 Cabo216 is leaking. I'd like to try and re-seal it myself. Anyone know of a YouTube video on how to do it? Seal kits? Thanks, HH
  108. Halibut Howie

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Thanks for the update Killer. Do you have a picture or link showing where the 75F line is off San Diego?
  109. Halibut Howie

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Finally after many months recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor, my wife wants to go fishing yesterday. Even though the weather reports sucked (south wind) we get to my boat at Humphries, get a half scoop of large sardines and head out. Not until we get to the Whistler do we...
  110. Halibut Howie

    For Sale 2000 Pro Line 25' Walk Around, *PRICE DROP*

    Would you consider a 1987 Cabo216/F150 as a trade PLUS cash with you keeping the trailer to put the Cabo on? I moor my boat. If yes U2 me.
  111. Halibut Howie

    Monday Rockpile and Mexican Navy

    Fuck this bullshit. Fish the USA instead or keep 12 miles from Mexico's border . There's nothing in Mexico that you can not find in our border area. Why spend the extra gas and hassle just to catch a fish that has marginal food value. Spend your extra time looking for these same fish in your...
  112. Halibut Howie

    Retractable and Adjustable Airmar TM260 Transducer

    Thanks for the tip. If my free version does not work out, I'll be looking for an alternate method. Hope to put it in action with a new 1kw Furuno 1870F Thursday, weather permitting. I'll be looking at the bottom to see if it's mud, sand or solid. I'll also be checking out how it looks sideways...
  113. Halibut Howie

    Retractable and Adjustable Airmar TM260 Transducer

    I 1st mounted it on the transom. I usually fish by myself so moved the mount next to the helm where I can control the transducer's angle manually. If the shaft was about 2' longer it would be able to see almost horizontally to the boat. Only lower it when drifting.
  114. Halibut Howie

    Retractable and Adjustable Airmar TM260 Transducer

    Thanks for the tip Tom. Just did not have a 1 1/8" OD S/S pipe in my garage. This is just a Beta model to see if the concept works. If it does work, I'll fine tune it with with the appropriate materials. If not it's just another one of my hair brained fishing ideas that did not pan out. But...
  115. Halibut Howie

    Retractable and Adjustable Airmar TM260 Transducer

    My TM260 transducer removed itself from my transom the other day due to a poor install job by a local yard. Fortunately when it ripped itself from my transom, it flew up into the air to the end of the cable and came crashing down on my deck. Thank god it did not hit anyone for this giant...
  116. Halibut Howie

    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    I cleaned them the next day after they had been on ice for a day. I always do that for two reasons. First because I feel that the filets are firmer and translucent with little if any blood. The meat is not mushy and bloody like when fileting a fish alive. Secondly. I prefer to filet the fish at...
  117. Halibut Howie

    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    The size of the fish comes from hunting for where they are hanging that day.. I believe that this light (soft strobing light green ) attracts the fish. I'm not sure about some other lights I've tried in the past.
  118. Halibut Howie

    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    My wife and fishing partner for over 40 years and I headed to the South Nine in Mexican waters for some rockfish for her women's group fish fry on Friday. The morning was a beautiful red due to the smog blown down from LA. The seas were calm and the swell was way down from a few days ago...
  119. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Thanks for the link. I like that guy's thinking and fun about fishing. Lizardfish, that's another fish I throw away to this day. Has anyone ever eaten a lizardfish? I'm definitely keeping the next lizardfish I catch. The meat looks very similar to that of a sanddab! I only wised up about how...
  120. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    I fish the South Nine (Mexican waters) often and catch many different species of rockfish and occasionally lings in 375' of water by the severe dropoff. In fact I have plans to fish there with my boat twice next week. It's a little closer from my mooring than the North Nine. Had plans to take Ed...
  121. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    That's how I read the regs also but was hoping I misread the rules. Just another sneaky rule that does not make much sense to me. Therefore, sablefish out but I'll still try to see what's down there and fish for what is legal.
  122. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    First of all thanks all for the replies correcting me on the number of hooks you can fish with when targeting flatfish. After fishing these waters for 40 years you'd think I'd know that. Those sand dads have no chance now. Secondly, I'm fishing out in deeper water than 350' because I'm...
  123. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    I do not have any WPs at that depth. Care to give us a few. I've got one at 175' but they are small in size. Most of these are big enough to filet but I like to eat them whole. Can not use more than 2 hooks.
  124. Halibut Howie

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Earlier I asked about fishing for sanddabs since rockfishing is closed until March 1st. Weather has been shitty so could not get out to look for them until yesterday. I figure I'd go out to the north end of the Nine-Mile Bank to where I have some ancient WPs from when you could fish at any...
  125. Halibut Howie

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I've had my 1987 Cabo 216 since 2003. In 2005 I moved the two batteries from the transom into the cuddy adding one additional battery there. I placed a 4th battery in the rear seating area. Thus 3 GP27 batteries in the cuddy and one GP24 battery in the seating area. I wired the 4 new batteries...
  126. Halibut Howie

    WTB Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801

    I'd wait if I was you. I've had my 1987 Cabo since 2003. Worth waiting to get your last safe, economical (3mpg), no trim tabs, long lasting and solid fishable boat. It's a great one-person easy to operate boat which I do often. I call mine a jet ski bouncing wave-top to wave-top as I pick a...
  127. Halibut Howie

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    A couple of days before New Years wife and I went to the very south end of the Nine-Mile Bank in Mexican waters. Ended up with 10 lbs of filets from only 15 fish plus 5 sanddabs. Yum, Yum for fish fry for 30 people at my 20th Annual ND Party. Sanddabs are my favorite fish (whole or fileted)...
  128. Halibut Howie

    Whistler Yellows 12-28

    Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try after coming in from deep water rock cod fishing. Need a bunch of fish for my 20th Annual NY Day P A R T Y..
  129. Halibut Howie

    Small YT By Whistler Dec 26th

    What do you mean close out the year? I've still got to catch a couple of limits of rockcod and lings before the season closes. I've got 50 hungry guests at my 20th Annual News Years Day Party to feed. Friends, fish, football, smoked brisket and pork belly burnt ends is how you start a New Year.
  130. Halibut Howie

    Small YT By Whistler Dec 26th

    My sister and family is visiting us over Christmas. Their daughter has many memories from the past visits on my boat while growing up into a beautiful adult of seeing barking sea lions at the bait barge, feeding pelicans dive bombing, dolphins playing in our bow waves, a rolling grey whale or...
  131. Halibut Howie

    Furuno 1850-DF FF/Map

    $200 with NAVICO Map chip.
  132. Halibut Howie

    Airmar TM260 Transducer

    Airmar TM260 Transducer with Furuno connector - $400
  133. Halibut Howie

    Simrad NSS12, Sonarhub and Transducers

    Bump. Only TM260 still available for $400.
  134. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma Whristler Area 11/18

    Nope, I just put them in the bait tank and then on ice on the way home. Bleeding them alive is a good idea but have never done it. Perhaps I'll try it the next time out for comparison purposes. Never too old to learn new tricks. UPDATE: Let me add that IMO allowing the fish to die a slow...
  135. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma Whristler Area 11/18

    Wife and myself went out early to fish the close in Whistler area off of PT Loma. Picked up a 1lb of squid from the local SI Stars & Stripes market ($8). They always have the best squid in the area IMO with it being snow white and medium to large in size. Headed to a proven rockfish and lingcod...
  136. Halibut Howie

    Simrad NSS12, Sonarhub and Transducers

    TM260 transducer with Furuno connector. $400 SOLD: 12" NSS 12. SOLD: Lowrance Sonar Hub. SOLD: Lowrance TM150 CHIRP transducer.
  137. Halibut Howie

    WTB refurb or used Simrad NSS12 Evo2

    I have a used NSS 12 for sale. It's the model before the evo2. Only used a handful of times. $1200 It comes with a West Coast NAVIONICS map card. $100. I also have a Lowrance Sonar Hub that adapts two transducers. $250 Lowrance TM150 CHIRP transducer (missing mounting bracket), $150. TM260...
  138. Halibut Howie

    Cabo 216 W/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    You did good! Another CA vintage boat to last for decades to come.
  139. Halibut Howie

    WTB: Grady-White 28 or 30 WA with OBs under $70k

    Thanks for all the replies. I took the advice and am looking at a 2005 BW 30' marlin on Saturday. If the yamis are solid, I'll spring for it after we debate a fair price. This will be my last post on BD after being a founding member. Just too many know-it-all, internet...
  140. Halibut Howie

    2002 32' Proline Walkaround Sportfisher for sale

    Before I travel from San Diego to see your boat (a 2-day trip since I have to travel through LA twice) I have a long list of questions to ask about your boat to save each of ours time, i.e. maintenance receipts, maintenance performed, items replaced, when?, factory mods, etc.. Like Yamaha...
  141. Halibut Howie

    WTB: Grady-White 28 or 30 WA with OBs under $70k

    I saw that above GW 282 Sailfish yesterday. Wow. Over 20k in upgrades over the past 2 years from going through the motors, new electronics and new trailer. Best used boat I've seen yet. Made an offer within hours of looking at the boat. Someone else pulled the trigger before my offer could...
  142. Halibut Howie

    WTB: Grady-White 28 or 30 WA with OBs under $70k

    Thanks for the tip. I'll give them a call today.
  143. Halibut Howie

    WTB: 2600 Century WA 2006-2010 with Marine Head

    Thanks for the reply. The Blackman 26 does NOT (my bad) come with OBs unless modified. I've only seen one. However, I'll look up the other two suggestions you gave. For some reason my wife just does not want me to crap 2" from her head in the middle of the night in an enclosed cabin. Women...
  144. Halibut Howie

    WTB: Grady-White 28 or 30 WA with OBs under $70k

    I'm also looking for a Grady-White 282 Sailfish or 300 Marlin under $70k in the socal area. Both these boats have a enclosed marine head for the wife and a fishing boat with outboards for me. Need to get away from the El Cajon heat in the summer.
  145. Halibut Howie

    WTB: 2600 Century WA 2006-2010 with Marine Head

    Thanks for the reply. I looked at a 2400 yesterday but the head was under a V-berth sleeping cushion. A no-no for the wife. If one becomes available in the socal area please let me know. Outboard motor(s) are a must for me. Also looking for a Grady-White 28 Sailfish or 300 Marlin under $70k
  146. Halibut Howie

    WTB: 2600 Century WA 2006-2010 with Marine Head

    I know there are not many around but if there is one out there in San Diego/LA areas please send me a note. An enclosed marine head is a must for the wife. HH
  147. Halibut Howie

    WTB Hydra-Sports 202DC

    Thanks for the reply. I'm looking for one for a friend. This boat I believe fits his requirements, i.e head, 20', fishing boat, lotsa seating for wife and grand kids, bait tank, etc. Need to look at and test drive one locally. Out of state is an option down the road if one can not be found in...
  148. Halibut Howie

    WTB Hydra-Sports 202DC

    Anyone selling one in the San Diego/LA area?
  149. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 12/21 Rockfishing

    Correction: Fished on Tuesday 12/20 Finally after a month I can take the boat out again. Three weeks in Hawaii and my dock's mooring being replaced at Humphreys had me biting at the bit to get back to San Diego shallow water and close by rockfishing. Winter fishing I might add with shorts and...
  150. Halibut Howie

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I posted it many times in the past. The 1st major one was when I rewired and relocated the batteries into the cuddy with how I accomplished that feat some time in 2005 or there about. Not easy. Also I believe I'm the only person on this earth that has done that. Most relocate their batteries...
  151. Halibut Howie

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I relocated 3 batteries into the cuddy's port-a-potty's hole. The extra weight forward causing these positives. Also replaced the two 20 gal bait tanks with an above deck 30 gal Offshore bait tank. I moor my boat and the standard below deck bait tanks do not fully drain because 1/2 of each tank...
  152. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    There are many great smokers out there that one can see on cooking and BBQ shows on TV or through ones own experiences. Like the one above. I watch them every time I'm surfing through the channels and stumble across one. That's how I discovered the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) and the REC TEC...
  153. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    As you can see from one of the pictures I use a REC TEC smoker. This is the only pellet smoker I've ever tried. I just love going to sleep while smoking the brisket for 16 hours or so and being awaken by the remote temperature alarm. The charcoal smokers are very time consuming and do not let...
  154. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    In my continual quest to find the easiest and best smoked brisket recipe, here is my last attempt. It is modeled (a few changes) after a pit master's recipe he shared with me at his Texas BBQ dive in Hollywood by the Burbank Airport. Noon - Bought a 21 lb PRIME brisket from the Costco...
  155. Halibut Howie

    Fishing the SI Pier of SD Bay 11/2

    OK Bob this is just between us. Keep it a secret. While in Hilo about a year ago working, one of the fisherman at the FAA's Hilo control tower said he used jack macs for chum bait. So I went to a local market by my rental house on a lava cliff (15') off the ocean. 10' waves broke routinely...
  156. Halibut Howie

    Fishing the SI Pier of SD Bay 11/2

    Ya, I saw a few light sticks laying around I'm guessing from hoop netting for lobster at night. How have you done there at night for lobster? I'm assuming you need a lobster card. I stopped hoop netting at night a few years ago with my boat cuz of mess, can't see good at night, harassment from...
  157. Halibut Howie

    Fishing the SI Pier of SD Bay 11/2

    The docks at my mooring at Half Moon Marina (Humphreys) are being replaced. It will be closed for a couple of weeks. That's not to keep a fisherman like me at bay. So I decided to fish the pier at SI just across the road from Humphreys for the first time in eons. I figured to make macs for...
  158. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours
  159. Halibut Howie

    Cabo 216216

    Nice job. The boat looks great! I relocated my batteries into the cutty's potty hole. It will hold 3- Gp 29 batteries. I placed a 4th Gp 24 battery under the back seat and wired them together into a dual battery configuration. Since I moor my boat, I abandoned the two 20 gal bait tanks putting...
  160. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours

    I first joined BDs back in 2003 shortly after it was established. Back then it was a R-Rated fishing site with fowl language and naked pictures. It was really different from any other fishing website of the time and consequently attracted many new followers in droves to ogle at the pics and...
  161. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours

    Once Mexico instituted their recent visa program I decided to fish exclusively in USA waters. It just did not seem practical to me to pay the daily visa rate fishing in their country once or twice a week especially with guests onboard. This new angle to fishing has been quite productive for me...
  162. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 10/17

    We did not keep the sheephead (too pretty) or the sculpin. It was not the sculpin's fault I got stung taking the hook out, so he was allowed to live another day. But thanks for the heads up cuz that's how we keep each others backs. The fish dinner we had last night with the other fish was...
  163. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma 10/17

    Not a lot if any local fishing reports. So I'll offer our attempt at finding dinner. After a month away playing the RTJ Trail golf courses in Alabama and traveling the coastal south visiting most beaches and fishing piers from Corpus Christi,TX to Orange Beach, AL, it was time to come home and...
  164. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    Swingin' Door BBQ 11018 Vanowen Street, North Hollywood, CA 91606 - 818 763 8996 I did not ask about the rub. I did not taste any rub so I'm assuming it did not have any. I'll ask next time I eat there next week. I plan on just using salt and...
  165. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    My favorite smoked meat is a brisket. I try to smoke mine where you do not need a BBQ sauce. The meat should stand on its own. I have rarely achieved this level of perfection smoking probably 50 briskets in my day using rotating methods either read or viewed on TV. Always looking for the...
  166. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma & SD Bay 7/6

    Took my golfing buddy and his friend fishing on 7/6. Picked them up at 0630 at SI launch ramp, got a 1/2 scoop of medium sized sardines from EB. Now $40 with tip. I always thank them for being there to assist us with our pleasure of fishing in the best weather in the world.. And yesterday was...
  167. Halibut Howie

    Point Loma Dirty Water?

    Went out fishing again Tuesday 6/28. First went to the south end of the 9-Mile Bank to get dinner. Saw a blue whale for the 1st time this year out there. That's usually a good omen. However, we could not find a fish anywhere. The water was a dirty color of reddish brown with scum floating...
  168. Halibut Howie

    Need a Bigger Cooler for Pt Loma Halibut 6/25

    Dinner is Served. And to think for 40 years I used to throw these parts of the halibut away. Notice I ate the tip of the tail, a crispy delight.
  169. Halibut Howie

    Need a Bigger Cooler for Pt Loma Halibut 6/25

    Dinner tonight Blackened Crispy Halibut Tail with a Blue Claw Crab Stuffed Crispy Halibut Head. What do you like better Head or Tail?
  170. Halibut Howie

    Need a Bigger Cooler for Pt Loma Halibut 6/25

    Needed to field test the new shift and throttle cables I just replaced on my Cabo216 with the wife in tow. Went local to my favorite lingcod hole a mile or so off PT Loma. Got the biggest bait they had at EB's, 8-10" sardines. $35 now for 1/2 scoop. No macs that day. First drop and 1 minute...
  171. Halibut Howie

    Yamaha Mechanic for On Water Maintenance

    Andy, Excuse my ignorance but what is "peed you" mean?
  172. Halibut Howie

    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    Thanks for the blunt wakeup call for those guilty as charged. Arrogance and disrespect for the Mexicans as a whole definitely pisses of them off. They read BDs and thus are well aware what you ugly Americans are saying or implying about them.
  173. Halibut Howie

    Yamaha Mechanic for On Water Maintenance

    Yesterday the shift cable broke on my 2004 F150 Yamaha OB motor. Fortunately it broke in my slip. I was planning next month for routine maintenance of the motor. It has 1200 hours on it. Does anyone know of a Yamaha mobile mechanic who can replace the shift cable (and throttle cable) while the...
  174. Halibut Howie

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    The cure is 50:50 salt and brown sugar. Buy a 25lb bag of salt at Smart & Final or another package store. Mix cure. In a bucket put 1" of cure. Line the bait straight in a row as many as you can in a single layer to fill the 1st layer. Cover with 1/2" cure. Repeat until all bait is covered in...
  175. Halibut Howie

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    Last time out fishing with my daughter a few weeks ago we got a 1/2 scoop of anchovies for bait. About 200 3-5" fish. Needless to say we used only a portion of those fish. Since I'm going fishing for a full week in BOLA in May, I decided to salt-brown sugar cure the remaining bait for use down...
  176. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Crab Stuffed Halibut Christmas Dinner

    Christmas Dinner: Smoked Crab Stuffed Halibut A couple of weeks ago I caught a 18 lb halibut in San Diego Bay about a 1/4 mile from my mooring. The family ate the thin smaller pieces and I vacuum sealed and froze the thicker ones. For the Christmas Dinner the family wanted halibut instead of...
  177. Halibut Howie

    1995 Marine Acquiring Co. 206 CuddyCon

    I believe Harvey Boats or something like that out of Oregon bought the mold from the bankrupt cabo company back in the 90's. They made a look-a-like version of the 216 but without the fit and finish. This could be one of them. My 1987 Cabo216 is still going strong after over 2000 hrs. Still...
  178. Halibut Howie

    Halibut SD Bay Nov 15th

    Yep it probably was me that you saw drifting by the bait barge. I drifted from the middle of the Z-jetty to just past the bait barge for nothing. Then went further inside and looked for areas where water will spill out into the bay from a inlet during a tide shift. Halibut like to lie in wait...
  179. Halibut Howie

    Halibut SD Bay Nov 15th

    The weather looked bad with predicted high winds and rain throughout Sunday in San Diego. Seeing that a few halibut have been landed on 1/2 day party boats lately I figured perhaps the halibut might be coming into the Bay as well. The last 5 years or so have not been very productive for me...
  180. Halibut Howie

    A Football Field Of Bluefin at the South 9-Mile

    May 31, 2015 After working for the past 12 weeks in Oakland, I finally made it home to do what I love best, i.e. fishing the offshore waters around San Diego. The plan for today was to bring the wife and daughter to the Coronados to catch some rockfish for dinner and play with a few YT that...
  181. Halibut Howie

    South 9

    I fish this area many times in a month with friends and family to enjoy a very productive part of our local southern area of fishing. Not just the fishing but the whales (grey, humpback, blue almost every time out), sharks and dolphin. In the past 6 months of fishing that area I have not seen...
  182. Halibut Howie

    Cabo 216

    Great ocean going boat. I've owned an 1987 Cabo216 since 2003. Since I deep sea fish here in San Diego about 30-40 times per year, I'm guessing I've got about 350+ (oops) deep sea and local fishing adventures with her. Going out tomorrow into Mexican waters to slew the rockfish. Weather...
  183. Halibut Howie

    Finally a Tender Juicy Smoked Brisket Recipe

    I’ve tried to smoke a brisket, Texas BBQ Style, four times in the past. Four times I’ve failed with the brisket being either dry, tough, marginal taste, fatty, etc., after spending a lot of time, effort and $ each time. This year I was determined again to find that elusive tender-juicy brisket...
  184. Halibut Howie

    Whale Fuckin' with US at Coronado Canyon on 11/16

    I asked Shari, a whale expert in Bahia Asuncion down in Baja, about the whale's behavior. Here's her reply. It's a Humpback Whale. Dah! I did not know we had humpback whales in our area. Her explanation fits Junior to a tee. "This is another case of mistaken identity! the whales you saw were...
  185. Halibut Howie

    Whale Fuckin' with US at Coronado Canyon on 11/16

    Three of us went rock cod fishing in the Coronado Trench just north of Coronado's North Island on Sunday. First hole was at 325'. Caught a few. Then off to our deeper 425' hole about a mile away before we run out of energy. While motoring there I saw a grey whale using it's white-encrusted...
  186. Halibut Howie

    PT Loma YT 9/26

    After a few trips on my boat looking for tuna 30-50 miles offshore, it was time for some good eating rockfish. Those three tuna trips started at 0300 at my mooring and lasted til 1500. Only had a few rat YT and a hand full of football sized YF to show for the effort and BIG expense. So...
  187. Halibut Howie

    South 9-Mile Bank 5/2

    I usually do not post pics on my weekly fishing adventures in SC/mexican waters cuz I forget to bring the camera and/or the fishing has sucked lately and do not want to jinx myself. Kinda of like having a banana on board. Funny thing though I found a banana in my wife's carry on bag after this...
  188. Halibut Howie

    South 9-Mile Bank 5/2

    The headswell was pretty bad heading out on a 280 heading out of SD Bay to fish the 3-mile line for rockfish. So instead turned and headed for the South 9-Mile bank with my wife and friend Rick. Rick recently had breast cancer surgery where they removed most of his chest muscles so he uses an...
  189. Halibut Howie


    plj46, One of the purposes of this great forum is to help others from getting into trouble due to not knowing or misinterpreting the CAF&G regulations. As you know they are quite complicated, cumbersome to read and sometimes not easy to understand especially for a novice. I do not know SeanG...
  190. Halibut Howie


    I took your advice Pete and waded thru all the pages. I did see a few helpful comments after the 1st page on topic but only a few like, "You guys have got to get out and go fishing! Enough! Stop already! I stopped subscribing to this thread along time ago, and it's still going...... Amazing!"...
  191. Halibut Howie


    I gave up after 14 pages looking for a question or answer from SeanG or others on what the alleged multiple opahs looked like that he saw. I've fished the SD waters (1-2 times a week) for over 30 years and have not seen an opah but many molas some just outside SD Bay. Did SeanG ever explain...
  192. Halibut Howie

    Los Coronados Feb 20th

    This was my 3rd week day in a row the last 3 weeks fishing at the Coronados. The 1st two were brutal with 6-10' seas and winds to 30 but we pulled dinner each trip. Mostly reds and whitefish with a ling and other rockfish here and there. This time was different. Little wind and a gentle...
  193. Halibut Howie

    Anyone Catching Halibut in San Diego Bay?

    I'll be searching for halibut all over the bay this Tuesday on the big tide swings with anchovies. I'll post if I have any luck. I can not remember when I caught my last legal in the bay. Off IB with sardines is a different story. HH
  194. Halibut Howie

    Fishing with "Chico the Man" at Lopez Mateos

    Just got back from a couple of weeks fishing in BCS. The first week was at Rancho Leonero on the East Cape. Fished four days only due to TS Octavo. Caught all the dorado you wanted using giant squid for bait. Pulling those rascals up from 300' at greylite really got you going in the morning...
  195. Halibut Howie

    Halibut IP 8-3

    Imperial Beach Area not IP. Went out yesterday to try AGAIN to catch a keeper halibut this year. Plan was to catch the "Surf" part of a Surf & Turf birthday party for a friend today. Even though the tuna are running miles away we headed instead south of SD Bay along the coast to find some new...
  196. Halibut Howie

    Coronado and 9Mile 4/12

    JT (High & Dry) calls me about fishing for yellows at the island friday before the mad weekend rush. Do not care for yellows but I love to fish so I said I'd give it a go. Asks my wife and she's all in as well. Two days prior they slew the yellows but thursday I believe only one was caught...
  197. Halibut Howie

    Rockfishing rigs?

    *60# spectra for main line with snap on the end *40# fluorocarbon spool for leadered ganglions, snap on one end and swivel on the other *6/0-9/0 Owner circle hooks depending on size of fish targeted * 6oz to 2lb weights, (rebar is a great idea, I also used 3/4" cut EMT metal pipes filled with...
  198. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma Rockfish 3/10

    Went out to the same place as last week where two of us had limits of nice sized close in rockfish. We pull up to the spot a little late cuz Rick forgot to set his clock forward. If he did not have the bait I'd have left him. Well anyway, where's the fish? Last week instant bite now nothin'...
  199. Halibut Howie

    Off Pt Loma 3/2

    Yesterday was a beautiful day on the water. It was a good as it gets out there with little wind, no swell or waves to speak of and a warming sunshine, this after years of bad weather fishing days. We caught dinner in the whistler area in about 2 hrs, a half limit of small rockfish and sculpin ...
  200. Halibut Howie


    Big Fish, Could you please give a little history on this boat that you know about. Being an old retire fart now, another project to bring this boat back AGAIN from disrepair could be in the cards. I caught alot of fish with this boat as well as the previous owner (to me). He bought two new...
  201. Halibut Howie


    I can tell that's my old Albacore Special by the kicker bracket on the swim step. Don Blackman personally made that for me back when I owned the boat in the 90's. I bought it from the original owner for $10.7k. I sold it for $14.5k a few years later. It had a corvette engine and ran like a...
  202. Halibut Howie

    Parasite in sand dab and report(ish)

    Anisakiasis No raw ground dwelling fish for me. Fry them baby! Yum.
  203. Halibut Howie

    BBQ Temperature Controller

    A mancave can not have enough gadgets for BBQing. I like to smoke my pork butts overnite about 16-18 hours on charcoal. Hate getting up at 2am to make sure the smoker did not get too hot or cold or worst yet go out. Therefore did my usual internet research on temperature controllers for weber...
  204. Halibut Howie

    Whistler Area 5/28

    The wife and I went out of SD Bay about 0700 to fish the Whistler Area about 4 miles outside on Monday 5/28. Bought along a couple of pounds of refrozen squid for bait. Had a steady pick of medium sized rockfish of various sorts for most of the 4 hours we fished. The weather improved from ok...
  205. Halibut Howie

    Personal Best Tail Nados 5/13

    WTG on those quality fish. Did each of you guys have a mexican fishing visa ($38) or did the mexicans change the law while I was away. It's time to me to head to the islands but that extra expense has kept me away. HH
  206. Halibut Howie

    Mexican Fishing Visas????

    I've noticed alot of boats fishing in mexican waters lately. Does everyone on board get a mexican fishing visa ($38) for each day you fish or did mexico change the law in my absence? If yes can you get one online? HH
  207. Halibut Howie

    Why waste a good fish head and bone

    Thanks for the recipe. You da man. I like the cheese cloth tip. I've made a broth with the rockfish bones left over from fileting but never a soup all together in one pot. I love one pot meals. I'm going out rockfish hunting this sunday to the 9-mile area since mexico is now on my "do not...
  208. Halibut Howie

    Whistler Area

    4/20/2012 Got fish
  209. Halibut Howie

    Electronics Stolen

    Update: The thieves did me a favor. Why do I say that? Just got an insurance settlement from BoatUS for full replacement value as a new unit TODAY costs for an old 2005 Lowrance 113CHD that the map did not work and the FF function always sucked. Also got today's full replacement cost on the...
  210. Halibut Howie

    Electronics Stolen

    Update: It appears the thieves were not targeting my boat but the boat next to me in a joint slip. My boat was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The boat next to me a 30' with flybridge, just had a new cover put on it and was without one for a few days. That fact exposed a bunch...
  211. Halibut Howie

    Electronics Stolen

    My moored boat was broken into at Half Moon Marina from the waterside from a small boat. Half Moon Marina is on Shelter Island in San Diego. Humphrey's concerts are held there. One of my live aboard neighbors (15' away on water side) heard a small putt putt boat sunday nite about 8pm 4/8/12...
  212. Halibut Howie

    Fish IQ Test

    I forgot to add question 9. You guys somehow missed that?
  213. Halibut Howie

    Fish IQ Test

    Test your knowledge of fishing. Fishing Quiz For The Masters. Not As Easy As It Looks. Pass this quiz and consider yourself a Master Angler! The Answers are all "d"......... How'd you do...... who gives a Shit?
  214. Halibut Howie

    3/9/2012 South 9 and Pt. Loma

    sdfishkiller, This topic was debated a few years ago with input from a CA F&G guy as well. Enforcement is very subjective by the authorities but I just want to put it out there. It's is not in the CA F&G regs. CA law enforcement officers which the CA F&G are part of, are required to enforce...
  215. Halibut Howie

    3/9/2012 South 9 and Pt. Loma

    1. only 4 hooks in mexico per line, 10 fish total with no more than 5 in a species per person. 2. can not fish in USA if you fished in Mexico on same day. 3. 28.65. GENERAL. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook and line or by hand. Any number of hooks and...
  216. Halibut Howie

    Brisket Burnt Ends on Weber Grill

    Another day to smoke. This time my favorite piece of meat, burnt ends made from a brisket. Since I'm going back to work on the road after retiring for the past year, I need to brush up a little on my 22" weber skills. Bringing it along to feed myself and crew. Will be working installing...
  217. Halibut Howie

    Baja Pulled Pork Recipe

    Had a down day for cooking. You can only golf and fish so much. Posting on a baja site today I though about my days bringing my 22" weber down to baja to cook many meals. Here's my baja recipe for pulled pork. It is so much faster than the all nite slow-cook method. So I cooked it today for...
  218. Halibut Howie

    Isn't the NW Corner of LaJolla Open to Fishing?

    I take your replies as a yes. Sure there might be a few extra boats but at least there will be a nursery close by for an ever replenishing fish stock. Plus I have many rockfish/lingcod honeyholes in the legal area I have not fished in years. When the YT are running that area is a parking...
  219. Halibut Howie

    Isn't the NW Corner of LaJolla Open to Fishing?

    I usually do not fish LaJolla since I moor my boat is SD Bay. The coronado Islands is almost the same distance so headed south instead. But with the Island basically closed to me cuz of the visa thing and my boycott of Mexico I'm looking for new fishing grounds. Looking at the latest MPA...
  220. Halibut Howie

    Looking for Center Console 18-21

    Not a CC but close with a wide walk-around
  221. Halibut Howie

    1987 Cabo216 with F150

    Slip fee is $4oo/mo. It encludes free concerts with guests, recently remodeled fancy restrooms with showers, laundry, & free ice machine. The new owners of Halfmoon Suites and Marina are spending a lot of money to remodel everything.
  222. Halibut Howie

    1987 Cabo216 with F150

    Off the market.
  223. Halibut Howie

    24 Skipjack Flybridge Pilot House 4- SALE

    JT, You forgot to mention the cadd wiring drawing of your boat is under Configuration Management. I assisted JT in replacing every electrical wire and circuit breaker/fuse panels on his boat with marine grade materials. He spared no expense in replacement materials. All wiring is labled on...
  224. Halibut Howie

    FOR SALE: 1991 Cabo Cuddy Con

    Good luck with the sale.
  225. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 10/29 No Keepers

    This is the 2nd saturday in a row the wife wanted to go fishing in the bay. Last week it was my day catching, this week it was hers. Between us we netted 11 halibut, all short on a 2 hour incoming morning tide. One was a fat 21"er. They were caught in various places towards the mouth close...
  226. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 10/22 (non lobster report)

    Fishing has just sucked for me both inside and out this year. My 1st year of retirement and the fish gods are paying me back for slaughering so many of its kind over the years. I even gave up lobstering this year for the 1st time. Gee my boat is real clean now, always. Well yesterday my...
  227. Halibut Howie

    PL Rockfish Friday 6/3

    Mike, I'm not smart enough to invent a recipe. I google for recipes for what I want to eat almost daily. Print out the recipe then make changes to it as I cook. I redline the recipe for the future cuz I can not remember shit. Being an ole retired fuck I've got lotsa time on my hands so...
  228. Halibut Howie

    Mixed Bag at the Rockpile

    Thanks for the report. Sculpin is my favorite fish to eat. TIP: When you first bring up a sculpin and hold it like you are holding in the pic next to your kid, give it a hair cut with a pair of dikes or shears. It only takes a small sculpin prick to make your day really, really lousy. Like...
  229. Halibut Howie

    PL Rockfish Friday 6/3

    I purposely left a lot of meat around the gills on the bodies to add flavor to the stock. The stock pot has all those bodies in it along with wine, water, onion, celery, carrots, cloves, thyme and some other items that escapes me now.
  230. Halibut Howie

    PL Rockfish Friday 6/3

    The last couple of weeks has been a early morning bite so got down to the boat before dark. Rick meet me at my boat and we we off at 0530 from my SI mooring. Got out to the area 20 minutes later. Man the weather report said mixed swell at 2-4 ft. However, the swell out there was 4-6 ft and...
  231. Halibut Howie

    Feds trying to "exterminate" local wild pig populations

    Just got back from a month in Alabama. Feral pigs have over run that state. My cousin killed ten this year alone by just having a gun in his truck and stumbling across them while driving around. These pigs are tearing up the back country and nothing anyone has done has stopped their spread...
  232. Halibut Howie

    21.6 cabo pics w/tuna tower!

    Thanks for the pics. I really like the way there is an added storage box on the center seating area. Also like the double seats above the cooler. Mine is a bench. Guess I got a couple of projects for the summer.
  233. Halibut Howie

    2004 F150 Questions @ start up & RPMs

    I've got the same motor & year. Mine starts immediately, just like it did new. Also have a similar boat and maybe a bit heavier than yours. With a full bait transom tank it planes in about 5 seconds. However mine does not need trim tabs. I use the motor to trim out the boat. If I was you, I'd...
  234. Halibut Howie

    PL Rockfish Limits 5/25 & 5/28

    Being an old retired fuck now, I'm trying to cut down my burn rate fishing out of San Diego Bay. Last time fishing in the Bay got a scoop of lively anchovies and caught nothing but bay bass with them. Froze up the rest in qt ziplocks. 5/25: Arrived at a prior rockfish hole off Pt Loma kelp...
  235. Halibut Howie

    south nine rock coding/getting jiggy with it

    Capt Max, Thanks, I'll give your fishfinder setup a try. Dennis
  236. Halibut Howie

    south nine rock coding/getting jiggy with it

    Capt max, I've got a few questions on your fishfinder setup. But 1st let me explain my problem. I also was fishing out off the S 9mile the day after you in deepwater. Managed only one big red before going up on the plateau to catch dinner. Been fishing that area for years with almost...
  237. Halibut Howie

    South 9 Mile Feb 6

    I'm a glutton for punishment. Yard work or fishing? The answer was easy. Anyway been waiting for those big reds to arrive off the south nine for the last 4 skunks. Well today was a slight sliver of hope. Did manage one 5 pounder on 1st deep drop then 4 nada drifts in a row. Went shallower...
  238. Halibut Howie

    Cabo 216

    Almost the same boat as mine just a couple of model years older. Did not know they made one in 1985. Still has a bunch of years left in her. Cheapest I've ever seen this boat.
  239. Halibut Howie

    Ca Fishing License

    Do it online. No waiting. You can print out a receipt instantly that you put in your wallet until the new one comes in the mail.
  240. Halibut Howie

    Rockfishing 1st time tomorrow(Question)

    In 200 feet or less water, a cheap way is to get a bag of 30 lb 2-loop surf leaders and 3/0 snell hooks with 4-12 oz cigar sinkers. Cheap, fast change out.
  241. Halibut Howie

    Furuno polarization screen fix

    Thanks for the tip cuz I got one of those units.
  242. Halibut Howie

    Reasonably Priced Filet Knife & Sharpener

    Went out fishing last Sunday off pukey point and only caught 9 small-to-tiny fish with a friend. 4 sandbads and 5 rockfish in 175-300' water. That's why this is not a fishing report. Rick got the sandabs and I got the rockfish. Recently I purchased 3 knives from Smart & Final and a knife...
  243. Halibut Howie

    Bait Fisherman Suck

    There's someone else like me after all. Spot on.
  244. Halibut Howie

    How to Get Rid of Cockroaches & Rats

    The White House official residence was full of cockroaches and rats, and there was no one who could remove them. Desperate, President Barack Obama announced that he would give whatever it takes to the person who can clean out the bugs and rodents. Two days later a guy comes and asks to be...
  245. Halibut Howie

    Some loser stole our outboard cover.

    That sucks. I've got a 4s version for my moored F150. Not cheap. I'll keep my eyes open.
  246. Halibut Howie

    Which Chef's Choice Sharpener?

    Here's a good deal on their top of the line sharpener. CHEF'S CHOICE 130 GREEN ELECTRIC KNIFE SHARPENER NEW - eBay (item 120662402878 end time Jan-18-11 19:18:13 PST)
  247. Halibut Howie

    What is the best trailerable offshore boat?

    You need to define what you mean by your mentioned fishing parameters. 1. how far offshore do you plan on fishing? 2. what do you consider an economic fuel mileage? 3. what do you consider reasonable yearly operating expenses? 4. how large a tow vehicle do you have? 5. will you expect...
  248. Halibut Howie

    Any interest in SOCAL in 17' Cape Horn for $4k ??

    I'm retiring next month and shortly after that heading to Mobile, AL area for Spring and Fall fishing. Renting a house on the water with close access to the Mobile bay and Gulf. Has a dock with boat house. My boat is too big to haul back & forth so am going to buy a used 17' Cape Horn in the...
  249. Halibut Howie

    Farmed Salmon Exposed

    Solution to this problem is easy. Boycott buying all farmed salmon. I started doing that years ago. Where's the fucking bunny huggers when you really need them. Probably eating farmed salmon in a fancy restaurant discussing more MPAs in California stupidly thinking they are saving the...
  250. Halibut Howie

    Spare bait Pump

    I have two bait pumps & two thru-hulls that are plumbed together. i can run the bait tank with either one or both. It takes about 20 seconds to switch between the two.
  251. Halibut Howie

    Captain's Log Found

    Please post a few lat/longs with fish caught there in order for me to determine if it is mine.
  252. Halibut Howie

    1982 24' Fiberform

    Way to keep your cool kid and not disparge those assholes that obviously have NO CLASS whatsoever. It takes a man to stand up to the cowardly internet bullies. You saw the good in their remarks and took the gentleman's way out of their negativity. You're the type of person with character I look...
  253. Halibut Howie

    How many Scoops in a Offshore OS45?

    I had a 65 gal Offshore oval tank for years. Mostly never put in more than a scoop. Two scoops would damage the bait. I need lively bait to catch halibut. If chunking or dead-acting, red-nosed bait was ok like for tuna, Yellowtail or rockfish then I'd put in more. Note: IMO EB gives you a...
  254. Halibut Howie

    Finally! Halibut in SD Bay 10/4

    My first keeper halibut of 2010. What is it October? Anyway made my usually fish attactant out of tuna, oatmeal & veg oil. One squid for cutbait for a two #12 hook rig. Caught a couple of dozen smelt 6-12" in the PT Loma kelp. Tried the area for lings, no takers. Also tried outside of the...
  255. Halibut Howie

    Watch Out for a New 42' YF in Venice

  256. Halibut Howie

    Red flags for a used boat buyer?

    First of all it's a buyers market. That's good for you. Look at buying a boat as a business decision. Do not get personal towards the person selling the boat. You are not his friend. You do not need him to like you. There is nothing wrong about offering him too little for his boat. He...
  257. Halibut Howie

    You might be a redneck...

    Yea where the fuck have you been? Haven't had you around to give me advice in years. HH
  258. Halibut Howie

    San Diego Skipper Screwed Me Over Royally

    Stay the fuck up in smell-A and keep that nasty LA attitude out of laid-back San Diego. You are just one bummer of a person that thinks his shit does not stink and the world revolves around your universe. Who gives a fuck what you think or say anyway. You should have just grabbed your pole...
  259. Halibut Howie

    Newport Harbor bay bass caught in smelt trap

    I did not know it is legal to use a fish trap to catch bait. What is the CA F&G reg that specifies it's legal to catch what kind of bait/fish. I moor my boat with schools of bait always around.
  260. Halibut Howie

    Where to retire?

    I'm retiring in January and plan on homebasing out of San Diego cuz wifey will still has to work another 7 years. I plan on spending a couple of months each in the Fall and the Spring in Mobile, AL. Will be fishing the bays, backwaters and in the gulf as well as hunt for deer. I grew up there...
  261. Halibut Howie

    Real Estate Question

    I'm looking for some direction on this family problem I'm in the middle of. A little history 1st. * my brother, Jon, took care of our aging parents and the other siblings let him inherit the house when they died. * Total house mortgage is $900/mo with taxes & ins. Jon makes less than...
  262. Halibut Howie

    Merriman sidelined by Achilles'

    Typical ex-steroid user. Your body just breaks down after you stop using and you're suspectible to chronic injuries from then on. Remember Klesco & Nevin of the Pads? He's washed up and will never be a fraction of his old steroid self. Time to trade him for anything you can get.
  263. Halibut Howie

    Meat Run: 9-Mile Bank 8/7

    Who would have thunk that at this time of year you'd get more than a couple of replies to a rockcod report. Even out where I was there were two 3/4 day party boats. I thought they were going to be trolling for tuna like they did in the past but NO! They were bottomfishing in august. There...
  264. Halibut Howie

    Meat Run: 9-Mile Bank 8/7

    Gotta cook for 20-30 college kids tomorrow. My son is in town for a week on break from grad school. So he invited me to cook for his college youth group at his church. I'm a heathen. Plan on fish & chips and ribeye philly cheese steaks. Anyway Rick met me at my mooring at Half Moon Marina at...
  265. Halibut Howie

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    Sorry to hear about your unfortuate experience with the CA F&Nazis. They are surupy sweet but the are all assholes thru and thru. Their whole thing in life is how can I criminalize a sporting activity. A warning in your case was an appropriate response by a normal compassionate american...
  266. Halibut Howie

    Son Needs Intership to Graduate

    Thanks Sluester and your lovely wife for making it possible for my son to graduate from SDSU in 12/09. Without your assistance in finding Mike a job, God only knows where he'd be today. Mike started graduate school at Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama in January 2010. It's the Notre Dame...
  267. Halibut Howie

    The Original Cabo

    Excellent question but being a engineer I try to design everything to meet the needs. Notice, the shutoff valves (port and starboard) are easily reached by removing the snug-fitting 1' trap doors on each side of the bait tank. Can also reach each float switch or view if water is in bilge. Also...
  268. Halibut Howie

    The Original Cabo

    Bendo send me a PM if you're serious. I go out a least once a week. No whining or I'll show you the transom door. Long swim. All my extremites work just fine due to 30 years of conditioning in our gnarly offshore seas. Bring some 747 Quaalouds for your riding comfort. Dennis
  269. Halibut Howie

    dont bring these aboard

    They are a good omen. They are only around when there is plenty of warm water bait. Means fishing is finally ready to kickoff.
  270. Halibut Howie

    The Original Cabo

    Yea I hear you Bendo. Maybe that's why I have to go fishing by myself 95% of the time. After a white knuckle ride to and from the fishing grounds leaves my fellow fishermen calling uncle. I on the other hand I find it a gas tearing home from the nados into wind and weather at 30+ at 5000...
  271. Halibut Howie

    The Original Cabo

    Back in 1987 I went to the boat show in Del Mar and saw a beautiful white boat that I fell in love with. Being a young engineer at the time with a wife with a kid in the oven, all I could do is dream about owning a boat like this. The owner was quite a friendly guy and I spent over a hour...
  272. Halibut Howie

    Good BFT action

    Thanks for the report. What color(s) on the megabaits? HH
  273. Halibut Howie

    6/7 North Is & 9Mile

    A guy a few slips down from me has been bragging about his sculpin hole off the North Coronado Island for the past couple of years. Twice I've used his directions in the past and twice missed the area. He does not have a GPS so it's dead reckoning from a point. I wrote the direction down this...
  274. Halibut Howie

    South Nine 5/26 Whale Shark?

    Went rockfishing to the 9-mile yesterday. It was windy with a double swell but managable. While heading out a school of dolphins followed we out some of the way as usual. But then something caught my eye. At first thought it was a marlin but it was tranversing in a zigzap pattern on the top...
  275. Halibut Howie


    Ok I'm trusting you guys. Just setup an account and ordered 3 bottles of the stuff from Tommy. Hope it works better than the bottle of "Fool-A-Fish" I bought a few years ago. HH
  276. Halibut Howie

    Made My 1st Weights

    I do not notice a difference cuz I do not have 2-4 lb torpedo sinkers to compare them with. I use a two speed 16s international to fish with when I fish over 300' in mexican waters. So it's fairly easy to wind up with any weight or load of fish. By the way that red was 26" and am guessing over...
  277. Halibut Howie

    Made My 1st Weights

    Finally got the Hot Pot II in the mail and immediately made my 1st weights out of 1" EMT. It was only $5 for a 10' stick. Made sizes from 6-12" about 2-4 lbs. The lead I got had stickum on one side so had to place a piece ot two in the Hot Pot one at a time and scoop the goo out before it...
  278. Halibut Howie

    Replaced 65 gal Offshore Bait Tank with a new 30 Gal

    I really loved the 65 gal Offshore bait tank I bought used on this site from another BDer. But I'm getting too fat to fish around it with others on the boat. So put the 65 gal for sale in the BD classified and it sold in less than a hour. Then spend some time looking for the right sized...
  279. Halibut Howie

    South 9 Mile Banks 4/26

    Finally finished installing a new 30 Gal Offshore bait tank, painting the deck and many other over due chores on the boat. Was thinking about going after YT today that I believe are around the Rockpile. Saw a couple of party boats going out at 150 degrees from SD Bay. So guessing that where...
  280. Halibut Howie

    Deep drop fishing in Mexico

    Better have big muscles. No electric reels in Mexico. HH
  281. Halibut Howie

    DFG Lobster card summary

    Now the mother fuckers are threating to go after the 80% who did not return their lobster cards. The DFG has turned a recreation sport into a criminal activity for the those of us who just want to fish and be left alone. After being boarded by the F&G on my 1st nite of lostering this year...
  282. Halibut Howie

    Airmar Transducers

    Lot cheaper to just buy on the internet, usually no tax and free shipping.
  283. Halibut Howie

    trolling with 4strokes

    Got a 2004 Yamaha F150 with 600 hrs. Never put in a drop of oil in. Moor the boat and now after warranty ran out take it in for full motor maintenance every three years. Oil has been changed only 4 times (Mobile One last 3 times). Thats 24 qt of oil usage in its life as of today. Fuel filter...
  284. Halibut Howie

    Weight Making Advice

    I just traded some worthless stuff I had (to me) for some worthless stuff a non-fishing contractor buddy had. 150 lbs of lead in 3-6" long 2" wide and 1/8" strips. he says he can get me a couple of more 5 gal buckets of this worthless stuff. I'm a deepwater 9-mile bank fisherman when it's...
  285. Halibut Howie

    Lead question

    Deleted, sorry meant to start my own thread.
  286. Halibut Howie

    Offshore 65 gal bait tank

  287. Halibut Howie

    Collection Agency Help Question

    Life lesson. Cost me $50 additional ($25 for bounced check and $25 for collection) for a $286.66 bounced paycheck. Great reason not to cash paychecks at licquer stores.
  288. Halibut Howie

    Collection Agency Help Question

    Thanks for all the helpful replies. i'm going down with my daughter to the collection agency (lawyers) to pay off what is owed on the bounced check and get the check and a release. I've downloaded all the necessary documents to file an initial report/claim with the CA State Labor Commission...
  289. Halibut Howie

    Collection Agency Help Question

    After sleeping on it whether I'm just going to pay it off. We'll go after the guy that wrote the bad check. Another lesson learned for the young lady. Appears that most of the kids at the store cashed their checks there. HH
  290. Halibut Howie

    Collection Agency Help Question

    My live-at-home christian college going daughtner finally got a job a few months ago. She got a job making sandwiches in a sandwich shop in Poway. Its was a great job to start learning the ropes of adulthood. About a month ago she cashed her paycheck at a nearby liquer store. She had to give...
  291. Halibut Howie

    Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    Then my don't you take your fucking attitude, negative outlook on life, glass half full, and inexperience and go elsewhere cuz I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of your classless whinning act. There was a lot of helpful and informative information given to you ojn the 1st few pages, if you...
  292. Halibut Howie

    Point Loma Mexico horrible experience

    It's just a different fishing culture here than other parts of the State. You should have asked the landing about all that when you called and made a reservation or before you departed. They would have gladly explained their process. So do not blame them for your mistake. Here they go...
  293. Halibut Howie

    Coronado Canyon 3/20

    After getting the shit kicked out of me twice fishing for YT the past week at the Coronados, decided to have a pleasant lazy day rockfishing. Since the weather and waves were finally nice as I past the point I thought I'd keep heading south for larger rockfish by exploring both sides of the...
  294. Halibut Howie

    Dual Battery wiring schematic Q's

    Install a battery combiner between battery 1 and battery 2. Leave the battery switch in 1. That way battery 2 is isolated from battery 1's electrical load but is charged thru the battery combiner when the boat is running or is charged at home or moored like my boat. In this configuration...
  295. Halibut Howie

    Boating Dynamics Rocks

    After a bunch of OB motor services since I bought my 2005 Yamaha F150 I finally found someone who can make my entire motoring system run as smooth as glass. It's just not the quiet motor, but the smooth acceleration up fromm 800- 5500 rpm. Finally someone who goes through the entire motor...
  296. Halibut Howie

    Boat Partners Wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few words of advice. I'm in my third boat with a 4-way partnership with co-workers. The first two boats were under $6,000 each and $16,000 for the current boat. I finally bought them out cuz they were a pain in the ass from the beginning with not paying on time, shared maintenance, usage...
  297. Halibut Howie

    wanted!! 23ft. caddy cabin

    Who gives a fuck how he spells? Didn't you understand what he said. You newbys who think you're so perfect that are degrading the original intend of this site. It's philosophy is fishing advice, boasts and helping others. Answer his question, offer advice and/or keep your denigration of...
  298. Halibut Howie

    Abyss lighting systems questions

    If a few lights are causing you to lose enough battery capacity for you to think your boat will not start, then you have a battery problem. You need to spend some $ to investigate that battery problem 1st before you spend $ on additional wants. A boat your size should have as a minimum (4) gp...
  299. Halibut Howie

    Boat Depot Maintenance Performance?

    Took your advice and am setting up an appointment with Boating Dynamics (Robbie Gordon). That he services yamahas and hauls the boat as part of the service is a big selling point for me. I'm moored just across the street at Half Moon Marina. That way not have to go and get my boat trailer I...
  300. Halibut Howie

    Boat Depot Maintenance Performance?

    I'm due for service on my 2005 F150 yamaha motor. I bought it a Boat Depot. In the past I was not very happy with their service. I've heard they have had a change in ownership. Any feedback on maintenance you've had there recently would be appreciated. It's real close to my moored boat on...
  301. Halibut Howie

    Tackle store in Poway!!!

    Thanks great. I'll support them with a few TLD15s i need repaired from my repair job. And to see what they got. HH
  302. Halibut Howie

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    Dido Scott. I've caught all kinds of strange creatures down there from giant squid, blackcod, blackgill, etc. I'm reluctant to use any line heavier than my 80lb reel line cuz the 70 degree sloped bottom I fish on is all rocky ledges that go from 390'-2000' in about 100 yards. It's not if you...
  303. Halibut Howie

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    I use flurocarbon cuz it nicks much less in the rocky environment as compared to mono line. No fun to wind most of the way up with a large fish on only to have it break off with the weight close to the top. Also less memory and the hook sticks straight out more away from the main leader. I...
  304. Halibut Howie

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    Forgot to add the green lites I also use. The two small ones strobe. The larger Kristal LP16 does not. Usually I get bite within a short time of hitting bottom cuz these things attact fish in the immediate area. It's dark at 600'. If I drift for much more than 60 seconds I usually get...
  305. Halibut Howie

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    I do some deepwater rockfishing in mexico. My favorite honeyhole eats up weights due to steep rocky ledges no mater what I try. Does anyone know where I can get some scrap rebar in sizes 9 (1.28") thru size 11 (1.4") so I can make weights out of them? Either in the San Diego or LA areas. I'm...
  306. Halibut Howie

    Humbolt Squid

    Here's how I prepare the few Humbolts I catch on my boat during daytime hours. I catch them while deepwater rockfishing in mexican waters. As far as preping them, while still hooked I gaff them in the tail while pulling the head away from the boat with the rod. Then I cut their head off...
  307. Halibut Howie


    I suggest a Weber Smokey Mountain. Weber Grills and Accessories - Grills It's not an offset but it is the most efficient and controllable smoker I've ever used. I have not used the Green Egg as mentioned above but most of the others. The charcoal lasts 24 hrs without refilling it using the...
  308. Halibut Howie

    2010 license cost

    The Ocean Enhancement stamp was first initiated back in the 80s to buy the nets from the gillnetters after DFG closed their waters. The DFG never stopped the Stamp after the gillnetters were paid off. Instead now the Ocean Enhancement Stamp $ are used to gather data to close the waters to us...
  309. Halibut Howie

    No Fireworks! Enviro Nazis strike again

    question: Who filed the suit? ans: Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation of Encinitas Question: Who are its officers? ans: Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation 1140 South Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, California 92024 760.942.8505 1. Marco Gonzalez Interim Executive Director...
  310. Halibut Howie

    Public briefing on Packard support of science on the Oregon coast

    Now the Packard Foundation is going to fund the State of Oregon to mold its population to their anti-fishing views with its one-sided data, information and matra. They financed the decisions the CA DFG and it's Govenor came to on MLPAs. Now its Oregon's turn. Is there no stopping this cult? HH.
  311. Halibut Howie

    Boycotting Fishing in CA

    I will still be buying EB bait, local tackle, Squidco stuff, sportboats occasional outings into mexico, etc. Just not buying a CA fishing license. Fishing 1-2 times a week in my boat I spent mucho $ to support fishing in San Diego. I'm a sucker for every new fishing gadget, rods, reels, lures...
  312. Halibut Howie

    Boycotting Fishing in CA

    Question: It's my understanding that you do not need a CA fishing license when importing fish caught in mexico, like the Coronados. I read that somewhere or heard it in the past but have not be able to find it in the massive CA DFG Code Book. I need to just follow all the rules on what you can...
  313. Halibut Howie

    newell 322 ?

    Newells are all I fish with in water less than 150'. My favorite is the G229 with the red striped handle, 80s vintage. I've got 10 of those. I've got two 235s, 332, 4xx. I use the 332 in deeper waters but it works just fine shallow as well. I fish for halibut a lot with the reel in free...
  314. Halibut Howie

    comfortable savings?

    I'm sure I'm not a good example of this cuz I never saved a dime until I had my 1st kid at 40. I spent all my money on women in my 20s. Got married and spent it on boats and travel in my 30s. I however always invested in myself with education, many nationwide job relocations that improved my...
  315. Halibut Howie

    21 Foot Cabo 216 Super Clean, ready for lobster :)

    Great boat at an unbelievable low price. I have one of the 1st Cabo 216s made (1987) and have fished on it weekly for many many years. No cracks anywhere, gel coat still shines, tons of dry storage, wide walk-a-around, perfect gunnel height, etc. It is very fuel efficient because of the...
  316. Halibut Howie

    Link to Live Webcast of BRTF and DFG Mtg. Dec. 9th, 2009

    Let's face it the decisions here and in the rest of the USA have already been determined by the bunny hugging groups (Parkard, etc.) funding the studies and paying off the politicans with donations and freebees. These same topics are being brought up on the east coast websites as well where...
  317. Halibut Howie

    11/30/09 The Whistler...again

    My last three times at the Whistler has produced #s similar to yours. I got many WPs that have consistently produced over the years. Did manage a few reds each time but in the 3/4 lb range. Moving on to the green tanks area mentioned above and even to LJ in 120-250' also produced almost...
  318. Halibut Howie

    La Jolla today

    Same results in LJ a few days before you. Only managed about 10 small rockfish (whitefish, sculpin, reds etc.) using squid strips. Nothing on sardines. Going to the south nine friday to try for something bigger. Weather should be nice. HH
  319. Halibut Howie

    Same Day Lobster & Fishing Question?

    Can you sportfish say from noon to 5pm with hoopnets onboard then start hoopnetting for lobster without going in? Thus you could have onboard fish caught by fishing pole and lobster caught by hoopnets on the same day. Or do you have to go in drop off the fish before going back out to lobster...
  320. Halibut Howie

    Proposed Rule Changes for Lobster

    What! I thought we laid off all those commie, mother fucking, leftwing, bunny hugging DFG assholes. They are still making these unsound judgements not supported by fact on how law abidding, war veteran, hard working, church going, good parents can spend their relaxation fishing & lobstering in...
  321. Halibut Howie

    WHen fishing for halibut in sd bay

    Small sardines
  322. Halibut Howie

    Question for Cabo 216 owners

    Deadrise at the transom is 22 deg. Here's a few pics of my modified Cabo 216. Mods I did myself included rewiring, 65 gal Offshore Bait tank, relocated (3) batteries in cutty & (1) in center seating area for a total of four in a dual battery bank configuration, (2) 36 qt coolers on top of...
  323. Halibut Howie

    Any Bonito Off Pt Loma?

    Going fishing tomorrow and was wondering if anyone is catching any bonito off the Pt Loma kelp area. I see some caught off la Jolla but that's a long ride from my SD Bay mooring. I need to start filling the freezer for the upcomming lobster season. HH
  324. Halibut Howie

    Grilled Halibut Recipe?

    I prefer my halibut steaks 1/2"-1" thick. Thicker steaks can get overcooked (burnt) on the outside before they are cooked in the middle. Cut to size. marinade: 1/4 cup brandy, sherry or tequila 1/4 cup lemon or lime juice 2 tbsp soya sauce 2 cloves minced garlic hot sauce to taste 1-2...
  325. Halibut Howie

    7/22 Beautiful Day Coastal Fishing San Diego

    Picked my buddy up at SI launch at 0630. Great tide today for fishing in the bay. The bait barge only has large sardines for bait. Damn. No anchovy mix so outside the bay it is for fishing. Weather continues to improve all morning with light winds and swells. However, the morning fishing...
  326. Halibut Howie

    Rockfish and short fish in Mexico answers

    Oh great now we have a fucked up lawyer trying to explain what a disfunctional CA F&G is saying about fish caught in mexico like he some kind of god. You CAN KEEP BSB that are illegal to possess in USA but CAN NOT keep undersized lingcod or halibut that are also illegal to possess in the USA...
  327. Halibut Howie

    mission beach madness

    Thanks for the report. If i understand your report correctly you said you fished with a grunnion for bait the 1st day to catch the halibut. This is illegal under CA F&G codes. A BIG $$$ fine if caught by F&G. Also the fish that broke you off was probably a big batray. HH
  328. Halibut Howie

    Son Needs Intership to Graduate

    Oh you're cruel. Especially after I gave your mom all that halibut & ling filets yesterday.
  329. Halibut Howie


    I was wondering why the Jiffy Pop was nailed above my bed when i was visiting my cousin in Mobile, AL back in June. HH
  330. Halibut Howie

    Son Needs Intership to Graduate

    My son is having trouble finding an internship to fulfill one of his senior business course requirements at SDSU. He will graduate in December with grad school to follow also in business. He is looking for a human relationship (HR) internship at a company in San Diego. Will work for free. He...
  331. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma Kelpline 7/5

    To settle this theory i'd had for over 20 years that green/blue lings taste better than whiteys I had an lingcod taste-testing feast back in 2004. I prepared the green & white lings two ways (my sweet & sour recipe and fried) but kept the identity of each secret to a group of unbiased taste...
  332. Halibut Howie

    Pt Loma Kelpline 7/5

    After a late nite celebrating the 4th got up late at 0600 and decided to go fishing. Down at the boat at 0700 and to the PL rockpiles at 0730 with a half scoop of horse sardines. Plan was to fish for lings for a Sweet & Sour lingcod dinner. Then go after the biting calico bass within the...
  333. Halibut Howie

    newell p229

    I've got twelve G229F or G235F with the red stripped handles. I get them on Ebay mostly. They can throw a sardine farther than any other reel I've tried. As well as having a strong clicker for halibut fishing in free spool. The rod does not matter. However i like a 6.5' rod so it fits in my...
  334. Halibut Howie

    Redneck Gumbo

    While on my redneck vacation a few weeks back I watched my cousin make a gumbo. I took notes and tried a variation of it a few days ago. I'm all alone with just my bottle of Cuervo today. Wife & Kids are elsewhere. I store my recipes here as I make them up so I do not forget them and can...
  335. Halibut Howie

    Get a Pro to do Your Electrical Power Projects or....

    NOTE: Not for the weak-hearted.
  336. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 6/23 & 6/28

    Vintage G.E. Electric Knife, great deals on Collectibles on eBay! here's an Ebay for the same vintage GE knife as requested.
  337. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 6/23 & 6/28

    Returned from my "Redneck Vacation" on 6/22 so had to make sure my boat still loved me so took her out the next day. Bumby outside so fished the bay back by the Coronado ferry landing. Unbelievable bass bite. Had to fish with just one pole cuz of the non-stop bite. Released all. Bad part...
  338. Halibut Howie

    My Redneck Vacation: Mobile, AL 6/3-22

    Had a golf match with my cousin at a Robert Trent Jones Golf Course, "The Falls" at Magnolia Grove. Hardest couse I ever played. I sucked big time. Took a drive out to Dalphin Island afterwards so my cuz could look at home that needed painting. Spending today getting ready for going back...
  339. Halibut Howie

    My Redneck Vacation: Mobile, AL 6/3-22

    Day 7 headed out to Mark's hunting cabin in the hills of Clark Co Alabama. First stopped at Albert's barber shop to check to see if the bushel of corn had come in. Mark plans on putting a few bushels up ( blanch then freeze). Here they pick the corn and put it up while it's only a day old or...
  340. Halibut Howie

    My Redneck Vacation: Mobile, AL 6/3-22

    Got another 24 crabs, 3# flounder and other stuff. Home by 0930. Golf the safternoon at Gulf Pines in a 3-man scramble. Dinner was fried flounder, hush puppies with corn & crab, coleslaw and crab cakes. Crab Cake Recipe *mess of crab meat *mayo *mustard *worchester sauce *sweet...
  341. Halibut Howie

    My Redneck Vacation: Mobile, AL 6/3-22

    Day 4-5 Golf on the 4th day. Nothing special except got a hole-in-one after putting the 1st ball out of bounds for a 3 on a 170 yard hole at Heron Lakes CC. Day 5 was more of the same flounder fishing plus crabbing. Got a mess of crabs this day over 30. Only got one flounder but lost a...
  342. Halibut Howie

    My Redneck Vacation: Mobile, AL 6/3-22

    Day 1-3 Headed home to my roots to leech off my cousin, Mark, for three weeks. First couple of days fished in Mark's 16' skiff in a canal that empties into the Mobile, Bay. Caught a half dozen speckled trout and flounder each day. We threw out chicken wings on weighed cord (4) tied to the...
  343. Halibut Howie

    Best Yet Halibut Sandwich

    Sent all day saturday trying to get dinner. Caught my own bait, smelt and small macks. Perfect bait. Spent two hours playing tug-a-war with lings. Ling won. Left after sacrificing $10 in hardware. Went inside San Diego bay at 1030. Had my chances on halibut bites and again missed. Called...
  344. Halibut Howie

    Joining US Air Force SOON NEED ADVICE

    I joined the USAF back in 1967 after two years of wandering thru college at AZ State University. Lot's of pretty girls there. Best move I've ever made. By luck they placed me in electronics school to maintain crypto equipment. I did not know anything about electronics at the time. When i got...
  345. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay Dinner 4/25

    I winged this recipe with what I had in the house other than the crab and wine. By the way it tasted better than it looks. Debone fish: Scale whole fish on both sides. Gill the fish and pull the intestines out thru its stomach. Do not cut the stomach. This make for a pocket. Slice the...
  346. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay Dinner 4/25

    A little cool in the morning. Once the sun peeked out then wind picked up. Quit at 0930 with one fish for dinner. Go Charger's. Deboned whole halibut stuffed with king crab meat.
  347. Halibut Howie

    Skipjack Wiring Advice

    Need some electrical wiring advice. Please review the drawing I have below and comment back on mistakes we've made or better ways to do things (I hope it's legible once I submit it). I am not a marine electrician and after this never-ending endeavor do not plan on changing my day job profession...
  348. Halibut Howie

    I need a Goat!

    When I get the urge for steamed whole sheephead with black bean sauce I first get a few lbs of mussels (secret spot). I then use one of my lobster bait boxes & fill it with smashed mussels. Find a spot inside the kelp with a big hole and anchor. Drop the bait box down on your anchor line or...
  349. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    rabid fish, The reason I fish with a circle hook and specifically a mutu Owner circle hook is because it usually hooks the halibut in the corner of the jaw. Owner Mutu is a lite small wire circle hook. Most halibut and even the large models like to chew on the bait for a while. Therefore...
  350. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    Since JT (High & Dry) took ALL the fish home last week (lings & halibut), I told my wife I would not be able to attend Easter Morning Service with her. I needed to catch some fish for dinner instead. Needless to say I did not invite JT this time. Invited Lazy Rick instead. Picked up a beat-up...
  351. Halibut Howie

    anyone know what this is?

    Kayak Fishing Midshipman Fish
  352. Halibut Howie

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    Your point Eric. That's how my fishing method has evolved after fishing for 58 years. It's called time-on-the-water. Yours explanation might be bullshit mine's not. HH
  353. Halibut Howie

    Identifying Species on Fishfinders

    To answer your question, I can not tell the difference between fish on a FF after using many different types since FF were invented. Fish are where fish were in the past. I rarely use the FF except when looking for new fishing holes. When I get a bite I immediately hit the WP button to mark...
  354. Halibut Howie

    Bait Barge Tips?

    Was $5 per half scoop. Now that I know that you guys only get minimum wage I'm gonna raise it to $10 per. Can you imagine our fishery without live bait. Thanks for the many years providing us great bait with a friendly attitude. HH
  355. Halibut Howie

    Wiring Diagram for Early 24' Skipjack

    Do any of you know where i can get a wiring diagram for an early 1977 24' Skipjack? I'm not familar at all with Skipjacks. This one has a cabin and you climb up to the helm station. My friend uses this boat to take boy scouts out fishing as well as other charitable causes. The boat's wiring...
  356. Halibut Howie

    Non-Skid Paint

    I purchase the non-skid paint from Epifanes Non-Skid Deck Coating. I order 2 cans at a time for shipping cost purposes. That lasts me two years. The non-skid is from very small poly balls that are like a fine sand paper. It does not hurt your bare feet at all. The only problem I have with...
  357. Halibut Howie

    Non-Skid Paint

    I've used merton's on my 21' WA runabout for over 4 years. One quart paints the entire deck. I use a 2 1/2" brush that fits into the qt can and just cut the paint in at the corners. No taping. Uses mineral spirits for clean up and thinning. I'd use two coats the 1st time. I repaint once a...
  358. Halibut Howie

    Mexicio fish brought back to US

    My first question to you is '"did you filet the fish you caught in mexican waters?" If the answer is "yes the fish were fileted" then the CA F&G officer is correct in saying that you have undersized and out-of-season lingcod and you can be cited. However if the fish are whole (gutted &...
  359. Halibut Howie


    While tiding up the kitchen a bit I accidently threw out my favorite rice & beans recipe. It's a cuban dish called Congri'. Plan on serving it tomorrow at my 10th annual New Years Day Party along with smoked pork butts, weber BBQ whole turkey, fall-off-the-bones back ribs from Costco and much...
  360. Halibut Howie

    Is Ace line hauler illegal for hooping?

    Last saturday nite saw only one hoopnetter in PL kelp as far as I could see in any direction. Averaged about 10 or more shorts per net that would be legal on the next molt or early next year. Seems to me the lobster fishery is quite healthy and sustainable in SD. Quit at 7pm cuz arms were tired...
  361. Halibut Howie

    Does anyone eat SD Bay fish?

    There's noth'in i do not eat if I'm hungry including the SD Bay fish. Haven't been sick in over 10 years, strong as an ox, shoot par golf, pull traps all nite to 50' and almost 62 years young. I think this is just another californian scaredicat syndrome like man-made global warming. Just too...
  362. Halibut Howie

    Red Kelp Crab SD Bay 10/7

    While hoopnetting solo tuesday nite I caught my 2nd beautiful red kelp crab this one in SD Bay. The 1st one was out in the PL kelp forest. Both were quite large with arms about 12" long and bigass pinchers. Both were meaner than hell, like a blue claw crab on steriods. A description from...
  363. Halibut Howie

    oceanside police busted me

    I keep all the required USCG stuff in a large rectangular PFD storage bag I bought at Westmarine including the boat's registration and former USCG boarding documentation. It's yellow in color, about 1.5'x1.5'x3'. That way when the I get stopped to get inspected by whomever, all I have to do is...
  364. Halibut Howie

    Best way to tie up slack hoop net line

    Nothing like inventing a better mouse trap. Great idea and design. HH
  365. Halibut Howie

    Best way to tie up slack hoop net line

    I have 3/8" hollow braided poly ropes in lengths of 25', 50', 75' and 150'. i tyrap these ropes to the PVC "H" depending on the depth of area I will be hoopnetting. i store the unused ropes without the "H". Tonite I'll be hooping between 35-50' so will use the 75' ropes. When at 35' will...
  366. Halibut Howie

    Best way to tie up slack hoop net line

    I use a letter "H" looking device made out of 1/2 schedule 40 PVC. Just unwind the length you need and tyrap the rest. Holds 150' of line and easy to wind up and store. Also it floats and makes a good target to gaff or glab by hand.
  367. Halibut Howie

    Bottom fishing outside Mission Bay?

    I do pretty good on smaller sized rockfish about 1/4 mile south of the Whistler buoy. Look for sharp 10' level changes in the bottom depicting a rockpile ledge or mesa. Get a 3 lb block of squid from an asian market ($6) and take 1/2-1lb of squid with you. Cut into 1" donuts. I use a 2-loop...
  368. Halibut Howie

    Questions please help

    I hoopnetted twice this year for the 1st time off the PL Cliffs, out about 1/4 mile in 35-45 ' of water. Caught over 200 shorts the 2nd nite of the season with 7 keepers for 3-peeps. The next time was solo and 5 keepers but many fewer shorts. it's a lot more hazzardous with the kelp and...
  369. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Cabo

    This is my 2nd season of hoop neeting. I've made many modifications to my 1987 Cabo216 to make hoop netting more systematic, safer, easier and convenient. First i enclosed the transom and added the bait coolers, installed electrical outlets to the center seating area for the electric reel/net...
  370. Halibut Howie

    Seafood Limits in Freezer?

    Now what the fuck does that mean? What problem are you talking about? For me i do not have one tail in the freezer. I give them all away except a few for the family of two kids and a wife to eat, if that is ok with you, you self-righteous asshole! HH
  371. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Daily & Lose Weight

    Not being a big fan of eating lobsters i give most of them away. No problem finding takers. They are ok to eat in burritos and salads but how many can you eat. One of the reasons I am hooping the 1st week of lobster season almost every day cuz want to validate the ole wive's tale that most of...
  372. Halibut Howie

    Seafood Limits in Freezer?

    With the recent discussion about only having one limit of whole lobsters in your freezer, I was wondering if this also applies to other seafoods. Question: Are you only allowed to have a single limit of lingcod, rockfish, YT, YFT, WSB, etc. in the freezer? Does the skin need to be attached...
  373. Halibut Howie

    Manual hoop net puller

    Looks pretty simple to make. Get some used 1" heavy wall threaded pipe, an elbow and an open pulley. Cut to size. That's it. Only real expensive would be the pulley ($40). The mechanical advantage of this device pulling hoop nets is well worth the expense. Always get a kick from the people...
  374. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Daily & Lose Weight

    Saturday: 7 lobster (3 peeps) til 9pm, Pt Loma Kelp, 25-45' of water, 200+ shorts, 10 various crabs, 5' moray eel Sunday: 7 lobster (solo) til 8:30, SD Bay, 12-14', 30 shorts Monday: 5 lobster (2 peeps) til 9:00, Z-jetty both sides 20', 20 shorts Tuesday: 5 lobster (solo), PT Loma...
  375. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Daily & Lose Weight

    Saturday: 7 lobster (3 peeps), Pt Loma Kelp, 25-45' of water, 200+ shorts, 10 various crabs, 5' moray eel Sunday: 7 lobster (solo), SD Bay, 12-14', 30 shorts Monday: 5 lobster (2 peeps), Z-jetty both sides 20' Tuesday: 5 lobster (solo), PT Loma kelp, 35-45', 50 short HH
  376. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Daily & Lose Weight

    My plan this year was to take the week off work and lobster each nite. Well I made it the 1st 4 nites with two solo trips. Two were in SD Bay and two were inside PL kelp. Wednesday got up early cuz that's my weekly golfing date with my son Michael. Woke up with leg cramps so bad could hardly...
  377. Halibut Howie

    PL & SD Bay Lobstering 9/27-29

    Well 3-days into my "lobster hell week". My shoulders are sore, my hands are so like pin cushions that I can barely close them but its lobstering again tonite. The 1st nite of season went out saturday at 3pm so as not to fight the masses at midnite earlier in the day. This year had another...
  378. Halibut Howie

    Spiny Lobster

    People on your boat who are not lobstering but just observing the sport do NOT need a lobster card. Just like with fishing. However, they must not assist the ones that are lobstering in any way. I plan on lobstering outside SD Bay this year in the cold dark unforgiving ocean so I plan on...
  379. Halibut Howie

    Smoked Bonita Recipes

    I took my wife to the Coronados last sunday for the 1st time. Now the secret is out. Hour wait at the bait barge so skipped it and headed out with just 3 lbs of squid. After finishing up with a limit of rockfish at puky we headed to the south kelp area to chase some bonita to finish filling up...
  380. Halibut Howie

    Ling recipes The recipe above can be used for 1/2 to a whole lingcod instead of a rockfish. I usually make sweet & sour lingcod by cutting the filets into 2x3" pieces. 1st i marinade the lingcod pieces in a 1:1:1 ratio of...
  381. Halibut Howie

    Coronado report

    Good job on the yellows. I watched the party boats much of the day and saw only one YT caught. Did the same as you Matty except we started at the north island 1st. The line for bait was too L O N G even at 0700 so we skipped it. Had some squid. After limits of rockfish mainly whitefish at...
  382. Halibut Howie

    Danilson Conical Hoop Nets

    haven't used the daniel's but I store my collapsed ecilpse nets in the bow of my moored boat. The daniel's would just be too high. I also weight each ecilpse with (2) one # weights. HH
  383. Halibut Howie

    Offshore or Coronados?

    Great news! I'm going to the Coronados on saturday. HH
  384. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Trap Rope

    Fuck you Island Bound. You uncaring pussy! I'll handle my own affairs; don't need your ignorant advice. HH
  385. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Trap Rope

    I just sent this message to the "Terminator", our great Governor of the State of Callie Fornia. Governor, Lobster season starts in a little over three weeks. On the Bloodydecks Fishing Website rumors are being circulated that the CA DFG is going to outlaw the use of mechanical trap/net...
  386. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Trap Rope

    My two best fishing buddies for a long, long time now have serious medical problems. One has a heart pacemaker, diabetes and conjestive heart failure while the other had titty cancer surgery last year where they removed most of his pec muscles. I'm sure there are many others fishermen in CA...
  387. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Trap Rope

    24 days:9 hrs:15 min:15 sec
  388. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Trap Rope

    After experimenting last year with just about every kind of rope for my lobster esclipse nets, derby, 3-strand poly, hollow braid, ect. in sizes from 1/4"-5/8", I settled on 3/8" hollow braid poly. Not only is it easy to grip, does not cut into your hands but also works in the modified electric...
  389. Halibut Howie

    boniata & tuna recipes?????????

    IMHO smoked bonita is as good as the other tunas especially the belly meat. After brining, drying, smoking, i paint on a glaze the last 15 minutes and again after i take it off its 3-hour smoking at 220 degrees in a Weber Smokey Mountain. The glazes i like are 1. 1/4 cup pure maple syrup +...
  390. Halibut Howie

    8/30 YT PL Kelp

    Yesterday asked a friend of mine to be a " Bonita Dummy". A car pool dummy is someone who will let you get into the car pool lane while a bonita dummy is someone who allows you to keep up to 10 bonita under 24". Last week i did pretty well on 4 lb bonita to 20" at the sw corner of the PL kelp...
  391. Halibut Howie

    WTB an electric reel NEED HELP

    Electric Fishing Reels, Electric Reels, Deep Drop Fishing Reels, Deep Sea Electric Fishing Reel
  392. Halibut Howie

    8/24 Lobster Bait at PL

    I'm done chasing tuna this year. Leaving the rest of them to you guys. Plan today (sunday) was to go just outside PL kelp to get a bunch of macs for the up coming lobster season. Got there about 0700. Wind was howling pretty good. i thought I'd give it a chance to die down a bite...
  393. Halibut Howie

    Should have gone to La Jolla...

    I hear ya Gil. Your story sounds like my typical tuna tale (like last sunday). That's why I specialize in "2 gallon fish" and 99% of the time leave the tuna to others. Tuna is only 50c a can at Costco. 2 gallon fish = fish you catch using only 2 gallons of gas all day. HH
  394. Halibut Howie

    Mom's Pound Cake Recipe

    My mom recently passed away after a long good life. I found this pound cake recipe while sorting out her estate. We enjoyed it while growing up. It was passed down from her grandmother. It's the best pound cake I ever had. 3 cups flour 3 cups sugar ¼ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp salt ¼...
  395. Halibut Howie

    8/17 Halibut SD Bay

    Late report cuz death in family. Fished sunday in SD Bay from 0700-0930 on a great +6' incoming tide. Had a steady halibut bite in the channel. Ended with two keepers to 30" and a bunch of shorts. Then headed to the 182 for the next 6 hrs for nada. Then got 2 keeper lings and a few shorts...
  396. Halibut Howie

    Window in bait tank Yes or No?

    i like the window cuz can look around and see how the bait is doing. i fish live bait all the time mainly locally. Bait seems to perk up once in the OS65 Offshore tank. Do not know if from the window, size or whatever. Also cool to look at and kids like fuckin' around with the bait or fish...
  397. Halibut Howie

    Leopard Shark Recipes Needed

    Finally after many moons I caught a legal leopard shark, 52". Great sport. Caught it yesterday around PL kelp on a medium sardine. Acted like a hali. It dropped the bait 3 times and took about 5 minutes to finally hook. I have never eaten this beautiful creature but thought just this once...
  398. Halibut Howie

    What is Your Method for Catching Mackerel?

    Gosh, being an engineer, it looks like I over-complicated and over-engineered another process. HH
  399. Halibut Howie

    What is Your Method for Catching Mackerel?

    Went out 7/30 to catch some macs off PL for lobster bait this fall. Last year waited to the last minute and had a hard time finding them. Had to use salmon heads instead which now are too big to fit in my down-sized bait cages for this year. Here's how I catch macs and was wondering how...
  400. Halibut Howie

    7/27 Fat Albert's (41#) and dodo - 371

    Congrats on finding them. Wish I was with you. Just got back from LA. HH
  401. Halibut Howie

    Courtbouillon recipe

    Looks like a tasty recipe. Thanks for the pics for they make it easy to copy. Will try it soon. HH
  402. Halibut Howie

    Sportman's IQ Test

    Ok let's see who on Bloodydeck's has a high Sportman's IQ. Answer the questions below 1. While hunting for deer on a ranch you come upon a corral full of deer. Should I? (a) shoot as many deer as possible while they are defenseless in the corral, take pictures while the slaughter is going...
  403. Halibut Howie

    best eating rock fish???

    All excellent eating including salmon grouper. The worst tasting of the rockfish family to me is the mexican species. Orange colored rockfish seam to be the best eating. I bled all fish in my OB's motorwell before putting them on ice. Small fried starries/reds and the leftover squid are the...
  404. Halibut Howie

    What`s your favourite all time reel?

    1980's Newell 229F. HH
  405. Halibut Howie

    Rockfish Bonito and Sculpin

    *Can the bonita in bell jars. *Sculpin & Rockfish in Californian Basting Sauce California Basting Sauce 2 tbsp soya 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 cloves garlic minced 1/4 cup brandy, vodka, tequila or sherry 1 to 2 sticks butter Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl except butter. Add...
  406. Halibut Howie

    7-7 albies & a bluefin 295

    Congrats on the tuna. If you would, save me a small piece of bluefin for the golf tip on the clubs. We're playing early at Eagles Crest wednesday morning. Give me a call if you can make it. Tight lies, HH
  407. Halibut Howie

    When Will Mexico Learn?

    I called you a whinny pussy about 5 years ago for not crying about "it was someone elses fault" that sank my boat. You did not do your do diligence then or now. This time you blamed a country's culture and law for your stupidity and have the audacity to smear Mexicans in print. Shame on you...
  408. Halibut Howie

    need new batteries!

    I use Walmart's GP29 marine starting batteries for about $65 each. They are made by Johnson Controls, the largest battery manufacturer in the USA. If they go bad in 18 months you get a new battery, not prorated. prorated after 18 months. I know i recently had two replaced cuz I boiled the...
  409. Halibut Howie

    Electric boat

    Already got a 21' electric boat! This 12vdc electric motor runs my boat at 1.5 to 3.5 mph depending on wind and current for 4-6 hours. Have a gas motor as backup. HH
  410. Halibut Howie

    What kind of Batteries?

    I've got a 21" WA. I buy GP31 marine starting batteries (wet cell) from Walmart for about $65 each. They are made by Johnson Controls which I believe is the largest battery manufacturer in the USA. I have 4 batteries in a dual battery bank configuration. That is two batteries in parallel on...
  411. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Lures for Bonita

    you are allowed 5 bonita under 24" and 5 over 24" as a limit of 10 unless they changed the regs on me again. So how in the hell of god's green earth are they gonna enforce that rule.
  412. Halibut Howie

    Trolling Lures for Bonita

    Need to start stocking my freezer for lobster season while the bonita are here. I waited last year to the end and no bonita. What lures have you guys been using to catch'em? Gonna try wed off Point Loma. Thanks, HH
  413. Halibut Howie

    Got nailed by a "Thresher"!!!

    Got pulled over by the CA F&G on sunday 5/25 in SD Bay. They had a new grey +20' rubber boat with two F150 yamahas and a radar. They just returned from checking people on the outside. Showed them a few halibut which they measured. Also took my license out of my wallet. ALWAYS keep it in my...
  414. Halibut Howie

    Military recruiting and lack of class

    Enough said about the attitude. One thing missed in this thread is the opportunity for a young man or woman to apprentice in a business where they take a beginner and trains them, teachs them, encourages them, sends them to additional schooling, houses them, feeds them, puts them early in life...
  415. Halibut Howie

    FUEL PRICES: Where and How Much

    Last week while i was just north of Ensenada, Mexico diesel was around $2.65/gal and gas $2.35. Lots of San Diegan's will be stopping there this tuna season on the way to the fishing grounds. HH
  416. Halibut Howie

    La Salina May 12-17

    Will do neighbor. Dennis
  417. Halibut Howie

    La Salina May 12-17

    Rick and myself departed for La Salina on monday 5/12 via boat. It was a easy drive down. We stopped at the rockpile for a few fish for dinner. Wayne met us at our mooring slip at Puerto Marina Salina. Nice place with electrical, new bathroom, showers, restaurant and east access. Wayne has...
  418. Halibut Howie

    Puerto Rico Tarpon

    Great pics and thanks for the report. That place brings back memories. I use to maintain some electrical equipment on a pier that jutted out into that mangrove back in the 80s. I'd bring my crab traps and pole to catch tarpon. Back then NOBODY fished back in those mangroves. I lived in...
  419. Halibut Howie

    Citation for too many razor clams

    Here's what I posted a few months back for my day at the courthouse. Sounds like the fine went up from $250 to over $400. "About 7-8 years ago i was cited for "possession of unidentified fish filets" by the Harbor Police. That's when the CA DFG did not have a rubber dingy and used others to...
  420. Halibut Howie

    Need a used car

    Arnie, Buy him a used low mileage Lexus. They last forever, very dependable and look good. Just bought my 18 year old daughtner a 1998 SC300 close to your looking price. It gets 25 mpg. What's the idea pissing off the pussy cat? HH
  421. Halibut Howie

    Chargers draft choices

    I thought the trade with NE was a steal. The Chargers traded their late 2nd round next year for an early 3rd round this year (6th) + a 5th. AJ's the Man. He'll put this potential star on his draft board next year as the 2nd with one year of NFL seasoning on his resume. LT is starting to get...
  422. Halibut Howie

    Rewire the Boat...

    The first thing I do when i rewire or upgrade a boat's wiring is make a block wiring diagram of all the boats electrical devices, ie. batteries, switches, fuses, motor, pumps, lights, electronics, with the amperage of each device. JT asked me to help him with his 1977 Skipjack. Plan on...
  423. Halibut Howie

    crappy day at Catalina!!!

    I side with the other fishermen on the boat. Who wants to catch a "crappy" WSB that is a lousy fighter. Two runs and it comes in like a dead toad. Plus IMO are very poor table fare. I'd take a bag of whitefish and sculpin any day over a lousy tasting croaker. When I unexpectedly catch one...
  424. Halibut Howie

    Airmar M260 or B164?

    Do not know much about the M260 except there is about a 20% loss for shooting thru the hull (quote from Airmar tech). Yesterday got a B164 installed. I tried it out on the way from the boat yard back to my slip in SD Bay. The deepest the water got is only 60'. About two years ago I replaced the...
  425. Halibut Howie

    A Beautiful Day in Mexico 4/02

    Yesterday headed down to Marina La Salina at about 0830 from Rick's place in the Coronado Cays. This was a dry run via car for the May 12th fishing trip driving my boat down via water. First stop was the Rosarito Beach Hotel for breakfast. After looking the place over i realized I had not...
  426. Halibut Howie

    Hull Deadrise on Cabo 216?

    Measured the deadrise at the transom with a digital level. the level is currently on sale at Sears for $22. The deadrise measured 20.5 degrees just like Dwayne said it was. Therefore, just ordered a 20 degree tilted b164 Airmar 1kw transducer for my Lowrance LXC-110CHD. Will have Shelter...
  427. Halibut Howie

    Hull Deadrise on Cabo 216?

    Thanks. I'm amazed, where'd you get an old sales brocher? I thought my boat's deadrise was a bout 15 cuz it does not take a headswell very well. HH
  428. Halibut Howie

    Hull Deadrise on Cabo 216?

    This line of Cabos went out of business in the early 90s. HH
  429. Halibut Howie

    Hull Deadrise on Cabo 216?

    anyone know or know where I could find out the hull deadrise on my 1987 Cabo 216. I'm going to be installing a Airmar B164 tilted thru hull transducer. It comes in 12 degree and 20 degree deadrise models. I'm guessing the 12 degree is the best fit. AIRMAR Electronic Catalog HH
  430. Halibut Howie

    Ling Cod Lures

    Tommy, Thanks for the tip on the copper lure. I made a few up with materials I had on hand and 2/0 trebles. Just ordered online some 12/0 brass trebles. Could not find any 12-14/0 locally. Did not have a lead melting system so instead cut pieces of copper grounding rods which were just...
  431. Halibut Howie

    What boat company took over Valco?

    I'm no expert but here's my Valco story 1. Bought a used 14' Westcoaster by Valco in 1984 but it was an earlier model 2. Bought a used 18' 1984 Bayrunner in 1990 3. Bought a used 22' 1986 Bayrunner by Valco in 1995 I thought Valco still owned Bayrunner HH
  432. Halibut Howie

    Mexican Customs Rules for La Salina Marina

    May 12th I'm motoring my 21' boat down via ocean to Marina La Salina for 7 days. Will be staying at my buddy's place the next non-development south of there on bluff over-looking the ocean. The Marina's email return message says I need; 1. passport (only took 3 weeks to get) 2. about $15/day...
  433. Halibut Howie

    HOW TO: Lingcod Swimbait Dropper Rig

    Thanks for the pics of your fishing methods for bottomfishing. I really like your dropper loop with the crimps. I fish 400-600' in mexican waters off San Diego for large rockfish and lings usually with three 15/0 circle hooks on a standard dropper loop using 125# test leader with a 60#...
  434. Halibut Howie

    Cutting fuel lines

    cable cutter
  435. Halibut Howie

    Happy b-day DaGoose

    Double. That cab did it again! HH
  436. Halibut Howie

    Happy b-day DaGoose

    Happy Birthday. May your fishing experiences be memorable. HH
  437. Halibut Howie

    Bait Tank issues

    A floating, colored, waterproof LED lite stick from Walmart is hard to beat. Costs $2.78 and will a long time in a fishing environment. HH
  438. Halibut Howie

    They Bitch About a Few Hairs

    The following article got me thinking about Granger an excellent but abnormal chef. Cook Accused Of Putting Hair In A Steak , Wisconsin Restaurant Cook Accused Of Putting Facial Hair In 16-Ounce Ribeye - CBS News While working myself through college back in the 60's i worked at the...
  439. Halibut Howie

    Buggin 2/27 SD Bay

    This is my 1st season givin' hooping an honest try. Each time out I do something differently trying to improve on my catching. As anyone one knows whose hooped SB Bay, it is not a very productive fishery for lobsters and therefore one must put in his time to catch dinner. I'm just too much of...
  440. Halibut Howie

    3 Trolling motor questions

    I'm assuming it is a 12vdc trolling motor thus it only needs one battery. 1. I'd put the battery in the stern unless you want to run some much bigger wires from where your other batteries are located. That way you do not run down your other batteries. When the forward battery goes dead you...
  441. Halibut Howie

    Buggin 2/27 SD Bay

    Ran out of salmon heads. With season almost over decided to try to catch some macs to go with some fresh sardines and dines from fishing the day before. Only caught 2 macs and about 25 smelt to 12". Chopped them up and added some ground up dine/chovies to the batch. Tried my usual spot to...
  442. Halibut Howie

    Remembering Pacific Beach..........

    Tugg's 99cent breakfasts. Kept me alive in my poor days. HH
  443. Halibut Howie

    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    That's all said and good to fight the charges to the end and HOPE that you have a sympathetic judge or jury. I do not even know if you have an option for a jury on this type of misdemeanor charge. In any event time is $ to me. i figure my time in court cost me over $500 in lost wages. So as...
  444. Halibut Howie

    Anyone ever win in Court vs the DFG?

    About 7-8 years ago i was cited for "possession of unidentified fish filets" by the Harbor Police. That's when the CA DFG did not have a rubber dingy and used others to enforce their laws. In my haste to filet a batch of fish I left no 1" patch of skin on 2 filets out of 20. I caught a limit...
  445. Halibut Howie

    Do You Need a License to Watch Someone Hoopnet?

    Got some old friends visiting from NH (burr land). I hoopnet for lobster solo most of the time. They would like to watch me but not participate. Is that legal so they do not have to buy a license for two hours of watching? HH
  446. Halibut Howie

    Baja Asuncion/Roque

    get in contact with Shari. She'll fix you up. - Home HH
  447. Halibut Howie

    *@&%$##$^ Rain

    Here's how they are fishing elsewhere and you worry about a little rain. HH
  448. Halibut Howie

    Lobster Pasta Salad

    The guys at work have been buggin' me all season to bring them in some. Finally i caught more than one dinner so donated 5 lobsters to put together a lobster pasta salad. Just bought a bunch of stuff on sale at the store plus followed a Greek theme. Here's the ingredients & directions. 5...
  449. Halibut Howie

    LED Replacement For Glow Sticks

    I agree $2 and change at Walmart. I turn them on at 4pm and off at 10pm. They last 4 or 5 trips. Get the green ones, the red lite does not travel as far. HH
  450. Halibut Howie

    Buggin' President's Day in SD Bay

    As usual more projects at the boat. Got down to the slip about 8 am. Installed some more red LED lites around the decks to cover the entire WA. Now no bug can hide from me that slips thru the net. Got a half scoop about noon and tried fishing for about an hour around the bait barge area for...
  451. Halibut Howie

    Got stopped by Naval Security last night...

    The rope winder-up gizmo appears to be good invention for using a long rope in different depths of water. Made one up with 3/4" PVC from my irrigation parts bucket yesterday. Put a 100' of 1/4" braided rope on it and will try it out tonite. Thanks for the pic. HH
  452. Halibut Howie

    Lobstering SD Bay 2/13

    Got down to the boat around noon. The green navlite was out so had to fix that as well as add 2 lbs of weight to each net (6) cuz last time by the channel the current pulled the nets 300 yds. Also removed the bait cages cuz was going to try it without salmon heads for the 1st time this year...
  453. Halibut Howie

    newell PR 229 & 332 reels

    I buy/collect the 20 year old 229's (red stripped handles) usually on Ebay and a few some here. Have 10 of them. Best sardine throwing reel I've used. Also use them exclusively when fishing for halibut cuz of their strong clicker. I put the reel in freespool with the clicker on while dragging...
  454. Halibut Howie

    WHop makes good LED courtesy lights??

    I installed various red LED lights from this website around my 21 WA boat so I could see at nite while lobstering. The work great and are reasonably priced. I used the P2PC (attached with screws) to lite the bow passageways & helm area and the round 2.5" for the transom area (attached with 3M...
  455. Halibut Howie

    fixing leaks on a aluminum boats

    I had three aluminum boats in the past (14',18' & 22'). I used JB Weld to patch holes and finding them by filling the boat with water. HH
  456. Halibut Howie

    Does anyone use non-fresh/frozen bait for lobster?

    Last wed nite was my first limit in SD Bay and was done by 9:15. i used frozen sardines and anchovies from my prior fishing trips. Instead of throwing away the dines after fishing I put them in a gallon ziplock and freeze. Last week bought a meat grinder from Macy's for $100 and used it to...
  457. Halibut Howie

    Deck coating....which one should I use?

    I've used Epifanes one-part with poly balls in it for 5 years. Non-skid but does not hurt barefeet. One qt can covers the entire deck of my 21'WA boat. I apply a fresh coat each year. i paint out of the can with a throw away brush. Takes less than an hour. Prep deck, clean up and thin using...
  458. Halibut Howie

    Telemarketer Spoof

    Don't know if this was pasted before but I have not heard it. I'm definately gonna try it on the next telemarketer asshole who calls me.
  459. Halibut Howie

    Half Moon Bay Question

    Half Moon Bay sport fishing charter for Salmon, Tuna, and Rockfish.
  460. Halibut Howie

    Does anyone have a good duck recipe?

    Do not know about wild ducks but i love domestic Orange Duck with Crispy Skin. i hang the ducks by its legs in a warm place under a pot. After a few hours the duck will start dripping (rendering) its fat, hang for 6-12 hrs. hanging the duck streaches the muscle fibers and thus tenderizes the...
  461. Halibut Howie

    BOLA Real Estate for AFry

    Sheldon Good & Company to Auction 235-Acre Waterfront Development Site in Baja California, Mexico; Seller Discloses Reserve Price of $10 Million Wednesday January 23, 1:44 pm ET CHICAGO and LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Sheldon Good & Company Auctions, LLC (Welcome to Sheldon Good -...
  462. Halibut Howie

    Bottom Paint

    If anyone wants info on the new California Gold bottom paint that Shelter Island Boatyard put on my 21' Cabo give Wayne a call at 619-222-0481. My experience with the paint so far is that i've noticed no growth at all on the areas I can see, but I have a diver cleaning my moored boat monthly...
  463. Halibut Howie

    sculpin sting

    I used Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce years ago when I got stung at home fileting a sculpin. To my surprize it worked great with no pain. it must have a meat tenderizer in it. Even when I'd fish on a party boat I'd bring a hefty pair of sidecutters and give the sculpin a haircut before...
  464. Halibut Howie

    Freezing Lobster?

    I just place a live lobster in a ziplock and freeze. When time to eat place lobster in a pot of boiling water right out of the freezer. Do not thaw cuz it makes the outer layer under the shell a little discolored & mushy. After they come to a re-boil, 10 minutes for barely legals and up to 15...
  465. Halibut Howie

    Squid Fishing Methods

    I decided not to take my boat out to look for squid. Do not feel comfortable at nite in an unforgiving ocean. I've been unsuccessful in the past looking for squid in the day time off the 9-mile bank. So am going to go out on one of the nitetime cattle boats soon for the first time in many...
  466. Halibut Howie

    I Need A Job

    My wife is Director of Independent Living at The Remington Club in Rancho Bernardo. It's a 5 star retirement home. I beleive that have openings as valet and Consigiere (sic). 858-673-6300. From there you can move up in the Sunrise Corporation, the largest I believe in the USA. Might have to...
  467. Halibut Howie

    Bilge Pumps for OSHIT Situations

    Those oh shit situations usually means that by the time you find out you have a lot of water in the boat you are in a dangerous situation. Therefore, besides the buckets and external pumps i'd invest in (1) automatic bilge pump as big as will fit in bilge, (2) a 2nd automatic bilge pump with a...
  468. Halibut Howie

    aluminum boats

    klamath boats must have bought valco boats while i was asleep. valco made the westcoaster, bayrunner and baja bayrunner boats. these are time proven welded aluminum boats that fish well in southern california and baja. Perhaps instead of buying new you could look at some used 17-19' Baja's...
  469. Halibut Howie

    Marina La Salina Questions

    Derek, Are you saying I can trailer my boat down, launch it for $25, then it keep it in a slip for $15/day without checking into customs? Thanks for the replies, HH
  470. Halibut Howie

    Marina La Salina Questions

    In May going down to La Salina to stay at my buddy's house next to the marina. i'll be there for a week and plan on using my 21' WA to fish the local areas and banks daily. My questions are 1. was thinking about motoring my boat down there by sea and renting a temporary slip from the...
  471. Halibut Howie

    Hooped last night...12/27

    I'm sure the bright moon had something to do with it but also try a can of mackerel with the salmon heads. punch about 6 holes in it and stir it up with a screwdriver after a couple of hours to revitalize it. tyrap the can to the bait cage and also tyrap the bait cage door closed. 12/26 the...
  472. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay Dec 26th: sculpin, small halibut 7 lobster

    (Correction: 6 lobster, 7 was suppose to be an & sign) Long day yesterday preparing for lobstering at nite with my 17 year old daughter and her friend. 0730: left house in PQ 0800: stop at an asian market in mira mesa for 8 cans of mackerel, 4 in water, 4 in oil at $1.20 each. Tip from...
  473. Halibut Howie

    Linguini in Clam Sauce

    * 3 lb can of chopped sea clams. Look on label make sure they are from USA waters. Can get them at Costco or Smart& Final for $9. * salted butter, soft *minced garlic *chopped parsley *linguini pasta *fresh parmesan cheese I just wing it each time I prepare it but here's the idea of...
  474. Halibut Howie

    lobster bait.........

    Where in Dana Pt can you get 50# of macs for $25. Going by there on 12/27 on the way to El Toro. Thanks, HH
  475. Halibut Howie

    Mulege, buying a panga, questions: first post

    The american fishing guide who lives just north of Mulege in Santa Rosilia will probably pipe in shortly to give you the lowdown of fishing in that area by seasons plus input on baja bought boats much better than i can. Having fished BOLA, Mulege/Concepcion Bay, my favorite type fishing boat in...
  476. Halibut Howie

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Thanks for the invite. Can not make it this year but perhaps another. However tell me a little about it. HH
  477. Halibut Howie

    always getting sea sick

    A remedy is to buy a boat and always drive it yourself. I got seasick everytime out on a party boat for years and years from San Diego to Bodega Bay. Just puked my guts out going out and would eventually feel better. Tried everything but nothing worked or made me feel so wierd that being sea...
  478. Halibut Howie

    i need some help with outbords

    E-TEC Issues Summary - Page 1
  479. Halibut Howie

    Fish Tacos

    I like 1. hard shell corn tacos 2. mexican shreaded cheese 3. chopped lettace 4. chopped tomato or salsa 5. tartar or tomateo sauce 6. hot sauce Fry fish strips the size of tacos in Shirakiku Panko Flakes in 1-2" of oil. panko found at Vons, Albersons, other. Just follow the...
  480. Halibut Howie

    Lobster bait Question

    I usually go once a week during the week to avoid the crowds. This is my 1st season giving lobstering a good effort. Each week I try something different. This thursday my plan is. 1. saw a large salmon head in half and stuff it with leftover sardines from the halibut tourny until bait cage...
  481. Halibut Howie

    ASU VS USC Reminder

    Go ASU. Went there from 1965-67. Then Vietnam. The back from 1971-76. (Frank Cush, Danny White, Woody Green, Benie Malone). Were #4, Beat Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl which was a major upset. They started the Fiesta Bowl cuz all the big schools were afraid to play them. ASU was not invited...
  482. Halibut Howie

    hoop netting bait

    i made up some bait tubes out of pvc. Stopped using them after the 1st time cuz after they dried out they smelled really bad. However thinking about it that is probably GOOD! So next time will try them again but this time will store them in a ziplock bag. Still looking for the best bait...
  483. Halibut Howie

    DUI.. need help please!!!!

    What's the ticket for? Speeding? HH
  484. Halibut Howie

    Lobstering SD Bay 11/18

    Got down to the boat at its mooring by Humphrey's at 0900 for a day of labor getting it ready for the Halibut tourny this coming saturday. Replaced a bait pump cartridge in the Shurflo Pyrahna 800. Sure was easy vs replacing the whole unit. Did some wiring and other stuff inside the cuddy...
  485. Halibut Howie

    Free Over Nite Anchorage in MB

    I moor my boat in SD bay. I'm fishing in next week's halibut tourny that departs MB at o-dark-30. It's a real pain to go get my trailer and trailer my boat for the torny's early start so am thinking about going to MB the afternoon before, catching some smelt along the way, hoopnetting til about...
  486. Halibut Howie


    That is very beautiful part of the USA you live in. However, the winters last a long long time. Lived in the east many years from Va to NH. Do I miss the snow? Let's see what i did this week. Monday: rockcod fishing off the south 9mile for 10-15 lbs of filets Thursday: Golf at...
  487. Halibut Howie

    beer batter bread

    Never heard of it but sure sounds tasty. Will give this simple recipe a try. Thx, HH
  488. Halibut Howie

    best hooks for deepwater lingcod

    I use 14/0 39965D not a 15/0. Circle hooks have a small opening between the tip and the shank so you need a large hook to slide and lock into the corner of the jaw. I have found that J-type hooks end up making a large hole in the mouth usually not the jaw corner and will fight their way off...
  489. Halibut Howie

    Do Seals Eat Chicken (lobster bait)

    Going out tonite. Will saw up some salmon heads into small pieces for the boxes and will get a sled of chicken wings. I'll zip tie them and give the lobsters something to chew on. i need about 3 more lobsters and 5 more large rockfish for my buddies retirement potluck at Crown Pt park next...
  490. Halibut Howie

    best hooks for deepwater lingcod

    Two hooks with whole squid on 15/0 Mustad 39960D circle hooks. Once in jaw the big ones will not spinoff. Who wants to catch a 1lb or smaller fish if you are coming up from 350' down. Mustad Circle Hook HH
  491. Halibut Howie

    Do Seals Eat Chicken (lobster bait)

    The USCG said its been a sanctury for a long time. He says he has to tell that to hoopnetters every time they are out checking people before dark. He did not give me a ticket but a friendly word to get outta there. He also chased away another boat. As I was coming back in I noticed a couple of...
  492. Halibut Howie

    Do Seals Eat Chicken (lobster bait)

    Last nite went hoopnetting. Earlier in the day went to 9-mile and caught a limit of 2-7 lb reds, salmon grouper, mexican and 3 others. Tyrapped some of the carcasses along with bait boxes (salmon heads) in each net. Since you can not use whole rockfish for bait, so of course i did not. I read...
  493. Halibut Howie

    need performance reports on Cabo 216 cuddy con

    I'm working on it tomorrow, sunday 11/4. I've got the cuddy bulkheads off exposing all the wiring cuz finishing up putting in a new fuel gauge and sending unit. PM me if you want to take a look and a short run around the bay. I think I'm gonna hoopnet after that. I keep the nets on board and...
  494. Halibut Howie

    need performance reports on Cabo 216 cuddy con

    I'm going to tell you what I've seen and heard on these boats. I could be mistaken but this is what I know. I met the owner of the orginal Cabo 216 at the Del Mar boat show in feb 1987. The Cabo 216 was the 1st model and was designed by his buddy, a marine architech. The architech died a...
  495. Halibut Howie

    Bottom Paint

    My long time buddy, Wayne, is the GM of Shelter Island Boatyard. A couple of months ago his yard stripped, epoxied and applied 3-coats of a new bottom paint. It's called "California Gold". I'm beta testing it for him. So far zero growth of any kind on the bottom. I moor the boat across the...
  496. Halibut Howie

    launching out of LJ ???

    My 1st boat was a 14' aluminum Westcoaster with a 25hp Johnson, no trailer. I car-topped it on an old suburban. Fished LJ/PL area as well as Coronado Islands, Estero Bay, San Quentin and LA Bay in Mexico. Very convenient not having a trailer cuz you could launch it anywhere your car could...
  497. Halibut Howie

    A Novice's Lobster Experiences This Season

    The transom mounted thru hull transducer is still working great with no problems of any kind. HH
  498. Halibut Howie

    Lobstering SD Bay 10/17

    Plan was to fish the afternoon outside the bay for some macs, then catch a few lings and finish the day/nite lobstering. However, when I turned the corner the NW swell was large with a pretty good wind blowing. So turned around and tried to find some macs inside the bay to no avail. Put the...
  499. Halibut Howie

    USCG is bored and....

    Thanks for the update, especially the flares date. I keep all the items the CG requires in a large yellow retangular bag you get at WM, ie. pfds, flares, extingusher, registration, past boardings, etc. Now when I get pulled over I'm not searching for stuff. HH
  500. Halibut Howie

    hooping fun 10-13-07

    Thanks for the great pics of what you catch and the system you use with planned improvements. That's helpful for me and I'm sure others as well. Think i'll do the same this wed nite. I added 2 lbs of weight to each trap. I get 1lb cigar sinkers from Squidco here in San Diego and tyrap them...
  501. Halibut Howie

    Legal Ling Carcass for Lobster Bait?

    Going fishing this wednesday (day & nite) on my regular dayoff in the middle of the week. Gonna 1st catch some macs for lingcod bait and later to stuff the lobster nets at dusk. One thing I've noticed in my novice lobster season is that they like to chew on something in the net. So I was...
  502. Halibut Howie

    A Novice's Lobster Experiences This Season

    I started a log of my lobstering this season. Lobster Log 2007-8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time 5 (10/17: 1400-2030) Plan was to fish the afternoon outside the bay for some macs, then catch a few lings and finish the day/nite...
  503. Halibut Howie


    Congrats on your successful catch. I noticed you caught limits a bunch of nites. i'm sure the DFG has also noticed. Just a word of caution, make sure you only have one limit at home for each member in the family that has a license. The DFG does not need a warrant to enter your house and check...
  504. Halibut Howie

    What brand of pump is better for bait tank

    Shurflo Pyrahna 800 gph fills a 65 gal Offshore tank just right. Smaller and quieter than its cousin. Also has a replacement cartridge for about $30. Entire pump with washdown plumbing was under $45 at Westmarine. It's over a year old now. Longest lasting pump I've ever had. HH
  505. Halibut Howie

    Safe to eat out of Glorietta Bay?

    I think all that talk is a bunch of crap about the bay being poison. I'm 60 years old and can whoop a good majority of you on this board. Been eating halis from all over the bay for 30 years. Been drinking the water & eating the tacos with fresh vegetables by the road and in restaurants...
  506. Halibut Howie

    What Engineers Do When They Retire

    "What Engineers do when they retire." Click on this.
  507. Halibut Howie

    9-23 Bouncing for Butts - LA Harbor

    I use a 50# thrust electric motor to control my speed from 0.1-2.5 mph depending on wind and current. I lock the motor down and use the steering wheel to slowly turn the boat. Have a push-button type fuse at the helm to turn the motor off after a bite. This is basically a controlled drift...
  508. Halibut Howie


    Then 5 bonita heads and 5 tails would be legal for lobster bait if only one person onboard? More if more peeps. Size limit for bonita is 5 of any size then the next 5 must be 24" at the forked tail or 5 lbs for a total of 10. Therefore bonita is a legal lobster bait within these parameters...
  509. Halibut Howie


    Sounds like a great time searching for the tuna and nesting on your boat at nite to get ready for another day. Just a word of caution, the DFG has warned a few of us recently not to use fish for bait that have a length requirement. Macks are ok for lobster bait but bonita are not. They say...
  510. Halibut Howie

    Who can install a trolling motor in san diego.

    As John said what are your requirements for the electric motor? Installation of any system is quite easy except for getting power to where you may want to install it. I would not suggest installing it on the transom. Been there, done that,too hard to control the boat especially in a cross...
  511. Halibut Howie

    Deep Fryers

    I agree. Deep frying inside, especially fish stinks up the whole house, messes up the kitchen and can be dangerous for the little ones. DO IT OUTSIDE! I've got two methods depending on the load. 1. Deep fry turkey cooker is great for the 30 H.S. church kids I do fish-n-chips for. 6" of...
  512. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 8/1 WO Spotties

    bait receiver: The first 1/2 scoop i put in it lasted 3 fishing trips over 5 days. The 5th day about 1/5 of the anchovy/sardine mix were dead and chewed up. Mainly sardines. The remaining baits were on steriods after eating all that protein. i do not know if not feeding the bait caused them...
  513. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 8/1 WO Spotties

    Mainly went out wednesday to get some bait for saturday's fishing trip and for some boat maintenance. Great lively 1/2 scoop blk & green backed anchovies at EB's. Went to fish off North Island where i caught a bunch of keeper halibut last week. The tide was ripping so did not need my electric...
  514. Halibut Howie

    Bait tank pump problems

    Had the same problem with same setup as you with the Rule bait pumps except I have two pumps/pickups that i can plumb to one bait tank. So gave up on Rule and tried the Shurflo Pirahna 800 gph pumps. That's the Shurflo with replacement cartridges not the magnetic model. About $40 each. These...
  515. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 7/25, three halibut

    Loaded the last of a half scoop that I got last friday from my bait receiver. This was the third fishing trip on that bait. About a forth were dead and all chewed up. The living ones were dynamic. Guess i better feed those guys between trips. I met Gary at the SI launch ramp at 0700. Motored...
  516. Halibut Howie

    Thru Hull Transducer Installed on Transom

    Still works like new. Since i moor my boat I have to lean over and clean the moss and crud off it where the water flow does not. My only regret is I did not buy the B260 1kw transducer so i can use full power capability of the Lowrance 111CHD FF I have. Where the bottom paint has worn off...
  517. Halibut Howie

    Sunday 7/22: Ole Farts in SD Bay

    Was at Rick's house last nite and had way too many cabs. Sometime late last nite we decided to go fishing early on Sunday. Woke up with a splitting headache (Rick too). Picked up my buddy Jerry from down the street. Met Rick at the slip. Had to look at the state of the bait in my new...
  518. Halibut Howie


    I installed one years ago and it lasted about 2 months. Troubleshot it with a factory engineer and determined it was the sending unit. he sent me a new one for free. it lasted another 3-4 months before dieing. never fixed it again. I'm sure i was the problem in that i did not have a good...
  519. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 7/20

    Not much to report today. Dropped my new bait receiver i made at the slip about 0630. Got a half scoop of mixed dines and achovies. Started at the Z-jetty, installed the bow mounted electric trolling motor and preceded to slow troll at .5-1 mph from jetty to even with the SI pier zigzaging...
  520. Halibut Howie

    Need Help Smelt Catching

    My method for catching smelt attacts a gaggle of them around the boat. However, after catching 2-3 initially, then those smart little bastards only bump it without hooking themselves. Here's how I catch them. If macks are around this method is deadly. Please guide me so I can fill my new bait...
  521. Halibut Howie

    Finished My Bait Receiver

    Modification 1. Got the message. Increased the slot size to about 1/2". Only 15 minutes with 18vdc jigsaw. I made it smaller originally for anchovies but than thought I DO NOT FISH WITH ANCHOVIES. Big bait, big fish! Thanks again BBers, HH
  522. Halibut Howie

    Finished My Bait Receiver

    I'm going to drop it in the water tomorrow 7/21 and put some bait in it for a test. After fishing of course. Thanks for the tip on smoothing out the rough edges on the inside. I'll do that now. Hopefully I will not need any mores slits/holes. There are 10 rows of slits 1/4" x 9" with a 4"...
  523. Halibut Howie

    Finished My Bait Receiver

    After all the helpful replies you guys gave me on making a bait receiver for my mooring slip, I decided on the design from the Offshore Bait Tanks. For the other designs I costed out the parts, labor required and seal proofness. Home Depot materials are not as cheap as some of the websites...
  524. Halibut Howie

    Need recommendations for non-skid coating

    i use Epifanes single part non skid. Clean the deck, cleanup and thin with mineral spirits only. i paint or roll right out of can. No undercoat required. Where have you been hiding? Epifanes Non-Skid Deck Coating HH
  525. Halibut Howie

    Campland launch ramp info needed

    I kept my boat there in outside storage for years. I hated the ramp for the reasons above. Most times I'd go and launch elsewhere cuz of tide or the crowdedness of the ramp area. There's a large launch area at the end of Clairmont St (end of bay by the Information Center) about 1/2 mile away...
  526. Halibut Howie

    Gel Batteries???

    Sorry Bob not to hijack your important threat but to help another Cabo 216 owner, I relocated the batteries from the transom battery compartment into the cuddy. Three batteries in the cuddy and one in the center seating area in the back cooler department. Used 1/0 to connected the batteries to...
  527. Halibut Howie

    Gel Batteries???

    I've been replacing batteries and battery systems (chargers, UPS, DC BUSS, EG) at remote communication sites, large electronic equipment bldgs, engine generators, etc for over 30 years at hundreds of sites. So I've got long term data on each battery type. basically wet cells last 15-20 years...
  528. Halibut Howie

    Distance from Commercial Dive Boats?

    Below is a response I got from the USCG on my question to them. Therefore the USCG does not regulate distance from dive boats, the states do! The reason I asked was cuz a sea urchin diver gave me a bunch of $h!t for coming about 300' from his and his buddies dive boats. He said it was CG regs to...
  529. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay & Outer Channel 7/3

    Lazy today and bought bait instead of bringing stuff to make it. Bad choice jack sardines only for bait. Went out into the channel to try slow trolling for halibut with the new electrical setup in the bow. Locked the electric motor down and used the OB to steer. Worked great but no bites...
  530. Halibut Howie

    Make a Bait Fish Pen

    Thanks fellows for all the great pen designs, ideas, tips, etc. I'm sure others have their brain wheels turning as well as mine. Heading out fishing the bay this morning in 2 minutes and will give serious thought to my 1st bait pen. Invictus nice work on your clever design and finished...
  531. Halibut Howie

    Make a Bait Fish Pen

    I found a 55-gal poly drum, 23"x36", closed head, white in color for $26 (reconditioned) from Apex Drum Co in Los Angeles. Guess I'll make some business up that way and stop by and get one. Thanks Dawn Patrol for the idea. The lady I talked to there never had this use of their barrels...
  532. Halibut Howie

    Make a Bait Fish Pen

    I like the plastic drum idea. Thanks, HH
  533. Halibut Howie

    Make a Bait Fish Pen

    Does anyone have a design or know how to make a fish pen to keep your bait in? I've got room in the mooring space to place a floating pen to hold about a scoop or two. i catch my own bait alot and sometimes when I do buy a 1/2 scoop have plenty left. I've seen a few online and they appear...
  534. Halibut Howie

    Distance from Commercial Dive Boats?

    Is there a CG reg or CA law on how close you can legally motor your boat by an anchored commerical dive boat? There are a lot of them out there monday-wednesday diving with submerged air hoses harvesting sea urchins around the kelp. Some are in waterways used by many boats. I'm wondering how...
  535. Halibut Howie

    Sea Lion Recipes. I'll take a burger, well done.

    Hope there is an open season for sea lions in my life time. Some of those recipes sound mighty tasty. HH
  536. Halibut Howie

    What does a slip cost?

    Half Moon Marina $14-$15.50/ft. Couple to 4 year waiting list depending on size of boat and mooring spot. Free Humphreys concerts, beautiful refurbished facilites, parking 200' from slip, free electrical, 15 new dock carts and closest marina area to ocean. Nothing like driving to boat from...
  537. Halibut Howie

    41" halibut SI Pier 6/23

    Get down to my boat saturday nite at 530pm for the concert at Humphrey's. I moor my boat only a stones throw from the stage. Dinner was BBQ scallops and ceasar salad with smoked YT (last week's catch). My neighbor who lives on a sailboat a few boats down from me walks by with his spinner...
  538. Halibut Howie

    Anchor windlass

    lynchmob, Where are you going to retire in Mexico? Next year I'm going to also retire and rent/lease a place in LA Bay as a staging home to keep my toys at for fishing thru out baja. No sense dragging them down from San Diego each time. I plan on leaving my Cabo here and getting a smaller...
  539. Halibut Howie

    Anchor windlass

    You'll be surprized how often you will now use your windlass once you have one as well as the different options to the types of fishing you do. In the past I seldom put the hook down at the islands but now I do it on and off all day, many times in different places. Being a bottomfisherman a...
  540. Halibut Howie

    Nado YT 9/15

    Left the bait barge at 0630 with a half scoop. First stop was on the leeward side of the south island about the middle. There were a few boats around. Tried slow trolling for awhile for zip. Saw a couple tails being caught so dropped the hook. Shortly afterwards get slammed on my small reel...
  541. Halibut Howie

    Can You Ski in San Diego Bay?

    An AZ friend of mine is spending a month this summer at a RV park in Chula Vista on the SD Bay and mooring his boat there as well. He asked me if he can ski the back bay. I do not remember anyone ever skiing SD bay so maybe it's not legal or perhaps in certain areas only. Therefore can you ski...
  542. Halibut Howie

    SUV for Towing???

    Why not tow in style instead with an air cushioned ride. For less than $20k you can get a 98-00 Lexus LX 470 with low miles. Check out EBay. These SUVs are designed to last alot longer than their truck-type counterparts. When my son graduates from college i'm giving him my 03 Tundra and...
  543. Halibut Howie

    Re-Stitching Canvas Boat Cover

    I've got an old canvas boat cover where the stitching is rotting out and also it has a few tears. Any ideas where i can take it to get it repaired? Thanks, HH
  544. Halibut Howie

    PL 6/10

    Brought a block of squid to fish for some sheephead in the kelp off the green tanks. My new capstan windlass worked great pulling the anchor up in the kelp. Red tide still in so went south about a mile away and found some clean water. Got all the smelt I wanted and one green mac there. Tried...
  545. Halibut Howie

    Fuck the anchor

    I bent three dansforth anchors in one year. Then got one of these 4 years ago and have no problems since. Slide Anchor - Home of the Box Anchor HH
  546. Halibut Howie

    Finally Finished Windlass Installation

    This project kicked my butt, tore up my arms and contorted me in positions I have not been in in awhile. But it's done except for some cosmetic stuff and replacing a navlite. I plan on fishing the kelp more often so needed an aid to pull anchor with kelp on it multiple times a day. I was only...
  547. Halibut Howie

    LA Bay WIND report

    Are you complaining? HH
  548. Halibut Howie

    Some pictures

    Thanks for the pics. Also thanks for being a hard-working young man providing us with the necessary bait to fuel our habit with a sparkling attitude to boot. I wish you well. HH
  549. Halibut Howie

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    Sculpin outside the bays in clean ocean waters.
  550. Halibut Howie

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    double post deleted
  551. Halibut Howie


    Good eats there. BTW lower case is easier on the eyes. HH
  552. Halibut Howie

    Anyone lift their truck?

    Unless you really need the truck lifted for a specific purpose I advice against it. It will limit the number of people interested in buying your truck during the resale process thus lowering the market value of your truck, i.e you put more $ into truck to lift it and less $ out at resale vs. an...
  553. Halibut Howie

    Installed some L.E.D. lights

    Like the color. Where did you get them? HH
  554. Halibut Howie

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    Neither. I rarely fish with a Ho and when I do it's as a guest and i pay all expenses. if they ask to pay something, i have them tip the guys at the bait receiver. I sometimes ask them to bring me a sandwich and a beer if I remember to. HH
  555. Halibut Howie

    Bilge pumps, any recomendations?

    I suggest you get two bilge pumps at 1500-2000 gph with automatic float switches/remote panels with one float switch being mounted a little higher than the other. Each one is wired directly to a different battery. i've had good luck recently with the red & white ones i believe are Rules from...
  556. Halibut Howie

    La Salina Marina Website?

    Can not seem to find a website for the marina in La Salina. Do they have one? HH
  557. Halibut Howie

    Boat Yards ???

    My buddy Wayne runs the Shelter Island Boat Yard. They do excellent work, fast turn-a-round but they are not cheap. Mention my name and get a dollar off. 619-322-4655 cell Dennis
  558. Halibut Howie

    Sealant recommendations

    Walmart carries 3M 4200 for $5 a tube. $12 at Westmarine. I use 5200 below the waterline and 4200 above. HH
  559. Halibut Howie

    What is the BEST fillet knife?

    I agree with a sharp one. Learning how to sharpen a knife well is more important than the type of filet knife. I've got filet knives from $100 to down to $10. A sharp $10 knife is better than a dull $100 knife. Bring a stone or sharping rod on board to resharpen on the days when the fish are...
  560. Halibut Howie

    6 & 8 Gage Marine Wire Deal

    After getting sticker shock on how much marine wire is at the local marine hardware stores, I went web searching. here's an incredible deal I can use for my anchor windlass project as well as other electrical upgrades/replacements and have plenty left over for future projects or give to a...
  561. Halibut Howie

    Windlass Mounting Help

    I've decided to get a Powerwinch Capston 300 windlass for my 21'WA boat. I do not need chain cuz use a box anchor so just need something to assist me to haul the anchor up. While looking inside the anchor locker inspection hole I noticed water with black mold growing. Not good. Not knowing...
  562. Halibut Howie

    20 Year Birthday for my Cabo 216

    A few years ago I did a research on the web on one part antiskid paints. This old Dutch company, Epifanes, intrigued me cuz of the polypropylene beads that stay in suspension with the urethane paint. It's amazing how non-skid it is but just looks like regular paint plus it does not hurt your...
  563. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 5/6

    Got up early as usual and farted around the house. The weather started looking good so left the house at 0800 to fish the bay for a few hours. Got a few sculpin by the Z-jetty. Moved over by the degausing cable. Was fishing two rods while daydreaming laying back in my easy chair in the bow...
  564. Halibut Howie

    20 Year Birthday for my Cabo 216

    Ah an excellent question which has a brillant engineering solution. i used the new type velco system which is plastic interlocking blocks with a high tech glue on one side. It cost about $8 a ft at San Diego Marine Exchange. It is 1" strips as long as you want. I cut them in 2" pieces. After...
  565. Halibut Howie

    New T-Top for the Troll Time

    Beautiful well equipped boat you got. Just love the new t-top. No wonder fish are attacted to you. Good luck with the medical stuff. Dennis
  566. Halibut Howie

    20 Year Birthday for my Cabo 216

    Ryan, I did not remove the two built in 20 gal bait tanks. They are still located under the two 36 qt coolers i use for coolers and seats around the 65 gal Offshore bait tank. Now I have seating for four for fishing around the tank and for Humphrey's concerts which is only a stone's throw...
  567. Halibut Howie

    20 Year Birthday for my Cabo 216

    As a birthday present for my 20 year old sweetheart, i painted her deck with a fresh coat of Epifanes antiskid paint, waxed her body with collinite, bought her matching Shurflo bait pumps and for her big gift a new auto-windup hose. Now perhaps she'll give me my 1st keeper halibut this season...
  568. Halibut Howie

    Electric Lobster Hoopnet Puller

    Points well taken. But am curious about the needing a generator to use a windlass to pull an anchor. Do you guys use a generator on your boats to pull the anchor? I do have 4 batteries on board (starting & deepcycle) in a two battery bank configuration. Battery Bank #2 (deepcycle) is also...
  569. Halibut Howie

    Electric Lobster Hoopnet Puller

    While surfing on the net for a captstan type anchor windlass for my boat I ran across a crab pot puller for about $400 delivered. Powerwinch Capstans It is advertised as a small anchor and crab pot puller. i just hate pulling those lobster hoop nets in and getting all wet and tired as hell at...
  570. Halibut Howie

    Anyone Going to Rockpile 5/2?

    If they catch a bunch of YT at the Rockpile again today (5/1), I'm heading there tomorrow (wed). Anyone else going? I'll be on 72 if I go. HH
  571. Halibut Howie

    BOLA Sunrise from Camp

    Here's a photo from my buddies digital camera I got scanned from a pic. Each morning we rose to this spectacular sunrise at Daggett's Campground on a recent camping trip. HH
  572. Halibut Howie

    Fort Meyers fishing?

    I grew up on Fort Meyers Beach back in the 50s. Fishing then was fantasic all summer from the pier they had on the gulf side of the island by the draw bridge. I remember sheephead and speckled trout as the target fish then as well as an occasional tarpon and snook. Went back there about 5...
  573. Halibut Howie

    dry ice

    The 50 qt igloo 5-day coolers last days longer than the 150 qt 5-day coolers for some reason. That's what I use when hauling frozen items to baja that i'll use later on in the trip. Plus like stated above less heavy. Need more cooler space buy two. HH
  574. Halibut Howie

    BOLA Fishing & Camping 3/15-23

    This year us group of ole farts decided to go to LA Bay for our annual camping trip. Fishing is just a minor activity to them. I wanted to go back to BOLA (last time 18 years ago) and look at potential properties to rent so I do not have to tow my toys south. I'm retiring in 1/11. The trip...
  575. Halibut Howie

    Take a Soldier Fishing

    Why not have a Vets fishing tournament with us being the captains and deckhands ONLY. I can take three in my boat and my buddy will help sponsor the event. He owns Mckees Tarvern in Rancho Bernado an irish sportsbar with a flair for fishing. Vietnam Vet HH
  576. Halibut Howie

    "A" series shimano calcutta 400 rebuild

    Thanks Alan for the advice. Good thing those parts were not SS. Just love that reel. Do you repair reels if i send them to you? I've got a bunch of TLD10 & 15s and an aged baitrunner that needs some TLC. HH
  577. Halibut Howie

    2/24 Limits at the Upper Finger bank

    Have any of you guys been to San Felipe? You know the old fart that sells fish tacos on the left side heading south of the road after you make the U-turn on the ocean road going north. The fish taco stand is next to the famous watering hole whose name escapes me now. Not too far from where you...
  578. Halibut Howie

    "A" series shimano calcutta 400 rebuild

    Alan, Thanks for the rebuild pics. Got a question for you on the level wind model. I recently bought a 2nd 400. While fishing with it the other day, I snagged the bottom with a fast outgoing tide. Somehow my right pointer finger got caught between the level wind and the side plate. I...
  579. Halibut Howie

    21 foot c.c.

    Instead of buying a new 21 CC boat that you think you might like, why not buy a used one at a good price. Try it out for awhile (with the wife) then sell it a no or a nomial loss. Cash and being at the right place at the right time will always get you a boat at an unbelievable price. I did...
  580. Halibut Howie

    Bait Pump Needed

    i'll just give you the facts of my experience with bait pumps. I'm a live bait fisherman so live bait is very important to me. i've got a OS-65 Offshore bait tank plumbed to two individual bait pumps. i can use either pump or both at the same time. 1. Rule and Kodiac pumps never lasted...
  581. Halibut Howie

    MPAs Off Cambria

    Last year when i visited my cousin in Cambria we beach launched his 14' aluminum boat by his house. The fishing just offshore in the kelp was fantastic for lings and various smaller rockfish. Getting rolled over by breaking waves while beaching the boat in those lava rocks was no fun however...
  582. Halibut Howie

    Waterproof Speaker boxes

    I had the same concerns so bought Polyplanar waterproof box speakers. mounted the MA800s (4"x4"-$70) on each side of the center console and a pair of MA-9060 (6"x9"-$130) on the transom bulkhead facing forward. I've sprayed these speakers more than once cleaning my boat or taking onboard...
  583. Halibut Howie


    Halibut with California Basting Sauce Marinade 2 tbsp brandy or sherry 2 tbsp soya sauce 2 tbsp lemon juice 2 cloves minced garlic Cut halibut in individual serving sections. Marinade halibut for 15-30 minutes. Swab marinaded halibut sections in a dish with a stick of melted butter...
  584. Halibut Howie

    Larry & Raquels LA Bay Info.

    Heading down there in 1 hour and 6 minutes (whose counting) and camping next door to the place. I'll let you know the scoop when I get back the 24th. HH
  585. Halibut Howie

    BahiaLA GPS spots

    Bob, Four of us are arriving 3/15 at BOLA also and will be staying at Archelon if space or Daggett's. I've fished there many times before family 19 years ago. This was before GPS. In those days every fishing spot was refound though triangulation and a cheap fishfinder. I've got my fish...
  586. Halibut Howie

    Chargeing AGM Deep cycle Batts

    Battery 101. HH Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
  587. Halibut Howie

    On the Water Liability Insurance Policy Required in Mexico?

    I ended up getting "on the water liability insurance" from Discover Baja from the same mexican insurer as my towing insurance. It costs $5/day or $175/yr. HH
  588. Halibut Howie

    What Kinda Boat is This?

    Ran across this 2000 hp boat on the net and can not imagine what it's used for. HH
  589. Halibut Howie

    What Color Jigs for BOLA?

    We are staying a Camp Archelon from 3/15-22 about mile north of town. Mike H. made reservations personally with Antonio back in november. Unfortunately Mike died a few days later so i have no way to get a hold of Antonio to validate it. If not we'll be at Daggetts. I'm towing my Cabo 216...
  590. Halibut Howie

    2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke

    This thread has beat to death on another site. It boils down to 1. If you have a 4S, thus you have experienced all the advantages stated above, then the 4S is the best motor out there. Their most commonly stated disadvantage is that ETECs parts are not bathed in oil like a 4S, so...
  591. Halibut Howie

    SD Bay 2/25

    Picked my buddy up at the SI launch ramp at 0830. Got a half scoop of horse sardines at EB. Only a whale would like most of them. My buddy gets sea sick easy so started out at the Z-jetty where the swells from the ocean were picking up. My 1st drop resulted in a bite on the smallest sardine...
  592. Halibut Howie

    SD boats up for sale?

    I started rockcod fishing back in 1984 while working in northern cal; Napa, Santa Rosa, San Francisco on their airports. One day went out of Half Moon Bay on a windy day to start. Being a novice did not know where we were going but it was SW. The swells were hugh and building as we motored to...
  593. Halibut Howie

    Need mexican Insurance on 1987 Boat

    I think I'm finally done finding all the insurances (3 policies) i need to tow my boat to BOLA AND operate it in the water; i.e. boat not attached to trailer. I did not try everyone on my list before i called my boat's USA insurer, BoatUS. After talking to a BoatUS underwriter and giving him...
  594. Halibut Howie

    Need mexican Insurance on 1987 Boat

    After trying most Mexican insurers I could find on the internet to no avail, I called BoatUS as a last resort. After talking to an underwriter, i got the full coverage on my boat & trailer that the mexican insurance did not cover. It only costs $50 for 10 days. However, the deductable was...
  595. Halibut Howie

    On the Water Liability Insurance Policy Required in Mexico?

    While searching the internet to find full coverage for towing my 20 year old boat & trailer into mexico I ran across a very interesting law. All boats in Mexico must have an "On the Water Liability Insurance Policy" from a mexican insurer. If not, in the event of an accident, your boat...
  596. Halibut Howie

    Need mexican Insurance on 1987 Boat

    Been a member of Discovere Baja for a number of years. This is the first time I'm going down with my boat. My boat and trailer are both 20 years old and DB does not have an insurer that offers full coverage for the two, just liability. Also they can no longer get paid tourist cards for you...
  597. Halibut Howie

    Yammie 4 stroke valve adjustment

    here's a post from another forum. Boating & Fishing Forum - 4stroke valve adjustment HH
  598. Halibut Howie

    What Color Jigs for BOLA?

    Heading down to Bahia de Los Angeles for a couple of weeks camping on the water at Antonio's place (Campo Archelon). Towing my boat for the first time down there. Haven't been to BOLA in awhile while i tried out the many other places in baja; i.e. Cabo, Mulege, Loreto, etc. Those places are...
  599. Halibut Howie

    Electric reels

    It's ok to use in USA waters as long as you do not fish for rockfish below the specified depths. So squidding in USA with an electric reel is ok but do not bring any rockfish back with the squid cuz those fish nazis will probaly cite you. However, in mexico as stated above it's illegal unless...
  600. Halibut Howie

    How Far Does a 5W Handheld VHF Work?

    I bought a NIB Uniden Atlantis 250 which comes with both an AC & DC charger for a NiMH rechargable battery pack. Also comes with a AA battery holder. I'm bringing a 5th Gp29 deep cell battery just for keeping the portable fully charged cuz there is no electricity at the beachside camp. Also...
  601. Halibut Howie

    How Far Does a 5W Handheld VHF Work?

    Heading to BOLA in a little over a month for 10 days. Going down with two trucks, 6 peeps and my boat. We are camping just north of town at Archelon. Plan is to fish 3-4 people and leave the others at camp. Will rotate during the day. I get to fish all day, my boat after all. Just bought a...
  602. Halibut Howie

    Boat trailer bunks

    Buy 4 cuz the shipping price is the same for one or a 1000. If you only need two of them to get your boat off the trailer then resell the other two. Just lag them down over the carpet. Minutes install or remove. HH eBay Motors: WIDE BUNK SLIDES OR GLIDES BOAT JET SKI PWC TRAILER (item...
  603. Halibut Howie

    Thru Hull Transducer Installed on Transom

    Your right Double Z about the power and gain. I just put things on max if I can even figure that out and get what i get. Will experiment more with those settings next time out in deep water. Just do not like dicking with computers. I do not notice any more of a roostertail on that side of...
  604. Halibut Howie

    Tourist Sign Outside Cruiseport, Ensenada

    Here's one of the first signs tourist get to look at after leaving the cruise ship area on the way to town. HH
  605. Halibut Howie

    Thru Hull Transducer Installed on Transom

    Update: Went out fishing yesterday looking for Humbolt squid off the north end of the 9-mile bank. Finally figured out how to get deep water returns from my new Lowrance 111CHD FF. To my surprise got bottom returns until 1800 feet then went elsewhere. No bites. Looked like it would have...
  606. Halibut Howie

    Cost of Lobster License Transfer

    While waiting to pick up my buddy at SI launch ramp today, I got to talking to a commercial lobster fisherman. He said this season was just about up for catching those tasty critters. He also said that lobster licenses are now transferable. Going online to DFG saw that only a few are...
  607. Halibut Howie

    Outboard Repower

    Then by all means repower. The 4S 140hp Johnson which is really a 140 Suzuki not too long ago was running some real deals in your price range. Have yet to hear a bad thing bad about this motor on any site, only rave reviews. I would have purchased a 4S Suzuki or E-TEC in 10/04 if either had a...
  608. Halibut Howie

    Daytime Squid Fishing

    Thanks buddy going tomorrow weather permitting. HH
  609. Halibut Howie

    Daytime Squid Fishing

    Kurt what area might that be? HH
  610. Halibut Howie

    Daytime Squid Fishing

    I'm do not see good at night being an ole fart, so limit my fishing to daytime only. Does anyone fish in the daytime for squirts and if yes what area do you fish for them off SD? Thanks, HH
  611. Halibut Howie

    Yammie work, who's better

    I bought my 2005 F150 from Boat Depot cuz it had the best price out the door. I've taken it in once a year for the 250 hr service the last 2 years. This year had them replace the impellor as well. However, it cost me over $600 at about $100/hr for this service. The motor runs flawlessly so...
  612. Halibut Howie

    Outboard Repower

    Dealers in SD are in the business to make money not you happy so expect to pay dearly for a motor change out. First identify a motor you want paying attention to the weight factor of the motor. 4S are about 100 lbs more than a 2S. How will this affect your transom? Put 100 extra lbs back...
  613. Halibut Howie

    penn sold out to shakespear

    Not too long long ago i was pissed that Sabre rods sold out to Penn. Now original Sabres are just another part of history and collector items as well. Still have mine 20 years later. HH
  614. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    Thanks fellas. Here's the 2007 tide charts of baja. Now I guess I'll finally have to learn the metrics system. Calendarios Mensuales de Marea HH
  615. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    I could not find a website for Guillermos Campground/Motel. HH
  616. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    Thanks guys. As far as a camp dog, I'm really anal about safety and security of my stuff. Want the camp dog(s) to be available if we run into trouble offshore as well as have my Tundra and trailer within in his sight/control. Hopefully I'll be able to run the boat close to shore and swap...
  617. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    Thanks, I'll do that. HH
  618. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    Thanks Bullshipper. Yesterday used my buddy's Nobeltec software on his home computer to look up tide charts in the baja. I printed out Puerto Penasco (Rocky Pt.), north of BOLA and Guaymas which is to the south. I was surprised on the major differences between these two sites on the east side...
  619. Halibut Howie

    Tide Chart for BOLA

    Heading for LA Bay in a couple of months to camp at Archelon, Antonio's place. Can not find a website that forecasts the tides for that period. Anyone one know one? The plan is go go fishing each day, weather permitting, leaving one guy behind with a marine radio to monitor the boat. This...
  620. Halibut Howie

    Bottom Fishing

    I'm heading to the south 9 mile (mexican waters) on saturday with my 21' WA. The storm will have passed by then but the rollers could be up to 6'. I use 100# spiderwire, 60 mono, 14/0 Mustad 39965D circle hooks and whole squid for bait with a 20# break-a-way on the weight. 39965D are what...
  621. Halibut Howie

    Do Not Call

    Thanks for the info. Just added my wife and kids new cell phones to the list. HH
  622. Halibut Howie

    The Pipe?

    There's two pipes. One down by the border and one off Pt Loma. Go buy a SD/Coronado Island chart ($7) at WM and find your own "do do" fish. HH
  623. Halibut Howie

    1987 Cabo 216: Encloded Transom

    I talked about it for a few years but first had to install an above deck bait tank. That way I could abandoned the transom ones. I put in the starboard mainly cuz I fish alot offshore in some gnarly conditions. Now I've got some knee support between the bait tank and the starboard. Extra...
  624. Halibut Howie

    Center vs. dual console.

    I've never owned a walk thru boat (many CCs) but I'd suspect it would be a little more inconvenient that a CC or WA while fighting fish especially with more than one person on board. I've got a 21' WA with a very small cuddy that i use 99.95% of the time for dry storage only. I can barely get...
  625. Halibut Howie

    Non skid decking ?

    Here's how i do my deck 1. wash 2. pour out of 1 gal can of mineral spirits in sploches around the deck and wipe up with rag. 3. Open quart can of Epifanes non-skid, one-part paint (white) 4. use cheap 2" brush and paint from can on hands & knees. 5. throw brush away and clean up with...
  626. Halibut Howie

    Boat Seizures in Loreto

    Bullshipper, I believe those are for commercial fishing only. I can not imagine that it's legal for me to gillnet or purse seine the Sea of Cortez with at $42 mexican sportfishing license. HH
  627. Halibut Howie

    Boat Seizures in Loreto

    Here's an old link that states ".......Except when skin diving, fish must be taken by angling with a hand-held line or a line attached to a rod. The use of nets (except handling nets), traps, poisons, or explosives is strictly prohibited......" So only landing nets are legal in mexico. Baja...
  628. Halibut Howie

    Gotta Love Them Seals

    During the blizzard of the century, a snowmobiler in Alaska had trouble starting his rig, so he got it into his pickup and hauled it to town to see his mechanic buddy. The driver gets out, the fur on his parka hood and his moustache frozen white with his breath....says to the mechanic..."It...
  629. Halibut Howie

    Boat Seizures in Loreto

    Ya, that's what I thought. $250,000 does seam high. $250-2500 sounds more logical. In any event I'll try to find out about the zeros added in the heat of the story telling. After many years camping and fishing down there i was always a lot pissed off at the ugly americans who thought the...
  630. Halibut Howie

    Boat Seizures in Loreto

    There is a thread on a baja website about a gringo getting his and one or more buddies dive boats and gear confiscated by the mexican fish&game, PROFEPA. This just happened over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Apparently, one of the boats was boarded offshore from their campsite at Juancalito. The...
  631. Halibut Howie

    Crispy Tempura/Panko Fried Fish

    I had been complaining to my asian buddy at work about how my fried fish gets over done before the batter turns brown and crispy. Well here's the recipe he turned me on to that I've tried for the second time last nite with sculpin and other assorted small rockfish caught out at the Whistler...