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  1. Tin Pangas

    What's Up With All The Cruise Ships Today?

    Lots of Cruise Ships out between SD and Ensenada Today...
  2. Tin Pangas

    WTB BARR/Mercruiser Exhaust Risers

    BARR # MC-20-72963 need 2 and 4 would be awesome!!! I appreciate any help even if its to point me in the right direction!!
  3. Tin Pangas

    WTF: Want To FIND (lol) Someone that cleans/paints Bilge and Engine.

    is there such a service and someone that does it 'in the water'. i appreciate any info.
  4. Tin Pangas

    Need a Tohatsu outboard mechanic in/near Long beach Ca.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction? much appreciated!
  5. Tin Pangas

    Red Tide Chart

    Guys as we all use Tempbreak, marrinetraffic, etc. what is best way to see/understand the red tide? Is this the red tide?...
  6. Tin Pangas

    WTB White Starboard Material

    i need some small pieces of white King Starboard or plastic wood or vinyl or whatever you want to call it. Can someone tell me where to get it locally.
  7. Tin Pangas

    WTB 12' Fiberglass Skiff

    with or without motor and prefer without trailer as I will be putting it in water next to my 40ft boat and no place to keep trailer.
  8. Tin Pangas

    WTB Mini Boat: Addictor, Aqua Lark, Exhilarator or...

    ...something similar that I can put an outboard on.
  9. Tin Pangas

    Isee the Monte Carlo is in SMB just outside Redondo harbor today?

    anybody know why this SP 1/2 day boat would be all the way up there?
  10. Tin Pangas

    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    was out on backside of Clemente runnin n gunnin on foamers all morning and, needless to say, no takers. but the strange thing close as we were to the foamers...sometimes right on top of em, we couldn't see what they were even foamin on!! what are they eating?!?!
  11. Tin Pangas

    What's the wind going to be like tomorrow....

    I look at the forecasts for Long beach and Avalon and it looks ok...but some say it's gonna blow...anybody?
  12. Tin Pangas

    Looking for crew for my 38' Tollycraft in Port of L.A.

    Now that the fish are here I want to get out there but everyone's either busy or broke. So I'm open to finding new fishing partners.
  13. Tin Pangas

    Massive School of Anchovies off LaJolla

    Hugging the shoreline and working their way north since Monday. Where are they now and where do you think they will be come tomorrow morning. you guys are smart and tuned in...what do you think?
  14. Tin Pangas

    FISH I.D. Please

    We know how we all love a good fish ID request. We found this little guy in our bait motel at our slip in Port of L.A. We are thinking baby kelp fish or Blenny of some kind but probably not
  15. Tin Pangas

    WTB Kayak Racks for Bow Rails

    Title says it all. Thanks again for your consideration! You guys on here are all awesome.
  16. Tin Pangas

    WTB Bulk Spools of 30# THRU 100#

    I'm looking for partial/used bulk spools of line. I actually prefer mono but would be intyerested in whatever is available. Especially need 40 and 80 lb. test. Thanks for the consideration!
  17. Tin Pangas

    WTB Back to back or lounge seats for my Flybridge

    Preferably ones that fold down flat too...but I will take what I can get.
  18. Tin Pangas

    WTB Starboard Material to make a fish cleaning board

    a nice thick remminent piece would do...
  19. Tin Pangas

    Need advice/help with new Tachs that don't work with Thunderbolt Ignitions

    I made the mistake of letting a so called marine electrician replace all of the guages on the flybridge. He can't gewt the new tachs to work and says it's cause the Thunderbolt ignitions take a special tach that is no longer made. He wants me to get new alternators so he can hook the new tachs...
  20. Tin Pangas

    Whale Watching Forum?

    Happy Holidays All! I know that this is not the appropriate forum to post/ask this but anybody know of a forum with info about whale sightings or want to offer any info that might save a guy some wandering and put his kids on some whales in the San Pedro area this holiday week? I hear that...
  21. Tin Pangas

    WTB Old School Washer & Gas Dryer

    Like these. We have the newfangled front loading, water saving POS that takes forever to do a load. I'm tired of them and want to go back to basics. I have an upright freezer that I can throw into the mix to maybe offset the price...or not. Really am serious about finding a set like this one...
  22. Tin Pangas


    ...Want To Find (what did you think I meant?) older type fishfinder with single beam for an older transducer that is thru hull mounted in my boat. It has an old RCA type jack and it works with the old Standard (Horizon?) depthfinder, so I want to keep it intact (as backup). Looking for...
  23. Tin Pangas

    WTB Rod Holders

    looking to by used ss clamp on rod holders and the type you hang in the cabin or salon also.
  24. Tin Pangas

    Is Italian Gardens at Catalina part of the MLPA Zones?

    I have friends going to be camping there and will meet them and anchor off the area if it is still ok to fish there. Also, I had a booklet detailing the MLPA zones and can't find it. Is their a website or anyone know where I can get another. No luck at West marine.
  25. Tin Pangas

    WTB Furuno Radar 1622 or similar

    any used working Furuno radar unit in working order.
  26. Tin Pangas

    WTB Trim Tab Pump and Hydraulic hose for it...

    I would like to find a 12volt Trim tab pump and hose for it. I'm in Norwalk but travel for work throughout socal and would not be opposed to picking up anywhere from Los Angeles to San Diego. I'm also looking for s/s clamp on rod holders (need 6-12 of these) and would be interested in hearing...
  27. Tin Pangas

    I should have Thanked the DFG Officer...

    ...that stopped me in Alamitos bay this afternoon. I was pumping ghost shrimp with my 11 year old daughter when he stopped and checked us. I won't go into detail, but should have thanked him for being so professional, courteous, and understanding. He was a very nice young man and deserves some...
  28. Tin Pangas

    1976 Tollycraft 37 Sedan (Perfect liveaboard!!!) - $19950 (Wilmington)

    1976 Tollycraft 37 Sedan... 37' long and 13.5' wide.. Twin Gas Powered Crusaders, Fresh Water Cooled.. (Port engine needs rebuild.. which is why I'm letting the boat go so cheap!) I bought this boat recently, but my plans changed, and now I'm willing to give it away. The boat has been cleaned...
  29. Tin Pangas

    TWO 12' Aluminum Boats on Dual Trailer - $1800 (Norwalk)

    I have TWO 12' aluminum skiffs on an extra long, extra wide double seadoo trailer that I customized to accomidate these 2 boats. One has a 5hp 2 stroke mercury outboard and the other has a newer 6hp 4 stroke mercury outboard (this outboard alone is worth $600). Both outboards are in excellent...
  30. Tin Pangas

    Thresher Fishing

    Got down to the marina late, 7 AM. MondoMan calls and asks if I'm on the water. I tell him were just pulling out of the slip, and he says that he got a big one hooked up on his little Gregor and needs help. I tell my daughters about his call and Ally says " I like this guy." We run out there...
  31. Tin Pangas

    Bait bag 16 X 25 X ?? deep

    Need a new one...YFT spotted off of Long Beach today!!
  32. Tin Pangas

    AVET PRO EX 4/02 Purple and Custom wrapped CalStar by Sav-on Tackle

    AVET PRO EX 4/02 Purple and Custom wrapped CalStar by Sav-on Tackle I'm selling the Avet Pro EX 4/02 and custom wrapped CalStar rod that I bought for my wife a couple of years ago. She used it once and it sat ever since. The reel...