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  1. SemperFishing

    Spot open on the New Loann!

    1 spot still open for the New Loann 2.5 day leaving tonight at 8! Go to Point Loma Sportfishing for details!
  2. SemperFishing

    Short Report: Royal Star 14 Day

    Posting a late report here, just did the 14 day on the Royal Star. I'll keep it in summary form: conditions were mostly tough as a storm planted itself almost in the middle of the trip. We maneuvered around it and at one point had the entire fleet with us taking shelter. We did have some sign of...
  3. SemperFishing

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    I was reading the local boat reports and starting to see more response from the Bluefins and then went to the Royal Star. Randy "Lucky" Toussaint earns his nickname again! I just want to share the joy! :D After jigging up some yft and seeing good sign of bft last night we opted to start our...
  4. SemperFishing

    A sign for the Year...Wahoo in Early June 8 day Range

    Well, if there was any doubt that the water was gonna get hot this year, the Star just got a 40lb hoo in 8 day range. Wow. Anybody know how 10 dayers do in the fall during an El-Nino year? I don't have any experience with that one.
  5. SemperFishing

    Cow Round Up....

    Royal Star and Excel are getting into them Cows good. Star just landed a 351. Lots of 200-230lbers, and the fish sizes are averaging 150-170lbs. Many I wish I was out there right now.
  6. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Greetings Ya'all from Hohenfels, Germany. I just booked my 2nd extra long LR trip (14 day) for next year aboard the Star (I hope I won't have to cancel for a 3rd time, which sucks, but what are you gonna do?). I'm bringing my noobie friend who has only done (2) 8-day trips, and have a...
  7. SemperFishing

    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    On the Excel motoring north as I type this. I’ll keep itshort as the fishing was overall rather poor for a fall 8 day. I thought Iwould post some tips that may help some of you BDers make your efforts count onany trips this fall. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
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    WHOO-HOO! First to post this: Excel Lands a cow Bluefin!

    NEVER MIND, I just saw the other thread.
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    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Ive been fishing Southern California offshore for nearly 20 years, and read about the El Nino years of the 80s and 90s before I experienced it a few times in 97 on my first ever yellowfin in local waters. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> In those...
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    ADVANCED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACCURATE ATD 30 With summer on its swing to full throttle, I wanted to ask this question before it gets lost in the wave of reports about how great this summer&#8217;s fishing will be (fingers crossed). <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
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    ADVANCED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACCURATE ATD 30 With summer on its swing to full throttle, I wanted to ask this question before it gets lost in the wave of reports about how great this summer&#8217;s fishing will be (fingers crossed). <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
  12. SemperFishing

    Season's 1st Alijos Report: Looks Good!

    Indy arrived at the rocks and are getting some. Im excited for the season coming up. Im not going on another trip unitl a 8 day on the Excel this Sept. 17-25, any BD's going on that one? In the meantime, its fishing Venice Louisiana in "da Ca-jun heat..." Getting To Work Independence is back...
  13. SemperFishing

    LR's AMAZING Season

    Imgoing to steal some spotlight from Bill Roecker and re-post some reports fromthe LR Fleet. Just AMAZING fishing this season, makes me want to get on a boat right now. Hopefully some of you guys going (or just coming back) will post some pics. Those of you fisherman (or women) who havnt gone...
  14. SemperFishing

    LR's Amazing Season

    Sorry, Double post (please see the other)
  15. SemperFishing

    Testing: Venice Report from last Weekend...

    Well, my nicely worded report just got deleted thanks to myslow-a** Cox internet connection (word to the wise, compose the report in WordDocs, THEN post). THat said, we caught fish: Enjoying some crawfish boil before leaving on my friendsboat: Rolling out of the harbor...
  16. SemperFishing

    Call me "Ansel Adams..."

    Heres something a bit different, I was messing with photo editor and did some black and white photos from the recent Braid 15-day. Some of the stuff came out good and I thought I'd share. Enjoy! PS: Ansel Adams is a photograper who made a bunch of famous Black and WHite photos of Yosemite...
  17. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    (Heheheh, It wasnt my intention of posting this big ass photo of me...but photobucket has a mind of its own...) We just got back from the Royal Star 15 Day BraidTrip. The fishing was excellent as we spent 7 days in the lower zone andclobbered the Tuna. Being my first Cow trip, I had...
  18. SemperFishing

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 2-Speed

    My buddy Matt is selling his Accurate Boss Magnum 8702-Speed and is offering them up on BD. Its Spooled with 65lb spectra with 40lbmono. Ready to FISH! Some very small scratches, other than that, it is inExcellent Condition. $325.00 FIRM (No LOWER). No Shipping, pick upin the Carlsbad /...
  19. SemperFishing

    Rods for Sale: CalStar and Seeker

    My buddy Matt is selling his rods and is offering them up onBD. All rods are in good to excellent condition and are priced 30-60% lowerthan the &#8220;brand new&#8221; price (prices taken from No Shipping, pick up in the Carlsbad /Oceanside area. Please call him and...
  20. SemperFishing

    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    Wassup Dudes! It&#8217;s been a while since I&#8217;ve posted on hereand Ive been lurking around gathering info from all the questions and postsabout cow fishing. I&#8217;m on the Royal Star Braid 15-day this year to fufull a life long dream, catching a Tuna heavier than me. Since I&#8217;m only...
  21. SemperFishing

    Hot Streak! White Sea Bass Limits on the Freedom!

    Alright guys, Im on track to be one of the more hated guys on BDecks, if you recall, my last post was of the epic 100 yellowtail bite about 3 weeks ago. I didnt get a chance to get out again until last night (was in Chicago and Austin), and man...I hope my lucky streak continues! In a...
  22. SemperFishing

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    I'll keep this rather short as Im pretty tired from today's awesome fishing. SO, yesturday I walk into my bosses office and before I can say anything, he asks "Captain S, why do you have this crazed look in your eye?" I proceeded to explain that Ive been desperately fishing all year and havnt...
  23. SemperFishing

    American Angler (LATE) 7 day report

    A very late report from a American Angler 7 day back in late august. I had the privilege of fishing the Katsugi Charter with the &#8220;famous&#8221; Jimmy Lew. Ive been ordering rods from Yos for nearly a decade and in all that time I never got to fish with Jimmy, and let me tell you, now that...
  24. SemperFishing

    Can you bring fish back to the US from PV?

    if so, how much can you bring (cooler size limits) and what is the price? Any help is appreciated....Im sure I'll need it for that 399 mega cow yellowfin Im sure to land:rofl::waglleybooty: Dave
  25. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    Hey folks, (the question has been edited to be clearer) A request for help from a "noob." I going for my first tuna over a 100lbs this august on a American Angler 7 day. They've been getting quite a few over 100 so far this season and Im not sure what to do about my spectra/flouro connection...
  26. SemperFishing

    Freedom SCI Report

    I inadvertently posted this on the Bass Club forum, but thought you guys would like the report: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Just got off the Freedom from its sat night run to the <?xml:namespace prefix = u1 /><u1:place...
  27. SemperFishing

    Freedom SCI Bass Report

    Just got off the Freedom from its sat night run to the Island. As Ive come accustomed, Tommy and his crew worked their tails off, trying for squid that night (no luck) and working the deck all day and looking for good conditions. Wind blew us off the Island (we were fishing the NW corner)...
  28. SemperFishing

    81 Yellowtail: Sea Adventure II Report 3/28

    Short version: We got almost wide open fishing on yellowtail for 3 hours. Long version: It just goes to show that sometimes its about persistance.... So, 5 weeks ago, I hear about the great Yellowtail fishing at Collonett and try to get my first yellow of the year. It went like this...
  29. SemperFishing

    Labor Day Weather: SWELL!!! Any salty dog advice?

    <TABLE class="full boxB" id=fctTable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR class=rowW onmouseover="this.className='rowY'" onmouseout="this.className='rowW'"><TD class=sortC>My first post, thought some BD'ers could benefit from thoughts on Hurricane Jimena coming through. Its suppose to make...