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    Spot open on the New Loann!

    1 spot still open for the New Loann 2.5 day leaving tonight at 8! Go to Point Loma Sportfishing for details!
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    Would love any info you can give me regarding fishing NZ during those times and if you have any...

    Would love any info you can give me regarding fishing NZ during those times and if you have any open space for one angler.
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    Hi Aliboy, I saw your post of fishing NZ and I happen to be planning a trip there in January or...

    Hi Aliboy, I saw your post of fishing NZ and I happen to be planning a trip there in January or February. I love to fish and have caught 120 kilo tuna and kingfish (yellowtail) to 20kilos. I would really like a shot if space is available on your boat (but I'm not rich enough to charter the...
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    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    Nice stuff Mark, I have always wanted to fish a Barking Spiders trip, schedule has never lined up. A question: what varnish are you using on your plugs? I am looking to build some stuff using wood for the first time in my life. My first Albacore came off a cedar plug back in the mid 90s. They...
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    Holy Sh*t that's a lot of kayaks in the background! Beautiful catch man.
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    Texas fishing... too easy

    Hell Yeah! I've been meaning to throw iron on bull reds but work and timing has not worked out yet. I've caught plenty of reds on bait, but it would be awesome to stick one on a surface plug. If you need a fishing wingman with San Diego jig stick gear, let me know! Dave
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    doing research would like your help

    I fished nearly all the aforementioned boats and you can't really make a bad choice as they are all great operations (I never fished the Vagabond but have wanted to fish it for nearly 20 years, gotta pull that trigger. Mick Lacky is a legendary captain). best bet is to go June through Sept, any...
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Pretty much its the credit card company that ate the fee of paying by credit card. In my business, I am having a similar problem with credit cards charging extra upon the customer. I (as I am sure the landing is) happy to refund money that was transacted, but the credit card company is a 3rd...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Just read this for the first time, as others have said: AWESOME writing. Looking forward to your next piece and hopefully a coveted Cow to add and write about. Don't scrimp on that rail time (I know you won't), I will attest as a one time noob myself. Craig, please do the world a favor and add...
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    Difference between San Diego and Houston fishing

    Lots of great inshore fishing in the Houston area and surrounding cities. offshore seems to be great from the reports I read but I personally have not experienced it yet, but those trips report yellowfin to 150lbs on 3 day long excursions. The weather is WAY WAY WAY different, get really...
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    Want to trade Texas trip for California trip!

    Awesome offer! I'm from So Cal and fished extensively for just about everything and then lived in Austin TX for 3 years and am moving back to start a business. I have yet to fish the boats out of Galveston/Corpus but have always wanted to. I'll send you a PM, any questions about fishing SD and...
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    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Now thats a report!!! Thanks for posting it. Great writing and photos. You did number on those hoos, very notable to get 100 of them in day so thats awesome!
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    tale of three lost fish at Hurricane

    Years ago I data mined the LR forum for info on fishing cows, for the rod and reel set up I went into cow fishing with the "minimum standard gear" mindset so I could handle a cow and be "Sporty" and have fun fighting the fish. After my first trip, I landed three cows (213, 220, 225) and a 185lb...
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    Gear for my Oct. 10 Day

    Would def add the 50lb outfit. If you start running into fish 40-80lbs consistently, you're gonna be using the heck out of it.
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    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    UPDATE: said friend with me was on his first cow trip and didn't get one. I got my 4th. He went this year on the braid 15 day (I couldn't go) and got 1 of the 4 cows landed on what Randy described as "top 5 toughest trips in my career." Goes to show...put in that time and fish hard. Cows do happen.
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    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    Great report Dave!!! I fished this trip last year with BVD and that guy and his bud are a hoot (Slams his hat down) "THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LOL. (inside joke). That f*&^er edged me out of first place pot by 1 pound! (216 vs 217). Glad you had a blast and that you got your bag back. That...
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    Oh where art thou albacore?

    Sup SCold!!! You fishing LR this year? Wheres that RP report? LOL! I've been busy, getting on here after 6 months away. But yeah man, I worked out of Fishermans on the local boats during the late can set your clock as to how we did on the albies (and I did one time...I was inside the...
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    Bait on long range

    I've made bait using castnets in Texas and Louisiana, I am very familiar with catching shrimp and pogies and mullet and the 20 thousand other critters used for bait in the Gulf. That said, I grew up San Diego local and LR fishing and will say that is just about impossible to use a cast net from...
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    WOW. I saw one of those in Action over 15 years ago. DESTOYED the hoos, even AFTER they got use to our marauders. What a find...
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    The Long Range Character thread.

    Jeez, I'll stick to my usual boats. I've been fortunate enough to have had a menial amount of contact with wackos. The only colorful characters I want to deal with on a LR boat are those coming in gold, silver, blue, bronze, green (mahi) with a WHOLE LOT OF RED all over the deck! That said, most...
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    Shogun Nov 7 - 12 Guadalupe Report

    Now that's a report!!! Thanks for posting it. Congrats on the fish (Wish I was there).
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    What do you do?

    Use your left hand to apply extra pressure to the spool on the drops and try not to lose all 5-7 feet on the drop. A small swell can actually help as you don't have to move the rod and can be in winding position at all times. X2. Palm that spool. Of course, if the opportunity arrives to move...
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    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    Bring it all, for all the good reasons listed. THough intel coming from the lucky basturds fishing Guad are saying 80 and 100lb are the mainstays. Rig two with 80, rig two with 100. Like they said, tangles and cut offs are inveitiable and getting a rig that is already ready and back in the...
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    Royal Star Tiburon 10 day

    Is that Lloyd? If so, great guy to fish with!
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    Just curious

    I'm different (in so so so many ways ;D ) , I rigs I bring already have their reels and drags set. I would put hooks and lures on them but that would obviously be problematic to transport. Reason I do this is that once I'm on the boat, I want to relax as much as possible, eat food, kick back...
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    Guadalupe Tips, for November trips (Techniques only, no politics)

    Been there 7 or 8 times as both deckhand and angler...what you said about the stealth gear has long been the tactic at Guad. You get quality over quantity, and those fish seem to be wearier than other locations. That said, the 40 and 50 helps you get your bait out into the current as these tuna...
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    Wahoo thoughts

    No Wire: When wahoo are finicky and the bite is tougher or just tough. Wire: When wahoo are wide open. Cant decide? Fish mono until I get bite off too much. Doesn't happen that often for me, I can accept the 2-3 lure loss. Mind you, that my last trip had the best wahoo fishing I've ever seen...
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    Intrepid Berutich 10-day...Anyone?

    I fished with Dave Berutich on my last cow trip. He is an awesome dude to fish with. Former Vietnam era Marine, we traded lots of stories from our times in the fleet (35 years apart of course). Would love to fish with him again. I have full confidence that your trip will be awesome if he's...
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    Red Rooster 3 report.

    Broke at the connection after 3 hours, a 200lb BFT lifetime fish. Gosh I feel bad for that guy. The only comforts is that you did everything you could and that you lost to an worthy opponent. Hooking a beast fish on the right gear and losing to him at the 12th round is a honor in itself (I'd...
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    2015-2016 Cow trips booked

    90 days of LR cow trips? We ALL wish we could be you Soda Pop! (Except Ralph Mikkleson, he's got you beat. LOL)
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    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    That sucks, fingers crossed for yah. My pucker factor would def be up.
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    Finally Did It!!!!

    NICE toad! COngrats!
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    What kind of fish is this?

    Sargo are great eating, havn't seen one in YEARS. That pile perch is a first for me, and I fished inshore for nearly 12 years. Another rare find (say it only once) is perch shaped exactly like a blue perch but has zebra gray stripes on it. Bonus points if you ever got one!
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    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Now that's A+ trip AND report! Thanks for posting it!
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    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    I fished with Marcus last month and landed 5 small BFT to 40lbs (probably the last time I'll ever do that thanks to the new regs). He def knows how to fish but that is only 50% of the equation. THat other 50% goes to his anglers, those who go in prepped to do battle sway the odds heavily in...
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    Brought a Knife to a gun fight

    THese beasts fight until the end. Know that you fought against one of the baddest fish in the ocean. You did everything right, some fish deserve to win.
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    running and gunning calicos

    Thats some fun sounding fishing, almost huck finn style!
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    MAK16SEa for cows?

    Devil is in the details. Jeff has got that down and then some. Lesson? Don't lose fish to a mistake you could have avoided, whether on a 12, 16 or an 80, your stuff had better be "SANO" (perfect). Gawd I need to go many more months until my next 15 day?! :mad:
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    Started poorly and ended great...not from the 150

    ...and a catch of a lifetime. CONGRATS!
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    Fun day

    Chad, try some sushi rice and thinly sliced BFT on soy and siracha sauce with a dab of rice vinegar mixed in. Simple, but HELLA delicious! BFT and YFT get mushy real quick so I ice slush them (bleed them if possible), then take them straight into the fridge. Primo product.
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    Yellowtail at 150 Report 6/16

    Way to go Dan! Dont mind the stupid idiots, we're all from Cali, this place has got more than its fair share. And "sitonmyface", I gotta say you stand out as being a bigger piece of shit than others around BD and regular society. Please go f&^ off and leave good and decent people in peace (not...
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    MAK16SEa for cows?

    "We sit and fondle our brand new Mak 16 SeA spooled to the brim with 100# spectra and think yep this will get it done…and you are right the reel will do the job but the question is are you up to it? In our dream we don't feel the burn and fatigue that the hour plus fight creates…..the cramping...
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    Western Australia, Wild yet beautiful

    Are those snappers friendly? They look so, seems they are looking for a handout. Like Koi!
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    MAK16SEa for cows?

    "...making a reasonable decision with a 100lb finesse daytime set-up." I say bump it up to a 20 for cow fishing. My opinion is that 16 is just too small and not enough "umph" in the case of hooking a cow. Def get the larger handle. As for BFT, I just got the talica 12 and I am in love with...
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    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    I'm very curious about this, I really like the Tony Pena and got two yellows over 40lb and a 55 seabass on it. Great knot. Not willing yet to tackle a cow on it, but I am paying attention to know if it works.
  46. SemperFishing

    MAK16SEa for cows?

    "I can get 600yds of spectra on it and the 80lb should be strong enough to fish 30lbs at strike?" Going technical here, but its the truth about cows, they will exploit every detail and every flaw you may have. To this question, I say no: fishing 30lbs of pressure is good, I fished 28lbs and it...
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    MAK16SEa for cows?

    I use to be all about the finesse rigs before I actually went cow fishing. I did all sorts of research to see what was the smallest reel I could get away with. I decided on a accurate 30 (which I love). But Then I caught 4 cows, two of which I did on 30 size reels (and one 185lber, using 100lb...
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    My first 6 day trip

    I won't go over gear other than be ready for a broad spectrum of everything except cows (tho you may get a shot at 100lbrs with this hot water season). Who know what will be biting. I'm gonna guess (in addition to the usual yellows), lots of schoolie tuna and paddy style fishing. As for other...
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    cancelled trip

    Been doing this for a while now, if you read old brochures, the spring early summer 7-8 days are the cheapest on the list and have a lower rate of being sold out. These trips anglers don't tend to fish because of the transition season, the Tuna may or may not be there, the wahoo usually are not...
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    PV Session

    Nice Rig! Need to get some fish blood on that nice shiny clean deck!
  51. SemperFishing

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    I've got over 30 days of LR trips on her, a fantastic fishy crew and skippers (you got 3 well known captains on there). Unfortunately, the BFT are shut down this season (so far), but there is plenty potential for YFT cause of the El nino. Bring was already recommended, but if you want some...
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    Short Report: Royal Star 14 Day

    Posting a late report here, just did the 14 day on the Royal Star. I'll keep it in summary form: conditions were mostly tough as a storm planted itself almost in the middle of the trip. We maneuvered around it and at one point had the entire fleet with us taking shelter. We did have some sign of...
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    Pl68 Do's and Don'ts for Yellowfin

    What Sacto said. I did and look what it got me! I also recommend good gloves.
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    Roll Call: Vagabond Phenix 9 Day, Nov 1st.

    Good Luck man, post a report on your return!!!
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    Pacific Dawn: 2 Day Oct. 12th --- Big Dorado and Marlin (almost…)

    Great report! I got a 3 day coming up and will try that deep sinker trick.
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    Now...THAT, is an AWESOME report! Thanks for posting and sharing!
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    Wahoo iron/bomb setups

    Well, that will learn yah! I would have cut him off! Early on my last cow trip, I watched tuna busting and un-thinkingly started skip jigging on a 850H and a Newell 332. 3 casts in and one boil, Tim Ekstrom stopped to watch (with a amused smile), and then it dawned on me. I muttered to myself...
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    Is it o so true? Banned from bloodydecks? O YESSSSSSSS

    Douche bags are birds to a flock. But, it is possible that Crazy Donkey may just be an internet troll....
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    Heeey! Hope all is well with you, have you gotten out this year? Seems like awesome fishing.

    Heeey! Hope all is well with you, have you gotten out this year? Seems like awesome fishing.
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    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    I've fished both boats, have no problem with the Chubasco but prefer the San Diego. That said, I've fished the San Diego over 100 times when I stationed (on and off) in Southern California. I fish the Mission Belle a lot too. That said, I don't like this report. It sounds like a whiny yelp...
  61. SemperFishing

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    I'm terminal...I'd better go fishing soon. I really need to....
  62. SemperFishing

    Epic 8 day on Excel!!! Wahoo, Big YT + Monster Dorado

    We can sum up your trip as: "Drove away from lots of biting fish...doesn't get much better than that!" Dream dorado. Congrats
  63. SemperFishing

    Wahoo iron/bomb setups

    Agree on all suggestions. Wahoo are like women, its really about what the wahoo want. They'll get use to a certain jig or speed (or both), and not bite it as readily, just gotta experiment. PM sent.
  64. SemperFishing

    Help a brother out!

    Dang, during my birthday too. You're better off with a random walk-up, I'd definitely be "that guy," but only to you 'cause you're my roommate. Good luck!
  65. SemperFishing

    Bluefin on a popper possible?

    I fished Dogtooths in Myanmar. Knarly teeth, not as strong as YFT or BFT, and interesting albacore looking meat (never got a chance to eat one). A lot of guys fished them with the Japanese style knife jigs, I did fine with my Salas 6X jr and Sumo jigs. Try the heavier irons from here, I'm...
  66. SemperFishing

    Bluefin on a popper possible?

    The Bluefin riddle will have you scratching your heads even when you're fishing a perfect sardine on 20lb line and they're boiling all around with you without even a sniff at your bait. That said, I have only seen BFT eat the surface iron twice, once back in 1999 when they boiled on the corner...
  67. SemperFishing

    Fall-Winter trips booked.............. are you ready for Cow-Wahoo Fall-Winter season trips?

    Anybody have any ideas about this year's El Nino effecting the winter's Cow Trips? The last El Nino of this strength that I know about was the early 90s and mid/early 80s, both of which were before I started fishing. Kinda curious as to how the water would be and if its affected (or not). I have...
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    Venice August trip with Hunter Cabellero

    Dude Dave, you've been working out! AWESOME FISHING!!!!! You guys freaking killed it! That some of the best YFT fishing I've ever heard of out of Venice. Tell Todd I'll give him a call soon, just got back from Europe. Looking forward to fishing with you guys again soon. "West Coast" Dave
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    Pretty Iron

    I recently got to fish the JRIs at Cedros and they are VERY good. Had a great swimming action. Got nailed on the 7xs too, so its a toss. But JRI definitely makes the cut!
  70. SemperFishing

    Late report: Shogun 8/2 - 8/5

    Not bad for a 5 day, wish you could have gotten some bigger bluefins, but WE ALL wish for that when we go.
  71. SemperFishing

    New Lo-An 7/31 - 8/1. Bringing a Newbie

    Been fishing with Markus for years now, they treat the newbies well, Markus runs an outstanding operation. Definatly let the deck crew know that the young man is new, and they'll take care of him. If the fish keep biting the way they are, he'll learn real quick! Tell him he'd better practice his...
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    Pacific Queen 2 day, July 25-27 Report

    Sucks to get sawed off, but hey, you guys got a bonus-new calstar!
  73. SemperFishing

    40 lb yellow fin

    Thats a bluefin, note the spotted markings on the tail. Nice catch!
  74. SemperFishing

    JRI jigs=precision made fish killers....... not all iron is created equal

    Been fishing 7xs and 45s since 1995 Jerry, gonna pick up a few jigs for my Cedros Trip and put them to the test!!! Loved fishing with Booger, I miss those 3/4 day trips with him. Hopefully I get another chance this season. @steve Yates, don't chase the shiny objects Steve, you'll become a...
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    family fishing trip christmas 2014 from Australia

    Since you are coming in our winter time, fishing won't be too much to get excited about as all the pelagics will be gone. That said, if the weather is sunny and the seas calm, that shouldn't stop you from catching a 3/4 trip or boat trip to Catalina Island or the Channel Islands. Beautiful...
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    Opah in Santa Monica Bay

    "Trolled".......well done!!!! Now I'm going to the bathroom to go puke. Strange how it went from funny to nauseating in 3 seconds.
  77. SemperFishing

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Really dude? Next time you fight a fish, make sure the fish has a one on one chance to kill you. That would make it "one on one." So unless you were Santiago, alone with rope in a rickety boat with no nav equipment, or hand wrestling a tiger shark (I was going to say Great White, but that would...
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    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    Sorry man, that's your decision to make when fighting a fish, but not your place to judge others if they want to hand it off and/or make it a team effort. Though I agree, it's a fight between you and the fish, but if the angler wants to pass it off and make it a team effort, that called "having...
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    @ ez said: "Aww, did I hurt some folks feelings? Closed minds lose before they've even begun. Perhaps, different strokes for different folks applies? Holy shit, a revelation! Don't be so quick to dismiss information because it doesn't meet your requirement. Have a wonderful day." "I don't...
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    "interesting." Another troll comment. Like I already said: LEAVE. All you want to do is aggravate others for your own amusement. I've helped people as best I can on tackle advice and fishing in general to the best of my knowledge on this forum, just like the majority of BDers. Its trolls like...
  81. SemperFishing


    Fan of the 850Hs, some like the Ms, I also have BTG90 (I think its something like that). FOr lighter iron, the SHimano Teramar series are pretty bad ass, especially since they rather cheaper.
  82. SemperFishing


    I second Tex-lee. LEAVE @ ez. You are NOT WELCOME HERE.
  83. SemperFishing


    @ ez, you are a worthless internet troll who enjoys pissing people off. Since you're not contributing to anything or anyone (except your own shitty sense of humor of aggravating people for your own amusement), why don't you just leave the forum for us good folk. I know I'm asking too much from...
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    Great Fishing On The Eclipse 3/4 Day

    Classy comments for the Lady. Real good. Glad you all had fun. Its a great fishing year!
  85. SemperFishing


    WELL SAID! Everyone was a greenhorn at one point. No room for a-holes in this sport. We've got plenty of those trying to kill this pasttime. "but we NEEDmore people in this sport if it's going to survive the onslaught of legislation from people who don't understand sportfishing. More people...
  86. SemperFishing

    Looking for a Cedros report

    Awesome stuff guys. I hope I get to release a whole bunch (not too keen on keeping so much fish). I hope they bite, only 2 weeks to go!!!
  87. SemperFishing

    Catalina Tuna and Yellows - 7/20

    I find myself less and less interested in your fishing catches and more and more into your photos. Thats magazine quality stuff! What camera do you use? Great report as usual.
  88. SemperFishing

    Looking for a Cedros report

    X2, headed there in early Aug myself. The FB pages have been posting that the fishing has been good, but no specifics.
  89. SemperFishing

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    'scuse, me, I ment the Sea Adventure has 50+, the Aztec has 80+. My bad.
  90. SemperFishing

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    Well, this Full moon/super moon is turning the BFT ON!!!! Aztec has 50+ on the boat right now!
  91. SemperFishing


    Not sure how exactly boat physics would effect fishing 100-130lb line comparing San Diego Long Range boats and small private boats (though I'm sure it would). Has anyone done both? Stewart, I will be in London and Edinbergh for a week if you want to meet and talk shop. I don't have any small...
  92. SemperFishing

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    No, but just looked it up. How bout that!
  93. SemperFishing

    Bout Damn Time! BFT are starting to bite!

    I was reading the local boat reports and starting to see more response from the Bluefins and then went to the Royal Star. Randy "Lucky" Toussaint earns his nickname again! I just want to share the joy! :D After jigging up some yft and seeing good sign of bft last night we opted to start our...
  94. SemperFishing

    single or treble hooks on jigs for tuna

    Not to toot my own horn here...but I've caught lots of yellows on both styles (using both Yo-yo and surface) and lots of Tuna on both styles. I can recall pulling a hook on only one tuna (treble) and less than 1% pulls on Yellowtail. I'm thinking why the landing ratio is due to me winding...
  95. SemperFishing

    Fall 2015: 13 Day Skiff & Kayak Jig Fishing Trip down to Cabo on The Shogun

    Pant, pant, pant...might have to cancel my 14 day....
  96. SemperFishing

    Don't worry about bait, worry about fish

    Typical hoos, always changing their minds. Makes them that much more rewarding to catch! I always wanted to fish a Barking Spiders trip, seems like a great group of folks.
  97. SemperFishing

    Need advise on 8 day

    X2 with Juanba. Your 770s are both too heavy for 95% of the fish you'll encounter on your trip. That 5% is bottom grouper or very large tuna. Use 100lb 770 rig for that if you desire. 765L is a tad light for a yo-yo fishing IMO, but will get the job done well. Any 8 food rod with a great...
  98. SemperFishing

    4th of July in San Diego

    Semper Fi Mac! One last piece of advice, get there EARLY (3+ hours) in order to minimize the traffic jams. If you can book a hotel within walking distance, it will = so much less headache. Oh, and the fish market restaurant next to the midway has some of the best sushi I've ever tasted (and...
  99. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Well, the RRIII's facebook page showed them catching limits of quality dorados and a bunch of wahoo. I guess making bait at Cedros was worth it, (but I personally never had any doubt). Gotta go fishing on the red cock III again soon....hey, I can say such things now, DADT got repealed. :jig:
  100. SemperFishing

    Epic Father/Son Louisiana Fishing Adventure

    Sick Fishing, Sick Report, what an awesome time!
  101. SemperFishing

    CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    I was the Company Commander of a unit at Camp Pendleton years ago. The Battalion was not in a good situation, half was deployed to war zones, there wasn't a whole lot of leadership around at all ensuring constructive use of time. Morale was down, poor discipline (fights, DUIs, theft) was up. In...
  102. SemperFishing

    CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    You hit the nail on the head. Its why I moved from Cali to Texas..... ;D
  103. SemperFishing

    Baiting jigs.

    Yeah, if there was any reason, it may have been or had been that there were many hooked cows getting ready to come in and a freshly hooked fish on jig close in can cause real havoc. I did a similar mess fishing the chunk and tried to let a angler hooked up to a cow doing circles go past me and...
  104. SemperFishing


    To store them, bring insulation foam shaped in rectangles, and you can wrap them around the foam. I have this interesting wheel looking thing I bought from Sharkbait that works really well. I'd take a pic, but its several thousand miles away from me right now. A word of note, I find that the...
  105. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    "Yes I have in regards to your first uestion. All I fish are 10-15 day trips. Secondly, Yes, I make bait MORE than MOST because, I sleep very little & net "Flyers" at night along with hook & line "Man Baits", even though I rarely fish the kite or "Man Baits", SO I'm making bait for the other...
  106. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Truely. You really think the bait are gonna jump over the rail regardless of whether you're paying $300 a day or $3000? The bait situation sucks this year, and you gotta make it yourself (which is standard on 10 plus day LR trips to supplement our usual load of sardines, for HOURS between...
  107. SemperFishing

    Looking for Suggestions

    My thoughts, you got the 20-40lb bait covered, so use the LX with 40 or 50lb for jigs (6X jr or heavy Tady). Use the 4/0-2, for the big boys if they show up, and fish it with 50 or 60 lb Trolling rigs can be used from the boat, no need to have one, less you want to specifically want to...
  108. SemperFishing

    The Good The Bad The Ugly Cedros 6/13/14

    Thanks for the report and pics! Fishing looked awesome, the logisitics, well, it's typical Baja Mexico, few logisitics plans ever go to plan from what I've seen and read for the past 20 years. Part of the "adventure."
  109. SemperFishing

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures Fishing Report 6/13-6/16

    Thanks for the report on the updates on travel requirements Glad you got some awesome fishing, that 50lber is a fish of a lifetime! I've fished Mexico quite a few times, changes to logistics is part of the "Charm" of fishing Mexico. Anyways has been that way. I'll be sure to keep my pack light.
  110. SemperFishing

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    So, it loads up well and doesn't feel undergunned? Hows the pressure for a rod that long? I would imagine a 8.5 foot glass rod to be very heavy on the cranking end, and with a 670 in that length, it's bend would be well into the water with a 120lb+ fish. Reason why I ask is because I'm getting...
  111. SemperFishing

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Hah! Awesome! I just arrived in Geneva a few hours ago! No one here knows what a cow is, besides the ones they get milk from! LOL. The hot talk is world cup, I'll have a few beers for you! Bienvenue!
  112. SemperFishing

    June Heat 15 day trip on RRIII

    Nice score, I've been watching them on FB. YOu guys got real lucky in that weather window, a few boats before you didn't fair that well with the storm disrupting things. Interesting setup, 670XH 8.5ft? How did that handle? I don't recall the 670 getting that long and in that model?
  113. SemperFishing

    Makaira 50SEa... I am so shocked

    Thats awesome Soda Pop! So glad to hear great LR folks being the best people they can be. I'm headed to Paris tomorrow, and just spent a week in London. No Tuna to speak of, unless you count sliced Ahi in a California roll! Have fun!
  114. SemperFishing

    Bringing the family fishing...

    These boats are basically floating houses, so stability is normal and the odds of you or your kids going over and needing a life jacket is minuscule. Even for a child, you would have to be trying to fall into the water (not saying that some kids won't). In the (EXTREMELY) unlikely event that the...
  115. SemperFishing

    One tip

    1. The hardest bait in the tank to catch is the one you want. 2. If the knot or line doesn't look right, its not. Change or re-do it. 3. Drag, line, knot. In that order, but all of them. 4. Complacency kills (or just loses fish). 5. Pay attention: to what your bait is doing, to what other...
  116. SemperFishing

    Old School Penn Intl's

    I rented two of them on my last trip and landed two of my three cows on them. They work great, just heavier. Like a trusty old truck!
  117. SemperFishing

    El Nino What's the deal....

    LOL....once the BD shit storm starts, you might have better luck stopping the stompede from a full galley upon the sound of the clickers going off and the Captain screaming "BRAIL BAIT!!! BRAIL BAIT!!!! BRAIL BAIT!!!!" LOL...just sit back and enjoy the show.
  118. SemperFishing

    El Nino What's the deal....

    I'm getting PTSD flashbacks to my Statistics classes.
  119. SemperFishing


    Technique and PRACTICE. If a 12lber is giving her hell, a wide open bite on 30-60lb Bluefin or Yellowfin will become extreamly painful to the arms and back. Teach her two main styles (rail and standup), as well as when you can switch from one to the other (i.e. rail when fish is straight up and...
  120. SemperFishing

    A sign for the Year...Wahoo in Early June 8 day Range

    Steve, the "ElNino, whats the deal" thread. One of the reponses was saying that the warm water pushed off the cows. I'd really like someone who fished a 14+ day trip during an El Nino year to talk about what they say.
  121. SemperFishing

    A sign for the Year...Wahoo in Early June 8 day Range

    I'm kinda worried actually, just read the other thread about 14 and 15 dayers getting adversely effected (next winter).
  122. SemperFishing

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Some past el-ninos killed off a lot of kelp, disrupting the coastal ecology. I remember an old Western Outdoor NEws article that studied Calico Bass that were homeless from the kelp die off. Took years for the kelp to recover.
  123. SemperFishing

    A sign for the Year...Wahoo in Early June 8 day Range

    Well, if there was any doubt that the water was gonna get hot this year, the Star just got a 40lb hoo in 8 day range. Wow. Anybody know how 10 dayers do in the fall during an El-Nino year? I don't have any experience with that one.
  124. SemperFishing

    What size & type of boat to fish marlin & tuna?

    I live in Austin and fish the shore in Texas, and also roll to New Orleans for military work, and fish out of Venice. Its a long drive, but the short run out of Venice can produce good Yellowfin catches with Big wahoo (my friend got a personal best at 116lbs). That said, the best bang for my...
  125. SemperFishing

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day

    Not bad fun, this season is shaping up nicely, especially for the first week of June!
  126. SemperFishing

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Bunch of BDers about to get into a web fight over whats a better Tuna to catch. Thats BD for you! :gay:
  127. SemperFishing

    Need Help/advice with second jig stick.....

    900M or GG90J: beauty is in the eye of the beholder in this case, I don't like either of those models but love and own the two models lighter (850 m and gg690j). I have tried both of those models and will tell you that the 900M is stiffer, therefore will load up more on fighting the fish and...
  128. SemperFishing

    cedros island 5/18/14

    Man, thanks for the report! What a relief! I'm booked on an early august fly in trip and was starting to lose hair over what fishing was like there.
  129. SemperFishing

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    "So I just need to relax and go have a good time." Screw that, stressing out over your gear is part of the fun. I'm making my friend suffer as we're going on his first (my 2nd) 14 day together. I am attempting to give him a heart attack before the trip, so I can take all his gear (non-fatal of...
  130. SemperFishing

    An Opinion To Stir The Pot

    I'd have to catch a 150lb bluefin first. :picknose:
  131. SemperFishing

    CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    This report needs to be on the front page of BD! Thanks for posting it!
  132. SemperFishing

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Clearly Jim, you weren't in on the Poker Tournaments on those Braid trips. :D
  133. SemperFishing

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    I second a bunch of places named (Charkbait, Anglers CHoice, Squidco). Some others I like are Seaforth Landing's tackle shop, Anglers Tackle in Oceanside, especially since I jig fish a lot, I get picky about my jigs. For LR fishing though, the best advice is given by those who fish the boats...
  134. SemperFishing

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    I don't know, I've been on 10+ LR trips and never saw a JP problem on a LR boat, then again, we all got along and had a great time because we're on a LR boat. JP drama is for the 3/4 and O/N boat folks (and yeah, seen plenty drama during those years too). As the saying goes "Save the drama for...
  135. SemperFishing

    Royal Star trip - 34 cows & 2 Supers so far...

    Off the hook fishing. Man, I wish I was there.
  136. SemperFishing

    Need Help Getting Tackle Box Ready For Cedros

    Excellent info, thanks guys, I'm going for a 5 day Cedros trip in August myself.
  137. SemperFishing

    Spaces Available on Barking Spiders 8 Day on Royal Star

    Man, I've been trying to get on that charter for years, can't make it again this year (will be in Europe fishing for....not fish ;D ). I love the T-shirts that come off this charter too!
  138. SemperFishing

    Corbs and butts in the bay 5-5 and 5-6-14

    Great day of Surfishing! Thanks for posting. What kind of rod is that? Seems perfect for catching corbs.
  139. SemperFishing

    Vagabond 9 day, Nov 1st

    Go get'em man! Be sure to post a report on the trip! I would love to see a Vagabond report, they're still on my list of boats to go on.
  140. SemperFishing

    34# Monster

    I 3rd the motion. Get the hell off this forum. In fact, stop fishing, the fishing community deserves better than an another ass hat like you in the crowd.
  141. SemperFishing

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    Bring extra line (25, 30, 40. 50lb and up is generally not necessary). I bring extra sets of sunglasses to swap out as soon as they get salt sprayed. Your favorite sunscreen, candy bars, siracha hot sauce, wine, stogies, are a good thing to help to make the trip that much sweeter. Tackle wise, I...
  142. SemperFishing

    Cow Round Up....

    He's drinking them for the carbs. Gotta keep that energy up. Its awesome that the 'gun is back in the big leagues and fishing Cow trips. I gotta get back on that boat soon. BREAK (USMC email lingo): SACTOTUNA, are you on that 15 day?
  143. SemperFishing

    Fish of a life time????.... Lost at color

    Awesome Story Jamie, and wonderful write-up. I remember very clearly that both my 185 and my 225 (back to back) fought me to the point I wanted to quit, while my two other cows came in without too much incidence. Clearly, yours was a demon. You took a peashooter to a gunfight looking to...
  144. SemperFishing

    Cow Round Up....

    Royal Star and Excel are getting into them Cows good. Star just landed a 351. Lots of 200-230lbers, and the fish sizes are averaging 150-170lbs. Many I wish I was out there right now.
  145. SemperFishing

    Booked my first trip out of San Diego: 3day in Aug with Shogun

    Shogun was killing bluefin last season, be ready for potential BFT going 100lbs+. That means at least one 60-80lb outfit that casts really well. That said, practice casting. Rig up your stuff and put something that would simulate a sardine. The ability to cast far into the current can make or...
  146. SemperFishing

    Crimp Set - Sato

    I find that the needles get the job done faster than the filing down the flouro. Might just be me.
  147. SemperFishing

    Lacrosse boot rant

    I got my boots at Fishermans as the rep said that they were one of the last one made in the US. They are still working great. My last set lasted more than 14 years of hard fishing (no less than 45 days of Long Range and countless overnight trips).
  148. SemperFishing

    Crimp Set - Sato

    Everyone posted great info, all work. Garry is famous for talking anglers through his system, best to talk to the man himself. My personal thoughts: In-line splice (time consuming and the most difficult to make, but results in no knot in the leader). 80lb, 100lb, 130lb. Since it is a 10...
  149. SemperFishing

    Wahoo bombs and jigs

    THe longer shanked Mustads are standard on the wahoo jigs being sold. I think its a 7/0 sized hook.
  150. SemperFishing

    Crimp Set - Sato

    My buddy and I are going on a Cow trip together next year and he is new to it. He is also making excuses about how busy he is and is not practicing his leaders (after explaining the three main types: Loop to Loop-In-Line Splice-Sato). Sato is the most expensive, but its probably the easiest to...
  151. SemperFishing

    Lacrosse boot rant

    Didn't XTra Tuff boots go through that whole mess with they off-shored manufacturing to China? I hate a lot of stuff that I bought over the years that were made in China, whenever I buy a product over $50 I actually go out of my way to see where its manufactured. If its says CHina, I think twice...
  152. SemperFishing

    4/18 San Clemente Island on the Toronado

    I like the photos, you should work for the DFG or Scripps.
  153. SemperFishing

    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    I've fished both boats in the past 4 years and loved them both. AA is definately one of the top tier boats in the fleet for all around crew, comfort, food, service and fishability. I have not fished with the new guard on the Shogun but hear nothing but great things and want to fish that boat...
  154. SemperFishing


    Hey hey, I got that Jacket too! It took YEARS of fishing experience to watch a deckhand set the trolling lure's proper distance!
  155. SemperFishing


    I'd like to point out that the tough fishing thats being experienced by the RR is a hell lot better fishing than 99.999% of the rest of world. Where else on the planet can you say that catching 2-5 Yellowfin tuna from 40-150lbs per angler, per fishing day, slow fishing? Not trying to knock...
  156. SemperFishing


    Andy often under plays his reports. One his trips a few years ago was reported to Bill Roecker as "yeah, we did ok." They landed like 25 cows and 3 over 300 (or something awesome). Still, this tougher fishing does happen, it seems like one to three trips out out of the winter-spring cow season...
  157. SemperFishing

    Excel on the way to Clipperton

    Got this from the NatGeo reporter, day 19: "I decided to go fishing in front of my camp. I had a few fish strikes then my reel broke. Little intricate and important pieces fell down between my legs and the refraction in the water and swells washed them away. My kite just got stuck and my...
  158. SemperFishing

    Trying to narrow it down

    X2. I have fished all of those boats. I would like to try out the new crew on the Shogun, I hear they're awesome.
  159. SemperFishing

    Tuna, Tuna, and Much More

    Great looking trip! I usually fish the West Coast but had the pleasure of fishing Florida out of Jacksonville many times. For you West Coast folks, those Cherry Grouper are a dish to behold! Man they're delicious!
  160. SemperFishing

    Wahoo lure help please

    Oooooooooooooo...jig building! I gotta call some of these builders to get some custom work done! Donna, fisherman's landing had some Salas 6X jrs in "Tony the tiger" colours.
  161. SemperFishing

    Chiriqui 1/22 - 1/31

    Wow, looks awesome. What Camera do you use? That thing takes some amazing photos.
  162. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Thanks for the replies Guys, lots of great info here, especially about the drag settings, as I was going to data mine the old posts and see where everyone sets them…… @Garry Sato, Gary, what is your contact info? My buddy is new to this, and he’s gotta learn connections (I do in-line splices and...
  163. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Thanks man! Yeah, I got Semper Fi+ishing, I thought that was pretty clever. Im sitting at my Command Operations Center in Germany doing a field Ex, earning your (and my) tax payer dollars LOL. Really though, its like prison, just without the shanks. Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on...
  164. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    No worries, threads jacks are normal off BD. LOL Speaking of Jacks, I swear Darren, where you on the Legend during a wide open yellowtail bite, say... way fricking back around 1994? I have pics of that trip and I swear thats you're in it (you were like, 12 or so, I was 14 or 15). I'd post the...
  165. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Holi-Mack: thanks for the PM! I'll contact those shops and see what the turn around time is!
  166. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    On another note: Sactotuna, how you doing my friend?
  167. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Thanks for the replies guys. My line of thought coincided with Scold: "I think this question may have some validity: what pound drag are you guys setting for 100 and 130# respectively (at strike of coarse). If it is the same, then it really shouldn't matter as you are only using the 130# for the...
  168. SemperFishing

    Whats the smallest reel for 130lb?

    Greetings Ya'all from Hohenfels, Germany. I just booked my 2nd extra long LR trip (14 day) for next year aboard the Star (I hope I won't have to cancel for a 3rd time, which sucks, but what are you gonna do?). I'm bringing my noobie friend who has only done (2) 8-day trips, and have a...
  169. SemperFishing

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    So we can already have to worry about Wahoo crashing into boat, and now drones? Haha! I like how cool this would look and the benefits of seeing Paddies and fish crashing around the boat, but I do prefer that the crew do this and not a passenger.
  170. SemperFishing

    Starting fresh...

    Whats missing is a few thousand dollars from your bank account! Hahah! Seriously though, this pretty covered the spectrum, the most importent (to me) is 3 rigs for 130lb+. I found myself barely able to "keep up with the demand" of biting fish with two 130lb rigs. We should all be so lucky to...
  171. SemperFishing

    Using spinning gear at the Clarion Buffer Zone - a report and opinions

    Cool report, some insight into a rarely used form of tackle on LR boats. I don't have a spinner outfit, but seeing a fat YFT blow up on a rig may be worth the price of getting it in.
  172. SemperFishing


    The closest thing most of the LR boats have is the skip jig, when fished correctly (and believe me, its a bitch to get it right), it mimics the Flying fish very well. The only LR boat I know that fishes the yummie/frenzy flyer is the Excel. They rig it on balloons and kites, but no one to my...
  173. SemperFishing

    Royal Star Dec 26th - Short Report/ Info

    In general, we all want to be longer than 4-6 inches. :picknose:
  174. SemperFishing

    Royal Star boats a nice Super- #340

    Thats a hawg:cow:...sigh...was suppose to go in one month...had to rebook for next year >:C Been reading the lastest posts, lots of bigger cows in the 225-270 range. Rock Cod Rick got a nice one at 227!
  175. SemperFishing


    Savage Report! Thanks for sharing, its a great read! I'll be back in Austin and looking forward to my first Texas Tuna! On what type of tackle did the deckie cast the flying fish lure? I have a few, but they're less than a few ounces and difficult to cast without a spinner.
  176. SemperFishing

    Jigging for big yft

    Normally, you ask for the back up rig. But, you can break them off too...once I was using my light wahoo rig (50lb, Trinidad 20) with a wire leader with mixed good sized yellowfin (80-150lb) and wahoo around thinking "Yellowfin aren't stupid enough to eat this bait with a wire leader..." 40...
  177. SemperFishing

    Jigging for big yft

    225 YFT on a PL 68 Jig, Avet 30, 100lb line. It was the last of three cows I caught that trip, with 3 more over 100lbs (including a 185). All other fish were caught on live bait or chunks. I watched over 17 other cows landed that trip (to 280lbs). Your opinions on your posts are yours, but...
  178. SemperFishing

    Custom Sushi for your Catch

    "To be clear, it s NOT Illegal. He comes to MY house, cuts MY fish, and is eaten by MY friends who eat for FREE. My fish has not been sold or bartered." Solong as those rules are followed, I dont see how this is any different fromusing a fish processor. Now, a word to your friend who has a...
  179. SemperFishing

    HH tubing action 9/26/13

    Nice pics, very 70s retro.
  180. SemperFishing

    WFO!!! TUNA- K&M, Seasons Duane Mellor,Lil Ceez,Nick "Tuna Toker" Rekrut , Capt Kelly

    Droooooooool. Gotta get out there with you Kelly! If not for the Tuna, then for the Calico bass!
  181. SemperFishing

    Phenix Rods 10-day aboard the Excel Sept29-Oct9

    "Last year I lost 7 and landed one at the rocks. This year I lost 6 and landed zero!!! I was pretty disappointed earlier but reminded myself how lucky I am to even be out here!" Ouch! Keep trying, the trip isnt over yet!
  182. SemperFishing

    Wahoo live bait rig question

    Wow, that sucks! I cant even imagine a using a ticked off 'hoo as a sea anchor!
  183. SemperFishing

    want to go on a 2.5 ,have a few noobe questions.

    I have found that the drag pressure will change if you set it on mono, vice spectra. I recommend stripping off the mono and set your drag using the spectra. Lost a few fish over the years trying to figure this problem out. Check your mono once you wind it back on and ensure the drag is not too...
  184. SemperFishing


    I fished with Buzz many times over the past 15 years, just did so recently last june and caught one of the first local Dodos of the year. He always has a great crew and is def one of the best one day boats in the fleet.
  185. SemperFishing

    Wahoo Stories

    I have a few, nothing crazy, but will still make your eyes wide open if happens to you: 2 yrs ago on the Star, casted out a sardine on my 100lb outfit with 100lb spectra. My bait makes it 30 ft off the port side just forward of the bait tank, frick'n hoo grabs it and gets hooked. Next thing I...
  186. SemperFishing

    Miami Peacock bass and more Report 09/24/13

    Nice report! Im friends with Tim as we went to College together and joined the Marine Corps 1 year apart. He use to deckhand on the Vagabond! Him and his wife are still fishy I see. They had great things to say about you Tony, thanks for taking them out!
  187. SemperFishing

    Jigging / Yoyoing...same thing?

    I've met far too many idiot californians and too many nice Texans to use the term "dumb". I think you'll be most welcome to the LR boat you're going on. Most people going on LR boats will have more in common with the avg Texan than the avg Southern Californian (IMO, after being born, raised and...
  188. SemperFishing

    Jigging / Yoyoing...same thing?

    In general, you can use the same rod and reel for jigging and yo-yoing. If your rod is purpose built for jigging rod (such as the shimano family of jigging rods), its lighter rod action is used to help give the jigging lure its kick. That same lightness isnt ideal for fishing yo-yo iron, but it...
  189. SemperFishing

    #1 Raider jig for Wahoo?

    OUCH! You werent winding too slow, were you?
  190. SemperFishing

    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Go get em guys, and post pics! I was on the StarBraid 15 day. Had to cancel due to work conflict....:cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing:
  191. SemperFishing

    Wahoo Stick...Which one?

    All your below choices are great rods for wahoo, though I like the longer ones for distance (especially if the hoos are twitchy). But I highly agree with your assessement about the 7 1/2 rod. It can pull dbl duty and will still be great fun on the hoo.
  192. SemperFishing

    Loading up on the boat questions

    I like to rig up my reels before I put them into the buggee (or cart). Once Im on the boat, I rig up immediately (or rig up most if there are open ended questions as to our quarry). This way, I have the max time to be social and eat the awesome food (and RELAX. Im on fricking vacation!). Of...
  193. SemperFishing

    Indy 09/14- 09/21- Fish report- "Victory at sea"

    "Saw a ton of them Opahs there too - get out those spear guns!" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! That thread is THE worst report I've ever seen (look it up on the SoCal probably has over 150 pages by now). Great report and thanks! That boomer school looked like fun!
  194. SemperFishing

    Problem with the Excel

    I still use the old school Xtra Tuffs (with insoles). Call a few of the LR tackle stores around San Diego if you want a set. They will last years (my last set did 14 years, including two summers as a Deckhand). They are the same ones that the "deadliest catch" deckies wear, and it seems 99% of...
  195. SemperFishing

    WTB.... 40-80lb reel for my new Rod

    Nice Rod, like the Roosterfish blue on it. I really like the new Trinidad, despite its high gear ratio, it still has plenty of torque, easily enough for 40&50. For 2 sps, I really like the accurates, though for casting, I think the Talica and maks got it beat (havnt bought one....yet).
  196. SemperFishing

    Problem with the Excel

    I forgot whom I had this conversation with regarding that...(Was it Tim, Andy, or Justin? I dont remember). But I do recall that he said it was straight out running out of money to complete the project. Bill Poole stepped up and bought out the project to complete the boat.
  197. SemperFishing

    Problem with the Excel

    Wow, now that one is an inside joke that I wouldn&#8217;t want to expound on....<o:p></o:p>
  198. SemperFishing

    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Big Bluefin, Big Calicos, Big Yellowtail, Great Food, Great Friends, Long Range Fishing at its Finest! You cant ask for better than that (well, besides no rain, but with fish biting, who cares?!!!)
  199. SemperFishing

    The Bite is on! Tropic Star Lodge, Pi

    Amazing! I gotta get down there sometime. What camera do you use?
  200. SemperFishing

    Cows and other big ass fish

    Hah! I know it! When it happens Make sure you get a good photo of a cow with your mak, and let us know how it did. If it wasnt so expensive, I'd serious consider a Mak30 with 130lb. Them Tiagras came out in what, 98? 15 years of technology passed by, so these reels have come a loooong way...
  201. SemperFishing

    Cows and other big ass fish

    Yep. I like the set up! Of course, tailor it to your style. Fishybuzz like fishing the seeker 3x5s, I do not as I find calstar to my by optimum rods. That said, now that you got your reels settled, you'd better start learning the connections and decide which one you like, (Or you can just have...
  202. SemperFishing

    Cows and other big ass fish

    Ok, I just googled the ATD 30 and read that it goes to 45lbs max (off some tackle store website. the accurate website doesnt list it). So, without conducting a full on scientific experiment with all the reels, I'd adjust what I said earlier that my ATD at setting M puts out about 40lbs of drag...
  203. SemperFishing

    Cows and other big ass fish

    OVERKILL. But definately easier! Remember, the RRIII crew loves that big (80?) Accurate on the kite. The "tractor" gets em in. I never said that the Mak 20s and 30s couldnt take down a cow, they definately could. Im just saying, to greatly improve your odds, use 130lb. Now, if the specs of a...
  204. SemperFishing

    Cows and other big ass fish

    Texlee, it's great to see more Texans coming out LR fishing. I moved from San Diego to Austin and LOVE it there. I definately miss getting on a LR boat though. That said, I've only done one 15 dayer and before that, lots of 8 days to 3 days (no fall 10 dayers, I skipped straight to the big...
  205. SemperFishing

    Royal Star Stateroom Advice???

    What you heard is true. I love fishing that boat (and a few others in SD, but the Star is my favorite). I did sleep in that top starboard side and it was pitchy, and we had GREAT WEATHER. I like it cause at night, I can catch other anglers sneaking past me to go fishing. AND I can peak outside...
  206. SemperFishing

    Got weak today and bought a Penn Torque 25N 2speed. Lets vote on correct Graphiter.

    A voice of desention!I just got off a trip on the New Lo Ann 3 weeks ago and fished those rods you wanted. I reccomend BUMPING DOWN one class. The rods was too light to fish 40 IMO. I fished 40lb and caught a number of BFT on them to 45ishlbs. In both cases, they felt too light to handle 40 (I...
  207. SemperFishing

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    Some of my best pics and an extra: 220 YFT, a 45lbish BFT on the New Lo Ann last month, and a 225 caught on a PL68 jig.
  208. SemperFishing

    Late Report? Is 4 weeks late?

    Excellent report Seve, that last pic is killer too. You should get that one framed.
  209. SemperFishing

    Best Deck Hands!!

    Best qoute I've seen in a long time.
  210. SemperFishing

    Excel 5/25-6/9 June Ahi - aka: Zombie rockfishing fishing for cows

    Great stuff! Cant get any better than great boat, great folks and great fishing!
  211. SemperFishing

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin that carnage! I need to go fishing...
  212. SemperFishing

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    They are eating the iron....drooooooool!!!!
  213. SemperFishing

    Help me plan....

    Jon, dont forget the little stuff... Extra sets of sunglasses Powdered Gatorade (gives u more energy to fish!) Fishing Gloves (if you have soft hands like me...) A pack of your favorite candy bars (with extras to handout) Good luck and post a report of your trip!
  214. SemperFishing

    PL 68

    I listened to rubberhook and this is what it got me... That said, bigger is DEFINATELY better. An Avet 30 w/ 100lb was too undergunned for this 225. I'd fish heavy (50 with a 130lb) just to give you a fair chance at landing a brute if you hook one. Fishing a raptor in cow waters would only...
  215. SemperFishing

    so who uses gloves?

    I do the same. The fingerless gloves make it easier to tie and crimp your gear. I'm gonna have to try RubberHook's tennis band on my arm...I already copied his PL68 technique to great success (thanks again!) I use the Nike work out gloves and biking gloves, they are tinner, have minimal...
  216. SemperFishing

    flyliner hook

    I've used flyliners extensively and echo a lot of the sentiments posted, its a great hook for smaller fish and finessing a sardine, but will tend to pull out on larger fish (1/0-3/0 for fish 30-60). The small shank and sharp edges just seem to slice through too much flesh, ending in it pulling...
  217. SemperFishing

    His First Wahoo

    Thats great stuff! Glad to see you and Allen are still killing them (looks like it runs in the family)
  218. SemperFishing

    Lost LC's

    Thats awesome, those things have gotten so expensive that I would have been heartbroken to lose one just casting it (or any way for that matter). Thats great karma on you!
  219. SemperFishing


    KILLER REPORT! Thats some damn fine Fish'n!!!!
  220. SemperFishing

    Must have item

    X2 on the extra sunglasses. Cabelas makes an awesome polarized type for $20 and I HATE having salt spray getting on them and constantley cleaning , so I now bring 4-5 sets and just switch them out, especially during a hot 2-5 hr long bite. I can then wash them all at once when we're doing a...
  221. SemperFishing

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    I'm on my 2nd 15 day in your time frame. I used the 7691s more than my circles b/c as an additional advantage of cost. Reading the other posts, it seems like Circles from EC and Owner definately have an application, and the same is for the 7691s. Final verdict? Take'em and use them! X2 on...
  222. SemperFishing

    Socotra Island Yemen October 2012, The Last Frontier

    Wow, the fishing looks like it may be worth the risks of political up-heavel, anti-govt protests and Al Qaeda. Well, if you get in trouble, all you have to do is wave your hands into the sky and a Predator drone will likely spot you... EPIC looking fishing, thanks for posting. I hear Oman is...
  223. SemperFishing

    Royal Polaris on Cows

    You know when Homer Simpson sees donuts and makes that drool/growl noise? I just did the same thing over those cow tuna pics...............gawwwwwwrrrrggggggghhhhh!!!!
  224. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster Report? WFO COWS?

    25 cows it looks like....fricking awesome! Thier last posts say 14 days and headed to "the bank." I guess they did hit "the bank" and "cashed some checks!" :rofl:(cheesy LR humour) SIggggggghhhhhhh....4 months to go for my trip....
  225. SemperFishing

    RR III October 5-13, 8-Day

    X2. After catching all those fish on that one reel, I would be surprised if it DIDNT fail at some point.
  226. SemperFishing

    Tackle for 11 day

    I ask myself that question EVERY TRIP! :rofl: You're in for a blast, I've done a lot of 8-9 days and a 15, but not the late fall cow trips. In addition to buying the right gear, I stress being prepped to use it, practice the gear, tying nots, setting drags, casting, casting again. You've spent...
  227. SemperFishing

    RR III October 5-13, 8-Day

    I own reels from all over the spectrum: Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Avet, Newell (original and re-released) and Accurate. My bottom line is that if I drop high dollar amounts ($300-600) for a reel, it better not have any manufactuering defects and be able to perform well on the fish class it was...
  228. SemperFishing

    Gambler 2 day 10/7 - 10/9

    I like it! Always good to see a new perspective on tuna fishing from elsewhere. A 2 day like that out of San Diego would be OUTSTANDING fishing. All those YFTs look to be in the 40-50 range.
  229. SemperFishing

    Hooping with 3 Marine Sergeants and lots of tails

    Great post man! Thanks for taking them out for some hoop'n. Some devil dogs getting some well deserved "devil bugs"! Break out the butter and lemon juice!
  230. SemperFishing

    Start your engines!!

  231. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    To answer your question, most rail rods are 6ft to 7ft in order to clear the line away from the boat and props. This is especially true when you have a large tuna doing death circles on that last critical 100ft to the boat. That said, any rod in that footage can be used to fish the rail. The...
  232. SemperFishing

    Maximus Cow Slay Oct 4-7 Pic Heavy

    That sure beats a Family trip to Disneyworld, ANY day! Nice report and way to kill it! Im frothing at the mouth now for my next cow trip........rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhH!!!!!
  233. SemperFishing

    Line sizing

    Scott is on it. I reccomend the following rods: 40N for 50lb yoyo: 6ft to 7 ft 30-60lb class. 700MH or H is a great start. 533 40 or 50 lb surface iron. A 500 series is pretty big, I dont think surface iron would fish well, but it can do the job. I would stick to bait and yo-yo iron or...
  234. SemperFishing

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    I travel from Texas and Louisiana to fish LR in San Diego a lot and transporting rods over 7 ft is near impossible without spending major $. That said, IME, I fish mostly 7 and 8 ft sticks on the boat. 7 ft and heavier (Grafighters in H, MH, or XH), I also fish 8 Ft in M, H (Actutally, 850H &...
  235. SemperFishing

    Fishing Thursday-Sunday Weather

    Go to and go to marine maps and click on your region. Very good forecasts.
  236. SemperFishing

    Overnighters are always a gamble

    Man, sorry to hear about the weather and slow trip, its been pretty darn good fishing all summer, that trip just went when on a bad day. It happens to everyone who fishes (I just did an 8 day and it was S-L-O-W). More fuel for the fire on the next trip! Thanks for the report and posting!
  237. SemperFishing

    one more rod for a 14 day HEAVY ROD

    I own a 6465XXH and got a mean 185lb on 100lb on it, IMO its too light! I recommend it for a 80 or 100lb, but be mindful if you hook a baddie Tuna on it. You seem good to go on the other gear, maybe you can post your line classes and the peanut gallery can give more detailed opinions?
  238. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    Oh yeah, heres another vote and like. Paco, the LR group has decided that you NOT a LR fisherman AND that you are a douchebag. Take your opionion and go away like a good little troll. Trolls are not welcome here.
  239. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    Hey Troll, I looked at the past two YEARS of your BD posts and all you have contributed is a report from the Big Game 90 and the another overnight boat ( and a soccer match, of all things). You have NEVER fished a DAY of Long Range in your life. You are correct in Previous Post saying that...
  240. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    SOunds good Tim! You still in Hot-lanta? I miss that place. Especially for the indeeeeeeed!
  241. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    Tim! I was wondering where you wandered off to. Hope you've been well. Its good to see someone who has actually fished the Long range boats and apreciates the awesome fishing we have.
  242. SemperFishing


    Searcher is reporting 76 degree water near Benitos. Plenty warm enough for wahoo.
  243. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    Back in the "old days" of BD, you'd get a dozen helpful answers about that by now. But I think most of those nice guys have stopped coming to BD due to work, or simply tired of putting up with BS posts about techniques used in Long Range fishing by people who dont fish long range (but I wouldnt...
  244. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    Thats a pretty arrogant and mis-guided qoute if I ever read one. If you're such "d man" and want to give the fish a sporting chance, use only 25lb test on ALL your fish and single speed jigmaster. No spectra, no heavy geared reels, and (again) NOTHING over 25lb test line. That's what a...
  245. SemperFishing


    Thats a big ass hoo! I think in past El Ninos wahoo have been caught all the way to Catalina, but that was decades ago. Then again, after that freak hoo being caught in LB Harbour (in the winter if Im not mistaken), anything can happen. Isnt the water still in the low 70s?
  246. SemperFishing

    Tell me which 1 day trip to take

    I've fished the Sea Adventure a few trips and had a great time. If ChuckTaft is skippering, you'll have a great and "Colorful" Time. CHuck isthe quintessential Salty Sea Captain, full of words and Neptune lore. And hecusses a lot, I love fishing with that guy. He will bust your balls if you...
  247. SemperFishing

    At what pound test do you switch to the rail?

    F-that. Rail fishing is for kicking the fish's tail any way you can. If you want to strain your back, thats totally up to you! (Im sure your Chiropractor will appreciate it when he bills you).
  248. SemperFishing

    I need some help

    x87 on the Power Pro, absoloutely horrible for Tuna fishing applications. I have used JB (my fav), Izor (good), and Tuff Line (also good, but the color runs, they may have fixed that by now). Good luck and post a report when you get back with the results of your gear. Inquiring minds want to...
  249. SemperFishing

    code boats

    I've noticed that there is a BD "Code Group"...... Im just here to fish and post reports & pics.
  250. SemperFishing

    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    Just got back to the dock, heres insult to injury, my wahoo was the biggest fish (non-trolled) for the trip, but I didnt get in Jackpot. Could have had $720!!!!!!!!!!!! It went to my buddy Matt instead, who has not missed an opportunity to rub it in my face (oh well, his first LR trip, I'll...
  251. SemperFishing

    Super seeker 2x4

    Put it on a something that simulates a boat rail and try it out. Same with a harness. I've tried out the 2X4 and didnt like it. Others do love it and have a couple. Its individual preference but it is a proven cow rod and one of the models that are standards for cow fish'n.
  252. SemperFishing

    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    Author's edit: repoRt, not "repot."
  253. SemperFishing

    On the water After Action Repot: Excel 8 Day.

    On the Excel motoring north as I type this. I’ll keep itshort as the fishing was overall rather poor for a fall 8 day. I thought Iwould post some tips that may help some of you BDers make your efforts count onany trips this fall. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  254. SemperFishing

    Hurricane Kristy

    Leaving Tommorrow too! Dont be scaring me with these Hurricane posts!
  255. SemperFishing

    WHOO-HOO! First to post this: Excel Lands a cow Bluefin!

    NEVER MIND, I just saw the other thread.
  256. SemperFishing

    Advice on fall 8-10 day trip. Looking at the Excel

    Congrats on booking! I've rode the RRIII and think its an awesome operation. For me personally, I tend to choose my trips based on my scedhule, so Im riding the Excel for the first time in 2 weeks time (FINALYYYYYYYYY!!!!!). There are a great many things about how great the LR Boats are, and...
  257. SemperFishing

    Almost Cow time. Lets see your Cow pic

    John, are you on the next Braid trip? Im still on as far as I can tell.
  258. SemperFishing

    Almost Cow time. Lets see your Cow pic

    WHAT?! really? Oh SH*T!!! I can only imagine the fuming he would do!
  259. SemperFishing

    Booking My First Long-Range Trip

    Roy, there are 3 main types of connections: Loop to loop (easist to tie, cheapest, leaves a small knot in your spool. Has the advantage of easy change outs) In-line Splice (hardest to tie, not expensive, takes the longest to tie, leaves no knot) Sato Crimp (easy to tie, most expensive...
  260. SemperFishing

    latest on fishing mexico from the log news

    Thanks for posting Gary! We'll have to wait and see how this plays out. Fingers crossed.
  261. SemperFishing

    Booking My First Long-Range Trip

    Congrats on the booking! Be careful, it gets addictive! Im on the Excel 8 day leaving Sept the 15th (or was it the 17th?). Until then, its chasing 1-2lb speck trout! My suggestion for that Mak 30 or 50 is think about what else are you going to use it for. A 30 can handle a cow fine, 50 is...
  262. SemperFishing

    6 Day Royal Star Aug 4th Humbolt Lumberjacks

    Great trip report! Glad you guys had an awesome time, Im jealous sitting here in hot 'ol New Orleans. That stern shot reminds me of my 15 day on her, except they were all 100-250lbers. If you get a shot to do a trip like that on the Star, go for it!
  263. SemperFishing


    A hook. Seriously. Thats the minimum. If you want to go medium, bring a hook and some wire (30-50lb). Wanna start going Heavy? Iron and bombs.
  264. SemperFishing


    I've noticed (both fishing and reading thier reports religiously) that the AA, RRIII, Royal Star and Excel avoid fishing cods and butts unless its of a last resort. That said, lots of boats ARE fishing Cedros because the passengers want the Calico fishing. I certainly would, but not at the...
  265. SemperFishing


    I've fished with Tim Ekstrom (Royal Star) Brian Simms (Royal Star) Andy Cates (Red Rooster III) Sam Patella (American Angler) Roy Rose (Royal Polaris) and I have met Justin Fleck (Excel) and Brian Kiyohara (American Angler). You know who I would fish with? ANYONE of them.
  266. SemperFishing


    I remember reading about wahoo caught in local waters during a El Nino during the 80s, but the only time Ive heard them being targeted near San Diego is out on Guadelupe. Of course, does anyone remember that wahoo caught near the Long Beach bait barge, during the WINTER?!
  267. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    I just checked it out!!! ThANKS!!! PUUUUULEAAAAASE FISH, STAY PUT!!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  268. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Exactly my concern. I hope this doesnt really weaken the 8 day in late Sept. And with Guadelupe out of the question, that crosses off one of the best places to hunt tuna during a El Nino year.
  269. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Tim would be the one to ask. I wasnt aware he was scedhuled on 8/25. Looks like I'll get in my first call to LTH. Maxma sold me those 7691s before we left on our trip too! As to half-assed speculation, well, BD does serve both to inform and entertain (almost always to the exclusion of each other)
  270. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Bring it on. I'll take 700+ yellowfin in the pacific. Even if they have 3 eyes and breath radioactive fire from thier mouths. Of course, you'll be there with all the appropriate tackle to sell us since all our cow gear will be too small, right?
  271. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Im right with you Jeff. My 8 day trip is on the Excel leaving Sept 17. Im FINALLY getting the chance to fish that boat. Which one r u on?
  272. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    :rofl:You guys are a riot...I love BD.
  273. SemperFishing

    Thoughts on this Season and this Fall

    Ive been fishing Southern California offshore for nearly 20 years, and read about the El Nino years of the 80s and 90s before I experienced it a few times in 97 on my first ever yellowfin in local waters. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> In those...
  274. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster III 4 day offshore tuna | Sunday July 15, 2012 - Thursday July 19th, 2012

    Damn fine photos, I felt like I was there. SIX MORE WEEKS UNTIL I GO! Thanks for getting me pumped up!!!!
  275. SemperFishing

    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 7/27-8/1 (Image Heavy)

    Great report mang, I had Ice Cube playing in my head as I read it! And keep trying with the Talica, it will pay off when you have 50-120lb Yellowfin boiling off the chum line (and that day WILL come!). D
  276. SemperFishing

    Mini storage

    Check the Camp Pendleton area (Oceanside specifically). They offer very good rates due to the high military population. Of course, the further east you go, the better the rates. Oceanside, Escondido, are not too far north from San Diego (45 min drive if no traffic). You can also store in the El...
  277. SemperFishing

    Independence 7/14/ -7/21

    Great vid and report! Nothin like throwing the iron on a newell for surface yellows!
  278. SemperFishing

    Wahoo Bait Leaders

    Yep.... My last trip at Clarion BZ, I took 10 minutes to rig up my 30# wired wahoo rig and casted a bait, thinking to myself "I'll be safe, No Tuna is stupid enought to bite this..." 20 seconds later...HUGE boil, set the hook and was never so depressed at hooking such a big fish before in my...
  279. SemperFishing

    Long Range Facebook sites

    I almost spit up my coffee. Cant wait to fish with you again Jim. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  280. SemperFishing


    NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! You wont ever forget your plug hooked yellers!!!
  281. SemperFishing

    American Angler 2.5 day Tuna

    Good and bad publicity is NOT entirely up to the boat. This is the digital age, where BD, twitter and exist to publicly voice opinions about businesses that may or may NOT be accurate or reflect the entire story of a bad incident. Like another poster said, there is his story, the...
  282. SemperFishing

    RR3 4-Day Returned Today

    Way to go Joe, the rail is your friend! (from a 143lb man).
  283. SemperFishing

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day 7/14-7/17

    QOUTE: "The final count for the 2 days was: 113 BFT (#18-38), 4 YFT (#40-45), 2 Dodo (#6-8) and 1 YT(#25). Ben Grey got the JP honors with a #38 BFT for day 2. I was lucky again and contributed for 12 of the BFT. Sorry for the lack of illustrations. I am sure you guys have seen plenty of fish...
  284. SemperFishing

    Aztec 2.5 day 7/15 to 7/18

    Epic. I havnt seen bluefin fishing like that in over a decade. And this is the best post I've ever seen for a trip less than 3 days, thanks for the effort! You are guys are really killing me if some of the anglers got spanked TWICE on BFT though, SWITCH to heavy gear!!!!!!
  285. SemperFishing

    1 1/2 day on the Polaris Supreme

    Nice one Gunny! Glad to see you guys getting some! Stick one for me!!!
  286. SemperFishing

    Royal Star 7/8-7/15 - A Perfect Trifecta

    Outstanding report, LOVE the photo of the yellow getting bounced! You guys killed it! Im going to have to try out one of those rods as I LOVE the surface iron
  287. SemperFishing

    New Lo-An 1.5 7/13-7/15

    Pfffft!!! I've done over 50 trips for bluefin (including Deckhanding) and Thats Bluefin tuna fishing for yah!!! Some days are you plunk a few, others you see 'e boiling all over the boat and not a single bite, others you troll around and stare at other anglers. Then, on the those precious days...
  288. SemperFishing

    Vagabond 12th to 15th 2.75

    Awesome report man, glad to see that Bluefin coming back up. To hear about 100 ton schools boiling for half a mile is uplifting to say the least!
  289. SemperFishing

    Trinidad 20a

    Put on a rod, tie on a hook, pin on a bait, cast. J/K bro... I have a 20A and have found it to be the closest thing to ever come to replacing my Newells but have still found it to lack the torque of Newell gears. It does have superior drags, though, and great casting. That said, you can...
  290. SemperFishing


    And one more for yah, as they say, its all BS without pics....
  291. SemperFishing


    I've been on the Freedom more times than I can count. Lets start counting: 1....... 2...... 3....(note the yellowtail in the background) 4.... And I'll be on there a lot more times. Tommy runs a great boat, so if you cant catch fish, that's YOUR problem.
  292. SemperFishing

    Suggestions/Advice for a newbie on his first long-range trip

    John Tuttle's posts on bait fishing NAIL it. The most challenging situation you can face on a 7-10 day is fishing 30-100lb tuna while anchored, little current, and fish feeding away from the boat. If the sardine after sardine you are casting wont swim, or swims under the boat, it can get real...
  293. SemperFishing

    new rig

    EXCELLENT choice of setup. I want a talica (but wont get one after buying a 16vsx, BX2, Avet HX, trin 20A...etc). It can cast far and has excellent torque. Coupled with the 700H on a 7day = FISH DESTROYER!!!!
  294. SemperFishing

    RRIII Tuna And Tails Fishing Report

    What an awesome report man!!!! I havnt seen that many bluefin in a Trip for over a decade. Thanks for taking the time to post, especially about the passing of Tom, I never fished with him, and really wished I had the chance to meet such a nice guy. D
  295. SemperFishing


    I had the pleasure of fishing with Joe and Andy my last trip on the RRIII, GREAT guys. Joe is one of the nicest skippers Ive ever fished with. I look forward to my next trip with them. Hell I look forward to every trip I do on every boat, I like 'em all. So that just means I need to make more...
  296. SemperFishing

    Which multi day trip to go on?

    On that budget you wont be able to swing such a 3+day trip, but you can still catch plenty of good tuna on the previously mentioned boats. Go to 976tuna and look at thier specials. I personally recommend the Freedom right now,, as they are doing great on the big Yellowtail and Seabass. Legit...
  297. SemperFishing

    Take my wife, please!

    Nicely done! A 70LB BFT on 30lb is no easy task!
  298. SemperFishing

    Thoughts From The Tuna Experts

    Hahah! Yeah, its like that whole "Dont ask, dont tell" policy going away a few months ago. The DOD and Marine Corps thought it was going to be this huge storm, nothing happened. Times change. I STILL dress with my back to the wall in the locker room though...I dont want to give the wrong...
  299. SemperFishing

    Thoughts From The Tuna Experts

    I think this thread is getting taken out of context. I know the thread starter Tightlightmike, and he fishes the Gulf and East Coast and has asked me about how the differences are in fighting the fish using the West Coast rail style vs the East Coast Spin Styles. He is NOT trying to mock or...
  300. SemperFishing

    Royal Star 7 day Rookie trip!

    GET SOME!!! Be sure to post a report for us stranded on land! Word of warning...Stay away from the Galley shark (if you play cards, you'll find out quickly who he is!).
  301. SemperFishing

    Braid Excel 8 Day June 26-July 5

    Thats the shiz-nit!!!! Great report, those pics of the WFO yellowtail got my blood flowing!!!! TWO and HALF more months until my Excel 8 day Trip!
  302. SemperFishing

    First Long Range trip....

    Expect some awesome fishing! Some tips for a early Sept 8 day based on my experience: -Wide open Yellows off the corner is the norm, if you have never caught them on surface iron or yo yo, this is great opportunity. I LOVE iron on Yellows. BRing an assortment. -Wahoo isnt likely, but...
  303. SemperFishing


    Everything that is posted on here is accurate and true. In fact, BD (especially RubberHook) taught me everything I know about using the PL 68. And SactoTuna showed me how to do it. It paid off...225lbs. I dont reccomend using anything less than 100, pref 130. And maintain CONSTANT pressure, less...
  304. SemperFishing

    Intrepid 8 Day 6/23-7/1 CME Report: The Agony and The Ecstasy

    A+ Report! Though the weather and fishing wasnt the greatest, its still an awesome time. Thanks for posting!
  305. SemperFishing

    Local 1.5 day boats, condor, prowler, etc.

    Thanks for reporting back. The whole fleet (local and LR) reported really bad weather, sorry you had to go through that. At least you won the Jackpot to sweeten the deal. And you'll always remember your FIRST yellowtail. You'll want many more after that!
  306. SemperFishing

    Royal Star 2.5 day trip leaves today...

    Great report and thanks for taking the time to post. Rough weather makes you enjoy the nice days that much more, and everyone pays thier dues! :hali_olutta: Glad that you at least got some fresh bluefin to eat!
  307. SemperFishing

    Trying to calibrate my eyes

    Heheheh, calibrate your eyes. I like it. Its about 25ish, most of the bluefin caught are that size. Be prepared for any 40-60lbers. you just might get lucky.
  308. SemperFishing

    Local 1.5 day boats, condor, prowler, etc.

    I have fished and worked on all those boats except for the Condor (worked on the Islander and Searcher). I reccomend all those boats. As far as accomendations, the Islander and Searcher are better with a big galley and stateroom accomedations. Im sure they also have better food as they are...
  309. SemperFishing

    Jig stick handle

    IMO and IME, Its really personal preference. I own about 5 Jig Sticks with no Reel seats which I do mainly jig casting on (all 8ft to 9ft sticks, 20-50lb lines). I set my reels very high compared to stock rods because I like having a higher center of gravity relative of where my reel is on the...
  310. SemperFishing

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Jim, lets best them all: 3 weeks in New Zealand for 50-90lb yellowtail!!! (We'll need 3 weeks to ensure we can get 5 days of fishable weather :2gunsfiring_v1:). We could probably do it for 10Gs or so (plus airfare. Whaddaya think? :rofl:
  311. SemperFishing

    Diff between 8 day and 10 days

    Cast and DESTROY!!!! (I do actually like to release my fish, I dont eat that much).
  312. SemperFishing

    Diff between 8 day and 10 days

    Tony, Im on the same trip. What everyone says is right on. We'll get more fishing time (especially for those wily ol wahoos). We're already set up for a great time (knock on wood), so we'll just get more of a great time. THe fishing and fish caught wont likley be very different.
  313. SemperFishing

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Sighhh...retirement must be nice! 8 Day on the Excel this Sept and a 15 day on the Royal Star. this Jan. Be sure to post reports!!!!
  314. SemperFishing

    06.11.12 - 06.19.12 American Angler - Bluefin, Yellowfin, & Yellowtail!

    Outstanding report. Makes me hungry for both fishing and eating! Thanks for taking the time to post!
  315. SemperFishing

    Need help from a long range vet!

    Oh yeah, dont forget tying the importent knots, San Diego double knot. Know how to tie this in your sleep! If the fish bite wide open, or even if they dont, NOT knowing how to tie will cost you both fishing time and lost fish if you hook any. Know the knots to connect flouro to mono. You can...
  316. SemperFishing

    Need help from a long range vet!

    X quadrillion on Ready4theYellow's post. Dont buy too much gear as a 4 day is rather short. besides the tackle, the biggest reccomendation that will pay off huge is learning about bait selection and bait casting. There are a few articles regarding this BREAD AND BUTTER (HINT HINT HINT HINT...
  317. SemperFishing

    Royal Star Tackle Storage

    Judging by this thread&#8217;s replies, the Star certainly attracts a certain breed of characters (what the hell does that say about me? Going on my 3rd trip next year...)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I&#8217;m with the...
  318. SemperFishing

    Dumb Question

    Naw, those are looks of anger since a big ol iron would probably spook the trout they're trying to catch! :rofl:
  319. SemperFishing

    Are you there my long winged chicken of the sea?

    If you really want to catch them, check out Oregon and Washington. I had the pleasure of fishing with 3 guys from that area on my last LR trip. They slay the albacore the way we slayed them in San Diego during the 98-01 years. I decked those years on the Searcher, fricking went like clock work...
  320. SemperFishing

    Dumb Question

    I have (no kidding) found the best simulation for a live bait casting is a banana peel. Throw it too hard, the hook rips out. Throw it too soft, it flops too close. Throw it just right, it flys perfectly. Its good for about 25 casts, after that, it gets too mushy. Replce it after that. Hook...
  321. SemperFishing

    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    HEY!!! I've been looking for you! (in a good way). Damn I love bloodydecks! I want to buy a pack of these lures for my fall 8 day and next year's 15 day. PM sent....
  322. SemperFishing

    Thinking outside the box

    Hahah! Thats awesome. I've started bringing my own brew on board (not that LR coffee was ever bad, but I've become a coffee snob), the Cafe Dumonde brand from New Orleans. Not sure how they do it (I think they add chickory), but its a meaner and hartyer coffee than any Starbucks Ive ever had.
  323. SemperFishing

    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    Wow, thats extreame!!! I've caught over 30 wahoo on jigs (2 on troll) during various LR trips, but never one on bait until my last trip while fishing for Cows. I've never really had a problem with 'hoos, so I'll give my advice based on my experience: Use a 9ft jig stick with 40lb. mono...
  324. SemperFishing

    Thinking outside the box

    Isnt that the Searcher?
  325. SemperFishing

    Red Rooster 3 - June Heat trip

    :hali_olutta:AWESOME REPORT!!!! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I was really needing a hit of fish porn too! COngrats on that COW, any fish over 100 pounds is really something to be proud of, much less a 200-300+ class Yellowfin. I'm all itchy now to get fishing for cows again.....Thanks!
  326. SemperFishing

    leaving early

    Way to give up the beans on the Braid Trip, Jim. :spank: As if that waiting list wasnt long enough already! I think I got the last spot and that was nearly 3 months ago. Only 7 more months to go!
  327. SemperFishing

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    Sorry, but I have to call this one out. <font size="3">Bait is akin to this industry as fuel is, you mess with either, there willbe NO boats that can go fishing. That means, the ENTIRE fleet of 50+ fishingboats will not be able to fish. Customers by the THOUSANDS who fuel amuti-million dollar...
  328. SemperFishing

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    I’m a US Marine and while I agree with the below statement, having worked onfacilities and staff at different commands, I know that the Federal Govt isstill a Govt, and bureaucratic stupidity and poor planning is NOT unusual. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  329. SemperFishing


    I dont have a knot suggestion as I use a knot I learned from Thai fisherman, very similar to the Tony Pena knot (this weird weave, works for me on tuna to 80lbs so far). Just from my experience fishing spectra with short (25 ft) top shots of mono, here are some big tips I learned (the hard way...
  330. SemperFishing

    leaving early

    Sacto, I DEMAND that we make time for whitefish this next 15 day trip!!!! (Heheheheh, Im sure Marius would be the first one to stick me with a 10/0 hook).
  331. SemperFishing

    3.5 day on the Top Gun 80 6/20-6/24

    Mike Lacky is a famous skipper in the fleet. I havent had the pleasure of fishing with him yet, but there is a reason why the Vag doesnt do much advertising. That guy is up there with the best of 'em. Be sure to post a report upon return! Cast and Destroy!!!
  332. SemperFishing


    x2 on everything said so far. I add that mono to flouro knots are generally done only on fish <100lbs. If they are encountering fish bigger than that, the flouro is connected directly to the spectra. CAST AND DESTROY!!!!
  333. SemperFishing

    Need help choosing a boat!

    They are ALL great boats (the ones not mentioned so far): American Angler Royal Star Shogun Royal Polaris Red Rooster III Intrepid Excel Good luck picking a boat. Or do what I do, just fish all of them.
  334. SemperFishing

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    LOL...dont read, you got a WHOLE GENERATION of people like that. You'll need an AED after some of the crap that is posted on there (all of them on small business owners too).
  335. SemperFishing

    07.15.11 - 07.17.11 - Amigo - Yellowtail

    Despite it being posted LAST YEAR...its still an Amazing and OUTSTANDING REPORT!!! I felt like I was there...that pic of that first heart bite was perfect. Thanks for the effort and time in putting it together. makes me miss local fishing...
  336. SemperFishing

    3.5 day on the Top Gun 80 6/20-6/24

    Tough call, but all calls on shorter trips (6 days and less) are tough during this time of year as you there are so many variables that determine how the fishing is during your brief time on the water. bait, moonphase, boat pressure (both siener and sportboat), fish movement, weather, and the...
  337. SemperFishing

    3 day trip

    Like SactoTuna said, most LR boats will be booked doing 5 days or longer in Sept. If you want to do a 3 day in Sept, you can check the schedules of Seaforth, Fishermans, Point Loma and H&M Landing. Lots of thier boats (Islander, Prowler, Eclispe, Pacific Star, Searcher, Fortune, Constitution...
  338. SemperFishing


    Thanks for the reponses Guys! Especially ScreamingReel, SactoTuna and The Right Kind, that video is killer! I might bump it up a knotch, I got a thread answer from Matt at Accurate about bumping up the drag, I might try to add 10 pounds on top of what I got. But its good to know that I wont...
  339. SemperFishing

    Accurate ATD 12 vs Accurate 30

    I have limited experience on cows, but of the three I caught, I would not reccommend fishing an ATD12 on them. Dont get me wrong, it can be done and has been done, however, the odds are against you, ESPECIALLY if you hook a demon fish (I did so on my ATD 30 with 100lb flouro and that 180lbr...
  340. SemperFishing


    ADVANCED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACCURATE ATD 30 With summer on its swing to full throttle, I wanted to ask this question before it gets lost in the wave of reports about how great this summer&#8217;s fishing will be (fingers crossed). <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
  341. SemperFishing


    ADVANCED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ACCURATE ATD 30 With summer on its swing to full throttle, I wanted to ask this question before it gets lost in the wave of reports about how great this summer&#8217;s fishing will be (fingers crossed). <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img...
  342. SemperFishing


    Am I old school if I use a Newell? Im only 32 yrs old!!!! I like my 332 with spectra, but a 400 or 500 series is great too, (too big for wahoo I think). For me, the biggest factor for 'hooing is ease of cranking at high speed. I like the fluidity of Newells, Shimanos and Penns in that...
  343. SemperFishing

    4 ft of something

    I've eaten Bat ray in a soup, its not bad. I have heard that thier wings when dressed taste like scallops. Guitar fish is pretty darn good, I've eaten that. I wont eat it again since they spend too much time in bays (plus, one of them I cleaned were full of squirming babies...I am NEVER going...
  344. SemperFishing

    4 ft of something

    Jeez, relax on the tree hugger extreamism. Its a Bat Ray, there are plenty of them and some people do eat them. To the poster, you DID eat it right?
  345. SemperFishing

    8 day trip on Excel

    The fishing on an 8 day can vary greatly when compared to a May/June or a Sept/Oct. When are you going? In either case, a 80lb outfit is a very good to have if you want to target big bottom yellowtail or grouper. Rent the outfit is a good way to handle it. My go to outfit for Tuna at the...
  346. SemperFishing

    Yellowtail surface iron reel ???

    Newell 332 or a Shimano TRN 20 ( I have both). Use 40 for 1/3 of the spool and have spectra backing on the remaining 2/3 so you can use it for other fishing like live bait for tuna or jigs for wahoo. Lots of guys fish 50.
  347. SemperFishing

    Tuna Ted (Ted Windham) passes at 65

    Semper Fi, Ted. I wish I could have shared the rail with you.
  348. SemperFishing

    Season's 1st Alijos Report: Looks Good!

    Yeah man! Tuna in May is not very often an occurance. They are usually there by Mid June, and July starts posting good numbers, but every year is different. I was on the RRIII last year during mid june and we got a handful, the 8 day immediately after killed'em. Great Yellow fishing the whole...
  349. SemperFishing

    Christmas Island

    Bad ass VId! Thanks for putting it together! What software did you use to create the vid? That baby trevally would be great for an Aquarium (until he got to 3-4 lbs!).
  350. SemperFishing

    Season's 1st Alijos Report: Looks Good!

    Indy arrived at the rocks and are getting some. Im excited for the season coming up. Im not going on another trip unitl a 8 day on the Excel this Sept. 17-25, any BD's going on that one? In the meantime, its fishing Venice Louisiana in "da Ca-jun heat..." Getting To Work Independence is back...
  351. SemperFishing

    Here is my tackle- how would you use it for a 8 day-07/10/07/18 EXCEL

    You are WAAAAAAAy good on tackle! With your philosiphy to fishing, you're gonna kill'em if they are biting at all. Just keep an eye on conditions as thier behavior may indicate a clue to what to key in on (i.e. size of baits, feeding way off in the chum line, etc). 60-100lb rigs, 2 sp and 4/0...
  352. SemperFishing

    Real Big Yellowtail (Kingfish)

    Man...can I go? I'll bring a box of your favorite SD jigs to see if them Kingfish are like thier Eastern Pacific cousins...
  353. SemperFishing

    How Many trips for your first Cow?

    Wow, reading this thread really reinforces how lucky I got, I did my first 15 day on the Royal Star this year and got three over 200, 2nd morning of fishing a 211, a 220 day after that, and a 225 on the morning of departure. Most of us on that trip got a cow (but not all), with 3-4 guys getting...
  354. SemperFishing

    How far off to go to catch cows?

    Sarcastic remarks aside, The Cows occur on the banks in the fall, if you were to launch out of Mag Bay you can maybe hit em. But to launch out of SD and travel all the way to Mag Bay is big matter of cost, and unless you are extreamly hardy or your 24 ft boat is awefully comfortable, it is a...
  355. SemperFishing

    Isn't it time for these?

    The answer to that is the same answer regarding CA's budget, special interest groups, High Taxes, etc etc etc....
  356. SemperFishing


    Man...I'm stuck in New Orleans! Get'em guys! I miss fishing the Freedom.
  357. SemperFishing


    LOL Jim, I'll be standing by with my camera to capture the moment your $50 murader gets bitten off.
  358. SemperFishing

    3 and 4 day Calico Bass

    Shimano Teramar 9ft in the XL (20-25lb, forgot exact model) or the GF 900XL with 2 inches off the tip, both with a Newell 220 fishing 25 or 30lb line and spectra backing. I see lots of guys fishing typical Calico outfits (Curado with 30-40lb spectra and flouro leader). I LOVE fishing the...
  359. SemperFishing

    219lb Cow on a "Snoopy Rod" on the Royal Star

    Maaaan...I dont wanna read this...pretty soon Im gonna feel the need to plop down another 3-4Gs for a pair of these acid/jigger set-ups.:Dynamite:
  360. SemperFishing

    First Post

    Very True, the Intrepid even has TVs in your stateroom, and the Indy has the biggest house (that main housing of the saloon and galley) I've ever seen. I walked into that thing one time and thought I had walked into a church cathredal. Paul and Mark are great dudes (Ive never met Jeff Dubois...
  361. SemperFishing

    LR's AMAZING Season

    JJ and Bruce are great skippers. Why not do a Guad trip with JJ? I would jump on that trip... I think that Steve Tanaka is still on the Fortune...if so, that guy is still the FUNNIEST captain I ever met (I temp decked for about 2 weeks for him back in '99). Would love to fish with him again...
  362. SemperFishing

    First Post

    For references, try "getting bit" from Brandon Heywood. Great book, Brandon writes in stright forward manner, no confusion. You can get it off (I should work for Bill Roecker). I also have a collection of 80+ posts from BD about fishing Cows on 14-16 days if you want that. PM...
  363. SemperFishing

    First Post

    per SactoTuna (Jim, I still need to call you): No need to PM me, work is boring the hell out of me and I'd rather talk fishing (your fine tax dollars at work). Jim, you sure you arnt confusing me with Kohie? I cant catch fish...I just show up when everything is biting anything.... I had a trip...
  364. SemperFishing

    American Angler Review?

    Really? Man, thats tough. Most of these trips do exceptionally well, but as with all fishing, luck does come into play. For example: This past Feb, I was on the Star and the AA was right next to us. We (as well as the rest of the fleet around us) did very well, with an avg of about 20-22 cows...
  365. SemperFishing

    American Angler Review?

    I'll 2nd that sentence, but Ive only done 1 trip on the Angler (I tried for 2, but the trip was full. Def in my top 5 boats that I would jump on). Taro on the AA is one fishing machine too, you can learn a lot from watching that guy.
  366. SemperFishing

    LR's AMAZING Season

    I'll 2nd that. What kind of charters do you do? Some charters are great, but the only charters that catch more/bigger tuna than LR are the boats out of PV and the Bluefin boats. On a normal 8 day, you'll catch lots of Yellowtail (limits to close to limits is normal), some Tuna (wide ranging...
  367. SemperFishing

    LR's AMAZING Season

    Imgoing to steal some spotlight from Bill Roecker and re-post some reports fromthe LR Fleet. Just AMAZING fishing this season, makes me want to get on a boat right now. Hopefully some of you guys going (or just coming back) will post some pics. Those of you fisherman (or women) who havnt gone...
  368. SemperFishing

    LR's Amazing Season

    Sorry, Double post (please see the other)
  369. SemperFishing

    Setting Up an AVET EXW30 For Cows?

    Thats rough! But hopefully lady luck will be with you as the reports coming off the boats right now are on FIRE! Lots of cows being caught. That said, I just did my first 15 day and I found 130 prefereable to 100. I used 100 on a 180 and a 225, and in both cases I needed to bump up the drag...
  370. SemperFishing

    City of Redondo

    RIP Doris. You was always nice to me and made great hamburgers. The City of Redondo was a Great way to grow up fishing So California.
  371. SemperFishing

    can't take it anymore!

    hahahah! You like how I called you out on our trip..."Jim, thats NOT what you posted on bloodydecks! And I have the print out to prove it!" Darn if I cant find that folder at the moment either...I think (I hope) I left it at my friend's place in San Diego. D
  372. SemperFishing

    can't take it anymore!

    Jim, you're suppose to jump in the sand box and get sand in your undies! Dont be shy! :rofl: I do need to drop my deposit soon on the next trip.... Since you're coming from out of town (AR, right?), To keep it under 6K, be sure to calculate airfare, hotel, food. Tackle is something you can...
  373. SemperFishing

    how to handle a bait?

    The gloves that kick ass for me are the biking cloves you can find at REI, Dicks sporting goods or Nike Store. It was tough to find the ones that are best (cut off finger tips, very little padding, quick dry), so I shopped quite a bit to find the right ones. That said, I took them on my first 15...
  374. SemperFishing

    Excel reports on 4/19/12 WFO.....

    If you can, Check out the excel's pictures :eyepoppin DAAAAAAAMMN!
  375. SemperFishing

    Corbina hunting and catching with BankRobber 4-18

    friggin awesome fishing and report! A 24 inch COrb is a damn fine shore fish. Big props for releasing it...
  376. SemperFishing

    04.19.12 - San Diego - Big Yellows

    Outstanding report man! You'll get em on the next trip! THanks for taking photos and posting!
  377. SemperFishing

    Travel time.

    I've done that run twice a couple of years ago and if I recall correctly, it was about 5-6 hours from the Rocks to the Ridge, and 7-8 hours from the Rocks to Mag bay. If the Rocks dont work out, its an easy overnight run to the Ridge/Mag Bay and vice versa. Get Some!
  378. SemperFishing

    Reel ?

    Either one or the other. If you are gonna dropper loop on LR boats, stick to 80lb. Be sure to drop some oil on the bearings and replace the drag washers. My Senator 4/0 is 17 years old and still kicking well. Im getting ready to re-dust it off and put it back to work!
  379. SemperFishing

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    Great pics and report! Thanks for posting, it keeps feeding the addiction for those of us going out there next year (or those who HOPE to get out there). I want that blue camo hat that Jack is wearing!
  380. SemperFishing

    Good Long Range Charters

    Jackson, me and SactoTuna had the pleasure of fishing our last trip with a bunch of guys from WA and OR, they landed a 278, 250(ish), 208, and those two biggest ones were from BRAND NEW anglers to the LR scene. You can find them on ifish and ask them questions (Im sure they would love to help...
  381. SemperFishing

    Potential new world record Yellowfin caught...

    Unless the IGFA was going to give this angler(s) some sort of compensation (new Reel, paid fishing trip, awards banquet)...I (emphesis that this is just my personal view) dont think he should give much creedence to their records system. They created the system, they can have the system, the...
  382. SemperFishing

    biggest yellow fin caught on rod and reel by the journeyman

    Daaaaaaaaaaaame!!!! Makes my three cows look like schoolies! Way to GET SOME!!!!!! Gawd, I was impressed at the size of 200-280s, cant even begin to fathom seeing a 427 in person! Just plain awesome!
  383. SemperFishing

    Accurate Excel 16 day trip 3/27/12

    I think you get credit for a 200lber. Think about how small a 3.12 lb yellowtail or calico is. That sucker could just eat a salami mack and be 200lb.
  384. SemperFishing

    Visiting Corpus Christy

    Roy's bait and Tackle is a huge tackle shop. Talk to Mike (or of those two names), he's very knowledgable and friendly. The west marine right next to it probably has good info. Bring water, sun screen to Port A/Corpus during the summer, it gets hot. Ridiculously hot. And a gas mask...
  385. SemperFishing

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Great report! Looks like fishing is starting to pick up in So Cal...nice day on the water by any standard. Thanks for the post!
  386. SemperFishing

    Halibut in the Foam Zone

    NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! Great close-up shots!
  387. SemperFishing

    GF 7470xh questions...

    Hmmm...coincidentally (if my memory serves me correctly), I just picked up a 7470XH custom wrapped by Bob Noe (who is now working at Sony Pictures and isnt taking any new customers, sorry!). I'm fairly confident I have the right blank (but not 100% sure), as the rod is sitting 1500 miles away...
  388. SemperFishing

    Stupid Dog

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: (breath)...sigh! That sucks man. My dog would be toast if it had done something like that. If anything, the bright side is that you can now go buy something new... Thanks for sharing.
  389. SemperFishing

    04.08.12 - Freedom - San Nic - Lings & More!

    What a great report! I'll be the 3rd to say that it felt like I was there. Makes me miss fishing that boat! 9 of my 10 WSB I have caught were off the Freedom. Capt Tommy and the crew run that thing like a LR boat, one the best overnight boats I have EVER fished. I hope to go again soon. Tell Sal...
  390. SemperFishing

    Testing: Venice Report from last Weekend...

    Good eyes, and that is MY Trinidad with the popper! :rofl: I was really impressed with the swimming action with the Frenzy Flyer, but I have yet to throw it on busting Tuna. Im not sure even how to chug it, but Im told just "burn it back." I used it on the Reds and Crevelle, but fished diamond...
  391. SemperFishing

    Halibut Madness in the Foam Zone

    Nice 'butt! Course, seeing butts is better than reading about them...:repost:
  392. SemperFishing

    Surface Iron

    Thats a pretty good trick that I havnt tried out. I tend to go with jigs with even hips and nearly as symetrical as possible (my results are about 75% good, with 25% great swimmers). I will have to try this out. I havnt noticed any difference in the jigs swimming using 50lb, though in most...
  393. SemperFishing

    Accurate Excel 16 day trip 3/27/12

    Dont you wish you went? &#8220;The past few days have really made the trip for me,&#8221; offered Excel skipper Justin Fleck in his April 7 report. &#8220;It's always nice to get on a body of fish that wants to bite good and gets everyone involved. Seeing the look of enjoyment on the faces of...
  394. SemperFishing

    Testing: Venice Report from last Weekend...

    Well, my nicely worded report just got deleted thanks to myslow-a** Cox internet connection (word to the wise, compose the report in WordDocs, THEN post). THat said, we caught fish: Enjoying some crawfish boil before leaving on my friendsboat: Rolling out of the harbor...
  395. SemperFishing

    Cofe Products = Excellent Service and results!!

    But Steve, he's gonna keep me on the phone for hours! :rofl:
  396. SemperFishing

    Cofe Products = Excellent Service and results!!

    Can anyone tell me if Cofe can change out the bearings on my ATD30 and/or my BX600? I want some more free spool on them... Thanks in advance, Dave
  397. SemperFishing

    Cofe Products = Excellent Service and results!!

    I consider that the hallmark of great customer service and someone who knows what he's talking about! (I hear Gary Sato is the same way).
  398. SemperFishing

    Do you remember...

    I remember my first wide open bite being Barracuda on the Islander when Mark Pisano and Paul Strasser ran it. This was back around '94 and I just remember being THRILLED that I could cast out an iron and catch a forth, fifth, sixth, seventh fish in a row. Easy limits and then it was shaking them...
  399. SemperFishing

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Hey, those deck trash cans can be a treasure trove! (just gotta pick through the sunflower seed shells).... Funny note from my last trip, one of our Passengers from South Africa noted with joy that he used some flouro he got out of the trashcan on last years trip and got a cow on it. He is...
  400. SemperFishing

    Reel Life Fishing

    The video is like watching Koi fish feeding in a pond! Great stuff man!
  401. SemperFishing

    Day trip out of Cameron, LA 3/25/12

    EXCELLENT!!! Nice report man! Thanks for posting! I'm going out of Venice on my buddie's boat this weekend, hopefully we'll do just as good! Thanks for clearifying about the white dots, would have made me thinking it was some weird disease from the BP spill...
  402. SemperFishing

    Alijos Rocks

    THIS IS THE BLOODY DECKS LONG RANGE FORUM AND WE WILL BLOODY CRUCIFY YOU IF WE BLOODY DARN FEEL LIKE IT!!!!! Just kidding, welcome! Like others have said, its really mix bag on the early 8 days. Right now (early April), there isnt anything biting. The first boats wont start doing trips there...
  403. SemperFishing

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    In addition to below, remember that when you book on a San Diego LR boat, you are booking with THE best sport boat skippers who fish these waters 11 months out of the year. They want to catch fish and have taken the goal of catching fish to the extreame. It isnt like charter operations in other...
  404. SemperFishing

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Hmmmm...I think the answer to this question lies in Time Frames. I believe you said you would be going in July? Most years, July can still be a crap shoot, but way better odds at Tuna than June, the past 2-3 seasons have had good yellowfin fishing at the Rocks during that month (with some...
  405. SemperFishing

    3day rockcod on the Fortune (pic heavy)

    Thats some sick handfuls of Reds! Break out the beer batter! (Or, one of my personal favs, Thai lemongrass soup with Rock Cod and roasted chilis....)
  406. SemperFishing

    Chef Javier

    Javier was super cool the few times I got to fish with him. I even gave him one of my boonie covers at the end of the trip because he really liked them. I hope everything works out well.
  407. SemperFishing

    Proper Spinning reel techniques for Long Range

    :rofl:Get the back-up rig ready!
  408. SemperFishing


    CMY STX, from your initial post, you came out pretty harsh and guns a blazing. I'm sure you didnt mean for that to happen, but as the world goes, "perception is reality." Internet forums are no different. Im not trying to start nuth'n man, Just wanting to defuse the whole thang. But per...
  409. SemperFishing

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Though I've tried a lot over many trips, my dropper loop success has been limited to 25-30lb yellows. I watched a 72 pounder hooked and landed right next to me at Guadelupe, and as a deckie back in 98, I saw a 92 (yes NINTY-TWO) pound mossback taken by a 14 year old junior angler (or was it an...
  410. SemperFishing

    Wind on leaders

    I just realized that I left a huge part out of my previous post. I edited it to differentiate between making the wind-on and connecting the wide-on. <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=3 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset...
  411. SemperFishing

    cedros in june?

    I've fished the Shogun a few times (3 days and less) and love the boat. I havent fished with the new crew yet, but its a great ride and I'm confident that the crew will take care of you. The yellowtail will be at the islands and if luck is in your favor, there is a good chance you'll get some...
  412. SemperFishing

    Wind on leaders

    GET SOOOOOOOME!!!! I learned how to make those wide-ons using the Shimano/Inside Sportfishing DVD too!
  413. SemperFishing

    Louisiana Redfish - Florida Tarpon

    You have to use a "middleman" website to host pics. Go to Photobucket or use the gallery of Bloodydecks. Upload your pics (try to keep them at half a megabyte or less). Once it is loaded, you will see a link with a URL or address that you need to cut and paste onto a new post. That way, your...
  414. SemperFishing

    Wind on leaders

    I struggled with this same issue when I was prepping for my cow trip, I have found the following (much more to learn):<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> There are three options of making wind-ons: <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> 1. Loop to loop<o:p></o:p>...
  415. SemperFishing

    September 7/8 day

    STOKED for yah man! I love fishing the Star (and if SactoTuna on the boat, it becomes icing on the cake!), but they didnt have an 8 day that fit my schedule so I had to jump ship to the Excel (mid sept 8 day). I never fished that boat and wanted to give 'er a try. I love fishing all the...
  416. SemperFishing

    Question for the experst 8 day in June

    My reccomendations would be the same as everyone else's. Emphesize on using the cheaper Mustad Hooks in 2/0-5/0. They're only about $5-6 for a pack of 40-50 count. I forget the model number, but they are bronze with a off-set shank. They work great on Tuna to 80lbs and 50lb line, anything...
  417. SemperFishing

    Cow fishing 3 won't open

    Thanks for reposting, this is some great info (Im also locked out of the thread as Im not part of the Jaime code group :hali_parkutuli:).
  418. SemperFishing

    Spring Break fishing......

    Great Report! Thanks for taking the time to post. Looks like you had fun!
  419. SemperFishing

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Welcome! You'll never forget your first Yellowtail! Or your first Yo-Yo Iron Yellowtail, or your first surface Iron yellowtail, or your first WIDE OPEN yellowtail bite (Im starting to froth at the mouth thinking about it!). THe great thing about a LR trip is that you will likely see ALL four...
  420. SemperFishing

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    Qoute from Jeff: **Dave, I disagree regarding the cost of a heavy rig for cow fishing; New Rod - $500 Reel - $600 Line - $150 (700yds of spectra) $1250 + tax (depending on the state) Leader - $30 each (if you buy them premade) Hooks - $2 each Boots - $80 Harness & plate - $300 (you...
  421. SemperFishing

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    R u talking about just the rod and reel or rod and reel with everything? Consider the $3000 covers what it can cost up to with everything, (a "high" qoute with customized rods, blueprinted drags, changed out bearings, all hooks ranging from 3/0 to 12/0, flouro, crimper, sales taxs, etc etc...)...
  422. SemperFishing


    I did a skiff trip back in '06 and had an AMAZING time. The places you see in Baja are prestine and the calico fishing was killer. Since you are from Corpus Christie, if you like fishing redfish, you will love fishing calicos. They pull harder and tougher than reds of similar sizes and the...
  423. SemperFishing

    Need some help Newbie to the long range trips

    Your penn 4/0s are great for smaller tuna (sub 100lbs), wahoo casting, and bait making. All the other tackle you have or plan to buy will do the job fine for the yellowtails, wahoo, that you will run into. But, since you are planning on doing a late fall/early winter trip, you have a shot of...
  424. SemperFishing

    Clipperton Adventure on the Star

    hahah! Yeah, or i can hang on to Wayne or Jim to help anchor me down to the deck!
  425. SemperFishing

    more clipperton photos

    Yeaaahhhh! Nice man! Thanks for posting more pics! It fuels the fire!
  426. SemperFishing

    Clipperton Adventure on the Star

    "There is something to be said for being able to pull hard. Just for fun, I buttoned down my drag on 130 lbs test, and both Blake and I grabbed the spool to not allow any line to come off the reel, and we stopped a 190 lbs tuna... cold. It would not go more than 100 yards. we didn't allow any...
  427. SemperFishing

    Wahoo fishing

    Just my 2 cents: I have caught quite a few wahoo, but never on spectra for the reason being that it makes me nervous to have that spectra whip that fast. I have seen a freshly hooked 'hoo do a run so quick that it snaps the line and sends water into the air. I've hooked them in the stern and...
  428. SemperFishing

    Clipperton Adventure on the Star

    Amazing, it really is the stuff of dreams. Thanks for the report! Any pics?
  429. SemperFishing

    Catching a cow

    Meat Farmers? Pffft! Sounds like jealousy to me! THey can go pound sand, I let go over 25 Yellowfin avg 70-90lbs my last LR trip. Try reading anywhere about anyone on the gulf/east coast doing that!
  430. SemperFishing

    Stateroom TVs

    X2: which LR boat has TVs in the bunk room?
  431. SemperFishing

    Salami question

    X2. We mostly shoulder hooked them. Just pay attention to them as they are pretty darn smart (for a bait fish) and will swim right back to hide under the boat. I had one do that 4 times on me. Dave
  432. SemperFishing

    Salami question

    Heh heh, no salami jokes yet (couldnt think of any), though I do find the name "Pacific Chub Mackeral" kinda funny. Its a mackeral like the ones you find off the southern california coast, but it has spots on the belly. Baits are typically .75 to 1.5 pounds. Man....talking about salami...
  433. SemperFishing

    Salami question

    Hate to thread jack, but Hey Jim, are you signed back on for next years trip? I just put my name on the list 10 days ago because it was the 2nd to last spot (I dont know if I can even make the trip yet, gonna try to). I just talked to Wayne today, the waiting list is now 7 deep (and we havnt...
  434. SemperFishing

    Best trip for wahoo

    FALL. Big time. The fishing has a lot more options. You can do very well in the spring/early summer, but Fall tends to be prime time, your odds are much higher to have good shots at dorado, wahoo and yellowfin in ADDITION to tails.
  435. SemperFishing

    Best trip for wahoo

    THat is why they tend to have light loads (or in extreame cases, dont make it out at all). But yeah, you can expect at most a decent shot at yellowfin, with wide open Yellowtail for at least a 2-3 days. Speaking personally, Ive done very well on early 8 days. I did one a few years in mid-june...
  436. SemperFishing

    Salami question

    I've only done one trip that fished salamis extensively, but we did so with a preference for 50 size reels. The salami takes off like a bat out of hell, so an "ultra" free spool a-la sardine wasnt necessary. Some of us noobs had a tough time telling the speed of the salami running and whether or...
  437. SemperFishing

    is this Accurate?

    To answer this question specifically, the ability to cast is EXTREAMLY critical as it can make or break your fishing trip. If the current is minimal or non-existent (which often happens), the only method left is to cast a very light sardine 15-25 feet away from the boat in the hopes that it wont...
  438. SemperFishing

    How do we judge a trip? (and more pics)

    Thanks for the report, looks like a great time had by all. Perspective is definately coming into play. Where else in the world can you catch 40-250 pound yellowfin? Even a slow day with no cows and a handful of schoolie 25-80lbers is better than what 95% of the world's other spots have to offer...
  439. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    Andy, you're making me feel bad bro! We'll both get'em on our next trip!!! If not, beers on me! :hali_olutta:
  440. SemperFishing

    Chicken Feet?

    The picture of Mr Tang eating those chicken feet are in a LR boat's galley, so he's legal. :rofl: That said, I will not touch certain foods that my fellow Buddha heads will eat. Chicken Legs are on that list (I hear they are quite "gellantonous") Now, where's that hot dog??? D
  441. SemperFishing

    Newby report - Royal Star 14 day trip

    Nice report dude, Sorry to hear your trip was a little slow on the catching side, I was suppose to go with Andy on your trip but scheduling wouldnt allow. And Congrats to Andy on that nice cow! (Andy I owe you a phone call!)
  442. SemperFishing

    1st timer 15 day early prep???

    As I learned from BD before my first trip, its just like Steve K and Jeff have said: "you probably will not stop a cow tuna in it's tracks on the initial run with stupid tight drag, you will either pull the hook, break the fish off or have so other type of tackle failure......I like about 20#...
  443. SemperFishing

    1st timer 15 day early prep???

    Whats a good rod to match with ATD 12, Im good size (6'-260 athletic cut), and like to put the boots to the fish on the first run, like 30lbs: I've noticed that many taller guys like the 7ft heavy (XXH or XXXH) in either the Seeker 2 x 4 or Calstar. But since its a ATD 12, what line are you...
  444. SemperFishing

    1st timer 15 day early prep???

    I just got off my first 15 day, so I have a couple fresh insights: a. Since you're on the KilSong Jig and pop trip, they may be spending a lot of time chasing Tuna on jigs and poppers. If this is indeed the case, you're tactics may vary greatly from most 15 days and be chasing Tunas on those...
  445. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    Thanks for the compliments guys!
  446. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    yeah I know, I was SUPPOSE to be on that last year's trip, deposit was getting set to be made when I got a phone call from the Battalion XO. It started with "Have I got a deal for you!" 6 months later I was in Afghanistan. You can imagine my angst when I read the boat reports sitting in some...
  447. SemperFishing

    New years trips

    Just a thought, create a shopping list and buy online or call in the order a few weeks before your trip. That way, you can get the terminal tackle and sort it within your tackle box. Any last minute stuff you can get at the landing (most likely anyway). Fisherman's landing is next door and...
  448. SemperFishing

    C&R logistics with yo-yo jigs?

    Would LOVE to see all the LR boats release more fish this way. Call me a hippie, but I'd really like to let more fish go (intentionally, of course).
  449. SemperFishing

    Call me "Ansel Adams..."

    Olympus EPL-1, great camera.
  450. SemperFishing

    Call me "Ansel Adams..."

    Not Sure Jim, with the Food Trailer, I just cant say where Im gonna be at that time (in fact, I just got back this morning from Austin getting my Food Trailer licensed, all is left to do is get it inspected by the Fire and Health Depts). One thing that IS for sure, 7 days after getting back...
  451. SemperFishing

    Surface irons

    Depending on the angle, depth and length of the filing, you can get your jig to swim dramatically. Just remember that once you make the changes, you cant undo them. THerefore the best place is in the harbour (like O-side) where I tweaked over a dozen jigs. I got about 8 of those dozen to improve...
  452. SemperFishing

    Can't sell your catch

    Great.....all it takes is one....
  453. SemperFishing

    Call me "Ansel Adams..."

    Hahah, yeah, my fish is in the back row, right corner at about 130-140ish pounds. The ones up front are 220-250ish.... Damn fine trip! THanks for the compliments guys!
  454. SemperFishing

    Call me "Ansel Adams..."

    Heres something a bit different, I was messing with photo editor and did some black and white photos from the recent Braid 15-day. Some of the stuff came out good and I thought I'd share. Enjoy! PS: Ansel Adams is a photograper who made a bunch of famous Black and WHite photos of Yosemite...
  455. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    Yeah he did. He was ALWAYS hooked up. He also got FOUR cows! But it was funny to watch him scheme for 3 hours to catch a wahoo, finally hook one, hear him laugh, hollar and giggle with glee to watch it burn line, then *PLINK*. Gone. So anti-climatic.... Kohei, it was an absolute pleasure to...
  456. SemperFishing

    BOOKED First LONG range trip 16/13 Day trip on XL in March 2013

    Congrats DUde! I just got off my first 15 day cow trip last week, and let me tell you, I'm already itching to go cowfishing AGAIN. It is addicting! I'mm already looking at schedules for my next outing. Please post a report after the march trip, we'll be rooting for yah! GOod call on holding...
  457. SemperFishing

    Rail Rods

    Jim, you forgot to mention your size (height and weight)! I have a 6460XH, but coming off my first 15 day, I really like the 6'5 foot XH or XXH type rods from either Calstar or Seeker equalivent. Stock handles are good for me, though I would prefer an extra inch on the end (hahah, that's...
  458. SemperFishing

    Long Range plans 2012-2013 extending my range.

    Your best bet for 100lb class tuna and wahoo are the 8-10 days between mid-Sept through early nov. Oct is prime. You will want an 8+ day b/c of the extra time fishing (7 day is way too short for me, especially if you go to Alijos/Ridge, which is where wahoo typically are fished). Depending on...
  459. SemperFishing

    1.5 day on the costitution 2/11/2012

    Looks like some Rock Cod soup would go a long way out there! Thanks for posting and congrats on the Pot!
  460. SemperFishing

    how to handle a bait?

    I like the gloves whenever I fish a lot of spectra (80lbs or higher, usually 8 days of longer). I wear the ones that have cut off finger tips to allow easier knot tying. Per your original question, I had this problem too when trying to hook a 'dine: You know those little bait nets in the...
  461. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    Jim, pleaure to fish with you too! Jeff, thanks again for letting me borrow the rod! (it was really a 665? I swore I thought it was a 770). And of course, a big thanks for letting me keep the jig! I hope to make it up there to fish the NW with you guys soon. My take on the XXH (whether it was...
  462. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    Thanks for the help on info Jamie! I culled 2-3 years of posts off BD and built a 40 page long "Cow Fishing Manifesto" for the trip. The other anglers saw it and were impressed. It paid off well! And damn if Im not addicted! I was itching to go back fishing 2 days after I got back! Not sure...
  463. SemperFishing

    Cow Noob No More! Royal Star 15-Day Report

    (Heheheh, It wasnt my intention of posting this big ass photo of me...but photobucket has a mind of its own...) We just got back from the Royal Star 15 Day BraidTrip. The fishing was excellent as we spent 7 days in the lower zone andclobbered the Tuna. Being my first Cow trip, I had...
  464. SemperFishing

    First timer looking to plan trip. Advice needed.

    Makos are incidentals, rarely ever caught or seen on these trips (5 days or less). Great Whites are NEVER seen unless you go to Guadelupe Island where they breed (or seem to, I dont think the biologists have proven that one yet). The GWs there take a lot of the tuna that are hooked, and no one...
  465. SemperFishing

    Accurate Boss Magnum 870 2-Speed

    My buddy Matt is selling his Accurate Boss Magnum 8702-Speed and is offering them up on BD. Its Spooled with 65lb spectra with 40lbmono. Ready to FISH! Some very small scratches, other than that, it is inExcellent Condition. $325.00 FIRM (No LOWER). No Shipping, pick upin the Carlsbad /...
  466. SemperFishing

    Rods for Sale: CalStar and Seeker

    My buddy Matt is selling his rods and is offering them up onBD. All rods are in good to excellent condition and are priced 30-60% lowerthan the &#8220;brand new&#8221; price (prices taken from No Shipping, pick up in the Carlsbad /Oceanside area. Please call him and...
  467. SemperFishing

    First timer looking to plan trip. Advice needed.

    For 5 days, the late summer to fall (late july to oct) is your best bet, with Aug/Sept the optimum months. You need to realize that the past 2-4 years have been to very inconsistent to the quantity of yellowfin. SOme years were great, some years not so much, some years with cold water will not...
  468. SemperFishing

    Report from the Excel

    10 more days...10 more days...10 more days....oh SH*T!!! I only got 10 more days to prep!
  469. SemperFishing

    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    Now thats a thread jack I'd rather not see! THanks for all the advice gang! I'll def post a report on my return. Lots of great NEW info on the responses, just goes to show, there is A LOT to learn out there. But as I asked Blake Wasano (10 year deckhand on the Royal Star) one day in San...
  470. SemperFishing

    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    Wassup Dudes! It&#8217;s been a while since I&#8217;ve posted on hereand Ive been lurking around gathering info from all the questions and postsabout cow fishing. I&#8217;m on the Royal Star Braid 15-day this year to fufull a life long dream, catching a Tuna heavier than me. Since I&#8217;m only...
  471. SemperFishing

    Is this common on the tuna grounds?

    Those of you slamming the KID (definition: a human being usually under the age of 13), for bad fishing technique or tackle need to cool your jets or read the whole set of posts. How can you dog on a KID (definition 2: someone young who is inexperienced) for hooking a fish of a lifetime, then...
  472. SemperFishing

    1.5 Prowler 8/20-8/22

    :Bawling_eWHAT?! according to that last poster "banksdd" or STD...something like should have avoided the prowler at all costs! Could it be that his whiney post was a result of fishing being on an off day? :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin Could it be that he didnt know what he was...
  473. SemperFishing

    Drew Ford Charter 2 Day Fish Report on the New Lo-An

    Wow, thats the bloodiest deck Ive ever seen, and I decked during the albecore massacare years of 98-00! Thanks for the steller report! ABout time someone posted some pics on the great tuna bite!
  474. SemperFishing


    Dude, you really are CLUELESS about how San Diego TUna fishing goes, arent you? Pull the lint out of your ears, and shut your trap, b/c here comes an education for you, numbnutts: 1. TUna have fins, that means they swim. 2. TUNA follow food, and they also swim. 3. Temperature...
  475. SemperFishing

    How about Tim's Reports?

    Thank you Ali, I think you put it best. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Really Steve, how could you believe that putting up a poll like this would have good effects? All it draws is controversy with haters and supporters...
  476. SemperFishing

    7.26.11 Most corbina EVER...

    Hehehhe, bro, when I went to SDSU back in 2000,one day I went to Torry Pines to surf fish the beans. I counted EIGHTY that day, and didnt get a single nibble. THey were in the mood for love, not eating. SOrry to see that they havnt changed a bit!
  477. SemperFishing

    Venice Summertime Yellowfin Tuna Report 07-31-11

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! HAHAH!
  478. SemperFishing

    Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip on RR3

    Great fishing with you guys! The RRIII crew were top notch, they really went out of thier way to help out the passengers. Some more fish porn:
  479. SemperFishing

    Huntington Flats 6/11/11-- Lots of Slime! In the water and driving the sporties too!

    :appl: If you all havnt noticed, most people in southern california are pricks. A lot of cattleboats are run by pricks, a lot of PBers are pricks (or just plain STUPID), put them all in a mixing pot on one school of barracuda every day, day after day, each season, and everyone is bound to step...
  480. SemperFishing

    Hot Streak! White Sea Bass Limits on the Freedom!

    We were rudely awakened by the fish. I was sleeping in the rack because I only got 3 hours of sleep the night before and couldnt muster the strength to get up early, until I heard a WHUMP! Flip flop! Flip Flop! Tommy (the Skipper) "GUYS! Theyre biting! WAKE UP! They're biting!" Everyone mad...
  481. SemperFishing

    Hot Streak! White Sea Bass Limits on the Freedom!

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: Hey man, I'm just making up for 8 months of ZERO fishing due to deployment! Fair is Fair! LOL
  482. SemperFishing

    Hot Streak! White Sea Bass Limits on the Freedom!

    ANd, for the thanks and messages from my lasts yellowtail post, thank you for the kind words and congratulations! Hope you guys can get out there!
  483. SemperFishing

    Hot Streak! White Sea Bass Limits on the Freedom!

    Alright guys, Im on track to be one of the more hated guys on BDecks, if you recall, my last post was of the epic 100 yellowtail bite about 3 weeks ago. I didnt get a chance to get out again until last night (was in Chicago and Austin), and man...I hope my lucky streak continues! In a...
  484. SemperFishing

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Ok, part 2: THe day went on, and we were getting our asses kicked. I've caught plenty of yellows over my life time, but these fish were stronger than usual. LOTS of guys were getting rocked. I hooked one fish I could not stop, he went stright down, and the next thing I know BAM! Gone. I would up...
  485. SemperFishing

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    I'll keep this rather short as Im pretty tired from today's awesome fishing. SO, yesturday I walk into my bosses office and before I can say anything, he asks "Captain S, why do you have this crazed look in your eye?" I proceeded to explain that Ive been desperately fishing all year and havnt...
  486. SemperFishing

    Fishing at redondo pier

    Wow, that is no kidding a mackeral pie. I thought someone was joking! Whats the story behind that dish?
  487. SemperFishing

    Sea Adventure II?

    I had a great time with Chuck, two different trips, 2 day, WIDE F(*&ING open yellowfin and dorado and a couple albies. We could have had YFT limits 3x over if we didnt start releasing. We left the fish early and he called in a boat that wasnt having such good luck (I wanna say it was the Pacific...
  488. SemperFishing

    green canyon glory!! trip out of Grand Isle 5/5/11

    wow....we gotta go 5-8 days on a long range trip for that kind of action!:hali_olutta:
  489. SemperFishing

    1st 8 Day

    Oh yeah, one more thing to add to your shopping list. I personally find making wahoo leaders a pain, you should buy some to use on your jigs or bait. Taka's tackle near L.A. makes some good ones. Im considering it for my next LR trip, as Im tired of losing good raider jigs.
  490. SemperFishing

    Excel metered Albacore ?

    Searcher, I also worked at the landing office for the summer. You're retired from the Corps? Where you on the Shogun on the 3 day San Clemente Trip?
  491. SemperFishing

    4 hours fishing and a suprise at the boat launch!

    IDK, sometimes they are like cops, if you're polite with them, they're cool with you. But plenty of people in So Cal are rude, pissed off, stressed out and/or feel entitled to the world, so some DFG are more dick headed about it thier approach with you. Then again, there is ALWAYS that ONE...
  492. SemperFishing

    1st 8 Day

    I've had very good success on Wahoo using jigs. Bombs or Raiders work best for me, just BURN the retrieve (crank as fast as you can). Remember to turn the handle as the fish strikes, dont set the hook. I reccomend your higher speed reels like the newell or trinidad for the job. 40-50lb is...
  493. SemperFishing

    72nd St. Jetty bonus WSB

    Nice job man! Thanks for the report and pics!
  494. SemperFishing

    Excel metered Albacore ?

    "The fish usually show when they show. Coincidentally they usually bite, when they bite." ~Ali :rofl:Spoken like a true wiseman! I scored well on the Albies last year during one of their VERY brief flurries. I got 7 if I recall, 3 on bait in the AM, 2 in the early afternoon and 2 more in...
  495. SemperFishing

    We are a go

    Good luck guys! We'll be watching the reports! I'd go, but right now Im booked on a 15 day and I cant even afford half day fishing on my budget! Im stuck to the surf until Jan of 2012!!! :nopity:
  496. SemperFishing

    9.90LBS Spotted Bay Bass from 2004? Maybe

    Thats a gold-spotted bass. They get them around mag bay area, Ive seen a couple on Long Range trips. They look delecious! The other bass I think is reffered to as a Pinto Bass off LR boats. the Bass family is so wide spread around the world, look up Black bass off of the east coast, shapped...
  497. SemperFishing

    The Kimberleys, Broome, Northwest Australia

    (shudder)....Salt water I would rather not mess with those things. But the fishing looks awesome. Where do I sign up? :D Who runs these trips?
  498. SemperFishing

    Shogun 4-11

    Great report Keith! Thanks for shareing! You guys got lucky on the yellowfin for this time of year! Glad to see the SHogun rocked it. Dave
  499. SemperFishing

    10 Day Long Range Trip - - - Bucket List

    Hey, you're up to FOUR posts! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> All the info has been spot on in my "limited" experience (5 trips 7-9 days, 10 trips 3-6 days, all seasons, my first 15 day next year). <o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> For...
  500. SemperFishing

    Newell V521

    March 26 is too far away, pls post some pics! Bruce, are you going to fish that cool wired jig set up? Dave
  501. SemperFishing

    American Angler (LATE) 7 day report

    Dave/Ryan, I hope you guys get a killer early summer trip, last year they had excellent fishing on Yellowfin and Yellowtail during the april-june 8 days. Be sure to post a report and pics!
  502. SemperFishing

    American Angler (LATE) 7 day report

    A very late report from a American Angler 7 day back in late august. I had the privilege of fishing the Katsugi Charter with the &#8220;famous&#8221; Jimmy Lew. Ive been ordering rods from Yos for nearly a decade and in all that time I never got to fish with Jimmy, and let me tell you, now that...
  503. SemperFishing

    Great White Shark in Florida!

    Im grew up in Los Angeles and have lived and fished in Texas, Florida and Georgia, and you know what, California girls are crap when it comes to outdoors. The Girls out there are hot (even without make up) and love to hunt and fish. As soon as Im getting the chance Im moving back out there!
  504. SemperFishing

    popping @ Alijos question

    Kyle, thanks for posting the question, Im looking into experiementing with a popper for Tuna and I dont know where to start. Skip Jigging with the iron is awesome but tireing (I have to stop after 12 or so casts). THis seems just as fun and Im starting to target big GTs. Are you going on the...
  505. SemperFishing

    New Caledonia Adventure Report

    Photo = Wow. Photo 2 = Wow. Photo 3 = Wow....and on and on! Gary, I plan to get my first GT on a popper in Australia (perhaps in Jan '12) at the Great Barrier Reef. Let me know if you're down! Dave
  506. SemperFishing

    Moon Phases on long range trips

    You know when you ask somebody a question and instead of stright answer, they say "depends". This is one of those situations. I worked as a deckie during the Albie slaughter of '97-00 and started noticing the bite would drop off during certain periods, most notably, the full moon. But it...
  507. SemperFishing

    Can you bring fish back to the US from PV?

    Thanks for the help guys! Its greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Dave
  508. SemperFishing

    Can you bring fish back to the US from PV?

    if so, how much can you bring (cooler size limits) and what is the price? Any help is appreciated....Im sure I'll need it for that 399 mega cow yellowfin Im sure to land:rofl::waglleybooty: Dave
  509. SemperFishing


    Personal preference. I hate the knobs, too small, and swapped to the rubber handle just this 7 day trip in Sept. I felt it wasnt very erganomic (unlike the Shimano handles), so I grinded them down. Ugly, but it felt good! Took 2 YF of 65lbs and handle was great, but then the nut holding the...
  510. SemperFishing

    Fishing ops in Phuket in August?

    Heh heh heh, bro, you might want to tell your wife to check your dates, August is rainy season there. I've fished "long Range" (they do have them). You can go 4-6 days and tangle with Dog tooths up to 150lbs and Giant Trevallys up to 60lbs. I had a blast, but the season is Dec-May. For the...
  511. SemperFishing

    I'll never throw back another AJ

    Heheheh, I caught my first Jack at Alijos this fall, I didnt get a chance to eat it, but the fillets looked good. Cant say the same about the Amberjacks I've caught in Florida. They were so full of these thick worms that the fillet looked like a cross section of macaroni cassarole. Hell...
  512. SemperFishing

    Stubby wide slot screwdrivers, where to buy?

    HAH! I thought I was the only one! I had this problem FOR YEARS! Finally found them at some random hardware store in Atlanta (and like an idiot, only bought one, though I still have it). Sorry, I know this doesnt help you other than knowing that someone else knows your pain. Home Depo or...
  513. SemperFishing

    Qualifier 105

    I use an anology for the Q105, its like going to a old Irish Pub that has lots of character and history with it. I love "old school bars" that make you feel welcome and at home. Striclty speaking as a fishing boat platform, of all the LR boats I've fished (Royal Polaris, Polaris Supreame...
  514. SemperFishing

    Excel 15-Day January 6-21

    Thanks Eric, I'll post my 7-day from Sept on here soon (a little late, but any report is enough to feed the imagination during the winter months). I use an Olympus for the underwater housings, Im curious to compare the two.
  515. SemperFishing

    Royal Star 12 day Jan 8-20

    Thanks Jay! I may take you up on that! I'll overlook the Army status since you fish the Royal Star!
  516. SemperFishing

    Excel 15-Day January 6-21

    Great Report! Looked like an awesome trip. What camera did you use, those pics are sharp! Dave
  517. SemperFishing

    Royal Star 12 day Jan 8-20

    Thanks for the report Jay! I was suppose to jump on my first Cow trip on the Star this winter (I even put down my deposit), but I got deployed to Afghanistan. I appreaciate you sharing the details for us "noobs" to gather tips. Tracy still has my deposit, so hopfully this next season will be the...
  518. SemperFishing


    John, nice spec trout! I fished Corpus a couple times in past years, got a 28lb Red drum off the Aransas jetty! Love that place! Spring/Summer trips often get nice Tuna on them, and the last season, fishing at Alijos during the early summer was EXCELLENT on 40-100 Tuna and big (30-40 lb)...
  519. SemperFishing

    Mid Summer Trip

    Wildman, I was gonna post in the same format!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> "My schedule is usually open late july/early august. My idea of a long range trip is to get away from everything, clear my mind and fish. My mind is...
  520. SemperFishing


    They are especially friendly with "noobs" such as myself. None of the "holier than thou" fisherman attitude that ive experienced on other LR boats. I havnt fished with Randy yet, but both Tim and Brian are some of the most approcable, professional and friendly skippers out there. I cant wait to...
  521. SemperFishing

    Carl and Susan surf fishing Asuncion

    I see no one has answered your UFO yet, I recall that its called a barred Sea Chub (or something to that effect). Ive seen them at Mission Bay entrence before, but rearly anywhere else. They're in the Halfmoon/opal eye family if I recall... Looks like some good bean fishing down there! Dave
  522. SemperFishing

    Second and Third Rods for Alijos

    Ive been looking to do a spring 8-day again, hoping for repeat of what I read on last year's reports. 30-100lb tuna and big yellows, makes my heart beat faster! Man, I need to go fishing!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Mike, I...
  523. SemperFishing


    &#8220;Photo today features the familiar "derby" of living long range legend Frank Matsuhara who had an epic battle on his hands fighting this devil fish of a yellowfin tuna. Every once in a while we experience a yellowfin with mutant strength that defies all reason. There have been a handful...
  524. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    Thanks Jaime, This is rig I had in mind is more of a utility rig to fish 80-100lb, whether its long soaking a bait or dropper rig. I guess I should have specified it as such as it looks like its not necessary for 100lb tuna. The 40-60lb outfit is covered (avet HX 5/2 or Penn 4/0, old...
  525. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    thanks Gene. Its prob too late to get it back in time from cal at this point, but for sure will look to get this extra work done before I roll on a longer trip. The rod is a CalStar BTG 6465XXH (or something like that), wrapped by Takas. Its F*&^KING great! This is the first tuna rod that I can...
  526. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    Thanks FishOrDie, Is hollow thicker than regular spectra? I am thinking that 100lb JB regular should be used with a splice so I can have that extra line capacity, I dont want to lose the that when using hollow (or is it that big of a difference?). Dave
  527. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    Great advice from everyone, thanks guys! I think I'll put either JB 100# or 80# for the vsx and use that as a "heavy" rig, and use 40-60 outfit for the 100lbers (per everyone's reccomendation. What size range do tuna schools come in on long range trips (10-18 days). Are they mix 60-100lbers...
  528. SemperFishing

    Spectra Experts: A question for Tuna Gurus

    Hey folks, (the question has been edited to be clearer) A request for help from a "noob." I going for my first tuna over a 100lbs this august on a American Angler 7 day. They've been getting quite a few over 100 so far this season and Im not sure what to do about my spectra/flouro connection...
  529. SemperFishing

    Reels and Rods - Shimano's, Seeker and Avet

    SIGH. THose damn Red handled Newells never last long enough for me to take a stab at it. I wish Newell would re-release those, they never last long on ebay.
  530. SemperFishing

    Ncal guy needs info on Tuna fishing

    Dave, IMHO and experience, all the info posted here is dead on. Tuna is likely on a 5 day during that time of year, but not always a high probability (and NO trip is it a guarantee). But if you want to get the closest to a guarantee as possible for Tuna, do the trips in Aug/Sept. They are...
  531. SemperFishing

    Freedom SCI Report

    I inadvertently posted this on the Bass Club forum, but thought you guys would like the report: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Just got off the Freedom from its sat night run to the <?xml:namespace prefix = u1 /><u1:place...
  532. SemperFishing

    Freedom SCI Bass Report

    Just got off the Freedom from its sat night run to the Island. As Ive come accustomed, Tommy and his crew worked their tails off, trying for squid that night (no luck) and working the deck all day and looking for good conditions. Wind blew us off the Island (we were fishing the NW corner)...
  533. SemperFishing


    Thank you Erik for clarifying about the personal attack, and the thank you is appreciated on behalf of myself and the young Devil Dogs I am honored to lead. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I still feel strongly that my...
  534. SemperFishing


    No Erik, I am not way off on my post. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Also, Comparing the MINDSET in keeping a full limit of any fish IS akin to gill net fishing/ buffalo slaughter is not ludicrous. WHY? B/c its the same...
  535. SemperFishing


    And one last thing, I am glad to note that there are a number of anglers posting on this tread who are worried about the state of our fishing and wanting to maintain a sustainable fishery. Keep up the good work guys, 5-10 years ago, you would have been RIPPED by the old school philosophy. Seems...
  536. SemperFishing


    X another Fisherman. The question here (off of Raul's jacked thread) is whether you should or shouldnt keep your limit. Yes, it is in a Fisherman's legal right to keep the DFG's stated limit of bass. But should you? Sorry, but I think you shouldnt KILL EVERY fish you catch because the law...
  537. SemperFishing

    need some tackle advice, yellow hunting 4/22-4/24

    I went out last weekend for a limit of yellows, all on the 6x jr in scrambled egg. But really, the fish were pretty wide open so any color you threw would get hammered. I did read off a 976 post that the fish were hot on the scrambled egg (or perhaps everyone was fishing one?). Blue and white is...
  538. SemperFishing

    YELLOWTAIL on da Constitution 1.5 Day - 4/2-4/2010

    "We found that his work buddy snagging the drowned rig on the rodtip and even recovered the bottom stuck Salas jig. " That is so frick'n wierd, I kid you not, I just did a 2 day with Joe last month, and one of the passengers dumped a boat rod over the side. It got snagged on another line and...
  539. SemperFishing

    81 Yellowtail: Sea Adventure II Report 3/28

    Haha! Funny you mention that, during one of the stops, we notice a cigar case floating by. We were like: "dude, that sucks, someone lost thier cigar." "wheres the gaff? I want to try and gaff it!" Chuck walks past and growls "naw, thats mine. Some passenger gave it to me last trip, EMPTY!"...
  540. SemperFishing

    81 Yellowtail: Sea Adventure II Report 3/28

    Short version: We got almost wide open fishing on yellowtail for 3 hours. Long version: It just goes to show that sometimes its about persistance.... So, 5 weeks ago, I hear about the great Yellowtail fishing at Collonett and try to get my first yellow of the year. It went like this...
  541. SemperFishing

    San Clemente Report - Eclipse / Daveys

    Nice stack of fish for the fryer! Thanks for the report! Thats a rubberlip peach, though it does have different names, all ending in perch. They are pretty good eating.
  542. SemperFishing

    First Long range trip 8 day Royal Polaris

    A great trip is almost garunteed, congrats on the first trip! July 8 day is variaty, esspecially with the crazy el nino conditions. Im trying to book an 8 day on another long range boat at the same time. SOme things that you should do (and bear with me if some of the stuff is very basic, not...
  543. SemperFishing

    Welcome Aboard. Spectra Sportfishing / Long Beach Squid Report

    Congrats on following your dream! Please post some open party dates, I would gladly come out and fish!
  544. SemperFishing

    How Texans fight closures

    I'm born, raised and educated in Southern California, and moved to Texas for a year in 2008. These guys (and gals) out there are some the best Americans in the country. Down to earth, practical, and dont take stupid shit from anyone. Great fishing is there (I caught a 28lb Red Drum off the Port...
  545. SemperFishing

    Avet MXL MC- resistance ?

    I got the chance try out an JX with the MC on a jig stick and 7x iron, found that it worked incredibly well, at most it was getting 1 wrap of line out of every 5 casts and virtually no backlash at all. I found that when you cast it, tap the spool once (but dont thumb it as you would a regular...
  546. SemperFishing

    Redfishing in Louisiana with Capt. Greg Dini

    Great Pics! Thanks for shareing! What Camera did you use? I fished the Texas jetties for a 28 pound red, those things fight as hard as a calico (if they ever got that size), and taste just as good!
  547. SemperFishing

    10 day on the Royal Star

    Great fishing guys. So Jealous. I'm booking my 2nd trip on the Star for an early fall 7 or 8 day, been WAAAY too long since I've long-ranged. Chris or Kyle, if you guys want to spare some wahoo, I got a friend who owns a couple Thai restuarants. Anyone down for some Spicy Thai Garlic Basil...
  548. SemperFishing

    carl newell died

    Man, I'm just barely finding out about this. Thank you Carl for making such a fantastic reel that has so influenced my enjoyment of fishing. Rest In Peace. Sincerely, David
  549. SemperFishing

    Search underway for survivors of military aircraft collision by San Clemente Island

    Awful. Its been a pretty bad month for US military rotary wing aircraft across the world. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p> Wish I could say that this is rare occurrence, but every year it seems that at least 1-2 incidents involving a fatality...
  550. SemperFishing

    Prepare for a boat ride. Albies Heading for Japan

    Thanks for the report dude! Thumbs up for getting out there and trying. Reports on Bad trips are just as valuable as reports on Good ones!
  551. SemperFishing

    For you calico experts who like to fish the slug

    Dont want to be a smart ass, but the answer depends on what the fish want. Off a sport boat, I often get hit on the drop, but on the retrieve the best is to quick jerk it through the water. Now, if you're thick in the weeds off a private boat and the bass are up and chewing, a rapid crank on...
  552. SemperFishing

    Relentless 2 day 10/23 rollcall

    Ahhhhhh! Don, you just described my dream fishing situation, tossing the jig off the stern without getting yelled at by other anglers and crew! I hope you guys get out and get'em! I'll ask my boss for a transfer to Cali, but with all that MLPA BS going on, I dont know if I'd want to go back...
  553. SemperFishing

    Relentless 2 day 10/23 rollcall

    Gawd Don, why you doing this to me? I would so go if I wasnt stuck in Atlanta. You BDer's should JUMP on this opportunity, Joel Ralston is an AWESOME fisherman AND an AWESOME Skipper! he put me on my first Bluefin (a 60 pounder) when I was a teen when he ran the Legend. Always depressed I...
  554. SemperFishing

    Killer Bassing 10/17

    C-Hunter, please send me PM on your rates, will be in So Cal near thanksgiving, would love to hunt some checkerboards! Thanks!
  555. SemperFishing

    Laguna Needs YOUR votes. Click Yes or No. It's that easy.

    VOTE PEOPLE! ITS JUST TWO CLICKS! (CLick the link, then Click no). I hope somebody at the city reads this for what its worth...89 on Yes to Ban fishing vs 169 no.
  556. SemperFishing

    3/4 Yellows

    Gotta love cranking a jig fast and then feel'n the sudden "STOP!" Thanks for the great report!
  557. SemperFishing

    How else do YFT bite

    X2: This is another reason why you ALWAYS keep in contact with your bait.
  558. SemperFishing

    Royal Star Oct 3-13

    I was reading the Reports while you were out three. Talk about being JEALOUS! I was salivating! I fished w/ Brian when he ran the Q105, what a great skipper, and loved the Star before he joined Tim & Randy, so a boon to all fisherman when they all partnered up. Thanks for the report and great...
  559. SemperFishing

    Blue fin!

    I was on that Apollo trip ( I will post that boat report w/ pics, at some point in my lifetime...:imdumb:). We did a number on the bluefin. The rockfish are off-limits, but thick, we were catching them on jigs and fly-lined bait. Don, I dont remember you on the boat, but I cant recognize...
  560. SemperFishing

    170# Bluefin Constitution 1.5 day!!!

    Listened to the Constitution's report, skipper Joe gunned the boat to chase that thing down when the angler almost got spooled (3 times!) Amazing, once-in-a-life-time catch. Man, Whens the last time a BFT that big was caught?
  561. SemperFishing

    Truline-(San Clemente Island) 8.29-8.30.09

    Haha! Great report and thanks for posting. I worked as a deckie for Steve when he ran the Daiwa Pacific years back. MOST HILARIOUS skipper I ever worked for. ANd he catches fish too! I worked the Trueline too, (but under a different skipper who has since passed away, RIP). Does the Trueline...
  562. SemperFishing

    1.5 day tackle help

    Just re-read the question, you can choose between 20 or 25 since they are so similar. 20, 30, 40 set-up, or 25, 30, 40 set-up. 1/0 to 4/0 hooks, with more hooks in the 2/0 or 3/0. And you wont need the "super hooks" that are 6 bucks a pack, the regular mustad bronze work very well...
  563. SemperFishing

    1.5 day tackle help

    Generally, you wont absolutley need the 40 or 50 unless the larger model tuna show up (30-50 or even 100 pound bluefin). But if they do show up, and you dont have a 40 or 50, you're gonna be undergunned and your odds of landing one will be less than 1 in 4. Check out the vegabond and New...
  564. SemperFishing

    Labor Day Weather: SWELL!!! Any salty dog advice?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going come hell or high water (pun intended), but have never fished in hurricane induced swells. Hopefully the excellent fishing continues. If not, well....then not. Thats fishing!
  565. SemperFishing

    Labor Day Weather: SWELL!!! Any salty dog advice?

    Alright, sorry for posting this here, noob mistake. After I read it, big ol' READ THIS BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING post stares me in the face. Doesnt help to eat and type at the same time...
  566. SemperFishing

    Labor Day Weather: SWELL!!! Any salty dog advice?

    <TABLE class="full boxB" id=fctTable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR class=rowW onmouseover="this.className='rowY'" onmouseout="this.className='rowW'"><TD class=sortC>My first post, thought some BD'ers could benefit from thoughts on Hurricane Jimena coming through. Its suppose to make...
  567. SemperFishing

    what is it?

    Its the cousin of the Nantucket Monster!!!! LOL!!! I see the pics, its an angel shark. A very ugly one, looks like its been dead for a while. You run into them at Catalina sometimes fishing the sea bass.
  568. SemperFishing

    Recovered the hat and what a fish!!!

    Thats one for the books! What a great story, and Thanks for posting!
  569. SemperFishing

    Royal Star ??? Do you like it?

    The Royal Star just installed some "doo-hicky" that stabilizes rolling. Just tried to look it up on thier posts b/c Tim did write about it at some point, but no luck. I might mention though, that no vessel will be fun to be on in 12-16 foot seas. Except a submerine (but you got other problems to...
  570. SemperFishing

    Royal Star ??? Do you like it?

    Love the Star, I fished a few other big names and the Star comes out on top (for me) because they're extra friendly, down to earth and love to help out on any questions you have (as almost all boats are, but not all). Tim ran the boat when I was on an 8 day and he's aggressive and know his...
  571. SemperFishing

    Pacific Star overnight 8/12/09

    Great trip man, and AWESOME SHOT of a very cherished tradition!!!! (I did the same over 10 years ago, but the bluefin was 60 lbs. Try eating that hunk of salty jello...)
  572. SemperFishing


    I was on the early June Trip back in '06. Since its so early in the season the exact fishing target and area is unpredictable. My trip started slow day 1, WFO yellowtail day 2-3 (when I mean WFO, I mean we watched the yellow wolfpack our surface iron for a full 9 hours), and then Guadalupe for...