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  1. Reel hip

    25 fly sliding windows

    I know there was a post somewhere about this. Mine are really hard to open or close. When closed they are not watertight and leak some on to the seat. Anybody able to direct me how to replace them. Thanks
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    Attesa IV. gets a new name? Or is this a sick Joke?

    Name: Collision Value: $150 million Montana billionaire Dennis Washington’s yacht, ominously named Collision, is a 332-foot Attesa IV. The yacht stretches one hundred meters and houses up to twenty-eight passengers in fourteen cabins. It also houses up to twenty-one crew in ten cabins. It was...
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    found these

    in the freezer moving Bonita around. I thought I would lower my limit to zero
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    Trolling this year

    How much luck have you had trolling for fish this year? I think I must have about 200 NM in for 0 this season Different feathers and lures that worked years before Way back or in the wash. Light colors dark colors no difference. No hits.
  5. Reel hip

    Mexican license problems

    Anyone else having problems getting a mex license online? Blocker off on chrome numerous attempts , no go! Different days. Firefox the same deal. I cant get past the first page. It wont recognize my account either. Im going to try explorer next . Just wanted to know if there is a work...
  6. Reel hip

    Garmin Auto Pilot

    Im looking at putting an AP on my 25 fly Skip-jack. So tired of manual steering it. I have hydraulic steering and wanting to go with the Garmin. I know everyone has a favorite but I'm going with Garmin. All my electronics are Garmin. It appears from Garmin's web page a Reactor 40 SmartPump v2...
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    Just a reminder our boat tax is due June 4 At least those that are in San Diego that receive the unsecured tax bill.
  8. Reel hip

    Found hoopnet

    PM me with details or go ID. It was set up pretty good in San Diego bay!
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    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    I'm celebrating over 10 years helping diesel equipment owners navigate the complex regulations that the California air resources board CARB has imposed on business owners. We have successfully helped fleets keep their trucks and equipment. If your looking at a DMV hold because your not in...
  10. Reel hip

    SOLD Smoker: Cajun injector

    SOLD Just dont have the time to smoke fish. It was my uncles and I kept it around hoping to make time . Now I have to much crap and it needs to go! $75.00 Electric smoker with the handbook![/ATTACH]
  11. Reel hip

    Triton Marine

    Anybody know Francisco, owner of Triton marine? A great mechanic, however he is MIA. He has some of my parts . We started the project in January and now he's not answering my phone calls. We left on terms of "he will be there next week" to finish up my boat. 2 weeks later, guess what.... Fish...
  12. Reel hip

    Binocular repairs in San Diego

    Where do you guys take your bino's for tune ups? My Fuji's may need an adjustment or correction . Thanks
  13. Reel hip

    SOLD Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 HP

    I'm selling for a friend. It was his fathers, until he died. This is what I know: 1989 Four Stroke High thrust. Electric start with a long 20 " shaft Comes with fuel tank and motor stand Runs great, pumps water strong Original owner, never left the family Only used as a trolling motor and used...
  14. Reel hip

    Any fishing in Skagway

    Wife and I will be on a cruise landing Wednesday Sept 26 . We will be in early enough and I thought I'd try to fish it. Any short trips there? Is it possible? I dont care what I catch ! Just to say I caught something there is enough. Any suggestions. I would love to fish with a local, you can...
  15. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Just a heads up. Im planning a trip monday and it looks rough. Hitting a few other sites to confirm weather. Please chim in if you see a better weather model. Synopsis: PZZ700-251345- 1250 PM PDT Fri Aug 24 2018 .Synopsis for the far southern California coast...At 1 PM, a 1034 mb high was...
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    Boat tax due soon!

    Seems I post this up every year to remind those that owe! Lucky us! I just paid mine online thru the assessors office in San Diego . Beware they will try to charge you a convenience fee if you use a debit or credit card. Free if you use an electronic check. A lot of us (myself included) dont...
  17. Reel hip

    Marine refrigerator

    Anyone ever take their refrigerator to get worked on? Mine now doesn't get cold. It has power just wont get cold. Before I Break out another thousand on a new one I wanted to know if anyone has tried to fix or take it somewhere. Its a Norcold 2.7 model Thanks
  18. Reel hip

    Hit the islands

    Well not literally but fished it Saturday like a bunch of others did. Some really agresive calicos in the mix in the middle grounds. Some nice grade yellowtail on slow trolling dean's and fly lining them. Alot of different areas holding fish. Don't be afraid of going where the others arent...
  19. Reel hip

    Broke off a hook

    Fishing the big fish bft and broke off an owner circle. Anyone else? I heard eagle claws are better for 5 o and bigger. Thoughts just asking drag seemed right.
  20. Reel hip

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    Last week as I was packing my catch of Tuna and Yellowtail midway thru my machine stopped sealing. I stopped bitching about it after my wife reminded me that the machine was over 10 years old. She managed to remembered when and where she bought it and told me after my first use I told her it...
  21. Reel hip

    10-25 Nice Day 371 area

    A quick run out in absolute flat conditions. Due to work, home remodeling and an upcoming wedding at my house my time has been limited. Nice to stop on a high note. The magic paddy started with yellow tail and followed with the tuna. They were not line or hook shy. We could drop out a bait and...
  22. Reel hip

    Fishing the Coronados

    I was talking to a friend about this year. Neither he or I have seen the Mexican Navy this year checking boats. Not a big deal I have fished a bunch of times there, this year. I still will go the FMM route but curious, are we the norm? Yes or no! Have you been greeted this year by them?
  23. Reel hip

    Why you wont get bit on that paddy

    I had a chance to take a friend out that does filming for some media channels. I was able to get a few dodos on this paddy with jigs, but when he showed me these pictures I could see why the were so well fed. You may pull up and see bait and meter fish on kelps offshore but getting them to bite...
  24. Reel hip

    YFT on the Troll 6-25

    Nice to hear the clickers go off. 182 area . Working the back side of the ridge. Not toads but fun and tasty.
  25. Reel hip

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    Call it a luxury tax or anything else they want but its due 6-8-2017. I pay mine online and if you use your bank information and not a debit card its free. If you never received a notice of assessment then you most likely dont owe them $ because they dont know you own something they can tax...
  26. Reel hip

    Glasspar 16 ft

    Selling for a friend. >1600 Glasspar Cutlas >Mercury 50 hp runs great This boat has been in their family for over 30 years. The windshield was removed so they could lay a boar on the bow and get back from their hunting grounds. I need another boat Like a hole in my head so I'm passing The...
  27. Reel hip

    Hard top and tower seat

    I was going to install this on my boat instead of a bimini. I went another way. The tower seat has a fold down hinge for transport. Comes complete with the radar dome 2 antenna mounts, rod holders, deck lights . It was sitting under a tree but the sap seems to peel off. $1,000 or best offer...
  28. Reel hip

    5.0 GM motor RUNS

    I bought a 307 gm motor last month to put in my boat. I decided to rebuild mine instead because mine is a 5.7. I dont know much about it but here is the utube the seller had posted. I would like to get back what I paid for it $450.
  29. Reel hip

    Steering station W Wheel and cable

    2nd steering station or?? , Center Console . Stainless steel wheel and rotary cable. $50 Trying to get pictures up
  30. Reel hip

    Outgunned by the 43

    Because my boat is down, my dock neighbor asked me to go out on his. Turns out he has never been ocean fishing before. Now he is ruined for life. We were undersized for these beasts and they beat the shit out of us. Flylinned sardines and my 2 speed with 3/0 circle hook 50lb floro to 65 lb...
  31. Reel hip

    Fished the Coronado Islands 7-1

    Short report. I took a couple friends out. My plan was to work west of the Islands to look for paddy,s. After a few hours of looking and not finding any I hit the Islands. A lot of marks and tons of bait. The yellows just didn't seem to want our jigs or anything else including really nice...
  32. Reel hip

    Inverter question

    What type of inverter are you guys using. Looking for something to runs a small microwave, coffee maker and an electric skillet (not all at the same time) It would be for my GM 5.7 motor. I have a larger capacity alternator and 2 house and 1 start batteries. Where are you mounting them. I...
  33. Reel hip

    Boat survey needed

    The marina i'm going to is asking for a survey. Any advise? Looking for cheap Thanks
  34. Reel hip

    Rail mounted cutting board. $30.00 complete

    Dirty but nothing some bleach wouldn't cure. Includes all the hardware for your boat.Hell, do you need the rails? Take them too! You remove.....looks easy. RAILS GONE More stuff see my post
  35. Reel hip

    Galvanized Trailer

    Escort brand . I had a 21 ft bayliner on it. Bunks and rollers need to be replaced. Brakes on all wheels. Fresh water washdown. Trailer has been sitting. $1200 or best!
  36. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    I picked this 25 cabin cruiser up for the trailer. A lot of cheap things a skipjack guy could use . windows-gauges- 5.7 motor 280 outdrive -vents-railings steering wheel and cables - drawers ? I most likely am going to keep the hard top but not sure yet. Ask me what you need and I'll see if...
  37. Reel hip

    freshwater fishing

    Hi I'm from San Diego and will be up with my wife in Seabeck-Brenerton area in mid July. I am told my father in law has done mostly fresh water fishing. I am mostly a salt water guy. This I believe is what he "wants to do"! Me....I like to fish and catch them! Eat what I can....but if they...
  38. Reel hip

    SoCal angler fishing your way!

    Hi guys ! The wife and I are going to be in the Bremerton - Seadeck area in mid July for a week. I admit I know nothing of the area. Since I have declined the offer to go with the mother in law and wife "shopping" it leaves me wide open. I want to go ocean fishing since that is my passion down...
  39. Reel hip

    2003 Impala

    Price lowered to $2900. SOLD!!!!!!! Wife wants a new car, so I'm selling her old one Clean 2003 Impala Always serviced. Everything works Regular gas Automatic transmission serviced Cruise control ,Cold A.C Replaced axles when CV boots started leaking New radiator 1 year ago New brakes 10,000...
  40. Reel hip

    tandem Axle Galvanized trailer

    I want this gone! I am selling this trailer. It comes with the 21 ft bayliner. Both have clean title. The boat is a project and does not have motor. Comes with the outdrive. Trailer will need to be serviced and new lights. It has good tires but they are old. . Fresh water wash down for the...
  41. Reel hip


    Well we made to 2016... most of us.. My wife and I saw in in style.. so what if it was New York time. I hope everyone has as good of a new year and the fish bite as well as last year. Bring it on!!!
  42. Reel hip

    Fishing your Xmas presents

  43. Reel hip

    11-23 report

    Not much to say. Went out with Gary on the Reel Adventure two. No bait at the MB receiver. Trolled out to the fleet . Soaked chunk and frozen chovies. Lots of birds......sitting. I saw a whale breach. Beautiful day on the water just not our day. Good company, no fish for us. Great day on the...
  44. Reel hip

    Fishing Guadalupe Island

    Short story: I was lucky to fish Guadalupe Island Long story: I had a rare invite to go on a shark diving expedition with some photographers that do free lance shark footage for National Geographic, the BBC among others. Having been a commercial abalone diver in the late 70's and early...
  45. Reel hip


    Sent out friday night. I got the confirmation the next night. See you ! Pesca Deportiva Baja California <[email protected]> Sat 8/8/2015 8:25 PM Good afternoon Sr., I received the manifest and the payment, thanks. The information has been verified and you are ready to...
  46. Reel hip

    Only on a boat ......sayings

    We all have said them. Most times with a straight face There are many! Add to them Man talking to a pretty woman: Hey can you hold my rod for a minute. That chick is sooooo fishy! She is hot Your rod's not as big as mine but it's OK. Quick someone grab my rod! Who's the hotstick? ....I...
  47. Reel hip

    Weather is looking good so......whos going thur and/or fri?

    6-18 and/or 6-19. This season is only getting better with Yellow fin moving up! I haven't had a blue-fin since the Cortez in jan and Feb Who's going? I may now be out both days!
  48. Reel hip

    Boat tax Due June 11

    Just a reminder that it's due
  49. Reel hip

    Reminder Boat Tax Due June 11

    I just paid mine on line. SOB's charge a processing fee but still cheaper than a penalty.
  50. Reel hip

    Upper nine 6-8-15

    Went out with my friend to the upper nine. Some clean green water. Found some birds working and followed them around for a while until they started diving. Boiling yellowtail but would sink out before we could get close enough to cast on them. I left my dads "old" red and white feather on one of...
  51. Reel hip

    Jumping Bluefin! Just not in the boat

    That about sums it up. Ran 100 miles. Saw some nice fish jump. Flat calm all day. Outstanding conditions with some really big, nice empty paddies. Ran south east of the 181 down towards 182 and over the upper nine. Good fishing crew on Gary's Reel adventure 2. Nothing but talent on board and I...
  52. Reel hip

    What I like!

    I really enjoy a dark and hardy stout! Lately I have been drinking a lot of IPA's I like opening a great beer and telling the wife how good it is and she should taste it. Every time the look on her face is priceless. I guess she thinks if she tastes enough of them one may taste like a corona...
  53. Reel hip


    I have had some good years and some really good years and I am working on a bad year for me now.(not limit nights) How would you rate this year? And to those that respond. Have you used bait tubes or not? Thanks This was a great night! this was not a great trip
  54. Reel hip

    Furuno 1870 plotter/ fish finder who has one?

    Guys, I've been looking at this unit. Anybody else use it? I would be replacing my old Furuno and also the transducer that I have that doesn't work. Do they make a 1000 watt transducer for this unit or is the 600 watt good with the unit. Any input would be appreciated. I know other brands are...
  55. Reel hip


    Selfish I know..... Sucks being so busy with all of work and life's obligations right now that I cant find time to go out during this good weather to fish! I look out this morning and wish I was on the water. Don't get me wrong. I'll be hooping Friday night and know I have my health and family...
  56. Reel hip

    Hooping report 10-25 SD Bay

    Not much to say....An off day for myself and my 2 hooping amigos. I don't think it was our technique because it's what we have done in the (years) past for consistent limits. Only thing different is some older tuna and game-fish for bait that I have frozen (?). 1 keeper and just a few shorts...
  57. Reel hip


    Did we lose the babe of the day forums? I of course only read the comments!
  58. Reel hip

    2000 today.

    While it may not be an achievement to many. This is my 2000 post. Man I need to spend more time fishing!
  59. Reel hip

    Heavy Truck and Equipment owners

    If your confused about the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements for your diesel equipment or trucks call our office. 877-574-8289 or check out our website Any BD member will get $50.00 off a state recording. If you just have questions call so you can...
  60. Reel hip

    Macs in close in San Diego

    I'm taking my 3 grand kids out on Saturday ages 6, 5 and 2. Believe it or not but they all have caught fish before when hanging in the bay. This Saturday i'm looking for a spot close for macs. The 5 year old gets a little queasy when we are out west of the channel so I want to keep him really...
  61. Reel hip

    Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    I needed to scratch an itch for tuna. My birthday was may29 and I booked a trip on the Tribute leaving 5pm may 30. This trip was a 1 1/2 day running further south than I can run on my boat. This was the first time I have been on the Tribute or the Holiday as it was before Captain Mike bought it...
  62. Reel hip

    Expansion plugs for Volvo 290

    I need to get 2 expansion plugs for my Skipjack. My outdrive is a 290 but I have no serial number to go by. It sits at the bottom transom area (finger) and has a rubber flapper over the plugs. My book shows plugs but other models /motors may be different. The old plugs have disintegrated and...
  63. Reel hip

    Fishing Cabo in November

    I have fished the East Cape in September for tuna. Also fished Cabo San Lucas in December and caught sailfish. How is it in November for tuna and wahoo? I got a chance on a relatively cheap trip but one of the friend that's going wants tuna and margaritas the same day. I am good for long runs...
  64. Reel hip

    Risers-mannifolds issue again.

    Not sure if this is a question or a rant. Over 2 years ago I had a brand new manifold fail taking out my motor. I used Osco risers and manifolds but this time I used a GLM because the dealer did not have my manifold in Osco. Shortly there after I had an issue with the motor. When I pulled the...
  65. Reel hip

    Pacific Dawn Channel Island questions.

    I will be up in Ventura next week on business and will squeeze in a fishing trip. I booked an over night on the Pacific Dawn. I will be very limited on rod's and tackle to take. On my boat I have the luxury of having over 20 rods to use pre rigged, but won't be able to take more than two. I...
  66. Reel hip

    Furuno 1650

    I'm having problems with my chart plotter. The sounder works fine (full time) . My plotter loses location. I will shut it down then repower and it shows all systems working including GPS antenna. Yet my location will still be frozen. This started out happening intermittently. Now it is all the...
  67. Reel hip

    good car or truck

    Looking for a car for my daughter and son in law. He comutes from Riverside to SD airport for work daily. Must be good on gas. Prefer auto but not a deal breaker. $3,000 max price.
  68. Reel hip


    Hit the big bay to find a couple of other boats in an area we have been lucky at. Moved to a location I wanted to check out with some interesting structure. As the night went on "our area" became vacant as the crawl started. We got 5 and a few shorts when an electrical problem with the motor cut...
  69. Reel hip


    Another night in the big bay. They are still crawling late. 40 to 60 ft depth. 1 hour soak untill about 2 then 1/2 hour. Our last set we had limits for 3 with 8 pots still soaking and had to release more keepers. Man this season sucks!!!
  70. Reel hip

    Fri 10-19

    Pretty nice night on the big bay. Hooping with some kids and friends. Seems they started crawling late. We were due for a good trip.
  71. Reel hip

    What would you do?

    My dad died in march of 06.His final words to me were "you need a bigger boat". He was an awesome dad and we shared so many great times. I , along with the rest of my family took him out on my new skipjack. In april 06 we spread his ashes at sea. I keep his Coronado yacht club jacket in the...
  72. Reel hip


    When I die I want to go like my grandfather did. Quietly in his sleep, not like his screaming passengers!
  73. Reel hip

    Volvo bell housing GM vortec

    Looking for a volvo bell housing to fit my 350 vortec motor. I don't need a rebuildable, I have one. Shaft and all would be nice. Thanks Doug
  74. Reel hip

    Boat Tax due

    Just a reminder. If your as lucky as me and have an unsecured property tax bill for boat, airplane or anything else they want to tax you for.... it's due!
  75. Reel hip

    Trailer rim & tire

    P205/75 R-15. tire and rim $20.00 max load 1598 lbs @ 35 psi. Still has the paper sticker but stamped 02 Picked up this thinking I could use a spare rim. Like an idiot I realized when I got home wrong bolt pattern. I need 6.Selling it for what I paid for it. SOLD
  76. Reel hip

    New ownership for the Legend

    Anyone know the update. Seaforth's website still says Shawn but a trip on 976 says new ownership. Billy Santiago is the new captain.
  77. Reel hip

    Santa Cruz

    I will be trying to fish with my brother on Friday may 18. I have only one day to do this. Our hope was to go for salmon but the sportboat out of Santa Cruz is not running anything but a whale watching trip that day. Second option was to go bottom fishing, but again not avalible there. My...
  78. Reel hip

    Lake Tahoe

    Not sure where to post so I'll start here. I will be in the Tahoe area in mid may. Anyone have a guide recomendation. I will be flying in to Sacramento for buisness so no rods. Just looking to fish the lake for a day.
  79. Reel hip

    Got Hacked!!!!!!

    Pissed off and had to take a second to VENT. Yesterday while on the BBB websit I clicked on a client. My Macave poped up with an allow yes or no notice. I didn't think anything of it. I clicked on allow and bam I'm fucked!!!!. With 1 week left of a major deadline it got into our system and hid...
  80. Reel hip

    Baby boy

    I just got the word my daughter in law just gave birth to my third grandson! Man I'm happy. The last two at 3 years of age caught their first fish. Don't know maybe I'll take him to the trout pond at the FH this coming weekend so he will one up on his brother and sister!
  81. Reel hip

    Current Bait Report

    Fishing this afternoon. Leaving from Mission Bay. Thursday they had only dines. Anybody able to tell me if they got anchovies today (Sat). Maybe radio them (ch.18 ?) I'm too far away. Thanks
  82. Reel hip


    I want to take some kids out with my friend to Jennings fishing for cats. Last week we went and was skunked! We stayed till closing and had no bites. Any help would be awesome, It's not like trolling for tuna, that I know!
  83. Reel hip

    Mission Bay

    Got in from fishing mid week just in time to spend the weekend with family and friends in the bay. This was my grandson Tanners (2yrs) first trip fishing that didn't involve catching a rock with a rod in the yard. His first fish was a Corvina, after that he was hooked up for most of the...
  84. Reel hip

    Long Range Tuna

    The Royal Star and The Shogun have gotten into a pretty good spot of bluefin today. This makes my 5 day on the RP leaving Sunday look really good for some tuna right now. Itchy feet!
  85. Reel hip

    Coolant leak

    My 25 ft Skipjack is leaking coolant. I pour it into my heat exchanger tank and it leaks out from my outdrive. Not from the bellows but from the very bottom hole next to the intake. It's a 280 Volvo Penta outdrive with a Indmar motor. It is doing it if the motor is running or not. The boat runs...
  86. Reel hip

    RP 5 day

    I'm going on my first 5 day June 12. I know I will check with Frank as it gets a little closer, but anyone want to tell me what I may need. We will be hitting Cedros and Benitos and then off shore for tuna (hopefully) on the way back. Can I fish the Islands there with light line or should I fish...
  87. Reel hip

    El Cap

    Fished today (4-15) for about 15 bass. Nothing bigger than 15'' today. Mostly on nightcrawlers, but about 7 on sinkos. Don't just hit the back side they are bedding everywhere.No pics but you all know what a short looks like.
  88. Reel hip


    Sorry... but I gotta do this. I can't help it. I started my son (now 24) fishing while still in diapers. His now, 3 year old daughter has been fishing for about, well 3 years. Well grandpa took her fishing at Jennings on Friday and everytime I said OK summer it's time to go in. She would say...
  89. Reel hip

    Summers first trout (10 times over)

    I took my granddaughter trout fishing at Jennings today. Most were caught on the Barbie rod.(haha) The bigger ones she managed to get on her new "big girls rod". At 3 years old she has caught a lot of fish when I take her bay fishing but this was her first experiance on the lake. My buddy Jeff...
  90. Reel hip

    Lake Jennings

    Fishing Jennings in the morning, I know what I'm starting with (trolling nightcrawlers) but since I don't fish freshwater much i''m wanting to do a few other options. Any suggetions?
  91. Reel hip

    Lake Jennings 2-25-11

    Just a short report. (forgot the camera). We did pretty good. We got our limit trolling night crawlers.The trick was to thread the worm all the way, leaving about an inch of tail. 4 pound leader about 6 feet long with a swivel and a 3/8 weight.Very little crowd, maybe about 10 boats on the...
  92. Reel hip

    Water pump

    Anyone have to replace their water pump? Mine is leaking from the seal so I'm removing it. It mounts on the harmonic balancer set up with the impeller. It may be original for all I know. The motor is an Indmar, (basically a 350 gm). I removed the bolts and have tried a chicle to separate it...
  93. Reel hip

    Birthday wish

    I wanted to tell my wife Lisa HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She doesn't fish much (except when we spend the night in the bay) She has always encouraged me to fish and has been my biggest supporter of that. She would often tell me that I'm grumpy and to "go fishing". She has spent the whole day with me in...
  94. Reel hip

    Dump Truck

    I have unfortunately had to take this truck back from someone I sold it to. Ten wheel dump. 10 speed transmission, cummins M11 motor with under 200,000 miles (motor can go 1,000,000 miles). Any interest? $15,000. or obo
  95. Reel hip


    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone young and old Timid and bold may your lines never get freyed If you could catch a big fish before santas big wish how about albacore served in the dish
  96. Reel hip

    1989 mighty max pick up

    I'm selling my mighty max. I bought it in 2001 off the orignal owner with 42,000 miles.The shell was bought when the truck was brand new and the bed has been carpeted the life of the truck.It just passed smog after sitting for almost 2 years. It is registered and ready to go.I hardly drive it...
  97. Reel hip

    Cat motor

    Cat motor 3208/1160 225 hp V8 hear it run (still in truck) For somebody that is looking for an older cat to replace a motor for their boat. Motor was rebuilt and has about 100,000 miles on it.Make an offer! somewhere around $2,500.
  98. Reel hip

    DFG ticket

    I have a good friend (not me) that was cited for being on private property hunting without permission. It was posted but it was dark when he got there and did not see the sign. He had a tag and license. The DFG officer ticketed him for illegal take of deer and trespassing. He took his license...
  99. Reel hip

    Fishing with Vessel Assist.

    I went out Friday (9-17)with Gary (Sea Adventure 2) and Dave (Innocent Bystander). We fished several areas and saw them jumping we just couldn't get em to go! Sat I took my boat out and headed to the area we ended up the day before (SSK). 4 miles to our spot my skippy sounded like I was running...
  100. Reel hip

    Dove hunting Imperial Valley 9-1-10

    Nothing like getting to my secret spot and finding out that not only does everyone know about it but so does the F&G! Oh well we got our limits! Plenty of birds to go around ,and everyone gave plenty of room to each other
  101. Reel hip

    Fishing trip local

    On my boat. Wide open tuna. within an overnight run. I can get some friends to chip in. Any time soon will do!
  102. Reel hip

    La Jolla

    Fished La Jolla yesterday afternoon (8-4-10). The water looked clean with the temp rising. Tried a couple spots mostly for mini macs and small calicos. I fished La jolla 3 times in the last 4 days and this was by far the slowest. A lot of good marks they just didn't want to bite. Still being on...
  103. Reel hip

    Red tide 6-4-10

    Just to let anyone that is interested know. I fished this afternoon,the red tide is heavy in Point Loma all up the coast to La Jolla. I covered 22 miles and it was pretty much everywhere. I worked outside on a few bird schools but nothing was bitting. The water was clean with some nice...
  104. Reel hip

    La Jolla

    Fished La Jolla in the afternoon. Trying to adjust the shift linkage on my bayliner and fish at the same time. I did a little chasing down the terns but nothing seemed to come up. Dirty water out there in shallow,not much happening out there today, I 'll try again tomorrow.Might try more south
  105. Reel hip

    Coronado Islands and Rockpile

    After not wanting to rush getting my motor back in my boat I needed to scratch an itch for some fish. I jumped on the Legend overnight. We anchored up at the finger bank for the night. The water was a clean blue green and the temp was pushing 63 degrees. The yellows were out there they just...
  106. Reel hip

    Cat Motor

    I have a 1160 /3208 cat diesel motor for sale. It is in an old dump truck that I have had for over 15 years. I took it out of service in 2004 and I had replaced the motor in 2000. It has about 100,000 miles on it, and runs strong (these motors can run 500,000 miles). It is a 1160 but from what I...
  107. Reel hip


    I am in the process of changing my gear oil on my 280 Volvo stern-drive and it got me to thinking. Is 80w90w gear oil the same? I know of the added cost because of it saying marine, but I have put 80w90w gear oil in semis transmissions for 25 years with no problem.I don't think those gears are...
  108. Reel hip

    Starting of the season

    After months of maintenance on my boat it's just about ready to go. The season is looking good right now. Before it gets too crazy I wanted to remind all the private boaters that when ever possible take a kid out fishing. It gets them away for the day and neighbor kids can do a pretty good job...
  109. Reel hip

    Overnight boats

    I live in San Diego and my brother lives in Santa Cruz. We are trying to meet halfway (Santa Barabra area) and fish an overnight boat Friday or Saturday sometime in april. A 6 pack is out because it will be just the 2 of us. I don't want to trailer my boat up there for a one day run either. Any...
  110. Reel hip

    Heat exchangers

    Any one clean heat exchangers? I heard soaking in murriac acid but not sure. Are there test's that I can do to make sure they are working the way they should while off the boat? I just did a valve job on my motor and don't want any damage to the heads. An air test for them? How? Thanks
  111. Reel hip

    Pheasant Hunt

    I went out hunting with my neighbor and his kids to Old Daily Ranch in Jamul. It was a kids hunt so I got a chance to shoot some pictures. This shot was what I actually tried to get a couple of hundred times before but timing is everything. I just wanted to brag that I finally got it exactly how...
  112. Reel hip

    Kayaks caught in the wind

    Anyone out there that know what happened to the guys fishing La Jolla?
  113. Reel hip


    What a difference a couple of weeks make! I went out Friday 10-9. I fished a friends blackman and we left at about 7am. We got a good scoop of large sardines from the boys in San Diego. Headed out to fish The SSK The 10 knots of wind that NOAA had predicted was correct but their 13 second waves...
  114. Reel hip

    East Cape 9-27-09

    I'll keep it short. If you want to fish for the bigger tuna then the East Cape is the place to be. I just got back. Smallest one was 72lbs and my personal best yellowfin of 112 kicked my ass. Great time. Great new freinds, what a blast
  115. Reel hip

    Furuno 1650

    Anyone have experience with this chart-plotter/sounder that can teach me to use it better. I would be happy to take that person out for a day to show me how to use it better.
  116. Reel hip

    Albies 7-25-09

    Short Report: Left Friday night From MB. South west of the 230 the water looked good, 69 degrees with some crashing fish but not able to bait them. Headed to the SS knoll where we had two hit on the troll. The Mexican flag was the ticket for us ,ran back pretty long but others were getting hit...
  117. Reel hip

    Free fishing KGB radio

    Last week one of the BD,r posted about the free fishing Friday from KGB radio with Boyer. Multiple people said they entered. Did anyone get the call?
  118. Reel hip

    Bryanna's First Yellow W

    We left the dock at about 5 am,myself ,my best friend Julio and his kids and some other unsavory charactors. I knew that the wind was blowing hard at 5 am that it was going to be a rough day on the water. Our plan was to hit the IB kelp area ,put the kids on some bass and see if any barracudas...
  119. Reel hip

    Fishing Report 5-30-09

    Ran outside to warmer water (63.5). Rough weather thats for sure. Very little patties none held.Chased some bird schools on the way in and got some slimes, came in the kelp and picked up a ton of bass in 59-60 degree water in Point Loma. Oh yea the butts are still out there
  120. Reel hip

    Late Report

    Late report, but I got sick so I didn't get to my computer to post. We went out to the upper end of La Jolla (5-16-09) and nailed this baby on a anchovie anchored up fishing for bass just off the kelp.15 pound line 36.2 lbs on the Dana scale.
  121. Reel hip


    Looks like the yellows dropped out again ! :1041677399::1041677399::pee: Remember to take a kid fishing their future could depend on it !
  122. Reel hip

    Yellows at Coronados

    Anyone see the report from Seaforth? 6 yellows!!!:hali_ruahahaha::hali_olutta: Their baaack ! Take a kid fishing their future could depend on it!
  123. Reel hip

    On the Big Bay

    So here,s the deal. My freind Jeff wanted to go fishing and he gets sea sick,so all we can do is fish the bay.I brought along a couple of my neighbor boys that just recently lost their dad, and I wanted to show them a good time. I don't fish the bay much so we went were Jeff said to go. The...
  124. Reel hip

    Mission Bay

    Spent the weekend with the family on Mission Bay. I went out sun on my 20ft baylinner while the wife slept in on the Skipjack.La Jolla had dirty water and the wind blew and a single rockfish was caught so I came in and had a late breakfast. We had a line in the water at mariners point the whole...