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  1. mhanson59hb

    long walk on a short pier

    Where the hell is Seal Beach? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. mhanson59hb

    Lobster Run Catalina 1-18-2021

    This. 👆👆👆 Also, no commercial lobster boats allowed on the frontside of Catalina. Recreational only. However I do see some suspicious unmarked floats from time to time. :cool:
  3. mhanson59hb

    Absolute Best Lure For Trout - What's Your Favorite?

    Fire Tiger rapala trolled in the rain! Disclaimer: Take it with a grain of salt, I've never caught a brown trout in my life. Stocked quite a few, tho! :D My freshwater friends swear by this method!
  4. mhanson59hb

    If you have a minute to waste D P 01.17.21

    Hey, at least you didn't call him "Kinison" :D This thread is a perfect example of how to take an average day and turn it into an entertaining post by adding a little T & A and a bit of humor! Well played, sir!
  5. mhanson59hb

    Sun 1/17 on the IB Pipe

    Nice sled you have there. "Never eat gas station sushi..." -- Confucius :D
  6. mhanson59hb

    Nados 1/17/21

    Them's the fixin's for a right-smart fish fry you got there! Beer batter, guacamole, mango salsa and your favorite beverage! Yum!
  7. mhanson59hb

    If you have a minute to waste D P 01.17.21

    If you have a 115, that is the same as my OB. With all the hours on mine, it will push me to 30 knots on glass, unloaded. I would expect that yours would be about the same. You start adding in full 30 gallon bait tank, lobster/fishing/camping gear and it slows down a bit. Max HP - for my boat...
  8. mhanson59hb

    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    That is just great! Was my son ever that small? I think he was born 6'0 - 240 :D
  9. mhanson59hb

    Got the skunk off the boat (somewhat)

    Hopefully, it's the rolling pebble that starts an avalanche o' bugs for you! Congrats!
  10. mhanson59hb

    Long Beach Local - 1/17/21

    Those sandies are going to start recognizing the sound of your engine and skip town for a few days. :D Nice catch!
  11. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 1-16-21

    People can bash all they want. Trophy boats have been much better than their earlier models for years now. I really enjoy it when "fishermen" in 60 foot sportfishers watch us land big fish while they're getting skunked. 🤣
  12. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 1-16-21

    Great job and best of luck with your new sled!
  13. mhanson59hb

    SD Bay On Saturday...

    The bay, girlfriend and 3 bass sounds like a romantic date in SD! Nice! :D
  14. mhanson59hb

    Local - Horseshoe 1/16/21

    Dancin' on glass... Beautiful! Thanks for the report!
  15. mhanson59hb

    1/16 Cat

    "Just" 4 legals out of 11 halibut caught? :D That's a great ratio any day! Congrats!
  16. mhanson59hb

    Dana Point 1-16-21

    Fun times. Agreed, the weather has been awesome this January!
  17. mhanson59hb

    Fish tacos i think this is how you do it

    What friggin' strawberry's are you guys talking about? I STILL don't see 'em! :D :D
  18. mhanson59hb

    Late post - hoopin LB 1/12 big bug!

    "Oh no, the butter supply is low, oh no Lobzilla!" -- Blue Oyster Cult - Not so much Way to go, that is a toad!
  19. mhanson59hb

    Catalina the Beautiful 1/12 to 1/14

    We got all of the bugs in 60 to 100 feet of water. Good luck!
  20. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Wednesday-Friday

    Wow, we were in the area, should have put out the squid light! Thanks for the report!
  21. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-12-21 Local Bass fishing.

    Even slow days, your still fishing! -- Captain Obvious Nice report guys!
  22. mhanson59hb

    Quick strike to remove the stripe for 2021

    Or you can do it the easy way and get Mark Wisch's book "Between two and twenty fathoms" It has so many spots the hardest part is picking which ones to check and what conditions are best to fish them. Good luck!
  23. mhanson59hb

    Catalina the Beautiful 1/12 to 1/14

    My son Sean finally had some time off from work and school and I was able to put together a Catalina trip. We launched from Huntington Harbor Tuesday morning and picked up a scoop of cured sardines from Nacho. Crossing the channel was nice with only a little bit of chop that laid down as we...
  24. mhanson59hb

    Hooping 1/13

    Nice work, Captain!
  25. mhanson59hb

    Popped my cherry at the island tonight

    Wow, it was kind of slow where I was hooping close to Avalon, came away with 8 legals. Guess I'll have to find some new spots! Congrats!
  26. mhanson59hb

    Ocean Oddessy 1.75 Colonet trip January 8-10 2021

    The Double O is my go-to charter boat. Always have a good time on that vessel. Capt. Rick is awesome.
  27. mhanson59hb

    First time hooping in 2021

    "First dark, bugs come crawlin', Chief" -- Not Quint "We're gonna need a bigger hoop" -- Not Brody Nice job!
  28. mhanson59hb

    Just plain old fishing - DP 01.10.21

    That's great stuff with Bolan. They do know your routine. I don't have a dog, but my cat George knows when I put my shoes on, it's garage/man cave time. He loves to hang out! Obviously he doesn't go fishing with me! :D
  29. mhanson59hb

    Crawling Shorts 1-7-21

    I use 3/8 solid braid with the O ring and leave in the spacers. Softer rope pulls better than the yellow nylon crap that comes with your hoop. I got rid of that shit after my very first trip. Dangerous if you wrap the prop. Heck, even the braided foam core that costs $10 for 100 feet at Home...
  30. mhanson59hb

    Crawling Shorts 1-7-21

    Nice catch. The Bull Dog hands free will definitely help you out with your line hauler. It's a little less complicated to put the rope on, and puts constant pressure so the rope won't slip out of the bottom pully. And no, I am not affiliated with the company in any way! :D
  31. mhanson59hb

    Hooping 1/5

    With apologies to Stephen King, what a "lobstrosity"! :D Nice job!
  32. mhanson59hb

    1/5/2021 Ester

    "Life is good..." -- Sergio on Angler Chronicles :D
  33. mhanson59hb

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    Is the Pacific Pro a newer model? The line clamp is called the "Bull Dog" and works really well. I'm glad I bought it. I also have the storage bag, got it all in a package deal from Costco for the same price as just the hauler itself. I don't have it on a swivel mount, I just keep it in the...
  34. mhanson59hb

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    Nice! I have the same puller but it's called an Ace Line Hauler Brutus Max. Go figure. Here's my setup:
  35. mhanson59hb

    Big Bay 1-1-21

    Might have to start using anchor wire on those lids. Friggin' floating flea farmers...
  36. mhanson59hb

    Buggin Cat 29,30,31

    Great job! Those crabs are a pain in the ass to get out of the net. "Why's the rum always gone? <stumbles> Oh, that's why..." -- Captain Jack Sparrow
  37. mhanson59hb

    Consolation Prize D P 12.30.20

    Do you ever fish the "clam beds" out of DP? I have heard halibut can be caught there from time to time (since rock fishing is out of season tomorrow).
  38. mhanson59hb

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    No surprize here. As always, more restrictions not based on actual science. I only keep a few anyways and am all for conservation, BUT: “It's getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous.” ― John Wayne
  39. mhanson59hb

    MB/PL 12/26

    Surf and Turf, the old fashioned way! Congrats!
  40. mhanson59hb

    PB Halibut on the PaddleBoard

    Nice flatty! Double PBs: Personal Best, Paddle Board.... :D
  41. mhanson59hb

    Cat 12/21

    Let me preface this by saying I am not a diver. Overall, I'd say the front side is safer, just due to more boat traffic. However, no one has ever made a living betting on where a shark will be or what they will do on any given day.
  42. mhanson59hb

    No bugs and down a license plate

    I tried to think of something witty to say to cheer you up, but I can't think of a damn thing. Thieves suck. Bummer about the plates, pain in the ass dealing with the DMV. At least 2020 will be over soon!
  43. mhanson59hb

    SD Bay Hooping-Round Two 12-26

    Nice job! I thought I saw that kid over the weekend in "Home Alone". Both 1 and 2! :D
  44. mhanson59hb

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Nope. That was a Megalodon! :D
  45. mhanson59hb

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    I had my son's friend on board one day. We just pulled a yellow off of a paddy, and he was looking in the water. A HUGE mola came up head on and he yelled "SHARK!" and dropped to the deck. He never lived that one down!
  46. mhanson59hb

    Cat 12/21

    Thanks for the report. Just a word of caution: Great whites and big makos are known to frequent the Salta Verde area. I actually saw a 10-foot+ mako 3 years ago at the Suicide Kelp, which is about 2 miles east of SV... Stay safe
  47. mhanson59hb

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Pretty hard to mis-identify a seven-gill as a great white. :D
  48. mhanson59hb

    Hoop Hoop Horray!

    Righteous bugs, dude!
  49. mhanson59hb

    Winter solstice variety pack

    "We're gonna need a bigger freezer....." -- Cody Dang dude, you are on fire!
  50. mhanson59hb

    LJ Yellowtail 12-20

    Frame that 2nd pic with the boys. Classic! Congrats on the home-guard mossback!
  51. mhanson59hb

    Great way to end 2020

    Did you have a dinghy to tow your balls back to the ramp in? Ain't no way they fit in the tin can with Elvis. :D Congratulations, Sir! Truly amazing! 👍
  52. mhanson59hb

    D P 12.19.20

    Hey, as long as Bolan does not eat your prize halibut or yellowtail, it's all good!
  53. mhanson59hb

    SD Bay Hooping 12/18

    Holy Crustacial Infestation, Batman! Friggin' Lobzilla makes an appearance! Congrats!
  54. mhanson59hb

    Finally - Dana Point Halibut 12/18

    Awesome! Quality filets right there. My favorite: Beer batter tacos, guacamole, mango salsa, lime. Delish!
  55. mhanson59hb

    12/16- Hooping Catalina

    Great job and welcome to Catalina hooping. I usually do a two night trip so if we don't limit the first night, we can give it another go. If we do limit, the next night is the "done deal drinking and relaxation club" :D
  56. mhanson59hb

    Wednesday PV report

    Great job but I'm still bringing Lysol to the launch ramp! :D
  57. mhanson59hb

    MB dec 16

    Those 300 pounders are a bit tough - or so I've heard.... :D
  58. mhanson59hb

    Fun with friends and a bonus

    Good job, but it's tough to split a lobster 3 ways! :D PS - I figure you just donated it to them! 👍
  59. mhanson59hb

    La Jolla 12-15

    Take Cody with you. You'll get 'em for sure! :D
  60. mhanson59hb

    Late Report. Izor Hooping 12/10

    From what I have read recently, the lobs have been crawling a bit later. When I was a kid, my dad and uncle had their boat berthed in Wilmington (by the bridges and the old Red Witch Inn) in the early 70s. There was an older couple in a sailboat who used to catch rock crabs off the dock with a...
  61. mhanson59hb

    Local OC 12-12-20

    "I sort of averaged out the estimates and took off about half. That's still a hell of a fish you have there!" -- Quint, from the book Jaws, not the movie. :D 👍
  62. mhanson59hb

    Local OC 12-12-20

    It's not Christmas yet, but it IS your birthday! Nice B-day present! Congrats! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 My guess: 15 pounds....
  63. mhanson59hb

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Very nice! I would have thought Alaska if not for the smog.... :D
  64. mhanson59hb

    A little patience

    When you're on a roll, you're on a roll! Great job once again, my excellent friend! :D 👍
  65. mhanson59hb

    Late YT no catch report (Video)

    In my best Jacques Cousteau narrative voice: "Ah, here we find the elusive winter yellowtail in its natural habitat. So majestic, so peaceful, teasing the angler while suffering from a case of lockjaw...." Nice vid!
  66. mhanson59hb

    Buttstuff 06Dec

    One is definitely better than none when it comes to halibut fishing! Great job!
  67. mhanson59hb

    SNAP 12.06.20 - D.P.

    That looked suspiciously like one of several Shimano "Terez" rods that I saw snap during the last tuna charter I was on. Those 15 pound yellowfin were really putting a hurt on them! :D Hey, at least your pooch did not get tuned up, and you had good eats!
  68. mhanson59hb

    Buggin Cat 12/4Tried

    A bunch of crusty snappers playing king o' the bait tank is a welcome sight! Congrats! Do you always hoop in blackface? :D
  69. mhanson59hb

    LJ 12-2

    Believe me, we are grateful you did not spawn. Listening to an LJ jr bitch about getting skunked again would be cosmically beyond the ability of normal people to take. :rofl:Just joking, my friend! However, I will say that many large fish would still be alive today if I would have worn a...
  70. mhanson59hb

    LJ 12-2

    Probably a big shark around for him to be up on your step. Ouch. I almost feel sorry for the little guy. Almost.... :D
  71. mhanson59hb

    No bugs in LB. 12/2

    Ouch. Better luck next time!
  72. mhanson59hb

    Still hope for bugs in Long Beach!

    Cucarachas del mar... It's what's for dinner! :D
  73. mhanson59hb

    The Shoe & Rigs - 11/30/20

    Still haven't caught one. Just joking around, not busting your balls!
  74. mhanson59hb

    Lookout for floating dinghy

    Sorry about losing your dinghy but Santa Ana's at Catalina are never good. Best to wait it out on the back side. I towed in this one into the Isthmus over the summer. Navigational hazard! :D
  75. mhanson59hb

    The Shoe & Rigs - 11/30/20

    Lighter color. Check. Distinctive lateral line. Check. Tongue sticking out at me saying, ha ha, you can't catch me. Check. Got it..... :D
  76. mhanson59hb

    The Shoe & Rigs - 11/30/20

    Nice job! I looked them up and don't think I've ever caught a Canary rockfish before. Thanks for the report!
  77. mhanson59hb

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    Um, yes you would! :D One of these days you are going to get a really nice one. You're due, right? A lot of big halibut I have caught feel like you're dragging a rock up from the bottom and then go ballistic when you stick 'em with a gaff. PS, small dabs make great lingcod bait, too!
  78. mhanson59hb

    Yellows off the beach 11/29

    You fish, I wish. Excellent job, Cody. It's often that way at Catalina for yellows at the Vs. Bite at first light, over in an hour. If you snooze, you lose - and I have been snoozin' a lot lately! :D
  79. mhanson59hb

    Seeing Reds on Thanksgiving

    Nothing wrong with seeing red on turkey day! That's a nice mess o' fish, there! I was expecting a meme of some sort!
  80. mhanson59hb

    A pair of jacks 11/25

    I'd say make sure to pick up a lotto ticket! However, as Chick Hearn used to say: "It's better to be lucky than good, and if you're both.... watch out!" Mad Skillz... Congrats! :D
  81. mhanson59hb

    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    Man, that makes my stomach do backflips to see a boat strapped in the air like that!
  82. mhanson59hb

    New Hustler On the Big reds

    And not a pooper grouper in the bunch! Nice! :D
  83. mhanson59hb

    Pl 11/21 with a string of bad luck

    Chicken ain't got nothing on bananas...... Just think what would happen if you brought both! :D
  84. mhanson59hb

    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    She'll get the hang of it! Eventually... :D
  85. mhanson59hb

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    I'm truly sorry to hear it. I know the pain, and feel for anyone going through it. My first wife Dianna died at only 35. Sean was only 9 years old...... 😔 My deepest condolences 🙏
  86. mhanson59hb

    Yft and Yt 11/17

    Wow Cody, that's like an offshore career for some guys ( like me :D ). Congratulations on capping another fine season!
  87. mhanson59hb

    Lobster Catalina Island 11/16/20

    Dude.... Sweet! Awesome job and fun times with your daughter!
  88. mhanson59hb


    You're slipping........ Not! Great job and thanks for the report!
  89. mhanson59hb

    11-16-20 Prayers please for Lal's wife Barbara!

    Oh man, that's terrible news. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
  90. mhanson59hb

    who lost ALL of their lobster hoops yesterday afternoon? (11/14) and a PSA

    Some day, hopefully soon - one of these guys is going to wake up in the hospital thinking "Man, I really fucked with the wrong people this time". There is WAY too much of this shit going on lately.
  91. mhanson59hb

    catalina 11/11

    Great job, Dad! Another stoked grom in the making!
  92. mhanson59hb

    Slow but worth it

    You like taco, I like taco.... Taco! Taco! Taco! 🐟🌮
  93. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 13th 14th

    Awesome, guys! Father/son trips are the best! Congrats on the nice bugs!
  94. mhanson59hb

    Dana point bonito and lobster 10/29

    Congrats on your first legal bug! Tip: Ambush style hoops will yield better results than the lay-flat kind.
  95. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    Great video, you have a very soothing voice! "I am Negan" - Sorry I couldn't resist. I have been watching re-runs of the walking dead, and you kinda look like him in the pic! :D
  96. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Yeah, it can get nasty over there. We were there for New Years Eve in the early 70s when a nor'easter blew unexpectedly into Avalon. It was so bad that first night that the harbor master had everyone off of the moored boats and was not letting anyone leave Avalon. My dad and uncle spent an...
  97. mhanson59hb

    Great fishing!! 10/28

    Wow Cody! En fuego los pescadores! Sorry - my Spanish sucks. You are having quite a season, my friend!
  98. mhanson59hb

    Full moon hooping skunk trip

    I got skunked, too - because I did not go hooping. At least you were out on the water! Better luck next time!
  99. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Thurs and Friday

    Just wondering how many dumb-ass paddle boarders lurking in the middle of the channel in dense fog have you guys encountered? :D I have never seen one. Wait.... What was that thump on my hull? Hmmmmm..... :eek: All kidding aside, thanks for the report!
  100. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    This. 👆 My dad and uncle had a beast of a 50 footer at one point. Any sizeable winds and she would drag the mooring blocks. That's why they got rid of her and went to a smaller boat with a better profile!
  101. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Yeah, I saw that vessel anchored up in front of the Casino on the 14th of this month. Thing looked like a floating dumpster. Bummer for the owner, though.....
  102. mhanson59hb

    DP Bonito 10.24.20

    On the old school bonito feather, no less. Nice!
  103. mhanson59hb

    Catalina YT (10/24/2020)

    Wow, that's a beauty! Impressive catch on light gear. Congrats. I used to have that same dial scale - until it broke weighing a 42 pound halibut! :D
  104. mhanson59hb

    Yft and dorado

    Awesome. Totally awesome. Alright Cody! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍:D
  105. mhanson59hb


    It not a job, it's an adventure! You should consider picking up a mooring and camping out on the deck. It beats the hell out of running through the dark. Plus you can get more fishing time in the morning!
  106. mhanson59hb

    AB 3030; "F"ed?

    They can start by protecting the rest of our once great state from Sacramento. These loons have gone completely off the rails.
  107. mhanson59hb

    girls fishing catalina island

    Me likey bouncy! I was going to say something about "WFO 'tails", but then I came to my senses! Wait. Did I just say that? PS. Just don't let L.J. see this thread - his head might explode!
  108. mhanson59hb

    Redondo area 10/18/2020

    Another day, another fish! Nice!
  109. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 10-14 and 10-15 The old men and the sea

    I've thought about doing that, but I really don't need more than seven bugs! Maybe one day!
  110. mhanson59hb

    Fogless Fun

    Heck yes! I'll take a toad flatty over fog any day! Congrats!
  111. mhanson59hb

    Limits of fog and tuna 10/15

    Wow Cody! Great report and pics! Congrats again!
  112. mhanson59hb

    Crawl marches on...

    Git 'er done! :D :cheers:
  113. mhanson59hb

    Foggy Catalina crossing 10/16

    Yep. I came back through that same 12 mile fog bank Friday morning. It's been following me around.
  114. mhanson59hb

    Huntington to Catalina report

    I feel for you, but that is some funny stuff! Nice sense of humor in the face of adversity!
  115. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 10-14 and 10-15 The old men and the sea

    Or so it feels like. OK, maybe we’re not THAT old, but DAMN! :D I took my wife’s brother Devan to the Island for a few days of fishing and hooping. We launched from Huntington Harbor Wednesday morning and picked a scoop of 10 day cured medium sardines from Nacho. Nice! The sea was flat calm...
  116. mhanson59hb

    Catch and Cook | The Meanest Thing in Creation

    That species is closely related to the Double Breasted Mattress Thrasher, an all time favorite!
  117. mhanson59hb

    Mpa infraction

    I got a ticket for not filling out my lobster card before dropping hoop at Cat a few years back. $266, had to go to court in Long Beach, not Avalon. No telling what the fine is now for MLPA violations, but you can bet on one thing: It will be expensive!
  118. mhanson59hb

    On any Sunday

    Crustacean Infestation! I'm itching to go! Congrats!
  119. mhanson59hb

    Championship lakers amd spiny lobsters

    Great job on the bugs! On the other hand, as a Laker fan since '74 - though I have not watched hardly any games, I did tune in for last nights game. Championship #17, tying the Boston Smeltics for the most.
  120. mhanson59hb

    10.11.20 - D P Lucky Dog

    I'd like to leave you some helpful, sage-like comment regarding Bolan and taking her aboard, but I don't know Jack Shit about having a dog on a boat! :D My gut feeling is she'll get over it and start looking forward to these trips!
  121. mhanson59hb

    Nice day out of LB

    Blessed are those who spend the day at Catalina, fish or no fish! :D
  122. mhanson59hb

    The sword teased us then finally committed

    Elvis has left the building! Outstanding!
  123. mhanson59hb

    10/10/20 SLOOOOnoW Ester area

    Hey, at least you were out on the pond! Thanks for the report.
  124. mhanson59hb

    Mr. Barnes Lobster Opener Message and Report

    Further proof that you can buy a boat but can't buy a clue. Some people have no consideration for other boaters. And get rid of that friggin' poly rope! If that crap wraps your prop, you are screwed. Simple, effective set up. Adding a 4 oz weight to the bottom of your float will keep the glow...
  125. mhanson59hb

    Easy limit 10/8

    Look at them snappers, Ralph! Nice job Cody! 40 pound "Unicorn o' the Sea" :D Some day, they'll be back!
  126. mhanson59hb

    Hooping at its best

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Nice job gents!
  127. mhanson59hb

    Lucky day of bass fishing!

    Bassin'? More like kickin' ass in! Congrats!
  128. mhanson59hb


    Captain Obvious says "Always check your connections" :D My buddy did the same thing to one of my hoops a few years ago. We had broken down the gear after hooping, and lo and behold he throws one over the side "to rinse it" Needless to say he never did that again as a new hoop and weights add...
  129. mhanson59hb

    Kids first bug trip

    Great job dad! My son likes to hoop, too. Bonus is that he doesn't eat 'em! Lucky me and my friends!
  130. mhanson59hb

    Cat 10/7 front side

    Thanks for the report. There are more seal pups at the island this year then I have ever seen before. Where's a white shark when you need 'em?
  131. mhanson59hb

    Two sets n get!

    Nice job, gentlemen! Those are Spider (aka Sheep) crabs. Caught many, they get huge - never ate one. Good luck!
  132. mhanson59hb

    Got butter? Limits of bugs

    Great job on the bugs! But a bit of advise: I would not chunk bonito. DFW won't put the pieces together for a count and can charge you with a full bonito for every chunk, possibly making you over limits and a big fine. Put in one big piece per tube/cage with shallow cuts in each piece and top...
  133. mhanson59hb

    Pinniped Free Opener?

    Hey, I've seen that floating flea farmer before somewhere...... Just can't quite place it! :D
  134. mhanson59hb

    La Jolla late report

    Nice report and CV19 mask..... :D
  135. mhanson59hb

    3 steps

    Step 2b: Share deep fry recipe and cooking time with impressed fellow BDers so our lobs don't come out like rubber! :cheers:
  136. mhanson59hb

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Nice report! Good to see the bigger models moving in. Hopefully they'll stick around through the new moon next week!
  137. mhanson59hb

    Where are my bug reports!

    Good job on the bugs. I don't have radar either, but I have my AIS marine radio hooked into my chart plotter via NEMA and it shows any vessel broadcasting a signal. Not as good as radar but better than nothing in the fog.
  138. mhanson59hb

    Big Halibut and a story- Sd Bay 10/2

    Nice fish. Get yourself a fishing checklist. It will save you from forgetting something important. Like a gaff or putting the plug in! :D
  139. mhanson59hb

    Boat Fire off of Whites Landing Catalina

    Wow, I hope everyone is OK. At least it's an easy swim to shore at Whites.
  140. mhanson59hb

    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Nice job. This is why I hoop only one area at a time and stay close. Any scum bag hoop poachers rolling up on my gear get an earful. They have tried, but haven't managed to steal any of my bugs. Yet. Their BS excuse most often is "Oh, I thought they were mine". Kinda weird when my floats all...
  141. mhanson59hb

    CAT 10/3 report

    A day at Cat is a day in Paradise. Nice job and thanks for the report!
  142. mhanson59hb

    Maiden trip to Catalina: 3b-2b=b

    Catalina, the Island of romance! Fun times :D
  143. mhanson59hb

    10/1 Diverse Lings at Pt Loma

    Lingcod.... Yum! Deep fried buttery goodness! Serve in tacos with mango salsa and guacamole. A dish o' fish - delish!
  144. mhanson59hb

    9/27 Point Loma

    You're lucky, my wife won't get onboard my boat even when it is in the driveway! Nice flatties BTW! Dude, we really need to get you out on a date! ;)
  145. mhanson59hb

    Perseverance Pays Off

    Elvis lives! Or did until now.... Nice work. Why hide your face? Don't want people asking you for swordfish steaks? :D
  146. mhanson59hb

    Limits of yellowfin and Dorado thank you Hardcore

    Right on guys! Corey will always call you in if you are respectful. Great tip on the dead bait. Glad it worked out for everyone!
  147. mhanson59hb

    Cat Attack 9/26

    What a Buzz Kill.... :D Sounds like a fun trip!
  148. mhanson59hb

    2nd trip

    Nice first post. Welcome to the forum! Those leopards are beautiful fish!
  149. mhanson59hb

    Catalina quick hitter 9-24

    We fish a lot of multi-day trips at the Island and usually are out of bait by the 2nd day. Catching smelt has saved many of our trips by enticing last gasp yellows!
  150. mhanson59hb

    DP - 09.26.20

    Beautiful weather. What a difference a few days make. Nice grumpies!
  151. mhanson59hb

    9/26/20: Is this you? Oceanside Harbor

    I saw a similar boat at Catalina on Thursday. ;)
  152. mhanson59hb

    Catalina quick hitter 9-24

    Thanks! Is your boat minus an engine? If so, I feel for you, bro. Ouch!
  153. mhanson59hb

    Catalina quick hitter 9-24

    Yeah, we caught 2 of the yellows and some of the bones on the smelt. The trick is to slow troll them. We also bounce 'em for halibut. They don't make good fly line baits.
  154. mhanson59hb

    Catalina quick hitter 9-24

    My son Sean and I decided to do an over-night trip to Catalina as he had a rare few days off of work/school. We launched Thursday morning from Huntington Harbor and picked up a scoop of smaller sardines from Mario. Headed toward the oil rigs and were greeted by fog that lasted all the way to the...
  155. mhanson59hb

    Lobster diving at Catalina

    Try Rippers Cove between the MPLAs. Watch out for the Tax Man where ever you dive.
  156. mhanson59hb


    Hooping the opener is just a giant fluster-cluck anyway. I always wait until mid-week after that. Heard Catalina lobsters have covid19, so stay socially distant from my honey spots!
  157. mhanson59hb

    Yellows 8/20

    Late congrats! You always find the fish!
  158. mhanson59hb

    08.30.20 – DP “There’s no place like Home”

    Right on, LJ! Some sanity in an otherwise insane world. :D
  159. mhanson59hb

    8-19 LaJolla Yellowtail

    "Solid Jack" -- Hardcor :D
  160. mhanson59hb

    Front side Cat 8/19, just bonito

    Goat Harbor used to be a good sea bass spot once upon a time.... Save those bones, lobster season coming up quick!
  161. mhanson59hb

    Mission Belle 8/20

    Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
  162. mhanson59hb

    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    Git 'er done! All you needed was a tax-man sighting for the ol' Red, White and Blue All-American trip!
  163. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Good job not letting the gremlins get you down. Minus that, seems like a really fun trip with rapala yellows to boot!
  164. mhanson59hb

    Maiden voyage that gave me a fucking heart attack

    All that - and a bonus pooper grouper. :D Just glad you made it back safe!
  165. mhanson59hb

    8-12-20 ..NP, 277, to W end Cat

    Sashimi on deck. That's what I love to see. It will happen for me, too. Eventually.... or not! :D
  166. mhanson59hb

    8/9/20 Catalina YT, Bass and Bonita

    Great job. 28# is nothing to sneeze at! :D
  167. mhanson59hb

    14, Trash, Kicked Off the 279 and Miles

    FMWO. Fish Mid Week Only. They don't call it Zooport for nothing.....
  168. mhanson59hb

    Last catch of the day PB

    Thanks for the detailed report! Nice goat, too...... :D
  169. mhanson59hb

    44.4 lb yellowtail

    What a toad! Mossback! Home guard! Pig! Bruiser! Tackle Buster! Trophy! Anything I missed? Congratulations, sir, on one heck of a catch!
  170. mhanson59hb

    San Diego Butts 8/9

    Dude..... Sweet!!!!!! :D
  171. mhanson59hb

    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: Forget those floating flea bags. But you did right by cutting the line short. Now he just has some of that millennial bling to show off to his dog pack. He's lucky you weren't using a...
  172. mhanson59hb

    Old Yeller at Cat

    Awesome, glad you got a good one. That fish looks really hungry. Imagine how much it would have weighed if it was full, fat and happy! :D Congrats!
  173. mhanson59hb

    DP 08.08.20 Black Eye

    Combat fishing at it's finest. I'm sending you a goalie mask for your arsenal! :D
  174. mhanson59hb

    8-8-2020 Platform Ester

    Man, those shovel nose guitar fish ALWAYS look like giant halibut at deep color. :D
  175. mhanson59hb

    NP, 14 mile , 8 miles off Catalina

    Dodos in the channel, dodos in the channel! :D Awesome, and congrats to your son on the PB!
  176. mhanson59hb

    Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Just another uber-liberal elite that thinks they are better than everyone else and lets us all know it. Tell 'em to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.
  177. mhanson59hb

    Thursday Oceanside 43-Ridge

    Better than coding SQL script all day.... time on the water = priceless! :D
  178. mhanson59hb


    Keep on truckin' you'll score soon enough!
  179. mhanson59hb

    226-302-9 August 7th

    Hamachi on the deck is better than saying "what the heck"..... Nice fish, congrats!
  180. mhanson59hb

    Rinse and Repeat 8/7

    Wow Cody, on fire "tre usual". The wins just keep coming! Keep up the good work, you have a have a solid shot at "BD Bad Ass of the Year.........Again!" Congrats!
  181. mhanson59hb

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Wow, that is most assuredly a sad situation all around. My condolences to all the families involved. It has to be terrible to know you ran over your friend and worse for the family of the deceased. I cant imagine the pain all must be feeling. A similar situation happened to my dad 35 years...
  182. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    You basically have to slow troll them for yellows, they will eat the heck out of them sometimes. Or trap rig 'em to drift/bounce for halibut. No good for fly-lining tho.... :D
  183. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    I'm glad you are having a great season and hope you are enjoying life with your granddaughter! These boards are worse off without your timely reports, humor and videos, not to mention giving out numbers to those who ask nicely. Especially sad since it's due to friggin' trolls. "People have no...
  184. mhanson59hb

    fishing Palos Verdes 08/03

    I'll be looking at one of those for when I move to Big Bear in a couple of years! Thanks for the report!
  185. mhanson59hb

    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    ASGITM. Another Stoked Grom In The Making! :D Way to go, Dad!
  186. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    Thanks Corey, it's been a while. Looking forward to your next report! Thanks, investing in a new scale stat..... :D Thanks Steve. Well I put my buddy on 2 yellows last October, but for me and Sean it has been two loooooong years! Last year was humbling for me! Sean is working on his BA in...
  187. mhanson59hb

    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Cool vid. Multi-tasking at it's finest! Baiting, fighting, chumming, spiking, bleeding, gaffing all at the same time. You get a lap dance, too that did not make the final edit? :D Out-friggin-standing!
  188. mhanson59hb

    Mixed bag 8/3

    Wow! Another mess o' fish lines the tail gate. Pretty impressive! Your friend looks stoked. You two could be brothers! Great job and congrats!
  189. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    Thanks Cody, good to be back on the water again!
  190. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    I thought so, too. Maybe my scale is off.... ;)
  191. mhanson59hb

    Cat 8-2 - YT on the Spinner

    Solid jack on the coffee grinder! Excellent job! Congrats!
  192. mhanson59hb

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    After being out of the game for almost two months with arthritis issues, I was finally able to put together a trip for my son Sean and I. We launched from Huntington Harbor Monday morning and picked up a scoop of sardines from Nacho. The ocean was flat calm as we checked out the oil rigs and...
  193. mhanson59hb

    Cat 8/1

    Thanks for the report. Heading over Monday for a few days. We'll give it the old college try. Who knows, maybe the full moon will do us a solid for once! It's gotta be better than watching the news...... :D
  194. mhanson59hb

    Yellowtail on deck

    "I sort of averaged out the estimates and took off about half. That's still a hell of a fish you got there....." -- Quint, on the size of the shark - from the book Jaws, not the movie! :D
  195. mhanson59hb

    7/28/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, Trip #9, BF #31YTD, no skunk yet

    Nice job. Man, I hate floating flea bags so much.....
  196. mhanson59hb

    Late Report and Video

    WOW! Fun times and congrats!
  197. mhanson59hb

    Personal Best Bluefin

    What a rush! Congrats!
  198. mhanson59hb

    The little whaler that could

    Fintastic! Solo? Your sack must ride shotgun. :eek:
  199. mhanson59hb

    Yellowtail on deck

    Heck ya, that's a beauty! Congrats! It's definitely in the 17 to 20 pound class.
  200. mhanson59hb

    Goodbye & Thank You

    May good luck go with you, always, and have fun in your new digs. Congrats. Myself: Born and raised in California, 2nd Gen, 58 years tomorrow. Lived in HB for the last 44 years. So sick of the idiots destroying this beautiful state. Thought of moving, just can't do it. All my family is here...
  201. mhanson59hb

    Ghosts & Goats

    Spookin' the ghosties again! Catalina give up the ghost. Congrats!
  202. mhanson59hb

    Fish of a Lifetime - Deep Drop Success!

    Well that's just friggin' AWESOME! Elvis has entered the BBQ pit.....
  203. mhanson59hb

    Looking for YF found Halibut

    Beautiful fish and great pic. That's not a gut shot (which will immobilize the fish) but ANY gaff shot that gets that beauty in the boat is a good one! Congrats!
  204. mhanson59hb

    7/25-Catalina Island, First Legal Halibut on my boat

    A flattie in the cooler is always a great day. Plus you were at my favorite place on Earth: Catalina Island! Nice job.
  205. mhanson59hb

    Epic Fail - Newport

    Impressive piece of machinery. 10 to 1 there has never been a decent fish caught on her, or that fishing is even allowed. :D
  206. mhanson59hb

    Seabass and Yellowtail fishing

    A video is worth 1000 words! More, because no one can call BS! Great job!
  207. mhanson59hb

    Afternoon 1/2 day Reel Fun, Dana Point

    Making memories, one trip at a time! Nice job dad!
  208. mhanson59hb

    Overnight to Navy Island.

    Love pics with tails sticking out of the sacks! Yellowtail fever is real!
  209. mhanson59hb

    Hurds O' Turds

    Nice mess o' fish! Sand bass are not just a rumor anymore!
  210. mhanson59hb

    Got me one !

    Awesome! Bucket list fish!
  211. mhanson59hb

    Rock Addition (South OC) 06.28.20

    How did I miss this post? Fun stuff! :D
  212. mhanson59hb

    Dog on Deck 07.06.20

    Cool pupperino you have there. Now you have to teach him to hassle sea lions and gaff yellowtail!
  213. mhanson59hb

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    You just have to pick your days to go tin cannin' offshore. I used to fish up to 5-6 miles off the back side Catalina in my Bayrunner 16 with 40 hp Yamaha. I would not be out at the 43 however!
  214. mhanson59hb

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Man, boat issues and you still come home with fish! Git 'er done!
  215. mhanson59hb

    Lake Hemet good these days?

    Rumor is the yellow tail tuna are WFO at Hemet right now after the sardine stocking.....
  216. mhanson59hb

    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Gosh dang Trophy owners! Sheesh! You might want to blank out the license plate in those pics! :D
  217. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Health problems. The arthritis in my feet is out of control. My boat is in tip top condition and rarin' to go, the same can't be said for me!
  218. mhanson59hb

    Catalina backside 7/3

    Awesome. Jelly. Congrats!
  219. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Cat-07-02-20 Big Tails

    Very nice! Congrats! I have been out of action for almost a month now, but hope to go in a few weeks!
  220. mhanson59hb

    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    And to think, all this time I thought it was the Humboldt squid that wiped out the sand bass! :D
  221. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    This is what truly matters in life. With with all the virus/unrest news, the simple joy of making a child happy. Kudos.....
  222. mhanson59hb

    6/12 Cat report with catch report

    WTG! It's not WFO, but OIBTN. Translation: Way to go! It's not wide fuckin' open, but one is better than none! :D Congrats!
  223. mhanson59hb

    Yellows and Turbot Catalina 6/12

    Nice job. DFW would probably mistake that for a short halibut and write you a ticket! :D
  224. mhanson59hb

    MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Again

    Done deal. Added a note about purse seiners, long liners and gill netters. The REAL culprits.
  225. mhanson59hb

    Native sun 6/12/20

    Quality tails, sounds like a fun trip!
  226. mhanson59hb

    Cat 6/13

    Wow! That's a great all-around trip! Congrats!
  227. mhanson59hb

    Islands Thursday

    Looks like you put a rear naked choke on those yellows! Congrats!
  228. mhanson59hb

    Pursuit 6/11

    Nice to see sport boats in action again. Now I can pass off any sea lions dogging me to them........ :D
  229. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 6/10

    What the heck, at least you were out and about at the Island. I spent all day coding SQL script.... :D
  230. mhanson59hb

    It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    My goodness! If that's not EPIC, I don't know what is. Congrats! I don't even know what I would do if I hooked one of those monsters. Probably hand off to my son.... :D
  231. mhanson59hb

    Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Oh geez Cody! I feel for you guys, what a fish! On the bright side, at least you got a nice yellow!
  232. mhanson59hb

    Catalina report 5/26 to 5/28

    Thank you. Yeah, you can usually catch Spanish mackies outside of the harbor in front of the cans or greenbacks in front of lovers cove. Just was not happening for me this time.... Smelt you can catch by kelp lines or in green water. Even the locals were having a hard time making bait for some...
  233. mhanson59hb

    Catalina report 5/26 to 5/28

    It's because out of all the 100s of yellowtail we've caught at Catalina, exactly 3 were taken on a rapala! :D Now the Coronado's are a different story, I hear...8-) They do have their uses, they are invaluable for catching bonito for lobster bait! Here is the one exceptional fish caught by...
  234. mhanson59hb

    5/29 Cat front- not much

    Hey, at least you are honest! :D
  235. mhanson59hb

    DP to 209 to Cat 5/29

    Heck ya! You did what we couldn't.... Get some 'tail at the Island! :D Congrats!
  236. mhanson59hb

    Catalina report 5/26 to 5/28

    I didn't even want to post this after reading all the other fabulous reports from Cat, but God hates a coward, so here goes! :D Catalina 5/26 to 5/28 My son Sean and I were fired up to go fishing for the first time in 6 months, even though we knew it would be tough sledding after the holiday...
  237. mhanson59hb

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Great job guys! I was at Hen Rock on Wednesday for a while. Didn't see or catch squat. Timing is everything, I guess, Congrats!
  238. mhanson59hb

    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Outstanding, Sir! I am soooooo jelly right now. I was at Cat and we did not get any yellows or sea bass... Congrats!
  239. mhanson59hb

    Coronado Islands 5/24

    Your boy is all smiles. He'll remember this forever. Great job dad!
  240. mhanson59hb

    Catalina East End 5/24

    Beautiful yellow! Thank's for the tips. When there's no current, make your own by slow trolling a bait! Holiday weekends are amateur hour, you take your chances when fishing them! Glad your son got a quality fish!
  241. mhanson59hb

    Fished LB on Sat.

    It's good to hear Nacho has bait gain. Big 'dines are perfect for slow trolling! Thanks for the report!
  242. mhanson59hb

    Definitely in inshore report

    The elusive wahoo/lizard fish hybrid in spawning mode.....
  243. mhanson59hb

    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    Love the pics, yellows headed out of town for Memorial Day weekend. :D
  244. mhanson59hb

    5-22-20 bird school

    Log 'cuda and iron. It's the American way! Fun stuff!
  245. mhanson59hb

    5/22/20 Cat report

    Thanks for the report! If yellows are around, it's only a matter of time before they start biting, Love the pic, Rippers is a fun cove!
  246. mhanson59hb

    Back bay

    Any day you can get a legal+ halibut from the dock or jetty is a good day! Nice job!
  247. mhanson59hb

    5-21-20 LBC Spawn is awn.

    Awesome. Seems there is a run on toad sculpin and world class lizard fish lately.... :D
  248. mhanson59hb

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    I'll be at Cat Tuesday to Thursday, what channel do you monitor? Hopefully Nacho will have some bait by then...
  249. mhanson59hb

    5-21-2020- BFT tuna report

    Wow, outstanding catch, way to go! Sashimi for DAYS!
  250. mhanson59hb

    Cat 2/21

    Awesome, this gives me hope!
  251. mhanson59hb

    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Fly-lining live squid, sardines or anchovies would have been the ticket. Those fish at Izors have seen it all. Also, bottom bounce the sand outside the reef, there are some nice halibut around! Cool vid!
  252. mhanson59hb

    5/16 and 5/17 Newport

    Man, your skiff reminds me of my old Bayrunner 16, the "BEER CAN". Fishy friggen' boat. That ceviche looks delicious!
  253. mhanson59hb

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Those are some brutes! I also release big bass except if they are bleeding out or gut hooked, but there is no shame in keeping a legal fish or two. Anyone who says different can take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!
  254. mhanson59hb

    Beats workin

    Pin that smelt on an slow troll 'em outside the kelp line or along the break wall.... :D
  255. mhanson59hb

    5/15 coronado —- middle ground slugs

    Ah, a man of action and few words.... Awesome catch!
  256. mhanson59hb

    5/14 Cat 3 B's with a special Ghost

    Biscuits and GRAVY! Nice work and congrats!
  257. mhanson59hb

    Nados tails 5/16

    Copy. Paste. Post. :D You are a friggin' machine Cody. Congrats on another epic trip!
  258. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Sat.-05-16-20 Seeing Red, Grey and Calico!

    Another. Great. Report. Fish are definitely hurtin' for certain and in for a ration o' thrashin' now that you guys are back in business! Congrats!
  259. mhanson59hb

    DP 05.16.20 Cheap Trip

    "Father says your mother's right, she's really up on things. Before we married mommy served in the WACs in the Philippines...." Hold up. You said cheap trip, not Cheap Trick. I must have been having flash backs to my wasted youth. Nice report LJ, taco fixins' and a day on the water. Glad to...
  260. mhanson59hb


    I was going to comment, but then I came to my senses. :D Nice job on the fish!
  261. mhanson59hb

    San Clemente island 5/12

    Heck yeah! Good job. Wishin' I was fishin'!
  262. mhanson59hb

    Fishing off the back of the boat--Newport Harbor

    Those little striped guys we used to call "Zebra Perch" and are great bait. Technically named the "Salema" as noted above. Throw those on a hook and cast 'em out. Blammo!
  263. mhanson59hb

    Islands 5 -11

    Great job on the yellows! I take my 18 foot cuddy cabin for multiday trips to Catalina all the time. Just make sure you have all all the gear, multiple marine batteries, radio and GPS (with battery operated handheld back ups). I find it's much more comfortable to stay overnight then fighting...
  264. mhanson59hb

    Bermuda Triangle 05.08.20

    Nice job, LJ. Keep looking, you'll eventually find that elusive kelp paddy fish! Beats my weekend by a mile!
  265. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 5/9 bby

    Slow trolling lives baits is the way to go! Congrats!
  266. mhanson59hb

    Mother's Day SD bay

    That's a keeper, alright! :D
  267. mhanson59hb

    West End Cat 5/8

    Nice read, better fish. Stoked for you!
  268. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-2 day SCI ending 05-07-20

    You're not the only one in a YT slump (looking at myself in the mirror). At least you out on the water! Thanks for the report!
  269. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 5/7/20

    Catalina Island = paradise on Earth. Blessed are we who can make the journey! Fish in the sack is just a bonus....
  270. mhanson59hb

    Seriola ensalada

    Out-friggin-standing! Ol' mossback did not get away this time. Congrats!
  271. mhanson59hb

    Coronado yellows!!

    And it's Cody for the win! Again! You are one fishy dude.... congrats!
  272. mhanson59hb

    I had a feeling

    Awesome. Red tide yellowtail. Hopefully the filets don't stink!
  273. mhanson59hb

    Buddy boating today

    Sweet sled. Throw back the pooper groupers.... :D
  274. mhanson59hb

    Rockfish are there

    The Ayatollah of Rock-fish-a-rolla! Nice job!
  275. mhanson59hb

    Coronado’s 5.3

    I can hear the conversation 18 years from now: "Before you were born, daddy got a nice yellowtail right after they re-opened the bay. I knew it was a good sign for you to grow healthy and happy!" Congrats on both fronts, Sir!
  276. mhanson59hb

    D P 05.03.20 Quick Run

    Thanks for the report, LJ. I find those bugs in the gills of lizard fish all the time and halibut once in a while. The only good bug - is a dead bug (except the lobs in my tank)!
  277. mhanson59hb

    Big halibut surprise

    That's easily a 30 pounder. Trophy fish! Congrats. Sometimes those big girls feel like you snagged the bottom and are pulling in a rock. Until you hit 'em with the gaff and they go ballistic!
  278. mhanson59hb

    WTF ! Sat, fish pics n reports ???

    It was just a joke, my man. That's what the smiley face indicates. Hope you feel better soon!
  279. mhanson59hb

    WTF ! Sat, fish pics n reports ???

    So where's your report, shithead? :D
  280. mhanson59hb

    Nados and beyond. Report 5/1

    Get a friggin' haircut..... Just Kidding! Outstanding job, nice variety of fish and way to go on the pig yellow. PS. I have long hair, too. :D
  281. mhanson59hb

    SCI “Lingasaurus” Bonanza

    Look at them snappers, Ralph! Great job, congrats!
  282. mhanson59hb

    Coronado islands 5/1

    Nice going, my man! Ling Ling tacos are yum yum good good!
  283. mhanson59hb

    Floated the Harbor 5-1-20

    Hey, that's a nice corbina in your 2nd pic. An actual sportfish!
  284. mhanson59hb

    Governor Targets Orange County

    It actually said "Fire Gruesome Newsom - Open California", but I did not see that clearly until later. I like my version better: Fuck Newsom :finger: You're welcome!
  285. mhanson59hb

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Update: Yep, big protest down on Main and PCH in HB. Looks like hundreds, they even have the mounted police lined up. News is all over it. I think I see a small plane trailing a banner with FUCK NEWSOM on it. :finger: :D Just heard on channel 5 news HB city counsel voted to sue Newsom/CA...
  286. mhanson59hb

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Lots of helicopters and sirens going off in downtown HB right now. Wonder if there's another protest rally? I bet 5 bucks there is..... :1041677399: :1041677399: :finger::finger::idiot::slap::Beat_Them:pee:
  287. mhanson59hb

    4/29 COVID CAT

    Hells to the yeah! Way to get it done! I'm soooo jelly right now. :D
  288. mhanson59hb

    Governor Targets Orange County

    I live in downtown Huntington Beach. The pier and all beach parking lots have been closed for a while with the beaches technically open. HBPD is being really cool and not pulling any Nazi BS. We can't help it if a bunch of out-of-towners come in for a day at the beach. Couldn't find a parking...
  289. mhanson59hb

    Taco Time Newport 4-26

    That be some serious commitment there, matey!
  290. mhanson59hb

    Turd Circus - Newport 4/24

    This is why I only fish mid-week. SMDH.... PS. What is wrong with blasting Van Halen? Beats the brakes off any music produced these days... :D:devil::git:
  291. mhanson59hb

    4_25 Catalina Front Side -FOGGY!

    Friggin' Bayliner owners are "tools", right DK? Trophy owners rule! /sarc. But seriously, I hate crossing the channel in the fog. I don't have radar and rely on radio AIS plugged into my plotter to see other vessels. It's scary creeping along at 5 knots knowing the Jet Cat Express is doing 30...
  292. mhanson59hb

    Cat for the Bs

    Way to go! Getting pumped for the season!
  293. mhanson59hb

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Awesome. Glad you got out with your family. Spring has done sprung! Nice yellow, congrats!
  294. mhanson59hb

    Light Line Calico Bass Long Beach Wall ( Video )

    Another fun video and nice day on the water. Thanks for posting the report, Corey. I'm jonesing to get out (like everybody else) and having Catalina withdrawals. There is only one cure! :D
  295. mhanson59hb

    LA Port police threaten to confiscate boat and gear.

    The cop was just erring on the side of being a dick. Crispy Creme closures have them pretty upset right now. ;)
  296. mhanson59hb

    Dana Pt. 4.15 - Lucky Star

    Nothing says relaxation like Mai Tai's and halibut from the slip. Outstanding!
  297. mhanson59hb

    Fished CI 4/15

    That's a nice mess o' fish no match how you slice it!
  298. mhanson59hb

    Here....a Fish Report!

    I just want to go fishing. Fuck the political bullshit on both sides. Glad someone got out!
  299. mhanson59hb

    04.15.20 DP – Slithered out today

    Out and about! Nice. Better luck next time on the rock fish season regs..... 8-)
  300. mhanson59hb

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    The only good shrimp is a fried shrimp! Just kidding, these are amazing creatures! Caught a couple at Catalina....
  301. mhanson59hb

    Tax & License Refunds

    The check is in the mail, son...... :D
  302. mhanson59hb

    Best Day Ever...

    Enjoy every minute of life with your son and family. Same thing with my son. Now he's bigger than me and out fishes me most of the time. Pretty soon your boy will be catching things like this:
  303. mhanson59hb

    Super late report...from somewhere up north

    Love the video. Fun times! Your 1st legal halibut was 42 pounds? Not bad.... I assume it was a Pacific halibut, right? Congrats!! Here is a pic of my PB 42 pound California halibut, caught at the Horseshoe kelp. You matched me with one catch, you sly dog! :D
  304. mhanson59hb

    DP - 03.28.20 - Got out

    Good on you for getting out. That was a big boil off your stern in the video! Small sand dabs make excellent ling cod bait. Just saying......8-) I have used lizard fish as bait for halibut and never got a bite, but I hear it can be effective at times.
  305. mhanson59hb

    Opaleye bite.

    Frozen green peas definitely work for opaleye. What they go mad for is abalone guts. We would get some from Rosie on the pier in Avalon when I was a kid. "Button Perch" as we called them back then lost all their caution and those big boys fight hard. That said, never, ever eat opaleye or...
  306. mhanson59hb

    P.m. grocery run 3/22

    I'm a little late saying congrats, but congrats! Glad someone is getting out. My last 2 trips were cancelled by the weather then the virus. It's gotta end sometime, right?
  307. mhanson59hb

    2 Drifts 4 Baits and 2 Fish

    Wow, really nice flatties. Congrats!
  308. mhanson59hb

    San Diego Bay Spotted Bay Bass (video)

    All right! I love spotted bay bass. Beautiful fish. I don't catch many, but when I do I'm stoked. Thanks for the vid!
  309. mhanson59hb

    Sole man

    Filet of Soul..... Nice work. DFW can't know everything. Experience will bring knowledge. Glad they are out there trying. When you're the only game in town, you'll get boarded. Midweek, freezing cold, we've been hooping over there - only boat out - and get boarded and then rolled up on multiple...
  310. mhanson59hb

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Fantastic news! She'll get a little better everyday. I am so stoked for both of you!
  311. mhanson59hb

    DP 02.01.20 Before the gale?

    Nice day on the water! I was sitting around with a swollen knee. LJ for the win!
  312. mhanson59hb

    Coronados 2/1

    Gators n Reds! Nice work there, Captain!
  313. mhanson59hb

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Hoping and praying your wife makes a full recovery.
  314. mhanson59hb

    Halibut report - Santa Barbara

    Nice skim board you have there! Just "say no" to capers! 8-)
  315. mhanson59hb

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I'll buy 6 of those right now, please!
  316. mhanson59hb

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Look at them snappers, Ralph!
  317. mhanson59hb

    Another good night on the ocean beach pier

    Pier hooping for lobster. That's dedication! Congrats! My very first time hooping I was at Catalina and it was too windy. One of the harbor patrol guys suggested we hoop right off the mooring in Cherry Cove. The kelp was all the way out to the 2nd row, and I was able to manage 3 legals. Then my...
  318. mhanson59hb

    Gentleman start Halibut hunt. 1-13-2020

    Nice, relaxing day. Flattie would be a bonus!
  319. mhanson59hb

    Big ups to BD member “The Slider”!

    I don't know if it was really LJs first. Just doing some chain yanking! Again good job guys!
  320. mhanson59hb

    South La Jolla 1/5/20

    Gotta love winter home-guards! Nice!
  321. mhanson59hb

    Jan 11 LB Area

    Gotta love gals with blond pony tails and Jameson hoodies. Keepers? :D
  322. mhanson59hb

    Found hoop net on the front side of Cat 1/10/20

    I know it's not mine. I haven't been hooping since October! :( Good job on your part trying to return it. A couple years ago I almost ran over a bunch of floating rope (no float) at Cat during the day. Pulled it in, found a hoop with no markings that looked like it had been soaking for a...
  323. mhanson59hb

    Big ups to BD member “The Slider”!

    Hey LJ, congrats on your first ever legal bug! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
  324. mhanson59hb

    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    That's a T-Roller Deluxe! Great job, gentlemen!
  325. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Sat. 01-11-20 Bass, slow then goes Ballistic!

    Another day, another b-ass kicking. Outstanding!
  326. mhanson59hb

    I was brought back down to Earth

    8 is great! None is no fun..... :D
  327. mhanson59hb

    Los coronados 1/1/2020

    I am sure it's delicious, but oh man, I just can't get past eating things that are still looking at me!
  328. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-01-02-20 Bass in 2020!

    So you are saying global warning is a myth? :D:D:D Fun times, congrats!
  329. mhanson59hb

    Hooping with old friends!

    Nice job! I have Ace Line Hauler with the Bull Dog. Makes it hands free and coils the rope. You should see if they have one for the Trac. PS - people can talk shit all they want about pullers. It's not their back I am worried about! All of my hooping buddys are 57+, so it helps getting them...
  330. mhanson59hb

    Islands 1/3

    Today is Taco Tuesday. When do we eat? Congrats!
  331. mhanson59hb

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. My ego took a serious hit this year! :D May 2020 bless us all with health, happiness and monster mossbacks!!!!!!
  332. mhanson59hb

    Merry Christmas

    A little late to the party, but can I say Merry New Year? With apologies to Eddie Murphy.... :D
  333. mhanson59hb

    Record time buggin at Cat! 12/21/19

    That's awesome! Speedy Lobzales on the crawl!
  334. mhanson59hb

    RPT-Thur.-12-19-19 Chilly WFO Winter Bass'n!

    Nice haul. Next time, bring along some, uh, "anti-freeze". ;)
  335. mhanson59hb

    Skunked twice

    Bummer. No where to go but up! Better luck next time.
  336. mhanson59hb

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    I've been living vicariously through you and Longboard all season! Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  337. mhanson59hb

    Short and sweet 11/24

    Great job! This time of year I keep forgetting the offshore forum exists still. Congrats are in order, better late than never!
  338. mhanson59hb

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Hells to the yeah! Wonderful catch!
  339. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up light line

    Another outstanding video and catch! I have got to remember to come over to the Offshore forum more. Nice job!
  340. mhanson59hb

    12/16 - Butts on the Bay

    A couple of flatties will make anyone's day! Congrats!
  341. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Great job! I was there Weds/Thursday and the moon was up super early and killed the crawl for us. But then again we hoop pretty close to Avalon, so it may be a bit over fished. It took us 2 nights to get our limits Full moon can be great if it's cloudy or it rises late... Stoked for you!
  342. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    Thanks and I hope it helps someone out. As a hooping newb years ago, I once got a ticket for not filling out the lobster card with the date, location and gear code before dropping. It even says to do that right on the card, if I had bothered to read it! Just dumb on my part. So I read up on the...
  343. mhanson59hb

    D P 12.14.19; poor conditions, had rEEL fun though

    A day on the water out does just about anything else. That's what is important. :smoking33:
  344. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    Contrary to popular belief, bonito can be used for lobster bait. I have asked the DFW several times and they confirm this, and we do use them. The problem is since they have limits of 5 under 24 inches plus 5 more if over 24 inches and if you start chunking them officers cant really determine...
  345. mhanson59hb

    Lobster bait question

    As long as you don't use trouser trout, you should be OK. Just kidding! Use oily bait like sardines, mackerel, skipjack, etc. The more scent you get in the water, the better!
  346. mhanson59hb

    Saturday in the bay

    Spotties are beautiful fish. Nice job!
  347. mhanson59hb

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Man, you are on a roll this year. Congrats!
  348. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    The weather window I was waiting for finally arrived this week, so my friend Don Elm and I headed over to Catalina for a few days of fishing and hooping. We launched from Huntington Harbor Wednesday morning and picked a full scoop of cured medium ‘dines from Nacho. The ride across was smooth...
  349. mhanson59hb

    2 limits again plus 2 extra

    That's a nice line up of the usual suspects. Congrats. Hope you stocked upon butter! :D
  350. mhanson59hb

    Hooped LB tonight with my Og

    Great job! 3 is better then the el-skunko!
  351. mhanson59hb

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    They work great..... if you use them on your floats! In the hoop? Not so much! :D
  352. mhanson59hb

    Rpt-12-08-19 Quality Winter Bass'n!

    Great job guys! Headed out weds for some hooping. Where were the mackies? Need to load up on tube stuffers! Thanks for the report!
  353. mhanson59hb

    2019 20th After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

    Great report and pics. RIP Vince. He sounds like a solid dude!
  354. mhanson59hb

    Alpine beer FISHING team Coronado Islands trip December 2, 2019

    Nice! Bass, bonito, beer and a shot at winter yellows. It does not get much better!
  355. mhanson59hb

    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    3 amigos in the bag and a beautiful day spent on the water is a blessing! Nice job!
  356. mhanson59hb

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    I am Thankful for my parents Gee Gee and Bob, who are still active at 79 and 81 years young. I am Thankful for the time I was able to spend with my first wife Dianna who brought me 3 healthy children, but was taken from us far too young at age 35. I am Thankful for my new wife Julie whom I...
  357. mhanson59hb

    Bugs at cat

    Steak, lobster and...... Coors? :D Congrats!
  358. mhanson59hb

    Newport 11/9

    Nice haul, and not one "pooper grouper" in the mix! :D
  359. mhanson59hb

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Mesmerizing, almost hypnotic videos and music. I need to wake up and get back to work! Thanks!
  360. mhanson59hb

    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    Your "awesome meter" just maxed out. Out-friggen-standing, Sir! Congrats!
  361. mhanson59hb

    CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    This can be summed up in one word: EPIC! Congrats on a great haul and a nice report!
  362. mhanson59hb

    Personal Best thresher today

    Outstanding! How was hooping? That's quite a combo trip to pull off.
  363. mhanson59hb

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Great job! I'm buying stock in Challenge Butter as I type..... :D
  364. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Beautiful fish, excellent work.
  365. mhanson59hb

    Limits of bugs a derelict and an abandoned net

    Great job! Good thing you got 'em before all that sewage spill from TJ makes it into the bay. 14.5 million gallons? Again? Jesus H Christ, Chief......
  366. mhanson59hb

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    My favorite pic of all time, he was about 8 here as well:
  367. mhanson59hb

    One and DONE

    Great job. I have only caught small ones... Gonna have to try for a big one soon! Thanks for the report!
  368. mhanson59hb

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. Now my son is bigger than me, going for his BA in Engineering, out-fishes me and just turned 25. And every moment spent was priceless. His turn to take me fishing soon! :D Enjoy every minute!
  369. mhanson59hb

    DP 10.11.19

    Thanks for the report. That is one high-flalutin' doggie life jacket. The Arima looks great. Nice job! "They're always pulling bodies outta the caves. No one listens to Turtle...." -- Turtle, from the movie North Shore
  370. mhanson59hb

    Chaffee 10-12-19

    Suitable for framing! Watch those spines!
  371. mhanson59hb

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    Knock on wood, but the only hoop I ever lost was when my buddy tossed one over the side before I tied the rope on...... o_O:D
  372. mhanson59hb

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    All posts above are good advise. Weight your hoops - this helps prevent moving. I use 3 pounds. Longer ropes (tag always weighted) leaving 25+ feet more than the depth you are dropping. Light your floats Keep an eye on them - if you see the float going under, move it shallower. This also...
  373. mhanson59hb

    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    Awesome job! Your freezer must be getting full! :D
  374. mhanson59hb

    Hooping LB with long time friends

    Good times and some tasty critters to boot!
  375. mhanson59hb

    Tuna Tangles

    All good advise, putting together another good season I see! Congrats!
  376. mhanson59hb

    Mission Bay Lobster Sunday

    Whackin' 'em good! Great job!
  377. mhanson59hb

    Need a bigger cooler

    Solid effort, I foresee a butter shortage in the near future!
  378. mhanson59hb

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    Nice work, for some reason "Happy happy joy joy" from Rin and Stimpy keeps running through my mind! :D
  379. mhanson59hb

    Catalina combo trip 10-2 to 10-4

    I took my soon to be brother in law Devan over to Catalina for a few days fishing and hooping. We launched Wednesday from Huntington Harbor and picked up a full scoop of mixed size cured sardines from Mario at LA Harbor bait. The ride over was smooth with no wind and as we made our way around...
  380. mhanson59hb

    SCI 9/28 - PB BFT x2

    Epic day with dad. That is so awesome. Congrats! I foresee you guys going through a lot of soy sauce and wasabi in the near future!
  381. mhanson59hb

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Great job on the bugs! DFW has had their panties in a wad for the last several lobster seasons. Stuff they normally let slide they are writing tickets for as a revenue generator. I think the word came down from the top brass. So have all your T's crossed and I's dotted, it's the only way to be...
  382. mhanson59hb

    Yellowtail Mondays on the "Pursuit"

    Great job on the toad yellows. I'm heading over Weds - Friday to try for some yellows and bugs. Hopefully we can super-size that combo! :D
  383. mhanson59hb

    9/27 first time kite fishing.

    I'd give you some advise but I have never rigged or flown a flyer myself.... :D Keep at it! Best of luck to you!
  384. mhanson59hb

    Slug yellows, and a bluefin

    Nice work with the stick. You're way braver than I am! Congrats!
  385. mhanson59hb

    Cow Bell Tuna

    We all had to learn how to gaff some time. Anyone here who says they have never missed a gaff shot is lying! :D
  386. mhanson59hb

    Smaller bft ....even smaller window..

    "Only" 100 pounders? Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! :D Congrats, sounds like a super fun day!
  387. mhanson59hb

    SCI 9/27 Big BFT & a Marlin!! 4K Video

    Super cool and fun video. Legendary day, for sure. Congrats!
  388. mhanson59hb

    Ranger 85 1.5 day (who tf stole my breakfast burrito!?)

    Did you warn the guy about your scorching case of herpes simplex 8? That'l learn 'em! :D
  389. mhanson59hb

    9/27 Short Day

    Should've handed 'em the tequila bottle. If your going to be puking, at least get some bang for your buck! :D
  390. mhanson59hb

    A few skippies on the Aztec and what's that smell?

    You have to smell stinky feet the whole trip and all you get are skipjacks? Daaauum..... :D
  391. mhanson59hb

    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Awesome buggin'! These idiots with floating line and no lights have no clue how dangerous they are. When I catch dudes like this, I give 'em a much needed earful.
  392. mhanson59hb

    Question about weather forecast

    It's going to be blown out through Tuesday. My advice is to save it for another time. But "no one listens to Turtle"..... :D
  393. mhanson59hb

    Dana to NP 9-27-19

    Pink and white Bait O'Matic is a mako buster. Nice job!
  394. mhanson59hb

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    But then again, you'd eat anything! :D PS. For the uninitiated, sarcastic fringehead is a running joke around here. You guys ruin everything..... :p: :D
  395. mhanson59hb

    MDR (Fish ID) what is this???

    It either a Sarcastic Fringehead or a sculpin/wahoo hybrid. :D
  396. mhanson59hb

    Kite policy on sport boat

    I was on the Top Gun 80 last October. 20 minute kite with frozen flyer session drawn from hat. Everyone fished hook and line while it was out. Out of 3 blowups, one 214 bluefin landed. 2nd captain did most of the heavy lifting after the angler tired out. Glad I was not the one who hooked it! :D
  397. mhanson59hb

    SCI 9/25

    Hellz to the ya! Nice work, gentlemen!
  398. mhanson59hb

    Son's first tuna

    It was the ubiquitous "Used to be a Nice Albie" until ol' snaggle tooth got to 'em! :rolleyes:
  399. mhanson59hb

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    I am supposed to be going next week Weds to Friday, God willing and the river don't rise. I hope I did not curse myself by posting this. It's "Buccaneer Days" over at Two Harbors so it will be Kook City - but what the hell........ It's better than staying home complaining about not fishing. My...
  400. mhanson59hb

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Those are some quality tails! How was the wind? It's supposed to come up a bit this week....
  401. mhanson59hb

    Dana Point 9-23 209/312/181/289 Bluefin

    Solid effort and results! Congrats!
  402. mhanson59hb

    Sat— Mon Tuna report.

    Quality tuna! For some reason this song keeps going through my head: "Don't worry, be happy!" :D
  403. mhanson59hb

    WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Dang, that means every kook and his brother will be at the Isthmus trolling those days. I'll have to stay on the back side east......... :D
  404. mhanson59hb

    Son's first tuna

    Awesome. Stoked for your son. Makos do that from time to time!
  405. mhanson59hb

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Wow great job on an amazing catch. Congrats! Ps. Do you want to adopt me? I eat light these days. :D
  406. mhanson59hb

    Multi-species limits

    Another fine day on the water, with dinner to boot! Great job!
  407. mhanson59hb

    4 weeks of chasing pointy nosed fish in So Cal / 9/2-9/22 Report

    Thanks for providing the detailed report. I have always wondered why more folks didn't try deep dropping on the West Coast, when it seems to be so effective in Florida. Keep at it and I am sure you'll get a swordy at some point!
  408. mhanson59hb

    Pappy takes a Plunge

    With reflexes like that, who needs to keep a tiger on board these days?!? Way to go Corey, you are definitely your grand daughters hero!
  409. mhanson59hb

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    That's awesome, you're living the dream many of us have. CONGRATS!
  410. mhanson59hb

    Way way offshore 09.07 to 09.20

    Heck you could've just fished Santa Ana River Lakes for that sized rainbows...... :D Just kidding, that's a once in a lifetime awesome adventure!
  411. mhanson59hb

    9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Beautiful fish! Congrats!
  412. mhanson59hb

    Bluefin at Hidden 9/20

    Wow, that's a toad bluefin. Way to stick to the plan and find your own fish. Congrats! Ps. When do we eat? Time for a cheat day from my diet! :D
  413. mhanson59hb

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    I was going to comment but then I came to my senses. Lets just say it never hurts to have a passport with you.....
  414. mhanson59hb

    Big Girls 9/13

    Next time, toss those minnows back....... :D That is friggin' awesome. Those are some monster blue fin! Congrats!
  415. mhanson59hb

    Late report - 9/13 voyage

    Hey, you were fishing and not at work, so it was a win. That's a long haul but at least you weren't land locked like me!
  416. mhanson59hb

    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    That's a solid effort and at least you got a look at Xiphias Gladius Maximus!
  417. mhanson59hb

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Awesome. Island is gonna go WFO any time now. Congrats!
  418. mhanson59hb

    Mission belle 9/11

    For sack fish, grab some ice from the galley, put in a plastic bag and into your sack. Don't let others see you do this! :D It's worked for me before. However no RSW is a Bozo no no and deal breaker.
  419. mhanson59hb

    Slow but no skunk

    One is definitely better than none! Congrats!
  420. mhanson59hb

    Oceanside to Lower SCI Ridge out 45m ( BFT Tonnage)

    My condolences to the bereaved. At least you were doing what you loved..... :D
  421. mhanson59hb

    Oceanside 95 9-12 report

    Nothing like a last minute TD to pull out the win! Congrats
  422. mhanson59hb

    Salty met Elvis...epic day

    Team America! Fuck Ya! Excellent work and congrats!
  423. mhanson59hb

    Breaking Tuna (video)

    I am living vicariously through you guys right now. Keep 'em coming!
  424. mhanson59hb

    BFT being BFT

    Only 90 pounds? What a runt! Just kidding - awesome catch, congrats!
  425. mhanson59hb

    9/7 - 302 - yft

    Is that what you told your wife? Better check the strip club again.... Just kidding, thanks for the report!
  426. mhanson59hb

    T-Bird 9/8 Limits of YFT

    Keep the reels spinnin' and the beavers grinnin'...... Congrats!
  427. mhanson59hb

    Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    Very cool. Your son is super stoked! Congrats!
  428. mhanson59hb

    New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    Nice job! Some people you just cant reach or teach, because they think they know everything. Can only lead a horse to water.... I've been fishing for over 50 years, and I learn something new on every trip!
  429. mhanson59hb

    Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    Eatin' good in the neighborhood! Nice.....
  430. mhanson59hb

    Tax man came to play

    Top o' the food chain - unless orcas are around! Nice!
  431. mhanson59hb

    catalina 9/6 am

    Nice yellow. The best way to land 'em by hand is to grab right before the tail.
  432. mhanson59hb

    Cat West end 9/5 and 9/6

    Thanks for the report. Is the water clearing up over there yet?
  433. mhanson59hb

    San Clemente

    Holy giant bluefin, Batman! A-mazing! Congrats!
  434. mhanson59hb

    9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    I prefer "Mackerel Man Lives!". Better use of space. :D
  435. mhanson59hb

    South of the 302

    Wow, those are some quality tuna. Charlie is jelly right now! :D
  436. mhanson59hb

    9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    Nice job, glad to hear you got some!
  437. mhanson59hb


    Corey's a good guy and welcomes respectful fishermen. He will give hell to kooks and the clueless, however! :D
  438. mhanson59hb

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Good job guys! :D Looks like I can't make it down next week. :(
  439. mhanson59hb

    DP 09.01.19

    You plan on pumping water into the boat? :D Glad you are dialed in, LJ! Now let's hope the ocean clears up soon!
  440. mhanson59hb

    Box Canyon 9-2

    It's always a good day when kids go fishing!
  441. mhanson59hb

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    That thing looks like it went through a wood chipper. :D
  442. mhanson59hb

    9/2 Limit BFT

    You sure those are bluefin? :D Congrats!
  443. mhanson59hb

    lost your boat?

    Dude.......! Sweet! This is one of the many reasons I don't fish holidays or weekends....
  444. mhanson59hb

    Where are the fish?

    All the fish are on PTO until after the long weekend. :D
  445. mhanson59hb

    Dive boat tragedy - Conception

    No worries, I should have done a search first. Thanks!
  446. mhanson59hb

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    This is so terrible. I don't want to imagine the horror. Those poor people. Could have happened to any one of us that have been on a charter (or any other boat). Condolences to all the families affected.
  447. mhanson59hb

    Dive boat tragedy - Conception

    Saw this report this morning. Sorry if it has already been posted. Those poor people.
  448. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 8/30

    Cat is gonna go WFO any time now. If I keep repeating it, maybe it will come true! :D
  449. mhanson59hb

    HB 9/1

    Thanks for the report. More helpers and less assholes is always good! :D
  450. mhanson59hb

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    This is true. Bleed 'em right away, put on ice. Especially mako. Thresher running 2nd. And to people telling the OP to not catch and keep sharks - even tho it was legal and perfect eating size - quit trying to tell others how to fish or what they can do with their legal catch. What are you? A...
  451. mhanson59hb

    EPIC Aztec 2-day Report 8/26-8/28

    Controlled chaos. I love it.
  452. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Double limits Released ( video )

    No doubt, me too! I have been on a low fat/carb diet for a month now and it's killing me. No beer, no soda, no bacon, no red meat, no chips (all my favs), nothing but rabbit food and grilled chicken. I needed this in a bad way, tho!
  453. mhanson59hb

    Personal best YT - LJ 8/23

    Wow, plan B worked to a T. Solid! That yellow is a toad! Congrats!
  454. mhanson59hb

    Liberty 8-28

    Proof that 20% of the people catch 80% of the fish! :D Nice bluefin, congrats!
  455. mhanson59hb

    Don't launch at Sunset Aquatics/Huntington Harbor tomorrow, 08/29 - Navy exercises 9-11A

    Navy's always doing something around there. Most of the time it's just waiting for the all clear at the Anaheim Bay bridge. Thanks for the heads up!
  456. mhanson59hb

    Make a wish tuna challenge video

    Doing Gods work. Outstanding!
  457. mhanson59hb

    Beer Battered Tacos

    My favorite! Dorado, halibut, calico, rockfish.... Yum. My friend Don uses waffle mix, a bit of sugar, IPA and a dash of Chalula. Garnish with mango salsa and guacamole. Never fails to impress.
  458. mhanson59hb

    Friends are eating well this season

    Can we be friends? :D Congrats!
  459. mhanson59hb

    Heartbreak at "182" 8-27

    Well, that friggin sucks. At least you hooked one and were out on the water.
  460. mhanson59hb

    9/28 Report

    Wow, that's quite the line up of fishy looking suspects! Congrats!
  461. mhanson59hb

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    Tuna fishing is hit and miss, especially with all the pressure on them right now. Why would people not want to go on that boat again? Thanks for the report.
  462. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Double limits Released ( video )

    Congrats! You guys are on it like a cop at Krispy Kreme!
  463. mhanson59hb

    Pride incident

    Kooks come in every shape, form and size. Unbefuckinlievable. "We're all stars now, in the dope show" -- Marilyn Manson
  464. mhanson59hb

    Wide open 8/28

    Awesome. I'm trying to get my friend Don to go with me. We usually stay at the Shelter Island police dock over night. You fishing US or Mex waters? Need to get my act together if Mex....
  465. mhanson59hb

    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    The OO is my go to boat. Fished it many times!
  466. mhanson59hb

    Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    That's the way you do it..... NICE!
  467. mhanson59hb

    Wide open 8/28

    Alright guys! That's it. I'm coming down in a couple of weeks. I'll PM you two. I have to get in on this stuff. :D
  468. mhanson59hb

    Late Report Catalina Sun 8 25

    Go Dodgers. Thanks for the report and the food porn. :D
  469. mhanson59hb

    In Memoriam: The Coronados' Bite - 7.10.19 - 7.17.19

    This one time, at band camp.... Let the good times roll!
  470. mhanson59hb

    8/26 Triton at Catalina

    Sounds like a lose - lose situation. Except you were out on the water and I was at work! :D
  471. mhanson59hb

    Catalina recon

    Yep, did that with no love for us, but that is the key right now. I can only carry 1 scoop so when I'm there on a multi-day trip options are few.
  472. mhanson59hb

    8/26 Triton at Catalina

    Wouldn't want to give up that super double secret spot! :D It seems the key at Cat is chum the heck out of it and hope the yellows show up. Those that only carry a small load of bait are having a hard time. Thanks for the report!
  473. mhanson59hb

    Catalina recon

    Keeping the faith that Cat is going to go wide here soon. I hope the water clears up, I think that has a lot to do with the yellows not biting - at least for us slow trollers.
  474. mhanson59hb

    Crystal Cove 8/24

    Yep, that's when I had a "buzz" cut..... :D
  475. mhanson59hb

    Crystal Cove 8/24

    Cool sled. Reminds me of my 16 foot Bayrunner side console the "Beer Can". Damn fishy skiff. Even had a WON cover shot one time (OK, only the inset, but it was still on the cover). :D
  476. mhanson59hb

    Report: LB Breakwall Sunday Aug 25 afternoon

    I don't even let people bring Banana Boat sunscreen on board. Learned the hard way.
  477. mhanson59hb

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    I am wondering what the hell happened to Boo Boo Bear....
  478. mhanson59hb

    Spoofer -fishing for jigs- N. 9 mile bank 8.22.19

    Then the alarm goes off and you gratefully realize that you are really not that big of a kook! :D Funny stuff! Some peoples sense of humor were shot off in last years kelp paddy wars.
  479. mhanson59hb

    Tunas. 226. Biting.

    Great job! You guys are making me so jelly right now!
  480. mhanson59hb

    Apollo, August 18

    Zane Grey has nothing on you. Nice read! :D
  481. mhanson59hb

    San Onofre hook and line swordie - not my news

    Outstanding! I've seen 3 swordfish over the years. Baited one. No dice.
  482. mhanson59hb

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Thats. Just. Amazing. :eek: 30 pounders take me to the wood shed in a boat! How the heck do you keep that brute out of the piling? Superbad!
  483. mhanson59hb

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    I should say so! Congrats!
  484. mhanson59hb

    My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    "Billy, don't be a hero..." Or just keep on being one! Outstanding!
  485. mhanson59hb

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    "Is that the mentally retarded gaff?" LOLLOLLOL Now you're just showing off! You guys are living right: charging it and having tons o' fun while doing so. Is that your new sled? Awesome rig!
  486. mhanson59hb

    Thanks Wally!!!

    If you bring anything banana related on my boat, you walk the plank! :D
  487. mhanson59hb

    YFT- casting to crashers, got some 8/18

    First rule of the clean up arts: Do not gaff yourself or others. Thanks for the report and congrats!
  488. mhanson59hb

    250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, and if you're both, watch out! -- Chick Hearn
  489. mhanson59hb

    8/16 Voyager overnight- fun action

    Gyotaku. You learn something new every day! Nice fish and thanks for the report!
  490. mhanson59hb

    A Parrot heads dream (8/19-The Producer)

    The big question is did you get all of your fish at the end of the trip? Too soon? :D
  491. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    I thought it was funny as I live that every time going fishing. I pant going up the stairs. It was a "I resemble that remark" comment! :D Nothing but respect , Corey!
  492. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    That is so cool. Girl looks stoked to the moon!
  493. mhanson59hb

    SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    Here is my favorite Salmon Grouper recipe: 1. Start with whole, fresh salmon grouper 2. Give it to someone else 2a. If no else else will take it, throw it in the trash. 3. Catch something more appetizing or order Munchies Pizza. Shit, I haven't seen my dick in months. This might just work! :D
  494. mhanson59hb

    YFT SW of the 230/ 8/18

    Great job, once again!
  495. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Great video, intense fun. Lots of heavy panting..... :D
  496. mhanson59hb

    JRI Custom Lures/Blue Pacific Tackle Vagabond Report.

    Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! Congrats!
  497. mhanson59hb

    The San Diego - 8.14.2019 +200 yellowfin tuna

    Perfect timing. Back in the saddle again!
  498. mhanson59hb

    302 YFT! Thanks to Hardcore!!!

    Great job. Corey. A man for the people. Except kooks!
  499. mhanson59hb

    A chunky Calico and his younger brother

    Very nice release, and still some for the pan! Yum!
  500. mhanson59hb

    8-14 rookie report. Fishing solo.

    Great job! Getting one away from a knot head is tough. I had one grab the tail of a 30 pound yellow 2 years ago while I was bleeding it over the side on a rope (dumb, I know). Almost pulled me in. The tug of war was only won when my son came over with the gaff and "showed it" to the floating...
  501. mhanson59hb

    Cat 8/16

    Thanks, when the heck is the island going to turn around this year? Old old girl is reluctant to give up her treasures! :D
  502. mhanson59hb

    Pacific Queen 3 day 8-16-19

    Clean up on aisle 1! You guys made out like bandits. Sounds like an epic trip. Congrats and thank for sharing the report!
  503. mhanson59hb

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    I just wish I could have been out there with the fleet. But I'm stuck at home nursing a swollen knee and having to work for 12 days straight. All you guys had a better day then me! :D
  504. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna Doubled Up Slow Trolling ( Video )

    Great job by the BIG 3! Fish just don't stand a chance when you guys are on 'em! :D
  505. mhanson59hb

    8/13 on the Pursuit

    You have a great attitude. It's a blessing just to be over at the island. Any catch is just gravy. Sometimes I forget that.
  506. mhanson59hb

    Albacore fix

    Very cool read. I love me some albacore! I'd rather eat albie than yellowfin or bluefin (except sashimi). I can't wait until they come back to SoCal. It's sad that going through my pics the last time I caught some was in 2007 off of San Clemente Island, but they had some size in the 30 pound...
  507. mhanson59hb

    Fishing on the Rubber Ducky- Sat

    Thanks for the report. Wind and water temps due to turn around any time now, fingers crossed!
  508. mhanson59hb

    Cat 8/11/19

    Thanks for the report. Pretty much the same ol' same ol' for most boats lately, with a few exceptions.
  509. mhanson59hb


    Great report and nice fish. I was on the Top Gun 80 last October. I got a turn on the kite, but no bites. Another angler got bit on the kite. 20 minutes in, the guy was spent. Handed off to Capt "Quint" who took that fish to the wood shed. No shame in letting "the man" take over.
  510. mhanson59hb

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    You asking for a "friend" or are you just trolling for a date? Someone is jelly as hell right now! :D
  511. mhanson59hb

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    Great job and congrats. Now if I can only get one on my Trophy! :D
  512. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Nope, just a plagiarizer. Sung to the tune of "Where have all the flowers gone?" from the 50s/60s :D
  513. mhanson59hb

    taking a poll

    Deckies should hook and hand off and render assistance as needed. I don't pay premium dollars to watch deckhands (or the captain for that matter) fish. A WFO bite is another story, but the crew should still have paying customers as their main concern, for example, gaffing my fish instead of...
  514. mhanson59hb

    8/10 MX Yellowtail Limits and Dorado South

    You could've just left out the short version! :D That's awesome, so stoked you you!!!!!! A whole lot o' fish to clean! Congrats!
  515. mhanson59hb

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Damn. I can smell that through my laptop. Ugh. Wait. That's just my aftershave. :D
  516. mhanson59hb

    H and M Fisherman iii - 08-10 report

    I sure as hell hope the deckie handed off to a paying passenger with only 2 fish being caught. o_O
  517. mhanson59hb

    8/9 - Bit slow at Cat

    Don't worry, I wont be there to jinx the island until after Labor Day. Too much work right now (plus too many people over there). Good luck!
  518. mhanson59hb

    Monster Bluefin on the 3/4 day yesterday

    One bluefin divided by 81 heads = how much sashimi per person? :D
  519. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Where have all the yellows gone? Long time passing.... Where have all the yellows gone? Long time ago.... Where have all the yellows gone? Turned into cat food, every one. When will we ever learn? When we we ev-er learn? Love the pic of the 2 boats charging between you and the island. I am...
  520. mhanson59hb

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Nice! My friend Devan caught a 20+ pound king at Newport Canyon in the 80s.
  521. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Front Side 8-4

    Persistence pays off! Nice yellow!
  522. mhanson59hb

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Oh shit, now he has Corey on his case. :eek: Marx666, you done screwed the pooch on this one, kook! :indabutt:
  523. mhanson59hb

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Translation of any reply that starts with "Whatever" = I got nothing. :hali_ruahahaha: You seem pretty obsessed with homosexuals. 2nd time you've posted about that in this thread alone. Maybe you should just go ahead and come out of the closet. It will be a load off of your shoulders...
  524. mhanson59hb

    Fishing Etiquette ( video )

    Worse. More noobs are boating/fishing. Less using common sense. You can buy a boat, but can't buy a clue.
  525. mhanson59hb

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Which is it? Am I deplorable or a Hilary fan? You can't be both. Are you saying you are not on drugs? Must have hit pretty close to home. Are you saying you caught that micro dodo on a yummy flyer at the Cortez Bank in Southern California? Because this a CALIFORNIA report thread, not a Texas...
  526. mhanson59hb

    Size matters

    Man, you sure have aged well between your BD avatar and these pics of you holding fish! :D Thanks for the report!
  527. mhanson59hb

    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Kook of the day report. The meth is strong in this one. People would like your videos way more if you didn't deliberately try to trick them with misleading titles.
  528. mhanson59hb

    90 anglers WTF

    90 heads is 90 heads no matter how you slice it. Not for me, but more power to you! :D
  529. mhanson59hb

    BOOYAA! 2 day aboard Chief!

    Another "look I caught a fish" post with no details to make it an actual report. Congrats?
  530. mhanson59hb

    Dorado 7/30

    Da da da Dodo! Excellent!
  531. mhanson59hb

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Wow! Great job and way to go for your son! A proud memory to cherish forever. Just beautiful! Congrats! PS. I need to start fishing Wed/Thur instead of Mon/Tues. It seems the fish take that long to recover after being run over on the weekend. :D
  532. mhanson59hb

    goat harbor(ish) 8.1.19

    It was actually meant for other readers who may misinterpret something. I figured you were up the line on the edge with the "ish"! Native sun owes you dinner and a movie!
  533. mhanson59hb

    goat harbor(ish) 8.1.19

    Goat Harbor is definitely within the MLPA. There is a boat with blue trim buried halfway in the sand there, you can't miss it. Too bad, because it used to be a good seabass spot on the right current. You'll get 'em next time!
  534. mhanson59hb

    Haven't caught a white seabass in 20 years till now

    That's what I love about reports like this: The attention to detail! :D Congrats to the OP!
  535. mhanson59hb

    Coronado Island Yellowtail Fishing (video)

    Nice job. I have been meaning to make a yellowtail video this year, but I have the pesky problem of not catching any yet.
  536. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/29 to 7/31 – Limits of fun, sun and the totally spun

    But no yellowtail. :rolleyes: My son Sean and I launched Monday morning from Huntington Harbor. We got a scoop of medium ‘dines from Nacho and headed south. We hit the oil rigs and Avalon bank looking for paddies, but there was nary a one to be found. We started off slow trolling the ‘dines...
  537. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Yellow 7-30

    Nice job! I was over there Monday to Weds and did not even get a shot at a yellow. Didn't see any caught, either.
  538. mhanson59hb

    Coronados 7/25

    Weekend commando fishing at it's finest. Glad you got some!
  539. mhanson59hb

    Point Loma to La Jolla

    Outstanding. Now I all I need is a deck of cards. I need some magic. :D
  540. mhanson59hb

    Catalina to Dana point drive 7-28

    If there is bait, the fish will come...... Eventually! Thanks for the update.
  541. mhanson59hb

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Other wise known as the "A Scope". It's what is directly under your transducer currently. I love that feature. A lot of people don't use it.
  542. mhanson59hb

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    I've never been stopped by the Mex Navy. They just bypass me while laughing. They know I don't have any fish on board. :D
  543. mhanson59hb

    7/27 Coronados BIT (Video)

    Frickin' floating flea farmers. The bane of fisherman everywhere. Where's Deep Blue when you need her? Great job, nice video and fish! Congrats!
  544. mhanson59hb

    Channel Islands Sportfishing - Speed Twin 7/26/19

    Wow. 63 heads fishing rockfish in 200 feet of water. What a flustercluck. Glad you caught some and had a good time!
  545. mhanson59hb

    BSB Video - SO 07.26.19

    Right on! Beatnik black sea bass! Awesome! Beatnik. That's your new nick name. Sorry dude, get used to it! It's better than Kinison! :D
  546. mhanson59hb

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Alright man! You're about 1/3 of the way to your 300+ pounder! You do you and don't listen to the peanut gallery. But just in case. where do I send the flowers? :D
  547. mhanson59hb

    Cat 7.25

    We'll I guess since the kids wanted hamachi its OK to keep the rat! o_O Just kidding, awesome time with the kids! Congrats! :D:D
  548. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Friday tails

    Nice job, Captain! In my best pirate voice: Arr, those fish be hurtin' for certain, got a ration o' thrashin'! Congrats!
  549. mhanson59hb

    Moo Cow

    Yes sir, that qualifies as cow. Congrats!
  550. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!

    The bass take a beating again! Nice job and glad to read another excellent report, sir!
  551. mhanson59hb

    Catalina July 25 Report

    Definitely useful information and nice pics!
  552. mhanson59hb

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Brilliant! Sub-geniuses hard at work wasting YOUR tax dollars. :cussing:
  553. mhanson59hb

    Mackerel Man is Back! - 7/22 Coronados

    Nice to see the mackerel man back in action. I was beginning to think he never came back from vacation in the Dominican Republic or was "Clintonized" :D Nice fish, too!
  554. mhanson59hb

    150/Rocky point anyone??

    Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? :D
  555. mhanson59hb

    Late report Catalina 7/19-21

    Bummer. I know your pain. :D
  556. mhanson59hb

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Here is my main issue with this. I live in Huntington Beach. After jumping through all the hoops to get paperwork and driving down to SD, renting a slip, etc - when I finally get to the islands the wind is blowing 20 knots, the water temp has dropped 10 degrees and all the fish that were...
  557. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/22/19

    Great job on releasing the breeder bass. It seems this is becoming more common, even on the sporties. It's a good thing!
  558. mhanson59hb

    Islands 7/23

    Deep fly ball to dead center, to the warning track - it's gone! Connor hits it out of the park again! Congrats!
  559. mhanson59hb

    7-23-19 A.M. half day

    Nice, but your long range trip still awaits!
  560. mhanson59hb

    7/22 Catalina run

    Got it, been a few reports lately of guys fishing MLPAs and not knowing. That general area is beautiful!
  561. mhanson59hb

    7/22 Catalina run

    Very nice. Monday through Wednesday fishing is the best! Your last pic looks like Twin Rocks between Italian Gardens and Goat harbor. If so, don't fish there, it's in the Long Point MLPA.
  562. mhanson59hb

    7/22 Catalina run

    The can dump\quarry at the east end.
  563. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    Could very well be. I saw a 10+ foot mako at the Suicide Kelp 3 years ago, not more than 100 yards off the island. They come in to hunt the yellows and bonito. Came right out from under the boat, trying to eat my friends hooked yellow. Biggest friggin shark I have ever seen up close.
  564. mhanson59hb

    SBI WSB 7/19-20

    Hells to the ya! Great work and nice sonar pic!
  565. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    Was it moving back and forth, lazily? Probably a mola mola! Did you see a tail fin? If so, probably Elvis (swordfish) Might be Jaws Jr or Deep Blue, seeing how Jaws kicked the bucket in 1975. :D:D Bummer about the skiff, at least the guy is OK! Did you lose the rod at the tuna pens? Thanks...
  566. mhanson59hb

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Actually catching a fish on a spincast = priceless! Great job dad!
  567. mhanson59hb

    Bassin at the Pipe

    The way you guys whack 'em, the bass at Izors and the pipe will be going on strike soon..... Awesome!
  568. mhanson59hb

    Cat 7/21

    Do not under any circumstances divulge the location of the ultra double secret probation spot known as the Vs. This is a felony in many states. :D
  569. mhanson59hb

    Cat Last Friday skiff report

    Great job. That's Frog Rock. Caught my first ever yellow there, to! Many moons ago! :D
  570. mhanson59hb

    Coronados 7-20, Mission Belle

    Nice job! Fuck weekends crowds and all the kooks that come with it. Don't you know were at war? :D
  571. mhanson59hb

    7-21-19 A.M. half day

    With all these 1/2 days you have been taking, you should save them up and go on that 2 1/2 day trip! :D Thanks for the report!
  572. mhanson59hb

    7-20 mission bay 6 mile bank Point Loma kelp

    When do we eat? I'll supply the Big Olafs ice cream for desert! "Big" guys rule, beta males drool! :D
  573. mhanson59hb

    7/19 catalina

    Nice yellows, fellows! :D
  574. mhanson59hb

    Coronado Islands 7/20

    Poor guys "only" 13 nice yellows. The horror! :D Great job and congrats!
  575. mhanson59hb

    Big Yellow Catalina 7/20

    Wow, awesome homie you got there!
  576. mhanson59hb

    7/20 Catalina struck out.

    Man, that is taking a beating and then retreating. Frustrating day for sure. At least you were out and about! Better luck next time.
  577. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/19

    It's funny how that works. My son thought the same thing, until he got his first one. He now owns the boat record 35 pound yellow. I am a distant 2nd with a couple 31 pounders. Hopefully he'll beat my 42 pound halibut and 35 pound sea bass personal bests soon!
  578. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7/19

    Keep up the good work, you'll get 'em. Persistence pays off in the end!
  579. mhanson59hb

    Cat 17th and 18th

    Holy home guard batman! Super fun, stoked for you and your son!
  580. mhanson59hb

    7/18 aztec overnight report

    Sponge boy, me Bob! -- Mr. Krabs Nice work! Looks like a small hammer head bite on the one tuna...
  581. mhanson59hb

    7-17-19 Coronado's Report Brothers Sportfishing

    Now that's what it's all about! Happy smiles all around, and lots of fish in the bag!. 15+ knots in your face at 6:30 AM is brutal. Good on you for sticking it out. It helps to have a pilot house! :D
  582. mhanson59hb

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    It was mine. Talica and super seeker rod, lost near the tuna pens. Can't remember the spectra color. Wait... I've never owned that set up. Oh shit, the alarm clock is going off! :D You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, as well as a model American. I tip my cap to you. Congrats on the fish as...
  583. mhanson59hb

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    If all else fails, slow troll mackies or smelt.
  584. mhanson59hb

    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    Nice videos. Maybe you would of hooked the seabass if the cam was not there! :D
  585. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    "Self ownage" is the purist form. I tried to take it easy and turn this into a learning experience for the guy, but I knew the sharks would be circling....
  586. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    Break out the popcorn and coronas....
  587. mhanson59hb

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    Just so you know, those caves just east of the Isthmus are in the MLPA. It goes all the way from blue caverns to yellowtail point. o_O
  588. mhanson59hb

    Coronados 7/15

    Hey Art, You the dick yesterday? Sorry, I just could not resist! :D
  589. mhanson59hb

    7/14 Coronado Yellowtail

    Maybe next time write it in Haiku form? :D
  590. mhanson59hb

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    Wow, that rig is clean as a whistle. Kinda jelly! :D
  591. mhanson59hb

    Biters on the AZTEC

    GPS. Sorry, I couldn't resist. :D
  592. mhanson59hb

    AZTEC 7/13 - Dad’s first bluefin

    Ouch! Good on dad for sticking it out and nailing the bluefin!
  593. mhanson59hb

    The meal from the Catch

    Your homie got skillz! Yum!
  594. mhanson59hb


    Global warming aka climate change? :D
  595. mhanson59hb

    Sunday Yellowtail - Islands

    Thanks for the report, at least you got some decent fish. Pro tip: If your tuna is barking, it might be time for a trip to the free clinic! :D
  596. mhanson59hb

    Better Late than Never

    Congrats! It's really not a fishing trip unless something goes wrong. :D
  597. mhanson59hb

    Oceanside 7/14

    NFIO :D Thanks for the report!
  598. mhanson59hb

    7/14 South Nado w/fleet

    So cool, another grom in the making! Congrats!
  599. mhanson59hb

    7/14 Coronado Yellowtail

    Congrats, but 53 heads on a boat is criminal....
  600. mhanson59hb

    Coronado 7-14-19

    You are definitely a "do bee". :D Congrats!
  601. mhanson59hb

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    Glad you are enjoying your new sled, LJ!
  602. mhanson59hb

    Weekend Warrior Flotilla-Nados 7/14

    Fine line up of the usual suspects. Great job once again!
  603. mhanson59hb

    Cat 7-13 quick report

    "You can buy a boat, but you can't buy a clue." -- ancient mariners proverb
  604. mhanson59hb

    YT Limited 7/13

    Wow! Super job gentlemen!
  605. mhanson59hb


    Nice! I used to have a 1994 16 1/2 foot Bayrunner side console. Great boat and super fishy. A little small for offshore, but I used to take it to Catalina and side tie it to my dad and uncles boat for a week. Really fun. What's funny is I got way more respect on the water in that little skiff...
  606. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Wow, that is quite the adventure! Nice job! Friggin' seiners need to outlawed. Why should those guys be able to scoop up 95% of the fish?
  607. mhanson59hb


    You must have a big kayak to get your mother in law on board! Just kidding, better luck next time!
  608. mhanson59hb

    Wednesday 10th

    That almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost! You have some good luck due soon!
  609. mhanson59hb

    Yellowfin Tuna 7/10

    Another one (two?) bites the dust! :D
  610. mhanson59hb

    7/7/19 First popper fish madness (video)

    Very cool video! I'm eating jelly doughnuts right now!
  611. mhanson59hb

    7/8, disappointment

    As Mark Wisch would say, with enough time on the water and turns of the prop you'll get one sooner or later.
  612. mhanson59hb

    Lots of Show and Some Go - Newport Beach Bluefin Report

    Thanks for the detailed report. I'm going to have to give up yellows for a few days and try for tuna soon! :D
  613. mhanson59hb

    Mexican waters Saturday and Sunday out of SD

    You can't argue with results like that! Edit: Crap, someone beat me too it. Oh well, it still stands!
  614. mhanson59hb

    7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Tunis bluis awesomis.....:D
  615. mhanson59hb

    Foamers...Reel Hard

    Nice, all day, any day!
  616. mhanson59hb

    Full Speed BFT 7/8

    Wow, you and your crew are working your way up the tuna ladder towards legendary! :D
  617. mhanson59hb

    West end yellows

    Great job gentlemen! Nice pic, too.
  618. mhanson59hb

    7/7/2019 Catalina Yellowtail

    Nice going dad and son! Who would've thought a rapala type lure would out-fish bait for yellows at Catalina? Not me!
  619. mhanson59hb

    Stickbait Tunas.

    Wow Mike, that kill bag looks like a tuna pen! Nice job, sorry about the hook to the finger. One time I had a 4 foot shovel nose attached to my hand by a 2/0, with a whole lotta shakin' goin' on. Ouch.
  620. mhanson59hb

    Inshore mako

    Hey, I have a 2008 Trophy. It turned out to be a much better boat then I expected for the money. It gets me to Catalina and that's all I need! I couldn't care less about what anyone thinks about it. I love it when guys in million dollar sport fishers watch me catch fish. :D Proof of concept:
  621. mhanson59hb

    43 report 7-3-19

    Holy smokes! Those blues were literally born yesterday!
  622. mhanson59hb

    looking for deckhand

    Does the deck hand have to bring his own meth?
  623. mhanson59hb

    Big Catalina Yellows - 6/28

    Great job, Jonathan! Beautiful fish!
  624. mhanson59hb

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Nice report and pics! Tighten down those drags!
  625. mhanson59hb

    Wood smoking bluefin 6/30/19

    Woke up with wood. Perfect! :D
  626. mhanson59hb

    Local wsb June 28th

    That's the understatement of the year! What a gorgeous ghostie (and a toad, too). Congrats on a wonderful catch!
  627. mhanson59hb

    Strange catch

    Shame on you Zach, Avalon locals are not supposed to report fake news! o_O On the other hand, nice way to stir up the natives! :D
  628. mhanson59hb

    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    You gave it a good effort. Catalina can be tricky sometimes.
  629. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    It does not sound like BS, I get it. My son started fishing with me when he was 5. He is now going to be 25 in August and still loves to go fishing with me. Cherish every moment, they grow up so fast.
  630. mhanson59hb

    New Hustler 6/30

    JK = Just kidding. Although you may need some wildlife photography lessons! :D
  631. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Now THAT is dedication: Using a kill bag for a pillow, dreaming about all the fish they are going to put in it! :D I love these kinds of posts where the little guys and gals are getting there first or biggest fish. Way to go Dad and Mom!
  632. mhanson59hb

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Wow, that's a trip and a half! Can't go wrong floating your own squish, busting the ghosties and halibut kickers! Congrats!
  633. mhanson59hb

    New Hustler 6/30

    Don't white seabass have to be 28 inches? Must be the camera angle! :D JK, congrats!
  634. mhanson59hb

    Strange catch

    Hey, I can't find your report anywhere. Did it get deleted for foul language? :D
  635. mhanson59hb

    Catalina - 6/29/19

    Man, the yellows have been elusive lately for most people. Nice job on the suits....
  636. mhanson59hb

    Cat 6/29

    That's a solid tail! Way to go!
  637. mhanson59hb

    Nados 6/27/19

    Are you sure they weren't Garibaldi? :D Thanks for the report!
  638. mhanson59hb

    Kids first Yellow!!! Tough Sweet Day @ Cat

    Congrats little dude (and the rest of you guys)! :D
  639. mhanson59hb

    Kids first Yellow!!! Tough Sweet Day @ Cat

    BS. I never ate the heart of any fish, although I have great pics of guys puking after doing so! :D
  640. mhanson59hb

    Kids first halibut and seabass.

    Dude. Sweet! Trophy halibut and kicker sea bass on the same trip. Guys fish a lifetime without getting those. Super stoked! Congrats!
  641. mhanson59hb

    Yummy bluefin 6/25

    Looks like you are already working on defending your title as BD Fisherman of the Year!
  642. mhanson59hb

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Damn Kyle, I would have pulled the boat and headed home after a scare like that. Way to go on the fish!
  643. mhanson59hb

    Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    In my best Maxwell Smart voice: "Missed it by that much". Dang Corey, you are going to get one soon! Nice effort!
  644. mhanson59hb

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Brought a tear to my eye. :D Welcome back, sir. Welcome back.
  645. mhanson59hb

    Local SoCal banks?

    Where ever you go, good luck and be safe!
  646. mhanson59hb

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Great write up and pics. Tweekers suck.
  647. mhanson59hb

    102 at the Shoe!

    Brew 102 for you! Although personally I don't like that beer. :D :cheers::hali_olutta::smoking33:
  648. mhanson59hb

    Catalina Island - Ful Day - 06/22/19

    A rat is better then the yellow I didn't catch in 2+ days of fishing last week! Thats a happy boy!
  649. mhanson59hb

    Shortfin Corvina

    Fixed it up for you! :D
  650. mhanson59hb

    6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    It's not a fail when one comes over the rail. Nice job guys!
  651. mhanson59hb

    2.75 on the SA 80

    Thanks for the report. Hopefully the tuna will start boppin' here soon.
  652. mhanson59hb

    4 species on the way to ensenada with video

    I didn't know Wolfman Jack was still putting out fishing videos! :D That must have been a hell of a solo trip across the gulf, through the Panama Canal, around Cabo and up the line to Ensenada. o_O Aren't you the dude who had the PVC shark cage? J.K.
  653. mhanson59hb

    6/23 - 425, Nados, Wet

    Nice job. I'd like to see a 32 YFT on my boat! Images aren't posting - at least for me.
  654. mhanson59hb

    Shortfin Corvina

    Thanks for the detailed and well thought out report. Can't wait for your next post.
  655. mhanson59hb

    Quality yellows and a peanut dodo 6/18

    Awesome report, you fishy dude you! congrats!