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  1. Reel hip

    SD to Mag

    Living Large . Fun times.
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    Trailer bunk bracket paint or replace?

    I say let em go.... You should see mine. haha Seriously just surface rust, clean em up and paint over them. Looks like a project for the future, 5 or 10 years. A lot changes in those years.
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    25 fly sliding windows

    Are the frames replaceable? It seems they are corroded. If I get them off not sure they will go back on. Plastics for the windows or frames? Windows are fine. seems like the tracks and frames are the issues?
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    25 fly sliding windows

    I know there was a post somewhere about this. Mine are really hard to open or close. When closed they are not watertight and leak some on to the seat. Anybody able to direct me how to replace them. Thanks
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    Great way to end 2020

    I would be until the New Year! You guys are animals!!! Great fish! Small boat bonus (right there!)
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    LJ Yellowtail 12-20

    Nice home guard in flat water. Having your boys just make it that much sweeter!
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    PARTING out Skipjack

    Nope sorry
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    Cargo Ship En Route to Long Beach Loses 1800+ Containers

    You bet! Imagine the weather to toss a 1,200 ft ship around. I like it sporty but cmon :p
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    Mako 264 Boat fuel economy

    FL = Florida
  10. Reel hip

    Pac Queen 1.5 day trip

    never yet heard of them getting people from social media. I challenged them before. I have over 7 lobsters in my freezer from multiple hooping trips. They did good with boat limits. let it go
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    “Skunked” Wed 12-3-20

    A great detailed report. Thanks for the effort. Their there.... somewhere.
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    PARTING out Skipjack

    yes I do pm me
  13. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Gotta love all those glooming on to my post. Maybe we should just have a Skipjack swap meet. . 😆 Who needs the table? Hard top is gone. !
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Well the old lady that did the damage should be. Sure sucks though just after you got it finished.
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    Another super!

    Shit!!! Nice fish there!
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    YT and Dorado 11/17

    Nnnnnnice! Good job!
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    Yft and Yt 11/17

    Really appreciate you taking the time for pictures too! I never seem to remember to do that! LOL
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    SOLD 33ft Diesel Sportfisher. - SOLD

    Hoping the new buyer is equipped to take as good of care as you did! Nice vessel!
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    The 371 yesterday, you know..

    Beautiful weather. They are there!
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    371 fishing Nov 1

    In deed it is.... to quote Gleason.
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    Tribute 10/29-10/31 - Big BFT

    Way to slay. Mike and crew!!!! Oh... And you to schoolie! Great write up. Toad white fish I guess they eat things other than squid. lol
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    Upper hidden 10/31

    Yup Everyone was working together really nice. I was on the inside both days and didn't hear the "normal radio chatter" People where actually really helpful!!! .
  23. Reel hip

    Taco Run

    All said and done. Bottom fishing is some of the most relaxing time I have spent on the water. Thanks for the post
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    Yft and dorado

    Nice report. Thanks for the intel!
  25. Reel hip

    Got some 10-22

    So funnn! Glad you got un.
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    S 371 - Limits YFT

    Good job on the meat run!
  27. Reel hip

    Frank jr on The Producer !!!

    No doubt ! From a sport boats perspective they dont see many jet skis out there. Hell from a PB perspective we dont see many. Your badass Billyboy!
  28. Reel hip

    Florida Cool Down!

    An optical illusion??? Look at the size of that hook!!
  29. Reel hip

    san diego - american waters west 10/15

    Fog was thick last evening and early this morning. Definitely want radar!
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    412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    Thats a massive beast!
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    Good day bad day 10/11/20

    Maybe you can have a side business? Do trading of dental work for Fishing trips. That way when we fools Uhhh aggressive fisherman yank jigs, you can yank teeth! # Yank and Crank Dentistry: Proudly endorsed by Rapala and Tady
  32. Reel hip

    On any Sunday

    He'll ya! As long as you vote....... for my guy!
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    Good day bad day 10/11/20

    sheesh. Trying to get the full story is like pulling tee...whoops. Nice report! I hope your next trip out is only painful to the fish
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    SOLD Furuno 10.4 Navnet vx2 with Radar

    Hey Mike, can you snap a pic of the backside of the radar display to show me the plugs? Thanks
  35. Reel hip

    Bonito pullin 8/10

    Bonita is an excellent way to get kids started and involved with fishing. Some of my grandkids have caught them trolling , live bait and throwing crocodile's or irons. Your doing a great job Dad!!!
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    Mr. Barnes Lobster Opener Message and Report

    Maybe Mr Barnes will get cited for not having his GO ID on his float and the DFW will foul their prop leaving , then comeback and cite him for creating a navigational obstruction
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    10/8 PL Buggin

    Yup alotta work for not good eatin.
  38. Reel hip

    San diego bay hooping 8oct2020

    What else to add? Good wet fun!
  39. Reel hip

    10/7 Go South Young Man

    Not if the kitchen is everywhere! Yup .. And you answered it also. Bait everywhere! Thanks for your report!
  40. Reel hip

    10/8 Lucky > Good

    Helps to be lucky. Course the captain kept his eyes open and that turns luck into skill
  41. Reel hip


    So much fun! I'm wishing I was up there. In the mean time I'll just have to deal with Bluefin! :frehya2:
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    Seal Proof Bait Cages - Fail

    Weight the nets not the tubes. When you drop them down pull them up slightly, then let them back down to keep the bait in the center. You could have had limits ... outside of the net and they bailed the second you started pulling
  43. Reel hip

    Pinniped Free Opener?

    I have been known to pass by another boat to ask how their doing....Sometimes works. lol
  44. Reel hip

    Hooping pt Fermin area

    Dontcha know sarcasim when you read it?
  45. Reel hip

    3 steps

    Step three: dig a hole in the garden to add secret tomato soil ingredients, i.e. used lobster parts. Nice garden........ Oh and good load in 1 net. The most I've ever had was 6 keepers. That's badass
  46. Reel hip

    Got butter? Limits of bugs

    Definitly ... Worth a try!
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    10/6 Sunset Cliffs Lobster and Bait Report

    To do what they did! Don't count on nicely asking them NOT to do it. Their idiots!! Where were you during this? I keep a real close eye on my hoops. It takes a little bit of time to pull rope from a prop. I think I would have been next to them by that time. Let your other nets soak and deal...
  48. Reel hip

    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Something I don't understand! With the effort it takes to pull hoops then why the hell do they just not pull their own? With all their work including a guy on shore? For someone else net. Beside being low life scum their just plain stupid! So much more satisfying to locate and pull your own...
  49. Reel hip

    Attesa IV. gets a new name? Or is this a sick Joke?

    Name: Collision Value: $150 million Montana billionaire Dennis Washington’s yacht, ominously named Collision, is a 332-foot Attesa IV. The yacht stretches one hundred meters and houses up to twenty-eight passengers in fourteen cabins. It also houses up to twenty-one crew in ten cabins. It was...
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    10/3 1010/378/390

    How cool are you? I mean with the kids! A giant attaboy!!!
  51. Reel hip

    Moose Rescue

    I almost thought the prop was going to hit it when they were backing up. lol
  52. Reel hip

    This sucks Poor family

    My thought also
  53. Reel hip


    Those are the days that keep us going out after a down trip before. You paid your dues , and now you collected. good job!
  54. Reel hip

    Where are the center console dealers in Southern California?

    That hull looks sweet! Face it ! All boats have plus and minus points. If you want to get to the grounds fast not burning too much fuel (Possibly wet) Then CC is the ideal choice. I have been passed plenty of times by CC when I'm dry and wish I was them. Strange , sometimes they looked and...
  55. Reel hip

    Decent day offshore 10/1

    Great , timely report! Also glad you got the YFT luv...
  56. Reel hip

    Slip fees in San Diego

    Can't argue this. Bottom paint slows the boat down a bit. You can go with a liner. those are what? $2,500. My Diver costs $60. a month . After 2 years a liner would be paid for. Except you then need to replace the liner. All said , middle of summer you may find yourself out fishing midweek...
  57. Reel hip

    And... yet another skipjack rebuild. Help needed

    Wow..... I'm worn out looking at what has been done. More wore out thinking what needs to be done. Josh your work looks really good! When its done you will literally know it inside and out. Keep it up!
  58. Reel hip

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    I can see that area from my slip. Believe it or not the cops are aware. There has been plenty of times at night I've seen the pretty blue lights there.
  59. Reel hip

    Slip fees in San Diego

    Slips are plenty easy! Nice to spend time on the water without even moving if need be. If the slip at Sea World holds a 35ft then the beam is too wide and you have a full slip. My slip fee for my 35 ft is $648. My 25 Skipjack Fly is in a shared slip. Its $337.50. That said I bring my 25 home...
  60. Reel hip

    Tha girls

    I cant take credit for it. But she luuuuvs the long fight! BTW batteries are NOT needed!
  61. Reel hip

    Tha girls

    I always loved the way she held the rod :p
  62. Reel hip

    425, 371, 302 - 9/25

    Good to know ! Thanks for the timely report!
  63. Reel hip

    Dangers of White Deck Boots

    funny. no comment. funny
  64. Reel hip

    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Captain has been known to come back with fish. I have not fished it Play your cards right though you may end up surf fishing too.
  65. Reel hip

    Big Ups to Tady Lures

    Great story! customer service is great, must be why they have been in business for so long. I'm betting that's now your favorite jig! I'm wondering however, if you had a single hook, the ring would have still broke. I thought Tady went with tig welding machines to stop that from happening.
  66. Reel hip

    Shogun - Police

    Thats crazy!!! ... and sad at the same time
  67. Reel hip

    CHP citation help!

    A different situation than above for you. Marilyn was a non contractor using his for private use. The Tricky part on the form your filing out is where it says for hire. You answer that no. You are not hired by another company to haul or deliver their plumbing material. it's yours. Then your...
  68. Reel hip

    Not something you see everyday...

    definitely bad on the fishery. All those young pups.
  69. Reel hip

    found these

    in the freezer moving Bonita around. I thought I would lower my limit to zero
  70. Reel hip

    Pt Loma Bonita 9-20-20

    did the same with a grandson. a lot of bass biting close to the kelp
  71. Reel hip


    Well it works for me! I like to let the guys shoot their wad on the opener. WTF Did I just say that?. oh well nobody will notice.
  72. Reel hip

    Outing a member ?

    I'm thinking maybe he had contact with the seller and has been reimbursed? If not why else would you not out the name?
  73. Reel hip

    Who does this ???

    I liked the post. I didn't want to vomit over it. Good job Mike!
  74. Reel hip

    9/18 425 Tuna

    Troll some mauraders see what hits. Best of luck
  75. Reel hip

    I fished today 9/17

    out there also with the wife. Nonstop action. 15 lb floro small hooks. Mostly just legal calicos. stocked up some bones for the upcoming opener. Before anyone jumps my shit. I had pokey the day before.
  76. Reel hip

    Trolling this year

    Some things to ponder, Thanks SurfGoose. Definitely, Tried at different speeds, and with out auto pilot it swings a little north & South, so zig zagging isn't an issue. So you have been hit on the troll this year?
  77. Reel hip

    Bonita Sushi!

    Cant argue. Any fish tastes great when properly iced and cared for.
  78. Reel hip

    Trolling this year

    How much luck have you had trolling for fish this year? I think I must have about 200 NM in for 0 this season Different feathers and lures that worked years before Way back or in the wash. Light colors dark colors no difference. No hits.
  79. Reel hip

    Westport Thursday Friday saturday

    You ran hard! Time on the water. Youll get em next time...All things that dont really make you feel better. Sounds like most did the same as you.
  80. Reel hip

    Backside SCI 9/11 -9/12.

    Same for us one week prior. Always a day later. :D I found Pyramid windy our night but definitely not as bad as the outside. My takeaway...... I suck at the big fish. :gay:
  81. Reel hip

    09-13-20 surprise

    For sure ! That's what I thought too! Good looking & eating bone. LOL
  82. Reel hip

    backside of SCI 9-9

    found the same last week. Others did good. Frustrating to be in the zero club
  83. Reel hip

    To go or not to Go?

    Go! What do you have to lose? Always get another. :frehya2: Or if you like her... Stay at home. Always a tough ride there.
  84. Reel hip

    Jumbo's at the 43 9/9

    Almost seems they have ESP... Go big! They bite light and vice versa. You had 60 and 40 pound thats heavy.........5 years ago. 8-)
  85. Reel hip

    Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    I hear ya ! I'm at zero myself
  86. Reel hip

    Damn Weather & Damn Dodos 09.05.20

    paying dues. weather is looking better and September is great time to catch. Usually on private boats everyone splits the costs and the fish
  87. Reel hip

    SCI Bluefin Tuna Trip 8/30/2020

    Also out there. Had the same results. Spent the night and worked the backside before heading back to San Diego. 158 nm for no fish is hard to take. I feel your pain
  88. Reel hip

    Coronado islands 7-27-20

    Maybe or luck IDK I have dove Guadalupe island and kept wishing I would see a seal get airborne. They were all around but so were the white sharks (Big ones) but they just didnt seem to act like they were interested. Of course we were chumming plenty of tuna heads.
  89. Reel hip

    Truline Tanner Bank 8-23-2020

    Looks like Tanner was a winner!
  90. Reel hip

    Current Reports BF

    Thats a fatty yellow!
  91. Reel hip

    8/25: Tuna trip audibled to Dorado trip out of SD....not much going on out there

    Some yellows in La Jolla. Hard to spot off shore paddy's with the chop. Stay tuned ..
  92. Reel hip

    Thursday August 27 - South 9 & 226

    Awesome report and glad you found them. Gives us hope we dont have to run far for a shot!
  93. Reel hip

    Royal Polaris 2.5 8/19-22

    You said it!! Tanner bank was blowing over 20 today!. That looked like a lake!
  94. Reel hip

    1.5 Day On O'side 95

    I always thought the O 95 was a comfortable vessel to sleep on. I caught my fair of bluefin on her. I know the cook Doug is now on the San Diego
  95. Reel hip

    Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Nice report. How cool was that to have a whale slurp up the bait?
  96. Reel hip

    Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Sport boat captains working with private boaters? That doesn't happen very often. Maybe others should take a cue.. Working together helps out the catch to land ratio. Or does it? when you have a group working together then an idiot comes thru oblivious to the set up. CANT FIX STUPID.
  97. Reel hip

    Tuna? Yellowtail?

    most likely going to the butterfly. But it's fish and they have tails. Plan on enjoying your trip. Anything else is a bonus
  98. Reel hip

    West end Bluefin

    Good job making the run. Thanks for your detailed report
  99. Reel hip

    Anyone fishing the 43 or corner or points south?

    Tomorrow is another day! Hope they settle down some.
  100. Reel hip

    BFT front side of Clemente

    Way to go. All on jigs.
  101. Reel hip

    Harsh day today at The Corner, and 43.

    thank you for your report. Hard day . paying your time on water dues
  102. Reel hip

    Outer Limits AIS

    thinking he may want us at home guarding our mothers rather than tracking him. It's funny though.
  103. Reel hip

    Skunked 226-302-226-corner-182

    good report thanks. hard to get a bite. but when it turns it's great
  104. Reel hip

    For Sale 2002 262 Skip Jack Fly Bridge

    Mine is similar. Radar dome to street on trailer is 13.6. Plenty of clearance for bridges ... just watch the low hanging trees.
  105. Reel hip

    267-277 and gasoline

    Awesome! More watered down fuel. 8-)
  106. Reel hip

    Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    Totally dug the toss in a bait and instantly get picked up. My heart started beating hard!
  107. Reel hip

    Mission at Night

    Cool Video. I was looking for my boat. LOL
  108. Reel hip

    V700 Lewmar Install Template

    I made mine from the windlass. But your golden with Clevel.
  109. Reel hip

    For Sale Silverton 351 Sedan Cruiser for sale, $58,500.00

    Nice boat! Good luck with the sale. They are a nice riding vessel. A perfect platform for those that want to spend a week comfortably fishing for cows at SCI.
  110. Reel hip

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Most that have been here for some time feel as you! Im 60 years in San Diego. Born and hopefully die here. I tolerate it because you cant change stupid and me living here can pay for 39.5 million tree huggers to survive to hear me bitch at and vote against them ! Thanks for your years of...
  111. Reel hip

    7/28/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, Trip #9, BF #31YTD, no skunk yet

    Good job on "gettem um" Never heard a seal called the tax man! But with your score you can call them anything you want
  112. Reel hip

    Place to stay and slip in SD or Mission Bay?

    Cats out of the bag.... SD public dock! Best and has water and power included. Bring your equipment if you need power or a hose. Since you have a grom.... you can anchor in Mission Bay for free at mariners cove for 72 hrs. Not really "enforced" but you or your son would need to paddle or tender...
  113. Reel hip

    South Shores homeless

    or both
  114. Reel hip

    Mexican license problems

    Up date Solved: Glich on their end! They responded quickly and asaid there was a lot of others having the same problem. .... Just not on Bloody Decks lol!
  115. Reel hip

    Mexican license problems

    Ill try that next
  116. Reel hip

    Mexican license problems

    I never got that far. Did you go thru That was is thru SAC I have tried going thru a few others and still no luck. I guess my question is if anyone from yesterday or today are having the problems I am.
  117. Reel hip

    Mexican license problems

    Anyone else having problems getting a mex license online? Blocker off on chrome numerous attempts , no go! Different days. Firefox the same deal. I cant get past the first page. It wont recognize my account either. Im going to try explorer next . Just wanted to know if there is a work...
  118. Reel hip

    7/26/20 7.5 NW of the 43

    don't ever loose those shorts... Keep them until you get your cow. it will happen soon
  119. Reel hip

    BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    Great report guys! You killed it. Looks to me your the fishemen we all want to be. Keep postin and fishing!
  120. Reel hip

    Cluster at Bait barge and offshore today

    Hustler has a point. Use those high dollar gyros for fish not boats. Way more satisfying in the end
  121. Reel hip

    Bait barge fishing rod damaged when other boat backed up...

    hopefully yes... But keep the rods in their holders (UPRIGHT)and it won't happen. sorry. btw I never left my slip. ps I don't see your post combative or negative or anything but respectful. but accidents happen and we ourselves need to take control. best of luck
  122. Reel hip

    Westport July 10, 11 and 12

    I also enjoyed your write up! Sometimes (NOT ALWAYS) its not the amount of fish but the memories made. You did good! Any time you leave under power and get back under power is a great day! Now you'll have new stories on your next elk hunt!
  123. Reel hip

    It’s T-T-T-Tuna Time!

    that's great news! I need to tag along for a mother in law visit. This is insurance I won't have to see her.
  124. Reel hip

    Garmin Auto Pilot

    Thanks Ben! Was his an outboard or inboard motor? Size of vessel ? I have an acquaintance that went the same route but he needed 2 pumps. His boat was a 38 ft. Trying to figure out when is too much.
  125. Reel hip

    Garmin Auto Pilot

    Im looking at putting an AP on my 25 fly Skip-jack. So tired of manual steering it. I have hydraulic steering and wanting to go with the Garmin. I know everyone has a favorite but I'm going with Garmin. All my electronics are Garmin. It appears from Garmin's web page a Reactor 40 SmartPump v2...
  126. Reel hip

    Offshore Yellowwfin

    Gotta love a happy ending!
  127. Reel hip

    San Diego day trip blue fin

    AIS...could have been helpful. Prowler didn't have theirs on that day. Just saying..... But then again neither did the Attessa. Or neither capt paid attention to it. Back to the popcorn🍿
  128. Reel hip

    Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Great report... Now back to! :D
  129. Reel hip

    Finally got a triple digit!

    Nothing sucked on this report! In fact with the pops there it made it bitchen!
  130. Reel hip

    Coulda been worse 7/1

    Nice looking paddy. I have seen bigger but were not holding. Glad it worked including your rope steering
  131. Reel hip

    6/30 Bluefin Biters

    here's a hint.... Don't use dull hooks so early in your day! :D Great write up and good job!
  132. Reel hip

    Southern California Boat Survey

    In San Diego I have used Tim Simms twice now 619-710-9700
  133. Reel hip

    Mako sharks are so bad ass!

    Great read! Better pics ! Great pics too
  134. Reel hip

    Top installed at home

    Ya , I was a little confused on that also. Looks good though!
  135. Reel hip

    Deepwater ling

    Nice fish !
  136. Reel hip

    It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    Just goes to show what people are capable of doing with the right know how and equipment. You are "people" that know how! Congratulations :urno1:
  137. Reel hip

    Lost bait receiver mission bay

    What type or description? ... home made? Good luck
  138. Reel hip

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Point well taken!
  139. Reel hip

    PL/LJ 6/2

    Good day! Boat problems... Eh .. Where do they end . NEVER :D
  140. Reel hip


    Just a reminder our boat tax is due June 4 At least those that are in San Diego that receive the unsecured tax bill.
  141. Reel hip

    Coronado 5/24

    In my book it was still a win! You got out and back under your own power and have fish for dinner. Win - win . Bad on pump issues. Hopefully you put the dead in a bucket for chum!
  142. Reel hip

    43 Area, Clemente, Catalina 5-8 thru 5-10

    Nice trip! Your son is going to remember that one for ever!
  143. Reel hip

    Commercial hacks

    I agree with all, with the exception of politically motivated. I think I would buy in but I don't see every President, Chancellor and Dictator for that matter agreeing on anything. This thing is worldwide and I really don't see any economic value for creating a disaster to keep the "people" inside.
  144. Reel hip

    Little underwater action

    Seeing those reds got my heart racing! Really good pictures. Thanks
  145. Reel hip

    Offshore report and FD vent

    I'm rooting for the Padres.............We will find another 30 years. LOL
  146. Reel hip

    Tax & License Refunds

    Right? Except were not burning fuel! LOL Hey Gary . how you doing
  147. Reel hip

    Financial Help for Small Businesses During Covid-19

    Yup! Good on you for putting it out . I have an employee that has to stay at home because her kids are out of school. Applied for her. Another has her own office here so were apart . So we now have our own offices. We get very little "walk ins" but a first for us was a client that came in...
  148. Reel hip

    Launch ramp closures

    My brother is there in Santa Cruz I'm in San Diego. It seems what happens up there has happened here a week earlier. They closed the ramps here 2 weeks back. Then they stopped slipped boats from leaving to go fishing. 2 days later coast guard let us go out. Now they have ordered us to keep...
  149. Reel hip

    SD Pipe 3/31

    And I wasted to whole day working? WTF? Ramps still closed?
  150. Reel hip

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    Well..... Back to maintenance!
  151. Reel hip

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    Sound advice... ? I'll see later.... 08 I sold 3 of my properties when buyers with their loan reps were offering more than my asking price. Only way to really know is to do the deal. Wait .. Time will tell.
  152. Reel hip

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I bought more yesterday
  153. Reel hip

    He caught a jumping fish the hard way........

    Cant say he didn't catch it.
  154. Reel hip

    Mary Poppin's Last BJ

    But just a spoonful of semen helps the medicine go down.
  155. Reel hip

    your fishing spot

  156. Reel hip

    Ohio State Cheerleader Does Xmas

    Mary x mas :boobies: :boobies::drool:
  157. Reel hip

    Quick bug run

    Way to go! If the chilli had beans I'm sure everyone stayed warm :D
  158. Reel hip

    Best starting battery for a Ford 7.3 diesel 3500 pickup Truck?

    Costco for me. Can't beat 2 1000 CCA for my old 1990 7.3
  159. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    Got it.. Thanks!
  160. Reel hip

    Anyone here a CFI?

    Damn Bob. You have a plane? I see a Mexican run in our future. Can you fly really low? I'll cover the expenses. 😆
  161. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    That one is safe No regs on the Burb Its under the 14,000 GVWR
  162. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    What type of bed is on it? Is the trailer registered the same as the truck?
  163. Reel hip

    Nasty weather bugs LB 2/21

    The bugs crawl when the weather turns nasty. Most hoopers (myself included) are pussies and only go in good weather. . You deserve those bugs. Good job on reminding me that I'm weak. Lol
  164. Reel hip

    Some people are stupid

    Bigger the boat. Bigger the dickhead
  165. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    2020 is really effecting the small guys. If your thinking your f450 flatbed is safe think again
  166. Reel hip

    Wishful thinking?

    Well.......... Time will tell!
  167. Reel hip

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    Bad ASS all the way to bouncing on the deck! I never fished it, myself being a San Diego born and raised. Thanks for the Great video. I swear I looked just like the blond one then too! lol!
  168. Reel hip

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    When I was in China they chased down rats too. Let's offer a tour group from China an all you can eat buffet starting at the bait dock
  169. Reel hip

    Thank you Nevada

    That's some good hunting there sir
  170. Reel hip

    Found hoopnet

    Oh ya... Annette..she was always a little fishy
  171. Reel hip

    Found hoopnet

    PM me with details or go ID. It was set up pretty good in San Diego bay!
  172. Reel hip

    12/16 - Butts on the Bay

    Looked like some beers and fish were downed! Good job!
  173. Reel hip

    One guy, Two Rods

    :beerbang:Great filming. :appl:I knew it was going off ! I just haven't gotten out:nopity: Glad some did! :jig:
  174. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Sorry its gone!
  175. Reel hip

    A pair of fish

  176. Reel hip

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Hey it's his boat and his rules! Quit bitching All you have to do is move on if you don't like it! Those that are looking for a boat to drink and smoke on either get on a sport boat or buy your own. Coming in to the channel at 2am I'd rather have a non drinker coming at me . Nobody's...
  177. Reel hip

    Lobster bait question

    Use it!
  178. Reel hip

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    Chad I was out. Shoulda stayed a little later. The pita lion at the si ramp had 2 eyes. This year I been harassed less than previous years. But when they are on you they are like in laws... Won't leave.
  179. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Still have the sink. It's been in storage
  180. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    No those are gone.
  181. Reel hip

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Still have table
  182. Reel hip

    Did you hear that?

    NOT YET ! Let's revisit this after Wed .. Ok?
  183. Reel hip

    11/24 Doubles and Triples at the 300

    Nice! What can be better. YFT BFT in November.
  184. Reel hip

    Yellowfin limits in November 11/21

    West of you that day. Burned more fuel but got em also. Way to go!
  185. Reel hip

    Offshore with no gaff

    Great report.! I went out first time on a. new marina neighbor boat . He told me he had it all. Well I went with him with my usual Arsenal of 10 rods. For me.! Also a single shitty gaff just in case because he has everything Lol. ! Short story... 100lb plus blue fin., biting boiling and he has...
  186. Reel hip

    Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    What are drizzling on the fish? Looks awesome!!!!
  187. Reel hip

    11-18 Slaughter

    Been there ! Ive held the couch down after a good day . Im not sure...Either those fish pull harder or im getting old. Naw....its the rods fault! I didn't have a single fish on 40 pound string with my 2 speed.
  188. Reel hip

    Limits on Yellowtail 277 Bank 11.18.19

    Good size yellow! Awesome day
  189. Reel hip

    11-18 Slaughter

    Good job guys. Be there tomorrow
  190. Reel hip

    Catch Report - YFT 11/17

    A Fintastik day! Love this time of year
  191. Reel hip

    Great YFT fishing 11/15

    Something about being wet will dampen :Dthe spirit of staying overnight. You guys did good!
  192. Reel hip

    11-16 offshore report

    Some of the best season fishing right now
  193. Reel hip

    11.16 226 Limits

    Fished Washington in WA worse weather than today. Wait until Tuesday afternoon for the rough stuff. Go now while their here and biting. Next storm may push them south.. Then call it a season
  194. Reel hip

    For Sale Bertram 28 Flybridge $32,000 obo

    sweet riding boat! 5.7 motors put out the power. Best of luck!
  195. Reel hip

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    It has to be fun jumping on the dock to tie up when your going solo. Poor seals can't take over the landing:Death_To_Above:
  196. Reel hip

    Loving the time change

    Short night for some tasty critters
  197. Reel hip

    Coronado islands

    Yup. Ya did good! Good job on the lake
  198. Reel hip

    Quick rock fishing trip to La Jolla!

    All the cool fishermen are named Doug. Good day with friends
  199. Reel hip

    Bug rider at it again

    Bug rider smelling a little fishy.... Lucky bastard!
  200. Reel hip

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I do the 5\ 5 test always. I haven't had less lobsters from tubes but I have had less seals which do equal more lobsters vs cages. I respectfuly disagree about seals eating because they don't have ample food. I believe they are opportunistic and find it much easier following a boat with cages...
  201. Reel hip

    Bug rider at it again

    I say Bull shit without pictures...... Oh wait..... Good job!:D
  202. Reel hip

    Lobsters last friday night

    Way to go! . I liked the picture of your kid measuring the clicker. :D
  203. Reel hip


    Sounds like I made the right choice going to Arizona for deer
  204. Reel hip

    1st Thresher

    Wow ! Cool story . Dug the face to face/ arm picture Congratulations to both !
  205. Reel hip

    Lobster Opener Video -Full Limits

    Maaaan that guy can sure pull fast!.. Lol. Dug the video! Great job on the opener. I usually sit it out. Got mine a few days later!
  206. Reel hip

    Lobster on the crawl , SD Bay 10/26...

    Nice. Same night for us. Only difference was a later pull . The shorts were out early.Had to weed thru them for the legal ones.
  207. Reel hip

    Solo mission tonight

    You did good! I had to pick thru alot of shorts for my keepers last night.
  208. Reel hip

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    Fishing tuna in October in shorts. What is better than that? Great job!
  209. Reel hip

    Boating etiquette

    All good advice.. Sounds as if you have common sence . you'll do fine
  210. Reel hip

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'!

    Looked big. Good on ya for letting it go
  211. Reel hip

    Requesting Help: Salty Dawg owner Whereabouts?

    Well as long as its not me ...... I'm good with that!
  212. Reel hip

    How rare is this

    Not sure. Did you pull up any others in that spot. I know diving there is plant material that is that color. Camouflaged or feeding on it?
  213. Reel hip

    He learned a good lesson!! Mom says no to the Tattoo

    Oh keep a picture of that. I bet when hes "more independent" hell tat it. Definitely a classic
  214. Reel hip

    Anyone know a boat transport co from Florida to San Diego?

    Not sure if it works but I have a bud looking to get a boat to Florida. If they want a round trip load.
  215. Reel hip


    Close but... No. That is a Russian sub. I know because my uncle has to keep painting it. It's going to sink soon. Rotting away.
  216. Reel hip

    The tuna bite

    Get down here soon. They are biting today no-one can say about tomorrow
  217. Reel hip

    Buying cheap boats...

    Check and make sure the motor is down. Im sure you know this but thought I would throw it out.
  218. Reel hip

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Cory you missed the yellow but in an attempt to hook whitefish you got God. As least as you didn't piss him off. Or else it would have been a much worse ride back. :D
  219. Reel hip

    Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    What's that tape that's seals a boat?. Seriously a 2019 should have a warranty. Check that or insurance. Fucking thieves should die. Glad you got some tuna to ease the pain
  220. Reel hip

    10/18 buddy boat

    Not all days are flat. The percentage is better but when it blows it blows
  221. Reel hip

    What do you make of this?

    Ya I was counting the pups. 54 when the camera panned away.
  222. Reel hip

    What do you make of this?

    What with a rope around it being drug backwards? .....yes!
  223. Reel hip

    10-15-19 A.M. + P.M. half day

    Those flips look good. Lol Thanks for the report
  224. Reel hip

    Tuna 7 Miles Out of SD bay

    Rock fish and tuna. A good catch together or apart.
  225. Reel hip

    Kite policy on sport boat

    Hopefully the passengers tipped the crew well.
  226. Reel hip

    Got'm on cut bait

    Oh barracuda. Lol
  227. Reel hip

    10/17 226/302 Life But Skunko

    Good luck if you go out. I keep missing the hot bite by one day. God hates me LOL Thanks for the report BTW. A long way to go for bass but hey, had fun? Right? lol
  228. Reel hip

    10/17 226/302 Life But Skunko

    Were they biting heavy line? or still lighter? Thanks
  229. Reel hip


    All good stuff here
  230. Reel hip

    267-209 area 10/13

    You did better than I. I was hooked up. ... To my desk. Thanks for your report
  231. Reel hip

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    Your son has done better at 8 because he's no longer a rookie. Good job dad for the on the water training. Also as a grandpa myself I bet your dad was as proud as a man could be.
  232. Reel hip

    Coronados 10/14

    Yup. When everyone is going southwest nothing wrong with scouting out some new water. Thanks for the update. Enjoy them chips with some beer battered rock fish.
  233. Reel hip

    Buoy Collector...

    I think you have catching butts down ! Good job!
  234. Reel hip

    9yr old VS lobster report

    What an awesome report! . He cooks em too! Stay right here Travis. These are the good old days :appl:
  235. Reel hip

    371 Fishing and Mex Navy check on 10-10-19.

    It can be deceiving. The line seems close with the point in clear view. The few times I have been stopped (never on the line) I have only been met with professionalism and courtesy. Of course I also had all my docs. Thanks for the heads up
  236. Reel hip

    Sonar It Works!!!!!

    Sonar works. Fathometer too I bet. Good load
  237. Reel hip

    Short lobster season this year

    Yup. Though ... Still like staying out all night Drinking an adult beverage Shooting the shit with friends Smoking a cigar (only time I enjoy them) Being on the water Clipity sound they make (knowing you got some) A full net YUP!
  238. Reel hip

    Catalina 10/8 Fog Delay and a PB Toad

    Good times for sure.. Wish I could have 1 more day with my dad. Glad you had one with yours!
  239. Reel hip

    Short lobster season this year

    I hoop when I'm hungry. I only have 7 in my freezer. :D
  240. Reel hip

    Lovin the week nights

    Don't give out the information dude. I like the peace and quiet.
  241. Reel hip

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    Keeping an close eye on them is key. Oh and keep Todd away.
  242. Reel hip

    10/9 a day for the books

    Some of the best days are when its just " a get away" trip. I have done research on better water with SST and went straight to the marks with shitty results. Other time you happen across a paddy and it makes your day! Your buds and you wont forget this day! Good job
  243. Reel hip

    Anyone Lose a Hoop Net Friday Night/Sat Morning (in San Diego)?

    LOL Hey they can drift................south in the ocean, thru the pl kelp over into the incoming tide of the bay.....All the way by your spread. Did you tell him if he waited long enough on the tide change it would make it back to the pier?. :frehya2:
  244. Reel hip

    Bugs sd bay 10/6

    bought ready to make it out myself.
  245. Reel hip

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Wrong!! Sorry... I have had some really good nights and they are better , much better.... Sorry for the Jack.... Continue.
  246. Reel hip

    10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Such a fun day you guys had! Gotta love idiots on the water.:frehya2: At least they gave thumbs up. If you gave them the BD salute they wouldn't understand any better than trolling. :appl:
  247. Reel hip

    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    This post has been entertaining! I wish I knew how to photo shop. That was classic!
  248. Reel hip

    What happened to the Chief

    Dont forget hes a fag too! Ehhh, excuse me.....GAY
  249. Reel hip

    Limit out or keep looking?

    If the crew had the kite figured out and you were catching cow BFT it would have been an epic trip. Its hard to leave biting fish, did they call in their code group? What did most of the others think? 2 day limits in 1 day was overboard to me.
  250. Reel hip

    Bugging San Diego harbor Found lost net

    Good job! The cooler water has them crawling
  251. Reel hip

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    John, Good nights for you, know doubt! 4 nets lost? I think it maybe someone that doesn't have the "system " down. Good on you for getting them back, learning curve can be expensive, 7 in Possession while hooping (Lobster) Total 5 nets a person maximum 10 on the boat All kinds of different...
  252. Reel hip

    Mission Bay Lobster Sunday

    Gotta love when the wife is happy! (since it hardly happens) :frehya2: PS good job but.....
  253. Reel hip

    San Diego Bay Lobster - Sunday 29SEP19

    Tons of bi catch also! I wish we did that good for our first time out....although it was many years ago now. I always like how splitting them never come out even. I say it goes to the boat owner.
  254. Reel hip

    9/28 Wide open YFT near 302

    Usually after divers hit the water the bite shuts down. Waiting it out was a gamble that definitely paid off
  255. Reel hip

    9/27 Short Day

    I know it's tough being sea sick on the water. I don't think I could not laugh though. Picture is justice for coming in early. Pussy!
  256. Reel hip

    9/23 Whistler, Pt. Loma, SD Bay Fun

    Great report . Glad your buddies dad had fun. You made a good day out of it
  257. Reel hip

    Lost my rig by the rigs

    How good is your meter?. I lost a rod but was actually able to locate it with my fathometer. I was shallower than you though. Snagged with a Tady. Good luck
  258. Reel hip

    Lobster 2019

    I stay away on opening day. But promising reports. Cool video
  259. Reel hip

    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    Way to go for you and your 3 friends. I don't go out opening night because the crowd and idiots. Hopefully he will either catch on or loose all his hoops to mistakes before he takes a boat out with him , and goes back to chasing boats for fish in daylight. :frehya2:
  260. Reel hip

    SD Weekend Weather

    I agree. Go when you can and it sounds like you can. I have been out when the weather is similar. It can be very wet and rough on a 25 ft boat. The producer is big and stable. Enjoy
  261. Reel hip

    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    I'll be damned.... Costco has it all right! If I buy it, our check at the end of the year we'll have enough to pay for xmas dinner again. LOL
  262. Reel hip

    Finally found some dodos

    Good for you. Mondays weather was nice. Tuesday weather was rough. We also try to run outside a bit for the same reason
  263. Reel hip


    Out there also but south of you. Bumpy was the word of the day. It was a good day to troll. Looks like Saturday it may lay down.
  264. Reel hip

    Tuna, WP, Saturday..

    Looks fun for the crowd
  265. Reel hip

    Westpoint report - week of 9/16

    Good report... Got me to look
  266. Reel hip

    9/22 Yellowfin at the Parking Lot

    Cool....glad you got some. I gave all my connections a good test on thursday. With light line and small hooks though my catch to land ratio was really shifty.
  267. Reel hip

    09/21 Son made the 50 pound club.

    Well 1 is always better than none. Congratulations to you son on a fine job. What size is that jig?
  268. Reel hip

    9/19 report blufin and something super trippy

    One of the reasons we all fish off shore, always another day and something different every time.
  269. Reel hip

    9/15 The Producer overnight

    Agree! And he said it best when he said he had the chance to go.
  270. Reel hip

    Oside Nada 9.16.19

    Why choose? :D. Oh good report. Nice to know there still is bait north. After the moon has its way we can hope the fish want to play.
  271. Reel hip


    Needing to run long. Good bye smaller fuel bill and short days. Hang tight they do swim
  272. Reel hip

    Saturday 8/17 209,181 to the 289

    Hindsight. You gave it hell.
  273. Reel hip

    Grande 9-13

    Good info. Thamks
  274. Reel hip

    Big Girls 9/13

    Good job doing your home work
  275. Reel hip

    First trip to SoCal, Skunk, but fun experience.

    That's great! My wife loves to stay on our boat overnight too. Not really roughing it but what ever will rock the boat. :loverz:
  276. Reel hip

    First trip to SoCal, Skunk, but fun experience.

    Hell most of that money went to Avalon probably Lol. Keep that girl of yours. Any woman that will sleep on a skiff is ok . Good on the whalers for helping a brother out. Sorry you didn't get a load of fish. Next trip!
  277. Reel hip

    Not a bad decision

    Looks like those homeguards wished you ran long. Good job!
  278. Reel hip

    3rd Tuna Run

    Thanks Steve! I got as far north as Eureka fishing.
  279. Reel hip

    3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Ya . but the boots at the bottom of the picture look a little like high heels. ?! Good job on the trifecta. Bft on 20 pound did it get a steel shaft too?
  280. Reel hip

    I have to let this out, R.I.P. Divers on the Conception

    I get that! But the crew are not diving. They are on deck at all time. Keeping watch, refilling tanks, cooking , Etc. I am guilty of sleeping on anchor as a commercial ab diver myself in the late 70's. That was also just myself and my partner for a week on end. Now I'm (older ) and wiser...
  281. Reel hip

    TUNA NUMBERS for Sat 9-20-08

    Holding in the same area. Upwelling bring nutrients that in turn brings bait. Next come the fish . After that ... Well you know.
  282. Reel hip

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    The sportboats all have to have training. I was on the Tribute years back with a similar situation. The C.G dropped a diver onboard. Very professional! Glad your guy will fish another day
  283. Reel hip

    Outstanding tuna bite

    Got fish? You sure did!
  284. Reel hip

    Mustang 9/9

    Great report. Full of info. Good job and better attitude. It is fishing btw not always catching but way better than my day . I got none from my desk!
  285. Reel hip

    Just another shit show

    What lake is that? :frehya2:
  286. Reel hip

    3rd Tuna Run

    8 is not bad at all! Looking at that water reminds me of where I fish. At the troll stops did you throw bait ? Ps tuna bite in sunshine! But I miss Washington
  287. Reel hip

    Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    Great report! I have had some good times on the O 95. Rick is a fishy captain. Best to you and your son!
  288. Reel hip

    Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    I liked the Ted Nugent music. Best post I've heard! To the poster how many experienced anglers were on the boat? That makes a difference. Sounds like the boat took you to the fish. The rest was up to you and your pals.
  289. Reel hip

    9/8 What Wind!

    Knocked them dead. Nice
  290. Reel hip

    I have to let this out, R.I.P. Divers on the Conception

    . I also can't get this tragedy off my mind. My only question is .... Nobody was standing watch? The fire got that big before it was noticed.
  291. Reel hip

    U.S. fish, anyone?

    If your heading out make sure you have new shocks:frehya2:
  292. Reel hip

    Quiet 9 mile

    A few days back it was hitting!. The old saying "shoulda been here yesterday" is one way of putting it. Sorry Good effort They will return!
  293. Reel hip

    Two Minute Tuna ( Video )

    I would have thought once that peanut got a whiff of you it would have made a better run. :o Great video as always Corey!
  294. Reel hip

    lost your boat?

    Just leave the strap un hooked. It really doesn't do anything........... Much!
  295. Reel hip

    9/2 Limit BFT

    Way cool! I think the fish has spread out a bit now too. Limits and not much fuel burned. Nothing better! Still light line # 2 hooks?
  296. Reel hip

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Sad day. Heard a 17 year old girl celebrating her birthday is one of the missing.
  297. Reel hip

    Yellowfin east 226 8/31

    Well if you have to do a first report. Then do a fish report! Check Good job! Many more to come too! Welcome
  298. Reel hip

    YFT 10 miles west.

    very well said! it is almost a necesity to be able to repair what breaks on your boat
  299. Reel hip

    Oceanside to point Loma

    Who can say you didn't catch something. Buzz Can't get em from the couch. Good effort!
  300. Reel hip

    9 mile, 226, 302, coronado canyon. NOTHING! 8/30

    The water has been dirty for a while now. Off day? Did you drop down to 15 lb? You spent time on the water paying dues. Next trip you can collect The interesr!
  301. Reel hip

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    First off Happy birthday to your buddy Jeff! 2ND OFF Good job putting him on a fish he won't forget! When it comes to shark fishing , like bass it can go many ways. While LJ isn't wrong with his belief. Everyone has an opinion . Mine is that it is the right size to take.
  302. Reel hip

    Hours on an engine...

    Gears and down hills helps. I have had mine go way longer than 400,000. Closer to a million miles. I refer boats as always going up hills.
  303. Reel hip

    Late summer shrimping

    I was hoping for pictures of your gilfriend and her friend.:D ........... but you sure did good on the shrimp too. :appl:
  304. Reel hip

    8/25 Westport Express Tuna

    Thinking your lost buddy had a hand on your trip. RIP
  305. Reel hip

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Cool Video! Is the ocean always that flat or was it just good days?
  306. Reel hip

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Oh if only this wasn't so painfully true! Waiting on project that should have taken a month. 6 months now! Boat club sounds pretty good right now.
  307. Reel hip

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I was thinking the same thing about young dumb shits! Quick hire my teenage son while he still knows everything!
  308. Reel hip

    Blue Fever

    Your going to have to pace yourself..Or give me a chance to catch up! :appl:
  309. Reel hip

    Sat...tough day..

    Remember its fishing. Sorta need to have fun Lol
  310. Reel hip

    Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Pacific Dawn is top notch. I fished it in Ventura years back. Really comfy bunks too!
  311. Reel hip

    8/22 Yellowfin (+ tips for success)

    Now that I like! Old school. I still send my dad's small jig flying . Hes been dead for 15 years and was 85 when he died.
  312. Reel hip

    Offshore 8/24/19

    Great report. Glad you guys got a fish with the effort. Some dont, time after time. You nailed it when you said you learned alot. Stay right here because these are the good ole days
  313. Reel hip

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    The "in the know" members are fewer now than years back! Yup had it happen to me.Gotta pick and choose! Also the wife gets excited when I lift the finger too far at her. :boobies::boobies:
  314. Reel hip

    WP 8/24

    A first for everything. Lol Did you go and buy tampons at the store or make Wife do it :frehya2:
  315. Reel hip

    Beginners guide to a perfect gaffing

    Thats experience there folks! Makes it that much easier to gut em
  316. Reel hip

    Money making opportunity this weekend

    Thats what your wife says too Bob :frehya2:
  317. Reel hip

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    5 pages and yellowtail Dan just hit on what I think. The babe of the day was awsome even with the no nips lips or sticks. Lol I got my post removed for commenting on a fishing chick that had the rod. ....well lack of a better word. Wedged in the honey hole. I feel like a newbie being on...
  318. Reel hip

    Tunas. 226. Biting.

    Nothing wrong with that report!:appl:
  319. Reel hip

    YFT Chum? Anything other than live stuff?

    I have caught fish on chunk. It is better to chum chunk than not chum at all. During a wfo bite is when you need to make sure to throw chum to keep them on your boat. Hell it can be so crowded sometime you can get bit on your neighbors slick and vice versa. :D
  320. Reel hip

    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Way more than my first house!!!! lol
  321. Reel hip

    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Wow! To pick up a truck from the original owner is fantastic.I have a buddy that's pushing 500,000 miles on his 6.6. I wish I saw it before I bought my new truck. To have a paid off tow rig? Crazy!
  322. Reel hip

    Dodo day

    Good going. Nothing finer than coming home with blood on the decks......They should have a website called that!
  323. Reel hip

    Yellowfin Tuna. 230

    Excellent report! Glad their chewing!
  324. Reel hip

    6 miles west of La Salina marina

    Totally cool! Their out here almost every year!
  325. Reel hip

    Boating in La Jolla

    Yes to all. Key word is take it slow. Ps dont have any rods in the holder. That will get the lifeguards there quickly too. Enjoy your day
  326. Reel hip

    Nice cow bluefin on my 25 foot Sea Ray

    What a nice trip! The smiles say it all!
  327. Reel hip

    Boating in La Jolla

    Been there done that many times. Its great from a boat. You will need to go north beyond and outside the cove. There are buoy lines for swimmers. Stay to the outside . Travel in at 5 miles per hour as your heading in to the shores, marine room. Be very careful their will be no shortage of...
  328. Reel hip

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    Anyways...Hell of a wheelhouse Rick :-)
  329. Reel hip

    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    Adding in on the duel screens. I like to box an area on my plotter and then keep my sounder on the other screen. I know you can split them but I feel 2 10's would be better than split in a 16 screen.
  330. Reel hip


    Did you ever find out any thing/ I use the standard chart s on my garmin and have been happy
  331. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    Btw public funding is open in San Diego. Any sport business on the water is also elegible. How do you think all the sporties got repowers? We have been able to get our clients over $4 million in grants last year. . Through the funding, the state pays up to 85% of the cost of new equipment or...
  332. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    Hey thanks gary.
  333. Reel hip

    Mobile auto/truck mechanic

    Im trying a guy my son knows on Wednesday. What area are you in. ? If hes good ill pass him along. I have heavy diesel mechanics rhat do good work also. But not sure your area.
  334. Reel hip

    San Quintin whores

    Back before bd had to " conform '
  335. Reel hip

    Marine Parts Depot SCAM?

    Good on you for taking the time to post. Sorry the hard way but bonus for helping others.
  336. Reel hip

    Heavy trucks or diesel equipment

    I'm celebrating over 10 years helping diesel equipment owners navigate the complex regulations that the California air resources board CARB has imposed on business owners. We have successfully helped fleets keep their trucks and equipment. If your looking at a DMV hold because your not in...
  337. Reel hip

    SOLD 2003 GMC 4x4 Duramax Diesel w/Allison

    Bump Man.. im not sure why someone hasnt picked this truck up.
  338. Reel hip

    Dorado 7/30

    Maybe early run and moving fast. I get it though.... warm weather fish Lol
  339. Reel hip

    SOLD Smoker: Cajun injector

    SOLD Just dont have the time to smoke fish. It was my uncles and I kept it around hoping to make time . Now I have to much crap and it needs to go! $75.00 Electric smoker with the handbook![/ATTACH]
  340. Reel hip

    Moo Cow

    Moo, envious! But well deserved
  341. Reel hip

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Love the days when you can do no wrong.
  342. Reel hip

    To windy

    He that fishes and runs away will live to fish another day
  343. Reel hip

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    For sure? Light drag wtf? Good on you for doing the right thing
  344. Reel hip

    7/19/19 Coronado Islands report

    You did good. Water dropped a few?
  345. Reel hip

    PT loma 7/18

    Detailed report. Sounds like fun
  346. Reel hip

    Tomahawk 7/19

    Good intel thanks
  347. Reel hip

    7/18 aztec overnight report

    You did good!. Sounds like you ate good too! Never fails . I have caught more fish eithier eating or pissing .
  348. Reel hip

    Del Mar fishing tips?

    Current is everybody's fishing friend
  349. Reel hip

    Plk 7-16

    Thanks for giving up the goods
  350. Reel hip

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Troll speed sounds good to me and the longfins. Maybe exxon not so much. Long run for one..... Way...... better than none
  351. Reel hip

    7/13/2019 Nine - 302 - 371

    Could have been cleaning the shed instead! I wish i had your day. ... Thanks for your report
  352. Reel hip

    Free spool

    Ken with Kens custom reels says Daiwa Sealine makes excellent casting reels straight out of the box. That was a few years back now. I like my tranx but still have my Penn 555 on one of my 8 ft jig sticks
  353. Reel hip

    Pretty cool pic!

  354. Reel hip

    182, 43

    Great attitude. Glad your boat will be ready when the fish are ready to die.
  355. Reel hip

    Weds's Zip Oceanside to 181/182/42 and Back

    Did a similar trip a few weeks back. For us.. nothing. Few days later bam!. Its fishing. Glad it was flat for you. Nothing worse than coming home skunked and feeling it too! You got out which was more than i can say. A full report that was spot on. Time on the water . It rarely happens to those...
  356. Reel hip

    Proper report

    Good times for you guys. I thought that boat looked familiar. Enjoyed the video. Christopher must have outgrown his last set of grundens by now.
  357. Reel hip

    All Quiet on the Albacore Front.......?

    Definitely no Albacore down here. We cant wait for them to show (since o9). In the meantime though we will have to settle for the other,s.
  358. Reel hip

    Balloons and Butts Oh My

    Fishing with kids is the best! OBTW... your his favorite uncle
  359. Reel hip

    Pacific halibut Eureka

    Looks like my trip in mid July will be good
  360. Reel hip

    6/18/19 daughters first overnight

    Congratulations on a fine job of raising a wonderful daughter.
  361. Reel hip

    Between the Banks

    Good successful day
  362. Reel hip

    Long Day 6-22-19

    One is wayyy better than none.
  363. Reel hip

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    Yup a green and yellow skirt gets my wood too. :frehya2: Good going on the fish. Definitely a rarity having them hit the troll
  364. Reel hip

    Any macs to be made in SD Bay

    Do pretty good across from the shelter island ramp too
  365. Reel hip

    6/22/19 at the 425 and 371

    Islands to the rescue.
  366. Reel hip

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    Not scientific Jim,thats for sure. I bought my first semi in 1984. Owned a few. Electric car owners I've talked with have told me they get better range if their not putting a load or pushing hard. If they stay up with traffic the range gets cut in half. My opinion that's all.
  367. Reel hip

    89 25 skipjack fb convert too hydraulic or leave power assist

    Same thing but I did mine to a Volvo 290. Waaaay easier to steer than cable.
  368. Reel hip

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    500 miles for trucks is equivalent to 250 miles on a boat. till not bad. Remember boats are going uphill when there moving, no coasting.
  369. Reel hip

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Dig the report! Fine job dad!
  370. Reel hip

    Pacific Queen 1.5 ay returning 6/11

    Way to GO! I'm finding out more than a few of us has joined or will join the brotherhood of bionic hips. Got mine in 06, named my new boat after it. The newer ones are better, but nothing wrong with mine! Wait until your back out with the new one! The fish should be afraid! :D
  371. Reel hip

    Report Condor 6/9-6/11 1 1/2 Trip

    Way to go. Now enjoy your rewards!
  372. Reel hip

    Yellowfin in June...

    Albacore brings good memories with mixed bad emotions. For me to get my fix I hookup with great guys in Washington. Never lets me down. Bad is the wife and i stay at the mother in laws.... Bring back local Albacore... Oh nice report
  373. Reel hip

    Coronado islands 6/1

    Agree with the others and their experiences. I , also have caught yellow-tail rock fishing. Nice surprise and bonus! Hoping were done with the wind to rebound our water. :-)
  374. Reel hip

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Great write up Cory. I just relived my hip replacement through your story. As time go on you will heal and be fishing stronger and better than ever.
  375. Reel hip

    Slipping without bottom paint

    Yup.... What they say!
  376. Reel hip

    Triton Marine

    Anybody know Francisco, owner of Triton marine? A great mechanic, however he is MIA. He has some of my parts . We started the project in January and now he's not answering my phone calls. We left on terms of "he will be there next week" to finish up my boat. 2 weeks later, guess what.... Fish...
  377. Reel hip

    Birdschool Yellowtail. 4/5

    Fuck ya!!!! You guys killed em!
  378. Reel hip

    Delmar rockfish

    Good news thanks for the report
  379. Reel hip

    Took my son and his friend fishing

    Nothing better than catching fish with the kids. Atta boy Travis!
  380. Reel hip

    Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna ( Video )

    I confirmed with Sydney Fox at the zoo. She said it was wide open.
  381. Reel hip

    Mission Bay Jetty *Caution*

    Not there. Pretty fast when its that close!
  382. Reel hip

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    A great surprise! Gotta love when it gets to color. That's when it gets real exciting!. Lol
  383. Reel hip

    Boat Sunk La Playa

    It's looks to me its at the weekend free mooring. While that one looked good there has been some pretty rough ones there occasionally.
  384. Reel hip

    Is my fuel good? Fuel Testing Diesel

    Hell I've used old fuel in equipment all the time. Water will settle and be on the bottom. Make sure you have water seperating fuel filters. Drain them often. Change them after you run fuel thru it. If you don't want the fuel I'll put it in my truck.
  385. Reel hip

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Great report. You got out and froze with fish . Beats warm at work!
  386. Reel hip

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    Its California. Sometimes I think they want the regs to be confusing. Unless you speak non English. Then it's plain as can be. Open season year round on all species.
  387. Reel hip

    Local YT

    Good you were fishing Nice Home guard! Getting it with your dad aka gaf slipper . .. Priceless!
  388. Reel hip

    The difference between fishing communities

    Who cares!!! Washington fishermen are bad ass. F uck the socal cry babies. Lol
  389. Reel hip

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    Solid boats
  390. Reel hip

    RIP Tony Pena

    RIP Tony, I never met you but I feel I knew you . You are remembered with my favorite knot I tie.
  391. Reel hip

    25 skipjack fb pilot house

    No! But have thought about it many times. You have a idea?
  392. Reel hip

    Prop replacement advice

    Also recommend Propellers of San Diego. Top notch! He can give any advice you need.
  393. Reel hip

    Binocular repairs in San Diego

    Thanks, Have you sent them in before? I wonder the cost of shipping compared to my fuel going to point loma . I thought Baker was mostly for Frazers though .....
  394. Reel hip

    Binocular repairs in San Diego

    Where do you guys take your bino's for tune ups? My Fuji's may need an adjustment or correction . Thanks
  395. Reel hip

    Diesel HPR Fuel

    Seems to have some benefits. FYI It doesn't work with any California ARB related issues. CARB claims it puts out the same particulate numbers. This is only directed at any heavy GVWR trucks however. Carry on!
  396. Reel hip

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Great trip you had. As was said before. Glad she's feeling well enough to go . Why wait for summer?
  397. Reel hip

    Lobster weather window

    Quick night! Makes the off the water by 6am on other trips seem like work. Lol My dinner tonight
  398. Reel hip

    Local YT 1/13/19

    Good job! You guys are fish killer's I think my old trailer got your boat to the ramp. Unless your brother has his own boat !
  399. Reel hip

    First fishing for 2019

    That was awesome. Usually can't get that close while in the water. Great vis. Yellowtail to boot. Sometimes the only thing a fish will eat is a spike. You may have gotten a few on the hook if you chummed the whole bait tank.
  400. Reel hip

    SOLD Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 HP

    I'll pass it along
  401. Reel hip

    SOLD Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 HP

    Make a reasonable offer. He told me 600 won't buy it. Thanks
  402. Reel hip

    SOLD Danforth Anchor 13lb, excellent condition, price reduced

    Gary what size boat will that work for?
  403. Reel hip

    SOLD Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 HP

    bump for my friend
  404. Reel hip

    SOLD Yamaha 4 stroke 9.9 HP

    I'm selling for a friend. It was his fathers, until he died. This is what I know: 1989 Four Stroke High thrust. Electric start with a long 20 " shaft Comes with fuel tank and motor stand Runs great, pumps water strong Original owner, never left the family Only used as a trolling motor and used...
  405. Reel hip

    Punta Colinet - Jan. 5 - 2019 Report

    Busted off on 50 lb.? They sure pull hard!
  406. Reel hip

    Boat Capsize

    Be it as it may........ hoping for families to recover in a sad and difficult time. The ocean that we love can be deadly. No-one here can say they never made a mistake on the water. The difference is we have lived to fish again and hopefully learned from our mistakes. Rip
  407. Reel hip

    Show me your blackman boat

    Chad. You were in the Skipjack thread too!
  408. Reel hip

    fishing yacht joyride?

    I guess I come from a different era! How the hell can someone caught red handed plead not guilty? No good sob.
  409. Reel hip

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Looks like a diamond in the rough. I totally get not having the time though. Someone will have the means for a project like jack ship
  410. Reel hip


    Yup! And to all a good safe night !:jig:
  411. Reel hip

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    Cool. There goes the 5 minute wait time at the bait dock!
  412. Reel hip

    How much to repower my '25 Skipjack to Diesel?

    Or..... and I hate to say it. Stay with gas and repower. A small block gas burner is 1/4 The cost. I can run 200 nm on mine plus. Plenty of times fishing that area. I do most of my own motor work and have ran my numbers. Even have the equipment to pull the motor out (done it plenty of times...
  413. Reel hip

    What is your fishing obsession?

    Yup.. and costs more.
  414. Reel hip

    12/8 LJ

    Good load of fesh.
  415. Reel hip

    Thanksgiving Weekend Skunk (Video!)

    I wouldn't call it a skunk! You caught tons of fish ( on camera) . I was waiting for a giant halibut to take your bait. . Just looked like they weren't hungry . Man... give that spot at another time and it's "fish on!"
  416. Reel hip

    San Diego Bay Killer Night Lobstering 11/17

    Way to go. Glad you had the 4th guy for limits!
  417. Reel hip

    Boaters Safety Course Online free - $10 for the card.

    Yup. Even though I won't need a boater card until I'm like 90. . I think it's good for all of us. I passed 4 months ago.
  418. Reel hip

    self fishing processing

    I never let fresh water touch the fish until I'm ready to cook it. I also freeze it
  419. Reel hip

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    They say December of this year is the completion date.
  420. Reel hip

    Shrimp Flies for rock fish

    The 7/0 will get blue fin too:frehya2:
  421. Reel hip

    Boat name for my new Mako

    Capt John and his flying seamen
  422. Reel hip

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    Well said. ALL NIGHT. Untill dawn if that what it takes.
  423. Reel hip

    South shore launch ramp

    Yup. Lol
  424. Reel hip

    Bait pump light for under tank.

    I use a amber LED. I used one from a semi trailer. $5 total cost new from Napa. It has lasted over 7 years with no problems. Provides plenty of light but doesn't blind you
  425. Reel hip

    25 fb Skippy alternator ?

    Yup! What he said
  426. Reel hip

    FishID//species of sculpin?

    How did it taste?
  427. Reel hip

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    Most likely pretty good. Strategic planning definitely pays off. I, myself am more of a "get it done" type of guy. I am envious of someone that can graph and narrow down the time. I bet over the years he will out fish us.
  428. Reel hip

    11/12 San Diego Bay Lobster and Some Observations

    Sorta like women... You think you have them partially figured out and then you dont.... Key word... only so much thinking, then have fun.
  429. Reel hip

    A basket of lobster

    Not quite at the 60 mark yet but I heard it calling last time I was pulling. LOL But you said screw it and went solo. Good job on getting em!
  430. Reel hip

    11/15 yft and yt still here go fishing

    You rock! meanwhile my boat sits at the dock. Damn work
  431. Reel hip

    Lobster Hoopin' SD Bay - Video

    Liked the day time night time fade in
  432. Reel hip

    What do fishing and NASCAR have in common?

    What do fishing and NASCAR have in common? 1 You can say "let me check out your rod" to a guy, and he will show it too you! 2 Getting blown out is common 2 They both cost lot's of money ! .... 3 A lot of entries, only a few are real winners! 4 Both want to see the finish line
  433. Reel hip

    New Lo An 11-10-19 left them biting!!

    Blue fin and sheephead. Nice fishing on the high spot.
  434. Reel hip

    Reel Recommendation for 1 Day and Overnight SD Trips

    All blue fin have a contract with Shamano. They can only eat flatfalls. :frehya2:
  435. Reel hip

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    Maybe. Don't forget this is a government contract. Lol
  436. Reel hip

    11-4-18 Solo Celebration

    The hardest thing about picking up mylars are just after you set the trollers out and you see them hard port. Wide turns to get them. Oh....... nice day you had
  437. Reel hip

    Got limits again

    Had a boat following us around setting up where we would drop one time. The whole area was empty!. I finally told my buddy he needs to stfu. His first year hooping. I have never known anybody that gets so excited about bugs in his nets. Some boats are worse than seals. I think if they smell...
  438. Reel hip

    11/1 and 11/4 Lobster Fail and Bait Report

    Keep track of the tides. Look for the current and make sure your bait trail will drift towards the structure. Plan to spend the whole night for the bugs. Good luck. Ps nice boat
  439. Reel hip

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    Great detailed report. You guys did well
  440. Reel hip

    11-6-18 a.m. half day

    Good grade. How about with the luck did they bite on bait or...? Lol
  441. Reel hip

    Wide Open Bonita - Chubasco2 Nov 5, 2018 $29

    Im curious. To go on the Chubasco are they slipped where O95 was before?
  442. Reel hip

    Cat Bug Report

    I like that bait container (tube). I haven't seen that type. Is it home made?
  443. Reel hip

    P B YT @ point loma + Lobster!

    Big homeguard. Impressive on 15 lb.
  444. Reel hip

    New Lo-An 10/21-24

    Wow!!!!! What a fish! As others said 307 works for me!
  445. Reel hip

    Saluki and Tues upgrading?

    Nice change of pace from a few of the other threads.:appl:
  446. Reel hip

    Halibut 10/27

    Luv them fish.way to go!
  447. Reel hip

    LJ 10/27

    Nice..... a little scary but nice!
  448. Reel hip

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Who said he was running his yacht? Or even on it for that matter . Dont be too quick to judge...
  449. Reel hip

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Thanks Gary! I haven't been on BD too much and didn't see it before.
  450. Reel hip

    What happened to the Prowler?
  451. Reel hip

    9 Mile Bank YFT/ YT and Skipies. 10/27

    Such a good dad you are. Congratulations on your sons fine catch. I'm betting his fishing ability is because of you.
  452. Reel hip

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    Time will tell as they piece the details back together. RIP
  453. Reel hip

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Perhaps were over thinking it? Lets state the obvious........... It was caught in boiling watero_OLOL :frehya2:
  454. Reel hip

    Hooping C island 10/27/18

    IDK ? I would things divers wouldn't have taken your weight on your rope. Or your tube for that matter.
  455. Reel hip

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Diet? We see ling cod meat change color with their food intake? Not sure on that one though.....
  456. Reel hip


    Not your day . I know how you feel getting blanked. We all do!. It's fishing
  457. Reel hip

    Plan to take 10 yr old Grandson for YFT Saturday - Intel??

    Oh how great is that! Way to go! Now he's your fishing partner! Great job grandpa
  458. Reel hip

    Plan to take 10 yr old Grandson for YFT Saturday - Intel??

    I say stay more local to make it fun. The Bonita are close and on the troll should be fun . Throwing bait will get them to the boat and he can get a dozen on bait. Take him towards the 9 for some skippies. My grandkids love to fish when their catching. Keep it shorter and full of fishing...
  459. Reel hip

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Human error. Navy vessels have run into tankers and vice versa. Human error plain and simple.
  460. Reel hip

    10/20 10/21 Bonito Pt Loma

    This is the great time to get our future generations hooked on fishing. Trying to get my 9 grandkids out on my boat. Fun fishing
  461. Reel hip

    Lobster forum

    My report I went out last night 3 of got 12 keepers went home wet Alot of shorts The end
  462. Reel hip

    Mission Belle - 10-20-18 -

    Don't hold your breath... They were saying that a few years back. Steve is a great owner operator. Lol
  463. Reel hip

    10-23-18 a.m. half day

    No bonita fpr the boat?
  464. Reel hip

    Mission Belle - 10-20-18 -

    Thanks for the report. Most of the tuna are a bit further south. Just out of range of the 3/4 day boats. I was on the Belle for a charter a few years back. Fine captain and crew.
  465. Reel hip

    Found Hoop Nets- San Diego Bay

    Good on you for trying to find the owner I gave up doing that !
  466. Reel hip

    Smoke 'em if you Caught 'em - LJ 10/20/18

    As one of the few. 29.6 % . I appreciate your report. Bonita has gotten a bad rap A lot has changed since the burlap sack days. SMOKE EM IF YOU GET EM !
  467. Reel hip

    Big Eye near the 302

    Ya buddy !!! What a day you guys had!
  468. Reel hip

    *Lobster Thieves*

    Oh shit. Lobster season is here. Of course these guys will be doing similar acts when the season ends
  469. Reel hip

    Boat Launch in SD

    Your not talking about the military ramp are you? Need the miltary id to launch. tight as hell.
  470. Reel hip

    Not the Biggest, But My Best

    Way to go!!!!. Nice fish by any standards.. especially mine!
  471. Reel hip

    FoundEm 10/20

    Still 20lb floor or are they less line shy. Thanks for the report
  472. Reel hip

    10/20 - out of Dana to 209 area

    You cant get em from the couch. Good try
  473. Reel hip

    10/18 9 mile and 182

    You get an atta boy from me. Thanks for the report
  474. Reel hip

    10/19 N9, 302, 371, 425

    Thanks for the detailed report. Did you switch to lighter colors in the afternoon trolling? Thanks
  475. Reel hip

    Tribute - Thursday 10/18 Limits of peanuts

    Caught fish and didn't have to clean the boat. Nice!
  476. Reel hip

    Pt Loma bones! 10/17

    They pull hard. Trying to get the grandkids on it. Fun stuff
  477. Reel hip

    First time limited

    Great! They looked like they came up cooked. LOL
  478. Reel hip

    Hustler & Longboard85

    Sorta placed an order. Then filled it. Lol
  479. Reel hip

    Somebody is in big trouble!

    :Exploding_Smiley: Looks like his radar was still working....Not sure if they were watching it, but it was working. :eyepoppin
  480. Reel hip

    Old Glory - great customer service

    Any buisnes that treats it's customers that way deserves recognition . Good going Kley
  481. Reel hip

    Dorado on the wild in sac

    I don't care... I liked it all
  482. Reel hip

    10/14 – 9 Mile Bank/302 area

    I love report's like these! Great day for sure
  483. Reel hip

    Offshore 10/14

    Nnnnnice! Gotta love fishing with the kids. I told mine to keep an eye out for boats and he asked how about islands?. All lit up a cruise ship he thought was an island. Lol
  484. Reel hip

    It's getting better...YFT report 10/11 and 10/14

    Awesome report. Maybe edit the first date on your report that says 10-14 not 10-11. I knew what you meant. :D Nice pictures. I'm envious of guys that get screen shots of their sounder lit up. I'm always too busy fishing for that. LOL
  485. Reel hip

    Fishing permits for mex?

    THIS :appl: This is the newest. We all know.... It's getting harder to fish within 12 miles in mexico:nopity: We don't have a choice. Next spring when the yellows are going off at the islands and it's the most consistent fishing. You will have a choice. Either fish it legal or looking over...
  486. Reel hip

    Bloody Thursday! 10-11 -18

    Tuna thought it would rather get eaten by a human than a shark. Lol. These are the days that make up for the 200 mile round trips and a clean boat.
  487. Reel hip

    Lost wallet

    That is awesome! Glad it worked out . One of the few lucky ones!
  488. Reel hip

    All the Skippys you want-9 mile to 302 10-9

    The weather was nice though.... Thanks for reporting . I
  489. Reel hip

    Jackpot Six pack

    Great pictures! Looks like you guys did well. Thanks for the report.
  490. Reel hip

    Got 'em good today 10/11

    What a difference a day makes. Yesterday our yft would not bite the bigger bait. Idk might not have gotten the memo. Stomachs were filled with small bait. Even a few hooks in their mouths. Good job Ron. 2 days of fishing makes the week that much more enjoyable.
  491. Reel hip

    Unlimited skipjack solo YFT 9-10

    :appl: Hard to get them with all the skippies biting. Horrible weather also.!LOL
  492. Reel hip

    Skipjack Everywhere

    The yft were with the skipjack. Just a ratio of 4 to 1 for us yesterday.
  493. Reel hip

    What's working on the troll for the Yellowfin?

    The standard troll jigs are ALL WORKING. Dark in the morning brighter when the sun comes out But as stated above. It's an ocean full of skipjack and the jigs that are working for yellow fin are catching skipjack also
  494. Reel hip

    YFT 10/9 (ain't to proud to beg)

    Nice. Everyone works together for fish. It does work !
  495. Reel hip

    Easy limit 10/9

    Thanks for the awesome report. Hope to do the same tomorrow. Look at that lake you were in.
  496. Reel hip

    10/5 9 mile, 302 report

    Good try! You did better than I sitting on a runway!
  497. Reel hip

    Bradon's First YFT! 10-06-18

    What a great report! Great job Brandon!
  498. Reel hip

    Triple Marlin Strike

    My friend fishing the Bisbee would have loved a triple. Me not so much
  499. Reel hip

    N9 to 302 10/7 Good Fishing

    This report does not suck. Good going
  500. Reel hip

    YFT up to 40lbs - 9 Mile Bank, 182

    No...... Fat lady is not singing on my boat
  501. Reel hip

    Broke down but got a couple

    Who's saying the A word?. Been a few this year . Most north of the Oregon line
  502. Reel hip

    Liberty Full Day 10/3

    Heartbreak for your friend that had it at color. Not sure who was more tired there . Lol
  503. Reel hip

    Quick video of yellowfin

    I f n love days like that! I haven't had that kind of fishing since last year
  504. Reel hip

    Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    NICE! Ive been in Alaska. Outta the loop!
  505. Reel hip

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Gotta admit the stress will drive em crazy...... But still????? :frehya2:
  506. Reel hip

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    C..on! Really ? Dove with them plenty. Are you the first one complaining about seals too?
  507. Reel hip

    Skippies and a surprise

    Oh how cool is that!
  508. Reel hip

    Lost wallet

    Sorry no. I bike it often but out of state for this last week. Some shady people hang out on the grass area. Hopfully you wont have too much trouble getting new cards and id.
  509. Reel hip

    Liberty offshore Thursday

    Better grade for sure. Taro knows how to put his customers on fish
  510. Reel hip

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Good job Steve on spotting a paddy FYI I got my yf in the dirtier water last week. We all suck at fishing sometimes....yours is just a little bit longer. lol
  511. Reel hip

    Any fishing in Skagway

    Thanks for the reply's! Great intel ! I would hate to go to a port and not fish. Frank did you have to make advanced reservations and how much $ ? It would be myself. Not planing on taking any gear.
  512. Reel hip

    425 Short Report - 9/17

    You got fish. And came back under your own power. That's a good day
  513. Reel hip

    Limit Style on the Liberty 9/16!

    Good day for sure. Thanks
  514. Reel hip

    Any fishing in Skagway

    Wife and I will be on a cruise landing Wednesday Sept 26 . We will be in early enough and I thought I'd try to fish it. Any short trips there? Is it possible? I dont care what I catch ! Just to say I caught something there is enough. Any suggestions. I would love to fish with a local, you can...
  515. Reel hip

    Albacore/Yellowtail Report

    Awesome shit. I missed this year fishing in Washington. The yellowtail caught my eye. Nobody can say the Washington fishermen aren't determined I miss the comrade you guys have. Sorry it's been a tough season and hard to plug the boat......... up there. ! Only hope the currents are not...
  516. Reel hip

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    Cool stuff. I was out on Wednesday hearing from someone on the radio south of me saying a 200 pod of killer whales were feeding on dolphin . Tosing them over 25 feet in the air. Unfortunately for me we were catching yft lol. I wanted to get there but couldnt. I have friends that in a minute...
  517. Reel hip

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp 9-13-2018 (video)

    All I know is the hooping pressure will be less
  518. Reel hip

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Good job on the slay fest Hopefully they just came out of the ice. Took us an hour to clean our load. Felt like a deck hand on my own boat. Lol
  519. Reel hip

    Local Yellowfin (late report and important tackle recommendation)

    Great report. I may have been out gunned yesterday myself, but got a few jumbos on the troll rods also baited on 50 lb. Daisy chains were bit all day yesterday. All the fish were plugged with squid!
  520. Reel hip

    Two marlins, one cup....I mean day.

    Out there yesterday! Didnt get any marlins to bite our jigs. WTF? Only pesky bigger sized yft...
  521. Reel hip

    9/12 Birthday fishing

    I think I talked to you on the radio. So many paddies so little fish We went back inshore a ways and finally found the yft on the ponys. Not sure if it was luck but a few bigger models on the troll with a pod that seemed to coaperate with us .
  522. Reel hip

    371 9/11/18

    Thanks for the report
  523. Reel hip

    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    Awesome. First and last patty of the day
  524. Reel hip

    2005 Fish Report, a look back

    Lol. Nice report! I had to go to Washington for the longfins.
  525. Reel hip

    Private Boat Life - September 9th - 390 and Beyond

    Private boating is the hardest most best way to fish. It's exhausting and can be stressful beyond words. I always want my friends to get fish. The mood can be low with out fish on board and in an instant full on elated Kaos as the troll gods shine.
  526. Reel hip

    9/9 I like fog.....

    You bet!. . Nicely done
  527. Reel hip

    LJ: September 9th

    Great detailed report. Musta been a blast on the fly rod. Until you got spooled. Lol
  528. Reel hip

    Poppin cherries at the Nados 9/8/18

    Envious. I haven't picked a bft this year from the islands. Plenty of times out there too. Then some SOB goes out on first trip and gets one. Lol Good job skip!
  529. Reel hip

    Coronado Islands 9/9

    Thanks for letting us know. . Nice yellowtail
  530. Reel hip

    Jaws III on the Toronado September 4-5

    Great right up. Did you say Ray fishes hard? :D
  531. Reel hip

    9/7 near 302

    I think it's more fun pulling on skipjack all day than trolling 12 hours for a single fish. We got dodos last 2 weeks on feathers. Only further south
  532. Reel hip

    Not much 09/08

    LOL Also thanks for the report
  533. Reel hip

    O-95 Tuesdays fishing report

    Don't forget some of the most comfortable bunks. I never had a bad ride
  534. Reel hip

    Mexican fishing license question??

    Yup I dont buy from landing. Extra $ for them to handle the paper. Convenient and easy yes. Cheaper no! I used to do that 15 years ago. Sorta a hassle. Parking and cash only deal. Really cant beat it online though. This was my first time with an issue and they have already responded to solve...
  535. Reel hip

    Mexican fishing license question??

    Thanks Gary. I thought I had blocker off. They responded quickly!
  536. Reel hip

    Hotel near sea world?

    Are you fishing there or looking for a place for your boat ?
  537. Reel hip

    Mexican fishing license question??

    Dan's was easier. I had an account but it never recognized me on Papa J's site. Keep telling me my email was already used? Mexico? Ill know later. My card was charged but no paper work yet. LOL
  538. Reel hip

    How big is this fish

    OH SHIT! Congratulations!
  539. Reel hip

    boat trailer wash down

    Years ago... and I mean many years ago I would spray diesel before and after dunking the trailer in salt water. Kept the rust down on a painted trailer really well. I don't recommend it now! It worked too well and the EPA would shoot you (with lead free bullets) :D. Now I use a sprayer...
  540. Reel hip

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    Off topic ! But totally agree with how bad jet ski's are. I do try to give kayaks and SUP's (being one also) A wide pass. I stay out of channel entrance and my work out routine is too stay far away from other crafts. No real input other than boaters and paddle's dont mix. I dont think any...
  541. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Definitely! Debi makes an excellent point. Hiding behind an Island in windy conditions keeps you protected. But at some point you need to make the run home. That's when the fun begins! :D barf
  542. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    And a hell of alot less crowded too!
  543. Reel hip

    My Daughter sets New Record!

    :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: What a great story! Congratulations to Bella and to you as well dad. I think your son is pumped and wants to show his sister he can do the same. I think you may be shark fishing with...
  544. Reel hip

    shout out to turners

    New rod for $60. with a warranty. Win! That was the jack pot fish?
  545. Reel hip

    8-25/8-26 tuna boat ride, mackerel, salmon

    Down here we use those macs for yellowtail . Great Salmon! Shits that the longfins are a distance out.
  546. Reel hip

    MA 2x(6+10)-29

    Sorry, I think that's funny. :banned: Seriously though. Nice catch ! :appl:
  547. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Fished off shore. 425 -371. We even trolled around the tuna pens. Most hits were on the zuker mex flag when the sun came out. Black and purple feather at grey light got the YFT's. No hits on natural cedar plugs or rapaplas yesterday Bumpy on way back in at 18 knots. Definitely doable in my boat.
  548. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    I went. Weather wasn't as bad as predicted. Calm in the morning but real bumpy coming back up the line. 110 nautical miles 12 yt 3 skipjack 2 yft 1 dodo
  549. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    LOL This Kali kid is going :fighting0061: Cant be any worse than crossing the bar at Westport! :D
  550. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Im still monitoring the intel. Short swell means bumpy and rough. Higher wind will make for a faster drift. With that said the guys i talked to on the radio said today wasnt that bad
  551. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Ya I know! That's what gets me. Nice dodo's! Many times I stayed at the dock glad I did. Other times I was wrong and it was flat. I have been getting my information from more than 1 source. Buoy weather and show it less. Flipping a coin and talking to those on the water helps.
  552. Reel hip

    358 miles of skunk

    X3 FUCK! Your going to get em ( just put in a little more effort ) :frehya2:
  553. Reel hip

    Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    Dove with them at Guadalupe. Big lugs. Slow and lanky. .... Until they want what they want.Fast. very fast. But a 10 ft won't take on a seal unless it's a clean shot. Suprised attack. Like you looking the other way with a struggling bleeding fish . You spearos have the advantage. Nothing...
  554. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Wishing it away won't change the weather.. I'm sure the friends from Alaska might not understand. I had friends from Washington tell me 25 knots is still a good day for albies. I just know that even in a nice riding boat patties are harder to find . I'm torn between respecting the ocean or...
  555. Reel hip

    Mission Belle - 8/22 - Coronado Islands - Caught 1st Yellowtail

    Its a good crew and boat. Steve is fishy. Was Sarah still working the deck?
  556. Reel hip

    Offshore skunk 8/24

    Sometimes the last spot is the best spot. But you wouldn't know it if you didn't go. Thanks for the report.
  557. Reel hip

    U.S Limits of QUALITY DORADO! 8/23

    Nothing sucked about that report. Damn NOAA is often wrong!
  558. Reel hip

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Just a heads up. Im planning a trip monday and it looks rough. Hitting a few other sites to confirm weather. Please chim in if you see a better weather model. Synopsis: PZZ700-251345- 1250 PM PDT Fri Aug 24 2018 .Synopsis for the far southern California coast...At 1 PM, a 1034 mb high was...
  559. Reel hip

    Garibaldi Tuna 8-20

    Fun to see something other than blue fin coming over the rail. Lol
  560. Reel hip

    Boat Hurricane Prep

    Also seen boats in Baja filled with water. We had to go thru a cat 4 in baja docked and what seemed to help was having it face bow first into the wind. If possible . Some of the docks gave way for boats taking wind on the port or starboard. Good luck!
  561. Reel hip

    8-20-18 Lots of looking 240 mile roundtrip

    Long trip. Next trip will be shorter and limits!
  562. Reel hip

    Thinking About Quitting

    For some (Myself included) its not just the fishing aspect, its the life style. Hanging on the boat for a few days doing not much of anything. Sure you have dicks on boats poaching your paddy (its not my paddy) . Many problems with boat ownership , fuel costs, maintenance, new parts. Always...
  563. Reel hip

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    Not jumping on the Big Eye debate. Damn good report. Thanks for the intel
  564. Reel hip

    Dodos, 8-19-18

    Good job Dad! . Great hook and hand Jeff! You created your fishing partner for life! You guys rock! #Kids wont forget!
  565. Reel hip

    Looking for some fillets...

    Try the market?
  566. Reel hip

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Agreed! Its a very delicate meat. Breaks down quickly. Well iced and bleed as others said is great as poke and sashimi fresh. After that its a race against time. Makes great hoop bait when you wait too long.
  567. Reel hip

    Things just got a lot worse for our Washington BD'ers

    Even the Washington Fish & Wildlife wore crocs. What will they do now?
  568. Reel hip

    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    LOL So True! For me it wasnt weeding out Skipjacks. It was a scratchy bite. Our lead deckhand was John Collins. (grouchy). Roy had an assembly line of every reel imaginable attached to a fishermen. Every cast had to be further out. I watched his cast go further than anyone's else. Every cast...
  569. Reel hip

    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Good job. Excellent report. The YFT are still pushing north.
  570. Reel hip

    August 16, 2018: Dodos near the 43 and Big BFT tuna at SCI

    A lot of the big fish jumping .........every where but on a hook. Frustraiting but still a sight to see! Congratulations on the nice dorado's
  571. Reel hip

    287 pound bluefin on the Impulse

    Happy guys right there! Congrats to all !
  572. Reel hip

    8-16 limits of yellowfin

    Cool! Gotta go when the getting is good! Where they biting 1/0 hooks? 20 lb test seems about right.
  573. Reel hip

    Sorry flip flops or ??

    Sportboats (rarely) Short deck boots or wet shoes . Some good ones that are close to tennis shoes but dry quickly. Private. flips wet shoes Mine. barefoot - flips Oh what the hell. With my kids or grand kids around I still call them thongs LOL
  574. Reel hip

    Sublet your slip?

    I know San Diego has a public Dock. Cheap $1.00 a foot from your registration. Not sure if there is something like that your way. I know my slip is watched pretty closely also. If a different boat was in for a week or more they would definitely know. All marinas require insurance and they to be...
  575. Reel hip

    CBDs in Mexico?

    Then stop at the pharmacy on your way out for penicillin. That should cure the :appl:
  576. Reel hip

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    My brother lives right by the light house there. He said it's a huge crowd of bystanders
  577. Reel hip

    Mustang 8/14. Hard put in hard work !

    A great and full report. I always forget to take pictures. You have the right attitude and were repayed in dodo. Did most everyone take the skipjack home?
  578. Reel hip

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Sad .. I hate to say it but it happens. Long hours on the water Long run on autopilot Asleep at the wheel. Tragic results
  579. Reel hip

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Waiting for the details to come out. Purely speculative on my part , Anchor line is out. Motor problem? First thing you do is put on the brakes. Perhaps asleep and didn't drop anchor until it was too late. Sad to see.
  580. Reel hip

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    I use the Costco tables..... Cheap.
  581. Reel hip

    The 302

  582. Reel hip

    North 9 8-12-18

    Fish Always eat the spike. Clear pics. The water was clean about a 1/2 mile out of the jetty yesterday , Nice blue
  583. Reel hip

    Fueling in Santee/Lakeside

    Oh you've been behind me. :D
  584. Reel hip

    Fueling in Santee/Lakeside

    It can be. Like any fuel stop. They all come at once. . Dion used to be able to use a debit card in the front isles. I have had an account for so many years I honstly haven't paid attention. Valero on wintergardens or spirit work also. I'll hit costco at around 5 am. Never a problem
  585. Reel hip

    Ever had your prop blown?

    Ron. All the bionics your packing is making gunny a little wild! Lol
  586. Reel hip

    Ever had your prop blown?

    Ron. All the bionics your packing is making gunny a little wild! Lol
  587. Reel hip

    8/ 8 371 425

    Nice. I'm thinking the dodo is under 20 but wtf you got em. Congratulations. Thanks for the report
  588. Reel hip


    In a word yes! Would I want to do it again....NO
  589. Reel hip

    Making Mack’s mission bay

    Your using canned cat food? I will throw out a little dry but then use canned. Also doesnt hurt to smear some on the hook. drop down to the bottom and then wind up. Even little pieces of cut bait on the sabiki . Try it again You may have been on an off time if you usually make em
  590. Reel hip

    Late Post SCI 7/29-7/31 Cow Bluefin

    Good going! I see your using your time wisely. Lol
  591. Reel hip

    Big YFT

    Oh great.........Now we have jumbo yft I need to chase down. :frehya2: Seriously. NICE CATCH! :appl: :worship:
  592. Reel hip

    Spend the night at the Coronados?

    The pens have been moved off shore. And yup usually always some boat sleeping there.
  593. Reel hip

    SD Boat storage with Launch/Retrieve?

    Maybe buy into a boat Club ? IDK
  594. Reel hip

    Observations 8/18

    Perspectives from both sides. Both good points made I have a friend that dead heads on a few overnight and full day boats. My friend hooks and hands all the time. Ties hooks and generally makes a fun trip for those that pays, helps even up the crew to customer ratio. A paying customer...
  595. Reel hip

    Dorado gone crazy

    Makes sense! I was out Saturday. Copy that 4 works better. We fish 3 on a 22 center console and 4 on my skip-jack. If there young we make them fish on the swim step. :D
  596. Reel hip

    Dorado gone crazy

    :appl:Was this on the weekend? I was out and found patties holding but didnt bite well(1 dodo) . Your paddy had great biters. My fish musta not got the same memo! We were alot further south, maybe they didnt understand spanish LOL Anyway thanks for the report. 5 on your boat? That could get...
  597. Reel hip

    Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Way to go! .... And yes you did better than I. (Damn you) :frehya2:
  598. Reel hip

    8/4 – A Couple of Dodos and a Small Yellowfin - 302/371

    I think I may have heard you on the radio if you had called out hit on the troll of a black and purple cedar plug. We were south ...Wayyy south of you guys. That meal looks great. :drool: Thanks for the report
  599. Reel hip

    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Your a brute ! You deserve them.You had the right gear to coral the cows! Looked like straight out of the box flat falls. :appl:
  600. Reel hip

    Hard Fishing / Beer Fishing

    It almost looked like it could have been an ad for a movie or headline in the paper. lol Giant crab eats man . Run :rofl: Great pic with you and your dad with the ling btw
  601. Reel hip

    425/371 Sunday 8/5

    Wish I took the time Saturday to make macs. Thanks for the great report
  602. Reel hip

    Mucho Dorado: On water Tomahawk rpt 8/4

    Wow... sorta looks like you have friends and enemies. Not sure why
  603. Reel hip

    SAT 8%4

    Us Too. Good to be with company of littles! Better than nones!
  604. Reel hip

    Would of Should of Could failure from the 43 and back Oceanside

    Yup... But washing blood is sooo much better with fish in the box! We all have came back skunked thinking the boat will clean up easier. Just hard to tell some to give it a little more time when nothing is biting. I seem to have a bit more patients than others . My son when he was 12 (Now 31)...
  605. Reel hip

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Post from 2010. Even had Poe chime in! Oh ya...yes I do :shithappens: on my boat. I call it a luxury to have a head
  606. Reel hip

    Prowler change?

    I think we ALL can understand ..... When fishing is in your blood it's hard to let it go. John Grabowski seemed to make the transition work. Owning a glass company he only fishes for fun now.
  607. Reel hip

    8/2 Seasons Sportfishing 4pack 4th quarter comeback

    Wow! Nice report! Glad you got a few. Far from wide open but hard work pays off. Thanks
  608. Reel hip

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    Nice report Cory... As usual. Glad to know you got one
  609. Reel hip

    Long boat ride 8/2

    Wow. 16.8 gallons fuel!. I seem to burn that getting bait. Lol Thanks for the report. Fish are pushing north
  610. Reel hip

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    You were out and gave it a go! Did you go west of the 43 also? Thanks for the report!
  611. Reel hip

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Hey Ron! Glad you were out. Im thinking more schools are working their way north!
  612. Reel hip

    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    Yup That also is what I did. Just leave it in all day and tell whoever is pulling it. "HANG ON TO THE CAP" PS buy 2. fishermen are stupid and the 1st one will get lost.
  613. Reel hip

    Summertime Baja Fishing is really lighting up – here’s your Baja Bytes report

    Sorry! No! I fish with friends that keep their boats there.
  614. Reel hip

    Quote of the Day...This pretty much somes it up.

    You can lead a horse to water But a pencil must be lead. Stan Laurel
  615. Reel hip

    La Jolla 7-20

    Fun day before work . Probably made the work day better .
  616. Reel hip

    PLK and LJ-July 21st

    Cool... what electronics did you get ?
  617. Reel hip

    The Southern California Angler - Brandon Hayward

    Book a trip with him. Ask him to throw in a book as a bonus. Might work lol
  618. Reel hip

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    Yes..... and no
  619. Reel hip

    7-19 43 and beyond

    Awesome! Thanks :jig:
  620. Reel hip

    7-19 43 and beyond

    Wow ! Really ? I was there also. I saw them both and wanted to go the other way. I went further west and before I knew it (after the spotter plane flew by, They were there. :D I swear they were following me. :zelfmoord
  621. Reel hip

    Prowler 7/19

    Great report. We were there. Couldn't get bit our selves.
  622. Reel hip

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Great write up Erik . We struck out yesterday. We started at the same area all the others were at. Later finding our own fish all alone. My thought is, while I don't particularly enjoy fighting a giant for an extended amount of time. I do prefer to land them when I do!
  623. Reel hip

    7/18 NW of the 43

    Good job. You got fish!
  624. Reel hip

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    Large and mostly empty. Obviously more traffic with Shelter Island closed but shit it's wide. Check your tides. I know we have had some big swings. Try pushing a full dock cart up a marina ramp at low tide. Lol Ps why would ss be your choice for people from south bay?
  625. Reel hip


    Some of the biggest fish I caught were only in a story! I need to enter the San Felipe yellowtail shoot out. Whoops..... bad choice of words. :Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above:
  626. Reel hip

    Fishing Tackle Mods, Tips and Tricks

    I like the o ring setup. I don't really fish sportboats so I'm spoiled with ways to transport tackle when my gear is on my boat. Btw. I'm always interested in tackle that is given away. :jig:LOL
  627. Reel hip

    New Boat Accessory!
  628. Reel hip

    SeaFox Boats... Offshore capability? Comments?

    My friend has the 2016 226 Commander. Bought it brand new. A solid dry ride(as dry as CC can get) Some of the attention to detail isn't the best but a mass produced boat never is. Offshore often .We have managed to shake multiple screws loose. But it flies.
  629. Reel hip

    Rpt.-1.5 day Prowler fishing 07-11-18

    Next one Cory. You'll be the hot stick ... ..again. .
  630. Reel hip

    Report 7-12 9/302/226/Corner/182

    A really detailed report. I appreciate you taking the time to fill us in. When the fish bite even a middle of the week trip is hard to be by yourself. Harder still to leave biting fish to find your own. Thanks
  631. Reel hip

    28’ Skipjack cover.

    Yup.! Now I'm interested too!
  632. Reel hip

    28’ Skipjack cover.

    Keeps showing as error on photo. How about a big tarp until you have the money to do it right?
  633. Reel hip

    Penta 290 stuck down position

    As others have said. Bypass the switch first.Alligator clips work best for the connection.
  634. Reel hip

    2005 Aquasport 275 twin outboard gas engines

    What he said.......! And it could be for sale......
  635. Reel hip

    Report on albacore

    For my long fin fix I hit up my Washington buddies. Never been skunked yet!
  636. Reel hip

    Just get out there.....

    Oh Boy! :drool:
  637. Reel hip

    YFT close

    Good going! :appl:
  638. Reel hip

    7/8 10 min off Mission Bay

    Well done! Nice fresh meat close to home!
  639. Reel hip

    Yellowfin Off La Jolla 7/8

    Not only is it hot on the beach, Its hot off it it now too! Good job!
  640. Reel hip

    Garmin auto pilot help

    Im starting to look into this myself. I know cable steer limits your choices. I went with hydraulic steering for thar reason.
  641. Reel hip

    boat smog check

    Yup He appointed the biggest tree hugger there is Mary Nichols in 2007 to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Actually commercial diesel marine motors has been implemented. Thru public funding sportboat and all commercial watercraft has been retro fitting and installing new motors since...
  642. Reel hip

    My first tuna for the year!

    You aint the only one! LOL
  643. Reel hip

    Fish report, dont remember what area...

    Nice job! Weather looked good too!
  644. Reel hip

    6/29 - Organized Coronados Chaos

    Nice to see the little guy is back in action too
  645. Reel hip

    Long night, AM bass domes to dana, 7/1

    Well no skunk. A long night for calicos. Thanks for the report
  646. Reel hip

    43 & SCI to Salvage Mission

    Gotta enjoy the bft show. You have to because their jumping all around just not in the boat. At some point they're going to give up and die. Nice report
  647. Reel hip

    Help Please--soft cooler material

    In San Diego there is a huge shop called UFO. If they don't have it nobody does. May have another store closer to you
  648. Reel hip

    Fished the 43 on 6/25

    I hit the 43 earlier. Beautiful conditions. At some point the area will bust open. Just need to wait until the bluefin stop being fineky bluefin and become crazy eating our hook bluefin . But the only ones that get them are those that go! Nice report!
  649. Reel hip

    Wide open YT

    Cant speak for the others but we did!
  650. Reel hip

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Right??!!! At least we know the marlin are not far away ! :profile:
  651. Reel hip

    Big Bay Halibut...

    San Diego bay. Good eating size there!
  652. Reel hip

    Wide open YT

    Yup. We left around 11 ourselves with limits. I could not believe how many boats were there! Every one seemed to work together though. Even the sporties. Doesn't anybody have job? LOL
  653. Reel hip

    Boat tax due soon!

    The tax laws change often ! LOLAll for the benefit of the taxpayer:Beat_Them