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    SD Bay On Saturday...

    She looks stoned.... lol
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    Red PH Ulua sunset Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    This is an absolutely beautiful rod!
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    What is This Thing?

    The elusive sea wang....
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    Late season WY bull

    Great job-
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    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    The Marcus King Band- Billie Strings-
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    Who here rolls their own joints?

    Rolling paper with wire- Randy’s.....
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    Political BS So...he has it.

    Bring back BOTD!!!!
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    Political BS So...he has it.

    Hookem uses those pictures on EVERYBODY- he already said I’m the dude in red- he is a broken know that comedian that repeats the same lame ass knock knock jokes- get some new material you simple minded moron!!
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    2020 Surf Fish Season Pics - PB-MB-TP and IB

    I use a Shimano Clarus 8’6”-medium light-medium fast action- model CSS-86ML-2 Works like a charm for the exact things you are targeting....
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    Shogun - Police

    hahahahaha-contest.....your right I’m oblivious
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    Shogun - Police

    The Wild West is now- you can buy all types of drugs from all over the WORLD via the internet....easy peasy
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    Shogun - Police

    In the 80’s and 90’s?? Dude that’s was 30-40 years ago it’s 2020 now..... hahahahaha. Things have “changed” a little since then-
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    cedros island in my own boat???

    A quick question- why buy a boat you can’t afford and you don’t use much? Oh and another thing- welcome to BD...... hahahahaha
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    cedros island in my own boat???

    I think the people at Cedros Island Adventures answered your question for you dude......
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    You have no new material- dude you repeat the same jokes over and over. I know it’s gonna break your heart but I am not in any of those pics you post of your friends. And who said I hate Trump????
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    Hookem posting more pictures of his fishing buddies.... hahahahaha
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    Weak sauce.....
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    Nope I’m not a dem or rep- try again.....
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    Hook em sure likes those pictures of dudes....
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    Bogus fish counts

    You must not fish very often OG because that jackpot shizzle has been gone for quite a few years now.....
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    For Sale Bayrunner w/4 stroke outboard

    Well I am a total loser for sure but that looks like the same boat to me- the black plastic piece attached to the rail(it’s either a rod holder mount or an umbrella mounting bracket) is in the exact same place. How odd that two Cabo boat owners would attach the SAME bracket in the SAME place...
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    For Sale Bayrunner w/4 stroke outboard

    hahahahaha I love threads like this....
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    Political BS TRUMP boat Parade in San Diego 06SEP2020

    You old guys need to go to PB some day- you would shit your pants at the amount of booty lurkin...... hahahahaha
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    Any local wahoo sightings?

    Because I caught my last one October 26 2015- 4 miles off Scripps Pier....the H2O temp was 81- that’s why. Just stating the temps are nowhere near the same.
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    Any local wahoo sightings?

    The water was in the 80’s when they showed up last time from Hawaii. The water is 66 at Scripps Pier today....
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    Political banners on boats...

    That’s an awesome flag.... hahahahaha
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    Political BS Newsome, fighting for the people.

    Rome? Hahahahaha- dude that was 2000 years ago......we are currently in the year 2020 where many people on this earth have more wealth than the ENTIRE Roman republic ever had.
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    Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Great job and happy birthday....
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    Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    It’s called fishing dude- don’t know how many boat rides I’ve been on while other boats caught fish. Eventually you will be on the boat that kills it. Sharpen ALL of your skills and refill your reels with fresh cord in between trips. Good luck!
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    If you look at that picture CLOSELY you can not find one person without a mask on except for the lady speaking.....
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    Honey, I'm HOME

    Holy mackerel- he’s back......
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    2 day trip half capacity 16passengers

    What’s the problem with wearing a mask all day?
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    Party Boats out of SD - Full Bar?

    Cracks me up how many dudes like to get drunk while they fish. I never could figure out why?
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    COVID Relief...really?

    I stopped reading after the first sentence- BOTH parties are CORRUPT as hell....
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    Paint marker that doesnt suck?

    I use a sharpie gold metallic pen to write on my carbon arrows and it works perfect. I bought it at Michael’s for about 3 bucks...
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    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I just love fishing so much that I would wear a pink thong if that’s what we were told to do if we want to sling jigs off the bow of a sport boat. I mean look on the bright side- I would have one hell of a tan....
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    Are masks a deal breaker?

    I will wear 2 masks so I won’t catch covid or have to smell any of you stinky dirtbags.....hahahaha
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    SOLD Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    Chorizo huevos rancheros con carne...
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    For Sale Project Panga 2001 23ft Amato Panga $4500 SOLD

    Can you post a picture of the inside stern of the boat please-
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    Your odds of catching COVID are less than 3%

    If you get your news from YouTube videos- you need to get out fishing more.....
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    San Diego full day boats $200

    Plus galley, fish cleaning and tipping. I wonder if the landings will have a lay-a-way program....
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    Fuck inslee swag

    Advertising how unhappy you are with him but YOU ARE STILL WEARING A MASK.....
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    CDC estimates COVID Infection Fatality Rate

    You can choose whether to or not to drive. You CANNOT see covid so you don’t have a choice- you are at the mercy of fellow citizens who choose to wear or not to wear a mask.
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    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    You can’t see Covid 19- the invisible enemy as trump calls it. Even if you have it and don’t have symptoms you can still infect people. The biggest problem is how fucking filthy most people are and they don’t even have a damn clue......
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    San Diego Boats opening

    Tough situation for the sport boats- but unfortunately if they get it wrong and open too early we might have to go through this again......
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    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    CBD mixed with high THC has worked wonders for me.....
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    Political BS WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    I knew I could ruffle your old feathers......I could give two shits about politics...... hahahahaha
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    Political BS WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    You know you are clueless when you post cartoon memes of politicians that no longer hold any position in our government.....
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    Political BS WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    Hahahahaha so right on he even won the election he rigged in 2016 right here in the United States......
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    If you get your information from Limbaugh.....well that says enough
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    Save our rights to feed or families!

    I’m all for going out and fishing alone or with your family members BUT........ What happens if you breakdown on the water?? You gonna call Vessel Assist and be able to stay 6’ away?? What happens if you have a bad accident such as a medical emergency or worst yet a FIRE you will have t to call...
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    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Netflix- Tiger will love it
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    His plan should to unify our country and not divide us more than we already a president for both republicans and democrats because we ALL make up this beautiful country of America!
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    That’s weird I watched Laura Ingraham last night on faux news- she was calling it COVID-19.....
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    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    So I wonder if all these “tough guys” think Booger is a PUSSY for shutting the business down for a couple of weeks during this situation?
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    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    That is some great news! So happy for you and your wife. The power....
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    Cory And His Wife Update

    That is absolutely terrific!
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    So sorry to hear this Cory. Prayers sent out to you and Sheryl. May god give you both the strength to pull through this.
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    PB halibut from the surf

    Great catch from the surf! Good job-
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    Broadbills Exist

    Absolutely unreal.....good job
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    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Absolutely insane!! Way to go dude-
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    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Excellent report and fishing story Cory. You are an animal. So glad to hear the ticker is doing great. Looking forward to more reports from you in the future.
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    Full-day boat?

    Liberty would be my first choice hands down- awesome crew, great food in the galley and they have bunks as well- you won’t be disappointed......
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    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Pier gaff- you can’t walk it down at crystal pier the bungalows are in the way on both sides- the story of the catch was on let’s talk Hookup a couple weeks ago. You could check out their past shows on their website. It was the show with the guys from Dana Landing....
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    taking a poll

    Could you imagine an advertisement saying- pay us a couple hundred dollars to ride on our boat to watch us fish and we will give you some chunks of meat to take home- yesterday we caught 2- Doesn’t that sound fun? I agree fully with hook and hand and ASSIST the paying customer so they can land...
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    taking a poll

    I would not be happy- they get paid to help YOU catch fish- not for THEM to fish. Hook and hand is the job of a deckhand- I wouldn’t tip them a penny......
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    CE1000 Wahoo for Kyle

    Once again you knocked it out of the park- those Mexican flag colors are great looking and the images are incredible. Great job....
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    I caught all these fish with Jaime On the Jessica in the last 7 months.....

    Hey you got any more pics of those fish?? Hahahahaha
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    SD bay day with my boy

    Way to go dad! Those pictures of your son are absolutely awesome!
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    Rpt.-07-31-19 San Quintin WSB.

    Sounds like a really good trip minus the no show seabass- the stories of the food had me drooling. Thanks for the great report hopefully next time you will slay the biscuits.
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    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Holy smokes that is one beautiful fish killing machine.....
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    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    A little Marinetex and it should be just
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    Star Spangled Monster

    Mr. Trelikes your rods always turn out so beautiful- one of these days I would love to have you build one for me.
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    Point Loma to La Jolla

    Nice work- good size yellow.
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    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    The last thing a sport boat wants to do is not catch fish. They make their money by catching them. It’s called fishing for a reason.....
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    Public land for archery target practice

    I would just practice at 70-80 until you are an absolute ace- get your heart rate up by doing jumping jacks or a quick 200 yard sprint then try to shoot- it is a whole different world when the beats per minute are up- kind of like simulating the moment when you actually do get to draw on an...
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    SOLD Unicorn DC

    Well if Rockcod Rick says so then it must be worth it.....
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    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    Hills from Ventura Cliff from Lakewood Doug from Montebello And the expert novice guy.....hahahahaha
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    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Excellent work Cory and great report . Keep them coming!
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    Blue Seeker OSP2x4

    Your skills are unreal.....simply amazing!
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    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    The blue shirt strikes again! Great job......
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    FREE Kiwigrip - Grey

    That Kiwigrip is awesome stuff- used it for the deck of my whaler. I was super happy about the results. Great deal for free.....
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    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Great job Cory! Looks like you are healing up well. Another great report!
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    Whoever returned my Jig tote to H&M landing 7/1/19

    There still are a few good people walking around this planet......
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    Man that looks awesome!
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    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Way to go! Great picture of you guys!
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    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    So great to hear Cory you are an inspiration and one tough dude!
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    WTB Shimano tiagra 16/20

    I have a BNIB 16 if you are interested.....
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    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Wishing you a quick turnaround. Need you back on the I can read your great reports!
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    ISO Reliable Diver To Dive For Some Bugs

    I think once an angler or diver obtains his or her limit they must stop fishing for that targeted species....or am I wrong?
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    ISO Reliable Diver To Dive For Some Bugs

    Catch you a limit and show you their spots?? Hahahahaha- that’s a lot to ask of someone you don’t even know......
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    SOLD Japanese fillet knife

    The knife merchant sells them for $65.....
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    How bout them Chargers!!

    Yep Mikey like I said they would ROLL over the Chargers......Lol
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    How bout them Chargers!!

    It’s going to be great watching Brady and company roll over the Chargers.....Hahahaha
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    Nativity Scene weave

    Absolutely gorgeous work.....
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    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    NSAC not just going after Nurmagomedov but they are going after Conor McGregor as well. There is plenty of video out there that shows McGregor throw the first sucker punch....hahahaha- the story keeps getting better everyday.
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    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Like I said Khabib handled Conor no problem put a hefty beating on his ass and made him tap with a neck crank!!!! Hahahaha Conor just isn’t as tough as he talks!!!! I love it!! And the melee afterwards is exactly what CMac was asking for when he came after Khabib on the bus. The Dagestani crew...
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    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Hahahaha Mikey- Conor is only in YOUR head. Nurmagomedov could give two shits about Conor’s talk or bullshit antics. Khabib is cool as a cucumber- totally opposite of Aldo or Alvarez. Khabib is in EVERY McGregor fans head!!!!
  99. mainline23

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    McGregor weighs in at 154.5- we have a fight!!!! I’m super excited that this event is actually taking place!!! Big advantage to Khabib- he never had to deal with Conors antics and pre-fight talk during a press conference. There was no crowd allowed at the first presser in NYC. And just...
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    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Khabib made weight no problem- and he looks great.... Still waiting on CMac to weigh in- he has until 11.....
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    CartridgeCalls will now be carried by Dicks Sporting goods

    Bill sold the company to Eric? If so,that’s great-Eric is a super nice guy as well....
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    CartridgeCalls will now be carried by Dicks Sporting goods

    Way cool of Doinkers to help you- Bill Leven is a great person....
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    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Yep that’s Conor for sure and that’s why he is 2-2 in his last 4 fights......Hahahaha He signed a 6 fight deal but that doesn’t mean he will fight 6 more times. He is just under contract for 6 more fights.
  104. mainline23

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    These guys are both on track to make weight no problem- they both look ready to fight but I personally think Conor is underestimating this Dagestani mauler....he’s talking about walking through Khabib and headlining UFC 230. And he is totally serious..... It is going to be one hell of a fight...
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    Former UFC fighter Matt Hughes....road to recovery!!

    The dude is tough as nails... unbelievable story
  106. mainline23

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    HOLY SHIT I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS CARD!!!!! O’Malley fight canceled due to USADA.... If Khabib and CMac actually end up fighting and no one has any weight cutting problems I see Khabib getting touched up but being able to grab ahold of Conor and pull him down where the beating should commence...
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    For Sale Igloo 120qt. Cooler (excellent condition) $40

    Sale pending....1.lougio 2.fishfish 3.curt lj 4.tunakilla64 5.Rmpsocal....
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    For Sale Igloo 120qt. Cooler (excellent condition) $40

    Selling an Igloo 120qt. cooler in excellent condition. Prefer local pickup in San Diego- Mission Bay Area.
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    For Sale Kodiak Pro Flow PF-17 Bait Tank

    $125 OBO- 17 gallons- perfect for a small skiff
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    For Sale Kodiak Pro Flow PF-17 Bait Tank

    I’m selling a Kodiak PF-17 Bait Tank that is in great condition. Overall oval dimensions are 15.5” Width X 26.5” Length X 17” Height- Local pick up in San Diego preferred. Located in Mission Bay Area. $150- P.M. for any additional information-
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    For Sale 1801 Parker

    Killer boat- set up super nice! Should sell quickly.
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    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Never thought I'd see you in a fish picture without your baby blue shirt.... lol Great job and beautiful boat.
  113. mainline23

    Hotel near sea world?

    Hyatt, Hilton, Dana, Best Western, Residence Inn, Catamaran- so many choices......
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    17' Whaler killin' the tuna!

    Hahahaha that's my whaler I sold to those dudes!!!! So glad to see those boys killin it in my ol sled- she is a fish killing machine and I miss her everyday.....
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    1977 Boston Whaler Newport to Newtauk

    Great job....looks absolutely killer!!!
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    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    I repaired some rips in my kill bag and it worked perfectly....I called Reliable and they told me to use a vinyl pool adhesive.
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    One of the coolest walkouts yet!!

    Darren Till is over rated- just like Conor that dude that USED to fight in the UFC until he got knocked out by an old man named Floyd . Floyd messed him up so bad Macgregor has turned to picking fights with buses.....
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    Viper for John

    That is so clean.....unreal
  119. mainline23

    CX76 Centaur for Robert Jones

    Super gorgeous.....
  120. mainline23

    Xtratuff insoles?

    I use superfeet orange- they make the boots way more comfortable and supportive.
  121. mainline23

    It begins again...

    Absolutely bitchen!!!!
  122. mainline23

    One ridiculously kickass 15' ocean boat!!

    Too cool- I dig the aluminum chambered boats- it just needs a bait tank.....
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    2007 Parker 2320 fully rigged.Mint! (SOLD!)

    An absolutely perfect boat in amazing condition...
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    Seeker SS-CJB70XH Urushi

    Holy mackerel that is one beautiful rod-
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    1984 Boston Whaler Montauk w/70hp Evinrude 4 stroke

    Thanks Gary- I prefer the gas tank up front due to weight- with two guys, full bait tank and the fuel in the rear these boats tend to get rear heavy and ride hard.....
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    1984 Boston Whaler Montauk w/70hp Evinrude 4 stroke

    Yeah Mikey I hear you this little skiff has caught everything that swims practically.....they are so versatile and sip fuel-
  127. mainline23

    1984 Boston Whaler Montauk w/70hp Evinrude 4 stroke

    Around 500 hours on the motor and the gas tank is 28 gallons- the original seat back was sold already- I switched it out to the lean post set up for comfort and unobstructed visibility. The original is way too low to see over the console safely and is very uncomfortable.
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    Patriots themed Phenix spinner....

    That is beautiful....
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    1984 Boston Whaler Montauk w/70hp Evinrude 4 stroke

    Selling my 1984 montauk 17' with a 70hp 1999 Evinrude 4 stroke with low hours The boat is absolutely turn key needs nothing- runs and looks great- comes with Furuno ff with gps, vhf radio, compass, removable Kodiak bait tank, 2 newer Optima blue top marine batteries with Perko 2 way switch...
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    A-22 Buck

    Totally cool- great job.....
  131. mainline23

    Left Hand Compound New

    That's a great price for a great shooting bow.....
  132. mainline23

    CX76 Viper for Barry

    That axis over marble looks gorgeous!!!!
  133. mainline23

    16' Complete rebuild w/ Coosa

    Really cool rebuild. Nothing rebuilding a skiff and having it turn out awesome.....
  134. mainline23

    Dorado colored Phenix PHD869XH

    Such amazing work......
  135. mainline23

    11/11/17 Great line-up of FREE UFC fights on FS1!!

    Yeah Sage looking better with that move to Team Alpha Male and finishing school.....and Conor is doing some real STUPID shit as of late. Makes me hate the little leprechaun more- hahahaha- I'm sure daddy Dana is going to have a long sit down talk with him......
  136. mainline23

    11/11/17 Great line-up of FREE UFC fights on FS1!!

    I know why your watching Mikey- your other man crush is fighting tonight.....Super Sage- hahahaha
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    Michael Bisping vs Georges St Pierre - Title Fight Sat 11/4

    Wow- what an incredible night of fights!!! AND NEW!!!!- 3x's tonight.....
  138. mainline23

    Michael Bisping vs Georges St Pierre - Title Fight Sat 11/4

    Wow- Mikey you are talking about fights that Conor isn't in? I'm shocked.....hahahaha
  139. mainline23

    Solo Swordfish

    Way cool dude.....way cool.....
  140. mainline23

    Love this Throop wrap by my Padawan Ryan

    Too cool- what an opportunity and great wrap job!
  141. mainline23

    Last build for a while

    What a cool wrap job....
  142. mainline23

    Hot Pink Rainshadow RCLB70XL

    Wow! That is awesome looking!
  143. mainline23

    Hoyt defiant turbo bow with extras.......

    Great deal for a killer bow.....
  144. mainline23

    Stills from latest build

    Beautiful work-
  145. mainline23

    Shimano Trevala

    Dang that blue really pops!! Great work....
  146. mainline23

    Now that the Chargers have moved. Are you hate watching?

    I've been hate watching the Chargers and Cowboys for years!!!! It truly is the most enjoyable way to watch football for me.
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    800XH for Steve

    The color scheme is great and the work is unbelievable as usual......
  148. mainline23

    Better Grade Yellowfin - 9/29

    The blue shirt fisherman catching fish- again.... great quality on those yft-
  149. mainline23

    UC GUSA80 Mag

    Cool man- I dig the color combo...
  150. mainline23

    Calstar 770XH for Joel

    Wow- super clean work.....always amazed with your rod wrapping!
  151. mainline23

    marijuana on a private boat

    I'd fish with a stoner over a drunk any day of the week.....
  152. mainline23

    Elk hunt consolation prize

    Great buck dude!! Tough luck on those elk- sounds like a fun hunting trip.
  153. mainline23

    3 Mexican Flag Calstars....

    Such amazing work!!!
  154. mainline23

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    The stoppage was correct- Mac didn't need to get hit unprotected anymore. When your gloves are at your waist and lower you are done for. Plus he was saved by the referee......again
  155. mainline23

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    Mikey watch the 9th and 10th again no volume. You will see plenty of hard body shots and rights to the head especially in the 10th. I've rewatched the fight 7 times since this morning.....I do think Conor did put up an ok fight for sure. But he has the shittiest cardio and boxing defense....
  156. mainline23

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    The best ever stuff is funny as one time maybe 7 years ago Floyd was the best in the game. He no longer is considered the best boxer now. He was the best DEFENSIVE boxer of our generation- he retired then came out and whooped a YOUNG, CONFIDENT fighter in his prime......
  157. mainline23

    For those that missed the fight..... here it is in full

    Hahahaha you Conor fans crack me up- dude got lit up by an OLD retired man who hasn't boxed in 2 years.....Conor only looked good in the first 3 rounds because Floyd let him he never hurt Floyd one time. Floyd walked him down kept coming forward and took what Conor had and knocked him out!!!
  158. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I did give the first 3 maybe 4 rounds to Cmac- but then the small old man just cleaned his clock no two ways about he was out boxed and out classed tonight by a tiny old man.....hahahaha
  159. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    You must be drunk Conor was on no legs and getting hammered he didn't throw a punch back in defense for a large portion of the last round- clear ass Floyd said he doesn't hit hard at all....
  160. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    TBE!!!!!!!! Conor Is a clown said Floyd was done he would KO the skinny old man- that lil dude just whooped his 170lb ass!!!!!
  161. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Woodley fights at 170- it's an unhealthy process these guys go through and Rogan is right on track with the weight cutting....I believe I heard him say that a few state athletic commissions are planning on implementing a new weight cutting protocol which sets a limit on the amount of weight a...
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    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    $1.2 million biggest bet on Mayweather $120,000 biggest bet on Mcgregor-
  163. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    No poker talk in the fight post......hahahaha Mayweather 149/ Macgregor 153- Conor looking a little gaunt- he is getting too big to fight these smaller guys. The drastic weight cuts are starting to show more and more each fight. One of these days he will be a big boy and fight people his size.....
  164. mainline23


    If you improve your angling skills you wouldn't be so concerned with bananas.....and stuff breaks on boats ALL the time-
  165. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Floyd Mayweather wins @2:15 round 6 TKO-
  166. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Thanks Mike way too cool of you to set this up- being a huge Mayweather fan and a Conor hater makes it that much better!!!!! Mayweather in the 7th sounds like a winner!!!!!
  167. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    I read an MGM statement that said only 267 bets have been placed on Mayweather and over 6000 bets placed on Mcgregor so far....could be a HUGE loss for MGM sports book if Mac wins...,
  168. mainline23

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I'm in for sure Mikey!!!!!!
  169. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    8oz gloves approved for this fight by NSAC.....
  170. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Hahahaha mikey you would believe anything Conor says- I don't believe either one of those guys. Two little dudes with HUGE egos!!!! I know one thing Paulie is nothing like Floyd in the boxing ring. There is no way Conor could even find a sparring partner that could prepare him for Mayweather....
  171. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Just saw the Malinaggi knockdown/push- it definitely wasn't a knockdown from a mac straight shot more of a hand on the head and Paulie lost his balance....looked funny to me- Paulie looks a little heavy...haha And if you happen to see Conor's open workout today you will see a total amateur...
  172. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Hoyce!!!!! Hahahahaha- Mikey that fall out of the tower still affecting you????
  173. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Yeah I know Eddie talks good things about Conor's jits- heard that clip long time ago- Eddie would also laugh at you that you think Conor could even hang with Tonon......
  174. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    His belief and confidence in himself is off the charts for do you think Conor could grapple with Gary Tonon too?? It's kind of the same thing. Jits is a part of Mma and Cmac is a brown belt but no way he trains for a couple months and beats a world champion on the ground.....
  175. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Mikey- Aldo, Mendes and Alvarez are all MMA fighters with 2 being champions- that's why you wouldn't say Zero chance- they are competing in their combat sport. Conor is going to BOX which is not MMA....not even close. Conor is NOT a boxer. He has a boxing background but is no way a boxer- you...
  176. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Conor said "I can quadruple my net worth with one fight? Well sign me up!"- The funny thing about this boxing matchup is you have an amateur boxer with an 0-0 record and no professional experience trying to take on an undefeated 49-0 best defensive boxer of all time- And yes Conor did start as...
  177. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Paulie said Conor threw some heat but doesn't hit that hard. He also said that his boxing was ok but has lots of holes. That's not good when facing the best ever-- Hahahaha yeah Paulie talking crap way back in December of last year was hilarious. I think he was trying to set that fight up for...
  178. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    45 year old George Foreman World Champion- 50 year old Bernard Hopkins World Champion- Mike you said Conor and Paulie went 12 hard rounds of sparring and that's not true. They sparred 8 the day Paulie stepped off the airplane and 12 a day later. You should listen to the Mma hour with Ariel...
  179. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    You couldn't have looked too deep into Malinaggi because they sparred twice- once for 8 rounds and once for 12. And for some age doesn't mean anything- I'm 43 in the best shape of my life- stronger, faster and more endurance then ever.... As far as the Diaz fights go- Conor got so boxed up in...
  180. mainline23

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Hahahaha Mike you are funny man- Conor and Mma casual fans are the silliest around. He has ZERO chance of beating Floyd!! He got boxed up by a 173lb Nate Diaz twice.You should also look a little deeper into the Malinaggi sparring fiasco-(MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani) shows how big of a scumbag...
  181. mainline23

    Solo Dorado

    Good work on the little skiff!!!
  182. mainline23

    La Jolla 7/29

    Super cool man!! Great job...
  183. mainline23

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    Way cool-I'm ready to go yank on one of those suckers too!!!!
  184. mainline23

    182 to the 9 mile to point loma kelp

    That is a great picture!!! Great job....
  185. mainline23

    F/S NIB Penn Fathom

    Next in line....can pick up in the valley anytime
  186. mainline23

    Fight Night..... Fox 5 free

    Yes great card tonight! Mighty Mouse is just amazing! His talent leaves me speechless...
  187. mainline23

    Calstar BTG196-7 with winn grips

    Really clean work....
  188. mainline23

    UFC 209 - JUDGEMENT DAY Live Sat 3-4-17

    So bummed- without the nurmy vs fergy fight this card is weak......I think T Wood will beat wonderboy up.......again
  189. mainline23

    Panga Build

    Great start...
  190. mainline23

    San Diego fish market

    Go see Tommy at Catalina Offshore....
  191. mainline23

    Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen - Tonight live on Spike

    Chael looked chubby....he gassed out going for the d'arce! Lol
  192. mainline23

    Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen - Tonight live on Spike

    Dinosaurs fighting tonight......
  193. mainline23

    "Killer" day on the water!!!

    Good job and those pictures are great--
  194. mainline23

    Boat sinks video

    Super spooky......all that for some crabs
  195. mainline23

    Eastern Sierra end of season report

    Those are some beautiful pictures....
  196. mainline23

    November 12th.... Madision Square Gardens, Records Broken!!

    15 minutes to go....I'm so damn excited I can't contain myself!!! I hope Eddie smothers the shit out of Cmac!!!
  197. mainline23

    November 12th.... Madision Square Gardens, Records Broken!!

    It's the third time Kelvin has missed weight at 170.....
  198. mainline23

    Yukon Moose & Sheep - September 2016

    Great story. Totally stoked for you and your dad.
  199. mainline23

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Holy shit! That thing is a beast! Excellent job!!!
  200. mainline23

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Great job on the goat and an excellent story too!
  201. mainline23

    1983 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk Rebuild...Picture Heavy

    That is super cool. Turned out great!
  202. mainline23

    Kick ass taxidermy!

    Looks amazing man!
  203. mainline23

    Shimano Tiagra 50W

    No thanks on the trade. Approximately 1100 yards.
  204. mainline23

    Shimano Tiagra 50W

    Selling a Shimano Tiagra 50W in great condition. Cosmetically 8/10- Mechanically 10/10. Comes spooled with fresh Power Pro #130, heavy duty seat clamp, neoprene Shimano reel cover and box. $500. Prefer local pick-up in San Diego.
  205. mainline23

    kryptek pontus camo trollers,alps on cts!!

    Those are super cool!!
  206. mainline23

    Deer season opens 9/3 San Diego

    Going to hunt Ventura County.....should be fun.
  207. mainline23

    My 2nd build....honey glass Seeker 6460XXH

    Super clean....great job for rod #2
  208. mainline23

    Got. Two

    Nice work....
  209. mainline23

    The new ride

    Simply beautiful Sherm!! Hopefully she is a fish catching machine. That is my dream boat....
  210. mainline23

    Hoyt Pro Medalist Bow

    Earl actually stopped working with Hoyt a few years before he passed away. He created a new recurve company named Sky. Those were great recurves as well.
  211. mainline23

    Hoyt Pro Medalist Bow

    Nice old bow. Earl used to make great recurves in his day. The bows used in the games look nothing like your bow. Not even close.
  212. mainline23

    Shimano Stella 20000FA (Brand New Unused) For Sale

    This is a completely sealed Saltwater spinning reel with 55+ lbs. of drag- get your popper on!!!!
  213. mainline23

    Shimano Stella 20000FA (Brand New Unused) For Sale

    Kindafishy no thanks on the $500-
  214. mainline23

    Shimano Stella 20000FA (Brand New Unused) For Sale

    475 yards power pro 50 yards floro
  215. mainline23

    Shimano Stella 20000FA (Brand New Unused) For Sale

    Selling a Shimano Stella 20000FA- never been mounted on a rod and never seen water. Comes loaded with 65# Power Pro and a topshot of 50# floro- $700.00 no box no papers
  216. mainline23

    The new ride

    Big upgrade from the kayak. Hope you don't wear that fishing vest on your new boat!!!! Hahahaha Congratulations....
  217. mainline23

    WTB Shimano Stella 20000 PG

    The Stella FA is the original Stella SW- Some of the Stella SW reels are offered in different versions: PG- power gear HG-high gear XG- extra high gear Basically different gear ratios between the various versions Mike join the dark side!!!! All the cool kids are doing it!!!! Lol
  218. mainline23

    WTB Shimano Stella 20000 PG

    I have a 20000 FA that is brand new never been used if you are interested.
  219. mainline23

    Capa and Cruz 5/30

    Huge goat!!! Great job-
  220. mainline23

    40 Years Old And Still Looking Good!

    That boat looks great......
  221. mainline23

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done....hope she wins
  222. mainline23

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Like I said Conor is not as good as you think- he has fought waaay smaller guys and finally got hit by a man. He was hit in the right side of his face multiple times then taken down for a jiu jitsu beat down!!!!!!
  223. mainline23

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Watched watched the whole thing clear as day on FS2- I am not a fan of the online viewing because of that exact reason.
  224. mainline23

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Conor punched Diaz in the hand because he is scared. Nate is so much bigger than him. Nate is definitely in Conor's head. I hope Nate exposes and punches that open right side of Mcgregors face and then takes him down for some jiu jitsu lessons. It's gonna be good......
  225. mainline23

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Exactly- Mike Tyson beat up bigger dudes than himself...that is impressive. Conor beating up guys way smaller than him is not impressive. The only thing Conor has done that is noteworthy is defeating Aldo in dominant fashion and taking his belt. The dude hasn't even defended the FW title.
  226. mainline23

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    He really isn't that special. He has been beating people 30+ lbs. lighter and way shorter than him. His talk is weak...Its the same thing everytime. I really can't wait for someone to KO him but I don't think Nate will be able to handle him.
  227. mainline23

    Conor Mcgregor gets punked once again!!!!!

    Happens all the time. He had a kick checked by a training partner. Nobody in the UFC is ready to fight Cmac without a full training camp. Cowboy is the closest but he just fought at 170. I say wait until UFC 200.
  228. mainline23

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Conor came ready to go. Got to give it to him.
  229. mainline23

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Holy no!! 15 seconds Aldo is asleep! One punch ko
  230. mainline23

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Weigh in at 3pm today... Let's see how strung out Conor looks at this one. Plus IV ban in effect we will see how he is able to handle this.
  231. mainline23

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Ok I can't take it anymore! What has Conor done that is so great? What big money are you talking about? Who has Conor fought that is at the TOP of their game? He is climbing on the Floyd Mayweather smack, back it up and get paid. Only difference is Floyd made unbelievable amounts...
  232. mainline23

    BNIB Calcutta 400 TE-

    Sold! Thanks Ron-
  233. mainline23

    BNIB Calcutta 400 TE-

    Sale pending^
  234. mainline23

    Whaler Montauk bait pump set up

    I have mine set up like this and have never had any issues at all.
  235. mainline23

    BNIB Calcutta 400 TE-

    All PM's replied
  236. mainline23

    Rousey vs Holm...... Posible upset tonite??

    I think she is still
  237. mainline23

    Rousey vs Holm...... Posible upset tonite??

    Great fight. I've been saying forever that Ronda isn't that good....and here it is! Exposed and knocked out!!!!
  238. mainline23

    Rousey vs Holm...... Posible upset tonite??

    I hope Holly knocks the shit out of Rhonda.
  239. mainline23

    Rousey vs Holm...... Posible upset tonite??

    The UFC can't afford a Rousey loss...
  240. mainline23

    BNIB Calcutta 400 TE-

    All PMs replied-
  241. mainline23

    BNIB Calcutta 400 TE-

    Brand new in the box Shimano Calcutta 400 TE-- $350
  242. mainline23

    Boo hoo!

    I'm 0 for 3 and going back out again tomorrow...don't give up, just be in the right zone at the right time and hope your number is called.
  243. mainline23

    Matching Gel Coat color

    I'm sure either way will work..I just picked off a color sample they had at the shop. It was called sandstone. Call them they were super friendly and even mixed my Kiwi for free.
  244. mainline23

    Deck refinish advise

    To remove rust on the areas to be painted I used bar keepers friend and a 3M green scouring pad. And to fill the holes I used marine tex- super simple and very easy to sand.
  245. mainline23

    Suzuki Repair in SD

    Oh yeah Napier not Napa. Thanks....
  246. mainline23

    Suzuki Repair in SD

    Pacific Marine on Napa st. off of morena
  247. mainline23

    Matching Gel Coat color

    I took mine to Proline Paint in National City. It is a marine paint store. They did a great job.
  248. mainline23

    Deck refinish advise

    I used 3/4 of a gallon of Kiwi Grip for a 17' Whaler Montauk. I used white Kiwi and had it mixed at Proline Paints. It turned out just the way I had it pictured in my head.
  249. mainline23

    Deck refinish advise

    I just refinished the deck of my whaler with kiwi grip. It was super easy and turned out great. Soft on the feet and great non slip surface. Hardest part was prep work. Some holes to fill in the deck, scrubbing, sanding, and taping.
  250. mainline23

    Marlin jigs---

    Bay Park area...
  251. mainline23

    Marlin jigs---

    Selling 8 marlin jigs: (3) are 12" models- (1) doorknob 12"- $15 each (4) are 10" models-$10 each or $75 for all (8)
  252. mainline23

    For Sale Zukers 6" Trolling Feathers in a Blue Water bag

    Selling (12) Zuker 6" trolling feathers; 2 are grass skirts and the rest are feathers. Most of them have never been used. Comes with a blue water bag. $75
  253. mainline23

    For Sale Zukers 3.5--new

    HaHaHa sorry Carl, SOLD to Mike......thanks
  254. mainline23

    For Sale Zukers 3.5--new

    Selling a set of 6 Zuker 3.5s all are brand new and two are rigged. They will be sold with a blue water jig bag as well. $100 for the whole set.
  255. mainline23

    For Sale Rapala CD-14 magnums

    Selling some rapala cd-14s. All of them are brand new some still in boxes, except for the purple and black. $7 each or $80 for all thirteen of them.
  256. mainline23

    For Sale Rapala CD18 Magnums

    Selling five cd-18's. They are all brand new except for the purple and black. $10 each or $40 for all five.
  257. mainline23

    WTB Shimano Calcutta 400TE

    I have one BNIB that is available.
  258. mainline23

    Igloo cooler seat with cushions $40

    Selling a igloo cooler seat combo. Comes with footings and two seat cushions. Cooler has one broken latch and couple light cracks in two corners but still works fine. $40
  259. mainline23

    Kodak PF 14 Bait tank for sale

    I have a kodiak pf14 bait tank for sale. It is in great condition and comes with a three rod holder, bait net holder and kodiak KB500 pump. $175obo
  260. mainline23

    For Sale- Boston Whaler RPS seat

    It is in great condition for being 30 years old all screws are rock solid the teak was sanded and oiled just a few months ago, all stainless including the rod holders inside the seatback are in great shape as well. No it does not need a recover.
  261. mainline23

    For Sale- Boston Whaler RPS seat

    The stainless bars go underneath the seat itself, then the backrest can be flip flopped so you are either facing forward or backwards.
  262. mainline23

    For Sale- Boston Whaler RPS seat

    Took this teak seat and z-legs off of a 1984 montauk 17- it is in good condition- $250.00 includes all mounting hardware. Pm for more details. Thanks
  263. mainline23

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Hahaha manny had no chance!! TBE DOMINATION!!!
  264. mainline23

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Watching for sure....been waiting a long time to see Floyd beat the shit out of manny!!!
  265. mainline23

    2007 Chevy Suburban LTZ $13,000

    SOLD 2007 Chevy Suburban with 164,000 miles. It has brand new tires, battery, brakes. No kids, no smoking, no pets, this SUV is super clean! I am the original owner and no accidents. Pm me or call Mark for any questions.
  266. mainline23


  267. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    Floyd walks around everyday and fights at 147....GGG walks around at 175 and fights at 160- he is a way bigger dude...
  268. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    Manny is too little to hurt Floyd. Plus Floyd's defense is The Best Ever.....PAC has zero chance!
  269. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    Hahahaha GGG is in a different weight class- he is much bigger than Floyd.
  270. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    Floyd isn't scared at all....even in their prime Manny has no shot.
  271. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    I hope this happens.... if Bob Arum doesn't screw up the negotiations.
  272. mainline23

    Floyd Mayweather is scared!

    Pacman is a great fighter but is not what he used to be. Floyd wants top fighters like Amir Kahn. Manny needs Mayweather for another big payday. Floyd does not need Manny to generate big ppv numbers. It's all about business....
  273. mainline23

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Hahaha the chargers fucking suck!!!!! Love to see them lose! Rivers is still a bitch with no AFC title.....
  274. mainline23

    U.S. Open...

    Phil will implode and once again come up short on a U.S. Open victory.....
  275. mainline23

    Help I'd'ing a snake

    Finally able to look at the picture blown up. Hahaha, definitely gopher.
  276. mainline23

    1300# Mako had a seal inside her...

    No surprise...that's what the big ones eat.
  277. mainline23

    Help I'd'ing a snake

    Corn snake
  278. mainline23

    Record Mako?

    Oh really capnjacky, then why does your website state that the report for 6/2 the local fishing continues to be good as 3 fly fisherman released 2 out of 5 makos released up to 80 lbs.?Sounds like your group kept 3 makos 80 lbs. or less...
  279. mainline23

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    Yep seasons all over for yellow fishing in La Jolla....Lol
  280. mainline23

    Rottweiler saves little dog from coyote

    Cool video! Best dogs in the world!! I miss my girl....
  281. mainline23

    Record Mako?

    Didn't think so.... On that note most "shark fishing" captains make all their loot from the pictures of big dead sharks and happy clients.
  282. mainline23

    Record Mako?

    Hey Buckford- you do much ocean fishing up there in Sac?
  283. mainline23

    Fish Report Bait Report Lajolla 6/3/2013

    Had me interested until i read you followed the new seaforth for nothing......hahahaha
  284. mainline23

    Another Big D-16 Buck...

    Now that is some funny shit right there!
  285. mainline23

    San Diego Bay Butts?

    Caught one in the big bay about a month ago 26" that was completely loaded with worms. Dissected all organs and they were everywhere.
  286. mainline23

    Imperial Valley Coyote Down

    Nice job! Looks like you hit the pump station!
  287. mainline23

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    That sucks. You need to go to the gym get strong, learn how to punch and take a punch. Then next time you have the same altercation with the said surfers, turn your hat backwards and knock the shit out of them! Sometimes they just need it!
  288. mainline23

    mission bay fines

    Totally sucks- but when you fish you must obide by the laws. 1/4" short is the same as 1" short. Plain and simple; the fish was undersized and the penalty is a ticket. As a general rule of thumb if it is close, let it go. Gut hooked, butt hooked, or eye hooked let them swim or float. Its shitty...
  289. mainline23

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Best report I have ever read on BD! Absolutely insane!
  290. mainline23

    8/17 Monster Dodo

    Real nice fish!!!
  291. mainline23


    You should google Cakewalk Yacht....pretty insane!
  292. mainline23

    USADA files doping charges against Armstrong

    USADA is an evil empire, trust me. I have been in a doping violation case against them, no fun at all.
  293. mainline23

    Robber vs. Rottweiler and Ricardo Video and Story

    Thats funny!! Miss my girl.....
  294. mainline23

    [email protected] Mayweather!!!!!

    Ortiz is the bitch who headbutted Floyd- Totally illegal. Mayweather hit the dude after the ref told them to fight again, Ortiz and the ref were not looking and Floyd took advantage-Totally legal. Like Floyd or not, he was whooping Victors ass. Out of pure frustration Ortiz pulled the headbutt...
  295. mainline23

    Fabricio Werdum - Strikeforce heavyweight granprix

    Overeem is going to drop this guy.
  296. mainline23

    Fish ID? Here is a better photo

    Jackmackerel (Trachurus Symmetricus)
  297. mainline23

    Left eye dominant, Right handed

    Simple fix: wear an eye patch over your right eye when you practice. You will learn how to use your eyes properly.
  298. mainline23

    UFC 113

    Kimbo is a pussy! No heart, no stamina, and no skills. I was on the bandwagon since the early days, but he is no UFC fighter. What a total let down.
  299. mainline23

    Sugar Shane Or Money Mayweather

    Money will win with speed and smarts. Shane will get frustrated by the 3rd round and will start to fight Money's fight. Mayweather will win, unanimous decision. The last 3 Mayweather fights were complete ass kickings in all aspects. De La Hoya, Hatton, and Marquez.
  300. mainline23

    Help... FKG wants to get into Archery

    Super cool! I started shooting archery at age 8. 28 years later I still shoot. I have traveled the world and represented our country in a few world championships and have experienced so many things I would have never been able to do without archery. All with someone else paying the bill! Start...
  301. mainline23


    They used to have them there all the time and there is a little market on the way up to the lake that sells them usually. (It's the place that sells the jerky)
  302. mainline23

    Surfing/Fishing trip SCI.

    Now thats a fishing trip!!!!
  303. mainline23

    Only in San Diego... Halloween fight

    That dude didn't get knocked, out it was clearly evident that he was tired and went to sleep!! Ha Ha Ha what a dipshit.
  304. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    Here are the prices I am asking for whats left of the rods: Graftechs-GS80L-$70.00, GJISM80-$80.00-both are in excellent condition Grafighters-800XL-$225.00, 760L-$225.00 (both for $400.00)both are brand new Allstar troll rod-$75.00-brand new Sabres and blanks are sold, sorry for any confusion.
  305. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    Sorry MTNBOATER I thought I sent you a PM. I paid 389.00 plus tax for each of these rods, they have never been fished and are matching. I don't need to get rid of them, I just thought I would thin out the heard. I will take 225.00 a piece for them or 425.00 for them together. Thanks for replying.
  306. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    Sabre are as follows: California Tackle Co. 8710 HWC 7ft. (10-40)dark brown blank California Tackle Co. 6710C 7ft. (20-60)honey blank. Both rods have Varmac reel seats, are all original, and can be fished.
  307. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    I will take $70.00 for the GS80L and $80.00 for the GJIS80M they are both in excellent condition.
  308. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    No that is a grafighter.
  309. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    The blanks are sold. Sorry nothing 9ft.
  310. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    And the All Star is- 5'6 (40-100) roller tip, troll rod.
  311. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    The blanks are Calstar glass. The Graftechs are GIS80L (10-20) trigger grip, cork handle. GJIS80M (15-25) deck hand cork wrap, both are 8ft.
  312. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    Make an offer- this is an all black, custom wrap, with black metal guides, Pro Gear ARS 2 reel seat(silver) and black eva handle.
  313. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    XH(30-80) 6ft. H(20-50) 6ft.
  314. mainline23

    Best Offer-Rods and Blanks!!!!

    Finished Rods: Calstar 800XL, 760L both brand new, all black, foam handles All Star AC6455XHC-RT brand new factory red wrap Graftech GIS80L, GJISM both in great condition Fenwick 60XHAO E-Glass (old school brown, good condition) Fenwick 69HAO E-Glass (old school brown, good condition) Sabre...
  315. mainline23

    sd brown widows

    I have them all over my place. I have killed hundreds personally with my blow torch, not to mention now many egg sacks I have fried. It is true you kill them and 2 days later a new few set up shop, they are a bitch!
  316. mainline23

    Fished the borderline

    Amazing picture. Way to go!!
  317. mainline23

    La Jolla YT

    Killer LJ yeller! Nice job.
  318. mainline23

    50 pound Bigeye on the Point Loma 3/4 day

    All these comments are cracking me up, especially the one where the guy says he caught a 50lb. bigeye! Nice 3/4/day fish bro.
  319. mainline23

    Cuda's "Bling" Dropper loop rig

    That looks amazing!!!
  320. mainline23

    Bows vs. Crossbows

    Your totally right I don't know what I am talking about at all. I only know a couple of loose cannon hunters- Tim Strickland, Rod White, Butch Johnson, Bob Fromme, Vic Wunderle and family just to name a few and I have shot archery for over 25 years of my life. You are right what the hell do I know.
  321. mainline23

    Bows vs. Crossbows

    Crossbows are at least 30-50 fps faster than a compound bow. A fast bow is around 320fps where a fast crossbow is well over 350fps. A crossbow has a much flatter trajectory because the bolt is very short and light compared to a normal arrow. They are very accurate and shoot similar to a gun. I...
  322. mainline23

    big yellow fin

    Really nice fish!
  323. mainline23

    Rpt 2 Day Extravaganza-8-29-30-Exotic Grand Slam

    That is an amazing report! One hell of a nice boat! Way to go!
  324. mainline23

    Best Hot Dog

    The Classic Malt Shop in Point Loma, it's in the Vons shopping center. Really good dogs, not to mention the guys who work there are absolutely the nicest around. Great service every time!!!
  325. mainline23

    Check out my Graduation present

    Super cool!! Way to go on finishing high school and have fun in your new boat. I am sure you deserve it.
  326. mainline23


    Not buying it either. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer is not whiskey! It is a type of isopropanol or ethanol alcohol (usually between 60-95%). Go ahead, drink some isopropyl or ethanol and see just how drunk you get!!
  327. mainline23

    Faux Abalone Inlay

    That is one slick looking rod! Great work SaltyDawg!
  328. mainline23

    graphtech and termar rods

    I have these Graftechs available: GIS80L GIS80M GJS80M All in excellent condition. PM me if any of these interest you.
  329. mainline23

    Coronado Islands going off!

    I think the SD is chartered for the weekend. I would fish with Ernie, the guy is a fish killer!!!
  330. mainline23


    Steelers- Eagles, with the Steelers winning the show 21-17.
  331. mainline23

    Chargers strike first

    And the ass whoopin continues.........
  332. mainline23

    The Official CHARGERS Vs. Steelers thread/poll

    SALTYDOG-That was in 1983 and 1995. These clearly won't be the two teams playing this weekend. And yes, both of those were in Pittsburg, one for a playoff win and the other for an AFC title. Chargers still have a tough game ahead of them! Weather prediction at game time is supposed to be...
  333. mainline23

    The Official CHARGERS Vs. Steelers thread/poll

    Chargers are 8-19 vs. the Steelers since they moved from L.A. to S.D. With L.T. hurt and Sproles sore, they are going to have to pull a huge rabbit out of their hat to beat this Pittsburg team. You shouldn't use history to decide whether or not the Bolts will win because their history against...
  334. mainline23


    I have been shooting for over 25 years at a high level and have bought many a pair of glasses. I would recommend 10x42 or 10x50 Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, if you can shell out the bucks. If not, any bino over $400.00 wether it is Cabela's, Bushnell,etc. just makesure they are sealed and 100% fog...
  335. mainline23

    Chargers Vs. Steelers - Whats the Dope?

    It will be a tough game for both teams. If the Bolts win they should make it to the Bowl. But the Steelers at home, in the snow, is a huge task for any team.
  336. mainline23

    great white sharks from shore....check it out

    That is super crazy! No way in hell would I ever be the bait guy! Would love to try fishing for them though.
  337. mainline23


    What a game! The Colts D shot themselves in the foot 3 penalties for first downs!
  338. mainline23

    New Years Resolution for 2009?

    Try to get back on the U.S. Archery team and go to the World Championships again! Oh and try to get rid of this nagging ass debt I've acquired starting my business.
  339. mainline23


    The Chargers would do well with Shanahan as the leader. Norm just doesn't seem to kick these guys in gear. I say wait for Cowhers, that would be awesome.
  340. mainline23

    Quick test for you tuna guys

    I'd say yellowfin also.
  341. mainline23

    How about those Chargers!

    They did play well but as for Saturday the Colts are no push over. Look at the teams the Bolts beat the last 4 weeks, nobodys! Manning and crew will give these guys all they can handle. The last real team the Chargers faced was Atlanta at home and you saw the results. Hopefully they can somehow...
  342. mainline23

    WTB help>>>>> electric guitars

    It depends how much your looking to spend. And your skill level. My buddy owns part of the Black in O.B. (the books and music side) and they have great deals on guitars used and new.
  343. mainline23

    Winter Calico

    Nice fish and huge props to you for providing for your family. Use your skills to pay the bills!
  344. mainline23

    Have you ever.......

    My big bro scared the shit out of me one time back when the night stalker was around killing people(Richard Ramirez). We lived in the San Fernando Valley area and my parents were out of town, I was home alone (I thought). But my big bro was lurking. My mom had a real big balloon she received for...
  345. mainline23

    Bugs between storms

    I think thats a swell shark not a leopard.
  346. mainline23

    Fire rings are back in town!!!

    Anonymous donation from someone in La Jolla- $250,000 brought back the fire rings to San Diego.:gaygroup:
  347. mainline23

    House got burglarized last night. Don't leave your garage door opener in the car!

    That totally blows!!!! Dude, you need some rotttweilers.
  348. mainline23

    Hooping 11/23

    Had a problem last year with the dogs. Not any more- I use the Danielson baitcages zip tied shut then stainliess steel clip them to the bottom of the nets. But the best deterent is a wrist rocket. Not the flimsy Daisy ones, shop around until you find one that has a real heavy band. I found one...
  349. mainline23

    Can the Bolts go 6-0 through the stretch?

    I have faith in the Bolts!!! No way in hell!!!!
  350. mainline23

    Steelers v. Bolts ...who wins?

    Personally I'm sick of losing my voice rooting for the Bolts. The whole franchise has become a total joke. So much waisted talent. I can't wait for Tiger to come back to golf. It's a good feeling to support a winner and when he has a bad week it usually ends up as a second place finish!
  351. mainline23

    Trevor Hoffman has left the building

    Makes perfect sense. Yeah it sucks, but if you have followed the Friars for few years you know that Trevor is just not what he used to be. When your heater is in the mid to lower 80's you have no place in the big leagues, especially as a closer. I will miss hearing the bells ring and have seen...
  352. mainline23

    Whats up with people forgeting the national anthem in the Olympics

    I want to know how many of you guys posting comments on this subject have olympic level experience?
  353. mainline23

    Whats up with people forgeting the national anthem in the Olympics

    There is so much emotion running through your head at that time that you really forget the simplest of things. A gold medal in the games is the pinnacle of all sports. Cut them some slack, they are proud to be on the podium and proud to be American!
  354. mainline23

    Ringed hook or not?

    For a sardine-Nose hooked always seems to get bit and it is a little bid more durable. I find when the bite slows down or the fish get picky butt hooked seems to be the way to go. And if you still can't get bit try a small topshot of floro. That seems to work for me. For an anchovy-Nose hook...
  355. mainline23

    Ringed hook or not?

    Ringed hooks, san diego or double san diego knot, (depending on line size) will wip any fish swimming off our coast. I seem to always fish a 2/0, bait size is very key to hook selection, match them accordingly.
  356. mainline23

    8/9 bait rolled, how was yours?

    Got bait Friday also, but the bait we got was super good. We got a scoop and a half at around 5:30a.m. Traveled over 100 miles total all day and released a little less than a full scoop above the islands after the trip which was around 4:00p.m. Best bait I've had in a long time.
  357. mainline23

    Put my dog down today

    Sorry to hear bro. I have a six year old female myself. Could not imagine life without her. My prayers from my wife and I to you.
  358. mainline23

    Point Loma Salmon!

    Yeah, I just read the DFG website and all California waters are closed to salmon fishing in 2008. (If I translated correctly!)
  359. mainline23

    bugging in big surf

    I'm all about going out in conditions that would make most people stay on the dock. And I too have caught my best bugs in high surf, but this wasn't high surf this was frickin huge surf, pretty much unfishable. No one can tell another man or woman what they can or can't do in their vessle but...
  360. mainline23

    S.D. Bay Halibut

    Real nice flattie brother. Live bait or plastic?
  361. mainline23

    Any SDPD here? Bow shooting question

    Never heard of the project 2000 range. I will have to take a look at it. Do you know what kind of bales they use to shoot into? I am a recurve shooter and shoot a lot of FITA and new olympic round tournaments. Thanks for the info.
  362. mainline23

    Any SDPD here? Bow shooting question

    I have been in archery for over 25 years and represented the US at a few World Championships and have been a resident athlete at the OTC on few different occasions so this question is right up my alley. You cannot shoot a bow within 300ft. of any residency it is considered a fire arm. As far as...
  363. mainline23

    bugging in big surf

    Doesn't seem to be too smart. In fact people like this shouldn't own boats. Anyway your traps would have to weigh at least 20 pounds a piece to even hold bottom not to mention you need an extra 30 ft. of rope to accomidate for the swell and current. Just glad to hear no one was hurt.
  364. mainline23

    Shark Rumor?

    Just got back from a photo shoot at the cove. Huge to say the least-the big swells were 20ft. Haven't seen waves like that there in a long time. I worked at the Marine Room for about five years and have seen a lot of big swells but this was large. I have also personally seen sea lions wash up at...
  365. mainline23

    Newell p series, or torium

    Get the Newell I've fished those reels for over 20 yrs. now and have never had a problem. You should definately keep the drags and bearings clean and greased. My favorite jig reel is the P332 loaded with 40 it is super light and throws a jig a country mile. It doesn't have the ability to hold a...