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    SOLD 1988 18' Stringari PH

    I think this is the quickest sale in history with the most interest!! Congratulations to the seller and new owner
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    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    Sea ox has the same hull as Grady. My buddy had this same model with twin Yamaha 200s. Beast of a boat. Glws
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    For Sale 18ft RadonCraft new post

    Looks like the throttle is all the way and only getting 4800-4900? And max at 29 knots? I think the prop is off. beautiful boat though, GLWS
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    My 2012 mercury 115hp fourstroke is at 1300 hours if that helps. I need more horse power though.
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    For Sale Defiance yellowtail craig's list

    I don’t think it’s sold, looks like someone flagged it.
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    Where are you getting it?
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    Suzuki Df140/150

    I am in the same situation, but will probably get 140 hp. I will never go WOT. Had a 2002 suzuki 140 and ran flawless.
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    SOLD 2001 Cape Craft 22CC W/ 2008 Optimax 150

    Looks like the cushions flip up
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    For Sale Stainless tower

    That looks aluminum
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    Trophy 2152 WA maintenance & troubleshooting

    They are the same boat. Solid boat. I think the newer trophy line, Bayliner took back. I know Brunswick stop making them. The annoying thing for me was water would fill up the floor fish holds. But that is with most boats that have it. The macerater pump is a bitch to get to for replacement. I...
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    Trophy 2152 WA maintenance & troubleshooting

    The engine compartment is tight as hell for maintenance. I use to have the 2052 model. I had to make special tools because I couldn't get my hands into certain areas. Trophy got away with wood for the stringers and transom in 2004-2005 timeframe. Bruinswick bought the trophy line in 1999-2000. I...
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    For Sale 19to20 ft center console 8,999

    Easy guys. The 2nd picture shows a winch and strap attached. But the crazy strap around the bow is pretty ghetto LOL. Not to mention the orange strap to secure the bracket for the bunk.
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    For Sale 19to20 ft center console 8,999

    Did you modify the splashwell area? Doesn’t look stock.
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    For Sale 22’ hydro step pilot house

    Do you have pictures of the deck and interior? What do you mean minimal work? It could mean a lot of different things to different people.
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    SOLD 20’ CC maycraft

    Where is the TTop now?
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    For Sale 23 Seaswirl in Ventura.

    Hella cheap!! I wish I had room in my yard, darn.
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    Mercury 300 V8 Re-power

    I know some manufacturers allowed the DIY guy to install in the past but they changed their minds and now dealer have to install. I called a few couple months back and they are going to only ship to other dealers, if the other dealers were willing to work on it.
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    My new boat for my birtday

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    For Sale 2006 Key West 225 Walk Around

    Looks like a notched transom. Look at 2nd photo.
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    Mercury 300 V8 Re-power

    Don’t they have to ship it to a certified mercury dealer? Doesn’t a Mercury Dealer have to do the install for warranty purposes?
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    WTB Rocket launcher for T top

    Put some friction tape or inner tube rubber on the rail then clamp tight. GL
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    5 dollar grill mount

    That is sketchy at best. PVC? better have the extinguisher handy!!
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    Outboard engine question

    Not a speedo hole. Too high. It is below the cavitation plate
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    Fish for sale

    Catch and release. You don’t have to keep them.
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    For Sale Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    Skeg guard and good to go. Damn I wish I was in the market.
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    For Sale 1990 Donzi 23 W/A $8500

    Posting for a friend. I have no information so please direct it to the phone number provided. Boat, trailer, and kicker. No main motor Sam Call or text 408-205-7652 Boat is In Fremont CA
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    Golden Gate Salmon Limit off Rocky Point

    I think a lot of younger guys don’t use RSK. I have been partial to green or chartreuse RSK. Having said that my go to is watermelon apex and UV FBR. Then I change to RSK and 1 eye jack. 1 eye jack is essentially a RSK without the fin and a flasher in front of the RSK.
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    SOLD Parker Center Console Grab Rail

    Just a thought but maybe a picture of it unwrapped.
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    For Sale 1996 trophy 2 0 0 2

    Optimax are 2 strokes
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    For Sale Striper 2101 w/Honda 200 HP o/b

    Honda only makes 4 stroke. The question is carb or efi.
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    O'side Fish ID

    Brown rockfish. Spot on the gill plate is the indicator
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    Suzuki outboard problems/questions

    It’s the vapors that causes fires.
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    What model is this boat?

    I would put a bracket and outboard if it were me. I would think if you google Reinell walkaround, something has to pop up. Did you post on other forums?
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    For Sale 1996 trophy 2002

    I think a little info about the boat would help greatly with the sale. Just a thought.
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    For Sale 2017 20' MayCraft CC

    Where is the boat located? Maryland registration?
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    Arima Yellowtail

    I was told by another site that Defiance owns Arima
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    Arima Yellowtail

    19’ arima sea chaser with optional hardtop. They call it the yellow tail.
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    On Craigslist. He sells Honda’s
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    I don’t trust the guy from Castiac. I bought a 150 from him, he swore everything works. We ran it on a stand. I didn’t have time to do a compression check, he assured me it was all even. Last famous words. Brought it home, mounted it. Kept getting heat alarm code. Added about $400 in parts...
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    Johnson Oceanrunner 200 Starter issues

    I assume the DB one is no good since you switch to the Sierra one a year later...
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    Geico/boatUS question

    Is it normal practice for them to get social security number and DL# to start a new insurance policy? TIA
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    22 Pilothouse

    I would look at a 4 blade. I had a 3500 lb boat with a Suzuki 140, cruised 18-20 knots and topped out at 30 knots.
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    For Sale Mercury Control W/Cables

    Damn I need it. Too bad your so far.
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    For Sale Seaswirl 2101 with 200HP Honda $14,800

    Look at the CF number when you look in person. Maybe that’s why he strategically took the picture of the stern. Just need the OP to reply.
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    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    Every power plant has its own demons. Since the person is asking about G2, let me say it is my friends boat and motor not mine. He has 25 hours on it currently. 2nd trip out, steering dies, 3rd trip can not restart the motor while drifting. Gets on the phone and talks to Evinrude for almost 2...
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    For Sale 77 Mako 20'
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    For Sale 77 Mako 20'

    He is asking 7k on Craigslist
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    Friendly Reminder

    I agree that is should be both ways. I was drifting over a pinnacle and a 6 packer rolled up 20 feet (yes feet, not yards) in front of my drift. I stayed calm and had to move. Only because I had young kids with me, I didn’t want to upset the situation.
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    Thanks I will mention it to the mechanic. I don’t have time to mess with it anymore so ......
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    Changed tpi and same. To the shop now.
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    I think by the time I finish chasing this, there will be a lot of new parts on my motor. Lol
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    Yes. Portable tank with different fuel line. I disconnected the throttle cable and moved the throttle on the engine and same result. So that leads me to believe it is the engine. I think Rick might be on the right track. I will check on the throttle sensor.
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    I am out of ideas. I have a fourstroke 115 hp that the rpm surges only between 1000 and 1200. Run smooth under or over that range. Not throttle cable or fuel lines. I isolated to the motor. Changed low and high pressure fuel filter, changed water separator, changed float in vst, cleaned...
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    2012 Mercury 115 outboard electrical issues

    Something lose or corrosion. Follow the starter ground. That is grounded on the block. Mine had a hard time starting because the ground stud of the starter was rusted like crazy. Now I have a RPM fluctuation problem. Mine is same year and model as yours. 1100 hours on mine.
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    For Sale Boston Whaler 17' Montauk For Sale

    Too bad it wasn't up 2 months ago. My buddy was looking for this setup. GLWS
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    We give Zofran more for nausea and vomiting. I haven’t heard of it being used as seasick meds. I went tuna fishing last year and a guy that was fishing with us felt sick. Gave him Kwells, 20-30 mins later back to fishing.
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    21' Walkaround Cabin Proline 211 With 225HP Honda 4-Stroke

    Pretty sure it’s sold since it says SOLD. Just saying
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Nvm No annual fees
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Is there an annual fee for this?
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    Parker 1801 or Scout 195

    The earlier scouts had scupper hole issues as far as being to low in the water and thus water would come in. All the negative on THT is from guys who never owned one so you have to take it with a grain of salt, just like trophy boats. Talk to people who actually own one. Good luck with whatever...
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    For Sale 23ft Sea Pro Walkaround Cuddy

    So what are the numbers for the motor with that boat? WOT? Cruise? Fuel consumption?
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    Prop question for mercury 115 hp

    Shad Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it.
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    Prop question for mercury 115 hp

    Max HP is 150.
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    Prop question for mercury 115 hp

    6000 rpm is wot. I have tested proper load. I want better hole shot and quicker plane more than top end. Thinking 4 blade will be better fit
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    Prop question for mercury 115 hp

    I am going to upgrade my prop but wondering what guys are using as far as dia/pitch. I have a mako 184 (1800lbs) and have the standard 13x17 prop 3 blade aluminum. Sluggish with 3 guys and thinking of stainless or 4 blade but what size and pitch is the question.
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    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Todd from Bayside caught 1 today. Santa Cruz charter Facebook
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    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Cool How old are those pictures? 3 different boats?
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    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    I would not take 60% of my asking either.
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    Budget Hardtop Build

    If that survived 65 mph on the freeway, I am sure it can handle the 15 mph of wind. Looks good, might have to copy the idea.
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    Boccaccio rock fish

    Just like most rockfish, flakey white meat. Taste good to me. All fish has worms. Pick it out.
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    Reliable kill bag question

    Copy. Thanks.
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    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    It doesn’t expire to my knowledge. Once and done.
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    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    All you have to do is print it. The $10 is for the actual card. There is no filing that I read.
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    Reliable kill bag question

    Can I leave it out in the sun for the fishing season or do I need to put it in the shed after every trip? Don’t know it it is UV resistant. I usually have it on the front in my center console.
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    2003 Parker 2120 Repower

    She looks pretty!!!
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    Yamaha F150 4 Stroke peeing cold

    All my 4 stroke pee cold (suzuki, Honda and mercury). All my mercury 2 strokes pee warm.
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    For Sale 1982 Sea Ox $4000

    Wish I was in the market!!!
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    Sf bay yak fishing. Please help

    I have caught a bunch of butt by just paddling with the live bait rig using popsicles. just a slow paddle.
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    Good Day out of South Florida

    That is insane fishing!!! Nicely done off a yak!!
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    For Sale 1982 Sea Ox $4000

    How big is the boat? 21? 23?
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    Need to Re Power

    Make sure you have a dealer to install and do a once over for the warranty. Something to think about.
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    polarized glasses

    Costa is the only one I wear now.
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    School Me in SF Bay Halibut and lingcod fishing

    Launch behind Encinal high school and paddle in front of the rockwall and to san bruno shoals. I just use a live bait rig with a 3’ leader and slow troll with frozen anchovies. Last year I got about 30 undersize halibut and a couple keepers.
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    18 FT Bayrunner For Sale

    Over 3 years old.
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    Buying a boat without a title
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    SF bay jack smelts are in 02/7/2019

    No limit. Open all year.
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    Kicker advice

    Pull start tiller. Not ignition.
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    Kicker advice

    For your boat, I would go minimum 9.9 hp if you are in the ocean. But that’s just me. I have a 1999 suzuki 9.9 fourstroke for over ten years as just a kicker. Couple pulls when cold after a couple months of sitting, then I pull after it warms up. Brought me in twice over the 10 years.
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Thermos with hot water and instant spicy noodles, beef jerky, and beer. It’s nice to have a hot meal.
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    2003 Honda 90 Outboard

    I think this is too high. I was thinking around 4k. But you never know.
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    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    That is more like the 21 not 24. The 24 is roughly 4500. Check nada guides.
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    For Sale 2001 Wellcraft 22' Walkaround Cuddy Cabin

    Pictures of the deck and motor? Raw water or fresh water cooled?
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    Larson Center Console

    Anything older, you just have to make sure the hull is sound. How old is the gas? Check the motor. The cables that the seller mentioned is super easy to change. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    Do you tow with Canvas on?

    My buddy never took his down. He would go 70 mph all the time. I think if you make sure it is tight and not floppy, you should be fine. But again it is not my $1400.
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    SOLD SeaHunt Triton 240 2007

    Nice looking boat!! GLWS
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    1994 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Looks nice brutha!!! Decarb does wonders!!!
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    Yeti or Pelican for roof of 2320

    They are lifetime warranty too.
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    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    Not completely true. I can’t remember if it was 01’ or 02’ is when they stop using wood. It has a Coosa logo on the starboard side, then that is wood free.
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    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Take off the lower unit and see. I had the same issue and it was the shifter seal in the lower unit. My guess is shifter seal or drive seal. Those 2 are the usual suspects with lower unit leaks.
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    Papa "J" for sale again .

    I think it’s best to start a new thread since this is 2 years old. Just my opinion
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    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    I don’t see how you can weld it. Looks like a fiberglass boat, where can you ground the welder, also introducing that much heat for welding a nut would probably cause all kind of bad as far as catching the boat on fire. I can see it possible with an aluminum boat.
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    Rod Holder Broke under gunnel

    Drill it out with a drill that is the same size as the minor diameter of the screw. The EZ out would be a little challenging because the screw is small. If the hole gets bigger use a slightly bigger screw to replace it if you use the same holder. No need to over think it. Just my 2 cents.
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    Generic vs. Custom T-Top?

    If you got the money, go custom. Looks better and better resale later on. If you are short changed, go with generic. I am with Derby, function over fashion.
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    Fabric vs. Hardtop on T-Top??

    Agree with the above, fabric because of less weight.
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    WTB Center Console or Walkaround. 2005+ 19-23' Low hours

    Didn’t you just sell a 21’ seahunt?
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    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    Proper tire inflation is a key component against tire blow out while trailering.
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    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    That use to be the case but now Radials can handle heavy loads, just make sure you buy the right rating. I used to be a Bias tire guy but now Radials are just as good if not better depending on ones application.
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    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    Bias ply tires have stiff sidewalls Radials handles heat from the friction on the road better hence great for long haul. I live 40 miles from my launch so it doesn’t matter to me. But agreed with “no chinese” tires although they are probably 80% of the market.
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    What's wrong with my handling of fillets?

    Agree with the NO rinse with fresh water until ready to cook or vacuum seal. Think about it, all the chemicals (floride, chlorine, etc) in the tap will break down the meat in a bad way. Also, vacuum seal is a great investment. Costco or Walmart has them fairly cheap.
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    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    I love egg rolls!!!
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    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    Wow!!! Coming from a chicken sh*t who won’t put his real name on his profile or location. I am done with this discussion. I will not entertain this POS. Need to change your name to “Reel Racist”
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    Osprey Northwind 22

    More pictures?
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    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    My point wasn’t to point out any race in particular even though it looks that way. Poachers and thieves come in all shapes and sizes. Rant over. Let’s get back on track with the original post. Sorry to any Russians I have offended.
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    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    You must have missed the show where they did a sting operation on sturgeon poachers in the delta? Not asians, drum roll...... Russians.
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    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    So your stupid ass must have slanted eyes like the rest of us “asians” cuz those are NOT asians. Dumb fuck. Like others said, thieves come in all shapes and sizes.
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    2004 Parker 2120 Value

    It doesn’t apply to the f150’s
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    Parker 2120 wanted

    Talked to Cory 2-3 weeks ago and he charges $1.20 a mile.
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    WTB ISO: CC boat to fish solo

    Anything 18’ and under will have low gunnels. If you go alone a lot, I suggest adding rails. I did it with my mako
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    Boat Pictures

    My 2012 mako 184 Gotta get the old owners name off
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    Lobster hoop net using line hauler

    Work smarter not harder.
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    The ad says 4 stroke which it is definitely not. Still a good price.
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    Cost of New Outboards?

    No singing on mine. Love mine so much, kept it through 3 different boats. Biggest thing for me was I worked on it so I know the motor instead of buying another used and crossing my fingers
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    Rockfish Spots Near the Golden Gate?? Please Help.

    Directly in front of the light house and around it but someone needs to stay at the wheel and don’t turn off the motor. Why not HMB? More structure and the Ritz is 5 miles south. Even the green and red marker buoys are some times productive. Good luck
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    For Sale 1900 obo Yamaha 70hp 2 stroke only 200 hours

    Looks like you don’t have enough water in the trash can.
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    What size kicker?

    My Suzuki was not high thrust. High thrust or “sail boat” outboard would be better.
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    What size kicker?

    I had a 9.9 Suzuki 4 stroke on my old boat (trophy walkaround about 3500 lbs) it pushed me about 5-6 mph to port.
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    What size kicker?

    Mandatory for me. Offshore is mandatory. When it is busy on the weekends, vessel assist is towing people in, you can wait a long time and if current kicks you offshore ............
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    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Chris Happy you got that boat. I was ready to pick that same boat. But fire season got in the way and I was sent out for the Norcal fires so I cancelled on the guys. $800, ouch!!!
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    New to me 1988 15' Gregor

    I read and seen a couple boats with those “extension” boxes. From what I read, it reduces porpoising cuz it acts like a trim tab and get on plane faster cuz it help “floats” the stern kinda like a floating Armstrong bracket for outboards. This is just from what I read, no personal experience.
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    For Sale Honda 15hp outboard and Bruce anchor

    All hondas are 4 stroke. But some are carb and others are efi.
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    SOLD 21ft center console with gear

    I loved it. Sold it for a walkaround now downsized to an 18 footer. Hella storage on the searay.
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    SOLD 21ft center console with gear

    Damn it!! Where were you 2 weeks ago. This is a great offshore boat. Had one 10 years ago. GLWS.
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    Sea Hunt Triton 24

    Not much here on the West Coast. There are a hand full of 21’ but haven’t seen a 24. Good luck. From all the research I have done, they are mid tier boat. Good luck.
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    For Sale 1999 Striper 21F - Evinrude 150hp

    Any soft spots or transom rot issues?
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    WTB Yamaha 150-200 ob

    It is the guy that is selling his 19 trophy. So if he is trying to sell his yamaha for 12k then does that mean the hull and trailer is 3k. I will take it for 3k. No need for compression check.LOL
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    For Sale 2004 TROPHY cc

    4000 rpm is nothing. I run more than that all the time. No compression? Couple spark plugs and turn her over. No mechanic? Bye Felicia!!!!!!
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    Costco tire service

    I do my own wrenching for this exact reason.
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    WTB Yamaha 150-200 ob

    That's is why I had to ask!!
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    Are smaller walkarounds dying?

    I think with the newer model CC's having room in the console for stuff and porta potti, that would make sense. And agreed, CC look more sexy
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    Honda VS Evinrude

    They are known for crappy paint. There is an identical match for the auto store rattle can. I forgot the color name. Google it. 1/2 the price from Honda.
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    Honda VS Evinrude

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    2120 Parker 2003 for sale.

    Lol Ad is almost 2 years old
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    Boat US/ Vessel Assist /Tow US

    I bought it directly from Geico before the take over. About 1 year before. I don't have VA . There is no service in HMB. They have to come from SF or Santa Cruz. And if they are busy either Bay then you are SOL.
  144. A

    Boat US/ Vessel Assist /Tow US

    That is new to me. Not anywhere says that on mine. Paid my fees with Geico and all was good. No VA or Boat US questions
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    For Sale 18ft Boston Whaler outrage CC

    Looks cracked at the base of the corners in the splashwell.
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    SeaFox Boats... Offshore capability? Comments?

    Not to go off tangent from your original post, You can put a dodger at the bow of the center console, put a couple bean bags and that would be comfy and out of the sun. Just a thought. That is my plan with my CC.
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    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    It is not the matter of trusting your motor, it is a matter of shit can happen ( starter dies, lose connection, dead battery, corrision on connection, on and on).
  148. A

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    At idle, wear and tear is very minimal. Fuel burn is minimal as well. If anything, it is getting lubricated while running. Motors with 5,000-10,000 hours are high because they run and lubricated. Motors with 500 and less get rebuild because they dry out the gaskets and water intrusion happens...
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    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    My boat stays on once leaving the dock and is off when I return. It only turns off for sturgeon and shallow ( less than 10') water drifting for butts. Last thing you want is not to be able to start because something got lose with the pounding to the grounds. Commercial, party boats, and charter...
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    HMB tuna run

    About 31/30 area. At least that was Saturday. showed 57 degree water, which is lowest I ever fished.
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    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    A lot of tires are made in china. Make sure you have right tire pressure. Most failures are because of improper tire pressure.
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    For Sale 1978 Mako 21CC, Yamaha F200 four stroke

    When was the repower and was it scoped for exhaust corrosion?
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    WTB Hull only 18’-24’ Cuddy cabin or CC

    With a 225, I would not go smaller than 20'. That is too much power for anything smaller. IMHO
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    WTB Hull only 18’-24’ Cuddy cabin or CC
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    WTB Hull only 18’-24’ Cuddy cabin or CC

    There is whaler outrage 18 hull only with new tank. No affiliation.
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    For Sale 2006 Grady White 209

    Great looking boat. I think it is the price. But it is a grady so it will demand a higher price. Glws
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    WTB Boat: purchased.

    If you still like the trophy then do this, fix it with you budget. Otherwise, you might have to go out of state. I have been kinda looking off and on at other states and there are deals that pop up. At least in my eyes.
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    WTB Boat: purchased.

    Not what you want to here but boats are a compromise. There is no perfect boat. Actually there is a perfect boat but 15k won't cut it. I will be in search for a center console myself in a few months.
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    How many motor hours are too much?

    Change it when Agreed
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    WTB WTB Grady white 180 Not mine. No affiliation to the boat
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    If it don't fit, you mustah quit!

    You can put some tubing to "cage" it so there would not be any accidental bumps of the throttle.
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    SOLD Parker 21 CC

    Nice rig!! GLWS
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    Another east coast boat purchase question

    copy that. thx.
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    Spank Bank Sportfishing

    They are slaying the salmon the last couple days. Quality fish too.
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    Spank Bank Sportfishing

    Capt Khanh Tran is a fishy guy too. Get on a trip with him. Another option.
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    Another east coast boat purchase question

    Thanks guys!! I think when the time comes, I probably will drive out and tow home.
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    Another east coast boat purchase question

    For the guys that have bought boats and have it transported to California, how do you do the transaction with a private owner? Do you pay him the day you want it, get the pink slip, and ask him to hold it onto his property until the transporting company picks it up? Also, How can you verify...
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    SOLD 2004 Sea Pro 2200 Center Console

    Is there a head in the console? Does the live well and the front fish box drain over or in the bilge? Thanks
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    SOLD Solddddd

    He manned up and apologized. And the other guy accepted. Move on!!
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    Key largo party boat or charter recommendations

    Thanks a lot Ethan and Bob.
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    Key largo party boat or charter recommendations

    I have a trip end of July with the family. Looking to take my 10 & 6 year old out. Any recommendations for kid friendly charter or party boat. Thx in advance
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    For Sale 1992 Mako 191 Yamaha 115 4 Stroke love hours

    Funny that you have it for 16k on craigslist and here you up the price. Just saying. Virginia # not CA #?
  173. A

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Congrats!! I figured it would be gone this weekend
  174. A

    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    I use Costa Corbina. Glass lens for sure. I love my sunglasses. A lot lighter than my Maui Jims.
  175. A

    SOLD ,-

    What is the capacity of the vessel (people)? Is the fuel tank aluminum or poly?
  176. A

    SOLD ,-

    Can't believe this has been for sale for almost 2 yrs.
  177. A

    SOLD 1998 Grady-White 209 Escape CC w/Trailer

    Has the carbs been serviced? I am in the process of selling my boat. If your doesnt sell by then, I will contact you!!
  178. A

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    Very generous of you to daddy. Like others said, make sure he wants a boat first. Saltwater boats has a lot more maintenance than fresh water boats. I would suggest buying a smaller older boat with newer fourstroke. This way he can learn to operate the boat and if it is right for him. See if he...
  179. A

    Fuck the anchor

    This is what I do
  180. A

    Monterey Kayak Rentals and Fishing?

    There is a kayak rental north of the Monterey pier on the beach. Don't know the cost. There are a couple of markers in front of the rental maybe a tad north. A yellow and a red marker. They hold some rockfish. I pulled fish there before but it has been a while. You can use a high/low rig or jig...
  181. A

    SOLD 03' Seahunt Center Console

    I want this but not in the market right now. Good luck.
  182. A

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801.

    The add says no sea trial. To me, no thanks. I had a Honda 150 ran great on land but put it in the water and alarms at 28 mph. Turns out 1 cylinder had low compression.
  183. A

    Live bait Berkeley

    Do you happen to know the price this year? I typically launch Berkeley but haven't this year and it would be convenient.
  184. A

    St Pete Beach

    Any recommendations on which place to cook the catch? Do I need to fillet first or just give the restaurant the whole fish? Thanks
  185. A

    St Pete Beach

    Hey Ethan I will be staying in that area using VRBO. I am limited on that time frame because of the kids' school (spring break). Part of the reason is to scout out Tampa/ Sarasota area for retirement. I would like to get out of CA just because of the cost of living.
  186. A

    St Pete Beach

    Sorry not a report but a question. Mods if you want to move this, feel free. My family will be in St Pete in mid April and am wondering if there is any hidden gems to see or do outside the normal tourist stuff. Thanks in advance.
  187. A

    Best deal on New F50 Hp Yamaha Outboard?

    I would not have a problem in buying the 2012 or 2015 but it better have an appealing price. Like anything, as long as it wasn't store in harsh environment it should be fine.
  188. A

    Which invader boat?

  189. A

    Boccaccio Worms

    Negative. They get in the fillets regardless of the host being dead or alive.
  190. A

    Fishing in Jamaica?

    I hate Jamaica. Went 2x and never again. Locals are rude, expect tips even if they don't do shit, lazy people. They never have change for you when you buy stuff so bring 1 dollar bills. First was all inclusive and second was cruise stop. A lot of people on the cruise ship felt the same as me...
  191. A

    Mackerels in Santa Cruz

    Use sabiki rig tip with squid. I usually fish with my kayak so I would slow troll until I find them. Once you catch one, cut them up and tip it on the sabiki, they hold on better than squid. Mackerel will eat there own. Use a good size weight because they are so strong for their size, it will be...
  192. A


    This is what I do
  193. A


    Seafoam. Available at any auto store. I use the aerosol cans. Spray right into the carbs.
  194. A

    corroded bolts

    Not to argue but it says it is a lubricant on their website
  195. A

    corroded bolts

    WD-40 is a lubricant where as PB blaster is penetrating oil
  196. A

    2012 Trophy 2203 Center Console super low hours

    Cleaning it up a little would help.
  197. A

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    Rtic is 25% off right now on there website.
  198. A


    It is used as a safety tool such as night time and when fog rolls in out of the blue. Fishing wise, you can see where other boats are fishing
  199. A

    Dungeness Crab Season Opener and Tips

    Santa Cruz and Monterey will be better the deeper you go more like 200-250. I agree with HMB but will be a zoo if you go opener. I go during the weekdays. I crab around 150 deep. The myth of rotten bait is wrong, they actually prefer fresh bait. I heard of guys using duck carcasses for bait and...
  200. A

    San Fran Bay Halibut fishing

    Live bait at SF and go to red rock for stripers. That is the only thing in the bay right now. Or throw hair raisers at red rock if you don't want to run to sf. Just my 2 cents. Someone just reported there. Or even go to the brothers island, it should hold fish because stripwrs are heading back...
  201. A

    Albie HMB this weekend

    2 peanut bluefin caught at 17/02 according to the poster on another site. Good luck if you go. Post a report too. I can't go until next week
  202. A

    Albie HMB this weekend

    They are getting them but not a hot bite. 20/02 and 17/02 area
  203. A

    HMB/Santa Cruz Albacore

    Thanks for the 411.
  204. A

    Cast net for anchovies in Santa Cruz

    30-40' is too deep imho. They will disperse before the net reaches.
  205. A

    Eshaust Riser Question/ Help

    Most are china made. I look for oem on my 2004 mercruiser and the sales guy said made in china. Hard to find US made but they are out there. Good luck.
  206. A

    Anyone experienced in fixing the Zuke steel plug problem?

    Not sure if you are telling or asking. But I drilled mine out and tapped a NPT on it. Bought an aluminum plug and screwed it on tight. High heat BBQ paint. Done. No alarms no issues. I did not want to weld because of possible frying the electrical.
  207. A

    WTB 18' or so CC

    That grady looks way underpower Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  208. A

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Try the 3 blade.
  209. A

    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    Fire it up and go fishing. Not that big a deal. You can add octane booster but I would just drive it around and waste the fuel.
  210. A

    04 Seaswirl striper 2301cc REDUCED

    You need to open her up to look or scope to know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  211. A

    04 Seaswirl striper 2301cc REDUCED

    Download Tapatalk. Super easy with that app Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  212. A

    04 Seaswirl striper 2301cc REDUCED

    Nothing on the craigslist link. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  213. A

    17 montauk whaler pilot houce ??

    How you want it is dangerous imho. Especially if the seas have any close swell. It will be bow heavy for sure and with you piloting up front (more bow weight). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  214. A

    Fire extinguisher recharge?

    Also,make sure your old extinguisher isn't over 12 years old or it will have to be hydro tested first. I thought hydro test was every 5 years Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  215. A

    Engine help please

    Sounds like fuel. Probably clogged jets in carb, I would start with seafoam treatment and see. Maybe rebuild if seafoam treatment doesn't work. Use a portable tank if you have one and use fresh gas. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  216. A

    2018 CA Boater Card

    Boatus is free. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  217. A

    02 Mercury 90 hp 4 stroke with Starcraft boat, just passing it along

    Motor alone is a good deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  218. A

    WTB Boston Whaler Outrage Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  219. A

    Would you buy this boat bayliner center console

    I use to have one. Same model and engine. I had it to the Monterey weather buoy for tuna. Good for entry level for the bay, inland water, and close ocean. Looking back I would not go too far offshore (young and stupid). When I trolled for the albies, the short chop would keep going over the...
  220. A

    Grady-White 257 Advance Question

    I believe it was rectified by 2007. They changed to a seal casting and no plug. I think it was 90,115,140 models.
  221. A

    Bias ply vs Radial trailer tires?

    Most if not all trailer tires are made in china. I am nervous when buying traler tires online because they do have a shelf life as stated. Last time I bought one, it was made 4-1/2 years ago. So if you buy it at the store, make sure it is not too old because as it sits it dries out.
  222. A

    Re power question

    Tohatsu is made by Honda. I would buy the Tohatsu just to save a few bucks cuz it is in every way a Honda. If you are going the Honda route. Just my 2 cents. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  223. A

    Thresher Boats in San Clemente

    I know for a car it is roughly 1k. My coworker wanted to buy a car for his daughter that was going to school in Oahu but 5k more than here so he shipped it over. He said it was a simple process. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  224. A


    I use zip ties Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  225. A

    Honda 150 issues help needed

    I am going to get an infrared gun and check the heat. At least rule that out. Next pull off all hoses for clogs. Then who knows. I guess wait for mechanic. Don't know if I need to reset the ECM. Someone told me he had same issue and reset it and it fixed the alarm. Sent from my iPhone using...
  226. A

    Honda 150 issues help needed

    I have a temp alarm during throttle. Idles fine, fires right up. During high throttle, it alarms and shut off but fires right back up. Changed impeller and housing, new temp sensors, checked t-stat, back flushed through T-stat ports with lower unit off, checked pressure relief assembly. What am...
  227. A

    pee is cold

    It seems like it is a honda thing where it T's off and discharges cool water. Not really sure how it works but if I turn the motor off, there is a few seconds of hot water from the block. Saw some literature about it on another site. Hopefully changing the temp sensor fixes the alarm.
  228. A

    pee is cold

    I got a used Honda and first run it had a temp alarm in 5 mins so I changed the impeller and housing. Check t-stat with hot water and it works. Took it out again and it alarms 30 mins later but I notice the pee is cold the whole time. Is the pee O.K. or something is clogged? I am changing the...
  229. A

    WTB Honda 90 outboard

    Shad Any dealer in particular? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  230. A

    What kind of boat

    I believe the"flipper" boat was a thunderbird tri-hull.
  231. A

    What kind of boat

    Looks like the chrysler version not an airslot. Airslots are really stable. 3 guys (200 lbs each )on one side and it would barely lean. Great ride even following seas.
  232. A

    Clamp on rod holder help

    Bike tubes works great. I tried electric tape, duct, friction, and sand paper but bike tubes worked the best. No slip and solid.
  233. A

    ethanol question, Problems , Problems

    Had a 2004 same model as yours and no issues with tank. Currently have a 1999 trophy model 2002 and no issues with poly tank. Mechanic is trying to hose you.
  234. A

    Recommend welder on Outboard

    Like Ed said, prep is key. Welding cast aluminum is tough. Make sure you use a reputable person/company.
  235. A

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    Like others said learn to wrench.
  236. A

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    That old of a boat with that little hours equals no bueno. Things get siezed up when it sits and problems occur. My 2 cents
  237. A

    protect your bow

    Keelguard. I don't have it but looks like it would work for you.
  238. A

    130 hp honda. $5500

    Sorry to everyone. The phone is correct (now). It is (408)205-7652. Please call him. He still has the motor.
  239. A

    Dolphin T Tops

    I don't see any left and right support. I would imagine that it would swing to port and starboard pretty good with just connections on the base only.
  240. A

    130 hp honda. $5500

    Early 2000 25" shaft with controls Not sure of hours In the Bay Area Still mounted on 20' whaler outrage Need more hp Posting for a friend so please call him. Sam 408-205-7652
  241. A

    Mercury or Yamaha?

    There is a member here that has a 135 verado. That is why I ask. Thanks
  242. A

    Mercury or Yamaha?

    You got the verado or just the "regular" 4 stroke? I have the same set up and same situation as the original poster.
  243. A

    Making your own ice

    Run water on the bucket to loosen the ice block from the bucket. Never had issues with gallon milk jugs with a little sea water.
  244. A

    6 packer out of Dana

    Reading all this hot tuna bite, I am finally able to go in 2 weeks but the party boats out of Dana are sold out. Is there any 6 pack boat that I can find around there to go out? Thanks in advance
  245. A

    SOLD! Honda Four Stroke Outboard 130HP

    What size shaft? Is the control for side? Any reason you are selling the motor? Let me know. Interested Thanh
  246. A

    Furuno GP1850D

    I just got this unit used. I was wondering if it has a base map like lowrance or garmin. Other units I have used, I would zoom to less than 1 mile and shows the harbor and what not. The previous owner never used it because he put his electronics on the boat. I have to zoom out to 64 nm to get a...
  247. A

    Wanted Pilot House or Walk Around

    He bought a Grady a couple months back.
  248. A

    WTB. 17 whaler.

    You might have to bump up your budget to at least 10k.
  249. A

    Albie rumors again!

    Are you talking about HMB or Monterey?
  250. A

    Tackle shop in the Bay Area

    Castro Valley Sportsman. I think it is off Castro Valley Blvd. Not affiliated. Google it for exact address. I think they own Berkeley Marina Sports
  251. A

    Invader stern baitwell removal help?

    Any invader center console out there that has removed the baitwell in the stern? I am trying to get access to bolt a kicker bracket? It seems that it is impossible to get it out. The hole is smaller than the tank. Worst case I might destroy it and make a new mold tank. Thanks in advance.
  252. A

    Here's how I load my boat.

  253. A

    Holy Shitshow

    That is why I will never go to SC. I go to Moss. Try going the weekdays too.
  254. A

    Buying a boat...outboard or I/O?

    If you leave it in the water, go outboard. Repower on an outboard is a shit load more expensive than an i/o. I/O is more maintenance but if you are a diy person then it should not be that bad cuz it's the labor that kills your wallet. I/O is great on fuel efficientsy but the 4 stroke outboard is...
  255. A

    What brand/type of downriggers do you have?

    Manual=Cannon/ Electric=Scotty. I can't turn the handle sideways on the manual scotty.
  256. A

    Teak Nightmares

  257. A

    remote oil filter

    Thanks everyone. I think I will order a jegs and get the hose crimped.
  258. A

    remote oil filter

    I got a 2004 4.3 mercruiser trophy 2052. Was wondering has anyone put in a remote oil filter cuz it is a pia to access the filter where it sits (port side in the rear of the block). Any aftermarket brand or do I need OEM? Thanks in advance.
  259. A

    Manifold and risers (again)

    That's the place that I saw the HGE brand. I am looking at the V6 dry-joint. The OEM is about $300 more than the HGE for the kit. Just wondering if it's all the same or just suck it up for the OEM.
  260. A

    Manifold and risers (again)

    Has anyone use HGE manifolds and risers before? Is it any good? Thanks in advance.
  261. A

    Whaler Outrage with 130 HP Yamaha 2-stroke outboard V4 Salwater Series

    My buddy had a 96 outrage with 150 hp Johnson 2 stroke. That thing was fast. Cuts the water great for a 17'. Ran it out of Half Moon Bay alot. Easy to tow. Great on fuel. Sold it for a cuddy for his wife and kids.
  262. A

    Aluminum diamond plate for flooring?

    All the times that I step on wet diamond plate, it was slippery as snot. just my 2cents.
  263. A

    manifold and riser???

    I would love to get closed cooling but an 8 yr old engine is not feasable. If it was new or near new then I would.
  264. A

    manifold and riser???

    I did hear about the flatness of the manifold to gasket being not true. Heard sierra is oem for mercruiser so I will look for those. Thanks to everyone.
  265. A

    Radar Arch/Tower???

    Let me know how it turns out. Post pics please. I might be there with you guys. First of the year. Also, let me know about the left and right sway.
  266. A

    manifold and riser???

    To clarify, it was leaking through the stainless not the weld.
  267. A

    manifold and riser???

    Kevin, The biggest issue for me is quality control. There is no regulation on what they put in the cast iron. I have delt with stainless from china that leaked in a vaccuum chamber. This is one area that china made is a no no
  268. A

    manifold and riser???

    Hey BD, Been out of the game for a while, just got a new to me 2004 Trophy with 4.3 mercruiser. I assume it is a chevy block but not positive. Question: What brand of manifold and risers would one buy? No China made crap. Osco, Barr, Glm, Sierra, etc.? What about Perfprotech? And Where? Pretty...
  269. A

    Round Two

    Where is HB? Are you talking about HMB (Half Moon Bay)?
  270. A


    Thanks for getting the word out. I always buy live bait when available for rockfish.
  271. A

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    You can probably tow it (very sketchy) but like everyone is saying you won't be able to stop it and the wheel base is too small for the 23 striper. I have one word. "Fishtale" The truck is too small. Do yourself a favor and buy a smaller boat or a upgrade on your truck. I saw a guy with a...
  272. A

    Ling Cod

    It will turn white when you cook it. It's just what they eat. Some people say that the blue color lingcod taste better that the plane brown color.
  273. A

    WD-40??? Your thoughts...

    Never used the stuff on lures but I heard that you can be cited for using it on lures because you are adding a petroleum base product in our waters and that is bad.
  274. A

    Lack of butts 4/30/06

    Got a late start to the fishing grounds. Got live bait and head to the berkeley flats. 8-12 for nothing. Then pick up and ran to alameda rockwall for sandab size butts. @ 2 pm we finally got a keeper, 29" and an hour later, one more just legal. Sorry no pics. It seemed slow all around but it was...
  275. A

    volvo problem

    Thanks for the responses and sorry for the late reply. I just had it in for a full service so I don't think its the plugs. It's a 99' small block v8 chevy with a volvo duo prop.
  276. A

    volvo problem

    As I was running in from a day of fishing, my engine starts to choke. It is fine at idle and I give it gas without a problem but in forward gear at hi rpm it seems to die. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.