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    WTB Daiwa Saltiga eva handle knobs

    Looking for a few eva knobs off the new Daiwa Saltiga10-15 HA reels. Thanks Matt
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    Shimano Game Type J question

    If I remember correctly, this series had 4 conventional models. I believe they discontinued the lightest one. If so does anyone know the model number? I think it might have been B602 but can't find any info on it. Thank you Matt
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    Question for Bantam 1

    On the Torsa series reels, will the BFS 80 cam work on the Torsa 20? I read somewhere that the 20 will only take a BFS 50 and that the BFS 80 is only for the Torsa 40. Can you confirm this? Thank you Matt
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    Daiwa Saltiga Help

    I'm looking for some help on a new Daiwa Saltiga SASD15 reel. I love everything about the reel except the spool lock. I miss the clicker. So I noticed the 20-30 size have the clicker, and am trying to find out if i can convert the spool lock to a clicker using the 20-30 parts? Any advise would...
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    Shimano Handles

    New to BD and have a question about Shimano handles. I have an assortment of Trinidads,Talicas,and a Torsa. I like the length of the Torsa handle the best. I'm wondering if I can put a Talica 25 handle on a Talc 8 and replace the 25 handle with Talica 50 handle? Also wondering if a Torsa handle...