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    Gotta go with “Statistico” on this one!!! The hard boney mouth of the wahoo is really tough to penetrate! The trokar hooks have the”scalpel point” on them. Helps penetrate that hard boney mouth a whole lot better!
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    Captain Rodney

    Rodney was one of the best skippers around. He could find fish anywhere, read water like no other, and was an all around GREAT person!!!!! A good friend of mine stayed in touch with him after he left the “Q”. I got to see Rodney at his funeral last year. Great skipper, great guy!!! So sorry...
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    Captain Rodney

    Rodney is on Facebook. His last name is spelled. “Okimoto”.
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    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day... Jan. 15-31 Roll Call (2021)

    Have a GREAT trip David. Sure wish I could be with you guys. Maybe next year.
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    Indy 11 day fishing report

    Thanks for your excellent report Soda. The fishing was slow, but the trip really was GREAT!!!! Ed hit a home run in the galley every single day!!! A really great bunch of guys to fish with. With great company, great food and good friends, it’s really one of the best trips I’ve been on. I’ll...
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    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of those yellows had shoulders!!!!!!!!!
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    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    is the sign for sale?????????????????????????? ????????????
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    320 gti level wind pawl

    Since you're in California, Contact Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He has a little bit of everything!!!! Great people too!!! (760-967-7335)
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    REEL to BUY

    Dan. Call Ken, at Kens custom reels, he may have a line on a used reel, and you know his advice is usually right on. give him a call!
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    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Thanks for all the input. Thinking about getting one of these for throwing wahoo bombs! I bought a Tourque 40 N for this a few years ago, and a guy told me the reel wasn't retrieving fast enough for bombs !!! Just a few opinions please.
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    Independence 11 day Roll Call ... Dec. 9 - 20 ... Lower Banks/Ridge trip

    Hey David! Yup. I'll see you on board!!! Really looking forward to this one!!!!!!!!!!!
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    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Just wondering if either one of these is capable of throwing and catching wahoo on bombs!!!!!! fast enough retrieve, strong enough, etc????
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    Cow Reels

    I LOVE my old Penn Int'l, 20's. Granted, they are far from "stock", Kens custom reels and CAL's turned them both into the killers they are. 1to 1 low gear, I think it's 4 to 1 high gear, Baker frames, Smoother than silk, GREAT drags, have killed a LOT of fish with both! yup, they are so good I...
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    SOLD 🛥🛥

    Really nice.
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    Bellmar Princess Weekend

    Your thinking of the 6 pack boats going out for tuna etc... on the open party boats you keep what you catch. and if the game warden checks, it's your responsibility!
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    For Sale 1994 Grady White 19 Tournament w/ 4Stroke Yamaha

    Just wondering. Do you know the gross towing weight of the entire rig???
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    Question on Wahoo Bomb colors

    I like the KK-Pono bombs. the big ones. I think they are 6 oz. Kens Custom Reels has them on the rack! I usually let Ken pick the color.
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    The famous ole Qualifier105

    I really miss the old girl. Lots of great memories. Jeff, Rodney, Bob Harris, Riverboat Mike, Travis 1&2, Cal, all really good people and fishermen! John is still down at the docks once in a while from what Ive been told. I miss him and Dena as well.
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    Thanks. I'll try an look in to that.
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    definitely not the style of music I enjoy, but he was a MONSTER player!!!!!!!
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    For Sale Arima Sea Chaser 1511 Catalina Ready

    Really nice rig!!!! Is the trailer in good enough shape to make the trip to Denver??????
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    A buddy of mine in Denver used to have a Cigar shop. He had me try some called "Cuban Sandwich". They were really good. I can't find them anymore though. Please ask your brother, if he can find them. I may need some come December. Thanks. They weren't expensive, but I enjoyed them.
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    Independence try out...

    Thanks. I get all mine done through Kens Custom Reels. :-)
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    Independence try out...

    Having your trip cancel is a bummer! It happened to me last year. Ended up on the RP with John. I had fished with him a year before on the Indy when Jeff was still running the indy. You will LOVE the boat. The soup morning snack is really nice, usually made from dinner leftovers:-). I've only...
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    Best 16 day charters?

    the Indy is a very comfortable boat, good crew, very comfortable. Can't say enough about John. Good guy, great fisherman. You will have a great time
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    Best kind of Fluorocarbon

    I like Blackwater if you can find it!!!! Good stuff!
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    Wind on’s

    Call Kens Custom Reels. He makes them, Ive used them for 10 years now, never a failure, many Cows!!!! 760-967-7335
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    Are you a puker?

    You looked up mescaline instead of meclazine!!! Try again
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    Nov 27th Fins-N-Feathers Thanksgiving Classic on the Indy

    Would love to join you guys. And get a video of the trip. But I'm already booked on the 11 day in December.
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    Any plans to remake baitcasters like 975s?

    Thought I read something a little while back that PENN is coming out with another "bait caster.
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    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    Really glad to see Andrew still slaying the MONSTERS!
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    Just Wondering:

    I was wondering if there is a higher speed gear set available for a PENN Torque 40 NLD?
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    Built another box.

    Beautiful job! Don't sell yourself short!!!
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    Bellmar Princess Weekend

    Thanks for a great report. I haven't fished the east coast in YEARS!!!! In favor of the long range action out of SanDiego. But now that I'm retired, once this COVID stuff settles down, I may have to give it a try again.
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    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I tried using silver solder for rings as well. Working in an industrial environment, I had the stuff available in the shop, and didn't think twice about using what we had. to solder rings for hooks, you need to find the smallest sized sticks you can. the 1/8" flat stock I was trying to use...
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    SF Bay 6/20

    Thanks for the report 👍. Time spent fishing with dad is always the best!
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    As I've stated before, I'm a "little guy. (6'4" and about 280lbs) I was in the up front state room with the A/C unit in the room. Got up in the middle of the night to take care of business, and got stuck! Couldn't get my legs up far enough to get around the A/C unit! I never lived that down...
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    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    JMHO. I always supported the boats being able to make a fair living. It's a LOT of hard work from beginning to end. But I have been wondering. Since they did away with fuel surcharges several years ago, and just raised to regular price due to the cost of fuel, why have we never seen a decrease...
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Hard to beat the crew on the AA. they really have their stuff together! Lori is one of the most helpful people you could ask for. She is very accommodating, and bends over backwards to help you with anything she can. Top Notch operation!
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    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Yup. First trip on the AA. Caught one about 14 to 16 inches long (Rainbow runner) Told Bobby I wanted to use him for bait. Pinned him through the nose on an 18/0 circle, and as a parting kiss, Bobby trimmed the tail. Slowed him down. Got one around 120 lbs. Not huge, but big enough to keep the...
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    Mustad 7691 hooks

    I always liked the EagleClaw 16/0 to 20/0 circle hooks for BIG bait. Salami's , rainbow runners, small tuna, skip jack, etc... Never had one of those babys pull out, or break!
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    For Sale 1987 18’ hydra sport updated

    Just curious. Is this one of the Kevlar Hull boats?
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    EXCELLENT writing as usual Craig. Can't wait to hear the next chapter in this one.
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    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Niedersteins has been closed for a long time now. But it was a GREAT place. the fan system alone was worth the visit! My old neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    Really glad you got to go again this year Craig. Looking forward to reading the rest of it. Just curious, what dates were your trip???
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    Monterey Bay Long Rangers? [subtitled: I ain't desperate, I just sound that way on the interweb]

    Fished with Doug last spring. Great fisherman, really nice guy, and always willing to share knowledge and help. If you can swing one of his charters, you won't be sorry!
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    Highly figured cherry tackle box for Robert Roncal.

    WOW what an amazing work of art!!!!!!
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    Looking to upgrade a 545.

    Try Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He has stuff stashed and can come up with what you need.
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    Trip Roomate from Hell...

    Thank you so much :-) . Someone put this up at least once a year, and it NEVER fails to make me laugh...
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    Reel Service-Baitcasters

    Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. Best Reel service there is, and reasonable!
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    SOLD Price Reduction! Triumph 190 Custom Pilot House

    That thing is AMAZING!!!!!! Very well thought out, looks to be a high quality build, Just wish I could pull the trigger!.
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    Leader and Top Shot Storage Bags

    Look at some of the soft sided lunch boxes, and small tackle boxes.
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    Looks like a real nice "fish fry". Congrats on a GREAT day.
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    Boat Independence New Engines

    Yes indeed Dan. A.K.A. the K.I.S.S. method!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
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    cow tuna sardine hooks

    I like Eagle Claw hooks. Their Trokar line, while expensive, is a GREAT hook, and I will put it up against any designer hook you want. That said, I still use the old circle hooks, work great, bronze, and black pearl finish. I have a bunch of them, and I'm NOT going to get rid of them. They work...
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    Vagabond Closing!

    I'm always doing things way too early. So I was trying to book a room at the Vagabond for my trip in December (Told you I do stuff way too early!) Anyway, I'm on the Website, and it shows "no availability"! I called them yesterday on my way home from work, and they told me (after pushing a...
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    First LR Trip for Rod & Amy 2021

    JMHO, especially bringing your better half. The Indy, American Angler, even the RP with it's remodeled rooms now. I haven't been on the Excel, but I've heard nothing but good about it. An early 10 day trip. I used to love the 10 dayers, lots of variety! Don't know about anymore with so many...
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    SOLD 17ft Cajun Bass Boat 90hp Suzuki Price Drop!

    Nice rig!!! If I could right now, I'd drive to Cali and pick it up!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    And then I woke up...

    And Soda looks so Mean, Viscous, and Cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oscar from the Independence.

    Thanks. Rode the Indy with him in 2018. Nice guy.
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    Oscar from the Independence.

    Just saw something on Facebook. Did Oscar leave the Indy and move to the Intrepid???? Just looking for confirmation.
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    What the?

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He delivered the dock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    JMHO. I like the Calstar 7470XX Caught several cows on mine, including my first!. Fast tip, strong middle, and "lifts" well. Don't know if it's still available, but it's a GREAT rod!. I have the 770X, and 770XXX I only use BIG hooks, and BIG baits on the XXX. I've had it pull 6/0 to 9/0...
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    Gearing Up for December 11 Day

    I'm on the same trip Palmer. Look forward to sharing the rail. Should be a fabulous trip, It just filled up not to long ago too! So barring anything crazy, it's a go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Thanks so much David. As always, your reports are excellent! I do look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Enjoy the trip on the RP. Later my friend...………….. :-)
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Dave! :-)
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    REEL to BUY

    Hey Dan. Before you buy, talk to Kens Custom Reels, may even have something used! Also discuss line set up, etc.... You really can't go wrong in that place. I know you're in Utah now, but give him a call, tell him what you're thinking about, and give him a little time. He'll find you something...
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Have a GREAT time Soda. Sure wish I could have been with you again this year, Had a really GREAT time last year. You truly are one of a kind with an unmatched sense of humor!
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    Trip Selection Priorities

    Jonhjax. Trust me. Save your pennies, and try one of the long range trips out of San Diego. I made the mistake of doing a trip about 20 years ago, and save every bit I can to do one trip every year. Granted, I worked my way up to 16 day trips, but there truly is nothing like it! Try to start...
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    Intrepid staterooms

    Pack light, If I remember right, only 2 rooms have closets! you get 1 pull out drawer, and a box under the sink. I ended up sleeping with my clothes, and luggage.
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    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Have a BLAST Soda. Get a 400Lber while you're down there!!!!
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    Bowfin Spawning in Texas River

    In La. They used to call them Cypress Trout. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Choupique, is what I was told they are.
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    Expired Flares

    You can always give them to your local fire dept.
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    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    First! WAY TO GO DAD !!!!!!!!!! On the patches, My pharmacy (CVS) kept telling me earlier this year that there is a shortage, couldn't get patches for my 16 day for months. My insurance demands I use CVS. So I started looking elsewhere. Everyplace I called had them ! So since my...
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    Carp fishing among the boats

    Bugle mouth bass LOL
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    Maui Jim Sunglasses

    LOVE my Costa shades!!!!
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    New Lo An 2.75 day trip report

    :urno1:Thanks for the report Jeff
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    Bob Harris aka Santa Claus has passed

    He was a really great guy, I miss him terribly, my best friend! I'm sure you do remember him Dan. I always had a lot of fun fishing with him. When he stopped fishing, he would still come down to the docks, to see me off, and to greet me when we came back in. So long old friend. You will be...
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    Bob Harris aka Santa Claus has passed

    Know several of you knew Bob from the Holiday, Vagabond and of course the Qualifier 105. Bob passed and services are the 21st. See info in link.
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    Bob Harris aka Santa Clause has passed

    Know several of you knew Bob from the Holiday, Vagabond and of course the Qualifier 105. Bob passed and services are the 21st. See info in link.
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    Dana Point halibut 11-10-19

    Really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the report.
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    Hey Dave. Try and put up a quick report if you can when you get back. I felt spoiled on my trip, hope you have the same experience. Sure wish I could go with you.
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    Have a GREAT time David. Roger is a really good Charter master. Lots of goodies the year I went with him. Plus he's just plain "nice". The boat is really comfortable, even better than the other two we were on together! Crew was a lot of fun, Haven't fished with any of the skippers that are still...
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    Huge Brook trout in small creek

    When I was a kid, I worked my uncles dairy farm in Herkimer county upstate N.Y. Close to the Erie Canal.:-) Fished a lot of the ponds, streams, and even the BIG "East Creek" . Much Simpler times.
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    Huge Brook trout in small creek

    Thanks for sharing this. Used to fish small streams like that back east years ago. Lots of memories. :-)
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    So, I’m going fishing again...

    Kens trips are always the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    best 40-50lb live bait reel

    JMHO, so don't crucify me please. For 40 lb. I really like my old ProGear 454 star drag. smooth operation, casts like a dream, for 50, I'm getting older, so I went with a torque 40,narrow 2 speed. AMAZING reel.
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    Pumpkin Carving Contest 2019 Is On!

    You are a very talented lady!
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    Restaurants near the landings

    OH, Don't forget Perry's for breakfast!!!!
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    Indy is a GREAT boat! They cancelled my 15 day this year, went on the RP. Cutting back a little bit, booked an 11 day in December on the Indy for 2020, chomping at the bit already. As an aside, don't sell some of the smaller boats short! The AA has a top notch operation! I'm just a little too...
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    Queequeg = Ahab

    How can anyone have something against Soda pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice guy, generous as they come, and funny as hell!
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    Restaurants near the landings

    Il Pomodoro about 2 or 3 blocks down Scott street. Usually EXCELLENT Italian.
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    For Sale 2004 Striper 19' CC - Yamaha F115 Four Stroke

    What a sweet boat! Oh how I wish I could pull the trigger on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Penn International II 20T reel 2-speeded by Cal, is it sellable?

    I have 2 of them, with Baker Frames, and LOVE them. I use mine for 80lb., and 100lb. GREAT reels. Ask Ken at "Kens Custom Reels, what he thinks of them! Don't know what they would sell for though, to me, mine are priceless.
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    Cabo this past week

    Thanks for the report, and glad you didn't stress out over the "confusion".
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    GREAT GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken is the BEST! Have a GREAT time.
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    AA Ken's Custom Reel 7-Day

    Thanks Jay, for a GREAT report. I sure miss fishing with you guys, Ken, Wes, and all the crew on that boat truly are the best. Glad you had such a good trip.
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    Roll Call Indy Shootout 10/6-10/16

    When I was out a few months ago, the KK-Pono bombs worked GREAT! The bigger ones, 6 oz. I think
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    Mike nail

    Congrats :-)
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    Long Range Give Aways

    If we're going to start rating charter masters, I vote for Ken Corwin of Kens Custom Reels. He brings on more stuff than I have ever seen. You really don't need your tackle box, because he gives EVERYBODY pretty much all the terminal tackle you will need for the trip, and then some. That doesn't...
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    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    Congrats on a great catch! I'm sure you made all the passengers day!. I've never seen a sword up close and personal. Sure wish I could have been there. On the other side, don't let these guys get to you it's not worth it!
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    All the boats I have ridden on have E-exits in the main hallway in the lower bunk rooms fore, and aft. Thought it was required by the coastguard. I'm 62, and a big fat guy, in a fire situation, trust me, my fat ass is up the ladder, and through the hatch, just hope no one is standing on it...
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    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Thanks for another GREAT report Soda! Glad you had such a good time.Look forward to seeing you again.
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    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Thanks for a great write up. That's a lesson I learned top water bass fishing. Don't set the hook until you feel the weight of the fish. I love this sport!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Fish processing prices?

    Been there, done that, no thanks.
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    Fish processing prices?

    I still miss Sarah!!!!!!!!!! She was ALWAYS so pleasant! Just a really nice lady. Sure wish she was still running 5 star.
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    I agree 100% with Snorkle on his comment. Like I said earlier, I get seasick, and the best way to describe it, is I'm too sick to die, and I have wished for death several times over my lifetime of braving the ocean. Smaller boats don't seem to affect me as bad. But the slow roll of 40' and...
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    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    Hey Doug. :-) Thanks for a GREAT report. Loved the read. Hope to have the chance to fish with you again someday.
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    Finally, something I'm an expert on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get seasick as a DOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use the patch, It's what has worked best for me! I still get sick if it's really rough, but surprisingly, the last 2 years no sign of nausea! I think it's the boats I've been on. I would get sick...
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    GREAT report, thanks:-)
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    Blue Fever

    Thanks for the report, and the pics. You don't look happy at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:appl::appl::appl::worship:
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    Had to get towed, so to the beach I went

    Thanks for the report.
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    Auto merger

    That's FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Which tuna hooks for fly lining bait?

    It's all a matter of opinion. I've come to really like the Trokar hooks. Size depends on bait, and target. Of course, for me, ringed, and circles!
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    Maryland state record wahoo 131 pounds

    That's a BEAUTIFUL wahoo!!!!!! Steaks for months!!!!!!
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    basket of goodies

    I really don't know. But I'm sure Ken could give you the numbers right off the top of his head. I know I've caught Yellowfin in the 140 lb. to 180 lb. with them at hurricane bank and the like.
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    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/13 -7/20 - Official Report

    Remember sweet lady, the only thing better than an 8 day trip, is a 10 day trip, etc... etc... So glad to see you enjoying yourself my dear.
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    basket of goodies

    O.K. Had mine 2 speeded, blueprinted, freespooled, Baker frames, etc... Use them for fly lining sardines with 100LB. test flouro topshots. Not enough O's in SMOOOOOOOOTH to describe these things! I don't know exactly What Cal, and Kenny do to these things, or how, but I LOVE them. Paired with a...
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    basket of goodies

    The original Penn Int'l 20.
  120. H

    basket of goodies

    If you want to try a really AMAZING reel, as Ken if you can use his Int. 20. THAT is an AMAZING reel!
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    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Thanks for a GREAT report!
  122. H

    I’m one lucky mofo!

  123. H

    Did Someone Call for Rockets Red Glare?

    Always remember. People don't want to hear YOUR opinion. They want to hear THEIR opinion coming out of your mouth!!!!!!
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    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    you forgot about his partner, C. Howett Fields!!!!!
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    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Went on the Indy last year. LOVED the boat. I'm big and fat, so the extra little bit of room was really great! Food was Excellent! usually soup for morning snack made from dinner leftovers really good stuff. I went when Jeff was running the boat. Skippers don't come much better in my book, I...
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    Wahoo fishermen

    My own experience. Around Alijos area, and North, For trolling, a purple and black marauder. Down around Hurricane bank, and the buffer zone, I got a orange, black and silver custom painted marauder ( both old style Braids). For Bombs, I like the BIG (9 oz. I believe) KKPono Bombs. I get mine...
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    At what point?

    You are the MAN Soda!!!!! If momma ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy. You're a good man David, a great fisherman, and a LOT of fun!!! I can't wait to share the rail with you again!!!! Lets just leave the "creeping crud" on the dock!!!!! :-)
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    6/15 Coronado Islands report

    Thanks. Love to hear about good days on the water. :-)
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    Oceanside Ninety Five

    Check with Kens Custom Reels. I brt they know whats been going on!
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    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    A great, and fun read. Thanks for taking the time to put it up.
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    So, I’m going fishing

    I’m different. I believe boarding by numbers is too easy to manipulate and slide “friends &family” in before the people who paid first or however they decided to do it. The only problem I ever had with first come first serve, was a guy put an old tackle box at the front of the line the day...
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    Pre-rigged flat falls

    Didn't know you were on foot Nicodemus, my bad, sorry.
  133. H

    Pre-rigged flat falls

    Stop by at Kens Custom Reels. He has all that stuff!
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    So, I’m going fishing

    Hey Steve. Have a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The yellows at the rocks were strong and mean when I was down there a few weeks ago. Had one empty my 454 of 40LB test!!!
  135. H

    Any old guys remember her?

    She was my home away from home! The crew was like family, I loved that rig! I miss the old Qualifier to this day! Travis one and two, Rodney, Joe, Riverboat Mike, Cal, Great boat, fun people, Wish she was back here.
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    RP - John Collins 16 day trip report

    Thanks for the report Doug. It was great meeting you, and sharing the rail, when I was able. :-)
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    RP 16 day John Collins' trip - 1 spot just opened up

    Thanks Doug. I hadn't. Been at work since 4:30 this morning. Thanks for the heads up, it will have me making more decisions again!!!! Thanks
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    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    I thought I packed heavy!!!!! Can't wait to see you again David............. :-)
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    RP update....21 cows, 1 super cow and plenty of wahoo and yt

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one more day at the "salt mine", and then on a plane to 'Dago..........
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    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess my trip would have been cancelled anyway!!!! It's a great boat, and I'm really glad they did the right thing with the refund! I sure hope I can get on a trip next year..:-)
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    RP 16 day John Collins' trip - 1 spot just opened up

    Still standing in front of the calendar screaming HURRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    Not to get off the subject, but to add to the Trokar comments. They are excellent hooks!!!! I've been using them for a few years now. Live close to the EagleClaw Factory, and every once in a while, I get a sample. Especially when I tell them I'm going long range! But they are amazing hooks...
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    Invictus for Keith

    Beautiful work!
  144. H

    Shannon Crushes it AGAIN...

    Thank you Doug. I'm so stoked that it's time to go fishing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. H

    Shannon Crushes it AGAIN...

    For the last month, I've been standing in front of the calendar screaming HURRY!!!!!!!!!. Now it's getting even worse!!!! I can't wait to leave the "salt mine" and get on the boat!!!!! Getting to see Soda again, and meeting Doug and the rest, but now with SUPER's on the menu, LET'S...
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    New toys for upcoming 16 Day RP trip.

    I'm going to pick up a couple of KK-Pono bombs at Kens, maybe a couple of flat falls with blue fin being a possibility. :-) still another week and a half to work.... Then sunny California, here I come :-)
  147. H

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I've forgotten mine a couple of times, but just about always bring my own stainless steel wide bottomed coffee cup. I'm not environmentally conscious, those wide bottomed things don't spill as easy!.
  148. H

    Border Closure

    Don't forget to HEAVILY penalize all those who hire illegals!
  149. H

    Private tuna trip on New Buccaneer May

    I've heard a lot of boats down that way don't allow spectra either. Is that true?
  150. H

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Looking forward to meeting you too Doug. :-) And of course it will be GREAT to see Soda again. :-)
  151. H

    This gets funnier and funnier

    A good archer for sure. Any idea what kind of reel that was??????
  152. H

    RP - on a BFT bite...

    Leave it to Jeff to find fish when he's not even looking!!!!! He is a VERY FISHY skipper. Wondering if I'm going to have to pick up some stuff for bluefin on my 16 day now????
  153. H

    Molokai Ono Run 03-31

    :-) YUM
  154. H

    Got the revenge on the line breaker fish!

    Never saw pike that dark before!!! Thanks for sharing. :-)
  155. H

    SOLD 2007 2101 Striper w/alaskan pkg

    MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!! Great right up too. Sure do wish I could "pull the trigger" on this one!
  156. H

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    Joe is a good fisherman, and a GREAT guy. Just retired a few years ago too!!!!!! Hat's off to Joe, and the rest of the "super seniors who are still "doing it".
  157. H

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    I know I'm different. But I like the brown polarized lenses. Seem to have a little more definition, and less glare! JMHO. Just picked up a pair of Costas in the duty free shop in PR. Looking forward to my trip in a few weeks, well 26 days
  158. H

    Trip Report: Red Rooster, 3/1 - 3/16

    Thanks for a great report. :-) I get to go in another 26 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. H

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    Have Ken go through it first! He can make those things SING!!!!
  160. H

    RIP Dick Dale

    A really good player, that's for sure! He will be missed.R.I.P.
  161. H

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    The quiet, smooth operation of my Pro-Gear 454. My go to 40 lb. rig, casts like a dream, smooth operation, She's about 22 years old now, and caught tons of fish, tuna, yellow tail, wahoo, calicos, grouper, but, thanks to Ken and Wes, at Kens Custom Reels, it stays as my #1 choice of everything I...
  162. H

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Fished with Jeff almost 25 years ago on the "Q". My first real long range trip. He put us on an amazing albacore and bluefin bite!. Never saw fishing like that ever again!. Next time was last year on the Indy. He will do well wherever he goes. Top notch skipper. Look forward to seeing you in a...
  163. H

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Thanks Lake. I'm really looking forward to this trip!
  164. H

    Anyone up for a skiff trip?

    Must be nice!
  165. H

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Thanks Greg. Any and all info is appreciated.
  166. H

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Hey Soda. Thanks for putting this up. I've never been on this one either. Any and all info is very welcome! Just wondering. When B-Buck said they don't have any cups, should I bring a big sleeve of solo cups??? I always bring my own coffee cup! How about tackle storage?????? Being the last...
  167. H

    Galveston Poaching Pier Report

    Used to fish for reds with my dad out of Venice(south pass) and Grand Isle La. best prep I liked was fillet and skin with care. Leave no red or skin on the fillets. Roll the fillets in Frenches yellow mustard (this is the only thing I use yellow mustard for!) and then roll them in corn flour. I...
  168. H

    1989 Bayrunner 22 transom rebuild

    What a craftsman!!!!
  169. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    GREAT report Craig! You truly do have a gift. And yes, those are 2 of the biggest Red Rock Cod I've ever seen!!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!!. I leave in about 6 or 7 weeks!!!
  170. H

    Last 5 minutes on a Super Cow

    Thank you for this!!!! I leave in 7 weeks. Stuff like this keeps my heart pumping!!!!!!!!!!
  171. H

    Newbie question on rod length on LR boats

    I think 7" is safe. Any longer than that gets "iffy".
  172. H

    Tern drag # are wrong.

    Sounds like the one Okuma I bought. The big high speed Convector. Couldn't produce enough drag to wind in a dodo!!!!!
  173. H

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    Thanks Basil. That's GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen it before!!!
  174. H

    AA 14 Day Trip Report 1/27-2/10

    Thanks for great report. Great operation!
  175. H

    WTB Reel bag needed

    Give Kens Custom Reels a call. (760) 967-7335. If he doesn't have a used one in house, just give him a little time. He'll find one for you. The guy is amazing!
  176. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Excellent as usual Craig. Looking forward to chapter 3 :-)
  177. H

    Catalina Lobsters 8,9,and 10

    Thanks for sharing. GREAT TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  178. H

    Sumbawa , Indonesia : High Fishing Adventure

    Great report. Thanks for taking the time. :-)
  179. H

    Anyone Using Mole Crabs as bait?

    Nice black drum, and striper!!!
  180. H

    Reel Service is Needed

    or just bring it to the show. They used to service your reels, while you were browsing. call them first to make sure they are still doing this.
  181. H

    Reel Service is Needed

    Another vote for Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. Very knowledgable, and honest!
  182. H

    Reel Service Needed

    Another vote for Kens in Oceanside. He knows his stuff, and he's as honest as they come!
  183. H


    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff left the Indy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was running the "Q" on my first Long Range trip, and then I got to fish with him last year, my first trip on the Indy! I thought he did a great job, and I really enjoyed his company on the boat. I will miss him. But that...
  184. H

    Yeti or Pelican for roof of 2320

    I always liked the Pelican products. High quality stuff there! just my 2 cents.
  185. H

    'Hoo Dat ?

    GET THEM HOO'S David!!!!!! Glad to hear the first day of fishing was such a success!!!!!!
  186. H

    What technique to stop overruns us8ng heavy flat falls?

    As my dad used to tell me. You need to develop an "educated thumb".
  187. H

    Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing but Not Long Range

    Thanks for a great report. And CONGRATS on your PB :-)
  188. H

    BSP on the fly

    Thank you for the report.
  189. H

    Galveston Poaching Pier Report

    I used to really enjoy fishing for reds with my dad out of Venice, and down at South Pass. Fond memories. I've always thought they were delicious! Used to skin and filet them, cut out any blood line or bruised areas, roll them in yellow mustard( the only time I'd ever use yellow mustard) dredge...
  190. H

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    How about a bucket of "blue steam" ????
  191. H

    RP current trip

    Everyone seems to have forgotten about LORAN. That was the guidance and navigation system in use before GPS. And it was used in the 70's, maybe even the 60's
  192. H

    Heading to Lake Havasu City

    6 pound "sunnies"?????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  193. H

    stuttering cat

    That was GREAT
  194. H

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    As I have said many times on here. "It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on!". But I too find myself reaching the end of being ablate do this. I should have stopped a long time ago for financial reasons, but just couldn't bring myself to do it! This will probably be my last 14 to 16...
  195. H

    Spectra brand weights

    I like shorter top shots, and agree that they get bit better. My concern with them is, abrasion from rubbing up against the fish, fins, tail, etc... Spectra is not abrasion resistant at all! So my concern is always, is the fluorocarbon, longer than the fish!
  196. H

    Ringed hooks vs non-ringed.

    I use ringed hooks for everything except 16 through 20/0 circle hooks. If it's a wide open bite (chewing the paint off the boat dorado style) I'll go to a cheaper un-ringed hook. But otherwise, it's ringed! I haven't tried NOT cinching down my uni-knot yet, Partially because I never think of it...
  197. H

    Fathom 40N 2-spd - No Freespool or No Drag

    X3 Kens Custom Reels. He really is the best!
  198. H

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    I've caught Cabrilla on east coast style diamond jigs, the ones with the surgical tube over the shank of the hook. Drop it to the bottom, and burn it up. repeat!!!
  199. H

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Danny Osuna on the El Pescador Dec 6 - 10.

    Thanks K Song. Yeah, Cancun. One of the guys had fished down there in the spring a few years ago and said it was great. but May sure isn't December! :-)
  200. H

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    I've used a lot of different bombs, and jigs. My favorite, are the KK-PONO bombs. A little bigger, a little heavier, and they seem to work if they are the right color..................... FAST
  201. H

    3 1/2 days trip with Capt Danny Osuna on the El Pescador Dec 6 - 10.

    Thanks for a great report. :-) Just out of curiosity, how were the accommodations on board??? meals??? etc... And what was the cost??? A few of the guys from work and I went down to Cancun last December. The fishing wasn't very good. Sharks, and barracuda was all we could find. So the...
  202. H

    For Sale ..... Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27

    Congrats Soda :-) Glad you were able to recoop some of your loss on this. Tight lines!
  203. H

    20 VISX Max Drag at Strike

    I have 2 OLD 20's worked by Kens and Cals. I use them for 100 all the time. I'm sure there are enough upgrades in the newer ones to handle 100 with no problem. JMHO
  204. H

    Looking for a fid tool

    I've used these wind-ons for 10 years now. Caught LOTs of fish, and 18 cows. Never a failure, or a problem. I buy them pre made from Kens!
  205. H

    Black Bass fishing PNG

    That looks GREAT!!!!. Can you share some information on the guide group, charter, or whatever it was you guys took??? What a GREAT trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. H

    American Angler 8-Day 11/25-12-2

    Great operation, I always had a lot of fun on that rig.
  207. H

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree this year.

    a higher speed gear set for my Torque 40 nld.
  208. H

    best Trout water you've ever fished?

    Frying pan river, Colorado, and East Creek between Little Falls, and St. Johnsville in Herkimer County N.Y.
  209. H

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    Last I heard, John was working the fuel dock. Not sure which one. I'll say it again, I really miss that boat!
  210. H


    Don't forget, SOMEONE would post pictures!!!!! And it wouldn't be with an island in the back ground!!!!!!
  211. H


    Haven't read the whole thing. Just my 2 cents! A few years ago, when the fuel prices were through the roof, there used to be "fuel surcharges". I guess the "powers that be" got angry since they didn't get their cut of the fuel surcharge!. So they pressured the boats to do away with the...
  212. H

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Great read. Thanks for putting in the time:-)
  213. H

    The Qualifier 105 in her new home.

    I really miss the "Q". Did my first real long range on her in 97. Great times on that rig! Jeff was running her my first trip! then Rodney ( a really GREAT skipper. No one could read water like him!) I was on the very first trip Joe worked the boat, he and "squeaker" came over from a 6 pack boat...
  214. H

    Mutu Hybrid?

    I'll probably get trashed for this, but try the Trokars! I've been using them the last few years, and really like them. Never had one break, and they seem to stick really well. JMHO.
  215. H

    Excel - Colonello October 20 -31, 2018, the Guadalupe a trip.

    Thank you for a really great report :-) We need more like this.
  216. H

    Where to buy reel bearings

    Kens' Custom Reels. That guy has EVERYTHING squirreled away somewhere!
  217. H

    For Sale Sold! Sold! Sold!

    Really sweet ride!!!! Did I read right? The "T"-top comes apart? You can take it off, to fit the boat in a garage???
  218. H

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    Thanks for the report :-) Great to hear about good things:-) Theres just one thing I want to add. After looking at the picture of your thumb, you might want to get some finger tape!!! Spectra burns really do suck!!!!!
  219. H

    Tired of little or big shits showing up with no Halloween costume?

    Saw one a few weeks ago, Caramel covered ONIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  220. H

    Questions about the American Angler

    I know I'm different. I'm like a little kid trying to sleep on Christmas eve the night before a trip. So getting on line at midnight is not unusual! I like the First come first on too. Not many do it that way anymore. Anyway, it's a GREAT operation, great crew and food. You're sure to have a blast.
  221. H

    Possible theft at H&M Landing this morning.

    So glad you recovered your stuff. If mine ever ended up gone, I don't know what I would do! Most of it can't be replaced!!!!
  222. H

    Casting Clinic

    glad you called these guys out!
  223. H

    Incredible Gift

    WOW!!!! What a nice thing to do. you are blessed with some GREAT friends!!!:-)
  224. H

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    Used to fly with my rods all the time. In my opinion, the plano airliner tube is excellent! Just find a way to lock the "twist on cap" on. I use ty-wraps, and tape extras to the tube if TSA decides to rummage through my stuff. The big bazooka tube has broken on me twice. The last one on it's...
  225. H

    Anyone with experience with VMC 8386PS circle hook

    I really like the eagle claw 2004. 16/0 up to 20/0 Big bait hooks for big fish! Never had one break off, or straighten out on me. JMHO
  226. H


    No soap in the steel wool. Just plain steel wool, like you would use when finishing wood. Chop it into smaller pieces. The steel wool cuts them from the inside, and they bleed out! Worked on NYC sewer rats.
  227. H


    Add some steel wool to your peanut butter, and plaster mix.
  228. H

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    Thanks Steve. Hope to see you and Statistico while I'm out there in April, if I don't get out there sooner. :-)
  229. H

    The American Angler Captains

    amazing operation all the way around. And Lori is still amazing!!!!
  230. H

    Independence/Seeker 8 day 2019

    I went on a 16 day with the Indy in April/May. It's a fantastic boat with a GREAT skipper and crew. You will have a blast!!!!!
  231. H

    Cow on the Thunderbird!

    CONGRATS!!!!! Thats a fabulous fish!!!!!
  232. H

    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    Thats being rescued in style!!! :-)
  233. H

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    Yes. It is their right to protest! If they choose to sit or kneel during the national anthem, then it is my right to not watch football anymore!!!!! I agree with their right to protest. But I think they need to choose a different way. Maybe something that won't piss off the people they are...
  234. H

    36 hour trip advice

    Don't forget the "Prowler", Capt Andrew has been KILLING the big bluefin this year, Also the "Liberty" Taro does a GREAT job as well!.
  235. H

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    AA (although the shower is a little small for a big fat SOB like me) and the Independence. The Indy has showers just as big as mine at home. Both boats are cleaned all the time. Excellent operations!
  236. H


    Nice collection, but I have to ask! What is "the Cabela's ordeal???
  237. H

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Mexican prisons are not fun places!
  238. H

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    Soda, Enjoy, think Light, have FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a BLAST !!!!! I haven't been to Guadalupe since 1997. Jeff took us there on a 4 day, after having a WFO on Bluefin and albacore on the "Q".
  239. H

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    The airlines have broken 2 Bazookas on me, and just so you know, fishing rods aren't covered under most airlines breakage policies. I bought the Plano jumbo several years ago, and it is wonderful!. I travel with 10, 7' long rods. I fit all of them in the tube, and haven't had one break Yet. I do...
  240. H

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    I'm NOT and English teacher. So I appreciate your time and effort put in to writing a report. I enjoyed the read/ :-)
  241. H


    Great reels. Sure wish John could have kept them going. Nice guy too.
  242. H

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    Jeff, Rodney, and Joe, were damn good too!!!
  243. H

    Open Party Boats???:

    I was just up in Seattle for a few days. My better half had to work, and I was looking to go fishing for a day or so. It was salmon opener, but didn't have to fish for salmon, Bottom fish would have been fine. I was totally shocked to find out, that there isn't one party type boat running out of...
  244. H

    20/0 hooks

    Not at all Fishy. I put that 20/0 into an anchovy !!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAOROFL Yes David, Salami's. and one on a skippy, and one on a small bait tank mackerel, and a 9/0 eagle claw lazer sharp with the black pearl finish. Gotta love the Eagle Claw hooks!
  245. H

    20/0 hooks

    I've caught all but 1 of my cows, on the eagle claw 2045, from 16/0 to 20/0. GREAT hook! Always use them for salami's on up. But I do sharpen them. some habits just don't die!!! Used to be able to buy them in bulk (box of 100) for about a buck a piece. Not any more though.
  246. H

    251-pound bluefin onboard Prowler

    Way to go Andrew :-)
  247. H

    SOLD 2004 Tiderunner 195 SOLD

    Thanks. HOA says I have to keep it inside. Not going to leave something like that outside here, that's for sure!
  248. H

    SOLD 2004 Tiderunner 195 SOLD

    Sorry, One more "length" question. Overall length of the entire rig??? trailer too.
  249. H

    Topwater Connecticut bass and pike!!

    Used to fish in Conn. a LOT!!! Where were you fishing???
  250. H

    Wolf fish in Norway

    Thanks for the pictures, and the report. Very nice. Just wondering if Norway has "party boat fishing" available. Regularly scheduled open fishing trips???
  251. H

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Most airlines do NOT cover fishing equipment. I've had 2 rods broken, and one stolen (I think TSA couldn't get it back in the tube and just kept it). When a claim was made, they said they are NOT responsible for fishing rods. Reels, I ALWAYS carry on!. Wrap them in some of your clothes, and put...
  252. H

    General Info on the Independence

    I went on her for the first time this year, a 16 day trip. It was excellent!!!! Very comfortable, great skipper and crew, excellent food. Ed had a new kid working the rally with him this trip, and everything was really good! Home made soup for snacks is a great idea, and it was really good soup...
  253. H

    Customer service question / issue

    I'll stick with Kens' Custom Reels for my service and sales. Too many horror stories out there from both shops and companies! He ALWAYS does the right thing!!!!!
  254. H

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Both of those guys are GREAT. Studied their trade with the best operation on the water, and work extremely hard. Glad to see Andrew moving up as well. He is a great kid.
  255. H

    Is she Right?

    My parents were just that! My PARENTS!!!!!! My dad wasn't anything close to being my "friend" until I was out of high school. My mom could wield a bull whip with the best of them. She could make that damn thing sing!!! And me right along with it!.. No I wasn't abused as a kid. I was RAISED...
  256. H

    London outlaws knives!

    Next thing "they" will ban is knuckles!!! Enough of this B.S.
  257. H

    Spools for Penn 501

    Try calling Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. That guy has almost everything squirreled away somewhere!
  258. H

    Prowler sold

    Congrats to Andrew. He is a great kid. Same with Taro, and Cam. All 3 really worked hard, and learned well. Can't beat Brian and Sammy. Both great skippers. And those they "raised" are truly amazing. Don't forget Ray.
  259. H

    Will Albacore make an appearance?

    I thought the long range boats were already running pretty much at capacity.
  260. H

    Speedmaster TSMll

    You can call Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He has all kinds of parts in stock. It's amazing what he can pull out of his hat.
  261. H

    Been looking for a very long time!

    CONGRATS!!!! That really is a cool ride.
  262. H

    SOLD Tiburon SST 12

    I have one. They are really great reels! Let me clarify. Mine is an older made in USA model. Can't say anything about the chinese ones. But mine is amazing. JMHO
  263. H

    3/24 Fisherman lll After the Rain

    Glad you had a good time with family. A pic of Katie would have been nice, but not necessary. Thanks for taking the time to write. :-)
  264. H

    Polaris Supreme Bunk Layout?

    Dallas sounds familiar. I bet it is the old Ass Holes Invitational from the Q. You should have an absolute blast!!!! I've heard a lot of great things about that trip over the years. Have fun. :-)
  265. H

    Polaris Supreme Bunk Layout?

    Just wondering. Is this the same A.H.I. Invitational that used to fish on the Q105???? That was supposed to be a really fun trip1
  266. H

    Kiwi Fishing - a fish a day

    Gurnard look like the sea robins we used to catch in Hampton bays in N.Y. when I was a kid!. Some day I'm going to make it down there just to look around. Maybe go fishing once or twice. But New Zealand, and Austrailia have always fascinated me.
  267. H


  268. H

    "F#*k Cancer" 900XL for Michael

    Beautiful. I LOVE the cord for a for-grip. have it on avery rod over 40lb.
  269. H


    What tuna??????
  270. H

    Rail rod grips

    All my rods have "extra long tunacord for the fore grip. wrapped 3 to 4 times to fit my "delicate little hands". It does wear a little from rail use, but it's never slick, or uncomfortable for me. I have mine done through Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. Just ask to look at one of his rods. Nice...
  271. H

    Didn't get away

    It looked like it was hit by a propeller!!
  272. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    GREAT report Craig. This long range stuff really is addicting. Who knows. Maybe you can convince Cabelas, to start a long range section for their catalogue! If nothing else, they should send you to all the places they book for trips, and have you write the reviews. You love to fish, but your...
  273. H

    Wyoming bikini

    No muff too tough, we dive till 5!!! LOL
  274. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great job Craig. I've said it for years, this long range stuff is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Don't worry, with your determination, your cow will come! I'm just glad you had a great time. Enjoyng the read. Looking forward to the conclusion. :-)
  275. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Go getup Craig!!!! Glad to see you made another trip possible....
  276. H

    Anybody fish with "vintage" gear?

    Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He works on just about everything, Really knows his stuff, and has just about any parts they may need in house. If he doesn't I'm sure he knows where to get them. He's a really nice guy too! I live in Colorado, and use his place exclusively. He's that good!
  277. H

    Indy - Any recommendations

    I have dealt with Dena, from the "Q", Lori, and now Judy. Nothing but nice things to say about ALL of them. The "evil ones" shall remain un-named.
  278. H


    Used to do the same thing with my little guy. It's time that you cherish now, and that he will cherish in years to come.
  279. H


    I seem to remember a boat out of Montauk Point when I was a kid (back in the 60's or 70's) that claimed to have gyroscopic stabilizers. Never got to ride that one though. About 4 or 5 hours into the trip it was "hit the rail and go for distance". Would like to know more about this stuff though!
  280. H

    A big thanks to longe range chefs

    Leave it to David to point out the obvious, that we all so often overlook! That's one of the things makes Soda Pop a very special guy!!!
  281. H

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Glen was the chef on my first trip! We SLAYED albacore and Bluefin day one of a 4 day. Jeff (Capt. of the "Q" at the time) took us to Guadalupe. My kid hooked a WHOPPER on the boats rental gear. 74lb. yellowfin on 40lb test. Glen stayed on the kids hip (14) the whole time. 6 times around the...
  282. H

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Yes, I remember the "Wahoo Medallions" Mayo, parmesan cheese, dill, white wine, garlic. The deckhand Tommy made them. I still miss that bunch. Great times, GREAT memories, That boat was like my home away from home. I still miss her. ................................. Dena, Rodney, Cal...
  283. H

    Best meal on a LR boat

    Q105, Turkey dinner! Q105, riverboat Mikes ribs!!!!, AA, Greg did a mixed "Italian night on my first AA 14 day trip. It's amazing what you can remember. He made a pesto sauce, that was even better than my moms!!! Some GREAT food on these boats,,,,,,,,,,, Oh, Stan, from the Intrepid, did...
  284. H

    Old Glory ????

    Thanks for all the input. Now lets see if the airline will let him change his ticket.
  285. H

    Fall Trip Opinions

    JMHO, Go for the October AA trip. Great operation from beginning to end, and Kenny Corwin is an amazing sponsor. Great swag, a wealth of knowledge, and an all around GREAT guy.
  286. H

    Old Glory ????

    Hey Folks. Just looking for a little information. A friend of mine was planning a trip on the New Lo-Ann for this weekend. (1.5 day). He got a call last night that the trip was cancelled. He found a boat leaving on the same day and time to fit his flight schedule. So I haven't fished any of...
  287. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Safe trip Craig. Have a great trip:-)
  288. H

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    I have 2 20's and 2 50's 1 50W and 1 regular 50. all except the wide have Baker frames, and all have been worked by Cal. GREAT reels!
  289. H

    American Angler 14 Day Calstar Trip - Hurricane Bank

    Thanks for a great report. It's another 4 months till I leave, But I can still read and dream . :-)
  290. H

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Soda. Hope to see you again soon.
  291. H

    Ken's Custom Reel 14 day trip opening

    Great trip, great crew, and the best sponsor you could ask for.
  292. H


    Fabulous day. Thanks for sharing.
  293. H

    Counterfeit Power Pro

    And there's always Cortland! Made in U.S.A.
  294. H

    Porcelain God Fishing

    At least it wasn't her teeth!!!!
  295. H

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    I still miss the "Q"......................... Miss Rodney too! That was a real fishy Capt.
  296. H

    Nebraska Goes Tuna Fishing - Sophomore Edition

    Have a GREAT time kiddo. I don't leave until April. Booked a 16 day on the Indy. Just stay safe and have a BLAST !!!!!!
  297. H

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    Ultra high speed level wind for Hoo!!! Of course, I'd like to put a level wind on my internationals too! Just a feature that I like.
  298. H

    Who rebuild their own reels? Or do you send them off to a pro?

    Another vote for the boys in Oceanside. Kens Custom Reels is hands down the best!
  299. H

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    OK. J.M.H.O. I really liked the AA. Lori is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Helpful, knowledgeable, and will to anything in her power to help you along with your trip. Great captains and crew, I haven't fished with Brian yet, but have gone a few times each with Sam, and Ray. Very...
  300. H

    Hump Day something that used to be on here LOTS

    Thank you so very much. :-)
  301. H

    140 pound yellowfin on International 16VISX

    Way to go Wes!!!!!!! Why didn't you tell me about this on the phone the other day???? Congrats.
  302. H

    BEst cordless power drill

    Hilti is probably the best, heavier duty, commercial type tool, however, as stated earlier, cost prohibitive. I use the Milwaukee, both at work, and at home. the suggestion of getting the kit with 2 or more tools is an excellent idea, also, a couple of spare batteries, and chargers. If you can...
  303. H

    Ankle Repair

    To quote my bro-in-law, Golden years my ass!!!!!!
  304. H

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    Hey All. I was doing a little surfing on line, and read an old article about Bill Poole building a new boat, 86 footer, (early 80's???) called the Polaris Deluxe??? I aroused my curiosity. Was it ever built??? If so, what is it named now??? Just wondering if anybody knows about it.
  305. H

    Where are all the agitators???

    I have a top loader. Always choose the extra rinse cycle and don’t try to get away with cheap soap. Tide “pods” made for low water use and oxyclean. No complaints.
  306. H

    Pelagic Gear - 16 Day trip on the Excel ... Nov. 24- Dec. 10 Roll Call

    Enjoy Dave. Leave a couple of big ones for me, I don't go until April this year. You truly are one of the good ones.......
  307. H

    American Angler off the water report

    Thanks for a GREAT report. Also to the AA. Best Capts. and crew on the water.
  308. H

    Has anyone purchased a high end saltwater reel thru Walmart mail order?

    JMHO. Call Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. Tell him what you are looking for. He will be able to hook you up. He is honest to a fault, and the best reel mechanic around. You won't be disappointed. 1-760-967-7335
  309. H

    Packing clothes for a trip

    Several years ago, I had some of the bags that needed a vacuum cleaner to pull the air out. It worked really great, until the boats vacuum cleaner died with about 4 days left! Of course I was waiting for the end of the trip to vacuum pack the return clothes. Thank goodness the Vagabond loaned me...
  310. H

    How to throw a cast net Mullet Fisherman style.

    Are the cast nets legal on the west coast??? All the years I've been fishing out here, I've never seen them used. Not even on the long range boats!
  311. H

    A Rose by any other name

    Hey Craig. If you're stopping in Colorado on your way to "dago, give me a call.Maybe we can get together for dinner. Have a safe trip.
  312. H

    Wisdom comes with age

    Love it!!!!
  313. H

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14-29

    Have a GREAT trip David. You are definitely one of the good guys, and I'm very glad I had the chance to share the rail with you. I don't get to go again until April :-( . Hope to see you again.
  314. H

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    amazing job. you are very talented. my first try at fiberglass NEVER looked that neat.
  315. H

    36 hr Canyon Trip

    just wondering what a guesstimate is. $$$$
  316. H

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    I believe that's the last car made with a full chassis under it! For a long haul,?????? . But I used to see those thing pulling trailer houses all the time.
  317. H

    More African Safari pictures

    Thanks for sharing Soda! Great pictures from a great guy. Hope to see you again sometime soon.........
  318. H

    2300 cc project

    WOW That is a real nice rig!!!!
  319. H

    New bull

    An old Jerry Clower bit, and still funny as hell!!!! Thanks. I needed the chuckle. :-)
  320. H


    Call Kens Custom Reels Donna. He has parts for them. I'm sure! He has stuff for just about everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  321. H

    Plano bazooka rod tube

    I have the same tube. Best one for the $$$ in my opinion. Never any issues checking it. And I REALLY fill it! 12 to 14 7 foot rods.
  322. H

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Thanks. I missed that the first time.
  323. H

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Okay. I know Mikes Web site, number etc... is here on this post, and several others. How about a way to get in touch with Rosie too? From what I've heard, she is going to be offering storage as well. How does one find how to get in touch with her about all this????
  324. H

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    Thanks. Just wondering if it was the same guy or not. :-)
  325. H

    Attention bald guys..........

    You're going to think I'm crazy. My girlfriend bought me a tube of CADE shaving cream. It doesn't foam, or anything like that. I tried the stuff, and it is really amazing!!! I don't need anything else after shaving. I've found that I get more chaves out of each blade as well!! The stuff is...
  326. H

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    Great report. Thanks for taking the time. Really nice Damascus knife too!!! Now, about the cook on the trip. Stan. Was he a very tall slender fellow??? Just wondering if it's the same guy who was the chef on my trip last year. If so, THAT guy does a GREAT job!!!! Thanks for the report..
  327. H

    Not fishing... African Safari

    Have a Blast Soda. You are one of the really good ones!
  328. H

    Huge local bluefin on PENN 50VSW

    :worship::devil::devil::devil::daman::daman::daman::lux::lux::cheers::cheers::cheers::appl::appl::appl:Way to go Justin !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  329. H

    American Angler Calstar 5-Day 6-29 to 7-4

    Ken is a charter master DELUXE!!!! The AA is IMHO the best operation I've seen. You will have a great time. Please tell Ken the big fat furry guy says Hi.
  330. H

    New to Fishing

    I know I sound like commercial, but try to talk to Ken at Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He really knows his stuff, and often times has some really high quality used stuff for amazing prices. You can't go wrong with Ken.
  331. H

    A beast in the Hudson

    About 30 years ago, I was working at JFK. One of the G2 guys loved to fish, and knew I did too. He picked me up at the shop, and said, "you have to see this" We went by the end of the runway on Jamaica bay, and watched a guy in a rental boat (16' wood dory) getting towed around the bay. The Long...
  332. H

    15-20# Livebait rig for schoolie Kings, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Roosters..

    Look at the old Penn Jigmaster 500. Great Timeless reel.
  333. H

    Chris Craft Scorpion Rebuild

    Just Wondering. I don't see any #'s on the hull anywhere. Don't they give you shit for running it without registration #'s etc???? Not trying to stir the pot, just wondering.
  334. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great read Craig. You were fun to be with on the trip and did a great job in relaying your experience. I hope to see you out there again one of these days. And like I said quite a while ago. This long range stuff is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. It was good meeting you. Stay well.
  335. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Way to go Craig. A truly excellent read. And I was there!!!!!
  336. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    HEY !!!!! Give the guy a break. He does have a family to take care of :-). Patiently waiting for you to continue Craig.
  337. H

    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    I own the 7470XH, and the 770H and XH. My own preference is the 7470. I like the faster tip, and the way it shuts down in the middle. It is a really nice rod. Now, I wish I would have waited, and had the 7470 made in XX, and XXX instead of the 770's .. JMHO
  338. H

    Old Penns:

    Hi. Just wondering if the upgrade kits from "tiburon" or the like are still available for the old 500's, squidders, etc... You know, Frames, side plates, spools, etc... Thanks for the help.
  339. H

    16 year old photos that I found

    That first picture with the Wahoo. Old "Harvey the Hook" on his way into the galley. I had a LOT of great times on that boat.
  340. H

    16 year old photos that I found

    I really miss that boat.
  341. H

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Great job Craig. Keep the story turning!!! :-)
  342. H

    The journey has begun!

    Made it !!!!!!!!!!!! Checked in about 9:00PM California time. to excited to sleep. Just going to relax for a while...........
  343. H

    The journey has begun!

    See you tonight David. Have a safe trip!
  344. H

    The journey has begun!

    Double check your passport!!!
  345. H

    just got back from the Bank and...

    I leave Sunday on the Intrepid.
  346. H

    The journey has begun!

    You drive safe!!! I'll be on the plane ✈️ tomorrow evening. See you there.
  347. H

    just got back from the Bank and...

    Thanks Paul. I'm headed there in a few days.
  348. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Chilly ???????? When I left for work this morning it was 14 !!!!!! That's chilly LOL.
  349. H

    Xtratuf Wearers

    I have a foot like a halibut, with a very high instep. I've tried several times to wear the extra tuffs, but by the 2 day my feet hurt so bad I just couldn't. So now, I get rubbers that are 2 sizes too big, and thin socks. wear them as many days as I can, and then just go back to crocs with socks.
  350. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    6AM in line?????? So I really get to sleep in. I just can't wait for this. One more day at (yucchhh)work, and then it's just finalizing and getting on the plane. I'm just a little stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  351. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    I've only been down there on the AA. I've NEVER seen them go down stairs. Of course, I've never encountered a thief on the boats either. But I tell you what. I believe the capt. and the crew would investigate and take care of any issues if anything ever happened. Even as big as I am, those...
  352. H

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    I go solo all the time too! no problems, not a big deal. Usually you can make friends on the boat pretty easily. Of course there's always "that guy" . But I'm sure you'll be fine. Have a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!
  353. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Hey Rich. I hope you're coming with us. I'm on my second MAC. And still don't know how to do that stuff!!! All I use it for is e-mail and reading fishing reports.
  354. H

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    I couldn't remember his name. But you bringing it up just made me laugh. I guess a lot of people were screwed by him though. But in this context, that is funny!!!!!!
  355. H

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    Bass stuff is a lot of fun. Just check with the captain or crew before using it. My best was about a 40 pound wahoo on 17 lb test. What a blast!!!!! Dorado on spinnerbaits are a kick in the ass too!!
  356. H

    free spool

    Love my 20's. mine are penns' worked by Cal and Kens, but I wouldn't trade them for love nor money. Perfect for sardines.
  357. H

    Izorline Fluorocarbon?

    O.K. Don't hurt me too bad guys. I get all my top shots from Kens Custom Reels. I've NEVER had a failure!!!!! Not One!!! I'm not saying That there is anything wrong with some of the others mentioned here, but I will stick with Kens. Just as an aside. Blackwater was really hard to come by a...
  358. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    I thought the rainbow runners were descent bait??? Just as good as small skippies, and small yellow fin. Was I told wrong ??????
  359. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    I'm bringing mine. It's an "apple". Im also bringing a thumb drive. Im far from proficient with any computer, so I hope someone knows how to do all that stuff with the pictures.
  360. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    HMmmm. I've never tried blue. I went straight from black to single malts. The difference is, I can't bring the "leftovers" home. I guess I'm going to have to pick up a nice single malt. Sounds like Fishybuzz may even partake of one or two after dinner. Or at least to celebrate the 300 pounder...
  361. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Well, that answers my question. I'll pick up a half gallon of gin, and a couple of 6 packs of tonic water along with a few plastic limes for gin and tonics, since I won't be alone enjoying them. Still wondering about a nice single malt though. Any other scotch drinkers aboard???
  362. H

    info needed

    I can only speak on how it was 10 years ago. I did a 10 day trip every year for several years. Alijos, at that time, used to be the place to go. 30 to 100 lb. yellow fin, for the most part, were plentiful. We would take the 2 day trip to Alijos, fish tuna for few days, troll wahoo on the...
  363. H


    I always like your writing Joe. Very skilled and polished. Thanks you for a fabulous story. Spun with a mastery of the language. You truly are talented. Thanks for a great story. Hope to fish with you again one of these days. :-)
  364. H

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    I used them the last 2 years. (the advantage of living 20 miles from the factory :-) ) I thought they worked great. Very sharp, really strong, even bought a bunch more for this years trip. I'm a fan! But I really think they are cost prohibitive for a longline operation.
  365. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Thanks Dave. I don't have much in the way of lead. Too tough traveling with the stuff. Just let me know what you think i'll need, and I'll pay you for it before dinner.
  366. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Well Fishy, I'm for sure bringing 2 to dinner, plus myself. And there may be as many as 6 more joining us. I'm so excited about this trip I'm just about ready to bust!!! I'm
  367. H

    Someone posted red 6 hook bait jigs that worked good... i need your help

    Getting very excited about this trip soda!!! I personally prefer salamis to the tubes. But I have a few of the east coast style mackerel jigs that we have used down there previous years. I'm more than willing to share. They worked great the last few years.
  368. H

    Where you at?

    OK Bill. I know I'm ignorant about many things. But how do you know where all the boats are????
  369. H

    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    Hey Steve. Leave some for the rest of us
  370. H

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    15 day trip. Oh, I'm doing that this year!!!!!!
  371. H

    Is There a Reason Most LR Captains Tell Everyone to Fish 130?

    JMHO.I always liked Blackwater. Harder to work with, very stiff, etc... When Blackwater was almost impossible to get, I tried the Izor stuff. It worked OK. Then last year on the Kens Custom Reels charter, I tried some of the new Berkley stuff. Not wiry, like blackwater, easier to tie, I didn't...
  372. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    I love to see friends having fun with each other. I am REALLY looking forward to this trip. Can't wait!!!!! It's getting closer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
  373. H

    Reel Repair in San Diego

    Kens'. Great work, reasonable price, just great people to deal with.
  374. H

    Pilot 111 Thailand

    That snakehead looks like the choupique I used to catch with my dad in Louisiana!
  375. H

    Longer Screws for Torium 16A Reel Clamp

    Get stainless steel screws and nuts.
  376. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    I still use the phone alarm on the boat. It works. I usually pick up a 1/2 gallon bottle of gin for gin and tonics (you're welcome to join me), I haven't taken too many pictures the last few years. But we used to share pictures on my other trip. Everyone downloaded their digital camera on to...
  377. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    220 caught on 5/0 Trokar. They all will work. Just don't push beyond the weakest link in your tackle.
  378. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    JMHO. You're frame of mind will mean more than almost anything else. Remember your here to have fun. You already know how to fish. This is just everything you know taken up 15 or 20 nothches. You miss a fish, examine what you did. Talk to fishy. You lose a fish, look at what you did. Talk to...
  379. H

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    Fabulous fish!!! Congrats. And I was stoked with my 50 pounder several years ago
  380. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Golf or batting gloves if you must. I just use the tape. But my mind is always open. I just hope I can find gloves to fit my "delicate little hands". LMAOROFL
  381. H

    2 Speed for Pops

    The Fathoms' are a lot of bang for the buck. Great little reels. I think there are aftermarket gear kits available for them too. So you can put a lower ratio in them for more cranking power.
  382. H

    A Set of Abs

    I assume thats abalone in the wrap.Absolutely beautiful!!!!
  383. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    I stay at the VAGABOND. Hope you don't mind fishy. My lady is supposed to be coming to see me off, and I've already invited an old friend to join us for dinner. He ran the Holiday years ago and was second ticket on the "Q" when John needed him.
  384. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Really glad you can make it "Pop". I'm just glad I was able to sneak on this one when I did. Looking forward to meeting all of you face to face. Pomodoro Saturday night!!!!!
  385. H

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    See you down there "pop". I'm really looking forward to this one!!!!!!
  386. H

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Welcome Craig, To one of the most addicting things known to man!!!! You may be on the trip with Fishy, and myself as well as a bunch of good fishermen according to Fishy). Get all you rods, reels, etc... from the boat. You won't have much need for the gear in Nebraska. Terminal tackle is...
  387. H

    fishing buddies

    Now THATS' the way to help your buddy !!!!!!!
  388. H

    Shark identification ?

    I thought it was a "land shark".
  389. H

    Quality Hypalon

    All the rods I've had done have been done with tuna cord. It's tough, makes a GREAT grip. I like the stuff myself.
  390. H

    AO Buck

  391. H

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    I did Santa myself this year. TRQ40NLD. Can't wait to use it on the Hurricane bank hoo!!!!!!
  392. H

    Hole Tuna for Canned Trade

    I live in Aurora. I would LOVE to pull a whole one around Cherry Creek reservoir one day . But due to scheduling restraints, I have to fly. I'm NOT buying a seat for one, that's for damn sure.
  393. H

    New Owners - Five Star Fish Processing

    Thanks for keeping us posted Sarah. The new group sounds like they are VERY qualified, but you and yours will still be missed. Hopefully I will get to see you when my trip comes in Feb. 13..
  394. H

    Rpt-Thur.- 1.5 day 12-01-16 aboard the O-95!

    Thanks for the report. I've been there many times, the fishing is great for everybody. everybody except you!!! Stick with it. Best of luck next trip.
  395. H

    Intrepid Comfort Down Below

    I think the bigger bunks and rooms should go to the bigger people!!!! Why let all that extra room go to waste. At 6'4" tall and right around 300lbs. I can put that extra room to use !!!!!!!! Care to swap Fishy??????????:D:D:DLOLLOLLOL
  396. H

    Long Range fishing drone is here

    Now THATS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  397. H

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    Thank you Sarah. I don't think you know how you have touched so many of us. Not only with your over the top service, and high quality product. But by you just being as friendly and helpful all these years. You are really going to be sorely missed. I hope all is good with you and yours. Please...
  398. H

    Talica 25

    Just a suggestion. I went to Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside, and I had 2 of these done. Yes they get a little pricy, but well worth every cent. Pick up an old Penn International 20. Have it free spooled, and 2 speeded by Cal. Go through Ken with it. I know he spools the spectra a little...
  399. H

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    Sarah, I for one am really going to miss you and your crew. You have always done a great job and treated me right. You are really going to be sorely missed. Please try to stay in touch..
  400. H

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

  401. H

    Some Observations...

    I usually don't comment on the "difficulties" you ran into on this trip. But it seems favoritism, and being rude, rears its ugly head every where. So I sympathize with you on that one. I just hope you didn't let it ruin your trip. I know, for myself, I pay too much $$$$$$ on these trips as a...
  402. H

    what reel for a 6480 jig stick?

    Find a pre-asian pro-gear. Either 454, or 545. Great reels. damn shame they wet out of business.
  403. H

    Accurate ATD Shaft Gets Stuck

    I'd take it to Kens! I know Oceanside is a drive for you, but he is the best there is. JMHO
  404. H

    Every Dog Has its Day - An Island Tale

    I have a feeling that this is really going to be good! Please continue my good man.
  405. H

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    Nice Larry. Congrats.
  406. H

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    I always do!!! Loop knot in the top of the bag.
  407. H

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    If your bringing them home to re-use, keep them in a plastic trash bag, preferably sealed! I spend one day in San Diego when I return. So I make arrangements with one of the laundry ladies before I leave on the trip, to meet the boat, take the dirty clothes, and then they return them washed...
  408. H

    Penn Torque Star Drag in black

    I know "color" doesn't make it work any better, but the black torques with the gold highlights really looked bad ass!!!
  409. H

    Ethics In Fish Count Reporting

    When I still did some of the 3/4 day boats, they included EVERYTHING in the fish count. Even stuff, that if brought up alive, could swim in a coffee cup, counted in the "fish count". JMHO
  410. H

    Has anyone tried one of these?

    The posting refers to it as a "T"-Bar Handle. Is this just a different style made by Tiburon??????
  411. H

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    I'm in the same boat Outhouse !!!! I buy my tickets 9 or 10 months in advance, have to bid my vacation to coincide with the trip (can't cancel either one), hotel rooms etc... it would be a BIG $$$ hit, not to mention the disappointment, if something goes wrong like this.
  412. H

    New Reel Clamps for Gold Trinidads?

    See the picture right above your question. Wrap the "zip-tie" around the front of the reel seat, or where ever you want it, pull it tight, and put your hook in the ring on the zip-tie. It really works.
  413. H

    Problems With Pig Tails

    Hey man, I just let it out, and put my fat 300 pound ass into it!!! Trust me, it straightens out...LOL
  414. H


    GREAT detailed report. Thank you very much, it was a very enjoyable read. On another note, I've been doing this for a few years. when I first started, I used Ghio's for my processing. Wahoo skin on, used Mario's once, wahoo skin on, and have used 5 Star since they started. Wahoo came out...
  415. H

    Problems With Pig Tails

    tie a hook on, put the hook on one of the trolling ropes, and walk up towards the bow with the reel in free spool. When you no longer have "curly-Q's" coming off of the reel, lock it down, and pull. it will stretch the coils out of flouro.
  416. H

    Trolling reel

    WAY TO GO DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  417. H

    Need Help!! Calstar Rail Rod 770/775XXXH

    I have to be honest. I really like my 770XXXh, and like I said too much lifting power for smaller hooks! I also have 2 770XH. Like them both a lot, and caught lots of fish on them. My favorite is actually a Canstar 7470XH. Fast tip, and shuts down at a comfortable place for me. I actually wish...
  418. H

    Super Seeker 6480H

    beautiful!!! absolutely beautiful!!!
  419. H

    40 lb. set up

    Old school!!!!! Seeker, 7' rated for 30lb to 50lb. Pro Gear 454.
  420. H

    WFO October Tuna

    Congrats. . Love to read good news like this.
  421. H

    Seeker rods

    I just hope the blank manufacturing doesn't move to China!!!!!!
  422. H

    Yellowfin Tuna Feeding Frenzy of Dana Point

    Thanks for the report. And CONGRATS on a couple of nice YFT.
  423. H

    40 lb. set up

    I've gotta say the Penn Torque. I like the 40N, might be a little big for 40, but really like the narrow for multi use jigging, bombing, etc... JMHO.
  424. H

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    Those KK*PONO Bombs are really the stuff!!!
  425. H

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Don't have one anymore. But named my first one "Whistle-Rat". Called my son Whistle Britches, and the wifes daughter RugRat.
  426. H

    Big cats

    NICE !!!!!!
  427. H

    Seaguar/Yo-Zuri Line Tests

    I had the opportunity to use the new Berkley fluorocarbon on my trip this past February. The stuff was really great!!!! easy to tie knots in, strong, just a really nice line. So it's what I bought to use this ( next) years trip in January / February.
  428. H

    Someone explain benefits of the different types of spectra

    A lot of this stuff is getting a little too intense for me. I have a really simple solution. I bring my stuff to Kens Custom Reels, put it all on the counter, tell them which boat, and which trip, and leave it all up to him. He hasn't failed me yet. Hell, I just bought a new Penn Torque 40NLD...
  429. H

    Putting the Tackle Box on a Diet

    Someone mentioned a while back about opening a "tackle locker" somewhere near the landings. Letting you store a rod case, and a tackle box, maybe a reel case as well. I'm sure insurance would be a bitch, but it is a really great idea if someone was able to come up with a storage place at a...
  430. H

    Putting the Tackle Box on a Diet

    Please remember some of us are flying for these trips. 50lb. limit if you are flying coach (and paying for your bags). I think it's 70 lb. for first class and no bag charge. sometimes, it's cheaper to buy a first class ticket, have a little extra weight in your bags (70 vs. 50) and not have to...
  431. H


    STUNNING!!!!! Absolutely stunning.
  432. H

    Video - Snapper biting in the rain...

    Thanks for the report. Hope to make it down under one of these days.
  433. H

    Top Gun 80 3.5.

    Thanks for the report.:-) Just wondering. Top Gun. Was that the Big Game at one time???
  434. H

    Calstar Grafighter 7465H question

    Great blank. I have a 7465. and 2 7470's I love the rod. I use it with a Penn 50. 130lb. line (mine may be an XH, or XXH.not sure). fast tip, good lift, nice action.
  435. H

    Seeker white tiger 2x4

    Too damn pretty to fish with. That is a work of art!!!!
  436. H

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

    I fished that boat with Jeff DeBuys as Capt. Then Rodney Okimoto( great great skipper and all around nice guy) Brian Simms, Joe Crisi. Eric Wedel finished my Q time. But still have GREAT memories. I sure do miss old riverboat Mike too. Seemed like a grouchy old man unless you took a little time...
  437. H

    While in Homer, Alaska last week...

    Rode her for many years. I still miss her! Great Boat.
  438. H

    Calico Short Strikes?

    I'm no expert, but I was having a problem with short strikes on various species many years ago. I tied up my own "stinger hooks". They are available in some tackle shops, but are usually trebles. Tie a small single hook on a piece of mono, tie the other end to the bend in your jig hook. Make it...
  439. H

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I have seen the favoritism, and it leaves a knot in your gut. Lets just talk about the fishing!
  440. H

    Long range is not just fishing

    I truly LOVE these trips. I have stopped fishing anywhere else altogether, and quit many other activities, just to be able to afford longer trips. Yes, I love to fish, and catching fish is just an added attraction. The whole experience is what does it for me. No job, no phones, no worries, just...
  441. H

    Shimano gripe!

    We always called them "dammit clips"
  442. H

    Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Thanks for the report. Taro is a really fishy guy!.
  443. H

    Full fish holds on the Voyager!

    Thanks for a great report. Don't let the bastards get you down. They are everywhere!!!!
  444. H

    The soda has popped

    Sorry to hear about that Dave. Stay well, and do what the Doc says. You'll be back at the rail soon. Good Luck.
  445. H

    Moral of the Story

    now THAT'S funny!!!!!!!!
  446. H

    Large Rod Builder Decals/Logos

    I had my rods made through Kens Custom Reels. The only name on them is mine! I wanted to get in touch with the builder to have another done, and had to call Ken to get in touch with the guy. No walking billboard here!!!!
  447. H


    I'll stick with the Eagle claw stuff. Inexpensive, and mostly still made here.
  448. H

    Islander 8/23-26...Karma?

    Thanks for a great report, and congrats on the nice BFT.. You showed real poise, sticking with it after several misfortunes. I fished the Islander a couple of years ago. Was invited by a very good friend, and was really surprised with the entire operation. the kids (deck hands) really worked...
  449. H

    Huge 269-pound bluefin tuna on PENN 50VSW at the 43

    Ken, I don't know if you read these boards, but CONGRATS on the monster bluefin. it couldn't have been caught by a better man.
  450. H

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    7470XXH.. love the rod. caught a few cows on it..
  451. H

    Help me choose a trip?

    From what I have read, your Mex. fishing license is different than what is required on the long range boats. Don't hold me too it, but that is what I have been told.
  452. H

    First Time FisherChicks

  453. H

    Shimano reel parts in San Diego

    Don't know if you mean just San Diego the city? or San Diego county. But I bet Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside either has what you need, or knows where to get it.
  454. H


    4/0 to 7/0 eagle claw circles, depending on bait size.
  455. H

    Best rust preventative for saltwater

    I use the Boe-Shield spray (T-9). It is GREAT stuff, Available at Kens Custom Reels, because the stuff can be a pain to find. If you do a search, for it half the stuff you come up with is a drill bit lube for titanium, and other aluminum alloys. The other thing I use is "never-sieze" on all...
  456. H

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    Just a suggestion. Call Ken at Kens Custom Reels. Talk to him about your trip, and what you will need. He will steer you straight, and won't sell you stuff you won't need. Just one more suggestion. I know since I started using his shop, I have saved a lot of money. From buying used gear, to him...
  457. H


    I've heard nothing but great things about the Vagabond and Mike. Even from other operations!
  458. H

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    My first trip was in 94. One of the boats posted a recommended tackle list, and I went to the Eagle claw store and bought everything they suggested(the boat, not eagle claw). Lets just say I'm glad hooks don't have a shelf life... I am still using the same ones. (Of course I have to buy more...
  459. H

    best Trout water you've ever fished?

    The Frying Pan, in Colorado.
  460. H

    New cars and Ipads

    I travel a lot! FOX can be extremely frustrating!!!!!! You get what you pay for. I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip. JMHO.
  461. H

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek2: What a BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  462. H

    Andros A5ii for 40# Bait

    old Pro-Gear 454. Great 40lb. reel!!!
  463. H

    July 4 day, Royal Star Report

    Welcome, to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
  464. H

    July 4 day, Royal Star Report

    Welcome, to the most fun you can have with your clothes on!
  465. H

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Remember.In hunting camp, if you so much as offer advice on making the stew, you have just become the cook!!! Maybe the same for writing reports??? Make a correction , you've just become the reporter!!!:eek2::eyepoppin:fighting0061::rofl:
  466. H

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Thanks for a great report. It was really good to see Sarah get out on a trip, and do as well as she did. She is a wonderful lady, and deserves to have fun sometimes too!. See you all soon.
  467. H

    Trump and Clinton...

    And I thought the last presidential election was a "no choice" election. If this is the best America has to offer, maybe we should contract out the office. Just like big business does with all our jobs.!
  468. H

    anyone been to DVL this week?

    WHAT is DVL ??????????????????
  469. H

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    I try not to use the Wifi on my trips. The only people I try to call from the boat, are my sister, my honey, and my great nephew (whom I hope to take with me in another 5 or 6 years). For me, these trips started as "Lets kill some fish". Now it's more about no one, and I mean NO ONE, being able...
  470. H

    Best Place to Catch Tuna... Lots of em-- big, small, doesn't matter.

    Dollar for dollar, it's really hard to beat the San Diego long range fleet. JMHO.
  471. H

    Handle options

    Talk to Kens Custom Reels about the "T"-Bar, but it is definitely the way to go if Ken says it will fit!!!
  472. H

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Thanks for the report. Reading stuff like this gets me through to my next trip ( January, February)
  473. H

    ICAST 2016 IS HERE!!!

    Thanks for doing this! How about pictures of just about anything interesting. Lures, reels, rods bent , Anything. Again, Thanks.
  474. H

    My Parker 2120

    VERY Nice !!!!!!!!! Congrats.!!!
  475. H

    Anyone think of shooting one of these huge blue fin at gaff ?

    Cut one of the gill rakers as soon as you get it on board. They won't flip and flop for long after that.
  476. H

    Reel Repair

    Get in touch with Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. 760-967-7335
  477. H

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    The powers that be demanded that the fuel surcharges be done away with. So instead of paying say (lets go high) $10.00 a day in fuel surcharges, the boat owners had to raise the rates 20 to 30 dollars a day due to so many entities getting a percentage of each fare. Now that fuel prices are down...
  478. H

    Five Star customer service

    If you don't tell them what you want, they don't know what you want. Never a problem talking with Sarah or her people, and asking for something a little special, or different.
  479. H

    4A Charter on the LIberty 9/21

    Just back from the race in SLC Steve. I'll get the check in the mail today!.
  480. H

    Fuel surcharge-Fuel rebate

    I wonder what the prices would be now, if there was still a fuel surcharge to cover $5.00 a gallon fuel.
  481. H

    Sammy at the helm

    It's really great to see the youngsters moving up. Hearing about this, is similar to Ray on the AA. He was a young kid, who worked hard, learned well, kept his nose clean, and really made a name for himself. Congrats to the new guys! It's good to know this passion will be around for a few more...
  482. H

    1st trip on the Excell ..things to know

    Now you have gone and done it!. This "addiction" is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! You will find, the only thing better than a 3 day trip is a 5 day trip, and so on up to 18 day trips!!!! And just so you know, I get REALLY sea sick! The scopolamine patches, applied the night...
  483. H

    Top Gun

    Cam is on the Vagabond??? I know he was engaged to I believe it was Mikes daughter, but didn't know he was working the Vag!!!! Last time I saw him he was fishing commercially. Please keep me posted on this one too Steve.
  484. H


    This sounds like the start of a really good story! Lets hear from both sides, in a separate post. One from Bill, and one from Fishy.
  485. H

    Five Star customer service

    I always use 5 star. Great operation, fabulous customer service. And being from out of state, they go the extra step for shipping etc... A better experience, I couldn't ask for.
  486. H

    Newell Graphites?

    I always liked the Newells, however, on my first long range trip, I saw that damn graphite handle break along with the anti-reverse. That sharp nub of a handle spinning backwards was more than I was going to grab, or my friend Ron, whose reel it was that broke. One of the deckhands on the "Q"...
  487. H


    I haven't tried any of the new UC rods, or some of the others out there. I am very happy with my calstar 770s. and my Calstar 7470 (actually my favorite) I wish they made that 7470 available in a 3 or 4 X. Fast tip, shuts down quick, and really works the fish!. My 770XXX I'm almost afraid to use...
  488. H

    rr3 trip report

    Did you expect anything less from fishy??????
  489. H

    FATHOM LD2 25 vs 30 vs 40??

    X2. Go with the 40.
  490. H

    Newell Graphites?

    Kens Custom Reels.
  491. H

    Phenix Abyss 908

    absolutely amazing work!!!!!!!!!
  492. H

    Taros" Boat:

    Please keep me posted on this. I will have to get around my work schedule, but I really want to go, and show some support for Taro.
  493. H

    Reel Service

    X4 for Kens Custom Reels. A buddy of mine back east has a similar problem. None of the reel mechanics back there will touch any of the accurates that Cal has modified. (Penns also I think), So he bites the bullet, and sends them to Ken. Best service around, and honest as the day is long...
  494. H

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Mine isn't anywhere near as relevant as a cow bluefin. But I was on a 14 day trip down at the buffer zone using a St. Croix PGT80MM (8 ft. med. action bass rod)with an Abu Garcia 6500 bait caster with 17lb. test, and landed about a 40 lb. wahoo. The rod and reel are retired, and leaning against...
  495. H

    .308 for elk????

    I know a lot of guys who use a .308. The one thing they agree on for elk is a 165 grain bullet. As for me, I still like my 06.
  496. H

    Free Weave Design

    That is really neat!! How much trouble would it be to have that put on a rod already built????
  497. H

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Thats the most exciting video I've seen on here. Damn, Now I don't want to wait till January.
  498. H

    Fishing Tip and Swimming Lessom

    You gotta LOVE the Duke !!!!
  499. H

    Where is she now? Q105

    I really miss the old girl. A lot of great memories while fishing on that boat.
  500. H


    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:appl::appl::appl::worship::appl:
  501. H

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    I think I'm set too! An old 50 wide, regular 50 (baker frame) 2 20's (both baker framed), all worked by Kens custom reels, and Cal. Penn 114, 113HLW, 2 500's, and a GLS30, and a 525.Throw in a couple of the old Pro-Gears (454, and 2500 pacifica). My last purchase, a Torque 40 NLDS. Love the...
  502. H

    Taros" Boat:

    LOLLOLSHAME on you !!!!!! You know better than to do that !!!!!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL
  503. H

    catching skippies?

    X10 !!!!!! Those guys are in the know!!! and they know the best way to hook the bait for the conditions you're in that day.
  504. H

    Gear for 6 day Nov

    Congrats on moving up to a 6 day. You mentioned going to Kens to have the reels serviced. Since you know about his place, take your reels there to have the spectra loaded on, and while there, pick his brain on connections, knots, and general fishing knowledge. He is "the man". He will also be...
  505. H

    2005 Grady White 228 For Sale

    Really nice rig!
  506. H

    2005 Grady White 228 For Sale

    Really nice rig!
  507. H

    Welding Base of Reel to the Frame

    Definitely go with a stainless machine screw! Get that steel screw out of the aluminum before things start to corrode.
  508. H

    Taros" Boat:

    O.K. Steve. I'm going to hold you to that. All I ask is a few months to make sure the work schedule, etc... is clear. I really enjoyed fishing with Taro. A really great guy. If you don't know how to get in touch, Joe does.
  509. H

    Taros" Boat:

    O.K. Steve. I'm going to hold you to that. All I ask is a few months to make sure the work schedule, etc... is clear. I really enjoyed fishing with Taro. A really great guy. If you don't know how to get in touch, Joe does.
  510. H

    First Sword - Destin, Florida

    Nice trip!. Some people have tried all their lives for one of those, never to succeed!!!
  511. H

    Taros" Boat:

    Steve, that is a GREAT Idea.!!!! I would love to be part of that. Even if I do have to fly in from Denver. Maybe we can get Ken and Wes to come down for it too!. I just missed Taro and Bobby on the trips I took on the Angler. They were both a lot of fun. Knowledgeable too! Thanks for all the...
  512. H

    Truth SM for throwing iron

    Talk about an educated thumb!!!!
  513. H

    Taros" Boat:

    Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the boat that Taro, from the American Angler, is running. I had heard he either bought into one, or is part owner, or maybe even sole owner, of a boat in San Diego. I'm wondering, because I would like to fish with the guy again. I looked at the big 3...
  514. H

    catching skippies?

    My 2 cents. For big bait, salamis', skippies, small yellow fin, rainbow runners, etc... I like to use a 18/0 or 20/0 eagle claw circle hook. Either through the nose, "breast hook" as the deck hands called it, or in front of the dorsal. Let that big boy swallow the bait all the way down to his...
  515. H

    Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation Reel Giveaway!

    I'm in. It's all about the kids !!!
  516. H

    400 size 2 speed

    Check out the PENN Torque series. Best thing I've tried yet. And you would have a choice of single or 2 speed.
  517. H

    Water wolf cameras are great to have.

    GREAT !!!!! Thanks for sharing.
  518. H


    The truck doesn't look like it's doing too good either!
  519. H

    any tips for june heat?

    Hey Mike. You're about the same dimensions as me! :-) I went to Kens Custom Reels, and one of his rod builders (I did make an appointment in advance) actually measured me for my first custom built. He even took my back problems in to consideration. And if you keep it simple, it's not nearly as...
  520. H

    16VSX larger handle knob?

    X2 The tiburon handles are really great!
  521. H

    Any Intel NY Harbor fishing this weekend

    If you get out, let us know how you did. I will probably be in N.Y. in a few weeks. Would love to give it a try.
  522. H

    Showtime on the Star

    Absolutely FABULOUS Joe. And I agree with a previous post. You should put all of your reports into a book. As well as whatever other embellishments you can come up with. You are a VERY talented writer, and story teller. On another note, I would have LOVED to see Brian back peddling when you...
  523. H

    Sheepshead on the new boat,

    Nice goat. Congrats on the new "toy". Remember what the definition of a boat is, "a hole in the water, surrounded by wood, into which one throws money". Have fun :-)
  524. H

    Showtime on the Star

    You spin an amazing tale Joe. One of the best!!!
  525. H

    I am Charlie

    That's GREAT!!! LMAO
  526. H

    Showtime on the Star

    Can't wait for some more Joe. You are a very talented writer. Did Brian ever remember where he knew you from???
  527. H

    23" Halibut at Corona Delmar

    Thanks for the report Nahn. Nice pictures too! Keep up the good work.
  528. H

    Showtime on the Star

    Been there, done that Joe. I'm beginning to dislike sharks, almost as much as boobie birds, and seals!
  529. H

    Showtime on the Star

    Hi Joe. I love your writing. You spin a tale with the best of them, always assumed you do it for a living. Anyway, Please stop teasing, and get on with it!!!!! LOL I'm really looking forward to the rest of it. Did Brian ever remember who you were???
  530. H

    Topshot and Leader Thoughts

    Loop to loop connection, Flouro to spectra. Not a real long flouro top shot, but try to keep it longer than the fish you are going to catch. the abrasion resistance of Flourocarbon is really good, and it only takes a small nick to weaken your spectra. Just something to keep in mind.
  531. H

    American Eagle Flag Weave

    Absolutely AMAZING !!!!!!!! How much would it cost to put that on an already built rod????
  532. H

    Massachusetts to San Diego

    Being from N.Y. originally, and fishing the party boats from Sheepshead bay to Montauk, the west coast is indeed different. Just go to one of the landings, and see about a 3/4 day boat. Rent your rod and gear. Read the reports from the local 1 day, 3/4 day, and half day trips, see what is going...
  533. H

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    I have been dealing with this addiction for about 20 years now. The biggest shout out I can make is to Kens Custom Reels. I know, there have been comments made on here that I sound like a commercial for the place, but they have always exceeded all my expectations. He is a small shop, so it may...
  534. H

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    But, if like some of us, you are flying in to San Diego, you are limited to how many bags you can check.
  535. H


    I remember Newell just selling Penn upgrade kits at the N.Y. boat show when I was a teenager. They didn't have any reels in the booth there.
  536. H

    Wahoo Reel.

    I want to thank all of you for your input. Although you may have raised even more questions, at least the Tranx is off my list. Thanks a lot folks. hope I can figure out what I'm going to do..LOL
  537. H

    Hook recommendations for local bft

    I really like the Eagle Claw hooks. The wire is lighter than the "mutu's", and I have never had one straighten out on me. Great all around hook.
  538. H

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I had that happen back east with mono. seals were toast, and had to change lower unit oil. but that was almost 30 years ago. I'm sure the manufacturers have come up with a way to protect the seals by now. Glad to hear you made it back safe. 58 degree water is not something you want to play in...
  539. H

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    I use a Bass Pro Shops extra large rolling duffle. It holds everything I need for my 14 day trip.
  540. H

    Upper deck rail dimensions

    Much easier, and cheaper. Cut PVC pipe (sized to hold the rod buts) and either "tie wrap, or bolt them to a milk crate. The milk crate sits on the floor on the upper deck. You can "bungee cord" it to something stationary out of the way, and don't have to worry about a $1000 dollar rig going over...
  541. H

    Shimano Beastmaster Fishing

    Your profile doesn't say where you are. But if you can make it to Oceanside, Go see Kens Custom Reels. He will set you up right. Yeah, spectra is expensive, but it works!!! As long as it is put on RIGHT!!!! Ken is the only one I trust with loading the stuff on my reels (have seen disasters from...
  542. H

    Wahoo Reel.

    I have been "hemming and hawing" about a new reel for wahoo for about 2 years now. Still doing comparisons, and waiting for either a BIG sale, or prices to drop some (LOL). I was wondering what you all think of the Shimano Tranx for wahoo. Probably strictly for bombs, and or jigs. I keep leaning...
  543. H

    Accurate SR6 Flaws?

    In my limited experience, Accurates shouldn't behave that way. If you really like the reel, I would take it to Oceanside, and have Kens Custom Reels take a look at it. Ken and Wes know those things inside and out. Not only are they the most reputable shop around, they are both a wealth on...
  544. H

    Need a recommendation please......

    X2. Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. The best work around, fair prices, friendly, honest, and when you get them back they will be right.
  545. H


    What is it with this board. I was raised, and taught to RESPECT my elders. You don't dismiss, or throw people away because they have had a lot of birthdays. You sir should be horse whipped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  546. H

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Hi Al. Yes I did. Had to buy a new set of tires in Oceanside on the way out there, and then the transmission took a shit on the way home!. Fun fishing, but the travel really sucked.
  547. H

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    I went with them in 2014. They are a fun bunch. Make sure to take your camera. Have it out while you're waiting to board, you won't be sorry..
  548. H

    Launching Boat - Good Dog

    What if you have a "yorkie" ???? LMAOROFL
  549. H

    American Angler vs Independence

    Thank you for the comment Joe. But I only pay attention to those worth my time, And "Hairy Bush isn't one of them. Look forward to seeing you in a week. :-)
  550. H

    Tiburon 50w

    The last time I went to the Tiburon WEB site, they have some 50's for sale, but aren't making any more. I have a smaller SST, and I love the thing. Really smooth operator.
  551. H

    American Angler 1/10-24

    Thanks for a GREAT report Steve. I really enjoyed the read. Jay, I'll see you on the 9th....
  552. H

    American Angler vs Independence

    I have been on the AA the last few years. While the accomodations are a little tight (I'm 6'4", and about 320 lbs), the food is amazing, the crew is fabulous, and the captains are "fishy". JMHO. And I don't think anybody can beat the feel of family on the boat. You're not just visiting. While...
  553. H

    long range t-shirt question

    I have seen the crew on some boats wearing other boats "T" shirts. I don't think it's a big deal.
  554. H

    PENN Internationals now in SILVER

    Will the "Torques" be available in silver too???
  555. H

    Trip Cancel

    I work for a major airline. Lets talk about paycuts, lost pensions, lost healthcare, lost benefits, lost vacation time, and this was all between 2002, and 2005. I took it in the shorts for a lot of years. Now the airlines are recording bigger profits than they have ever seen, and still want...
  556. H

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Glad the kid enjoyed the trip, and is looking forward to the next one.
  557. H

    Departing Sunday 1/10....

    Good luck Steve. I don't leave till Feb. 9. Kens 14 day trip. Have a great trip, and save some for us please.
  558. H

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    Things break, stuff happens. How the problem was dealt with speaks volumes about the character of the entire operation. You just don't find any better people than those associated with the AA. Kudos' to the AA for always doing things the right way. You really do have the best people in the fleet.
  559. H

    possibly over booked

    They are all in this to make $$$$. I don't ever see the boat asking for more $$$$ if they don't sell to the advertised capacity.I go on a limited load trip now. yes it costs a little more. But there is always a waiting list for my trip, and they only over sold by 1 once. Yes, I believe it to be...
  560. H

    Rudolf the deep throat reindeer

    Thats just WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  561. H

    Jeff from Indy- Fishing as "good as it gets"

    HEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave some of those bigguns!!!!!! I don't go until February !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  562. H

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    Awesome Joe!!! Thanks for sharing. Haven't seen Orcas close like that on any of my trips. By the way, I will be out your way in Feb, and would like to try and get together while I'm there. You truly are one of the best.
  563. H

    Footwear recommendations

    I have a foot like a halibut, so finding something wide enough is a pain. I wanted to try the LaCross boots discussed on here many times, but could not find a place that carried them to try them on. So, I went to BPS, tried on several pairs, and settled on a pair of Red Head short rubber boots...
  564. H

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Joe. Thanks for such an entertaining report. I still remember sharing the rail with you on the "Q". You are not only a very talented writer, but a great story teller, a good fisherman, and an all around nice guy. I still look forward to fishing with you again some day. Stay well.
  565. H

    SuperSeeker 6470H

    Definitely too pretty to fish with! That is BEAUTIFUL work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  566. H

    80w and 130's

    That "Fishy" is one smart guy!!!!
  567. H

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    You weave a great tale Joe. Keep on going!!!! By the way, how big were your tuna????
  568. H

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Joe, you are an amazing writer. Please continue. :-)
  569. H

    How relevant is rod length ?

    ABout 4 or 5 years ago, my first trip on the AA, one of the deckhands hooked what he "claimed" was a wahoo on this GIANT "whoopin stick" It was 12 or 14 feet long, with this little Avet on it (2 speed but that wouldn't work) Anyway, Cam handed me (more like jammed it in my hands), and said...
  570. H

    Elderly Couples Football.

    An oldie, but still a goodie.
  571. H

    Shimano Vs Avet

    Found On Road Dead............ r, First On Race Day.........
  572. H

    Skin bite on indy

    Jeff is one "fishy" skipper!!!!!
  573. H

    Kirinda, Sri Lanka Nov 2015

    Thanks somuch for a great report, and all the pics.
  574. H

    SPY Optic + BD Sunglasses GIVEAWAY

    no instagram, but count me in too :D
  575. H

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    I like to use 16/0 to 20/0 Eagle claw circles for big baits, and ringed 7 to 9/0 circle hooks (eagle claw) for 'dines. Never had a hook straighten out yet. Please don't ask me the hook #'s, I just don't remember that stuff.LOL. But they hold real well, don't seem to hamper the bait, and I always...
  576. H

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Hi Fishy girl, and sorry for moving the thread a little on your excellent report. It really was excellent. And it's good to see younger people discover, and fall in love with this obsession. The comment is just something and old captain reffered to long range as. And he was right. This really is...
  577. H

    Shogun Nov 7 - 12 Guadalupe Report

    What a great report. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you out there one of these days. Thanks again.....
  578. H

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Thats only a fish tale :-):-):-). Afraid a wahoo would eat the wrong worm..
  579. H

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Great report:D:D:D. It rivals some of the best on here. Slide show was fabulous. Welcome to a very expensive addiction. But it really is the most fun you can have with your clothes on :-):-):-). Thanks for sharing.
  580. H

    Hoos Tuna Run and Gun 11/12/15 - 11/25/15

    Soda Pop, Where do you go for Italian by the Vagabond??????
  581. H

    Indy 11/1-11/11

    GREAT write up. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  582. H

    The rest of LR fleet fishing Guadalupe next year?

    I am not a big fan of Frank, but I have to give credit where credit is due. He broke ground to get us back to Guadalupe! For that I will thank him.
  583. H

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    I have allways used the 3 turn uni. No failures, and easy for me to tie, even in the stiff flourocarbon. JMHO
  584. H

    Pink Fifi Rod

    That is really nice!!! Not that I expected anything less from you. Really beautiful work.
  585. H

    Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    The kids expression:D:D:D. It's stuff like that, that makes a fisherman for life. Way to go dad!!!
  586. H

    I thought you guys might like this. Old school.

    That is really neat. Thanks for sharing.
  587. H

    Donkeys vs cheeseheads

    I am a Donkeys fan, But there is a lot of football left to play. The team with the fewest injuries is going all the way. I am glad that the Broncos' offence finally showed up though. Looks like the "O" line is finally starting to gell!
  588. H

    damn kids

    An oldie, but still a goodie..:rofl:
  589. H

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Mike CONGRATS !!!!!!!! Great story, good fish especially for local waters, and piss on all the haters out there! Enjoy the filets, and thanks for a really good read.
  590. H

    cheatin wife

  591. H

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    Just my 2 cents. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
  592. H

    Reels Who likes what best?

    Hi Kurt. Congrats on the trip :-) . From my own experience, here is what I would do (and what I did). I, at first, bought some things that I thought would be good for this, only to find out I was seriously under gunned. What I ended up doing, was calling Ken Corwin, at Kens Custom Reels...
  593. H

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    Way to go dad. Hopefully you will have a fishing partner for life!
  594. H

    Wahoo Saturday 10/24

    Looks like a real good one too! Congrats.
  595. H

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Yes, Old Harv', was one of a kind. I miss him.
  596. H

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Kindness??? Helpfulness???? When I first started with this game, I was using my old (very old) east coast gear. Solid fiberglass 2 piece rods, with wooden butts !!!! Penn jig master 500, my "BIG" reel was a Penn graphite 330!, and a Penn 309 levelwind!. (Yes, I still have them). I "ate" every...
  597. H

    Guadalupe Tips, for November trips (Techniques only, no politics)

    I was only there once, back in 97. On a 4 day, after an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS day on bluefin and albacore, the capt. (Jeff Debuys) decided to take us to the "Lupe". Slower pick on yellowfin, but really nice sized ones. My boy won the jackpot that trip with an 80lb. yft, on 40 lb. boat gear. The...
  598. H

    PENN Clash 5000: Pre-ICAST Sneak Peek

    Thanks for the answers. As always, I will have to do a LOT of thinking about this one.
  599. H

    More Fishing, Less Bitching

    #'s 19, and 40 have my vote!!!
  600. H

    PENN Clash 5000: Pre-ICAST Sneak Peek

    I am in the market for a wahoo reel, High speed, smooth drag, etc... I am not "adverse" to getting a "coffee grinder", but just wondering about max drag, costs, etc... My first choice is a Torque 2 speed, I was told by people I respect, that the Fathom is a real good choice as well. How would...
  601. H

    Yesterdays Catch Pool Winner

    I didn't think they went that far north!!! Used to catch a lot of them out of Louisiana when my dad was alive and living down there. Nice drum!!! Congrats, and great eating too!.
  602. H

    Quadruple bypass surgery

    My dad had a quadruple bypass back in 85. Back then they said it would last about 10 years, Dad went for 15!. It's not an easy time for the first few weeks, or months (depending). But dad lived a rich full life for about 13 of the 15 years.
  603. H


    GREAT report. Thanks, It almost felt like I was there with you guys.
  604. H

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    you can't call them "dykes" anymore. They are women in comfortable shoes!
  605. H

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    NO NO NO !!!!!!! For the water to get to you guys, it has to snow in the high country, and on the western slope! Noneof that filthy white stuff here PLEASE !!!!! LOL Hope to see you soon Joe. You are one of the best.
  606. H

    10/5 Mission Belle 3/4 and big props to PLSF

    Nice report, thanks for sharing. It's good to hear good news!
  607. H

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    How I wish I could join you "Statistico". I really do miss you on the "AA". I doo hope to get together with you again my next trip out your way. Have a GRAT trip.
  608. H

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    GREAT CATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Thanks for sharing the experience, and the photos. As for the haters out there, K.M.E F A.! (kiss my entire furry ass). That is a GREAT catch. I haven't caught a mako, or even seen an opah yet. But I do enjoy getting down to the docks as often as I can to view...
  609. H

    Nov. 8 day

    Your riding with one of the best operations there are. From the office, all the way. Just enjoy the trip:-) Sam, Brian, or Ray will find the fish, the deck hands are always there, and you can't beat the food! Have fun, and enjoy.
  610. H

    penn 112 repair?

    Ditto, on Kens Custom Reels. Best service around.
  611. H

    Penn Torque

    If you're close to Oceanside, See Kens Custom Reels. That guy has EVERYTHING!!!!
  612. H

    AA Swordfish Trip

    AWESOME trip. The AA is one hell of an operation, from booking the trip, to the end. Fabulous people, great food, and a homey feel. Great story on the swordfish! I haven't even seen on come on the boat before, but i'm still hoping.. Thanks for the report...
  613. H

    Very Late Trip Report

    Thanks for the report. I was there when you guys came in, and left on the Kens Custom Reels trip the next day. You guys did "put the wood" to them. Again GREAT report, I wish I could remember that well, and write as well as you do. I will probably see you when you come in again in 2016. Tight...
  614. H

    Yellowfin Tuna, New Jersey August 2015

    Great trip. A friend of mine lives in Delaware, real close to Barnegett N.J. Could you PM me with the charters info please. Bill is always looking for a good trip. Thanks
  615. H

    Boss 665H

    Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. JMHO.
  616. H


    Rice Bowl does a great trip. When I can afford to do more than the one I do, I would LOVE to join you guys again.
  617. H

    PENN Clash giveaway contest!

    Tried on the home computer, it won't connect with the link.
  618. H

    Tiburon smart shift 7540 reel handle/knobs

    Check with Kens' Custom Reels. That guy always pulls a rabbit out of his hat.
  619. H

    FAVORITE 10 DAY TRIP (Boat/Date/Why)

    Gosh. It was a LONG time ago. I'm thinking it was right around 1999, or 2000. I don't remember for sure. But it was on the Qualifier 105, with Rodney Okimoto running the boat (GREAT skipper by the way). We Slayed the YFT at the rocks, caught a bunch of hoo at the ridge, found the dodo's, and...
  620. H

    3 rod set with abalone shell inlay

    Really nice. Great colors.
  621. H

    Win a PENN Fathom 25NLD

    Count me in !!!!
  622. H

    American Angler 5 day, Salas Trip, 7/5-10

    Steve, Have a blast!!! Great boat and crew, and you have Sam going with you on this one!!!! Excellent!!!!! I have to wait until February :-(
  623. H

    Stainless Steel Jigmaster 500/501 Side Plate

    O.K. I'm interested. How much for the side plates, and the frame??? Please send me a message with the prices. Thanks.
  624. H

    Penn Custom Shop & TRQ40NLD2 ???

    I'd like to see the Torques (all of them) back in the gloss black and gold. That was a really classy looking reel!
  625. H

    Penn Warfare Star Drag

    Is the Warfare made here? or China?
  626. H

    Customer service

    Kens Custom Reels. Great service, most knowledgable and great guys to deal with. And they really know their stuff!
  627. H

    Man w/o a boat Question ;)

    Ken and Wes are the guys to talk to. They help with the O'side club events etc... Plus he is a great guy and won't steer you wrong.
  628. H

    2 Day on the Legend

    Congrats. And handing fish off to your brother on a tough trip speaks volumes on your part. Don't let the BS get to you. Your brother doesn't get to fish very often, and you made sure he had a great time! Simple! Great way to spend time with your bro. !!!!!!!!!!
  629. H

    Shimano Reels Japan vs US

    OK, I'll stir the pot. It may take a little bit longer than going into a store, and dropping the credit card on the counter. But try a local reel shop. If it was me, I'd just call Ken or Wes, at Kens Custom Reels, and tell them what I wanted, and to see if they can locate a used one. Much less...
  630. H

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Extra hats !!!!!!!! The guy that posted this last page was right on. I only had one with me on my first 10 day. About day 4 it got blown off my head, and into the drink. With the size of my bald spot, I ended up being a real hurting unit by the end of the trip. ALWAYS bring an extra hat or 2....
  631. H

    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    Thanks for all the input guys (and ladies). Sorry I have been a little lax in reading this forum, but I have been in Chicago for about a week (with no internet access) for a training class on PLC's. I will try to call Ken tomorrow and see what he thinks. I had a problem this year getting bit on...
  632. H

    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    I'm toying with the idea of a new reel for throwing wahoo bombs. There is nothing wrong with what I have now, (Pro-Gear 454, and a Tiburon autoshift sst8, might be a 16, I don't remember. But it is used for 50 lb. line). I'm just thinking about it. So what is the best bang for the buck????
  633. H

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    TMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  634. H

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Reminds me of when Brian Simms was running the Q105, and "that guy" kept trolling his marauder after dark. I still feel for Razor! The Athletes foot!
  635. H

    What line do you prefer?

    I like "P" line for most applications, thinner, less memory, easy to tie, etc... For my flouro, I really like Blackwater. But I only use flouro for 60 and above.
  636. H

    Is there a forum for Daiwa Reel issues?

    I'll continue to deal with the small "mom & pop" shops. Forget the manufacturers! Kens Custom Reels, for me!
  637. H


    Yeah Mike, you absolutely SLAYED the whoo that trip. It was AMAZING !!!!
  638. H

    Monster Snook TB

  639. H


    Thanks for posting that Donna. That was just too cool!
  640. H

    Making top shots for Giant Tuna ahead of time

    I buy mine pre-made, from Kens Custom Reels, in Oceanside. I ask for, and he gets, 80, 100, and 130, Blackwater for me (he uses that himself too). I have NEVER had one of his fail, or even come close to failing, and I have been lucky enough to catch tuna up to 275 lbs. on his rigging. One trip...
  641. H

    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    I caught my very first cow on a Calstar 7470xh. used a Penn 50 with a baker frame, 130 spectra etc... etc... The rod did bottom out near the end, but it is a great rod, and does the job really well. I now have (for heavier stuff) 2 770xh, and a 770xxxh. That XXX is one powerful rod, and without...
  642. H

    Favorite Long Range boats for 8-10 days or longer.

    Granted, it costs me a little more. With airfare, hotels, etc... But how do you guys do all he trips you do. I have to save all year long just to do one 14 day trip. And I make a descent buck, and live in a fairly inexpensive part of the country. Yes, I am jealous!
  643. H

    Accuplates and frame for jigmaster 500

    Don't forget Kens Custom Reels. Give him a little time, and he will find it.
  644. H

    Big Bait hooks

    Hi Steve. There is a place in Tennessee called Catfish Supply. They carry the BIG circle hooks. The last time I bought them it was about $120 for 100 Eagle claw 18/0, plus shipping. You can check them out on line, although it has been a year or 2 since I bought anything from them.
  645. H

    Small reels vs big Reels

    Ditto: Save for the trip first. A lot of the boats, will loan you gear for free on your first trip with them (call to see which ones do this). All you have to pay for is the line/topshot refills. When you are ready to purchase something, go talk to Ken Corwin, at Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside...
  646. H

    Time Lapsed Canoe Building

    Really like the music, and the canoe is amazing!!! Really nice work.
  647. H

    Baby Sea lion Epidemic

    thought it was against the law to molest sea lions in any way shape or form? I don't like to see anything suffer, but is helping them now that they are over populated, the same as shooting them if they are endagered??? Just a wondering thought.
  648. H

    Some Good News For A Change

    I'm just glad the whole thing is over. Now, I hope that there is fair and equal treatment for the processors. I think it's real funny though. When Sarah first started 5 Star, she was recommended by the very people who tried to shut her down. Way to go 5 Star. May you be here for many years to...
  649. H

    Crazy Shark Decoy

    That guy is NUCKING FUTS!!!!
  650. H


    OK. Here goes another 2 cents worth. I try to match the hook size to the size of the bait. No sense driving a huge hook into a small sardine, and watching the poor little thing try to swim! Anyway, my last trip, the sardines weren't huge, the bite was a bit finicky, and I was using 4/0 Eagle...
  651. H

    Tib SST16 Service?

    Again. Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside. He knows the auto-shift like the back of his hand.
  652. H

    Where to get reels serviced

    I've got to chime in too. Kens' is the best !
  653. H

    Acid Test

    I don't care how it's wrapped. It shore is pretty!
  654. H

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    No Thanks. Tried it once on a reservation in Canada. They taste like that stuff you put on plants!
  655. H

    Honor Beer and flying the kite up top

    Now there is a blast from the past. I miss the "Q", and especially old Mike. He was a grouchy old fart at first. But if you took the time to get to know him, he was a really great guy. A wealth of information on fishing, AND cooking. He was also VERY knowledgable about American history. I miss...
  656. H


    I like tuna or wahoo stir fry. Cut the fish into 1/2" cubes. Chop up whatever veggies you like into bite size pieces. Heat up the wok with Yoshidas, lightly flour the fish cubes, and put them in the wok for a minute or two. dump in the veggies, stir it all up for just a minute or two, pour the...
  657. H

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    So sorry to hear about all the troubles. My prayers, and hopes go with you.
  658. H

    Intrepid broke again

    :fighting0061::fighting0061::fighting0061::fighting0061::deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorsesomeone start the popcorn, I'll bring the beer. I have a feeling This is going to be a bad one.
  659. H

    Intrepid broke again

    someone start the popcorn, I'll bring the beer. I have a feeling This is going to be a bad one.
  660. H

    Intrepid broke again

    someone start the popcorn, I'll bring the beer. I have a feeling This is going to be a bad one.
  661. H

    How Many Wind On Leaders

    I'm on the same trip. I have used Kens top shots for a number of years now. Never a failure. The man really does do Quality work! I try to make the damn things, but my "delicate little hands" have a problem, and my patience wears thin. So I use Kens. I don't know how short a top shot you are...
  662. H

    Intrepid 14 day on the way

    Thanks David. Get home safe.
  663. H

    Intrepid 14 day on the way

    Hey Fishy. I just came off of the Intrepid site, after reading about the wahoo day at Alijos. I believe it is you in the picture, and I just wanted to know how big that beast is they are pulling over the rail. Either it is a MONSTER "hoo" or a "really good camera angle".
  664. H

    boat reccomendations

    JMHO. I really like the idea of going on a trip sponsored by one of the reel companies. They always have lots of "toys", and want you to play with them. If you want to learn how to "rig" all your own stuff, the deck hands are there, and will help all they can. I enjoy the trips I go on with...
  665. H

    50# Set Up

  666. H

    Handle suggestions for my Super 12

    It's all a matter of personal preferance, But I really like the full size T-Bar handles. JMHO.
  667. H

    How Many Boats can fish the Hurricane or Clarion at once?

    I Love trips like that !!!! Sans the seiners. :-)
  668. H

    What happened?

    I know Bobby, and Taro told everyone last year that it was their last year on the boat. Taro had a chance to run a boat out of Seaforth, and Bobby was going to try his hand commercial fishing. They are both Great guys, and will be missed. However, I have complete faith in Sam, Brian, and Lori...
  669. H

    Opinions on fuel surcharge or not

    This is getting OLD!!!!!!!!! Has anybody paid a fuel surcharge this year?????? Last year, as was stated in a previous post, the landing owners, and the bait dock, and anyone else who takes a piece of the fares we pay, said "no more fuel surcharges". You are stealing a piece of the pie from...
  670. H

    One for Diddley

    That is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! You do amazing work Scold.
  671. H

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    I was on the "Q", when Razor (Deckhand filling in), got hooked by a marauder. Brian Sims did a good job "operating" on the guy, to get that giant hook out. It's a dangerous place!
  672. H

    Recommendations for smaller, heavy duty hooks

    I think the Mustad "Demons" are available in smaller sizes, and ringed.
  673. H

    Found this Cool Photo on the Web

    How big is the boat??????
  674. H

    Holiday season over.... are you going fishing soon?

    Don't worry. I'll un-pack, and re-pack at least 3 or 4 more times before I get on the plane........ LOL
  675. H

    Holiday season over.... are you going fishing soon?

    COME ON FEBRUARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/7/15 AA 14 day. Climbing the walls, cabin fever, etc... etc... etc... Can't wait. and Yes, I've already packed....... TWICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  676. H

    flying with carryon hooks

    You have to check hooks, jigs, lures with Hooke, etc... Most places have no sense of humor about it either. All tools must be checked too. A while back in Vegas they confiscated the 4 bladed screwdriver disc that I had on my keychain for over 35 years. When there is ANY doubt, check it.
  677. H

    The Fisherman

    So sorry for your loss chief.
  678. H

    Reel Servicing

    Kens Custom Reels.
  679. H

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Long range out of SanDiego.
  680. H

    Airborn Beer: the story

    Veterans' day is NOT about bar-b-ques, or a 3 day weekend. It's about guys like THIS! That did, and gave all they had for their buddies, their country, and us all ! This is what it's about! I wish there was a show, that would let the veterans themselves, tell all of their stories, like this...