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    PENN "2020" 7-day trip aboard the Shogun; December 4-11, 2020

    A waterproof duffle is nice as it sometimes drizzles/rains on boarding day, the bottom of the loading carts are wet or the deck is wet before you get your duffle into your stateroom. Enjoy your trip! Don
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    April 6-7 Salmon

    Kahuna out of Moss Landing about a fish per rod Saturday and Sunday. Don
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    AA 14 Day Trip Report 1/27-2/10

    Jeff, The day that we get back is always pretty hectic, getting my gear/fish and getting out of town. Didn't get a chance to tell you what a pleasure it was thank you for being so welcoming to the new guy. Take care of yourself and your girls! Don aka "The Clinic"
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    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    Will be my fifth 14-day trip on the Angler. Far from great with a sardine on 100# and #130#, but experienced enough to stay out of everybody else 's way. Don
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    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    This will be my first trip with the Avet group. Driving down from San Jose on Saturday. See you all dark and early Sunday morning! Don
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    RP 10 Day - Report

    Hey Doug, How were you guys rigging that Orange Mackerel? Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like five or six feet or some kind of wire? Thanks. Don
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    Rockfish Spots Near the Golden Gate?? Please Help.

    I'm going out on a crab/rockfishing combo trip 11/3 on the party boat Lovely Martha and know very little about rockfishing. I have many rods and reels for long range fishing out of San Diego. Can you recommend rods and reels, spectra #... Thanks. Don
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    The American Angler Captains

    Off topic, I know, but for the Angler regulars, where is stateroom L? Bow? Thanks.
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    Yo-Zuri Bonita? is not responding and I need to install ball bearing swivels and hooks on a couple Y-Z Bonitas. Anyone know who else might be able to help me with the change out. Thanks. Don
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    Best state room on the AA?

    Ever bunk in C? Single under the stairs. Looks like limited head room and it's a 14-day trip. Papillon? Thanks. Don
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    need one anlger to join Icy Bay Lodge jigging trip in Alaska

    I have never been to Alaska. I have a lot of long range fishing equipment for 10 to 14 day trips. I am curious as to which reels I would need? Thanks. Don
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    Fish fry time again 3-17-18

    If it is not a trade secret, would you mind posting your fish fry batter recipe? Thanks. Don
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    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14 Early Check-In

    Did I miss the trip report? If so please provide me with the link. Thanks. Don
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    Boycott NFL Sunday Nov. 12th 2017 please read ....

    Not sure how you gauge success, but the Patriots at Buccaneers game last night was 1,171 short of a sellout which was 98% of capacity. The game averaged an 11.1 overnight household rating and had 14.6 million viewers. Just reporting the numbers.
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    AA 7 day Sept. 23 to 30th.

    Great to see David back on the Angler! Thank you for the report. Don
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    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14-29

    Soda, how many wind-ons are you taking of each? Thanks. Don
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    4th Annual Superbowl 2018 Winner Prediction Contest 2/4/2018

    I've been watching Hard Knocks. I'm going with Bucaneers. Thanks. Eastcapedon
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    Open spots on the Angler

    I'm on the Calstar trip! My first time out with this group. Nice to meet you. I'm interested in knowing how many rods and reels you are bringing this year. Thanks. Don
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    Trolling for Salmon Golden Gate?

    Heading out on the Lovely Martha to try for salmon Saturday out of SF. Braided main line or mono? Going to be trolling 2.5 cannonballs. What weight rod? Best spot to position myself on party boat. Stern corner? Thanks. Don
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    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    That is some incredible looking maguro and toro action. Thanks for posting. Don
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    Vakuta Exploration Trip Papua New Guinea

    I'm interested in the trolling jig in the first Spanish Mack pic. Kind of Marauder like. Is that a Shell Shaping Twister F3? Thanks. Don
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    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    1/2 day trip as advertised. I was all ready to troll frozen dead, but then they started loading live ones. I think I'm going again Monday.
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    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    It was a learning experience and we caught some fish. I ended up going with my 7 foot Fenwick Pacific Stick rated 15-40# paired with a Penn Jigmaster 500L 25# mono and that was perfectly fine. The boat rods were 8 foot Shakespeare rated 15-30# paired with various 3/0 sized reels 25# mono...
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    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    I heading out Sunday on the Lovely Martha out of SF, going to give halibut fishing a try for the first time. I have a lot of long range gear. Any recommendations for length/weight rod and size reel/line I should take? Thanks. Don
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    SKB Rocket launchers - Help Please

    He's on the Angler. They secure each tackle box individually so they don't slide around or tip. Don
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    The adventure begins

    Sounds like you guys are making a move south to Hurricane. May the current be with you!
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    Roll call... 16 day Intrepid Catchy tackle Trip

    I was out on the Angler a couple weeks ago now and although, the bites were tough to come by, the quality grade at Hurricane was amazing. We also had regulation size sardines which has not been the case until recently. The current was on and off, but unless the weather will not allow it, I'd...
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    just got back from the Bank and...

    I'm heading out on the Angler 2/9 and I'm not prepared for super stealth fishing at Hurricane or Clarion. Abel is a friend and was on your trip. He caught most of his fish on 80# with only one chew through and two hook pulls. Like Steve K said, it's risky, but it will make me feel better to...
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    just got back from the Bank and...

    It does not appear that Owner makes Super Mutu in 2/0 and 3/0 sizes. Did you mean regular Mutu circle hooks? Thank you for the report and I understand that Super Mutu are much preferred but regular Mutu help with smaller dines. Don
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    Current LR reports are Slow- Andy heading to lower banks.

    The sardines are larger now, so you got that going for you. Have a good trip!
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    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Kevin, How are you doing big guy. Are you going on Ken's trip in February? Don
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    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    Are you guys bringing anything new this trip, or you going to try anything different from previous years? Sounds like the sardines have been on the small side. Do you think that a 4/0 Super Mutu is too small to drop in with at the islands. Sounds like the fishing has been a little different...
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    Loreto to Mag. Bay

    What would be the most direct route to Mag Bay from the San Francisco bay area(San Jose, CA.)? Thanks. Don
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    Next Gen Getting it done on the AA.

    Dude. Your kid's a natural. Thought I might see you guys in the AA reports. See you guys in February. Straight Cows! Don
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    Pacific Queen Trip Report - Pair of 200 lb. Bluefin from 6/2 Overnighter - Joe Sarmiento Article

    If you don't mind sharing, what are the recommended colors for the Bull Sashimi Poppers and what kind of reel do those guys use to whip those things out there with the belief that they can land a 200 pound BFT with it? I'd like to try poppers at Clarion next February. Thanks. Don
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    The Ultimate 50lb. Set-up!!

    I'm not a Penn guy, but would be interested to know what kind of spectra # and how many yards you got on that reel? Don
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    Van Staal 7" Titanium Fishing Pliers

    Great set of pliers. Had them for ten years now. Had to replace the spring that keeps them open once. Van Staal replaced the cutters at the same time. Need to keep an eye on them.
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    Makaira 50 sea and seeker OSP 4X

    I might be interested in the Mak50Sea only? $? I'm leaving on the Angler for a 14-day trip in two weeks 2/9/16. Let me know. Thanks. Don
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    Assist hooks, big tuna?

    I just bought two 250 gram Shimano Flat Fall jigs for my 14-day trip in February. I've never fished one either, but is the recommendation to change out the factory assist hooks that come with the jig? I bought a couple packs of the Owner Dancing Stinger assist hooks as they look a little more...
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    sardine fishing with mak 20/100lb. and which rod?

    So what is the United Composite factory rod recommendation for MAK 30 with 130#?
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    TN30 and TN40?

    I'm replacing the spectra on my TN30 and TN40. It's been a while. :D I want to set both up for throwing bombs for wahoo. Anyone know how many yards of JBH 65# I need for each to fish under a 100 yard topshot of 50# mono? Thanks in advance. Don
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    Ball don't lie.
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    Catchy Tackle 15 day .... Intrepid .... Oct. 17 roll call

    Hope you're not going to park your beautiful new truck at the landing for 15 days. Can't wait to read the reports from your trip. Catch a bunch of big ones!
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    First 15 day leaves Oct. 17 ...... Intrepid

    Do you happen to recall how the ultra long trips did in 2009-2010? That was the last significant El Nino on record. I'm on the AA Ken's Custom Reel's 14-day trip in February and I'm starting to gear up. Don
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    Super Bowl Winner Predictions Contest February 7, 2016

    Philadelphia. Additions of Bradford and Maxwell put the Eagles over the 10-6 hump this year. Don
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    PL68 and Man-Bait?

    The late night/early morning recommendation was for 50 or 50W reels. Maybe it was 200 feet and not yards. :D Lots of 100 yard coils available. Thanks for setting me straight! Don
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    PL68 and Man-Bait?

    Last 14-day trip, the guys on the Angler were recommending a 200 yard top shot of 200 lb mono for jig and big bait fishing at night. Anyone know where I can get a piece of 200 lb mono that long without buying a 1,000 yard spool? Thanks in advance. Don
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    Makaira 30 II SEA w/Spectra for sale

    Is the JB130 solid or hollow? Don
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    Chambers Bay

    I've only been to Seattle twice for work only, but neither time was the weather as nice as its looked on TV all this week. Hope the weather stays nice. Course looks ridiculously tough. Go Tiger!
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    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    Kevin...remember when we were at Clarion last trip and a tuna ate my Burns bomb? Not fun and it took forever on my TN40. Kevin is strictly a 14-day guy, buffer zone, Hurricane and Clarion. Think 2-speed. I've ordered an Andros 12IIS. See you in February! Don
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    Xtratuf or Gill/Westmarine boots comfort

    Have you seen the new Rugged Shark boots at Charkbait? Any reviews on them? I've got Xtratufs too. Not the most comfortable after 10 hours of fishing but which boots are? Don
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    Owner Super Mutu with ball bearing swivel

    Hi Eric, I received the hooks today. Thank you very much, they are amazing. I will try my best to put them to good use. I can only dream about the day I run out and have to buy some more! Don
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    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Sherm, As the charter master, do you have any say as to how many days you spend fishing for bluefin? I have a couple friends on your trip again this year, but I really like Bluefin. Thanks. Don
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    RIP LR Brother Sam Lewis 4/20/2015

    Sam would always yell YEEEAAAHHH when he hooked up. Kind and generous. I was fortunate to have fished with Sam and Clarence several times. Don
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    cambria 4/10/15

    Olives are my favorite. Nice catch! Don
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    What to bring to Rancho Leonero?

    100# flouro for tossing live baits to tailing billfish or larger tuna swimming with the porpoises. Have a great time!
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    PENN "2015" Northern California halibut/striper trip aboard the California Dawn May 14, 2015

    What is the line rating on the recommended 270 rod? I'm guessing it's a 7 foot rod. What kind of 4-10 ounce weights? Round or banana type? What size live bait hooks? What happens if there is no live bait? Sorry for all the newbie questions but I'm geared for salmon or LR tuna and have...
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    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    The travel days on these longer trips are tough, especially if the weather is up. I'm thinking of ways to occupy my time for next year. So far I've got DVD player and learn how to play cribbage. You already have the right attitude. Thanks for the report! Don
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    Off we go on the West Coast Marketing Charter - 3/18/15 to 4/3/15

    Please keep the reports coming. According to The Star, things are "perking up". You are heading down at a good time. Safe travels and catch a bunch! Don
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    14+ Day Trip Terminal Tackle

    I did my first 14-day trip this past February and one thing I didn't know about was to bring a small Megabait with a single hook for catching skipjacks. As it turned out, there was a decent supply of the desired man-baits coming over the side as incidental catches if you wanted one. Obscure...
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    Phenix Rod for Cows

    Thanks to all the replies and discussion, I now have both the Phenix Hybrid PHD700X4H and Phenix Axis HAX720X4H which I will be using as my 130# rods. Unfortunately, I won't be able provide feedback until next 14-day trip in 2016. I already had a GF770XXH which I used for 100# and I remain a...
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    PENN "2015" Northern California halibut/striper trip aboard the California Dawn May 14, 2015

    I'm interested! I've done a lot of local salmon trips, but not halibut/striper. What kind of rods/reels/lines would you recommend for the trip? I realize that you can rent but I have tons of stuff and would prefer to use my own gear if possible. Heaven knows I've spent $$$ for all the stuff...
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    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    Amazing how many people put Furikake in their poke! The American Angler had a container of Furikake on their tables on recent 14-day trip. I used to put it on my rice when I was a kid growing up in Hawaii, so it been around for decades. Not a traditional ingredient but cannot deny that it...
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    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    The key ingredient in my opinion to a great batch of poke is ogo from Hawaii. Decent chance that there is a Asian market within range that flies it in once a week. Find out what day that is and tell them to put some aside for you. Basic poke is the good too. Ahi, ogo, Hawaiian salt, red...
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    I can confirm that AA has Wi-Fi. On recent 14-day trip, I had no problem sending or receiving e mails on a daily basis. I did not text as I was in airplane mode until we got back to SD. This was my first trip on the AA and I signed up for the same trip next year as soon as we got done sorting...
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    Rod & Reel Rigs for 14+ day trip

    Interesting that you use MAK20s for 100 and 130. I got a MAK30 for 130 but will now consider getting a third MAK20 for my second 130 as I like the way the MAK20s feel in my hands. I recently did my first 14-day trip and the AA uses 80# mono for trolling. The crew told me that trolling is...
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    I bought three Ballyhood Cowbells five years ago when they were the hot new wahoo lure, but have yet to stick one on a LR boat. Charles may have something there with regard to trolling speed, because they weigh a ton. I probably knocked couple wahoo unconscious as they swam through our spread...
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    WTB Accurate ATD 50w - 80w

    How much do you want for the 760H rod only? Don
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    Dried Aku?

    My friend just came back from Oahu and gave me a couple bags of dried aku. Forgot how good that stuff is! I just came back from a 14-day trip on the AA and I have a lot of ahi now. I don't have a dry box or dehydrator, but has anyone tried making dried aku/ahi in an oven? Mainland style...
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    Anyone ever try a Strike Pro Wahoo Hunter? Very Marauder like and they come in the size and weight that I want. Don
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    Ken's lure was an OG Hooker Intruder! Ken also had an AA lure which we tried, but we couldn't get it to track straight. It did catch one wahoo before it was pulled from the lineup. I just spoke with Greg at AA Lures and he is going to get with Ken to discuss the issues. I looked at the new...
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    Those will work Dennis! The charter master Ken Corwin busted one of those out on the trip and stopped the boat several times. I forget the name of them but Ken also told me that they don't make them anymore. Good luck on your trip. Don
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    I just got off the AA Ken's Custom Reels 14-day trip Saturday 2/21 and I'm already gearing up for next year. It was that good! I usually use the boat's trolling outfits, as did 80% of the other guys and gal on our trip. Due to the epic wahoo fishing, the boat's reels were in need of some time...
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    Wahoo Bombs Vs. Raider Jigs

    Excellent info. What do you use to keep your sliding sinker above the flouro?
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    Wahoo Bombs Vs. Raider Jigs

    On the super rare occasion when you know the wahoo are plentiful, as they appear to be now at Alijos and where I on the AA might find myself in a few days, would you go out with bait and wire first? Don
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    Report: Panga Jessica in Cabo San Lucas

    Nice report and pics Fred! Hope to fish you and Phil again one day. Don
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    How Many Wind On Leaders

    Good to know Kevin. I'm going with just 9 outfits. 2-130#, 2-100# and 5-50#/40#. I plan on using boat rods for trolling and kite. Lori says they will have rental outfits if needed. The wahoo fishing continues to be good at the rocks, but how much longer? More wind and rain on the current...
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    How Many Wind On Leaders

    Hi Pete! I look forward to meeting and fishing with you very soon. Perhaps you know my friend, Jack Esson who is one of the many regulars on this trip. I'll bring two 25 foot coils of 100# for Sato crimping. Thanks. Don
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    How Many Wind On Leaders

    Excellent! Now I can concentrate on packing my gear. I'm on the AA Ken's Custom Reels trip that departs 2/7/15. Thank you everyone for your replies! Don
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    How Many Wind On Leaders

    I'm heading out on my first 14-day trip in two weeks and will be fishing loop to loop wind on leaders from Basil. At $28.50 to $30 per leader for Seaguar Premier, money is an issue! I've got seven 100#, seven 135#, two 150#(mono) and two 200#(mono). I know it's better to be safe, but I'm not...
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    50# Set Up

    Grafighter 700H
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    Who plays Golf?

    Torrey is open to the public. Played there this past summer (weekday). There is a learning curve. Get there at 4:30AM, stake your place in line and you will be able to play north or south courses starting around 6:30AM. Not cheap but certainly worth doing once. Discount for SD residents. Don
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    Who plays Golf?

    Cottonwood has some water issues, who didn't, but I heard that they were drilling their own well. That should green things up a bit. Really nice people there and super reasonable rates for my retired friends on a fixed income. I've played Carlton Oaks a couple times and had fun. $45 with...
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    Intrepid 14 day on the way

    We heard that the sardines are on the small side. What kind of hooks are using or the deckhands recommending? Thank you. Don
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    Phenix Rod for Cows

    90% of my rods are Calstar Grafighters, but I really like doing business with Chris at Pelagic Outfitters. While Chris can get Calstars, he has Phenix rods in stock and I'm heading out on a 14-days trip in three weeks. Based on input from this thread I've ordered PHD700X4H and PHD700X2H...
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    Phenix Rod for Cows

    How about a Phenix rod equivalent to a Grafighter 700XH for throwing bombs/raiders at wahoo? Thanks again. Don
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    Phenix Rod for Cows

    Which Phenix rod is equivalent to a Grafighter 770XXH 80-130? Would this then be the best Phenix rod to match with a Mak30SeaII with 135JBH/130TS? Thank you in advance. Don
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    Only one outfit 14dayer cow rig

    I don't have any many cow rigs as I would like either, but I'm still going. Would you fish a salami on a Mak 20SEa with 100# and a 135# top shot if they are wanting salamis and my one and only 135# rig is down for some reason? Thanks for the excellent info. Don
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    Tackle storage on american angler

    Great information. I'm going on my first trip on the AA in February and was wondering the same thing. Thanks! Don
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    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Orange Grundens take up a lot of space but I'll bring em just in case. I'm on the AA Ken's Custom Reels trip that leaves 2/7/15. Catch a bunch on your trips! Thanks everyone for your recommendations. Don
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    Intrepid Oct. 17 - Nov 1 ... 15 day ..... Start of the Cow season

    Do you guys bring full on rain slickers on this trip? I'm taking my first 14-day trip in February and I'm not sure. Thank you. Don
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    Slow Pick in Monterey Bay

    At the start of the trip you were "A's Fan", evolved to "#23" and by the end of the trip distinguished yourself as "Carcass". :D Hope your soup turned out well!
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    Slow Pick in Monterey Bay

    Hey, you were with the "Professor" and "The Rookie" from Capitola. Pleasure fishing with you guys! I was also one of the few that stuck around to get my fish filleted and heard you guys talking about the missing fish. The Professor was very kind about the whole incident and credit the crew...
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    Slow Pick in Monterey Bay

    Hey Mike. I was with you on that trip! I was at the stern, starboard side. Like you said, lots of action before 10AM. Just about every bait resulted in a bite/nibble. Problem was getting them stay on those circle hooks all the way up. I tried to let em eat it? I got two decent keepers and...
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    Independence West Coast Marketing On The Water Report

    Love the reports and photos! Indy rail cover? That's new. Thanks. Don
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    Yeaa Buddy 17 day Intrepid trip leaving Friday 2/28 !

    Have an epic trip! Sounds like the Excel had some good jig fishing at night. I'd be interested to know what if any jigs for tuna you are bringing and the outfit you plan on fishing those jigs with. Thanks. Don.
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    Royal Star Dec 26th - Short Report/ Info

    Were those 5-10 ounce weights egg sinkers? If not, how were they attached to your line? Your report is greatly appreciated. Nice fishay fishay! Don
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    Indy 13 day log 11/14

    Congrats on getting your fish! What rig were you using for the balloon? Sardine or man-bait? I've never done it and the balloon was working really well last trip to Clarion when the current was ripping uphill. Love the on the water reports! Don
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    Question about INDY WIFI

    I came off the Indy last Friday after 10 days. Wi-Fi was up and running everyday. Not sure how much weather affects connectivity but we had excellent weather all trip. It was very slow in the early morning, before fishing, when everyone was on their devices and the boat's photographer posts...
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    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    Hi Kevin, Jack told me that JP Holmes passed earlier this year. Make sure to catch one for him! Don
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    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    Hi Fred, My fishing buddy hurt himself and had to cancel at the last minute. Pretty sure you took his spot and might also be my roomie on the trip. Either way, I look forward to meeting you and doing some fishing. Don
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    Indi 10 day: October 15--Flood report and Spectra Q

    Hi Val, I'll be on this trip again too and looking forward to seeing everyone again! I'm no expert but I'm finding that hollow provides more options. With hollow, you can still connect your leader with the same knots we used with solid spectra or you can run your leader up inside the spectra...
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    Almost time for the Cow trips...... Lets see when your trips depart

    I'm signed up for the Ken's 14-day on the AA in 2015! Only because my friend Jack vouched for me and one of the regulars recently passed. I'm honored to be going and will be on my best behavior at all times. Good luck on the 2014 trip and tell Jack I said hey! Don
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    august 2013 - the second annual garcia-ouano charter

    Looks like they serve a lot of local grinds on the Star! Never new that. I'd be stoked but some of my friends, I'm not so sure. Great report. Thanks for taking the time. Don - - - Updated - - - Looks like they serve a lot of local grinds on the Star! Never new that. I'd be stoked but...
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    50 lb. Live Bait Reel

    I went with Makaira 15II SEa for that application. 400 plus yards JBH 65# with short top shot of 50(or 60) flouro is great for long soaks at Alijos. Don
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    Big Sur Camping

    McWay Falls is an absolute must see when in Big Sur. Amazing waterfall that empties into a beach cove where the water appears to be the color of aquamarine. I'm not the type that gets blown away by this sort of thing but I was! Safe travels. Don
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    Chuck Muncie passes at 60

    I loved that dude! Talk about a power running back. Scary. And the glasses! Don
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    Indy 16 Day: "Away we go"!

    John Collins used to be a deckie on the Indy and a damn strong one at that. No surprise that he's got a few in the box. I also see that Sam Lewis and Clarence Becker are on your trip. Two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Wish I was there, but the on the water reports are great. Thanks...
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    Makaira 16 II

    Is the 15 "good" for casting a sardine with? I'm not great with sardines on a 50# topshot but have had good sucess with an Avet LX 6/3. I'm trying to decide between another LX or a MAK 15SEa. A 10 does not have the line capacity I need for super long soaks. Any thoughts on the castability of...
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    Mak 8II & 10 II

    I really love the new SEa MAKs. Caught many large YFTs on a new 20 at Clarion in January. Drag system is silky smooth. Really amazing! I am ready to pull the trigger on a 10 but I want it for long soaks during pick bites at Alijos. If the 10 only holds 375 of 60# JBH, I'm concerned about...
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    Silver Makaira's in Stock, Ready to Ship!

    Anyone know how many yards of JBH 60# the 10IISEa with hold under a 25 foot top shot? Thanks. Don
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    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    I'm leaving next week and I also bought a couple glow PL68s. How exactly do most people fish these irons? Drop and wind as fast a you can like yoyo for yellowtail? Don
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    RP Dec 26-31 5 day Roll Call

    First day after Christmas trip for me (12-Day Independence). Any idea what the parking situation is going to be like? They are telling us check-in time is 0500. Don
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    super happy with my new okuma makairas

    Nice fish on Mak 20s Nick! I'm heading out 12/26 for 12 days with my new Mak 20, but the reel is so small and light compared to my ATD50. I would be very interested to know what kind of top shots you were fishing with and how long it took you to land each of the two cows? Thanks. Don
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    410 YFT on EXCEL

    My thoughts exactly. I don't have any wind ons above 130#. Fortunately, I don't leave until the day after Christmas. Better get with it! Don
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    410 YFT on EXCEL

    Basil, I'm curious to know what pound test that wind on leader was? I'm guessing it was flouro? Thanks. Don
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    advice on lahaina

    My boss is a fishing novice but has gone out with Start Me Up out of Lahaina three trips in three years and has had fun every time. Last trip he didn't catch a fish but they divided up the one Mahi that was caught so everyone had some fish to take home. Happy customers all around. Enjoy your...
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    Merritt "Bent Rods" 10-Day EXCEL Charter Journal

    Thank you for taking the time to reply Brad. I will chunk until the cows come home! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Don
  120. E

    Merritt "Bent Rods" 10-Day EXCEL Charter Journal

    Brad, I'm not going out until December but would be interested to know how the guys on your trip are chunking if you have the time. I've done it at Alios a couple times. I'd like to know if the guys on your trip are using a swivel and then 6-8 feet of flouro or flouro direct to a...
  121. E

    Kahuna tuna / Monterey

    About what time do those trips get back to Moss Landing? Don
  122. E

    Kahuna 9/22, role call

    Never been, but I want to try! Let me know when the next trip is going to be and I will try to make it. I will call the office too. Thanks. Don
  123. E

    *** Super Bowl Pick 2013 ***

    I'm a Niner fan but I'm betting Eagles! Eastcapedon
  124. E

    Intrepid or Independence

    For those of us on the Indy trip, we have been warned that this is going to be a 12-day hunt for big tuna. If that is not you, I would suggest a different trip. I prefer the variety of the fall 10-day trips but, we're going to give this a shot this year. Maybe we'll see you at the dock! Don
  125. E

    Surf Fishing in Santa Babara

    I haven't gone perchin in years. Think I'll give it try this weekend. Thanks Dan! Don
  126. E

    The Jetty Pays

    Thankfully, I have not forgotten what it was like to catch something big from the rocks when I was kid. I'd be stoked too! Thanks for posting. Don
  127. E

    American Angler Review?

    Although, I have never stepped foot on the AA and I am strictly an Independence man, I have a friend that gives me fish off his many AA trips. Several years of taste testing fish off both boats processed by the same processor and have to say that the fish that comes off the AA is superior for...
  128. E

    Two trips to Sagami Bay

    Looks like something tried to take a bite out of your itoyori? Reports from Japan are very cool. Arigato! Don
  129. E


    I am considering an ATD 30 but am concerned about capacity. How much 100# JB hollow will an ATD 30 hold, including 25 foot FC wind-on? I know Jeff is suggesting 600 yards but that's not what the reel specs say? Don
  130. E

    Anyone hear ever fish on The El Capitan???

    Have never fished on El Cap, but the captain and owner Alan Fay has been a deckhand on my last three 10-day trips on the Independence and he really does know his shit. No nonesense type of guy and I would not hesitate to jump on a trip aboard his boat. Don
  131. E

    Q105 MIA?

    Let's see, $3,200 for my 2012 trip not including gas for the drive down and back, night at the Vagabond, mexican license, visa, tip, fish processing.....I wouldn't be completely satisfied either. Don
  132. E

    Independence Dec. 26th trip

    Excellent decision Tom! You are the 15Th person to sign up for the trip. Think we might need a few more to go for sure, but that's already more anglers then they had on last year's December 26TH 10-day which they ended up cancelling. This will be my fourth and longest trip on the Indy. I've...
  133. E

    Q105 MIA?

    Bring back Dena!! Don
  134. E

    Mother's Day shad (Feather River)

    Agree. Most anglers would be very surprised how well shad fight. Looks like a great day on the river! Don
  135. E

    MOTHERS DAY HOGS Santa Cruz 1st BD post

    "We need a bigger bucket". Very nice! Don
  136. E

    "Feel Good Tourney!"

    Can't make it down to Cabo but I sure would like to buy a t-shirt. Don
  137. E


    Beautiful. Just beautiful. For those of us who will never get a chance to take a trip like that. Thanks for posting! Don
  138. E

    10, 11 or 12 day long range trips

    I too am on the Indy 12-day that leaves the day after Christmas 2012! First 12-day trip for me and my longest! As Steve posted, this trip is sponsored by Baja Fish Gear. This trip has been a 10-day trip the last couple years. Even though the big tuna were around, the trip was cancelled last...
  139. E

    PERCHZILLA!!! 3/13 A Piggy Session. Pics Included

    Never seen BSP caught on that type of lure before, but I'm norcal. Must have some weight to it? Caught many a prego BSP in my time and always thought how great one of those fresh babies would be for striper or halibut bait. Don't get excited, I didn't do it. Congrats on the PB! Don
  140. E

    Surf Fish

    Up here(NorCal), I catch quite few jacksmelt in the surf while trying for BSF. They slam grubs and take drag. Way fun. Don
  141. E

    Is there a light weight cow reel out there?

    Yup, the deckhand you hand that cow off to is really going to appreciate all the upgrades for Cal! :O
  142. E

    prefered Tackle store on Oahu?

    Is Nanko Fishing Supply in Kaneohe still around? Man, I used go there every weekend when I was a kid. Lucky you live HI! Don
  143. E

    Superbowl Predictions

  144. E

    Excel 10 Day Cow Line Up Photo

    I know it was an all or nothing big tuna trip, but curious if you guys caught any smaller tuna to take home. Don
  145. E

    CITY OF LONG BEACH 1/2 DAY 1-4-12

    At the risk of getting torched for stupid questions, don't sculpin sting other fish in your sack if you don't clip spines? Guessing it doesn't matter but was curious. Don't have them up here in Norcal. Don
  146. E

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending November 25th, 2011

    What do you mean you forgot the Wasabi!! Don
  147. E

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    You kick ass Val! Glad you made it back to Boulder. Hope both fish parties went well. It was a pleasure fishing with you. Until next time. Don
  148. E

    tortuga to isla de cedros

    Really cool to see the backside of that church which I see every year when our 10-day on the Indy finishes up at Cedros. Thanks for that! Don
  149. E

    Buenavista Boats

    I highly recommend the Yanet with Felipe and Reginald. They have many years of experience and are great people as well. Have a great trip! Don
  150. E

    East Cape 7-11--7-16 DODO's

    Thank you for taking the time to post pics Paul. Brought back a lot of great memories. My first trip to the eastcape was to Las Palmas close to twenty years ago. Made my day!!! Don
  151. E


    I will never forget Hari Kojima and Bruce Carter. I could not wait for their show to come on every Sunday. What memories! Don
  152. E

    American Angler home a day early

    Great report Pepe! I am also a friend of Sailor Jack who told me that he almost killed himself fighting an approximate 150# YFT that ate his Raider while he was trying for wahoo on his 50# outfit, only to lose the fish at gaff. That was before he caught the 283.5# YFT. Jack was also on the...
  153. E

    newbie question on Poke

    I always add some sesame oil. Don
  154. E

    American Angler/Penn 10 day, phenomenal!

    A very good friend of mine, Jack Esson, was on your trip and told me that he had a great time. We left the day before on the Indy. Saw you at Alijos a couple days later. The wahoo fishing on this trip was the best I have ever seen. All the wahoo were big and they did not just come to the...
  155. E

    Mat Latos quoted

    Burrell was released by Tampa back in May. Burrell was not on any team when the Giants picked him off the scrap pile and signed him to a minor league contract. None of those other guys play on a regular basis. Not trying to dog Matos, he's young.
  156. E

    East Cape, Hotel Buena Vista

    The Yanet is not the fastest boat in the fleet but has been our favorite for many years. Felipe and Reginaldo are great team with many years of experience between them. The Buenavista rocks! Don
  157. E

    In Loving Memory of Geraldine Herrera

    I lost my best friend to MM seven years ago. Due the agressive nature of the cancer and treatment, it was difficult to watch and remain strong. I know your family did an admirable job. Welcome home. Don
  158. E


    Kids might enjoy Ixcaret Eco Park. I preferred Mayan ruins at Tulum and Chichen Itza. Amazing stuff! Don
  159. E

    Dodgers pick up Thome and Garland

    Thome hasn't played in the field for several years now? Strictly pinch hit or DH if they face Yanks in WS? Must be nice. Panda Power!
  160. E

    Just as I was getting discouraged

    Congrats bro! I've been there and know the feelings of despair and joy. There are going to be some rough days, but the main thing is to keep trying. Peace
  161. E

    8-dayer on the indy!!!

    Great choice! Indy loads in the order that you arrive and line up at the landing but tackle box spaces and rod spaces are assigned. IMO food could be a little better and staterooms at the bow A, B & C are too small for two people. Don
  162. E

    Info needed Mammoth area

    Camped at Lake Mary last week and like Jimmy said, it was slow. The fish are deep and since we didn't have lead-core line to troll with we rented a pontoon and caught a few on the bottom with half an inflated nightcrawler. Saw several nice stringers coming from the far end of Lake George for...