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    Just Wondering:

    I was wondering if there is a higher speed gear set available for a PENN Torque 40 NLD?
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    Vagabond Closing!

    I'm always doing things way too early. So I was trying to book a room at the Vagabond for my trip in December (Told you I do stuff way too early!) Anyway, I'm on the Website, and it shows "no availability"! I called them yesterday on my way home from work, and they told me (after pushing a...
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    Oscar from the Independence.

    Just saw something on Facebook. Did Oscar leave the Indy and move to the Intrepid???? Just looking for confirmation.
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    Bob Harris aka Santa Claus has passed

    Know several of you knew Bob from the Holiday, Vagabond and of course the Qualifier 105. Bob passed and services are the 21st. See info in link.
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    Bob Harris aka Santa Clause has passed

    Know several of you knew Bob from the Holiday, Vagabond and of course the Qualifier 105. Bob passed and services are the 21st. See info in link.
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    Open Party Boats???:

    I was just up in Seattle for a few days. My better half had to work, and I was looking to go fishing for a day or so. It was salmon opener, but didn't have to fish for salmon, Bottom fish would have been fine. I was totally shocked to find out, that there isn't one party type boat running out of...
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    Old Glory ????

    Hey Folks. Just looking for a little information. A friend of mine was planning a trip on the New Lo-Ann for this weekend. (1.5 day). He got a call last night that the trip was cancelled. He found a boat leaving on the same day and time to fit his flight schedule. So I haven't fished any of...
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    Polaris Deluxe ????

    Hey All. I was doing a little surfing on line, and read an old article about Bill Poole building a new boat, 86 footer, (early 80's???) called the Polaris Deluxe??? I aroused my curiosity. Was it ever built??? If so, what is it named now??? Just wondering if anybody knows about it.
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    Old Penns:

    Hi. Just wondering if the upgrade kits from "tiburon" or the like are still available for the old 500's, squidders, etc... You know, Frames, side plates, spools, etc... Thanks for the help.
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    Taros" Boat:

    Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the boat that Taro, from the American Angler, is running. I had heard he either bought into one, or is part owner, or maybe even sole owner, of a boat in San Diego. I'm wondering, because I would like to fish with the guy again. I looked at the big 3...
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    Wahoo Reel.

    I have been "hemming and hawing" about a new reel for wahoo for about 2 years now. Still doing comparisons, and waiting for either a BIG sale, or prices to drop some (LOL). I was wondering what you all think of the Shimano Tranx for wahoo. Probably strictly for bombs, and or jigs. I keep leaning...
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    Thinking about a new reel for wahoo.

    I'm toying with the idea of a new reel for throwing wahoo bombs. There is nothing wrong with what I have now, (Pro-Gear 454, and a Tiburon autoshift sst8, might be a 16, I don't remember. But it is used for 50 lb. line). I'm just thinking about it. So what is the best bang for the buck????
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    Three fun days on the Islander!

    Hello all. I guess I'm the first to post a report on this trip. However, I'm going to include my entire adventure. From leaving Denver, to trying to get back to Denver in time for work Wednesday. I had everything planned packed etc.. After a really rough month or so at work, I figured some...
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    Anyone ever fish the Islander?

    I have been invited to go on a 3 day trip on the Islander. Just wondering if you guys would give me some feed back on what to expect (other than a good time:-), on the boat, crew, food, comfort, storage (both tackle, and room) etc... I'm stoked about getting to go!
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    Greg Mueller of the AA:

    I just read the American Anglers Web page. It saddens me to hear that the long time chef, Greg, passed away Tuesday. I have fished with Greg for the last 5 years. He was a great guy, a lot of fun to be around, and one of the best chefs in the fleet. will never forget his smiles, his...
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    Glow Sticks:

    Just wondering if any of you "plastic" guys ever thought of putting a small "glow stick" inside of your "pour". Snap the stick before fishing begins. Just curious if any of the experimenters have tried this?
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    A question: New build, or Rebuild????

    I'm just curious as to what you builders think is the better way to go. I had my first custom rod made about 7 years ago (maybe 5 or 6, I really don't remember). Anyway, It was measured out for me, and I had a few things done just because I want it that way. My one mistake, was having it done...
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    Kens Custom Reels 14 day on the A.A. Who's going?

    O.K. I can't take it any more ! I have less than one week before I leave for 'Dago. Leaving on the A.A. on Feb.4. Lets see who is going.