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    Youth Rifle Combo?

    went through the same thing 3 years a ruger all american in 7mm-08.light recoil shoots strait he loves it and so do i.
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    Since fishing is slow, looking back to 1997 Long Range prices

    that july 20 roger hegyi was my first long range trip and boy do i miss those prices
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    skipjack propeller advice

    i'm running b3's and have a older but good condition set of b4's that i could let go me if interested
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    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    i belive so
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    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    Terry I live in lompoc also,I usually have someone get it on base for me,sold in 3lb blocks
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    Pac Voyager 5 1/2 day (late report)

    tell me a little more about what you got going on that baking sheet.looks yummy.
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    RR3 8 day Sept 29th-Oct 7th

    Hey spencer when will you be in sd? We will probly having diner at mitches seafood tomorrow let me know we could hook up for a beer
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    RR3 8 day Sept 29th-Oct 7th

    the time counting down and i cant wait any longer,but i guess i will have to.looks like we may have some wind while we are down there?
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    RR3 8 day Sept 29th-Oct 7th

    Im in the same boat literally. Hope im set up ok.see you on the boat, I cant wait
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    WTB Volvo B5 duoprop set

    i have a set of b-4's
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    8 Day on the Red Rooster

    i'm on trip 21,never been on the rooster so i'm in the same position as you and only done two 5 days on the royal star but i don't think sept. 9 can get here quick enough
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    my names is james george and also live in lompoc,i may be interested but like to look at this...

    my names is james george and also live in lompoc,i may be interested but like to look at this reel to see if it would meet my requirements text or call 805-757-6281
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    Toranado rsw?

    Thanks for the replys
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    Toranado rsw?

    Thats why im what they have sufficient?
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    Toranado rsw?

    Does the toranado have rsw? A friend said they didnt but there site said refrigerated fish hold?
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    Point Loma squid

    hey mike long time no see/hear,yes your right about putting the time in.The weekend of the 4th I put a 53,46 and lost a third up this way.hope your arm is better.look me up when you come up this way. james
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    Gun Family

    gota find one
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    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    sue them bastards for liable,they were within limits!would like to hear the other side of the story
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    big 5 fred halls

    I haven't seen anything about big5 being at the show.will they be there?
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    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    did you get,or can you read the # off the old belt?if so coss that # it should cross directly. has a cross function.the stores should have a book with sizing.hope this helps
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    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    the napa # is 25-080537 the heavy duty belt would be 25-080537hd gates # is k-080537.
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    Big hole

    pluged the hole in 89 on our SJ.i think it was around 500-800 back then.took it to radon in santa barbara.
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    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    do you have the cummins #? if so i could try to cross it for you.
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    24 Skipjack DuoProp Size?

    b3's push our's 22kts @ 3200 with a fuel burn of 12gph, wot is 4300 rpm full load and 5 adults.
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    Kermit rod

    way to cool! what a great deed.
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    Rod wrapping classes?

    please keep us updated Eric,i would be interested in traveling the 2hrs south for the class. thanks james
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    Volvo duo prop

    i have b3's on a 24' skipjack fb wot is 4400 rpm
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    Mustang High Visibility Inflatable PFD w/ HIT only $249

    just bought one for my dad at LFS sports for 199 if anyone is interested
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    Head & exhaust ports

    x 2 but if you do a compresion test and if all cylnders are within 10 lbs you mabe ok.I just had the same problem but had 70lbs and 95lbs in 2 holes so i stabed a new long block
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    Gage / Grundens Presents - Caption Contest - Win a New Gage Technical Gear Bag

    Grundéns Gage, for your pleasure
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    Cruz, Capa, Rosa Conditions

    fished miguel on tues limits good grade rockfish 2/3rd red and 6 hailbut to 25 lb.Sorry no pics.
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    CIH Halibut on Beach

    looks like a little bumpy out there.