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    Yo-Zuri Bonita? is not responding and I need to install ball bearing swivels and hooks on a couple Y-Z Bonitas. Anyone know who else might be able to help me with the change out. Thanks. Don
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    Trolling for Salmon Golden Gate?

    Heading out on the Lovely Martha to try for salmon Saturday out of SF. Braided main line or mono? Going to be trolling 2.5 cannonballs. What weight rod? Best spot to position myself on party boat. Stern corner? Thanks. Don
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    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    I heading out Sunday on the Lovely Martha out of SF, going to give halibut fishing a try for the first time. I have a lot of long range gear. Any recommendations for length/weight rod and size reel/line I should take? Thanks. Don
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    TN30 and TN40?

    I'm replacing the spectra on my TN30 and TN40. It's been a while. :D I want to set both up for throwing bombs for wahoo. Anyone know how many yards of JBH 65# I need for each to fish under a 100 yard topshot of 50# mono? Thanks in advance. Don
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    PL68 and Man-Bait?

    Last 14-day trip, the guys on the Angler were recommending a 200 yard top shot of 200 lb mono for jig and big bait fishing at night. Anyone know where I can get a piece of 200 lb mono that long without buying a 1,000 yard spool? Thanks in advance. Don
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    Dried Aku?

    My friend just came back from Oahu and gave me a couple bags of dried aku. Forgot how good that stuff is! I just came back from a 14-day trip on the AA and I have a lot of ahi now. I don't have a dry box or dehydrator, but has anyone tried making dried aku/ahi in an oven? Mainland style...
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    LR Wahoo Trolling Lures

    I just got off the AA Ken's Custom Reels 14-day trip Saturday 2/21 and I'm already gearing up for next year. It was that good! I usually use the boat's trolling outfits, as did 80% of the other guys and gal on our trip. Due to the epic wahoo fishing, the boat's reels were in need of some time...
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    How Many Wind On Leaders

    I'm heading out on my first 14-day trip in two weeks and will be fishing loop to loop wind on leaders from Basil. At $28.50 to $30 per leader for Seaguar Premier, money is an issue! I've got seven 100#, seven 135#, two 150#(mono) and two 200#(mono). I know it's better to be safe, but I'm not...
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    Phenix Rod for Cows

    Which Phenix rod is equivalent to a Grafighter 770XXH 80-130? Would this then be the best Phenix rod to match with a Mak30SeaII with 135JBH/130TS? Thank you in advance. Don