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    For Sale 1990 Donzi 23 W/A $8500

    Posting for a friend. I have no information so please direct it to the phone number provided. Boat, trailer, and kicker. No main motor Sam Call or text 408-205-7652 Boat is In Fremont CA
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    Geico/boatUS question

    Is it normal practice for them to get social security number and DL# to start a new insurance policy? TIA
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    2012 mercury 115 hp rpm surges

    I am out of ideas. I have a fourstroke 115 hp that the rpm surges only between 1000 and 1200. Run smooth under or over that range. Not throttle cable or fuel lines. I isolated to the motor. Changed low and high pressure fuel filter, changed water separator, changed float in vst, cleaned...
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    Prop question for mercury 115 hp

    I am going to upgrade my prop but wondering what guys are using as far as dia/pitch. I have a mako 184 (1800lbs) and have the standard 13x17 prop 3 blade aluminum. Sluggish with 3 guys and thinking of stainless or 4 blade but what size and pitch is the question.
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    Reliable kill bag question

    Can I leave it out in the sun for the fishing season or do I need to put it in the shed after every trip? Don’t know it it is UV resistant. I usually have it on the front in my center console.
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    Another east coast boat purchase question

    For the guys that have bought boats and have it transported to California, how do you do the transaction with a private owner? Do you pay him the day you want it, get the pink slip, and ask him to hold it onto his property until the transporting company picks it up? Also, How can you verify...
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    Key largo party boat or charter recommendations

    I have a trip end of July with the family. Looking to take my 10 & 6 year old out. Any recommendations for kid friendly charter or party boat. Thx in advance
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    St Pete Beach

    Sorry not a report but a question. Mods if you want to move this, feel free. My family will be in St Pete in mid April and am wondering if there is any hidden gems to see or do outside the normal tourist stuff. Thanks in advance.
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    Honda 150 issues help needed

    I have a temp alarm during throttle. Idles fine, fires right up. During high throttle, it alarms and shut off but fires right back up. Changed impeller and housing, new temp sensors, checked t-stat, back flushed through T-stat ports with lower unit off, checked pressure relief assembly. What am...
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    pee is cold

    I got a used Honda and first run it had a temp alarm in 5 mins so I changed the impeller and housing. Check t-stat with hot water and it works. Took it out again and it alarms 30 mins later but I notice the pee is cold the whole time. Is the pee O.K. or something is clogged? I am changing the...
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    130 hp honda. $5500

    Early 2000 25" shaft with controls Not sure of hours In the Bay Area Still mounted on 20' whaler outrage Need more hp Posting for a friend so please call him. Sam 408-205-7652
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    6 packer out of Dana

    Reading all this hot tuna bite, I am finally able to go in 2 weeks but the party boats out of Dana are sold out. Is there any 6 pack boat that I can find around there to go out? Thanks in advance
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    Furuno GP1850D

    I just got this unit used. I was wondering if it has a base map like lowrance or garmin. Other units I have used, I would zoom to less than 1 mile and shows the harbor and what not. The previous owner never used it because he put his electronics on the boat. I have to zoom out to 64 nm to get a...
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    Invader stern baitwell removal help?

    Any invader center console out there that has removed the baitwell in the stern? I am trying to get access to bolt a kicker bracket? It seems that it is impossible to get it out. The hole is smaller than the tank. Worst case I might destroy it and make a new mold tank. Thanks in advance.
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    remote oil filter

    I got a 2004 4.3 mercruiser trophy 2052. Was wondering has anyone put in a remote oil filter cuz it is a pia to access the filter where it sits (port side in the rear of the block). Any aftermarket brand or do I need OEM? Thanks in advance.
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    Manifold and risers (again)

    Has anyone use HGE manifolds and risers before? Is it any good? Thanks in advance.
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    manifold and riser???

    Hey BD, Been out of the game for a while, just got a new to me 2004 Trophy with 4.3 mercruiser. I assume it is a chevy block but not positive. Question: What brand of manifold and risers would one buy? No China made crap. Osco, Barr, Glm, Sierra, etc.? What about Perfprotech? And Where? Pretty...
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    Lack of butts 4/30/06

    Got a late start to the fishing grounds. Got live bait and head to the berkeley flats. 8-12 for nothing. Then pick up and ran to alameda rockwall for sandab size butts. @ 2 pm we finally got a keeper, 29" and an hour later, one more just legal. Sorry no pics. It seemed slow all around but it was...
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    volvo problem

    As I was running in from a day of fishing, my engine starts to choke. It is fine at idle and I give it gas without a problem but in forward gear at hi rpm it seems to die. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks.