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    Queen Charlotte Safari's

    Covid/cabin fever is high. In June, my daughter (she will be 17) will be headed up to Queen Charlotte Safaris. I had met the owner at a couple of Norcal fishing shows. We are trip committed, but was wondering if anyone had feedback on the operation. Thanks!
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    Playa del Sol 9/13-17

    It was nice to get out of the smoke , and a trip back to the East Cape. United flight from SFO, ~30% full, plenty of room. Playa del Sol was near empty, with the daily census ranging from 9 to 14. I fished 14-15 with Abraham/Paco on the Mako, then the last day with Paco/Pancho on the Thresher...
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    SF bay "4 pack" fishing

    A ray of sunshine: Argo sportfishing out of Fisherman's wharf, will start running charters of 4 or less, beginning this weekend. And apparently live anchovies will be available as well. This beats Kona, where I was told yesterday charter boats can go out, but are limited to 2 passengers total.
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    Elfin Cove question

    I met representatives from two Elfin Cove lodges at the Sacramento ISE show Both seemed very nice, and it looks like a great place to go with my fishing daughter (15). Any experiences/suggestions/ideas for a trip here, would be greatly appreciated. Gary
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    Playa del Sol: October 2-6

    The good: best weather i have ever had on the East Cape. Perfect water conditions. Abundant and hungry striped marlin, 7 in 3 days of fishing, all on ballyhoo. One sailfish that i hooked up working a hoochie through porpoise (that was a surprise bite, and lucky catch given the very short...
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    Tony Pena: RIP

    I am sorry to pass on news I received on FB. Unfortunately, Tony Pena suddenly passed. He was certainly a unique part of Central America fishing. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. Gary
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    Pesca Panama : 12/2-6

    Mike Augat made me an offer "that I couldn't refuse" to help fill out their first trip of the season. Great group of guys. Fantastic weather (only rain at night/wind manageable day 2). Two days of inshore/near shore at Coiba were excellent: 5 cubera's to about 50 lb, 7 roosters, the...
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    Playa Del Sol: 0ctober 3-7

    I had a chance to take a solo trip to the new/improved Playa Del Sol this past week. My daughter is now in high school, so no more taking her out for quick Mexico jaunts. The hotel looks great, many of the same friendly staff, new kitchen is nice, but the only complaint: upstairs dining...
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    Tropic Star: July 27-Aug 3

    My 14 yr old daughter and I had our second trip to TSL this past week. We had a lot o rain, some wind but still outstanding fishing. I mostly watched Allya catch: 2 blues (one ~350lb), ~6 dorado to 45 lb, ~12 YFT to 80 lb, 9 roosters, ~ 50 lb cubera, plus assorted catches of rainbow...
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    Kona July 11/13th

    My family was in Kona for the 7-14th. My son, who hardly ever fishes, was interested this year, so I splurged on the EZ Pickens (what a lovely, comfortable ride). We had two brief hook ups, but not luck till ~ 200lb blue hit the stinger (got all 3 bites) about 2 pm. Allya, my daughter...
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    Lake Tahoe: 6/22

    My daughter and I spent a very pleasant morning with Captain J. Cefalu , fishing 6-11 all over western Lake Tahoe. We must have tried 15 spots, starting from a run to the north end of the lake, and moving back towards the marina. The good: immaculate boat, attentive captain, very nice...
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    Lake Tahoe charter suggestion(s)

    I am looking to take my daughter (14) up to Lake Tahoe, including a day chasing trout. Anyone have a particular small boat they would recommend for charter? The last captain we fished with , is in Oregon , commercial fishing (we will be at South shore). Thanks! gary
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    PEI vs Nova Scotia

    I am curios , for those that have fished Nova Scotia, and PEI, if you have a preference for one location over the other. thanks
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    OTEC tuna fishing with the Hooked Up

    I enjoy Kona fishing always, and my 11 yr old daughter has the bug too. This past week, our last day, we tried a new boat, the Hooked Up, with Captain Chuck, mate his son Zach. Chuck new I wanted my daughter to pullon fish, regardless of size so we trolled up to the OTEC fad. Light tackle...
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    Playa del Sol: May 29-31

    I took my 11 year old daughter to Playa del Sol, for a speciial father/daugher fishing trip. Te weather: perfect. The boat/crew. Marlin Magic with Paco/Martin, excellent. The fishing? Quite good. Allya got 4 stripers in 3 days, about 24 football yellowfin, all in mornig bites, all on...
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    Pesca Panama: Feb 21-27

    First off, Jay cannot be replaced---he is missed, but sounds like he is doing well in Arkansas. The new owners have invested in equipment upgrades, and boat maintance, and it shows. Mary and Mary run the bar, Miguel and Jaime are missed too. I was with a great group of guys via Cass Tours. One...
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    Kona July 10th/11th

    My family had a great trip to Kona this past week. And fishing was a major highlight. July 10th, my daughter Allya (10) fished with Capt Mike and the Maggie Joe. While the Maggie Joe is usually in Oahu, they make the run to Kona to primarily compete in tournaments. However, as I found out...
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    Pesca Panama: March 30-April 4

    Will give a brief look at a great fishing trip with Pesca Panama last week. Even with out Jay being present, the whole operation was very smooth. Sure missed his after dinner stories though. Fishing around the Paridas March 30 was slow. I managed a sierra, 3 small jacks,but lots of bait made...
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    Sitka: how does it rank?

    I went the Sacramento ISE show, with the idea of finding a great resort to fish, with my (will be 10) daughter. 3 resorts near Sitka seemed very nice, and Sitka is pretty easy to get to. However, I am ignorant about the state of fishing near there----are the harder to reach places in Alaska...
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    Kona: fished June 17 + 21

    During a great week in Kona, with my family, I spent two days on the Fire Hatt. This is a beautiful boat, and great crew. Monday (17th) we trollled down ono lane, to Captain Cook. My 9 yr old daughter and I had a nice ~90 minute snorlke , and then a bonus 15 minutes in the midst of wild...
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    Pesca Panama: April 8-12

    I had a great trip with Pesca Panama, led by Cass Tours, last week. Very congenial group of 11, 8 of us had been together for the previous two seasons as well. Jay is back on the barge, and that is worth hours of entertainment. First the bad news: popping for tuna did not work. At all. With...
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    East Cape: October 12-16: Ouch

    Well, the law of averages caught up after ~ 26 years of trips. October 12, flew to Cabo, then up to Palmas de Cortez, to join Pete Gray, and two of his friends. Pleasant, but breezy evening, after watching the boats come in. Quite a few skunks. Many boats with a flag or two. We were not in the...
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    East Cape--August 14th-17th

    My family and I enjoyed a great stay at Playa del Sol. The weather was near perfect, and the hotel staff as friendly as always. I fished 4 days with Julio/Abraham, on the El Loco 2. They have consistently been the best crew I have fished with, over the years. The fishing was the slowest I...
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    Pesca Panama---2/13-2/17 fishing

    I just had a great week at Pesca Panama, a trip hosted by amiable Richard Castaneda (CassTours). We had 8 of 11 returners from our 4/4/2011 trip. There was some concern at the start of the trip, about the lack of reports/ relatively slow fishing in the area, the past few weeks. For starters...
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    Playa del Sol August 4-6

    My family had a great stay at Playa del Sol this past week, and included 3 days fishing with Alan/Paco on the El Loco Aug 4-6. General comment---business is/has been slow. There were between 12-23 guests there, including two non-fishing families. Palmas was slow, with ~1/2 of the Cass Fishing...
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    Kona July 12 and 15

    May firend Lowell, with zero fishing experience, had two great days fishing at Kona, on the Maggie Joe. Capt Mike, crew Mark, Mike and a special guess appearance by Steve Coggin (Coggin lures) on day 1, made for a very fun and educational trip. The boat is a great fishing platform...