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  1. sickcat

    Dri-dek or Seadek Pros & Cons

    Don't know about Dri-Dek but Seadek is very good on heat and durability. When I looked at the cost for me it was better to go with real teak. Never tried to remove either of those but I'll bet it is not an easy task and would leave enough damage that you would have to paint or recover. I do...
  2. sickcat

    Small outboard Wisdom needed

    Hard to go wrong with a Honda.
  3. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    First a huge bunch of Kudos to you for being a true patriot and (IIRC) sending prayers for success of the incoming administration. My guess is that you have done the same for past admins as well. We need more people with that same attitude. As far as what happened on 1/6/2021 in his speech...
  4. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Trump fight for someone else's freedom?? Has not happened yet and never will. I would like to know were are the current "freedom fighters" when things like citizens united and the patriot act went down. Did you people support McCain/Feingold back in the day? Trump is only a symptom of the...
  5. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    +1 on that. IIRC the majority of times the public sees the same thing and spilts up power in the congress. 2018 is a good example. The Republicans are going to have some splainin to do!
  6. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    The lack of securing the congress was not by accident or mis-management.
  7. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I vote my conscience. In the last decade or so the Repuplican/Democrat choices IMO have been so poor that my vote would have been wasted if I have voted for either one of them. Why bother? Because I believe our republic needs the participation of all it's citizens. Will the candidate I voted...
  8. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Then you likely know Eric, Ivanka and Jr were officers in the now closed Trump Foundation after it was pretty clearly shown they were using the foundation's money to pay for campaign and business expenses outside the foundation. Again pot/kettle. Reality is Hunter nor the Trump kids really...
  9. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Looks like a pot/kettle deal to me. Where would Eric, Ivanka and JR be without that last name. We would have never heard of them just like Hunter. Why is Hunters dealings coming up now when that investigation has been going on since 2018? Just the latest "look how bad the other side is"...
  10. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Maybe you noticed that there has been a big shift in news media for what - maybe a decade now? Closings, consolidations, and mergers. Started before 2016 and will continue past 2020. Without having a spotlight to stir things up including the base Trump has no power in politics. All that "enemy...
  11. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I think that the endless Trump bashing by some of the media will die down reasonably quickly. Certainly there will be a few who keep beating the dead horse but most people are really tired of hearing about it. I know I am and I don't watch much of the big news outlets crap. Trump needs the...
  12. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    While some maybe more than others EVERYONE should practice and use that skill. Funny how many things that seem "true" and believable fall apart when you use it.
  13. sickcat

    13ft whaler restoration

    Karlow is spot on. I have cut open 2 13' Whalers that had decent water intrusion. One had the whole deck cut off and sat open over the whole summer. The exposed 1/2" of the foam would dry but thats was it. Stick your finger into it and water would run out. I believe what happens is once water...
  14. sickcat

    Adding a bait tank...who should I hire?

    2 scoops in a 40G tank would be at the upper end of capacity even in a top tier tank.
  15. sickcat

    Bearing race replacement

    Heating the race and cooling the hub may help it come off easier with less effort.
  16. sickcat

    Be Safety Conscious

    Good reminder - can't have too much fire suppression equipment on board. Remember to take your dry chemical extinguishers and shake them up really well a couple times a year. The powder can get packed in hard enough that they will not discharge even with full pressure in them. Especially true...
  17. sickcat

    SOLD Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    You ever come up to Long Beach?
  18. sickcat

    Rockfish reg changes

    I believe doing that falls within the statues on wasting game. One thing to remember is the CDFW doesn't have a budget big enough to really do the work needed to have a more data based process coming up with the regs so some of what they do is based more on the best guess with the limited...
  19. sickcat

    Question about a bait pen

    Great info and Ya'll are spot on. My suggestion for the OP would be to take a serious look at what your doing in the whole process that might be contributing to bait die off. You have a quality tank and seemingly adequate flow yet it seems to be an ongoing problem. In addition to what has been...
  20. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Now that is FUNNY!!!! Thanks for the laugh!
  21. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    You say that like it is something new. This has been going on for many decades and really could be easily fixed using laws already on the books. That has not happened because both the Republicans and the Democrats would rather use the issue as political leverage to further their own interests as...
  22. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    Of course its' not - never said it was. If one thinks that deporting all those migrants that do that work is a good thing you better have a good plan B as it would cause a huge disruption to our food supply. That was my point. Failed immigration policies have been with us for decades. So why...
  23. sickcat

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    The state almost always adopts the Feds rules with fisheries - both rec and commercial. Ca enforces them because they are on the same page with the Feds.
  24. sickcat

    Election Fraud - non-political

    I saw a stat that said 1/2 all farm workers are here illegally. Do you honestly think the average American is going to do that work for the pay the current workers get or anything close? I really don't see that happening.
  25. sickcat

    Newbie question - how deep can you anchor to fish in your boat?

    All anchors that bury (meaning all but a grapnel anchor for rocky structure) need lateral pull to stay set plows included. If your trying to anchor on a short leash then adding weight to the rode either by heavier/more chain or a catenary weight is the way to do that. Of course a heavier anchor...
  26. sickcat

    Newbie question - how deep can you anchor to fish in your boat?

    Of course the anchor type depends on the specifics (bottom, depth, chain etc) but a Bruce is my fav.
  27. sickcat

    Cargo Ship En Route to Long Beach Loses 1800+ Containers

    Absolutely!! Once you find one what are you going to do with it???
  28. sickcat

    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    Y Yes - well most of the crew...
  29. sickcat

    RIP Chuck Yeager

    Don't make them any better than Yeager. Test pilot for God. RIP
  30. sickcat

    Captain charged with Manslaughter

    They suspect that the fire started due to battery charging. The USCG came out with a bulletin warning to watch battery charging and use of extension cords among other things shortly after it happened. Unlikely they will ever prove battery charging was the cause with 100% certainty. The...
  31. sickcat

    Bait tank pump???

    Jabsco Cyclone would be my pick. You can restrict the flow some on a centrifugal pump with no ill effects.
  32. sickcat

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry for Lal and all who knew her. RIP Barbara.
  33. sickcat

    Covid IS serious.

    IMO RT is not even worthy of looking at unless I want to see what Putin wants me to know. I understand that depending on the specific test there is a margin of error - some of them pretty high. It just means you factor that margin in when considering the data. Doing that is normal SOP.
  34. sickcat

    Opah - How to?

    Biggest bycatch is Threshers which go to market. I'm out of the loop nowadays but have not heard of any Opah caught deep dropping for Swordys commercially.
  35. sickcat

    Opah - How to?

    Which happens outside the EEZ here in CA.
  36. sickcat

    Redondo fishing 11/21/2020

    Over 50 years ago for me. Back in the day those hoists launched and retrieved dozens and dozens of boats a day. I have seen them drop couple but that was operator error.
  37. sickcat

    Trump 2020

    This gets back to your point about republican behaviour. IMO its really about how humans act since it comes from both sides. Do the dems still whine about Bush? No - because they have the new guy to hate. With quite a bit of hate coming from the right towards Obama with the watermelon smiles...
  38. sickcat

    Trump 2020

    I know this type of stuff doesn't apply to you but here is a good example of it:
  39. sickcat

    Trump 2020

    Just wait. It will take a while for the Trump effect on the GOP to wain but I'm sure there are quite a few Republicans that will have some amazing spinal regeneration when it comes time to block Bidens agenda. Hopefully science will study them to help quadriplegics.
  40. sickcat

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    DFW is VERY likely to show up.
  41. sickcat

    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    Yes the ol' dock and walk makes you a one trip wonder.
  42. sickcat

    How much does a fella pay to his host on a private boat?

    One needs to be careful about guests paying expenses. USCG has been going after unlicensed charter operations. If you are not careful about sharing expenses you might get caught up in that enforcement effort. As an owner IMO best to figure expenses you would like people to share and divide...
  43. sickcat

    bait net scoops

    As long as the nylon is knotless which most if not all are nowadays not any real difference. I like the non rubberized nets myself. They are pretty smooth material.
  44. sickcat

    Electric S/S Petcocks Reviews

    I don't have specific experience with what your considering but I do have some experience with similar valves in an industrial setting. Other than keeping the solenoid dry two concerns I would have is that first if you have inboard gasoline power then those valves are likely not certified as...
  45. sickcat

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    Maybe my using the term a "little less" was too much. I agree with your points. I have dinged props pretty good on a couple of larger (60-65') boats but that was up in the PNW where there are more/larger things to hit than here in SoCal. I'm curious Rick - Do you ever focus your scanning sonar...
  46. sickcat


    I have a DT30 and on a 14' aluminum boat I got 5-6 MPG generally on the ocean.
  47. sickcat

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    1. Chances are obviously pretty good. 2 sets of bad props is pretty unlikely and even if incorrectly propped to the extreme it is way more likely to win the lottery twice than that be the cause. 2. Only history of issues with VP props I have ever heard of is with there sail drives and that is...
  48. sickcat

    Do you drive your boat at night? Another set of props destroyed..

    I have seen a LOT of debris even here in SoCal. Logs, dock, 5' propane bottles etc etc. Much of it is so low in the water even with FLIR and modern radar that not hitting it is a lot of dumb luck. The faster you run in low vis conditions the sooner that luck may run out. As far as bigger...
  49. sickcat

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    Thats because water soaked foam resists ignition! J/K!!!
  50. sickcat

    Diesel engine fire - 5 min disaster

    According to the USCG the majority of vessel fires are caused by electrical issues. Explosions on the other hand may be bilge vapors - I don't know. No doubt damaged injectors can cause overfueling but there are a number of causes. Another common one is failure of the turbo bearing seal...
  51. sickcat

    who lost ALL of their lobster hoops yesterday afternoon? (11/14) and a PSA

    Amen to that!! Carry a heavy yo-yo setup to snag the bouy when its 10' down. If your luck enough that the hoop is stuck to the bottom that is.
  52. sickcat

    Squid Brail

    If you have some skills get the stainless, do the fab work and then take it to someone to TIG weld it up. A 4 1/2" grinder with a cutting wheel and a sanding disk and your in business. It will certainly cost less but I bet you'll find that the $175 is not as outrageous as it first seems...
  53. sickcat

    Bluefin restrictions

    Both of you are spot on. Take care of the resource and the place they (and we) live.
  54. sickcat

    who lost ALL of their lobster hoops yesterday afternoon? (11/14) and a PSA

    +1 Outside of the threat of thieves it is the law that you stay with your nets and they should be marked with your number.
  55. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I don't know what Biden's covid19 plan is. I do know that because the way Trump "handled" the initial spread with all the calling it a hoax, sewing division to pander to his base instead of trying to get everyone on board and failing to have a national plan to support the states efforts that we...
  56. sickcat

    Bluefin restrictions

    I understand the migration and its off shoots. I would agree that that fish may have grown up in SoCal/MX. We need more tagging and tracing. While that Kiwi fish is nice the record for its Atlantic sister is +500 Lbs. To speak to the BFT releasing and its survivability IIRC when they have been...
  57. sickcat

    Bluefin restrictions

    You can keep your speed and rail rod - you'll have to use linen line thou... ;D
  58. sickcat

    Help! Raw water pump installation on parker 2120

    Mixing NPT and straight threaded parts is a big no-no. I have seen fitting with less than 2 threads connecting them too many times. Don't do it!!
  59. sickcat

    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    This is a BD forum! We don't need no stinkin details or info!! :D
  60. sickcat

    Grandly Marlineer

    Marlineers are up there on my personal top 5 boats. IIRC Grandy was in the Seattle area and ended when they had a big fire. There have been a number of "copies" attempted. Lynn Seymour was the architect of the Marlineer along with a number of other well known boats like the Nordic Tug. EDIT...
  61. sickcat

    Bluefin restrictions

    While the reduction in pressure in the Western Pacific is a good thing as that is where most of the damage to the BFT resource happens I'll bet you that if I look at Japan's BFT take in the last decade they have filled their quota every year. The timing of the big increase of BFT we have seen...
  62. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I think that looking on fellow citizens no matter how different their values may be as the enemy is only buying into the BS that the people who use those tactics to further their own power spew. The old trick of divide and conquer. I share a lot of core values with those on the right. What I...
  63. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    By the way - why is this thread still going? It is 11/5 so the viral pandemic is over right?
  64. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That certainly applies to both sides of the isle.
  65. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    They may not have the faith in the USPS after the administration tried to slow down processing and cut overtime there. I'm sure the timing just before the election was just a coincidence as Barretts being appointed to the Supreme Court was. NOT!
  66. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    The RNC waited until it looks like the ballots left to be counted would not be in their favor before their lawyers filed documents to stop the count. We won't even get into all the BS they have been working at for decades in places like Florida.
  67. sickcat

    Looking for Recommendations for Battery Charger & Inverter

    What do you have in there now and does it meet your current use? If not what has changed and what do you want to run off the inverter?
  68. sickcat

    Drain Ideas needed

    If the drain thru hull is that close to the waterline use a metal or Marelon thru hull fitting and put a valve on it.
  69. sickcat

    SS Welding Question

    That depends a lot on the specific stainless and aluminum but generally since both stainless and aluminum self protect by oxidation the galvanic action is less than the nobel scale says it should be. Aluminum and steel can be fused but it is a plasma action usually done with explosives...
  70. sickcat

    Drain Ideas needed

  71. sickcat

    Boating in the fog

    Here in SoCal fog can be an issue anytime. Always no faster than conditions allow. Practice using the radar when conditions are good so using it is second nature when conditions are bad.
  72. sickcat

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Don't bet your boat on that!! Usually a cleat or line gives before the mooring moves much but not always. I have seen them resetting moorings after a big swell gets driven into the bay.
  73. sickcat

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Definitely an essential service in Avalon!!
  74. sickcat

    Transducer depth question

    Tell us what specific models your considering. That will help us to answer your question. Generally it is not the increased depth capacity that makes a better transducer worth the money but better resolution. I'm a believer that you should get the best transducer you can afford because it can...
  75. sickcat

    Help! Raw water pump installation on parker 2120

    You could get away with brass if it is after a quality seacock. Personally not a fan of using any brass with saltwater. Bronze all the way!
  76. sickcat

    Replace floro/mono if not used/used once???

    No need to replace flouro. It will not be damaged from UV like nylon. Any nylon mono that is at all suspect should be replaced.
  77. sickcat


    Offshore winds are the time to fish offshore. 10-15 winds for thursday-saturday. Your good to go.
  78. sickcat

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    Deadrise can make a BIG difference,
  79. sickcat

    How many amps 3 bank

    Often chargers list the total amp output over all legs. So a 20 amp 3 leg charger is splitting up those 20 amps over 3 legs. Good chargers can put all 20 amps into any/all legs In your case the 3 batteries used to get your 36 volts should be pretty evenly discharged. If your running them down...
  80. sickcat

    Reading my Fish finder

    Looks like bait. I like to set the range a little deeper than SWBM - maybe 200 feet To help you get a starting point with the gain setting on your way out when you get to about 150 feet deep slow to an idle and set the range a little over double the depth. If your in 150 of water set the...
  81. sickcat

    How many amps 3 bank

    How many amps does the xi5 draw?
  82. sickcat

    Simrad Evo 3 GPS fix issues

    What is above the GPS units? How far are the units apart? Wire runs, towers/hardtop frames and people can block the signals. I have seen it a few times but generally no problems with internal antennas.
  83. sickcat

    VHF Issue - Help Diagnosing?

    Receiving is the easy part. It is transmitting that tests the antenna/connections.
  84. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    Sounds like your getting there. Bag up those left over deans and freeze them for hooping bait.
  85. sickcat

    Stainless steel fabrication

    Will there be a drum windlass in the locker? +1 on Rileys if your in LA
  86. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    +1 on darkening the tank either with a cover or paint. On a PE tank I would paint the outside not the inside. Even thou current "plastic" paints are pretty good I would not want any of the paint/residue coming off the inside of the tank.
  87. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    In the Kodiak "Pro-Flow" tanks the input baffle has slots cut at an angle to induce circular flow. That is what the patient on the tank was for and why it was worth a big company to buy Larry out when he sold out a couple decades ago.
  88. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    Totally agree. My experience tells me that the "ignorance is bliss" mindset is very wide spread among both commercial operations and private boaters. I'd like to think that criminal prosecution would change that dynamic but I am not holding my breath.
  89. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    I believe we are still waiting for the reports to be published. Last I heard ( 2 days ago) the NTSB was meeting to see if they can agree on the cause of the fire. While I would agree that failure to keep a watch is a huge mistake I have not seen anything that leads me to believe that they "put...
  90. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    Maybe somebody with knowledge will chime in but as far as I know there is no requirement to keep a copy anywhere but on the boat.
  91. sickcat

    Safe offshore boating distance?

    As I said I get your point - flotation is good. I am working on an old Glaspar that has been chopped down to under 14' so I have more deadrise than most 14'ers. They did not put foam in boats in 1965 but when it is done it will float upright full of water with a couple people and the engine if...
  92. sickcat

    Charter Boat Captain & Teacher arrested on child porn

    The Q is strong with this one...
  93. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    IIRC the log burned up on the boat. IMO with todays technology their should be a backup copy kept on the cloud.
  94. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    Totally agree. For me the lesson is a reminder about being complacent about safety. Easy to see how it happened in hindsight. Nobody gives much though to charging batteries - they have done it a thousand times before. Anchored up in a peaceful place and after 2 days everyone is tired. I...
  95. sickcat

    Safe offshore boating distance?

    The Horseshoe is a large area of structure just outside the LA/LB breakwall.
  96. sickcat

    Safe offshore boating distance?

    While I get your point if I lived by that standard I would have very very little time on the water. Best way to manage that risk is to keep the water outside the boat and don't punch a hole in it.
  97. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Thanks!! - I'll get a good laugh for at least a week every time I think of this.
  98. sickcat

    Safe offshore boating distance?

    Pic your days when the weather is good and the Horseshoe is doable. If your taking waves over the bow inside the harbor be VERY careful. Double up on a couple good bilge pumps.
  99. sickcat

    Yellowtail farm

    They have come quite a ways on less damaging feed for many penned fish. Still working to improve it but not as bad as it was early in the game. As far as YT and BFT they would be eating local forage anyway. If you make the area your pulling feed from larger the impact is additionally reduced.
  100. sickcat

    SOLD 32 kodiak bait tank !!!!!!!!!!!

    If the threaded fitting is shot it is a pretty easy fix. I'm in LB and will do it for the cost of the fitting.
  101. sickcat

    Need more distance

    Google Kon-tiki to see what some kiwis do to solve the problem of not having a boat.
  102. sickcat

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

    Just like riding a bike it will feel like you never left. Good fishing and great times to you and your boy!!!!
  103. sickcat

    Potential BFT State Record

    Well they will always have bigger fish. It has been interesting to see kite fishing finally gain wider acceptance in the place it was invented.
  104. sickcat

    Skiff Recommendations (Welded, 14-15 ft?)

    I would not count a Pacific skiff out if you want a tin boat that will last years. First time I looked over a in person I was impressed. Only down side was the price.
  105. sickcat

    Ride Share Thread?

    First a heartfelt thank you for your service. I'm knee deep in a major overhaul but when the boat is ready your welcome on my rig. I'm in Long Beach/LA.
  106. sickcat

    Thru hull location

    From looking at the single pic I would say move the pump to the port side and install the xducer where the pump is currently.
  107. sickcat

    Gifting lobsters

    I'll bet that any and every warden would find that scenario wrong and give you a piece of paper saying so.
  108. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    Is that a 32 gallon tank? I have a 32 that needs new fittings and baffles. Not sure when I will get to it but at some point I'll be making new baffles and would be happy to make a pair for ya. I plan on setting up a jig for the mill so I can duplicate the angle the slot in the originals were cut.
  109. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    While you could possibly silicone them in I suggest if you do get the baffles from Kodiak also get the nylon bolts that hold the baffles.
  110. sickcat

    California national forest closures

    Fire is and always has been part of the natural process. Problems start getting more noticeable when more and more people choose to live in a place that has historically burned every now and then.
  111. sickcat

    Covid IS serious.

    Part of the numbers problem has to do with the way they are reported. Seems that every state and even counties within the same state have different reporting requirements. EVERYBODY has biases and opinions that affect their decisions not only those working for government.
  112. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    The great thing about many of your post is not just that are easy on my eyes but they can be inserted in any thread and be just as pleasant. Thank you for making sense out of an otherwise chaotic thread!
  113. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    The input baffle is designed to diffuse and direct the flow. The output side is to screen and draw from the full water column. As others have said the fill should go on the end not the side where you have it now. 7 minute fill is fine. Rule does not make a 200GPH pump so you have something else.
  114. sickcat

    Lobster License Question

    I'll bet that anyone that got a ticket for one that was just a hair under uses your formula to measure after that experience!
  115. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    Sure looks like there is no baffle on the exhaust side in that last pic. You can see the fitting he is using for the input. In the first pic there is no shadow of the baffle and it looks like there is some sealant on the holes the nylon screws that hold the baffle are. The input side cannot...
  116. sickcat

    Did i crack my transom

    +1 on that. The crack is such a nice even curve that IMO it may be where the old/new gel coat meets/
  117. sickcat

    Bait tank die off

    Looks like the baffles are missing from that tank. That is a big part of the problem if true. The slots in the baffles are cut at an angle which directs the flow properly. The angle in the baffles was the patented part of the Kodiak tank. I have the same tank and the baffles have broken apart...
  118. sickcat

    Ab 3030 today

    We drained some 95% of the wetlands here in CA - does that count?? :D
  119. sickcat

    Lobster License Question

    Do as you like but unless the second person is 2 years old or younger IMO you stand a very good chance of explaining your situation to a judge. Under 16 does not need a license but does need a lobster card.
  120. sickcat

    Gifting lobsters

    For the gifty they don't need anything. Tha said if the DFW happens to come to their house and check the freezer they could get a ticket with no license/card. VERY unlikely. For you just document them on your card as you normally would.
  121. sickcat

    Open party overnight bait

    The bait gets to spend time enough in the receiver which allows the trashed to die off and the rest get time to heal and regenerate their slime coat.
  122. sickcat

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    IMO its a boy scout kinda thing - always be prepared. I go to many places where many white people might not feel safe. Never had any trouble. Of course I don't go looking for trouble and treat people with respect just like I would wish they treat me. Golden rule.....
  123. sickcat

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    Has anyone ever been approached by smugglers or heard of any incidents where smugglers have approached anyone? Seems that that may happen if one of them got into some trouble but as a matter of SOP to get fuel etc that would be at best a crapshoot for them.
  124. sickcat

    Low oil pressure on trophy

    Easy to check the ground to all the gauges including the oil pressure.
  125. sickcat

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    I believe in MX they do. A couple incendiary projectiles on deck may well deter paddy poachers though :D
  126. sickcat

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    +1 on the better to have it theory. I understand that there has been more smuggling on the water over the years but I used to spend a lot of time out there and we never saw any funny business. I would be more concerned about closer to shore as it seems the target landing areas start right at SD...
  127. sickcat

    Spending the night at the islands - firearm onboard?

    Lived onboard for about 8 years and always carried a handgun onboard. IMO your a lot more likely to need a fire extinguisher than a weapon. Like MYNomad I'm a firm believer that they will see the muzzle flash before they ever see a weapon. Only downside (outside corrosion) is that when stopped...
  128. sickcat

    Not a Report -- Bait Tank Question After Report

    Can you get to the outside of the tank where the input fitting is? If you can then I may be able to help you. I work at a fab shop and I can put together an input piece that will be up against the side of the tank and eliminate all those 90s.if I have time after work I'll run down to the boat...
  129. sickcat

    FREE Sierra Gimble Bearing #18-2100

    Free to good home. NIB Sierra 18-2100 gimble bearing. Fits some OMC and a bunch of Mercury outdrives. If you promise to grease it regularly PM me your address and I'll send it to you. 8-)
  130. sickcat

    On board battery charger issues

    If possible plug it into shorepower and see if the polarity shows as correct and try the charger to see if it functions normally. When you get a chance to do that report back. A Honda generator is a generator (DC) and uses an invertor to turn that DC power into 120VAC. It produces what is...
  131. sickcat

    On board battery charger issues

    I assume the polarity shows correct when you plug into power at the dock? Also does the charger function normally when plugged into shorepower?
  132. sickcat

    On board battery charger issues

    Once of the nice things about the Yandina combiner is you can configure it to charge both a wet battery and an AGM from the same charging source. Say I have a wet cranking battery and an AGM house battery. The charging source goes to the cranking battery and the combiner connects the cranking...
  133. sickcat

    On board battery charger issues

    I agree with Aquachico that you should separate the house and cranking side. Many modern chargers sense battery state from the lead connected to the battery and don't like when you have two charger leads connected to different batteries connected in parallel. A couple questions so I can get a...
  134. sickcat

    Political BS So...he has it.

    I don't watch CNN nor NBC but I see where you get your info from: Keep drinking the kool aid Danny. I know you didn't believe my own little stock market conspiracy theory (which came true by the way) but you might be interested in my next one if you are not in Moscow but in CA. I hear they...
  135. sickcat

    Reel servicing/repairs

    Shimano factory service is always a good option. First rate service plus if there have been any engineering changes to the reel they upgrade it.
  136. sickcat

    Political BS So...he has it.

    Not so much infection as much as transmission. Thats wrong Danny? lets see the info that shows it is - without showing us some one off quack that disagrees with 99.9% of other experts this time please.
  137. sickcat

    Shogun - Police

    +1 on that. I've been going on SoCal sportboats for about 50 years and it has been going on at least that long. The only difference with this particular situation is fentanyl. Had not been at play they would have gone on that trip with about half the crew high on "normal" speedballs as Makairaa...
  138. sickcat

    Shogun - Police

    Not at all if you understand the basics about fishermen... Does the crew pictured come with the boat? :D No doubt commercial air travel is safer than "small" for hire fishing vessels. That said I did not get the same impression you did when I read Tom's post. The thing that caught my eye was...
  139. sickcat

    Shogun - Police

    I agree so far so good in the way it has been handled. I do not doubt their sincerity but we'll see if they walk the walk and if other operations learn the lesson.
  140. sickcat

    Shogun - Police

    Tell your friend to be skeptical of the little blue pill she will offer him...
  141. sickcat

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    My point was that people should not expect an immediate response (or even an answer for that matter) when calling CalTip as many people seem to do. Would be nice if CA funded someone 24/7 to answer the phone. My guess would be that it would be a waste of money to do that unless they hire more...
  142. sickcat

    For Sale Custom Smoker

    bumpity bump for a NICE smoker.... I'd be all over it if I didn't already have one.
  143. sickcat

    How much longer will the bite at catalina last?

    The fat lady is not even in the building. I predict the fishing will be good at the island through the end of the year. During the last cold water winter we had (7-8 years ago) I caught my biggest YT of the season mid january in 61 degree shitty green water. Thought it was a WSB until it took off.
  144. sickcat

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    Not 100% sure but I believe they can write up any statue violation. CDFW wardens are full fledged LEO that could write one a traffic ticket if they wanted..
  145. sickcat

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    CalTip is not 911. Often those doing illegal stuff keep on doing it if it works for them. One of those repeat performances they may well be a warden watching. That is the reason for calling it in to CDFW. If local law enforcement will respond great - call them too.
  146. sickcat

    REEL & ROD Combo ID

    Green bass, stripers, and catfish etc. Leave the beautiful patina on it.
  147. sickcat

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    Nothing at all if your a woman. ;)
  148. sickcat

    Not something you see everyday...

    At first I thought some of the fish in the net might be cobia but with a net that is that shallow maybe not.
  149. sickcat

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    +1 on pulling HARD to check knots. If your not breaking a few then your not pulling hard enough. Pulling hard enough to cause a failure gives you insight not only on your knot at the hook but your flouro/braid connection and also the limits and characteristics of the line itself.
  150. sickcat

    Not something you see everyday...

    Don't know how those Bama boys do their gill netting but seems a little suspicious that the fish were left in the net. Usually you would pull them out as you go along.
  151. sickcat

    Hubbs Sea World fish farm plan.

    Highly doubtful that the quotas for those species will go up just to feed farmed fish especially here in CA. While a concern it likely will be a non-issue.
  152. sickcat

    Santa Barbara Island 09/17/2020

    Starting with 20lb test?!! go big!! Start with 40!
  153. sickcat

    Catalina mini shark week

    The smiles say it all!! WTG dad!
  154. sickcat

    Catalina with the kids

    WTG getting the kids pulling on fish!!! Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  155. sickcat

    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    It is the CalTip hotline. I understand it will not be a quick response and if you know how many wardens there are to patrol the entire state you understand why. At least they have a better idea on what is going on where so they can follow problem areas more closely. Better than doing nothing IMO.
  156. sickcat

    For Sale Si-Tex Sp80 autopilot complete

    Which model pump does it comes with?
  157. sickcat

    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    1 888 334 2258 is the call to make. Get a license plate number and call it in.
  158. sickcat

    Our Fishing Days are getting shorter....

    Wouldn't that be global smoking??
  159. sickcat

    Need Starboard Material for Project

    How much do you need? I'm waiting on a 4X8 sheet from Piedmont plastics who had the best price @ $175.
  160. sickcat

    Starting a charter business

    Shit!! I was hoping the OP was giving us an update how his charters are going after a decade in the business.. Oh well!
  161. sickcat

    1974 homemade boat

    That may be part of the reason it has failed again. When drilling a hole for a bolt/screw oversize the hole 30-40% and fill with epoxy. Then drill the hole to the size needed. That way when the caulking fails there is no wood exposed to water. It may save your kids from having to rebuild it...
  162. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    While I don't disagree with you entirely the above part of the interview seems exactly what I would expect from any boat/landing relationship. I bet if you ask the same questions of any non-operating owner and the vessels captain you would get the same answers. IMO many of the operations that...
  163. sickcat

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    Early in the investigation the USCG released a notification which covered a number of basic safety concerns which included unsupervised lithium battery charging and use of extension cords/power strips. While an old plug may have been part of it (I have not read the whole report yet) it seems...
  164. sickcat

    Bonita Sushi!

    I also add some salt to make sure the slush stays salty as the ice melts.
  165. sickcat

    Perko Switch Electrical Question. Confusion....

    Often when trying to figure out what those before you have done the only lesson is that some people should never do electrical work especially on boats. A solenoid often has 2 large terminals and 2 small. There may well be wire missing that would make some sense out of what they were doing...
  166. sickcat

    Fresh Water tank suggestions?

    While it happened years ago the sweet little mom & pop marine store at the foot of the Santa Barbara wharf was bought out by WM and turned into a clothing store. Sure they could order what you wanted but they never had it in stock and you had to wait days for it. F'n criminal... As for the OPs...
  167. sickcat

    Weak tell tale after impeller change

    While the method you describe is the correct way to do it if the impeller was installed backwards the cam will flip the impeller blades the correct way as soon as the pump turns.
  168. sickcat

    For Sale 10kg lewmar claw anchor - new

    I'll take it.. Where are you located?
  169. sickcat

    It's official... La Nina is here

    Yea, Its' going to get colder, just wait...
  170. sickcat

    It's official... La Nina is here

    First we're talking about the forecast here not the current situation. Second just like the weather the local (meaning the CA coast) water conditions and the local fishing have zero to do with determining if a El Nino or La Nina condition is happening. The local water temp and fishing may be an...
  171. sickcat

    Transducer transom Location

    Tabs do very little at slow speed so your correct. It would be the transducer getting too much turbulence at speed that would be the concern.
  172. sickcat

    It's official... La Nina is here

    El Nino/La Nina have nothing to do with "local" weather. It is a process that takes place across the equatorial pacific. EDIT El Nino is not caused in any way by local weather - it does effect the weather.
  173. sickcat

    9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Now that is funny!! Thanks for the laugh. I grew up in the south bay and one of the reasons I have spent so much time on the water is early on I discovered I could jump in a skiff and within minutes be far away from the A-hole surf scene...
  174. sickcat

    To go or not to Go?

    You have some good friends! A little history of the bell tower: Legend has it that Ada Wrigley had it put up to screw with Zane Grey and his hard drinking buddies. Grey lived very close to where she put it (she was very against alcohol consumption) and she liked the idea that it would ring...
  175. sickcat

    Transducer transom Location

    I would say that between the 2 trailer bunks would be fine assuming there is nothing on the hull in front of that. Trim tabs will be an issue with the transducer there as that seems to be right where the tabs would go. The transducer has to have a clean undisturbed water flow over it to work...
  176. sickcat

    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    Most likely that second battery is weak as others have mentioned. Assuming both batteries share a common ground and your charger has enough capacity then putting the charger on one battery and setting the switch to all will charge both batteries fine. The battery that is lower will get more...
  177. sickcat

    WiFi offshore/baja

    Maybe when Musk gets all his satellites up and running there will be a "reasonably" priced option but for now the answer to your question is no. Its fishing - F*** school!! :D
  178. sickcat

    Opinions on mounting my bait tank in my Gregor

    +1 for mounting it behind that forward seat. In the 14' tin boat I had a 30 gallon tank mounted just forward of the middle seat.
  179. sickcat

    hydraulic steering conversion

    I may be interested in your Benmar parts. Looks like the steering cables I need are still available so I will be sticking with the mechanical steering for now.
  180. sickcat

    correct prop question

    Check with Ken @ Propgods in FL. A wealth of knowledge and you can swap props to dial it in - assuming you don't damage it.
  181. sickcat

    Tuna Spawn?

    Which tuna?
  182. sickcat

    Using Mackerel for BFT ?

    Assuming the bite is not on micro bait the mack every time.
  183. sickcat

    Buy boat without sea trial? Lowest bid?

    Certainly more than the $9K he is asking. Not to bash BLs but ones from the mid 80s minimized EVERYTHING. One thing I have seen are factory electrical switches that are burned due to the minimal switch/wiring. IF a survey/mechanical showed only very minor issues my offer would be about 3K...
  184. sickcat

    Oregon Soldier Came Home..... Media... Crickets

    RIP Alex. Prayers for the family.
  185. sickcat

    School me on livewell ball valves

    I would not use stainless bolts/studs for the anode plate due to crevice corrosion. Especially in a slipped boat use the proper bronze hardware. There are kits with all the stuff you need to mount the plate properly. Not cheap but IMO money well spent. At least use quality bronze stuff. In...
  186. sickcat

    School me on livewell ball valves

    Thats not an anode. Looks like pads where the bait bag frame sits. As far as your drain thru hull stick with the one you took out. IMO nylon is bad near the waterline. I have seen a couple break due to impact with flotsom and at least a couple fracture on the inside just above the nut. The sun...
  187. sickcat

    Bait tank fill time75 gallon blue water

    Sounds about right. At that flow the BW tank won't have any issues with current.
  188. sickcat

    Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    Wind and swell out of the NW. Its more the high over the desert moving east setting up a more normal onshore flow than the last tropical storm.
  189. sickcat

    Volvo DPH -C Electrolysis trim Clyinder damage

    Are the cylinder ends near the surface of the water when the boat is sitting? At the very surface there is available O2 from the air which can speed up the corrosion process. I have seen a couple of tilt/trim assemblies on smaller outboards where the cast pump housing corrodes through just...
  190. sickcat

    Dumb but honest question.

    Heading out of the LBC I would bypass going to the 14 and head straight over to the backside of Cat.
  191. sickcat

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Truly RIP Valerie. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours Mike. May you find comfort till you meet up with her again.
  192. sickcat

    Which transducer should i get or not. Is it overkill

    Without looking up the specific freq difference between the "L" and the "M" I would say the L is what you want. Your 285 has the higher freq covered.
  193. sickcat

    Worth getting a surveyor before purchase for this boat?

    Stringari copy? Important to find a surveyor with experience with glass/ply boats. While there are plenty of good surveyors out there the most important thing with the hull is water intrusion. A surveyor without experience with that type hull is of minimal value. Getting the engine checked out...
  194. sickcat

    No mas bluefin

    Sorry!! Your right! Pack up your gear. Kids are back in school :D, fishing is slowing down - YEP its over....
  195. sickcat

    Best Sealant for bait tank drain

    I would use something a little less permanent than 5200 in case it ever need to come back off. Just a dab of silicone on the threads before you tighten it down. A flat/smooth (relatively) surface for the gasket and it should seal fine.
  196. sickcat

    seasickness help

    Depends on the person but for me Bonine works the best. Ginger also helps and a few cans of ginger ale are easy to pack.
  197. sickcat

    Best Sealant for bait tank drain

    That type of fitting should have a gasket on the inside. Sure you can use sealer but a gasket is the "correct" way of doing it. If you use sealer put it all together but do not tighten the nut down. Let the sealer set up for a day or so (5200 can take a week to fully cure) before tightening the...
  198. sickcat

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    I'm going to play devils advocate here. Going on my gut I'm going to say that the glitter has plenty of plastic in it. While I really like the idea I'm not a fan of dumping more plastic in the ocean.
  199. sickcat

    Someone was in a hurry.....

    Once a month during the winter maybe...
  200. sickcat

    Getting Tuna to Come Up

    While I like that tactic IMO your not going to bring fish up from 100" using that alone. I'm with Walt - drop down a nice fat mack to them. If I was going to try to sit on them for a while I would start a chunk chumline ASAP and get that mack in front of them. I was playing with a school of...
  201. sickcat

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    If it means more advertising revenue they might!!! :D
  202. sickcat

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    While you may find one pump is slightly better at not getting airlocked than another I don't think you'll find the magic bullet in a new pump. Do everything you can to fix the problem - drill a couple small holes in the back of you intake scoop to bleed off air, slope the hose consistently...
  203. sickcat

    Bait tank question...

    I must be missing something. Why not drill the hole from the bulkhead side (where the pump is) ?? You have a marker with the existing hole to know how far down you can go. Whatever the fix is for plumbing you running the lines through the deck over an aluminum fuel tank that is foamed in. If...
  204. sickcat

    Best Sealant for bait tank drain

    Fiberglass tank? The leaky fitting is a bulkhead fitting that uses a nut on the inside, a fitting that is glassed in or???
  205. sickcat

    No mas bluefin

    WAY too early to call the season just because the fish have a little lockjaw. If history has been any indication the best fishing and the best weather is coming.
  206. sickcat

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    Exactly!! I heard one news report that started with the "6' shark along the beach" in their teaser for the story but correctly said it was about 3' in the story. All the others stuck with that 6' thing as a 3' shark doesn't sound very dangerous.
  207. sickcat

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    The news I saw did report the injuries to both pups (one found dead on the beach down south) but all the sensationalism over a " 6' " shark along the beach without the context of it being a species that has never eaten a human sucked. To the know-nothings it gives sharks a bad name and to the...
  208. sickcat

    Spreader light/ docking light recommendations

    A little late to the party but look at these LEDs: I have used them in the past and been very happy with them.
  209. sickcat

    When you dont have crimpers for battery cables.

    Your shadetree crimp looks better than a number of "professionally" done crimps I have seen! McGyver certainly would be impressed.
  210. sickcat

    We should all be thanking the Capt of the El Dorado

    I thought the Blackjack (Redondo in the 70s) has been a dive boat. Same BJ or a different BJ? Since I'm under that 100K threshold can I get in their chumline?? :D J/K!!!! Props to Capt Jeff for being on the fish. Seems like the El Dorado has a pretty loyal following.
  211. sickcat

    Simrad v. Raymarine?

    Between Simrad and Raymarine my choice would be Simrad no question. The advice to get your hands on any unit your serious considering in good. The common technology available from all the major manufactures (not the high end cutting edge stuff) is all pretty good so the choice is often which...
  212. sickcat


    I have had very good luck with the pl258 type connectors. Make sure you trim the shielding neatly and get it placed well. A shot of Corrosion stop and firmly tighten it down. The ShadowX knows that you will need a good hot iron to soldier those connections properly. A cold soldier joint with...
  213. sickcat

    Dolphin Pod.

    IMO unless you already have trollers in the water would be to meter under the flippers and see if there are fish underneath them. If there are then get ahead of the pod, shutdown, chum and drop baits back - maybe one flyline and a couple weighted to get under the dolphin.
  214. sickcat

    Rule vs Kodiak Transom Mount Pump

    BTW looking at your transom somebody has already redrilled those holes at least once. If that is just sealant in those holes dig it out and epoxy them up also. White Marine Tex will look fine especially under the pump bracket.
  215. sickcat

    Jimmy Buffett Boat Design - I guess I'll take it...

    Not bad but I hate fishing over OBs :D
  216. sickcat

    Political BS Masks or no masks.

    +1 There are many other less pleasant ways to end...
  217. sickcat

    Ab 3030 today

    Given the vague wording (intentional of course) this bill could have really far reaching consequences. Public access, water , timber, riparian habitat, not to mention fisheries. It really gives anybody who comes along after a viable legal argument for shutting down ALL kinds of things on a wide...
  218. sickcat

    Rule 1100 bait pump

    That is what it is for...
  219. sickcat

    Rule vs Kodiak Transom Mount Pump

    That "kodiak" pump is a Rule pump. IIRC Larry sold out to Kodiak more than a decade ago so I'm sure specs have changed over the years on the mounts. Drill the 2 holes that are different. Fill all the holes with Marine Tex and after it sets up redrill the 4 holes you will use. IMO even a good...
  220. sickcat

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    That was my second take on that idea. My first one seemed derogatory so I was trying to be a little "nicer". :D
  221. sickcat

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    I hope that yours and your families health is good. IIRC your wife was going through some stuff herself. Prayers for healing and good health. Just one of life's cruel jokes is the enough time/money thing. Like many I'm in the same boat. When I get my boat up and running you'll always be...
  222. sickcat

    Just curious? Covid 19 Breakouts on Sport Boats

    Wise move IMO. There is enough of the virus walking around right now it is a concern. Although it is a small chance of infection it is one that is avoidable. Fishermen is general may not be the most sanitary bunch. While yes a lot of the time you would be "outside" there is enough time on a...
  223. sickcat

    For Sale 8oz Cloth

    Still have the cloth?
  224. sickcat

    SOLD ***FOR SALE: Pair of (2) Brand New Stainless Out-Rodder Type Rod Holders - Adjustable!***

    If those before me fall through I'll take them. I'm close in the LBC.
  225. sickcat

    Overheating Issues - Honda 200 (2009)

    +1 on the thermostat. Did you get all the old impeller pieces? I have seen small pieces lodged in the cooling system and some times they block the flow but they can shift around so they block it sometimes yet other times water flow is OK.
  226. sickcat

    Catalina On and Off 8-3 to 8-5

    WTO on the catching! Looks like some great days at the island with your son. Good deposit in your Karma bank taking care of the dingy!!
  227. sickcat

    Leaving a I/O in a Slip

    I/Os are just a fair amount more maintenance. Certainly can be done. Zincs (and any associated bonding connections between the parts) are critical. Personally I don't like fishing over big O/B. 24' or bigger I'd take an inboard.
  228. sickcat

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Thanks for the laugh!! Temperamental as he may be he can have very good dope on the local fishing.
  229. sickcat

    Glow jigs charge time?

    I played around a little with flatfalls. Tried "charging" them in sunlight, a bright LED worklight and a blacklight. All three took about the same time to charge around 10-20 minutes. All three were close to the same initial glow after charging. The glow paint nowadays is pretty good and there...
  230. sickcat

    Any tips for calico bass swim bait fishing

    I use a number of the popular manufactures maybe my fav would be Cory's MC baits. Many tackle shops sell them. In my experience that clear with red flake is generally THE go-to color especially at the island. A red head makes it all the better. Swimbait fishing...
  231. sickcat

    Nav net 2

    What FF black box do you have?
  232. sickcat

    Radar Bracket Necessary?

    If the radar is going near the front of the house go with shims. Going on the back IMO a 4-6 inch pedestal to help clear that spotlight since it may interfere with the signal directly in front of the boat.
  233. sickcat


    If your in SD check with Squidco. In the LA area check Pacific Edge.
  234. sickcat

    Davies Launch Ramp Bait Barge

    ^^^^^^^ THIS!! ^^^^^^^^^
  235. sickcat

    Battery Charger questions

    I would assume you don't come home with the cranking batteries run way down? If the panel takes care of the house bank OK you might look into a Deltran Battery Tender. I don't know offhand how they are with AGMs so check that out. As far as the Promariner I have a 20 on my boat and it has...
  236. sickcat

    Economical fishing?

    More of an addiction than a disease IMO :D While for many (myself included) owning a boat is the best way to go but it is not cheap by any means. To me when I look at the satisfaction I get out of it the cost is more than worth it. A good compromise is making friends with boat owners. There is...
  237. sickcat

    18 Gallong Make Matt Marine Bait Tank Help

    I would go with PVC on that valve. No corrosion and cheaper.
  238. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    No doubt a smart guy. Just like Trump he plays both sides of the isle. IIRC he supported Kamala Harris for senate. I guess the Republicans are paying better at this point in history...
  239. sickcat

    Tackle shops in Long Beach

    What did Mark do to you?
  240. sickcat

    Tackle shops in Long Beach

    Pacific Edge is close to LBC.
  241. sickcat

    Different cooling water discharges

    Looks normal. On most OBs there are a few holes in the cavity that feeds the raw water pump. The water your seeing is just excess water spilling out.
  242. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    A national plan that would have stockpiled and distributed the basics like PPE quickly which would help avoid states and counties from competing with each other not to mention the rest of the world. A national plan that would have set standards for gathering and reporting important data so the...
  243. sickcat

    Sea Alien ID!

    A new species! Fukishima octopus :D
  244. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    It is not as if there is a Covid19 manual telling one exactly what to do. Seems many here point out mistakes that the scientists have made as if there were such a manual. It is called the "best available science" for a reason. A good analogy I have heard a couple times now is "building the...
  245. sickcat

    Rip currents in lake piru

    Sheriff report I heard yesterday said according to her son they were both swimming and while in the water she helped him back onto the boat but never made it onto the boat herself. Could be any number of things - bumped her head trying to climb out, seizure, wind blew the boat away from her and...
  246. sickcat

    Battery cable sizing? Moving battery...

    +1 on Mike's idea to put a ground buss in the center and run each battery and the engine to it. If it were mine I would run #2 cable. #1 cable would be overkill. #0 is way overkill.
  247. sickcat

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    I don't think the law has changed. To my knowledge it is (still) legal to split costs equally which includes the owner.
  248. sickcat

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    The coasties have been going after illegal charters for a couple years now. They site safety concerns as the reason. I would bet that the great fishing in the last 5 years making real charters booked solid has spawned a lot of people trying to make a few bucks when they go fishing.
  249. sickcat

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    A warning about running it low on coolant. A little low no problem. If you are too low on coolant the temp gauge may not be accurate and you could overheat the engine pretty easy. Be careful.
  250. sickcat

    Help with a 20hp Mercury

    Start with fresh gear oil in the lower unit, a new set of spark plugs and a heavy dose of Seafoam in the fuel. New spark plugs go in after the heavy dose of Seafoam.
  251. sickcat

    Coolant Leak Volvo Diesel

    In addition to the pressure test another diagnostic tool that is easy is testing for exhaust gas in the coolant. Many auto parts store carry the test strips. Mantanza's suggestion is a very good one not only for your issue but an overflow bottle makes it much easier to keep an eye on...
  252. sickcat

    What prop do I have?

    looks like 20/4 X 12 from the pic. 4 blade? U got me on the diameter but the pitch looks to be 12.
  253. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    As long as I can remember one needs to vet/verify EVERYTHING you see from the media. Any media. Their job is to sell ads not inform people correctly or otherwise. IMO you see everything more sensationalized than ever in the news (TV news especially) because they are competing with social...
  254. sickcat

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    So sorry Rick - my bad!! My memory is starting to slip a little!
  255. sickcat

    Which one of you kooks is this?

    Mike is spot on as he often is.^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I used to go long in small tin boats. No more for me! Now it will be in a 13'10" Glaspar conversion. Getting a big fish into the boat by myself will most likely be the worse thing to happen. YMMV
  256. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    The increases seen in most places is not attributable to only the increased testing. The positivity rate is also increasing. More positives per 100,000 people means more spread. 50% false results is very high. I'm not saying that there is not a specific test that has it just that the average...
  257. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    Is one of your rights making other people sick with a virus that may kill them? Living in a society comes with responsibility whether you chose to accept that or not. In this great country everyone has a right not to chose to be responsible. I'm fine with you doing whatever you feel...
  258. sickcat

    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    I have seen a few stories/interviews on the news saying the protests are not helping. Looks like some were studying that angle but no definitive answer to that question. From what I saw there were more people wearing masks while protesting than many of the scenes outside of bars and restaurants...
  259. sickcat

    What do the numbers mean?

    Most are as described above but some are the rough distance from port. 14 mile bank, 60 mile bank etc. Also note with the depth on charts some of that data is very old (could be a century or more) depending on what area your looking at. The Pacific coast of MX is a good example. Last time I...
  260. sickcat

    Patching pinhole in hull

    I'm a fan of 5200 but IMO it is not a good choice for this fix. MarineTex is pretty fluid when freshly mixed. I would do just as you describe but with MarineTex instead of 5200. You could push it through the hole with a putty knife and get enough in to have a good mushroom on the inside. Even...
  261. sickcat

    Patching pinhole in hull

    I would much rather go with grey Marine-Tex or JB weld than 5200. Leave a little dimple on the outside and a mushroom head about and inch big and an 1/8 to 3/16 high on the inside.
  262. sickcat

    2 day trip half capacity 16passengers

    +10 on the Aztec being a very fishy boat with great crew. That said between the uncertainty about what the near future will be with the pandemic and those who won't wear a mask I think it will be a tough sell for the sporties this summer.
  263. sickcat


    ...and chain the boat down if possible. I have lived in LB for a decade and nothing is safe.
  264. sickcat

    VHF Testing help. Is it working?

    The world would be a better place if more people thought as you do - thank you!! Teach your children well...
  265. sickcat

    VHF Testing help. Is it working?

    I'll add two things. When doing a radio check with another boat ask for their location. Not much of a test if they are close to you (maybe a mile or less). Don't assume because you hear chatter on the radio or get the weather loud and clear your radio is working. Transmitting is a different...
  266. sickcat

    Catalina Cellphone coverage on the water?

    Always got a laugh when my Iphone friends with ATT service needed to use my flip phone on Verizon at Cat. Turn the phone off and go fishing.
  267. sickcat

    San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Thought you are in San Pedro. Thats Anaheim Ave in Wilmas. That would be just a little more street driving - very little added distance.
  268. sickcat

    San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    If you come down Anaheim there is one just west of Alameda and one just off the 710 - yesterdaay both were $2.60 a gallon.
  269. sickcat

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Glad to hear everyone was OK. Thanks for a very important reminder. Smoke alarms and CO alarms save lives.
  270. sickcat

    San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    The question is why are you paying $3.25 for diesel fuel??? :D
  271. sickcat

    What is the best boat battery for my situation

    AGMs will take a charge faster than a wet battery but it has to be at the correct voltage. No batteries like being overheated. One of the AGM advantages is that assuming you have the amps to do so you can charge an AGM bank back up in a shorter time - less genny run time while your sipping...
  272. sickcat

    For Sale Magma BBQ well used and seasoned

    Are there mounts on the bottom? Where are you located?
  273. sickcat

    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    A heavy backup setup is not in the budget! You'll have to give chase with the boat - assuming a boat is in the budget! :D
  274. sickcat

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    That will work just fine. Izors has a number of different types of stuff making up the reef - light poles, rock and other construction material. It shows up well on sonar. Personally I like to anchor up on spots. Izors is a good place to get an anchor stuck. Depending on exactly what spot your...
  275. sickcat

    For Sale Boat Bow pulpit

    Wood and glass? Dimensions?
  276. sickcat

    Looking for some spots from my aluminum skiff

    Going on memory here but those numbers look like Izors Reef. Very fishable in a 16' tin boat. You'll really need sonar to fish it right. There is a lot of good structure there. If you look on youtube for "diving izors reef" you should be able to find some video of what some of the structure...
  277. sickcat

    Evinrude Outboards - RIP

    Sounds like they may be keeping the technology that made the Etecs possible. IIRC OMC spent some serious money to acquire the injection technology used.
  278. sickcat

    1962 Glasspar Gel Coat repair

    I'm curious. 1962 16' was an Avalon? Does it have fiberglass stringers (no wood)? I have a 1965 Avalon that I've been rebuilding - into a 13'10" so it can be tied up at the Catalina docks. Can't help with your gelcoat question but wish you all the best with the resto!
  279. sickcat

    Ignoring Members

    Great points and all true! Also if people try to think before typing and act a little more like they would face to face BD would be an even better place.
  280. sickcat

    Ignoring Members

    X10 I'm sure nobody has you on their ignore list Jim. Your tackle porn like those colored Newells is just too good!
  281. sickcat

    Political BS Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Boy the batch of kool-aid you mixed up before you posted this must have been extra strong!
  282. sickcat

    SOLD ./

    That is a Lowrance plug that is on it?
  283. sickcat

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    IMO those outboard foils are often just an attempt at fixing issues that may be better fixed by shifting weight, adjusting the O/B trim, propping correctly etc. Dragging more stuff through the water is not a real effective way to solve the problem. Try to fix the real issues first then if all...
  284. sickcat

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    I came across this on the first page of this Airmar B60 installation guide: CAUTION: Chirp transducer—Always operate the transducer in water. Operating in air will allow the transducer to overheat resulting in failure. CAUTION: Chirp...
  285. sickcat

    Dive boat conception investigation

    Yep - the Admiral had a pretty good speed but you payed for it with that narrow beam. If you fell in the water you might not make it back up to that deck :D
  286. sickcat

    Dive boat conception investigation

    ...and put it on pay per view to help cover the cost.
  287. sickcat

    SP limited out ... on mylar Balloons

    A beautiful day, some biting fish and taking the time to make it a better world?? SWEET!!!
  288. sickcat

    Fried my system

    My advice - don't do that !! :D Make sure you find all suspect wires. Even if a specific wire was not shorted the insulation can be seriously damaged. Ditto Capt D's question - what happened to circuit protection??? Don't feel too bad. I fried an AP computer once. That was on an 80s boat...
  289. sickcat

    Catalina backside 5/24

    Solid checkers!! WTG!!
  290. sickcat

    SOLD BNIB B175HW For 20° Tilt (Garmin 8 pin)

    Just to double check - it is a 20 degree? Your link shows 12.
  291. sickcat

    There may never be a vaccine for Corona Virus

    IMO way too many people already thought man is in control before this pandemic. Silly humans! We are just lucky that covid19 is not very deadly just easily transmittable. Somewhere down the road the virus will come along that is also easily transmittable but very deadly. Sooner or later natural...
  292. sickcat

    TRADE To many electrical systems. Marine electrician needed

    A little to far for me. Good luck finding some help.
  293. sickcat

    Fenders out

    Up in my neck of the woods fenders always hanging identifies them as being out of Marina Del Rey. :D
  294. sickcat

    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    BTW - many toxins bio-accumulate so if the toxins are around it works it way up the food chain no matter what species you eat like to eat there will be some of the toxin in it. There is of course a pretty wide range of what species accumulate which toxins with those who live in a toxic area...
  295. sickcat

    You would not eat the fish if it was caught at .........?

    Whites Point (Palos Verdes) would be one place that is on my no eat list. Also no fish from LA/LB harbor (or SD for that matter). I do eat bugs but in a limited amount. I have seen studies done in the inner LA harbor and that sediment in there is UN f'n believably toxic. Sure the worst...
  296. sickcat

    Penn 140 Squidder

    Hey maybe he still has those parts!! :D For $20 I'm in!
  297. sickcat

    First time overnight at Catalina...

    +1 on that. Not all available moorings at the island are available for reservations.
  298. sickcat

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    I like those tests myself. Can show a leak that is not showing symptoms. The advice on not cranking that engine after it has been stopped is good advice. I have seen 2 times that advice was not followed that had bad outcomes. 1 bent rod and 1 failed rod bearing were the results.
  299. sickcat

    The Baits I make

    VERY nice work Dan!!!
  300. sickcat

    5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    Kudos to you for following the rules! I'm at a loss why people think its OK not to do so and then bitch about getting "hassled" about it.
  301. sickcat

    How to remove a macglide antifouling adhesive film?

    Since it is epoxy you will have to sand it to get it off. Why do you want it off?
  302. sickcat

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    +1 on good alarms. Depending on what engine even a quality/properly installed water gauge can give false readings. Usually that happens when the temp probe is no longer in liquid coolant.
  303. sickcat

    Found a picture of a 1857 chart of San Diego and Mission Bay

    [ You might be surprised how old the data on some charts is. Depends where in the world the chart covers but some of the data on current charts is a 100 years old or more. MX is a good example. Even in those days I don't think they used survey boats per se. Ships exploring or carrying goods...
  304. sickcat

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    With your budget ditto the idea that the boat will need upgrading to get it close to current standards. Not just electronics etc but likely deferred maintenance and even if you do the work yourself it is not cheap. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a killer deal but more likely you'll be getting...
  305. sickcat

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    Nice work!! Healthy looking checkers.
  306. sickcat

    Weird issue with old merc

    My bad! Been a while since I wrenched on a 70s Merc.
  307. sickcat

    Weird issue with old merc

    Talking about the fuel pump - not the carb. Those fuel pumps are a maintenance item that is often neglected until it fails
  308. sickcat

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    Would 20 feet from the island at Avalon be 3 miles from the nearest point of land? No you legally can't do that. Same for the guys in the video - not 3 miles from the nearest point of land = illegal. If your shooting deer on the island legitimately with all the needed permits there are...
  309. sickcat

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Well you better have sent him a good tip for them! :D
  310. sickcat

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    SHIT!! That Trini and Calcutta look new compared to mine. Trini was a gift for helping a buddy out - should I give it back??
  311. sickcat

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    3 miles from the nearest point of land. The west end is nowhere near any city limits...
  312. sickcat

    Best transducer for new Garmin network

    X3 You want and will have CHIRP.
  313. sickcat

    3M VHB tape for attachments

    I know VHB is killer stuff but have you tried it on a plastic kayak? PE is not easy to stick to.
  314. sickcat

    Repair questions on my Bayrunner

    Since no leaks when sitting are you sure that water is not spraying in over the transom while underway?
  315. sickcat

    Weird issue with old merc

    +1 on the fuel pump. If your not sure it has been correctly rebuilt in the last 5 or so years it is due for a rebuild anyway. No power under load while it revs in neutral fits a bad fuel pump well.
  316. sickcat

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    If it is in fact a "little" worse than the annual flu viruses we won't know that until you compare the deaths from the annual flu during the lockdown with an average from say the last decade. Then adjust the actual Covid19 deaths with I suspect will be a lower than average rate from the annual...
  317. sickcat

    Sportboats are to Remain at dock

    That made me gag more than a little.
  318. sickcat

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    No it is not based on personal experience with that product. I base that opinion on my experience that unless your trying to get clearance away from the hull because you have a turbulence issue due to a less than ideal location the added height away from the hull may well cause more problems...
  319. sickcat

    Airmar B175HW Transducer- necessary to install in cool area AWAY FROM INBOARD ENGINE?

    I believe most of the time the temp pickup in the transducer is killed by over voltage. They are very sensitive to that. The transducer is water cooled quite well. You would have to really put some heat to it to cause problems. Certainly protect the cable well. Personally I would skip the collar.
  320. sickcat


    Fresh water cooled. Are you looking at buying a boat with Volvos or is it already yours? If your looking to buy I would want compression tests. That could be a waste of money depending on many other factors. If your buying and there gets to be too much questionable stuff then walk away. Rebuilds...
  321. sickcat


    +1 on this! I don't think it will be that parts are available or not just how many you'll need. Volvo parts are pricy!! Do change the oil as oil does not . age well after 7 years. Another item to go through before you run the engines for any lengthof time is the aftercoolers.. Also pay...
  322. sickcat

    Question on Wave height and Period vs comfort.

    In addition to just looking at a forecast and if its go or no go situation it is important to know what the trends are. Certainly it is easier the more time you spend on the water but following the marine forecast and actual buoy conditions have been for a few days before hand helps a lot in...
  323. sickcat

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    +1 I would add that I/Os are the worst choice for keeping a boat in the salt. It certainly is do-able but you really need to stay up on the possible corrosin issues.
  324. sickcat

    water getting in boat

    +1 on checking the weight. 25hp 2 stroke is not excessive. Back in the 90s I had a 14' tin boat with a 30hp on it and that boat went far and wide with that setup.
  325. sickcat


    The dems obviously "resist" Trump but here is the thing. The republicans did the exact same thing under the last administration. Voting 60 some times in the house to overturn the ACA when you know you aren't even close on needed votes? When they get a majority in 2016 what do they do about it...
  326. sickcat


    To be fair the previous 2 administrations had reports warning them that a pandemic would be coming and did little to truly prepare for it. Both did away with the world health office and brought it back when we hit bumps in the road like the anthrax scare. They were lucky - the current...
  327. sickcat

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    While I have not spent time in Italy I did work with Sicilians while I was commercial fishing. Most all were good people and very hardworking but yes they sure did like to talk about tasks at hand rather loudly the whole time.
  328. sickcat

    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Their population is considerably older that the U.S. and that is part of it. The numbers I saw were the U.S. has about 2.8 hospital beds , Italy just over three and Korea? 15! (all per capita). . I saw an interesting contrast on the news a week or two ago. They interviewed a number of...
  329. sickcat


    If I were a hater I would say the same to you. I'm not . I will say to all my BD brothers be safe and may God look after you and your families. That is for everyone no matter what side of the fence your on. May He also look over all who are on the front lines of this thing. God Bless the...
  330. sickcat


    Hiding it from the world is exactly what anyone with a brain would expect China to do as is the way they handled the outbreak with draconian measures. China didn't make a mistake. No China did not do this "on purpose" If I were a big believer in conspiracy theories then I would say there is...
  331. sickcat


    I agree that there will be plenty of time to figure out what to do differently in the future. That is the important thing - learn the lesson. Little doubt many countries will be looking at what South Korea did to prepare for this kind of thing. As far as the experts are concerned in this case...
  332. sickcat


    How is it China's fault that the U.S. was not prepared as they should have been for a pandemic. Even Steve Bannon knew it was a problem. At least the past 2 administrations failed to listen to the CDC and other experts about preparing for a pandemic. This is the one that failed to prepare and...
  333. sickcat


    If you believe that #19 is bio warfare then it is China's fault. If you believe it is a viral pandemic then communist China did exactly what you would expect China to do.
  334. sickcat

    Kodiak bait tube hardware needed

    If you can't find them a machine shop could whip it out in no time.
  335. sickcat

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I well may be a kook but that is a little too 1984ish for me.
  336. sickcat

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    You know Carlin was way too smart to take the job but his brand of governance would be great to watch!
  337. sickcat

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    An honest question for you. WTF happened to the party of family values and fiscal responsibility??
  338. sickcat

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I certainly agree there is plenty of hate and stupidity going around and not just for "success". I do question the idea that big companies get a bunch of money pumped into them when things go south. When things are good they want to be left alone but when things turn bad they look for...
  339. sickcat

    Hull speed?

    Maximum fuel efficiency depends totally on the boat. Saying 3400-3800 RPM is best means it is only "best": for that specific boat. First question is hull type - planing, semi-displacement or displacement.
  340. sickcat


    Sadly also is much of our medical equipment.
  341. sickcat


    ...and the good news is that the medical dispensaries are considered essential and will remain open...
  342. sickcat

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    I agree that the manufacturing sector is and has been going through many changes including technology but I'm not sure what you think the "fix" is. Do we go back to Mr. Ford's simple assembly lines so "WE' have a job while the rest of the industrialized world leaves us behind? While I feel for...
  343. sickcat


    Hate to burst the bubble of those who chose to believe any "news" program (or at least take it with a huge grain of salt) but ALL the network news programs are not there to inform you. They are there to sell ad time for revenue. IMO any informing that goes on is incidental to that. Divide and...
  344. sickcat

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    WHAT? Both are not true. IIRC the stats I saw a couple weeks ago the U.S. manufactures twice as much as it did 20 years ago with 30% fewer employees. So yes there are fewer jobs producing more output but this trend will certainly continue as it has in most all industrial nations. Better learn...
  345. sickcat

    WTB Large pvc pipe Harrington Plastics will have it - we just got a section of 6" from them today.
  346. sickcat

    For Sale Cool stuffs

    Interested in the seat. IS it an adjustable base (swivel/forward-back)?
  347. sickcat

    Covid..... and your beloved pets...

    Maybe since there seems to be no problems with animals as carriers then the CDC, NIH etc has more important things to do then reassure you that you dog will be OK!
  348. sickcat

    Ban Coronavirus

    The part I find most distressing is that, at least here in CA, so many people are unprepared for the earthquake. If a TP shortage causes panic then wait till you have no cell service and no water comes out of your tap.
  349. sickcat

    Boats out of the water, need to pick a transducer

    Really need to pick a sonar first. Chirp is a must IMO.
  350. sickcat

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Bitching about the democrats in CA is like bitching about rednecks in Kentucky....
  351. sickcat

    Marine Deep Cycle Batteries vs. Car Batteries for Boat + How they effect Downriggers

    Assuming your current batteries are well charged you have a wiring /connection issue as mentioned. Blowing fuses is a sign that the voltage being supplied to the riggers is low. As the voltage drops the amp draw increases. so your voltage is low enough that the amp draw exceeds the fuse rating...
  352. sickcat

    Ban Coronavirus

    With the big drop in sales has the price of Corona dropped like the Dow? :D
  353. sickcat

    Broken Screw

    Drill around the screw with a small bit to open up the area around the screw enough to get a hold of it with a pair of needle nose vise grips. After the screw is out then fill with thickened epoxy and redrill for the new screw. Since it is hidden under the hinge cosmetics are not important.
  354. sickcat

    Brand new Sierra exhaust manifold failures

    Looks like you'll be OK - thank God it was freshwater. IMO I would get your money back from Sierra and go with another manufacture. Even if the replacements from Sierra test OK before installation I would not trust them. Good karma on you for the heads up.
  355. sickcat

    "cobblestone bottom"

    Without some visual impossible to tell it apart from other hardbottom. Look for hardbottom with little or no relief.
  356. sickcat

    Cleat install without through bolt

    I have had good luck screwing down cleats to mount consoles in small Whalers with a plug of Marine Tex. Process is locate your holes and drill them say 1/8" for smaller screws. Take a small hex wrench and chuck the long end into a drill. Put the short end into the hole you drilled and chew up...
  357. sickcat

    Garmin - want more Gain

    If setting it to 40% and powering off/on doesn't work consider a factory reset after saving all your data if you haven't done it already.
  358. sickcat

    SOLD Parker chair

    Where are you located?
  359. sickcat

    Garmin - want more Gain

    Set the interference filter off along with the surface clutter filter and TVG(?). I believe todays CHIRP sonar still basically work like the old days. The xducer transmits the same strength pulse. When you turn the gain up/down you are not changing the strength of the signal but the units...
  360. sickcat

    Adding windlass to older boat?

    How far from the nose of the bow does your anchor locker go back and how deep is it top to bottom? The shape and size of the locker are a major factor in determining where the windlass mounts. The chain and rode needs some distance to fall to get it into the locker. Your existing hause pipe...
  361. sickcat

    What is this???!

    Then the OB has a fuel pump to feed it. Maybe that Holly was used as a transfer pump or something. Again never assume the previous people did it correct or well. That has been my experience and when I get around to posting the crap I have seen on my current project you'll see what I mean.
  362. sickcat

    Livewell siphoning with pump off

    What Nomad says is true. While it is not a even balance (a shut output stopping the entire flow does not draw 0 amps) restricting a centrifugal pump will lower the amp draw.. Opposite is true with a flexible impeller pump. As far as the Kodiak transom mounts the last one I had installed on a...
  363. sickcat

    What is this???!

    It is your basic electric fuel pump. A Holly pump IIRC. Looking at the rusted connections on the pump it is trash You have an I/O? mechanical fuel pump on the engine? You should be good to go. Never assume the people before you did things for "a good reason"
  364. sickcat

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    I would not park in the shopping center lot (TJs - Claim Jumper etc) I do see single cars parked at Davies. - as long as your paid up you should be fine.
  365. sickcat

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    +1 on a Jabsco Cyclone. They do make what they call a high pressure model if you have a long run. but IMO you on't need it with a 15' run unless you have a lot of plumbing restrictions.
  366. sickcat

    Garmin - want more Gain

    As Bendo suggests turn off all the filters and see what that shows. You should see more interferance at that kind of gain. As far as the pics #2 and #3 look about what I would think given the difference in frequencies. I have a Echomap with the same xducer and as far as comparing ClearVu and...
  367. sickcat

    Garmin - want more Gain

    As you believe the xducer is mounted correctly my first question is why do you think you are passing over targets but not marking them? In your first pic the targets look as they should given the difference in the frequency the DownVu and ClearVu use.
  368. sickcat

    Blue Sea Systems add-a-battery wiring question

    Make sure the house feed is properly protected close to the battery with a breaker or fuse.
  369. sickcat

    Electrical Mayhem

    Nice write up Capt D!!!!
  370. sickcat

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    Ditto both Nomad and LB Bob. Both the shipping traffic in and around the port of LA/LB AND the island at night can be very serious risks. Do use the radar during the day to get comfortable with the settings and to verify what your seeing on the screen with what your eyes are telling you. Note...
  371. sickcat

    Advice Please On Replacing All Electronics 2005

    I am a fan of the new Simrad stuff. I would recommend you talk to Gil (Semperfifishing here @ BD). He is a wealth of knowledge and often can set you up for a good price.
  372. sickcat

    Blue Sea Systems Add a Battery 65A vs 120A

    Your Yamaha doesn't have a isolated second charging lead already built in?
  373. sickcat

    Catalina lobster...lost net too

    Yep - sometimes 2 or three of them. I have seen a normal float plus a single gallon jug get pulled way under more than once. Having it on a clip makes it easy to add them when you realize the standard float is not enough.
  374. sickcat

    Catalina lobster...lost net too

    Some empty gallon jugs with clips can be your friend when the current is ripping.
  375. sickcat

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    That is good to hear!! Go Sheryl!!! God is GREAT!! Continued prayers for you both.
  376. sickcat

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    How much is a scoop of freed sardine worth in good karma anyway?? :D
  377. sickcat

    Lobster Hooping Lucky Catch!

    Scoops?? How about the whole receiver? They have done that too!
  378. sickcat

    Livewell part

    Might be what you need:
  379. sickcat

    Trolling deep for BFT

    Been a while but I have quite a bit of experience on threshers. My question for you is what do you think about bait-0-matics with a live mac for BFT. Not quite the depth but a lot easier to deploy/fish.
  380. sickcat

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Here in CA golf courses are strictly a catch and release fishery.
  381. sickcat

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Broke the rules and got caught?? IMO trying to justify something that to a normal person is obviously wrong is a bad idea in front of a judge. Say your sorry and hope the judge likes to fish.
  382. sickcat

    Boat rewire project

    Your under estimating the carrying capacity Mike. 10 gauge will carry 30 amps for 30 feet at a 10% voltage drop. As far as bilge pumps are concerned I am not a fan of running unprotected wire directly to a battery so for bilge pumps I will oversize the wire a couple of sizes and fuse it to...
  383. sickcat

    Completely new to everything but fishing....

    As has been said be more concerned about gaining knowledge of boating up in that area more than fishing. There are LOTS of things that can ruin your day entirely first of which is the weather.
  384. sickcat

    Boat rewire project

    Hey - a big step up from wire nuts with no liquid elec tape!! :D:D Oversizing main feed wires is a good thing. It helps when you add more stuff (like a VHF) later. If your protecting electrical stuff like a FF, GPS or VHF definitely use fuses. Most common marine breakers trip at around 140%...
  385. sickcat

    Sea World at it again

    We do - the name is CCA.
  386. sickcat

    Seeking exorcist for Chrysler marine 318

    If you still have points switch to the prestolite ignition. You'll be glad you did.
  387. sickcat

    Seeking exorcist for Chrysler marine 318

    Good advice so far. What year is it? Prestolite ignition or points? Carter AFB carbs? Mechanical fuel pumps or electric? Given the symptoms my first check would be to make sure the choke is operating as it should. Next I would add a good ground as suggested but also put a 12v hot lead...
  388. sickcat

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    A pool style pump @ 1 or 1 1/2 hp is a pretty good amp draw for an inverter setup that you would generally find on a 48' boat. Thats likely why its not wired into the inverter .
  389. sickcat

    Brown Bait

    Do you think water quality in the bay is a factor in some of the changes you see? I cut my teeth in the SM bay in the 60s and saw the decline in water quality during my time there.
  390. sickcat

    Is this BD Today?

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Sometimes it is hard to figure out the intentions of the giver.....
  391. sickcat

    Brown Bait

    IMO I think its both part natural cycles and not so natural changes. The natural cycle part of it alone is so complex that the big picture isn't clear at all. Add the not so natural changes and it only gets that much more complex. The eastern Pacific Sardine boom/bust cycle is centuries long...
  392. sickcat

    Brown Bait

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane gentlemen! In LA harbor you can make your own around the receivers with a #6 or #8 bait rig. Right on the bottom.
  393. sickcat

    Who was the idiot that broke his trailer?

    Fishy covered it well above. Sure it can be modified to have the axle above the spring but what do you gain? The trailer was designed for the axle below the spring so why change?
  394. sickcat

    Triggerfish limit?

    Not invasive. Like most all species on the west coast they have been shifting north due to the changing conditions. People have been catching them for decades now in ever increasing numbers. In the old days it was absolutely kept hush hush. Nowadays its common enough not so much.
  395. sickcat

    FYI Please Read

    A good reminder. Its been a few years now since this first started and the new plastic replacement parts should not have the same issue.
  396. sickcat

    Dolphins Getting High

    ... and this is what they do after that
  397. sickcat

    Never owned a boat want to see if anyone can guide me on what to purchase

    Good advice so far. One thing to remember is ALL boats are a compromise in one way or another. I agree that you should look for used. New to boat ownership I would not take the depreciation on a new one since odds are you will find that your first boat is not the one you really want.
  398. sickcat

    Brake Pad Question

    My experience with upgrading pads is there is a noticeable improvement but most of that is better performance when the brakes get hot with hard driving. As far as shorter stopping distance the improvement was slight , maybe a little more (assuming your starting point is a good quality pad to...
  399. sickcat

    Gauge wire durability and lifespan?

    16 gauge is about the minimum size for that pump/run ibut thats not the problem. Something was likely wrong with the crimp. Not tight enough or the wrong connector. Getting it hot enough to turn brown is problem - maybe a big problem. As the captain says a 15 amp breaker is awfully big for...
  400. sickcat

    Davies Launch Ramp changes

    ... and the only (badly needed) new restrooms are at basin 4 - the Long Beach Yacht Club.
  401. sickcat

    Nonskid stubborn stains

    Not a fan of pressure washers for boats in general. Maybe for the outside of a really grungy hull but general cleaning including bilges no. That is a lot of pressure that can drive water into places it normally would not get into - even if your careful.
  402. sickcat

    Adding 2nd fuel tank below deck

    Do you still have the second deck fill and vent in place? If so add a 3-way valve as M&M suggests and your good to go.
  403. sickcat

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Back in the day before the MMPA we used to deter them with a 30/30. Every time you would drop one of them the rest would move back 10-20 feet. At night they can't see the rifle but they get the idea very quickly.
  404. sickcat

    Hose clamps

    While ForeverBolt does have a good coating if your going to spend that kind of cash for a little more consider these titanium clamps from Titan:
  405. sickcat

    Groundfish bottom trawling To reopen Jan 1

    I saw an interesting piece on TV a couple days ago. It showed an deep reef off B.C. that had glass sponges they estimated to be around 4000 years old. That is the age of the ones alive now. They were about 1' tall and the reef was about 40' high. Doing the math that reef has been around awhile...
  406. sickcat

    Toddler Fighting Chair

    Your bro has some SKILLS!! Get the boy started right!
  407. sickcat


    Curious what you base that opinion on.
  408. sickcat

    Smaller bait better?

    Great point about big bait especially with island/coastal YT. Even a decent size YT can wolf down a big mack - bigger than many people would think. For a 30lb plus model one would be hard pressed to fish a mack that is too big.
  409. sickcat

    Smaller bait better?

    Ditto what HWF says - match the hatch. Fish eat what is available and if your offering isn't close to that it is not "normal" compared to what the fish are keyed in on.
  410. sickcat


    I heard that cowcod are close to hitting the recovery target. Don't expect it to open back up too quickly. I bet another year or so before that happens.
  411. sickcat

    Help BDers

    Paint first IMO.
  412. sickcat

    Thermostat replacement mid job questions

    Permatex #2 on the gasket. Run Salt Away or vinegar through that engine a couple times as there is a bunch of mineral build up in the rest of it as well.
  413. sickcat

    Volcanic Reef 1980

    Rumor has it that Cowcod are close to recovered and may be on the menu again before too long.
  414. sickcat

    Small bait tank design

    Get one of these mounts for the pump. A 360 GPH pump is fine - 500 GPH max.
  415. sickcat

    Keep fishing or not ?

    You don't "throw it away" - you release it. As for stingrays you do it without using their eye sockets as a place to grab them with your fingers.
  416. sickcat

    Penn Senator 113h special 4/0 high speed

    My advice would be not to spend that much. Upgrade the drags to carbontex and maybe a set of gears. If your temped to go the whole hog on it take that money and buy a modern reel. They are just too good for the money nowadays to spend all that money on a 4/0. Do get a 610 rod as Swami...
  417. sickcat

    do people ever fall off their boat

    True that! Problem is most people haven't been tested well enough to know how well they would do. In my experience most people don't do as well as they thought they might before it hit the fan.
  418. sickcat

    Keep fishing or not ?

    I'm pretty sure your safe Jim. :) I'm there with ya. At this point it is mostly about being out in that environment. Still some "thrill of the hunt" and I DO like a fried calico sandwich once in a great while but its about being there.
  419. sickcat

    Keep fishing or not ?

    +1 Me? I will stop catching and eating fish when the fish themselves are vegan.
  420. sickcat

    Skipjack Theory? Keep-Smoke-give away?

    Smoker first - if its' not fresh enough to eat then lobster bait.
  421. sickcat

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    As many others have said great everyone is OK and thank you for sharing. Anytime "we" have a chance to consider safety its a good thing. I hope the insurance co makes you whole. As far as the sea anchor I think the idea is to deploy it to avoid the first wave coming over. Once the first wave is...
  422. sickcat

    For Sale Radar

    Models #s and how many hours on the magnatron if you know.
  423. sickcat

    57' Hawthorne for sale

    Without even looking at the ad at that price it may well need some deck work.
  424. sickcat

    Sprung a leak...

    That hose looks like reinforced PVC. Sanitation hose is also reinforced PVC although a different blend. If you want to put some bend into it use a heat gun and evenly, patiently heat it. Take your time and you can get a 90 bent into an 1 1/2" hose with about a 6" radius. I'm with Nomad - no need...
  425. sickcat

    Another be safe thread

    Good to hear your son is OK. Thanks to dad's cool head! MOB drills are a good thing to practice.
  426. sickcat

    Lobster...u tell me..

    ...and along those same lines ALWAYS check your gauge - even if it is brand new!
  427. sickcat

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    While you can generalize about sardine as far as life cycle, growth etc are concerned it really comes down to what the bait boat catches on any given day. That is much harder to predict so trying to look out a week or so into the future and say what the bait size would be is dam near impossible.
  428. sickcat

    Boating etiquette

    I don't know where you spend your time on the water but here in SoCal channel 16 is pretty congested .The USCG has been trying to push to non emergency traffic to channel 9 for years.
  429. sickcat

    For Sale closed...we're outta here for a while

    Bump for the ol school - GLWS!
  430. sickcat

    Boating etiquette

    Thats what scanning is for Bob!! :D Technically if your VHF is on then your required to monitor channel 16 which can be done by having it in the channels your scanning.
  431. sickcat

    Boating etiquette

    Nowadays channel 9 is what the USCG would like you to use for hailing and radio checks. Pots would be lobster pots. Only commercial shrimp I have seen in SoCal is done in DEEP water and there are not very many of those pots out there. You see them occasionally in 600-800 ft off Catalina.
  432. sickcat

    BFT Leader...Mono or Fluro

    I would also vote for flouro just for the abrasion resistance. 150lb is a little big for flylining sardine but not too big for macks.
  433. sickcat

    Do The Sportfishing Boats Ever Pay For Spotter Planes?

    Tom Green flies for MX seiners and SAC boats.
  434. sickcat

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Excellent point. Fiberglass boats flex and move a lot more than most people think.
  435. sickcat

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    Yes thats good. The small inline filters I see some use don't do anything about water and would be quick to melt in any decent amount of heat.
  436. sickcat

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    If your "inline fuel filter" is one of those small plastic or metal/glass ones then leave it out and add a "real" water separating filter.
  437. sickcat

    Outboard advancements

    ^^^^THIS^^^^ I would just add that if any work or maintenance done isn't backed up with proof it is just talk.
  438. sickcat

    Outdrive trim/tilt pump

    To eliminate the hydraulic side you would need electric rams and with an outdrive those rams (and their electrical connections) would be submerged a lot. What do you hope to gain from eliminating the reservoir?
  439. sickcat

    Outdrive trim/tilt pump

    I know Lewco makes electric rams for trim tabs but never have seen a conversion for an outdrive. What are you trying to accomplish? The rams on your outdrive now are driven by an electric pump anyway.
  440. sickcat

    plans for redoing my boat

  441. sickcat

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    Nothing to be confused about. Your point about watching/learning is a good one. In the scenario the OP described the captain fishing for himself (with a crewman to help) while paying customers are not catching is total BS. Unless the owner made his money somewhere else and bought a sportboat...
  442. sickcat

    Fishing near hoops protocol

    Sure to be plenty of opinions - mine is stay at least a 100' or so from the nearest hoop.
  443. sickcat

    Short lobster season this year

    IIRC about 80% of the commercial catch happens in the first 2 weeks of the season. Lobsters can move in mass like you would not believe. They can be thick in an area one day then be gone from there the next. Certainly local pressure can but a dent in the population for a bit but if the...
  444. sickcat

    Lobster please help

    You also need a gauge. Always a good idea to check the measurement to make sure the gauge is to spec. Lobster is the second most enforced fishery in the state. First is Abalone.
  445. sickcat

    Lots of lost hoop nets

    In addition to more weight on the net if the current is ripping then I add a gallon jug (or two) to the float. I have seen plenty of times at Catalina that the little 6" float gets pulled under water - sometimes far enough that you can't even see the light.
  446. sickcat

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Sportboat crews are exempt from that...
  447. sickcat

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    The Tacoma is the 14' Glasspar and yes it does notb have enough deadrise. Thats why I took a 16' Avalon and cut it down. I was happy to find out the Avalons from that era (mid 60s) have fiberglass stringers. Nowadays most all the true flats skiffs have that flush deck with a step down...
  448. sickcat

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    Good news is a flats skiff will be easier to put together than a V hull. Bad news is you'll be paying the dentist for some new fillings in ANY kind of bump. When I looked at a >14' skiff (so I can tie it up at the island) I did not find much with enough deadrise (including Beteau) unless I went...
  449. sickcat

    VHF Antenna Selection

    IMO getting a 9db antenna would depend on what you do with the boat. If you take the boat to Cabo then yes get a 9db. The added range is peace of mind.
  450. sickcat

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    From what I have seen a lot of them get picked up. I am not a carp fisherman but never turn down an invite to fish the Pesky. It is a LOT of fun. On the years with slow fishing we have sat a ways off the decoys and just watch as others run up on them. F'n hilarious!!
  451. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    IMO this falls into the "if I have to tell you" category...
  452. sickcat

    Fuel tank cleaning

    10 micron for a single filter - 30 micron then a 10 if there is a primary/secondary setup.
  453. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    If you look at the the 5th point of this bulletin it hints at a possible suspect.
  454. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

  455. sickcat

    Support the salmon

    More than just critical salmon runs at stake here. Please give it a look and let the Governor know how you feel...
  456. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    When/if a crew member disobeys the captains direct orders and the captain has no obvious way to be aware of it I don't think he/she would be held accountable.
  457. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    What reports say the crew was not trained or the vessel failed to provide proper safety equipment? NTSB, USCG or FBI? If so please link them. If it is from he crew member suing then that info is seriously biased. If that crew was aware of safety issues did he report them to anyone? No? Then that...
  458. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I agree with most your points Bob including the possibility that hand held extinguishers may have been inadequate for the situation after just a couple minutes. My response you quoted about the extinguishers was to counter the idea that the boat was not ready to fight a fire. If the USCG...
  459. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    +10 Maybe we'll find out someday but I cannot help but wonder if the suing crew member was one that should have been on watch.
  460. sickcat

    Just realized I am hopeless..Upper Owens

    Your not hopeless Dan - just prepared if they go WFO. :D
  461. sickcat

    Vessel assist?

    Nowadays the USCG will call in a tow service if your "just" broken down and not in distress. The USCG's money/time is usually better spent elsewhere.
  462. sickcat

    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    Rivits VS welded is part of it. A Pacific is a high end boat and a Startcraft is a production boat. Pacific is built stronger with thicker plate and better support. You get what you pay for. Also note that few if any production boats are a true deep V.
  463. sickcat

    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    Pacific started in 1986. Fell in love with one of their smaller skiffs until I saw the price. A Starcraft is not in the same league.
  464. sickcat

    “The Blob 2.0”

    A little more in depth info. Interesting read about 2014/2015 event and how it relates to El Nino.
  465. sickcat

    Capsized Boat Long Beach

    Boats that size often go belly up after they flood/swamp.
  466. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    While looking at extinguisher accessibility is good more than likely the Conception had the required amount and they were placed correctly according to the regs. Conception was a Seaway. Most if not all fiberglass cored with plywood. IMO the fact that there was wood in its construction may...
  467. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I think you answered the reason why that won't happen Tom. I don't see the market that could take in the overnight boats in the day, 3\4 and 1/2 day boat fleet. Maybe over time but a rule that required it immediately is not going to happen IMO.
  468. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Then when you have a bunch of batteries close together the one that fails can easily set the others off with the heat it generates. I am speculating here but it is certainly possible that if a number of batteries failed in short order it could start a fire raging onboard quickly. One thing...
  469. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Certainly not a lawyer but I would think that those government agencies have multiple layers of law protecting them from that very thing. IMHO just because they are responsible for regulating something doesn't mean they are responsible when one/some of the regulated fail at following...
  470. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    You were one that recommended getting them from Lowes IIRC. Even supplied a link. No surprise to me that your actually less focused on safety than other things.
  471. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Not for long if at all. To get much time running that kind of pump would take a huge battery bank.
  472. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    That would be a huge safety issue. That is more than looking the other way. You would not pass inspection with the boat like that. It is a choice to clear the escape route for inspection and then put the stuff back in the "closet" and lock it. A very poor choice at that.
  473. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I wondered early on how not one person got out from below. I could see how the scenario could have most of the smoke vented up and out while the fire pulled the O2 out and replaced it with CO. While certainly improved emergency escape routes are a good thing it is certainly possible that...
  474. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    In the media coverage there was a still photo of a man (possibly NTSB) in the bunk below where the escape hatch is located - I believe it may have been the Vision as the video and still shots they showed while they were talking looked like they were all from that boat. The bunk was one where I...
  475. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    You did not specify anything other than saying "complete control" The Captain is absolutely in control of the things you specified in your response. . That is much different than having "complete control" over everything that may happen. There will always be risks. The key is assessing those...
  476. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Nothing about it being a criminal investigation in the link you supplied. The procedures being used by investigators are used so if any criminal acts occurred they have the best chance at successful prosecution. Also in the link you provided not one of the past customers had anything bad to say...
  477. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    So you agree with me then. No matter if the watch person just dozed off, woke up the next watchman and then went to bed but the next person failed to get up and the exiting watch did not verify or just said f' it I'm tired it of course it is wrong. Show me who in all the threads on these...
  478. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I totally agree and that was the second thing that came to mind.. I believe we will find out the answer to that question. I am not defending anyone when I say this but it is pretty easy to see how the choice/mistake could have been made by a single person (which by the way it looks to me with...
  479. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I am not a diver myself as I always liked it just fine on top of the water. I do know a lot of divers with over 4 decades of experience along with a few that are in the industry working decades for PADI and DAN. I have not heard a single bad thing about Truth Aquati from any one of them nor...
  480. sickcat

    Boating Safety

    To add the the Captn's good advice on wax toilet rings Nerf footballs are good to stuff into unexpected holes in the hull.
  481. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Maritime law is different for good reasons. It should be that if someone is found to have caused a "problem" that damages others they should be held accountable captains included. Usually they are and you need to know the specifics of each situation to know who "they" are. All the...
  482. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    WTF are you talking about ? That response was to someone thinking any captain has "complete control" on the ocean. The idea that anyone who doesn't join your mob is in the industry is BS. I have been thou - I deadheaded on the Reel Special once about 50 years ago.
  483. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Completely in control?? You don't spend any time on the ocean do you?
  484. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    So you know what happened? If it was a cell phone charging that started the fire should you go after the owner of the cell phone? Engineer who designed it? CEO of the company that built it? Filing that lawsuit would be normal operating procedure. Many assume that maritime law is just like...
  485. sickcat

    Marine Protection Areas (MPA's)

    Farnsworth Bank @ Cat is another "pelagic" only spot..
  486. sickcat

    The Blob is back

    Interesting read on how the blob forms and dissipates - sometimes quickly. Seems the thinking at this point is it is a surface/shallow phenomenon. In 2014 it formed ,dissipated, and then came back with a vengeance.
  487. sickcat

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    I had no idea it was manslaughter! No more jerkin off for me!!!
  488. sickcat

    150 Report, didn’t try, saw a cool fish.

    They are around most years thou there are more than "normal" this year. It's all about conditions - food and water. A couple years ago we were sitting on W7 in Descanso (inside row about half between the casino and the beach) and one swam around in about 20 feet of water for a good 20 minutes.
  489. sickcat

    Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

    One of the lessons I have learned and would like to share. The powder in dry chemical extinguishers can settle on the bottom and get compacted enough that it will clog the exit tube rendering the extinguisher useless in an emergency.. Gauge often shows normal pressure but nothing comes out. A...
  490. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    We don’t have the prerogative of waiting for the report which will take years. This accident will be sorted out and litigated to conclusion long before the official report just like Invicta and Prowler. Even if the official report comes out while the case is still pending it is not definitive...
  491. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    While there will likely be changes it is very hard to walk into an industry and stop it like that. Most of the time there is incremental change - residential building is a good example. That is the question. As far as propane tanks go there has been remotely controlled valves on the tank...
  492. sickcat

    Fishfinders in default mode

  493. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The most bieber thing I have seen in a LONG time. Congratulations.
  494. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Again I agree. The question is how did the fire get so out of hand before anyone noticed? Plenty to speculate on while the painfully long investigation plays out.
  495. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    While I agree with that thought. If there was an explosion and if the crew were blown off the boat I could see how that would play out with crew in their underwear and broken leg/minor burns. Thing that I wonder about is that it seems the couple on the "Grape Escape" never mentioned an...
  496. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    If they spend the money to do so.
  497. sickcat

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Nope - same ocean. Southern BFT and BFT in the north differ genetically..
  498. sickcat

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Well at this point it is easy to speculate. Was there an explosion or not? We don't know from conflicting reports. That boat was pretty much burned to the waterline before it sank. I would think it unlikely that at least some of the crew did not do all they could to save passengers. Possible...
  499. sickcat

    Is this a sport boat?

    First RIP to those souls lost and prayers for their families. I agree that it doesn't look good when so many of the crew got off but so many passengers didn,t. One of the lessons is when your on a boat you are not familiar with go over what you would do in an emergency - pay attention to...
  500. sickcat

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    While that is certainly possible many species over time find a niche and evolve a little differently. Pacific BFT are a good example. At least 2 different sets of genetics nowadays - from a common gene pool.
  501. sickcat

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Nope - Googans!!
  502. sickcat

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Without getting between your discussion with Yak there are a couple reasons. IIRC there are 4 known "subspecies" of YT and they are VERY close genetically. They do not roam nearly as far many other species. The record here in the eastern pacific is close to 90lb so my fish sense tells me the...
  503. sickcat

    Hours on an engine...

    Much much easier to roll on wheels through air than drag a big chunk of fiberglass through water. Water has a lot more drag. I would bet that be it truck or boat manufactures rate the life of their engines by the amount of fuel run through it.
  504. sickcat


    Looks like the insurance co is going to be "On the Hook"!
  505. sickcat

    Saturated flotation foam.

    Agree with Shad - I have never seen foam dry well even when exposed. Sounds like poorly sealed screw holes are part of the problem.
  506. sickcat

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    While I understand YT certainly can and do have a pelagic aspect to them here is the defining line for me. Paddy fishing they are pelagic but that last one that rocked me at the island was not.
  507. sickcat

    Hours on an engine...

    Good general advice above. First question is what engines? Verifiable maintenance records would be great. Oil tests are worthwhile but have a lot more value if they are done long term.
  508. sickcat

    1973 whaler outrage splashwell

    A little off topic but is the engine bolt on the right in the first pic crushing into the glass? If so you might want to remedy that.
  509. sickcat

    Tragic boating accident close to home

    What ever the cause a number of kids were burned pretty badly. Hope they all recover ASAP.
  510. sickcat

    Shortfin Mako Shark endangered

    The reduction of size of individuals has been happening in the populations of many fish. Given that female makos don't breed until late in life (some say they don't start till around 20 years old) that could certainly be a problem. I have not seen any info on size trends - there is no data...
  511. sickcat

    Shortfin Mako Shark endangered

    Could you be a little more specific? "our stocks" and we're opposing"? TIA
  512. sickcat

    MPA El Segundo Times Article

    I understand there is some research going on but no where near what was promised when the MPAs were set up - included piss poor initial work. Way too heavy on modeling.
  513. sickcat

    Keeping VHF Antenna Upright

    Quite a few times I have seen mounts that require some pretty fine tuning of the nut. I have never seen one (SS that is) that would not work as designed if you get the nut tension right.
  514. sickcat

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    Totally agree. A 800 GPH pump will not turn a 20g tank over 40 times an hour. The 800 GPH rating is open flow with no head/restrictions and full voltage.
  515. sickcat

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    Kodiak 32, Pacific Edge Chovie Master 20 and a home made 35ish. Hard to go wrong with a Kodiak. They have good flow.
  516. sickcat

    Oil rigs

    I have never had an issue when backed up to the rigs on PB or Sporties. IMO tying off to one (here on the west coast) is not a good idea both for safety reasons and fishing the rig at the best angles.
  517. sickcat

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    I think that depends on the tank and its flow characteristics. IMHO better to have a little too much flow that can be throttled down VS not as much flow as the tank can handle.
  518. sickcat

    MPA El Segundo Times Article

    While I don't doubt that MPAs may help build fish stocks they depended a lot on modeling to make that claim. They did not and have not spent the money on doing the research to establish the MPAs or monitor the changes. When MPLAs were formed they said they would do a study at 5 years to monitor...
  519. sickcat

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    WOW!! Your so good it even rubs off on passing rental skiffs!! kUDOS to you on helping out. Good chance that would have ended in a lost fish and/or someone getting a Rapala piercing. The Lobster Trap is one place that will cook up your fish for you.
  520. sickcat

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    YT in the eastern pacific and Kingys in NZ are the same species. To Mikes point the conditions and forage are the difference but they are the same species.
  521. sickcat

    Shurflo Bait Sentry 800GPH Bait Pump

    While lots of people like them my experience was the same as yours. Pump would work but get louder and louder until I could not stand it. I replaced 2 pumps 3 times in less than 2 years. According to what a tech at Shurflo told me at the time that the bushings had a life of around 2000 hours...
  522. sickcat

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    +1 on the too small part. 20g minimum IMO for a full scoop and thats pushing it. Depending on the specific tank a 500 to 800 GPH pump. .Centrifugal pump would draw 3-4 amps. A second battery is a good idea if you don't have it.
  523. sickcat

    Yellowfin US waters????

    There is no "massive" purse seining going on in U.S. waters for tuna. As far as YFT in the rest of the world are concerned seining is #1 . by a wide margin. IMHO fishing FADs needs to be phased out and fishing dolphin needs to be much more restricted even though dolphin mortality is way down...
  524. sickcat

    Yellowfin US waters????

    According to those who set the quotas both the BFT and the YFT are not overfished in the U.S. Another consideration is if there is a demand for the fish someone will fill that need. If you end commercial fishing for tuna in the U.S. it will likely be filled by someone who has less regulation...
  525. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    Do tell what happened to the tuna and sardine fisheries based in the U.S.
  526. sickcat

    Yellowfin US waters????

    Absolutely!! Everyone knows that YFT are not under any commercial pressure in MX...
  527. sickcat

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Good on the Jig Strike and USCG!! I'm surprised they left it for salvage. Someone had to tow that thing in.
  528. sickcat

    help with choosing a prop

    A couple of others to check with are Wilmington Propeller and Propgods. You should be able to find a shop that will let you "demo" props. You buy a prop and test it to make sure you can hit your numbers. If that prop doesn't quite work for you application then you send it back (undamaged of...
  529. sickcat

    SOLD 135 Gal Glass Aquarium

    More pics. First is the lid which is plywood and 2X. A little rough but would clean up with a little work. My guess is that it was hidden. Second is the tank showing the background. Tank is blue/black on the back and black on the sides. Third is a little better pic of the tank. Forth is the...
  530. sickcat

    Buddy Boat

    SCI has been closed a lot lately so check the schedule and always have a plan B . Hope you get em' Curt! Be safe!!
  531. sickcat

    SOLD 135 Gal Glass Aquarium

    Still available. I can take more pics tomorrow.
  532. sickcat

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Theres the ticket! Just swing by the east Alamitos jetty and dump them @ the river mouth!
  533. sickcat

    Monster Bluefin on the 3/4 day yesterday

    Wasn't on that trip but intel says off the backside middle up towards the west has had BFT.
  534. sickcat

    taking a poll

    Crew fishing 30lb when customers are told to fish 40lb?? and we are cow fishing????? Something smells fishy in that story....
  535. sickcat

    Backing off lever drag after trip question

    I usually back the lever off just before freespool so the drag plate and drag washer stay in contact to keep any moisture out.
  536. sickcat

    SOLD 135 Gal Glass Aquarium

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD aquarium and accessories (pumps, filter, rocks, gravel, stand, light etc) 72 3/4" long X 24 1/2" deep X 18 1/2 wide $100 for everything - pick up in Long Beach
  537. AQ2


  538. AQ3


  539. Aq1


  540. sickcat

    Funny Boat Names

    One of the funniest I have seen was a bunch of Jamaicans launching a 28ish foot Sea Ray at Davies ramp. Music blasting and Jamaican flag colored trim on the upholstery with big pot leaf medallions. Name on the boat was "Panty Ripper" Didn't get a pic of it but still can picture the scene.
  541. sickcat

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    Remember?? Like many I grew up there. Work for Strong on the receiver for a season or two in the late 60s. Dam dog Scooter would grab our burger right off the hibachi!! Huge lines at the receiver to start the day - boats so thick you could just about walk to the breakwall. When the YT got on...
  542. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    That first line just cracks me up! The commercial sardine fishery has been closed for 5 years including the season that just started. We are still in the low point of the historical natural up and down cycle and it will be more decades before we really get into the upswing. The commercials...
  543. sickcat

    Mercury Opti Reed Valves

    Take a look at Boyesen reeds. Back in the day I installed some in a Suzuki and was happy with the results.
  544. sickcat

    Following the tradition

    Thank you for the smile and heartwarming family history!! Ya done good dad - dam good!
  545. sickcat

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    I would agree on the houseboat thing. Powell is awesome. My kids were 7,9 and 11 at the time and we all had a blast. Maybe not quite the fishing your looking for but as a family trip hard to beat.
  546. sickcat

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    True that sonar will pick up anything the closer said object is to the density of water the less it will show up.
  547. sickcat

    Slow to Zero on Tuna

    I think part of it is the forage size. Much harder to get the fish to bite hook size baits when the forage is considerably smaller. As the forage grows in size the tuna will be more interested in hook baits.
  548. sickcat

    Kill em' all big and small

    OK - guess I need to clarify. Yes there are more people targeting them but I'm talking about the fish swimming - not the catch. My little corner of the world = Point Conception to the MX/U.S. border. EEZ and U.S. territorial waters. BFT - Bigger biomass since at least the 1940s. Wahoo - 2017...
  549. sickcat

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Is that the bell buoy outside of Redondo Randell? Salmon out of Redondo canyon?
  550. sickcat

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Going on memory here but Jerrys was down on pier at least by 1968 or so when I started going there. I grew up in Redondo so Red's was my usual go to spot - longer bike ride to Jerry's :D
  551. sickcat

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Just an FYI about Shimano service center in Irvine. They won't sell parts to walk in customers.
  552. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    I don't think doing anything like Japan is a good idea when it comes to fisheries management. They have been the biggest abuser of resources in the western pacific especially BFT. Fishing a species during/around spawning aggregations is a bad thing as recs found out here with the sand bass...
  553. sickcat

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Aviation Bl was after Pier Ave.
  554. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    In the big picture (especially Pacific tunas as it is an ocean wide management issue) how much of a difference what the U.S. does in its own territory is one thing. How we manage our fisheries is important outside of the impact we have on the overall health of the resource because if and when we...
  555. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    I doubt there are any seiners from MX fishing in U.S. . I have not looked in a while but in the past none were allowed and given the enforcement at the MX/ U.S. border I doubt there is much incursion into U.S. waters. There may be more way offshore but if there is it is likely very minimal...
  556. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    By what I have seen the Atlantic BFT have turned the corner and the biomass is increasing. That is of course after decades of decline and it took some pretty harsh regulations. Good thing about BFT is that they grow pretty fast. Good management and strong enforcement can work wonders. IMO it...
  557. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    The BFT fishing we have seen in the last years is not enough to generate increased interest from anglers that would be new to the saltwater scene? Add very good numbers of YT, growing Calico population and a wahoo or two in the El Nino seasons? How good does it have to get before they come or...
  558. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    My disagreement was maybe in your terminology of "MOST economically viable". First I totally agree that in a perfect world the best utilization of the BFT stock in SoCal would be sportfishing and that is maybe the best argument for the recreational sportfishermen that would like to see the...
  559. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    Awareness of what? What factors are responsible for the Pacific BFT decline? Where in this thread is there anything about the big picture on BFT? The take in U.S. waters is so small it is basically insignificant. Don't believe me - look at the numbers yourself. Show me the "damage" the...
  560. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    "Most economically viable"? I would disagree. The market for sportfishing BFT and YFT in SoCal. is very limited in the big picture of things. Here in the fifth year of the best sportfishing in 60 years or so I don't see a big increase in the number of boats out of SoCal. Yes the numbers of...
  561. sickcat

    I’m concerned

    May I point out that the local seiners have been fishing for what? - close to 100 years and it seems that the tuna fishing has been pretty dam good. If the local seiners were decimating the population then I'm pretty sure we would not be seeing the fishing we have been. Yes the seiners are...
  562. sickcat

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    No disrespect but if you asking about weather on the backside of the island and if your anchor will hold those are red flags to me. Of course conditions dictate what it will be like. On a good day no problem but on a marginal to bad day things can go wrong very quickly. How big is your...
  563. sickcat

    Good for sportfishing?

    Effect on sportfishing? No more than at anytime in the past which is little if any.
  564. sickcat

    Kill em' all big and small

    In my little corner of the planet? BFT and Wahoo are two! I get your point. Many factors go into the the problem. Since I can do little about overpopulation except die I like to see better more sustainable regulation and much more enforcement of same.
  565. sickcat

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    Lately someone is mixing up some strong batches of Kool-Aid!!!
  566. sickcat

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    Judging by the amount of yellows on kelp paddies offshore I would say the majority move north well off the coast. Certainly possible a good volume of fish will move to the northern CI. Some fish will stop along the way but they all are motivated by forage and water conditions. They are a...
  567. sickcat

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    ...and this being the United States of America we welcome them. Give us your hungry - I'll make them tired :D
  568. sickcat

    Best forcasting website

    Note that no matter who the forecast comes from that the further you look into the future at the possible conditions the accuracy of the forecast drops significantly.
  569. sickcat

    Power Trim Relays / Motor

    Again been a long time since I worked on one of those engines so as far as the pin is concerned I don't know. Usually what ever position allows access for the pin to come out works. If your talking about the tube the whole engine tilts on the transom bracket those tubes get bent when you hit...
  570. sickcat

    Wed Weather...

    DP is a good angle headed home in the afternoon compared with points further north. You should be fine
  571. sickcat

    Wed Weather...

    Where are you leaving/returning from? Unless your leaving the island late in the afternoon I would call it a go. Nothing about the forecasts I have seen nor the trends here in the LA area at this point would make me not go. There will be a little swell in the channel but nothing concerning...
  572. sickcat

    Power Trim Relays / Motor

    One other thing came to mind. Have you checked to make sure the engine tilts up and down freely? If it is not too much hassle pull the pin on the tilt and try to raise and lower the engine by hand to make sure it is not binding. That could also cause the tilt motor to overheat.
  573. sickcat

    Kill em' all big and small

    I also remember times when not just blues but all sharks were considerably more abundant and their absence is sad to see and IMO indicative of a larger problem. On quite a few trips in the last few years out to Tanner/Cortez I have seen mostly blues in numbers I haven't seen in decades. Not...
  574. sickcat

    Power Trim Relays / Motor

    If the trim motor cuts out going up and then after a rest finishes going up consistantly then the first thing I would check is the grounds. Been a long time since I played with that era engine but many outboards have ground straps (usually stainless cable with terminals crimped on) that run from...
  575. sickcat

    Bait pump recommendations?

    Jabsco Cyclone is the most reliable in my experience. What problems are you having with Johnsons? I have found their bilge pumps give good service.
  576. sickcat

    SOLD Selling All My Gear - All Sold - Thanks And God Bless

    Like Doug thoughts and prayers for you health. I hope you get past it then you can load up with all the latest/greatest and get back out there!
  577. sickcat

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    I think failing to support CCA because they have not taken a stance on the local SoCal purse seiners is short sighted at best. In Ca? As Jerdog points out they worked at keeping longlines out of the EEZ. Also worked at the elimination of drift nets and also worked to stop AB 2787 AKA the lead...
  578. sickcat

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Or maybe there are issues that need addressing that are a better use of limited resources than a small seasonal tuna fishery.
  579. sickcat

    Bait pump froze-Jabsco Cyclone

    +1 on that. Even if they are in a "dry" spot its always a good idea to spray the whole thing with a good coating of your favorite corrosion block.
  580. sickcat

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    11000 pounds? IMO time for a F250. Will the V6 F150 do it? Yes. The question is will it do it well. A short trip to the ramp OK. Long distance F250 V8 or diesel.
  581. sickcat

    Skipjack Batteries

    1 1/2" of ply with glass would be overkill IMO. A 10" span is pretty small so the starboard may work fine with a little reinforcement. A 2" lip around the edge would stiffen it up quite a bit. I'm in Long Beach and would be happy to weld the starboard up for you. Right now I think the only...
  582. sickcat

    Skipjack Batteries

    I have the same thing coming up in my project though not a Skippy. I will be going with the ledger glassed to the stringer for the inboard side of the tray and will use some mat and cloth to build up/strengthen the hull where the tray sits on the outboard side. Not exactly sure what I'll do to...
  583. sickcat

    How to wire smart external regulator to proiso charge?

    Externally regulated alternators will have a field terminal which will go to the regulator. The other two main wires on the regulator are the positive which senses the voltage to determine alternator output and the ground.. I usually like to put the sensing wire from the regulator directly to...
  584. sickcat

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    While an O2 sensor is a good idea for tuning you really have to get the engine under load if you want to dial in main jets and metering rods. In the driveway on the hose won't cut it.
  585. sickcat

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Short answer is yes. Not sure what exactly any NorCal CCA are doing but if you look at Oregon and Washington chapters it will give you an idea of what is possible.
  586. sickcat

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    If its leaking only while running first places I would check are the raw water hoses after the pump and the transom seal or exhaust bellows. After the boat has dried on the outside try running the hose into the bilge with the bilge pumps off and look for water leaking out around the outdrive.
  587. sickcat

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    I trust you'll be isolating your batteries from each other?
  588. sickcat

    Bait Tank as Fish Hold?

    You'll be fine. Ice would be the first choice. Water is pretty cool up there. A tank that pumps in fresh water opposed to one that circulates the same water would be preferred.
  589. sickcat

    Docking ethics?

    parked too close in an reasonably open dock? If that is the worse thing to happen then it was a great day. Let it go!
  590. sickcat

    Noob seeking boat advice

    A little more info on what you plan to do most with the boat will help narrow it down. Fishing with the boys, overnighters with the family, cocktail cruses?? For the truck a 3/4 ton with a towing package. I was taking my kids to the lakes and rivers starting at 6 months old.
  591. sickcat

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    Assuming the computer stores error codes that would be the first thing to look at.
  592. sickcat

    Charger question

    I assume the charger is ignition protected? I agree with Dave that you should be fine.I would recommend that you follow good wiring practices and use covers on the battery terminals etc etc.
  593. sickcat


    Pier fishermen don't need a license but I believe fishing a jetty you do.
  594. sickcat


    Well that was on Pete Wilson's watch...
  595. sickcat

    In Need Of Guidance

    I'm not sure fishing lends itself to a specific step by step instruction. That said there is a basic framework to prepare for a trip. Lake fishing in a place I am not familiar with I absolutely want to see a map with depth contours. Often the maps available are "fishing" maps with a bunch of...
  596. sickcat

    old skool mentality vs...

    On a party boat? Do tell!
  597. sickcat

    84 wellcraft nova starter

    If you can jump the starter and it starts then the problem is the solenoid or the ignition switch and/or the wiring from it. Can you remove the solenoid without pulling the starter?
  598. sickcat

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    Assuming the existing holes are well sealed just use them to mount your piece of Starboard.
  599. sickcat

    cool emergency rescue device

    Looks like a mylar balloon as it reflects radar. Also has an LED strobe. Jump on Kickstarter and you can get one for $40 when they start production.
  600. sickcat

    old skool mentality vs...

    I'm not quite that old but from what I read there were plenty of reel blow ups in the day. Hook up with some of the Tuna Club people. I don't think even many of them fish the old reels anymore. IIRC Greg Stokesbury has been known to fish old rods and reels.
  601. sickcat

    cool emergency rescue device

    Thats a great idea. For those who have never had to find a person in the water it is MUCH HARDER than you think.
  602. sickcat

    Keeping batteries topped off on overnight Cat Island trip

    You already have good advice about adding a second battery to run the house load. Technically quiet time in Avalon is 10pm to 7am - same in Two Harbors.
  603. sickcat

    old skool mentality vs...

    1985???!! U must be a youngin!! Certainly reels have gotten better/smaller - rods are better too. That said there is no excuse for fishing light with big fish.
  604. sickcat

    old skool mentality vs...

    Looks like the brake pad is good shape - I say fill it with linen and fish it!! :D
  605. sickcat

    For Sale Garmin Echomap plus

    Thanks Trevor! Easy transaction - will put it to use soon.
  606. sickcat

    Fuel Questions

    I would want the system as accurate as it can get. Using an inaccurate measure to calculate your reserve would be a good way to run out. Absolutely a vent can take in water. Seen it happen plenty of times. Put a stainless clamshell over the vent so the splashing while underway is not spraying...
  607. sickcat

    Sea lion out of control

    One of the things that rubs me the wrong way is that now the sea lion population has recovered "we" are still saving staring pups. So many other things that the money spent on saving them would be better spent on.
  608. sickcat

    Kicker motor barn find

    I had one of those outboards when I was a kid. Noisy and smoky but I could never kill it. That says a lot about its durability. Run synthetic oil in it. Thanks for the RD pics RR - brings back memories!
  609. sickcat

    Clemente vs Catalina

    If your going to be serious about fishing Cat get Mark Wisches book "In the Grey". If you read it and take it to heart your catching will be years ahead of what it would be without it.
  610. sickcat

    Clemente vs Catalina

    Catalina will have more small boat traffic especially during the summer. SCI will have plenty of boats when the bite is on. SCI is controlled by the U.S.N. so they dictate when fishing can happen. They publish a monthly schedule but know that it does change and you may get kicked out even...
  611. sickcat

    Bait Bag Plumbing

    Mine feeds from the top and drains out a chute on the side of the bags that draws from the bottom of the bag but maintains the water level. One advantage to feeding from near the top is that the bag won't drain much if the pump stops. You still only have a minute or so to do something about it...
  612. sickcat

    I have been a bad person.

    GEEEZZ!!! Buy the kids and grandkids their own gear wouldya!!?? J/K!!!
  613. sickcat

    Clemente vs Catalina

    It would help if you you defined your question a little more. There are lots of differences but just as many similarities.
  614. sickcat

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    In any boat much more than a duffy l likely you would want a hybrid setup with the electric drive and a genny sized to run at about 80-85% load. Potentially more efficient VS a diesel drivetrain as the genny runs most all the time in its sweet spot.
  615. sickcat

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Don't forget what is happening in the South China Sea. With China it is much more than trade. Its about who will lead the world this century and beyond. The U.S. better look ahead at what we need to do make sure China does not take our spot.
  616. sickcat

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    The above is how to do it. The epoxies available will bond the HDPE to HDPE OK but IMO Derby's way is the best way for what you want to do. Do note that if you use a killer epoxy or caulking to bond to the fiberglass it may well mess up the gel coat when it is removed. The only real way to...
  617. sickcat

    A shake down and what I learned

    A 4 blade prop might help the speed dropoff going up the backside of the swells. It will help keep the up on plane.
  618. sickcat

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    . I know your an intelligent man. I was not trying to sneak anything by you. I was looking at the national picture as far as tweaking election results by moving lines and signing up people who aren't really valid voters. I have lived in CA all of my life. I know who is at fault here. I...
  619. sickcat

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    The last line in my post was directed at the overall political climate we have been living in. If you took it as being directed towards you personally I apologize. It was not intended to. Of course allowing non-citizens to vote is bad. It is only the democrats ying to the republicans yang of...
  620. sickcat

    SEA Lab Closes ~ Redondo Bch

    Certainly a sad day. Article was conflicting saying they could stay until plans for the property came together and that they are out the end of the month. Maybe Jim will chime in and clarify this and what if anything we can do with the grow out pens.
  621. sickcat

    What do you think it weighs???

    I say that is definitely his personal best - congrates!! :D My suggestion is to carry a tape on your trips and measure it. The formulas for calculating the weight of tuna are pretty close in most cases. Judging by his height and the pic in which his is holding it at close to arms length low to...
  622. sickcat

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    They would certainly pay more for them and to some extent that is not a bad thing. The bad thing would be that when imports ended so would exports. As far as healthcare what has the party of family values done about it since its inception except to vote what - 60 some times to end the ACA...
  623. sickcat

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    I agree with most of your points. That said if you look at how Xi has consolidated power I think any regime change will have to wait until he is dead. Their ability to stifle descent and the fact that they have worked hard to improve the lives of their people (300 million raised out of poverty)...
  624. sickcat

    FREE Free electronics package

    Good man Joe!!! May you get a big bump in your fishy karma!
  625. sickcat

    Factoring waves, swells, periods and boat size

    Your scenario of less than 10 knots of wind with a 4' wind wave would be very rare in the SoCal bight. Usually the wind waves and the wind itself will come down together. It rarely blows hard and then drops to little or nothing quickly. A couple things about interpreting any marine forecast...
  626. sickcat

    Where to buy marine electronics

    While you can't look at the stuff before you buy I would check with Gil - Seimperfishing here at BD before you buy. he is a wealth of knowledge and very helpful along with good pricing.
  627. sickcat

    Releasing fish- survivabilty

    Depends entirely on the species. Calicos are very durable. White Sea Bass and Halibut are not. A fish can show no signs of a wound but die weeks later from an infection.
  628. sickcat

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    Pulling too many hooks says fish bigger hooks to me. Ditto Wildbunch on a softer rod - GULP even a fiberglass one. :D
  629. sickcat

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    Sorry!! My bad.
  630. sickcat

    House Bank Issue w/ 6-volts - First Time Poster

    As mentioned could be a hundred things. Basic electrical is not too difficult. IMO you would be well served climbing around and tracing some wires and start a schematic for your boat. The electrician won't be with you on the water and spending some time now will increase your trouble shooting...
  631. sickcat

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    Coal tar epoxy is fine on aluminum tanks. Proper prep is important. The oxide coating need to come off no matter what the surface treatment will be.
  632. sickcat

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Certainly not tellin you how to do your thing but be careful about expenses/cost VS what you collect. The authorities may look at a simple charge with no list of expenses as a charter.
  633. sickcat

    Greasing the center lock down reel seat's thread?

    Petroleum jelly is what I use when needed.
  634. sickcat

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    It is easily doable. Killer is the cost of the mold for a one off tank. Welding up cross linked polyethylene by hand is not so easy - that why plastic tanks are molded.
  635. sickcat

    Fuel water separator suggestions wanted

    Racor had an issue with the "old" see thru bowls and the current fuel that was addressed a couple years ago IIRC. IF you get a new Racor it won't have the problem.
  636. sickcat

    strong fuel smell in cabin

    Expected life of the tank no matter the metal used depends mostly on install and conditions. With an aluminum tank that is foamed in and gets salt water poured onto it then 15 years certainly can kill it. Its the saltwater held against it along with sealing it off from the air flow with the...
  637. sickcat

    Fuel water separator suggestions wanted

    Wipe a couple drops of oil on the seal before you spin the filter on and they rarely get stuck.
  638. sickcat

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    A Tacoma would be 4WD not AWD.
  639. sickcat

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    Depends on the ramp and tide. Usually you'll be fine at most ramps with RWD assuming you have a limited-slip differential.
  640. sickcat

    Cory update Thursday

    Prayers sent for a clean procedure and a quick recovery. I think I hear the fish breathing a sigh of relief. They better rest up too cause their gonna need it when you get back on them!!
  641. sickcat

    Proud Father!

    Good job Dad!! Thank you and your son.
  642. sickcat

    911 Emergency Question

    Should get it out now. Tilt the engine all the way down and run the hose into the top of the hub to see if it will flush out.
  643. sickcat

    Bait pump recommendation

    In that case the standard pressure Cyclone should be fine. A good heavy spray of your favorite corrosion spray on the motor helps keep the corrosion in check.
  644. sickcat

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    While things can go wrong at anytime personally at 1000 hrs I would be a little more comfortable with the used 43 than a remaned 42.
  645. sickcat

    Rebuild my KAD 42 or buy a used KAD 43?

    If the 43 is given a clean bill of health by a certified Volvo mechanic I would go with it.
  646. sickcat

    Bait pump recommendation

    Assuming it is a 3/4 inch thru hull and If space allows a Jabsco Cyclone - the "high Pressure" model if you have a lot of height to the tank. IMO a 1/2" thru hull would need to be upsized with that size tank.
  647. sickcat

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Ah the old dock and walk! Do that and it is your last trip.
  648. sickcat

    Boat ho etiquette?

    There is no late - you have missed the boat and are left standing at the dock!!
  649. sickcat

    Calstar 610 capabilities

    610 is one of my personal faves for a ol school bait stick.
  650. sickcat

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    Dave's post is spot on especially #2. Seen that happen plenty of times. You absolutely need to know them specific build of your Detroit to get the right parts/results.
  651. sickcat

    diesel swap

    Spot on! The cost of maintenance is one thing but what would concern me is the cost to get a "cheap" Volvo into good dependable running condition.
  652. sickcat

    question about inboards with shafts and rudders??

    Assuming were talking drive shafts and not rudder posts are they dripless seals or old school packing? If a dripless seal is getting hot that is a problem - they should be getting fed cooling water. Old school packing a little warm is not an issue after running but they should be re-packed...
  653. sickcat

    Cracked Jig head fix?

    Of course a crack head can get fixed - it just doesn't last very long! :D
  654. sickcat

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    A sea trial will not reveal much about stringer issues. I would not bet on a dealer guaranty helping you out much either as it may be some time before a stringer issue shows up. As already mentioned if your unsure about a specific boat do some research on it to start and hire a surveyor. Be...
  655. sickcat

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    If he can't tell the difference he should not be fishing for shark.
  656. sickcat

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    The ball was just after the pickup from the tank? Assuming any flex line is good that would make the restriction at the check valve (usually the first thing after the pickup) or the pickup itself. Can you get the pickup tube out of the tank? If so then run the suction end of your polishing...
  657. sickcat

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    I believe the thought was to give people who may not fish access to fishing without too many hurdles.
  658. sickcat

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    Likely not many judges have any idea about what F&G violations are really about. I would also hazard a guess that any guidelines are vague or non-existent. What I would like to see are penalties like NZ has. Get found guilty there and you'll lose all the gear in possession when cited - boat...
  659. sickcat

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    No plastic bowls in the engine area with a gasoline powered boat. Metal only.
  660. sickcat

    innocent passage...

    The info in your book does not currently apply to the MX navy. Attempting to do so would be a good way to increase scrutiny of your "innocent passage" IMO. The MX Navy is a professional group enforcing their laws. Quite possible if you are stopped and claim innocent passage they would let a...
  661. sickcat

    Fishermen without boats (Men without hats?)

    There still is a place for that:
  662. sickcat

    My White Bottom

    A good coat of wax will help the clean up if you stay a little too long.
  663. sickcat

    18-22 deadrise

    Radons are built to carry some weight in a following sea. The blunt entry on them is to provide more buoyancy quicker as the bow digs in coming down a swell to keep it from digging in too much.
  664. sickcat

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    Never used it myself but it can't hurt. I would do the Startron treatment after you have cleaned the tank out with some solvent sloshing as previously mentioned. Bobs point is spot on. Primary/secondary fuel filtration can help a lot to prevent fuel contamination issues. If you have the room...
  665. sickcat

    Graphite or glass?

    Composite or graphite. The increased lift in a rod for that line class is why. Easier to pull harder.
  666. sickcat

    Bow rail loose

    Certainly through bolting would be the first choice. If access is so bad that is not a good option over size the screw holes and fill with grey Marine-Tex. Re-drill for the screws or tap the Marine-Tex for machine screws. A decent size machine thread will hold really well in Marine-Tex.
  667. sickcat

    Safe Harbor Options?

    Just a guess but likely your buddy is at Shoreline Marina. Being Long Beach nowhere is 100% safe but Davies Ramp @ 2nd St. & Marina Drive is good as any IMO and I live here. This season is lining up to be another good one so June should be cranking at Catalina. If you wanted to study up...
  668. sickcat

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I would throw a gallon or two of paint thinner in there for that.
  669. sickcat

    Black crud- hard- bottom of fuel tank

    I'll bet over time that E10 fuel will dissolve the stuff you can't get to. Just have to keep up on filter changes after you get it cleaned up and polish the tank as the Capt'n described in your other thread. I don't recall it being mentioned yet - be very careful with any and all sources of...
  670. sickcat

    small / aluminum boat live well plumbing?

    All you need is the transom mount bracket. The rule pump you show in your pics will fit.
  671. sickcat

    White cbass setup

    With more tankers around I generally go heaver with line/rod. Something like an 800m minimum and 40lb. Get Mark Wisch's book "In The Grey" and you'll be miles ahead chasing the ghost.
  672. sickcat

    Problems at the pump

    A 2 micron would be the same spin on type as your current filter/ separator. It would go after your current filter. Usually referred to as primary/secondary filtration. IMO a small glass or plastic filter is fine for polishing your tank but does not belong in your engine compartment for normal use.
  673. sickcat

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    That depends. Small amounts of water are stopped at the separator so they don't get to the engine. If your getting much water in the separator (maybe a tablespoon or more each filter change) then you need to get to the very bottom of the tank to get the water out as the pickup tube does not get...
  674. sickcat

    Problems at the pump

    Not 100% sure on your skippy but in most "modern" aluminum tanks the fittings are threaded in the top of the tank. Question is how much salt has sat on them over time will determine how easy they come off. Stuck hard my goto penetrant is PB Blaster but there are others as well. Soak for a few...
  675. sickcat

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    If the fuel in the tank is OK and you don't have a serious water and/or contamination issue the Captn's method is great. If you do have a contamination and/or water issue then you need to get to the very bottom of the tank and the pickup tube does not do that. You need to pull the sending unit...
  676. sickcat

    Problems at the pump

    Assuming the primer ball is good then there is a restriction between the primer ball and the tank. Filters would be the first thing to check. The list after that would be fuel lines (they can look OK on the outside and be deteriorated on the inside), check valve (usually found where the fuel...
  677. sickcat

    Otters are cute until they’re NOT

    A stainless piece over the corner. Might even be able to epoxy it on.
  678. sickcat

    Problems at the pump

    All good info on finding the issue. Once you get it fixed I would consider running a 10 micron filter/separater and a 2 micron filter after that. Easier to change a spin on filter than to clean junk out of the fuel pumps.
  679. sickcat

    water heater and satellite tv??? recommendations please

    Force 10 makes the marine water heaters up to 20 gallons. Most of the marine units use aluminum tanks. If you do go that route IMO good idea to pull the drain valve and replace it with a magnesium anode. They will last much longer.
  680. sickcat

    For Sale Props, bow roller

    What are the dimensions on the bow roller?
  681. sickcat

    Finally. CDFW tells the world that the MPAs were unsurveyed.

    The article? Certainly little o Absolutely! The work that was done was based on a tiny sampling and then extrapolated for the whole deal with modeling - no hard science. That way it was much easier to make the numbers say what "they" wanted.
  682. sickcat

    Line counter or not ?

    There is also spectra line that is marked for depth. Once you get a feel for what is going on IMO a depth counter on a "smaller" reel is not really needed. If your deep dropping for swordfish then a depth counter is needed.
  683. sickcat

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    That is certainly a big part of it. I think jackpolers use the spray to also help hide what is happening above the surface.
  684. sickcat

    Finally. CDFW tells the world that the MPAs were unsurveyed.

    I am all for those lings eating up all they can - fatten them up!! License sales thus revenue has been declining in CA for years. That is a problem that will only get worse. By most accounts including yours the ling regulations are working to improve the fishery. One of the things that...
  685. sickcat

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    You would have to talk to Joe's to get the official rules but I have seen them down at the east end. As with everything at the island its all about conditions but there is plenty of good fishing close to Avalon - more opportunities that most people think.
  686. sickcat

    Mako sharks listed as endangered

    IMO those who bitch about CA and continue to live here are just whiners. Go to Wyoming and make a living. While CA certainly has plenty of problems we are often the leader for the country. Remember when car emissions were restricted in the 70s? Painful process that took a while but low and...
  687. sickcat

    Renting a boat and running to Cat no prior experience?

    Certainly an option. Joe's Rentals on the green pier. No bells or whistles and you'll be fishing not too far from Avalon. Good news is there are plenty of good areas close by.
  688. sickcat

    Anybody hear about a Closure on Sardines?

    There will be a meeting 4/10-11 in Santa Rosa IIRC where the sardine issue will be on the agenda.
  689. sickcat

    Marine I/O Alternator Voltage Range

    IMO the 14.8 would be the way to go. Voltage is the "pressure" that drive the charge into the battery. Lower voltage will take a little longer to charge.