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  1. mercado

    RayMarine Auto pilot

    I will give him a try thank you
  2. mercado

    RayMarine Auto pilot

    Having problems with my auto pilot( RayMarine 6001)looking for someone in San Diego That can repair it. Anyone have a good referral? Thanks in advance.
  3. mercado

    BFT fishing Thursday 6/11

    Mercado will be out there ch. 72
  4. mercado

    CHASING BF 5/21/20

    I will be out on Thursday heading South.. Mercado Channel 72 on Parker 2520
  5. mercado

    For Sale Vendido

    Thanks Tony
  6. mercado

    Going out Tuesday 3/31

    Do you have a secret launch ramp that I can go to seems like everything is closed.
  7. mercado

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    praying for your wife.
  8. mercado

    I want a parker BUT?????

    My son behind our parker 2520 with Yamaha 250
  9. mercado

    9/1 tuna

    Art, Great day out there nice fishing with you,here’s a picture of what we got.
  10. mercado

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail (video)

    Great job!! You’re brother buys the boat and you show him how to fish brothers taking care of brothers.. Congratulations on the new rig!!
  11. mercado

    Help need a part for front window

    I will try classic parker Thanks
  12. mercado

    Help need a part for front window

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this part? Thanks John
  13. mercado

    SOLD OR TRADE PRICE DROP!Traeger junior elite 20 trade for fishing gear

    Call me when you get a chance 619-210-3794
  14. mercado

    SOLD OR TRADE PRICE DROP!Traeger junior elite 20 trade for fishing gear

    I will trade you for some Newell reels, if it’s still available.
  15. mercado

    West Coast Marine opening another location in San Diego

    December 3 will be the grand opening?
  16. mercado

    SOLD Sea Swirl Striper 2300

    Also has A custom made cover
  17. mercado

    SOLD Sea Swirl Striper 2300

    1998 /2013 Sea Swirl Striper 2300 Furuno 24 mile radar Furuno GP 700F gps/fish finder combo New 110 Gallon aluminum fuel tank ( Made by American fuel tanks ) Percision out riggers 12’ feet long 25 rod holders 32 gallon factory Bait tank holds 1 scoop 2013 Etec 200 H.O. With Approximately 430...
  18. mercado

    I’m interested in your boat where are you located?

    I’m interested in your boat where are you located?
  19. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    We kept 30 yellowfin and 14 skipjack,we released approximately 10 yellowfin and 25 skipjack had a scoop and a half bait, used every bait we had. Fish the same spot for 3 hours. Gave out numbers and went home. Code 10 over 24 was trying to keep it simple For people that we’re going out the next...
  20. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    I will definitely try the brine!! Thank you
  21. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Skipjack is great smoked I like to brine it in Coca-Cola for about two hours and then smoke for about a hour and a half comes out awesome!!
  22. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Yellowfin and Skipjack
  23. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Coordinate numbers 32 10 X 117 24
  24. mercado

    Went catching today 9/13/18

    Short story 10 over 24 One stop shop ........ good luck fellas lots of fish out there !!!
  25. mercado

    SOLD Torium 16HGA $130

    Interested in the reel PM me
  26. mercado

    FREE 15’ outriggers

    Outriggers are gone.
  27. mercado

    FREE 15’ outriggers

    They are yours see you Saturday
  28. mercado

    FREE 15’ outriggers

    If anybody wants these come get them if not they’re going to the trash on Saturday
  29. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    Here is the same model
  30. mercado

    FREE 15’ outriggers

    15’ foot outriggers,poles only no mounts.. Will trade for ?
  31. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    Here’s my number 619–210-3794 John
  32. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    First reasonable offer gets it I want it out of my garage
  33. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    36”x 16” x 19 “ top of seat 36” to top of back rest.
  34. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    I will get you the dimensions in a couple hours. Regarding the age I do not know how old it is I have never used it,it’s been sitting in my garage for about five years
  35. mercado

    SOLD Cooler bench seat

    Cooler bench seat $75.00 Located in Chula Vista
  36. mercado

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    What is the range with 150 gallon fuel tank?
  37. mercado

    YFT Short of the 425 10/7

    Eric, Thanks for letting me in On the Paddy!! I ended up finding a nice school of Yft 2 miles short of the 425 and got easy limits. Called in the Chubasco and Watched them load up. After the bite died off they offered me bait and a patty melt. I was fishing Solo it was nice communicating with...
  38. mercado

    Decent day offshore 10/5

    Good job Ron!!! Lot of good size kelp out there today, unfortunately most were empty or the fish on them had lock Jaw....
  39. mercado

    Brand New with case Fuji TS 1440

    I would like a set also 619 210-3794 Thanks John
  40. mercado

    Limits of yellowtail and Dorado

    Current weather is very doable I would go in the next couple days when things get rough slow down, personally I like to go fast and therefore I think I have shrunk a couple inches from all the pounding boat rides throughout the years.. Good luck there will be plenty of good days of fishing this...
  41. mercado

    Limits of yellowtail and Dorado

    Plan was to fish the hidden bank left at 4am from shelter Island . Never made it to the hidden bank Found kelp about 9 mile short of the hidden caught two Dorado and continued South for about half a mile found a nice size kelp and Limited out on yellowtail and Dorado. Great day on the pond...
  42. mercado

    2006 PARKER 2500 SE center consoles

    How many hours on the motor?
  43. mercado

    Dusky 256 FC 250hp Etec- Sold!

    Copper,give me a call 619-210-3794 JJ mercado
  44. mercado

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  45. mercado

    Found WTB Cabo 206 or 216

    I just sold my 206 yesterday and I already regret it. Good luck with your search.
  46. mercado

    Office Furniture

    Ad stilll not working
  47. mercado

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Colin, Congratulations on getting your fish!!!! We got limits of yellowtail and a 20lb. Dorado on the paddy fishing next to you. We watched you for about 3 1/2 hours Epic battle that my 9 year old son and I will never forget. I had no idea you had hooked the fish at 9:30 am we left you at 5 pm...
  48. mercado

    Another great trip on El Regalo out of the East Cape

    Nice gaff job with the rubber tip still on the gaff point. thanks for the report looks like fun.
  49. mercado

    sand tires

    no does not fit yamaha different bolt pattern
  50. mercado

    sand tires

    price drop $200
  51. mercado

    sand tires

    Polaris ranger xp sand tires ITP dune star AT 26x10-12 used twice like new $300.00 619-210-3794
  52. mercado

    Toy hauler

    Pic's added
  53. mercado

    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    I have a gamo 1.77 pellet rifle that we shoot all the time never had problem but carrying it in a backpack doesn't sound like a good idea. Asked a Mexican inspector at the border if I could cross one and he said no you can buy one at Walmart.
  54. mercado

    sick cow fishing at the islands

    What an awesome trip good job Danny
  55. mercado

    MAKO 33' 1998

    Do the upper controls work blue tape says do not crank engine
  56. mercado

    Chickens of the Sea!!!

  57. mercado

    Can you get back across the Border with just a CA drivers license now?

    Sentri is the best no wait at all or 15 min. at the most it is well worth it almost like cutting to the front of the line.
  58. mercado

    Raw Fish on Airplanes

    This what I use to bring back fish with Two back packs and one check in Flying from PV to TJ In the back backs I can fit 50lbs in each one and the check in luggage i buy extra weight total of 55lbs and which 33lbs is fish weight and the rest clothes I no longer take a cooler.Total fish weight...
  59. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Good luck Rex and Jim!! I should be back in PV on the 19th of Octorber Hope the fishing turns on for you guys::hali_olutta:
  60. mercado

    1010 Saturday? 9-15-2012

    see you guys out there standing by 72 mercado heading 1010 leaving shelter island at 1am
  61. mercado

    Toy hauler

    For sale 2005 weekend warrior le 3305 fith wheel 15000..00 Obo will post pictures this weekend
  62. mercado

    WTGB..Cabo 216

    How about a 95 cabo 206
  63. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Nice good job Pete just a matter of time before it bust wide open.
  64. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Good job Danny! Must be the full blue moon
  65. mercado

    day at the Rock

    The fish gained some weight on the way in they are more like 25 and 40 kilos. Lol
  66. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Nice talking to you Dennis next we should hook up and Kill some fish I should be back in October and in November around the 21st
  67. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Danny good luck tomorrow. I just walked in the door to my house had to leave and go back to work for monday putting fish in the freezer as im typing.Had great time talking and drinking beers at the marina see you next time Amigo:hali_olutta:
  68. mercado

    day at the Rock

    Fishing with Maya Sport Fishing at Corbetena caught three nice tuna in 25 to 40lbs range and one Dorado all and all another great trip aboard the MAYA. Mercado
  69. mercado

    Any part for Mercury optimax

    New or used parts?
  70. mercado


    Good job:hali_olutta:
  71. mercado

    East Butterfly

    We tried to get you on the radio and give you the numbers. We lost half of our bait on the way out.Five of the fish were caught on chunk bait. Thanks again for letting us come in on that patty good luck next time
  72. mercado

    East Butterfly

    Short report headed to the East Butterfly and found a patty at 32.18 x 118.05 and loaded up. Go getem boys lots of fish out there!!! here are some pic's.
  73. mercado

    Furuno LCD Radar

    pm sent
  74. mercado

    Suziki 50

    Suziki 50 runs great perfect starter bike $200.00 obo
  75. mercado

    Boston Whaler 27 foot Walkaround 1991

    Hustler Buy and sell it for more money a quick hustle = $$$$$$$$ <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  76. mercado

    26' Blackman FishMachine $30,000

    Spoke with owner of boat and it sold today.Missed out on a great deal:imdumb:
  77. mercado

    Parker 1800 18' CC $9999

    $9999.99 sounds like a good deal
  78. mercado

    Near Perfect Bronco 4X4.....

    Still for sale?
  79. mercado

    fishing from a small center console in puerto vallarta

    Sounds like it happend for you Dennis living Dream thats for shure.:appl::hali_olutta: Mercado
  80. mercado

    2 Pedestal Seats/30 gal Bait Tank Combo

    I will take it call me 619-210-3794 Mercado
  81. mercado

    Hooneymoon in PV

    :hali_olutta:Cheers Danny & Barnes Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! Mercado
  82. mercado

    PFDs, Gaffs, HOOP Nets, FF,misc. boat n kayak stuff

    PM sent or try calling me at 619-210-3794
  83. mercado

    Trini 14 and 20 (Gold) as LOT

    Manny, Give me a call would like to look at all three of you reels 619-210-3794 Mercado
  84. mercado

    400lbs of tuna on the dharma

    Great report!!!!! one more day and it's on can't wait. Thanks for the Pics. Mercado
  85. mercado

    El Banco 10-6-11

    Great trip fishing with Maya sport fishing. Went straight to El Banco with anglers Kae , Victor, myself and Catp. Beto, deck hand Edgar with great weather conditions. Made baits very easy and started to troll. First to hook up was Kae with a nice 70lbs tuna. We hooked many fish throughout the...
  86. mercado

    In town PV 30Sep-7thOct Fish?

    PM me with your Info I fly in on the 5th may have room for one on the 7th
  87. mercado

    Cows are here

    5 more days and counting. Thanks for the report<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Mercado<o:p></o:p>
  88. mercado

    Rock Pile

    Rockpile N32 117.50 W117 10.50
  89. mercado

    In town PV 30Sep-7thOct Fish?

    We will be in P.V. Oct. 5 thru the 10th Fishing with Maya Sportfishing Give them a try they are a great outfit and will work hard for you.San Diego # 619-403-4308 Mexico 01 329 295 5309 Good Luck! Mercado
  90. mercado

    Puerto Vallarta Dhamar Style

    Vue, Nice report Thanks! I'm going back again October 5th in search of a COW. We fly with Volaris and never had a problem round trip $203.00 Sucks about your gear what a bunch of assholes. Mercado
  91. mercado

    Corbetena 8-12-11

    Hey whats up Copper we are going back to P.V. October 6th I would like to check out your place in Sayuilta.We should get together this weekend and go after some of the local tuna. Yor boat or mine i will call you. Here's a pic of the marlin we lost.
  92. mercado

    Corbetena 8-12-11

    Here's some more Pics
  93. mercado

    Corbetena 8-12-11

    Fished with friends Bill L.,Pete and La Cruz local Paul Adams.6:30am Friday morning aboard Maya Sportfishing and headed out to Corbetena made bait very easy and started trolling had three knock downs that did not stick and continued on put the baits out again and wham port side rod goes off and...
  94. mercado

    1968 Manx

    Posting for a friend.1968 Manx with 1915 VW motor with 500 miles on it. Very clean A must see contact Dan at 619-921-2626 $4200.00 or best offer.
  95. mercado

    EL Matadorsportfishing

    I will be fishing Corbetena in 7 more days THANKS for the report Manny Awesome fish Porn keep the pics coming !!!
  96. mercado

    YT, to brine or not to brine?

    I Brine it 3-4 hrs. with Coke or sometimes with Red Fanta soda. Remove from brine and dry with paper towel lightly brush with olive oil and smoke for about 1-1 1/2 hrs. Grab a cold Beer and enjoy.
  97. mercado

    El Matador

    Nice heading down next week can't wait!!!
  98. mercado

    Fishing Wed.

    Fishing West of the 302 Wednesday anyone going ? Leaving shelter island around 3am Mercado ch. 72
  99. mercado

    Igloo Marine Elite Coolers - 54, 72, 94 & 162 qts.

    Frank thanks for the coolers. Mercado
  100. mercado

    Dora's a ripper class 4

    Hey What's up Paul I will be heading down Aug 11th - 15th How's the fishing ?
  101. mercado

    Caption Contest Photos Needed - Submit HERE!

    5 year old Justin Mercado going to work BLOODYDECKS STYLE!!!!
  102. mercado

    32 Gallon bait tank

    Looking for 32 gallon oval bait tank anyone have one they no longer need. Thanks, Mercado
  103. mercado

    WTT 32 Gallon bait tank for smaller

    How much do you want for it ?
  104. mercado

    shop to weld extension on geny exhaust

    Try Chingon metal fabrication ask for Ramon 619-702-4830
  105. mercado

    Log Cudas and a Great White !!!!!!!!!

    Eric thanks for calling us over my 6 year old son had a blast catching the Cuda after about 25 of them he called it quits. Mercado
  106. mercado

    29' Luhrs 290 Tournament with diesels

    Found it L.A.Graigslist asking $59,900.00 My bid is $900 cash :rofl:
  107. mercado

    I need a Boat and Experienced Captain

    Try Baja Raider Sportfishing Talk to Andre Luhan 1877-761-1182 E-mail [email protected]
  108. mercado


    Does the vacant space have hook ups and whats the cost. Thanks Mercado
  109. mercado

    3 days in Punta Mita

    Maya Sportfishing Alberto Ramos out of La Cruz. Mexico # 011523292955309 San Diego # 619-403-4308 He has a 32' Blackfin.
  110. mercado

    Maya Sportfishing Report PV 9/3-9/4

    Pete, Thanks for the great trip had a awesome time.We have booked our trip for Dec.20 thru 27th hopefully Maya Sportfishing has charters available would like to fish 2 days maybe 3. Bringing the family can't wait to get back to P.V. Mercado
  111. mercado

    Tuna Fishing on the Marla

    Very nice good job!!!!!!!
  112. mercado

    Today 9/15/10

    Paddyman, I have the same numbers I'll see ya out there Leaving around 2:45 out of S.I. Good Luck. Mercado ch.72
  113. mercado

    Today 9/15/10

    Good job Doug!!!. See ya guys tomorrow. Mercado Ch.72
  114. mercado

    Going Out In The Morning

    Heading west of the 302 Thursday heard of alot of fish being meter but can't get them to come up and play maybe tomorrow is the day. I'll be on Ch. 72 Mercado
  115. mercado

    Maya Sportfishing Report PV 9/3-9/4

    Hey, Paul nice meeting you hope to see you in Dec.Whats the the fishing and weather like in December ? Mercado
  116. mercado

    Maya Sportfishing Report PV 9/3-9/4

    Fished with Maya Sportfishing out of La Cruz, Friday 9/3 and Sunday 9/5 with good friend Peter Harris and William "Dean" Warner on Maya 32' Blackfin, with Captain Alberto Ramos in the wheel house. We left the Friday at gray light, lots of logs and trash in the water. Plan was to head to El Banco...
  117. mercado

    Nice Halibut San Diego Bay

    Fished the bay side 40' drifted to about 6' then started over again,in coming tide.
  118. mercado

    Puerto Vallarta fishng report for August 31,2010

    Fishing with captain Pete Harris Maya Ocean Adventures out of La Cruz. Mercado
  119. mercado

    Puerto Vallarta fishng report for August 31,2010

    Thanks for the report heading down september 2 fishing Fri, Sat,Sunday Mercado
  120. mercado

    Nice Halibut San Diego Bay

    Fished San Diego bay with my son Justin and Good friend Dean.Looking for some halibut and found them at the mouth of the bay near the jetty caught 10 shorts and one legal 36" inches 20 lbs. Nice to pull on some fish and spend time with the boy.:) Mercado
  121. mercado

    Sharing Info

    Oh okay hope the fishing picks up soon :)
  122. mercado

    Sharing Info

    NO :shithappens: it's a striper and whats your problem with striper owners.
  123. mercado

    Sharing Info

    Hey,One leg what's the problem with owning a STRIPER!
  124. mercado

    Maya"s New Home

    Pete ,Thanks for the info I will pass it a long. Mercado
  125. mercado

    Maya"s New Home

    Hi, Pete very nice looking blackfin! Can't wait to get down to PV and knock the shit out of the tuna.Pete I have some friends that would like to charter your boat ,they would like to know how much it would cost per day and how too contact you.They are heading down November 20th-26th. I'am...
  126. mercado

    define "THAT GUY"

    :finger: THAT GUY!
  127. mercado

    sweet fishin! Bordertown!

    Good job! thanks for the report.Heading out tuesday how was the weather?
  128. mercado

    So how long do you guys fish in one spot?

    Take a veteran Bd boat ho with you they will put you on fish
  129. mercado

    3-24-10 Rock Pile yellowtail

    Fished rock pile for some nice yellowtail most fish caught in the am between 6:30 to 11:30 all fish caught on 6x scrambled egg surface jig chasing birds run and gun style. Fished with good friends Tony, Deano ,kenny and my son Justin here are some pics.Lots of fish go get em
  130. mercado

    Got two Yellow Fin

    Bigeye what he said
  131. mercado

    A few nice YF Dorado Chickens on the 390

    What Ever Thanks for the bait had a great time on the water final fish count 12 Albies 1 Yellowfin 38lbs and to many skipjack. Made it back to shelter island at 10:00 pm, should of left when you did. MERCADO
  132. mercado

    Day to Remember 8/22/08

    Fished with Tony Rieder, Dean Warner and my 3 yr old son Justin. Headed to the E.Butterfly 3220 & 11800 first fish in the boat at 6:30 am.Fished those numbers till about 1:00pm then headed South of the 302 found the porpise and picked up 5 Yellowfin. Great water conditions Very flat no...
  133. mercado

    Great day on the pond

    Teamed up with Farnum brothers for some fishing on Sunday. We fished the 302, 371, and 2 miles North West of the 425. Lots of life between the 371 and 425, it was a little rough in the morning but laid down nicely by noon. Took my 3 year old son on his 2nd offshore trip, what a trooper...
  134. mercado

    10-26-07 Fishing 302/425/9/?

    The 5 freeway should be fine see you out there. I will be launching out of Shelter Island.approx.3:30 -4:00 am MERCADO CH72
  135. mercado

    10-26-07 Fishing 302/425/9/?

    I"ll be heading out about 3am looking for YFT.Last friday found fish at 25/30 may try that again.I will be on 72 Mercado out
  136. mercado

    Great day on the pond for YFT

    7am till about noon. 4" pink and white. zuccuni,mexican flag jet head,blue& black rapala cd 14
  137. mercado

    Great day on the pond for YFT

    Yah, he thinks he is Jack Nicholson but, he is just a wanna be.
  138. mercado

    Great day on the pond for YFT

    Yes, they were caught today Friday 10/19/07
  139. mercado

    Great day on the pond for YFT

    Fished with Dean Warner Found the fish at 25/30 and killed the YFT! Water temp 65.8 most fish on jigs with three bait are some pics.GO GETEM MERCADO OUT 10-19-07
  140. mercado

    425 10-19-07

    I'll be heading out to the 302/425/? Mercado on 72
  141. mercado

    Wed 8-15-07 east and west butterfly albies

    Spike, My wife fully agrees about the garage, but hard to do when I'm fishin!
  142. mercado

    Wed 8-15-07 east and west butterfly albies

    The kids did not make the trip just the photo shoot
  143. mercado

    Wed 8-15-07 east and west butterfly albies

    Rough weather and good fishing! 10 albies at 32/19 -118/09 Long day heres some pics. MERCADO 24' Sea Swirl
  144. mercado

    Fishing the W-Fly Weds. 8-15

    Cory,. I will be fishing wed. at the west butterfly.Leaving at midnight see you out there.Mercado ch.72
  145. mercado

    Tide Change SCI 7-10 Overnight

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">swazi he was man enough to post it ...
  146. mercado

    7/4/07 wed 390/371

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">Fished with Pete(Capt. Pound) and...
  147. mercado

    Official Whos going 6-27 thread....

    <TABLE id=HB_Mail_Container height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0 UNSELECTABLE="on"><TBODY><TR height="100%" UNSELECTABLE="on" width="100%"><TD id=HB_Focus_Element vAlign=top width="100%" background="" height=250 UNSELECTABLE="off">heading out about 1am from SI 390,213...
  148. mercado

    Official Whos going 6-27 thread....

    Heading out about 1am 390,213 Mercado CH
  149. mercado

    Carol's First dorado

    Nice fish Carol glad you got some dorado. I was in the boat next to you we ended up with limits of dorado name of my boat is MERCADO.Good luck fishing.