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  1. Turbinedr

    Good time to reflect on dove hunting.

    An invasive dove species that entered the US via the Bahamas. No limit and year round fun.
  2. Turbinedr

    Fury 7-25-2015 Bluefin tuna spooled Trindad 30 with 40#

    :jig:Marcus on the New Loann is on the bigger model BFT today. 140 to 175 based on 976 tuna. Only the 80 pound was landing the bigens. 60 pound wasn't cutting it.
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    Waterfowl season and the drought

    WON had an article last week on which refuges were open and which ones were closed or limited. Wister and San Jacinto were both "Open". I know our club is already flooding to get ready for the opener.
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    Jason, There were 8 specks sitting on your club this morning. I am in the club across...

    Jason, There were 8 specks sitting on your club this morning. I am in the club across Noffsinger and English and we are flooding the fields in prep for the 18th.
  5. Turbinedr

    Navy Almost Sink my boat with a torpedo ( Video )

    The Navy has been doing Mine detection exercises this week. They have several different countries involved. This helicopter tows an array to detect mines.
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    Live from the blind. Sat Jan 11

    The west afternoon breeze cooled things off a bit. Sprigs started flying better in the afternoon.
  7. Turbinedr

    Bloody Ducks 12/29

    Sprigs were flying all day at our club and teal we're buzzing everywhere. Had my 2 Drake sprigs in the first hour. Could have limited early on boot lips but I got selective. Heard you guys shooting next door at Bloody Ducks. It sure sounded like you were getting them.
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    There is a first for everything

    You could have used your extra box of shells on the 200-300 Snows that got up off your club this morning. I tried the 1500+ Snows on our club but they left due west instead of North.
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