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  1. Bad To The Bone

    More of Nor Cal geese

    Nice haul! It must take quite a while to put out all those decoys.
  2. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 12-30-20

    Great report Jeff, I felt like I was reliving our hunt!
  3. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Meat Run

    I just returned home on Saturday evening from my annual venison run to Fredericksburg, Texas. Having access to private property gives me and four of my old Navy comrades a great opportunity to fill our tags during the first week of December. I didn't get a trophy buck this year but I managed to...
  4. Bad To The Bone

    Last day luck!

    Congrats! That's a nice buck for sure.
  5. Bad To The Bone

    Time to go hog hunting

    Congratulations Bob! At a young 68 years I plan to hunt as long as I can. I look forward to seeing photos of your birthday hunt at 80! Good on ya!
  6. Bad To The Bone

    Moms gives in

    Wow! That's a nice thick necked mature buck. Congrats to your son!
  7. Bad To The Bone

    Retirement hunt!!

    Oh yeah, she's happy! Good times
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    North Carolina Black Bear

    North Carolina has one of the largest black bear populations in the lower 48 and is known for having some of the largest bears in North America along it's coastal plain. Hell, even Jim Shockey went to NC for a black bear hunt. I was in a very good area with limited access because of private...
  9. Bad To The Bone

    North Carolina Black Bear

    I've been wanting to hunt black bear for a while but the opportunity never presented so I decided this was the year to get it done. My wife and I flew back to North Carolina for a week long vacation in the Smokey Mountains and I snuck in a bear hunt on opening day. Well, I can now check off...
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    San Jacinto Opening Day

    It was indeed a very tough hunt and a long day without much opportunity. Hopefully our next draw location will provide better results.
  11. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    Hahaha, yeah shooting 3" shells in rapid succession can get brutal in a non gas operated gun. I've got my Beretta A400 as primary with a Remington 1100 as backup so I'm good for waterfowl. I'm not looking for anything specific right now, I just decided I didn't need five 12 gauge shotguns. As...
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    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    Okay,,, that took all of two minutes!! I'll send you a PM
  13. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    I've used this shotgun as a loaner/backup on duck hunts but I no longer need it. Has a matte finish barrel and receiver with removeable choke. Chambered for 2 3/4" & 3" shells. Not interested in shipping. Yours for $175.00 plus DROS fees at FFL.
  14. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale RCBS 2-Die Set 270 Weatherby Magnum & Brass

    I sold the rifle but I still have the RCBS full length dies and about 40+ pieces of Weatherby (Norma) brass taking up space in my reloading locker. $35.00
  15. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Alfa 209 Primer Starter/Blank Pistol

    Jeff, I've got plenty of handguns, including .22cal but the hunt test rules mandate the use of a blank gun/starter pistol. ie. sealed barrel preferably with an orange muzzle tip. I borrowed an Alfa 209 for Elsa's hunt trials this past weekend.
  16. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Alfa 209 Primer Starter/Blank Pistol

    Looking for an Alfa 209 starter pistol for ongoing dog training. Prefer the Alfa pistol that uses 209 primers but would consider .22 cal also.
  17. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Kuiu pro bino harness XL

    Nate, is everything complete? ie. Bino attachment straps and shims?
  18. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 1-22-20 Tealfest

    Jeff, thanks for the great day and a fitting end to our season. I appreciate you posting up the photo of me and Elsa, but where's that nice one I took of you and Lucy?? She was a rock star today and YOU were the hot gunner.
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    Christmas Coues Deer

    Congrats! That's a very nice coues.
  20. Bad To The Bone

    Thank you Nevada

    Wow! That's enough success for ten seasons. Congrats! Very nice non-typical bull. Ruby mountains??
  21. Bad To The Bone

    A birthday hog hunt to remember

    Happy birthday and congrats on taking a nice hog to celebrate. It's great to see you still getting out on the hunt and as long as I can walk and see, that's what I'll be doing too.
  22. Bad To The Bone

    WTB All American Pressure Canner

    Hi Patrick, that will work for me. I live in Lomas Serenas, Escondido, right off the freeway near Westfield North County Mall. Give me a call when you're able to pick it up. Gerry, cell (619) 921-9349
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    WTB All American Pressure Canner

    I have a 21qt All American model #921 that I will sell along with six cases of Ball wide mouth pint jars for $150
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    Memories with the Kid

    Congratulations to both of you for the beautiful speed goat and for making memories for a lifetime.
  25. Bad To The Bone

    Gobble, gobble

    Just need to keep him and his buddies in the area until this Fall.
  26. Bad To The Bone

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    Those are two great calibers to have in a model 99. A buddy of mine has one in .243 and another in .250-3000. He gave up hunting big game many years ago and I keep telling him that I'd be happy to give them a new home. For now, he still enjoys just having them in his gun safe.
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    St. Paddy's Day Pig

    Congrats! That's a nice sow and some beautiful countryside to share with your wife. Good on ya.
  28. Bad To The Bone

    My annual Texas pilgrimage for piggies

    I just returned from my annual pig hunt in Texas with my old Navy buddies and it was a real hoot as usual. I decided to hunt "old school" this year so I bought a Henry .45-70 and made the commitment to go after the first few pigs with my old eyes and the open buckhorn sights. It's been about...
  29. Bad To The Bone

    Nate, I've got some H4350 I can let go and maybe the primers you are looking for too. Give me a...

    Nate, I've got some H4350 I can let go and maybe the primers you are looking for too. Give me a call at (619) 921-9349 Gerry
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    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Nate,the haz-mat fees and shipping quantity restrictions on powder and primers really puts a damper on a small internet order but I've pretty much given up trying to buy off-the-shelf locally for components. Norma, Nosler, or Weatherby brass availability here is basically non-existent and...
  31. Bad To The Bone

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Nate, if you're reloading, why don't you just order the components you need from online suppliers like MidwayUSA, Natchez, Midsouth Shooters Supply, etc ?
  32. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Left-Hand Bell & Carlson Remington 700 Stock

    SOLD I have a left-hand Bell & Carlson Alaskan Wilderness (model 2463-22) stock for a Remington 700 long action. I purchased this from Stocky's a number of years ago for a rifle build for my son, but I went in a different direction and never used the stock. It's Black w/Gray web, full length...
  33. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 1-23-19

    Yeah, it was a tough one today but it still beats working. Next year Jeff, next year...
  34. Bad To The Bone

    Golden Years Hunting in Florida

    Looks like a great time! I do a lot of hog hunting in Texas and it's a real hoot. Hunting in California? Yeah, it still exists for now but I do all my big game hunting in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.
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    For Sale Marlin Jigs (29 total)

    Sorry Tom... wish I had known you needed some. They had been in storage since I sold my Riviera..
  36. Bad To The Bone

    Santa Catalina Island

    That's a lot of countryside to cover especially when they have the windage advantage. Is that a fox in the second photo?
  37. Bad To The Bone

    Picked up my Aoudad Mount

    Thank you. Paula Farr of Farr West Taxidermy in Uvalde did the mount. We weren't looking for wall hangers on this hunt, just a good time and an opportunity to put some meat in the freezer but here's some photos of the two bucks and the pig. The other bucks taken were pretty much the same...
  38. Bad To The Bone

    Picked up my Aoudad Mount

    I just returned from a fantastic week of Texas whitetail hunting with three of my old Navy buddies with whom I served over forty-five years ago. After completing our military careers of 20+ years we continue to get together several times a year to hunt and fish and have a great ole time. As far...
  39. Bad To The Bone

    South Creek Buck

    Nice one,congrats! Got some future hunters in the photo too.
  40. Bad To The Bone

    Not bad for D16.......except for 17 miles and the heat

    Congrats on a great local buck.
  41. Bad To The Bone

    Cool TX buck

    He's a wide boy and a very good looking deer. Was his right G-2 busted or just not developed?
  42. Bad To The Bone

    A-22 Buck in the Truck

    That's a very nice local buck. Congratulations!
  43. Bad To The Bone

    Canadian Moose Hunt Advice Requested

    No worries James... I just wanted to make sure everyone had the correct information. Our hunting opportunities continue to decrease with each passing year so all options are important. I took a cow moose in Newfoundland way back in 1969 when I lived in Massachusetts and I saw a lot of moose on...
  44. Bad To The Bone

    Canadian Moose Hunt Advice Requested

    Non Canadian citizens and non-residents of Saskatchewan are allowed to hunt moose and other big game but a licensed Saskatchewan guide must be used.
  45. Bad To The Bone

    Texas deer stand

    It's supposed to be cold during hunting season... Did Kalifornia spoil you??
  46. Bad To The Bone

    2 weeks in Wyoming

    Wyoming has it all..
  47. Bad To The Bone

    This little piggy

    I totally agree with you,,, I'd much rather put the cost of a rifle suppressor into a good scope and at my age my hearing is so shot that hearing protection doesn't much matter anyway.
  48. Bad To The Bone

    This little piggy

    You've been in Texas for quite some time now and you don't have a suppressor yet ?? Nice piggie
  49. Bad To The Bone

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    That's a beauty! Congrats
  50. Bad To The Bone

    Light weight scope for modern hunter.

    I'm not a black gun style hunter so I don't have any experience with that realm of hunting rifle. But I do have plenty of experience with hunting optics and I agree wholeheartedly with Nates assessment of the conflicting specs you desire in a scope. Any scope will allow you to "shoot" gongs at...
  51. Bad To The Bone

    A life time challenging the wild boar hog

    Thank you for taking me down memory lane with you. It brought back some of my early memories of hunting in the sixties when I could just grab my shotgun and go out behind the house and hunt wild pheasant, cottontails, woodcock, grouse, and ducks. I wish it was that simple today...
  52. Bad To The Bone

    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Damn fine bull. Well done and congratulations.
  53. Bad To The Bone

    Colorado was good to us!

    Nice!! Looks like a full freezer to me. That muley was late in the eye guard line, but he sure stepped up to the front in mass and palmation. What a beast.. Well done, Nate.
  54. Bad To The Bone

    Early archery success....two DANDY bucks!

    Congratulations to both of you. Those are mighty fine bucks indeed!
  55. Bad To The Bone

    First Archery Bear

    Congratulations, that's a nice bear and to take him with an arrow is even more impressive. Well done!
  56. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale RCBS .270 Weatherby Magnum Dies and Brass

    I sold the rifle so I no longer need the RCBS full length reloading die set and thirty-eight once fired Weatherby (Norma Brass) cartridges. $50.00 obo
  57. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark ,270Wby Mag

    Curtis, I now have an out of state buyer and I'm just waiting on payment. However, I thank you for your interest.
  58. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale Marlin Jigs (29 total)

    SOLD I'm selling these twenty-nine marlin jigs as a single lot; no singles. Fifteen are fully rigged with hooks and fluorocarbon leaders. Zukers, Collector, Sevenstrand, Black Bart, Ca Lures, and others. $200.00 Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  59. Bad To The Bone

    More from the Californian in Texas

    Nice haul! Even more impressive for a "bubblehead"!
  60. Bad To The Bone

    A Zone buck down

    I don't know when you last hunted or saw lots of pigs on Vandenberg, but the population is almost non existent now due to the severe drought conditions of the past several years. In years past it was almost a sure bet that I would take a pig or two after having put in three or four weekends on...
  61. Bad To The Bone

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    Nice report Jeff and you did a great job whacking the Euros these past few weeks. Sitting at the ready in triple digit heat is tolerable when the birds are flying fast and furious but when the quarry is absent, there's just too much idle time to feel the heat. Last week certainly was a scorcher...
  62. Bad To The Bone

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    Yup! There's nothing better than shooting a dove and having it half baked by the time it hits the ground. I sure as hell wasn't going to bust brush in my shorts looking for those unfortunate Euros that crashed in rattler cover. On the upside, the coyotes will get fat and furry for the varmint...
  63. Bad To The Bone

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    Another thirty-three on the tailgate this afternoon. Not bad for a couple of hours with the .410's and .28 gauges. I must admit that your hit ratio was a bit better than mine, but then again you've had plenty of practice whacking them this past week. I enjoyed the hunt even though I felt like...
  64. Bad To The Bone

    I.V. EUROS 6-4-18

    I need to drive down and join you for a shoot!!
  65. Bad To The Bone

    TRADE Looking to Trade for 1lb of Accurate MagPro

    I'm looking for a sealed 1lb container of MagPro powder and I can offer up in trade a 1lb sealed container of one of the following: Alliant RL-19, Hodgdon H110, H-1000, or H4831.
  66. Bad To The Bone

    Dead creatures

    Looks like a fun time Nate! Of all the many months I spent in Hawaii over my military career, not once did it dawn on me to go hunting. What a lost opportunity... I guess I'll have to go back and have a do over.. I'll be heading back to Texas in December for my whitetail, axis, pig, and...
  67. Bad To The Bone

    Turkey hunting?

    Yup! I know where they are and they know they are safe and untouchable... ;-) Damn..
  68. Bad To The Bone

    free range axis gone wild these last 2 weekends

    Nice! I think axis is the best tasting of all the venison and my supply is just about gone. Back to Texas in December...
  69. Bad To The Bone

    Kodiak Spring Bear 2018

    Congratulations! That's one hell of a bear and such a fantastic hunt you had. Most guys can only dream of hunting Kodiak brown bear. You're very fortunate.
  70. Bad To The Bone

    Turkey Dinner

    Very nice! Congratulations. That looks like a great piece of private property with multiple spots to set up in ambush.
  71. Bad To The Bone

    Bitterwater Outfitters combo turkey and boar hunt.

    Great report and congratulations on the successful hunt. My son and I hunted wild boar with Bitterwater several years ago and had a great time and an equally successful hunt. They really do have some great properties to hunt.
  72. Bad To The Bone

    NWTF Youth Hunt - Santa Ysabel

    Congratulations! I hope that youngster realizes how lucky he is to score a turkey in San Diego County. I bet he's hooked on hunting now and that's what we need...
  73. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark ,270Wby Mag

    Bump for needing space in the gun safes.
  74. Bad To The Bone

    Desert Pheasants 2-24-18

    Great report Jeff and a great day afield too. The dogs sure did work their hearts out for us. When I got home I gave Bailey a nice warm bath, fed her, and then she promptly put herself straight to bed and stayed there for twelve hours. This morning she looked at me as if to say, screw you, I'm...
  75. Bad To The Bone

    A-22 Buck

    Looks like he came back and found trouble!! Congrats on a fine deer.
  76. Bad To The Bone

    Arizona elk success

    Congrats to both of them! Seeing elk taken from public land is encouraging too because I’ve got 3 elk bonus points right now and will be applying in 2019 when I have 4. I have a friend in Prescott who seems to think I should be able to draw with at least 3 points. We’ll see..
  77. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 12-16-17

    It was a good day Jeff and I enjoyed being out there. Besides, what more could I ask for than to hunt aoudad and ducks in the same week. Well, maybe a trip afield to put our dogs back on some pheasant and chukar would be nice. Regardless, life is good! Here's a photo I took while you were...
  78. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    It was free range on a 17,000 acre private ranch low fence. He measured 28 1/4 & 28 1/8. He’s a trophy to me..
  79. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    Thanks Brent, we had a great time on this hunt as we do on all of our hunts together. I'm retiring in a few more months and I am very much looking forward to joining my buddies and not having work related deadlines attached to my hunting or fishing trips. The hunt will be over when tags are...
  80. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    Well, alrighty then...
  81. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    No, Charles didn't guide us on this trip. Steven, Travis, and a new young fella named Anthony guided my buddies on Doak for the whitetail portion of their hunt. Anthony, took us to the other property for the aoudad hunt. The 10 and 11 pointers my buddies shot were very nice deer but I don't...
  82. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    Nate, we were in South Texas near Bracketville. My buddies hunted their whitetail on the Doak Ranch with TC Outfitters and that is where we were based. However, each day at 5:00am we drove about an hour South to the ranch property where the aoudad roamed.
  83. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Aoudad

    I just got home from Texas after joining two of my old Navy buddies for an Aoudad hunt. They arrived in the area five days before me to hunt whitetail and were successful bagging a couple of ten and eleven pointers along with a few does. Since my freezer is still full of venison and wild boar...
  84. Bad To The Bone

    Game pics

    That's quite a haul. One hunting trip or several?
  85. Bad To The Bone

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    He's a real beauty, Congrats!
  86. Bad To The Bone

    First Texas Deer hunt

    Very cool. Gotta love Texas, and I do!
  87. Bad To The Bone

    5x4 D12 mount 2016

    That's a great buck anywhere. Congrats!
  88. Bad To The Bone

    Browning Citori 12 Gauge, Over Under

    Jeff, you need another Citori about as much as I need another Weatherby. It's a sickness... :-)
  89. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark ,270Wby Mag

    Thanks, but I'm only interested in a trade for another firearm if not a cash sale.
  90. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a B&C stock---Vanguard short action

  91. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Mark V Fibermark ,270Wby Mag

    SOLD This vintage 87/88 Weatherby Mark V Fibermark in .270 Wby caliber with original Weatherby Supreme 3-9x44mm scope has been a safe queen most of it's life. The quality fiberglass stock with white diamond logo was made by McMillan for Weatherby back in the day before Weatherby transitioned to...
  92. Bad To The Bone

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    Congrats Brent. That's a very nice Coues deer and it reminds me that I've yet to hunt the Grey Ghost. Got to set a plan in motion while I still have motion...
  93. Bad To The Bone

    Late season hunt in Colorado

    What a great hunt. Beautiful bucks taken by everyone and hunting with family to boot. It doesn't get any better than that. Congratulations!
  94. Bad To The Bone

    D16 Giant

    That guy must have been hiding out on private land for quite some time to get that big. Did anyone age him? It's difficult to tell from a front profile photo, but he looks like he's at least 5-6 years old.
  95. Bad To The Bone

    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    Congratulations to your young cousin. I bet he's really stoked at taking such a fine specimen. I don't often see successful Nevada elk hunt postings so this is all the more impressive to me.
  96. Bad To The Bone

    MT elk down

    Congratulations on a successful hunt and some mighty fine steaks to go!
  97. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Road Trip

    That's good to know Matt. I already have my annual combo license, but I will definitely pass this info on to my retired Navy buddies who will be joining me in April to hunt wild pigs. Texas is a great state for sportsmen.
  98. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Road Trip

    I just returned from a whitetail hunt in the Del Rio area of Texas with TC Outfitters. I joined up with three old Navy buddies who came in from Montana, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We served together on a diesel submarine from 1972 to 1978 and three of us made the Navy a career serving up to...
  99. Bad To The Bone

    Montana 20162016

    That's a nice bodied deer. I love hunting in Montana because I always see animals even if I don't have the tags for them. Last year I hunted Gallatin NF and the Eastern prairie but I just didn't see an animal I wanted. I'm off to Texas on Thursday for whitetail and I need venison so we'll see...
  100. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    You guys had one hell of a hunt and you capped it off with two very nice bulls. Congratulations on the hunt and the sweet memories for a lifetime.
  101. Bad To The Bone

    10/21 Wister Opener

    Haha,,that's wild...but whatever it takes to fill a strap. I guess it's a hell of a lot easier than cramming arrow weed into the mud at 4:00am to build a blind and setting several dozen decoys. ;-)
  102. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Choice

  103. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Choice

    I've only worked up one load so far for my whitetail hunt in December, but I will ultimately develop an elk load with 180gn TTSX and an antelope load with 130gn TTSX. Here's my deer load: 150gn Barnes TTSX, Nosler Brass trimmed 2.6015", COAL 3.340", 72gn H4350, Fed GM215M primer. This load...
  104. Bad To The Bone

    My Daughter is at it again.

    Very cool..,and no game cart needed! Congrats to your daughter.
  105. Bad To The Bone

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Nice job Brent. Making it a family affair and sharing the tradition is what it is all about. I look forward to getting my grandson out next year.
  106. Bad To The Bone

    10/21 Wister Opener

    Nice haul on the mallards. Did you draw or drop in on the sweat line?
  107. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Choice

    I'm a die-hard Weatherby fan (Mk V in 30-378, .300 Wby, 270 Wby, .257 Wby, .30-06 and a Vanguard Sub-Moa in 270 WSM ) and a hand loader so I shoot them often. The Accumark is a tank to carry on mountainous terrain hunts but it is durable and very accurate. Both the MK V Accumark and Lightweight...
  108. Bad To The Bone

    Mountain Goat, part two

    As always, a very comprehensive and exciting report Nate. Congratulations on a successful hunt and mountain adventure. You certainly earned your reward and I admire your perseverance for returning a second time to a very tough hunt. Hmmm, does this mean I wasted twelve hundred bucks on my Sitka...
  109. Bad To The Bone

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    Wow!!! That's a once in a lifetime elk for sure. What a beauty. Congratulations.
  110. Bad To The Bone

    Antelope in Wyoming

    Congrats on your successful hunt and adventure. It looks like you had a great time.
  111. Bad To The Bone

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Jack, it was nice to catch up with you again yesterday,it's been a long time.. Thanks again for the smok'n deal on those binos. I've owned the same set for the past five years and couldn't be happier with the performance. This new set will be a great loaner for some of my forgetful hunting...
  112. Bad To The Bone

    First Hawaiian Buck

    That axis is some mighty fine venison. Congrats!
  113. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming draw results are posted

    I'm building up my speed goat points for area 60 / 61. Got 7 now so I'll probably apply in 2018 with 9 and hope for the best.
  114. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Scope

    My old VX-III has the parallax adjustment on the side too so I guess the features haven't changed much since I bought it. If it works well, ..why mess with it. That's why I didn't replace it with a Zeiss. I think you would be happy with the Leupold and the price is not outrageous. Besides...
  115. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Scope

    The Leupold on my WBY .300 has the B&C reticle but I will tell you that on my particular vintage model VX-III, the crosshairs are somewhat thick. Not a real issue for shooting <300yds but 400 and beyond the subtention is a bit much. Then again, I might be spoiled by my thin line Rapid Z-800...
  116. Bad To The Bone

    WTB Scope

    All my rifles scopes are Zeiss except for a Leupold 4.5-14x50mm mounted on my custom .300 Weatherby. That scope has been standing up to 180gn-190gn recoil just fine since 2009. This rifle is not a safe queen and I've put close to 400 rounds down the tube since mounting that scope and it's as...
  117. Bad To The Bone

    boat weight.

    A late 1990's model Seaswirl 1730 CC weighs in at around 1770 lbs. and a Honda 90 4-stroke weighs about 360 lbs. so 2500lbs. sounds like a good estimate. Don't forget the weight of the trailer if you're trying to figure out if your vehicle can tow this rig. Good luck......
  118. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby 7mm Mag Ammo & Brass for sale or trade for??

    I've got two boxes of vintage Weatherby 7 mm Mag ammo and thirty-seven pieces of once fired brass. Make me a cash offer or perhaps you've got something you'd like to offer in trade. Shoot me a PM. Gerry
  119. Bad To The Bone

    Woodland's Hunt Club 2-28-16

    Great summary Jeff. It really was the closest to a wild hunt for a put-n-take scenario. I'm taking Bailey to the vet in the morning and keeping my fingers crossed that she hasn't torn a cruciate ligament. Oh, by way, my birds were styling in a YETI (not Yanni) 30qt hopper. West Marine stocks...
  120. Bad To The Bone

    Glow Paint for Sights --- Free Sample Pack for First 5 People

    I applied the Alumiglow paint to a couple of my handguns this morning and I was very pleased with the results. The application process was very simple and the results were great. Neither handgun had sights that could be seen in a dark room and now they are visible. I took daylight photos of...
  121. Bad To The Bone

    Glow Paint for Sights --- Free Sample Pack for First 5 People

    Matt, I received the #1 Alumiglow kit today. Thanks again! I'll make a concerted effort this weekend to apply it to at least one of my handguns and post the results along with my assessment and any lessons learned. I'll provide you with ongoing feedback as I make additiona applications .
  122. Bad To The Bone

    Alaskan Caribou hunt video

    That's one hell of a hunt and it's on my bucket list. Thanks for the video Nate.
  123. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 1/9

    Great report Jeff. I'm surprised you stayed awake long enough to write it. After cleaning the packed dried mud of my cart, boots, decoys, and darn near everything else I had with me, I fell asleep on the couch. I just didn't want to deal with that crap tomorrow. Aside from our torturous hike to...
  124. Bad To The Bone

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    It looks to be a Western Fence Lizard. They're very common in SoCal and that big one was probably freezing his ass off !
  125. Bad To The Bone

    Alaskan Caribou hunt memento

    Nate, now that's a real "wall hanger".
  126. Bad To The Bone

    Bitterwater outfitters?

    I took my son for a pig hunt with Bitterwater Outfitters last year and we both had a great time. They have access to a number of ranches holding lots of pigs so we both scored a pig on the first evening hunt. In fact, I saw more pigs in two hours than I think I have ever seen before. I've hunted...
  127. Bad To The Bone

    WTB or Trade for H1000

    Thanks for the reply but I already have H4831 and H4831sc, it's H1000 that I'm looking for. Who knows,..maybe Santa will bring me some.. :-)
  128. Bad To The Bone

    WTB or Trade for H1000

    I'm looking to buy a sealed 1 lb. can of H1000 or I can offer in trade, a sealed 1lb. can of H110, Varget, BL-C(2), H4350, RL-19, H4831, or H4831sc.
  129. Bad To The Bone

    Lost wire hair pointer

    Get your dogs micro-chipped, especially a hunting dog. I'll assume they've already had him scanned, finding no chip. Hope he makes it home for Christmas.
  130. Bad To The Bone

    Game processing San Diego??

    Wow....sounds like you need to build a better relationship with your butcher. I'm pretty sure most on this forum take responsibility for their harvest and try to find the best use for their game meat. I've yet to find a knife that can smoke hams, or make decent jalapeno w/cheddar smoked...
  131. Bad To The Bone

    Game processing San Diego??

    I've used Bob's Specialty Meats on El Norte Pkwy in Escondido a number of times for deer and pigs. I've taken them in whole and also boned and have always been happy with the final product.
  132. Bad To The Bone

    WTB or Trade for RL-22

    I'm looking to buy 1 lb. (unopened can) of RL-22 or can offer in trade an unopened 1 lb. can of H110, Varget, BL-C(2), H4350, RL-19 or H4831 .
  133. Bad To The Bone

    Carnage in the Valley 9-5-15

    Jeff, thanks again for the invite as I really needed the break. It was a great shoot and with the temperature only reaching 101 degrees it made it all the nicer. Here's the photo you took before we headed home.
  134. Bad To The Bone

    Browning Citori for sale 12 Gauge

    Maybe he wants more beads.... and you need another Citori like I need another Weatherby!
  135. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Birthday

    Now that's a great family trip! You spent valuable time together, shared a great learning experience with your daughter and her friends, saw lots of wildlife and everyone went home with a lifetime memory. What more could you ask for??...Well maybe and elk tag for that bull you saw..:-) Congrats!
  136. Bad To The Bone

    Need boots recommendation......Again....Saloman Suck!

    For upland game and local hunting my non-insulated Danner Pronghorn boots have served me well. For elk and deer hunting in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, my go-to boots are my insulated Kenetrek Mountain Extremes. They are very comfortable and durable as hell but they were a little pricey...
  137. Bad To The Bone

    Anyone Try Sous Vide?

    Oh oh, the secret is out... Now everyone will be cooking fantastic gourmet cuisine. Our Sansaire has earned it's keep many times over.
  138. Bad To The Bone

    Sitka Gear And Kryptek Camo For Sale

    I can use the gloves. Let me know when and where you want to meet.
  139. Bad To The Bone

    Imperial Valley Trifecta

    Now that's a great way to spend an afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if you had better success than many at Wister who were up at o'dark- thirty hauling decoys and gear and building blinds.
  140. Bad To The Bone

    Raahauge's Pheasant Club 12-27

    Yes, it was a good day at Raahauge's and the wind made it great for my pointer. She got my ten planted Chuckar plus five bonus birds during the open field hunt. We left one rooster still running around in the woods that just wouldn't get up and fly. I was in the jeep leading the pack when we...
  141. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby 7mm Mag Brass & Vintage Ammo

    I don't own a 7mm Weatherby Magnum and I have two boxes of vintage (circa 1970's) 7mm Weatherby Mag ammo and 37 pieces of brass that I de-primed (NOT re-sized), and cleaned. Shoot the ammo, or pull it for your own recipe. $70.00 for everything.
  142. Bad To The Bone

    A nice mid week duck shoot with my son. 11-26-14

    Very nice, and so much better than a day at work!
  143. Bad To The Bone

    Success w/ 6x6 Bull in Meeker, CO

    Congratulations! That's a bull to be proud of and it sounds like you had a great time on the ranch too.
  144. Bad To The Bone

    First Pheasants of the year, fun day

    Looks like you both had a great day. Thanks for the photo; I'd almost forgotten what green grass looked like!
  145. Bad To The Bone

    D16 Forky

    Congrats to both of you. You're a good buddy, now go get some elk and have fun doing it!
  146. Bad To The Bone

    Saturday (10-11-2014) Pig Hunt

    Looks like a real good time! I'm about due for another pig hunt myself.
  147. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Opener - Easy Limits

    It was 6:19am and it was boldly posted at the check-in station and reiterated during the pre-brief. I personally couldn't identify ducks at that time and we didn't start our shooting until about 6:35am even though we had a lot of ducks fly within shooting range.
  148. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Opener - Easy Limits

    Sounded like a slaughter on wister yesterday! Wasn't that unbelievable!! We just looked at each other and said "you've got to be kidding". Once and a while someone will jump the gun and you'll hear a couple of shots but this was full on battlefield blasting 7 minutes before you could...
  149. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Opener - Easy Limits

    My buddy Jeff drew #12 for the Wister opener so we headed on down to give them a wake-up call. It was easy limits by 8:00am for the three of us and we could have finished sooner if we didn't hold fire hoping for some of the bigger models. We finished with 12 cinnamon, 8 green-winged and 1...
  150. Bad To The Bone

    Sd county CCW

    I hold CCW permits from Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida which allows me conceal carry authorization in those states and about 35 others but NOT California. California does not recognize any other state CCW permits for reciprocity purposes of conceal carry in California. An out of state CCW...
  151. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    No processing. Just field dress, skin. split, and chill in the walk-in cooler.
  152. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    Yup, it's me! On my way to Wyoming right now to hunt deer. Be back Oct 8th. the office.
  153. Bad To The Bone

    back from AK alive, barely

    That's a fantastic report Nate and I'm glad you made it back on your own two feet. For me, your sorting the wheat from the chaff approach to trip reporting did far more justice to your hunt than any photo could have shown. Sounds like you made another lifetime memory. Well done!
  154. Bad To The Bone

    Finally, shook my monkey after 9 years!

    Congratulations Nate! Great background story too.
  155. Bad To The Bone

    Out of State draws, what did you get?

    Going to hunt deer in Wyoming Area 156 this fall. I haven't hunted that area in a few years so I'm looking forward to it.
  156. Bad To The Bone

    Advice Needed ….. Loading & Reloading Shotgun Hulls

    I reload .410 bore, 28ga, 20ga, and 12ga shotgun shells but I am by no means an expert and anyone who tells you they are, probably isn't. There is always more to learn. My first question is about your reloading press. Did your donor provide you with charge bars for both lead and steel shot...
  157. Bad To The Bone

    Copper bullet failure.

    I've never had a problem with Barnes bullets and they are the only big-game bullet I have been loading for over six years. The TTSX bullet has performed flawlessly for me. I have used Barnes on ground squirrels, antelope, Wyoming mulies, axis bucks, and elk. I've taken a half dozen or more...
  158. Bad To The Bone

    Wet birding

    Nice job Nate! If I didn't know better, I'd think you shot him out of the air and he landed in a lake.
  159. Bad To The Bone

    Any personal experiences with local dog trainers?

    Mention to Tracy that you were referred by a friend of "Dirk's" owner. When I took my pointer to them a month ago for snake avoidance training, they all remembered "Dirk the Jerk". Needless to say, my buddies GWP was a tough case, but he is now a fine hunting dog. Good luck with your dog and...
  160. Bad To The Bone

    Any personal experiences with local dog trainers?

    A friend of mine who now lives in Big Sky, MT had his GWP trained by Tracy Presson at High on Kennels. He has nothing but good things to say about Fred and Tracy and their training program. The only reason he would want to come back to SoCal is for a tune up for his dog at High on Kennels.
  161. Bad To The Bone

    SCI to challenge CA mountain lion import ban

    Finally! For years, I have wondered how California has been able to get away with this egregious abuse of government intervention where there should be none. I just hope that if SCI is successful, the ruling doesn't bounce back and forth in the courts for years like the CCW issue. I have passed...
  162. Bad To The Bone

    Modified my left handed Mauser 458 Win Mag

    What?? You mean you're not shooting Cape Buffalo and Brown Bears at 200+ yards. Kidding aside, dangerous game calibers are usually dialed in for 50 yards. I was just curious how that cloverleaf group would open up at 100 yards. I shot a 500gn solid from a 460 Weatherby (no brake) two years ago...
  163. Bad To The Bone

    Modified my left handed Mauser 458 Win Mag

    Nice clover leaf on the bench group! It will be interesting to see how much that same group opens up at 100yds. If it's still sub-moa, you've got a winner.
  164. Bad To The Bone

    A couple meat pigs from King City

    Congrats! Looks like together, die together.
  165. Bad To The Bone

    First Turkey

    Congratualtions! Now I'm sure you're hooked.
  166. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    Tom, I miss my weekends at Tejon but with all the work construction projects I have going on this year, I couldn't break away enough to make another Spring membership worth my while. Stop by my office the next time you come down so we can catch up.
  167. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    Good one Jeff! They field dressed, skinned and halved each pig and then put them in the walk-in cooler for the night. They were nice and chilled by the time we headed home this morning. Now as far as my granola mobile goes,...let's see, I can drive up in my Jeep that gets 14 MPG or my Prius...
  168. Bad To The Bone

    A double ham slammer

    I've been out of wild pork for about a month, so I decided to book a hunt for my son and I with Bitterwater Outfitters. We hunted Tejon last year, but I just couldn't get him in a position to connect. We drove up to Paso Robles yesterday morning and checked into a hotel and then got a bite to...
  169. Bad To The Bone

    Modified my left handed Mauser 458 Win Mag

    Yup, powder goes pretty quick in those large cartridges. Heck, I'm burning 81.5 gns of 4831 in my .300 wby for 168gn TTSX's. Save some powder,..load up some 500 grainers and really feel the love. :-)
  170. Bad To The Bone

    Modified my left handed Mauser 458 Win Mag

    Beautiful upgrade. Now work up a load for that Cape Buffalo!
  171. Bad To The Bone

    San Diego declines to file for request for enbanc panel.

    Food for thought,...I too paid the $2 for the online printout of my DMV record and it showed no violations or other issues just as I expected. However, I did have a moving violation in 2011 that was not put on my driving record at the DMV because I went to traffic school. This is the normal...
  172. Bad To The Bone

    Vortex Spotting Scopes?

    I do not own a Vortex Spotting Scope, but I am familiar with their optics. I put a Vortex Viper HS 4-16 x 50 on my custom .22-250 build, and I am very pleased with the performance. In my opinion, the Vortex glass clarity (on certain scopes) is much better than Leupold at the same price point...
  173. Bad To The Bone

    reloading powder

    There are many powder suppliers on the internet. I have had no problem keeping my reloading supplies at full stock levels with the exception of "Clays" because of the factory closure due to the fire. In the meantime, I have substituted Longshot powder until they are back up and producing...
  174. Bad To The Bone

    WTT Federal GM215M Primers

    Looking to trade 600 Federal GM215M primers for a sealed 1lb container of H4350 or H4831sc. FTF transfer in San Diego area.
  175. Bad To The Bone

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    Good report Jeff and thanks again for the invite. Let me know what the vet says about Lucy. It sounds like our suspicions about the mojo are confirmed. That's OK, I was too tired to clean a full bird limit anyway
  176. Bad To The Bone

    My 3 hour bighorn sheep hunt

    Congratulations! He's a gnarly ole boy with lots of character. Now you've got to hunt for a place on your wall to mount him.
  177. Bad To The Bone

    Raahauge's Pheasant Hunt 11-29

    Planted birds or not, it's all good fun and a great way to get the kids introduced to hunting. Looks like they released a few melanistics for you. They're cool looking birds. By the way,...there's an empty 12 gauge hull on the ground behind you. :)
  178. Bad To The Bone


    Fast and furious or slow and steady. It still looks mighty good to me..
  179. Bad To The Bone

    If you're gonna go, might as well go big, right?

    Congrats on the double, Nate. Is that Kifaru pack a little bloody now?
  180. Bad To The Bone

    Rifle Rest for sighting in

    I recommend a 6"-9" benchrest style Harris bipod with swivel mount and a sand bag or similar rest for your rear stock . It will provide a stable platform and it has much more versatility than a lead-sled or other static rest. I own and use three different types of Harris bi-pods at the range...
  181. Bad To The Bone

    Reloading Supplies

    You've got to look beyond the usual pistol powders. I've been using longshot in my 115gn 9mm loads. That's one of my go-to powders for shotgunning but its kept me plinking with my XD9.
  182. Bad To The Bone

    He is home

    Looks great! You can probably count on one hand the number of friends you have with one of those on their wall. A story for your grandkids for sure..
  183. Bad To The Bone

    Natural Gear Camo Waterproof Hunting Pants

    Natural Gear Large is advertised to be sized for a 35-39" waist. I'm a 35 and although they fit without falling off, they were too baggie in the legs and seat for me. The length from the top of the waist band to the bottom of the cuff is about 44" and the inseam measured about 32". I can...
  184. Bad To The Bone

    In need of an opinion

    I've built on McMillan, Bell & Carlson, and Accurate Innovations with very good results. It just depends what configuration you want and how much money you have in your build budget. Check out "Stocky's" for some ideas. Good luck
  185. Bad To The Bone

    In need of an opinion

    I understand it... It's because he can and that's all that matters. I've got a couple of buddies who build to shoot steel starting at 1000 yds. All of my rifles are sub-moa shooters and I'm well practiced and proficient out to 800 yds but prefer to shoot my animals inside of 300yds. There are...
  186. Bad To The Bone

    In need of an opinion

    I would build on a 338 Lapua or Weatherby 30-378 caliber. Both have more than enough retained energy at 800+ yards. Tack drivers don't come out of a box at those ranges so plan on starting with a good bedding job. Hand loads will provide far more consistency than factory ammo once you work up...
  187. Bad To The Bone

    Natural Gear Camo Waterproof Hunting Pants

    SOLD I'm selling a size Large pair of Natural Gear 4x4 Concealment System Waterproof Hunting Pants from Mack's Prairie Wings. I bought the wrong size last season and I didn't want to bother shipping them back. I now have the correct size and they work great especially if you need to pull them...
  188. Bad To The Bone

    Kansas whitetail

    Nice! Gotta put Kansas on my list of retirement hunting spots.
  189. Bad To The Bone

    whackin quack

    Looks like you had a great time. A dog, a boat, and a gun; what more could a guy ask for?
  190. Bad To The Bone

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    That's a very nice SoCal buck with lots of character in those antlers. You even hung the tag before the photo! Congratulations
  191. Bad To The Bone

    Henry Mountains Utah Buck

    WOW! Truly a buck of a lifetime with a hunting story to share with your grandkids someday. Congratulations
  192. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    Yeh Brent, I felt pretty bad about not being able to help Jeff set the decoys. He had waders but I don't even own a pair (Yet). I did make a number of long-haul trips back and forth to the truck lugging decoys and gear. I told Jeff if I had know the scenario, I would have brought my collapsable...
  193. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    You're right Carl. From what we saw, I think we did better than most but they didn't come easy. We floated over three dozen decoys in several spreads and my buddy was calling in high flyers with skill that would make Willie and the rest of the DD boys proud. ;)
  194. Bad To The Bone

    colo elk

    Congratulations. From your attire, it looks like you had to be more concerned about keeping things cool than staying warm! It almost looks like a Spring day.
  195. Bad To The Bone

    Wister Oct 30th - Good day

    It's been over thirty years since I did any real duck hunting, and today was a good day to get back into it. My buddy took me with him to Wister this morning and we both got limits. I didn't have any problem knocking them out of the sky but it's going to be a steep learning curve to become...
  196. Bad To The Bone

    Found Dog

    I guess we can assume the dog had a collar with a name tag but no license? You could take the dog to any vet or animal shelter and they can scan for a microchip containing the owners info. It won't cost you anything but your time. Then again, if the dog wasn't licensed it's a slim chance that...
  197. Bad To The Bone

    7mm-08 & 30-378 fer the takin

    Yup! That's the one. It's a great sub-moa shooter and my go-to elk rifle.
  198. Bad To The Bone

    7mm-08 & 30-378 fer the takin

    I know Roger; my custom .300 Bee with stainless fluted barrel, muzzle brake and scope measure 48" and weighs 10.1 lbs. But,.. when I want to reach out and poke something hard, it does the trick. I'm sure your buddy is real happy getting the ammo. Now all he has to do is put it to good use and...
  199. Bad To The Bone

    7mm-08 & 30-378 fer the takin

    Roger, you can pass them on to a buddy as long as he/she is not otherwise prohibited from owning firearms or ammo. I wish I had a buddy willing to give me $700.00 worth of ammo! I regret not buying your Accumark & Swarovski last year. Now that was a killer deal!
  200. Bad To The Bone

    For Trade - Federal GM215M Primers

    I've got 500 Federal GM215M primers I'd like to trade for an equal number of Winchester 209, CCI 209M, or Fed 209A primers. Not interested in shipping or selling.
  201. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M or CCI 400 primers

    Already on Calguns...Some of those guys are real gougers taking advantage of a bad situation. However, not everyone...I'm trading a brick of CCI 400 primers for a pound of Varget this morning and Saturday I'm purchasing 3 lbs. of BL-(C)2 for the same price it would cost me if I could order it...
  202. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M or CCI 400 primers

    Looking to trade up to 500 Federal GM215M primers for equal quantity of Federal GM210M primers. (CCI 400 primers are gone)
  203. Bad To The Bone

    9mm RCBS carbide 3-die set

    Looking to buy a RCBS carbide 3-die set for 9mm. Tired of waiting for the retailers..........
  204. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M primers

    Looking to trade 100-500 Federal GM215M magnum rifle primers for equal number of Federal GM210M large rifle primers.
  205. Bad To The Bone

    Stainless Ladder

    SOLD Top quality custom made stainless steel ladder for swimstep mounting or someplace else you might need it. I had it on my Riv's swimstep and it worked great. Measures 41"H x 16"W (inside dimension). $40.00
  206. Bad To The Bone

    Rules on selling/giving mounted heads?

    Nate, if you decide to store rather than sell it, I've got plenty of wall space in my "trophy" room and would be happy to hang it up for you until such time you find the room for it again or just decide you want it back. In the interim, it would look good next to my axis and above my elk...
  207. Bad To The Bone

    Oct deer

    That sure is a beauty! A horseback hunt, whether it be for elk or deer, adds even more to a hunting adventure. Congrats
  208. Bad To The Bone

    Black Gun Fun - Big Boss Hog

    How was the squirrel/target shooting? Many squirrels suffered the wrath of my little "black gun". I spent about an hour and half on a hillside overlooking a nice grassy bowl just up from the resevoir. I got tired of vaporizing the little buggers inside of 100yds so I pulled the trigger only...
  209. Bad To The Bone

    Black Gun Fun - Big Boss Hog

    There was another one taken yesterday that also had a broadhead in its shoulder. Tough bastards they are! I got close again this weekend but no cigar. Almost pulled the trigger last night 10 minutes before the end of shooting hours while walking back to my Jeep, but decided against it since I...
  210. Bad To The Bone

    Back fromTejon

    That makes sense, and it's what I would expect so soon after the initial Spring opener. I'm heading back up tomorrow to arrive in time to set up for an evening stake out of their move from the canopy and undercover. I will bring along my .22-250 on this trip to keep the squirrels occupied...
  211. Bad To The Bone

    Black Gun Fun - Big Boss Hog

    Good going! Gotta get me one......maybe this weekend.
  212. Bad To The Bone

    Back fromTejon

    My son and I just got back from a two day hunting trip at Tejon. What a fantastic place. We left home at o'dark thirty yesterday morning and drove up in our RV with the jeep in tow. We arrived around 7:30 am and took us a while to get set up in the campground because the ground was very soft...
  213. Bad To The Bone

    7-1/2 size shot

    11/16 oz of 7 1/2 is my best .410 load and I'm down to about 20lbs so I can't spare any, but you can pick up 50lbs of magnum 7 1/2 shot from Rotometals for $99.99 including free shipping.
  214. Bad To The Bone

    Bacon over here please! BPD

    Congrats! That's a very nice boar, but c'mon let's hear about the disaster trip. Often times we can learn more from the bad hunting experiences or failures others have, than we can from their successful trips. At any rate, well done.
  215. Bad To The Bone

    My Axis Mount Arrived Today

    Probably Audad but what I really want is a mountain lion crouched on one of those shelves. Unfortunately, as long as I live in this tree hugger state, that won't happen. I've turned down two Montana lion hunt opportunities with a buddy because I wouldn't be able to make use of my kill.
  216. Bad To The Bone

    My Axis Mount Arrived Today

    No OCD,.. After I hung it on the wall I stepped down from the ladder, looked at it briefly from directly below and then put the ladder away. When I got my camera to take photos I stood on the bar stool (yeah, pretty stupid) to take the head on photo and noticed it was cocked to the side. I...
  217. Bad To The Bone

    My Axis Mount Arrived Today

    This is our den at the far end of our home and it never gets used except as a pass-thru to the computer room/home office. My wife has decreed that the rest of the house is "off-limits" to my dead things. I'm fortunate to have laid claim to this room for my trophies. I even managed to put a mule...
  218. Bad To The Bone

    My Axis Mount Arrived Today

    I got my axis mount back from Texas today. I shot this buck back in June in Utopia with Shane Hern as my guide. We had a great hunt together. I had a spot already picked out on the wall that needed filling so up he went today. Hmmm, there's a few more empty spaces. Maybe my son or I will get...
  219. Bad To The Bone

    Reloaders check in thread

    I'm not interested in selling, but I will trade a sealed pound of Longshot or 500 Federal GM 215M primers for a sealed pound of BL-C(2).
  220. Bad To The Bone

    Reloaders check in thread

    Pistol- 9mm, .38/.357, 45ACP, .44mag Rifle - .22-250, .308, .30-06, 270WSM, .300 Wby Shotgun - .410 bore, 20ga, 12ga RCBS presses and dies, RCBS vibratory case cleaner, Lyman digital scale, MEC Sizemaster Reloading Presses, Forster case trimmer and everything else I need.
  221. Bad To The Bone

    308 or 30-06

    I own six different rifle calibers but if I could keep only one it would be my 300 Weatherby because of it's versatility. If I had to choose between my .30-06 and my .308 it would be my .30-06 hands down. They use the same diameter 30 cal bullet but the .30-06 can push a heavier one, and a...
  222. Bad To The Bone

    .308 Win 125 Gr Core-Lokt PSP

    Great! I didn't know you had a .308...They're yours for free. Payback for the two boxes of .410 shells you gave to me about six months ago. Just save the brass for me if you're not going to reload. See you Friday.
  223. Bad To The Bone

    .308 Win 125 Gr Core-Lokt PSP

    I've got two boxes (40 rds) of Remington Managed-Recoil .308 125 gr Core-Lokt PSP taking up valuable space in my ammo locker. I used this stuff to introduce my young son to his .308 Savage and it allowed him to concentrate on his shooting and not the recoil. $30.00 for both boxes. No shipping.
  224. Bad To The Bone

    The room is completed...

    Wow! Such fantastic specimens. How many years of hunting did it take for your dad to acquire those?
  225. Bad To The Bone

    2013 Big game hunting plans?

    Tejon piggies March - July Wyoming deer with my son - 4 pref points Wyoming antelope - 3 pref points Maybe Texas Audad if I can work it in
  226. Bad To The Bone

    New Mexico Elk

    I thought it was just me...That cows head looks more like a camel than a typical elk. It's no doubt the angle and the tufted hair on the neck but camel is the first thing that came to mind. How funny! Congrats on your successful hunt and enjoy that good meat.
  227. Bad To The Bone

    Pig hunting question

    If you're still on active duty, you should think about joining The Camp Pendleton Sportsman's Club. They put together pig hunts at FHL and Vandenberg. There was one in December, there's one this weekend and usually another at Vandenberg during the President's Day holiday weekend. I'm retired...
  228. Bad To The Bone

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    You're right, they can urge the Ag Assoc all they want. Just like one hundred thousand or more San Diego County gun owners could urge them to keep the shows. I think the revenue generated by the shows will probably have the most influence on what the Ag Assoc. decides. We'll see soon enough!
  229. Bad To The Bone

    Del mar trying end the gun show 6pm tonight

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't read that resolution as an attempt to shut down the gun shows. If so, it's a pretty feeble attempt. Del Mar just doesn't want it's name associated with them. Great! Besides, it's State land under the stewardship of the 22nd District Agricultural Association and...
  230. Bad To The Bone

    WTF? And get to keep it?

    You got that right! I'm not taking a stand on what he did or didn't do because I don't know all of the facts, but we should all take comfort in the fact that the good residents of Boulder held a proper candlelight vigil for the elk. :rofl...
  231. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M

    Looking to trade 500 Federal GM215M primers for 500 CCI 350 primers. Not interested in selling or shipping.
  232. Bad To The Bone

    CCI 400 Primers

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE I've got a brick (1,000) of CCI 400 primers that I'd like to trade for a brick of Federal 210M or 210 primers. No shipping... In person only.
  233. Bad To The Bone

    Double Dog Dare You.............

    I remember very well those days and I miss them. I also remember going to high school always having my shotgun in the trunk of my car as soon as pheasant season opened. I'd walk a field on my way to school before class and at least once a week I'd get a rooster and toss it in my car trunk until...
  234. Bad To The Bone

    Faber 85 Steel Scuba Tank

    It's LP, 2004, Escondido or San Diego, Mission Bay.
  235. Bad To The Bone

    Faber 85 Steel Scuba Tank

  236. Bad To The Bone

    Faber 85 Steel Scuba Tank

    SOLD Price reduced to $150.00 I don't anticipate diving again, so I'm getting rid of my tank. It's a Faber steel 85 with K-valve. Includes dust cover, carry handle, and boot. Just performend hydro, visual inspection and air fill on 12/2/12. Asking $175.00 obo
  237. Bad To The Bone

    Killing Deer in 2012

    Big whitetail and mulies on one hunt is a dream come true. Nice!
  238. Bad To The Bone

    Winchester Model 70 .270

    What gauge is the Mossberg?
  239. Bad To The Bone

    Over and Under or Side by Side the best?

    What's best is what feels good to you. How does it track and follow through? How does it fit you? etc. etc. I use my Winchester 101 xtr, Ithaca Model 500, and Weatherby Orion O/U's for upland game and my pumps and semi-autos when I rarely hunt waterfowl. I figure if I can't drop the bird in...
  240. Bad To The Bone

    Hey, hey, boo-boo!

    Makes sense, are what you eat. Hmmm, maybe I'll set up a Crispy Creme bait station??? Anyways, it sounds like spiced meats and sausage is the way to go with a bruin. Thanks
  241. Bad To The Bone

    What gets the tag?

    I hear ya and I understand your caution... I read and re-read all the fishing and hunting regs as they apply to my quarry and I am never at ease in what I think I understand the regulations to be. I don't believe I am alone in my assessment of the situation, and that in itself is a sad...
  242. Bad To The Bone

    Lightest Loads for 12 and 20ga.

    I only mentioned the inertia trigger issue because I did experience a problem with my son's Ithaca SKB Model 500 12ga on a light load. It's less common on O/U's but it can happen. Some semi-autos are notorious for not cycling on light loads. I experienced cycling problems with factory Federal...
  243. Bad To The Bone

    What gets the tag?

    I would leave the tag attached to the hide for the taxidermist. In addition, I would make a photocopy to provide to the meat processor along with my hunting license number. And finally, I would keep a copy for myself. Have you turned over the skull to DFG yet? I just love hunting in this...
  244. Bad To The Bone

    Hey, hey, boo-boo!

    Congratulations on your successful hunt! Got a question.... Have you eaten any bear meat before? I never have and I'd like a critique about it from somebody who's actually eaten it and not just repeating anecdotal information. I'm asking because when it comes to big game, I tend to only shoot...
  245. Bad To The Bone

    Predator call recommendation

    I picked up the Primos jackrabbit and cottontail calls and I am now driving my english pointer nuts trying to develop my technique. Got about a half hour before my wife gets home and puts a halt to my squealing!
  246. Bad To The Bone

    Predator call recommendation

    Thank you Mark. I just called them and they do have several on the shelf. I'm leaving my office right now to pick one up. I may not get a yote, but it won't be for lack of trying....
  247. Bad To The Bone

    Predator call recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll probably go with a FoxPro product but for now I'm trying to lay my hands on a basic hand call but I'm striking out. As soon as I finish Thanksgiving dinner I'm heading to Arizona for the dove opener on Friday and I wanted to do a little predator hunting...
  248. Bad To The Bone

    Lightest Loads for 12 and 20ga.

    I think the Winchester AA target loads at 980fps are probably the lightest loads you will be able to get "off-the-shelf". I'm going to assume that you don't load your own or you wouldn't be asking this question. If you have a buddy who reloads, he might be able to try to make up a load for you...
  249. Bad To The Bone

    Another Big D-16 Buck...

    Hmmm, I don't see a tag on that buck. You better fix it quick!
  250. Bad To The Bone

    Predator call recommendation

    Well I finally got around to working up a nice 50gn Barnes Varminator round for the custom .22-250 that I finished building about six months ago. The load I developed shoots .68" groups at 100 yards and I've dialed in my drops out to 450 yards which is probably the max I will go with that...
  251. Bad To The Bone

    My D16 Contribution

    Congratulations! That's a nice buck and a truely fine specimen for our area. Put him on the wall...he deserves it.
  252. Bad To The Bone

    Deer ID please

    Looks like a "dead deer walking" to me!
  253. Bad To The Bone

    lighter pull

    I set the triggers on my big game rifles to 3 lbs of pull for the very reasons Fjold mentions. I also may find myself hunting big game in below freezing temperatures with gloves on or slightly numb fingers. My .22-250 varmint rifle trigger is set at 1 lb and I shoot that 99% of the time from a...
  254. Bad To The Bone


    Nice speed goat! You know,...I've heard the term "he hunts with a cannon" but I never imagined anyone really did. :rofl::rofl:
  255. Bad To The Bone

    CANADA 2012

    All I know at this point is that it's a 20 bird hunt, but I'll ask him on Wednesday morning when he calls me back. I should have a better idea on the temps by then. I really don't want to work my dog in hot weather, especially when she'll be the only nose on large number of birds..
  256. Bad To The Bone

    CANADA 2012

    Thanks for the details Steve. Your photos definitely incentivized me to add this type of hunt to my bucket list. Nick at Palomar called me this morning and wants me to work my pointer for a hunter this Thursday. As much as I want to get on some birds, I'm not going to do it with triple digit...
  257. Bad To The Bone

    CANADA 2012

    Steve, it sure looks like you had a great time. I've got to try that kind of hunt someday soon. My buddy left for BC today to hunt ducks and geese and I expect he will see similar numbers of birds. Are you able to bring any back or do you just donate to the locals or a food bank?
  258. Bad To The Bone

    Electric Boot/ shoe dryer

    I'll take it Rich. Just bring it by the next time your in Mission Bay. I'll have cash in an envelope at my office if I'm not in. No rush on my part. Thanks, Gerry
  259. Bad To The Bone

    Fly fishing landing net

    Rich, I'll take it.. Be back from Yellowstone next week.
  260. Bad To The Bone

    Simms Fishing vests

    Rich, I sent you a PM for the mesh vest.
  261. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon to re open!!!!

    I got my email from Tejon today too. So far, it looks like it's just guided hunts which really doesn't surprise me. I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money for a California pig, so I'll just stick with Vandenberg. I sent Jodi an email inquiring if they are bringing back the...
  262. Bad To The Bone

    Fly fishing poster

    And I thank you for the poster! Enjoy the Make-A-Wish banquet.
  263. Bad To The Bone

    Fly fishing poster

    Great! Just give me a heads up call when you think you'll be there. I'll be in all morning but I have to run out in the afternoon to pay the City their pound of flesh.
  264. Bad To The Bone

    Fly fishing poster

    Rich, I'll take it if you can hang onto it until I get back from Yellowstone on the 27th. I won't have time to break away from the office tomorrow or Friday. If you deliver it to me at the marina by Friday, I'd be happy to give you two Make-A-Wish banquet tickets worth $30.00 in exchange.
  265. Bad To The Bone

    SNAPIT Drink / Bino Holders

    Various Snapit drink and/or Bino holders. Will fit 1" dia. rails. Convertible Double Drink Holder - $20.00 Double Drink or Binocular Holder - $20.00 Single Drink Holder - $15.00
  266. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco cable TV/phone cord combo

    Marinco 50' combined phone & TV cable cordset. This cordset can be used for your boat or RV.
  267. Bad To The Bone

    Shore Power Adapters

    I was saving all my old shore power adapters for my RV but it turns out I won't have any use for them. They're all priced at more than 50% off retail. Here's what I got: 125/250V 50A Male plug, 2- 125V 30A Female connectors $100.00 125/250V 50A Male plug, 125V 30A Female...
  268. Bad To The Bone

    Braid fighting belt

    Reduced to $30.00 SOLD
  269. Bad To The Bone

    Braid fighting belt

    SOLD Braid "Brute Buster" fighting belt. $35.00
  270. Bad To The Bone

    Spreader bar

    Another treasure from the attic...Rigged spreader bar. $20.00 Pick-up only, no shipping.
  271. Bad To The Bone

    Aftco FGH-6 6" Flying gaff hook

    It's been sitting in my garage attic for three years so I can certainly wait till next Thursday. I'll shoot you my phone number by PM. Thanks, Gerry
  272. Bad To The Bone

    Aftco FGH-6 6" Flying gaff hook

    SOLD This stainless 6" Aftco flying gaff hook has never been used. $50.00
  273. Bad To The Bone

    Shimano Tiagra 50W w/calstar trolling rod

    Dropped it from original listing price of $525 to $450. I should have just left the original posting alone and stated the price drop. Sorry for the confusion........
  274. Bad To The Bone

    Shimano Tiagra 50W w/calstar trolling rod

    SOLD Shimano Tiagra 50 with a custom wrapped Calstar trolling rod. Pick-up only, not interested in shipping. $450.00
  275. Bad To The Bone

    Wilderness Tsunami 140 kayak w/rudder

    Looking to trade my Wilderness Tsunami 140 kayak w/rudder for an equal value ($750.00) fly rod and reel outfit.
  276. Bad To The Bone

    Wilderness Tsunami 140w/rudder

    My Wilderness Tsunami 140 has been collecting dust for too long and it's time to go. I'll get more use out of a fly rod and reel. Asking $750.00 or trade for equivalent value fly fishing gear.
  277. Bad To The Bone

    Saltwater rod & reel for fly rod & reel

    I'm looking for a good quality 5 weight fly rod and reel, (G-Loomis, Orvis, Sage, etc.) I have good quality saltwater rigs for comparable value trade. (Shimano, Calstar)
  278. Bad To The Bone

    Poult Check

    Yup, much clearer in your enlarged photo. I've removed two reds and a western from my property since Memorial Day. The small western was still alive in my pool skimmer basket when I opend the lid to empty the contents. Gave me quite a startle because I'm usually down on both knees when I...
  279. Bad To The Bone

    Poult Check

    After I expanded the photo and the rattler looks a bit more like a spectacled than a mojave. Doesn't matter, either one can ruin your day......
  280. Bad To The Bone

    Poult Check

    Looks like that mojave is ready to ruin somebodys day. Nice photos!
  281. Bad To The Bone

    Lost my best friend

    Marcus, Most here have felt your pain, but that still doesn't make it easier on you. Know that the tears will pass, the broken hearts will mend and the smiles from the memories of the good times with Boomer will soon prevail.
  282. Bad To The Bone

    Post up your camping rig pictures !!

    Yup! Santee Lakes..It's close, relaxing, and let's me keep the rigs systems exercised. I'm heading up to Lake O'Neill at Camp Pendleton in a few weeks for another local getaway. I'd much rather be sitting under the oaks at Tejon Ranch but all I can do for now is keep my fingers crossed for...
  283. Bad To The Bone

    Post up your camping rig pictures !!

    It may not be roughing it, but when I really need to get off the path, I throw my rifles, tent, and Badlands 4500 in the back of the jeep and head into the wilderness as far as I can go then I start hoofing it.
  284. Bad To The Bone

    Texas Axis Deer

    Very nice buck and you're going to love the meat. I had some axis backstap and berger this past weekend and it's delicious. To me, it tastes even better than elk. I'm planning to shoot an axis doe when I go back to Texas in December to pick up my axis buck mount. I think I'll make a Texas...
  285. Bad To The Bone

    On my way to Texas

    I drove cheaper than flying but it took a toll on me. I hate to admit it but I left my Jeep Wrangler at home and drove my Prius that gets 51mpg. With the back seats folded down, I can carry two 150qt ice chests, several rifles and all my gear with no problem. The meat processor turned my game...
  286. Bad To The Bone

    On my way to Texas

    Axis deer shed antlers at different times of the year so you will find them in all phases of antler growth when you hunt. I saw several in velvet during my hunt. The peak rut season here in Texas seems to be June to August.
  287. Bad To The Bone

    On my way to Texas

    Here's the nice axis buck I took yesterday. Dropped him at 158 yds with my 270 WSM shooting a Barnes 130gn tsx handload. Shot thru and thru both shoulders taking out lungs and heart. He was dead before he hit the ground. I love those Barnes bullets. I took the pig this morning at 135 yds and...
  288. Bad To The Bone

    On my way to Texas

    I haven't hunted any big game since I took my bull elk in October and my bird shooting at Palomar Hunt Club has ended too. I was counting on my Tejon spring access to tide me over until my Wyoming antelope hunt in October but we all know what happend at Tejon. I've got the hunting withdrawal...
  289. Bad To The Bone

    Ground Squirrels Take a Beating!

    I've seen a tagged golden several times but didn't have binos to check it out up close. Back in October I was dog handling for two hunters in Will Valley and a golden eagle nailed one of the pheasants that the hunters shot at and missed. It flushed from the vicinity of the pond and it headed...
  290. Bad To The Bone

    Ground Squirrels Take a Beating!

    That would be nice but the hawks and the goldens would have a field day! I'd like to shoot some squirrels out there some time but I've gotta get my buddy who has an MCC membership to take me. Unfortunately, he's not into varmint shooting. I'll have to put him behind my custom build .22-250...
  291. Bad To The Bone

    Ground Squirrels Take a Beating!

    Yup, I heard them too but the hunters wanted to bail at noon to get back to Huntington Beach. I planted at 7:00am and they didn't arrive until 9:30am for a scheduled 8:30 hunt. The pheasants scattered quite a distance by the time we worked the field. My dog found 5 of 7 and they missed one. I...
  292. Bad To The Bone

    Ground Squirrels Take a Beating!

    Looks like the hillside off Mesa Grande in Santa Ysabel. I was there this morning dog handling for two hunters on a pheasant hunt. Somebody was shooting up on the hillside just across the creekbed from us. Maybe it was you? Squirrels were all over the place and I also saw a hen turkey on a...
  293. Bad To The Bone

    Del Mar Gun show this weekend-Advice??

    I stopped going to the Del Mar show about a year ago. At one time it was worthwhile and you could snag some good deals. The last two shows I attended were terrible. Not even swap meet caliber... I always have access to free admission passes and I still won't bother. I guess if it was a choice...
  294. Bad To The Bone

    Licensing help in CA!!

    No worries...You posted some good info anyways. ;)
  295. Bad To The Bone

    Licensing help in CA!!

    "According to the regs, it is legal to use electronic calling devices to lure coyotes in..." I didn't say that it was illegal to use electronic calls. What I said was " he should not operate any electronic calls or other luring devices you might use to call in the yotes." Doing so, might be...
  296. Bad To The Bone

    Question re:Shotgun Gauges

    For many, the 12 gauge has become the do-it-all gauge for shotgunning. As such, retailers are going to stock what most people tend to buy. The 16 guage has fallen out of favor for most hunters, including myself. I own a .410 bore O/U and several 20 ga and 12 ga shotguns in O/U, pump, and...
  297. Bad To The Bone

    Licensing help in CA!!

    Yes, there are exceptions to be made for almost every circumstance, but the determination will be made by the warden you encounter in the field. In the words of Harry Callahan,..."Do I feel lucky?..well do ya?.. My best advice is for your unlicensed friend to keep his hands off of your...
  298. Bad To The Bone

    Licensing help in CA!!

    Should not be a problem. In addition to what Dv8Pilot said, he should not operate any electronic calls or other luring devices you might use to call in the yotes.
  299. Bad To The Bone

    Ammo Help

    If you are hunting in the vicinity of King City which I believe is West of I-5, then you are in the Condor Zone. Therefore, your ammo choices are limited to non-lead only. I hand load Barnes 168gn TTSX for my .30-06 but it sounds like you don't hand load, so for off the shelf premium ammo with...
  300. Bad To The Bone

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    Whew! I thought it was just me...First time I saw one of those zombie targets I thought, WTF? I didn't get it then and the message still evades me now. Zombie ammo? Gimmie a break. I couldn't imagine any serious shooter actually setting up a zombie target let alone buying the ammo. I attributed...
  301. Bad To The Bone

    plans for next season

    Texas axis buck, Wyoming buck antelope, Vandenberg pig, South Dakota pheasant.
  302. Bad To The Bone

    Dad's Mount

    That's a thick buck and he looks good. Too bad the hide started to spoil before it hit the tannery. At least your taxidermist did the right thing and your dad now has a reminder of his hunt on the wall.
  303. Bad To The Bone

    2011 Texas Buck back from Taxidermist

    That's a great looking mount and it looks like you've been to Texas a few times before. I checked out Damuth Taxidermy on the web and they sure do some nice work. I'm heading to Texas within the next couple months for a trophy Axis hunt, but Damuth will be too far a run for me if I bag a wall...
  304. Bad To The Bone

    Private property..or not??

    Private land posting requirements vary amongst states, but my simple philosophy no matter where I hunt is, "if it's not known to be public land and it doesn't belong to me, then somebody must own it". Without written permission, I won't take a chance. I'd rather go home empty handed than to be...
  305. Bad To The Bone

    Took some youngins hunting

    Looks like a great time and I bet they had a blast! Beautiful axis buck. I gotta get me one as soon as I finish my elk meat. Anyone up for a Texas road trip?
  306. Bad To The Bone

    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Natures Design Taxidermy in Cody does some fantastic work. Most of their mounts are animals taken in Africa or other exotic places. They pay close attention to detail and try to make the mount look as natural as possible. In my opinion, they succeeded. I'm going to have them do all of my future...
  307. Bad To The Bone

    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Thorofare region area 60.
  308. Bad To The Bone

    Got my Wyoming elk mount back

    Got my elk mount back yesterday from Natures Design Taxidermy in Wyoming. Put it on the wall in the den last night so here's a few photos.
  309. Bad To The Bone

    Shooting Range for Rifle.

    If it's not CA legal then leave it in the armory until you transfer to a state where it is legal. If it's CA compliant then you shouldn't have a problem at the outdoor ranges in SD County. The Pala range is my go-to location for rifles since you can shoot at targets out to almost 900 yds...
  310. Bad To The Bone


    My .50cal Austin & Halleck 420 inline muzzleloader is fed 100gns of Blackhorn 209 behind a 290gn Barnes T-EZ sabot. It produces 1 1/2 inch groups at 150 yds. Your muzzleloader may not perform the same, but it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. The only game animal I've taken with my muzzleloader...
  311. Bad To The Bone

    Youth hunt - scum attorney

    Looks like we'll have to rely on our Bloodydecks constituency from District 1 to make sure he doesn't get elected. He would be a nightmare for the City and for outdoorsmen in general.
  312. Bad To The Bone

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    I'll take your .02 to the bank. Your response is well thought out and I believe your analysis is spot on.
  313. Bad To The Bone

    They punish Poachers in ID. !

    Idaho doesn’t revoke them directly but rather through wildlife violation reciprocity compacts that have been agreed to by approximately 35 states. Just as Wyoming or Colorado recognizes a hunter education certificate from California and other states, a conviction of a wildlife violation and any...
  314. Bad To The Bone

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    I've only had one hunting related encounter with F&G but I've had numerous encounters and boardings by F&G while running my sportfishing boat in and out of MB during the past 37 years. Fortunately I was so anal about the fishing regs I always passed muster. That doesn't mean that I didn't feel...
  315. Bad To The Bone

    Howa Rifle Break-in Procedure

    I've been shooting only copper for about four years now. Best stuff I've found bar none is Bore Tech Eliminator and/or BoreTech CU+2
  316. Bad To The Bone

    any rv service guys here?

    It's been over thirty years since my last motorhome and unfortunately there is no standard location for these valves since each manufacturer chooses where to put them based on the specific model build plans. If you still have the owners manual for your RV it should show a schematic of your...
  317. Bad To The Bone

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Is it really that difficult to keep a thread on topic? I don't have a shit load of posts, but I do try to keep my posts on topic. Maybe you guys should start a Proyotehunter forum instead of hijacking every thread he happens to respond to. Just sayin....Jeeez
  318. Bad To The Bone

    any rv service guys here?

    I'm not an RV service tech but I would check the diverter valve position. Make sure all of your other faucets are shut including your outside shower if you have one. You already said that you had all of the cold valves shut, but it sounds to me like you are still getting some mixing. If you...
  319. Bad To The Bone

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    This whole situation with the "protected status" for mountain lions sickens me. Personally, I have no desire to go out and hunt one, but I would like to know that their population will be properly managed and if I were to encounter one that I felt was a threat to me, I could kill it and be...
  320. Bad To The Bone

    Howa Rifle Break-in Procedure

    Ditto.... I built a custom .22-250 using a Howa M1500 barrelled action and I followed a similar break-in procedure but I didn't use, nor would I ever use Windex. If you're shooting Barnes I recommend Bore Tech Eliminator and use a good cleaning rod made by Tipton or Dewey. Get yourself a good...
  321. Bad To The Bone

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    The TTSX has a better BC than the TSX and I believe that it expands quicker at all velocities. Regardless, the TSX and TTSX foul the bore the same.
  322. Bad To The Bone

    POF415 Tactical Rifle

    Correct.. Too bad, it would be a handy little weapon for home defense.
  323. Bad To The Bone

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Good luck with your reloading Edgard. I swear by the TTSX bullets and here's another bit of free advice. If you shoot a lot like I do, you'll need to keep on top of the copper fouling that you will get from the Barnes bullets. The best cleaner bar none for removing copper fouling is Bore Tech...
  324. Bad To The Bone

    Can you kill a Mt. Lion on an Indian Res.?

    Indian lands (ie.reservations) are governed by the principle of tribal sovereignty and are not subject to state laws. Indian laws precede our own Constitution and through treaties with the Federal government tribal fishing, hunting and water rights remain intact in perpetuity. Non tribal...
  325. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming Elk and Western Applications

    1. Wyoming buck antelope - sent app. today 2. Montana - combo ek & deer 3. California - Vandenberg pigs 4. Texas- Axis buck
  326. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    This thread now has no relevance to my original posting or intent. If the moderators choose to close it, fine. Too bad the original message became lost in the chaff.
  327. Bad To The Bone

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    That's a very bad outcome for your situation given the facts presented. It has forced me to reconsider what I would do given the same circumstances. Unfortunately, I am reading and hearing about too many such encounters going against hunters who do the right thing. I came within 50' of a...
  328. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    For Nate and any other Tejon membership holders, I got this out of office reply when I sent an email to Jodi; " All 2012 scheduled Spring Orientations, Spring Access Memberships and Wild Pig Management Hunts have been cancelled. We will be working over the next few weeks issuing refunds. We...
  329. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Good God Almighty in heaven, why did I start this thread??
  330. Bad To The Bone

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    Edgard, I've put about 35 of the Berger 190gn VLD's down range and they held 4.5" groups for me at 600 yds with my custom .300 Weatherby. They are a great bullet but I have switched to loading nothing but the Barnes TTSX bullets for my big game loads. I got tired of recalculating point of...
  331. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    I called the Tejon Ranch Wildlife Division office this morning in an attempt to find out about membership fee refunds but all I could get was a recording stating,..."we are undergoing some changes, etc. etc....". I suspect their offices have been inundated with phone calls today and they don't...
  332. Bad To The Bone

    AZ elk and lopes coming up

    I'd like to try Arizona for elk or deer sometime but I have no connections or any buddies who are interested. I'm using my two Wyoming antelope preference points for area 115 this year and I'll hold my four deer points. I've got a friend near Tensleep so I might actually have a hunting...
  333. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that it shouldn't affect us regular Joe hunters, but unfortunately it does and it will. Tejon is a major corporation with investors and shareholders alike. It's company shares are traded on the NYSE and as such, not only does it's actions and performance garner...
  334. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    I too, am very disapointed and frustrated in this turn of events but I can understand their actions now that the Feds are involved. They are compelled to conduct a complete review of their hunting access program and to ensure that F&G and other federal agencies are comfortable with their plan...
  335. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access - GONE!!

    Bummer! Looks like Tejon Ranch is terminating their Spring access this year. I was really looking forward to hunting varmints and exploring the ranch on my own schedule. Hopefully they'll get this restriction lifted for those of you who hunt there during the fall hunting season. I guess I'll...
  336. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access

    Sounds good. Just let me know by next Friday so that I can give Jodi sufficient heads-up.
  337. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access

    Nate, I'm not married to any particular date. January 24th is just the one I put on my sign up schedule that I submitted to Jodi. I'm willing to change to another date, and I'm pretty sure she would accommodate the change, to allow several San Diego area members to attend together. Talk with...
  338. Bad To The Bone

    Tejon Spring Access

    I'm heading up to Tejon Ranch on Tuesday, January 24th to attend the 10:00am Spring Access orientation briefing and pick up my membership packet. If any San Diego area members want to ride up with me to attend the same orientation give me a shout.
  339. Bad To The Bone

    sheep report

    Get some blow up poster size prints of those photos for sure. Your camo pattern was an excellent fit for that topography. Sitka optifade open country?
  340. Bad To The Bone

    sheep report

    Congratulations Nate. Taking that ram, whether by archery or firearm is truely a lifetime hunting achievement. You can probably count on one hand the number of SoCal hunters in your ranks. Well done.
  341. Bad To The Bone

    Federal .22-250 ammo

    I'm dialed in for my own hand load so I no longer need these two boxes of Federal .22-250 cal 43gn Speer TNT Green ammo. $30.00 for both
  342. Bad To The Bone

    Custom Weatherby 30-378 by Gunwerks

    What scope and mounting system is installed? Does it have the standard Weatherby accubrake? Did Gunworks provide you with the load data or just the ammo? What MOA accuracy did they end up with? Got a photo?
  343. Bad To The Bone

    4 Magic Mountain Tickets

    I bought four Magic Mountain tickets this summer for the kids and grandkids but we just never made it up there. They're still good thru 12/31/11. $20.00each or all four for $75.00. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349.
  344. Bad To The Bone

    Gold Tip XT Hunter Arrow 5575

    I found this arrow while I was hunting in Will Valley at Palomar. If you can use it, call me to arrange pick up. Gerry (619) 921-9349
  345. Bad To The Bone

    Bought a Turkey Vest

    Just bring it in to a retail store along with your sales receipt. Without a sales receipt, someone is sure to give you the hairy eyeball look.
  346. Bad To The Bone

    A Wake-Up Call For Hunters??

    Remember this...We are the adults who were once the junior hunters and that progression will hopefully continue in perpetuity. The crux of this issue is that we must work to ensure hunting remains acceptable in the public eye and this includes having access to public lands that will support...
  347. Bad To The Bone

    A Wake-Up Call For Hunters??

    I read this article in the Opinion section of the UT this morning. It left me so pissed off I could spit blood. The author doesn't have the interests of hunters in mind. He's just a shill for those who would have hunting banned altogether. Yeh, he was a former Fish and Game Commissioner...
  348. Bad To The Bone

    Rifle scope

    Looking for a variable power Leupold VX-II or better or perhaps a Zeiss Conquest to mount on my sons 700 BDL. Just thought I'd check here before I go retail.
  349. Bad To The Bone

    Collared dove . . .

    Yup, no limit on Eurasian collared doves in California but you gotta shoot them during the normal dove season. My buddies and I hit Arizona's 2nd season dove opener every year. I left the house at midnight on turkey day and arrived at our shooting gallery five hours later for the opener. We...
  350. Bad To The Bone

    Why would I want a .300 WSM?

    Get whatever makes you happy. All of them will kill at the appropriate range with the right skill set. I'd have no hesitation to use my .308, 30-06, or 270WSM on any pig, deer, antelope or elk. My go-to-rifle is my .300 Weatherby. If I was allowed only one rifle, that's the one I'd keep. When...
  351. Bad To The Bone

    Tanner needed

    The only tannery I have used is Golden State Tannery but they are located in the Bay Area. I don't know of any closer to San Diego. If I were you, I'd stop by or call Lyon's and O'Haver and get a recommendation from them.
  352. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a .410 or 28 gauge

    I already own an Ithaca SKB O/U in 20 gauge and a Browning Gold SL Hunter in 20 gauge plus four 12 gauge shotguns in O/U, semi-auto, and pump actions. Just looking for a .410 or 28 gauge to add to the collection. Thanks
  353. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a .410 or 28 gauge

    Shoot me a PM with a photo and your asking price. I'm expecting photos of another Citori and a Weatherby.
  354. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a .410 or 28 gauge

    Joe, thanks for the heads up on the Big 5 sale. That shotgun would be a good starter for someone but I'm looking for higher quality.
  355. Bad To The Bone

    Looking for a .410 or 28 gauge

    Need fulfilled..I bought the Weatherby I need another toy. Anyone here want to part with their nice SxS, O/U or semi-auto shotgun in .410 bore or 28 gauge?
  356. Bad To The Bone

    5.11 Tactical Vest

    GONE! New, never worn 5.11 tactical vest designed for concealed carry but has so much versatility that it can be used for anything from shooting sports to fishing, hiking, or dog training. Vest has a Back-Up Belt System, hidden BBS&#8482; pockets on each side of vest, 18 pockets, key hook...
  357. Bad To The Bone

    This is why we HATE Prius drivers

    That road whale deserved a good smack down but not all Prius drivers are tree huggers. Some of us would rather spend our money on something besides gasoline. I've owned two Prius's and have enjoyed HOV lane access for five years until this July. I drive over 60 miles a day just to and from work...
  358. Bad To The Bone

    Two Firsts and my own

    Congratulations Roger. Those are some very nice Socal deer. Good on ya!
  359. Bad To The Bone

    Local Buck Down !!!!!!

    Very nice buck and a great report. You're scouting and pre-season work certainly paid off. It's nice when it all comes together. Congratulations!
  360. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    You got that right. It's wilderness hunting like it was 150 years ago with no power anything! We came in from Cody on the South Fork Rd to the trail head where my outfitter owns an acre of land with a small cabin for storage and a corral for his horses and mules coming back off the trail. We...
  361. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    Nope, I spoke with Lynn about a year and a half ago and he was already booked when I wanted to go and I wasn't interested in changing my dates into a different moon phase. I booked with Wyoming Expeditions run by Jeff Krueger. He's a top notch outfitter whose guides know the area like their own...
  362. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    Jason, I went with Jeff Krueger who runs Wyoming Expeditions
  363. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    Shot him with my custom .300 Weatherby using my hand loaded Barnes 180gn TTSX bullets. Barnes has never failed me and it's all I use on big game. I shot him offhand kneeling at 286 yards while he was leading a group of cows up the hill back into the timber. He never stopped moving and this shot...
  364. Bad To The Bone

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    I had an exciting guided hunt in the wilderness region of Wyoming in an area called the Thorofare located about ten miles outside the Southeast corner of Yellowstone. Five other hunters and I packed-in with horses and mules on a trek that took us eight hours to arrive at our base camp. The area...
  365. Bad To The Bone

    What ammo do you like?

    I hand load everything but if I was in a pinch for ammo, my go to brand is Federal Vital Shok. The components are very good and it's accuracy and repeatabilty outperforms any other brand I have used. Your rifle might not agree, but all six of mine shoot it very well.
  366. Bad To The Bone

    First Bird Dog

    Great looking dog Dragonballs. My springer "Sprint" was a black & white also. She was a great dog afield and in the water. I couldn't keep her out of the pool and she could even dive 8' to the bottom to retrieve a weighted tennis ball. Lost her to cancer after 13 years...
  367. Bad To The Bone

    First Bird Dog

    There are many good hunting breeds readily available but no matter what breed you choose, discipline training and daily exercise are mandatory. Good genes will get them to hunt, but poor discipline and training will have them hunting for themselves. The only thing worse than not having a bird...
  368. Bad To The Bone

    Berger 190gn VLD Bullets

    I have a box (100ct) of Berger VLD HPBT match grade hunting bullets. Local pick up $30.00 or $35.00 shipped. These are great bullets especially when reaching out beyond 400yds.
  369. Bad To The Bone

    Finally smoked the old man...

    Now that's a wall hanger! Nice job. I wish I had a backyard like yours.
  370. Bad To The Bone

    Got me some hogs!

    I miss my Berger VLD's and Nosler Partitions, but the copper works. I too have been shooting it for about five years and hand loading all of it in .308, .30-06, .300 Wby, .270WSM and .50 cal muzzleloader. I've taken pigs, antelope, deer, and elk with one shot DRT kills but I've also had to pop...
  371. Bad To The Bone

    Got me some hogs!

    Thanks for the followup Matt. Shot placement with solid copper into the vitals is particularly critical with those big boys and I suspected you might have missed your intended mark by a bit. Missing the heart or lungs can result in those bruisers responding like there is no such thing as...
  372. Bad To The Bone

    Got me some hogs!

    Congrats on your successful hunt. Those are some BIG pigs! That brown brute will make a nice shoulder mount with flaring tusks. Question,..What caliber and bullet/grain was used requiring 3 shots?
  373. Bad To The Bone

    LBD......... Little Buck Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks,..That makes sense for warm climate hunting. It's been well over forty years since I bow hunted. When I did, those Northeastern whitetails all had winter coats during archery season which ran late October into late November. No compound bows back then! I hunted with a Ben Pearson...
  374. Bad To The Bone

    LBD......... Little Buck Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Jim! Looks like a great area. Do you have any thoughts on why his hair was so thin and missing in quite a few areas?
  375. Bad To The Bone

    Built a new longrange semiauto

    Very nice! I haven't built an AR style weapon yet, but it's on my "to do" list. Then again, maybe I'll just wait until I leave Kalifornia and buy a real one........
  376. Bad To The Bone

    .22-250 Load Recommendations

    I just got home from P2K Range and it looks like I found a good load to work with and refine. I loaded the Barnes 36gn VG's on top of BL C(2) and worked up from 37grains to 40 grains in .5gn increments. Not one of my three-shot groupings was over 1.18inches and most were sub-moa. The load...
  377. Bad To The Bone

    .308 ammo

    I believe I have a couple of boxes of Remington .308 PSP 125gn managed recoil ammo in my safe leftover from when I was introducing my son to his first hunting rifle. Send a PM if interested.
  378. Bad To The Bone

    .22-250 Load Recommendations

    I've got some BL C(2) that I'll be using with the Barnes 36gn VG's. I was thinking about H380 but I decided to go with Varget for the Speer 50gn TNT green bullets that I got from MidwayUSA. I'm going to try some .5gn increment workups from min to max on both and then refine C.O.A.L. after I...
  379. Bad To The Bone

    Lead Free Regs

    It's illegal to use or possess lead bullets while hunting big game and non-game species in the Condor Zone. In addition, "Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to use or possess projectiles containing more than one percent lead by weight while taking or attempting to take any nongame...
  380. Bad To The Bone

    Speer TNT Green Bullets

    Anyone have any experience with the Speer TNT Green 43gn or 50gn bullets in .22-250cal or other high velocity applications? I've loaded Barnes for years but I'd like a bit heavier round than their 36gn VG's in .224 dia. Their 50gn VG requires a 1-10 twist to stabilize and mine is 1-12 so that...
  381. Bad To The Bone

    .22-250 Load Recommendations

    Thanks Frank. My Barnes reloading manual specifies BL-C(2) as the most accurate powder for the 36VG's so that's what I picked up yesterday at Turner's along with a box of 36gn VG's. Can't find anyone with new .22-250 brass so I'll have to order it. I did shoot the rifle yesterday with a box...
  382. Bad To The Bone

    The Success out of San Diego

    Trap and sporting clays off the stern?
  383. Bad To The Bone

    Just finished my .22-250 build

    I shoot only Barnes TTSX in all of my rifle calibers and I've taken everything from pigs to elk with one shot DRT kills. I swear by them and will continue to use them. I know that I will be somewhat limited with the small .22-250 but I will probably load Barnes 36gn Varmint Grenades for the...
  384. Bad To The Bone

    Just finished my .22-250 build

    I started building this rifle in February and I just completed it today when my scope arrived. Howa M1500 barreled action bedded and free floated, .22-250 cal, 24" 1-12 twist .825 dia barrel with target crown Timney Trigger set to 1.75 lbs break Bell & Carlson Medalist A2 Varmint/Tactical...
  385. Bad To The Bone

    Rpt- 2.5 day 08-14-11 Tails, YFT, BFT to 80 lbs.

    Mike, It's about time you got some blood back on the decks of the ex- "Bad To The Bone". Gerry Epic trip Cory!
  386. Bad To The Bone

    .22-250 Load Recommendations

    I'll be finishing up my .22-250 build tomorrow and will do a barrel break in this weekend. I'm looking for any recommendations you may have for a couple of good varmint loads. I will only load non-lead and I'd like to work up a couple of loads to handle ground squirrels up to coyotes. I'm...
  387. Bad To The Bone

    Places to shoot around San Diego

    I use Camp Pendleton for trap/skeet but like GRUNTO369 said, you need to be with somebody who is active duty or retired military. Pendleton recently shut down the pistol range and I don't know when or if it will reopen. You can also shoot at the Pala Indian Reservation range if you join the...
  388. Bad To The Bone

    Jeep Wrangler 4.0L I6 vs 3.8L V6

    Thanks Scott. My Jeep has been the perfect hunting vehicle for me. I mostly hunt alone, but on occasions my son comes along so a two seater is all I need and it easily converts from it's upland game configuration to being rigged for big game pursuit. It takes me less than five minutes to...
  389. Bad To The Bone

    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    No real disadvantage to a 1" tube but the 30mm tube can give you a leg up in a couple of areas. The larger 30mm tube will provide more light transmission than a 1" tube resulting in a brighter image. Assuming of course, that you are using the same size objective lenses on each scope you...
  390. Bad To The Bone


    Ditto on the Nylabones. Rawhide only made my dog sick and she had problems passing them through her digestive system.
  391. Bad To The Bone

    Tehon Spring Access Membership

    Nate, I told Steven that you gave me some feedback on the Ranch. He said that he knows you well and remembers when you first started out at Tejon doing the semi-guided archery hunts. Also mentioned that you keep your camping rig there too. Smart move!
  392. Bad To The Bone

    Tehon Spring Access Membership

    I just got home from Tejon Ranch and I was truely impressed with the place. My son and I left our house around 7:00am this morning and made the three hour drive north. We arrived just before 10:00am and checked-in with Jody at the office. She introduced us to Steven, a ranch guide, who took us...
  393. Bad To The Bone

    Jeep Wrangler 4.0L I6 vs 3.8L V6

    I've got a 1999 TJ with the 4.0 litre that I've rigged for hunting and I routinely get 17 mpg and have even logged 18 mpg on long distance road trips. I only use it for hunting but I wouldn't hesitate to use it as a daily driver. No lift, no special suspension and it has never failed me on the...
  394. Bad To The Bone

    Left Hand Rifle in .270 or .30-06 cal

    Responded. Thanks Ricardo. Still looking....
  395. Bad To The Bone

    Left Hand Rifle in .270 or .30-06 cal

    I'm looking around for a lefty bolt action in .270 or .30-06 for my son. Might consider other calibers but none smaller than .270 cal.
  396. Bad To The Bone

    Tehon Spring Access Membership

    Thanks Nate. I'm not looking at Tehon solely for the hogs because I usually get a couple each year at Vandenberg and all it costs me is the gas money to get there and $38 bucks a night at the visiting officers quarters. I'm more interested in the freedom of access and the overall outdoor...
  397. Bad To The Bone

    Tehon Spring Access Membership

    I'm looking for a little insight from those of you who have or have had a Tehon Ranch Spring Access Membership. I would add the pig option to the membership so it seems like a very good deal being able to camp, fish and hunt varmint and pig whenever I want from February - August. I'm just about...
  398. Bad To The Bone

    .257 WBY loads

    I don't load .257wby just .300 wby but a friends best load for his .257 Wby with 110 accubonds is 71.2gns of 7828, C.O.A.L. 3.250, and Federal GM215M primers. Are you using the 215M primers? H4831sc is the powder I use in my .300wby with fantastic results behind 168gn TTSX and 180gn TTSX bullets.
  399. Bad To The Bone

    Federal GM215M Primers

    I've got 500 Federal GM215M primers that I can let go. If you handload, you know these can be tough to come by. I can use a set of RCBS full size dies in .22-250 and .45ACP or maybe something else you no longer need or have in surplus. Sorry, but I am not interested in shipping transfers. Can...
  400. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Orion 12 & 20 Gauge.

    Orion D'Italia I or II? More details or photos....
  401. Bad To The Bone

    Camp Pendelton hunt

    Tell him that he might want to think about joining the Pendleton Sportsmans Club since he is already on base. We meet in the Wardens Office Building (WOB), Bldg 2648 at 1830 the second Tuesday of every month. He can talk with guys who have hunted the base for many years and know the areas well...
  402. Bad To The Bone

    For Sale - PARA .45 ACP

    You're welcome Harrry. Glad we could get'r done here in Kalifornia. I hand loaded 100 rounds of 230gn FMJ this weekend so I can stop at the range on my way home from Gusslers. Yee Ha!!
  403. Bad To The Bone

    Big Horn Canyon Ranch Pig Hunt 4/2/11

    Very nice report Richard. Thank you for taking the time to give a good overview of what to expect at this game ranch. The photos were excellent and gave me a good idea of what the terrain is like. I've read a number of past reports and comments about this operation from other forum members and...
  404. Bad To The Bone

    Placing a shot on Wild pig's brain?

    Good info and although I've seen what some describe as pencil size exit holes in a Barnes shot animal, contained within the body cavity is usually a bloody and shredded wound channel from the hydroshock force of the passing round. If you miss the heart or just tip one lung, that sucker can keep...
  405. Bad To The Bone

    .300 Win Mag- Wthby Deluxe Model

    Good on ya! I'm glad you will get the upgrade. I bought my first Weatherby Mk V Deluxe back in 1970 and I now own three other Mk V's and one Vangard Sub-moa. I know Weatherby's pretty well, but I'll never claim to know everything. Besides Howa, Smith & Wesson also made some of the early...
  406. Bad To The Bone

    .300 Win Mag- Wthby Deluxe Model

    Thanks for the followup Sam. My friends son is in the market for a rifle that he can use for elk. He's hell bent on getting a .30-06 but I'm trying to turn him towards a .300 Win Mag or .300 Wby. We'll see.......
  407. Bad To The Bone

    Placing a shot on Wild pig's brain?

    Between the eyes with a Weatherby .300 magnum 168gn Barnes TTSX handload from 130yds at 3250fps. DRT with a good bleed out. If you know your rifle, know your skill set, and know your load then go for it. If doubtful in any area then go for the double lung shot. I shoot all of my rifles out to...
  408. Bad To The Bone

    .300 Win Mag- Wthby Deluxe Model

    I've got a couple of questions. Looking at the photos it appears that the bolt has only one gas relief port which makes me believe that the action is Howa, not Weatherby. Howa makes the actions for the Weatherby Vanguard series but the bolts have three gas relief ports just like the bolts of...
  409. Bad To The Bone

    300 weatherby

    MK V or Howa action? Perhaps a photo or a description of the model.
  410. Bad To The Bone

    Speer .44 cal bullets

    Looking to buy or trade for some Speer 240gn GDSP or GDHP .44 cal bullets. I've got some Federal GM215M primers or maybe something else you're looking for in the way of fishing tackle. Also have a box of .300wby 190gn Berger VLD hand loads (load specs provided if interested) some once fired...
  411. Bad To The Bone

    Plans for 2011

    Vandenberg pig hunts once a month, Maine whitetail, Colorado mule deer, Wyoming 8-day horseback elk hunt in the Thorofare region of area 60, Arizona dove and quail and who knows, maybe I'll put my life on the line and hunt deer in D-16 this year.
  412. Bad To The Bone

    Fall Turkey

    I left my house at 5:00am this morning and drove a bit over an hour to an oak grove where I had seen some turkey sign last year while deer hunting. At 6:30 am I spotted a flock and I put a stalk on them. Fifteen minutes later I bagged this tom. Right place at the right time. Yup! sometimes it's...
  413. Bad To The Bone

    Hand Cannon .44mag

    Brent, Throw in the original grips too and we've got a deal. Send me a PM when you've located them and we'll get together to transfer ownership using an FFL dealer. Thanks, Gerry
  414. Bad To The Bone

    Hand Cannon .44mag

    Do you have the original grips?
  415. Bad To The Bone

    AMMO - 357 and 38spl. Also 3 HKS speed loaders (7-shot)

    I'll take the Winchester & Federal .357mag rounds. PM sent.
  416. Bad To The Bone

    ORIGO 5100 Heat Pal

    I bought this several years ago for a late season Wyoming pack-in hunt but didn't bring it. I have only tested the unit and it is sold as new. Paid about $200.00 but will sell for $90.00. I probably still have some stove alcohol stashed in a corner in my garage. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  417. Bad To The Bone

    Handheld Marine VHF Radio

    I haven't even scratched the surface. I won this a while back and kept it to use on my kayaks. That didn't happen so I'm moving it on. Maybe the kayaks too. Who knows, if fishing still sucks next year I might just start selling all my Tiagras, Trinidads and custom Calstars. We'll see..
  418. Bad To The Bone

    Handheld Marine VHF Radio

    SOLD New West Marine VHF 55 handheld marine radio. $50.00 you pick-up. Call (619) 921-9349 or send PM.
  419. Bad To The Bone

    MEC 600 Jr 20 Gauge Reloader

    Looking to buy or trade for a MEC 600 Jr 20 gauge reloading press. Got about 500 Federal GM 215M primers I can part with and all sorts of Marlin Jigs, Iron, wind on leaders, etc. etc. Let me know what fishing or hunting gear you're looking for... Send a PM or call Gerry at (619) 921-9349.
  420. Bad To The Bone

    East San Diego Coyote Huntin'

    Try Camp Pendleton... I always see yotes when I'm up there but I'm just not into shooting them. You also might consider joining the Pendleton Sportsmans Club where you can learn about other hunting opportunities on base. I took a nice buck on Pendleton in 2008 where either sex can be taken. As...
  421. Bad To The Bone

    what tires do you run on your hunting rigs....

    BFG All-Terrain T/A Great tires for on and off-road.
  422. Bad To The Bone

    or Trade CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers

    Just purchased a brick of CCI #400 small rifle primers that I was going to use in my muzzleloader but I changed my ignition system and no longer need them. Will sell for $20.00 or trade for some Winchester 209 primers. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  423. Bad To The Bone

    Flying Gaff w/two gaff hooks

    SOLD to Fishbones This flying gaff is for the monsters! Seven foot aluminum pole and two stainless gaff hooks with 9" gap. If you stick-it with this it's not going anywhere. If it does... haul ass! $75.00 No shipping. Pick up in Escondido or Mission Bay. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  424. Bad To The Bone

    Pig hunt in lead-free zone

    If you don't hand load then go with the Federal Vital-Shok 165gn Barnes TSX. This is a very good round and the Vital-Shok brand is premium ammo. You definitely need to resight your rifle with this ammo as your point of impact will no doubt be different from your normal brand. If you do load...
  425. Bad To The Bone

    Reloading .300 & .257 Weatherby Mag

    Just came across this old post. If you're still interested, I load my .300 Wby using Barnes 168gn TTSX, 180gn TTSX and Berger 190gn VLD's. I've got good recipes for all three using 4831sc. Give me a shout if your still interested. Gerry
  426. Bad To The Bone

    .32 H&R Magnum Brass

    I'm looking to buy or trade for some new or once fired .32 H&R magnum brass. Just need a couple dozen or so. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  427. Bad To The Bone

    Bottom Paint

    SOLD to lynndeva I have one gallon of black Petit Trinidad SR bottom paint. $100.00 I'm not going to ship it. Pick up in Escondido, Mission Bay, or in between. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  428. Bad To The Bone

    Bottom paint, preferable black, 1 or 2 gallons

    I've got 1 gallon of Black Petit Trinidad SR. Will sell for $100.00 Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349 or send a PM
  429. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Gaff

    I'll have it in my office at the marina. Just give me a heads up when you want to stop by. Thanks, Gerry (619) 921-9349
  430. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Gaff

    Still for sale. It's ten bucks and I'm not interested in shipping it. Hook gap is about 3". You pick up in Escondido or Mission Bay. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  431. Bad To The Bone

    Racor 900 Series Fuel Filter Elements

    These are the 2040TM / 10 micron (qty 4) and 2040PM / 30 micron (qty 4). Very popular in the Racor 900 Turbine Series fuel filter system.
  432. Bad To The Bone

    U.S. Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguishers

    These are Coast Guard Approved , Marine Type U.S.C.G. Type-A-Size II, Type-B:C Size 1 with the approved U.S.C.G.mounting bracket No. 429146.
  433. Bad To The Bone

    Accurate Flying Gaff

    Nice to meet you too Rich. Now go stick a thresher!
  434. Bad To The Bone

    Flying Gaff

    You've got it Mark. San Marcos is not far from me at all.
  435. Bad To The Bone

    Pair of Gaffs

    SOLD to Fishbones Get a pair of gaffs. One 4' and one 2'. $30.00 for both. Call Gerry. (619) 921-9349
  436. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Gaff

    SOLD Four foot "RELIABLE" gaff for sale $10.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  437. Bad To The Bone

    Flying Gaff

    Sold To Marlyn Mako-Products Flying Gaff for sale $60.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  438. Bad To The Bone

    Accurate Flying Gaff

    SOLD to Fishbones Bought this gaff from Doug and David Nilsen back in the early 1990's when Accurate's first foray into fishing products was manufacturing gaffs. Well used, but plenty of stickings to go... $40.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  439. Bad To The Bone

    8 hp Yamaha Outboard

    Nope, it sold quickly.
  440. Bad To The Bone

    AHI Squid Jigs

    SOLD One AHI 20" weighted squid jig and one 7" unweighted squid jig. $15.00 for both. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  441. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco Television Cable

    Marinco 50' marine grade television cable. Sells new for $88.00. Yours for $20.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  442. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco Phone & Television Cable

    Marinco 50' Combination Phone & Television Cable. Sells new for $175.00+ You can have it for $35.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  443. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net 10"

    Yup, He's a nice guy. I enjoyed meeting him yesterday and the best part was I got a break from my landscaping chores! LOL
  444. Bad To The Bone

    Chum Churn Chummer

    SOLD Ok sharkers, the threshers are starting to move in and you can be the envy of those other guys with the dip buckets. Just a couple of quick up and down shakes on the Chum Churn and the inner blade dispenses a nice chum slick from the slotted ports in the tube. Troll your bait-o-matics and...
  445. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net 10"

    Carl, sorry to hear that. I still have two used ones at the marina in my buddies dock box. You guys are welcome to one if you like. I'm going in to the marina tonight to work on payroll so if you're still on the boat call me. (619) 921-9349
  446. Bad To The Bone

    Attwood Gas Sping 40#

    New Attwood Model SL34-40-5 Gas Spring 20" extended 12" compressed along with mounting Hardware. $10.00
  447. Bad To The Bone

    SnapIt Drink Holders

    Several SnapIt drink holders. Single $15.00, Double $25.00, Quad/Binocular Holder $35.00. The quad was primarily designed to fit the double rail at the binacle and helm of many center wheel sailboats so if you have any rag sailor friends let em know. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  448. Bad To The Bone

    ORIGO 5100 Heat Pal

    I bought this several years ago for a late season Wyoming pack-in hunt but didn't bring it. I have only tested the unit and it is sold as new. Paid about $200.00 but will sell for $90.00. I probably still have some stove alcohol stashed in a corner in my garage. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  449. Bad To The Bone

    Dehumidifier Air Circulator

    West Marine dehumidifier and air circulator. Works well to keep the air moving within your boat if you've got it buttoned up for a while. $20.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  450. Bad To The Bone

    Racor 900 Series Fuel Filter Elements

    Racor 900 Series Aquabloc Replacement Elements. Four (4) 30 micron and four (4) 10 micron. The entire lot for $40.00 I do not wish to sell individuals. If you use them, you need them. This is a good deal. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  451. Bad To The Bone

    Sherwood Replacement Impellers

    Two (2) Sherwood 9000K Impeller Kits Used on Onan and other generators. $15.00 ea. One Sherwood 17000K Impeller Kit. Used on Cummins and other engines. $40.00(Sold) If you've been doing your maintenance you what you need. Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  452. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net 10"

    Sorry Dennis, you must have missed the SOLD tag on the listing. Tom (Butcherboy) bought it the other day when he picked up the fillet table and rod rigger.
  453. Bad To The Bone

    Marinco 30A Shore Power Cord

    25' Marinco 30A /125V Shore Power Cord. $25.00 Call Gerry (619) 921-9349
  454. Bad To The Bone

    U.S. Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguishers

    These are not disposables so there is no expiration date. They are to be maintained, inspected and tested annually in accordance with the standards for portable fire extinguishers in NFPA-10. For an extra $5.00 per extinguisher I can have them certified and tagged prior to purchase if interested.
  455. Bad To The Bone

    U.S. Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguishers

    SOLD to ConSeaMate One Ansul Sentry® Tri-Class (ABC) Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. with mounting bracket and one Firemaster Tri-Class (ABC) Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 5 lb. with mounting bracket. Both as new and never mounted. $30.00 each. Call Gerry at (619) 921-9349
  456. Bad To The Bone

    Type 1 Offshore Adult Lifejackets

    Dos Locos I just sent you a PM
  457. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net 10"

    SOLD Found another Precision bait net that I won in a raffle last year. Handle 24" net 10" dia. $25.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  458. Bad To The Bone

    New Jabsco macerator Pump

    SOLD This is a new Jabsco 12V Macerator Pump in the box. $90.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  459. Bad To The Bone

    Outboard motor bracket

    Sorry Al...Stuff is going quick. Price it right, we all win.
  460. Bad To The Bone

    Precision Bait Net

    Sold to "Dos Locos" One Precision bait net with 18" handle and 8" hoop net. $15.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  461. Bad To The Bone

    AFTCO & Carolina Gaffs

    BOTH SOLD One AFTCO 6' gold anodized aluminum gaff with 3" hook $35.00 and one Carolina 6' aluminum gaff with 4" hook. $15.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  462. Bad To The Bone

    Outboard motor bracket

    SOLD pending payment "OMC SysteMatched" outboard lift mount. $40.00 Call (619) 921-9349
  463. Bad To The Bone

    Type 1 Offshore Adult Lifejackets

    Sold I have two Stearns Coast Guard approved Type I Offshore Adult life jackets. Will fit chest size 30"-52". Never been wet and sold new for $65.00 each. Will sell for $25.00 each. Call (619) 921-9349
  464. Bad To The Bone

    Various Shore Power Adapters

    I have the following shore power connectors for sale: 15A Male Plug, 30A Female Connector $30.00 Sold to "Bank Robber" 30A Male Plug, 15A Female Connector $35.00 20A Male Plug, 30A Female Connector $45.00 50A 125/250 Male Plug, 30A Female Connector...
  465. Bad To The Bone

    Bait Prep/Fillet Tables

    Sounds good..I'll bring the Rod Rigger when we meet.
  466. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Rod Rigger

    Great! Give me a call. We can meet tonight at the Macaroni Grill parking lot or I can bring it to the marina office in the morning. Whatever works for you.
  467. Bad To The Bone

    Reliable Rod Rigger

    SOLD RELIABLE rod rigger aluminum rod holder for sale. Asking $40.00
  468. Bad To The Bone

    Bait Prep/Fillet Tables

    SOLD Two Magma bait prep/fillet tables for sale. Largest is 41"x12" with custom stainless T-bar mount designed to fit in your rod holder. The bar attachment hardware allows you to tilt the table aft to allow blood and fillet remnants to drain off your transom. The smaller 20"x 12 3/4" table...
  469. Bad To The Bone

    8 hp Yamaha Outboard

    SOLD 8 hp Yamaha outboard and two gas tanks. One flush mounts on back of a dinghy the other is a standard metal tank. This outboard has only been used on a dinghy during Catalina trips and has perhaps 100 hours on it. It has always been fresh water flushed before being stowed. Asking $450.00...
  470. Bad To The Bone

    a discussion on big game hunting

    Hunting does not have to be a rich mans sport but it can certainly become one. All depends what you're looking for. Public land hunts abound everywhere but the hunting pressure can be tough to overcome especially if you are looking to bag a trophy animal. If your quest is to simply enjoy the...
  471. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    SOLDThis is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $150.00 No shipping, cash only. Send a PM or call (619) 921-9349
  472. Bad To The Bone

    Downrigger for reloading supplies

    Lou, thank you for your offer but I already own a MEC 600 Jr.
  473. Bad To The Bone

    Downrigger for reloading supplies

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $175.00 takes all or will consider trades & cash for some .300 Weatherby...
  474. Bad To The Bone

    springfield 45

    Not familiar with x2...Can you get some pics up?
  475. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. $175.00 takes all. Or will consider trades & cash for some .300...
  476. Bad To The Bone

    Weatherby Accumark .300 Wby

    I'm in the market for a .300 Wby Mag Accumark with or without an Accubrake. Send a PM if you have one for sale or know someone who does. Prefer to deal in person with seller and will travel 150 miles to do so. Sale must be conducted using FFL dealer.
  477. Bad To The Bone

    My First Goat

    Sean, It was private land in GMU 13. I had a private land tag that I drew with one preference point. Got permission from the landowner the night before the hunt. I had two other bucks scouted out in other areas with access if permission didn't come through but luck prevailed. Private land...
  478. Bad To The Bone

    My First Goat

    I shot this buck this morning at 7:10am on opening day in Craig, Colorado. Easy shot at 126 yards and he dropped like a rock when I hit him with my 270WSM shooting a 130 gr. Barnes TSX. He was a heavy boy and because he's my first he's going on the wall. I'll pick up my processed meat in the...
  479. Bad To The Bone

    Desert Eagle .44 Mag

    Could you tell us the model or post a photo?
  480. Bad To The Bone

    Jeep Winch Mount Plate

    SOLD! Jeep Winch Mount Plate for 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler, NEW, Never Used. $100.00 Send PM or call (619) 921-9349
  481. Bad To The Bone

    Fuel Filters and Water Pump Impeller

    Racor fuel filters for RACOR 900MA series fuel/water separator. Six (6) 2040PM 30 micron and four (4) 2040 TM 10 micron. $50.00 for all. Will not sell individuals. Two FleetGuard FF5285 fuel filters. (For Cummins 330/370B Series) $10.00 for both. Sherwood 170000K impeller for Sherwood...
  482. Bad To The Bone

    Shimano TT50W

    SOLD! I can't even remember the last time I mounted this reel let alone used it! Nice Shimano Triton Trolling Reel. $125.00 OBO. Cash only, you pick up. Send me a PM or call (619) 921-9349
  483. Bad To The Bone

    Canon Marlin Electric HP Downrigger and Accessories

    This is the predecessor to the Mag 20 electric downrigger. Telescopic boom with auto-stop quick retrieve and detachable rod holder. Accessories include a swivel base, extra power cable, 8lb. flasher weight and a Z-wing 250. This unit has been sitting in my garage attic for the past 13 years and...
  484. Bad To The Bone

    Tiagra 50W LRS with Calstar 6455XXH

    SOLD! Sold my boat so I'm paring down to one of everything. This is a Tiagra 50WLRS on a custom wrapped Calstar 6455XXH 5'9" 50-120# class rod with Aftco detachable butt and Aftco roller guides. Asking $650.00 or might consider a trade for or towards a 1911 style .45cal pistol. (Handled by...
  485. Bad To The Bone

    Need a good butcher shop in N. County

    Bob's Specialty Meats in Escondido did a good job for me on two deer and a pig. If it can be done with meat, he does it. Specialty Meats Butcher Shop
  486. Bad To The Bone

    the Outside

    Not that it really matters....but according to the current Coast Guard Vessel Documentation records available in the national registry, there is only one Senor Hefe listed in the United States. However, the bottom line premise is still valid; don't make assumptions and try to represent them as...
  487. Bad To The Bone

    the Outside

    Mistaken Identity!!!! The boat you saw was not Senor Hefe from Mission Bay. I know for a fact that Senor Hefe was in her slip yesterday afternoon. Besides, with her damaged props she isn't running anywhere!
  488. Bad To The Bone


    Territorial waters vs. Economic Exclusion Zone. Senior Hefe was apparently operating in international waters. Mexico's (and other nations) Economic Exclusion Zone includes those waters from land out to 200 nautical miles. The controlling nation has all the rights to those waters as it applies...
  489. Bad To The Bone

    lets see your predator and biggame kills for 08

    Got this cow January 2nd in Craig, Colorado. Me and four buddies filled our tags on the first day while scouting. Already booked an antelope hunt for October near the same area. Just waiting to see if I get a tag in the drawing. Shouldn't be too difficult since I applied for a private land...
  490. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

    Saw two coyotes and heard one or two more between 6 - 7 am at 64625 / 88068. Lots of fresh tracks along the fire breaks in the areas I covered. Looks like they gather in good numbers in that zone for an evening howl.
  491. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

    I was hunting X-Ray. Glassed and ranged him at 800 yards then stalked in to 280 yds. Dropped him at 264 yds. I also hunted Hotel on Friday. All I saw was 3 coyotes and one big shaggy red dog running along the fire break at the north end of the zone by Fallbrook. I passed on three does in...
  492. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

    I've been lurking for some time now and I didn't really have anything to contribute, so I didn't. I took up hunting in California just this year. I grew up in the Northeast and hunted deer and pheasant right behind my house. Boy have things changed! I'm finding that nowadays it's "pay for...
  493. Bad To The Bone

    First Socal Deer

  494. Bad To The Bone

    9/1 Long Day-No Fish

    Left Mission Bay at 5:30 am with over a hundred macks in the tank and expectations for a great day. We headed for the 138 where we worked the zone for a while then headed west to the 43. Hell,.. I'll cut to the chase! I covered over 138 miles of ocean today, stopped on 34 paddies, and...
  495. Bad To The Bone

    turbo repair....??

    Try "Action Turbo" in Santee. I have not personally required their services, but several of my friends have used them and were very satisfied with their work and turnaround time.
  496. Bad To The Bone

    SCI and not much love!!!

    Jaydog, I just sent you a PM.
  497. Bad To The Bone

    3/25/06 Lower Nine

    Worked the Lower Nine from 7:00 am till 10:30 am for 11 Boccacio (3.5lb - 7.2 lbs.) and 4 misc. rockfish. I had lots of company with my fellow anglers from the Mission Bay Marlin Club. (We contributed to the parking lot atmosphere!) There were plenty of good size fish to go around but after 3...