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  1. rrhookup

    Anniversary hoo.......#2!

    Leisurely start this past Sunday. Alarm screwup caused me to miss a Saturday hoo trip. Needless to say I was a bit salty throughout the day...... Even more so when my buddy says they hooked up to a nice wahoo on the 9 only to lose it at boat side. Anyway I somehow managed to convince my wife...
  2. rrhookup

    Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    Three weeks ago my buddy landed a PB 60#wahoo on his sweet 28' Carolina Classic, Reel Screamer. Have had Ono on my mind ever since... Departed Cabrillo Isle Marina on Saturday @0300 with Capt Steve, Rory(my son), Peter and his bud Jackson. Solid seasoned crew, with minimal wahoo experience...
  3. rrhookup

    Kona PB fishing buddy

    Any Kona PB'ers looking for a fishing buddy to help defray fishing costs. Can help run boat, help w gear and familiar with offshore fishing (on mainland). In Kona with family through Saturday and itching to get out.
  4. rrhookup

    DP launch trailer parking?

    Heading to Catalina this weekend for a fishing/outrigger escort trip. Understand they're supposed to start ramp/parking reconstruction restricting large truck/trailer length limits. With a truck/trailer length of 55', is parking this rig still doable at Dana Point launch ramp? Any help is...
  5. rrhookup

    Ipod Touch, 8Gb

  6. rrhookup

    Limitless Charter 9/7/07- Albies and swordfish!!!!!

    :cheers:Short report (gotta get into the office): Took our annual charter on the Limitless out of Newport Beach, Friday 9/7/07. Met Owner Tom Paterno, his two deckhands Beau and Guy, my bud Steve (aka Twinfin), his father Steve Sr, Clarence, Rodney, and Yosh. Reports for the previous few...
  7. rrhookup

    Fri, 5/11/, Dana Pt T Shark report

    After much debate the previous night, my buddy and I decided to pull the Midori down to DP for a try at the T's. Launched out of Dana Point at approx 0800 with Steve (aka Twinfin). Looks like the new ramp construction progress is in full speed. Not sure if it'll be complete by Memorial Day...
  8. rrhookup

    My new ride!

    Farallon 25 w/53 hrs on new AD41P, 290DP. Ready for the tuna season. Picking her up later this week. More updates
  9. rrhookup

    Farallon 25 feedback

    Considering purchasing an 84-87 Farallon 25 and looking for any pros/cons with this particular hull. I've owned a 20' WACC with OB for 12 yrs now and need to move up since the family has outgrown the boat. Any feedback is appreciated. Also looking into purchasing a new pilothouse with...
  10. rrhookup

    Oside Thresher Tourney Enrollment?

    I have a question regarding the upcoming Thresher shark tournament in Oceanside. Where can I enroll? Who can i call to get info about attending the tournament? Any advice wiil be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  11. rrhookup

    Kiwi and Aussie Contacts

    Does anyone have any personal business contacts in New Zealand and Australia? :High_Five I represent a US company that is expanding into New Zealand in March and most recently in Australia in 05'. It is a business opportunity in a fast growing privately held telecom company. If you can help I...
  12. rrhookup


    EWA BEACH HAWAII LLWS CHAMPS!:jumpin: :jumpin: :jumpin: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: :daman: Memea leads off the bottom of the 7th with a game winning HR. ......With Fe'ao on deck looking like a caged tiger in...