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    TRADE Newell P229 for Saltist 35h

    Looking to trade a Newell P229 in great condition for a Saltist 35h blue and black model in great condition ( I don't need one that's scratched up).P229 comes with clamp, after market handle and original handle with box. It has about 300yds of 50lb PP. there's mono underneath. Face to face in...
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    Thankful to live in San Diego!

    Time to eat and be thankful! Caught last Tues 150 ft in 63° very clean water. Released some big sandbass, but was pretty slow using frozen squid. Trolled back for bonito while cleaning our catch for nothing.
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    SOLD Life Jackets toddler, child, adult

    Gone thanks
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    Avet SX

    I have 2 used Avet gold single speed reels up for sale. 50# power pro non MC. Both have normal wear I tried to show in pics, but well taken care of. Both in good working condition. Box & clamps included. Face to face in San Diego only. No shipping or trades. BOTH SOLD Thanks guys
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    Newell P220F

    Used P220F with clamp, box & extra washers $150. San Diego cash pick up only. No trades.
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    Lit up my boat on a budget

    Installed these LED's a year ago on my little skiff and all still work perfect. I used 8 assorted lights I got on sale at BPS & All materials just under $50. The underwater lights I got for 8 bucks each are the ones I didn't think would last, but still good. They aren't thru hull so...
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    IB 9/14

    Left SI at 5:30 then made about 20 macs. Look down and new bait pump I installed about 2 months ago not working (broken impeller). Stop making bait & manually use 5 gal bucket to keep bait alive. Get to IB to find 73° green water. Not the dark blue water that's been there, but worked hard to get...
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    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    Did a solo a.m. trip today and spent about an hour making bait. Then on to Lj for 5 yellows. 65# spectra 50# flouro to circle. Lots of choices right now. Oh yeah for the Ice Police the fish were laid out for pic then back on ice.
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    YFT West of Mission Bay 7/17/15

    Got to MB bait receiver at 4:45 this morning to find only one other boat in line. Perfect timing as boats were filling in as we pull away with a tank full of dines. Bad news is bait pump dies a half hour later. With dead bait we head west. At 8 miles we start to see life. At 14 miles we get a...
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    LJ 7/5 & today 7/8

    After stopping in LJ Sunday morning before going out looking for tuna we got two yellows pretty quick. Water was a crystal clear blue 70 degrees. After no tuna for us we decided to spend the entire morning today at LJ. We did manage one, but water is now a bit green and 69. All sardine at MB...
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    Thanksgiving Rockfish Point Loma

    Quick trip this morning to Point Loma. 110 feet using Mega Baits & plastics. Amazing weather out there with very little traffic.
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    Seeker,Newell,Abu Garcia, bait tank

    Newell P229-F like new with box, paperwork, extra washers and clamp SOLD Newell S229-5 excellent condition with 20lb p-line and clamp SOLD 2 Abu Garcia 6500C3's with power handles, 20lb yo-juri hybrid line, box with papers, oil and reel tool. Both have normal scratches, but in good working...