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  1. JoeyH650

    15.5 Livingston

    I’ve had this boat for a few years. It’s a 1975 15.5’ Livingston and when I purchased the boat it had water in the hull issues and for the past 4 years I’ve just patching and plugging issues. The options were to give it to someone and have them re-do it and fix it properly... or do it myself...
  2. JoeyH650

    MK-16ii rod?

    looking to pair my reel with 80# to a rod mostly for flat falls.. seeing if anyone could give me a recommendation on what they’ve used/liked/love. Thank you all!
  3. JoeyH650

    My 15.5 Livingston

    I’m a pretty big fan of these boats. I’ve owned the 14 special edition and then stepped it up a whole foot and a half to the 1975 15.5’ about 3 years ago. I fish another 14’ off Pedro docks still so I get my small boat fix haha.. the 15.5 is the biggest little boat. I love this thing here’s some...
  4. JoeyH650

    Line for my Stella 18000

    hey everyone.. purchased the stella 18000 a few years back. Headed on the pacific queen in late sept. and wondering if anyone had recommendations for what size braid to use and if color really matters.. bringing a few rods down there but it’s been a few years since I’ve fished the warm waters...
  5. JoeyH650

    Post your 1801

    Recently fell in love with the 1801. For here in Northern California.. Mostly inshore salmon and halibut fishing with the occasional 30 mile run to search for tuna and it being affordable and a great boat to tow/store.. and bring a fan of Parker this seems like the most practical route. I don’t...
  6. JoeyH650

    Parker video?

    hey all..just wondering if anyone has or know where to see video clips of Parker boats running in not lake like conditions. I live in Northern California and not in the smoothest waters around usually and not too many Parkers around. A new boat in the future and Wondering if that’s the reason...
  7. JoeyH650

    Channel Islands help

    Headed out with the girlfriend’s family and family friend on their boat in the beginning of October and going to be fishing Santa Cruz and mostly Santa Rosa for 4 days. I’ve never fished the islands, but was wondering what might be in the waters around then and what rods I should think of...
  8. JoeyH650

    Friday 13th HMB tuna

    Left HMB around 4 am and a long beautiful 90 mile ride south past the Davidson. Started fishing around 9:30 am. Water from 57-62 degrees, but no real break, but most beautiful blue water. Very light wind. Didn’t hear any radio talk all day, never saw another boat all day. Saw some jumpers when...
  9. JoeyH650

    •HMB tuna and Pacifica salmon•

    With absolutely glass water and tuna fever setting in, the warm clear waterpush, I couldn’t resist not trying. A comfortable ride out towards the pioneer. Cloudy ride out and soon after we were trolling the sunshine came out. A pretty good temp break from 57 degrees up to almost 62 degrees...
  10. JoeyH650

    What 2320 Parker?

    I’m in the mindset of a major upgrade maybe this time next year or so to purchase my first big boat..and have been sold a thousand times over on a 2320. I check this forum daily just to read people’s stories, builds, and to drool over photos..Good size boat to trailer up and down California...
  11. JoeyH650

    Quick trip down south

    I’m headed down south to Ventura area next weekend and I’m coming from just north of Santa Cruz.. I’m headed down for a graduation party, but I got the “ok” to go fish while I’m there (awesome) but, I’m wondering what kind of fish are in the area from shore? Im not looking to fish for sharks...