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    Wishing You and Yours a Happy New Year!!!

    To everyone out there: Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year, filled with tight lines and the new personal best you're set on getting
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    Wholesale Marine Hardware Store Auction in San Pedro (online)

    Ran across a wholesale Marine Hardware Store being sold at auction (online bidding). Begins closing tomorrow 8/18/20 at 11 AM. Thought I would pass it along.
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    75-foot Wave 20 miles off Norcal Coast

    Location was way north, but still, only 20 miles offshore. Average wave height at the time was 43 feet! Like they say, always pay attention to the weather.
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    Tulum Charter Recommendations?

    Hi. My son is getting married this September in Tulum, MX, so everyone's going down there a week before the ceremony. Last night, he said, "Dad, let's just the two of us go fishing together while we're down there before the wedding." Sounds like a plan to me! I know nothing about the area...
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    430 lb. Yellowfin caught, filleted before certified weighing?
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    I know, "It looks tippy"

    A cargo ship had it's load shift and is badly listing, to say the least. Fortunately, the crew was able to be lifted from the ship, but in the video you can see how they had to position themselves so that they didn't slide off the deck.
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    4th of July Puget Sound Deadly Accident - Drinking and Boating Don't Mix

    Don't know if this has been discussed on another thread, but there was a deadly boating accident on Puget Sound on the 4th. Alcohol involved. Be safe out there.
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    Man impaled, killed by billfish at Honokohau Harbor

    A guy speared a billfish in the harbor, jumped in after it and was impaled and killed.
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    Surf Fishing in MDR . . . Hey, this doesn't look like the channel

    A 40' sailboat missed the jetty at MDR, but ended up on the beach last night, just above the jetty. Seems like the captain was just a bit drunk. Didn't say if they caught anything. Think they would have had a little better luck fishing on the pier...
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    Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day San Martin 7/18/11

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    Shogun July 1.5 Day Trips

    Just noticed that the Shogun has 1.5 day trips going on 7/3, 7/5, 7/7, 7/9 and 7/11. Great boat and crew!